30 June 2013

Suit Weekend

A joyous good day to you!  Here we are again, a Sunday evening and I am once again not looking forward to Monday.  However, it will be a short week.

Here’s the weekend recap….

Friday night – went to Red Lobster enjoyed a free meal from a friend who sent me a gift card.  Got the mail and came home.  Spent the remainder of the evening drafting my Small Claims Complaint.  Had to launder my bed sheets because a cat peed all over them and my pillows.  Not happy!

Saturday… Went to see Bankruptcy Attorney.  That took longer than expected because they didn’t know that I was there for a 2nd opinion.  They are conflicted because they legally shouldn’t talk to me since I am not the debtor.  Its impossible to reach him and I am the poor bastard paying the money so they made an exception.  I have documents to gather, most of which are done.  I have to make another appointment and go back.  I’ve asked his attorney for the one document that I need, not sure if I will get it.  It’s kind of fishy to ask for this particular document and I am sure they will sense something is up.  However, I am told that our visit was in confidence.  I just want to make sure the advice I was given is correct.  From the initial consultation it sounds like I should be able to walk away.  However, there is a look back period and creditors could come back to seize the house.  However,  rather than simply walk away I would want absolution so I would go for a hardship discharge.  I don’t want to take chances, this is not Vegas and I will not gamble when the stakes are so high.

After the attorney visit, I went to Wal-Mart, then to Sam’s Club then to Steak N Shake then to Best Buy and finally home where I spent the remainder of my day.  I pretty much just pissed the day away.  I bought a Magic Jack, which I hate and used to to call a friend.  Magic Jack is nice but they advertise calling features that are not available, plus I couldn’t get a local phone number.  So I’ve already turned off automatic renewal since what I purchased is good for a year.  I ordered a Net Talk which is what I wanted in the first place.  No one here has them.  I had to order from Amazon and they didn’t have the basic model but did have the WIFI model.  That order should be in on Wednesday and I am hopeful that it works much better.  My plan is to tell MaBell to take off most of the features from my landline, so I keep a regular phone but I just won’t use it.  It will be there for the alarm.  I will forward my calls if I get a local number from Net Talk and use them as my phone company.  It’s a great way to save money, I just hope it pans out.

I told our Attorney at work about Franklin & Bash.  She told me about Suits.  I didn’t think I’d like it.  Now I am in love with Patrick J. Adams.  I watched the entire 2nd season between Saturday and Sunday.  Damn it’s just that good.  I will be diving in to Season 1 later tonight.  Season 3 starts shortly on USA.  I’m watching via Amazon Prime.

I was up until around 3am because I took a muscle relaxer.  They always pep me up a little bit before they let me down.  I slept a lot today.  My neck and back have been bothering me.  Extra stress from all of this BS of settling his affairs doesn’t help either. 

Sunday woke up around 10, fed the cats and went back to bed.  Said that I wanted to be up by 11 and by 10:30 I was up.  Had 2 Blueberry Muffins for breakfast, they were awesome!  Told myself that I would go out for breakfast but changed my mind.  Did the same thing with Supper.  Wound up eating a Tombstone Pizza.  Concluded that I hate Ham on Pizza.  I don’t like hot ham at all, but this time it was way too salty and I decided never ever to buy a pizza with Ham on it again. 

Went to the grocery store after breakfast.  It was a very short in and out trip.  I couldn’t have been there more than 25 minutes tops.  Didn’t get a lot but I spent $70.

Did laundry, cleaning, etc.  Printed and signed my Small Claims Complaint.  Taking it to work with me to get a friend to Notarize it.  That way I am ready to go.  Have to call the courthouse to find out if they will be open on Friday.  If so I will file it then, if not then I will wait until later in the month but it will get filed.  I am determined to get my money or to die trying. 

Big Boy had a couple accidents I had to clean up today.  I am worried about him.  He has had Diarrhea for a couple days now.  I am going to try giving him a pill that should help fix it.  It’s from the vet and it’s powerful stuff.  You give too much and he will be blocked up.  Found that out the hard way when he was really, really sick a couple years ago. 

Speaking of the children, Momma’s still chewing and hates the medicine.  Wait until she figures out we have to go back to the vet.  She will just have a kitten!  Everyone else is doing okay.  There was a small cat fight between TAZ & BLU.  BLU of course won because TAZ is all scratched up.  BLU has no marks on him whatsoever.  TAZ is just an old man who has lost his touch.  I believe in his day he was quite the scrapper.  However, as we age our reflexes go and we loose some strength.  I think that is what has happened to him.

I have also figured out that I have to keep Feilaway Difussers going or everything gets peed on.  Like my bed.  I bought some at the pet food store when I was there the other day.  I found them on Amazon prime $10 cheaper so that is where I will be going from now on.  Love the Prime, it saves money and you typically qualify for 2nd day free delivery.  I wish it cost less but it’s still totally worth it. 


In order to take the muscle relaxer, I always chop it in half.  If I took a full one I would be out for an entire day, no kidding.  I had stuff to do and couldn’t afford to sleep my life away.  In fact I don’t know that I will ever be able to enjoy sleep like I used to.  In any case to split the pill in 1/2 I went to get the pill splitter I got for my guy.  I opened it up and I found more blood thinner medicine.  He had to take 1 pill on x day and then on another day it was 1/2 of a pill.  Strange schedule.  It brought back a flood of memories.  I still want to know why he wasn’t taking his medicine.  Why he waited so long to tell me that he was out of something that he needed but really that he had.  He was taking it in Jan and February.

As for grieving  I have gone though various stages.  I can’t let go and all of the litigation and the house doesn’t help things.  Not to mention I can’t turn around here and not think of him.  He is everywhere in this house.  I see something and it triggers a memory.  I am really angry…at him and at the 1st ER doc he saw.  I have so many questions that I will never ever have answers to.  All I can do is learn to come to terms with it all.  Most of the legal matters will be done hopefully by the end of the year.  If I have a case for wrongful death that will likely take a while to settle and be something that festers for a while.  If I don’t have a case, then so be it.  At least I will know.  Unlike with my other questions that I will take with me to my grave and not know.

Time is passing me by, I have to scoot because there is a few more things to do before I go back to TV and dive into Season 1 of Suits. 

Here’s to a short week and the hopes that I get everything I want & need to get done this week, done.  Take care and I will talk with you peeps later.

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Jude said...

Once many years ago I had to take muscle relaxers.... holy crap it knocked me right out! A 1/2 pill would most likely have been enough for me too.

I had to google the diffuser you got for the cats... sounds like a pretty good thing!

I know what you mean, everything in your house will remind you of your hubby. I stayed in the same house too, and for me it was a comfort to have all those memories.

Today is Canada Day, so a holiday Monday. Love my country!!! And I also love holiday Mondays, LOL!