29 October 2016

The Bad Day

I feel like my life has been turned upside down, I can say that it has changed.  We had a major layoff at work.  Several people I worked directly with and knew because we were in the same office.  I understand that it was a pure business decision and that it was not personal.  However, that doesn’t make it any easier.  I still have my job but the reason why it sucks for me is because I have to disable access and get people out of the system.  I hopefully will be able to finish that on Monday provided people don’t bother me. 

Everyone was invited to a meeting so they could get an explanation of why the reduction in force.  Oddly different executives delivered the news to individual departments.  Slick Willy that delivered the news to us didn’t help quell fears and told us that it’s possible this could happen again.  It’s not planned right now but that is not to say that it won’t happen again.  Translation … what he actually just said is we are going to have a round 2 but it will happen when you lease expect it.  One thing all of these people had in common is they were at the top of the pay scale and had many years of service.  I am far from being at the top of the pay scale and I haven’t been there that long.  Still it doesn’t provide a true warm fuzzy.  I am slightly paranoid and rightfully so. 

As if that is not bad enough, one of my co-workers is being a cunt.  We do the same job and have to deal with confidential information on a frequent basis.  Mum is truly the word and you don’t talk with anyone about terminations.  So she sends me a text message as we are going into the meeting.  She is on vacation.  She asked me what the meeting is about.  I didn’t want to take any chances so I referred her to our boss.  That pissed her off and she became argumentative.  I explained to her that I simply wasn’t at liberty to discuss the matter.  She said that I was lying and that we should just keep things professional, she was done with me.  WTF you whacky bitch.  See I thought we were friends but apparently she is bi-polar so one moment she likes you and then when you piss her off she gets mad.  This has happened and she has been talked to before.  Her actions not only hurt me but made me mad.  It distracted me from doing my job and ruined my day.  I stayed an hour and a half after my normal shift ended crafting an email to her letting her know that I was fine with the boundary that she has set and we can just be coworkers.  I told her how I felt and how mad and hurt I was.  I also told her that she wasn’t going to bully me and her behavior had to cease immediately.  This makes for an uncomfortable work environment, we are coworkers and we are both required to have very close interaction with the other.  She won’t tell me jack shit about herself but she let me open up and tell her all about my life, lulling me into a false sense of security.  I kind of knew that I shouldn’t have opened up to her but once the cat is out of the bag, your done and can’t wrangle it back in.  I don’t even know if she will read the email but it is marked for a read receipt.  I also called the boss and filled him in on what happened.  He just laughed and told me that I needed to calm down, give it time and everything would be fine.  I wanted him to talk with her again and rein her in but he wasn’t willing to do that.  He just said to keep him posted.  She will likely be her cunty professional fake self, no longer offering me breaks since I am the new guy and throwing me under the bus every chance she gets.  All I want to do is my job, come in work and go home.  I don’t need to make friends and I am going to stop trying.  All that happens in the end is that I get my feelings hurt and wish that I had never opened up.  At the end of the day she would push me in front of a bus if she had the opportunity.  There is zero trust for her and zero respect for her in my book.  I can be cordial and we can fake get along but meanwhile I will be mentally cussing her out.  If things don’t calm down and the boss won’t do anything then my only other choice is to file a formal complaint with HR.  I want to shy away from that at all costs.  However, if you force my hand I will do it in a heartbeat.  I am not going to walk on egg shells or cow tow to anyone, that is a hostile work environment and were not supposed to have that type of environment. 

Went car shopping today.  Found out that I have champagne taste on a beer budget but it wasn’t a total surprise to find that out.  I kind of knew that in advance.  The SUV that I want I can’t afford.  I can get another car fully loaded for a reasonable monthly payment.  I want to move today but given the recent events I told myself that this was an informational gathering trip only.  I test drove a car and that put me one step closer into acting today.  There are specials going on and combined with my discount it’s a smart move.  Still I am shy to make a financial commitment.  Maybe next week maybe next year.  I really want to have something by turkey day but that might not happen and won’t be the end of the world. 

So now I am off to go find something to eat and try to relax and enjoy the remainder of my evening.  I am super stressed out and long days combined with a bitchy coworker didn’t help matters at all.  I could use a massage and a good man right about now.  Hope your week was way better than mine.  Talk with you all again soon.

27 October 2016

Horrible Day

This afternoon and tomorrow are going to be horrible days at work.  The fun starts this afternoon and I am told that I will be busy through tomorrow night. I am not looking forward to it but at the same time the weekend is around the corner so there is some relief in sight.

Got my blood work results and the A1C has gone up, which is not good.  I am still within tolerance of what my doc wants to see.  I will have to work on what makes it’s way to my stomach.  I know that I eat far too much sweets.  I almost made a trip to the local bakery but I forgot about it.  Funny how you can’t eat something that isn’t at your disposal.  I love drumsticks the ice cream cone.  I eat one right after the other.  Used to be one filled me up but not today.  I figure today could easily be my last day on earth why not spoil myself with a little bit of happiness.  Then I wake up the next day and figure out oh crap I shouldn’t have had that, I am still alive.

Speaking of alive, today my late partner would be another year older if he were alive.  It’s still his birthday but I don’t throw a party.  I just wish that he were here, healthier and we were able to celebrate together.  Going on without him has proven to be quite the task.  I am making it but it’s not fun and certainly hasn’t been easy. 

Had a nice time with Bear last night sitting on the couch.  He has developed diarrhea and thank goodness I didn’t discover that until hours after I returned him to the floor.  Not sure why he’s got it but sour stomachs run in the family.  Everyone seems to get one once and a while.  I discovered someone didn’t feel good yesterday but it wasn’t until it was time for bed and I realized they barfed all over my covers.  Odds are it was Gator or Marv.  No one wanted to sleep with me last night either.  How strange. 

I enjoy sleeping alone but miss my Marvin.  I seem to always have strange dreams when I am by myself.  Last night I was back in my childhood home.  #1 son was in my closet up on a ledge and I decided to take a shower in my room, the shower came right out of my closet.  Then I had a hell of a time picking out what Shampoo I wanted to use and what cologne I wanted to wear afterwards.  I do fret in real life over which Shampoo to use but cologne not so much.  I just grab what I feel like and on it goes.  I woke up thinking how strange that dream was.  I didn’t have a shower in my room in my childhood home.  I don’t have a shower in my room in my house now as it is.  If I ever get the gumption to move into the Master Bed Room then I will have a shower in the same room as me.  It’s laid out strange and I honestly don’t feel like moving furniture around.  It’s something that I have wanted to do but it’s also erasing what is there and I have a hard time with that.  I have 2 rooms that are filled with junk and are shrines of sorts.  It’s not healthy and the longer it goes on the harder it is to clean up.  I’ll get there but it’s not at the top of my list.  At least I recognize that there is a problem, that is like the first step to over coming it, right? 

Okay so I have a web conference to attend and then the not so fun begins after that.  Hope your Thursday is going well.  Talk with you all again soon.  

26 October 2016

Back 2 The Grind

I had to pull the plug on my iPhone it just took too long to sync.  I did the update untethered and it went much faster.  So I will try to sync up tonight if I have any energy left. I like to periodically backup my iPhone to my pc just to have an extra copy of a backup.  I learned a few months ago that you have to encrypt the backup with a password if you want to have any of your passwords that are cached saved. So now I encrypt the backup.  Still my main source for backing up is iCloud and it does a great job. 

I was up until 11p last night, with that nap I had problems winding down.  It was like I was starting to get my second wind.  However, my sleeping medicine finally kicked in and I was down for the count.  Strange dreams with and without the medicine. 

Just before it was time to get up the power flickered enough to disturb the alarm clock and the UPS in my room.  So I got up.  Then I had to set both the time and date on the microwave or it wouldn’t work.  Power used to be an issue with outages many years ago but it’s stabilized and maybe 1 time a year it might go out or flicker.  Otherwise it’s just on and sucking money from my wallet. 

Funny thing as I was getting ready for bed.  I figured I would have to pull Bear out from under the couch.  Nope as soon as I started brushing my teeth out he came.  He’s used to me placing his dry food close by along with the water dish.  I wanted to make sure he got his medicine.  His body reminded me yesterday what happens when you skip doses and it’s not pleasant.  No one wanted to sleep with me, I guess they were protesting my return to work as was I. 

Today hasn’t been terrible but there is plenty to do.  Started off with an immediate departure.  Those catch you off guard because there is no time to prepare and you have to work pretty fast to start to make sure both physical building access as well as computer access is cut off.  If it involves a mobile device you likely have to wipe it, which once that happens the owner of the device is usually ticked off even more.  Immediate departures happen for a few reasons but mostly it’s because the person was asked to leave.  Kind of sad but tis my job. 

I really miss nap time right about now.  It was difficult to make it through 11a and now that I am done with lunch all I want to do is to go lay down but we all know that won’t happen.  Lunch time is about over and we are chipping away at the day, looking forward to going home.  Left over pizza for supper sounds okay thinking of eating it cold.  I have enough of it to make at least three meals out of it.  Tomorrow night I will probably switch it up just because.  Eating the same thing night after night does get old, no matter how good it is.  But I will enjoy seeing the family and giving them more food. 

Hope your Wednesday is going well.  Back to my fun and hopefully I will be able to cross a few more things off my list before the day is done.  Take care!

25 October 2016

Monday & Tuesday

Saw the doc on Monday and got my order for blood work.  Turns out I have an ear infection going on.  He gave me drops which I hate.  I would rather take a pill or a couple pills.  I spent most of yesterday plugged up on one side and everything sounded goofy.  I have to put the drops in 3 times a day for a week.  Oh joy for me.  Not something that I look forward to.  Had breakfast at home and then ate out for supper but can’t remember where I went which is kind of sad since it was just yesterday.

Today I got up and fed the children and then headed off to the hospital to get my blood work done.  Afterwards I was going to hit up Steak N Shake and play a joke on one of the waitresses but my belly said skip that and take us to Cracker Barrel.  So that won and I had Blueberry Pancakes.  It was delicious even thought I shouldn’t have had them.  I came home sat with Bear on the couch and then eventually put him back on the floor and laid down.  Ear drops in.  Then watched TV and started to dose off.  It was the sugar from the Blueberry Syrup that caused my blood sugar to go high and all I want to do when that happens is sleep.  Woke up and fed the children lunch.  Then did some stuff on the computer that I had been putting off.  Like updating my resume and filing away some photos.  I also updated my profile on Linked In.  I am NOT looking for a job but like to be current just in case.  It took some serious will power to get me to do this and since I was doing it, figured go all the way.  Didn’t realize it but I’ve been in my new position for 6 months already.  Wow where did the time go?  Mailed a Birthday card to my mom.  She will be a year older on Saturday. 

Presently chained to my computer as iTunes is updating my iPhone and it’s taking it sweet ass time.  I want to go upstairs, watch TV and be with the kids on what is my last night before I have to go back to work tomorrow.  I won’t be looking forward to it, but realize that work has a serious place in my day, if it wasn’t for that I don’t know that anything would get done.  I checked my email at work and only 128 messages, so 64 emails each day that I was gone, not terrible.  There will be some catching up that I have to do but it will all work out in the end.  Learned that we get no time off for New Years but they are giving us an extra Floating Holiday.  I am going to try to schedule time for New Years this week so I have it locked down.  A New Year means a new bank of time to pull from and that will be great. 

I checked in to upgrading my iPhone and it will cost $20 a month and that is if I got with a 6S.  I could do a 7 for like $25 but that phone isn’t in stock and it would have to be shipped to me.  I don’t want to deal with a phone being shipped, that just has disaster written all over it.  I know lots of people that upgrade that way but I won’t be one of those people because I have some serious bad luck.  Especially when it comes to telephones.  I thought about all of the extras that I would need and just opted to stay with what I have now.  I know that eventually I will upgrade or be forced to but since everything works today I am pleased, might as well not rock the boat. 

The same theory applies to my car.  I did look today and saw that there are more vehicles to choose from at the dealer.  They still have the SUV that I really want.  Now there is 0% financing for 72 months which makes it even more attractive.  It’s like it’s screaming take me home, I am yours.  It’s got leather seating and I would hate to get it and then have one of the kids have an accident.  I really want it but kind of feels like I am waiting for a shoe to drop or something.  This was the weekend that I was going to make my move, part of the reason why I took 2 days off from work.  However, I didn’t make the move.  Thinking about doing it on Saturday but chances are good that I will talk myself out of it.  Something about signing up for car payments just doesn’t appeal to me.  Call it fear of commitment if you will.  I realize that I have a much larger commitment that I signed up for and that is my mortgage.  It doesn’t bother me like car payments.  We shall see what happens but I think the longer I can hold out the better things will be.  That may or may not be true. 

Now come on Apple I need to get to my children and enjoy what few hours are left in the evening before it’s time to call it a night and retire to resume my normal work week.  3 days and then it will be the weekend.  Now there is something to look forward to. 

Hope all is well in your world. 

23 October 2016

Str8 as an ------>

Life has been busy!  Thursday was a mere blip of a day.  We had an event take place that consumed the entire day for me.  I was on the phone shortly after my shift started and didn’t finish up until very late in the afternoon.  By then I was exhausted and had no desire to do any of my normal work, so I didn’t.  I used the small amount of time I had to try to recharge and de-stress.  I also found out that my man crush is straight and married.  What a disappointment.  He’s not even gay.  Thankfully I found out from a coworker and didn’t have to embarrass myself.  That was a real disappointment.  I think that ALL married people regardless if your gay or straight should be REQUIRED to wear a wedding ring at ALL times.  If I had seen the ring I would have never gotten my hopes up. 

Friday yeah it was an okay day.  Nothing too heavy but there were some meetings and then there was catchup from Thursday to take care of.  I was wiped out by the time it was quitting time. 

Saturday I resolved my inability to authenticate with the Postal Service but it took me two trips to two different post offices.  I was so thankful when I got to the second post office that they actually knew what I was talking about and were able to help me.  They had just went through a training course on this but didn’t fully understand what the service did.  I explained that to them and then it all clicked. 

I had been wanting to stop at a Mexican place that I had been to for lunch many years ago.  So I dropped in on my way back home.  I had a dish called layered tacos.  It’s a hard and soft shell taco x3 plus rice and beans.  It was oh so good and there was a little too much there for me but I didn’t leave anything behind.  Reasonably priced and great service.  So I’d call it a win and I will be back. 

Had to stop for fuel for the car.  I was waiting for the process to complete when I noticed two guys they acted as if they were a couple.  It looked at one point like they were going to start kissing but then things took a twist and they both loaded up with chewing tobacco.  Gross.  Nice bodies but gross habit.  Process was done and I left.  Came back home and collapsed.  I shouldn’t have taken a nap but I did and it was enjoyable. 

Kind of felt nice to cater to myself and eat some different food for a change.  It caused me to reflect on my life and where I am at.  I would say I am more than ready for a boyfriend.  Being alone has it’s advantages but I really need someone to talk to besides that cats. 

Watched Wanda Sykes new special on Epix (had to sign up for a free trial account on-line to get access, no credit card required).  Rented King Cobra a movie all about the murder of Brian Kochis, the guy who ran King Cobra Video and used Brent Corrigan as his star.  It was pretty horrific the way the murder went down.  They had some great looking guys in the movie but the whole thing was a huge shock.  Sex sells and just like any other industry when you mess with someone’s income things usually get crazy, this was no exception.  I would encourage you to see the film, if you like gay men or gay porn, you will enjoy this. 

Sunday I had to wake up early for testing systems at work.  It was difficult because I didn’t get to bed until around 2a.  Then I had to be up by 7a.  It didn’t help that around 1:30a some idiot decided to start shooting off fireworks.  Sounded like gun fire and I called it in.  The police quickly found the offender and told them to knock it off.  That was that.  It’s a quiet and safe neighborhood that I live in, but every now and then there is some excitement.  I felt kind of silly for calling 9-1-1 for fireworks but when they sound like gunfire better safe than sorry.  I also pay for the privilege to dial those numbers, might as well get my monies worth.  The children made sure I was up 10 minutes early because they were hungry.  Yesterday I woke up with Gator staring at me, she was watching me sleep until I just opened my eyes and they met hers.  Then she started talking.  It was nice. 

I have a long weekend and have done nothing but loaf so far.  Going to get started on laundry and then probably go take a nap, because I am sleepy.  Have to wake up early tomorrow to go see the doctor.  Tuesday I will likely have to get my blood drawn.  This oddly enough was a weekend that I planned to get a new vehicle a few months ago.  I can still move forward but have decided to put that off and just enjoy my time off.  Trying to not think about work but a little difficult when your on-call.  Thankfully that will end tomorrow morning and I can finally enjoy time away. 

My friend whos’ wife had surgery 8 weeks ago called with an update.  They still don’t know anything.  Based on the mass they found in her stomach they ordered additional testing to be done early next month.  Sounds like she may have cancer in her digestive system – stomach, liver and pancreas.  They have yet to obtain the pathology report from the sample of the stomach tumor because the dr. ordered further testing to be done.  At least she was able to finally come home on Tuesday.  She tires out easily and isn’t able to eat much food at all.  She has to consume liquid to get nutrition.  Sounds horrible.  He is beside himself and thinking that he is going to lose his wife.  Every turn he is met with more bad news.  I told him that it’s very easy to be negative but takes effort to stay positive.  I realize you can only put up a brave front for so long.  I also told him there is no shame in crying but do it away from her.  He wants to cry but just can’t.  I’ve been down a similar path back with my late partner was dealing with colo-rectal cancer.  We both thought that would be the end of him but it wasn’t.  Digestive cancer from what I have seen doesn’t usually have a good outcome but right now no one has said that is what she has.  I realize that the odds are high that is what it is but I would rather wait for an affirmative diagnosis before I was ready to panic.  This event is a true eye opener for him because he just got reminded that life is short.  I wish they believed in God and would let me pray with them, I can’t say I am very close with God but I am far from a stranger.  I have sent cards, we have had meals together.  I have listened for hours on end but really wish there was something more I could do.  They live on the other side of the earth which is like 2 hours away from my house.  You drive for what seems like forever to get there.  My gut says go out there on a surprise and take them milkshakes, they would both enjoy them.  However, I don’t want to force myself upon them.  Once the dust settles from this regardless of the outcome I think they need to both go on a vacation together to some place they both enjoy.  I think it would do them both a world of good. 

Well enough babble, time to go get that nap knocked out.  I know the kids will enjoy sleeping with dad again.  Hope your having a great weekend. 

19 October 2016

Stuck in the middle

I had a conversation with the boss about his email and the air has been cleared.  I still won’t be getting him anything again.  My other co-worker had to leave abruptly yesterday.  I texted her yesterday and she said to pray for her.  This morning I reached out by phone early in the morning and left a voice mail.  I got a text back that said my problem is a legal matter and I can’t talk about it.  Then she went on to explain why she didn’t answer the phone .. because she was in traffic and didn’t recognize the number.  Great so if I had an actually work emergency I would have been SOL, so good to know.  I was stunned to learn that I am not in her contacts.  I opened up to her and think of her more as a friend than a co-worker.  Yeah it might have been a mistake.  I can’t put the proverbial cat back in the bag.  So I responded to her and let her know how I feel about her and that no matter what her situation it will pass, I mean look at me and all of the shit I have been through, I am still standing.  I often wonder how and why but I am here.  It’s been radio silence ever since, you would think I would have gotten a reply but nope nothing.  The message says it was delivered but I don’t have a read receipt so it appears that she didn’t read it or she deleted it w/o reading it.  Kind of hurts but will it be the end of my day, nope.  Maybe she is focusing on work and trying not to think about her issue but who knows.  She is a very moody person and she can go from nice to bitch in like 6 seconds.  I have several emails that prove that.  One of which I got today where she was snarky as if I should have been able to read her mind.  Sorry the Crystal Ball is in the shop today. The really odd thing is that she has been a cheerleader for me and was so happy when we finally got to work on the same team.  Now it’s like I am damaged goods or something.  All I can do is monitor the situation and react accordingly.  I won’t say that I am going to go out of my way to share personal information until I can confirm she is a friend and not a foe. 

My other co-worker finally came back.  She knows nothing of the guy I am interested in.  She said that she would do some digging to find out what she could.  I don’t know that I trust her to follow through on that but I am giving her the benefit of the doubt.  If I hear something from her I will be shocked.  My plan is that the next time I see him I just make my move.  Every day at quitting time my heart races as I push the elevator button, I never know if he will be in the car that opens or if I will see him after I am in the lobby.  I want to and at the same time I don’t want to.  I am highly nervous because this is a bold move that is out of character for me.  Yes I have done it in the past and I was equally as nervous.  It’s great once it is over with regardless of the answer.  If I get a yes and he follows through then my nerves will probably be on edge as well.  Hearing the word yes will put me on cloud 9 but following through well that is something else.  Just because he looks appealing doesn’t necessarily mean he will be the one but if I don’t ask I will certainly never know.

Solved the lawn problem.  I called last night and the guy answered the phone.  Turns out it was an oversight and I got lost in the shuffle since I am new and it’s just about end of season.  No worries this time.  If this keeps happening then I will sing a different tune. 

Had to call about Bear’s food.  I chose free shipping but normally there is an email confirmation sent once the product ships.  Turns out they needed a rx from the vet, I guess the one they had expired.  Anyway the lady on the phone said that the food would be at my door tomorrow. We shall see.  All I know is that my supply of the dry stuff is running low and they can’t ship me a bag fast enough. 

Ordered myself a foam roller, it’s suppose to help with the knots but I hear it hurts.  A few people told me that it would be good for me.  Silly me I listened and now a new form of torture is on it’s way to my home.  Should have it tomorrow and perhaps I will try it out. 

Heard about a guy on the news this morning who entered an eating contest and he wolfed down ghost peppers.  He won the contest but hours later he vomited so much he tore the lining of his stomach and had to have surgery to fix it.  Never have I ever eaten a ghost pepper and it’s not on my bucket list at all.  I like some spice but I don’t need to have to call the fire department to put out the fire in my mouth.  That is just uncomfortable.  I had a flamin hot Cheeto once and never want one of those again.  You’d think that since it was flaming that it wouldn’t have bothered me, not so. 

Well back to fun and games.  One meeting left in the day and then it will be closer but not quite quitting time.  Last nights meal was Fish, Rice & Broccoli with cheese sauce.  It was delicious.  Tonight I will be doing a baby lasagna and spending time with the kids watching TV.  Go, go all week long makes for one tired guy.  You have to stop and smell the roses once and a while.  Hopefully nothing will interfere with that. 

2 more days and then it will be Friday!

18 October 2016

Seeing Red Today

I got a note from my boss that he really liked the gift.  That is where the note should have ended but it didn’t it went on to say not to feel obligated send him any gifts, a phone call or an email will suffice.  This is the part that enraged me.  You really think that I got you something because I had to, you missed the whole damn point.  I did it out of appreciation not because you were entitled to it and certainly not because I was obligated.  I won’t ever buy him a fucking thing for the rest of my life.  The way I feel right now a phone call and an email are off the table as well.  I think he actually took time to go price the item and feels that I spent way too much money and he was probably afraid that he might get something over the top from me, so why not put the kibosh on it now.  Yeah I spent way more than I wanted to but I thought it would be more appreciated than it actually is. 

I was attending a meeting and someone that was out last week was able to attend this week.  He threw a bomb out and totally caught everyone off guard and so we had to push our deployment out by a couple days.  He had a counterpart on the call last week who could have given us some insight but nope he sat quiet.  That didn’t help my anger.

So I am eating my lunch and apparently my phone rang because I got a voice mail.  It was the boss.  My other co-worker had to leave for the day so it’s just him & I.  The other co-worker is on vacation this week.  Great and I’ve got an issue that the co-worker that left would usually handle.  It requires swapping out a physical piece of hardware to fix a problem.  I’m guessing that I will get to call the person who is having a problem and apologize and tell them how to proceed as if it’s all my fault. 

Today is one of those days that I should have never gotten out of bed.  I would be a much happier person, but hey we all have days like this. 

So the pillow helped Mr. Bear last night.  It was really funny last night he heard me putting on the bath jacket (I wear a jacket so I don’t soak myself) and as soon as he saw me with it on, he hightailed it under the couch.  He pulled a Ruth and got as far back as he could.  I had to get down on the ground and physically pull him out.  That is normal, it’s funny and frustrating all at the same time.  So we get started and oh he is loving it.  I know because it itches and I am scratching him with water, a wash cloth and soap.  He’s clean and I did a great job.  I felt sorry for him so I passed out a snack last night for him and his family. 

Just as I was getting ready for bed, I managed to find the 2 monkeys aka Bear & Marvin playing with the ball in the circle.  Bear was doing much more than his brother but once and a while Marv would chime in and they would bat the ball back and forth.  Such a simple toy and everyone loves the damn thing.  Only problem is that if your trying to take a nap and they decide to play you will either wake up abruptly or you will never be able to get to sleep. 

No sign of the new lawn guy.  His check hasn’t cleared the bank either.  I am going to reach out to him tomorrow, provided he hasn’t stopped by today.  I hope to have an answer or the lawn done by the end of the week.  For all I know he thinks it’s end of season but were not quite there yet.  I hate to go through the motions of firing him – he’s good but if your not going to do the job I can’t sit around and wait.  If he’s injured, hurt or otherwise incapacitated then that I can understand.  If he went on vacation like the last guy it’s time to hit the bricks.  This is very surprising to me because he worked so hard to get my business I gave it to him and then he cuts my grass one time and stops.  Who does that? 

Had White Cheddar Mac & Cheese last night for supper.  Baby Lasagna took too long to cook.  Not sure what will be on the menu for tonight.  Frozen something is about all I can say for certain.  I kind of miss having a debate over what is for dinner.  I certainly miss the home cooked hot meal but I don’t miss the clean up.  While I have done well for myself I really need a man for many different reasons.  Let’s hope my prince comes along soon!

Back to work and fun or something like that. 

17 October 2016

Orange you glad I caught up

Yesterday as I posted my updates I realized that I forgot to update the blog theme.  Who knows where my mind has been?  Normally I am on top of my game but with all of the happenings in life this just slipped my mind.  Thankfully there are still a couple weeks left to enjoy in orange.  A few people have asked me what am I doing for Halloween?  I respond with the same thing I did last year, sitting in my house with the lights turned out watching TV.  I am not anti-social but I am not a kid person either.  I’d love to set a bucket of candy on the porch with a sign that said help yourself but I know that there is always one greedy person that would take the majority if not all of the candy and then it would be game over.  So it’s easier to not participate.  Especially since I have cats and one of them is all black. 

Speaking of Black Bear I get the pleasure of giving him a bath tonight.  He made a huge mess and I cleaned him up the best I could this morning but there was no way I was going to get him anywhere close to clean, without a bath.  I could have opted to take care of it then but I would rather not rush and be able to take my time.  It also gave me an idea.  I am going to find an old pillow and put that on the counter to help support his back and make it more comfortable.  I know he will cooperate at first but my goal is to keep him that way until he is squeaky clean.  He made his pee-pee for me and that made me happy.  Now he just has to keep doing that.  From what I see on the camera it look like he has made a deposit.  Now if I could turn all of his waste into money I would be a rich mo-fo. 

I had to visit the bank over the weekend.  Got a new chip ATM card and it came along with 2 unexpected checks.  So I go to deposit them and the silly ATM won’t take my card.  Then I look at the screen and actually pay attention, there is a new way to insert your card.  So you put it in horizontal instead of vertical.  My guess is this is the newest technology to help combat fraud – specifically card skimmers.  It might thwart the bad guys for a short time but rest assured they will find a new way to skim.  That is the thing with all types of fraud as fast as a deterrent is put in place a new threat emerges.  I got my checks deposited but the sad part is I had to do them in two transactions.  Only one deposit is allowed per transaction and there is no way to circumvent that.  What if you want cash back?  What if you want to make a transfer?  Too bad you have to start all over with a fresh transaction.  Not sure who thought that idea up but it is the way it is. 

Had a nice Italian Sub for lunch with some Cheetos and a soda.  Then some peaches and yogurt.  I’ve got granola bars but they are kept out of sight in the hopes that I will forget about the sweet.  It actually makes a difference in how I feel w/o the extra sugar.  The sandwich was larger than what I typically bring and that did a good job of filing me up. 

In looking on social media today is not only Bosses Day but National Pasta Day as well.  Perhaps I will dive into one of the baby lasagna that I picked up yesterday.  It is a thought but kind of depends upon how long it will take to cook and what kind of mood I am in. 

Sure hope that the new lawn guy comes by today, that will be another worry put to rest.  All I can do is wait & see.  Washed the car yesterday and of course I did so without looking at the forecast and rain is on the way Wednesday.  Hopefully the rain will fall while my car is in the garage at work, then be dry and ready for me to drive home.  Not sure if I will get that lucky. 

My boss got his gift.  He is waiting to open it tonight with his family.  He thinks it’s going to be fun.  Yeah to have kids help you open a crate.  I just hope no one gets hurt.  I am interested in the reaction after he gets it open.  They did pack the card separately so he knows why he got it.  It was a total surprise and shock. 

Well speaking of bosses, time for me to get back to work as my lunch time is drawing to a close.  My co-worker that might have intel on the guy I like isn’t in today she had a death in the family.  Of all of the times for that to happen.  I really want to talk with her to see what she can tell me and if I am wasting my time.  My promise to myself is that if I see him before I get a chance to talk with her I am going to ask him out, the worst he can say is no and since I don’t have a yes I am already there so no harm in asking. 

Hope you have a great week ahead!

16 October 2016

Remembered What I Forgot

So as I was cleaning it hit me, what I wanted to mention.  Friday the guy that replaced me didn’t show up to work.  An hour and a half into his shift he sends an email to just a few people and says he is at the doctor and will be in the office soon.  By lunch time he was a no show and that is when things get busy in the office for meetings to be setup.  I had people complaining and decided that enough was enough.  I took care of the meetings and then I wrote his boss and his bosses boss to complain that he was MIA. 

A little after 2p he decided to show up and he wasn’t happy.  My guess is he got a phone call and that ruined his plan to just take an extended weekend.  I think but for my actions he would have never shown up.  That in it’s self would be grounds for termination.

He has one of the easiest jobs in the entire office, sure you have to work but if you play your cards right and structure your day, you will have some free time and you won’t have to bust your ass day in and day out.  It’s a sure fire thing and why in the world would he want to throw that all away.  He moved for the job and signed a lease on an apartment.  You would think that in and of it’s self would be a motivational factor to keep a job.  Apparently he is one of those people who wants to get paid but doesn’t want to work for a living.  That explains a lot. 

It was a couple weeks back and I was working with a co-worker, we needed an example machine and we picked his at random.  Turns out he’s got his resume saved to his desktop on his work computer.  How fucking stupid do you have to be to do that?  The sad thing is a lot of people in the company do that.  I had my resume on my desktop at work but only because I was applying for the position I am in.  Otherwise my resume would have never made it’s way to my work computer for any reason. 

People must think that Big Brother doesn’t exist.  I am here to tell them otherwise.  You have to use care and exercise caution in what personal information you decide to share on your work computer, work telephone and work voice mail.  All platforms of communication are subject to being monitored and that is an incentive to always be on your best behavior, that is if you care at all about your job.  You never know when or if someone is listening or watching. 

This guy calls in sick all the time, I heard that he is also late most days.  I have seen his attendance and let me tell you when it’s close to 5p he is taking his fat ass out the door and is quick to leave.  It matters not what time he got there.  There are days that I am the first one in and he is gone before me.  He should be the first one in and then should be gone before me but that has only happened maybe two or three times total.  I don’t understand how he is able to take time off when he has blown through his PTO bank.  I came in about the same time he did and I had like a week and 2 or 3 days.  He’s been sick and taken PTO in a far greater amount. 

So the kicker to all of this is, I left like 5 minutes early.  He was already gone.  I walked to the garage and his car was no where to be seen.  I am about to get on the freeway/highway/interstate and he comes racing up behind me.  WTF how did that happen?  Then I look at his car and notice he’s got new license plates.  He wasn’t at the doctor or if he was he went to the DMV afterwards and that explains why he was late.  Hell if I spent anytime at all in the DMV I wouldn’t want to have to go to work afterwards, which is why when I need to go, I do so on the weekend.

It will be interesting to see if he buckles down and gets with the program.  Clearly no one has conveyed to him that his job is in immediate jeopardy.  I wonder if he will show up tomorrow or have another excuse and stay home.  I mean if you don’t like your job then quit but for God sake show up and do your job until you find something more to your liking.  It would be different if he worked for a tyrant or an ogre but he doesn’t.  There is very little stress in that job and it really pains me to see him tearing apart what took me so long to build up and perfect.  Plus I get to do two jobs and that isn’t fair to my team.  When they hired him I wondered what they were thinking.  He wasn’t the only guy that applied to the job but Jesus even a blind person could pick a better candidate.  Makes me wish that I was in on the hiring process, but it’s times like these that I am glad that I am not and so it’s really no skin off my back. 

Onward towards Monday we go.  I was telling the kids I just want to see my bosses reaction to the gift I got him, that is if he takes the time to open it tomorrow.  Then after that I can come home and go back to bed.  Shame it doesn’t work that way.  Tomorrow as I see it doesn’t appear to be that busy but that is going by what is scheduled.  I can’t plan for what might come up and isn’t on my calendar.  You never know when someone is going to click on something stupid or open a malicious attachment that they think is legit. 

Glad I remembered and could share this with you.  Have a great evening.

Gearing Up for a New Week

Life can be a wild ride sometimes. Friends of mine have learned that lesson on their own unfortunately. I spoke of one of my friends who had major surgery last month and then suffered an abscess in her stomach. She is in a nursing home at the moment and should be coming home on Tuesday. However, she made it to the major hospital and consulted with an oncologist who suggested some additional testing. Friday she had an endoscopy. They knock you out partially and then shove a hose down your throat to look at your digestive system. They found a huge mass in her stomach and biopsied the hell out of it. Results should be coming back this week. While I hope for good news I would say based on what I am hearing that her body is riddled with cancer and that her outcome is bleak. I am by no means a doctor. I have played doctor but that is another story. She hasn’t been able to eat that much and her favorite foods didn’t seem to matter. Her husband is beside himself wondering how much longer he is going to have his wife. He understands how this extra stress and worry impacts so many areas of your life. Not to mention it costs money to drive around to see doctors and visit his wife. Plus somewhere you have to be able to fit in work and how you manage to do your daily job is some kind of miracle in it’s self. My friends are not religious and I don’t believe they believe in God. It’s kind of sad because they could both sure use some help. It doesn’t mean I can’t pray for them and hope for a better outcome than what I think is going to happen. The struggle with the treatment is to figure out what cancer is the primary and then go after that. Each day that there isn’t treatment the cancer can still continue to grow and spread. It’s really sad because we just had a meal together like three (3) months ago and I had no idea that could be our last time together. I was up to see her in the hospital after the first surgery and I have been sending cards. Her husband and I talk all the time and know I know what I sound like when I call people and only share doom & gloom. It’s depressing as hell but at the same time you have to acknowledge it and let it all out, everyone needs someone to talk to. I have said more than once if you need me call, if there is something I can do, ask. It’s just been grab a bite to eat and talk with me. Both are easy enough to do. I certainly hope that they both get some good news in their lives soon, because they could use it. It would be great if the stomach tumor was benign. It has to come out but the doctors are more interested in knowing what they are up against and forming a roadmap for treatment.

Ever hear the saying the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t? Well hindsight it 20/20 and I think I made a mistake in letting Lawn Boy go. His replacement showed up when he was supposed to start service. Here we are two (2) weeks later and the guy is no where to be found. I called and his voice mail is full. I sent an email and no response. The grass is still growing. I really don’t want to find yet another replacement. I am waiting to see what happens but if this type of behavior continues I can tell you the new guy won’t last long. If I wind up firing him too then I will consider just buying a mower and seeing about reviving the trimmer I have then take care of it myself. The one sure fire thing I have learned in life is that people will always fail you, if you want a job done and done right you have to do it yourself. There is that one company that wants to do it every week and from what I remember they enter into a contract so both parties are bound to each other. It would be more money but I have a feeling they would do the best job and I really wanted to hire them from the start. Right now I am giving the new guy a chance, thinking that maybe something happened. If there is no activity or response this week then he’s a goner for sure. I will make at least one more attempt to reach him. There is no way in hell that I would go crawling back to lawn boy after the way he disrespected me, my opinion is that he wanted me to do what I did and I played right into it – which is better for both of us.

Speaking of not calling back, I left a message for my co-worker about the hottie at work and still have yet to hear from her. I hope that she returns tomorrow so that we can get things cleared up and I can hopefully get my intel. I don’t want to make a fool of myself but with her help or without her help I am hell bent on asking this guy out. It means that I have to leave work a little early and either hope that we wind up on the same elevator or just go downstairs and sit in the lobby in wait for him. He’s walking with a crutch so it’s not like he can run away from me.

This morning I went out for breakfast at Cracker Barrel. The hotties that I eyed up before were not there but there was a new busser and who he gave me a great show of his butt. It was the perfect start to the day. Then as I am leaving one of the hosts went out of his way to talk to me. I think he likes me but that could be just me. I wanted to turn around and chat him up, I mean my belly was full and the only place I had to be was the grocery store. However, I thought if I can get up the nerve to ask someone out then so can other people. I mean I know I have to be appealing to someone out there. I am not in prime physical condition but I can tell you that I have a heart of gold and lead in my ass so I am quite the catch, I think I am one of the last nice guys left. There aren’t too many of us and finding us can be a difficult task. I too am looking for a nice guy and since I have standards and won’t just settle for random sex I think that combined with my age is what is working against me. Then again maybe I am just trying too hard and should take a break in the hopes that love will find me.

Since were talking about Hot Guys might as well mention Justin Timberlake. Netflix filmed him and the TN Kids in their last performance at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas January 1 & 2 of this year. I watched it and all I can say is wow. There was a lot of effort by many people to put the elaborate stage together. Justin preformed really well and there are some amazing ass shots in the movie. He’s a hottie who can sing. I don’t like all of his music but it was a good show.

My boy Charlie Puth is under the weather. I saw a photo on social media last week where he appeared to take a break for a couple days and was in a hospital or hospital type setting. He had IV’s going and then jumped right back on tour. He is working hard and preforming day in and day out. That takes a tole on the body doesn’t matter if your famous, poor, white, black, gay or straight. You will reach your breaking point and then it’s just harder to bounce back. Trust me I know I’ve been there before. Last night apparently he had a performance and was only able to preform 3 songs, that was the concert. He apologized but said that he was sick and needed to get better. The concert that I am scheduled to go to is in the very near future and I hope that he is able to get better and preform fully. I would be greatly disappointed if he cancelled or worse yet if he only did 3 songs and called it a night. I have looked forward to this since the tickets went on sale late this summer and I hope that this will be a magical night that I can enjoy and look back on. Just like his show last year. I am thankful that he is preforming in the fall instead of the hot summer, that was wicked miserable. Out of breath, had to buy an overpriced soda but still managed to have a good time.

Cat time – what is a post on here when I am not talking about the kids. Bear hasn’t been producing urine like he normally was, so today I had to break down and give him fluids. I didn’t want to but figured that if I waited that problems would be on the horizon. He still seems happy and is eating well. He drinks but only when I am not looking or so he thinks. The fluids I gave him should come pouring out in the form of urine later tonight or early tomorrow morning. I hope that I am around to check the PH level. I just placed another order for food for him. I have this thing now where I talk with him and ask if he wants to spend time with daddy. Silly me I think he actually understands me. I pick him up and give him raspberries on his belly with my mouth and then I carry him to the couch and we sit, he purrs and gets comfortable and I pet him. He seems to really like it but when he’s ready to get down I make sure that I put him on the ground and don’t let him jump. I am sure he would make it but don’t want to risk any injury or strain. The other kids hate it because it’s like he is stealing their spotlight. Which he kind of is but considering what he has been through he has more than earned that right. Everyone else is doing okay. Gator woke me up yesterday morning by puking in the bed, not once but twice. Ruth let me walk right up to her and pet her so I really think she is starting to come out of her shell more in her old age and trust me. Now there are still boundaries and I respect them but I really just want to pick her up and have her in my lap. Maybe one day we will get to that point but it’s not something that me or my late partner ever expected would happen.

It’s a little after 3 in the afternoon here and I am not wanting to peel myself away from the computer to finish cleaning the house and preparing for tomorrow. My face started itching last night and hasn’t stopped so I do look forward to a shave in the hopes that will quell the itching. The more you scratch the worse it gets. This is why I could never possibly see myself with a beard. I look good in my opinion with 3 or 4 days of stubble, if I could keep that length and appearance up all the time I would but that takes some serious knowhow and effort. It’s just easier for me to shave once a week and call it a day. I also want to make sure that I don’t look like a hobo if I get to ask out the guy at work.

Time to be on-call again. This week has been a little busy but not too much activity after hours. I always keep an eye out, especially the week prior to when I go. Turns out that I will have to get up early on Sunday to do some testing of patches that are applied. It sounds simple but the getting up early part and Sunday are what bother me. I will get over it. I hope that this week is as quiet as the last time I was on-call. It’s great knowing that I am not by myself and have others that I can call on if I find myself in a jam.

I am sure I have left something out but I really need to pry myself away to get this cleaning started. Hope that life is treating you well and that your all doing good. We shall ta
lk again soon.

13 October 2016

New Crush

Last night I was leaving a bit early and had the fortune of sharing an elevator with a very handsome fellow and some other strangers.  It was my second time seeing him and I really want an elevator ride with him alone or to pull him aside to chat for a minute to see if he is interested in going on a date.  There are several businesses in the building and I know who he works for and as a result of that I believe I have found his name.  I am just waiting for a co-worker to return from vacation or call me back, she will have the final key to the puzzle.  If he is who I think he is, then he’s gay and that tips the scale a little bit in my favor.  However, if I see him before she gets back I will try to pull him aside to chat for a minute.  I mean I am already at no, how much worse can it get? 

I thought what if he talks to his co-workers and word spreads that I ask him out?  I can’t for the life of me think of any other caveats or scenarios where things go awry.  This follows my rule of not dating a co-worker, we just work in the same building but each for a different employer.  Were separated by many floors and unless you time it right or just wait in the lobby the chances of running into each other is a pure crap shoot. 

It would be nice if this all works out and I gain a boyfriend or even a friend.  Right now all I can do is cross my fingers and hope for the best.

Got my massage today and it was 100 pure torture.  I think that tomorrow my back is going to hurt.  She was really rough on me.  I am starting to feel some of it now, but I know that as the evening goes on that the pain will probably be more intense. 

Covering on-call for a co-worker tonight, taking out the trash and paying bills.  Whoopee lots of fun.  Going to try to work in TV time with the kids but unsure if that will happen.  Kind of depends upon how much time I take paying bills. 

There you have it my world in a nut shell.  Today has been a very unproductive day.  Boss only worked a 1/2 day and we have nothing on the books for today so it’s been me doing my own thing.  I have done some work just not as much as I usually do in a day.  I guess that is why there is a tomorrow but it will be Friday and who actually works on a Friday?  Me I have a departure to deal with but that will only take 15 minutes and it totally depends upon when they leave.

Happy Friday Eve.  

11 October 2016


I picked up more responsibilities late yesterday afternoon.  I am now officially Big Brother.  I get to watch for Data Leaks.  I get a report that indicates potential threats and then I have to investigate each one in several different systems.  If I find something I report it to the boss or to another manager.  I can’t discuss this with the potential offender and this is something that is to be kept highly confidential.  I can’t tell other immediate co-workers about it.  It can be discussed with my team and a select few others all of which are in management.  It’s great that I picked this up and will look good on a resume but it’s not necessarily an assignment that I will necessarily enjoy.  Thankfully we have a very low rate for leaks, like to the point where it’s non existent but you still have to be vigilant and watch for it.  Otherwise if you turn a blind eye to it, you will be robbed blind. 

The meeting with the bosses boss went fine.  I was pretty much told what I already knew and that was no working from home because of issues on your part.  If there is a business need then that is different and permissible.  I was told there are labor laws that prevent and discourage this but unless they are new I think it’s a load of horse shit.  If it were truly illegal then there wouldn’t be any exceptions period end of discussion.  It just smells to me but I am not going to rock the boat over it. 

Found a surprise on accident last night, Charlie Puth had a concert that was broadcast live.  I tuned in late and it was all because I wanted to get the 1 off of the Facebook icon on my phone.  I hate those damn things, they drive me nuts.  So when I opened the app I saw the notification and promptly clicked on it.  Then I got tired of watching it on a small screen so I fired up my You Tube on my Roku and got to watch it on the big screen.  It was awesome and I really had a great time for the short amount of time that I heard him.  I formed my connection to him because of his song See You Again and the loss of my partner.  From there I began to fall in love with his (Charlie’s) voice and saw what awesome talent he has.  Then my hormones kicked in and now I have a crush on him.  He rocks my world, even if he is straight.  I look forward to seeing him live in concert very soon.  That is my birthday present to myself.  Now maybe things will work out and I can meet him in person but just seeing him live will be a treat in it’s self. 

Thanks to yesterday being Columbus Day, there was no mail and all of the government offices as well as schools had a holiday.  Made it easy to get to and from work.  Can’t say that today.  I was super lazy the closer I got to home last night the more exhausted I felt.  So I just turned into a couch potato.  The cats enjoyed it and so did I.  Everyone was trying to get a piece of me and I passed myself out as best as I could by dividing my focus on each of them.  Needy but then again so am I.  Bear was all wound up this morning and quite chatty.  I think he wanted more food but I made him eat what was in front of him and didn’t give in.  He got some belly rubs and petting but that was about it.  Supper for me was Turkey Pot Pie.  Yep I said pie again.

Tonight I have no idea what I am going to consume.  I can tell you that it will likely be something that is frozen.  I also have to stop and get my double dose of mail.  Part of me looks forward to that and part of me dreads that.  You never know what fresh hell is lurking for you in the mail. 

Time to join another snooze fest of a meeting here in a bit.  I hope it doesn’t suck the life out of me and leave me feeling tired.  The good news is that we are closer to quitting time now than when I started.  Today was one of those mornings that was kind of nippy in the house, I just wanted to stay in bed and keep on sleeping.  I could have if it wasn’t for this thing called work that helps pay for those things called bills.  What a shame I am like a good portion of the population in that I am required to work to earn a living. 

Over the weekend I realized that next Monday is bosses day.  What to do?  I started with my usual Editable Arrangements but that was kind of pricy as per usual.  Plus since I am reporting to a guy now instead of a woman I should probably change up my game.  A little searching with Google and presto I found it.  I got my boss a Man Crate.  They box up the item you chose in a crate.  It is sealed very well and they include a tiny crow bar to help the recipient open it.  It’s one of those things that you have to open but you get frustrated in the process.  Now if you want to add an extra layer of confusion and are shipping in the US you can pay them $10 and they will wrap the whole damn thing in duct tape.  That would be really funny but I thought the crate was punishment enough.  There is a nice gift that he will enjoy on the inside of the crate and it’s personalized.  I got to include a note as well for no additional charge.  It takes 2 days to get the personalized item ready and then it’s good to ship.  Problem is that it will arrive this week instead of on Monday.  There is no way to change that.  He is working a 1/2 day on Thursday so I am hoping that it arrives after he leaves so it’s waiting for him on Monday.  Otherwise it will kind of spoil the surprise.  I could make phone calls to ensure that he doesn’t get it until Monday but I am just going to let it play out and see what happens.  The hard part here is that I can’t tell my co-workers.  I am very interested in hearing his reaction.  This wasn’t cheap but I am sure that it will be something that he will treasure. 

There you have it.  Now on to that meeting!

10 October 2016

Hi ya

I got pre-approved for auto financing and I have been looking.  I really wanted to make the move this weekend but started crunching the numbers and realized that I could afford it but there could be times when it would be a stretch.  So I have opted to keep what I have for now.  I will try to discipline myself to form a savings plan so that when the time is right I will be able to make the move and who knows maybe just maybe make a down payment.  I typically don’t do down payments, you take my trade and that is what I consider the down payment.  I still have been eyeing cars.  Last night I saw a beautiful blue Buick SUV.  They didn’t want much for it and the thing was loaded.  I looked at Audi’s and BMW’s as well.  Things that I know are out of the question, just to get an idea of what is out there.  I know what I want and I know what my minimum requirements are, just have to wait until the timing is better.

Considering that I am going to keep motoring on, it was time to change the oil in my car.  The truck is way past due but considering I took it out this weekend for the first time in over a month I think it can wait just a little longer.  I normally go back to the dealer for my oil changes but I am religious about them and always get them done early, sometimes that means 1 thousand miles early, other times it’s 500 miles early and once or twice it was within miles of the time due.  I had a $15 coupon for Valvoline and went there.  I resisted all of the upselling they were doing, presented my coupon and got out for under $30.  That is way cheaper than the dealer but my tires weren’t rotated and my brakes weren’t measured.  Outside of that they did everything else.  I know things are in good shape because I take great care of my car, however hearing it is reassuring to me rather than assuming.  I gave the car the weekend off after we went to get mail and fill up on gas.  Then I drove the truck for the little driving I did for the rest of the weekend.

No cat food shopping this weekend, yep I over bought last time and no sense in wasting food or getting even more that I can’t accommodate so this will be a week in which they all turn their noses up because some of the usual variety is gone but it’s your choice eat it or starve.  I think they will eat it just not when I am looking.  Bear’s PH has fallen a little once we were 6.0 and last night he was 7.0.  I will continue to monitor this, especially if he is not going frequently.  He worries me.  I did give him fluids on Friday and he wasn’t terribly happy about it because I had to stick him a couple times.  The first time the needle was clogged and fluid wouldn’t flow for anything.  I took the needle off and it was like a river.  I didn’t give him much but what little I did pump into him I know helped.  We spent time together on the couch and when he wanted down back to the floor he went.  Like all of them he knows how to work me and I think he knows I feel extra sorry for him so I do more for him.  The others are capable of fending for themselves but Bear has special needs. 

Yesterday I went back to a place that I haven’t been for a long time.  I had some Fried Chicken and it brought back a lot of memories.  The service sucked because they were slammed.  A little too much salt in the food but outside of that it was good.  All you can eat for $11 and that included mashed potatoes and green beans.  It was supposed to come with a salad and soup but they forgot that part.  It’s okay because I really just wanted the chicken.  I left very full, not happy but full. 

Time as usual got away from me but I wrapped things up in time to spend an hour with the children watching Shameless.  I can’t believe Ian slept with a woman to try it out.  He said that his bf said that no one can be 100% anything.  I totally disagree I am 100% gay and wouldn’t even try to sleep with a woman.  Twitter was a flutter with pissed off people not happy about Ian sleeping with a woman and saying that the scene lasted way too long.  Who really cares it’s a TV show.  The scene is also done.  I am still a fan of the show and a big fan of Ian.  Hopefully he can find a decent boyfriend and they can film lots of sex scenes together.  I am just along for the ride we will have to wait and see what the writers have in store for us.  I hear a rumor that Ian’s character dies and he is going to be phased out of the show.  I don’t know if there is any truth to that but I certainly hope not. 

Got a meeting with my boss and his boss in a few minutes.  I questioned why it’s okay to work from home when I am on call but that I can’t work from home if for example something came up and I needed to be home but didn’t want to take PTO.  To me it’s one in the same.  However, there is a double standard that exists and unless your salaried it is a no – no.  I don’t look forward to this meeting at all but hopefully it’s quick and painless.  It’s really the only thing that I have to face today that scares me. 

Hope all is well in your world.  Happy Thanksgiving if your in Canada!

05 October 2016

Not a bad day but not a good day either

Greetings!  I woke up to find that my usual route to work had traffic issues.  I decided to be adventurous and try a new way to work.  Well it backfired, I didn’t pay close enough attention.  I had to turn around go almost back to the start and try again.  That didn’t set well with me.

I get to work and my cell phone rings.  It’s my boss.  I thought that is odd but I answered it.  Then he starts well I got a call from HR last night, uh now my heart is racing.  Turns out he wanted me to do him a favor but he changed his mind.  Wow that was super odd.  I thought that conversation was going in a different direction.

Thus far every night this week I go to bed I have a nightmare.  I keep hoping each night will be different but no joy so far. 

Yesterday I started looking at new vehicles.  My car dealer has a car and an SUV that I am interested in.  Giving some serious thought to buying something new. I only need 1 vehicle and mine is getting closer to the warranty running out.  I really enjoy the freedom of no car payment and I hate financial commitments.  This is one of those events where once you move forward, you can’t move backward.  I have great taste but not much money to fund said great taste.  One part of me says go for it, you have waited long enough and since your going to be on-call there is your extra money for a car payment.  The other part of me says hold out for a while longer, there could be another monkey wrench that is going to get thrown at you.  What to do?  It didn’t help matters that when I got to work today I smelled anti-freeze when I got out of the car.  Unsure if it was my car or the car next to me.  I am going to keep a close eye on the temperature gauge on the drive home.  Regardless of my decision to part or not to part with my vehicles I don’t want any issues with them.  I haven’t started the truck up in weeks.  It’s been sitting since I had to take Bear for his checkup.  It’s been at least a month or very close to it.  I was thinking that I would need to move the beast this weekend.  The truck, not Bear. 

We have a late night call on Friday for some work going on.  It will affect remote access and by rights I should be at the office.  I don’t want to make two trips that day.  I should have brought it up in a meeting we had today but elected to keep quiet.  Someone else said they were going into their office but I will try to connect from home, really don’t think there would be anything for me to do.  This is just an education so to speak.  Of course I won’t know that until this takes place.  I don’t see any point in driving 30 to 40 miles home and then back again then trying to get home again.  That is racking up the miles, eating up my time an generally not something I am a fan of. 

My latest problem is myself.  I got this wild idea to extend some temporary credit card numbers when I was on-line last month.  I didn’t realize it would alter the expiration date and since then I have had a few sites that bill me monthly reach out saying they had a problem with my credit card.  Last night there was a scene released on a porn site and  had to watch it, it’s just that good.  Well I couldn’t login.  I checked my password manager and it said the password was SAVED_PASSWORD, well that is no help.  I don’t use that for a password.  I fought with it and then tried a forgot password on the site.  They couldn’t find me.  I wasn’t thinking about the credit card expiration date and opened a support ticket.  I thought sure someone hacked my account and changed the password.  Then this morning I realized what had happened.  I felt silly.  I got it fixed but it’s costing me more money.  The rate I had on the site was low and I had to start all over, so I pay a higher rate for the same content.  If memory serves all I did last time was try to cancel and they made me a better offer, so I will probably try that trick to see if it pays off.  It’s $1.50 more per month now so all things considered it’s not that big of an increase but I love to save money.  Speaking of which another site that I subscribe to really tried to upsell me when I went to update my credit card information with them.  I took a look at the content and what they have in upcoming scenes, none of it is of interest to me so I dropped them.  I have like 10 or 12 more days of an active membership but when they go to charge my credit card, the transaction won’t go through because it was a temporary card and I revoked it.  This way I don’t have to talk to a human who will no doubt try the whole upselling thing again.  I know it’s cancelled and I don’t have to worry about it. 

Really would like to have free time away from work right about now.  However, that isn’t in the plan at the moment.  We have 2 more days to get through then its the weekend.  If I am going to buy a new vehicle I will do it on Saturday because I can have the whole day to take care of things, that process lingers much longer than it should and there are so many documents to sign, promise to do this, promise to do that.

With my identity theft I have an option of putting a freeze on my credit report.  This means that no information from the report would be shared or available to anyone other than the creditors that I have at present.  If I am going to apply for credit I would have to give notice to thaw the report and there might be a small fee to pay.  Then when all is said and done, I would have to have the report frozen again.  This is of great interest to me but if I am getting a new vehicle I don’t want to start the process only to have to issue a thaw request and then a re-freeze request.  It’s kind of pointless. 

Finally I got to check Bears ph level last night and it’s even higher than the last time I checked.  He has to go back to that prescription food or he is going to have problems.  So I am trying to maintain a balance between prescription and regular food.  I know he hates most of the prescription stuff and it is so expensive so it’s not hurting my feelings.  I just want to do the right thing here so that we can prevent any issues from developing.  We both have been through enough and I want to maintain the good fortune we have acquired since the last incident.  The further away we stay from the vet, the happier everyone is, especially my wallet. 

Happy Wednesday, now it’s back to work for this guy. 

04 October 2016

Manic Monday

Yesterday will go down in history as the worst day for me in my present job.  My entire team worked all day on one issue.  We were on the phone for 6 hours, thankfully we took a lunch break.  As you can imagine it was not a good situation.  We had someone get malware on their mobile device.  They started sending a large number of emails at 3 in the morning.  It wasn’t caught until one of our network guys noticed a lot of traffic.  The next thing you know all hell broke loose for us.  The users account was disabled because we couldn’t reach him.  Then someone had the bright idea to enable it and see what happens.  Well that is when the next big flood of mail went out and it encompassed a good number of people in our organization.  I came up with the idea of wiping the guys phone but everyone thought that was too extreme.  Then I said at the very least lets turn off mail from flowing to his phone.  After a password change and that, his account was enabled and presto the problem stopped.

We didn’t know that his phone was infected until much later in the day when we were able to speak with him.  Wow he has a real mess on his hands.  Turns out his home pc was infected last week and it’s just been one battle after another.  See this is what kind of havoc can happen from clicking on a link and entering in your credentials. 

As much as you try to educate people and hope they will be careful there are always those that either won’t participate or think they know enough and don’t bother to attend training.  It was miserable for all of us because it felt like on many occasions that we were chasing our tail. 

So that should explain my absence on Monday.  I did manage to get away from my desk during the lunch break we all took.  I had some laughs with co-workers and then it was back to the grind.  No one and I mean no one on our team yesterday got anything meaningful accomplished.  Sure glad I wasn’t on-call this week, that would have sucked. 

Sadly I spent a good portion of my evening in front of my computer at home.  When I finally did break away I had to pick up the bears and put him on the couch with me.  He needed some daddy time.  Marvin got sick this morning so it looks like I will be stopping for his special dry food, its OTC but still damn expensive.  The things I do to please my pets.  Well back to earning that paper because I need every dime.

02 October 2016

Weekend Wrap Up

Friday night was a long time ago but I remember I came home, fed the cats and then watched TV.  I had to come downstairs to rescue my computer.  Been having issues with it when I issue a reboot command.  Being remote I just know I can’t re-connect and there isn’t much I can do until I come home.  So glad that I backup but this machine is still very much young and I really don’t want to move into another machine anytime soon.  Happy with what I have, which is something you won’t hear me say that often. 

Saturday got to sleep in a little bit.  Then it was time to go run around.  Needed to get my hairs cut, it had only been 3 weeks and it looked like a mop to me.  I like putting product in but eventually I get tired and have to go back to short hair.  Kind of wish I would let it grow, manage it somehow and then transition to a ‘normal’ haircut.  I haven’t had long hair since I was back in High School and that was a very long time ago.  Anyway back on track.  I had breakfast at home and finished off the last caramel cinnamon roll and had a sausage, egg & cheese biscuit  - washed it all down with two glasses of milk.  Got my laptop updated, then got dressed and grabbed my backpack out to the dusty trail.  So after my haircut I hit up the post office nothing terribly special waiting for me.  Went to the police station and filed another identity theft report.  That was not enjoyable mostly because I had to wait and there were no chairs to sit in.  After that I schlepped down to the post office that took my money but didn’t give me a stamp.  Got my money back, which was a surprise.  Then I headed to Outback Steakhouse for lunch.  I am just about to turn in and the phone rings.  It’s a friend who wants to have dinner.  Uh okay we agreed and met up later in the day.  Driving home from lunch I decided to bleed out my gas tank and called it quits when I saw I had 9 miles to go until E.  Just bit the bullet and filled up, no sense in being stranded on the side of the road for something that is preventable.  I was well stuffed and got my dinner free, since I picked p the tab last time.  Had way too long of a conversation.  Dinner was done by 6p but we didn’t leave until closer to 8:00p.  As you can well imagine the children were not happy campers and I compounded matters because I stopped for cat food before I came home, made it in the pet store just under the wire before closing time. 

Sunday I was all wired up and didn’t get to bed until very early this morning.  Woke up by 9a fed the children and headed out for breakfast.  Decided to go to Cracker Barrel.  Holy crap the host was this young twink that was petite and had a very tight end.  I had my eye on him a lot.  I wanted to pay him a compliment but figured he was barley 18.  So I just kept my big old yap shut and thought of all of the dirty things that I wanted to do to him.  Breakfast was over in a flash and then it was on to the dreaded grocery store.  I knew I would spend a little money but things got out of control and it was another $100 + trip.  I was not happy about the total but I only had 1 person to blame and that was myself.  Got some poison to eat – Drumsticks the ice cream treat, along with some other junk food.  Got to cater to myself and my needs.  Then home to unload, undress and pass out.  Woke up to pouring rain and it was tough to get moving but I did.  The children got their lunch and I got back to laundry and dealing with identity theft.  I did a lot of research on the topic last night and wow learned a few things.  I also took time out to write my legislators and tell them that police reports should be free when your the victim of a crime, it’s just stupid that you make the victim pay for something they had no control over.  I doubt any change will come but hey I feel better about it.  Had a nice Mexican Pizza for supper.  Yes I ate the whole damn thing.  Then finished off what was left of the Peanut Butter Cup Pie from my adventure last Saturday.  I’ve still got a Chocolate cake that predates that.  See what I mean about junk food.  It’s an obsession.  Finished up laundry, skipped washing my bed clothes because of Marvin (he was occupying the bed).  Here I am all alone typing away. 

I am still very concerned over Marvin.  He is extra chatty lately, he has lost weight and I am not quite sure what to make of all of it.  He still loves me, licks my arms like they are spare ribs as he has done for years.  I love him and he knows it.  He shows me his love and I appreciate it.  Just worried that something is going on with him and I can’t quite put my finger on it.  He is still eating and drinking.  I just made the switch yesterday to different dry food and he is not having it.  Looks like I will have to get him a bag of his stuff.  Dry food especially the prescription stuff is expensive.  I switched everyone to the prescription stuff because they like it so much.  I changed flavors and this is the long term urinary stuff.  Marvin likes the short term stuff that his brother eats.  I put some out for him but his brother was hiding under the couch so he wouldn’t eat it.  After I cleaned the house I took Marv a special can of food in the basement.  He was kind of shocked and I had to chase him down, I guess he thought I was after him but just wanted him to eat.  Eventually he calmed down and started eating it.  I am monitoring him and we shall see. 

Bear decided to start using the carpet as his litter box because he was too far away from it.  Of course he was in my room.  There are pads down but he just wasn’t having it.  I don’t get it.  He knows I am running low but I told him there are 2 more boxes on the way, just got to make it until Tuesday.  We can do it  I hate stepping on wet carpet knowing full well that it’s cat pee I just stepped in.  Between that and stepping on dry food, I should just give up and wear shoes all the time.  I want to check his urine ph but he hasn’t given me an opportunity to yet.  I just have to keep a watchful eye and strike when he is going.  He takes spells where he doesn’t go to the bathroom for a while and even if he is a little off kilter it consumes me with worry. 

As for on-call well I happened to see an email that needed attention so I jumped on that yesterday.  The person who sent the email should have called me because it was urgent but they treated it as normal.  I had the right to ignore it and nothing would have happened to me.  However, I like overtime and well I get to log 15 minutes for something that took me 5 to do.  Outside of that I haven’t been bothered.  If every on call is like this then I have no issues.  I didn’t stay home like I normally would, I had my laptop and phone with me so I was able to address any problems that may have come up.  Tomorrow morning things go back to normal for 2 weeks and then I get to do this all over again.  Easy money and I need all of it that can come my way.  Got to join a conference call for an upgrade were doing next Friday night, it’s booked as a 2 hour call.  I get more over time from that.  Everyone else on my team is salaried so they don’t get jack.  I like being paid for my time.  There is good and bad with everything though.

Shameless is back on tonight and I get to see Ian (Cameron Monahan) again.  Cute kid, red hair and the character he plays is gay.  Plus there are others on the show that keep it interesting.  I am only attracted to him and he is the reason why I watch the show.  Follow that up with some Last Week Tonight with John Oliver and wow it’s a rocking Sunday night.

Hope you all had a great weekend.  Now we or at least I get to go back to the salt mine tomorrow for five long days.  Then another weekend.  I always look forward to the weekend.  It’s also getting closer to seeing Charlie Puth and I really am looking forward to that.  Took two days of PTO and I am going to make the most of it.  Hopefully it’s not too cold outside when the concert takes place and maybe just maybe I will get to stay and get to meet him afterwards.  That would really make my day.  Take care! I will talk with you all again soon.