28 September 2015

Trucking to work

Drove the truck as planned, got here safe.  It was nice sitting up a little higher on the road.  I heard the growling noise.  It really sounds bad, like Ruthie was with me the whole way to work.  I am driving it home and will resume using my car for the rest of the week.  No word on Friday (my day off request) yet, my boss has a rule that you submit for the day and if no one else is off then it’s automatically approved.  I like that but would rather have the assurance knowing that it’s been approved. 

My other co-workers in IT are out today, so I am the Lone Ranger here.  That means I could leave early if I so chose but if I did chose then you know as well as I that something would go wrong and I would probably get caught.  Now I am talking like leaving 30 minutes early.  5 minutes well that probably won’t make much of a big deal, but the risk is still there. 

I saw some Chili Pot Pies yesterday at the store.  I picked up a couple and am looking forward to having one of them tonight.  I sure hope they are as good as I think they will be. 

After cleaning the microwave yesterday with boiling hot water it looks amazing.  I feel like it belongs to someone else.  How I let it get that bad is beyond me, just one of those things I guess I didn’t think about too much. 

Got a call from the roof people.  I need to call them back to set something up.  Not really looking forward to getting the estimate but calling them back is the first step in the process.  Really not excited to spend the money but it is going for something good.

That’s it for Monday.  Depending upon how things shake out 3 or 4 more days to go.  Hope your Monday was a great one!

27 September 2015

The day before Monday

I’ve done all of the usual chores and tasks that I normally do on a Sunday.  I am actually still working on Laundry and can’t wait until it’s done.  I get to shave and shower.  That is the part I look forward to.  There is nothing like a hot shower with no place to go and nothing to do, you can relax and take your time.  However, all I think about is when I take my next shower it will be Monday, ugh I don’t want to go back to work. 

I replaced the batteries in both of the vehicle remotes, I did it last year and I am thinking of making it an annual habit.  I need to get the garage door opener in my car and my remote for the alarm.  I finally after two years combined keys so that I have both vehicles and their remotes on one key ring.  It sure does make things extra bulky but now I know the keys are with me. 

The auction was slightly noisy they started setting up at 7a and I was in the master bedroom, the walls are paper thin.  Holy cow I wasn’t happy but I understood they had a job to do.  I was able to get back to sleep for a couple hours.  Gator started crying at 4am when I changed beds.  I didn’t think she would ever shutdown but she did. It’s 4p and the auction folks have been tearing down and clearing out for the past couple hours.  They really drew in a crowd.  It looks like someone parked on my lawn, not happy about that but it’s done – so there isn’t anything to do.  

I am now into the series Drop Dead Diva.  One of my former co-workers told me I would like it but at the time I would have had to pay to watch it because it wasn’t on Netflix but Amazon had it for purchase.  I am into the 4th episode.  Damn there were some good looking guys on that show.  I had nap time and started dreaming that I was going out with one of the guys on the show, it was just surreal how that dream came about.  I know that most of the fibers of my being long for companionship, so it is understandable.  This morning at the grocery store there was a really hot guy, he was buying all of the healthy stuff and I was tossing what I wanted into my cart.  Shame I couldn’t have tossed him.  I wonder how much he would have rang up for?

Chatted with a friend about my experiences of yesterday last night and found out that if the wheel bearing does go, the wheel could come flying off, the tire would go flat and generally you would be in one hell of an accident.  Yeah and I want to drive that vehicle to get my money back.  I am questioning if that would be a good idea.  I am thinking I will take it tomorrow but not sure about the rest of the week.  I am going to find out what it will cost to fix it and may go ahead and spend the money for the repair now, instead of risking my life.  It’s got airbags but I really don’t want to test them to see if they work, if you catch my drift. 

I am rather impressed with myself I remembered to get Parmesan Cheese at the store, remembered to clean the microwave and I have been trying to get those two things taken care of for the last two weeks.  It’s s sense of accomplishment.  I didn’t want to go to the other grocery store after I saw my total at the first place this morning.  Cinnamon Oatmeal will have to wait a week.  I will survive with Apple but won’t be happy about it.  I always have Cream of Wheat to spruce things up.  I did pick up Pumpkin Muffins.  Oh they will be great.  I just wish they didn’t coat the tops with sugar.  I am already sweet enough and more sugar isn’t what I need.  It’s money and a man!  What a shame they don’t top muffins with either of those!

Now I am off to search for a new photo for the header of the blog and of course add to my porn collection.  Speaking of which I just unplugged my VCR & DVD player a while ago.  I don’t really use them anymore and I heard they really consume the power, even in an off state.  If that is a true statement then the power bill should go down.  If I need them I will plug them back in.  I primarily used both of them to watch porn, now we have all digital media.  I am stuck with a video case full of VHS Tapes and DVD’s all porn.  I have some normal movies on both forms of media but porn was the primary thing I collected.  Like all hobbies, that was expensive.  Sure would be nice to sell that stuff and make some of the money I sent back.  There has to be a source to sell porn but I just don’t know if it’s worth the aggravation.  Plus you probably wouldn’t ever know if you were selling to an actually adult or a kid who was just discovering sex.  I mean there is a slight risk there and if you sell that to someone who isn’t a legal adult you could be in big trouble.  Like I said aggravation. 

I hope your Sunday was all roses.  Last week tonight with John Oliver is back on Tonight and it’s also the start of Quantico.  Looking forward to both.  If all works out well this should be a 4 day week for me, that is in the hands of my boss.  Once I know for sure I will be making an appointment for the car and possibly the truck again.  Now off to tend to the laundry and find the perfect picture!

26 September 2015

Fucked again

Not the physical type of fucking I am looking for but financial fucking which is far worse.  There is no lube, no kiss and it’s all pain!  So I took the truck (used to be my partners) to the tire shop.  Turns out I needed a new front axle, new disc brakes, new calipers and a battery.  Cost was $1 thousand dollars that’s parts and labor together.  I was told to be there by 8a and instead showed up early at 7:45a figuring that would get me some place.  Well it helped a little bit but I didn’t leave until 2p.  That was a fucking incredibly long time to sit around and twiddle my thumbs.  I did see some eye candy, which helped but I couldn’t help but think about how I was going to pay for this.  I mean I wasn’t prepared to spend that kind of money.  Oh then the kicker to the whole thing is they get the repair work done and say they hear a growling noise.  Turns out there is an issue with the left wheel bearing, it has to be replaced but I was told just to keep an eye on it.  All is okay for now.  Yeah, I guess they figured they couldn’t get any more money out of me or maybe it was they didn’t want to try.  Well now I am driving that son of a bitch to try to recoup my money.  I’ve got $2 thousand dollars of my money in that thing.  There is the repairs from today and then the repairs that the dealer did a few years back to the power steering that was actually $1,500.  I heard today that the back brakes and all of the tires were in good shape.  My instincts said to run away and take it to the dealer and trade it in today.  However, that would put me in car payments and I wouldn’t get much for it given it’s current condition.  I think I made the right choice even though financially it doesn’t feel like it. 

I have money in savings and plan on using some of that, plus money from my paycheck to cover the cost.  I have 1 month to get it together because that is when the bill will be here.  At least I used a credit card that just cycled so it’s like 1 month for free.  I’d like to pay it off in full but not sure yet that will be possible. 

I took another step and have requested a bid for replacing my roof.  While I want to bid this out and get the best price, in my heart I already know who I want to do the work.  So I contacted them and am waiting to hear back.  Hopefully I can get this taken care of quickly and on the cheap.  I’ve got a loan waiting in the wings for 6% but the contractor is offering 0% but it has to be paid in 12 months.  If were talking $8,000 that is like 600 a month and would be a no go.  I’m not Rockefeller.  The goal here is to get the job done before there is a problem and winter is around the corner.  I am gambling now as it is and eventually if I do nothing that will prove to be a major problem.  The better part is that I can submit proof the insurance company that the work is done, they will come inspect and presto my rates go lower and I get some money back.  Now that money can be used to help pay for the roof, even if it’s only $100.  I have no idea on how much to expect so I am not counting on anything right now, I will just look at it as a pleasant surprise. 

So yesterday morning I woke up to an e-mail about a presentation that would be taking place at work today (Saturday).  I figured that I would need to come in but no not the case.  Our Marketing person said that she would take care of it all.  She just wanted to know how to use the Audio Conferencing Equipment.  I sensed that there was more and that it would be better for me to come in but she insisted that it wasn’t needed.  Then she fucking bothered me all morning long with problems with the presentation.  She didn’t ask for help with Visual just Audio.  I knew I should have been there.  She panics – reached out to me first.  Then calls the help desk and then starts emailing management – not giving any of us a chance to respond.  Then she has a flood of emails and phone calls, plus people are pulling her in different directions.  Holy shit I didn’t think this one would ever die.  That was the morning.  Then there was an afternoon presentation.  Fuck me.  Yeah so I was tied up with this for the better part of the day.  I wasn’t going to charge for my time but I am now.  If she ever does this again I will be sure to go in, better to be there and have no problems than to be out and about and be bothered on my day off, when I am NOT on call.  I mean I don’t mind helping but she didn’t properly prepare any of us for what was taking place today.  That is what has me up in arms.  Several people have told me about issues they have had with her.  I brushed it off.  Now I am starting to think she really doesn’t know how to do her job.  She always panics at the last minute, because she keeps things to herself and then springs them on people.  That isn’t the way to work.  Plus if she needs something from you, she is up your ass about it.  If you need something from her, she takes her sweet ass time. 

All of this was enough to drive me to drink.  Thankfully I don’t like anything but Water, Juice, Milk, and Soda.  By the time I got home I had lunch of 2 cheesy corn dogs and a soda.  Then I laid down and took a nice long nap.  I had problems falling asleep thinking about the events of the day but eventually that went away. 

Woke up went out for a pizza and some cat food.  Then came home and started laundry and posting the receipts.  It’s enough to make me want to cry.  Then I took off on the blowjob robot people.  I filed a claim against them and am waiting to hear how that turns out.  This is through a 3rd party insurance company.  I told them if this isn’t fully resolved in 7 days I would be filing a dispute with my bank, that will mean the merchant gets assessed a fee for my action and I get a temporary credit while this is being sorted out.  I am not sure if this one will play out in my favor but I’ve got a product that doesn’t give me the pleasure they claimed it would.  I can’t sit here and just eat the loss.  Better to fight and lose than to not have fought at all. 

Plans for tomorrow hit up 2 grocery stores, clean the house, take care of laundry.  Maybe I will venture out beyond that but I seriously have my doubts.  I do have plans for driving the money mobile to work on Monday.  It won’t look pretty and it will feel different but it will also help keep the miles off of my car. 

Speaking of my car, I scheduled Friday off.  My plans are to have my oil changed and the tires rotated and balanced.  The tire shop will get more business from me, but this time it won’t cost me a penny.  The rotation and balance is included with the purchase of the tires so they do that for free.  Since I had tire problems I got a coupon for a free oil change & filter.  So no cost I kind of like that.  I was going to go back to the dealer and pay for it, but now that money is a higher concern I am going to try to go on the cheap and get it done. 

That’s all folks.  Hope you had a far better day than I did. 

24 September 2015

Back 2 IT

I woke up and really didn’t feel that well.  I forged forward.  I honestly didn’t think I would make it all day long, but I did!  I was nauseated and my body kept telling me that something isn’t right.  I get this funny feeling when I am getting ill.  It’s been that way since I was a kid, kind of a strange tingle and warmness in the middle of my chest.  So I know something is up.  All thought I feel pretty okay now.  I was hot most of the day, but that is semi normal at work.

Holy crap my chair came.  It is amazing.  One feature they didn’t include is a tilt lock, so I can’t lock the back in place.  Granted most of the time I wouldn’t want to but when your keyboarding it’s recommended and it forces you to sit up straight.  The blue fabric the office manager picked out is awesome and will match my spare pair of glasses.  I just love blue.  This was the highlight of my day!

I really devoted a lot of time last night to my momma letter.  I can’t tell you how many changes and re-prints I did but it’s finally done and in the mail.  I kept it professional and didn’t argue or challenge.  I simply stated my point of view and explained that I was not in a position to help her or my brother given the circumstances and events surrounding the past two years.  I casually mentioned that no one was there for me when I lost my spouse and that I have been on my own for quite sometime.  I didn’t quite know how to say that I wasn’t saying goodbye forever but just for now.  I still plan on sending her a Birthday Gift and something at the holidays.  For my own well being I just can’t be around them, they are toxic and detrimental to my well being.  My natural logic tells me to jump in and help, but I’ve given advice that no one wants to take.  They both want me to pick up the ball and run with it, make it better because I am the one with all of this free time and logic.  Sorry, it doesn’t work that way.  I did reiterate the advice that I provided so it was clear and documented.  I wanted to explain how neglect is a crime, but I took that part out.  I figured they would think it was a threat and that I was going to file a complaint or take additional action.  Nah, I’m really done.

I have been thinking about the vehicle situation.  I am going to call the place where I got my tires from and see if they will be able to look at the brakes on the truck on Saturday.  If they can awesome, if not well then I am back to taking time off work for it.  I’d like to get that fixed so I can start driving that vehicle a little more and keep the miles off the car.  That is the problem when you have 1 driver and 2 cars.  One vehicle gets a ton of use and the other one sits. 

I am fighting with the blowjob robot people.  Trying to get my money back.  I understand they can’t take the product back but I’ve tried everything I know with the product and it simply does nothing for me.  I think this might be a futile attempt but they don’t say individual results may vary.  No they pour on the hype and tell you how much it feels better than the real thing and how your going to love it and they market to take your money.  I understand marketing but if your product won’t work for some people, then you owe it to put a disclaimer or warning on your page.  They think I will be too embarrassed to file any type of formal complaints, they just don’t know who they are dealing with.  I have the balls and won’t hesitate.  I am giving them every chance and opportunity to try to make this right but if that fails well then we march into the land of formal complaints and disputes.  I don’t see any shame in telling anyone I masturbate, they might laugh but so what.  It’s all I have right now for a sex life.  I am working on changing that but it takes a lot of time.

Ah, there I feel a little better now.  Probably a lot of TMI.  Ah thankfully tomorrow is Friday.  It will be over and done with before you know it and I will be talking about the weekend.  How about TV.  The Fall line up starting to come back The Middle, The Goldbergs, Modern Family, Scandal a new show on Sunday Quantico.  Spoiler alert Quantico has a gay character.  It’s just good stuff and I will take in every morsel they produce.  Anxiously awaiting the return of Shameless in January.  Just found out that there won’t be a 3rd season of Alpha House, that sucks!  Looking forward to House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, Frankie & Grace.  Yes, bring it on!

Happy almost weekend.  Time to go tune in to TGIT on ABC. 

23 September 2015

Did you miss me?

In case you didn’t notice I was gone for a day.  I took a blogger break, if you will.  Work was a technology nightmare in the making yesterday.  We had our email issue first.  Now scans aren’t showing up and then our document management system hiccupped that just caused a frenzy of calls.  I was happy when my phone time ended.  If that wasn’t bad enough the guy next to me that has been sick for a couple weeks, well I think he has given it to me.  My sinuses started pouring and I have this tickle in my throat that causes me to cough and I generally feel run down.  I made it through the day yesterday.  I drank 40 ounces of water.  Had a couple cough drops and swallowed are you ready for this?  A Benadryl.  Yeah while I was at work.  I was so tired I fell asleep during lunch while I was watching TV on my phone. 

Once the work day was over with I went to get what was waiting for me at the post office.  A post card from my friend on vacation, a bill and a letter from my mother.  Yeah I didn’t need the last one.  However, I figured something would result from my blocking them.  The letter was enough to mess with my head.  It’s written in large letters and in some cases isn’t legible at all.  Like my brother she tries to use guilt to motivate me, telling me that I only visited her 1 time when she was in the hospital.  Yeah okay, if I was playing on her level I would retort and say well you abused me as a child.  That would surely bring the conversation to a screeching halt.  I did draft a response to her, I am professional and basically telling her that I have tried to work with my brother, who she wants me to contact.  He hears my advice but does nothing.  I am tired of wasting my breath and it’s totally unfair to her because she is caught in the middle.  I explain to her that her fears are not real and that it’s just like a kid who thinks there is a monster hiding under their bed.  The fear is real but the monster is not.  Once you realize that, everything changes.  I go on to explain how my brother has legal power and I do not.  I also explain that I have been through quite the ordeal with losing my spouse, trying to close out his life and stay afloat – during which process I lost my job and things were looking pretty down for a while.  I have survived and done a damn good job.  I had to fight for everything I have and there was no one who was helping me.  Did you catch the subtle bit of guilt I dropped?  I explain that I am not able to assist her due to my loss and still trying to recover from it.  When your closing out another persons life and you are fighting legal and financial battles, it doesn’t provide much time to grieve.  It is now that I am able to deal with all of that.  She told me that she understood he’s gone but she is my mother.  Yeah last time I checked spouse trumped mother.  Plus neither her or my brother have lost a spouse and until you go through that, you will never appreciate the amount of pain that I am in and the horrific loss that I feel.  Sure, we have all experienced loss but the loss of a spouse is far greater than what anyone can fathom.  Especially given the circumstances surrounding his death.  The momma drama has messed with my head but I am doing my best to work around it.  Just when I had recovered and felt comfortable with my decision, presto she reappears.  I do realize that some people might think that I am her son so I have an obligation.  However, with all of the crap I have been through with her in my lifetime I think my debt was paid a long time ago and the books are even.  My brother holds the legal power and it’s not my fault that he is a pansy and is thinking with his dick instead of his brain.  Maybe he will wake up, maybe he won’t – either way I honestly don’t care.  I am divorcing myself from the situation, because that is what I feel is right.  A polish proverb comes to mind …. Not my monkeys … Not my circus!

I say I drafted my response but I have not printed or mailed it.  It will require some fine editing and I will be working on that.  This little ordeal coupled with my sinus issues caused me to have a horrible nights sleep.  Consequently I stayed home today.  Took another Benadryl and went back to bed.  I did sleep away a good portion of the day.  I kept thinking how it would be good to get the vehicles serviced but then I thought I needed my rest.  There would be another day for that.  The children have been all over me, all day long and enjoyed the fact that I stayed home because that entitled them to lunch.  They were not shy about asking for it, either.

My goal is to relax for the rest of the afternoon and evening.  Then return to work tomorrow and finish out the week.  Hopefully I will find my chair waiting for me.  If not Thursday then it should be there by Friday is what we were told.  Here is hoping that I make it through the rest of the week and my body starts to feel better soon. 

In the land of dating, I have found a lot of guys on the app that I have messaged but no one messages me back.  A few really cute guys.  I really want to give up but I know that I won’t find anyone that way.  I need some good to come into my life and in an abundance! 

I hope that all is well in your world!

21 September 2015

The Day Email Broke

Ever think that we rely too much on technology?  We use a 3rd party cloud based email system for spam protection.  All of our incoming and outgoing email routes through them.  Today they have a problem and it’s affecting all US based customers.  Email was dead for a while but now is flowing very slowly.  One of our high ups sent an email out saying that the problem was fixed.  I quickly did research and the internet said otherwise.  It wasn’t but an hour later and he had to eat his words.  It’s still broken and sounds like that will be the case for the majority of the day.  Just because email stops business doesn’t.  People need to communicate with their clients and exchange documents, setup meetings, etc.  I guess people are finding out what the telephone was invented for.  It won’t help you get your documents signed but you could fax them in and that would go over the phone line in most cases.

So this has been a very odd day.  I knew something was up when I couldn’t park on my usual level in the garage.  It’s just a strange day and I of course will be more thankful when it’s over with and I am at home with the furry children. 

Outside of that nothing new or exciting.  I did try to schedule some time off but the days I want I really need to be here to troubleshoot some AV issues.  Not looking to do anything fancy but relax and get away from work.  Plus get the truck looked at so I can start driving it a bit more.  As well to get my oil changed in the car.  I have plenty of time to get it done and will schedule something eventually.

Checked on the children and saw Mr. Bear moving about.  No doubt he had to go to the bathroom and his brother was laying in his bed, so I am not sure how it worked out but I will know a lot more when I get home.  Those two have been spending a little more time together, which is nice.  They get along much better than me and my brother ever did. 

Happy Monday!

20 September 2015

Sunday no fun day

I woke up early and decided to go back to bed, at least for another hour.  I was up and out of bed by 8a.  The children were fed and I was dressed and out the door.  Breakfast as usual at my local Steak N Shake.  I vary my orders, today was a lunch order with Chili 5 Way, Frisco Melt w/fries, Diet Coke and since the chili was a little spicy, it’s an excuse to get a Small Birthday Cake Milkshake.  Very good and a cook that I have a crush on was working.  I just happened to notice today he is whiter than any white person I have ever seen.  I guess he gets no sun at all.  Still he has a nice body and that is what I am crushing over.

Headed out to the grocery store where I thought I wouldn’t even come close to spending the required $70 and I surpassed it and spent $80, that was with only a moderate effort on my part.  Not bad getting $20 worth of free food.  I have Girl Scout Thin Mint Ice Cream Sandwiches and thought they would be a nice treat.  They are just okay. 

I drove the car until it was down to the last 10 miles before empty.  Hit up the gas station and got a car wash.  They gave me a discount on gas and a discount on the car wash, so I don’t think it was a bad deal.  I just wish the car wash would actually get all of the crap off of your car that it’s supposed to.  I debated about the cheap wash or if I should pay extra and go to the place with the solar hot wax.  Turns out the solar hot wax would have been the better choice. 

Got home, groceries put away.  I figured I would leverage my time by using the energy that I had now before it left my body.  So I cleaned the house and got the trash out.  Then it was time to play with my finances and enter in all of the money I spent today.  Not a cheap Sunday by any means.  Surfed the internet.  I found myself last night and again today on YouTube watching High Speed Pursuits, there is a specific channel devoted to them.  Check it out, if you like that sort of thing you won’t be disappointed.  It has sucked me in like sex, food and rock n roll it’s just one of those things that I can’t get away from.  It’s best to put the video on full screen and then I find that I become immersed in it and it’s almost like I am driving the car.  While I would like the chance to drive a real police car I don’t know that will ever happen.  I can tell you that there is no way on earth that I would want to get into a car chase.  They always end in disaster, the bad guy wrecks and occasionally the good guys do as well.  However, I do understand the thrill of the hunt and the rush that you get from it. 

I took a nap with Insty laying at my feet.  I heard her purr motor on full blast and could feel it as well.  She worships me and honestly I am not worth it.  When I woke up it was time to tend to the laundry.  I played on the computer for a bit.  I figured out that Momma has been the one who is crapping in the basement.  I am quite surprised and mad about it.  She knows better.  I cleaned it up and just barked at her a little bit.  I think there is something medically going on with her, so she might get a trip to the vet out of this – not that I want that.  It’s just uncommon for her to go outside the box.  She seems to be trying to mimic LB.  She lays in spots he used to, one of which is on the coffee table and she would never lay there.  Also she holds one of her rear legs up in the air when she is laying down.  I have struggled to try to figure this out and the mimic behavior has been on going since at least July.

Got my face all shaved, trimmed some body hair as well.  Got a nice shower, feel pretty good.  Laundry is all put away.  Now I am just killing time before I go up and fix supper for all of us.  I am having a frozen California Pizza Kitchen pizza.  Sicilian I believe.  I will put on extra cheese because that makes it better.  Then it will be time to start prep for Monday.  Not looking forward to that, but it’s coming like it or not. 

No phone calls at all this weekend.  I got some sales call on Friday night but it went to voice mail.  Since then no one has bothered to ring me.  I have done my fair share of guy searching on the dating app. It’s not Grindr but I have never had a problem getting guys to respond to me.  Now I sent out messages and no one bothers to answer.  Kind of frustrating since they are all looking just like me.  I know we can all afford to be choosy but I have taken some chances.  You just never know what your Mr. Right is going to look like.  I am very limited now on who I have to chose from because most guys don’t want anyone over 40.  Where have all the guys gone?  This is kind of frustrating but I know with persistence I will get what I want.  Sort of like a certain cat begging for food, two hours before normal dinner time.  I wonder how they make it during the week when there isn’t anyone here to beg?

This should be my week.  New Chair is supposed to be in and I very much look forward to planting my big fat ass in it.  Autumn begins on Wednesday, the weather is supposed to be cooler this week.  Nothing like pushing back the moon roof, rolling down the windows and driving in crisp cool air.  This is the last full week before another pay day.  Outside of that I don’t know of anything else good that is supposed to happen to me this week.  I pray that it’s a calm quiet week filled with simple stuff and quick wins.  Then again I pray for that every week. 

I hope that you have had a very enjoyable weekend and that you took time to relax and unwind.  The week can be so stressful but it’s important to take time out for yourself – nap, sleep in, go out to breakfast do something for you or buy something for you.  Here’s to a great week ahead!

19 September 2015

Lazy Saturday

When I came home I remembered that this was the weekend of our neighborhood yard sale.  People flock to that, so that gave me an extra incentive to stay home today.  I pretty well slept the day away until around 2p when I got out of bed and got dressed.  Then headed out to grab the mail and on to Red Lobster for a bite to eat.  Then here I am back home.

My credit card company worked out the bugs with putting a photo on a chipped card, so I have been searching all over the place for the photo I used of Big Boy on one of my cards and can’t find it.  I was able to upload a different photo but really would like to find the photo that I used before.  My pictures are a mess and I need to take time to sort them but it’s one of those things I say I will do when time permits.  Time is permitting now but I am blogging instead. 

The mail didn’t bring me anything good, unless you count a photo of the White House when they switched to rainbow lighting to celebrate Marriage Equality.  It was a mailer from the DNC trying to raise money for the next Democratic Presidential Candidate.   I don’t give money to politicians, they are getting my tax dollars and I feel that is enough.

It’s kind of a blah weekend here.  Wishing I had someone to spend time with.  In other news the Norton Shopping Guarantee that came with my blowjob robot looks like they will cover the cost of the robot since it does nothing for me.  Turns out they put you in touch with the Merchant and then if you can’t resolve the dispute they apparently pay up, but it looks to be a long process.  I filed a claim and am waiting to see how things turn out.  I did verify that I got full credit instead of 30% off for the additional sleeve that I purchased.  I kind of doubt that I will get my money back but it’s at least worth trying.  If the product worked like they claim and felt mind blowing good then I wouldn’t be making a complaint.

I started work on an update to My Book filling in the pieces of the puzzle and how things turned out.  I am taking my time in getting things together and will eventually have it back up on LULU for purchase.  I am proud of my accomplishments, including publishing a book (even if there were some typos). 

Going to head out to Target soon to pick up a few things and probably stop for cat food.  Then tomorrow it will be breakfast and grocery shopping.  I’ve got my $20 coupon and looking forward to using it.  I hope your having a great weekend and enjoying time away from work and the hustle and bustle of what is Monday thru Friday.  One more day!

18 September 2015

TGIF again

I got a text message on the way to work, my friend is fine just not talking with anyone while on vacation.  Ok so I know that she is still alive that is good but all of the stress that she put me through, I could wring her neck. 

Despite my aggressive and very painful massage, I am able to walk today.  It’s actually sore around my waist in the rib area.  My body is pretty used to the massage thing, despite the pain.  Hopefully I am not sore all weekend long.

I got the replacement sleeve for the robot.  I took it for a spin last night.  I sense more feeling but it didn’t do the job.  I don’t know what all of the rave reviews are about, I think they paid people off.  So in my opinion I would skip the purchase if I had it to do over again.  Fortunately, they provided a shopping guarantee with the purchase, it’s through a third part.  I am going to file a claim to see if I can get my money back.  I don’t expect it to work but it’s at least worth trying. 

Very bad accident on the way home last night.  They shutdown the freeway – there were cop cars everywhere.  We were reduced to the far left shoulder and it was one car at a time.  I saw a mini van taxi cab facing the wrong way and it was beat to hell.  If anyone came out of that accident without serious injuries it is simply amazing. 

Got me kisses from Big Boy (Bear) last night.  He was crying out for attention and I went over to him to rub his belly.  He saw my leg and grabbed it with his front paws and locked on to it.  The he started licking it.  This happened two times.  So a bear hug and kisses.  He is such a sweet boy and he has really been put through the wringer.  I thought I heard some extra fluid this morning he was having a coughing attack, which is normal.  I will be keeping an extra eye on him.  He will get more attention over the weekend.  Marv slept with me and he is still chewing on my fingers.  I offer him the Banana and since that doesn’t taste like fingers he just looks at me funny and then tries to bite me.

I’ve really been doing more thinking about a new car but in my heart I know that the right move is to see what is wrong with the truck and how much it will cost to fix.  if it’s not terrible then fix it.  If it is then find someone who buys junk cars and call it a day.  Keep my car and keep on trying to save money.  Going from two vehicles down to 1 will be much less expensive due to maintenance as well as insurance, then there is the matter of license plates, etc.  That would really be a huge help.  I mean I am not struggling to make ends meet, I am well taken care of but there are other things that I need and I am always trying to find a way to save money where and when I can. 

Looking forward to grocery shopping this weekend, only because I get to save $20 provided that I buy at least $70 worth of food and that shouldn’t be a huge problem.  You can rack that up easy, especially in the meat department – which I rarely visit.  Most of my stuff is frozen, not healthy but easier to cook and tastes much better than if I made it. 

So there you have it, Friday in a nut shell.  Unsure of my plans for the weekend but I am leaning towards being lazy on Saturday, at least part of the day.  Thought about going to the buffet but I don’t feel it now, maybe that will change come tomorrow.  Otherwise, I will dine at some place local.  I really don’t want to be here at work now, very tired and looking forward to sleeping.  I will make it, this morning was really bad.  Now that I am off the phones I think I will be able to manage or so I hope. 

Have a great weekend and I am sure our paths will cross at some point over the weekend.  Be well!

17 September 2015

Ouch that hurt

Today started off fairly well but then I had my massage and wow, I honestly don’t know if I will be able to walk tomorrow.  She went after my lower back and I have serious issues there, I should have stopped her but I breathed through the pain.  Massage doesn’t always feel good like one thinks it should.  Sometimes you have bad knots that need to be worked out, which was the case for me.  I just hope I am okay tomorrow. 

Last night I got word on my chair, it should be here by the end of next week.  There is a ship date of Monday for it.  I know for a fact it was custom made, but it’s just a matter of putting a piece of fabric on.  It’s not like they took a mold of my body and contoured the chair around that.  If they did then I would certainly understand why it took so long. 

I have a friend who is on vacation in FL.  There is proof that she made it there.  However, I haven’t heard from her in days, which is uncommon.  Every time I call no matter when I go straight to Voice Mail, which means the phone is turned off.  I reached out to her husband and he isn’t concerned, he told me she was probably on the beach and to leave a message.  Great, I think she was eaten by a shark or something serious has happened.  It’s a feeling that I can’t shake since this is abnormal behavior from her.  Text messages haven’t been returned either.  Normally if there isn’t time for talk she will at least be able to send me a message.  She isn’t scheduled to be back until late next week, so only time will tell.  Meanwhile I keep on calling and hoping for a ring instead of straight to voice mail.

I have confirmation that my new sleeve for the robot is waiting for pickup at the post office.  Unless something goes wrong tonight I will be giving it a run for it’s money to see if it performs better.  My hope is that it does, otherwise it’s a lot of money down the tubes for not. 

Nothing else really new at the moment.  Looking forward to out of here.  Lots of calls today due to an update that was pushed and forces multiple reboots.  Then the guy next to me is sick and I hope I don’t get his germs.  I usually get something with the change of seasons but thus far I have been okay, because the weather hasn’t been that bad.  However, I notice my allergies have picked up a little bit.

Tomorrows Friday, hopefully that means that it will be a guaranteed good day! 

16 September 2015

In the middle

Last night I spent some time and updated my dating profile, it’s much easier to compose something that will appeal to someone when your not doing it from a mobile device.  Typing is easier on a Desktop or Laptop.  I think I made myself more appealing but thus far no bites.  I did use some words from other profiles that I saw, that should be a given when your reading profiles.  Still the profile is unique in describing me and I think it does me justice.

Supper was Steak Fajita’s by Stouffers Fit Kitchen.  Pretty good for being frozen for 3 weeks.  Not sure what I am having tonight, it always is, has been and probably will be a question that causes too much pondering on my part.  It’s not like I have a buffet of food to chose from but still with limited choices you would think it would be easier but that is so not the case. 

I got to watch Tosh.O and it was pretty good.  I remember going to bed and Marvin was with me.  When I woke up Marvin was gone and I don’t remember letting him out.  Must have been a good night!  Kind of scary. 

I took a selfie of me in my new glasses and brought it to work and I have asked a few people to compare between the glasses I have on and the glasses that are in the selfie – which do they like better.  Everyone has picked what I have on and I was even told that I looked like Drew Carey in my old glasses.  I took that as an insult because he used to be quite overweight.  Why not just call me tubs and get it over with.  I am so glad that I haven’t worn the new glasses to work given the reaction I have gotten, all though I am glad people were able to be honest.  It helps me to know that the decision I made to keep them as a spare pair was the right thing to do. 

We had quite the morning.  One of the Windows Update patches that causes two reboots rolled out prematurely.  Me thinks someone didn’t know what they were doing.  Anyway the reboots happen automatically and there is no way to cancel out of them.  So many people called not happy that there machine spontaneously rebooted.  It was bad that it happened once but to happen twice oh that was bad.  The stop button got pressed pretty quickly but some damage was already done.  The update is scheduled to rollout tonight.  So if your machine isn’t in the office and is with you, guess what happens when you get back?  Your machine picks up the update and presto you get 2 reboots.  That will cause some people to scream. 

I checked on my chair and found out that yes it is being custom made.  However it should be here by now.  Our Office Mgr. is reaching out to the vendor and hopefully will have an update soon.  He told me that they got me a chair, I said yeah well it actually needs to get here in order to provide relief.  My back is really getting desperate.  Not to the point where I will buy my own but hey anything to try to speed up the process.  This guy won’t get aggressive with them, he’s a push over.  It would be much better if I made the call, then I have a feeling a chair would show up within a few days rather than months later.  I am being very patient but that is starting to wear off and if the damn thing isn’t here pretty soon I will go over the Office Manager’s head and that is when it will hit the fan. 

I took some time out last night to go car shopping via the internet.  Looks like I can get a decent deal, even paying full retail prices if I settle for a car and not an SUV I should be okay.  It’s tempting to drive down on Saturday and make this a reality.  It’s like I told momma last night as we were on Litter Box duty (I was emptying and she was filling).  I said well we do need a new roof so car or roof?  Both are equally important but I think this is a case of me wanting to have my cake and eat it too.  I know that affording both would put a serious crimp in my budget and we don’t want that.  I haven’t been too aggressive with the roof because well there isn’t a problem but I know one is pending.  It’s like walking a tight rope without a net – it’s a fine line and one bad move and it’s game over.  I will need to start getting bids and then probably apply for a loan to get it taken care of.  I really wish that we would have done the roof thing when the neighbors did, then this wouldn’t be an issue for me to deal with today.  I am not in a rush but certainly want to act before there is a problem. 

That is pretty well it for the moment.  We have a cute visitor that I have a mad crush on, he’s in from one of our other offices.  First time he has been here and I hope it is not the last.  I haven’t seen much of him and could stand to see more of him … just eye candy and a wondering mind. 

No staff meeting today which is good.  We got big news yesterday that we got more rights so we can do a task that is typically passed on, so it makes the callers happier because the task is done faster.  Nice!  Tomorrow is massage day for me, 1 full hour and I can already tell you I need each and every minute.  I am sure I am tight and it will be painful but let’s get it worked out.  Some lotion, some rocks and some muscle.  Then give me the rest of the afternoon off and I will be able to nap and keep that relaxed feeling.  Ah well a boy can dream, right? 

As always looking forward to Friday and being able to relax on Saturday.  Nothing planned thus far.  Thinking about getting away to the buffet, it’s been a while and I could use the time away to clear my head and get a chance of scenery.  Not to mention Bread Pudding.  It’s also time for another trip to Target.  Then mix in all of the usual weekend stuff and there you have it 2 days gone like that. 

Here’s hoping the week has been good to you and that the rest of the week will be even better.  Were all in this together.  Be well. 

15 September 2015

Another day in my life

I spent a long time in traffic this morning.  All I wanted to do was get to work.  As soon as I arrived, I was ready to go back home.  Isn’t that terrible?  Traffic headaches are one thing we can all do without, but unfortunately that is one of the prices you pay when you work in the BIG city. 

I got all of the bills paid last night, Lawn Boy came early and I got my new glasses from Warby Parker.  So it was a decent night.  I like the new glasses but they will take some getting used to.  I got them as a spare pair so I will use them on the weekend and in the evening.  Something's are still better without glasses, like viewing my iPhone or watching TV.  

I’ve settled my battle with the robot people.  They are giving me a discount on a sleeve that should hopefully make the product enjoyable as it is advertised.  I am eager to try it out.  I went looking last night for whatever happened to Real Touch which is the other company that I bought from.  Turns out they are out of business, the cost for making the unit was too much so they just stopped.  They have a client available for download and some straight pron that you can save locally to get use of the product.  It wasn’t a cheap purchase and I wish they had some gay pron I mean not everyone likes vanilla.  The next step will be Virtual Reality Sex so you are immersed in the experience and if you can do that with pron I think that who ever manages to perfect that will make a lot of money.  Sex has always and will always sell, it’s not going out of business until the day the earth comes to an end. 

Speaking of sex, I spent the remainder of my evening on the new dating app I downloaded.  Lots of potential matches.  I have taken the first step and reached out to several guys but no responses yet.  I am getting what I call robot spam.  It looks like a person but it’s the same generic message and once you answer you get the same response back each and every time.  They tell you how great you look and how guys are lusting after you, then they want you to send them more explicit photos and they provide you a cell number to text them to.  Yeah why would I want to do that?  I will say that I am not alone, lots of guys want a relationship and aren’t there for hookups.  I am also out of the age range of a few guys but I still reached out to them, I mean you never know.  I’d like to strike up a meaningful conversation with a cutie and have it blossom from there.  I don’t know if that will ever happen, but I am at least trying!

Yesterday before I left I threw Mr. Banana in the chair next to my bed.  When I got home someone had taken it and placed it back in the bed, where it belonged.  So apparently it is getting use.  Marvin loves to chew at the tags that are attached.  He still goes after my fingers but not as much, we are starting to make a positive transition or so I feel.  I slept with Marv last night, he is such a snuggle monster.  It’s always been that way and I love it.  It’s nice to have something to look forward to and were both sleep hounds but he would win a contest hands down.  Sleeping is like his job. 

Looking forward to a full lunch hour and catching up on YouTube videos as well as maybe some TV.  Mostly just an hour away from work.  With this new schedule I tend to get a little more away time, the afternoons are usually long and boring.  So I have to occupy myself and try not to get into trouble.  It would just be easier to let me leave but as soon as they agreed to that something would go wrong when I was a mile away.  It’s just how it works.  Since I am sitting for the majority of the day, that new chair is very much welcome but who knows when it’s gong to get here.  I think they must have made it overseas and it’s stuck in customs, I mean a chair shouldn’t take this long.  I can go on Amazon and have one in two days I don’t get what gives. 

Sneaky story.  I got a letter addressed to my late partner.  I knew that it was advertisement about some service because his Bankruptcy case is done.  There was no return address but they did a lousy job of sealing the envelope so I opened it up, found the address of the sender.  Made a label and sealed the envelope properly.  Now I am sending it back to them telling them it was refused because he is deceased.  I really don’t like junk mail and don’t get a whole lot of it.  In fact the number of items that are addressed to him have decreased drastically over the past two years.  I imagine with time that it will come to a halt.  However, his mom has been dead for years and once and a while I still get a piece of mail for her. 

Another fun day here in my life.  Hope that you enjoyed my recap and that your week is moving along splendidly.  Temperatures here really cool off at night but it heats up back in the 80’s and 90’s during the day.  Just another sign that Fall is on the way!  Talk with you all again soon.

14 September 2015


My therapist setup a follow up call with me for lunch time today.  I made the call and told her about the issues with my mom but outside of that life is going okay.  We left things that I would reach out if I needed her.  It was just a reminder of how far I have come.  I remember walking in her door and the weight of the world was on my shoulders.  Now not to much.  The one thing that I can’t get back is my late partner.  However, I have pretty well come to terms with that.  I feel pretty good, just kind of want to hit the fast forward button on life a little bit.  I am interested in getting to another good part and skipping over the BS.

In other news I reached out to the robot people.  Their website says that if your nice and unhappy let them know and they will give you a discount code to use on a future purchase.  Apparently that is just fluff.  They won’t help me for shit.  They encouraged me to get a different sleeve and that should do the trick but they can’t say for sure.  I ask for a discount code and they said no way.  So I wrote them back and told them that I would have a charge back issued and explore my legal rights for false advertisement – I mean they claim they will give you a discount code if your unhappy.  Clearly I have expressed my displeasure but I guess I was too nice about it.  Given that it’s an adult item, I am guessing they don’t think I have the balls to follow through, but oh they don’t know me too well.  It will give the people at the credit card company something to laugh about.  I am waiting them out and not jumping to any conclusions.  The sleeve is around $30 which I would be willing to spend but if I can get it at a discount, why should I pay full price.  I am waiting them out to see if their position changes since I made my threats.  I was really hoping that they would make this process easy.  In another way it’s kind of my own fault for falling for the hype.

Moving on to the children.  Big Boy slept with me last night.  Marv ran off  I woke up in the middle of the night and momma snuck in my room, she is black and the lights were out so she didn’t exactly stand out.  I hit her as I climbed back into bed.  Then Marv wanted in  It was a huge mess but I had the three of them for a couple hours.  Then it was time to get up and face the world. 

Much colder this morning than it was this time last week.  Kind of nice but were getting closer to the mornings where turning on the heat will be required.  I was able to drive to work with the sunroof up.  Once I get into the city I open the hatch up.  When your on the freeway/interstate there is too much of a risk of getting unwanted company by flying objects, at least that is my fear.  The cold air feels good for now. 

Work is just a bag full of problems.  We changed our email domain, it was a rush decision with no forethought or testing put in and it’s caused all kinds of problems.  While the new domain is shorter I would have rather kept the old one in exchange for all of the problems it has brought with it.  Overall, I know most people will be happier, which I suppose is a good thing.  I am really hoping for some news on my chair.  The vendor is waiting to hear a ship date.  It’s like they are custom making this damn thing for me and that is so not the case.  I hope that it’s here before the end of the month, I am eager to sit my large body in it to see if it will give me any better support than the bucket I am sitting in now. 

There you have it your mundane Monday update. 

13 September 2015

Candy Bar Discount

It’s Sunday and that means breakfast, which was good.  Grocery store which was a necessary evil.  I got my discount of $20 but had to buy 5 candy bars to send my purchase over the limit.  So Instead of paying $73 I paid $53 which was a good deal.  Then on to home to put everything away and back out for Cat Food.  I saw one of the straight cute guys running the cash register.  Of course that is the register I went to.  We made casual conversation, which was fun.  The pet store was out of Banana Toys.  I was looking forward to coming home with a couple of them.  Perhaps they will be back in stock next week.

My glasses from Warby Parker will be here on Tuesday.  Of course I just got an e-mail from them and the fall line up is out now.  Now I want another pair.  They offer an exchange program and/or they will give you a full refund within 30 days if your not happy.  Plus they will reimburse you up to $50 for adjustments that are made within 30 days or you can drop by one of their retail stores for free adjustments.  For me that would require boarding a plane and it’s not worth it. 

I have been thinking about my pleasure robot and how it was pretty expensive.  I am not in the habit of throwing my money away and decided to reach out to the company to see what can be done, if anything so that I can get better results from it.  The idea of setting up a machine for sex is a bit of a turn off but if it’s going to give me pleasure for sure, then I don’t mind the inconvenience.  I have other toys that require just as much effort, plus don’t forget about the clean up.  I am interested to see what they will have to say.  I know that returning it is not an option and I fully understood that going into the deal.  In reading the website I see that they are pretty strict, they will accept the item for return only if you didn’t open the original shipping container.  So there is a box (shipping container) the item ships in and then there is the item which is in shrink wrap.  I see their line of thinking that someone could have used it, then re-shrink wrapped it and viola return it because it looks new and unused.  Now how many people do you think would go through that trouble? 

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver is back on tonight and I am looking forward to seeing him again.  He is always funny.  I just hope that I make it through the entire thing awake.  I had a rough night last night.  I took a Benadryl and didn’t take my sleeping pills which would explain why I woke up at 4 AM.  I found myself in bed with 3 cats stacked in a row.  At the end of the bed was Marv, then Insty and Momma was up by me.  That little woman (momma) was chewing all over herself.  I felt sorry for her.  When I got home from my shopping trips, I cleaned out her ears.  Wow that wasn’t fun.  I thought about giving her a bath but knew that wouldn’t really resolve anything.  Now I am debating starting her on steroids or giving the antihistamines go again.  We’ve been to the vet way too many times and they can’t seem to do anything for her.  Steroids offer the best help but they also have side effects.  I really feel bad for her and don’t like to see her suffer.  Itching all the time isn’t the worst thing in the world but it sure does seem like it when it happens to me.  I wish that I could take that away from her so she could return to normal life.  Things do tend to settle down once winter comes. 

Speaking of winter, Fall is here.  I turned off the ac, rolled down the windows and opened the sun roof.  While the pollen will no doubt cause me problems the feeling of fresh cool air is nice.  I hope that this is a new trend.  Not too cold but not too warm either.  I know that jacket and coat weather is approaching but I am not ready to jump in with both feet.  Speaking of jumping in, I could sure use a good swim.  I love the water but haven’t been in since I traveled a couple years ago for business.  There is supposed to be a new health club opening in my area, if they have a pool and the dues are cheap enough I would join.  Who knows maybe I could lose some weight and become more attractive to guys and finally get a man. 

Laundry is finishing, then I get to go run the vacuum cleaner and take out the trash.  The children will be ever so pleased.  They all scatter like mice when the vacuum comes out.  Bear is lying in front of the windows right now getting his sun on.  He is on his back and managed to milk a belly rub out of me.  I warned them all that I would be back up in about an hour and we would be cleaning house.  I will start with the basement first and then move upstairs.  That will better prepare them for what is coming. 

There you have it, my Sunday in words.  I hope your weekend was great and that your doing well.  Tell me all about it in the comments.  I shall talk with you folks again soon.  Check out the music video below, it’s one of my many favorites!

12 September 2015

This is Saturday

Slept in a little bit, fed the children and made an appointment for a hair cut.  Got dressed and headed out the door after taking my pills.  After the hair cut I hit up the post office and pharmacy for momma.  Then back home.  I said I would go back out later but that hasn’t happened and I don’t think it will. 

I spent the remainder of the day finishing up watching Hung and napping.  I ate here and there.  The girls loved to sleep with me.  I had momma at my feed and gator on my chest.  It sounds uncomfortable but it was oddly relaxing.  Hung was a good series and I enjoyed every episode, shame it’s not on anymore.

I joined back up on another dating app, I have a profile but haven’t paid any money or made any successful connections. I am skeptical given my past experience but hope that maybe this time around something will be different.  A friend of mine said stop looking so hard for love, it will find you.  That to me is like being unemployed and expecting your next job to knock on your door.  It won’t happen, you have to put in an effort in order to get results.  No effort = no results.  At least in the past I managed to go on a date with one guy and talk with another on the phone.  Neither was right for me but if it wasn’t for my effort I wouldn’t have had the chance for either. 

The mail brought me a junk flyer which I almost discarded.  Thankfully I didn’t and now I get $20 off of groceries for the next month, provided I spent at least $70.  That is not a bad deal – who can’t use free food.  I average around $100 so this will sure come in handy.  All of the bills are in and payday is next week.  Then all of the money will be gone but the bills will be to.  Until the next couple of weeks roll around and then we play the game all over again.

Nothing planned for tomorrow, just the usual of breakfast, grocery shopping and well cat food shopping.  Then it will be home for the rest of the day and time to prep for a five day work week.  Kind of lonely and boring here but I am making it.  I enjoyed being able to have the freedom to do nothing today and sleep the day away, it might not be physically healthy but mentally it’s really nice. 

Here’s hoping that you had a fun Saturday.  Now on into the night we move.  I’ve already started laundry and dishes will be next.  Yeah it’s a real party here.  Then it will be back to the TV to see what I can find to watch.  Talk with you all again soon. 

11 September 2015


Wow it’s been a killer week and today was no exception.  As usual I didn’t want to roll out of bed, but I did.  I woke up a few times during the night.  Headed in and there is a local event in town so the normal way I go had all of the streets blocked off.  Thanks to Siri I found a new way to get to work, it’s quicker and easier.  It’s always good to have options.  Going home shouldn’t be a problem.

The BBQ for lunch was outstanding, it’s already talking back to me.  I found myself surrounded in a room by co-workers.  I noticed that everyone was having conversations, I was in a crowd of people and felt all alone.  I talked a little bit but not a whole lot.  Then after sitting for a while I got up and left.  That was a challenge in it’s self because there was cookies for desert and they were so good.  Now were all trying to work and fighting off the food coma.

I got an email from the boss that were going to have an emergency meeting in 5 minutes.  Holy crap that has never happened.  I figured it was something big… like a change in management, a serious problem.  Nope it was just advance notice that our email addresses are changing next week.  Wow, thanks for the heart attack. 

I remembered after lunch that I needed to go grab my medicine, so I made a mad dash to the pharmacy.  It’s cheaper to have medicine filled at work, because they give discounts that aren’t available to the public.  I got 100 Sudafed tablets for $29, which is a good deal.  It’s way cheaper than if I had it filled at a retail pharmacy, since it is not covered by insurance.  Nice to know where to get a break from. 

We have a new person starting on Monday and her last name has been quite the challenge for me.  I have had quite the time of trying to get her machine named correctly.  Finally I have it.  Her equipment is all setup, just waiting for her drive to finish encrypting and then I have to make sure it’s compliant – then I can finally get this thing off of my desk.  In the middle of setting up her office, I heard she won’t be here officially until Thursday.  That takes off some of the pressure but I like to have everything ready to go on the date of hire, just in case.  It’s been my practice since day 1 and I don’t want to stray from it now. 

As for the weekend, no special plans per say.  I need to pick up momma’s medicine and I may do that tonight or I may put it off until tomorrow.  There is the usual shopping and laundry to take care of.  I have thought about taking a trip but going full bore all week has really worn me out.  I may just stay home and take it easy.  Back to five days next week and that will suck but those are the breaks. 

I hope that you have a great weekend and accomplish what needs to be done as well as having some fun.  Cheers to the weekend!

10 September 2015


By the title you will see that today was an Average day.  Nothing bad happened, which is a very good thing.  Well I take that back, the cute guy at work left as today was his last day.  We didn’t get to meet up to say goodbye, I was away from my desk when he left.  I really hate to see him go but he’s got to take care of himself.  I hope that his new adventure turns out to be everything he wants in a job.  Happiness is important.

I went out to lunch with a co-worker and it was really good.  Plus it was nice to get away from the office.  Tomorrow lunch is being catered in so you know I will be there.  It’s going to be BBQ, I am picky about my BBQ but so long as they have a decent sauce I think we will be fine.  Looking forward to it already. 

I can’t seem to shake my brother and mother from my head.  I am constantly thinking about the situation and how this really all isn’t fair to my mom.  However, I put a stake in the ground and far be it for me to change my position.  If I do then it will only continue to consume me.  Still they are blood relatives but I would rather not associate with them.  I know that I can’t be the only person in the world who doesn’t want to talk with or see a part of his blood family.  I hope that I can move on and be at peace with my decision.  To me it feels like the right call, I just have to get used to it.  I still plan on sending my mom a birthday gift. 

So I am sitting here in my el homo typing away.  I need to go up and feed the children their evening snack, turn on some TV and try to relax before it’s time to call it a day.  I am very tired and that comes naturally after a day at the office.  It seems the older I get the less stamina I have, but I continue to amaze myself on being able to function on very little sleep for long periods of time.  It’s not on a regular basis but when I was younger, I wouldn’t even try or take the chance – you’d find me at home in bed if I missed so much as 15 minutes of sleep the night before.  Now that there is no comfort zone and I’ve grown up, I know that if I don’t go to work there is a price to pay.

I’ve started telling corny jokes around the office.  Now I have a guy who wants me to stop by everyday to tell him the joke of the day.  Yeah okay.  I have a lot of jokes, the problem is I can’t remember half of them.  Usually the dirtier they are the easier they are to remember.  Imagine that. 

Here’s hoping that today was an awesome day for you.  If it’s your birthday, Happy Birthday!  Now I am moving on with the evening before it hurries up and passes me by.  Take care and we will talk again soon. 

09 September 2015

Another crazy day

So were almost at the end of what has been another crazy day.  I picked up a call and the guy was high profile and having a lot of issues.  He was using a MAC from home and I am not a MAC guy so I really couldn’t help him.  Thankfully, he will be calling back after I am gone.  I got to toss this one back to the guy I took it from.  Nice!

Then there is supposed to be a presentation tomorrow and everyone has been running around all day long trying to track information down for this event.  Thankfully that has all calmed down and we are all set. 

The cute guy that is leaving asked me for some help.  I just wanted to look at him and recite the words from a Charlie Puth song.  Those words would be “kiss me before I fucking loose my mind”.  However, I didn’t.  I have it bad for him but I know that I will get over him.  He’s on FB but sending him a friend request could lead to trouble and out me at work, which I don’t want. 

I am so glad that I will be able to go home soon, very much looking forward to that.  On the home front, everyone is doing well.  Big Boy was waiting for me in the kitchen last night and I got to give him a sponge bath again.  My back was bothering me and I didn’t want to stress it any more than I needed to  Perhaps that real bath will happen over the weekend.  I don’t have any plans thus far. 

BBQ last night was great.  Tonight is going to be some refrigerated pre packaged Italian dish.  Made by the same people that make the Mac & Cheese I like so I hope its just as good.  Saw Tosh.O last night and got a laugh in, which was awesome. 

That’s all I know.  Boring I know, but welcome to my life.  It’s not glitz and glamour.  Going out to lunch tomorrow and we are having catered lunch on Friday.  Always nice to have something to look forward to.  That’s all folks!  Talk with you again soon.

08 September 2015


Have you seen the commercial for the new Axe Dry Antiperspirant?  It goes on dry and it stays dry – no deodorant on your clothes because its clear.  I bought a can of Tropical and now I smell like Coconut.  It does its job pretty well.  Then again I haven’t exactly exerted myself today. 

Bear left a present in the middle of my room and it was in the middle of the night.  Good thing I put down a pad.  Easy clean up.  He however is a mess so he’s getting a real bath tonight.  His ears are warm which could mean he has a fever.  He ate breakfast though.  Normally he comes out of my room but he was there when I left, never moved a muscle.  I don’t take that as a good sign either.  However, I will just take it one day at a time and see where this goes.  Hopefully all is okay. 

Marvin loves his banana.  He found it long before it was bed time.  He was chewing on it.  Then his mother discovered it and she wanted to sleep with it  Looks like I need to go back and buy a few more.  At $7.50 each that will be the most I have ever paid for bananas, unless you count me ordering Bananas Foster.  

Work hasn’t been too bad thus far.  Were late in the afternoon and everyone seems to have settled in just fine.  I keep thinking about the cute guy leaving and how I only have a few more days to see him, kind of sad.  Looking forward to heading home tonight, seeing what is in the mail and having some BBQ Pork.  Not to mention feeding the muffins (aka children). 

I took my robot for another spin last night and I have concluded that it was a huge waste of money.  I may invest a little more in it and get a different sleeve, perhaps that will make a difference.  If not then I am done.  I will just put it in a pile and call it a day.  I’ve got a similar device from Real Touch.  That actually works, it feels fucking amazing.  I purchased it when they first came out and the design for hooking up the serial connector was flawed so it easily comes unplugged and that always happens at the wrong moments.  Plus you have to subscribe to their website.  The idea is that you watch videos that are encoded with haptic movements that are sent to the device and you have the time of your life.  The problem with the toys they cost money and require clean up.  It’s much easier to do the by hand method and the clean up is so much easier.  I suppose there will always be a gadget out there that promises you the world but doesn’t necessarily deliver.  The object of the game is to take your money. 

That is all of the pearls of wisdom I have for today.  Check back tomorrow, you just never know what I will post.  :) 

07 September 2015

Labor Monday

While today was suppose to be a rest from labor, there was work to be done here at home so I labored.  I am watching a new series via Amazon Prime.  It was a show that apparently was on HBO sometime ago.  The series is called Hung.  It’s about a guy who is a school teacher/coach and he has a very large penis.  He was married and has 2 kids.  One a boy and the other a girl.  His house is damaged by a fire in the first episode.  He needs extra income because apparently there is/was no insurance on the house.  So he goes into being a male escort (whore).  He makes a woman friend of his that he has screwed a couple times his pimp and the fun begins from there.  I made it through season 1 already.  Just started Season 2.  There is a 3 and I think a 4 but not sure of it.  Anyway, it’s included with my Prime membership so no charge.  You don’t get to see any male parts, other than his butt the sex scenes make it look like he can really plow the woman and they enjoy it a lot.  Not exactly the series you would think a gay guy would be interested in but I am hooked.  There isn’t much else on and it beats trying to decide what movie I am going to watch. 

My friend that I spent time with on Saturday sent me home with some expensive cheese dip that she made.  Her husbands family found out that she can cook and she made this dip one time, now anytime she goes to a function where they are, they demand that she makes it.  They eat it on rye bread but she said that it would pair well with your favorite chip.  I picked up some Tostito's and had a little bit as a snack.  The stuff is awful and I have a nice size tub of the crap to eat.  There just is no flavor there, I can’t see why anyone would like it.  I may try it again but if it’s still horrible I will throw it out.  Yes I will tell her what I really think of it.  I know I could hurt her feelings but hey we don’t all like the same thing in this world.  Each of us has different taste. 

So on to my labor.  Laundry has been a big part of it.  I also had to hit up the pet food store.  I got a toy banana for Jumper (Marvin) so he will have something to chew on at night besides my fingers.  He loves to munch on them, he starts off light and then gets rough and that is when I start yelling and he gets his feelings hurt.  I wind up sleeping alone and he is hurt.  So I am hopeful that he will take to the banana as a substitute for my fingers.  I will enjoy it a lot more and then he can bite as hard as he wants.  Then I went on to Best Buy where I picked up a new cordless phone for my Magic Jack #, I had some issues with the charger and while I only wanted to replace the charger it was more cost effective to replace the whole damn thing.  Plus on the new phone I got I can actually hear much better.  I only use the Magic Jack for dating so it doesn’t get much use, but better to have it an be prepared than to scramble at the last minute when maybe Mr. Right is waiting.  I also got the privilege of seeing a nice bubble butt while I was waiting in the checkout line.  That was worth the cost of the phone.  Then I hit up the local Beauty Supply place for some Tea Tree Conditioner.  I’ve tried so many other things but this stuff works the best, so might as well use it.  Then it was on to Sam’s where I thought I could walk out the door cheap, it was under a hundred dollars but I still spent more than I wanted.  The upside is that I have 36 cans of Diet Pepsi and 24 cans of Diet Dr. Pepper and I got them on the cheap, which is a very good thing.  Dr. Pepper goes for $5 which you will be lucky to pay that for 12 cans in the grocery store.  Markups are a horrible thing.  Then it was home for the rest of the day. 

I had the children harping at me so I fed them lunch and an early supper.  I squeezed in a nap that I really didn’t need.  I got my jewelry all sparkly clean and I have a new water bottle.  I am almost ready for tomorrow.  It will be nice to be able to focus my mind on something else.  As you can well imagine I have been thinking all too much about my mother and the events of Friday.  Still it’s work so I am not that eager to go back.  I really hope that my chair comes in this week, it’s been forever since the order was placed.  The cute guy that I have a crush on will be leaving this week.  I hate to see him go, he’s a nice guy but he is also very nice to look at, even if he is married.  You have to take care of yourself in this world because no one else will do it for you.  There are a few other pieces of eye candy to look at but he was my favorite.

So I have to wrap up the laundry.  Go on litter box duty.  Wrangle the trash so that I can put it out when I come home tomorrow.  I will be thinking the entire day that today is Monday when it will actually be Tuesday.  Then somehow over the weekend my biological clock will reset and things will return to normal.  I am eager to see what the mail brings tomorrow, probably nothing but a bill.  I have an Amazon order placed for Big Boy to get his medicine but that will be a few days before it shows up.  Outside of that I am not expecting anything but my water bill.

I managed to find the videos that I thought I lost.  This whole iPhone photo/video thing has had me pretty upset.  There are memories there that can’t be recreated.  Like when Blu was playing with his mouse on the deck.  I am glad that I have those to look at and think about what life was it’s a nice distraction from what life is.  My next goal is to find me a man, I will be getting back out on the dating apps to give it another try.  I don’t think I will be parting with any money but I have said that before.  I also need to take a leap of faith and visit a gay bar.  That was actually in my plans for this weekend but it didn’t happen and that is okay.  They aren’t all going to close up shop overnight. 

I hope you had a great Monday – holiday or not.  Here’s to this week being fabulous!   

06 September 2015

My Wits End

So things hit a boiling point with my mom.  I called to tell her that I couldn’t stay the night on Friday.  She was all chipper at the start of the call but once I dropped that news she was remarkably depressed, started crying and begging me to pick her up and take her to my house.  I kept telling her that I couldn’t.  She told me how scared she was.  I get it but it’s like a child and the boogey man, it’s perceived and not real.  We finally hung up and I went about my evening.  Things took a turn when she called back and left a voice mail that said she was on her way up to my place.  That’s when I reached out to my brother and we exchanged some heated words.  I told him that I can’t have her up here because she is a fall risk and that isn’t a liability that I could accept.  Plus she could hurt or kill one of my cats if she fell on them.  He went on to tell me how he was out of town and that I haven’t spent more than an hour with her.  I was nice but once he started in I let him have it.  I explained that he took on a responsibility and was given a job, it’s time that he get up off his ass and do his job.  As you can well imagine that didn’t go over well.  I’ve got no problem putting him in his place because after all he did request to be her guardian.  I ended my text message with, please get her some help this isn’t fair to her. 

Then I blocked receiving calls from them on my home phone.  I had to sign up for a service that will cost me $5 per month but it allows me to block them from calling or texting me.  When I say them, I mean my brother and mother.  It feels like I am turning my back on them, well because I am but at the same time they are both me oriented people.  If I took on the task of caring for her he would keep all of the authority and let me take care of her, until he saw something that bothered him, then we would get in to it again.  Not to mention they would suck me in to their insanity bubble and it would seriously impair my ability to think.  There is already proof of that, keep on reading.  So I am not estranged from both of them.  I won’t know what happens or how she is doing.  I hated to take such drastic action but I didn’t know of any other way out of this mess.  In my heart I know I did the right thing.  I followed up with the police department via letter and explained the situation to them and how they might want to have an officer reach out to my brother as he isn’t providing proper care for her.  What happens from there, well I will never know.

This occupied all of my Friday evening, so much for leaving early.  It feels like I was robbed of time, because I was. 

Saturday I met a friend for lunch.  I figured this would be a few hours and I would be done.  Nope, I spent all day with her.  I even went back to church.  It was odd being in the Catholic Church and a lot of the responses and phrases have changed but I did pretty good for being away for such a long time.  I didn’t take communion, it just didn’t feel right to me.  After mass we went out for supper.  I managed to leave my debit card at the restaurant.  Then I had to have desert so we headed to Culvers and I eventually headed home.  It was around 10p  I got in here at 11p and the children were pissed.

Sunday I went out for breakfast and when I went to pay I discovered that my debit card was missing.  I was mad.  So I paid my bill with a different debit card, called my friend who called the restaurant and then she went to get the card.  They actually gave it to her, which I was a little peeved about.  However I have it back.  I made the trip out and back – there went 2.5 hours of my life that I won’t ever get back.  It also threw a monkey wrench in my day.  I didn’t get everything accomplished, but I am working toward it. 

I turned on iCloud Photo Library on my iPhone, so that all of my photos are sent to the cloud.  In doing this it warned me that I would be deleting over 1,000 photos from my phone.  I agreed to it like a dumb ass.  Everything that I took with this phone is safe.  All of the backup photos that I loaded from my prior iPhone(s)  was deleted.  There was a picture of my late partner holding momma that I cherished more than anything.  I had to get that photo back.  Thankfully it was saved on my PC, I had to scrounge for a bit.  I have since uploaded some additional photos to the cloud so they are safe.

I feel like I am losing my mind because of the situation with my mom.  It’s not something that I can separate myself from emotionally.  I mean it will happen eventually.  However, little mistakes like leaving my debit card and erasing photos those are just a couple examples of how this has affected me.  I am also not sleeping very well, part of that is because I have cat company and part of it is because of the events of Friday.  I would love to know what happens but since I have elected to shut them out that is the price I have to pay.  I even took another step and blocked my brother and his girlfriend on Facebook.  I can tell you that if he doesn’t get her some help, she will wind up hurting herself or someone else.  That is exactly what I don’t want to happen.  I called to file an elder abuse report – neglect is considered to be abuse.  However the state didn’t want to hear it, they didn’t think my case was strong enough.  Seriously now if she did harm to herself or someone else I think that they would retract their position and suddenly be interested in why she went off the deep end.  If I knew who her doctor(s) were I would reach out to them and then maybe I could get her the help that she needs. 

I still plan on sending a birthday card and gift to my mom.  I thought about sending her a letter explaining why I took that action that I did but the words on the letter wouldn’t register with her.  She would just call bullshit on it and it would upset her even more.  My goal isn’t to upset anyone here but that has obviously happened.  So now it’s best that I leave well enough alone and just move forward with my life.  Both my brother & mother only care about what I can do for them and how I will benefit their needs.  Neither of them have lifted a finger to help me with the loss of my partner and neither of them so much as came to the hospital when he was dying.  We are related by blood but truth be told I have no family.  My family died when my partner passed.  We always told each other we are all we have for each other and it’s true.  Yes I have friends but they will only do so much and no one wants to help me to the level that I feel I need help.  So I have to stand on my own two feet and be a man, I have done it before and I can do it now.  It’s not easy but it’s a part of life.  If you haven’t figured it out by now my brother is too wrapped up in getting laid and he doesn’t want to stray from his piece of ass, so he has made a choice and surprisingly he chose a stranger instead of family.

Okay so a bit of good news I got my final letter from my late partners Bankruptcy Attorney telling me that the case was closed and that he would keep the paper records for 5 years and after that they would be destroyed.  So there is one person I will NEVER have to speak with again and that makes me so happy because I think he is a fucking asshole.  I am glad that we managed to make it through this to a successful conclusion.  I still have one more day off and there is more running I need to do.  Today I just ran out of steam with the unplanned travel in there.  My hope is to get the running I need to do done tomorrow and then take some much needed time to decompress and relax.  So that come Tuesday I am ready to hit the ground running again. 

I hope that your weekend was enjoyable and nothing remotely close to mine.  Take care and we will talk again soon. 

04 September 2015

La Grand Update

Life has been busy and has pulled me in some different directions, so finding time to blog has been difficult to do.

My mom is crying for attention again.  My brother wants me to take over so that he can get laid and spend time with his girlfriend.  Problem is I am not falling for it.  He signed up and was awarded being financially and legally responsible for her.  This is a job he signed up for and now that his life has changed it’s oh I don’t want to do this job any longer.  That is bullshit and to think that I will come in and save the day, well your dead wrong about that.  Anytime I get mixed up with either one of them it results in trouble for me, so I am keeping my distance.  My mom has been pestering the police she now things that the neighbors are rioting and trying to get her to move out.  There is someone on the roof of the house, she sees and hears them.  It’s all in her head, there isn’t anyone there.  She asked me to come over and spend the night with her tonight and I said yes.  The more I think about it I am not going over.  I know that will break her heart but I just don’t feel safe alone with her in the same house all night long.  I made a call last night to see if I could get the State involved since neglect is a form of abuse, but they won’t touch the case.  They think there really isn’t anything bad going on and that my brother is trying to help her.  Yeah okay I don’t know what in the world is going to happen, I don’t think it will be good.  I know that it looks like I am trying to cop out, it would take far too long to explain the situation.  Suffice to say that there is no love on my part for my mother, she has treated me like crap until I was good for something and then I was her best friend and after she got what she wanted or needed life went back to normal.  My brother has also been the same way.  So the two of them are a perfect match for each other.  I just want to walk away from both of them, don’t care to hear from them or see them.  I know it’s the only blood family – I can’t count on them for shit, so it’s better to divorce myself from them.

I got my home trial from Warby Parker and I like a couple pairs, I have to sit down and take more time with it to make a decision, then drop them back in the mail.  My robot arrived and it didn’t perform as good as I expected.  For hygiene reasons you can’t return adult toys.  I’ve only had 1 experience with it.  I got some pleasure from it and plan to use it again to see if I can obtain different and more pleasing results.  Feels nothing like a real blowjob. 

My birthday happened and I got plenty of emails, a couple cards and some food presents from work.  Nice to know that people care.  There were plenty of people that I wanted to hear from that didn’t say a word.  That hurts but I know it’s life some people don’t care.  I didn’t really do anything to celebrate, unless you count the use of my robot and that’s not really something that I can advertise at work.  So I had mac & cheese and some cheesecake – ate with the cats.  Oh joy. 

I plan to have lunch with a friend tomorrow.  We are closing the office today 2 hours early, which is nice so I get to leave early and go home to be with the children.  I also will have to call my mom to cancel and that won’t be fun but at least I will get to have my evening and weekend.  I am anticipating hearing from some other friends and trying to get together with them.  I am so looking forward to some relaxing time.  No real big plans.  I did think about cleaning the carpet but the children will just mess it up again so might as well leave it dirty and then when they are done making a mess I can invest in cleaning and/or replacing it.  Until then I think it’s a losing battle and while it may make me feel good and it might look good I think it’s time wasted on my part. 

So a couple months back my boss scolded me because someone asked me to close their ticket, they were happy with the work around.  Now she has done a 180 and said in a staff meeting that it is now okay to do that despite yelling at me.  I am starting to think that she is BI POLAR.  I just got a note from her about leaving early, before she told me it was a given and that I could always leave early when my office closed but now apparently it’s an issue and I need to check with her.  I thought about asking if she wanted me to stay but I think that she is baiting me so I am not going to fall for it.  Besides that my new schedule, the afternoons are devoted to my local office anyway.  It’s a holiday weekend and there really isn’t that much going on, so F that I am going home. 

Just when you think your problems are over with life throws a new set of challenges at you.  Personally I would like to be left alone for a while.  I have had 2 years of hell and really need a vacation.  Happy Labor Day weekend to all of you.  Now back to work for me. 

01 September 2015

New Schedule

Like so many other people I am a creature of habit.  Adjusting to this new schedule at work is a little difficult.  The afternoon part is okay but staying on the phones for an extra hour is like murder.  I got involved in so many things at once.  It’s truly been a whirlwind day. 

Turns out that James Earl Jones is NOT dead.  He was the victim of a death scam.  Wow who would have thought technology would have evolved to this level.  I read it and took it for gospel, I guess I should have been skeptical when I didn’t hear anything about it in the media, just what I saw on FB. 

New kitty problem. One of the girls is going to the bathroom on the carpet in the basement.  I cleaned it up and put down a pee pad.  They went away from the pad.  Now I have two messes that I had to clean up.  Those children are a lot of work, like most kids. 

Ah so were officially in September.  I got to turn the page on every calendar and it’s always nice to see a new man of the month.  That is the only thing I look forward to when time passes so fast.  Tomorrow is my birthday.  I am not doing anything special just another day for me  I was supposed to go out today with co-workers for lunch but that got moved to Friday due to meetings.  So I will be a year older tomorrow.  Kind of wish I would have put in for time off, but what would I really do, just sit around the house.  We have Monday off so that will be nice.  I am anticipating a phone call inviting me to a BBQ but that may or may not happen.

No other news of excitement to report, just a busy day and a tired blogger.  Same Stuff Different Day.  Hope that your having a great Tuesday.