26 June 2013

DOMA is dead

So we got the ruling today.  I was watching the SCOTUS blog and saw it live.  I was so happy.  I wished that my guy could have lived long enough to see this.  He always figured that our day would come, as did I but I wasn’t so sure that it would happen in 2013.

I hope the decision today compels the union to pay up.  They really have no legal ground to stand on now, other than just being plain homophobic.

I got word from my insurance agent that my homeowners application is ready to sign.  Guess what I am doing on my day off?  Yeah, signing.

Mailed off the request for medical records last night.  Sent it certified just to have proof of delivery.  Plus it’s less apt to get lost in the shuffle.

I wrote the post office asking about my letters to the union.  They were both mailed on the same day but 1 was delivered late and the other one has yet to be delivered.  I’d like to know what gives, I mean I paid for a service I want the service. 

I fought off the urge to stop for chili last night.  I had chicken nuggets, they weren’t that good but I just kept telling myself Friday will be the good meal.  I’m going to Red Lobster.  Got some gift cards.

Jumper is back to his normal self this morning.  Eating like a champ.  Mommas ears where I apply the gel are all red and look irritated but she isn’t too concerned about it.  I suppose she will get used to it or we will convert to pills.

They all try to con me out of as much food as possible.  I feed them when I get home and then a 1/2 hour later they want more food.  Then in an hour it’s snack time and then I am getting ready for bed.  They want a snack then.  I told them last night you are not making me go back to the cat food store before Saturday.  Of course if I run out I will head back but I won’t be too happy about it. 

Last night I sat in the living room and just embraced and enjoyed the silence, then I thought about a typical Tuesday night and all of the racket he used to make.  I prayed, I cried and finally I just got ready for bed.  Slept okay but got woken up in the middle of the night, then again early this morning because Big Boy wanted out. 

Really giving serious though to heading for pie this weekend.  If not this weekend then next for sure.  My car needs a little bit of a workout and that will help improve my fuel economy.  I really am unsure if I can make the trip by myself, but I am not opposed to trying.  It’s a couple hours up and a couple hours back.  It might be just what I need or it might be what sends me over the edge.

Two more days and then the fun starts for 2 days.  Back for 3 and then off for 4 long days that will fly by faster than the sun.  Ah well at least I have something to look forward to.

I need to get back to it.  Talk with you peeps later.

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Jude said...

I thought of you immediately when I heard the DOMA decision! I hope this nips the union issue in the bud for you!

Every time you talk about pie my mouth waters. Stop that! Or else share it with me! hahaha