07 June 2013

Finally Friday

So I made it to Friday, been a long week.  Last night I thought on my way to the car I will stop by the auto parts store and get that kit.  I got to my car and one look told me no need to bother.  The crack spread.  It’s beyond repair and the windshield has to be replaced.  I didn’t want to file a glass claim but I did.  I also called Safelight, never worked with them but I did most everything on-line and tech is coming to my home tomorrow.  Not exactly the way I wanted to spend my afternoon but it beats taking off work.  They are supposed to use OEM glass but we will see what the insurance company will pay for.  Since the manufacturer has been good to me, I want to reward them by being a loyal customer. 

Tomorrow I have to call the new lender about the house loan to see what rigmarole I have to go through in order to get the payments reduced and how to get the house into my name.  I am not counting on getting a qualified person since it’s the weekend but I will try to remain optimistic. 

Yesterday I was so fired up about the union and the Death Benefit, I composed a letter to them and pretty much explained to them under the law of the state I reside in a Civil Union is considered to be a marriage.  I explained that I was deeply offended that they think my partner died without a spouse.  I explained that I am a human being and the only difference between us is that I happen to like members of the same sex.  Otherwise, we do pretty much the same daily living.  I urged them to fork over the money so we can all go about our lives.  However, I told them that if they fail to fork over the money within a specified time frame that I am prepared to file suit.  The letter it’s self is a very carefully worded draft.  This is something that my lawyer should have written the first time.  Since he is working at a reduced rate he is giving me reduced service and honestly I am not sure that I want that.  I think that appearing in front of a judge I can argue my point and have documentation to back it up.  I did explain that he was estranged from his child at the child’s choice and that the child was not mentioned in the will.  In fact back in 2008 I was designated the beneficiary of his Life Insurance.  That right there established his intent and I have no doubt that if either one of us were aware that he would have designated me beneficiary so that I didn’t have to go through this BS.  I have asked a friend to review it and give me their opinion.  I am also comfortable waiting a little bit before sending it, think that they might respond to the attorneys letter.

I mean I got good news from the last letter I sent and figure that maybe waiting and/or sending this final letter will bring me more good news.  I certainly don’t have anything to loose.  I am not obligated to file suit, just letting them know my intent.  They may take the position of waiting to find out if I will follow through and then suddenly offer me a settlement rather than go in to court.  I did also mention that if the media should get a hold of the story they will look homophobic and that is certainly not the kind of press I think they want.  I may be the 1st gay man to file a claim, but rest assured that I won’t be the last.  As time goes on this will become more and more popular.  The US is at a turning point for LGBT rights and the Supreme Court is currently weighing options.  We may in fact no longer need state laws as there may very well be a Federal Law that recognizes us as equal citizens, instead of 2n class citizens.  If not now, eventually this will come to pass.  This will also be as highly debated and talked about as Roe v Wade is.  Abortion & Gay Rights are topics that will just never die down in this country.

So I am going out for Chinese food tonight, I have told and re-told the children so they don’t yell at me, but I know they will.  I will still be sitting in the restaurant and enjoying my delicious food.

This weekend is kind of rush, rush.  I have to get all of my normal stuff done, plus have time for that silly flea market to hopefully be able to make some money.  I want to be productive as well as relaxing.  I have nothing going at this point for the following weekend and plan on trying to keep it open, just because I need an open nothing to do weekend.  I will probably sleep it away.  Who knows.  It will just be nice to have options.

I should get back to work.  Almost done with the 3rd machine and ready to move on to the 4th.  I have had several interruptions and that takes away from my time to concentrate.  I don’t mind helping people but wish everyone would let me get through this project before they even consider bugging me.  Sad to say it doesn’t work that way.

Have a good weekend and I will talk with you peeps again soon.  I am so tired I could just pass out now.

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Jude said...

Kudos to you my friend, I'm really impressed with what you've put in the letter and if you don't get satisfaction from that then they are idiots!

I hope you enjoyed your Chinese meal. :)