27 September 2012

Like a million $

All doped up on Steroids…feel like a million dollars today.  My head hurts a little but it’s major improvement from how I felt yesterday.  I also took a double dose of the antibiotic last night, which I think helped as well.  This morning was a lot easier than the previous mornings have been.

It’s hard to concentrate at work today, I’m focused on tomorrow and starting the weekend.  I just hope there is enough work or I can milk it long enough to call it a full day or close to it.  Leaving around 2 or 3 would be so nice!

I came in this morning w/ a doctors note and filled out a request for time off to cover what I took yesterday.  I was told no worries, your on-call so were just giving you the time.  That wasn’t by my boss but his “girl”.  Nice!

I checked into vacation time just to see what I had.  They front load everything so I’ve got a little over 2 weeks, nice to know.  It’s all use it or loose it.  NO chance of me not using it.  I just don’t know that it will be for vacation, probably sick time.

I was able to get some ME time last night, but it wasn’t enough.  Just when I thought I was done and sat down to rest my brain took over and said you’ve got to do this and go get this, by the way remember to shave.  Holy crap!  I was up until 11 but I turned the lights out and climbed in bed slightly tired.  Jumper curled up with me and that’s it I was in dream land.  Woke up like 3 or 4 times to go to the bathroom but that’s normal with Steroids.

So I am continuing to work on a machine from yesterday.  I went to run Windows Updates and the darn thing doesn’t even have SP3.  It’s Windows XP.  Looks like this machine and I might be spending all day together between Updates, Scans and Rebooting I will be busy with it alone.  I’m being bombarded with other requests as well.  It is like people know I won’t be here tomorrow.

I’m excited for supper tonight.  Having a sub sandwich I bought for my lunch along with a can, yes I said can of Steak N Shake chili.  A couple sprinkles of Chalula and were in business.  Now that I think about it lunch won’t be bad either – it’s more left over Chicken & Dumplings with a dash of red pepper from the Chinese Food.  I like spicy once and while but right now the goal is to drain my nose and hot & spicy will do exactly that. 

Speaking of Hot & Spicy, I’m still thinking of the waiter from last night.  Ah well a boy can dream.  Apparently not too much or work will back up on me.  So I’m gonna run.  Hope you have a great day and I will talk with you peeps later!

26 September 2012


I went to the doctor, got some more steroids and another week’s worth of antibiotics.  I was told if no better in one week, call and they will issue refills.  Nice might just call even if I am feeling better to have stuff on hand for next time.  We all know there will be a next time but just don’t know when.

Supper was Mexican and damn we had the hottest waiter.  He knew I was photographing him and didn’t seem to happy but then again he didn’t ask me to stop either.  Both of us wanted to ask him for his number, but didn’t.  He looks a tad bit young.  Still we can admire from a far.  See for yourself, photos appear below.  He sure was a tall drink of water…wonder if that means anything? :)

I spent an hour on the phone with AT&T this afternoon, finally got my issue resolved.  Now I hope everything stays working and that I don’t have to deal with a freaking phone company for home or work – for several weeks.  However, saying that is an automatic jinx I think. 

I’ve got my free time so I am going to use it.  Just wanted to get this post in and see what you peeps think of the cute guy.  I will talk with you peeps later!  Have a wonderful evening.


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The Storm

Chinese Food was excellent!  I ate every bite – which is unusual for me.  The steroids were to blame for that.  I can’t get enough to eat lately, no matter what meal it is.

It rained all night long, we had serious storms and even a power outage.  As if that wasn’t bad enough I had to spend another night with AT&T when all I wanted to do is rest.  Here’s my latest problem.  If you want to send an e-mail to a phone and have it show up as a text message on AT&T you compose your message like this cell number@txt.att.net or you can do cellnumber@mms.att.net  Well since I had a block on my line, it apparently is showing removed in the system but it didn’t really get removed.  All of the mail I sent last night got returned.  So I called Customer Service for what I thought would be a 5 minute fix but I spent almost an hour on the phone with them, most of that on hold.  The representative I talked to (Bob) looked over everything and talked to 2 other departments.  No one knows how to fix this because the system is showing all of the settings for my account correct.  So they are pointing the finger at IOS6 and Apple.  I was able to fire back my partner has the same phone and he can get these messages, so it’s not IOS6 and it’s not Apple.  This is an AT&T problem – one of their servers is programmed to reject the mail based on the previous block but they are too stupid to know how to unblock it.  Since I got a contact in the Office of the President, I am using that to see if he can pressure someone into fixing this.  I mean I am paying for the service so it needs to work – or they can charge me 1/2 price since it works 1/2 way.

It feels like there is a storm in my head.  Each morning things are getting worse and worse.  Also each morning I take less and less steroids.  So this makes sense to me.  Right now I just want a drill to bore some holes in my face and head to let the pressure out.  While your at it, give me a set of super grip pliers so I can pull my teeth too.  Everything in my head hurts. 

I am tired of being sick and sick of being tired.  So I thought take the less expensive route and call the Allergist.  I heard his voice in the background but he is not seeing patients today.  WTF!  Why come in the office then.  So they booked me for an appointment tomorrow morning.  I took it.  Then I thought well relief today sure would be nice, so I called my PCP and well he isn’t in the office on Wednesdays.  So I am seeing his Nurse Practionier this afternoon.  The part that sucks is that I have to take time from work.  I figure though I want/need a break so this is perfect.  I will take the afternoon off and take care of me.  I’m not wild about seeing this lady since last time I was all naked and probed by her.  Yes I still remember and it hurts!  However, she can get me something to fix all of this and perhaps a different antibiotic or just an extension.  All I know is I need help and quickly. 

The best part about being on steroids is no one in the office even suspects that I am sick.  If I was smarter and didn’t worry about my job so much, I would have just stayed home.  However, I have worries and also I have something going most every day this week in the way of appointments with folks.

I have setup my schedule so that I will be in the office all day tomorrow and then on Friday I will be going back to the remote site to take care of the wiring work.  All of the equipment came in this morning.  I could do it tomorrow but I would rather save it for Friday, that way I can hopefully get an early jump start on my weekend.  That sure would be nice!

I’m sitting here squinting at the monitor wondering what is different.  Dumbass I forgot to put on my glasses.  They are in my lunch box just chilling – literally.  See there is way too much going on in my life at the moment.  I need me time – down time and time to relax.  Lord knows I have planned for it but my plans never seem to work out.  Perhaps this afternoon things will start to get better.

Best part of all of this is Boss Man is out for the week.  So I get to tell his “girl” the good news about me leaving early.  I will be doing that shortly.

Right now I am working on a system that powers off, is slow and just plain doesn’t act right.  Turns out it’s loaded up with Adware and Spyware.  I’m just waiting for the viruses and malware to show up on the scan.  Poor machine, it’s about as sick as me!  Sadly I can fix it but can’t fix myself w/o help from a doctor.  Ah well.

We are supposed to do Mexican Food tonight – I’m thinking it will be good for my nose.  Some spice to help drain all of this junk out of me.  Not to mention it will be tasty!  At this point Chicken Noodle Soup and PB&J sounds really good too, followed by a nice nap!  I need to get back to it, so take care and  will talk with you peeps later!

25 September 2012

Field Trip

Yesterday I got to go visit another local office.  Walked in the door with 3 problems.  Walked out with 1 additional request and 1 problem.  I will be going back later this week to take care of both of these.  Wouldn’t you know it involves wiring.  Damn network cables!  I got a little lost on the way but I got there.  Thought I could scoot out early but thanks to a super slow machine that didn’t happen.  I was really close to home.  Ah, well maybe when I return I can leave early.

You know I sit here most of the day with not a whole lot to do.  Get on the road and my BlackBerry starts filling up with request, plus it didn’t stop when I was in the middle of work.  Which makes today a little busy, but I’m making good progress.

Chicken & Dumplings were awesome.  Not exactly like Cracker Barrel but nothing I wouldn’t eat again.  so I had them for lunch today as well.  Peach Cobbler was ok.  I didn’t care for the crumb topping but the peaches were good.  My partner polished all of that off.  No wonder his blood sugar is high.

Got an update on his cousin this morning.  She has passed the critical stage, so brain swelling will resolve on it’s own.  She can only go up from here.  She is walking and not happy that she can’t taste anything plus they don’t have good TV.  Hopefully, she will be in a regular room soon.

We have a sick girl, the shy cat not eating much.  She barfed all over my clean carpet in the basement.  Time to rent that cleaner again.  Anyway, she has been hanging around her momma for comfort.  I hope she feels better soon.  There was a dead bug by where she made her mess, I think she probably ate it.  That would make me sick too. 

Lots of rain and storms here.  Right now it’s all sunshine and the temperature is decent.  I am so not ready for long sleeves, jackets and coats.  Once I get used to something I like to stick with it, but change of seasons and change of time are two things I have the hardest time adjusting to.

We are meeting up tonight for Chinese Food, I can’t wait.  So hungry.  Fried Rice & Egg Roll maybe even some Crab Rangoon.  Then home to take care of some chores, pack my lunch for Wednesday and then hopefully some much needed ME time.  I need my rest.

Plus I am in the middle of a new series called Flashpoint.  It was a show on CBS filmed in Canada about a SWAT team.  One hot guy on there plus lots of interesting police action.  I watch one episode and I’m ready for another.  Been staying up too late because I just can’t pull myself away from it.  Thank you NetFlix!

I got my transportation pass for next month, I’ve driven both days this week.  Think I will probably do it for the rest of the week.  Not sure if I can bring myself back to the old way.  I feel like I just threw away $72.  No refunds, once you got it – it’s yours!  Perhaps I will have to force myself next week.

Well that’s about it for now.  I have a few fires to put out here and then it will be time to go get my grub on!  Talk with you peeps later!

24 September 2012

Don’t want to work today

I woke up feeling bad, plus it was freezing cold out and well it was a great day to stay home and go back to bed.  Too bad that didn’t happen!

I pushed myself, ate a little more and took my time getting out the door.  I drove in just because it’s quicker and I wouldn’t have to get out in the cold.

I’m here now and have been for about an hour sitting in my office.  My early morning appointment didn’t come through, I called and she was not in yet.  Go figure!  She picked the time and everything – ah well.  I left a message for her to call, we shall see when or if that happens. 

I’ve been working on my home pc trying to resolve an issue with my backup software.  Damn software is stubborn.  I think I need to uninstall Norton and the backup software.  Then reinstall the backup software, then reinstall Norton.  I really don’t want to fight through all of that from here.  It’s one of those be there in front of the machine and do it in person.  Ah, crap something else to add to my list of things to do.

Tonight is supposed to be Chicken & Dumplings with Peach Cobbler.  We just cleaned the kitchen, so I hope the chef doesn’t make a mess.  I am sure there will be plenty of dishes to do but outside of that, I hope I can have a nice relaxing evening at home in front of the TV with my Nyquil.

I would have called in today but figured that could be used against me and in actuality I am not all that bad.  My head feels better now, it’s my stomach that is suffering. Hopefully all of this crap goes away.  Coming down slowly from steroids doesn’t help.  I’m dizzy as a goose and sure that is part of the reason why I don’t feel the best. 

Got an update on my partners cousin.  Nothing has changed.  She can’t get flowers because she is in the ICU.  Ah well, I guess they will be waiting for her when she gets out, hopefully they are still alive. 

Friday afternoon, I got a phone call about a job interview.  I tried to call back on Saturday night but apparently the phones at this place were shut off.  I broke through yesterday afternoon and left a voice mail.  I am happy to interview but need to do it after hours and explained the amount of money I would need.  Both of which I am sure are turn offs but it is what it is.  If you want me bad enough then you will work with me, if not well no loss for me right now, I mean I got a job!  I just need more money and some better benefits.

That’s pretty well it for now.  All is quiet here on the western front.  Boss man not in as of yet, hopefully he will be away for the week – at least a few days at minimum.  I will be sending my note about going to travel later this week, provided I feel okay.  If things go like I think they will, next week I will be on an airplane.  When ever that trip takes place, I certainly hope that I can enjoy myself and have some leisure time.  That rush, rush stuff gets old plus flying takes so much out of me. 

Well off to see what kind of trouble I can fix today!  Hope your having a good Monday.  I will talk with you peeps later!

23 September 2012

He Drank the Apple Kool-Aid

Feels like it’s been forever since I blogged.  The weekend got all sucked up by AT&T.  We went to the store on Friday night, found a new phone for my partner.  However, they didn’t have it in stock.  The guy said come back Monday.  While we were there my partner looked at an iPhone 4, he thought since it was $0.99 I could get most of my money back and that it would save me in the long run.  We left the store and got some ice cream, called it a night.

Saturday I woke up, didn’t feel all that well.  Got my hair cut, did some shopping for Cat Food, Litter, Trip to the Auto Parts Store … little things.  Came home unloaded all of the crap from my trunk – made a small pile with all of the receipts.  Added them up to see about where I was in my spending limit.  Then I talked my partner who had just gotten up into going back to bed.  I wanted to nap, he wanted to talk and well do other things.  We talked and I got my nap!

When I woke up it was shortly after 2pm.  We headed to the AT&T store because he decided that he wanted the iPhone 4.  So we get there and guess what?  They are all sold out of the 4.  However, they did have 1 4S 16gb model but it was $99.99.  I made the decision for him, he will take it.  Then we got into this $35 re-stocking fee to take his old phone back.  What bullshit, I bitched about it but paid the charge.  I got credit for the old phone (which was missing an accessory) and then they applied the charge for the new phone, so I am out another $56.  Then we decided to save even more money by combining plans.  Get this, when you change financial responsibility for your line, they charge you $18 however since I had already given this guy my business and now I’m giving him my partners business he waived that fee.  Damn AT&T is getting to be just like a damn bank, fees every where you look.  Pretty soon they will charge you $10 for the privilege to walk into one of their stores.  Come on!  Since we combined and were splitting things down the middle, we added texting in which is $30 but when you cut that in 1/2 it’s only $15 and it’s for unlimited texting, plus you can call any mobile phone on any network for free.  Okay not a bad deal.

We closed his account and everything is on my plan, otherwise I would have lost my unlimited data.  That would have sucked.

Lucky that I picked up a new Life Proof Case earlier in the day.  I gave my white case to my partner and I’ve got a blue case.  I’m still not happy but it will do for now.  Those damn cases are $80 but you get 1 year of protection and if your phone breaks they cover it, I’m sure certain exclusions apply.  What is nice is that our phones match, I have a larger storage limit but outside of that we have the same phone.

I also sent my old 3GS packing today – it went back to the folks at Gazelle.com and I’m getting a small cash reward.  Hopefully they increase the reward when they see I still had the box and didn’t use any of the accessory's that came with it.  Time will tell.  Gazelle.com is great, I have used them before and it’s a good way to get cash for something you will just leave laying around the house.  Why not take money for it?

So it’s been a freaky phone weekend.  Of course we get home, I have to setup his computer with iTunes, get him an iCloud Account, Upgrade the firmware to IOS6 and then sync and teach him how to use the phone.  Holy crap, that took a couple hours and it was like 9 when we got home.  So we played a bit using Texting and I explained the phone to him.  He told me that if I have to teach this stuff to people at work I need more money because he was already ready to pull out his hair.  It’s only a phone, you want to throw it through the window I get that but in the end if you do, you will only hurt yourself.  Relax it’s just not worth it.

He is on a 3GB plan which is middle of the road because we aren’t sure exactly how much data he will use.  I explained to him as long as he is at home, his phone will use WIFI and not count against his data plan.  His mail is setup so that he has to tell it, that he wants the phone to get mail, otherwise it doesn’t flow through automatically which will help save on data.  His Bluetooth Headset works with it, which is what he wanted.  Now the only problem is how to cover the cost.  I figure that he will just pay me what he used to pay and I will probably wind up picking up the difference, we will see what happens.

I feel like crap.  Been blowing blood from my nose both fresh and old, plus lots of other junk that is the color of this font.  Yeah, sinus infection is right.  If it weren’t for the steroids I would be in bed and have not gotten anything done this weekend.  I went to Target to get Nyquil and when I checked out they asked me for my Drivers License.  The cashier scanned the barcode on the back, never knew they could do that.  Damn government needs to know how much medicine you have because you might be a meth head.  I just want to get over this so I can get back to feeling like my old self again.  Not to mention that travel is in my future and I will need to bring my A game for that.

Last night my partner was checking his e-mail while I was cleaning the stove.  His cousin in Las Vegas had a stroke on Monday.  She is in Critical Care but making progress.  The biggest issue is swelling on the brain.  It’s not going down but it’s also not getting worse.  Brain swelling is something that I rarely have seen people walk away from, with all of the medical drama’s I have seen.  Usually they put in a pressure monitor in the skull and it’s down hill from there.  Not sure if she has one of those but I know they CT her every morning.  That just sent him into a fit of tears. I mean she in the process of retiring from her job and usually when you start to loaf from not working is when things start to go wrong.  I don’t think she was quite at the loaf stage yet, she was still working.  We don’t have many details about where it happened, who found her, etc. 

I sent some flowers to the hospital to cheer her up and hopefully make her smile.  They should arrive tomorrow.  The damn arrangement was $50 – including delivery.  It’s tiny for the price, but with some discount points I had it only cost me $29.99 which isn’t too bad.  I know my partner would want her to have something and since he can’t afford it, I stepped in.  Hopefully things will improve.  A lot of her recovery depends upon her attitude and will to live.  If she wants to keep going then she can probably get past most of this, but there will always be some residual effects left behind.  They should minimize over time.  Will keep you posted as information is made available to me.  Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

So while we were looking for this missing phone accessory I found paperwork from my partners doctors visit.  In looking at all of his conditions, the one thing that stood out to me was Chronic Kidney Failure – Stage 3.  WTF!  No one ever mentioned that to either of us.  We were both caught totally off guard.  It gave us both something else to add to our worry list about.  With the way he goes to the bathroom I would have never in a million years thought that he had kidney problems.  I know about everything else, but Kidneys, that is new.  I think it’s time to go shopping for a term life policy for him.  Not sure how I will swing that one.  I need more income taking a $7,500 cut plus having to pay for rapid transit well that is just killing me.  I think I will be changing my withholding to try to get a little more money on my check, might have to cough up more at tax time but we shall see.

I need to empty one more litter box, put away my clothes, pack my lunch, take some more Nyquil and then watch TV and wait for the medicine to kick in so I can go night night.  Tomorrow morning I will be working on what I believe is an infected machine.  What’s worse is that I will be doing it remotely so it will probably be a little bit of a challenge.  I told the end user to allow me 5 hours, I will try to finish before then but who knows.  Really the only way to fix this machine the right way is rebuild it or replace it – but I don’t think either of those options will happen.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope that your life and weekend went well.  I will talk with you peeps later!

21 September 2012

Finally Friday!

It took me an hour and thirty minutes to get home last night.  Traffic was a mess.  In fifteen minutes I went two tenths of a mile.  I think a turtle walks faster!  I also left 10 minutes early, so much for that.

By the end of the day I was feeling bad.  I wished I had called the doctor.  Once I got home I doped up on steroids and my regular medicine.  Had supper and got interrupted with a work phone call.  The lady said her my documents were gone.  I remoted into the machine, clicked on my documents and viola there they were.  She said she did the same thing.  Go figure!  I’ve got no explanation as to why that happened.

Last night I got a little sleep.  I woke up a couple times to go to the bathroom, as I knew I would.  That is part of the deal of taking steroids, it flushes all of the water out of your system.  So you have to stay hydrated.  I drink water like crazy any way.  I also woke up with a charlie horse in each leg.  Damn!  My neck is sore and achey.  I’m hot – figure I have a fever but too lazy to check.

Got to work and phoned the doc right away.  Time for some antibiotics.  The receptionist isn’t sure if he will call it in but said she would take the message and see that he got it.  I hope they let me know soon enough so that I can either make an appointment with him or the allergist.  Otherwise, I will have to do the doc in the box and that is super expensive.  The cheapest option is for him to phone the medicine in, so I’m crossing my fingers that happens.

Right now I am working on a laptop getting updates installed on it and putting on a couple applications.  Then it will be time to get some theft tracking software and presto it’s done.

One of the sites just e-mailed me and it sounds like I will be making a field trip.  Perhaps today but I am going to try to hold off until next week if I can.

I had 3 Blackberry calls yesterday.  Two are resolved but one isn’t.  AT&T is saying that a device we purchased from them is registered to another provider.  Really then why does it say AT&T on the device and have their branding logo on it?  I hate phone companies, will be so glad when this issue is resolved. However, it looks like it will take some time, teeth pulling and lots of patience.  Lord help me!

I did a follow up with the other two people I helped yesterday.  One of them asked me for my bosses name because they wanted to pass along a compliment about how helpful I was.  Ah, just the feather I was looking to put in my cap.  I provided her with the name and she sent me a copy of what she sent to my boss.  He just responded and said glad we were able to be helpful to you.  Huh?  No good job or Thanks - - - nope nada.  Well maybe it will help make a case to continue my employment or so I hope.  I’ve got an e-mail prepared about travel and was going to send it.  Glad I didn’t since I don’t feel well.  Next week I will send it and probably shortly after that it will be plane time again.  Damn!  I just learned about all of the germs on an airplane.  Tray tables and arm rests are usually crawling with bacteria.  You want to aim the air for the middle of your body, that should help keep the germs at bay.  As long as I don’t get sicker or if I’ve recovered  by then sick again, then I am fine with it.  I don’t like the germs or the bacteria.

On the way to work I passed by the AT&T store where I got my iPhone and they had people lined up ready to get their iPhone 5’s.  We need to go back this weekend but with the crowds I don’t know that we will survive.  My partner wants to look into getting a different phone.  Oh kay, I told him already that there would probably be lines but he said we can check.  I will tell him at lunchtime what I saw this morning.  Maybe he will change his mind, not sure.  Say what you want about the iPhone and Apple, they sure do draw a crowd like no other.  It’s almost like a cult.

I wish you all a good weekend and hope that whatever you do, that your not stuck in a line of any kind.  I will talk with you peeps later.  It’s back to BlackBerry!

20 September 2012

Thumpin Thursday

Last night I took so much medicine I didn’t think I would wake up this morning.  I had 4 ibuprofen, zyrtec 5mg, 2 Benadryl, my normal allergy meds, plus 2 horse gel filled Nyquil Capsules.  Funny thing is I wasn’t even sleepy.

My nose just started yesterday afternoon – running to beat the band.  I went through a whole box of Kleenex (small box like they give you in the hospital or a hotel).  Holy crap, I wasn’t sure if I was getting ill or if it was my allergies.  Both can start out the same way.

Much to my surprise I woke up in the middle of the night when my BlackBerry sounded off with e-mail.  I didn’t get out of bed, I just rolled over and back to sleep.  I also woke up a little early this morning thanks to the kids and some old fashioned persistence.  My head hurt and I was a little groggy but I actually felt a little better.  Normally I would have called in but all things considered I toughed it out and went to work.

I had considered calling the doctor but talked myself out of it.  I got involved in work – there was actual work to do today.  Most of it was watching a malware and virus scan but it was work. 

My teeth are bothering me, I feel pressure and that has sinus infection written all over it.  I went for 2 years without having one of these damn things, back to work and in 4 months I am sick.  I guess you can say I am allergic to work or maybe it’s just being around people.

So what now?  I keep praying and telling myself I will be okay.  However, my teeth are killing me and that has sinus issues written all over it.  I’ve managed to irritate the inside lining of my nose so it’s bleeding – nothing new use nasal sprays and that will happen.

For the first time in a long time I broke out my netti pot last night and flushed my sinuses. I just hope what ever this is goes away and fast.  There is no time for illness in my life.

We did have a good meal last night.  The cute waiter wasn’t working.  My partner didn’t get to talk with his relative.  We did get a decent meal and it only cost me an arm, so I walked out with both of my legs.  :)

Tonight will be a take it easy night.  We are having BBQ Pork, but I really wish I was doing chicken soup & grilled cheese.  I will survive.  It’s very close to quitting time and management is gone so most of the office is empty.  Nothing new.  Tomorrow this place will be empty as well.  I’ve driven all week – like it but afraid of the wear & tear on the car.  Sitting in traffic idling isn’t healthy for the car.  I usually hit 2 pockets and then it opens up.  Same thing on the way home, plus I have to merge over 2 lanes on the way home.  People aren’t exactly friendly about that, so it’s take it when you can get it.  Plus I worry about having a crash or someone crashing into me.  I will finish out the week driving but next week I think it’s back to my old routine. 

Concerns aside, I enjoy driving.  I can listen to my music, got my radar detector and no one around to bother me.  I get home in 1/2 of the time and it seems to make my evenings better.  I’d like to keep it up. Once again I am paralyzed by choice. 

Last night I upgraded my 4S to the newest version of IOS.  I really like it.  I used Face time to call one of my friends who has an iPhone and she thought it was an app I bought.  I told her nope, it’s built into the phone.  She was so glad she was dressed.  I told her that makes two of us.  I on the other hand had my shirt off.  She’s like why aren’t you wearing a shirt.  I said because it’s close to bed time.  She kept getting interrupted so we had to cut it short, besides that I really wasn’t up for a long conversation.  Maybe she will call me back tonight, but I won’t be holding my breath. 

Well time to get ready to depart this popsicle stand and return home to the land of fuzzies and chaos.  Talk with you peeps later!

19 September 2012

Worn Out Wednesday

Last night I got a call while I was eating supper.  One of the remote sites were down and I had a lady who didn’t know how to fix it there.  She cries and moans a lot – I used to like her but after working with her a couple times I have pretty well had it.  She is pretty well useless.  Long story short the problem wasn’t able to be fixed until this morning because of the extra tight security at this place.  I say that in a bit of jest.  No one had a freaking key to the door where the computer equipment was so that was the show stopper.  What am I going to do she cried?  I wanted to say your going to shrink and slither underneath the door, then morph back into original size and call me, I will then tell you how to fix it.  That is just one of the many thoughts that came to my head.  Thankfully she just decided to call it a night.

That is the first time in a while where my supper was interrupted.  Hopefully, it doesn’t become a habit.  We all need to have away time and be able to enjoy our meals.

Nothing special happened last night, other than I did get to relax but not nearly as much as I wanted.  I also had some sleep problems.  I guess it’s just too much on my mind. 

Coming to work and having nothing to do well kind of makes for a long day.  I get creative but my mind will only take me so far. Just makes you more exhausted when actual quitting time comes.  We have all been leaving early the last couple days.  Well that will come to an end today because boss man is back.

Ugh, so even if your not busy you have to pretend to be.  I will be a happier person when he hopefully leaves tomorrow afternoon.  Fridays are the best because pretty much no one is around and usually the day flies by.

Thus far I have driven to work each day this week.  Since there are only 2 days left I might as well finish out the week.  Over the weekend I need to get my hairs cut.  Time for a little longer hair because the seasons are starting to change.  You could feel it in the air this morning.  However, since I went from my garage to the garage at work there was really no impact on me, other than when I rolled out of bed.  The house was chilly.

I found my partner sound asleep.  Looks like he took some Nyquil.  No wonder he was sleeping like a baby.  He hasn’t been to bed in about 2 days – I mean he’s gone but just can’t sleep due to the RLS.  Thankfully I got his medicine last night and he took a couple pills that and the Nyquil sent him to la la land.  Nothing wrong with that.  Kind of wish I was there with him.  Being awake is over rated! :)

My Corbin Fisher calendar looks nice from what I can see on the outside.  It’s still shrink wrapped and it will stay that way until later this year when it will be time to unwrapped. 

Kind of supersichous about buying a calendar for work.  Last time I did that 2 years ago I lost my job.  I used to always get a Dilbert Calendar.  Kind of miss having one around but you can print calendars for free from the internet.  I still have mixed feelings about this job and what my long term future is here.  I am perfectly content to stay for a while but when ever I leave I want it to be on my own accord.

This morning either someone is going to jump from the building or the window washers are out.  There is a bunch of rope that keeps swinging around my office window.  I’m ready for that to be over with, just kind of annoying.

Just talked with my partner, were going to eat at that place where the cute guy works that looks like James Barnett.  I sure hope he is working again.  I found yesterday that court records in out county are public.  I did some looking and found out about a bunch of stuff on my partners kid.  Looks like he is in financial trouble, he’s been sued once and had 2 homes foreclosed on.  I think he might be the one that needs to file bankruptcy.  Anyway, the sole purpose of gong there is to quiz his relative that manages the place to see if he can get more information on his son.  They haven’t spoken for several years now.  My partner is a grandfather and has never even met his grandson.  Kind of sad.  We think its has to do with the gay thing but don’t know for sure.  It was just one day, his kid flipped the switch and decided to never talk to him again.  Very strange!

Thankfully the only children I have are the ones with 4 feet and whiskers.  They talk back to me, but I know they love me and depend on me for food.  So there will always be love as long as I show up with the food! :)   Now if we can just get Taz’s buddy Blu fixed so he stops humping Big Boy and spraying life would be good.  It’s a money and time thing – more so on the money part.  Eventually in the long run it will get done.

Take care and I will talk with you peeps later!

18 September 2012

This just in….

I’m pleased to announce that AT&T has caved and all of my demands were met, no questions!  I thought for sure I had a fight on my hands.  They are going to confirm everything via e-mail.  So it looks like I am keeping my iPhone 4S.  Whoopee Doo, right?!

One other thing I forgot to mention in this morning’s post.  My partner told me that it was on the news…not to use Internet Explorer or as I refer to it as Internet Exploder.  I did some research on this and it has to do with a security key vulnerability with Digital Certificates.  Microsoft will patch this on Update Tuesday, which next occurs on October 9.  If your really paranoid about it, go to Google, type in “news warns not to use internet explorer”.  You can track down the update, which is available now and install it.  However, unless your running a web site with Digital Certificates, you really have nothing to worry about in my opinion. 

Finally, I got word that my Corbin Fisher calendar came in the mail.  Can’t wait to see all those good looking guys!  The last thing on the list is the Union Pacific train calendar, which should be out next month. 

‘Tis all for now.  Back to your regularly scheduled programming.  No need to duck and cover!  I will talk with you peeps later.

Loosing it

I had last night all planned out.  Sad to say it didn’t go according to plan.  First I was bothered with AT&T on the way home, in the pouring rain and driving.  I actually hung up on them and they called me right back.  I will spare you the long story but my UM is now working normally.  All I have to do is sit back and wait for them to respond to my letter.  I would hate to return everything only to be put through such hell again.

My partner fixed Fried Chicken, it was okay but I really wasn’t in the mood for it.  I have had it 3 times last week, sort of tired of it.  Tonight it’s fried fish.  Not in the mood for that but hopefully it turns out well.

So I told you I got my guy a Bluetooth headset.  Well last night he managed to loose it.  A couple nights ago it was a nice pen I got for him last year.  He just is loosing things left and right. Both of those items have surfaced.  Now he managed to misplace a prescription and is fighting to get a temp prescription filled.  He has RLS and wiggled himself to death last night.  He was up most of the night.  With all of the madness of searching for stuff, I forgot to take my sleeping pills but didn’t realize it until this morning.  That explains why I had problems last night.

I did have some time to myself to watch TV for about an hour and a half.  I also took some time to watch a porn scene between Zach Alexander and Christian Wilde.  Man that was HOT.

I have done some serious thinking about giving up mass transit and driving to work.  It will put an extra 10 miles total on my car but the trade off is that I will get home quicker.  I won’t have to wait on a schedule, I can go when I feel like it.  Plus I won’t have to pay $72.00 per month for a pass.  It almost sounds like a good deal to me.  Let me know what you think.  I’m still tossing things around.

Today is the last day of freedom from the boss man.  I believe he will only be back for Wednesday & Thursday.  Sort of a waste of money if you ask me to fly in for 2 days and then fly back.  Yom Kippur is next week and there is no work permitted on the 25th & 26th, so there will be another 2 days of freedom.It’s like a Friday when he is not around.  Everything is calm & relaxed. 

I was going to ask later this week about finishing up the WIFI project, in the hopes that he would send me out next week.  However, I think I might hold back and wait until next week before I ask.  I really don’t want to go but realize that it’s something that needs to be done. 

Considering that my partner would have to medicate the boys and I’m worried about my guy.  I’ve got the same reservations and “bad feelings” I had last time I travelled.  Travel is nice and once I am on the road I don’t worry as much but it’s the anticipation that something could happen.

The bottom line is it doesn’t matter if I’m here or in New York City, if it’s their time then there won’t be a damn thing I can do about it.  We all have an expiration date and no one can change that date.  No matter how much you want to. 

September is almost gone, hard to believe seems like the month just started.  I’m not a huge fan of the month because it means I age by a year.  Two people that I still care about today also turn a year older this month.

The first is a long time childhood friend.  I remember when he got married, it felt like I was at a funeral.  He told me nothing would change, but I knew that she would soon take up all of his time and he would forgot about me.  Yep that is exactly what happened.  They got divorced.  He was single for a while then he found another lady and married her.  He cut ties with me years ago.  I’ve reached out to him on a number of occasions and by various methods but nothing works.  I don’t know why he chooses not to talk with me if it’s because of my sexuality or if it’s something I said or did.  My suspicion is that it’s my sexuality.  It would help make things a little easier if he told me why but not knowing just makes me wonder.  I think of him on occasion and wonder how he is doing.  I will probably go to my grave wondering why.

The second person is a guy that I used to chat and e-mail with.  He had just graduated High School and this was like maybe 7 years ago.  Anyways he started to make You Tube Videos but they were on Vimeo.  He had a blog.  I remember he was excited about college and having sex for the first time.  After his Freshman year his parents moved from California to I think Arizona.  Anyway, college was everything he expected and more.  He had quite the good time, if you know what I mean.  Then one day he just dropped off the face of the earth.  No more videos or blogs – both accounts shut down.  I still have his e-mail address and sent him a message a year or two ago but heard nothing from him.  Totally understandable.  However, I still think of him when his Birthday pops up on my Outlook Calendar.  I hope life is treating him well.  I actually thought he became a porn star.  He kind of looked a little bit like Tyler Sweet.  After doing a comparison of photos I quickly realized nope, he’s not Tyler Sweet.

So well, here I sit another day to look out the window and day dream.  Makes for a long day.  Yesterday as I predicted to my partner at 3pm is when the big bang hits and suddenly everyone needs something from me.  I suspect the same thing will happen today.  Not sure why it goes like that but okay.  I’ve got some reading to do.

Ah yes, before I go I did read a book over the weekend.  Shocker, I know!  It’s called Inside My Prison of Darkness.  Written by Joe Schillaci who is a former Homicide Investigator for the City of Miami Florida, as well as a TV Star from The First 48 on A&E.  I really like him and think he is awesome!  Well, the book is about PTSD.  Take aways are cherish every day that you have with those you love and tell them that you love them.  If you have problems, talk them out.  Talk therapy works!  It’s only 4 chapters and I finished it in about 45 minutes with some minor interruptions.  If you have a couple extra dollars, order a copy from Amazon it’s totally worth it. 

So off to work I go.  Yawn – stretch and try to come to life.  I will talk with you peeps later!

17 September 2012

Catch Up Post

There has been too much going on for me to be able to even think about blogging.

Thursday night on the way home, I stopped and upgraded my phone.  I got the iPhone 4 – 32GB in White.  I got a Life Proof Case, Apple Care and bought my fella a Bluetooth Headset.  All of that set me back quite a bit.  Then I went home and tried to set everything up.  Should be simple but since it’s me that wasn’t the case.  Apparently at some point my encryption password got changed and I wasn’t able to easily transfer everything.  Which sucked.  If you loose an encryption password you are pretty well sunk. 

So I had to register this as a new device.  I got all of my apps, songs, favorites and photos.  However, the layout didn’t transfer.  Which mean I had like 6 pages of icons.  I had everything organized into groups to make it neat and tidy.  So I had to spent 2 hours putting things back together.  That took place over the weekend.  I got it functional for use on Friday.

Then the real problem happened.  I discovered the sales guy gave me Visual Voice Mail and a traditional Cellular mailbox.  I use something called Unified Messaging.  This means that regardless if you call my home or my cell, you wind up in the same voice mail.  Makes life easier for me so I don’t spend time checking 2 mailboxes.  I pay for this service so I expect it to work. 

I spent pretty much the entire day at the office on hold with AT&T.  I started with Cell Tech Support, got bounced to Unified Messaging Support to The Business Office and then back to Unified Messaging.  Holy crap it was like a game of human ping pong.  There motto must be I can’t help you so I am going to transfer you.  Finally having enough of this I got a supervisor who also tried to pass the buck.  However, I was very firm with him.  I explained what needed to happen in my opinion to resolve this.  Turns out I was right.  However making that happen well that is another story.

Here we are today on Monday and it’s still not fixed.  They tell me that it should be fixed today but I honestly don’t believe them.  I am supposed to test it throughout the day and if it’s not fixed by 4pm I should call the supervisor back.  He is kind of out there.  He talks to himself – to the computer while leaving the mic open so you think he is talking to you.  He dropped the f bomb.  Not someone I would want to represent my company.

However, between the UM problem and the F Bomb I think I got a case to get my $36 activation fee waived.  I wrote the Office of the President and demanded 4 things happen if they want to keep me as a customer.  The first thing was to waive the activation fee, the second was to give me 2 months free service.  I explained that if they don’t act in a timley fashion that I will march back to the store and return all of the items I purchased.  Then I will switch carriers.  Now, I’ve been a customer for 20 plus years, they always cave so I expect nothing less this time.  Truth be told I really don’t want to return the phone – it would just be more of a headache with another company plus you have the little bit about passing a credit check and lets face it I probably wouldn’t pass.

Friday night I went with my partner and a bunch of his friends out to a seafood buffet.  I hated to go but the food was damn good.  They added Mac & Cheese to the menu and wow – what a treat!  Maybe we will go back this Friday by ourselves. 

Saturday well that was kind of a day of rest.  I picked up a stool softener for Big Boy.  I gave him 1/2 of what they said to give and he crapped like a goose all over the clean rug.  They wanted 3x a day as well, I just did it once.  I can only imagine the effects that would have had.  I also got more prednisone for him and his brother.  Then the vet said we really need to seem them.  No they don’t they just want to make more money off of us.  Both of them are doing okay.  Big Boy has his bad moments but over all he is doing okay.

TAZ & his buddy got into a fight.  There was fur all over the kitchen – what a mess.  The vacuum cleaner took care of that. 

Spent time with the kids.  Momma made me feel like the luckiest person alive.  She crawled up in my chair and rested her head on my arm.  She fell asleep.  That just made me feel so good, like all was right with the world.

Sunday – I slept in way too late.  I was behind schedule but I got most everything done.  Even had an hour or so to spend with the family watching TV.  This time Momma fell asleep with me holding her in my arm on my chest.  She made me feel special again. 

Were in a bit of dire straights for money, but that should all be cleared up this week as payday is Friday.  My partner has a doctors appointment, he got up early to check his gas tank to see if he had enough gas to make it to the doctor.  I just took his truck and filled it up – that way there are no worries.  His power steering is squeaking again I dipped into the change collection I had on my dresser and gave him $10 in quarters.  I told him leave early, buy some power steering fluid.  Fill it up and then you should be all set for your appointment.  He was really surprised that I did all of this BEFORE I left for work.

It was so late that I had to drive in, there was no way Mass Transit would have gotten me here on time.  Well it would have been close and there is the 3 block walk for me, so why chance it.  Like usual when I drive in it’s a gloomy rainy day. 

Today and tomorrow are Jewish holidays so no bosses around.  Maybe I will be able to leave early – kind of depends.  It’s going to be a long day because I honestly have nothing to do.  Everything is pretty well caught up or resolved.  I will have to make work.

I’ve got a draft e-mail composed to send to my boss about travel and finishing up the Wi-Fi project.  I’m thinking he will probably send me out next week.  I don’t relish jumping on an airplane again and all of the car travel I will have to do between sights, not to mention the drag of the time crunch.  I guess we shall see what happens.  I honestly don’t want to send the e-mail but I think it’s better for me to go to him about this, rather than him coming to me asking why it isn’t done yet or when I plan on finishing it. 

The office carpets were cleaned over the weekend.  They did an awesome job in my office.  It doesn’t smell and now I can sleep on the clean floor. I had boxed on the floor and now I don’t want to put anything there.  They were left from the previous person who occupied this space.  I’ve heard promise after promise that we will get rid of them but thus far no one has come through.  So now they are sitting on top of a cabinet.  Looks a little tacky but they aren’t on the floor and that make me happy. 

I wish I could go home and go back to bed.  I was up late last night, took a double dose of sleeping medicine and am hung over this morning.  Ready for some sugar or for time to just simply fly by.

So that’s my world.  Hope all is well in yours.  I just though of some actual work, so I am going to dive into that.  Plus I have to call the lady about the cute guy on her screen.  She’s been under the weather and I haven’t been able to catch up with her.  Maybe she will be in today or so I hope.  Take care and I will talk with you peeps later!


13 September 2012

Heart Failure

I was working on a problem PC today.  The Antivirus management was all messed up.  So I figured I would remove the client and push down a new one.  We that is me and the PC got into a fight.  I eventually got it uninstalled.  Then the server that handles AV decided to stop responding.  I tried a couple things but couldn’t revive it.  Had to do a reboot in the middle of the business day.  This server takes care of damn near everything from Internet to AV.  All of a sudden the calls start pouring in.  I am watching the ping monitor I have going and the server isn’t coming back up.  My heart started to skip beats, then Heart Failure.  I finally got up and looked at the server and by then it was back up.  Thank God!

One person kept telling me they couldn’t get to a specific network drive.  They tried and tried but it wasn’t giving.  Finally I told them reboot.  I didn’t tell anyone about the server reboot in the hopes that no one would notice.  Boy was I wrong!  Last time I did this it was close to 5pm and no one even blinked an eye, mostly because there wasn’t anyone here.

So the Post Office well that turns out they didn’t call.  It was the doctors office.  His doctors last name sounds like Post and he answered the phone after waking up, no hearing aids in (he never wears the damn things) and he didn’t bother to check Caller ID.  He was his own worst enemy!  Kind of funny because he did go to the post office and I heard the conversation via cell phone and he was pretty graphic.  Glad I wasn’t there AWKWARD & EMBARASING!

One of the ladies I work with hasn’t been here in a while.  I decided to ask about her today out of concern.  Turns out she quit.  Yeah, they forgot to tell me.  Glad she wasn’t vindictive because her access was still in place until this morning.  Good golly when will they learn tell the IT Guy when people are no longer with us.  Something very bad is going to happen and then that will teach them.  Usually how people learn…. from their mistakes.WTF it’s common sense!

Yesterday my foot was killing me, a corn was acting up.  I decided not to suffer and broke out my Leatherman Multi-Tool.  I wound up stabbing myself in the foot.  Small cut but the corn is mostly trimmed away.  Now my foot hurts for a different reason.  I should have waited until I got home and had the right tool for the job, but no I decided to improvise. 

My partner is going out with a bunch of friends tomorrow night.  I was going to have a nice quiet evening all alone.  I had plans of getting off work and driving to the AT&T store to get my new iPhone 4S.  Nope, I have to go with him because he needs someone to hold his plate.  It’s a buffet line and he isn’t too steady on his feet.  F U C K  the story of my life.  Always put others before myself.  So I will try for Saturday morning.  I’m nervous because of transferring all of my apps and info as well as having to pair up the phone all over with my car.  It’s aggravation that I don’t need.  Plus damn AT&T charges you $36 to upgrade.  I don’t pay those fees – you have to argue a lot but eventually they cave.  I mean if they don’t it’s simple I take the phone back, they refund my money and I go back to my old phone.  They don’t want to loose business but again it’s more agravation that I don’t need.  Typing all of this out, makes me think maybe I should just keep what I have and be happy.

The planets must be aligned or something.  I got a call yesterday from the car dealer trying to talk me into a new car.  They saw it when it was in for service earlier this week and it’s a jewel.  Neat, clean and very low miles.  Damn thing is still pretty much new, except it lost the new car smell but that took 3 years to go away.  I sure miss that.  Anyway, I get home check my mail and my credit card company has made me a 2nd offer to give me a blank check up to $30,000 @ 2.99 APR and I can buy from whomever I want.  Very tempting!  However, I probably couldn’t afford the new payment, auto insurance would go up and in general I don’t know that I would be any happier.  So I’m keeping what I have, continuing to pay for it and treat it well.  Plus I have an extended warranty so I’m covered.

Last night I went to get gas and a car wash.  The gas station gives you 20 cents off per gallon if you buy a premium car wash for $9.00.  Okay so I bit.  I got the discount and gassed up.  Then the pump said do you want a receipt.  Duh how will I get my car washed w/o the code?  So I said yes (it normally doesn’t prompt) and it printed out but no car wash and I wasn’t charged for it.  Got the discount on gas.  Went to the car wash and it was closed.  That explains everything!  Glad I got the discount.  I was also very impressed when I started the car back up.  It said 450 miles until E.  Never, ever has it said that many miles.  Normally it’s 414 or 420.  So I am falling apart with age and can’t remember shit but my car is getting better with age.  Makes me go hmmm….

Just put a request in to get the boys medicine refilled, more money gone.  I also redeemed my $35 in credit card rewards for an account credit.  My statement should be out next week and pay day is shortly there afterwards.  I will see my money long enough to know I had some, then kiss it goodbye and pay off my credit card.  Then it will be back to the grocery store and on to other shopping to run up a balance.  It’s a vicious cycle.

Well back to work for me.  I’ve had one STUPID person calling me off and on all day long.  Duh Blondie your computer won’t work without power.  Seriously!  But why isn’t it turning on?  Did you press the ON switch?  No do I have to.  YES…bangs head!

12 September 2012

Cracked Up

I think I have lost my Mind and it’s come back.  I found the bottle of Listerine as soon as I got home.  Good thing I went to Wendy’s and not to get a bottle of mouthwash.  Then I’m sitting at my desk, realize that a document I had been looking for was right in front of my face.  I printed a new copy last week.  W T F

I feel like the guy in the video.  I wonder if I acted like he did at work if that would cause people to start talking?

I like the song, the video is just plain funny!  I think we all wish we could flip out like this at least once at work.

Well back to my normal – usual – routine.  Talk with you peeps later!

Middle of the week

Today is the BIG day for Apple Fans.  The long awaited iPhone announcement and supposedly a new iPad and possibly a new iPod Mini with a display.  The new iPhone should have 4G and that will mean speed.  Apple is also going to sell dock adapters so you can convert your old cords to the new iPhone 5 mini dock.  It’s a gimmic to get your money.  I am still on a 3GS and depending upon use I am usually good for a day.  I don’t use the phone heavy – just listen to streaming music when I am commuting and I check e-mail as well as FB and look at some photos.  Weekends are different some times I get more use out of it and other weekends it just sits by.  Regardless I put it on the charger most every night so I am prepared for the next day.  I know it’s well over 3 years old and I am so ready for an upgrade!  While 4G speed is tempting, I think I would rather go with the 4S – the bugs are worked out of it and hopefully it will be cheaper (crosses fingers).  So I will be waiting with baited breath as to what Apply has to say today.  I know I won’t be alone!

I am working on the laptop and trying to get it out the door but it’s been interuption city this morning.  No problem, I’ve got all day and it all pays the same! :) 

Tomorrow I get to fight with HP and a ALL IN ONE that won’t install software.  So the scanner will not work.  I suspect they will tell me, format it and start over.  I really don’t want to do that because it would be extra work and I will wind up having to stay late to make sure it’s complete.  So I plan to get an early start on this one. 

Friday all I have scheduled is a simple Antivirus uninstall and reinstall.  Not too bad.

So the folks from Pos-T-Vac called my partner yesterday afternoon.  He told them all about the post office being upset.  They said we sent you a first class yellow envelope, that’s it.  Funny thing is they delivered it but they still want him to come down and sign a form.  Unless they are super sweet and can explain things in kings english, he will spout off at them and won’t sign a damn thing.  My guy is always a step ahead and does his research before he says anything.  It doesn’t help that he used to work for them.  I will be glad when this is done with.  I should hear the details later this afternoon, just as long as they don’t lock him up for being loud and cantakerous I will be okay. 

I got an e-mail from my credit card company.  I’m approved to buy a new car up to $30,000.00.  While that is nice and tempting, I will keep what I have.  I would have to go to a specific dealer and I don’t want to mess with that.  Keep what I have, it works and I’m comfortable.  Plus my partner just raves over it.  He really wants me to give it to him and trade in his truck.  I would do that if it was paid for, but sorry I’m still making payments for the next 2 years.

It’s been a couple weeks but I found out that there is a Syphillis outbreak in the porn industry.  Both Gay & Straight.  So that has pretty much brought filiming to a halt.  Plenty of studios have reserve footage.  Not exactly sure how that started, if they are careful and do all of the testing they are supposed to.  It would be nice to get paid to have sex, I mean it’s just another perk.  However, my health is far too important to me.

Speaking of which I got a call earlier this week from a life insurance sales man who didn’t want to let me off the phone until I committed to his policy.  I just kept telling him no and eventually he got the point.  Now sir Death isn’t something we can avoid or predict he kept saying.  I felt like replying your killing me right now by ear fucking me with this sales pitch.  He’s going to call back next month.  It’s a Whole Life Policy so I’d spend my whole life paying for it.  A Term Policy is all I really want and I don’t want to commit to anything long term just yet.  However, I need something for my partner and since he is up there in age it’s not cheap.  Just wish I had the benefits of my old job then there wouldn’t be a problem!  We were both covered and it was super cheap.

I’m waiting for a user to call me back so I can show her a couple things about her new machine.  Then it will be time for lunch and back to the laptop.  Not a bad way to spend the afternoon. 

Boss man should be leaving tomorrow since it’s Thursday.  There are Jewish Holidays next week that prevent work, so I don’t think I will be seeing him for a bit.  The place breathes easier when he isn’t around.  You can just feel the tension ….it’s gone!  Say his name and that causes muscle spasm throughout the office.

Oh yes I know I am getting old.  I managed to loose an entire bottle of Listerine.  I used the last drop from my current bottle last night.  I bought a bottle 2 weeks ago in advance so I would be prepared when I ran out.  I spent a half hour looking last night and damn I put it some place where I will NEVER find it.  I give up, going to buy a new bottle on the way home tonight.  I just hate spending the money again when I know for sure I have it at home.  However, it won’t do me any good unless I find it.  If it ever surfaces I will put it some place easier to find next time.  I am so mad about this.  The cats just looked at me like I was crazy and wanted to know when I was coming to bed. 

So, it’s back to work now.  Take care, be well and I will talk with you peeps later!

11 September 2012

Today’s word–REBOOT

Feels very strange today, especially when I think back 11 years ago today and what happened in NYC – The Pentagon – Shanksville, PA.  The entire world remembers today.  If you lost someone in this tragedy, please accept my sincere sympathies.


So I am working on PC’s in West By God Virginia.  They are the slowest things I think I have touched in a very long time.  Thankfully I am doing this via Remote Control.  Right now I am waiting on someone to call me back so we can go to the next step.

I also have a laptop to configure and get out the door.  I said two days but I think it will be more like three or four, kind of depends what else happens today and the rest of the week.  Just ran Windows Update and the laptop needs 133 updates.  Wow and I have not put on any software. 

So this morning a lady was having some problems getting to a website.  I sat down at her desk and said I would fix it.  Then I caught a glimpse of some new photos she put up of one of her kids.  Damn he is cute, I suddenly forgot my password and was momentarily paralyzed.  I had to force myself to not look at them and look at her screen instead.  That worked and I got her all fixed.

I’m about to go to lunch and someone else bothers me with every time I open a document or an e-mail I get this funny message on my screen about a failure.  I almost said honey stop looking in the mirror.  Seriously, a reboot fixed that right up.  I don’t get people who don’t try to help themselves just pick up the phone without trying anything and say I’m stuck.  That’s like the car running out of gas and flagging someone down to say it won’t go any more can you fix it?!

Got my car back last night.  It’s looking good.  Oil changed, Air filter changed.  Buttons on sterring wheel replaced.  Air in the tires and a new Throttle Body.  Plus they replaced the license plate bulbs under warranty.  Only cost $66.  The oil change was a bit high but it’s the dealer.  They get $99 per hour on labor.  Wish I made that kind of money, I wouldn’t mind sharing.

We went out to eat last night as I promissed.  Not too bad.  I saw one cute guy who reminded me of James Barnett.  Don’t know who that is?  Check out Google.  Anyway, this person looked just like him.  He was a waiter and super fine.  I was going to say something to him, for real.  However, we discovered that one of my partners former relatives is the manager of the place.  So I kept my trap shut.  Probably just as well ..saved embarrassment for both of us. 

My partner heard about something called Pos-T-Vac it’s supposed to help guys with E.D.  He asked for more information to be sent.  Yesterday, he gets a call from the post office saying that he has to come down to sign some paperwork if he wants to receive “that kind of mail”.  WTF they have delivered sex toys, porn videos but they are griping now about a single first class letter.  Makes no sense to me.  My partner wanted to come down and sign the paper but, no he has to make an appointment.  He thinks the postal inspectors are going to be there.  I told him be sure to take your cell phone so you can call me from jail.  He doesn’t go until tomorrow, so should be an interesting meeting. He plans on signing nothing but I think his mouth is going to go off.  I also suspect that our mail will be more closley monitored.  Fine by me, I don’t get any sexual material by mail and the only things that come to me are stuff I order on-line.  I wonder if they would fuss about an order from Undergear, I mean they sell cock rings now.  Oh my!  Screw you USPS.

I called the lady about the photo, she is out sick today.  I will try her back later in the week.  Who knows maybe I will figure it out by then.  I just don’t have too much time in the evening.  Lots of running, cleaning and chores.  Seems like I get about an hour to myself and that’s just before bed.

Got a call at lunch time from my guy griping about our mail order pharmacy.  They can only bill us $100 for medication and if you go over that well your SOL.  I told him to talk with a human I ran up a bill of $300 + and they shipped everything to me.  You just have to get an exception.  Then he started telling me how he was going to stop taking medicine.  He is really upset over the post office, then add this plus his vehicle is in need of repairs and he is still sore from falling.  Yeah, Oscar The Grouch!  But it’s understandable.

I am going to call this lady to see if she is back yet.  This waiting is a game I don’t play well.  Hope that your all doing well.  Be safe and I will talk with you peeps later!


10 September 2012

Monday almost done

Well the interview for Tuesday won’t be happening.  They can’t pay me what I need to make it worth my while.  I kind of suspected that.  Glad I threw that out there and was a little bold.  Otherwise, I would be wasting my time for nothing.  There are many factors to a job and accepting an offer but we all work for one thing and that’s money.  Benefits are great but you can’t slice them and pay bills.

My partner took me to work this morning.  He made me a complete nervous wreck.  He was heavy on the brakes.  The work got done, took them 2 hours.  Not sure if it was all done, I will find that out tonight.  I just can’t imagine they had the button in stock for the steering wheel but maybe it was my lucky day.

I called a few times to check on him.  Finally after a while he called me back.  He slid out of his chair and was trying to get back up.  He sounded like he had one foot in the grave.  I know he’s been through hell and back but he actually sounds really bad.  He worries me all the time and my biggest fear I know some day will come true – I just hope that won’t be anytime soon because I need him!

He is supposed to pick me up and I said I would spring for supper so we are going out to eat.  It’s at a place that has tons of cute guys so I will be sure to drool and really enjoy my meal.

Then it will be home to tend to the trash and getting ready for tomorrow.  I want to spend time with the kids and just not think about anything.  It’s been one of those kind of days.

I am actually working right now.  Waiting for Windows Updates to install on a machine.  Then I have to reboot and transfer a large file which will probably take 30 minutes to send.  Not too bad but I have to do it a total of 3 more times.  Yes, it’s a job that will be continued tomorrow.

I got a new laptop in today and planned on configuring it this afternoon but that won’t happen.  Maybe tomorrow if I am lucky.  I promised it this week so I want to live up to my word.

Today I mustered up the courage to ask the lady who the cute guy was but she wasn’t in the office.  I’m going to call her back and find out.  It’s just killing me not knowing and not being able to find him on Google.  I will have to make up a story so I don’t blow my cover but I think it’s worth it. 

So the new iPhone will be announced this week.  I am excited because then I will find out how much the 4S will be going for and I can finally upgrade.  That is provided I can see my way clear.  Time will tell.

Last night just as I was falling asleep the phone sounded off letting me know an e-mail came in.  I didn’t want to get up and check it but something told me that I should so I did.  Good thing I did, because it was the boss man.  He had a simple question that I answered and then had to watch TV for a 1/2 hour to get sleepy again.  Thought for sure I would be hung over this morning but nope, felt just fine and I even took extra sleeping medicine.

Well back to boring in watching Windows Update.  You all take care, be well and I will talk with you peeps later!

09 September 2012

Weekend Update

Friday night met my partner at Olive Garden.  It was pouring rain.  Nothing new here it’s been rain for what seems like 2 weeks but in reality I think it’s only been 1 week.  On the way home I went to grab the mail.  He went home.  I pull up in the drive way.  The garage door is open, his car door is open and there he is sitting on the floor of the garage.  He fell again!

He is okay except for some bumps and bruises.  He is shaken up and sore.  That was it I put my foot down and said tomorrow we are going where ever you want and your getting new shoes.

Saturday I called to get a massage only to find out that my normal massage person quit.  They don’t have anyone to replace her so I had to go some place else.  I chose a health club close to home.  They act like they are the bomb but it’s just a small time place.  The massage table barley fit into the room.  It was okay for a massage but nothing too exciting.  I can’t say I will go back but if I am left with no choice then I will have to. 

After that headed home and we went out to a new large mall that is meant for walking.  That is great if your my age and can walk.  For my partner it’s hell.  We stopped to get some food, just as bad as eating at the ballpark.  He got fried chicken with all of the sides for $17 and I got a slice of Pizza and a soda for $8.  Finished off my meal with a Cinabon Cinammon Roll and got one for the Mr. too.  That was $15.  Jeez I’m blowing all of his shoe money on food.

He decided he wanted to go to the Crocs store.  He couldn’t walk it so I left him in the food court and I went to Crocs.  Damn I took the long way but I got there.  That place was just about as bad as Ohare.  So much walking and way too many people.  Damn!

Crocs store only had 1 pair of shoes in the style he wanted and they are cammo.  I didn’t get them walked back to him and he said buy them.  So I walked back via a shortcut and bought them.  In just under 3 hours we were out of that place.  Damn both of us were spent.  Me from the sugar and walking - - him from the walking and recovering from his fall.

We came home took a nap and then went out for Mexican food.  I made the mistake of getting desert and damn I felt like crap afterwards.  I didn’t want to do a damn thing.  We stopped off at Target before heading home, where I picked up cat litter and I stocked up because it was on sale.  I also got a nice new matress pad but that was $50 by it’s self.  Damn it feels good!  I got some other sundry items we needed and left.

Got home had the intentions of cleaning the house and getting ahead of the game but that didn’t happen.  I pretty much unloaded the stuff from the car.  Put in my first load of laundry.  Piddled on the computer with bills and bookeeping.  Then put on my new matress pad and went to bed. 

Sunday, I slept in got up around 9.  Had great plans for the day.  Someone puked on the carpet so I had to clean that up.  Fed the children and made Carmel Cinammon Rolls.  Had breakfeast and then sat down in front of the TV.  BIG MISTAKE.  Sleepies set in and I didn’t wake up until 2pm.  I feel like crap again today because of all of the sleeping.

We went to the store and came home.  My partner made us meatloaf for supper.  I got the house cleaned and I’m finishing up laundry now.  I might be able to swing an extra hour of me time tonight or so I hope.

Tomorrow is going to SUCK.  I noticed that one of the buttons on my sterring wheel was peeling.  Well that’s covered by the factory warranty so I made a call on Friday and got an appointment for Monday to have it fixed.  While it’s there I am getting the oil changed (early) and replacing the air filter (which they never have done but I have told them to do like 3 times) and having them check over the car to make sure there isn’t anything else that I can stick on the warranty before it expires on Thursday.

My partners vehicle needs mechanical help bad.  He’s got power steering problems, oil leaking and well the damn thing is just old it’s falling apart like he is but at a much faster rate.  We don’t have the money to pour into it so he is thinking of just letting it sit.  I mean he really only goes out when he has to – doctors, dentist appointments and the occasional trip to the store or to grab an ice cream.   I wish I could afford to get him something new or at least in better shape.  He likes his vehicle but I think fixing it up is throwing away our money.  Perhaps I will be able to help him out at some point but can’t do it right now.

The plan for Monday is he will take me to work, then take the car in and sit with it while they work on it.  I suspect it will be about an hour or two.  They will have to order the button, I am pretty certain of that.  So that means a return trip.  Crap.  Then he will pick me up from work in the evening and we will go grab a bite to eat and call it a day.  I’ve got lots of things brewing at the office and more on the way I am sure.

I got an e-mail about a job interview on Tuesday.  I sent a reply back on Friday night and am waiting to make sure that it will be worth my time.  Unless there is something that just screams to me, I think I am stopping the job search.  I am comfortable where I am at and I think (crosses fingers) that they like me.  We had a rocky start but I think all that has worked out.  I would just feel much, much better if they would take down the damn ad.  That doesn’t send me a positive message.  If this interview happens on Tuesday great, if not that’s okay.  Given the fact my partner fell and my car is going in the shop on Monday… that’s enough upheaval in the week to last me for a while.  It’s kind of in God’s hands and if he opens another door for me with more money, well I won’t say no.  I just hate to loose my office, something I have wanted for a long time.  As well as some of the other minor perks I have.  The whole office is going out to dinner next month, we are closing early so they can get to know us better outside of work.  Yeah, okay it’s a free meal so I will be there.

I have been so tempted this weekend by good looking guys.  Friday night at Olive Garden there was this blond with a nice set of guns (muscles).  Then there was another cutie sitting at the bar, he had a very nice figure.  Saturday at the mall, holy crap there were good looking guys everywhere.  One in particular that caught my eye was at the food court.  He was wearing blue shorts and he bent over what an ass!  Today we were at the grocery store and there was another young hottie there with a muscle shirt on.  I’m such a sucker for a good looking guy.  Doesn’t matter if there are brains or money just a good looking body.  Well I guess it would help if he was into me, but a boy can dream right!

That’s it.  Time to wrap this up and get ready for Manic Monday.  I will have to up the sleeping pills because when I try to relax I will find myself wide awake.  Allergies are acting up as well this weekend.  Not sure what that is about.  Thankfully sunshine for most of next week.  Talk about a welcome change!

Shame no one could help me with the good looking guy photo.  However, I will be using my detective skills to hopefully figure that out.  If I get his name I will certainly publish it here.  You all take care, enjoy your week and I will talk with you peeps later!

06 September 2012

Need U R Help

So I went to the facility that I have been trying to get to for weeks.  What a drive and I got to drive back in the rain.  Plus I had a phone interview in the middle of the storm.  The lady was a real bitch so I increase my salary requirements.  I was going to low ball her but she acted like she was on Law & Order and I was on the witness stand.  Me thinks I priced them out of the market but if they bite for the amount of money I quoted I would go in a heartbeat!  It would be a $7 thousand dollar raise for me.  Not too shabby.

So I need your help.  I found this hunky guy on a lady’s machine.  I snagged the image and it appears below.  They told me his name but since I am so old I forgot it.  He is supposed to be every lady’s dream.  Last name I think is grey.  If you know, please leave his name in the comments section.  I would so appreciate it.

Well I’m off to relax for a bit and then it will be time for bed and back to the office.  Take care and I will talk with you peeps later.

Internet Explorer Wallpaper

05 September 2012

Wednesday–feels like Tuesday

One day off because of a holiday and all of a sudden I forget which day of the week it is.  I bet you I will remember when it’s Friday!

Tuesday being Monday wasn’t too terribly bad.  Normally you run into a hand full of people who forgot their password or who’s machines don’t want to work.  Well I had no password issues and one site where the internet hiccupped.  That knocked out 2 machines and while we were talking to fix it, a 3rd bit the dust. 

Remembering my experience a couple weeks ago about powering things up in a specific order, came in handy.  That’s all they needed and they were fixed.  Took about an hour because the guy who was my eyes and ears moved slower than a snail but we got it done.  Then he started chatting me up about when I was coming down and could I put in WIFI there.  One problem the walls have sheets of steel in the them.  Yeah, sure we can do wireless but it probably won’t work.  I mean they can’t even get a cell signal in the basement where they want WIFI.  I hope I don’t have to go through with that, it will be a huge epic fail!

Speaking of work, well I managed to get two places that want to interview me.  One place was a phone interview and the other was face 2 face.  I told them both the same thing I can meet with you anytime after 5pm or on Saturday.  Don’t know about the phone interview yet, suspect they will pass me over.  The face 2 face said that wouldn’t be a problem, but we would have to wait until next week. I wonder if they will follow through?  They are supposed to call me back in the next couple days.  I missed their initial call because I was at work and the follow up call because I was taking the trash out.  I heard the phone but by the time I got to it, the damn thing stopped ringing.  Don’t you just hate that?

I’ve got mixed emotions about leaving.  I’m starting to get comfortable – but I still don’t trust these people.  I feel like on one hand I have the world by the tail and on the other hand I have what comes out of the tail end.  I’ve asked God for direction and if he paves a new path for me with a larger salary, it’s pretty much a no brainer.

Thus far it’s another boring day here at the office.  Where else can I get a job that pays so – so, gives me an office and let’s me surf the net all day with pretty much nothing to do?  Yeah, I know enjoy it while it lasts.  Eventually, I will be busy again with no chance to see the light of day, except outside my office window.

Last nights mail brought a nice surprise, a class action settlement check for my partner.  He didn’t even know he was entitled to it.  Small but nice sum of money.  I think we will be going out to eat tonight. 

I so wanted to have a relaxing evening but the phone kept ringing, the cats were begging me for food and attention and I had a friend on the phone who wouldn’t shut up until 2 hours passed.  I got in some relaxation time but not a whole lot.

I did get to surf to most of my regular reads yesterday afternoon.  The one guy who I want to update his blog hasn’t.  There also is a former adult star that I wish would update his blog as well.  Ah, well I guess I have to be patient.

Since I am doing pretty good at looking busy, I guess I will actually disconnect from my home machine and get to some real work.  Take care, be well and I will talk with you peeps later!

03 September 2012

Day 1 @ 41

As you can gather by the title, today is day 1 at 41.  Not much new from a life perspective.  Feels like it always did, just another day!

I spent my birthday cleaning the carpet in the house.  I rented a Bissell Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine.  All I can say is DAMN!  This place was filthy.  My hands and my back are killing me.  I started last night around this time and didn’t finish up until a little after 11pm.  My partner said pace your self and rest.  I told him if I stop that’s it – I don’t have a resume button.  I wanted to be done.  The carpet looks new, no kidding.  I also couldn’t get over the amount of fur that came out of the carpet.  The Dyson isn’t doing as good of a job as I thought.

We had it for 24 hours but took it back this morning to get that task out of the way.  I see a few spots where I missed, but I can get them next time.  Yeah, were going to rent one of these again.  If your thinking about carpet cleaning, look this up on-line.  If you have a Lowe’s near by you should be able to rent one with no problem.  The solution that I got with it was Pet formula and that is what ran the bill up.  Rental was only $24.  Just as I predicted Big Boy pooped on the carpet upstairs and his brother Jumper threw up downstairs.  Just new that would happen!

So my neck isn’t bothering me as much but my lower back is killing me.  As my partner would say I am stiff in all the wrong places!

Today I went to get a better pillow.  I had no idea you could pay a small fortune for a single pillow.  I grabbed a goose down pillow that was labeled as extra firm.  I didn’t know they were talking about the price.  I got to the register and the total was $85 I about crapped a goose.  Okay so I will try it, I mean it can’t hurt me other than my wallet and my nose.  I don’t think I will be allergic to it.  For the price I paid it should hump me, talk to me and help me fall asleep.  DAMN!

I got my hairs cut and used my $5 off birthday coupon.  I picked up some Paul Mitchell Shaping Cream and a bar of the body soap.  Guys, seriously you should try the Tea Tree Body Soap – use it on your junk, let it sit for a minute and tingle.  It’s the best part of the shower for me.  Your whole body tingles with this soap and you don’t feel all sticky afterwards like you would with normal soap.  Good Stuff!

Used my Netflix to watch some interesting TV.  I saw a comedian who was just okay, I don’t remember his name.  I watched a movie called 9/11 Loose Change.  That film will make you think!  I had to watch it twice, the 2nd time with my partner.  Who said it was all BS but I can’t say I believe that with the preponderance of the evidence.  I’ve seen another film similar to it.

So much to my dismay I called up Lawn Boy and his fine ass and body will be here on Wednesday to give the lawn a much needed hair cut.  All of this rain has made it grow and grow.  Were back on his schedule.  Whoopee!  We think he will get us for 4 times, which won’t be too bad.  I heard that with the drought he was hurting for money plus he got married last month.  I can’t imagine him hurting for money, he is totally loaded!

3 whole days pretty much gone.  I can’t believe it.  We did do a lot of eating out this weekend.  We did manage to go for pie.  We were both so stuffed that we had to take home a pie, no room after the delicious meal we had.  That was a nice get away.  I didn’t like driving in the rain so much, made me think we should have built an ark and rounded up the children.  Rain is the big word for weather around here and it’s going to do it most of the week.  Glad I will be asking to go on the road this week, that is if nothing gets in my way.  Just a short one day trip but one day out of the office is better than none.

Found a cool new app for my iPhone called Pinger.  It’s free text messaging.  Plus you get an e-mail address with it.  So friends can send you picture messages.  Just take your mobile number and put @mobile.pinger.com behind it and viola there you are.  If you have a friend who has e-mail but you want to carry on a conversation with, give them that e-mail address and you can talk back with them.  Plus the best part is it’s free.  Just like the other app you get an alternate number that you can use for calls and voice mail but you have to pay for minutes.  I just need free texting with the mms option.  Ha Ha to MA BELL I beat you at your own game. 

Right now I am doing laundry and off to surf the web for my regular reads, porn and whatever else I can get into.  Oh yeah, I should check on jobs.  I can’t believe that my job is still posted and it’s been 30+ days.  I will feel so much better if/when they take that down.  However, until I get comfortable with them I am not going to stop looking.  Simply a matter of trust and I don’t trust them at all.  I mean do you blame me?  Look at the way I have been treated and how they have treated other people.  I’m thankful for what I have but I can’t afford for it to vaporize out of the clear blue.

Speaking of which when I was at the store getting that pillow the lady hounded me about opening a department store credit card and told me it only takes 90 seconds.  I declined.  However, based on some of her words and the promotions this place runs I decided to apply for one on-line.  They didn’t say I was declined but based on the response I got I already know the answer.  That’s okay I’ve got one credit card and it’s getting it’s fair share of use.  I honestly don’t need more than one.

I hope that you enjoyed this weekend. 4 days and then were back to having a weekend again!  Now too bad every week couldn’t be like that.  Just think the next major holiday we will celebrate here in the US is Thanksgiving.  I’m debating if we want to do the same thing as last year w/friends or if we should just go it alone.  Time and money will tell.

Take care and I will talk with you peeps later!