28 June 2013

Finally Friday

My mind has been working overtime coming up with good and bad memories from the past. 

Watched Jarhead last night.  From start to end, no naps.  It was awesome, wish I had seen it sooner. 

Mac & Cheese was supper last night.  Good stuff, even though it’s not good for me. 

Waiting for time to pass so that I can visit Red Lobster tonight.  That should be an enjoyable meal.

Yesterday it was about quitting time I came out of the bathroom to head back to the office and the cute guy saw me.  We spoke just a hello and good night, nothing more.  Aw well I took it for what it was worth.

Nothing noteworthy in the mail, which is a good thing.  Fed the children, passed out medicine and that was the night. 

Tonight shouldn’t be all that much more exciting – I have to grab the bankruptcy stuff and make sure I am ready to go tomorrow morning.  The usual feed the children, medicine, etc.  bed time. 

Looking forward to having 2 days off, far away from troubleshooting computer problems and/or configuring machines.  Hopefully I don’t plan free time to death but I have a small laundry list of things to accomplish.

Finishing my Chicken Salad up for the week.  Trying new cheesy Cheetos Mix Up.  Different flavors of cheese, pretty good.  Not enough in the bag, as usual it’s filled with air.  Sounds almost like a politician.  Yes, that was my attempt at humor for the day.

Hope you all have a great weekend and I will talk with you peeps again soon.


Jude said...

Hahaha well your humour was spot on!

Enjoy the weekend and get some rest!

. said...

Hey glad you're still writing...which I haven't of late but wait for it...wait for it...wait for it...there's a new entry...I hope you have a safe and relaxing weekend. I think it's cool we both work in IT...your job seems stressful to me...more than mine. Keep on writing. I always enjoy seeing your entries!!

Jeremy Ryan said...

My job is more stressful. It's because I am an Army of 1. You are fortunate in that you are apart of a team. 1 person is great for a small shop but when you company starts to grow it's time to expand including in IT people. I could use an assistant but won't say anything because it could cost me my job. Plus it helps being busy, less time to think about the tragic event of the year and more time to just escape and work.