31 October 2015

Rained Out Again

I didn’t get any phone calls and the weather forecast said 80% chance of rain.  I knew no one was coming but I went through the motions last night of moving the vehicles to the street.  I got home later than expected due to an accident on the freeway, which had traffic snarled for miles and miles.  I saw the notification on the signboard then I saw 20 minutes to cross the bridge and I knew I was fucked.  While I was trapped in bumper to bumper traffic I tried to reach a friend this was my third attempt.  Much to my surprise she answered and then told me she was at her son’s, they just sat down to dinner and he had a no cell phone policy so I would have to call back.  That fucking pissed me off.  That little bastard seems to continually be causing me problems.  First he made his mom lie to me, Second I took two days off of work because I thought I was going to an event, but he didn’t want me there.  Now this.  I want to fuck him up and bad.  I didn’t call back.  I got a text this morning that said bad cell phone reception.  Yeah well you will have to call me, I am done calling you. 

I kept thinking about the roof and it bothered me so much that I really didn’t sleep much last night.  I got a phone call at 9:09A from the supervisor they were sending to observe the job and he said we were rained out.  No fucking shit.  I knew that when I was up at 6a.  I still got dressed and laid down on the couch waiting in hopes that this would go off smoothly.  I am not happy with the company that I hired, the lack of communication sucks.  They really need to get their shit together.  As it stands now I will be writing a letter after the job is done.  If they piss me off too much more then they will get the letter before they ever set foot on my property. 

My thought process now is to schedule this during the week when sunshine is forecast.  Were heating back up starting on Monday and I think this might be the last week of Indian Summer, then I think it will be fall and winter weather from here on out.  It’s not normal to go into November with warm weather.  However, I will take it if Mother Nature will give it to me. 

Please Mother Nature cut me a break and let me get this roof deal done.  It’s stressful and it’s holding up part of my future.  I am holding my breath, like I am waiting for the other shoe to drop.  I just want to hear that everything is okay and the job is done.  No problem, no mold.  Until that happens I will be nervous.

Moving on, my plans if I was rained out was to visit the buffet.  However, once again that didn’t happen.  I didn’t trust myself enough to drive 2 hours.  Even though I did manage to get a nap.  Instead I went to a local Mexican Restaurant for a bite to eat.  Then shopping for pet food.  I picked up the mail and I had ordered some new license plates for the truck, they finally came.  Very happy about that and waiting until tomorrow when it’s dry and warm to install them.  No sense in standing out in the cold.  Saw a couple of good looking guys at the restaurant.  I don’t know what it is about that place but good looking guys seem to always be there.

I got into cleaning mode and washed the valance in the kitchen.  Got the dishes loaded.  Put away my new prescription and that helped pass sometime.  I also watched the Unauthorized Biography of Saved By The Bell.  It is on Lifetime I found it on demand and it was free.  If the story I saw was true I really feel sorry for Dustin Diamond.  He was always the odd man out the kid that gets picked on and picked last for a team.  I was one of those kids so I know how it feels.  He has had some brushes with the law and is a physical person.  I try to avoid the law and to restrain myself.  Thus far I have done a excellent job.  I also saw a movie called Beauty Shop.  It’s kind of a take on Barbershop and has a ton of stars in it.  I really enjoyed myself and got to see some good looking chocolate men (even though I am not much of a fan, everyone likes chocolate once and a while).   

I also managed to re-program the timer in the kitchen.  It took some help from a flashlight and I had to take the damn thing out of the wall to get the model number so I could look up a you tube video on it.  Once I watched that it still took me a couple tries to get it programed.  I know that since my eye sight is getting worse with age I will not be resetting that damn thing, that was a bad move on my part.  It’s the tiny print that is killing me.  I can drive w/o glasses just fine, but if street signs were printed in small print I would be in bad shape. 

On to the children.  Momma has a new habit she loves to come stick her butt in my face when she gets gassy.  Not sure if this is a side effect of the medicine or what.  She has never had gas before or if she has I never noticed it.  I was ready to hit her with the Lysol.  She is back to chewing.  Marvin is licking his genitals excessively and this has been going on for over a month now.  I mean I understand he needs to be clean but damn, you’d think he would get tired of it.  I think his butt is raw so I have some spray for that, he won’t like it and it will instantly make him madder than hell at me.  You can play with his tail but don’t disturb the goods underneath or he goes from nice to mad in 1 second.  If this continues he will get to see the vet.  Speaking of which it’s about time to take Momma back to have her blood drawn again.  Big Boy is running out of steroids so I will need to pick some of those up as well.  Ruth didn’t eat supper tonight but she came running to treat time.  Fickle cats.  With the exception of Ruth everyone has been really clingy.  Momma decided last night every time I would start to dose off that she would play with her toy ball and start her chanting.  I finally got a flashlight and got out of bed, kicked her out.  She had the ball in her mouth and left carrying it.  I turned on my air machine because the house was so quiet you could hear a pin drop.  I thought that would help me sleep but nope, I was up and watching a documentary about Barney Frank.  That was on Showtime.  They did a great job. 

The best news ever is that the usual low price grocery store that I shop at is back to offering $20 per week off of a $70 purchase.  This is good from now until Christmas.  I will be taking a coupon a week to the store with me.  This is awesome news for the wallet.  Stock up and get $20 worth of free food.  I’ll bet they mark some items up, so you think your getting $20 for free but in reality your paying the same or slightly more.  It’s all a mind game but I will play along. 

So we get an extra hours sleep and fall back tonight.  That will help me out in the sleep department or so I hope.  It will also mean that tomorrow will seem to fly by quickly.  Then we adjust to driving in the dark.  I like to do that in the truck and not so much in my car.  Reason being is I can replace the headlights on the truck but on my car I will have to take it to the dealer.  I don’t know when they are going to burn out but I have been expecting it for a couple years.  I keep telling myself the car sat for 2 years and it’s only 5 years old.  That helps a little bit but still I know it’s going to happen.  I am just overly paranoid about it.  Plus there are lots of deer around and they come out mostly at dusk.  That is one of my other fears is hitting one of them.  Having the thing gore me to death.  Not to mention killing my car in the process.  If I lived I would be more upset that I killed or injured a deer than I would be about my car.  It’s a freak of nature and that is why Insurance Companies don’t hold it against you because you have no control over it.  I’ve been lucky this far, hopefully that luck will continue. 

So now upstairs to find a treat or two for myself.  Find something to watch on TV and in a couple hours I can adjust and turn on the timer that controls the front lights.  Then adjust the clocks that don’t manually update and I will be all set.  It’s a good time to check your smoke detector batteries as well.  I’ve got 3.  2 of which are powered by my alarm system and don’t need replacement batteries.  There is one that is powered by household AC and has a backup battery.  The ones that go with the alarm are super sensitive and they used to go off all the time when you know who was alive and having kitchen disasters.  Ah a memory from the good old days.  Many times I thought we would never get all of the smoke out.  The fire department started to call before they would send a crew out because they had gotten too many false alarms.  Today they would just come and not call or so I hope.  Fire – when seconds matter. 

Hopefully I haven’t scared you to death.  Happy Halloween! 

30 October 2015

Friday again

It’s been a crazy week and perhaps the madness will come to an end.  We have a 70% chance of rain tomorrow.  No cancellation from the roofers, so I presume the job is on.  Let’s hope that Mother Nature doesn’t mess anything up.  The waiting is very stressful. 

Tonight is a trick or treat night in my neck of the woods.  Halloween is and will always be strange there.  I never heard of a Halloween Parade but they have one and kids get 2 nights to seek out candy.  Nothing to seek out at my house.  Exterior lights will be off. 

Big Boy was sick last night.  Diarrhea and he also tried to puke once. Its was scary but I didn’t panic, I just kept cleaning him up.  I slept with my door open in case he needed something.  All was well when I got up.  I hope that I don’t come home to a mess, but if I do I will deal with it.  That cat causes me to worry a lot. 

I had some PC issues but manage to work them out.  It was all calendar related.  Apparently iCloud isn’t compatible with Windows 10 and/or Office 2016.  I had to move to a different platform, which I like better.  All I wanted was one place to keep my calendar so that it’s universal no matter what device I am using.  As you would suspect I am not terribly busy but if I have an appointment and it’s not calendared then I will never make it. 

Talked with a guy last night at one of the on line dating services.  It was kind of nice.  Nothing really came of it.  There were originally short pauses then they got longer and longer.  So I presume he’s bored with me or he changed his mind.  Whatever.  Next move is his.  I was the one holding the conversation and asking all the questions.  I hate that so I turned the tables and asked him if he had questions for me.  That I think caused him to think and is what maybe made things go south.  Well I know it’s awkward but if you can’t keep a conversation alive then there is a problem.  That is and has been my experience.  Not sure that I am ever going to meet anyone and have had thoughts of taking a break again. 

I had my massage yesterday and she really beat me up.  I thought I would hurt pretty bad this morning but my body seems to be used to it.  I am sore but it’s not bad at all.  I am positive that there are still knots in my back.  I used the heating pad a little bit last night, not sure that it helped because it was only for 30 minutes. 

So my latest issue is with playing back a show on my DVR.  The show recorded just fine.  When I went to play it back there were tears in the video and it would also freeze up.  I fixed that by rebooting.  Then things are just getting good when the recorder thinks that the show is over with and we are only at the 30 minute mark, it was an hour long show.  I can’t seem to get past that.  In the past I have had to wait a day and it sorts it’s self out.  If that doesn’t work this time I am going to unplug everything and start over fresh.  If that fails then I will give up.  There is only so much I can do and the show is available to watch on-line or I am sure in some menu with Uverse. 

Plans for tonight include Lasagna and TV.  Early to bed and early to rise tomorrow to listen to the pops and help calm the children.  Wow that should be fun.  Even if we all camp out in the basement. 

Yesterday I got caught off guard I got a notice that my friend was leaving and his last day was set for today.  It looked like he had been fired but rather than presume I called to inquire.  Turns out he gave 2 weeks notice and they said that he could leave tomorrow.  They will still pay him for the extra week.  Looks like someone has time on their hands.  He said that his team was toxic and he needed to get away from that.  I totally understand, not exactly sure what rubbed him the wrong way but if you don’t look out for yourself, no one will do it for you.  In any case I am glad that he didn’t get fired, because not having a job really sucks.  He is going into something that he has doubts about but at least he will be the new guy and maybe things will work out for him.  If not, then I suppose he will just keep moving on.  I told him that just because we didn’t work together anymore I didn’t plan on losing his number.  He said that was good and he felt like we bonded even if we didn’t spend a lot of time together.  Yeah plus there is the fact that I have a major crush on him.  I won’t ever tell him that but it is one of the reasons why I want to keep our friendship alive. 

Well it’s about time to shove some food in my mouth, so I should go.  Just wanted you all to know that I am still here.  I hope that you have a good weekend!  

27 October 2015

75 Years

Today would mark my late partners 75th Birthday.  It’s still mind numbing to think that he is gone.  I remember celebrating his 70th like it was yesterday.  Time stands still for no one, well that is unless the powers out.  Seriously I miss him so much.

I had Beef Burrito Soup last night, pretty tasty.  It would have gone better with some Tortillas, some cheese and sour cream but that is hindsight talking.  Perhaps next time I will be able to say Ole!

Got Big Boy’s pee pads and of course it’s raining outside.  There is rain in the forecast for the foreseeable future, so I expect a call later this week asking when I want to schedule for next.  Part of me wants to just take a day but the other part of me says save your time.  Paralyzed once again by choice. 

Work has been really busy yesterday and again today.  Thankfully nothing terribly difficult to deal with.  The worst part of the day is driving home and getting in traffic.  They have the street tore up around our office building and one lane of traffic is blocked off.  Now factor in rain and it will probably take an eternity to get home tonight.

Last night I was super sleepy, I started getting dizzy when I got home it was light and then moved into major as the evening went on.  I woke up in the middle of the night because I went to bed early.  Then I had Momma walking on my head.  It wasn’t fun and of course just when I got back to sleep it was time to get up and do it all over again.  Normally I would have called it there but given that I have recently taken a lot of time I pushed myself.  I am running on just a few hours of sleep but I will be okay, done it before and probably will do it again. 

In case you didn’t know iCloud Control Panel for Windows doesn’t play well with MS Office 2016.  I have lost the ability to manage mail.  It was actually working fine but then Apple released an update and I had to fight to get the old version uninstalled and the new version installed.  Moral of the story I shouldn’t have updated.  I found an abundance of comments on line and there are tons of pissed off people.  This has been going on for months now and it doesn’t look like it will end.  I found a way to manually add my iCloud account so I will be doing that tonight.  I ran out of time last night, the girls wanted their snack. 

Last nights mail brought me the bill for Momma’s recent vet visit.  The bank doesn’t mess around with asking for their money.  $25 is the minimum payment, which is all I will pay for now.  I will make damn sure that it’s paid within the 6 month time frame because the interest charges will be horrible.  Now this is the way to use credit.  Take advantage of the perk but make sure that you can pay it off.  Most people go crazy and that is how debt manages to sneak up on you.  It’s far too easy to spend money. 

That’s all I know for now.  I think I will have Steak Fajitas from Stouffers for supper tonight.  Sounds good and it’s been in the freezer for about 2 weeks, it’s time to go.  Tosh.O is on tonight and I am sure that Daniel will have something that will make me either horny or laugh or both.  It’s almost time to go play in the rain in traffic.  Fun times!  

25 October 2015

Soups On

I hope that you all had a great weekend!  I stayed close to home.  I needed a haircut so I got up early and made an appointment, first time ever I was late and by more than 5 minutes but less than 10.  They gave my spot to a kid in front of me as I was there to check in.  Then they told me that I would have to wait 2 hours before they could reschedule.  That is crap.  I mean I know I was late and I understand giving my appointment away but you can’t tell me that I couldn’t be squeezed in.  I was livid because I didn’t feel good to start with.  I left and went to a place across the street from my house.  I was there 1 time last year when they opened and haven’t been back since.  My only objection to this new place is they use plastic guards and I prefer a blade guard, you get a much more precision cut and it’s worth the crummy price they charge.  The plastic guard cuts are so out of my style book.  I’ve got a $5 coupon to use at the place I was late to, so I will go back 1 more time to get that in.  After that we are done.  Besides that I didn’t like their shampoos any way.  Not sure what I am going to do for future cuts but I have time to figure that out. 

After the cut I went to the cat food store.  The cute guy at the register was working again.  He didn’t seem too happy yesterday.  I did however give him a look up and down – not bad. He asked me for my phone number again.  I guess it’s a new thing they do in the store now, either that or he is just trying to make peoples lives easier.  I would rather punch it in to a keypad than say it out loud, but that is just my comfort level.

On to Sam’s club to pick up a few things that I needed.  I stuck to a list and got out for $70 and it was the first time I used the chip in my credit card.  That takes some getting used to.  You put it in and leave it there until the terminal tells you to remove it.  If you pull out too quickly, which I did the first time it voids the sale and you get to start the process all over again.  I like swipe and sign instead of stick it in and sign. 

Then on to home to unpack and put it all away.  I spent the rest of the day trying to revive a tablet that I fried on accident and when that failed I tried to revive an old laptop, which also failed.  That process took the rest of the day and it was upstairs downstairs a lot.  I did take a break and ordered a special that a local pizza place has 1 time a year.  You get a sampling of local favorite finger foods in addition to a large 2 topping pizza for $21.  I have passed on it for more than 2 years and decided that I am not missing it this year.  It was great and provided lunch, a late night snack and my supper tonight.  Not too shabby when you think about it.  I searched on line for the best way to reheat the pizza and found that someone said use a frying pan.  You coat it with a little olive oil and use low heat.  Cover it and keep an eye on it.  If you don’t cover it the toppings won’t reheat.  Never heard of that one.  I used the oven (which I never do for reheating) and I burnt it, but got to it before it ruined the whole thing.

Today I managed to do the usual breakfast, I changed up my burger order to include an extra egg, it made it that much better.  It was a lot of burger to stuff in my mouth but it was very good.  Service has declined and I am tempted to look for another breakfast place or at least change it up.  Hit up the grocery store and I got a lot of soup.  I really am starting to feel the infection hitting me as I am coming down off roids.  My neck and shoulders are killing me and I have a slight cough.  I think I may wind up back at urgent care but this time it will be the place at work so it costs me a lot less. 

I am running low on pee pads for the Bear and then had a genius idea, order more and have them shipped to work.  People do it all the time, why not take advantage of it so I don’t get held up by having to go in to claim a package at the post office.  So I did just that.  Should have them by Tuesday if my calculations are correct. 

Managed to get my mom a gift card to the Olive Garden.  She loves that place and always gets the same thing soup & salad.  I got her card last week.  So I put it all together this afternoon and it’s ready to hit the mail tomorrow. 

I got a bill from my doctors office for a blood draw for $18.  They charged my insurance company for it, when they didn’t preform the service.  I turned them in for fraud.  Now the insurance company took back their money and the doctors office expects me to pay that.  Gee, if you actually preformed the service it wouldn’t be a big deal but since you didn’t I am not paying for it.  I sent them a nice strongly worded letter that told them to get their head out of their ass and write the charge off.  As if that isn’t motivation enough to comply I sent a copy to the insurance company claiming fraud again and I wrote the State Attorney General.  I don’t know why I seem to have billing issues but I always pay on time but only for services that have been rendered.  I am sure this will turn into a bigger mess which is why I included the other parties in the hopes to prevent it from spreading into a bigger problem. 

Cancelled my Hulu subscription today.  I have lived without it for 2 months and really don’t need it.  There is $7.99 back in my pocket.  Along with the $7 from my cancellation of Here TV.  Then figure in that I won’t be paying Lawn Boy until next year and I have a nice little extra stash of money. 

I priced out calendars today, selection in the naked man line isn’t exactly booming but I found a couple calendars that I can live with.  I didn’t order just yet.  I’d like to wait for this roof thing to shake out.  That will tell me where I stand and how much I can actually spend.  There are other things that I want and I am putting as much on hold right now as I can.  I am scared and hypersensitive to expenses right now.  Oh and speaking of roof guess what the weather forecast is for next Saturday?  If you said rain, you were right.  I am ready to give up and pick a week day to get it done.  However, we are far from next Saturday and a lot can and will change between now and then.  All I can do is pray, hope and wait & see. 

Took in a couple of great movies.  One was action & crime had Martin Lawrence in it and the other was a Romantic Movie called Five Dances.  Cute guy Ryan Steele in it.  Nice body and the boy can dance.  He’s also gay in the movie and in real life.  I did some research on him and found that he seemed oddly familiar because he was in an issue of OUT Magazine earlier this year.  He’s also got a partner, drats as if I even stood a chance.  

This week is going to start out busy.  I’ve got a couple meetings to attend tomorrow afternoon.  We are in open enrollment season, where you pick your benefits for next year this year.  Yeah I am pretty well keeping what I have, which is just vision and my participation in the 401K.  Everything else thankfully is taken care of for me by my late partners former employer.  That is a nice benefit to have because insurance is expensive.  I just hope that I can preform – I feel bad and really just want to lay around. 

Looks like there won’t be any John Oliver Last Week Tonight on.  Not happy about that but maybe it will give me a reason to turn in early.  I have to trim Marvin’s claws which isn’t going to go over well.  Plus he has to take a pill.  Unless Momma comes in I will probably be sleeping alone because he will be mad at me.  I’d like to cuddle with him.  Momma has interrupted that for a couple week and I miss my Marvin.

Well off to enjoy some ice cold water and see what I can find to watch on Netflix.  The Vacation Movie is out on Amazon but they want $15 to own it.  I don’t want to own it, I want to watch it.  Perhaps that price will drop this week.  Looks to be a funny movie and I can’t wait to see it but I won’t pay $15 that is crazy talk.  Take care and hopefully I will feel better during our next chat.  Enjoy the week ahead and make something great happen. 

23 October 2015

Comedy of errors

I tried to publish twice yesterday with no luck.  So I am hopeful that this post makes it.  I made it in yesterday, it was the day from hell.  Lots of problems and it was probably the best day of the week that I should have stayed home.  I didn’t feel so hot yesterday morning, which is the same this morning.  I got surprised when the massage lady showed up and she worked on me a little bit.  That helped make me feel more alive.  I am now in debt to her as well.  The guy next to me still has his pneumonia.

About 20 minutes before it was time to leave I got an alert on my phone that part of my regular commute was closed due to an accident.  I decided to drive into the storm and made a detour, thanks to SIRI I was able to find my way home.  It was like a mini adventure and was slightly fun.  People were driving like we were in a race.  I took my sweet time.

Everyone was waiting for me when I got home, everyone ate rather well.  I had BBQ Pork which was delicious.  I had some ice cream a bit later and Momma was sitting next to me, I turned her away.  I thought we just got you back on the pathway to life and I don’t want to muck it up, especially after all it cost me.  Not to mention the emotional hell I went through. 

I got a call yesterday about the roof, since were going to have rain today they opted to cancel.  We rescheduled for next Saturday.  The delivery was also supposed to be pushed back.  When I backed out of the driveway this morning I saw all of the material sitting on the roof.  I am guessing they delivered it yesterday but I don’t know that for certain.  If they were there this morning early they were very quiet.  I am not certain how the truck made it in the driveway since I didn’t bother to move the truck.  I called this morning and verified that that the roof is scheduled for next Saturday.  I let them know that the supplies are sitting on top of the roof.  They offered to have them picked up, I declined because they would just have to bring them back out again.  I mean they are safe in the elements, why muddy the waters.  I just wish all of the comedy of errors would stop and I could get this behind me. 

I am pretty emotional right now because next week would have been my late partners birthday, I have been thinking more and more about him.  I miss him so much but know that he would be proud of me.  I don’t honestly know how I have managed to make it this far.  Tack on my slight money worries and my job worries and presto you have 1 messy guy.  Let’s hope that the weekend gives me time to relax and sort things out so that I can be fresh next week.  I look forward to the weekend as always.  Got plans for a haircut and maybe driving to the buffet but I am not 100% on that.  I may just opt to eat at home.  The hair cut is a for sure thing, I am wearing a mop on my head.  Time to get it taken off 

I’ve been leaving my door open since Momma was sick and she comes to sleep with me every night now like clock work.  Her and Marvin do battle over the space next to me.  I spend some time with her, she leaves and I spend time with him.  I look forward to sleeping in my late partners bed this weekend, that always seems to reset my system and will make my neck and back feel much better.  No cats back there, they aren’t allowed.  Maybe someday when I get things all cleaned up but for now it’s just me. 

Well time to get to work and see if this will publish.  Talk with you all later.  Happy Friday and Happy Weekend!

21 October 2015

Another day on my back

In case you can’t tell by the title I stayed home again today.  It wasn’t what I wanted to do but it is what my body demanded.  I hurt all over and especially my neck was killing me.  I had my breakfast took my pills and took care of the children and their medicine – then it was off to the computer to tell everyone I was out for the day and I was back in bed.

I saw some interesting TV last night and again today both via NetFlix.  They have a PBS Nova Special on about Hacking and then there was a movie that was made about 3 hackers, that covered their arrest and provided a little bit of background on them.  Scary stuff but also very interesting. 

The children were happy that daddy was home another day.  I started eating and drinking my way through the house.  It wasn’t that I wanted to eat it was that I was bored and didn’t have anything else to do.  Every time I laid down I would eventually drift off for a little bit.  That will of course make sleeping tonight quite the challenge.  However, I made it to sleep last night and I have plans to make it to sleep tonight. 

I decided to use my floating holidays for my 2 days of sick time.  Not sure if that will fly at work but it’s worth a try.  I will gain a day next pay period which will be at the end of the month (next week).  Which will be a good thing.  Those floating holidays are use them or lose them.  You’ve got all year long and most people knock them out early.  Me I like to hang on to them as insurance.  But since I know that I will have PTO coming up incase of illness or weather issues I figure might as well use them now, as it will be a challenge to get them in by the end of the year. 

I just cancelled my subscription to HERE TV.  It a GLBT channel, they had some interesting programing but I am starting to see things repeat and they have not had anything I was interested in watching for a while.  It will save me $7.00 a month, plus tax.  That cost will cover the blocking feature I signed up for on my cell phone so in the end it’s a wash. 

Checked the weather and rain has moved to Friday and it is supposed to be clear on Saturday.  Listened to the weather tonight on TV and they said rain would be clearing on Saturday.  The whole roofing job is in limbo due to the weather.  All I can do is play along like it’s going to take place and if there is doubt I will reach out to the contractor on Friday to find out and hopefully be able to reschedule for the following Saturday, which would be Halloween.  Yikes!  Given my issues last week and again this week, taking time off makes me feel uneasy and I can’t afford to lose or put my job in jeopardy.  I am probably overly paranoid but better to be this way than to get surprised. 

I didn’t leave the house at all today and I am starting to feel better.  Hopefully that pattern continues and tomorrow morning there are no issues, so that I can get back to it.  Not that I really want to but hey it’s only 2 days and they will fly by.  Then I will get 2 more days to be at home and continue my recovery. 

Momma is still doing good.  I gave her the appetite stimulant just to error on the side of caution.  She has completed one medication for nausea.  Now we are finishing up with antibiotics and her thyroid pill.  Soon it will be down to the thyroid pill only and I think she will be happier about that.  Were about to go upstairs and get some treats.  It’s comedy Wednesday so there will be plenty of new TV to catch up on and that should keep me occupied for a while. 

Hope all is well in your neck of the woods.  Crossing my fingers that I will be going back tomorrow!

20 October 2015

Pumpkin Pancakes at last!

When I woke up for good this morning and had to get moving, I was tired.  It was from being up off and on all night long having to pee.  I felt slightly better but my body was still communicating to me that I was sick.  I was nauseated but still managed to wolf down breakfast.  I took my pills and almost barfed.  That is one of many things that happens when I am ill.  For some reason it’s a chore to swallow pills.  I even divided them up so there weren’t so many of them but that didn’t help at all.  Long story short I called in and took the day off.  I should have just had the roof done today, but as per usual hindsight is always 20/20.  I went back to bed and when I woke up a few hours later I got dressed and ushered myself off to the urgent care center.  I had to sit for over an hour because the doctor was doing stiches and there was 1 person ahead of me.  I must say that the stiches were serious because it took forever for the person ahead of me to be taken care of.  I have a maxillary sinus infection.  Shocker!  The pain with the ear and with chewing is a result of pressure and the same nerve that affects people with TMJ is what was acting up on me.  I left with a prescription for an antibiotic.  I explained what I usually take and how it’s difficult to obtain so we went went something more common that I am not allergic to.  I told the doc to bump up the dose because when I take this drug it’s always been given in a low dose and doesn’t kill off the bacteria.  Now I have a new horse pill to swallow.  I wanted to double dose it but decided against it.  If things aren’t better then I will have to either go through the urgent care at work (which I could have done for free and w/o the wait – but that means I would have also had to go to work) or go see my regular doctor.  If I can I would opt to see my regular doc, the urgent care at work has mixed reviews and I haven’t used it yet.  So I told my co-workers that the cat was better and now it was my turn.  A few of them wrote back and said that it was the cats turn to nurse me back to health.  I guess Momma heard them because she has returned to giving me kisses – which really caught me off guard. 

After the doc in the box I dropped off the script and grabbed the mail.  Then it was to POHI I mean IHOP, I had so much time on my hands I actually figured out what that word is spelled backwards.  Got me my pumpkin pancakes and an omelet.  It was awesome.  Then I grabbed my medicine and came home. 

I returned to watching TV and tried to skip out on passing out lunch.  The little beggars let me off the hook for a couple hours but then sent in a representative to pester me.  I gave in.  Even had to pass out special food for Ruth.  Momma ate some of that as well.  She is doing really good and still no appetite stimulant.  I think I may just hold off on that and see how things go.  If I need to give it I will certainly have it on hand and who knows it may help me out of a future pinch.  The rest of her medicine is on schedule and she is a real trooper about it.  I have to fight a little bit but she understands that I am doing it for her good, that doesn’t mean that she has to like it. 

Okay so now for some scary news.  This only happened one time yesterday but I had very blurry vision yesterday at work.  We all suffer from time to time from eye strain.  This was something more and I associate it with this sinus thing.  Still it was scary for around 10 to 15 minutes everything was blurry.  It didn’t matter if I had my glasses on or off.  Kind of freaked me out.  I didn’t tell anyone about it, because it was a one time thing.  I know I probably should have mentioned it today but opted to keep it simple.  I didn’t need to run up a bill for a cat scan (something I can get at home for free).  What in the world would I do if they found something seriously wrong with me?  That would be a horrible thing to go through w/o a partner here to be by my side.  It’s bad enough that I am sick and alone.  It didn’t hit me until about an hour ago and I am really depressed about it.  Not much I can do but forge forward.  Eventually the time will come when my body will fail me – all I can do is hope and pray that Mr. Right comes along before that happens.  Otherwise I will just be scared and alone.  Kind of a horrible thing to think about. 

Outside of Momma kissing me and Pumpkin Pancakes there is something good that came out of today.  The contractor dropped off the permit.  It’s hanging on the front door.  They also went down the street after they left, so I suspect that my neighbor will be getting a roof as well which means I get $200 which isn’t a bad deal.  The dummy that stopped by hung the permit on the outside of the door, even though I answered the door and gave him access to the inside.  So I let him do his thing and then once he was gone, I transferred it to inside the door to protect it from the weather.  Better safe than sorry.  Rain is still in the forecast for Saturday and while I am not happy about it, Saturday isn’t exactly here yet.  All I can do is stay tuned and wait to see what happens.

My plan now is to return to the office tomorrow, unless I am worse.  I doubt that I will be worse but it could happen.  My nose has started to bleed a little bit but that is common with my allergies and the nose spray.  Nothing to get alarmed about.  I also squeezed in a nap so my plan is to give myself a facial – take a hot shower and up the sleeping medication.  I should be out like a light.  Of course I will be up to pee since I am still on the steroids.  Sure will be nice when life can return to normal for me, but then again there will be something else to take the place of the problems that I am having now.  Let’s just hope they aren’t worse than what I am dealing with now.    Rain rain (as in problems) go away and don’t come back another day!

Hope that you had a great day.  Now on to net surfing and then to grab that facial which I am in need of.  I never had one done professionally but always wanted to.  Perhaps I will treat myself.  It will probably be a new addiction like massage is.  I guess I am a high maintenance kind of guy, but that’s okay because I am worth it and so are you!

19 October 2015

My turn

I guess with all of the recent stress it’s my turn to be ill.  Today when I got to work I noticed that my left ear started hurting.  By lunch time it was a challenge to eat but I kept chewing threw the pain.  I couldn’t wait to get home and start on ear drops.  Which I did.  My teeth started hurting as well so I knew that there is/was a sinus infection brewing.  I don’t want to take more time off to see a doctor.  What to do?  I started myself on steroids.  Not exactly the best thing to do without an antibiotic to accompany it.  I already feel a little bit better.  I also took 1000 mg of Ibuprofen so that should help.  The bad thing is I will be up all night peeing.  The good news is the pain should subside and I should be able to return to work tomorrow.  That is the goal.  I think I am delaying my impending doom and eventually I will need an antibiotic but for now I am going to try to forge forward.

Worried about the kids I peeked in on them through the camera.  I turned on the speaker and started hearing pounding.  What in the world was going on?  I thought great they started on the roof without me.  Nope.  I have no idea what I heard but everything is fine.  I looked all over my property and there is no permit posted.  That was supposed to happen today.  So I will give them another day and if there is no permit here by Tuesday night then Wednesday I will be calling again.  I shouldn’t have to police a contractor.  They should just do their job.  I mean were all adults.  However, like I told you I have bad luck in that area.

My neighbor at work told me that he was leaving early.  Turns out he has not only been sick for over a month but he developed full blown Pneumonia.  Yeah and came to work with a fever and all.  He’s got bigger problems than that.  They also found an aortic aneurism.  He has to meet with a surgeon on Wednesday to figure out how they are going to deal with that.  That would scare me to death.  One wrong move or if that thing decides to burst ahead of schedule, your done for good!  He’s had a lot of health problems and his wife the same way.  He actually moved here to be closer to his family because of his wife’s declining health issues. 

Progress with momma the vet called today to check on her while I was at lunch.  I told them all is well.  She waited tonight for ‘special’ food and is still eating like a champ.  I caught her in the litter box and were back to solid deposits.  Now I just have to make sure Ruth is okay and we should be home free.  Momma is due for her appetite stimulant tomorrow but with the way she is eating I am tempted to skip it.  The vet said it would be okay.  All I know is I don’t ever want to experience this again.  I won’t make the same mistake twice because I realize that I may not be lucky if there would be a next time.

That is all I have for now.  My back is killing me and I want to veg out in front of the TV before the rest of the evening flies by.  Big Bang Theory is on so that should be good for a laugh.  1 day down.  4 days to go.  Oh and there is rain the in forecast for Saturday.  Might not be getting that roof after all.  Sad smile

18 October 2015

Back in the game

Greetings once again folks.  I’ve got my hands full with these children.  Momma came home yesterday from the hospital.  They have her on a bunch of medication.  An antibiotic, A pill for nausea, A pill for her Thyroid (no more cream and it saves me around $17 a month) and an appetite stimulant.  The appetite pill is only given every 3rd day so she won’t be due for it until Tuesday.  She is eating, not like she used to.  Marvin comes in and makes his way through the buffet and he pushes out the girls (momma included) then they don’t want to eat because the bully is eating their food.  Ruth has diarrhea like her mother and she is being very picky about eating.  She doesn’t want anyone to watch her.  I can tell she doesn’t feel good.  If there ever was a cat that I didn’t want to take to the vet it would be Ruth.  She is known to bite and fight.  With no Rabies on board that would prove to be a problem.  I got some probiotics in her (a powder that you sprinkle on the food, she is the only one that loves it) and my hope is that will help normalize her gut and she will bounce back. 

Just the same I am prepared for the next emergency.  I got 2 cans of black top Salmon, 2 cans of store brand Tuna and 2 cans of baby food.  So the next one that decides to stop eating can have the red carpet rolled out for them.  I may break out some Salmon later today as a treat for everyone.

You can feel that things are different around here.  The tension is in the air and I am not happy about it.  I am worried about Ruth and Momma.  Then I have to make sure that everyone else will continue to eat.  It’s just another battle.  Then there is the money battle.  I am really feeling it.  Momma cost me another $400.  I honestly thought she wouldn’t make it but thus far things look pretty good.  I need her to keep eating and then her stomach will normalize and then she should be okay.  The vet said that she was rather perky and up front in the cage wanting attention.  She craved it from the moment she saw me.  I can tell that she still doesn’t feel good but she is making the best of the situation and I really am grateful for that.   I need a long term break from death.  No one or nothing around me can die for the next 500 years.  Seriously if I could go at least 5 years if not longer without facing death again it would help me out a lot. 

Now on to the matter of the roof.  I called the contractor and was pretty stern with them.  They told me that they were picking up the permit and it would be posted at my house on Monday.  We could start on Tuesday if I wanted.  I don’t have to be home.  However, I have no idea how the children would react and the vibration from the work would set off the house alarm, then the police would show up and it would be a fiasco.  So all the same I would rather be home.  I have the work scheduled for Saturday weather permitting.  Shingles will be delivered on Friday, so on Thursday night I will have to move the truck to the street and when I come home I will need to park my car on the street.  Not really happy about that.  It’s only one day though.  I don’t know how to deal with the inspector but I will figure that out as we go.  I am not abandoning the house for any period of time, I pay the bills here and unless something horrific happens it is where I will stay.

Back at work I had to beg two people to let me go early on Friday.  By the time I was done it was 4 once all of the dust settled on Friday.  I stopped in at my local Cracker Barrel and got some Grilled Catfish.  It was rather tasty.  Had to have a piece of Double Chocolate Coca Cola Cake for desert.  Paid cash since I had money from my massage that I had to cancel.

Then there is the matter of my computer that blew up.  I tried everything that I knew but I couldn’t save the configuration as it was.  I had to wipe roll back to Windows 8.1 and then upgrade to Windows 10.  Then reload all of the software and restore my data from the cloud.  It was a very long and painful process.  I spent most of the day yesterday working on the damn thing.  I still use MS Money to manage my finances and some stuff I backup with a paper register but the majority of it is all in the program.  So if the program fails I am fucked and as usual it’s not in a good way.  I had a hell of a time getting it to run.  I figured out the problem on my own but I honestly don’t know how I did it, what led me down the path.  Anyway I have to run the program in Windows 10 as an Administrator.  I had to turn down the UAC settings so I am not prompted each time I run the program to have an extra click.  Then all is well.  Today I ran into the same thing with Live Writer which is how I post my blog.  It will not run as a regular user, you have to run it as an Administrator.  The best practice today is to have 2 accounts.  1 Admin where you configure the computer and then a regular user account that you use to login in with everyday.  The purpose behind that is if you get something malicious such as malware or a virus since the user doesn’t have Admin rights it won’t be able to execute and you save your self a whole lot of trouble.  Do I follow best practice?  Nope, I use one account and run as an Administrator all of the time.  I’ve got sufficient protection in place plus my old but wise brain that keep me out of trouble.  I am honestly not sure why Calculator stopped working on me.  It was after I loaded on an update to some software that I need to connect to work that things went awry.  I haven’t loaded that software yet but it’s next.  I sure hope that we don’t run into problem again.  This whole event could have been a lot worse if my data was not backed up.  Turns out the data insurance, (which is what I refer to as backup subscriptions to Carbonite and CrashPlan) came in handy.  It’s not the first time and it won’t be the last.  I’ve used both and my preference is CrashPlan, they do a better job and your can encrypt your data where you are the only holder of the decryption key, that is assurance that all of your stuff stays your stuff and your business and no one else's.

Speaking of encryption I had this wild idea that when I got my last external hard drive that I would set an encryption password.  What’s on the drive?  Gee would you be surprised if I told you it was porn?  Well it is.  Now this is a collection that has taken me years to build and of course the drive wanted to fight me when I went to install it and decrypt the data.  I got it on my laptop and it worked just fine.  So then I started looking at ways to decrypt the drive, turns out the answer was right in front of me.  I used my backup service to restore software that came with the drive.  Then I installed that on the machine and was able to remove the password, which I remembered.  If I would have forgotten the password everything on the drive would have been gone and I would have had to format and restore from the cloud, which when your talking several hundred video files could have taken 2 weeks or longer.  Glad I dodged that bullet as well.

Let’s move on to guys, a subject that will be much more fun for me to write about.  There is a certain guy at the pet food store that I have been crushing on.  Well he smiled at me yesterday then he asked me for my phone number.  Not for a date but for the rewards program at the store.  I wanted to say well now that you have my number, can I have yours?  It’s cheesy but straight to the point at the same time.  I know he’s got a girl friend and well he’s way younger so I am sure he wouldn’t be interested in me.  It made me melt a little when he smiled at me.  I also couldn’t get up the courage to tell him that he had red glitter on his face.  Today I went grocery shopping and the same hot guy I saw a couple weeks back was there.  Wearing shorts and they showed off his ass rather well.  I wanted to approach him but opted not to.  Then he ran into a friend and they started chatting and he said I just had a kid.  Well there it is two for two both straight and taken!  Where have all of the hot single good gay guys gone to?  Do they even exist?  I mean that is outside of myself.  Yeah surprise I consider myself a good guy.  I am faithful – don’t dabble in drugs and can count on one hand my number of sex partners, plus I have no STD’s.  Now if I could just meet a guy I think the rest of my life might fall into place.  Everything in time.  I am still using the online apps and thus far nothing, unless I want to move overseas.  Sadly there are a fair amount of robot profiles.  You think it’s a real person and carry on a conversation with them only to find that the next person you speak with, you carry on the same conversation all over again.  I hate robots and chatbots – they suck.  I want a real guy to whisper sweet nothings in my ear not a robot.

Well time to go back to work on the laundry, then put the finishing touches on the pc and surf for more porn to add to my ever growing collection.  If I had as much money as I do in porn I would be a very wealthy person.  Maybe someday that will happen, but I won’t be holding my breath.  God apparently wants me to work for everything that I have.  I am tired and ready for retirement but that won’t be happening for a very long time.  Speaking of which I made some changes in my retirement accounts, hopefully that pays off.  I wanted an even mix of stocks and bonds, it didn’t quite work out that way but I am happy with what I chose, thus far.  I will know soon enough if it was a smart move or not. 

Here is to a problem and drama free week.  Looking forward to Saturday so I can put this roof thing behind me.  Part with some more money and call it a day.  Thanks for stopping by to read all about my world.  I hope yours is going well.  Talk with you all again soon.  Fingers crossed for no more kitty drama either!

16 October 2015

Dead PC

So I was having a problem with my home PC.  The calculator application wouldn’t open.  I tried a system restore point to fix it and now the damn thing won’t boot up.  You know in the middle of having all of the issues I am going through right now this is not a good time for PC failure.  Not that there is a good time for it.  I had to pry myself away from the machine last night.  I figured if I walked away I could come back with a clear head and fix it. 

I have done some searching and found the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool.  You can download a copy of Windows 10 and have it on disk to install on different machines.  Kind of nice.  It also apparently doubles as a repair tool so I am going this route which is far better than going back to windows 8.1 and upgrading all over again.  Plus it’s my hope that I won’t have a high amount of data loss and that I will be able to recover from this more easily.  All of my stuff is backed up so data loss isn’t a huge concern.  Sitting in front of a machine reinstalling software and scrambling for product keys as well as configuring my Outlook all over again is however something that I would like to avoid if at all possible.  So this will be my quest later today.

Momma update – every time I give her the nausea medication she pukes.  This morning she puked bile and that is more serious to me.  Plus she crapped all over her self, which is not normal.  I see her muscles twitching and can tell that she is entering a more serious stage of dehydration.  It’s decision time.  I am going to hospitalize her later today.  I am at work now but plan on leaving around lunch time and taking the rest of the day.  My hope is with some fluid and some IV medication that she will bounce back.  Clearly what I am doing at home isn’t working.  While I don’t want to spend the money because after all it is a gamble, her name is Lucky for a reason.  I hope and pray that this won’t be money flushed down the drain.  Get her hydrated, settle her stomach and then I think she will start eating again.  Hopefully with in a day or two I can get her back home.  If that isn’t possible then we may have to part ways.  However, even though I have the doom feeling I owe it to her to try – if I give up now I will never know what could have been and that in its self will consume me.  I know that she can’t wait until Saturday.  This is a medical emergency for her and the quicker I react the better her chances of recovery. 

Still early here, but no word on the roof.  I will be dealing with them this afternoon once I am done dealing with the vet.  Hopefully this will be a productive afternoon.  Get momma taken care of, get some dates set in stone for the roof and get my pc fixed.  God I am going to be wiped out but at least I will have the weekend to recover. 

Say your prayers for me, I need them.  Forging forward!

15 October 2015


Momma slept with me last night and had an accident in my room.  I was up and down all night long.  If it wasn’t her it was me and then add in Marvin.  I got enough sleep but decided due to Momma’s condition that I wasn’t going to play.  I took the day off and got her to the vet.  Found out that it’s all my fault.  Her Thyroid is high and that is why she isn’t eating.  Cost me $250.  Plus she still isn’t eating.  I’ve got medication to help with Nausea but thus far no luck.  She looks like she is drinking but she is trying to fool me and just standing over the water.  She is partially dehydrated.  I’ve tried fresh crab, special food and nothing has worked thus far.  Her girls have also decided to start skipping meals, at least lunch and supper.  Bear talked me in to lunch today he was just persistent and I gave in. 

Honestly I have a bad feeling about this.  I think I am going to lose Momma but really don’t want to.  She is only 13 years old which is young.  I mean we have had a decent amount of time together but there is never a good time to part ways.  Right now I am not terribly concerned about the girls, they just sense something is wrong with their mom.  If they skip too many more meals then I will have a huge problem on my hands.  I love all of them and don’t want to lose any of them.  Right now all I can do is hope and pray for the best. 

The vet said that if she isn’t eating by Saturday I need to bring her back.  They will want to hospitalize her and that will cost me more money.  I could easily be in the same situation as I was with Blu where I pay out a small fortune but still wind up with a dead cat. 

I also have concerns about my job and my not being there causing me issues.  I have to keep my job no matter what but my family which are the cats come first.  Ugh.

I called about the roof, turns out they got the permit.  They were supposed to call me back today and let me know something.  I heard nothing.  They are supposed to call tomorrow.  If they don’t contact me by early afternoon, I will be calling asking for a manager.  I don’t want to get ignorant about this but I paid for something that came with promises and thus far they are not living up to their promises.  I also have a bad feeling about this, that the work isn’t going to get done and I will have to go to court to get my money back, hire a different contractor and possibly pay more in the end.  However, I could just be overly dramatic.  Right now there is a red flag raised and my plan is to pester them until they set a delivery date and an install date.  This isn’t a fly by night company.  They have all sorts of accreditation and have a relationship with the BBB. 

So it’s been a day filled with problems and worry.  Let’s hope that tomorrow is different.  I also hope that when I go upstairs and break out the Pumpkin Ice Cream that Momma decides to help.  I just want to see her eat a little bit of something, I think that will lead to progress and we can build from there.  I can’t afford to spend a ton of money on her, I am hoping that things turn around for the better in the next 24 hours. 

14 October 2015

Worried about momma

Momma left me more unwanted presents in the basement tonight.  I passed out the evening treat and she passed on it.  I opened special food for her and everyone loves that.  She passed on it as well.  So something is clearly wrong here.  She is drinking but apparently isn't eating at the moment.  I am concerned about it.  However, she ate Breakfast so it's not an emergency.  I gave her a small dose of medicine to help stop the hershey squirts.  Hopefully, that will settle her stomach and she will feel like eating in the morning.  

Funny thing about this batch of cats is they all have gone on a hunger strike at one point or another.  Momma has been in the hosptial before.  I don't want to take her back there.  If they stop eating unless they start again it's a death sentence.  I don't have money to pour out but at the same time I don't just throw my hands up and give up right away.  We try what we can and if that doesn't work well then things don't look so good.  

As if you can't tell by my writing there is more worry on my part.  I lost one this year already back in May and I don't want to lose another one now.  Especially Momma, she is the matriarch of the family and I am not sure that everyone can survivie without her, especially Ruth.  She really looks up to Momma.

Funny thing is Momma slept with me last night.  I guess she hasn't been feeling well for a while.  I think it's finally taking it's tole on her and she is crying out for help.  I have no problem taking her to the vet but I know she won't be thrilled about it and neither will my wallet.  

No movement on the roof.  I am calling them tomorrow.  I can understand a slight delay because Monday was a government holiday but this is really unacceptable for the amount of money I am shelling out.  It's a peice of paper and not that difficult to obtain.  Let's get this over with already.  I don't know why but when I place an order for something service related things always seem to go awry.

Work has been okay.  I went to lunch with my new friend but didn't come out to her.  I still want to but I am kind of unsure if it's the right thing to do.  Speaking of work tomorrow is pay day and it took me exactly 17 minutes to give away all of my money.  Then I found that I posted a debit to one of my credit cards last month and it should have come out of my checking account.  How do you spell overdrawn? In my records I am overdrawn but it hasn't actually happened.  Which is a good thing because the overdraft protection is expensive and they love to tack on fees.  I know this from my late partners checking account, which he overdrew more than once.  So come tomorrow everything will be hunky dory with the bank - then they dispurse my money to pay bills and presto I am out of money.  

I got an email from Microshaft that Office 2016 is out.  I would like to upgrade but I am not confident that it won't play hell with my encrypted mail service, which is a plugin for Outlook.  The cost for me is only $9.95 and that is for Office Pro Plus.  It's thanks to my employer and the Home Use Program.  It's a great deal and how I upgraded to Office 2013.  Everything is working right and it's a case of do I want to take a chance on messing it up?  I don't send many encrypted emails these days but when I have the need I want the service to preform.  Risk seems to be associated with everything we do in life.  You could fail, it could cause a problem, you might run out of money, you could get sick, you could be injured and the list goes on.  Rather depressing. 

Speaking of depressing it's time to wrap things up and call it a night.  I shall talk with you folks again soon.  Hopefully I will have some good news to report about Momma and the Roof, the more good news the better.  I hope all is well in your world.  Take care!

12 October 2015

The Combo Post

Sunday was pretty much a normal day.  I woke up late, got to eat breakfast really late and went grocery shopping.  I had the house cleaned up, laundry under control.  Worked in a nap and got to spend time with the furry family and watch TV.  Not a bad way to spend the day. 

Ms. Momma decided to crap in my office last night.  No reservations about it, she just comes in squats and there it was.  I yelled at her, she meowed back to me.  Not exactly sure what she was trying to say.  I cleaned it up.  I didn’t vacuum downstairs, maybe that is what she wants.  I am not entirely sure what she is after or is trying to tell me.  All I know is that if I have to keep cleaning up after her like this, she will get a visit to the vet.  It’s about check up time anyway but I really don’t want to go through that, considering all of the other money I have spent.  I am watching her Thyroid medication refill and will be calling it in as soon as I can.

Supper last night was Lasagna and Apple Crisp.  Not exactly paired for each other but it wasn’t bad.  Tonight is Chicken Parm with Pumpkin Bread Pudding.  Again not exactly paired for each other but it will be quick. 

Yesterday was National Coming Out Day.  No surprise with my blogs name that I am gay.  Woop – no big deal.  I know that for a lot of people it takes a lot to come out and there are different circumstances with everyone.  I have always said and will always say that coming out is a very personal decision.  It is right for some and not right for others.  Only you can decide if this is something you want to do.  You can do it any day of the week and it doesn’t have to be a holiday.  Just know that once you utter the words that your gay or you like people of the same sex, that is something that you won’t be able to take back.  I am not trying to discourage anyone, just laying out the facts.  I am who I am, just as you are who you are and there isn’t anyone or anything that can change that.  Gay or Straight, were all just human. 

Today is Columbus Day here in the US, looks like it’s Thanksgiving in Canada if I am reading my calendar correctly.  If so, Happy Thanksgiving Canada!  Here it means that most banks, courts, and the post office are all closed.  Some schools and very few businesses close as well.  The commute in to work was very easy but tomorrow I expect that it will return to being it’s normal difficult self. 

I am going out to lunch tomorrow.  Might be Cheesecake Factory might be some place else.  Kind of depends on what mood me and my guest are in.  I will be headed to lunch with a co-worker that I have become close with.  Relax, it’s a female and she’s married.  She’s rolling in the dough so that isn’t a bad thing.  She doesn’t have all of the common worries that you and I have but I am sure that she has her struggles.  She is a lot of fun and we joke with each other.  I am weighing the pros and cons but I think I am going to tell her more about me, if you get my drift.  I don’t think it will be a problem and from what I have seen thus far she keeps a secret pretty well.  Not that it’s a huge secret of who I am, but I really don’t want that circulating in the workplace. 

Funny thing I am setting up to help some folks today with a meeting and one of the participants comes up to me and says hey I think I know you.  Yeah he used to own one of the places I worked at in the past.  It was a family business and even though he was family, we both got a raw deal.  It was really good to see him.  He had to gloat and tell the whole room we used to work together.  Yeah I used to work on his computer.  It was odd that our paths would cross but the world is a small place and you just never know who you will run into. 

No word on the roof, I know they probably can’t get the permit today because of the holiday.  So maybe I will hear something tomorrow.  Hopefully this is a done deal very soon.  I am so worried about what they will find after they rip off the roof.  I pray that it’s nothing major and can be fixed.  Like all of the other challenges I have faced, I want this behind me and as fast as possible.  I want to pay off the other loan and be able to breathe a sigh of relief.  It’s been an eventful year and there is still a few more months left before we can call it a done deal. 

I hope that all is well in your world and that the sun is shining bright.  Nothing much else happening.  Just looking forward to quitting time so that I can go home to see the children, rub some bellies, fill my belly, relax and get some sleep before it’s time to do it all over again tomorrow.  Warm weather all week long, it’s like Summer is still here.  That will pass soon enough so I am enjoying it while I can.  AC is back on.  Cheers for now!

10 October 2015

Lazy Saturday

I had no real plans for today.  I thought about venturing to the buffet for a bite to eat, but didn’t make it.  Instead I spent most of the day sleep and watching TV.  It was nice to be able to lay around and not worry about anything or anyone.  The children enjoyed the time together as well.  I’ve got a crick in my shoulder/neck and I thought taking it easy would help.  That didn’t work. 

Around 3pm I ventured out to a new BBQ place a friend told me about.  It was based on the same idea of the place I went to last week, only this was way better.  Cost was reasonable at $9 for a pork platter, two sides and a drink.  I really wanted to order more, but ventured back home after I was done.  I watched more TV and then fed the children and went out for cat food. 

I saw a gay couple shopping for their dog.  They had to be in college, they were super young.  One of them was really cute and the other well not so much.  It was obvious they were gay but no one made a big deal out of it.  I thought about chatting them up to get some dating tips, but that would have probably been awkward for both of us not to mention a little creepy.  I’ve been on the dating apps and I get more messages on Grinder than any other site.  I have no profile, no face picture, just on there to look at photos.  I don’t respond to any of the messages I get.  I really wish that someone sincere would hit me up.  I got a match on Tinder from a Super Like but he hasn’t made any move yet.  On another site I am on I had someone overseas message me and tell me that I was beautiful.  That was sweet but not exactly what I am looking for.  Tonight I caught a glimpse of myself in my computer monitor from glare.  I thought wow who is that hot guy.  I also managed to visit the scale and found that I have lost some weight, from skipping meals.  Pretty good.  I could probably drop a lot of weight that way but food is like my last friend and I can’t say no to it.  Get me a man to substitute and then we can talk. 

I am washing Big Boy’s bed, since he peed in it earlier this week.  One of the girls rearranged the pads and he missed it.  Not his fault.  Everyone loves the bed and throw in a plastic pee pad and they are like in heaven.  It must be comfortable.  I bought it for him to sleep in but if he wants to use it as a litter box, it’s okay by me.  Whatever works and is consistent, which sounds silly but it actually makes life easier. 

So this week Justin Bieber broke the internet again when full nude photos were released.  Even his Dad had a comment saying something to the effect of Wow that’s my boy.  Yeah he’s got a big instrument and there are lots of people that want to go for a ride.  I for one think he is gorgeous.  I don’t necessarily like the way he has treated people.  Additionally, no one has stopped to think these might be fake nudes, I mean photoshop has been around for years and lots of people are very good at faking photos.  The only way to know if it’s the real deal is to see it live and in person and then you have something to compare to the photos.  If your looking to be a role model I don’t think having nude photos of you floating about is necessarily a good thing.  Just my opinion.

Also Danny Pintauro, former child star from Who’s The Boss told the world he had AIDS and that he has recovered from using Meth.  I just listened to an interview he did where he talked about a certain guy that he was attracted to who offered him meth and he wanted to try BDSM.  Yeah, I can tell you he was someone’s fuck toy.  He said that meth makes you feel so good that you just don’t want to stop using it.  You can use X once and not want it again for a long time but Meth, you will crave every day.  I remember when he first came out of the closet.  That was a big shocker.  I am frankly disappointed that he made bad choices and wound up with AIDS.  However, I think that he is doing a good thing by speaking out.  I am happy that he has a husband now and has settled down.  It sounds kind of crazy but being in the position I am in now, I understand how drugs can be appealing.  If they make you feel so good, I can understand how you would want to do things you normally wouldn’t otherwise engage in.  Like being a bottom in a gang bang.  I hope that Mr. Pintauro reaches someone and maybe prevents another guy from following in his footsteps.  When you have been through hell and back, I can understand wanting to share your story and try to help other people from falling victim to the same mistakes you made. 

Okay enough of that.  I got a call from the roofing people they are waiting on the permit.  No kidding.  They are supposed to let me know how much it’s going to cost but I think they are just going to apply for it and bill me.  I did my homework yesterday and found out that the cost of the permit is $70 which isn’t bad.  If they will get it and not charge me too terribly much then it’s worth not taking a day off from work just for that.  I keep thinking about black mold and am kind of worried about what they are going to find when they rip the top off of this cat house.  I hope all they see is fur and normal roof/attic stuff and nothing more.  I have some wiggle room but really don’t want to spend anymore than I have to.  I want the job done, want to pay the final bill and call it a day.  Then I can pay off my other loan and keep my wiggle room money for a rainy day or two.  Being a homeowner is expensive, especially when you have to go it alone.  If I had two incomes then things wouldn’t be so bad.  However, given the circumstances I think I am doing okay. 

As if you can’t tell I feel lonely today and wishing that I wasn’t alone.  I’ve been thinking a lot about BLU and TAZ.  It’s hard to believe that Tuesday will be the 1 year mark without Mr. BLU.  I remember that week of hell last year where I tried everything I could but it just didn’t work.  I wished it would have, we were just forming a great bond and he was starting to trust me.  Add in this being the month that my late partner would have celebrated his birthday and well it’s really a depressing mess.  Strange as it sounds I feel all 3 of them near me and telling me keep on going.  While I am very proud of my success there is still a long road ahead of me and a huge crater of a hole in my heart.  Time is helping to heal things but it’s a slow process. 

With that I think I will call it a night.  Back to the TV and eventually to bed.  Happy Saturday.  I know that tomorrow I will have wished I would have done more today but it’s okay, it is what it is.  I hope next week is a great week and moves just as fast if not faster than this week did.  Looking forward to November and Thanksgiving.  Ta for now! 

08 October 2015

Still going

It’s been a busy week, today feels like Friday but it’s only Thursday.  In any case I got financing for the roof and have put down a deposit.  Now I am waiting for a call back about the permit, the delivery date and the date the contractor will start.  All of this is/was supposed to happen today but I don’t think anyone will call until tomorrow.  If I don’t hear from them then I will be calling them.  They have my money and we have a contract.  Very much to my surprise they give me a week to change my mind but that won’t happen. 

I spoke with my Insurance folks and while my deductable will change there isn’t going to be a refund.  Sounds like I would have been better filing a claim.  While I could do that the ball is in motion and why stop it.  Filing a claim would mean an adjuster would have to come out, then there would be a meeting of the minds and who knows how much of a mess that would make things.  I will certainly sleep better and feel better once the job is done.

I don’t know quite how it happened but I will have some extra money left over when I am done.  I am paying off my consolidation loan so there will only be 1 loan payment and it’s cheaper interest.  Still after doing that I could go do some retail therapy and not have to worry.  Most probably I won’t, I will focus on saving as much as I can.  I do have to go calendar shopping though, outside of that all of my other expenses I hope will be run of the mill.  I could get the truck fixed but I am not eager to go sit in another waiting room anytime soon.  So I will probably put that off for a bit. 

The children have messed up the rug, but we knew that would happen.  The house still has retained most of the benefit from the cleaning that I have done.  Outside of the rug the only other issue is with the table cloth on it’s hard to tell who’s under the table.  Thus far everyone is doing well.  I am concerned about Big Boy (Bear) when the roof goes on, I will probably have to carry him to the basement but we shall see. 

Outside of the roof deal and trying to keep the house clean, everything else in life is going along normally.  Still watching Drop Dead Diva and loving it.  There you have it, now you know as much as I do. 

The afternoon is here and things are dragging by.  Oh my bosses day gift turned out to be a winner.  My boss didn’t even know that bosses day was coming up.  See I suspected that no one did anything for her.  I will take those Brownie points where I can get them.  I am really and honestly thankful for her kind gesture to hire me and just like to remind her that I appreciate what she has done.  Bosses day I think is the perfect day that is taylor made for just that.  BTW its next Friday in case your wondering. 

So on with the afternoon.  Frozen White Castle Cheeseburgers and some ketchup for supper.  To follow with a diet soda and then a little computer time.  Then it will be back to time spent with the children as we prepare for Friday.  Were having pizza catered in tomorrow, so there is something to look forward to as well as the fact its Friday again.  No weekend plans thus far.  Would be nice if I met someone that would change that slightly for me but I am good with napping. 

Talk with you again soon!

04 October 2015


Much to my surprise I received an email that my loan has been funded.  The last time I went through this process, that meant that I was approved.  I took a look at the permit application and filled some of it out.  Turns out that the city wants to inspect the job before you can occupy or live in the space.  Really?  Makes me wonder how we are going to get this job done on the weekend.  I mean they can do the work but legally I can’t live in my home until Monday when an inspector is available.  I am going to see how we work around this or if that is possible.  I’d like to avoid taking time from work but if I have to, I have it.  I have to be here when the work is done, that is my rule.  I don’t know how the cats are going to react and I think they would be more comfortable if I was here.  I will also probably buy some Feilaway diffusers, which place comfort pheromones in the air to help calm kitty.  They are super expensive but they last for 30 days so I think it’s worth it.

Finished up the usual events and tasks of the day.  I got the waitress I can’t stand this morning at Steak N Shake.  She acts so plastic and it gets on my nerves, I don’t know if she is trying to put on a show or if she is naturally that way, but I don’t like her.  I gave her my order and she forgot my bowl of chili which I ordered first.  Thankfully she remembered my burger.  I got the bowl of chili after I said something and it was no charge.  That was nice. 

At the normal grocery store I racked up a bill of $74 and got it for $54 with coupons, not bad!  Then I went to get my oatmeal at the upper class store.  All of the cute bagger boys were not out yet.  I got to see a couple pieces of eye candy.  I wanted to grab one guy by the ass so bad.  Oh it’s pure hell to window shop.  I can’t wait until I can actually touch the merchandise again. 

Very cold here, Gator is back to hiding under the covers to get warm.  I fired up the furnace for a little bit to help get everyone warm.  I think it will be on overnight so it’s not so cold when I wake up.  The cold will cause you to wake up in a hurry but it won’t be enjoyable.  Speaking of which I purchased some spray on moisturizer from Vaseline.  One of my friends said a friend of hers loves it.  If it keeps my back from itching then I am all for it.  However, I haven’t found a product yet that actually works all day long.  This stuff is supposed to go for 24 hours, so we shall see. 

Claws are done!  Ruth ran from me and peed on the carpet.  However I got to take the gloves off and actually hold her paw without her trying to gnaw off my hand.  I am making progress but I don’t think she will ever be a lap cat or like to be held.  It’s not the claw trimming that is the issue it’s the fact that she is held hostage for a brief period of time.  She also got brushed, which I know she enjoys but she acted like she hated it.  I got to smell her dragon breath.  When she gets upset you can smell it in her breath and see her fire red tongue and gums. 

I have been hot all day long and the sinus soup has been busy pouring.  I can sense that something is amiss and rather than wake up and have to call in, I started on some steroids.  Perhaps it’s just allergies but I would rather have all of it under control.  Speaking of work, I ordered my boss some candy and fruit arrangement to be delivered on Tuesday for Bosses Day.  That holiday isn’t until next week but she will be on vacation and rather than have her wait I wanted to get her before she went on vacation.  I have a feeling that no one really does anything for her and last year my gift by mail sat for days before she called me up to thank me.  I know for a fact that I should get a call on Tuesday, unless something goes wrong.  This cost me a small fortune so I really hope it goes off without a hitch and that she enjoys it.  I threw in a Mylar Balloon for good measure, which also hiked up the price. 

I also took the time to cash out on my reward cash on each of my credit cards.  One had $29 and the other had $19 so not a bad day.  It takes a while to accumulate since it’s 1% of total purchases but once it gets into the $20 level I am quick to cash it in, need that money!

Marv and Ruth are in hiding they didn’t come to supper.  Now if they don’t show up for treat time, then I will know something is wrong.  Marv is in my room hiding behind the chair, which he never does.  That is his brothers place.  Ruth is downstairs with me hiding next to the treadmill.  At least it’s getting used for something. 

I took time to clean up my bedroom a little bit.  Emptied out the underwear drawer, threw a few pairs away.  Got a reminder that I own jocks.  I think they are super hot but wearing them all day long, not my thing.  Emptied out the sock drawer and found that there was a ton of socks that I haven’t been wearing.  Fixed that by rearranging them.  Got the iPad out and plugged in, it’s getting IOS 9.2 it was down to 30 minutes when I came downstairs, it should be ready to install when I go back up in a bit. 

Quantico and Last Week Tonight are my TV shows for the evening.  Looking forward to both of them.  There are other things waiting for me on my DVR that I haven’t watched.  I’ve mostly stuck with Drop Dead Diva the entire weekend, lots of interesting content there.  I really like Fred the Guardian Angel, he could come guard me any day of the week.  Just saying. 

Nothing special planned for the week, just another week in the life.  Looking forward to the weekend as usual.  I think we might get a free lunch this week and were in the month where there should be a fire drill.  I really don’t look forward to that, it’s a lot of walking and it’s murder on me, but if it were the real thing I would be thankful that I could actually walk to get out.  That’s all from here for now.  Talk with you all again soon.  I hope that you had an awesome weekend!

03 October 2015


So I busted my ass to clean this place and whip it in to shape.  Wouldn’t you know it the sales guy for the roof never ever set foot inside the house.  I wasn’t happy about that.  I woke up early and baked Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls.  I cleaned the table, which I haven’t done since LB passed away and got out a table cloth.  The last time the table cloth was out was when I closed on the house last year.  A lot of work and a very sore back for nothing but at least I can be proud of what I see. 

So turns out that I have hail and wind damage to the roof.  I checked my policy and the deductible would be $3 thousand dollars.  The cost for the roof is $6 thousand dollars.  Either way the policy would go down because of a new roof.  However, I would have a claim on file and that would make the rates go up next year.  So I think it’s better to pay the cost of the roof myself.  There is a pipe that is leaking into the bathroom.  I was told that can cause black mold, which would be a mess to clean up and quite costly.  Yeah if they find that I will file an insurance claim no question about it.  I really hope they don’t find anything.  I asked a lot of questions, which is nothing new for me.  I like to know what I am getting myself into.  Turns out the cost of the permit isn’t figured in to the estimate, which really took me by surprise.  Plus this contractor will meet any other estimate and give me a 5% discount.  I asked what if I don’t call anyone else and the job is yours?  They will knock 5% off which saves me close to $400, which is nice.  I am not going through the bid process, I should to be sure that I am getting a good deal but I have trust and faith in the contractor that I selected.  I have applied for financing and if all goes well I will have my money next week.  I won’t break the news to them that they have the job until I have the money.  I am rolling the cost of the roof and the balance of my consolidation loan into 1 loan, I get a little cheaper interest rate but it’s a 5 year loan and the payment is actually a little bit less than what I am paying for the consolidation loan.  The part that sucks is there is a loan fee that comes off the top.  I have a margin of $200 and I have factored in the permit cost of $100 (which no one knows the cost for the permit, but I am sure it won’t be $100).  Hopefully there won’t be anything extra.  Now the hardest part is picking out a color for the shingles.  The sales guy said to get black, but that holds in heat and I am not so sure that I want that.  They have a white that is energy efficient and it’s a choice between that or Chapel Grey.  This roof will last 25 years – which would make me 69 years old.  I have no idea if I will be walking the earth then much less if I will be living here.  I really have the strong desire to move and start life over again but I am resisting that urge.  Sort of like the whole new car thing. 

While I was waiting this morning I looked on the dating app I am on and the perfect guy who was a 92% match appeared.  He had a beard, which is kind of a turn off but looking through his profile we really clicked.  He was younger (32 or 35) so I wouldn’t be a cradle robber.  I reached out and sent him a message.  Now most guys start out with hi how are you or hey sexy … you know something basic but also something bordering on cheesy.  I have my own approach and tell the guy that I like their profile and would like to get to know them.  Some people I tell my name to and other people I do not.  Ever since I have started this the same thing happens.  The guy reads the message and then either doesn’t respond or blocks me.  Makes me wonder what is wrong with me?  Now the problem may not be with me, but rather with my wording.  I am intelligent and want to carry on a decent conversation but I think lines like hi, what’s up or how are you are just boring.  Maybe I should go back to the basics?  What do you think?

Not having a guy and entering in to the birth month of my late partner as well as it being fall makes me lonely.  I think about how I setup our Civil Union Anniversary to be 2 month from his birthday, so he couldn’t forget it.  Clever I know.  Sad that 3 short months after we were united he passed away.  I found myself earlier this week on the way to work and Charlie Puth’s When I see you again song came up on my phone.  I listened to the song and started out fine but by the time it was 1/2 way over with I was driving with tears in my eyes.  Not exactly the best way to start off the day, especially when your driving to work. 

I am scared to start over with another guy but at the same time I am also excited.  There are risks to everything.  Start slow and build from there.  You don’t need to jump into bed on the first date.  In fact I have no desire to do that.  Now if this is the guy of my dreams I am sure my reaction will be different but I really would like to find that special guy to light up my world and me light up theirs.  It would give a whole new meaning to the holidays as well as life in general.  I have come a long way and still am managing to over come adversity.  It’s a very scary journey and major purchases or major decisions make me wish that I had someone who was along with me for the ride and could help ease the decision making process or at least comfort me.

In other news I ventured out to the BBQ place that the guy recommended last week.  It was a nice trip the food wasn’t the best and I can’t say that I will be back.  I should have pressed on and gone to the buffet.  However, I didn’t.  I did go out for supper for Baked Spaghetti which came with a salad and a slice of garlic bread.  Then I had to have desert and dropped $20 which I think was reasonable for what I had.  I wish there were more meat in the sauce but it was really good.  This is the same place I go for pizza, it was a nice change of pace. 

On the agenda for tomorrow is breakfast, grocery stores, gas up the car.  I need to finish up laundry, clean the bathtub and then trim claws.  Yikes!  I look forward to breakfast but that’s it.  The rest of the day involves physical activity, spending money or both.  Then comes Monday and I have to go back to work, that won’t be any fun, but all good things must come to an end.  It’s easy to spend money it’s hard to make it, at least by honest means.  If I were into crime, drugs or both then money might not be so hard to come by but my life would also be in danger.  Better to stick to the honest living thing and let the cards fall where they may. 

Happy Saturday!  Now on to the relaxing part of the day and eventually bed time.  No ac or heat on, the house is at around 72 degrees.  It’s been in the high 50’s and 60’s all day.  Overcast and a little bit of rain.  It’s jacket weather for sure.  Not happy about the extra layer but I knew it was coming.  Oh I forgot the best part of the roof thing, they work on Saturday’s so I don’t have to take time off from work, even though I would like to.  Talk with you all again soon. 

01 October 2015

Working weekend

It’s been a busy few days.  Haven’t talked with you all since last month!  Very hard to believe that were already in October. 

So I am officially off work until Monday.  Tomorrow I am going to have my oil changed and tires rotated on the car.  Free of charge, so you can’t knock that deal.  Then I need to get my hair cut.  Then on to rent a carpet cleaner to try to clean up this messy house.  That is all for Friday.

Saturday I have a meeting with a sales guy about the roof.  I would like to make the house look presentable instead of letting him into the barn.  Nothing else going on the rest of the weekend!

I feel a great amount of stress right now trying to make it all come together.  I also really don’t have the desire to clean the carpet.  Momma just came in and crapped on the floor in my office.  Then I saw another spot that she hit.  I went to clean that up and found yet another spot and didn’t realize I stepped in spot that she had covered up with a pee pad.  I was pissed.  She knew it but she kept going despite my yelling.  Then she ran around here like she was on fire.  I believe this is associated with her Thyroid because #1 son had spastic outburst and he would run like he was on fire.  It’s the only thing that I can attribute it to. 

Everyone else here is doing fine.  Marvin has been sleeping 1/2 nights with me, not sure what that is all about.  Cats are just picky but that’s okay I am kind of the same way.  Depending upon what it is that we are talking about. 

Going up stairs drinking my water and catch up on TV, until I pass out.  Got my massage today and the new chair at work is making a good difference.  Hopefully in two weeks I can get a nice massage instead of the intense workout that I have been getting.  That is at least the therapists hopes.

No word from the blowjob robot people on my refund.  I really hope they will come through so that I don’t have to file a formal dispute with my credit card company.  The window of time that I allowed for them to respond has passed so I am just chilling to see if they will come through but I am not going to give them much time.  I have a deadline that I am working against and there will be a point in time where I can no longer file a dispute.  The product might work great for other guys but does nothing for me and it’s going to collect dust here.  Might as well get my money back.  Better to lose than to have not tried at all.  I mean if I lose it’s not the end of the world.

The final decree in my late partners bankruptcy case was filed yesterday and the case for all intense and purposes is toast.  There is no re-opening it and no way any creditor from his past can come back to haunt me.  This is just the final paperwork in the process and it’s normal for it to take a little bit after the order of discharge has been granted.  Having this weight off my shoulders for a few months now has really helped me.  I see a little bit of a brighter future.  I need to get the roof and paying for it as well as my consolidation loan behind me and then financially I will be in a better place.  I am thinking when I finance the roof take out extra to pay off the original loan so that I get a lower payment in the end because the rate that the roof loan will be at is much lower than the consolidation loan.  I mean I might as well work the system to my advantage, Lord knows they have worked me and will continue to do so for many years to come. 

On that happy peppy note I am calling this post done and headed to seek out Water & TV.  Have an awesome weekend and we shall catch up again soon.