13 June 2013

The Call

Well I made the call today to the Mortgage company.  They have to submit a research request to get all of the paperwork I submitted.  I offered to resend it but they told me it would be easier for them to pull what was sent over.  Okay.  So call back next week.  Really?  Okay so that is what I will do.  At least it wasn’t bad news.

One of the places I went that had WIFI prior to my start has been bugging the crap out of me that there WIFI isn’t working.  It sounds like they have a bad port on their router.  I can’t see my boss spending money to fly me up to fix something that would take a couple hours.  So I told them to contact a local guy and have him call me. I would explain what needed to be done.  That is the best I can do, I am only one person.  The bitch that called me was really nasty and of course I had to hold my tounge and just listen to her bitch. 

My day started off bad when I was just about at work, I stopped at a red light, but went a little bit into the cross walk.  There were pedestrians coming but they were no where even close to my car.  They looked at me and asked me if I could read – meaning didn’t I see the red light.  Of course fucktard that’s why I stopped. I should have revved the engine but that probably would have escalated into something bigger than I wanted or needed. 

I had plans for making progress today but looks like those are in the trash can.  I’ve been bothered with other things and well I’m only one person.  I need a helper to keep on top of all of this.  However, I just tell myself one thing and one day at a time.

I did put in and get my days off.  That will be nice.  I have thought more about the union situation with the death benefit.  I am modifying the draft letter of appeal and sending it.  If they don’t respond with payment then I will use one of my days off to explore suing them and what it will totally cost me.  I don’t need an attorney in small claims court.  I also don’t know that I will win, so this could easily be money that I am out.  However, modifying the letter and mailing it is minimal cost.  The law suit is what will be the major expense.  Nothing says I have to follow through but maybe they won’t want to find out.  From what I have researched in order to get payment out of them if there is a dispute you have to sue and they are all too happy to go to court.  So my threat will be just that to them, if I actually follow through then that will be another story.  I am tired of screwing with them and they have angered me beyond belief.  I mean it’s my time of need and they want to pick a fight.  If they hadn’t told me about the benefit I would have never known and life would be going on without me having this grief in my life. 

Last nights mail brought me a refund check for $16 from the phone company.  I got tired of going to the bank so I figured I would use their mobile app to make the deposit.  Yeah, until I found out they charge a fee for depositing via the app.  The only way to avoid the fee is to visit the ATM or a local branch.  So I ditched the app and stopped by the ATM this morning.  Simple, over and done with and didn’t cost me anything but gas and time.  This bank is fee hungry and they will bleed you until you can’t bleed any longer.  Most everything you do there has a fee associated with it.

Storms looked to be rolling in this morning.  However, now the sun is out.  We were around 100 degrees yesterday.  Hot Child In The City!  Good day to watch all of the guys cut grass or just walk around shirtless.  Bad news is I didn’t see any. 

Supper last night was Chicken Pot Pie followed by a popsicle.  I watched a couple episodes of Reba and that was it.  Tonight I am having the BBQ in a tub.  Not sure if I want Mac & Cheese or Broccoli.  Decisions, decisions.  I will be eating out tomorrow night but again don’t know where because there are too many choices. 

I have a lunch date tomorrow with an old coworker.  She is supposed to meet me but I just have this feeling like she isn’t going to show.  That’s why I always bring my lunch, so if plans fall through or someone is a no show I won’t go hungry.  I hope that she does show and that we have a good time. 

Mashed Potatoes & Gravy my lunch time is about up.  I used some of it for work, but I’ve done my share of goofing off today as well, so it all evens out.  Guess I will get ready to go back to the salt mine.  You peeps take care and I will talk with you later.

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Jude said...

I wish you best of luck with the union, that's a battle and a half!

I hope your friend does meet you for lunch today, and that you have a nice visit.

And my vote is mac and cheese, not broccoli! hahaha