23 June 2013

Results are in

Got a surprise call from the vet.  Blood results are in.  Looks like Momma has a Thyroid condition.  Her level is two points too high.  Picking up transdermal gel for her.  Then I have to shlep back to the vet in 3 weeks for a recheck.  Cha Ching more money from my wallet…gone!

I called it though, perhaps I should be a Vet.  Nah, probably not they have to deal with a lot, including cancer & death.  I’m doing good just dealing with myself.

In other news I figured out how to turn off those annoying EAS alerts on my iPhone.  Under Settings, Notifications.  Scroll to the bottom and you can turn off alerts about the weather as well as AMBER alerts.  You can’t turn off alerts from Obama, meaning those of National Security.  I am okay with that.  Storm and Flood warnings are out like every 5 minutes.  I just can’t stand the annoying noise.  Plus my work phone gets those alerts.  One phone is plenty.  Not to mention every phone in the house rings, because I signed up for a free weather warning service offered by our county.  It’s handy and they don’t call in the middle of the night.  Hence the Weather Radio, if it’s serious enough to wake me up, then I guess I need to know. 

Off to enjoy the evening now.  Feed the children, get a snack for myself, pack my lunch and put out my meds.  Then watch TV and finally night night.  I still hope Monday flies by!

1 comment:

Jude said...

Aww poor Mamma, I hope the meds help her.

Hopefully Monday will go by fast for us both!