31 March 2013

Crappy Day

I slept with my guy last night, against my better judgment.  It was about 1am when I got in bed.  At 2:30 AM I hear this plop noise and yes, he fell out of bed.  He sheered off the front of his CPAP Face Mask.  Then I had the task of getting him up and back into bed.  That took what seemed like forever but in reality was about 45 minutes.  At 5 AM I left and went back to my bed.  I didn’t want to get up today at all.  I roused out of bed around 10 but didn’t get going until 1pm. 

We didn’t go visit our friends, he was too weak for that.  So they brought food to us, kind of nice.  I am finishing up on laundry and am way behind schedule. 

I also heard that this week won’t be boss free like I was originally informed.  We have a couple days without him and then he will be in for a couple days.  I am so depressed over that.  Plus I’ve got the whole vacation time thing.  I don’t like asking for time off, but then again I don’t anticipate any problems.  Just knowing that he will be back in the office, I can already feel the tension forming.  I really hope that things change or that I am able to find a new job.  I hate to give up a lot of the perks that I have but if it means I can be happy, then I am all for it. 

I have to get back to chores and getting ready for tomorrow.  My guy seems to be getting better, now if we can just stop the bed wetting and falling out of bed, I think he will be just fine.  Thanks for stopping by.  I hope that you are having a great Easter.  Be safe and I will talk with you peeps later.

30 March 2013

Sleep with me

So my plans for Friday worked out great. I got my hairs cut, had a mediocre shampoo. The lady just didn’t know how to work her fingers. I came home and we went for pizza. I have 3 slices left over to remind me of the experience! We came home and hours went by, eventually I washed my guys’ hair and put in conditioner. I have never met anyone that had so much trouble getting shampoo out of his hair. He thinks he is rinsing it all out but he isn’t. Plus he needs to use conditioner because the shampoo he is using dries out the scalp; it’s more of a stripper. I’ve got a feeling that I will be washing his hair more often. As long as I am in the mood, it’s no problem. It’s one thing I can do that I know for sure he will enjoy and there won’t be any complaints. Yup, I give great head. You just had to know I was going to say that.

Before retiring for the evening he reminded me that we need to get his vehicle inspected tomorrow. Great, I thought for sure I would over sleep. However, we made it with plenty of time. This was the first time that I have seen a waiting line at the testing station. I also thought for sure he would fail but nope, he passed with flying colors. They go totally off the on-board computer, which is a change from years past.

After the testing, we grabbed breakfast. I ate like a pig but it was good. Then out for a little drive and then home. I crashed for a little bit. Woke up and a friend of mine called. We chatted and then he reminded me that the grocery stores are closed on Easter Sunday. Crap, we had to go to the store today. So after I got off the phone I told my guy and we dashed off to the store.

As we were headed over, he broke the news to me that we were invited to some friends for Easter. Great, not how I wanted to plan my day. Worst of all it’s not until late in the afternoon. That totally screws up everything. Hopefully we won’t stay too long, but honestly I don’t want to go at all.

We came home and I put the groceries away, then we dashed off to get a bite to eat. He wanted to go to Cracker Barrel and I didn’t fight him at all. I was hoping that the cute guy who is a host would be working. Sure enough, he was there. The food was just okay. Service was quick and our glasses were never empty for long.

Once we returned home I started on laundry and research. The research was to find the cute guys last name. I am getting closer but I am also starting to think he might not be on social networking. Right now it’s a challenge for me and if I ever get to solve it, I will feel so good.

I got a phone call from my guy who wanted to know if our Civil Union License was just like a marriage license. I said it affords us some of the rights that straight people have and it’s the closest thing that we can get right now to a marriage license. I guess he got to thinking about our vows and it just struck him that we were “married”. Duh, I’ve been saying it all along. He keeps talking about me leaving him and I always tell him I am not going anywhere, despite how crazy he drives my ass. I want to kill him sometimes but I love him and can’t imagine life without him. He has been with me for half of my life. At this point it would be like losing a limb.

So he is scared and he wants me to sleep with him tonight. He said that he needs me. Yeah, I don’t need to get peed on. I remember those days oh too well and I am glad they are gone. Expounding on that, when I was growing up I had a bed wetting problem. No doubt it was from the physical abuse. It continued until I was about 20 or 21, then magically it just went away. Now if I have to go, I wake up. I don’t always get up but typically if I ignore my bladder the urge just gets worse and eventually I have to get up. If his room wasn’t such a disaster, I would do what my grandmother used to do. Lay down and relax until I was sure he was passed out cold, then get up and go sleep in my own bed. I am worried about getting sick, plus getting no sleep since he likes to sleep with his machine off and snores like a freight train. Sleeping with him right now will be about as much fun as going to that stupid meal tomorrow. I want to relax and not have my life planned out for me by others.

The kids are all happy that I am home. Jumper and I had a pretty good night. He is such a snuggle bug at times. Everyone here wants a piece of me. Shy Girl begged me to pet her. I suspect there will be a full moon soon, either that or she is getting sick. Normally she is like drop the food on the floor fat boy and leave. I will take care of the rest. See that just proves that cats have staff, while dogs have owners. Still I love them all, even though they cost me so much money! As I type, they are wanting their evening snack. It started with a nice reminder from Momma. Then one of her daughters came down. Pretty soon I will see one or two more. They know what they want and when they want it. It’s just a matter of convincing me to give in, which normally is not a huge task at all.

Switching gears, I ordered my annual credit reports. I was shocked that my car loan was listed as a part of my bankruptcy on two reports. I have disputes filed to get that changed. I reaffirmed the debt, which means that I am legally responsible for it, so they should continue reporting to help me build my credit back. Speaking of cars, I got a mailer from the dealer. Go for a test drive and they will give me $20 off of any service I have done. If I buy a car they will give me an extra $500 and they are offering 0% financing for 60 months. Yeah, it’s a great time to buy a car. However, you have to qualify for that 0% and I doubt seriously that I would, given the bankruptcy. I do monitor my credit through Credit Karma and things are looking up for me. I just have to get the two credit cards I have paid off with a 0 balance each month, and then I will be doing really well. Paying them off should be a reality in one to two more months. The sooner, the better.

It’s been an entire week since I shaved, I like the look around Wednesday and Thursday. After that it just starts itching so bad and it’s time to cut it all off. I don’t think I will EVER have a beard because I can’t get past the itchy part. Besides that the hair on your face can hold allergens like dust, mold, etc. Which could explain those days when my nose flairs up. I am just getting lazy and I only do the minimum during the week. My get up and go, got up and went a long time ago.

Speaking of which, it’s probably time that I got up and went. I hope that you all have a very happy Easter and get to enjoy your weekend. Don’t eat too much ham. Be safe and I will talk with you peeps later.

29 March 2013

Hot & Tired

I could use a nap right about now.  Stuck at work for another hour and a half.  Thank God we are closing early today.  I just hope that there are no after hours crisis. 

When I left this morning I didn’t bother to wake up grumpy.  He was sleeping pretty sound and I know he needed his rest.  He called me at work a couple hours later telling me to hurry home when I could.  He didn’t have the strength to get out of bed.  Yesterday was a horrible day for him.  He slid off the couch on to the floor.  It was difficult but he got himself back up on the couch, which pretty well exhausted him.  I got home and had to help him to the table to eat supper.  Then help him with getting to bed.  He sounded pretty good last night but this morning when I talked to him you could hear the fear & weakness in his voice.  He is scared and I totally get it.  I am not exactly sure how he will get better but I think that he needs to eat 3 square meals a day, as well as rest and take his medicine.  Everything else and I do mean everything can wait. 

My plans for this afternoon are to call the haircut place when I am close to see what the wait time is and if it’s not too long I will get my hairs cut.  Then to home and hopefully we are able to go out for pizza.  If not, I will go get it and bring it home.  I’d rather eat in and I think getting out in the sunshine to make some vitamin D would be good for him.

I really want to go straight home but I also need some ME time, this week has pretty well revolved around him.  He is still wondering when I am throwing up my hands and calling it quits.  As much of a pain in the ass that he is, I won’t be leaving.  We said until death do us part and I plan on holding up my end of those words.  It was hard to say them and it will be even harder to part.  Hopefully that day is a long way from today.  I know each day brings us closer to that point, but it’s not just us, it’s everyone we are all born to die.  Kind of sucks!

After this week I kind of see how my brother feels taking care of our mother.  He can’t do anything or go anywhere, other than work.  I haven’t talked with either of them in a while.  Perhaps we will reconnect over the weekend.

As I suspected, the UPS at home failed.  I got a new one and got $20 off, so not a bad deal.  Shame that the old unit is no longer covered under warranty.  I’ve managed to revive it and am testing it with no load on it to see if it blows again.  Not exactly sure what I am going to do with the old one, but it would be nice to getting it working, then it will be easier to solve the problem.

I’ve got this gnawing at me about Big Boy.  I am afraid of loosing him before his appointment.  Next Wednesday can’t get here fast enough.  I am paying extra close attention to him.  I think I am just over cautious but better to be that way for nothing than to be caught off guard.  Poor guy he never hurt a fly, it’s just a shame that this whole fluid thing happened to him. 

Such an exciting life I have, I hope your keeping up because I find it difficult at times.  This week has sucked.  I do hope next week is better and I don’t mean April Fools either. 

I’ve figured out my dilemma on how I am going to use my vacation, now I just have to get it approved.  Need to take the car in for service.  It might also be time for tires.  I really hope not but last time I got a warning that they were starting to fail.  That is another expensive repair that I could do without right now.  Hopefully, they are still good.  However, they sat for 2 years with very little activity, I am so surprised they didn’t dry rot.  It was also easy to keep my car clean then.  So I will be asking for approval next week, I do not anticipate any problems – hopefully I am right about that. 

Well we are an hour away from quitting time.  Guess I should wrap this up, so you don’t have to listen to me blather on.  Take care, be safe and Happy Easter.  I will talk with you peeps later.

28 March 2013

Back 2 Work

So I made it back to work.  Didn't miss a thing!  I was able to put the final touches on my PC and have moved into it.  It's nice and fast, which are two good qualities for a machine to have.  I will repurpose my old machine, update the inventory and life will go on. 

I called my partner's doctor this morning and explained that the medicine he is on isn't working.  I asked them to call something else in to the pharmacy for him.  Nothing there as of yet.  I will be checking again in a bit before I leave for the day. 

I went to remote in to my home pc and apparently the UPS died again.  The machine has been off for 9 plus hours.  I got a 20% off coupon for Office Max and I am going by there to pick up a new one so that this doesn't happen again. It's nice to be able to goof off during the day but being in IT there is a legit reason to have a connection to a machine outside of your network for testing purposes. 

Today has been quiet, which is really good news.  I can't believe the balls people have around here two people asked me "where have you been".  Are you kidding me, your not my boss why do you care?  I was nice and explained it to them but I didn't have to.

As I suspected I am only getting charged for 1 day off, even though I took 2.  Pretty nice.  Now I have 8.5 days to burn between now and May.  I will be scheduling vacation next week.  Hopefully there won't be a problem.  I won't be going anywhere that I know of.  I just scheduled Big Boy's vet trip for next Wednesday evening.  That will suck but I think it's getting to the critical point and I don't want to wait until it's too late. 

I found out today that we will be closing the office early tomorrow for Easter.  Kind of odd when you think that our owners are Jewish.  Hey I will take it though.  I figure it will be a good time to get a hair cut and surprise my partner by showing up early.  I'm not telling him in advance so it will be a surprise.  I am also not packing lunch so I will be hungry and we can get an early start to our weekend. 

I had plans to meet up with a friend for lunch tomorrow but since we are closing early, no sense in doing that.  We moved it to next week, so I have something to look forward to. 

Well that is about it from here.  I will talk with you peeps later. 

27 March 2013

Day 2

So all went well last night, until 2am when I was woken from a deep sleep by the telephone.  My partner said he needed me.  I came in and he wanted to tell me that he had an accident.  Okay it’s the middle of the night, what did you want me to do?  He said go back to bed.  So I did. I didn’t really sleep well.

I could have pushed it but decided to stay home another day.  I mean I have the time and well staying home or going in – either way I will be working.  I was able to get a couple extra hours sleep but come 10am the phone woke me up and it was work.

Today was busier than yesterday.  I had one urgent request the rest of the stuff could have waited until I got back, but I didn’t put anyone off and took care of everyone.  One lady did the machine gun on me.  She called for one problem and then suddenly had a list of 5 more problems that she wanted me to fix.  I wasn’t too happy about that.  I like to have all the cards on the table and be prepared but it doesn’t always work that way.

Shy Girl got sick again.  I had to give her treats for breakfast because she wouldn’t eat.  I knew something was wrong and by the afternoon she got it out of her system.  She is back to eating and I have her on her favorite Forta-Flora, she loves that stuff.  It is a pro biotic for cats that will help put the good bacteria back in her gut.  Everyone else hates it but she actually dances when she sees me wiggle the pouch and say Forta-Flora.

There was plenty of laundry to do, but most of it dried and figuring he will just do the same thing tonight, I elected to wait.  He is telling me now that it hurts to pee.  I told him the medicine that you are taking isn’t working.  You need to get a different drug.  He is going to call for a doctors appointment tomorrow, I am not exactly sure how he plans on getting there.  I’ve got to talk to him about that.  However, if he feels he can make it on his own, then I don’t have a problem with it.  I will worry about his safety as I do every day.

My plans are to return to the office tomorrow.  I think three days for this would really be pushing it and would probably cause some issues for me.  Besides that I will be asking for a whole week off really soon and don’t want to screw that up.  My boss has no idea I haven’t been there for the past two days because he isn’t able to work or use electronics due to his religion.  I’m sure he will find out soon enough.  Unless the office manager does what she normally does for me and tells me not to worry about it.  If you want to give me extra time off w/o charging me for it, then I am happy to take it.  Just means that I will have even more time to burn next month.

For supper tonight we went to Red Lobster.  I thought it was pushing it a little for my guy but he said he would be fine with it and I know getting out of the house did him a world of good.  It took a little bit to get him in the car and out of the car into the restaurant but we made it.  Racked up a nice bill that I hadn’t planned on.  I always take it easy but he ordered an Appetizer and a Drink from the bar.  Plus one of the most expensive items on the menu.  I’m happy to pay for it but I really wish he would realize that my money is just as tight as his.

Right now I am wired for sound.  Not an ounce of tired in me and I am ready to just keep going.  However, I will be taking some sleeping pills and some Tylenol to help get the sleepy to set in.  Hopefully, it works.  MTV will be airing the season premier of The Real World, should be interesting to watch.  I haven’t seen the previews and know nothing about that cast.  That’s the best way to roll into a new show. 

Today I picked up Big Boy and put him on the couch with me.  He really enjoyed that and when he grew tired of it he jumped down on his own.  That about killed him but he did it any way.  The poor thing is wheezing and I can tell it’s just about time to tap that fluid.  I kind of hate to take him back for a couple reasons, one of which is money and the second of which is fear that they will tell us they can’t help him any more.  I know eventually the good luck we have been having will run out and I am so not looking forward to that. 

With my partner and Big Boy, plus the Jack Ass I have for a boss, is it any wonder why I am on anti-depressants!  I worry about loosing both of my guys (partner & cat) as well as the possibility of loosing my job.  Trying to be brave and hold my head up but the art of acting gets tiresome after a while.  At the end of the day there isn’t a damn thing I can do about any one of these things. 

I just pray that God Almighty will help me through this.  Get my partner back to health.  Let the vet help Big Boy and keep my boss away from me so I don’t have to worry about my job.  Also to bring some new opportunity my way, I am ready to move on.  That place is just so depressing and there is way too much back biting.

Well off to take my pills and try to relax for bed time.  I hope tomorrow is a good day for you, me and my guys.  Take care and be safe.

26 March 2013

Here we go again…

The cats woke me up this morning because they wanted out of my room.  I let them out.  I was fully aware that I had about 20 minutes more to sleep and that my bladder was really full.  So after laying in bed, I decided to call it quits and get up.

Ambulance1I was in the bathroom when I heard my partner yell the Ambulance is on the way.  I figured he was having another bad dream.  I went in to see what was a matter and he just started yelling at me for not coming in.  He was yelling for 20 minutes.  Well, I was sleeping and your at the back of the house I am at the front of the house.  I have an allergy machine running to create a white noise effect, how exactly do you think I will hear you?  Then he said you have been up stirring around the house for a while.  I said nope, I just got up.  I had to throw on a shirt, open the front door and feed the cats. 

He really did call an Ambulance.  What’s the problem, he couldn’t stop peeing.  He has a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) and for that he wanted them to cart him off to the hospital.  They told him you will just get a prescription and they will send you home.  He wanted them to keep him and the paramedics told him they give you a script and you hit the street.  Then your friend has to figure out how to get you up the icy driveway and back into the house.  We have enough man power here that we can get you to the ambulance.  Do you still want to go?  Yeah he looks at me and says what do you think?  I said you have wasted enough money and time, let these people go so they can take care of someone who really needs them.  With that they left.

FML !  Why me.  I know because I married an old guy.  Okay, so I wanted them to take him away and they didn’t.  I wanted to go to work and I didn’t.  I stayed home, told work that I had to take care of a sick friend.  Which was the truth, except he’s not a friend he’s my guy.  Crab ass but he is still mine.  If I could have found someone to pay $1 I would have sold his ass today. 

He is and always will be a lousy patient.  I called that pharmacy but they were closed.  They did have a prescription waiting for him but I couldn’t get it for a couple hours.  So I decided to go back to sleep.  He never got out of bed so he was trying to rest.  I woke up about 10 and went to get his medicine as well as something to eat.  Came back home and woke him up.  He ate and took his medicine.  Life was good.

Then he got this idea about getting out of bed.  Okay so I got him up.  The bed was soaked.  Part of it was sweat and the rest of it yup you guessed it urine.  Another crappy job for me. 

I just washed them the night before because of the same thing.  Two days in a row.  Really.

Enough of the day had went by and I asked him what do you want to do for supper.  He suggested that I have left overs.  I said how about Taco Night at the Bar.  I could get take out.  Yeah, that sounds great.  So I went to snag the mail and picked up our order.  We had supper early … close to 4pm.  While I was out I got my car washed.  It’s been a couple months and the roads are dry.  The driveway has once again cleaned it's self.  Got to love that. 

Then I got the trash ready to take out.  The trash people are a day behind because of the weather.  Not a surprise.  I came back inside for the day.  I’ve been helping him up and down, emptying urine all day long and doing laundry. 

Thankfully I got a couple breaks, work actually interrupted me only twice today.  Normally when I am home it’s non-stop.  I guess Passover and the boss being out helped me.  I will bet when I am on vacation next month, it’s non-stop pester all week long. 

I have plans to take a shower, relax with the kids and watch TV.  Some Ice Cream working into the picture sounds really good as well. 

Back up to last night.  When I got home we went out to eat at a local Italian place.  It took forever to get him in the car.  We got there and were almost done, when the urge hit and he didn’t make it to the bathroom in time.  We had to leave.  It took forever again to get him in the car and out of the car.  Thankfully by some miracle nothing inside my car was soaked in urine. 

I said all of that to say this.  Getting old sucks but what is worse is watching someone you love and care about suffer and slowly fall apart.  One of his feet is like a magnet, he just can’t get it off the ground.  His mobility right now isn’t the best.  Then for the kicker I found out he didn’t take any medicine yesterday at all.  No wonder he had so many problems.  When I asked him why he didn’t take anything yesterday he said to stop yelling at him.  Wow, I am starting to see why I was given the advice to never, ever hitch your wagon to an older man. 

I am only 41 and I have experienced so many things that people my age shouldn’t experience until they are older.  Plus tack on a stroke, cancer and a serious car accident.  I see movies on TV where young gay guys are having fun.  I see other people my age and younger, having fun and able to smile all the time.  When all I can do is sit back and watch.  Kind of depressing. 

I’d like to have more friends, eat better food and have some fun.  Sex would be great too but I’d be happy with fun.  I don’t want to leave my guy and I won’t.  However, he is like an anchor pulling me down.  I am trying to stay a float but not exactly doing a good job. 

He and I have had the “splitting up conversation” many times in the past and he is honestly surprised that I am sticking with him.  I have proven my love to him, time and time again.  He is grateful.  I am happy that I have been able to make him happy.  I feel like instead of my real age being 41 that I am more like 65.  The question is if he lives to be 100 how old will I feel then?  I need him so much and can’t imagine life without him.  I just wish that things could be a little different.  Specifically a little better mobility and have him pain free.  Younger and thinner would be nice too but I am willing to settle for minor progress.  Getting this bladder and balance issues under control would be nice too. 

Like the song says “I am ready for the times to get better”.  Hopefully, they will. 

562218_10100472687467574_622033633_nSo I see on Social Networking we (gays and those that support gay marriage) were supposed to change our profile pictures to this red = sign.  Very interesting the number of people that actually followed through.  Sorry I didn’t get the memo from headquarters.  I did hear that I am only one more recruit away from a free toaster.  Yes that was a joke. 

This is quite a week here in the US.  A full week of arguments on why the Supreme Court should legalize same sex marriage.  While the opinion won’t be out until June, you can bet that this issue won’t go away anytime soon. 

Lewis Black said to the effect that Gay Marriage won’t be resolved in our lifetime.  It will be the one argument that lives on and on.  Sort of like abortion.  Everyone has an opinion about everything.  You might say I am prejudice but I think same sex marriage isn’t a big deal.  It’s simple you have two people that love each other, let them marry and call it a day.

What are the ill effects of two same sex people in a committed relationship getting married.  None that I can think of.  It’s just like a traditional hetro marriage today.  They will laugh, have fun, enjoy meals, take trips, get sick, get angry, go to the bathroom and do everything as a “normal – hetro-sexual” couple would.  They won’t make any babies, they might adopt or have no kids at all.  The truth is that it’s just a piece of paper that grants some additional legal rights, tax breaks, etc.  America the land of the free, the home of the brave.  Liberty & Justice for all.  What’s the argument?  Grant the rights…we deserve it because we are no less a human because of our sexual preference.  Stay tuned to this summer to hear what the Court has to say.

Life going back to normal, hopefully.  So I will wrap this up.  Do some surfing, take up his laundry & make his bed.  Then snack time for the kids and get ready for tomorrow, what I hope is a much more normal day.  Tosh.O is on tonight, so that’s something to look forward to.  The other thing to look forward to is my super fast machine at work is 1/2 way done.  Hopefully, I can get it done and move in to it tomorrow.  That would be awesome!

Have a good night and I will talk with you peeps later.


25 March 2013

Ghost Town

I arrived at work early and I was the only one here.  Since then two girls have shown up and a supervisor is on the way in.  Most of the office won’t be in today because of the weather.  I think this would have been a perfect day to stay home.  Right now I have plans to leave early but time will tell as to how early that will be.

There is really nothing going on for me.  My plate is empty but I am not telling anyone that.  So all the more reason to go home.

I never shoveled the driveway, just backed right out without any problem.  Roads are in good shape and really there is no reason other than being lazy or fear that people aren’t here.

I have been up since 5 am couldn’t sleep.  My stomach is driving me crazy and that won’t stop probably until tomorrow.  I have to skip a day of medicine before things calm down and I already took my dose for this morning.  So looks like I will be busy running to the bathroom.

I did see a good movie last night called Nate & Margaret it’s on NetFlix.  Give it a watch if you have the service, totally worth your time.  Nate is a young gay guy and Margaret is an older woman who lives next door to him.  I saw part of it last night and finished up this morning.  After that I wish I could just dive into another movie but I had to put on some clothes and head to work.

Don’t tell anyone but I didn’t take a shower this morning.  Since I had one last night I figured why bother.  I will get one tomorrow morning. 

Today has to be a good day, I got to pet Shy Girl.  She was sitting on the couch and let me come right up to her and touch her.  Those are precious moments to me and they are short lived.  I wish I had more of them.  She is a bitch at times but I still love her. 

Well the machine dilemma here at work.  The new machine I got in is faster than my bosses old machine.  Guess what I’m taking the new machine.  I’ve already cracked the box, so I guess I should unload it and get it ready for me to move into.  It’s a Quad Core i5 running Windows 7 –64 bit.  It shipped with 6GB of Memory  and I will be adding to that.  Should make for one sweet machine.  I think by the time it’s over with I will wish that I could take it home with me.  My bosses old machine is a dual core i-3 processor with 4gb of ram. Not exactly a turtle.

So it’s about 9 am here and I guess I should get started with my monkey business.  Now if I could just get a free lunch and be home by 2pm it would be an awesome day.  Talk with you peeps later.

24 March 2013



I woke up this morning and we just had a small dusting.  My guy had been watching the news and said that if you hear thunder you are going to get dumped on.  As he is telling me this boom, boom.  Yep thunder.  We haven’t had many Thunder Snows here but they are kind of fun.

That was the turning point for us, we decided to get some clothes on and get moving.  We went out for a bite to eat at Cracker Barrel.  Then it was off to the grocery store.  I had to brush the snow off of my car so that we could get out of the parking lot.  The windows were covered.  This is a wet snow so it sticks to everything. 

We made it through the store and got home in one piece with out any problems.  I let my guy off in the driveway and then tried to pull in the garage.  I got stuck in my own driveway.  I had to back down and then floor it to get in the garage.  If it wasn’t for my cat like reflexes I would have hit his truck.  My poor car was all over the driveway. 

There were cancellations on the TV this morning for church.  I’ve never seen that happen, ever.  It would be smart to shovel the driveway some but I am not doing that.  It’s suppose to snow all night long and not quit until tomorrow morning.  I suspect that I will either be at home all day long OR I will work a short day.  Right now work is still on for Monday, but my hope is that they call it off.  Things look pretty crappy outside.  Besides that if they do call it off, then I may consider shoveling – just hopefully I don’t have a stroke in the process.  That is hard work and me and manual labor aren’t exactly best pals.

-Sexual thoughts….

What is post if I don’t talk about guys.  Well at Cracker Barrel there is the uber cute host, his body isn’t the best but I wouldn’t kick him out of bed.  I’ve been using my detective skills to try to find him on the web.  All I have is his first name and obviously where he works.  Damn, very tough.  After 2 hours I just gave up.  I figure that I have better things to do.  There is a guy at the grocery store that stocks produce, I have had my eye on him for a long time.  Today I hear where he lived.  I took his first name and that information – presto I found him.  The best part is there are shirtless pictures.  Oh, how I love that.  He is young but old enough to be legal.  I’m only dreaming, as much as I would like a younger guy or a cute guy I haven’t got the balls to try to approach someone.  Besides that I wouldn’t want to hurt my partner but he says as long as I share it wouldn’t bother him.  Yeah, not everyone is up for a way.

Considering that we are at the end of the month, I decided to up date the look of the blog.  I rather like the photo and background.  I found the photo by visiting one of my regular reads.  I hope you like the new look.  If not, stay tuned because it’s always changing.

I decided to vacuum the basement today, first time in about 2 months that has happened.  Needless to say I had to empty the canister multiple times.  I also changed the furnace filter.  The basement smells so much better now.

I also finished up laundry, still have to take that upstairs and empty the litter boxes (upstairs) but outside of that and making my lunch my work is done.

I got a bad surprise when we got back from the store.  I went to start laundry and came in to my office for a second.  Everything was powered off.  I thought it was strange last night that I didn’t see my PC show up on my TiVo but figured the machine needed to be rebooted.  Nope the UPS was off and so was everything connected to it.  I couldn’t get it to power back on.  I had to unplug it, remove the batteries, press the power button and then plug it back in.  It worked.  So I had to unplug it and put the batteries in then plug it back in and all is good.  Then I decided to see what it would do with my PC if we actually lost power.  So I unplugged it and watched it – everything worked like it was supposed to.  Great.  I plugged it back in and it didn’t see the AC Power.  It kept beeping.  I figured a quick bounce of the power to the whole house would fix it and I was right.  Too bad my partner lost a document in the process.  Now everything is back to normal again.  I have some doubts if this will fail again or if this was just a one time fluke.  I suppose time will tell.

Supper was Taco Bake it didn’t taste nearly as good as the first time.  That’s because the chef decided on his own recipe instead of buying the kit.  We have left overs.  It’s a little too spicy he used too much seasoning in the meat.  However, it was good.  The cats were begging for some so I gave it to them, they came back for more and then it was time to hit the water fountain.  I sware BLU and his buddy will eat anything.  I guess that comes from being outside. 

I did the dishes and I am getting ready to get that shower that I didn’t get last night.  I have had GI Upset from too much Diabetes medication.  But my sugar was really under control last night.  Too bad I forgot to take my sleeping medicine, otherwise it would have been a really great night.  Well I have to get moving and plan on going to work, even though I suspect it probably won’t happen. 

Here’s to a good week.  Be safe and stay warm.  I’m headed to the showers and then to watch guess what…. that’s right Shameless!  Talk with you peeps later.

23 March 2013

Very Lazy Saturday

As the title of the post says, it’s been a very lazy Saturday for me.  My sleeping hasn’t been the best this week.  I think it’s the pillow that is driving me nuts.  So I got up had the worst possible thing for breakfast, that would be a banana and several chocolate mini donuts along with a glass of milk.  It’s not so bad if your not a diabetic like me.  We all have our vices and I’ve realized mine are food, sex, and pens.  Not always in that order!

I also fed the cats while I was up.  Then back to my room to watch some TV but first I played on my iPhone to see what new mail came in, checked social media and then TV.  Nothing on to capture my interest, so I turned the TV off and laid back in my chair.  One cat at the foot of my bed, another in the middle of the bed.  Me and Momma sitting in my chair.  I dozed off and woke up a couple times.  Pretty soon it was 1pm and I knew if I didn’t force myself that I would never get anything accomplished.

I threw on some clothes and dashed off to grab the mail, get gas for the car, pick up a litter box, get cat litter, wipers and 2 new pillows.  I dropped around $145 for all of it.  Yeah, I was shocked.  Wipers were the most expensive thing.  However, I have had my car for 4 years and this is the first time I have ever replaced the wipers.  Not bad if I do say so myself.  My experience has been less than positive when I replace wipers on any car – be it with an aftermarket product or OEM wipers from the dealer.  Nothing seems to work as good as the original.  Hopefully, that is not the case here.

Back at home I went to open the garage door and we had hundreds of bugs just nesting in large groups.  They look like lightning bugs but they aren’t.  My partner swore they were carpenter ants.  They are not, I checked the internet.  However, I don’t know what they are and I would really like to know.  They showed up last year in the summer.  They haven’t ever left.  I sprayed bug spray but that didn’t seem to work.  I got out some Diazinon and even that didn’t seem to affect them.  That smelled horrible so I got some water to try to wash it away.  By then they were dying slowly.  I came back about an hour later and most of them were dead, those that survived knew it was time to get out of Dodge.  I don’t think I have seen the last of them but hopefully with a trip to the hardware store I can manage to get rid of them for good.

We went to grab a bite to eat at a Mexican place I have been wanting to go.  I got a combination dish, one beef and one chicken burrito.  The beef was tasty.  The chicken was not.  I only 1/2 way enjoyed my meal.  We finished up with Fried Ice Cream.  My partner really liked his meal, he got some chicken dish with cheese and peppers.  Of course it was more expensive than what I ordered, usually the case.  You can pretty well make the Ice Cream at home on your own.  It tasted like corn flakes, honey, chocolate syrup and whipped cream.  Not a smart choice for me but then again I will only live once!  Might as well have something good.

Back home to catch a movie on Amazon Prime.  It stopped a 1/2 hour before it was over, I suspect there was an issue with WIFI.  I just took it as a sign to get moving again.  So I cleaned the house.  Got the new litter box down for the kids and the trash is out.  I’m laundering my bed clothes and cleaning the dishwasher.  All while I sit here and type.  Thank God for Machines to do some of the work. 

I will be flipping the mattress tonight and putting on fresh bedding.  I plan on shaving, which I hate.  But I am ready to claw my face to death because it itches so much.  It has been a full week since I shaved last.  Then a nice shower and I should sleep very well.  That is my hope at least. 

Friday I did have pizza but it wasn’t from where I wanted to go. I mentioned another place when I got home because I knew he wasn’t into pizza .  Marriage is all about compromise.  I had a coupon for $10 off which was good, but it was pretty well like making a trip back to the office so I used up some gas.  It was just an okay meal.  I got served Pepsi instead of Diet Pepsi.  It tasted horrible to me, I am so not used to all of that sugar in soda.  I’ve been on Diet soda ever since I was diagnosed diabetic.  My partner on the other hand drinks Coke like it’s going out of style.  His diabetes is way worse than mine.  He is always thirsty, some of the medications he takes have that side effect but the way he drinks I can’t help but think part of it is due to diabetes. 

Speaking of my darling, when he fell earlier this week and broke the litter box.  He hit his head.  His eye is all blood shot, he thinks it’s from the fall.  I know that it’s his Coumadin level.  I think his blood might be too thick.  He was just at the doctor and they didn’t check his level.  His doc is on vacation for 2 weeks so no chance of that happening anytime soon.  I tried to get him to seek care for it because it looks horrible and I know it’s a sign – your body gives you signs and if you ignore them you usually pay a price for it.  He is so bullheaded he said oh it will go away.  I feel fine, I can see okay so there is no problem.  Okay.

I got a mailer from his Life Insurance company about taking out an Accidental Death Policy on him.  It’s $100,000.00 worth of coverage for $10.46 per month.  The way he is falling lately I am tempted to sign up.  However from working in the Insurance Industry years ago I learned AD&D policies are quick money makers for the Insurance Companies and not that many people die from Accidents.  Sure they put in stats in the mailer to try to let fear sell you the product.  I’m not buying it.  Besides that I really can’t afford it.  I am barley able to make the payments on his Life Insurance Policy.

The cable bill came and I realized they didn’t give us credit for paying our internet for last month.  It took me 2 phone calls and about an hour with a lot of back and fort.  The people I spoke to didn’t want to stick to the subject, they tried to upsell me things, go over different parts of my bill.  When I made it really simple I said I gave you X dollars last month.  I only see credit for X dollars.  Where is the rest of the money?  Oh, since I put it like that it seemed to click.  Turns out I will be getting a refund in 6 to 8 weeks.  I felt like saying okay then I will pay my bill again in 6 to 8 weeks when the check gets here.  I tried to get them to transfer the credit to our account as it stands today but oh no, the check is in the mail.  I said then it won’t take 6 to 8 weeks to get here, maybe 6 to 8 days.  Oh no sir, what I meant to say is the credit has been processed and we will be cutting the check and mailing it.  You should receive it in about 6 to 8 weeks.  Yeah, okay.  The bill has already been scheduled to be paid on Monday and I doubt I could stop it now, even if I wanted to. 

A friend of mine checked in at a local restaurant that was pretty much in my back yard.  We haven’t seen each other in years.  I suspect he is gay but we never had that conversation.  I commented on his check in that he was in my neck of the woods.  No response to that.  I figured he would want to meet up, but I guess time has a way of separating people.  I look at it like this, I did my part.  I am not terribly upset over it  A little disappointed but I will bounce back quickly.

We had such a great weather day today.  It’s hard to believe that we have a winter storm rolling our way and we could be shoving snow tomorrow and Monday.  I don’t shovel, it kills my back.  Thankfully I haven’t had the need to shovel in years.  We have a snow blower but it’s so gummed up I doubt it would start if we really needed it.  So my guess is with the warm weather we had today that the storm will either pass us by or if it shows up what falls won’t sick to the ground because it will be too warm.  Now if it gets me out of work on Monday, well then I hope we get a mountain of it, I mean anything for an extra day at home. 

Time to surf the web and see if I can get into any trouble.  Plus I have laundry to work on.  So I will talk with you peeps again soon.  Be well and stay safe. 

22 March 2013

Made it to Friday

I arrived home early yesterday because I left early.  I just had one of those days where I said time to go.  Arriving early surprised my partner.  He did quite the damage when he fell (early in the day).  His arm is all skinned up and he broke the litter box.  However, he is okay outside of the shock of falling. 

When he had his stroke several years ago one of the side effects was balance and being dizzy.  He had a stroke that affects the balance center of the brain.  That disappeared but it took several years.  Now it’s back and there is no explanation for it.  He’s on medicine for being dizzy but it’s not appearing to do any good, that is IF he is taking it. 

Supper wasn’t pizza so I wasn’t exactly happy but I ate it.  Steak Tips also known as Beef Tips.  It’s just stew meat that is fried in a pan with onions, mushrooms and seasoning.  You can get it at your local steak house and I’m sure it will taste way better. 

There was some confusion over our supper tonight.  He though we had another Taco Bake kit but we don’t, so looks like we are going out for pizza.  I am happy, even if it’s my dime.

This weekend will be expensive for me.  Groceries, Replacement Litter Box, Litter, Pillow and of course Pizza tonight.  Another day older and deeper in debt, just like the song goes. 

I am finding it a little hard to concentrate today with Hitler being out of the office and one of the girls brought in her fine looking son.  Yeah, nothing is getting done today.  He walked in my office this morning and I was surprised to see him.  As he was leaving I had to wipe the drool off my mouth.  Momma that boy has it going on!

Actually I have gotten some things accomplished today, so it’s not a total waste.  Last night I was sitting at my computer working on Hitler’s machine when one of the cats came down and just cried and cried, I took it as a sign from God and stopped working.  I mean he won’t appreciate it any way.  I just wanted to apply a couple Windows Updates to hopefully cut down on problems.  Maybe next week.  He is actually working now so I don’t want to interrupt that.

We have one manager here today and she isn't much of a manager.  People are horse playing and goofing off.  You can tell the cats away because the mice sure are playing. 

It’s been almost 5 months since I replaced my bosses machine, so I got the balls to format the old machine.  I put a 64 bit edition of Windows 7 Pro on and it’s working like a champ.  I thought about building it for myself, that was my plan as of last night.  However, I decided that I really don’t want the aggravation of configuring a machine for myself and then swapping it out.  However, I may change my mind, kind of depends upon how bored I get.  I’ve really got nothing going on, but that is about the time that something major happens and then I am overwhelmed.

W.E.S. (Work, Eat, Sleep) repeat.  Sounds almost like we hair, shampoo, rinse and repeat.  A never ending cycle.  Just think if someone actually washed their hair continuously until the bottle was empty! 

There is more I want to say but not sure that it should be put in to words.  My mind now is on pizza and how good it will taste.  The diabetes medicine change has seemed to help my feet a little.  They still bother me but not nearly as bad.  My stomach started to get irratated today not sure if that was from our lovley meal or if the medicine is catching up with me.  I am going to experiment over the weekend and actually take it like it was prescribed to see if I still have GI issues.  I have been checking my sugar at night and it’s not nearly as low as it should be.  I think I might need some other medication to help me. 

Speaking of medical news, I learned yesterday that you can die from nail cancer.  It’s cancer that affects your finger or toe nails.  You might think it’s nothing or I did something to my foot or hand.  However, if you put off having it diagnosed you could die.  I never even knew it existed until yesterday.

Well back to monkey business  work.  I hope that you all have an amazing weekend.  I will talk with you peeps later.

21 March 2013

Damned if I do … Damned if I don’t

It’s been a busy Thursday here at the old salt mine.  I got two machines out, plus took care of several other things.  I put off working on the bosses machine because more critical stuff came in.  Of course I am 1/2 through working on his machine and he calls and needs it.  So I stopped.  Then he got mad at me because he said that the machine didn’t work the same and that I rearranged things.  He is Dilusional!  All I did was a simple repair of Office and then I opened Excel and tried to see how many documents I could open BEFORE I mad memory problems.  It’s all about duplicating the error.  He told me that I can’t rearrange things on his pc.  Okay so how the fuck am I suppose to fix anything?  Easy answer is your not, he just loves to toy with me. 

So if I try I catch hell and if I don’t do anything when he remembers or the problem comes back he is going to raise hell.  I hate being in that predicament but the fact that he won’t be in the office for the next 2 weeks is a relief.  I just dismissed his BS which is much easier to do if he isn’t here.  What a fucktard!

Tomorrow I will be cleaning my desk, it’s full of dust.  Right now I am sweating from physical work and just feel like I have done enough for one day.  So I’m sticking it to the man and taking the rest of the day off, even though I am still in the office.  Unless someone calls or emails I am done for the day. 

I had a couple of sneezes today and got scared that things were going to go back like they were earlier this week, but thankfully that hasn’t happened.  I will be trying the new shampoo again over the weekend to see if I have similar problems, if not then I am chalking it up to dust.  I suspect the shampoo because it’s new and I know already that I am allergic to Nexxus.  I love that stuff but my body won’t tollerate it.  I broke out in hives when I used it, it was very bad. 

I feel guilty for having so many hair care products.  I like a variety and I keep my hair short so it’s like most of it will last forever.  I have many shampoos and conditioners not so much in the way of styling products.  I am running out of room to keep it all and suspect that I should clean out the closet and throw some of it away.  That way I can make room for more new stuff! :-)

Last night I did it.  I filed my taxes.  It hurt very much but I am done.  Just have one return to mail off tomorrow and that is because I won’t have money in my account to cover the check until then.  I am glad to be done with it.  I didn’t get to give my credit card all of the money I wanted to but it’s still at 0% so there is no harm.  I took the card out of my wallet until it’s paid off.  The one I am carrying has a low limit and will be easy to pay in full when it comes due next month. 

On the way to work my partner called me and told me he fell again, he banged up his arm on the coffee table.  He was going to the grocery store today to get stuff for supper.  I would much rather go out for a pizza or stay at home and have tacos but no he wants steak tips.  Ick, I will eat them just because I really have no other choice. 

Okay I am wiped out time to chill a bit before the long drive home.  Talk with you peeps later.

20 March 2013

No Tacos

Last night we met at the bar.  The place was packed so we left and went to a Mexican Place.  Never fails, just as I sit down my phone starts going crazy.  Someone quit and I needed to be able to turn off all of their access.  How to do that when your in the middle of a restaurant?  Send an e-mail and make a phone call.  Presto the biggest part was over.  I had one final piece to turn off but that had to wait for me to get home. 

So since we didn’t eat at the bar more of my evening was taken away from me.  Not so bad though.  I accomplished what I needed to and everyone is happy.

My allergies have been working overtime.  Last night I took a Benadryl and that has stopped the flow of my nose.  I am so thankful that I don’t have to worry about that.  I am not sure if it’s dust from a machine in my office or my new shampoo.  Either way I am just happy to be free.  I was very close to going back to the allergist. 

So I have done all of my research and tomorrow is the BIG day, when I get to work on my bosses machine again.  Two more problems and I have no guarantee that anything I do will fix his issues but at least I am trying.  I just pray that God is with me and something that I do will resolve or prevent the issues from happening again.  I mean if this happened to anyone else they would be reasonable but not him.  Suck to have my kind of luck.

We are about 20 minutes until quitting time.  I can’t wait to hear those famous words….Dirty Pop.  Always a good sound to me!

This morning on The Jolt (radio show on queer radio – Sirrius XM 108) they were talking about self pleasuring in the bathroom of an airplane.  One of the hosts said there isn’t enough room in there and I am already Closter phobic.  The whole conversation made me smile and laugh a little, which is a nice way to start the morning.  I don’t even want to use the restroom on an airplane let alone self pleasure. 

Tonight is cat food shopping time and I will be having frozen Lasagna for supper.  I had extra time on my hands this morning so I loaded up the dish washer and turned it on.  I need to run some cleaner through it, lately it hasn’t been doing a good job.

I hope all is well in your world and that your enjoying this first day of spring.  It feels more like Winter here but that’s okay I am not eager for the grass to grow because it’s just more money out of my pocket.  I will talk with you peeps later.

19 March 2013

Allergic to Work

I am working on a machine and when it’s powered on my nose goes crazy.  Apparently there must be massive amounts of dust in this thing.  When it’s off I am fine.  Too bad I can’t say I’m allergic to work, mail my check and I will be working from home. 

Boss man is having Excel problems again.  I thought I fixed him before but apparently not.  I have done some more research on-line for suggestions.  However, I believe the true fix is to tell him you have to close Excel before you open another Excel document, because you have too much stuff open.  Microsoft Programs in general are memory hogs.  Having a 32 bit system doesn’t help things but I do actually understand his logic.  It’s a new computer I should be able to do what I want to.  Right but if you get a new bag that can only hold 5 pounds and you try to put 10 pounds in it, do you think it will hold?

I am glad that I will have plenty of time to fix this but he really wants me to work on it when he leaves, which I am happy to do.  No sense in working under pressure.  He found a workaround, which I told him about last time.  Close Excel then open the new document, presto it works. 

Why do the Computer Gods choose to pick on him?  I mean things like this should happen to other people I can reason with them but not him.  Plus most other people have more patients and understanding.  The strangest things occur and they always seem to happen to him.  Makes no sense to me. 

I got the official word today from the state, you can file single.  It’s an easier process but it will cost me $100 more.  Apparently if we file joint I get a $100 discount on what I owe.  However, I’d rather keep taxes separate so I will cough up the extra money.  Instead of putting money towards my credit card balance I will apply it to taxes.  Like I said yesterday there is always someone with their hand out for my money. 

Last night I had a good time.  I was thinking about a particular scene from a Porn Movie.  I watched this scene and wow it was a few intense moments for me.  The stars name that I like so much is Chris Porter, just in case you were wondering.  Also I found my local Walgreens Guy put up a shirtless photo. Two good moments.  I thought for sure I was dreaming when I saw him.  Yes, he is just as fine as I imagined. Too bad he didn’t post anything more revealing. 

Okay so tonight’s supper will be Taco Tuesday at the local Bar.  I am torn between Taco’s and BBQ not sure which one I want, maybe a little of each, just like last time.  Can’t wait to hear Lance Bass’ voice say Dirty Pop not only does it turn me on, but it also means I will be in my car and out of here.

Today wasn’t a bad day per say but I could have done without the one interaction with the boss man, then it would have been a pretty quiet day.  Counting down the days until he leaves.  Is that a bad thing? 

I setup a new MIFI connection for him yesterday and I slept with my phone by my bed, because he loves to work at strange hours of the night.  Thankfully he didn’t call so I presume that means everything worked like it should.  It’s a pretty neat system the device it’s self is very iPhone like with a touch screen and scrolling motion.  Too bad I don’t have one of those, but it’s okay I’ve got connectivity and that is all that matters. 

I don’t remember who it was but did you hear about the UFC fighter that told the world he never has paid any income tax.  Damn he must have gotten one too many blows to the head.  If that were true for me (and it’s not) I would have never disclosed it to anyone.  He is looking at some serious jail time not to mention the attention he will be getting from the federal government. 

See the whole thing about secrets is that people have to tell someone.  I totally get that.  However, as soon as you say something it’s really no longer a secret.  It’s like a former “friend” used to tell me what is the only way 2 people can keep a secret?  The answer if one of them is dead!

Then there is the whole rape trail in Stubenville, Ohio.  A place I never ever heard of.  Apparently though lots of rapes happen there.  Having a presence on social media and allowing others to take and post photos is what helped convict the two boys.  I understand the desire to have sex, especially at a young age.  I mean you want to know what it will feel like.  However if someone says no or they are drunk then it’s not a good idea to move forward. 

I’m telling you it’s 2013 but it’s like no one realizes it.  People just don’t use good common sense anymore.  Why is that missing from society today?  I mean if people used it more often there would be so many less problems in the world and I think we would all be happier.  However, stupid is terminal and there is no fix or cure for it.  Not now, not ever!

With that in mind I am going to prepare to leave and get me some food and hear Dirty Pop.  Talk with you peeps later.

18 March 2013


So today hasn’t been so bad for the 1st half.  Let’s hope that the 2nd half goes equally as well.  Boss man is in a good mood, hopefully he stays that way.  I’ve had a couple interactions with him and they went pretty well.  You just can never tell when he will explode.  If I am correct after this week it will be 2 weeks before I see him again.  Compliments of Passover.  Nice!

I got an e-mail today from the cable company that my statement was ready, normally I get two of them.  Turns out since I made changes last month they decided to combine the accounts.  They still have the wrong phone number on the account.  The bill is ungodly high because of the partial monthly charges, since the changes I made were in the middle of the billing period.  Next month they should level out.  I wish they would have sent two statements, one for cable and one for internet.  I really like the separate bill.  However, it was a small chore to get them to cooperate.  We had it setup that way since my employer was paying the bill.  It was simple and easy but it’s one less item I will have to put in bill pay. 

Seem there is no shortage of people with their hands out for my money.  I work hard and then in just a few simple minutes all of my money is gone.  I guess that is the American dream but it’s sure not my dream.  Sounds more like a nightmare. 

At least I am saving money from each check.  My partner wasn’t able to get through to the state about our taxes.  He is going to the doctor today so I suppose he will try tomorrow.  He wants an appointment, I told him just drive down it’s not like they will turn you away.

So supper tonight will be Corn Dogs.  Quick, easy and no clean up, unless you count throwing away paper plates.  It might not be healthy but it will be quick and easy.  Then I have to get the trash out and finally I can relax. 

Also washing a feather pillow is not a good idea.  It smells funny now and it’s still a little wet inside.  I have a feeling sooner rather than later I will be getting a new pillow.  Maybe I will get the next one off of Amazon.  I’m sure they sell them, I mean they have most everything. 

Well back to work, so I can make some more money to give away to people I really don’t want to pay in the first place.  :)  Talk with you peeps later.

17 March 2013

St. Patrick’s Day Post

So did you do anything special for St. Patrick’s Day?  Drink any green beer?  Eat any corn beef & cabbage? 

I started the day around 10am and made Cinnamon Rolls.  I had 1 along with a bowl of Oatmeal.  I should have just eaten two of them.  Because when the sugar high wore off from that 1 roll, I was tired.  All I wanted to do was cuddle with the cats and be lazy.  I closed my eyes and maybe got a little bit of sleep but mostly just laid in bed and relaxed or tried to.

We went to White Castle and ate way too much food.  My soda tasted flat, but the burgers were good.  I have been craving that place for a while.  It was good to get it in my system. 

Then back home, so I could clean the house.  I decided to procrastinate.  I made a store list and the partner went out grocery shopping on his own.  I stayed home to clean and trim claws. 

Man she was a bitch as usual.  The claws weren’t too bad.  6 weeks is the right time frame for her.  That way she can forget about being captured for a while.  I wish she didn’t get so upset.  I am afraid that one of these days she will have a heart attack from getting her self so worked up.

Groceries came in and I put them away, not much to that for this trip, which is surprising.  When I let him go by himself he usually comes home with all sorts of crap that we don’t need.  That happened earlier in the week, so maybe he just got it out of his system. 

I ate some of the pie we brought home, it was a very small slice and that was my super.  My guy had his Corned Beef & Cabbage, which I don’t care all that much for.  Fix me a Ruben and then I will eat it.  Actually that sounds pretty good.

Laundry went pretty fast.  I decided to squeeze in my feather pillow.  It didn’t spin very well so I have it on a 3rd spin cycle, that thing is just water and I imagine will take forever to dry.  I really wanted to wash all of my bedding but there isn’t time for that.  I still have to throw in my last load, which is all whites.  I can live without them if they aren’t ready.  I can’t live without the pillow, that thing is awesome.  It’s been deflating though and feathers manage to find there way out.  When that thing is shot I will get another pillow but it won’t be full of feathers and it won’t cost as much.

I took some me time and perused my way through Corbin Fisher’s website.  I have a subscription and the intention was to cancel it after a month.  However, that month went by and it renewed on me.  I want to cancel it again but feel like I just haven’t gotten all I can out of the site.  I am a huge fan of Josh, Travis and Dru.  I would love to spend time with any of those guys  I got some nice photos and a couple videos to watch.

Unfortunately, I still have to pack my lunch.  I still have to shave as well, which normally is done early in the morning.  I decided to skip it this morning to save time.  Then there is the dreaded preparing for bed.  After the little blow up I experienced on Friday I really don’t want to go back tomorrow.  I hate working for such a jack ass.  I have been looking to see what is in the market and man it’s seriously dry.  More dry than the past two years when I was looking for a job  My partner seems to think I am in good and should stay put.  Well I want to up and quit but that won’t pay the bills.  Perhaps things will get better.  All I can do is continue the journey one day at a time.  Hopefully, Thursday will be here before I know it.  Some weeks fly by and others drag on.  Not sure what this week will be like.

Allergies have been bothering me for a couple weeks.  My nose is part of it but mostly and strangely enough it’s been my eyes.  They itch and burn like crazy at times.  It gets so bad that I just want to remove them.  I use eye drops both prescription and OTC but nothing seems to touch the itch.  There are some “good” drops that my eye doctor prescribed for me last year but they are like $120 for a bottle and that is after my insurance has paid their part.  If I knew it would last for a while I might be tempted to get it but I know we are talking about a tiny bottle that I just can’t afford.  Yes it works but it’s not worth that much of my money.  There has to be something else.  For now I will suffer but when it comes time for my eye exam in a few months I will be complaining.  Perhaps then I will get something else.  If things get too bad I will call but I really want to stay away from doctors right now.  They have this way of attaching themselves to my bank account and sucking it dry.

Time for me to get busy again.  Shameless is on tonight and you know how I so look forward to that.  Hope it’s an awesome show again tonight.  As usual I will be watching for Ian…love that kid!

Here’s to a great week ahead for you and for me.  May the stress below and the rewards be high.  Talk with you peeps later!

16 March 2013


I wasn’t going to go for pie but decided very late in the day to give it a go.  It took up the whole evening and it started to rain as we were leaving.  So the weather didn’t help and it seemed like forever to get up there and back but it was a good trip.  Should have done it during day light hours instead of night time, I would have enjoyed it much more.

Gave my partner the best head job I could.  Yep, that’s right I washed his hair.  What can I say when you give good head, guys just want you!  :-)  He enjoyed it and I like the way my hands smell.  I used Paul Mitchell White Ginger Shampoo & Conditioner.  Oh, that stuff smells so good.

We brought home a Cherry Galette which I am sure will be delicious.  Outside of that it was rest and be lazy for most of the day.  I am swinging in to high gear now that night has fallen.  Laundry is going and I am getting ready to clean this place up.  If only I could click my heals and snap my fingers, then open my eyes and magically all of my work would be done, that would be awesome! If I could do that every week that would be good but all I am asking for is one time. Of course I would probably have a heart attack from the excitement.

This is claw trimming weekend for Shy Girl.  I tell her days in advance and then a couple times on the weekend.  I was going to do it today but just got too lazy.  It’s far too late to wind her up so I will wait until tomorrow.  Reprieve is what I am calling it, sounds so much better than I am lazy. Anyway, I am sure she will be happier for it.  Her temper has been coming back lately and  when she is mad you see the red in her mouth.  She doesn’t but it’s almost as if she is trying to spit blood at you, she get so angry.  Thank God for Welding Gloves!

I’ve decided to take advice from one of the doctors I saw and rather than taking my Diabetes medication (2 pills) every other day, I will be taking 1 pill each day.  I want to see first of all if my gut will be able to take it and second of all to see if it helps regulate the pain in my feet.  They have been killing me lately.   I switch shoes and get some relief that way but by the end of the day they are swollen and hurt.

My debit card arrived.  I tried to activate it today and was told that I put in the wrong PIN.  Well, the bank didn’t tell me they were going to change my PIN number so I had to make a last minute mad dash to the closest branch to get that fixed.  It took 5 minutes and I was in business.  I activated the card by using the ATM and then swiped it later at a restaurant and then for gas.  So the card works.  I also enrolled in MasterCard’s SecureCode, which will further protect me against on-line fraud and on-line purchases that I didn’t authorize.  It just a little more piece of mind.  I think if someone really wants to use your cards they will find a way or a merchant that will take them.  Where there is a will there is always a way. 

I ordered a pair of new Jeans, I made the same mistake as I did last time I ordered the length two inches longer than it needed to be.  So now that pair will drag the ground a little.  Some day maybe I will learn my correct size.  The underwear that I got fits and is comfortable but it’s not made for my waist size, I should have gone a size larger.  Again, maybe some day I will learn. 

Well off to start my cleaning spree, then time for more relaxation and some sleep.  Last night I got a hot shower and gave myself a facial, which only happens on a very rare occasion.  That shower and facial work better than any sleeping pill.  When I am done I melt like butter.

I hope that your having a great weekend.  Talk with you peeps later. 

Photos & Humor

Mark Paul Gosselaar and Breckin Meyer.

-Love me some Mark Paul.  Will be happy when Franklin & Bash is back on the air.



NPH and a Funny Card


15 March 2013

I need a drink

Yesterday I took the opportunity to work on my bosses machine to help solve his problem.  I think the biggest reason why he was having problems is because he saves every email he ever received.  System Administrator sends automated messages telling you that your e-mail mailbox is close to being over the limit, he has a folder saving each message like this that he received from the time the company started.  Holy shit, no wonder your having problems.  Fucktard, delete email you no longer need and you wouldn’t have any problems.

Okay so I followed Microsoft’s lead on this and applied all of the latest Windows Updates, Archived Mail, Disabled some add ins and made sure that his AV was up to date.  This took me 1/2 of the morning to accomplish only because I had to manually archive his mail, they do everything here the hard way.

I tell him about what I did, thinking it will please him.  Wrong he was upset that I touched his machine.  The Windows Updates changed some internet settings so there was a problem with banking last night.  I was here and caught it but nevertheless he got wind of it and I caught hell about that today.

Then he has more problems today with documents not opening and not being able to rename documents, so of course that is all my fault.  I was told that this can’t happen.  Well get over it, because it did happen.  He was really in a pissy mood.  While I was concerned he was having problems, his approach was what I took offense to.  However, I just laughed internally and went to examine his machine.

I rebooted it and tested it as much as I could.  Guess what it didn’t act up at all for me.  I think he was having a bad day and decided to take it out on me.  So all is back to normal or so I think.  I will be interested to know if banking tonight will be an issue.  I should know that in about an hour or so. 

We are having a mass exodus today, 3 people quit and I have to stay late to turn off all of their access.  Shouldn’t take too long and yes I am starting early.  Who stays until 5 on their last day?  Not me.  Not anyone I have ever seen.

Last night I decided to get my hair cut.  I mentioned to the lady that was taking care of that job that I unknowingly purchased hair color.  I asked her if she wanted it.  She gave me $5 off my hair cut plus 1/2 of a product that I wanted, which sells for $14.95 so I think I got the $20 back I paid for the color or close to it at least.  Everyone is happy.  Plus there was a very short wait.  I was talking too much so I didn’t get to enjoy my shampoo but that’s the way it goes. 

We went to Applebee’s last night.  Saw a couple hunks of beef I wanted and yes they were employees.  Picture this if you will a twink, some muscle and nice butt.  Ah, delicious.  I kept my order to food only.  :-(

Me partner is supposed to schedule an appointment with the state to talk about our taxes.  That won’t cost us a penny and they can provide guidance on how to complete this silly process.  Then next year we will know what needs to be done, provided they don’t change things.  Ugh!  I will be so happy when this process is over with.  I know I will have to pay but it looks like the Civil Union will save me $100 in what I have to shell out.  If that is the case, then maybe there is some good in this whole process.  :-)

Tonight we are having Old El Paso Taco Bake.  First time for us.  I hope it turns out well.  It sounds really good.  We shall see.  Tomorrow we are going out – I’ve got 2 coupons for two different places and hopefully we wind up at one of those places. 

After the crappy two days I have had I want to leave early but since I have to turn access off and there is the potential for problems w/ mr. grouchy’s computer I am staying when all I really want to do is leave.  That doesn’t mean I have to actually work though.  However, I am catching up where I can.  What I can put off until Monday will wait until then. 

My goals for this weekend are to get some much needed rest and relaxation.  Of course there is the usual laundry, cleaning and visit to the grocery store.  Outside of that I just want to veg.  I am itching to go for a drive for some PIE but I will probably put that off.  Well back to monkey business for me.  You all have a great weekend and I will talk with you peeps later. 

13 March 2013

Wednesday’s Almost Toast

So as you can tell it’s close to quitting time, actually like 45 minutes away but closer than we were this morning. 

What a day.  I’ve been all over the place and feel worn out.  The biggest pain today was Blackberry.  One of the bosses got a new device and I had to add email accounts to it.  Had to call Blackberry which took a while but they finally got me squared away.

I was shocked this morning when I looked at my phone.  There was a text message about one girl taking her bosses job, it was something that clearly wasn’t meant to be sent to me.  I hate all of the office politics.  I mentioned it innocently to another co-worker and the next thing you know I was being talked to because she couldn’t keep her mouth shut.  Yeah, trust no one, say nothing to no one and then you have nothing to worry about. 

I’m venting here and don’t mean to offend but have you heard of the three forms of communication?  Telegraph, Telephone and Tell a woman. 

A fire here, a fire there a fire everywhere.  I went to lunch late.  I took my food out and by the time I went to eat it the soda was warm and so was my cold sandwich.  Ew, but I ate it.  More like scarfed it down along with a bag of chips.  Saved my yogurt and grapes for tomorrow.

Fish Wedges are for supper.  We are out of Ketchup and I don’t think we have Tarter Sauce.  I know Carrots will be fixed but I’m not sure what else.  The Mr. talked about Mashed Potatoes but we use instant and I have grown tired of them.  Even the Betty Crocker good stuff tastes like dirt now.

I enjoyed Tosh.O last night and I watched an old Lewis Black in concert, until he lulled me to sleep and then I turned the TV off.  No jumper last night, he was mad at me because I gave him his medicine.  Silly boy.  His brother was my alarm clock.  I was actually up at 3 and then I think at 5 and every few minutes there after. 

My body still has yet to adjust to the time change.  I am hopeful that a little extra sleep this weekend will take care of that, but I am not holding my breath. 

Speaking of which I am expecting a call so I am going to close this out and prepare for that.  Not exactly sure what tonight has in store for me but hopefully it includes R&R.  Thank goodness tomorrow is Thursday, 1 more day after that.  Wow – what a week.  Talk with you peeps later.

12 March 2013

Blast from the past

Fun to listen to “old” tunes.  Hope you enjoy them!

Wicked Day

So I am back in the office.  I walked into a storm.  3 people hit me with issues and 1 of them was my boss.  My boss told me all about his problem and he was angry, I think he just hates technology problems.  So he tells me his problem, then says he wants it fixed, wants to know why it’s happening and he doesn’t have time to give me his machine now.  Okay, so when exactly did you want me to fix your problem?  I mean I think he wants me to do it tonight after he has left or some how preform magic, but that’s not going to happen.  I’m going to wait until later in the week once he leaves the office for the weekend and then I will tackle it.  It’s one of those thins that if something goes wrong you really want to be next to the machine.  It also doesn’t help that his machine isn’t rebooted on a regular basis and Windows Updates are not applied on a regular basis.  His machine downloads them and them prompts him to install, but he never does.  I was asked to set it up that way because he had problems getting into his machine remotely.

I wasn’t here but 15 minutes and I was ready to go back home.  It was difficult to get myself out of the house.  Now that the afternoon is here, I am glad I came in and got back to “normal”. 

Projects, deadlines, people quitting and all sorts of stuff is flying my way.  Then I find out that our building is turning the power off in May for a part of a weekend.  There goes that weekend.  I will have to power everything off and then come back over and power it all back on.  Hope like hell everything works and there are no problems.  But that is a couple months away, thank God!

I’m just itching to get the hell out of here today.  Thankfully we are closer now than we were this morning at 6:20 when I rolled out of bed.  Jumper and Big Boy are great Alarm Clocks.  They come with a snooze button, you just say not now and they stop.  Unless it’s urgent then either you listen or you get to clean up the mess. 

Well back to it my inbox is over flowing.  Take care and I will talk with you peeps later.

11 March 2013

Wanting More

This morning the time change was quite a shock to my system.  I thought about my PTO bank and how I had to burn days.  I had my breakfast and then decided that I would take a day, today.  I called in sick, I just didn’t tell them I was sick of work.  I needed a holiday for me and this was nice. 

The partner called me about the time I should be leaving for work and I told him I wasn’t going.  We were held hostage by my Blackberry for the day, so no chance to get away.  I was quite busy for a stay at home Monday.  People getting fired, people quitting and new people starting.  That is what kept me busy all day long. 

I got word a while ago that we are having e-mail trouble.  Thankfully our e-mail is hosted so it’s not us but our provider.  Still it will cause me a good deal of grief if enough people figure it out, because everyone will spaz out.  My hands are tied and there is nothing I can do but wait.  I’ve passed along my cell phone number and am waiting for it to ring.  Hopefully within the next hour that will happen, so I can try to get a good nights rest and not worry about listening for a damn phone in the middle of the night.  Wow the Gods are smiling, I didn’t get a phone call but some test e-mail I sent just flowed through, so I presume we are fixed but I won’t announce that until I get the official word.

The good news is that I finished up House of Cards.  There are actually two versions.  I am watching the American version which is only available streaming through Netflix.  I sure hope they get Season 2 published it will be interesting to see how it turns out.  Sex, Murder, Control of the Media it’s just amazing what goes on in politics.  I am sure 1/2 of what I saw is only a small dot on what actually happens in politics and I’m happy to steer clear of it.

I saw a Nat Geo special about how they make regular SUV’s and Trucks Armored and safe for delegates, high profile business people, etc.  It was eye opening.  They even put in flashing lights and a siren, just enough to cause a distraction.  Hell if I had that I’d use it every day on the way to and from work.  Imagine what my commute time would be, that is until I got caught by the police and thrown in jail.  I really, really want an electronic air horn in my car.  The kind that comes from a siren.  I think it’s cool and it causes people to move.

My guy took another crack at making a chicken and again it was raw.  I told him you have to empty out the oven and then kick it up a little bit to give it time to cook.  It took an extra 1/2 hour and it was editable.  That was our lunch.

For supper we ventured out to Sonic.  A hamburger and a shake was my supper with a few tatter tots thrown in.  We got the mail.  Oh, the doctor that I sent the letter to, they called today and want me to call them back with why I was moving on and if I would consider seeing another doctor in their practice.  Yeah, uh you wouldn’t sign for a certified letter that speaks volumes that there are serious issues there.  I’m going my way and not looking back, nor do I plan on calling.  If they don’t see what is broken, then why should I waste my time and point out the obvious?  I mean wake up and smell the coffee.

I’ve been bombarded with e-mails from Amazon telling me that my order has shipped.  Wow, I get it already.  So I told my guy to keep an eye out for a package or two on Wednesday.

As for tomorrow I don’t want to go back.  Either way I will be pestered so might as well go in and see what I can accomplish.  I am no longer buried but I do have enough work to keep me busy, provided I do it. 

The evening is getting away from me and I think I want to enjoy some more TV before I call it a day.  So good night to you and I will talk with you peeps later.