31 July 2016

Expensive Sunday

I made it through the grocery store not spending much.  Decided to hit up the expensive/upscale grocery store to get more oatmeal.  I went in for 1 item and wound up leaving with way more than that.  When I got the total I about passed out.  It’s not that I can’t afford it or don’t have the money for it but rather it was shock.  I guess I shouldn’t be surprised as everything costs way too much today!

Bear loves his new gravy food.  It’s the same stuff I used to feed #1 Son (Sparky).  Since he is such a big guy I have to give him 2 packets at a time.  There is more than enough for him and Marv to share.  Marv runs away from it and would rather eat Pate or dry food. 

Got the house cleaned.  Remembered that I forgot to clean the microwave.  That is a task that has been alluding me for weeks.  I also forgot to put in the forks, spoons and knives in the dishwasher.  So that was a perfect excuse to load it up with the turntable from the microwave and the eating utensils.  Then I got out my Shark Steamer and went to town on steam cleaning the microwave.  Damn think looks brand new!  Considering that is the primary way I make my food, might as well keep it clean.  I tried running a cup of water through, heating it up and using the steam from it but it just didn’t have enough power.  That little steamer had helped me out of several tough tasks.  Shame I can’t steam away my bills. :-)

Got matched up with a hot guy who is younger and looking for an older guy.  He’s 27 which is a little younger than I want but he looks stunning.  I reached out.  Next move is his.  We have a lot in common, which is rather surprising considering there is a 17 year age difference between us.  Then again me and my late partner had a 30 year age difference and we turned out okay.  I know what I want in a guy but finding the whole package (i.e. brains, brawn and beauty) is turning out to be quite the challenge. 

All is well at the moment.  Back to 5 regular full days tomorrow.  I have to cover for my boss Tuesday afternoon.  He’s on call and will be tied up for a little bit.  I get 15 minutes of overtime out of it.  I figured volunteering to help was a good thing and shows him that I am interested.  I have to stay at the office a little longer but chances are I am doing myself a favor when it comes to traffic or so I hope.  I’ll be doing the on call thing soon enough and I am very apprehensive about it.  I don’t have all of the training I feel that I need, but sometimes trial by fire is the best way to learn.  One thing is for sure if you learn in trial by fire, you won’t soon forget.  That is where I got most of my knowledge from in my last role. 

It’s time for treats for the children.  I just remembered that I didn’t take my evening pills so I have to do that.  Then I need to work on winding down for the evening and getting ready for what I hope is a great but yet fast moving Monday.  I hope that you have had a great weekend.  Take care and I will talk with you again soon.

30 July 2016


Nothing spectacular happened Friday night.  I pretty much just came home and chilled with the cats, had a small personal size pizza.  Traffic was a mess so I had to take a detour in order to get home but thankfully arrived about normal time, so no one was the wiser!

Last night I got some courage and decided to try to catch Ruth on her terms, where she was comfortable.  She came by for a pet and scratch.  I took real good care of her and she loved it as always.  Then she ran away.  I waited she came back we repeated the process.  Then I picked up the clippers, she was under the table and I called her and stuck my hand down in front of her.  She hissed at me like I was a complete stranger.  I pulled my hand back before she decided to do damage to it.  Looks like that is a failure.  Going to have to break out the gloves and do it the normal way.  Ugh!

Saturday slept in, had some wicked and bizarre dreams.  I woke up and passed out breakfast.  Then watched TV and fell back asleep.  The strange dreams continued.  Guess I should have had breakfast and then went back to bed.  Anyway, woke up about 10a and got out of bed.  Had a Diet Code Red Mt. Dew and a Banana Nut Muffin to get the day started.  Got my medicine down and got dressed.  Off to the Office of the post.  Mail contained a bill, bank statement and a letter from AT&T about how they are starting a thank you rewards for their customers.  Yeah some rewards program, just chop more off the bill and that will be the best reward for me.  Then I went to the restaurant to see see the hot guy, but he wasn’t there.  I thought wow maybe he has a day off, maybe he will call.  I’ve pretty well resigned myself that he said yes to be polite but that he really didn’t mean it.  I don’t expect him to call given the fact that it’s been a week already.  If he does great I’ll run with it, but otherwise I got to keep on moving, can’t put my life on hold for one person.  It is kind of disappointing I thought maybe I had a chance but just have to keep the search up for the right guy.

I stopped by the home improvement store to pick up furnace filters only to learn they don’t sell cheap filters anymore.  The cheapest 3 pack I could find was $9 and that was for 3M’s Filtreet basic.  I remember when you could get 3 or 4 green or blue for like $5.  Looks like those days are gone, everything is expensive.  I looked for button batteries but couldn’t find them, which is odd at a home improvement store they are usually the ones who have them.

All of the bills are paid, gearing up for the next round that will come due the middle of next month.  Time passes but the bills have a way of always rolling in.  I wish that I could have a bill free month, that would be awesome but I know that won’t happen. 

Looking forward to shaving with my new blades from Harry’s.  Those things are sharp.  They just redid their blades to add in a trimmer at the top, which is a requirement for me.  I haven’t used their blades for a long time, so I am eager to go back to them.  Would much rather shave my face which is a task I don’t like rather than try to hunt down Ruth to trim her claws.  Got to do both.

Bears is doing well with taking his pills, it’s still a little overwhelming to him but he is making the pee pee and that makes Daddy very happy.  Got a good stream and the color is right, no blood.  I believe the supplement is doing it’s job, but I am eager to see how things are after he has been on the stuff for a couple weeks.  If his stream can get stronger and he can get even better then I am all for it.  I will have this bottle for a very long time, which is a good thing. 

I hope your weekend is awesome and that life is treating you well.  Talk with you all again soon!

29 July 2016


I can’t believe it’s already Friday, it doesn’t feel like a Friday to me.  Heard back from the vet they want to start Bear out on 3 tablets 1 time per day and said it will take 2 weeks to take effect.  Thus far he is doing well with 3 tablets 2 times per day.  I saw his flow this morning and its stronger than what it has been.  I’d say this stuff appears to be working.  I haven’t seen him with a steady strong flowing stream in a while.  It’ not like a faucet when he was younger, but somehow his brother has managed to maintain that type of strong flow.  Unless there are problems I see no reason to change what I am doing.  It will be hard to keep that up on the weekends, because on a Friday and Saturday night I usually give breaks from medicine.  I know they don’t like taking the stuff and I really get tired of giving it.  3 pills added to each dose of medicine is a little bit of a challenge for Bear, I can tell he is not happy about it.  I should go buy some butter and coat them in that so they go down smoother.  Most cats love butter.

Yesterday was a busy day, like calm and then out of no where it just picked up.  Plus I was dealing with some additional information I got on the phone hack that was done to the salon I go to.  So between the little personal stuff I did and work – the day was over with as quickly as it began.

I got a piece of mail for my late partner last night.  It was a check up notice for his hearing aids.  I notified all of his healthcare providers but some how managed to skip them.  I sent off a note by fax last night and it was a little difficult to compose.  I just at and looked at his name on the envelope for the longest time, thinking I wish you were still here.  I am rather surprised I didn’t hear a huh what did you say?!  It sucks but there isn’t anything I can do but move forward.  I was thinking about our talks we used to have about one of us passing away.  We both agreed that the survivor would have it pretty difficult and we were both sad to think about that.  Neither of us wanted to leave the other but much like a good movie all things come to an end. 

This morning I was thinking about something he (my late partner) used to say.  You know your getting older when you have the choice of having an orgasm or choosing sleep.  When your young you chose the orgasm, when your older you choose sleep.  Last night I was thinking about the orgasm but fell asleep and when I woke up I decided time for bed.  I was really bushed.  Missing the orgasm but it’s not like it won’t happen again.

Speaking of orgasms, I have pretty well decided I am going back to the restaurant this weekend.  Unless I managed to talk myself out of it tomorrow I will be there for lunch or supper.  Not sure what will happen but I will behave myself as much as humanly possible.  Showing restraint for something or someone that I want is not my strong suit. 

We have a meeting today at my normal lunch time so I wanted to take a couple minutes on a quick break to make a post.  I see Bear on the camera at home, the big oaf is laying in his food.  I can’t wait to get home to see him.  Tonight will be the first night this entire week that I will be able to go from work straight home without having to stop for mail.  That gives me a little extra time to spend with everyone and on a Friday night it just helps to make a Friday night extra special. 

Hope you all have a good weekend.  Wish me luck this is the drop dead weekend for trimming Ruth’s claws, lets hope she remembers I am her friend and not her enemy.  Talk with you all again soon.

27 July 2016

Back to reality

Feels pretty good to be back to my normal routine.  I do wish that I was leaving early today, that was nice to get home earlier than normal and have a nice long evening.  I do have the option to talk with my manager about changing my hours but I won’t be doing that anytime soon.  I don’t want to rock the boat right now.  I am on solid ground and everything is fine, but in my mind I think differently.  It’s tough being me sometimes but we all have our issues.

Last night I was relaxing and winding down, I heard some noise in my room put the TV on pause.  Nothing.  Then I said Bear is that you.  I got a response.  Bear had walked into my room after using the bathroom.  Very unusual.  He used to sleep with me every night like clock work.  I had both boys.  Now it’s anyone’s guess as to if I will have any cat in my room.  So I got him cleaned up and everything put away.  He opted to stay, which is fine.  I wrapped things up and called it a night.  I had both boys in my room.  Lights out and I was able to relax a bit before the first chirp.  Marvin wanted out.  Back to bed.  Then Bear made his way over by the bed and wanted me to pet him.  I got out of that and some how managed to fall asleep.  Had an unpleasant dream, woke up went to the bathroom.  Back in bed and guess who wants to hold hands?  Seriously it’s 2am and I need my beauty sleep.  He had me up for a while but I got him calmed down and eventually I was able to fall back asleep.  It was nice to have him back in my room.

Served the king (Bear) breakfast in my room, of course what I brought wasn’t good enough so he turned his nose up at it after a couple bites.  I didn’t realize this but he wasn’t protesting either, that is until I walked back into the room.  I rotated the plate for him, gave him a couple pets he lapped up a little gravy and then started making noise.  Okay so you get a new can of food.  He gobbled that down by the time I had my shower.  When I went in to get dressed he was asking for more food.  Did he get it?  Yes indeed, but he had to take his medicine first. 

I believe my cats will be the death of me.  I love them so much but they can try your last nerve.  I caught Bear in time, he needed to go to the bathroom but was in the hallway – too lazy to move but he was communicating to me with his wiggling and meowing.  I grabbed a pad and got it placed in time, 2 seconds later I would have had a mess to clean up.  So I got him cleaned up and then it was time to leave.  He really hammed it up for attention.  Which he wormed out of me.  He brings a lot of joy to me, but he also spends my money and eats me out of house and home, but if it wasn’t for love he wouldn’t be there. 

So dating life got interesting.  I had someone hit me up and we went back and forth in conversation.  Long story short he’s very interested in me.  He looks and sound good to me  However, the problem is were a million miles apart.  I need someone I can feel and touch, not  virtual boyfriend.  He’s not moving and neither am I, so don’t think this will last terribly long.  He wants me to text him, which is a big thing with guys these days.  I don’t just give anyone my cell phone number.  The exception being the hot waiter last week.  I really don’t even want to open the app he contacted me on.  I don’t want to hurt anyone or deliver bad news but I suppose it’s all just another day in the life when your in the dating game.  As for the waiter no contact yet.  It has been suggested to me that a lot of people don’t reach out right away so they don’t appear desperate.  I have been told that I should go back to the restaurant and get something to eat, as a way of making my presence known.  I would love to do nothing more than that and am considering it, but I think it will make me come off not only as desperate but as a bit of a stalker.  I don’t want to make him uncomfortable regardless how he feels about me.  Seeing him makes me light up but I realize the feeling might not be mutual and he could just be one of those people in the world that doesn’t know how to say no when the answer is truly no and there is no chance in hell that we would ever meet up.  Waiting sucks because you start to second guess yourself and have doubts but at the end of the day the ball is in his court and he has to make a choice about what to do.  All I can do is sit back and wait.

I ordered a logo shirt with my employers name on it a few weeks ago.  Something that I have been wanting to do for a while.  The thing is out for delivery today and deliveries are usually made by now.  I pray they don’t screw this up and that I get my shirt today.  UPS works great at home but not so much at work it’s like playing the lottery but the odds are a little better it’s 50 / 50.  Speaking of packages I have confirmed that Bear’s supplement is waiting for me at the post office, so I will make a special trip and stop by tonight.  Can’t wait to get him started on this, he probably won’t like it but I hope this is the miracle pill we have been waiting for and that he responds to it and no longer forms crystals. 

Got a call from a friend last night, his wife has a cyst on her ovary.  It needs to come out but the big question is, cancer or not?  Her doc already referred them to an oncologist and they see that doctor on Thursday.  Sounds like they know already that it is cancer and that simple surgery won’t fix it.  If this is cancer, I hope that her body responds to the treatment.  He would be beside himself if his wife died.  I can already tell he is scared.  He’s older than me we all used to work together.  I like them both and don’t want to see anything bad happen to them.  However, a little rain falls in everyone’s life from time to time. 

Speaking of which I got my next dose of rain.  Slight problem but it will all work out.  So back to work I go because I owe, I owe boy do I owe.  Great joke for the day … What do you call a red head that goes crazy?  Answer, Ginger Snap! 

26 July 2016

Quick update

So I got an email from the post office and the package is at my post office.  They won’t deliver it until tomorrow, so I continue to wait.  At least there shouldn’t be any further problems.  You would also think that the company I bought this from would have reached out to me by now but they haven’t.  They did say 24 hours, but I am not going to hold my breath.  So long as I get the product tomorrow and can start Bear on it then I shall be as happy as I can.

That is all for Tuesday.  On to watch Tosh.O and prepare for back to normal on Wednesday!


So the trainer announced at the outset of the call that today’s session would end much quicker than yesterdays session.  That is good news for me.  Things appear to be more condensed than the last time I did this, which is good.  I am all about going home.  I’ve learned a couple things but this product is still complicated, so much so that the instructor said it takes daily use for a year in order to get comfortable with it.  Seriously, a year with daily use!

Good news the UPS delivery person should be ringing the doorbell, Amazon used them to ship the pee pads so I really don’t have to rush to get to the post office before 5p.  I only wish the pharmacy I bought the supplement from would have used UPS.  The shipment shows the last tracking was in FL and it was supposed to be delivered yesterday.  USPS can’t tell me anymore than that, I’ve called twice and talked to 2 different people.  I replied to an email from the pharmacy this morning explaining the problem, heard nothing.  Went to their website and opened a support ticket.  Got a pop up saying the ticket was created and that someone would be reaching out within 24 hours.  Really?  I didn’t get an email acknowledgement of the ticket, so I don’t know the ticket number since I did all of this on my phone.  Geez, shame there is only 1 place that sells this product at a decent price.  Next time I think I will opt for using UPS for deliver, it cost more but I should get it quicker.  I really want to start him on this, so hopefully the product shows up within a couple days.  This to me is critical to his well being, without it his body will continue to form crystals and he (Bear) will be at risk for blocking.

Speaking of the big oaf he is doing well.  Got extra food out of me before bed, extra food before I left.  A wipe down last night and again this morning.  I can already tell he has used the box.  Saw him sitting in Momma’s bed.  It’s a pet bed I bought for them as kittens and Momma has sort of taken it over.  Marv sits in it periodically, Bear likes it a lot but Momma tries to occupy it most of the time.  The antibiotics stopped yesterday morning.  No more #2 at all.  Hopefully that will change by tonight, if he hasn’t gone already.  I started him (Bear) on the second round of the muscle relaxer he takes.  All appears well, he seems pretty normal.  He was plays with a mouse that used to belong to Blu.  He likes that thing but doesn’t play often enough.  There is still a lot of kitten left in him.  Blu being true to form before he passed, ripped the squeaker out of the mouse so it doesn’t make a sound now.  Sure do miss him and Taz.

AC in the car is working super well.  Froze myself out on the way over and I am sure I will repeat the process on the way home.  Hopefully, we get to leave by 3p today that would be great.  I actually thought about doing this whole training business from home, but since I didn’t have permission I figured I would be doomed to be caught and it’s just better to go in.  However, considering I now am acutely aware of how many miles it is per day, I would have rather saved the wear and tear on the car as well as slept in a little bit longer. 

I picked up a couple of tasks that came in to help my team out.  I know were short staffed today.  1 person on vacation.  1 person working a 1/2 day, came in late this morning.  Me in training, leaves the boss pretty much on his own.  Not that he can’t handle it but every chance I get to shine, I try my best.  I’ve got the customer service part down pat and that is something that my team needs – it helps us look better and in turn it will all trickle back to each of us in the end.  I just love helping people, especially when it’s a task I am familiar with and can accomplish on my own.  I prefer each interaction be something that I can deal with on my own, but realize that won’t always be the case.  I take everything I can get my hands on because eventually the time will come when I am all by myself and will have to make decisions on my own.  It’s been about 3 months and I feel pretty good about this step forward I took.  I feel like I am just getting started on the road to greatness.  If you truly reap what you sow then I should be in for one enjoyable ride!  Tomorrow will mark my 2 year anniversary and there are only 2 of us that are still here from the group that I started with.  That 2 will most likely change to 1 leaving me as the sole survivor.  The other person that is here wants out of this place and has had a miserable experience.  I think that person looks at things too granular and thereby creates their own drama.  If your going to leave, do it and let’s get on with it.  Otherwise, do your job, put in your time and go home.  Their job compared to mine is easy as pie, then again they probably don’t make what I do.

Moving on to men, one of my favorite subjects.  I saw yesterday on the Steve Harvey show he was having a Man Crush Monday, where he was showing off some models from his first ever man candy calendar.  Wow, there were some good lookers there.  If you visit his website at steveharveytv.com you can download a copy of the calendar for free.  It comes in PDF form, when it first displays you think it’s upside down but that is the back page.  Scroll down and you will get to see all of the hunky goodness that are muscles and shirtless men!  I’ve been super horny lately not sure if it’s just something in the air or the lack of physical action by another man in my life.

I have wondered on more than one occasion if I will be by myself for the rest of my life or if I will find love in another man.  It’s not that I am not trying, but it’s not that I am desperate as well.  I mean I am desperate but I try not to convey it and I am not at the local gay bar looking to pick someone up for a 1 night stand.  I deleted Grindr and Scruff which are both hook up apps from my phone.  I have more dating oriented apps on my phone, but I still have Tindr which can be used for dating or hooking up.  Not much luck but I have talked with some interesting people.  That in part is why I made the move on the waiter.  It’s bold and quick, you never know unless you try.  That is one hell of a self confidence booster when you hear yes, but still even if you get a no – you can look back and say wow I went for it.  That is only the 2nd time I’ve done that but I suspect that I will be making that move more often when I see a good looking guy in the right circumstances, so long as I don’t get punched in the face or shot, I will keep going.  It is risky but then again there is risk involved in every part of life, it’s mostly transparent and you don’t see it until it’s obvious.  We all take a chance from the moment we get out of bed until the moment we go to bed.  We all encounter various levels of risk everyday from slipping in the tub, cutting your self with a knife, falling on the steps, wrecking your car, getting hit in the crosswalk or showing up at work only to learn that one of your co-workers went nuts and decided to shoot the place up.  See risk like oxygen is everywhere, if you allow it to, it can paralyze you – you have to take power over it and live your life.  Mitigate what you can and keep on moving, that is my philosophy.  

Well lunch time is almost over with and training will be starting up again so guess I will wrap this up.  Hope your all having a great Tuesday.  Thanks for listening to my babble.  Onward and Upward!

25 July 2016

Gr8 Monday

Gr8 it’s Monday!  Seems like all I did was turn out the lights and the alarm clock went off.  Ain’t that the way it is when you need to wake up early?  Slept pretty good, woke up a couple times during the night but my Marv was there by my side.  Chatty little guy. 

Found Bears outside my door this morning, which means he used his version of a litterbox.  Plus he was hungry.  Got everyone fed, got a shower and medicated Bear & Momma.  Decided to stop the antibiotics for Bear because I think that is the source of his discomfort or my perception of how he feels.  I passed out an extra can of food before I left for two reasons.  One Bear needs as much water as he can get, wet food = water.  Second because I was up early and when everyone stomach rattles because it’s empty, I wanted them to have something to put in their pie holes.  Happy Cats are the best cats!

Bear wormed his way into my room, he was partially there before I left.  By the time I got the camera up at work he was no where to be found.  I just hope that I don’t have any messes to clean up tonight, other than the normal stuff.  I am super excited to go home and see him and the other children.  More so than usual given everything he has been through.  I just can’t get enough Bear time.  I brushed him last night and he just took that all in.  When I was done he decided I shouldn’t stop but I did.  Then he rolled over after I went to the trash can.  So when I was done with taking care of me, I went back and brushed the other side of him.  What a ham!

Training is going on, were at lunch.  Thank God I got a different instructor and he is doing a pretty good job.  However, this is still very boring stuff.  I still look forward to Wednesday because things should be back to normal then and then I only have to work 2 more days.  Something to look forward to, I suppose. 

So I got a notification that I have mail waiting for me.  Going to track Bear’s supplement and so long as it shows arrived I will stop and pick up mail.  I pray it’s there because I am anxious to get him on that and hopefully can get him off of the muscle relaxer.  Trading 1 pill for another but 1 is super expensive and the other, not so much. 

Ever wonder how far you drive to work?  I decided to track it this morning.  Came up with a whopping 35 miles, that is 1 way – That is 70 miles per day and doesn’t take into consideration stopping for mail.  Now I see how the miles add up on the car.  Speaking of which the AC was working overtime this morning, had to turn it down because the windows were starting to fog up.  It was super chilly and ever since I worked in a computer room that is the temperature I like.  It takes some getting used to but when you do it long enough it’s like second nature.  Now come winter I like it warm but not HOT.  Strange but I have an intolerance to heat.

Nothing good on TV tonight so I will have to scrounge for content but as long as all of my kids are doing well it should be a good night TV or not.  Hope your Monday is going well.  Talk with you all again soon. 

24 July 2016

It’s Sunday already

Wow, Sunday already.  Where did all of the time go?  Feels like yesterday I was just starting this expensive staycation.  I accomplished most of what I set out to do.  I could have done without the Bear issue, for my sanity and my wallets sake.  Still it was a nice break and now back to five full days of work, or so I think.  I haven’t worked 5 full days since last month so this will be a little foreign to me. 

So the shipment of the supplement is on track to be delivered tomorrow.  Mr. Bear has bee plowing through the pee pads so I ordered some more, they will be in on Tuesday.  Good thing I will be getting off work early, just not certain if it will be early enough to make it to the post office.  They will hold the package for 15 days so as long as I get on Saturday I will be fine.

Right now I am concerned about Bear.  He was out this morning, ate his breakfast, took his pills.  I went to the store and when I got back he had gone to the bathroom.  I was happy about that.  I got him cleaned up and then I had to put away the groceries and rest.  I was exhausted from the heat and then all of the physical activity.  A short time later I went to give him his bath.  He heard me futzing with the water and then I came to him and said Bath and he retreated under the couch like I was the vacuum cleaner.  I fished him out, he was crying and protesting but I said your gonna like this.  Sure enough he loved it.  Got him dried off.  Fed everyone lunch and then after he was done he retreated under the couch. 

Supper time usually brings everyone out of there hiding spots.  I had the full crew, minus Bear.  Marvin eats with him so he was a little perplexed as to why I wasn’t setting the food down.  I drug Bear out and put the food in front of him, Marv stopped by took a couple bites and left.  I had my supper cooking and went back to rotate the plate for Bear but he was under the couch and the food was hardly touched.  Scary.  So I opened a can of special food and served it to him under the couch.  He was lapping it up so I went about my business.  Went back to check on him and found that the majority of the food was still there but he did get the liquid and he got some of the food. 

Odd but the vet called again to check on him.  They are concerned.  I said he’s under the couch but seems to be doing okay.  I don’t know if the house is too cold, he just wants to be left alone or what the deal is.  I don’t like under the couch. 

I will be headed up in a bit for the night.  Passing out treats, which now is more wet food.  I stopped the crunchy dry treats because of the crystals.  Once he gets started on the supplement I will bring them back but slowly.  Things to me just don’t sound good.  I love him and letting go is the hardest thing in the world to do.  Might have to just resign myself to the fact that I have to and there is no other choice.  I am monitoring the situation and what steps I take next depend upon his actions or lack there of.  I hope he bounces back but the poor guy has really been through the ringer.  Plus he is still on antibiotics, which could be the whole issue because they upset the tummy and cause diarrhea.  We have 3 more days to go but I may stop before then.

No phone call from the waiter.  The more time passes the more I wonder if he will call.  I have serious doubts but it is still possible.  The bigger question that I can’t seem to answer is if he doesn’t call should I go back to the restaurant where he works to eat?  The food is damn good, I just don’t want it to be awkward for either of us.  Let me know what you think.  Right now I don’t have plans to return anytime soon.

That’s a wrap for this post and for Sunday.  Got to go set the alarm to wake up super early, which won’t be any fun.  The good news is I will be by myself in an office so if it gets boring I can nap.  I looked into trying to watch videos to learn more about the product I am being trained on through a 3rd party site but they want money and I am not passing that out right now.  So we shall see what happens tomorrow. 

23 July 2016

Hot Town Summer In The City

It is miserable hot outside.  I spent the bulk of my day inside.  Slept in, which was nice.  Considering I didn’t go to bed until 1 or 2 am, can’t remember.  I sat in the living room where Bear was and watched Hot Pursuit.  It was a great movie and I saw it on Amazon Prime because it was free for prime members.  It was way better than I thought it would be, I got some serious laughs in.

Then went to watch TV in my room until my sleeping pills kicked in and then it was lights out.  Today I got the children fed and then started in on another movie.  This was called Genius on Hold.  Saw it on Netflix, all about MA Bell and one of it’s inventors.  Very interesting movie and learned a little bit more about MA Bell and the Bell System. 

Crashed for an afternoon nap.  Woke up and passed out lunch.  Got moving and was able to get some supper at Red Lobster.  It was good food, I should have threw in Pina Colada but didn’t.  That would have been good on a hot day like today.  From there I made my way by the post office, no mail.  Then on to the pet food store where I had a $10 coupon that came in handy. 

Home to start laundry and then trying to find out information about the guy I asked out yesterday.  Still haven’t heard from him and considering that he is probably working today as well I can understand why he hasn’t reached out yet.  I wasn’t able to find a damn thing about him on line because I don’t have a last name, not even an initial for his last name.  I really would like to know more about him, regardless if he calls or not.  He probably knows everything about me because my debit card receipt has my full name on it so google that along with my cell phone number.  If he has taken time he probably knows a little something about me.  I’ve been thinking about him often and really wonder if I will hear from him. 

Got a survey from the vet, within 5 minutes of filling it out the phone rings and it’s the vet.  They were calling to check on Bear and see how he was doing.  I did some checking and found out that his supplement will arrive on Monday.  I don’t normally stop for mail on Monday’s but I will be making an exception, the sooner he starts this the better off I hope he is. 

I am just goofing off now, passing time and playing on the PC.  Waiting for the Looking movie to start, very interested in that and really wonder how it will end.  It was another great gay series that is coming to an abrupt end.  So sad. 

Really hard for me to comprehend that today is Saturday, all of the days blend together.  I could really get used to this staying home business but that wouldn’t pay the bills.  The heat right now is killer and doesn’t take much to get overwhelmed.  I’ve got the cold water going and of course some cheesecake later tonight will help keep me cool. 

Normal drill tomorrow of eating breakfast out, hitting up the grocery stores.  Have to stop for gas.  Then coming home for the day and have no plans on leaving until Monday morning when I go in for my awesome training class.  Starts at 730a which means I have to get up early and hustle.  I’ll make it with plenty of time and it will be nice to leave early.  However, I am anxious for Wednesday when everything goes back to normal.  I hate having my normal thrown off or changed.  I am a creature of habit. 

Hope your staying cool and enjoying the summer. 

22 July 2016

Something good for a change

Bear wanted to sleep with me last night, so I carried him into my room.  Then I had to get him food, water and a pee pad.  He was as happy as a pig in mud.  He slept pretty good too. 

This afternoon he was sleeping but was making noise like he was in distress.  He had me worried because he wasn’t responding but after I gave him a good shake he woke up.  He had a confused look on his face but was happy to see everything was normal.

I napped most of the day, waiting for the phone to ring.  Turns out I had to call the car dealer.  The finished up about 2:45 and had someone come get me.  I got another ride in the Lincoln and learned more about it.  It’s just fancy beyond my pocket book.  Blind Spot Warning, Cross Traffic Warning and a backup camera.  It is just amazing.  The guy was telling me get a scaled down model, you might be able to afford that.  I really like the car but I want to sit higher.

So I get my car back, it wasn’t really cooling.  It’s pretty hot outside so I gave it the benefit of the doubt and kept driving.  By the time I was home it was cold.  Not as cold as I like it but it was acceptable.  Parked it in the driveway and then had the fun task of putting my radar detector back in the car.  They buried the cable in the dash to make it extra inconvenient for me.  I actually did a better job ripping it out and starting over.  Eliminated an extra cord.  Then I decided to clean things up, there were fingerprints everywhere and I noticed small trace amounts of blood.  It wasn’t my blood.  It was on both the driver and passenger sides of the car.  I almost took it back and said something about it, but considering that would take away more time, it was easier to just clean it up.  Refilled the windshield washer fluid.  Then went to the expensive car wash.  They did a good job as always and I got to see a cute guy – so not all bad. 

After the car wash I went back to the new place I was at a few weeks back.  I got the same waiter.  I will admit that I went in with a hidden agenda but I wanted to see what kind of burgers they did.  Got a tavern double and it was damn good.  So paid the bill, then waited for my moment.  I caught the waiter alone and I asked him out.  It was awkward as hell but he said he would like that.  So I gave him my number and now I wait for him to call, if he will.  He may have said yes to just be polite, he may have an interest in me, not sure and won’t know unless he calls.  I was so excited that he said yes and that this went well.  Now judging by his looks he can’t be more than 21, perhaps I am wrong.  If he calls and we hit it off, once he finds out how old I am, that will probably freak him out.  I was already at no so I figured I had nothing to loose.  I really hope he calls and this doesn’t turn out like the guy from the pet food store who kept stringing me along. 

On the way home I stopped in a new subdivision, it was much larger than I thought and went on for miles and miles.  I could easily be tempted to move but they have a mixture of homes starting from $150 on up to $400 thousand dollars.  There are a couple homes built and there are plenty of lots for sale.  This is something that me and my late partner used to do.  It’s kind of fun and you escape your world, if only for a few tiny minutes.  Give it a few years and that place will be jumping. 

Now wouldn’t you know that I just washed the car and a bird decided to go to the bathroom on it.  At least it didn’t rain, but with my luck that will happen tomorrow.  I stopped at the pharmacy to pick up the medicine for Bear.  They told me it was $42 and I paid, then I saw there weren’t that many pills in the bottle so I was a little concerned.  I talked with the pharmacist and they looked but no other prescriptions for my big boy.  Turns out if they would have filled it, the cost would be $130 – they are going to reach out to the vet and get the large prescription on file, then when I need it, I just call and tell them how many I want.  They will fill it piece meal until I exhaust the prescription, kind of nice.  I want to get the supplement in him and have him take that instead of these pills to see how we do.  All they are is a muscle relaxer and they make it easier for him to go, but there are still crystals forming until he gets on the supplement, which is in the mail on it’s way to me.  Can’t get here fast enough. 

Bears is doing well all things considered.  He is going to the bathroom but he goes a little here, then a lot, then he’s done.  When it’s time to go again, we go through the same thing.  So long as he is going and continues to go we should be good.

So that’s how I spent my Friday.  Now on for the weekend.  Back to work on Monday for training 2 days.  Think I will have the same instructor as last time, so this will be a huge waste of time again.  However, I am going in with an open mind – if it turns out we are headed down a bad path, I will reach out to my boss for direction.  I think the product is so damn complicated that even a MENSA member couldn’t understand it, but that is just my opinion. 

Hope the sun is shining in your world, not too hot, not too cold – just right.  That your problems and troubles are few.  Come back to find out how my world is going.  If you were a fan of the HBO Series Looking.  The finale movie that we were promised is airing tomorrow night on HBO.  I had the DVR all set and figured out I was recording the Spanish version, that would have been a disaster.  Glad I caught it and was able to fix it.  Looking forward to it.  Love me some Jonathan Groff and there is supposed to be some steamy sex scenes, I say bring it on I am more than ready!

21 July 2016

Bear & The Car

Bear came home today.  He was really putting on quite the show at the vet and I told some stories about him.  They never knew he was such an interesting cat.  I told them now you see why I can part with him and they totally understood.  I got his medicine as well as momma’s medicine refilled.  They worked to keep it on the low side of the estimate, which is good. 

As soon as he came home he wanted food, which I knew would be the case.  I got him taken care of.  Fed the girls and then I went to have supper.  He started chirping and he wanted water.  Got him water.  Back to taking care of me.  Chirp, time to rotate the plate.  Had dinner, then he starts in again.  Now it’s time for special food, got him a can of that.  Retired to the couch to take it easy.  He started up again.  It was like he just wasn’t happy.  Kind of nervous.  Jumped in his bed and went to the bathroom, very small amount.  Jumped out.  Still needing attention.  Jumped back in his bed went again a little amount.  Got him calmed down then the phone rings.  While I was on the phone he jumped back in his bed and really let loose.  Wow, so proud to see that.  I changed his bed out and now he is hiding under the couch.  As if he doesn’t feel good and just wants away from the world.

So I have to go by the compounding pharmacy to get more muscle relaxers for him, they called in a months supply.  Last time 12 pills were $40 I have no idea what 60 pills are going to cost.  I may have to tell them to chop the order in 1/2 I can shell out a ton of money on pills right now. 

He is going on Methionine it’s a pill and you have to cut it in two.  He will need 2 whole pills per day.  This will help break up the crystals and hopefully prevent him from blocking again.  This is his last hope, if this doesn’t work and he block up again quickly, sorry but I think we will be parting ways.  I will keep a very close eye on him. 

The vet wants to see him in a week just to make sure he is okay.  I have no plans on taking him back.  With all of the fluid they ran through his system he should be cleaner than clean.  I am going to limit his treats when I start back up.  Right now treats just means another can of wet food.  The more wet food he gets the better off he will be. 

I will admit he does have me worried but I am much happier now that he is at home. 

Dropped off the car this morning, I was extra early thinking that it would give them more time.  They said it would be done today, but I knew it wouldn’t.  Sure enough car is not done, they will finish it up tomorrow and give me a call.  Got a ride home in a nice Lincoln MKX.  It’s a very nice car but it goes for around $53 thousand dollars so it should be nice.  The nice ride didn’t help my new car fever.

I did some number crunching today and it looks like I can afford a new car but I am still going to be cautious and keep what I have, despite what the devil is telling me to do.  If I bite for a new car it will be later this year.  I look forward to getting my baby back home tomorrow.  Depending on how things go I might just go for pie or go back to the new place I was at a few weeks back. 

While I was sitting around doing nothing today, I took time to call the cable company and get my bill lowered by $10 per month for a year, which will help.  I use them for internet access.  That is $100 per year.  Then I reached out to AT&T about my uverse and they too took $10 off the bill for a year, so another $100 saved.  Beats not calling and not saving anything.  Every dollar helps. 

I am a little panicked from a financial standpoint but after running numbers today, it doesn’t appear that things are as tight as I presumed.  However, seeing how much money is going out the door is scary.  There is no way in hell I would survive if I lost my job.  I am serious about saving money, really need to build up a nice cushion. 

As for now I am going to climb the steps, eat some cheesecake and drink a large glass of chocolate milk.  Then it will be time to pass out cat medicine.  Brush my teeth and retire for the night, until I eventually fall asleep.  I got in 2 naps today – more than I should have. 

No doubt the kids will have me up early to get them breakfast.  They love their schedule.  Speaking of the little furry creatures, I caught Ruth on the kitchen table today – not once but twice.  She really has some guts.  I yelled at her and she just looked at me like are you talking to me.  Oh that really ticked me off so I got louder and then she got the message.  Horrible that I have to trim her claws this weekend, that won’t be any fun at all. 

Now to the cheesecake and beyond!  Have a good night and thanks for stopping by.

20 July 2016

Quick Update

Bear had some respiratory issues this morning, they were giving him too much fluid too fast.  The backed off the fluid and the issues resolved.  His urine is a normal color.  They believe they have him flushed out.  The last I heard they were looking to remove the catheter from him this afternoon. 

That is all I know.  I plan on stopping by for a visit tonight and seeing if maybe he can come home.  Of course I will have to go home first so that I can get the truck.  If past behavior is any indication I can tell you he is going to pee all over everything, I don’t care about the truck – my car is a different story. 

Next update when I know more.  

19 July 2016

Vet Time Again

Had to take today off and take Mr. Bear in because he was blocked again.  Like clock work he peed in the truck on the way, so he unblocked himself.  Given that I decided against putting him in the hospital.  I inquired about them hooking up a catheter and flushing him out but the doc didn’t want to do that.  They wanted me to pay them to babysit him for 12 hours and then see where we go from there.  I took the day off, I can take him home and baby sit him for free, plus he will be more comfortable at home.  So home we went.

He was scared and didn’t feel good, which I totally understand.  The vet started him on an antibiotic as a preventative measure.  I watched him and he was eating and drinking, he asked for food and water.  However, he couldn’t keep anything down within a short time it all came back up that was after he tried to urinate.  I knew we had to go back.

So I rang the vet and asked, they agreed with me and I made an appointment.  He is now in the hospital, they have placed a catheter and he is officially unblocked.  They are flushing him out and will monitor him.  Ideally they would like to keep him for 2 days.  The estimate I got goes from a low of $700 to a high of $900 and that doesn’t take in to account the money I have already spent on him this morning.  2 days seemed to do the trick last time so I am thinking we will do that but if there is anyway I can get him back tomorrow I would rather do that.  They really want to do surgery to change him physically from a boy to a girl.  I won’t put him through that, while he would never block again it would be quite painful, plus I can already tell you I simply can’t afford it. 

Bear & I had a serious heart to heart, I told him what I always say and that is if you want to give up, it is okay. I understand, I’ll miss you but will know that your not suffering anymore.  I’ve never had an animal that I have been able to read and have such a strong bond with.  We get each other.  I told him that I could probably save him this time, but not so sure if there is a next time that I will be able to afford it, as my money is going. 

I am really in debt and at the end of the day I have to eat and have other bills to pay, plus buying food for the others.  I don’t want to have to make a choice, I don’t want my back to be against the wall – I hate when that happens and I am doing all I can to prevent it, but I think that I am fighting a battle that in the end I won’t win.  Doesn’t mean that I am not going to try or that I am giving up now. 

So back to work tomorrow.  Then I am out on Thursday & Friday with the car issue.  I can spring Bear from the vet tomorrow night or Thursday.  Then hopefully all stays well for a while and I can get back to some form of normal. 

Everyone here knows that Bear is missing.  Momma and Marvin seem to miss him the most.  I know that we all will sleep easier once we have him back home and know that he is okay.  Poor Bear and my poor wallet.  I am glad that I can get him the help he needs, but I can’t afford to extend myself too much further or else I will need help. 

Would have rather posted a normal blathering, but life happens and we all have problems.  Hope things are sunnier in your part of the world. 

17 July 2016

Growling Cats

Friday was the last day that I will be boss free for a while.  He comes back on Monday.  It was an okay day and I got a lot accomplished.  I pushed my way through a course about our firewall, I was eager to print the certificate of completion.  However, I looked everywhere for it and it was no where to be found.  I saw it at the beginning and they allowed me to print it then, it displayed in PDF format.  I didn’t save it or print it because I felt it was cheating because I hadn’t taken the course.  I really wanted it so that I could show it to my boss, plus it would give me another piece of paper to hang in my cube.  Something to be proud of and motivate me further.  I will go looking to see if I can print it tomorrow but I don’t have my hopes up.

Saturday I woke up not feeling the best.  I had a massage on Thursday and was left with another lump in my traps, this one hurt like hell.  I worked it over pretty good on Friday night and suspect that is the reason why I woke up feeling like crap.  I went about my normal routine and came home and collapsed – nap time.  Woke up and felt a little bit better but not by much.  I wanted to go see a movie but kept putting it off, finally talked myself out of it.  I did grab a bite to eat at Cracker Barrel.  Ran into the realtor that sold us the house and we chatted for a bit.  He gave me a new card, because he changed companies.  It was nice to give him the update that everything is settled and the mortgage is now in my name.  It was a proud moment for me and I love being able to tell people that I was successful.  Given the complications at the time I am sure that a lot of people had serious doubts if I would win, hell I even had doubts but I knew I was going to give it a fighting chance because I don’t quit.

I wound up the evening by watching a new video on Netflix called Tony Robbins, I am not your guru.  I haven’t finished the whole thing but it’s really good.  If your looking for something to watch, I highly suggest it. 

As I started I heard this growling sound.  I figured that Bear & Ruth or Momma were about to throw down.  Everyone’s ears perked up, I wasn’t sure what that was about.  I paused the TV and listened.  I could clearly hear two cats going at it.  Thankfully it was outside.  However, Bear was growling and that is the second time in his life that I have heard that.  It’s so out of character for him.  I was semi worried that he would turn on me but I still approached him and tried to comfort him, he knew who I was and treated me as he normally does.  I looked outside but I didn’t see anything.  Everyone was on edge and growling.  I even came downstairs to find Ruth on top of the couch and she was all pissed off, but I was able to pet her.  I looked around because sometimes animals slip into the window wells but I couldn’t see a damn thing.  I headed back upstairs only to hear Bear growling still.  He moved towards the stairs.  I sat with him for a few minutes and that purr motor turned on but as soon as I left it stopped.  He was really upset.  I didn’t know what else to do but I told everyone they were safe and went back to watching TV.  Eventually everyone calmed down.

Sunday – Went about my usual morning routine.  I feel much better today.  I really pounded the water yesterday, I was peeing all the time.  I figured that maybe I just needed a good flush, apparently it worked.  My sinuses are still a little wonky but nothing that is unmanageable at this point.  Came home from the store, put everything away and decided that I am going to the movies today.  Never done that on a Sunday.  It’s always been my day of rest and to hang out at the house.  However, the laundry is pretty well done.  I still have to vacuum and take out the trash but there isn’t any reason why I shouldn’t go enjoy myself and have a good time.

What am I going to see?  Mike & Dave need wedding dates.  Love me some Zach Effron.  I hear that the movie is super funny and he makes several shirtless appearances so what is not to be entertained by.  This is a gay mans film or so it sounds. 

Disturbed to get an alert to hear there was yet another shooting and there are a couple of police officers injured.  I have a serious admiration for Law Enforcement.  I wanted to be a cop but my allergy to bullets kept me away, plus there is a lot of physical activity.  Could you imagine an out of shape donut eater chasing after a suspect.  I’d be winded before I ever got started.  The bad guy would get away, unless I could do a go go gadget helicopter and suddenly sprout wings and an engine to fly and catch the SOB.  Sort of like in the movie Inspector Gadget. 

Well I am doing a great job of passing time here and need to go check on laundry and go sit with the muffins for a bit because soon it will be time to leave.  The theater is just across the street.  It would do my body wonders to walk there and back but I am lazy and will drive it.  AC is mandatory for me in this weather.  I’d be a dripping hot mess by the time I got there.  Then again no one would want to sit next to me, that might be a good thing. 

A couple more things then I am going to scoot.  First, seeing the realtor made me wonder about my moms house and so I checked, sure enough it’s in foreclosure.  We live in a state that you have to file a law suit in order to foreclose.  I saw the amount was $20 thousand dollars and thought wow what a shame.  Second, I went to Sam’s yesterday and found the bakery.  Big mistake.  I got some Otis Spunkmeyer Muffins.  Love, Love the Chocolate, Chocolate Chip.  It’s like the best chocolate cake ever – warm it up in the microwave and have it with ice cream.  Only one thing would make it better and that is if there were cherries in it.  Had to pick up a gallon of milk today because I can’t eat a muffin like that without milk.  The other two flavors Blueberry and Banana Nut I will be able to take to work and have in my lunch.  Now I might just be making Sam’s runs for muffins alone.  Funny thing is I went in for paper towels and came out $76 dollars poorer when it should have only been $20.  Cats got some food, picked up a couple things for the house as well.

Hope all is well in your neighborhood and that your doing well.  Take care.

14 July 2016


We had some wicked storms yesterday.  Lots of people are without power, none of them are in my neighborhood.  However, there are a couple people at work that were affected.  I have some down limbs and a tree branch.  Not the best but certainly not the worst.  I backed out the driveway this morning and looked over at the hillbilly’s house and they lost a whole tree.  That sucks but it’s times like these that make me thankful that I got the roof taken care of. 

I knew this would be a large payday for me but didn’t know how large.  Man I am going to enjoy paying bills tonight.  I should have plenty left over.  No worries because there will be rent to pay to the post office for the box and car insurance so it will be money saved now that will be gobbled up in the next month.  Very thankful for each and every penny, as well as each and every paycheck.  I am still in awe of myself that I have made it and I am doing reasonably well. 

Took an hour out to get a massage, I told her to be gentle and she was as gentle as she could be while trying to be aggressive at the same time. I can feel that my shoulders are tight, just wonder what I will feel like tomorrow.  Going to take some ibuprofen and keep the fluid going.

Got the call I have been waiting for, the part is in for my car.  They want to do the repair next week everyday but Monday is open.  I won’t know until Monday when my boss gets back as to what will work best or if I can strike a deal where I can ‘work from home’.  That is just like taking time off but you actually do some work.  The beauty of my job is that I can work from anywhere there is an internet connection and a computer.  Not a lot of people can say that.  I would save a ton of money if I could telecommute but there is just something about getting up and coming to work, it the norm and I don’t do well with change.

Been busy secretly helping out others on my team as much as I can.  Their plates are full and well mine is kind of empty at the moment.  I do have things to do and videos to watch, courses to complete but doing the actual work keeps me awake.  Getting ready to go into an hour long boring meeting, can you tell how excited I am? 

TV last night was amazing.  I didn’t get to watch all of Suits on screen because Bear kept me hoping plus I was trying to get ready for the this morning.  He really hates it when I mess with his legs (aka back paws) but he had stepped in it and I wasn’t going to let him track it all over the house, the humane thing to do is clean it up so that is what I did.  He just sees it as aggravation.  He has recently figured out that he can take care of his legs so he takes pride in that.  I get it but there was stuff on there that while nature would deem okay for him to injest I would rather he not.

Can’t finish up this entry without talking about Momma.  She was flying through the house last night.  Her Thyroid is acting up, she gets these wild burst of energy and she has to be moving, can’t sit still.  She came over to wipe herself on my arm, which she does infrequently.  I hate it and usually make a fuss over it but this time I didn’t say anything.  Her rear didn’t look pleasant at all.  I skipped the Thyroid and gave her the yucky liquid antibiotic to help her stomach out, hopefully it helps out her rear.  As for my arm nothing a little soap and water couldn’t cure.

As if I didn’t have enough fun with the cats I decided to mutilate myself.  My feet were killing me, the little pinky toe on both feet.  Calos or a Corn some build up of skin.  I trim it away and it usually feels better.  Well last night I managed to cut both toes and they started bleeding.  Worse yet I was in my room and it’s all carpet.  I made it to the bathroom and got band-aids on.  Taking them off this morning wasn’t any fun.  Now I have to walk and it still hurts, looks like I didn’t solve my problem.

Here’s hoping for a more pleasant evening tonight.   

13 July 2016

The Other Shoe

Last night Momma sat with me as we watched TV.  She had just finished her snack and was licking her chops.  I don’t care if it’s a dog or a cat I just love to see them lick their chops, it’s like they are satisfied and the closest thing you can see to a smile.  Anyway, it looked like she had a piece of food stuck, so I thought I’d give her a hand.  Nope wasn’t food.  She has some growth on her face, it’s small at the moment.  She had an ulcer on her foot and it’s healed.  Perhaps the same thing will happen to her face.  Still it’s been on my mind so I turned to Google this morning.  It can be a few things but most common is a tumor.  I am going to keep an eye on it.  I am pretty sure if I took her to the vet they would probably tell me it was cancer.  She needs to go back for blood work and I am thinking this is a side effect of increasing her thyroid medicine.  The vet can shed some light on the matter but not without sucking money from my wallet.  So for now we wait, we watch and pray for a good outcome.  If this thing gets bigger or if more of them start cropping up then we go to the vet, no questions.  She doesn’t appear to be in any pain or discomfort and she is still a happy cat so I think being cautious and taking a wait & see approach is best at the moment.  Maybe I am crazy but me and my critters have been through enough.

It’s odd that problems start just when people start to inquire how the animals are.  I always think of Bear but it could be any of them.  I’d rather talk about the weather than for someone to ask me how the cats are, it’s like a sign that something bad is about to happen. 

Saw Lance Bass on Family Feud last night.  It was a good show.  Same for Tosh.O.  I got a call from a co-worker who was looking for advice so that took up most of my evening.  There are so many things in this world that are not in our control.  I provided a suggestion or two but I really felt like I was under the spotlight to come up with magical answers to get rid of the problems.  Hey if I could do that, don’t you think I would do it for myself first?  If you don’t your kidding yourself. 

Tonight Suits is back on and I am looking forward to seeing Patrick J. Adams (Mike Ross) again.  I love the show but he is the main reason why I watch.  He’s so hot he is on fire.  That’s just my opinion.  This will be interesting to see how things play out because Mike is in prison. 

I heard a blurb on the news this morning about Pandora.  Apparently a long time ago they suffered a breach.  Hackers just now have posted some username and passwords on the web.  If your affected Pandora sends you an email encouraging you to change your password.  I’m a subscriber and didn’t get an email from them but changed my password anyway.  I am starting to think that I should adopt a policy from work, where every so many days you have to change your passwords.  It’s better for your protection, that is a proven fact.  However, it is a pain to deal with regardless if you use a password manager or not. 

Driving into work this morning I felt depressed and panicked, like I was waiting for the other shoe to drop.  I kept telling myself nothing is wrong and there isn’t another shoe.  However, I wasn’t convincing enough.  I’ve since calmed down but it just feels like something is about to go wrong and I don’t know what it is.  Probably nothing more than a result of a dream I had last night.  On the bright side I got in some quality snuggle time with Marvin.  He was mad when I rolled over, but I had to my back was bothering me.  I’m concerned about him as well because he seems like he has dropped some weight.  He hasn’t been to the vet in at least 3 if not 4 years.  Having multiple cats is nice but when it comes to the cost part be it food, litter or medical care it sucks.  I wouldn’t trade them for the world because they are my life right now. 

Okay enough of as my world turns.  I need to get back to the daily grind.  No meetings at all today, very nice.  Hoping that I can take in some on line training to learn more about my job.  I learned yesterday, don’t do that after lunch because you will fall asleep.  It’s like food coma kicks in.  I never recovered until it was time to leave, then I had to be awake for the drive home or I would have never made it.  The older I get the more exhausted I feel and in the grand scheme of things I am still very young, just feel old. 

Have a nice day!

12 July 2016

TV Tonight!

Looking forward to tonight and spending time with the kids and the TV.  Lance Bass will be on Celebrity Family Feud so that should be fun.  Tosh.O will also be on tonight and I always look forward to that.  No notification about mail, so looks like I get to skip the post office which will be nice.  Should be a great evening that will end way too quickly. 

Gator slept with me last night.  She was pretty respectful and stayed in her corner of the bed.  Her spot is the left side at the foot of the bed.  So if you want to get in you have to slide your feet in to get past her or get in on the right side.  She won’t move until she is ready or unless you press her.  Otherwise she is fine with my feet being there, doesn’t bother her at all.  With one hour before it was time to wake up, she started crowing.  I let her out and then Marv came in.  We cuddled for an hour while I was in and out of sleep.  Finally I gave up and just got up.  Might as well get started. 

Bear was the most upset by me going back to work.  I told him if it was up to me I would stay with him all day long but I can’t because I have bills to pay and that means that I have to work.  He cried a little bit trying to guilt me into staying but it didn’t work.  I told him that he would be fine and I am sure he is.  I have spied on them with the camera but they are all in hiding, which is normal.

Checked out my time off and looks like I can spare 2 days. However, a co-worker said to ask the boss about working from home.  Not sure how productive I would be and I can tell you that I would get sleepy and need a nap.  Probably better to take the time off.  If I forge forward then that would leave me with 7 days from now until the end of the year.  My two days for the concert are already deducted so I think I will fair just fine.  Still not happy about the dash coming out but it’s better to have that happen then be in the dog days of summer with no ac on the way home.  That would really suck. 

There has been way too much violence in the news lately.  If common folk such as myself would just obey the law then there wouldn’t be any problems.  However, you can’t play good guys vs bad guys if there aren’t any bad guys.  In real life there are plenty of bad people.  The world appears to be headed to hell in a hand basket, but I know that long term this will pass.  Life will go back to a state of normal and then out of the blue it will happen all over again.  Sad to say but it is the truth. 

I’ve got a webinar to attend all about security threats, beats my usual weekly Tuesday call about mobile device management.  I am sure there is something else on the calendar for later but not certain what that is.  My mind is focused on quitting time, can’t wait to leave.

Oh best part about my commute home my ear won’t be fried anymore.  I got some spray on sunscreen so that helps.  Used some last week and had no issues.  My ear was warm but wasn’t on fire, which is a very good thing. 

Off to the races.  Hope all is well in your world.

11 July 2016

Extended Warranty

Today I was very happy that I purchased an extended warranty.  I mentioned my AC problem and how I added Freon.  The dealer did a leak test and sure enough there was one.  The AC Evaporator Coil is leaking.  The cost of the repair is $2,000.00 because they have to pull the dashboard out.  It will take 9 hours to do the repair.  Cost to me is $100.  This repair alone covers the cost I paid for the contract and then some.  I’ve only had to use this warranty twice but it sure was a damn good thing to have.  There is no way in hell I can come up with $2,000.00 for a car repair. 

The bad news is like I said they have to pull the dash out.  I am not crazy about that at all.  Often when they put it back together things don’t always jive correctly.  Not to mention I installed my radar detector hiding the wires behind the dash, so you can’t tell I have one.  I have to rip that all out and usually there is only one reason why I rip it out, it’s because I am trading cars.  I also have to take more time off work and I am not at all happy about that.  They will give me a loaner for the day but all I will do is drive it home.  Not sure if I can get by with taking 1 day or if I will have to take 2 days.  Maybe 1 day and a late start on the 2nd day.  But you figure that I will need to reinstall my radar detector and that will take time so might as well take 2 days.

I had the same exact thing happen to me on my last car, only the experience was different.  I was backing out of the driveway and heard this loud pop noise.  The evaporator bit the dust.  That repair was also covered under a warranty.  I am bummed out about the car but once it’s all said and done I will be okay. Reason being is they can’t replace just the evaporator they have to replace the entire AC unit.  Not a bad deal. 

When I dropped the car off they told me that I needed to do a coolant flush.  Holy shit that is more money.  I dropped $200 for an oil change, coolant flush and to have the tires balanced.  The cost to rotate the tires was built into the price of the oil change.  I get a $10 rebate, wow.  Maybe it will come in time that I can put it towards the $100 I have to pay for the AC Repair. 

I did have a moment where I briefly thought about just getting a new vehicle but put that out of my mind because of the warranty.  The best part is I am still covered until I reach 100 thousand miles or until late September 2017.  Might as well drive it until the warranty comes close to running out, then it would make sense to get something new. 

Thought about going to my late co-workers funeral but by the time I got out of the dealer there is no way I could have made it and that is probably for the best.  I felt bad but it’s not like she will know I wasn’t there.  I did send my condolences to her family so that should suffice. 

Grabbed the mail on the way home and I have been here since close to noon.  Had my left over Fried Chicken for lunch.  Eric didn’t put in his phone number.  Fed the kids lunch.  Stocked the fridges with soda.  Started watching TV.  Cleaned up the DVR.  Worked in a nap.  Had a personal pizza for supper while watching a 99 cent movie called Get A Job on Amazon.  It’s got Miles Teller in it.  He’s HOT and it was funny.  Not a bad way to spend a dollar.  Fed the kids their dinner and here I am pecking away at the keyboard.

Still have to go and pack my lunch, get ready for tomorrow and pair & put away my socks.  I hate that because they are all varying shades of black and I rarely get a true match but it’s darn close.  No one has yet to call me on it and I don’t think they ever will. 

I got a lot accomplished this weekend but some how forgot to clean the microwave.  I blame that on the ants.  Yeah had an ant problem again yesterday.  Had to throw out all of Marv’s dry food.  That shit is expensive.  Wash the feeder and then kill all of the ants.  Never knew it but Wasp spray seems to instantly do the trick.  They are gone.  Usually I get them once per year but this year it’s been a couple times.  I am really clean and don’t leave food laying around, so it doesn’t make sense to me – but it’s been that way for several years now.  That and in the summer I have gnats in the house.  I have no idea where they come from, how they get in but they seem to appear out of nowhere.  It’s a dame shame they aren’t money. 

Speaking of money my bonus will be on my check Friday and I feel like it’s already spent.  Between the car & existing bills I wonder if I will ever be able to stock pile a decent sum of money away.  I am still going to try but it will just be harder.  The first person you have to pay is yourself – then pay your bills.  I normally pay the bills first and then pay myself.  I have to adopt a new mindset. 

Yesterday afternoon when I went out for cat food, I decided to reward myself and stopped at Denny’s for some nachos.  They were pretty good.  The place only had 1 other customer besides me.  The two waitresses were talking oddly about cars and money.  The one waitress said I told my boyfriend about how you got your guy a truck and it sounds shady.  So then I got the story.  Turns out her man had no credit and he needed a co-signer.  She had a credit score of 4 hundred something which is horrible.  It’s because she was late in paying her last car off.  She signed for him and he walked out with a $22 thousand dollar truck that he has to pay $26 thousand dollars for.  Then they started talking about credit scores and how to get credit and build a good score.  They had some of the basic concepts right but they still needed to be educated.  I wasn’t sticking my nose in, but the other guy in the place added his two cents in. 

Rule number 1 no matter who it is, no matter how much you love them or they give you pleasure – do not under any circumstances co-sign for anyone.  There are no exceptions to that rule.  I don’t think that the lady that did the cosigning realizes that regardless if they work out or not, she is financially obligated to pay for his truck, even if he decides to stop paying.  Plus even if she makes the payments should he stop paying, it will tank her credit and her credit score.  Shaking My Head. 

Back to the old bump and grind tomorrow.  4 days and then I will get a weekend again.  My boss is on vacation until next Monday so unless I call in sick, I can’t schedule anytime off until he returns.  I have to run a report to figure out how much time I have left and remember to deduct two days for the concert I am going to later in the year.  My big fear is that I will run out of time and have to take time without pay, which I can’t afford to do.  I will probably and hopefully breathe easier once I run the report.  Better to be aware than have your head in the clouds and get caught by surprise. 

So there you have it that’s a wrap on this guys 3 day weekend.  Talk with you all again soon.

09 July 2016

Everything Happens for a Reason

I got to sleep in, had strawberry cheesecake for breakfast and then watched TV and went back to sleep once the sugar kicked in.  The kids were successful in waking me up in time to feed them lunch around noon.  I got dressed and came downstairs.  Played on the computer for an hour and then set out on my quest for lunch. 

On the way out, I stopped by the post office to pick up a note from my insurance company among other things.  The note was letting me know about changes in auto coverage.  Somethings aren’t offered any more and if you use the payment plan they are raising the rate by one dollar.  Oh goodie!  Just can’t wait to see the price on my renewal, especially since it will be the annual renewal and that is where they get you for your mileage. 

I headed to try a new place that just opened, today was their 3rd day.  As luck would have it I got a hot waiter.  His name was Eric.  He took my drink order and while he was away a female came up and told me that she would be taking care of me.  I told her that someone already took my drink order.  I looked over the menu and decided on Fried Chicken.  It had some spice to it but they said it would be juicy.  So Eric came back with my drink.  I told him what I wanted. I got Mashed Potatoes and Mac & Cheese.  They make the gravy with beer.  You can taste it a little bit, but it’s not over powering.  The meal came and it was damn good.  I opted to leave 1 breast and what was left of the mashed potatoes to take home.  At one point the female came over again and told me that Eric had to leave but that she would be taking care of me.  Funny, he was still walking around the place.  Eric took really good care of me, even wrapped up my left overs.  He put a smiley face on the outside with the date. The container was wrapped in plastic wrap.  I am secretly hoping that he put his phone number on the inside of the container.  I am sure that won’t be the case when I decide to open it.  Anyway, Ms. Cock block got my check for me and took the payment.  Her name was on the ticket as the waitress but Eric did all the work.  I didn’t leave her a damn dime, I was pretty pissed at her.  I didn’t get why she was trying to take credit for something she didn’t do.  The most she did was bring me a soda refill.  I knew I had cash in my wallet so I sat in anticipation of seeing Eric and eventually he appeared.  He had food that he was serving to  table, so I waited then went after him.  He was a fast mover and since I am so old it was a little bit of a challenge to catch up to him, especially since my belly was full of that fried chicken goodness.  So I used the best thing I could and that was my loud booming voice.  I shouted Eric.  Man the whole place stopped.  He thought something was seriously wrong.  I told him that I wanted him to have this, and gave him the largest bill I had in my wallet.  I told him he did a great job and even thought the check had a different servers name I wanted to make sure he got the tip.  Oh boy I’d love to give him more than the tip, but that is a story for another time.  Needless to say he was cute, hot and everything that my desperate ass is looking for. 

As I left the restaurant I noticed that I brought my prox card to get into the office.  I was thinking about the lady we just lost and the man she worked for.  I am really worried about him, so I opted to drive into the office.  He is a workaholic and he readily admits it.  He is in the office 7 days a week, starts between 5 and 6 in the morning and goes home around 5 or 6 at night.  He only lives a couple blocks from the office so he ahs the easiest commute of all of us, he walks to work.  He is married and how his wife puts up with this is beyond me but it works for them and that is all that matters.  Anyway, I got in the office and much to my dismay he was gone.  I just wanted to stop by to chat a little bit.  I drove an awful long way and didn’t want it to go un-noticed.  So I wrote him a short note and gave him my cell phone number, basically said that I was concerned about him and that I am keeping him in my thoughts & prayers.  Told him to call me if he needs anything or there is anything that I can do.  I know lots of people make those offers but when you call on them they can’t back it up.

After placing the note on his desk, I left the building and drove home.  I was rewarded for my kind gesture with lower gas prices, so I stopped and filled up.  I didn’t mind the fact that I drove in and he wasn’t there.  It was odd that I took my card with me and thought that everything happens for a reason and why not stop by, I know it will mean the world to him.  They worked together for 25 years and she was his right hand.  When she went out on medical leave he was lost, but he kept hope alive that she would return.  Sad to say that won’t be the case.  I know that this is going to be a tough thing for him to accept but he is capable of doing it and he will keep the ball moving.  I think the only break he will take is to attend her funeral on Monday.  Outside of that you will see him in the office.  He only goes on vacation 1 time per year and that is in March/April.  He’s loaded and lives a really good life.  I just hope that he takes time to process what happened and grieve the loss or it will eat him alive.  I know that from personal experience. 

I am a little miffed at the car dealer.  They have been calling me, emailing me to tell me I have an appointment on Monday.  Jeez I am an adult and I’ve never missed an appointment yet.  It’s the whole reason why I took the day off work.  They want to buy my car from me or get me to trade it.  They lead me down this rosy path that they will make me an offer for my car, I need to meet with a salesman and of course he is going to occupy my time with test driving new vehicles in the hopes that I will buy one.  I have a little surprise for them.  I am going to be sitting in the lounge with the rest of the customers waiting on their cars.  I am not looking at a new vehicle and not talking to a salesman.  I have prepared a nice cease and desist letter to their general manager that I will be hand delivering.  I explain the situation, how the extra contact is unwelcome and that they went over board.  I go on to say that if you comply with my terms and limit contact when the time is right I will be back and you can sell me a car.  Violate the terms and you will lose my business forever, plus I will file a formal complaint with the brand they represent.  I put in that I was a Surviving Spouse of an auto worker but decided to take that out.  It really has no bearing on the situation and I would be telling him I am gay when he really doesn’t need to know that.  Now who’s zooming who? 

I really want a new car, it feels semi right that I can make the move now and be okay.  However, I think that is more emotions talking than the more practical financial side.  I need to let a couple months play out, see what I can put away in savings and then just maybe I will make the move.  Meanwhile I have 22 thousand miles to go or until next September before I no longer have a warranty.  I paid for the warranty, why not enjoy being car payment free and get my monies worth now.  I can get a refund for the unused portion of the warranty but I really don’t think now is the right time.  The downside is that I will have inflated insurance rates because I will be paying for 2 vehicles when I primarily only use 1 of them.  I think that is a small price to pay instead of getting lower rates and obligating myself to car payments for several years.  I still need to get the wheel bearing fixed on the truck, but am trying to hold out as long as I can or even just not do it at all. 

Tomorrow will be cat food, grocery store and starting the day off with having breakfast out.  Then home to put it all away and to finish up laundry, clean the house, relax and enjoy what is left of the day.  Perhaps take in a movie or two.  Not sure if I want to go out for that or just stay home and stream something.  Really want to spend a good amount of time with the kids.  Monday get the car serviced.  I really want to go to the funeral but don’t think that emotionally it will be good for me.  Not sure what I will do with the rest of the day but I am sure some how, some way the time will pass and Tuesday will be here before you know it.  Then it’s back to the 4 day grind of work. 

I hope that your staying cool, happy, healthy and living a great life.  Check back again for another update in my world.  Take care.

08 July 2016


Log on to any form of social media now and all you will see is that black lives matter.  I’m as sick of seeing that as I am innocent people being shot/killed.  I saw a tweet that said words to the effect of why is there so much violence?  Are you kidding me?  Where have you been violence is become normal in our society when it’s abnormal.  It is in most everything we are surrounded with like TV, Movies, Print Ads, Music and the list goes on and on.  It’s like sex, it’s everywhere.  So first you go have some sex, then you go out with a gun and commit crime.  We are victims of our environment.  Granted some of us are smarter and know that you shouldn’t commit a crime or use violence to try to solve a problem but it is okay to have sex, provided both parties are consenting.  Will this change?  Probably not anytime soon which is very sad. 

I found out today that I am getting my bonus.  I pushed the issue and it came through.  The odd thing is my boss is on vacation so he has to tell me the amount.  However, he won’t get back until the 18th and payday is on the 15th.  It should be on that check and then I will know but they may opt to hold it until the following pay period.  I just want my money and hopefully it’s equal to or greater than what I got last year.  I am a worker and I earn every penny I get, I pour my heart & soul into my job which can get you in trouble.  However, if everything works out it should get you rewarded in the end, for a job well done.  Now that is satisfaction at it’s finest and something to be proud of. 

Yesterday I learned that a coworker had passed.  She was fighting cancer and had been through a lot.  She made some progress but it was pretty aggressive and what progress she made she lost when her body stopped responding to treatment.  She went into a trial program, where everyone gets the real thing and there are no placebos but that apparently didn’t bring the progress that she needed.  She eventually got tired in the last couple weeks and decided to call it quits.  A truly miserable way to go.  The office is pretty somber right now.  Funeral is on Monday and as luck would have it I have the day off so I can go.  Problem is that my car needs service and I can’t put that off.  So if time permits I will go.  I suspect that all I will do is cry the entire time.  It will bring back memories of my loss.  So maybe I won’t go.  I bought a card and wrote a letter to her family last night.  It’s on it’s way to HR so they can address and mail it.  Words are something that you have to select very carefully in times like these.  I can blabber on about anything but trying to bring comfort to a family or loved one who just lost someone, that is where I tend to not know what to say.  I did the best I could and it took me all of an hour to write, clean up and rewrite then finally print it. 

So I look forward to the weekend, being able to be carefree and take my time, mostly for doing what I want and that is mostly sleep.  This week I haven’t slept the best.  I blame it on the weather and the humidity.  I don’t want to freeze out the cats but having my door closed in the summer time really sucks for me.  I look forward to tonight because the door will stay open but that also means my room will fill up with children and a good majority will try to sleep with me in my twin bed. 

I got my last low power bill for a while.  I got an email that the rate is going up because I am consuming more energy.  No kidding AC really chews up the electric.  It’s not a horrible bill in total but the increases never seem to come at a good time.  Give it 4 months and it will likely fall. 

Well now it’s time to go back to work.  If there isn’t anything going on I have a bunch of training to catch up on.  I hope that you have an enjoyable and relaxing weekend with some good food, good times and good sleep.  I hope the same for myself.  Take care and stay cool.

06 July 2016

Computer Woe

I thought I would give Webroot Security a try on my home machine.  It installs without bothering your current virus protection.  I got it installed and set it to scan.  Then went to bed, this happened over the weekend.  I came back it found nothing.  The more I thought about it I elected to pass and uninstalled it from my machine, because I wasn’t able to surf the web without Internet Exploder blowing up.  I am one of the uncool kids and use IE instead of Chrome or any other browser alternatives.  I like what it does and despite me making fun of it’s name, it is reasonably stable.  So I uninstalled Webroot, rebooted and figured that would be the end of my woes.  Not so.  Webroot got it’s hooks into my browser so much that it uninstalled last pass from my machine without asking me.  That was not cool. 

I had to fight a very long battle, several reboots, registry cleanings and trying to figure out where Webroot shoved it’s code.  Finally as of this morning I am Webroot free and back to using IE without any problems.  I tried a windows restore point but that failed, windows said it was because I had antivirus installed.  Well duh, if your using windows and aren’t using some form of AV then your just asking for it.  So I turned off the AV and tried it again, still no luck.  Tried the webroot uninstaller, it helped by finding somethings that I didn’t think to look for but it was an outdated piece of software written for older versions of their program, so it wasn’t 100% helpful. 

While I am thankful that this worked out, I really thought that I was going to have to spend my weekend rebuilding my machine which would have really ticked me off.  Phew.

Since I was a little more engaged with technology last night than I had planned, tonight it going to be a TV night and I will spend it with the needy children.  They will lap it up like gravy.  Gator has been letting me brush her, which is not normal.  She has quite the coat and while she is always cold when the AC is on, I don’t understand how that is possible.  It’s like she is wearing a fur coat on top of a fur coat.  So I continue to brush as long as she lets me.  Perhaps this will cut down on her self grooming and getting sick.  I wash a cover and within an hour she has it dirty again.  It’s discouraging, but it’s not the end of the world.

That’s it from here.  Now it’s back to work.  Were 1/2 to the weekend.  Hang in there!

05 July 2016

Tuesday that is a Monday

Today has something in common with next Tuesday, they both are going to be my 1st work day of the week.  I took Monday off.  Time for car service and since I use the dealer they are only open during my normal working hours.  It will be tough not to buy into temptation and trade vehicles but I have resisted that urge before.  I am thinking more towards the latter part of the year if I am going to in fact make a move this year.  I still have a warranty and that is my saving grace.  I added more refrigerant to the AC over the weekend and it’s back to being chilly again.  It’s super hot outside today so the ride home tonight will be a nice test.  If I have problems I will mention it on Monday.  I suspect that there is probably a leak somewhere or I wouldn’t have had to add anything.

Had a great time yesterday at my friends place.  I was late on purpose because they never start on time.  I got a text on the way there asking me if I was still coming.  I sent a reply back with yes I am at your front door. I don’t text and drive, it’s super dangerous and not worth it.  So they actually had everything ready to go but elected to sit and chat for a bit.  Oh joy, I am starving.  Finally the moment we had been waiting for.  It was Brats & Onion Burgers with baked beans and potato salad.  I ate pretty good.  Then we sat around for a little bit and then came desert.  Freshly made whip cream on top of strawberry shortcake.  It was good and something that I really didn’t need but I enjoyed it down to the very last bite.  This time they had plenty of left overs but didn’t offer me any, which is fine.  I left at a reasonable hour, it was just an hour later than I wanted to leave.

Still I was able to get home and take care of the children, have some time for myself and then I made time to sit with the kids.  I broke out the brush my oh my the fur was flying.  I will be repeating that again really soon, like tonight if they let me.  I need to trim some claws as well.  Ruth isn’t due for a couple weeks. 

So the time comes I head off to bed after going through my usual evening routine.  The fireworks in the neighborhood started up about 9p and they were still going strong at 11p.  I thought to myself please let it stop I have to go to work in the morning.  Eventually it subsided.  I suspect we will have a couple more nights of popping fun.  The funny part in all of this is it didn’t bother the kids at all.  Normally that is not the case.  I miss the old neighbor that used to live in back, he went out and actually spent money on professional fireworks.  Hell of a show that I got to see for free from my kitchen.  That scared the crap out of every cat.

Reality has settled in and I am back at work.  Thankfully I did the math on my oil change and I’ve got about 500 miles to go.  I like to get them done early and figured with the boss man being out for a couple weeks that I better put my request in today.  It’s started out really slow and quiet.  Didn’t take but a couple hours for that to break and then it was like everything was a mess.  The storm passed and now it’s quiet.  After lunch it’s an afternoon of meetings and I will be ready for a nap. That is the one thing I miss is nap time after having it for 3 days in a row.  Working for a living is no fun, even though I enjoy what I do there are times when I wish that I could just walk away and I can for 5 or 10 minutes but then I have to come right back.  Being an adult and responsible is no fun, I would much rather be a kid again.  Shame I can’t call do over on that. 

So there you have it another wild and crazy blog entry of me blathering on.  Hope that you found it enjoyable and entertaining.  Before I sat down to write this I watched some bloopers of Family Feud on You Tube, they are seriously funny.  Laughing a little or a lot each day is something that I want to be able to do each and everyday that I walk the earth, it feels so good.  Not as good as a Banana Split or an Orgasm but it feels good.  Now back to me getting ready for a meeting. 

Hope your having a great day and that life is treating you well.  3 more days until the weekend!  Take care.