06 June 2013

Brand New Day

Today is so much better than yesterday was.  I felt it when I woke up this morning, things just clicked.  Traffic sucked but outside of that everything else is going okay.

I got a call from my guys former employer.  They got my letter and called to tell me that they were going to give me the discount on a permanent basis.  This was the first Civil Union they had encountered and they were going strictly off the death certificate.  Never mind that I sent them copies of the Civil Union license.  In any case it’s fantastic news and I am elated about it.  Now all I have to do is rustle up the money and I can buy a new car wholesale. 

I called the new mortgage company today, they told me that they were still processing converting loans and that I should call back on Saturday.  That will be much easier because I won’t have 100 people trying to listen to my business. 

Not sure what it is but I have this feeling inside almost like I can hear my guy talking to me, telling me to fight for the Death Benefit.  At this point I am fairly certain that I will be litigating the matter.  I don’t know if I will be represented by counsel or if I will try to go it on my own.  I mean I had luck once and it worked in my favor.  When your right and you know it, go after what is yours. I have every reason to believe a court will side with me and I can clearly show intent because his son isn’t even mentioned in the will.  That right there proves he wanted him to have nothing.  So I say go ahead and pay him, then you will turn right around and pay me.  They will argue that the benefit can only be paid once, but if you paid the wrong person that isn’t my fault.  I tried to get you to see the light but you kept telling me you don’t have a valid marriage in our eyes.  I guess maybe I am just fired up because of a small victory.

My DVR went to heaven, it just sits at the start up screen saying one moment please.  That moment and several others pass but nothing happens.  I’m thinking I should be able to take it apart and extract my shows or possibly repair it.  After all it is a computer and that is my job.  Not exactly sure how I will fair at Linux/Unix but what’s the worst that can happen?  I loose everything and as it stands right now everything is lost anyways so really there is no risk. 

I did get the spare unit hooked up and configured in my room.  However, it took most of the evening.  I did other things while it was loading data.  I was able to grab season passes just before going to bed.  I couldn’t get a couple shows because they aren’t on right now, but I will have to keep an eye out.  Soon there will be TV waiting for me to watch.  Until then I’ve got Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and On Demand from the cable co.  I shouldn’t have problems finding anything to watch.

Tuesday night I watched Kids in America, it had Gregory Smith in it so I figured two nights of that hunk I couldn’t go wrong.  It was an interesting movie but his role didn’t involve sex, it was all about proving a point.  Plus I had to pay $2.99 to watch it, but it was totally worth it.  Not only is he good looking but he can act too, so I really am quite the fan of his work. 

Supper last night was Itialian Beef.  It was prepared, just zap it and eat.  I didn’t zap it long enough but I did follow the instructions.  I still ate it even if parts of it were cold.  It’s been cooked already so there was no harm.  I had a bomb pop for desert.  There is dinner. 

Tonight it will be something frozen like Chunky Chicken & Noodles.  Tomorrow night I am treating myself to Chinese Food so I will be home late.  I’ve been telling the children hopefully they understand and don’t balk too much at me when I walk in the door later than normal. 

I should really pickup a glass kit tonight to repair my windshield but I kind of just want to go home.  The weather is supposed to suck over the weekend with all rain and no sunshine.  I need sunshine to repair my windshield because the resin has to cure by UV light.  Maybe I should just take my car to a drive in tanning salon.  :)

Tomorrow is pay day so my creditors will rejoice more money coming their way.  I will probably do bill pay scheduling tonight so I am all set.  Just like to get those things out of the way before I forget. 

I am churning through the hardware in my office very slowly.  I am on my 3rd unit and lots more to go.  Yes I could use a magic wand to wave and say poof they are all done.  Heck if I could have the magic wand I would say poof I won the largest lottery and who cares about the hardware I would be rich. 

Well lunch is over so it’s back to the salt mine.  Talk with you peeps later.

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Jude said...

New car wholesale, congrats on that win!! Now let's hope and pray the rest all falls into place for you too.

If you DO find that magic wand that makes you rich, may I please borrow it for a few minutes? *wink*