15 June 2013

Is it Saturday yet?

That is a title of a song sung by Nick Carter.  I love it and sing with him when it plays on my phone.  I’ve loved the song since it came out and I’ve been singing since the first time I heard it. 

So yes, it is Saturday.  I have worked all week honing and crafting my appeal to the homophobic union that refuses to pay me.  I’ve bounced it off of some legal eagles that I know and gotten some advice.  Most of which was take the personal out of it and make it all business.  This is very personal and there is no way in the world I can take my emotions out of it.  They are fucking with me and making me jump through hoops, like I am a circus animal.  I won’t tolerate it and I am done playing games.  I was quite firm in my letter.  A letter in which I wanted my attorney to write but instead he wrote a weak letter saying you owe my client please pay.  I said I demand my payment within 15 days or else I am going to sue your ass.  I was polite but very firm.  I put in citations of law for my state and the state where the union is based.  I also hinted at talking with the media and how the union would be portrayed as homophobic.  I asked them if they wanted their organization to be portrayed like that to the world and to their membership. 

My personal feelings are they will wait me out to see if this little faggot will actually follow through and sue them.  Then they will tell me, oh too bad we already paid your partners son.  Yeah, well you paid the wrong motherfucker.  That’s your problem and not mine.  I demand my money and I will see this through until there is no more fighting to do.  It’s like my partner used to say.  You fuck me, I fuck you – we all go fucking crazy. 

This is a matter of principal and they are trying to show me that they hold the cards and they can be homophobic if they want to and I can’t do anything about it.  Well, that may in fact be true but it’s doesn’t mean I am not going to try.  Besides that I won’t sue them in Federal Court where they will argue DOMA and ERISA.  I will sue them in my county, where the law is clearly on my side and where Plaintiffs have a high ratio of winning. 

If I do have to file suit and get a verdict in my favor.  I suspect that they will appeal and draw this out until they can’t any further.  Maybe not, maybe they will just pay up and shut up.

The letter was worded to encourage them to pay me off and I will keep quiet but if you don’t pay me then I am going to be a loud fucking queen and tell the whole world about how your trying to fuck me.  I may get all sorts of hate from it.  I fully expect retaliation from the union and/or their members, which could cost me my life however I won’t go out without a fight.  They have managed to piss me off and since I am all fired up, there is pretty much no calming me down. 

I was supposed to meet some friends for lunch.  We did meet but didn’t get to go where we wanted, which is a new place.  They were not open so we wound up at Outback.  Not a bad lunch, especially since it turned out to be free for me.  Had I known that I would have ordered differently but oh well.

I managed to spend a wad of money today.  I visited a shoe shop and picked up a pair of SAS shoes and some Birkenstock Orthotics.  Then I went to Sam’s club and finally I went out for Pizza tonight.  That is all well and good but tomorrow will be IHOP for Jelly Donut Pancakes and the Grocery Store.  I may sneak in a trip to pick up some socks but that is about it.  I find that my money clearly is spent far too easily. 

I am behind in my laundry, but think that tomorrow I will be able to catch up.

I saw a movie today called End of Watch with Jake Gyllenhall in it.  He never did anything for me but after watching that movie, I wouldn’t mind having sex with him.  It was a great movie and as I predicted someone died.  I didn’t like that part of it, but the rest was pretty good.  It’s a cop movie.

My thought is that I am always watching Netflix or Amazon video.  I don’t use Hulu that much so I am inclined to cancel it.  That would save me $7.99 per month.  Not a lot of money but it all adds up over time.

I thought about a couple people my guy used to know and wrote letters to them to inform them of his passing.  I am sure these folks will be quite surprised to learn the news. 

I watched a sermon from my local MCC Church and had thoughts of going over there tomorrow morning.  However, it’s a long way to drive just for church.  I thought about visiting my friends church.  I want to but I just don’t have the gumption.  Maybe it’s Satan or maybe I am just lazy.  Could also be a little bit of both.

I changed rate plans on my cell phone, this time going down in cost and minutes instead of going up.  I needed a boost for a month.  I monitor my usage and if I am close to going over I will be happy to bump up and pay the extra money.  However, I don’t foresee that happening again.  I was talking every night for an hour or two to several different people.  Time has gone on, I am slowly getting used to the fact that I am alone and he is really gone.  Friends don’t call, in fact the phone didn’t ring once this week, except for a sales call for someone trying to sell my partner ink for his printer.  He used to buy in large quantity but stopped a couple months ago and this place has been after him ever since.  I squashed that when I told them he was dead. 

I got a hospital bill in the mail, I wrote these people and provided them a copy of the death certificate and told them he passed away in your facility.  Still they insist that he has to pay them.  So instead of opening the letter, I used my trusty rubber stamp that looks like the post office did it and it’s marked Decease, Return To Sender.  It has the pointing finger and is in red ink, so for all they know the post office did it.  I tell you once and after that I just send your shit back.  He isn’t paying it and I will be damned if I am paying it.  Bad enough that I am continuing his Bankruptcy.  Speaking of which I have to research that.

I tried to fix the CD player in his truck.  What I read on-line was remove the fuse for the radio.  That will fix it because it will loose it’s memory.  Yeah, might have worked for someone else but didn’t work for me.  I am still stuck with listening to FM radio when I drive that thing on the weekends.  It sucks.  I need a Bluetooth speaker and I could listen to the music on my iPhone, which is way better than the radio and channel hopping. 

Hope you had a great Saturday.  1 more day and then were back at Monday again.  Ick! Boo Hiss.  However, two weeks until my 4 day weekend.  Thought about going to Vegas for a day to see Ron White (comedian) but not including tickets it would have cost me $1,000.00 so I decided to pass.  He’s funny but I can get the DVD when it comes out. 

My hand is getting better but I just picked the scab off, which wasn’t a smart thing to do.  The kids are bugging me and I am getting tired so I think I am calling it a night.  Talk with you peeps later. 

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Jude said...

Good for you, I hope that rubber stamping the bill from the hospital will do the trick and you've seen the end of that.

I'm glad your hand is better! Just don't keep picking the scab LOL!

Have a restful Sunday.