23 June 2013

Z Weekend Update

Friday night… left work about 15 minutes early.  The place was a ghost town shortly after 4:30, typical for a Friday.  Drove like crazy to get to my friends house.  Made it by 5:20.  They had just gotten home and needed sometime to feed their animals and clean up a bit.  We left and got to the restaurant by 6.  The place was packed.  We were quoted an hour waiting time.  Standing Room Only.  We had to wait an hour and a half.  The food was really good.  I paid as much for this meal as I did for the meal at the fancy place I ate on Monday.  However, this time I fed three people so not bad at all.

I got home about 10pm.  The children were mad and hungry.  I fed them and called it a night.

Saturday…Woke up at 8am.  Not by choice but by nature.  Gobbled part of a donut, fed the children and out the door for a hair cut.  I always wanted a High N Tight (sounds sexual I know) which is a haircut typical for a Military person.  I got a modified version of it.  From the front and side you can’t tell that much.  The back is what looks totally amazing.  Love it!

Took back my Orthotics got my money back.  Grabbed the mail and came home.  Then I quickly unloaded my gun (think about it, not a real gun) because it had been 3 days.  Man that felt good.  Prepared for Momma’s vet visit.  They made me fill out a new client sheet since the children were all in my partners name.  I wasn’t too happy about that but they let me hyphenate my last name so the kids still have his name.  I really wanted that, sounds silly but it just wouldn’t be the same to me. 

They took blood from momma and plenty of money from me.  Results should be back on Tuesday and then we will know if it’s Thyroid or something else.  Sounds like I will be picking up meds no matter what.  Just hope that it doesn’t drain the bank.

I played the sympathy card and got them to call in Jumpers medicine.  They still want me to bring him in, but unless there is something wrong with him I see no need.  It’s just an extortion money and I don’t see a need for it.

Brought an upset Momma back home and turned her loose.  Had Mac & Cheese for lunch, it was awesome.  Worked a little bit on Laundry.  Most of my day was focused on getting documents ready for the bank and faxing them.  Holy moly I hope we are done now and they will give in and lower the damn payment. 

I also got stuff ready to visit the new Bankruptcy attorney next week.  A small under taking but I think I am pretty well ready.  Will double check next Friday but unless I think of something else, everything is ready to go in a folder.  Just pick it up and out the door.

My brain managed to remember about my guys mothers cemetery plot.  It’s another asset that I can sell for money. I gathered up documents and wrote a letter to the cemetery to see if they would be interested in buying it back.  If not I asked them what I needed to transfer ownership as I have plans of selling it.  I also asked them what it would go for.  She bought it back in the 90’s for $176.  That is just the plot.  You still have to buy a headstone, pay opening and closing costs and I am sure some other fee.  It’s a financial nightmare to bury someone, which is why the plot has never been used.  Neither his mother nor him had any money.  I could be nice and give it to his son but why?  I figure money in my pocket no matter how much is money that I didn’t have.  Hopefully I can unload this quickly.

I got a letter from my attorney regarding the union.  They responded to him telling him that Spouse means a person who is legally married to a member and that definition did not include parities to civil unions.  Therefore, my partner was “unmarried” at the time of his death and the benefit is payable to his child.  All I can say to that is BULL SHIT.

This letter and the letter I sent last week crossed in the mail.  Oddly enough I haven’t received back proof of delivery.  The letters were scheduled to be delivered on Tuesday the 18th.  One was delivered on the 21st at 6pm and the other one says it will be delivered on the 21st, but hasn’t.  Who says Washington isn’t corrupt?  I have proof of delivery via the web and so the 15 day count has begun.  It will end on Saturday, July 6.

Now the Supreme Court should rule this week on DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) that today defines marriage as one man and one woman.  If this is overturned, it will add further merit to my case. 

Regardless of the decision I still have plans to bring a suit against them if they do not pay.  I may give them a little longer than 15 days just because I would have to take off of work to file the suit.  I can easily file it after my doctors appointment later in the day on the 26th of July.  However, there is also the web service I found, it will cost more but could be advantageous.  I will obviously have to take time off when the trial is set.

My guess is if the Federal Law isn’t overturned they will argue DOMA and try to squash my law suit that way.  However, the laws of my state say I am his spouse.  So at this point it’s any ones guess.  It would really be nice to have them fork over the money so I didn’t have to continue this, but that probably won’t happen. 

I went out for a bite to eat just as it started to rain.  I wanted BBQ but that place was packed.  So I wound up at Bob Evans.  It was good and cheap too.  I thought I would want desert but I didn’t. 

Finished getting documents ready and then took a shower and called it a night.

Sunday… I’ve been thinking about getting a VOIP phone and telling ma bell to cut my home phone to basic service in the interest of saving money.  I haven’t given in yet. 

Woke up again early, not by choice but by nature.  Fed the children.  Tried to go back to bed.  Jumper joined me.  I was just about to sleep when the Weather Alarm sounded off to notify me of a Flash Flood Warning.  That’s it, I am up.  Got dressed, took my meds and headed out for breakfast. 

Pondering where I wanted to go last night before falling asleep.  Decided on Huddle House because of a cute guy that works there.  He’s young but man he is real looker.  I sat at a table that I knew was his but it wasn’t today.  Damn.  I still got to look though.  Food was okay but service was kind of slow.

Left there and headed to the grocery store.  Made it through in record time, the rain scared everyone away.  Most isles were clear.  Didn’t spend a lot but I’ve got Chocolate Ice Cream now.  Filled up the tank in the car and came home.  Put everything away and I was exhausted. 

I decided to lay down for a while.  Couldn’t sleep, my mind was racing from subject to subject.  Wanted to scream.  Tried to calm myself down and I think I might have passed out for a moment.  Then you guessed it the Weather Radio went off again.  Okay, I am up. 

Fed the kids lunch, cleaned the house and started full bore on Laundry.  I also managed to get the dishes done.  Kind of nice.  Here I am blogging away.

My personal cell phone updated earlier this week on it’s own with carrier settings.  I now have this EAS in my phone.  So the weather radio goes off, then my phones go off.  Kind of annoying.  It actually went off for the first time yesterday when I was driving and scared the crap out of me.  I’d like to turn it off but doubt that I can.  I’ve looked through a couple menus and can’t find anything.  I will be using Google to see if my trusty friend can help me. 

Back to laundry and soon to cook lunch/supper, my one other meal for the day.  Then it will be time to get ready for tomorrow, which I will hate.  Hopefully it’s a calm and swiftly moving Monday!

I haven’t heard anything on my friend request.  I have been watching my phone like a hawk for the past two days.  I’ve sort of given up.  Maybe it will happen and maybe it won’t.

Quickly before I go, I wanted to bounce something off of you.  So we have this friend who we visited when he was incarcerated.  We traveled the entire state for years.  He got out and latched on to us.  He built our deck.  After that he got married.  After marriage we hardly saw him.  He did stop by at Christmas time two years ago to drop off a gift card.  The last time I saw him was last month when we went out to eat.  He didn’t come to the Memorial Dinner.  He’s pretty well distanced himself.  I know he is hen pecked and his wife keeps a very short leash on him.  Sort of like he is back in prison if you ask me.  Anyway, I called a couple weeks ago when he didn’t show up at the dinner and he told me that his friendship was private and he didn’t feel comfortable coming, plus he wouldn’t have known anyone.  I told him he would have knew me.  Others didn’t know anyone either but they still came.  So, we have had this pair of sunglasses of his that he left here some 3 years ago.  I got tired of looking at them as they were a constant reminder of the close friendship that we had.  I’m sure he’s forgotten all about them.  I packaged them up and wrote him a letter basically telling him that I feel like he is closing the door on our friendship.  I explained that I didn’t want that to happen but if it was his choice I would respect it.  Basically the ball is in your corner, make a move.  Do you think that was out of order?

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Jude said...

No I don't think it is "out of order", but it does sound like he wants to cut ties. If he does, that's his loss.

Still keeping my fingers crossed on this civil union thing!