21 June 2013

Jumping through hoops

I called the new lender and they of course can’t find a damn thing from the prior lender.  Just as I suspected.  I offered to re-send everything last week but was told that wasn’t necessary.  Now I have to resend everything, plus they want a couple more forms and documents.  So I grabbed what I had access to via my computer and faxed it to them from work.  I told them I would get them the remaining forms and documents over the weekend.  Then I have another phone number to call, later this afternoon to find out if they assigned a case manager.  If so great, if not call back next week.  Yeah, so they days are rolling by and more money is coming out of my pocket.  By the time we have this settled I will probably have made 2 additional payments. 

The thing I am worried about is they are going to see the Life Insurance money in the bank and that will look like I am wealthy, which I am not.  I am hurting and that Life Insurance money is my savings, all I have.  I will explain that to them but I do earn enough to make the existing payment, it’s just that it’s too high and causing me problems – i.e. I don’t have money to live on.  I have only touched a small portion of the money and that was to pay off my credit cards.  So I think I am doing pretty good.  I just hope I can keep it up for a while longer.  Then if I get a lower payment I can relax and maybe look at doing something different with the money to ensure it’s safety and longevity. 

I called and made an appointment with a Bankruptcy Attorney next Saturday.  Just to talk and see if the BS I have been told so far is correct or if I am being milked dry.  I went to get his Bankruptcy Petition and saw his handwriting and just broke down.  The more I went through it the more I saw.  I had thought about bringing it to work to copy but, there isn’t a whole lot there that I can’t do from home. 

After that little episode, I decided to call it a night.  I was horny but my emotions just got the best of me and I figured why push it.  Plus it will be better tonight, 2 days compared to one day.  Lets hope I feel like working it out tonight.  I’ve got so much to do.

Jumper puked last night.  He seems much more like his normal self.  I think it’s his medicine, the liquid I am giving him.  I just made an appointment to take Momma to the vet tomorrow afternoon.  I will take Jumpers med along with me to see if I can’t get the vet to write a new script w/o having to see him.  I hope, cross my fingers that I can pull it off.  I at least hope that we can leave with some relief for poor momma.  She has several bald spots and I have a feeling it won’t stop until she pulls out all of her fur. 

This week has been full of junk mail.  Last night I got actual bills.  I didn’t want them but knew they were coming.  Payday is today so I will be working that out and making sure that my money vanishes to the right people.  No so easy come, and very easy go.

Speaking of go, I am headed out tonight with some friends for dinner.  I didn’t even think that today is the kids birthday.  Kind of a rotten way to celebrate.  So I gave them extra food and treats last night, figuring they would all live to see another day.  I wished each of them a happy birthday and sung to them as well as petted them.  They know it’s a special day but I don’t think they understand why.  They will be mad at me when I arrive home late, but it’s not like they haven’t been warned. 

Looking forward to seeing friends and hopefully having a good meal.  Were going to a new place that just opened.  I have no idea what to expect.  I just hope that since I am buying that the bill isn’t too large. 

I tried out my version of Seal A Meal last night.  I made a few bags but don’t quite have the hang of it yet.  I need to figure out how to get all of the air sucked out and then I will be all set.  That will probably be a weekend project. 

No real management in today, so I presume this place will be a ghost town come 4:30 or shortly there after.  Fine by me, I am all for leaving early.  This has been one hell of a week, especially the traffic.  Last night wasn’t too bad, almost normal.

Well my lunch time is about done, so back to the salt mine.  I did get a brief break in that I had to set up a Desktop.  We have a new guy starting on Monday.  I just hope he is good looking, everyone needs eye candy.  A guy can dream!

I hope that you all have a very enjoyable weekend and that you don’t do anything you can’t talk your way out of.  I will catch up with you again soon. 

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Jude said...

My hubby's trick to getting all the air out of a bag is to insert a straw in the opening (held tightly to seal the area around the straw) and suck the air out. Works like a charm!

Good luck with the Vet, I hope you'll be able to get Jumper's prescription without having to take Jumper in.