29 May 2012

Traveling Man

A quick update and then I can relax!  :)   My boss said that he wants me to travel next week and fix the wireless in several facilities.  We have been talking about this since I interviewed.  However, I’ve been asking questions and no one has any answers.  Now all of a sudden on a dime I am supposed to preform a magic trick.  Sorry, but it doesn’t work like that.  This is my reputation and job that is on the line.  If I do a crappy job not only will I be forced to go back but it could lead to my demise.  I want to do it right, the first time!

That means that I need time and have to get some information as well as talk to vendors to find out what the best fit is.  There is just no way that I will be able to pull this off with just a couple days notice.  So, I spoke up and said so.

Now it turns out I am traveling next week to preform an audit at these same facilities as well as see if they need anything.  I guess he just wants to get me acclimated to the environment.  That’s fine but gee we could wait a couple weeks and I could do both in one trip.

Turns out they are going to fly me to this place.  Well I have NEVER EVER flown commercial so I have no idea what to expect.  One of the ladies in the office said that she might go with me.  That’s nice but I don’t want to share a room or a bed!

The first part of July I will be going to a different facility, probably with our HR person.  Maybe they will pay to fly me to this place as well, I don’t know.

So things are starting to heat up.  I’ve got plenty to do right now.  Plus server problems in another location, that just makes me really busy.  I left the office feeling a bit overwhelmed as well as confused.  So glad today is over with. 

2 more days until my 3 day weekend.  Thursday is pretty well spoken for, I will be in training.

My worries on traveling are on what to expect, what can I bring.  I plan on researching that tomorrow at work, after all it is work related.  Then my bigger concern is about home and how my partner & the kids will get along with out me.  It should only be a couple days but me and the kids have NEVER EVER been separated for more than 2 days tops.  I hope they will be okay.

More details on this to come.  Now it’s time to make my lunch and relax for the rest of the night.  I hope your day went well.  I will talk with you peeps later!

28 May 2012

Rambling On

Today we visited the Grocery and Pet Food Stores.  No hot guys to look at.  We managed to go over budget and I had to transfer funds from my savings so that my account would remain in the black.  I have the money in my account, but it’s allocated to pay bills with later this week.  So I won’t get any kind of overdraft fee because technically I wasn’t over drawn. 

Now I have to concentrate on building my savings back up.  I hate being so low on cash.  There are still so many things that I want to do.  I know they will happen in time but I would rather they happen on my schedule.

I still have all of this week and most of next week to go before I see another pay check.  That is a long time but I will survive.  My partner will get some money this week so we will be able to visit the grocery store.  Provided the funds are there we plan on getting away for pie on Friday.  If it works out, I know it will be a good time for both of us to talk and just be with each other.  No interferences!

Friday is when my meeting of creditors is, so I took the day off.  That means it’s only a 3 day work week for me, which should fly by.  I am not nervous about the meeting, just want to get it over with.  I will have some homework to do afterwards and have to cough up another $15 but then I am done.  Come the November/December Time Frame I should get my discharge and be free and clear!  Something to be thankful for and a way to ring in the holidays with good news.

Wow, here it is Memorial Day and I’m already talking about Christmas.  Well, time does fly by.  I don’t know about your neck of the woods but damn it’s hot here.  So hot that grass is dying, unless of course you water it.  We don’t water.  When I was cutting it, I would leave it slightly longer than what Lawn Boy does so it wouldn’t die. 

I’ve accomplished all of my chores, which is a good feeling.  I still have to shave, make my lunch, get my feet massaged and prepare for Tuesday which will feel oh so much like a Monday!

Speaking of my feet, I *think* I have my problem almost solved.  I used an Emory board to file the ball of my foot that is giving me problems.  It hurt like hell yesterday but today it’s calmed down a lot.  Most of the stuff I read on line said there would be a callus there.  I didn’t see one but decided to try it any way.  I am at the point where I will try anything to get rid of the pain.

The one thing that I don’t like about going back to work is that when I get home I really don’t want to be in front of my computer.  So come the weekend it takes me hours to pour over all of my regular reads to catch up on what happened from the past week.  Maybe I will develop some energy and desire to want to surf when I am at home.  But honestly I enjoy relaxing a whole lot more!

This afternoon on Netflix I watched a Biography on Ric Flair.  I remember watching him wrestle on the weekends.  My grandfather really like Wrestling and he got me and my brother interested in it.  So this film brought back some memories.  The content has changed a lot since I was a member, but there is some stale stuff on there that they really need to change.  I only hope that Netflix keeps it interesting and continues to add to their streaming library. 

Well, time to move forward with getting ready for yet another day.  I hope that this was a good weekend for all of you.  I certainly enjoyed myself.  I look forward to doing it again in 3 days.  After that nice break it will be 5 days a week until July and Independence Day falls on a Wednesday so that will be a very strange work week. 

Take care, be safe and stay well.  I will talk with you peeps later!  God Bless.

27 May 2012

Long Winded Update

The Job

So we actually got to leave early on Friday.  It was my normal quitting time from my old job.  I hurried to make mass transit but wasn’t able to catch it in time to see the one person that I was looking forward to.  I did run into a former co-worker.  She was all chatty and asking me questions.  She was quite shocked that it took me so long to recover.  I mean not to brag, but I am known for being good at what I do.  I am sort of like a White Castle Hamburger.  You either love me or you don’t.  Regardless if I know your opinion or not, I will always help because well, it’s my job.

The day heated up a bit on Friday I there was a wave of work for me.  One issue was really a stumper but with some help from my good friend Google, I was able to resolve the issue.  I pride myself on a quick response and the fact that this problem was kicking my ass really bothered me.  The solution was kind of obvious but something that I would have never looked for.  Confused, yeah I was too.  Thankfully it’s all resolved.

It will be interesting to see how Tuesday goes.  Most places are a nightmare to go back to after a 3 day holiday weekend.  People forget their passwords and the equipment has sat idle for an extra day, maybe even got turned off for the first time in months.  So who knows what I will be in for.  I just hope it’s not too bad. 

Still waiting on my company credit card.  No decision on what they are going to do for a laptop.  I’ve gotten oodles of quotes but they really want to go to Best Buy and pick up a machine.  I explained that was home use equipment and the Operating System isn’t made to join a business network.  Plus the equipment would break much quicker than if they spent the extra money and purchased commercial/business grade equipment.  It’s not so much that I want them to give a particular business money but I want to know that I can count on the equipment that is purchased.  It’s better to spend a little extra money to get the right thing rather than settling for something.

Overall, I am very pleased with my job.  The knowledge has started to trickle down to me.  I still don’t know everything but I have the gist of the environment.  There are perks like free meals, we had lunch catered in on Wednesday, which was really nice and quite a surprise to me.  Everything that I have asked for I have received. 

My co-workers well they are friendly, but some still won’t exchange a simple good morning or good night.  That’s okay.  I’m not there to make friends but I would like to get along with everyone.  I still don’t know who to watch out for, so I am careful in what I say.  I figure over time that will play out and hopefully I don’t have to learn the hard way.

I’m kind of excited to travel but at the same time, really not looking forward to it.  My worries are totally here with the family and how they will survive without me.  I mean I know it’s possible but my partner isn’t exactly young and flexible.  I worry that he won’t be able to give the boys their medicine.

While this job takes up a good portion of my day, my body has adjusted some what to it.  I don’t feel so wiped out when I come home as I did when I first started.  My sleep schedule has adjusted, but I have yet to get a good nights sleep.  I always wake up in the middle of the night, even if only for a minute.  That means something is bothering me or something bad is going to happen.  I don’t know of too much bothering me right now, the world seems pretty awesome at the moment.  Hopefully, nothing bad happens I mean I am still trying to recover from being unemployed for so long.  Here’s hoping that I will sleep sound tonight.  I even take prescription sleeping pills and they don’t help with this. 

Home Life

Things here at home are pretty good.  Outside of trying to keep up with keeping the place clean, dishes done and laundry taken care of.  Plus taking care of the children.  It seems there is always something to do and never a dull moment.

I tried every night last week to make it home, eat and then just relax by watching TV.  I was not successful until Friday night.  I hope that isn’t every night.  It’s frustrating because the evening goes by so darn fast and then it’s time for bed and before you know it another day is starting.  Welcome to the world of working for a living! 

My partner was quick to adjust to the fact I am gone all day long.  He is able to do his project work, which always causes an argument.  Just as long as I don’t have to help and he can assure me that he won’t get hurt I am totally happy with it.  Often though something goes wrong.  A couple years ago he broke his back in two places.  Months before that he got his finger stuck in the table saw.  Recently he messed up his Big Toe when he tried to get up from working on his desk.  I mean the poor man is an accident looking for a place to happen.  He is not very well coordinated and he does good to shuffle from room to room.  Heaven help him if a cat gets in his way.  His balance is easily broken and he can fall if someone steps in his path.  He doesn’t do a real good job of taking care of himself.  He misses doses of medicine and his memory and concept of time is starting to go.  It just sucks to see a person that you love and care about start to age.  He is a constant worry and my ultimate fear is that he will die on me.  I know someday it will happen, but hopefully that is years away.  I’d like to think that we can have time to take a vacation and just enjoy each other for a very long time.  We try to make the most of the time we have together.  It feels much better now that I am back to work. 

Other Rambles

Glad that this is a 3 day weekend.  I realized the other day I forgot the MMM – Music & Men on Monday.  I feel bad but my time is limited so that particular feature of my blog will be posted on an as I have time basis. 

I managed to throw away a day and a half by doing what I wanted.  This afternoon I got myself in gear and started churning out the work.  I still have to clean the house but part of the laundry is done, that is a good thing!  While it will be nice to have Monday off, I know I won’t want to go back come Tuesday.  Which means I really have to make Monday count.  We plan on a trip to the pet food store and grocery store.  I sure hope that I see some hot guys, that is always an extra perk of getting out.

My foot is absolutely killing me.  I took a file to the ball of my foot last night, because what I read on-line said that most people form calluses and that causes ball of foot pain.  It does feel a little better but it’s still bothering me.  I want to stick a needle in and try to pop something.  I mean it feels like I am walking on a rock.  The gout medicine worked short term.  I bought a foot massager earlier this week, that has helped some.  Ice is my best friend and gives me the most temporary relief   I don’t think I will find a foot doctor open on a Saturday so my next best option is Urgent Care or the Emergency Room.  This has been going on for about a month, now that I am back to work and walking on it all the time well it’s only gotten worse.  Which makes sense.  I just want rid of the pain, it’s not like I have time for it or need it. 

I did get pricked and it hurt but thankfully it was over with before I knew it.  In case your thinking I am talking about sex, I’m not.  I had to get my blood drawn.  I told them to take their time I was in no hurry.  That made them speed up the process.  Then I said I was allergic to needles, they got a good laugh over that.  Thankfully the tech I got knew her stuff.  She used a butterfly needle and you can’t even tell that I had my blood drawn.  No soreness or bruising and I wasn’t made to be a human pin cushion. 

We did go out to eat at IHOP.  Brett, our waiter was super cute.  I asked my partner if he thought that the guy would be offended if I told him he was cute.  He said yes.  I so wanted to be bold and just tell him that I thought he looked cute, but I bit my tongue.  The bill was way higher than I thought it would be, so I was caught off guard.  Way too much sugar as well.  I got sleepy pretty fast!

Netflix made me an offer to come back and try them again for 30 days.  If I liked them I can stay for $7.99 a month.  It’s streaming only.  Totally worth it.  I’ve set up my Roku Box and the new TV in the living room.  I watched Madea’s Big Happy Family yesterday.  Funny and Inspirational at the same time.  That Tyler Perry really has a gift of knowing how to entertain people. Can’t wait to see what I can find to watch tonight!  I know that 30 day free trial will go by fast!

Oh my glasses, they are such a pain to me.  I got them adjusted again.  They feel a little better.  Actually right now they feel great because I haven’t put them on all day long! :)  My optometrist's office is going to call the manufacturer of my frames and see if they can offer some different arms which would provide more comfort to me.  Should be totally free and something they can swap out on a Saturday.  I should hopefully know something come Tuesday. 

I am so tired right now, my vision is all blurry which it’s been that way since I was a kid.  When I get tired my vision is one of the first signs that it’s really close to bed time, despite a nap today I think my body is just ready to give it up.  I have some sexual desire but am too tired for that.  Some Taco Bell sounds good, but too tired for that.  So off I go to bed. 

I hope to talk with you peeps tomorrow!  Take care.

25 May 2012

Help I’m being held hostage

It’s Friday before a long 3 day weekend.  I am at work but through the power of technology I can remote control in to my home computer.  Thank goodness, so there is hope that I might get some help.  I am trapped at the office against my will.  I don’t want to be here but am required to work a full day.  We only have a handful of people here and one of the girls I was talking to said that they are going to ask one of the bosses to e-mail the owner and see if we can possibly go home early.  I was hoping for 11am but she said maybe 1pm.  I am not holding my breath, because if I plan for it to happen, I know it won’t.  So I am prepared to work all day, despite the fact that I don’t want to.

I got to see some action this week.  From Server issues to PC issues, it’s good to be back in the trenches.  I will admit I am still a bit rusty from my long 18 month break but I still have most of my skills.  I got a call from a friend of mine one night on the way home.  She was asking me about her grandsons phone and tethering to his computer.  They paid for the option through their cell phone company but he has never been able to get it to work. Well, he’s way younger than me and if he can’t figure it out, then it must be seriously screwed up. I used one of my work tools and remote controlled into his machine and it took me almost an hour but I got it fixed.  He was a typical teenager and said thanks and hung up on me.  Turns out it was wireless security that was getting in our way.  I explained to him that it was a wide open access point so anyone could join.  He would at the very least want to limit the connections to one user, which he can control through his phone.  My friend called me back and said that he was so happy he almost peed his pants.  While it wasn’t the way I wanted to spend my evening, it made me feel good knowing that I made someone very happy.

The money I got from my first check is almost gone.  It was a prorated check, so there wasn’t much there to start with.  I set a little bit aside from savings but I had to transfer that back to my checking account today so that we can eat and get groceries.  Two more weeks and I should get a full check, which should hopefully last a lot longer. 

Last night I got my hair cut and that took forever.  The place I go to is one of those walk in, no appointment needed places.  Well they got a new computer system and everyone was confused on how to work it.  There was a line forming for people to pay.  I got to see a couple hot guys, so it wasn’t a total waste of time.  However, I hadn’t had supper yet and it was getting late.  By the time I got home, had supper and logged my purchases in my checkbook, did my evening chores it was 8:30.  My where does the time go.

I know that this weekend will probably go by just as fast as my weekday evenings.  Ah, well it’s 3 days to hopefully relax.  I look forward to taking a nap with the girls, I know they miss our naps during the week.

Tomorrow I have to get my blood taken and can’t eat anything tonight after midnight.  That will suck.  I just hate little pricks. :)  Well I should go before I get caught here.

Take care and enjoy your weekend.  I will talk with you peeps later!

23 May 2012

Heating Up

The weather is getting warmer and I am sweating all the time.  I guess Summer has finally arrived.  I particularly liked the 72 degree mornings that we have had.  Walking 3 blocks to work in that kind of weather isn’t bad at all.

The job is heating up too.  Got a server in a remote facility that has failed two days in a row.  Thankfully they had local IT people that fixed it.  There is talk of an upgrade plus I know they are going to be getting a new time keeping program to make life easier for everyone.  I need to talk with the local IT firm they use to find out some specifics about their environment so I can plan for the upgrade of the software at a minimum.  So far they haven’t returned my call but I am positive that I will talk with someone tomorrow, I will just get demining.  I mean we pay the bills, don’t talk to me then maybe we won’t pay you.  I bet you’ll talk to me then! :)

I got to install Skype for another remote facility and there was a display issue at yet another site.  Then I installed a printer for the HR lady and fixed her ability to get faxes, that was a wiring issue.  They didn’t have a single line phone so I could test.  There was no Cable Tracer/Toner so that made it interesting.  Thankfully everyone that has messed with the Patch Panel did a good job of labeling, that was my saving grace.  Otherwise it would have been total trial and error.

Today I had Christmas in May.  All of the supplies that I ordered came in.  I finally am able to get my desk close to the way I envisioned.  I am at least more comfortable and my neck pain should hopefully disappear soon now that I won’t be looking down all day long. 

Been chatting up the guy that sits close to me, you know the one I have a crush on.  Turns out he is only 27, wow that is a wee bit young but I can’t help myself I have a thing for younger guys.  He’s not gay but my Gaydar has picked up a signal or two, maybe false positives. 

Lunch time is always great too, I go outside and talk with my partner on my phone.  I get to see all of the eye candy walking around.  As well as some familiar faces from my last job and the job before that.  Some people will talk and others well they just pretend like they don’t see me.  Of course it’s been close to two years and I’ve got glasses, lost weight so hey I guess I look like my evil twin or something.

My foot pain has been driving me nuts.  I got my first paycheck on Tuesday and I ran to Walgreens to buy a Foot Massager.  That did wonders for me.  I used it and then followed up with some ice.  Ah, heaven on earth.  The dogs are tired after another long day of work.  Back to the massager and ice. 

I am so looking forward to this long weekend.  Too bad I have to get poked on Saturday.  No not that, where is your mind!  :)  I’m going to the hospital for blood work.  The upside is we will be going out for breakfast, so that will be nice.  We have been eating out a lot more now that I have been working.

I’ve been dying to blog so while I am running out of time, I made an effort to at least get this little bit of blabber posted.  I’ve been praying that things will heat up a bit at work and now I actually have work to do, so that is a good thing.  Hopefully the days fly by.

One last thing, today the company bought lunch.  Turns out they buy once or twice a month for everyone.  Tomorrow we are celebrating a birthday, so it’s bring in a side dish.  I ran to the store and picked up two bags of chips.  I couldn’t believe it when the clerk said that will be $6, come on they are two bags of chips, it’s not like I was buying actual real food!

I hope all is going well for you.  I am very happy right now and hope that I stay that way for a very long time.  I will talk with you peeps later.  On to have a semi-relaxing evening!

20 May 2012

What a week!

It’s been quite a week and I am so glad it is over with! From a personal perspective, I was contacted by my attorney on Wednesday and they sprang the need for bank statements from my Savings Accounts on me. I knew they needed statements and am happy to provide them, but they needed something special that showed what my balance was on the date that I filed Bankruptcy. I had my partner try to get the information, he has Power Of Attorney and it shouldn’t have been a problem. However, at the time the document was prepared it was notarized but the notary failed to place her stamp/seal on the document, so the Credit Union wouldn’t recognize the document. My bank supplied a screen shot but that wasn’t acceptable. I put the onus back on my attorney and we had some heated words. This was pure bullshit, they say it wasn’t sprung on me because they told me at the time I signed my petition. Yes, that’s true they said “When your statements come in, we need copies of them”. Okay, but there was nothing said about supplying information prior to the statements. The issue with a Savings Account is statements are issued on a Quarterly basis. You would think that they would have spoken up sooner, rather than waiting until the 11th hour to spring this on me. Had I known this when I was unemployed it would have been simple to get what they want, but now that I am working for a living they want me to jeopardize my job because they failed to do theirs. Sorry, not going to happen!

I have points of contact at each place that they wanted a statement from. Never mind they missed an account, I am not telling them it will come up soon enough and well that bank only does business on-line, so a screen shot will be all I can give them. That won’t be acceptable to the Court but oh, well. Anyways I made arrangements to get a letter faxed to me from one place. The other place I had to visit in person on Saturday and got a letter. Wouldn’t you know it that the letter on Saturday was wrong, so I had to sit and wait while they made a new one. Then I had to scan both documents into PDF format and e-mail them to my attorney. Jeez what an ordeal. I lost sleep, this took up time from work and I and my partner had a few words over it as well. Lots of anguish because someone failed to do their job.

I only hired this SOB because my partner insisted. I had someone else picked out and was ready to go to him. Now I wish I would have. There is no way this guy is getting any kind of a good recommendation from me. I’ve asked them to confirm that they need nothing else and that we are all set for my meeting of creditors which is in June. That way if they discover that missing account and need a statement from it, I will have written proof that I can throw in their face.

My feet were doing pretty good until Thursday and then it was like the medicine stopped working. Some of my pain came back and it was difficult to move around but I forced myself, well, because I have to.

My glasses came in and I had my partner get them for me. God I hate them. It is like I am wearing a mask, it just feels so unnatural. Everyone tells me they will become a part of you soon enough and then you won’t give it a second thought. I wear them for the better part of the day and then when I come home, off they come. That is almost as good of a feeling as getting out of my clothes for the day. Then I feel like I can see. I know the glasses help, sitting at the kitchen table I can hardly tell what time it is on the stove. But put on the glasses and it’s crystal clear. The prescription for my eyes is so very minor; I don’t quality for Lasik, which I would happily sign up for instead of looking like a 4 eyed freak. Everyone tells me they look good, but they don’t feel so good. I did get an adjustment on Saturday and that helped at little bit but they still feel unnatural.

Coming home from work, having to deal with the legal mess. Then discovering just in the nick of time that we were running totally out of money and would have no funds for this weekend, I had to tap my 401K yet again. I didn’t hit it hard like before, but it will still hurt me. I got the money on Friday and only have $10 left. My first pay day will be Tuesday and it won’t be a full check but damn it will sure feel nice and I need the money very bad! Given all of this I haven’t had much time to relax at all this week and the evenings fly by much faster than the days do. Ugh, it’s all coming back to me working for a living sucks!

On the job front, My credit card came in but they spelled my name wrong so I am still waiting for a new card to arrive. That should happen on Monday. I had to remind a lady in the office that I needed some things for my desk so that I can move my monitor. I have to look down all the time and my neck is absolutely killing me. No wonder when I come home I don’t want to sit in front of the computer. The order got placed but one of the cables I need was suddenly no longer sold. So I have to wait for my credit card to come and then I can go get it on my own. I did get a few customers this week, having computer problems and/or wanting to make changes. That was a nice feeling that someone actually needed my help. You know having others look up to you is very empowering!

I ran into some folks I used to work with in the building I am at now and was very surprised that they spoke to me and we actually had a nice but short chat. Always good to see a smiling and familiar face. I also got to finally talk with a vendor that I used to do daily business with. I found out that my old job, they did hire someone to take care of purchasing but he only lasted a year. They fired him two weeks ago in the middle of the week. I was told that things are really bad there. I was really sorry to hear that, I mean it was a great place to work with the exception of the dick that I wound up working for. I have seen one person that I used to sit close to and we always were cordial to each other but we never chatted. Well she takes public transportation too and we have had quite the conversations in the morning and evening. It makes the commute fly by. She told me that things were bad but everyone is just holding on. Sounds like it is just a matter of time before the new company that bought them cleans house and well I can only hope they get rid of the right people. The workers for the most part are super it’s the management that sucks!

Anyway, back to my situation. I was late on Friday because public transportation had unforeseen problems. It only made me 2 minutes late, but the way I was raised being late is like the worst thing ever. No one that mattered was there so I didn’t worry too much about it. Especially since I give up part of my lunch each day and come back to work early.

Things are coming together. I did get my cell phone and air card on Friday. I had to work with the phone for hours to get my e-mail to finally start working. It’s a Blackberry and they used to be simple as pie to work with. The problem was the person who ordered it tried to get my mail setup and they had the carrier make some changes on their end that made it difficult on my end when it was given to me. I was so excited when I finally figured it all out, it was like I solved the Rubix Cube! Yep, just that complicated. I’ve gotten my first wrong number call already. It came in tonight and I was freaking out, thinking this could be anyone needing help. I was told my phone won’t ring often but I have to keep it on 24 x 7 because the company is paying the bill. No problem, been there done that and happy to do it again. Just don’t freaking wake me up for silly bullshit and please no middle of the night wrong number calls. I don’t like the new number and can hardly remember it but I know in time it will grow on me.

There is a guy who sits very close to me and is in his 20’s and is African American. Nice enough but sometimes he says the strangest things. I like guys in general but my preference is 24-30 cute and white. However, this kid has quite the body on him and his ass is so super fine. He’s straight or so he says. J I’d love to have him in bed but well we are co-workers that would mess things up for both of us eventually. Workplace romance doesn’t interest me because in the long term if things go south then your each going to try to screw over the other person any way you can. I like to be able to relax a bit at work and not have to worry about who is trying to throw me under the bus. I told my partner all about him, he was a little surprised. Not that I had a crush on someone but that it was an African American. I told him what I say all the time, everyone needs chocolate milk once and a while. He laughed at me.

Needless to say I have not been able to keep up with any of my regular reads and well it’s taken me until the weekend was almost over to post this. I was very sad to learn about the passing of Donna Summer. That hurt, she was a good singer and so young! Then today one of the Bee Gees. We loose so many good people quickly. Just yet another reminder to make the most of every day with every one that matters to you. Be it an animal or a human.

I could go on but there still is so much for me to do, that I just want to get it done so I can relax before having to return to jail, I mean work. I like my job better now, hate the fact that the job takes so much out of me. It’s mostly a mental thing but there are physical aspects as well. I will talk with you peeps later! Here’s hoping it’s a great week for all of us! Take care.

15 May 2012

It gets better

I just saw the video and had to share it with you peeps.  I guess that driver needs some lessons to go with his nice car.  It would have been better if he hit a police car.

Okay so quickly on to my work adventure.  Tomorrow will mark my 1 week anniversary.  My how time flies.

Today I had a meeting with the IT Firm my company uses.  Sounds like they will be able to help me out.  I learned a lot today.  I also got some rights that I needed.  Tomorrow I am supposed to learn the specifics of what I am responsible for and what the IT Firm will be responsible for. 

I’m getting a BlackBerry, A Laptop, A WIFI (AIR) Card, and a Company Credit Card.  They are looking to send me on the road - not sure when but it sounds like sooner rather than later.  That will be interesting, me driving all by myself to another state.  Kind of lonely, boring and I am sure I will be home sick.  Today I got my remote assistance account, so now I can work PC’s from where ever I am at in the world.  Soon those calls will be pouring in, I just hope I am able to get a good nights sleep!

So maybe this unique opportunity will make me happy after all.  I guess I needed some patience.  I think they need to feel me out more to know they can trust me.  However, in order for me to function effectively, I need certain rights and permissions – in other words trust me now or else I am limited in what I can preform.

I actually worked on a couple machines in the office today, which was nice.  Sure beats sitting at my desk and twiddling my thumbs.  I think pretty soon I will wish I was bored because I will be so busy the days will fly by.

My partner picked up my glasses for me last night.  Today was my first full day of wearing them and I can’t stand them.  I’m ready for Lasik, too bad the correction my eyes require is so very minimal that it’s not enough for Lasik.  I actually have to wait for things to get worse if I want to have Lasik.  Ah, well.  I suppose with a little time I will get used to having an extra set of eyes.  I mean I see the difference but it’s taking me a while to get used to them, plus one side is digging into my face.  I’ve got a dentist appointment this weekend, so no chance I can have them adjusted unless I leave work super early and with this being a new job I really don’t want to ask for more time off.

Last night was nice I sat and watched TV, I plan on repeating that here very shortly.  Just a couple tasks to take care of and then hello relaxation.  Morning comes way too early!

The gout medicine seems to be doing the trick on my feet.  They still hurt and I’m not 100% yet but were getting there. 

That’s a wrap on Tuesday, I will talk with you peeps later!  Take care.

14 May 2012

Still the same

Another long boring day. Nothing like pretending to be busy when you aren't. I finally got introduced to the IT Firm they use. We are meeting in person tomorrow and that should help shed light on who is doing what. They were told by my boss to hold off on giving me elevated rights. I'm guessing that I will be calling this place to do a lot of the work I thought I was hired to do. I will know more tomorrow.

I'm taking the rest of the night off to watch TV and relax. The kids will like that and so will I. Take care and I will talk with you peeps later!

MMM–Music, Men on Monday

We all get wrapped up in life and it’s nice to take time to relax.  However, if you are like me you tend to put others first and take care of yourself last.  It’s time now, to take a few minutes for you!  I hope you enjoy the relaxing music!  Here’s hoping it’s a great week for all of us.

e4gnro1_500Fleece_Hoodies-111411-005grafitti boy

13 May 2012

The Weekend Wrap

Nothing too special about this weekend.  I got to sleep, which was fun.  I forgot to take my sleeping pills on Friday night and didn’t understand why I was so groggy on Saturday.  Plus I didn’t get why I was so amped up on Friday night.  Now I know!

I started taking some of my partners medicine for Gout.  My feet are starting to feel a little better.  I still feel some pain but I can walk much better than before.  We shall see how things go during the week.  That is where I will really get my walk on.  3 blocks to the office and 3 blocks to mass transit at night. 

Mother’s Day is the worst possible day to try to eat out.  The same thing is true for Father’s Day.  My partner wanted to go to Maggiano’s but they were booked solid.  We wound up at Red Lobster and if it wasn’t for the bar, we would have had a serious wait on our hands.  They projected 1 to 2 hours, who in the hell wants to wait that long for a meal?  Not me, I’d sooner go to McDonald’s.

We had the dreaded conversation, what should we fix for supper next week.  Ah, we each know what the other one likes and hates, but still we have to plan things out.  Everything I suggested was fattening.  I told my partner while all of that sounds delish I don’t want to gain back all of the weight I lost.  Then I would have to go clothes shopping and well I really don’t want to do that. 

When I am under stress, I tend to get acne like crazy.  My face has been full of it lately.  I mean I don’t look like a teenager but then again one is enough to bother me. 

I’ve been thinking about work all weekend long.  Made for kind of a sucky weekend.  I don’t have any idea how things will work out, but I have resigned myself that I probably won’t be at this place too terribly long.  I actually started looking for a job yesterday.  Found 3 ads and applied to them.  The hard part will be trying to interview, I mean my present job pretty well has me held hostage.  I also have not listed my new job.  I guess stay tuned and I will let you know how things work out.  Maybe things will turn around and this will be the best thing ever, but I just don’t see that now.  I would like nothing more than that!

We visited the Pet Food Store and Grocery Store.  Money is really tight now, to the point we have no idea what we will do for money the following week.  I have enough money to at least get cat food.  It is food for us that I worry about, some how I don’t think we will go hungry.

My Sunday is ticking away faster and faster.  I’ve got laundry going, have to pack my lunch and get ready for the fun to start all over again tomorrow.  I hope that you had a great weekend and that your week is awesome.  I will talk with you peeps later!

11 May 2012

Frustrated 3rd Day

I felt okay this morning, actually got some sleep.  Had a strange dream that Tina Turner died.  I really like her but I was so upset about it in my dream, it was like she was a relative or I was really close to her.  Not sure what that means but then again dreams don’t always make sense!

Made it to work again with plenty of time to spare.  I thought it would be another boring day.  No such luck.  I got an e-mail from my boss asking me to tell him how I planned to conduct the IT Audit, he wanted a formal proposal.  Wow, he is already starting to remind me of the jerk I used to work for.  One place needs a serious Technology Upgrade, he wanted to know how I planned on doing that.

Keep in mind it’s only my 3rd day.  No one has told me shit about the network, how things are laid out, what systems they have and what they do.  I have to scrounge for information.  If ask questions they go unanswered.  How in the fuck am I supposed to do my job if I am being kept in the dark?  Makes it damn difficult to function.

So I worked feverishly all day long drafting this “proposal” for how I plan to carry out the Technology Upgrade.  Based on some information I was given about what needs to be replace, I laid out how many laptops and desktops were needed.  I suggested specific models, provided links to manufacturers websites.  This pretty much consumed my day.  I triple checked all of my math, made some grammatical changes and printed it out to give it a final read over.  Something about having a piece of paper in your hand, I tend to catch mistakes and be able to make changes better.  Kind of odd, because what is on the paper is also on the screen.  I get to the point of where I am happy and call the document done.

As for the IT Audit I found some software that will scan the network for free and report back every device it finds.  This is the way my last employer did it and it saves a ton of time, provided you get reliable software.  I scanned the network this morning but I don’t have the needed access rights, kind of sad me being the IT Department and not able to do my job because I don’t have access. 

So I compose a quick e-mail telling him all about the software, thinking he would be elated.  I also explained that if there were offices not on the network, then I would have to visit those places.  I already know of 2 offices that are in remote areas they are lucky to even have phone service.  I attached the document I prepared.  It’s very close to quitting time for the day.  I hit send and within 5 minutes I get a response back telling me that the audit has to be done physically, office by office.  Then a note we will talk Monday.  Damn straight we will talk Monday!  Come on, the technology is there to save the company time and money.  I am employing that and then I’m told I am doing it all wrong, we have to spend money and waste my time to travel to each fucking office.  Are you fucking kidding me?

So instead of looking forward to the weekend and the day ending on a good note, it ends with me pissed off.  I am so tired of negative, I wish and I really mean this, I wish I had nothing to complain about.  I know people don’t want to hear it but it’s got to come out of me before it eats me alive.  I feel better having had a few hours away from the place and time to calm down. 

I brought my “proposal” document home so my partner could read it.  He said all of the questions I asked in a normal environment would be enough to get me fired.  However, considering they are keeping me in the dark if I don’t ask questions I will never know.  He quickly told me to give them an ultimatum and that should bring this shit to an end one way or another.   I’m not sure what my next move will be, but I’ve got a couple days to think it over.

Personally, I am ready to call this quits.  I can see disaster painted all over this.  I feel that I will crash and burn, but right now it’s all I have.  So ride the wave for all it’s worth.  Who knows maybe it will get better.  I am thankful that I have a job and an income.  After the long search I had, I am reluctant to start looking again, just the thought of that disgusts me.

Now there is a little more bitching from me.  The girl that sits behind me whined and complained all day because she had to stay up very late and didn’t get much sleep.  She talked about going home when she walked in the door and didn’t stop talking about it until she finally left for the day.  Then I had to hear about how she wanted to get drunk.  It took every fiber of my being to ignore her.  I wanted to look at her and say STFU and go home already, I don’t want to hear it anymore.  Yet another reason why I wish I had an office with a door that I could close!

I noticed two other new computers that their IT Firm set up earlier this week, when my machine was built.  I over heard today that they are looking to bring in an in house Attorney.  There is constant talk about the IRS and The Federal Government.  I wonder if one day when I show up for work, if I will be turned away because the place was shut down by the IRS?  I have no idea who the other computer is for, maybe if they hire an attorney he or she will get an assistant.  I guess only time will tell.

I do plan on enjoying my weekend.  I have so much more energy tonight that I have had the rest of the week.  Maybe it’s because it’s Friday and I know I can stay up late and sleep in tomorrow. 

Thanks for stopping by.  I do hope that come Monday I have something good to report and that it’s not I am without a job again.  Take care and I will talk with you peeps later!

10 May 2012

Day Number 2 … a little better

Sleep last night well I was tired but my 2nd wind came along just before bed.  I had problems falling asleep and then I woke up around 3 and 4 and 5 and then shortly after 6.  I get up at 6:30 just to arrive at my job by 8:30.  Too bad it’s not across the street from me, just think how much more I could have slept!

Anyway, I was in such a foul mood this morning.  Thinking about how boring yesterday was and how boring today will probably be.  I just wanted to quit.  That thought didn’t pass until some time way after lunch.

I got in a little after 8 and I stayed until 5 like I am supposed to.  The boss left a little after 9 and won’t be back until Monday.  Now why can’t I have tomorrow off?  :)  Only kidding!

My objective this morning was to get a quote for a laptop for the boss.  I tried to get on the web and visit Dell but I was blocked.  Then I tried a couple other tech sites and blocked again.  I tried to visit my company’s homepage and guess what, right blocked again.  Damn they call it Sonic Wall because your dead even before you start, splat stopped from reaching the internet! !#$^*%^$# Yeah I was a little upset at that.  So I emailed the boss and told him, he said he would have someone take care of it.  They had to call their IT Firm and they had to do the work.  It’s stuff I should have access to do considering I am now the IT Department for the company.  I guess all good things come in time.  I was told to give it 5 minutes and it would be fixed.  I waited 10 minutes, still nothing.  I rebooted 4 times but still nothing.  So I complained, they got the IT place on the line and they came back with reboot again.  Yeah, duh that is always the answer in IT!  So I humored them, still nothing.  So they had a tech remote into my workstation.  He got a prompt that I knew he couldn’t touch and I answered for him.  Still that was enough to get him on the phone with me and we talked through the process.  He tried everything that I did but still dead in the water.  Finally he decided to kill my session on the firewall and that did it.  Now I can surf for porn at work all day long, but I won’t.

I was so happy that I could surf the web and then it was lunch time.  That hour past faster than the whole day.  After lunch I got that laptop quote and did some other business internet surfing to occupy my time. 

Someone did have a computer problem and I was called to fix it.  What I needed was a software tool, that would have sped things up but since no one knew what I was talking about, I had to go the long way but I got the problem fixed.  Yes I did tell the person to reboot first.  That didn’t fix this problem either!  Reboot isn’t a sure fire thing but it does fix most things, mostly because people go forever and a day without rebooting. 

Right now there really isn’t anything for me to do, but appear busy.  That makes for a long day.  At least I have a computer though.

I got my phone hooked up but tonight when I tried to call myself my phone doesn’t go to voice mail.  I guess that is a problem to fix tomorrow.  The whole problem here is this place needs someone like me and they were quick to hire.  However, they are not sure how to integrate me into the picture.  They have a solid relationship with their IT Firm and have yet to tell them about me.  I was asked today to put together a list of permissions and software that I need.  I turned the list over and covered what I knew but there is so much about this place that I don’t know, so I know down the road I will go to do something and won’t have access.  I anticipate once they tell their IT Firm about me, that solid relationship will be not so solid.  They probably won’t be so eager help, as they are today.  However, they still bill by the phone call and they are not cheap!  If I had a customer like this I could be in business for myself with no worries.

I continue to run into people I used to work with both from my last job and that job before that.  Most just give me the stare of death and don’t acknowledge that I exist.  Some I am sure have forgotten me.  I just can’t wait until I run into my old boss, that will happen eventually.  Along with my so called friend from HR.  Those encounters should be interesting and uncomfortable.

So speaking of HR I read our policy handbook and it said something like if you get cookies from a vendor be sure to share them with the entire office, don’t hog them for yourself.  Well when your in my position where IT Procurement is concerned, vendors love to woo you.  There will be free shirts, trinkets like pens, cups, etc.  As well as tickets to various sporting events and countless free lunches.  So I asked if I would be able to accept those gifts.  You will never guess the answer I was given.  Yup, I don’t know.  Wait until it happens and then come ask.  So much for being proactive.  I suppose the company slogan at this place is I have no idea!

Honestly I am kind of hoping for a better offer to come along but I am not actively looking right now.  If something should come along though, I would give it serious thought but I honestly think God put me at this place for a reason, so I don’t want to anger him!  I mean I have no time and I am totally exhausted from the day.  Plus I have to do my evening chores and get my lunch ready.  By then it’s time to call it a day.  Thankfully, for the first time in a long time I am very happy to see the weekend around the corner.  I will probably celebrate by sleeping in.  Talk with you peeps later, take care!

09 May 2012

Welcome to the land of unknown

Yes that is right, you have crossed over to the dark side into the land of unknown.  I spent my first day without a computer or telephone.  I got to twiddle my thumbs all day long and let me tell you that made for a very long day. 

I went through a quick and very informal orientation and paperwork filling out session.  Benefits suck.  There are no perks, no bonuses.  The holiday schedule gives you the day of the holiday and nothing else.  I’m used to getting Christmas Eve & Christmas Day as well as Thanksgiving and the Day after.  Not here it’s all about WORK!

There are about 20 people total in the office I am in.  I was hoping that I would get an office but I’m stuck with a small cube. The entire office is made up of glass so I’ve got a nice window view. 

I got a key to the door to be able to come and go before and after hours.  However, the elevators to our floor are locked after 5:30 and without a Magic Parking Card you can’t get back to our floor.  I take mass transit so I don’t have to worry about driving in all of the traffic.  My old employer paid for that, they don’t.  I am checking into getting a Magic Parking Card just so I can get access back to our floor if I ever should need it.  It would suck to have my stuff sitting at my desk and me stranded in the lobby.

My PC was hooked up minutes before I was walking out the door.  So at least tomorrow I will have something more to do than twiddle my thumbs.  They called in their consulting firm to build the machine for me.  I could have done all of that by myself and been busy all day long.  Ah, well.

Most everything was unknown for the best part of the day.  Right now I still can’t tell you for sure who my boss is.  That is up in the air because they don’t know who they want me to report to. 

Maybe with some time I will fall in love with the place but from what I have seen today, if another offer presents it’s self I would consider taking it and running as fast as I could.  Don’t get me wrong I am very happy to be back working again but there is no structure, the perks I am used to are gone and it just seems everything is done on a whim.  I don’t live my life like that, I need structure and direction.  Not everything has to be planned out but I need a good idea of what needs to be accomplished.

I was asked by some coworkers what I did for fun.  I said I have 7 cats.  They said your going to die alone and were done talking to you.  Trade your cats in for a tiger.  I said I’ve got a 45 pound cat.  They said are you sure he isn’t a Tiger.  I said, yep!  I know they were kidding around but I don’t have much of a sense of humor when you start picking on my kids.

Last night (Tuesday) I didn’t get much sleep.  I almost missed my ride this morning and huffed to get to the office in time.  I had a whole minute to spare.  God I am out of shape!

Oh, they asked me for my cell phone number because they like to send out text messages and call people on occasion.  Well I just looked them square in the face and said sorry but I don’t have a cell phone.  That put an end to the conversation.  I figure if you want to be able to reach me and want to send me a text message, then your going to need to provide a cell phone, otherwise sorry but you will have to call my house and hope that I am at home.

They typically don’t rent cars to visit any of the other offices in the state.  If you go out of state then you fly and well I guess you have to rent a car then.  Not too happy about that but I will work on it and maybe I can get it changed.  Otherwise I guess I could rent a car on my own,but that would suck having to pay good money for something they should provide.

So most people in this place work from 8:30-4:30 but since I am the guru of the computers I get to start at 8:30 and my day ends at 5pm.  That way in case someone stays and needs help, I am there.

1/2 of the office has been sick.  The other 1/2 is sick.  I spent all day blowing my nose.  I think I am allergic to the soap in the bathroom.  Last thing I need now is to get sick.  That would suck!

My feet are killing me and I am tired, no worry about sleep tonight.  I can’t wait to relax and chill.  Tomorrow morning will be here before you know it.  I am so glad that I only have to put in 3 days this week.  Oh, I also got my time off for court approved today so I get the full day off, not sure if that is with or without pay but having the day off is peace of mind.

There you have it my first day in a nut shell.  Surprised?  I sure was.  Just glad to be out of the unemployment line and back in the working world again.  However, I would gladly leave if we were able to win the lottery.  Too bad we have no money to buy a ticket.  No wonder I am working! :)

I will talk with you peeps later.  Take care!

08 May 2012

Bells and Bears


Giraffe Test

1.  How do you put a giraffe into a  refrigerator?clip_image001

Stop  and think about it and decide on your answer  before you scroll  down.

The  correct answer is: Open the refrigerator, put in  the giraffe, and close the door. This question  tests whether you tend to do simple things in an  overly complicated  way.









2  How do you put an elephant into a  refrigerator?

Did  you say, Open the refrigerator, put in the  elephant, and close the  refrigerator?
Wrong  Answer.
Correct Answer: Open  the refrigerator, take out the giraffe, put in  the elephant and close the door. This tests your  ability to think through the repercussions of  your previous  actions..








3.  The Lion King is hosting an animal conference.  All the animalsclip_image003
Attend  .... Except one.   Which animal does not  attend?

Correct  Answer : The Elephant. The elephant is in the  refrigerator. You just put him in there.   This tests your memory.. Okay, even if you  did not answer the first three questions  correctly, you still have one more chance to  show your true  abilities.










4.  There is a river you must cross but it is used  by crocodiles, andclip_image004
You  do not have a boat. How do you manage  it?

Correct  Answer:? You jump into the river and swim  across. Have you not been listening? All the  crocodiles are attending the Animal Meeting.  This tests whether you learn quickly from your  mistakes.
According to       Anderson Consulting Worldwide, around 90%  of the

Professionals  they tested got all questions wrong, but many  preschoolers got several correct answers.     Anderson Consulting says this conclusively proves the theory that most professionals do  not have the brains of a  four-year-old.


Time is running out


Today is the last day of unemployment for me!  Like the title of this post, time is running out for me.  Were fast approaching 7pm and that will mean going to bed early so that I can rise and shine early.  Tomorrow will no doubt be an adrenaline filled day. 

I did manage to oversleep today, but still got up at a decent hour.  I figured it’s my last day, why not enjoy it!  I fixed breakfast, got a shower and got dressed.  Then I went into my partners computer and checked his bank account.  The fraudulent charge finally materialized, so I woke him up and we went to the bank so he could sign paperwork to get his money back.  His account is negative now because of this.  The bank actually offered him a loan that costs $1.00 per every $10 that you take out.  He laughed at them and said no thanks. 

While we were at the bank my hearing went goofy, it felt like my ears needed to pop but couldn’t.  I thought maybe I was plugged up, but my nose was wide open. 

After the bank, my partner needed to eat he had taken some pain medicine because his back was acting up and he could barley walk.  We stopped at Denny’s because it was quick & cheap.  After that we went to the pharmacy. 

I picked up my new eye drops that cost $30, which is way better than the original prescription I had.  I also thought why not get a decongestant, that might help things along.  I found the cheapest thing they sold which was $7 and that was for 5 pills.  I was happy to see Tanner was working today.  If you follow my other blog, then you well know I’ve got a crush on this guy.  He bent over looking for my medicine and I got to see his nice bum.  Totally worth the trip to the pharmacy!  Too bad I can’t turn fantasy in to reality, but then again it might not be as much fun as I think it would be.

We arrived home, where I started washing clothes like no tomorrow.  Each time I went upstairs to get more laundry the cats greeted me and wanted to know where the food was.  I told them Daddy’s busy but I will be up in a little bit.  After a few hours of this up and down business and trying to get things accomplished, I finally gave up around 3pm and went upstairs.  I gave them some food and started watching television. 

My partner was napping all this time, but of course as soon as I come up to watch TV, he got up.  So he got a shower and about an hour later, we went out for supper.  While he was in the shower, the phone rang.  It was the place that was lining up 2nd round interviews for Wednesday & Thursday.  The guy called me on a speakerphone (as if this was some show or to make a spectacle of me) he said we had to choose between 13 people and I am sorry but you didn’t make it to the 2nd round.  In my very upbeat voice I said oh, okay.  He wished me luck and I said Thank you.  I suppose he thought after that call I was an ass, but that is what you get for calling me on a speakerphone.  I am sad in a way that they didn’t pick me because I really wanted to work there.  However, that just hammers home that this place where I am going tomorrow is where I am supposed to be!

Much to my surprise as we were leaving, Lawn Boy was here.  It was hot outside but unfortunately not hot enough for him to take off his shirt.  He was wearing Tommy Hilfiger shorts, so I guess business is good.  Damn that kid is rolling in the money!  Anyway I got to look at him.  We waived and said hello, then we were off.  So there is more money to shell out. Darn!

We made it to the post office and we were 1/2 way between where we wanted to go eat supper when my phone chimed that I had a voice mail.  I thought sure it was my new employer.  As I was getting the message, I had a call waiting.  I picked it up and knew right away it was the Alarm Company.  They said the glass break for our back door went off.  Crap, I told them not to send the police.  Before we left there was another cat on the back porch and I guessed that Blu rattled the door enough that it set off the alarm.  It was either that or Lawn Boy did something.  Either way we hightailed it home.

I peeked at the back door and there was Blu sitting looking straight at me as if to say Hello, why are you out there.  I went around and came in to look over things inside.  Everything was in order, no broken glass.  Just a bunch of scared cats.  I put in a bypass for the backdoor, reset the alarm and then we were on our way.  I so wanted to ring Blu’s neck that cat has done everything he can to piss us both off.  My partner thinks he wants out, but I said no he’s just try to protect his domain.  Too bad it wasn’t a female cat in heat, that would have been right up his alley! :)

We had Mexican for supper, which was awesome!  I said too bad supper tomorrow night won’t be this good.  My partner said how would you feel about KFC or something from the local BBQ Place.  I said either would be fine, but who’s got money for that?  He said well he might go back and take out that loan.  I said don’t do it, give them a little time and you will get all of your money back.  No sense in paying a penalty for fraud.  So it’s up in the air as to what we will have.  I know that he thawed out some Porch Chops and they are in the fridge, but I really don’t like them.  They always come out so dry and flavorless.  Fix them and chop them up, put BBQ Sauce on them and tell me you fixed BBQ pork, that will make my mouth water!

Oh yeah, money saving tip.  I looked up the new eye drops and found the manufacturers website.  Turns out that they have a rebate going for a while.  I will get a whopping $5.00 back, but it’s well worth it.  So anytime you get some new medicine and it’s brand name, look it up on Google you never know you might find a rebate and save yourself some money.

Well God’s been pretty good to me today.  I got to see two guys that I like.  I had a great meal and I’m working my tail off in getting laundry done and getting ready for my big day tomorrow.

To ensure that I sleep tonight, I took one of those decongestants, which should kick in.  I figured out my problem with my hearing, it was water in my ear.  All is back to normal now!  Well onward with the chores.  Not sure how I will feel tomorrow night, but I will blog about my first day back to work as soon as I can.  Thanks again to all who supported me during this difficult time, I am still truly grateful!  I will talk with you peeps later!

07 May 2012

Last Free Monday

It sounds like I am getting ready to go to prison, but it’s just back to work after 18 long months of unemployment.  I am excited, nervous, anxious, depressed – SO EMOTIONAL about the whole experience.  I am sure it will be just fine but getting back into the swing of things will take some getting used to.  Thankfully I only have to work 3 days this week.  Nothing like starting out slow!

I spent my day today doing a lot of sleeping.  Not by choice but it happened.  I got up before 9 and had breakfast.  I cleaned out my TiVo and in the process got sleepy.  So I went back to bed with Jumper.  He always looks so sweet just laying there in bed and I know he loves to cuddle with daddy.  That’s like a sleeping pill for me. 

Once I woke up I watched the news at noon, checked on my e-mail and played with my phone.  Then it was on to having some left over pizza and a soda.  Then time to clean the basement.  Man Blu (TAZ’s friend ) has sure ruined the carpet at the bottom of the basement steps.  He is always peeing in the corners.  I got out the SpotBot and cleaned it the best I could.  The manual labor was enough to kill me.  I was so hot and sweaty afterwards.  I grabbed a bottle of water and took of my clothes … then I sat in front of the TV and tried to relax.  Finally I couldn’t take it any more my partner was laying down in bed, so I joined him. 

Once I entered his bedroom I wanted to sleep but he had other plans.  I will just let your imagination go wild there.  Anyway, I remember at one point I closed my eyes and was just thinking about floating on a cloud the next thing you know 2 hours later I woke up.  Crap!  I wanted to stay awake as much as possible.  Looks like that didn’t happen today.

We went out to grab the mail and some hot dog buns.  We had Italian Sausage for supper.  It would have been better if they weren’t full of hot grease and they cooked all the way.  The first one wasn’t bad, the second one wasn’t done and I just tossed it and called it a meal.  My partner fixed French fries and TAZ & Blu just loved them, they will eat anything because they both came from outside.  They haven’t had to hunt for food for about a year but still there instincts are there. 

Speaking of Blu, he needs to be fixed so we can stop that spraying problems.  He also goes around and tries to mount Big Boy, who screams like a little girl.  Today though Big Boy told him no means, no.  Poor Blu he tries with TAZ and he gives in.  Nothing much really happens but it makes Blu feel better and he is calmer for a while.  He just needs to get fixed to make both problems go away.  Just a simple matter of money!

I tried on pants tonight.  I was surprised one pair needs to have the button fixed, that will be a job for my partner.  Another pair is a bit too tight.  The rest fit okay and feel comfortable.  So I will have a great selection of pants to wear for a while.  Some are still in like new condition.  Some are on their way out.  So I can meet the dress requirements and look good, without breaking the bank.  NICE!

My feet are starting to act up on me again.  First it was jus the right foot but now it is both.  I’ve got a fairly new pair of shoes that I haven’t worn in a while.  I am going to give them a try tomorrow to see if they help.  If so I can wear them to work.  I think eventually I will need to invest in some new Tennis Shoes as well as Work Shoes.  Like clothes, I tend to buy and wear until they just plain wear out.  It can easily be 2 or 3 years before I will get new shoes.

I noticed today the outside of the house is starting to look like a jungle.  Once I am money ahead, I will call up Lawn Boy and have him trim things a bit.  We skipped it totally last year because we couldn’t afford it.  So it’s been two years, more than time. 

The possibilities are pretty much endless of what you can do when you have money.  When you don’t have it you realize all of the things you thought you needed and couldn’t survive without, well you can make it just fine.  Allow yourself one or two things if possible, but scrimping is nothing to be ashamed of.  So the appearance of things goes to hell, at least you can make your bills and eat – that is an accomplishment in it’s self. 

Well time to get ready for bed.  I will talk with you peeps later!

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06 May 2012

Lazy Sunday

Sunday a day that I thought would go much different than it did.  My plans were to wake up early, have breakfast and take a shower.  Then clean the house up to stay awake.  Take in some TV and begin to try to get my sleep schedule back in order.

Instead the day went like this… slept in until eleven, had breakfast watched TV and fell back asleep.  Woke up around three and got a shower.  Took in some TV, watched a Netcast, fell asleep again.  Woke up had a pizza.  Did the dishes, cleaned the kids water fountain and trimmed all but one cats claws.  Not exactly a bad Sunday but just not the way I planned it.

The claw trimming of Shy Girl went okay.  She did wet her pants but that was an easy clean up.  Some of her claws were starting to curl under and I was glad that I got that fixed for her.  I was able to get in some eye drops.  I also got to brush her and man it was like I was throwing away a small fur coat.  I even got to kiss her on the head, which is something that is normally not allowed.  I have kissed her a small number of times but it’s so few I could count on one hand.  She wasn’t happy about it but she is happy it’s over with.  6 more weeks and we will do it again.  She is trotting around now happy as a clam, I suppose because she can walk better.  I know she can always run and boy does she have some muscle and those lungs really work!

While I know I won’t get anything I did file an unemployment claim for this week.  It sure would be nice to see another pay check from them.  I think I mentioned that I filed for Food Stamps & Welfare.  Well I sent them a letter and explained that I got a job and I wouldn’t need their assistance.  I got a letter telling me that I need to attend an interview on Tuesday to discuss my benefits and there is a small litany of items they want me to bring to prove who I am and that I am truly poor.  I know I could probably at least get a month of Food Stamps if nothing else, but I am not going.  It just seems wrong now that I have a job lined up.  I told them if something should change I would be in touch.  Perhaps our communications crossed but I think they will get the idea when I am a no show.

I’ve got all of my short sleeve polo type shirts washed.  I don’t actually own any Polo brand shirts.  Those things are nice but way too expensive!  I do have Polo cologne but it bothers my nose so I use it sparingly. 

Time to start work on Monday’s post and look at some of my regular reads.  Now that I have a job I really don’t like to spend too much time in front of the computer.  I know that I will be tied to one all day long pretty soon and well it’s just nice to get away and do different things.  Too bad our money is short we could do more but we will no doubt make the best of it for the next two days.

I hope that your week is great.  Stay tuned and I will fill you in all about the new job and how things are going.  It will be a bit of a culture shock at first but I am positive that I will adapt with a little bit of time.  One thing that kind of hurts is two fellas that I used to work with and hang out with, still work in the same area and I’ve asked each of them via e-mail if they would be interested in getting lunch together sometime and both have failed to respond.  I suppose that tells me they are not interested.  Kind of a blow but oh well life goes on! 

05 May 2012


Last night I was brushing my teeth and I heard this loud scream from my partner.  I went to investigate what the problem was and there he was in front of his computer, pointing to the monitor.  He was looking at his bank account and there was a $600 charge from AT&T.  He lives by his Debit Card but he hasn’t been in an AT&T Store in a very long time.  I figured oh it was a mistake and in the morning it will drop off.  Yeah, no such luck.  I did eventually get to finish brushing my teeth.  I didn’t want you to think I’ve been walking around with a mouth full of toothpaste for a day.

We awoke earlier than I would have liked and he checked his bank account and it was still there.  So we talked to a guy at the bank and he said that my partner was the 4th person to have this problem.  He showed us on the screen that the card was used at an AT&T Store in Chicago, IL we are guessing someone got an iPAD.  Anyway, the only choice he had was to cancel the card and get a new one. 

Modern technology has made some advancements, so I figured that there would be a way to turn off the purchase part but leave the ATM part open until his new card arrived.  Nope, once you cancel the card the entire thing is toast.  So he made a withdrawal of some cash so we could go to the grocery store. 

The charge from AT&T is pending as an authorization.  Until it turns into an actual charge there isn’t anything that can be done.  It will probably be late Monday or early Tuesday.  Then we have to go back to the bank, sign some paperwork and within a few days he will get his money back.  Should his account be overdrawn because of this, the bank will cover the overdraft fees. 

We have been trying to figure out how this could have happened but heck it could have happened anywhere.  This is my ultimate fear because now I live by my Debit Card too.  We both have different banks but at least now I know what to expect should this ever happen to me.  It’s never a good feeling to know that a card be it debit or credit has been compromised.  However, with a credit card life is much easier and it doesn’t have an impact on your checking account.

We did visit the buffet today, it was a damn long drive but I managed to make it despite the fact I had less than 7 hours of sleep.  I was tired on the way down to the point I could have curled up behind the wheel.  On the way back I was full and tired, not a good combination.  However, we made it there and back with no problems at all.  The food was okay, not outstanding like normal.

Our trip to the grocery store waited until tonight and it wasn’t too terribly crowded.  However, lots of people there buying alcohol to celebrate Mexican Independence Day.  It felt strange to think ahead and plan on packing a lunch.  What do I want and what do I need?  So next week it will be Bologna, Cheese and Miracle Whip.  I got individual  bags of Chips and a Pudding Cup.  Washing all that down with Diet Dr. Pepper.  Might not be healthy but I will get there eventually.  I’ve got no idea what supper will be like.  Breakfast will be either Special K or Oatmeal. 

As we were leaving the store I saw one of the cute Cart Guys rounding up the shopping cars.  Those guys sure are in shape.  Then by one of the ice coolers there was this guy who was just amazing looking.  His butt was perfect and as soon as he bent over I exclaimed Oh My I’d tap that.  Thankfully I was in the truck so he didn’t hear me. 

Now I’m catching up on Laundry and going to trim Shy Girls claws tonight.  That should be an adventure, I hope it goes well and she doesn’t injury herself or me or worse yet pee or poop on me.  I have a bunch of stuff in store for her, but it’s kind of up to her temperament if I will be able to get it all in.  There is claws to trim, her eye needs some drops and she could use a brushing.  She loves brushing but once you piss her off by capturing her, the enjoyment goes out the window.  She just wants to kill.  You can feel the venom in her hiss.  I believe if she wanted to she could be a fire breathing dragon.  I hate to get her all worked up but this has to be done.  Her claws are probably starting to curl under and I’ve already seen her stuck in a couple things.  She will thank me afterwards, might be a day or two though.

The days are passing by fast.  This unpaid vacation will be over with soon.  I kind of hate the fact that I have to go back to work, simply because I have been accustomed to sitting at home.  However, that won’t pay the bills.  We have purchased a few lottery tickets, maybe one of them will pay off big.  I think even then eventually I’d want to work some place.  More thank anything I am just thankful that my unemployment journey is over with and there is a place that wants me.  That feels really good!  My bigger fear is something will go awry and this won’t work out.  However, I have to put that out of my mind and concentrate on the fact that right now they want and need me.  I’m getting ahead of myself and that usually causes fear and worry.  So I will try to relax and enjoy my last few days of rest as I work on getting my sleep schedule back to something more normal.

I hope you had a fun and relaxing Saturday and I hope Sunday is even better.  I will talk with you peeps later.

04 May 2012

Aging Sucks

My visit today with the Eye Doctor was a financial nightmare!  First they told me that the exam wasn’t covered by insurance and that would be $140.  Then the Doc tells me that I need glasses, I have two pairs of computer glasses but don’t really wear them a lot.  I found out that you can give them the glasses and they will have lens made for them, so I wouldn’t have to pay for another pair of frames.  That was $103 and it will be a couple weeks before they are in.  Turns out they made a mistake and decided that the Eye Exam is covered.  I already know for a fact it won’t be covered because I didn’t go to the specific authorized provider that our insurance mandates.  However, by the time they figure that out I should hopefully have money in the bank!  The good news is that I don’t legally need glasses to drive, which makes me happy!

I told the Doc about my eyes itching and burning at times.  I was pretty well assured it was from allergies.  He told me about a new drug (eye drop) that just hit the market, available by Prescription only.  He gave me a sample and said use a drop per eye each day, there will be no more problems.  He also wrote me a prescription.  Well it’s so new that it’s not covered by insurance and the cost is $140.  I told the pharmacy I do not have that kind of money, call the doctor and see if there is something else that might work.  They are doing that but it will probably be Monday before this is sorted out.  Not a problem at all.  I’d rather pay a smaller amount.  My money is extra tight right now. 

Outside of needing glasses, my eyes are healthy the pressure is good and I should be fine for another year.  I will be going back in a year to see how things are.  The Diabetes is a huge concern for me and reason enough to stay on top of my vision.  That is one sense that I don’t want to loose!

I got new oil for my car.  I suppose they changed the air filter, but there was no charge for it.  Thanks to the coupon I found on line I saved myself $23.  All is well and unless something crops up, I shouldn’t have to go back until October if you go by the date.  If you go by the miles it will probably take me to February before I reach another 5,000 miles.  Short commutes to and from work, which are a good thing.  Plus we will venture off to eat at the Buffet or go for Pie and those are long trips.  I’d rather do them in my car than his truck.  Simply because it gives my car the exercise it needs.

After the car was done, I got my hairs cut.  That turned out really well.  I went shorter because we are close to summer.  Plus I think it looks better.  My partner never does like the way I do my hair but he realizes it’s mine.  You should have seen the ladies face when I sat in the chair and she said, okay what are we doing today.  I said I will have a perm.  My hair was short to start with.  Plus they don’t do perms.  She got a good chuckle from that. 

Once that was done, I stopped off and picked up my Transit Pass, then it was time to head for home.  I had spent way too much money.  I’ve got plenty left to take care of Lawn Boy and my Phone Bill.  Then there will be like $20 left for the entire month.  I haven’t even started my new job and I am ready for pay day!

To kill time while the car was being worked on, my partner took us to the local bakery.  Where we got way too much stuff.  Two diabetics buying bakery.  I always throw a fit when he heads there because I know my sugar is going to be out of whack for a while.  Ah, well new job celebrate while I can.  Plus hopefully getting up, going to work and the walking I will be doing along with hopefully eating better will help things.  I do believe once and a while in splurging, but I tend to over do it at times.

After the Bakery we went to Waffle House.  I got a bowl of Chili and a Cheese Burger.  That was very good!  The guy that was supposed to be doing the cooking was scrubbing the floor.  Damn he was fine.  A little wide in the butt, otherwise he was okay.  I listened to him talking and of course he was straight.  Then I found out he wasn’t even 21 yet.  Boy what a poor judge of age I am.  I figured him for 22 at least. 

I’ve also had two naps and now I am doing laundry getting out my polo shirts so that I will have something to wear to work.  Next comes trying on pants and that I’m sure won’t be fun.  Not too sure if I will do that tonight or not. 

I heard my partner talking a while ago and I knew something was wrong.  Turns out Big Boy had an accident.  I went upstairs to find out what was wrong and there he was laying in the hall.  Poor guy.  I got everything cleaned up.  Including him.  He complained a little bit because I had to rip some fur from his paws, that litter gets like gum at times.  I try to be as gentle as possible but there is no way it can’t hurt when your pulling out fur or hair.  He is walking a bit better.  I haven’t spent time with him today, so I will make sure that I factor that into tonight.

I’d really like to surf the web.  I am also making and sorting out a list of facilities across the country that my new employer owns.  Figuring I will be seeing each of them at least once.  I just hope that I don’t have to travel for a while.  I am just not hip on traveling because I know things will surely go down hill  around here.  I just don’t see how my partner will be able to medicate two cats and keep up with the litter boxes, especially when one of them is in the basement.  He walks down the steps now and it’s a major chore.  I know it will all come together but still I worry because it’s one thing I know without a doubt that I do well.  What can I say, I think a lot of my family and want everyone to be okay!  Not to mention I would miss all of them horribly.

So there you have it my last Friday as an unemployed, free man.  Next week at this time things will be so different.  I will probably be ready for bed and happy that the weekend is here.  Speaking of which I hope that you have a great one and I will talk with you peeps later!