27 February 2017

Super Busy Monday

If today is any indication of how the week is going to play out, I am in for one hell of a ride.  It has been busy from the time I walked in the door.  I was pelted with tickets this morning but managed to take each and everyone and get them done.  Now I am working on setting up a new person, don’t have all of their information but working with what I have and doing what I can.  Wow is all I can say.  Can’t believe it’s 1p already. 

Woke up this morning and looked at my thumb, you know the one I bbq last Sunday.  Well there is a white dot but all of the fluid that was in the blister is gone. The blister is gone just the dot left behind.  I suspect as the new skin grows it will fall off and there won’t be any permeant scaring, for which I will be thankful if that is the case.  The human body is truly amazing in how it operates and how it heals.

Ruth and I are friends again, she was buttering up to me at supper time.  The casserole was good as always.  The ice cream was even better.  Holy cow, I just didn’t want to put it down.  Edy’s knows the way to my heart and my wallet. 

I worked on Momma and Bears claws last night, they weren’t terribly happy about it.  Bear lets me do whatever I want so long as it doesn’t cause him pain.  Ruth was intently watching as I went from nail to nail.  I looked up at her and said see you should take after your big brother, this is how a nail trim should go.  Momma on the other hand put up a fight and screamed at me a little bit.  I screamed right back and said the sooner you give me your paw the sooner we can be done.  I went after her back claws as well which isn’t something I normally do.  She was sticking when she walked and I hate that.  Got to get the Gator.  I got Marv the other day. 

My sleeping pill kicked in last night and there was no John Oliver for me.  I’ll be watching him when I get home tonight it’s just as funny to watch the recording as it is to watch it play out live.  I kicked everyone out at 10p.  Marv was with me for a couple hours and then he too wanted out.  Had the strangest dream I could have told you all about it after I woke up but now I don’t remember it at all other than it was odd. 

In looking at my new iPhone yesterday I noticed an odd mark on the screen.  I couldn’t get rid of it and figured well it’s just something odd with the plastic (screen cover).  Today it’s spread, it’s not a crack or fracture but like an air bubble got in and is wreaking havoc.  The screen displays fine, it’s when there is no content on the screen that you notice it.  Kind of odd, I’d remove and reapply the plastic cover but with my luck I wouldn’t be able to put it back on.  That’s why I had the heffer the store put it on, guess she didn’t do a good job.  I could go back and complain but really don’t care to ever see her again.

Got an email this morning that my pen shipped.  They have a link in the email to click when you receive your order and then another to let them know if your happy or not.  Isn’t that special.  I am anxious to see it and if it will take genuine refills or if I will have to get some odd ball refill, like I do with a couple of other fakes that I own.  Got another email that Bear’s pee pads are on the way as well, I will have them on Wednesday. 

Had my delicious Ranch Chicken Salad Sandwich for lunch.  It was very good.  Looking forward to going home to see the children and having the left over casserole.  Then on to paying bills.  I got a very nice paycheck with lots of over time on it, wish they all could be that nice w/o requiring me to work so much.  I’m due for a raise this year, it will be interesting to see what I get and if I will get another bonus.  However, that is months away.  Any more money I can get will help, then again I don’t know anyone who can’t say the same thing. 

I have a little bit of time left then it’s back to the grind.  Hope your Monday is going well. I will talk with you all again soon.

26 February 2017

The Movie

I accomplished all of my goals for last night.  I determined that it’s better to shave first then shower.  I understand it’s supposed to open your pours if you shower first and create a better experience.  However, I got a fair amount of irritation and would rather do it my ‘normal’ way.  Nothing ventured nothing gained.

I got to see the movie I wanted last night for free.  All of the channels or subscriptions on Amazon come with a free trial.  Here offers 7 days and then they charge $7 and some change.  I just wanted to see this movie.  As it played I realized I’ve seen it before.  Because it was stamped with a 2017 release date made me think it was something fresh.  I don’t remember either title but it was something to watch and once I got into it I was vested so I had to see how it played out since my memory was not that clear.  I looked around and Here doesn’t really have much content that interests me, I cancelled the subscription this afternoon.

My gift card for Amazon arrived by email this morning.  I redeemed it and have placed an order.  So Bear gets his pee pads and I get some pen refills.  There are a few dollars left, plus I have points on my Amazon card that will help with my next order.  I am very much trying to be a good boy and not go hog wild with spending money. 

It was refreshing to wake up this morning knowing that I didn’t have that much to do around here.  Kind of felt a bit odd.  I went to IHOP for breakfast.  Saw some cute guys and had a salty but otherwise decent breakfast.  The waitress tried her best to talk me into buying more food since I ordered something different and it was way less than what I normally get.  I abstained and left as quickly as I could.  I knew my stomach wanted more but my brain said keep the cost down. 

Ruth got her claw trim.  She lost her bladder multiple times so I had a mess.  I also stepped in it and am now washing my whites.  That wasn’t the plan for the day but beats having urine soaked socks sitting in my closet for a week.  That would be horrible.  She is pretty mad at me.  I had to come after her and she froze like she normally does.  Then I had to reach towards her and pull her out.  No matter how much talking I did or petting, she really wasn’t happy and when she gets like that there is no calming her down.  I will say that her disposition this time was nothing in the way it was last time.  This time she was mad.  Last time she was out right angry and vindictive.  I know my little girl and while I think she understands that I am trying to help her, she doesn’t like to be held hostage and lose control.  I wish that I could keep her calm over this claw trimming business for fear that she is going to get so angry she is going to have a heart attack.  I don’t want her to go out like that because there would be a huge amount of guilt on my part.  At least this claw trim didn’t cost me a penny, other than manual labor of cleaning up after her.  That’s the way it should be each and every time.  We will do it again in 7 more weeks, it’s on my calendar.  It will suck then just as much as it sucked now, which is why I put it off.  It’s something that neither her or I really want to face. 

I got a nice nap in after I got home from the grocery store.  Woke up and it semi feels like I am getting sick.  I hope I am wrong, because now is not a good time for that.  Being on call next week and there is plenty of stuff that will transpire this week, I need to be able to bring my A game, whatever that is.  I get 2 days without the bitch I work with, so that will be like having 2 days off in it’s self.  Now if I could just get her and the boss out of the office at the same time, it would be heaven.  No meetings, no drama and a peaceful day. 

Bear used the bathroom last night.  He has a knack for knowing when I am about to watch porn and he either does it just before I start watching or he will let me watch for a few minutes and then all of a sudden he has a need.  Oh that makes me angry and I think he does it on purpose.  It’s okay I get him cleaned up and then I can go back to the TV.  For the most part his bathroom time is always ill timed.  Like just before it’s time for me to eat or just as I sit down to the table.  Sometimes I deal with it right away and other times I tell him he is going to have to wait a few minutes.  That cat has me on a string and anytime he moves his paw I dance like Geppetto.  He knows it which is what makes it worse.  He knows that I can tell him no but that eventually under normal circumstances I will give him what he wants or at least try to pacify him. 

I dropped way more money than I wanted to at the grocery store this week.  I rushed myself and it took a lot of restraint to pass by the sweets.  Last week I had Washington Apple Pie Ice Cream and it was so good it’s gone.  This week I am trying Texas Pecan Pie Ice Cream.  I really wanted some cake or pastry to have on hand.  I know it’s poison so I just resisted.  It wasn’t easy especially when you have the wicked sweet tooth I do.  I was raised on all of that junk which is why it is what I want today.

Oh almost forgot to tell you, I ordered my Mont Blanc Pen last night.  I found a replica site in China and they were selling them for $5.  I mean for $5 what could go wrong, right?  Yes it could be a sham, the pen could fall apart or not work right.  However, it’s a very small investment.  They even offered free shipping to the US.  They were sending it ground which would take up to a little over a month before it arrives.  For $2 more I could speed things up and have it in 12 to 21 days.  I opted to spend the $2.  Now when it came to payment I learned from my past mistake.  It may have been a coincidence but last time I bought a pen from overseas that was a known fake, my credit card got hacked as well.  This time I used a disposable card.  I set it up for a purchase limit of $20, I figured there could be hidden fees and that was as much as I was willing to gamble away.  I put the card # in, they charged to it right away and then I shut it down.  So the charge they submitted will go through but that’s it.  The card can’t be used again, pretty smart!  Glad I do business with a bank that offers this valuable service. I am interested to see what I get in the mail when it arrives.  They were also eager to get my mobile phone number.  Maybe they want to text me updates but I entered in 000 000 0000 and their system didn’t question it.  There is no reason in the world they need a telephone number.  Lets hope I am a happy camper when and if the package does arrive.

Another day another dollar.  Last Week Tonight with John Oliver will be on HBO tonight and I am always interested to watch.  He makes me laugh at least once and no doubt he will have plenty to say about our president.  That is someone that has managed to make everyone talk.  When I went in to Steak N Shake on Friday, there were some old people huddled up talking loudly about politics.  As I sat looking at social media and all of the gayness in my news feeds.  I thought oh lord they are going to lynch me.  Turns out they calmed down after a while and I have no idea if they saw my phone or not, my back was to them. 

Now on to play on the PC and relax away the rest of the day.  Having the Broccoli, Chicken, Pasta and Cheese Casserole for supper tonight.  Looking so forward to that.  Got my Ranch Chicken Salad Sandwich for lunch tomorrow.  Let’s hope it’s a good Monday.  I put a higher octane gas in the car in the hopes it will help with the acceleration issue, it’s not something that I want to do all the time but a one time test shouldn’t cause any harm.  I went mid-grade with an 89 octane instead of basic with an 87 octane.  I could go full on premium with a 91 octane but that is extra expensive and I’m not driving a race car but there are days when you could question that. 

I hope that you are having a great weekend.  I need to go throw my whites in the dryer and check on the kids upstairs.  It’s quiet which is normal but I need to make sure no one is into any mischief.  Take care!

25 February 2017

Boring Saturday

I went to bed late and Ms. Gator woke me up with her usual serenade.  I got up and fed the kids.  I got dressed and ventured out for breakfast.  Once again I managed to evade my favorite waitress at Steak N Shake.  She is in New Orleans but will be back next Saturday and then she moves to a new job.  She is going to work in an all male facility for a state prison.  She is probably 90 pounds soaking wet, I have no idea how she plans on defending herself.  She has training but honestly I don’t think all of the training in the world will prepare you for real world situations.  I could be wrong but let’s hope that things go well for her. 

My trip was not in vain the same fine ass chef was working.  Although his shirt was untucked a bit I could still see his fine ass.  So that made the trip 1/2 way worth it.  I also ordered completely different but managed to spend the exact same amount as I did yesterday.  What in the worlds are the odds of that happening? 

I ventured over to Target and got some razor blades, some q-tips and picked up a couple jugs of cat litter.  Then on to the post office where more bills were waiting for me.  Oh joy.  Then to home.  Got everything put away and then started on laundry.

I always put everyone else first in my life and save myself for last.  I do the basics for me but that’s pretty much it.  Today I am treating myself and washing the bed sheets and the comforter.  Got my sweats in as well.  Tonight I am going to take a nice hot shower and then try something new afterwards.  I am going to shave.  Never done it in that order, that is shower first and shave after.  It’s supposed to help make things smooth and easy. 

I tried to find something to watch on TV but no such luck.  There is a movie I want to watch on Amazon but it’s purchase only and I just want to rent it.  It’s associated with Here which is a Gay TV Subscription that is available.  They really don’t have much in the way of content but I may look at what it costs and subscribe for a month just to be able to see the movie for free.  I played on the computer for the longest time.  Finally the buzzer went off on the washer and an hour had gone by.  I rotated clothes and then went upstairs. 

Spent time with the kids.  I had my Bluetooth headset in my hand and started walking towards Bear he got scared and ran away.  Not exactly sure what that is all about.  His eating habits sure could use an improvement.  He is trying to set himself up to block and that isn’t something I want to happen.  Oddly enough he just went through a box of pads, I brought another one in but some how that causes him anxiety.  It’s not like I would let him run out, we have come close thought.  I sure hope things change and he doesn’t block.  I think they all like to see me squirm a little bit. 

Decided to confront Ruth about her claw trimming while she was in a good mood.  I put on the gloves and she turned into an instant bitch.  I let her run away and didn’t chase her.  Later in the day I approached her to try to pet her and she wouldn’t have it, she was hissing and growling at me.  She has been put on notice and I think she just wants it over with as much as I do.  She did let me peek at her claws last night and they are most definitely due to be trimmed. 

I curled up with Gator on my bed and we took a nap.  When she had enough sleeping and I was 1/2 awake and rolled over she demanded that I get up.  Okay anything to shut her up.  Passed out lunch around 2p.  I finished off the last of the pecan melts that I ordered, they weren’t that good which is why they weren’t gone in the first week they got here.  Passed away some additional time on the computer.

Eventually I headed out again.  Went to Cracker Barrel for supper.  Then I stopped and picked up cat food.  I’ve been wanting a refill for my Mont Blanc Ballpoint Pen, didn’t need it but wanted to change to blue ink.  Went in thought I was getting a bargain until I came home and realized I bought rollerball refills instead of Ballpoint Pen refills.  I’ll use them in time, so I am keeping them.  I’ve got the proper refills on my Amazon shopping list.  Also need some pee pads for Mr. Bear. 

Sold my PF Chang’s gift card to a site on-line.  The card has $100 on it but they are giving me $75 and it’s coming in the form of an Amazon Gift Card so why not.  I mean it’s a little bit of a loss that I am taking but I didn’t shell out my money for the card and I am not a fan of the Chang’s.  I get a couple percent more by asking for an Amazon card instead of waiting for a check.  Nice! 

I really want a black Mont Blanc Rollerball it would complete the set that I have but if I go on Amazon it’s super expensive, just as it would be if I bought it direct from Mont Blanc.  I found a clearance site but it’s overseas, I’m going to check it out and see how much it would cost.  Your probably asking yourself why do you want another pen?  I know I don’t need it but I want it.  The one I have has a Maroon Barrel and Black looks more elegant.

Dropped off of the remaining gay dating sites that I had on my phone.  Now I am ready to jump back on but will try to contain myself.  I did some research on the Gay Bar that I was thinking of visiting and there isn’t anything bad posted.  They apparently like to have drag shows on the weekend, not so sure that is my thing.  Looks like a stereotypical gay club where there is dancing and I am sure other things that I don’t want.  I’ve talked myself out of visiting for the moment.  Wish I had a friend to go with me, then it would be easier but I don’t want to put myself in a situation where I am the only one watching my back.  Plus I have a huge fear of being drugged and then waking up in a strange place.  I know it’s silly but the fear is real. 

Decided to try to free up some disk space and zipped up a bunch of porn.  Defragging the drive now to see how successful I was.  I am very much bored out of my mind.  It’s super cold outside and travel was just not in my future today.  I’ll get there eventually, probably will be a little warmer out or so I hope. 

My friend called last night to tell me that he is taking his girl friend to a function tonight to sample some wine, taste some food and listen to music.  Zipadee do dah.  Kind of feels like he is rubbing it in my face.  I gave him the update from my end and then listened to him.  He’s got concerns that his late wife’s death was the results of medical malpractice and I honestly agree with him.  I know how he feels and he wants to blame someone but it’s like I told him no matter if you have a case or not, nothing in the world will bring her back.  He understands but if he could get enough money he would pay off his house and retire.  Yeah that might be smart but he would have oodles of time on his hands and I think that would be very bad for him.  He’s on an anti-depressant and looking for counseling to help with processing the loss.  He doesn’t understand how one overcomes this.  I told him the secret is time.  It’s the ingredient or factor in dealing with most anything negative.  Plus were all different and we process grief differently.  I can tell that he is deeply hurting and there are some bottled up feelings that he wants to let go of.  Plus he has the daily reminder of all of her possessions around him.  He told me that he will be getting together with her family next month and celebrating her birthday.  It was 6 weeks yesterday that she has been gone.  Today marks 6 months since her initial surgery.  He remembers those dates clearly and when it’s the one close to you, of course it’s only natural.  I did it and still do now.  I remember the anniversary of my guys passing as well as his birthday and our anniversary, it is something that sticks with you. 

So that’s how my Saturday is going.  I will be leaving in the morning for breakfast once again and my trip to the grocery store, stopping next at the gas station to fill my other tank and then it will be home for the day where I will have to take time to clean the house up and get ready for Monday.  Relax and probably fit in a nap, maybe there will be something that I am interested in on TV.  If not then I’ll be playing on the computer. 

I hope all is well in your world and that you had a great Saturday!  Just a couple more days and this month will be history.  My next payday will be Tuesday so Monday night I will be busy scheduling bills to be paid.  Plus I will also be on call next week.  Those 2 weeks of a break that I get go by pretty fast.  Before you know it we will be celebrating Christmas again.  I love the money though, it’s $100 for the aggravation calls or no calls, the money is mine.  Plus if I get calls I can bill for my time, so all in all it’s not a bad deal, just kind of a hassle. I really wish we had 1 more person on our team, 3 minions and 1 boss.  There is a lot of unnecessary drama and I think 1 extra person may fix that, then again maybe not. 

Talk with you all again soon. Take care!

24 February 2017


Turns out by going to the top, more often than not you get what you want.  I heard from a local executive with the power company calling on the CEO’s behalf.  I was told that in a marriage when one spouse dies they make an exception on a deposit if you have to put service into your name because your spouse passed away.  She asked me for documentation of our marriage.  I think they were expecting that I wouldn’t have anything and that just because we lived together we considered ourselves common law married.  However, I just laid on the sadness and said sure I have a copy of our Civil Union License, we got it and three (3) months later he died.  I emailed it off and within a few minutes my phone rang and they are waiving the deposit.  Since I foolishly elected to pay it, they will be issuing me a refund. 

This probably wasn’t the best thought process but I figured pay it because they aren’t going to give in, I was told no two (2) times and the odds were pretty slim that the CEO was going to give in.  I am glad that it all worked out and now I will only have to deal with a slightly higher bill. 

I called the energy supplier of my choice and enrolled in our aggregate, which has a 6 cents rate per KWH and is good until 2019.  If the city renews the contract with the same provider then I don’t have to do anything.  If they don’t renew with the same provider then I will have to enroll with the new provider.  It is a long way away so I am glad to be done with this for now. 

As for my car, I got a call it was ready and fetched it.  They did a nice job in making sure that it was clean on the outside and the tires were all shined up.  Too bad it’s going to rain on Monday and it will all turn to crap then.  They couldn’t duplicate any of my problems and I was told that I will have to get used to the transmission because it’s not like that of a traditional car.  You don’t say!  The hesitation has gotten worse with time instead of better.  They documented that they drove a like vehicle and it preformed the same as mine.  I am guessing this will not fair well for my case, however I passed along the necessary documentation and a strongly worded letter that hopefully will result in a high settlement offer.  I am looking to take the sting out of this for me and ensure that if I elect to trade the car once the pending legal matter is done that I won’t have to take a bath on the balance of the loan.  I assure you that no matter what I would be offered for a trade in, there would be a balance on the loan.  All I can do now is wait and see what happens.  I hope this works out in my favor.  I want to be done with it quickly, so that I can move on with my life. 

I’ve quelled Marvin’s diarrhea, he doesn’t like the medicine routine and he fights pretty hard.  I risk injury to my hands when giving him the medication.  He doesn’t hiss or get mad, he just resists like a child – because it’s icky.  I get it and I am truly sorry but if it helps him I will give it to him.  I wish that the older we got the less likely the need for pills but it’s just the way of life. 

Bears is still being a bit stubborn on eating.  He is eating and today he dumped what looked like two days worth of urine.  I caught him and tested the Ph, nothing to be overly concerned about.  I still worry about him and always will so long as he is alive. 

Momma I believe has some allergy issue going on where she is sneezing and coughing.  It got really bad this week.  Now that our temperatures are headed back to Winter from Spring for a couple days I am interested to see if this provides her with some relief.  I am going to give her some Zyrtec to help her out.  Poor little girl I feel sorry for her. 

The other girls are competing for my attention which is nothing new.  It’s claw trimming weekend so let’s hope that this 2nd trim for the year goes better than the 1st did.  I want to avoid a trip for medical care be it for Ruth or for me. 

I did get a nap in and woke up to start watching TV.  Then the calls came in and I had to take a break.  Grabbed the mail before coming back home, nothing scary waiting for me.  That’s it.  Had some pre-prepared BBQ from Jack Daniels which was good.  Made a mess of the microwave.  That’s it.  Time to check my email at work and clean up in inbox as well as update my timecard.  Then who knows what is in store for the rest of the evening. 

I did read the other day that later on this year they are supposed to release Oreo’s that will taste like a Jelly Donut.  I love Jelly Donuts, they are so damn good.  Makes me feel like making a trip to the bakery, but I won’t. 

I dropped one of the newer dating apps I signed up on.  I wasn’t getting any responses.  I kept looking and checking in.  Plenty of attractive guys but no one would message me.  I made some moves and only got 1 response back and that was the guy who said he was allergic to cats.  As for the other apps, they aren’t any more promising.  Thinking of dropping off of them for a while as well.  The worst part of it is I take a break and then want to jump back in but you have to create a profile first and jump through all of the hoops.  That’s the downside.  I have thought for sometime that I am going to be single for the rest of my life but who knows that all could change.  My next move is getting up the courage to visit a local gay bar.  I am not a drinker or a smoker and chances are pretty good that if I meet someone there they will either drink, smoke or do both.  Neither of which is attractive or appealing to me.  I don’t mind the occasional Pina Colada but anything more than 1 time every couple months could easily be a deal breaker.  If you have to get hammered to have a good time then were not a match.  Like most other people in this world looking for a mate, I want quality and there doesn’t seem to be a lot of ‘nice guys’ like myself out there.  If they do exist they are either taken or hiding very, very well. 

Happy Friday once again.  I hope that you have a great weekend.  Not sure what I am going to do, I am on the fence about travel, just thinking of expenses.  My debt is down considerably and I am very close to getting even more comfortable and wiping more of it away.  I don’t want to jump back in head first because that would be a disaster.  I really like breathing room and the ability to sock away money.  Rainy days come more often that one thinks and it’s better to be prepared.  Talk with you all again soon!

New Problem

Every once and a while I get a feeling that I need to get to the post office, because there is something important waiting for me.  I had this feeling on Wednesday but opted not to act on it.  Well surprise I found out on Thursday that there was in fact something important waiting for me.  It was a letter from the power company informing me that they learned my spouse passed away and informing me that if I didn’t call and establish a new account they would turn service off in 10 days. 

I left service in my spouses name because I feared two things would happen.  First the rates would go up and Second they would ask for a deposit.  Turns out that I was right on both counts.  I made it home in time to call and reach a human.  I got a new account setup and they told me the monthly amount which is $10 higher than what I previously paid.  Then I was told that I had to put a deposit down based upon my credit score, so they require two months of service and it could be broken up into 5 installments.  As soon as they get the last payment the clock starts ticking and when we reach the 1 year mark they will refund the money so long as my account has been current.  Holy fuck I came unglued.  I stifled my anger and polity asked if the deposit could be waived, based upon the fact that I had been paying since my spouse passed away and that was just about 3 years ago.  Well turns out anyone can make a payment on anyone's account but the account holder is the one who gets the credit and not the paying party.  In other words I am shit out of luck.  I could call back the next day and talk with a supervisor but they were unlikely to waive the deposit.  

I was t-totally pissed, I ate my supper and got on the phone to pass the evening away.  That little event ruined my night, caused me to loose sleep and it generally has me upset. 

I got up and fed the kids.  Passed out their medication and then shuffled off to the dealer.  That wasn’t as awkward as I thought it was going to be.  I asked my rock star in service if after the dust clears if I would be welcomed back as a customer.  He said yes.  In fact he told me that he helped defend me and saying that I was unhappy with the car and not the dealership.  In talking about my car problems the service guy told me he has the same issues with his car and it’s a different model.  Well whoop whoop, just because he puts up with it doesn’t mean I have to.  I paid for the fucker to work not for it to act up.  Fucking fix it.  I have high hopes that I will get it back tonight but that I will still likely have issues. 

So I went out to breakfast in the hopes of seeing my favorite waitress but she wasn’t working.  Thankfully the cook I have a crush on was.  His ass looked so fine I almost ordered it.  I can’t believe how much stronger my attractions have grown and how my feelings are just running what I consider to be out of control.  It’s like I must have a man to have sex with and the sooner the better.  First of all he’s straight and second of all I know the logical and common sense approach but it’s really growing tough to keep myself in check.  Oh that boy was so fine!  He’s pasty white, could use a little color but I like him a lot. 

Then home where I began my battle with the power company.  Spoke with a stupidvisor who told me that they were unable to waive the deposit, it’s based on credit score.  I argued that I was financially sound and that I had been paying the bill for years, but none of that mattered.  I am a new customer and as such there is no trust and based upon my credit score that they saw at the time my report was pulled I am a deadbeat and need to cough up the dough.  Now he was more professional than I put it but he used words to that effect.  Wow, seriously dude.  They are the only power company in town and they act like it.  Rather than have the deposit broken up I opted to pay it in one lump sum.  For that privilege I had to pay a convenience fee to use my credit card.  So I called back and confirmed that were all set and I would only get billed for monthly service and not my deposit.  The stupidvisor took a few dollars off monthly service but went into this rant about how they are regulated and that the rates didn’t go up.  Whatever dude.  All I know is I was paying x dollar before and now you want xxx dollar, to me that is a rate increase. 

Being the customer service oriented type person I am as well as the fighter in me, I reached directly out to the CEO of the company.  I called his direct dial and got his voice mail.  I left a message and have since sent him an email pleading my case.  I don’t know if he will help me but if not then the next stop is to involve a legislative body.  I mean I’ve been living in this house for 20 years, I am clearly not going anywhere, I have a decent job with a stable company, I have plenty of credit as well as a mortgage and car loan I really don’t see what the problem is.  I am much more than my credit score which is only a number that doesn’t mean jack.  It doesn’t define me as a person and and I think I have proven that I am credit worthy based upon my past payments, despite the account not being in my name.  Why is it that common sense is just no so common these days. 

Life seems to be one challenge or problem after another, how you deal with them helps shape who you are as a person and it also dictates how much sanity you will have left in the end.  I am running out of sanity, I am sick to death of problems.  I just want to be left the fuck alone and allowed to work, sleep and eat peacefully without any issues.  I know there is no charge for dreaming but seriously I think I have been through more than my fair share in my 45 years on this planet.  If I can’t have some peace and some good things happen to me, then beam me up scotty I want off of this fucking merry go round.  I am dead serious, I have had it. 

Ah well at least I can take a nap now.  There is plenty for me to do and I had some plans but hey the day is young might as well try to rest up and spend some time with the kids. 

Happy Friday, we made it finally. 

22 February 2017

One more day

I am not exactly looking forward to Friday but I am eager to put it behind me.  One more day of work and then my 3 day weekend will start.  Let’s hope nothing but good happens.

I found out today that I am going to be pregnant, we got a King Cake at work.  I don’t recall ever having tried this before so I cut off a small piece.  It’s like a large sweet roll and not like traditional cake.  In any event I hit a snag the knife wouldn’t cut through and I knew it, I got the baby.  So I looked it up on-line and it said that it means your going to get pregnant and also it’s your turn to bring the King Cake next year.  Yeah well if I get pregnant then I won’t be there next year I’ll be basking in wealth from a truly immaculate conception.  I just hope it doesn’t mean that I’m going to get more furry babies because I don’t need any. 

Lunch time came around and I decided to look through Instagram at various posts.  I found a screen shot of a twitter conversation, one where a guy was complaining to a well known pizza chain that he just had the oddest experience.  He ordered a pizza and it was delivered, but there were no toppings and no sauce, just crust.  The chain responded back to him and said please message us at xyz address and tell us more.  The guy responds back oh, sorry my bad I was high AF and opened the box upside down.  Holy shit the whole office heard me erupt into laughter.  A few minutes later I see a photo of a text conversation between two people.  It goes like this … Your really cute I’d like to go out with you.  Response, I’ve got a boyfriend.  Oh I’ve got a math test tomorrow.  Response what does that have to do with anything.  Oh, I thought we were making a list of things we could cheat on.  There I went again.  I found a 3rd but the first two are all I remember. 

On my way into work this morning there was a 3 car pile up, they were blocking part of a lane and traffic was all messed up.  I opted to call it in.  I had a very bad connection, it was like it was playing back in slow motion.  9    1    1   what   is   your   emergency.  It was all distorted.  I made the report and then got a question asked which was unintelligible.  At that point I opted to hang up and call back.  Now normally when you hang up on 911 they call you back but that didn’t happen this time.  I think this was a cellular carrier problem and not a car issue, but then again I’ll probably never know for sure.  When I called back everything was fine.  I don’t call many things in because I figure like everyone else, oh someone has probably already called.  However, it was evident that this just happened.  On my return call I didn’t want to mess around, I still had to drive in bumper to bumper traffic so my instincts took over and I used radio lingo, so they probably thought I was a cop – hey whatever it takes I didn’t want to have a gab session.  Looked like it was a property damage issue only and no one was hurt. 

My thumb has calmed down and the blister feels a little bit like leather.  My fear is that it’s going to bust and then I’ll be in more pain.  It’s a huge monster but it only looks bad.  There is no pain now if I touch something it just feels a little odd.  My iPhone reads my thumbprint fine now.  How strange is that. 

It’s a full night of TV and I need to get to scooping the litter boxes and then I can park and lounge for a bit.  Big Boy is protesting eating his dry food, that is what is saving his life.  So if he doesn’t give in I will have to trick him tomorrow morning and feed him a can of the same food as the dry food only in the wet version.  I’m almost out so I am using the remaining cans sparingly.  It’s super expensive food wet or dry. 

That’s all I have folks.  Hope things are going well for you.  Talk with you all again soon!

20 February 2017

Leather Thumb

Last night I noticed that the light in the living room wasn’t on when it was supposed to be.  I tapped it and presto it turned on.  I figured might as well check the bulb.  I went to touch the bulb and instantly fried my thumb.  See I thought since the light wasn’t on the bulb should be cold but apparently I was wrong.  That really put a damper on my evening.  I ran cold water on it and then put an ice pack on it.  Then went to my late aunts go to which is mustard.  That didn’t help much so then I decided to see what Siri would tell me to do.  My thumb wasn’t recognized as authentication because my fingerprint was damaged in the process.  Thankfully I enrolled a different fingerprint.  I got sage advice from Siri and found some gauze and broke out the aloe vera.  The pain was too intense so I had to go back on ice.  Eventually I went back to the aloe.  The pain was a lot but I tried to focus on other things.  Finally things calmed way down.  Then I started to get ready for bed and that irritated things because I needed to brush my teeth.  I put a fresh gauze pad on and lots of aloe vera and slept that way. 

This morning things were calm until I got moving.  Holy crap I never knew I used my thumb for so many things.  Especially when passing out medicine to the kids.  It hurts a little bit but mostly feels odd.  It works now to authenticate me to my phone which is really far out.  I’ve got quite the blister.  The internet is full of opinions on what to do with the blister pop or not pop.  The majority says leave it alone, so that is what I am going to do.  I don’t want to sign up for more pain or make things worse than they already are.  I’ll never ever touch a light bulb unless I am sure it’s cool, I won’t unlearn that ever. 

I decided to do some Facebook snooping last night.  Remember the lady that was my friend, I got a job and then she stabbed me in the back?  Yeah well I learned last night that she has stage IV Colon Cancer it’s spread and she dropped a lot of weight.  Yet she doesn’t think that it’s going to kill her, she thinks she is going to survive.  I saw pictures of her and man she looks horrible.  Just like my late friends wife.  She is 90 pounds which is not an acceptable weight for any adult.  She has had a lot of health problems and I honestly don’t see how she is going to survive this but stranger things have happened.  There was a benefit for her over the weekend, there is a go fund me page for her medical expenses.  She has to come up with a very large amount of money, I don’t get it because she should be covered by her husbands health insurance.  She has no job other than her notary business which I can’t imagine that she can still run being as sick as she is.  This whole thing is rather unfortunate.  It kind of makes me want to reach out to her but my Spidey senses say don’t do it, you’ll be sorry.  So I am going with ye old gut on this one and leaving it alone.  I will say that she has the right mind set and attitude from what I see on line but then again that could all be for show.  her thought process is that she is going to survive because otherwise God wouldn’t have anyone else to play jokes on.  She thinks her cancer is a joke from God.  She is a neat person, knows how to make me laugh but there is an evil side to her and that is something that I’ve seen and been the victim of so my gut is probably giving me the best advice ever. 

No one wanted to sleep with me last night.  Marvin was in my room but as I was closing my door he meowed and wanted out.  I was looking forward to sleeping with him but was a little worried given my thumb.  So it all worked out for the best.  Speaking of Dear Marvin, I rounded him up to give him fluids and as I suspected changed the needle and everything flowed like it was supposed to.  Ruth decided to move and Marvin jumped as I was holding him and the needle.  I felt the needle move and was a little concerned but he’s no worse for the wear this morning.  He was a little more reserved on jumping in to get something to eat.  I opened a special can of food just for him and he had some of that.  I believe they talk about things just before feeding time and they get me to setup a little buffet line so they can have some of this and some of that.  I of course fall for it because a cat that is not eating is in trouble. 

Had a really good Sausage and Tomato Pizza. I jazzed it up by adding Peperoni and the last of the shredded Mexican cheese mix I had.  I saved two slices so I could enjoy it again tonight.  Then for desert I had some Washington Pie Ice Cream made by Edy’s.  Damn they know their stuff, this is a new flavor for them and you taste the apple and even get bites of crust.  I’ll have no problems polishing this off  Last week I got Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup and it doesn’t thrill me.  Not that I should be having ice cream at all. 

Used the Hanz De Fuko Shampoo and Conditioner this morning.  I don’t remember a scent from the Shampoo, I’ll try to pay better attention tomorrow.  The conditioner smelled like spearmint.  I got my hair clean which was the goal.  I used some Quicksand paste and wow it has no shine to it, you get some sculpt ability but that’s it.  I’m trying Claymation tomorrow.  My two goals here are to get a smooth freshly clean head of hair and shine it up.  Pomade does the best job by far.  Sebastian used to make something called Leather (I think).  I have a very small amount of it and it makes my hair sparkle like a diamond.  Shame they don’t make it anymore.  As for conditioners Sebastian Light seems to smooth out my hair the most.  I am always up to try something new.

Just about time to dive into lunch.  Got my usual sandwich jazzed up with Ranch Dip and 2 peperoni slices.  That should put some extra pep in lunch.  Just wish I had some You Tube videos to watch.  There are only a couple of people who create content on a some what regular basis.  Before I had to schedule it out to watch this channel on this day and that channel on the next, etc.  I understand content creators have lives as well just would be nice to see regular updates. 

Got a departure tonight, shouldn’t take up much time and then it should be smooth sailing home.  Since today is President’s Day schools, banks, courts, etc. are closed.  There are a fair number of people that have the day off from work, but as for my place they don’t observe today as a holiday.  It’s business as usual.  It made for a smooth commute into work and I hope a smooth one home as well. 

I hope your having an awesome Monday, if there is such a thing.  I’m doing okay overall and looking forward to seeing the kids tonight.  Talk with you all again soon!

19 February 2017

Sunday the last day

So it’s the last day before heading back to work for what will be a 4 day week for me.  Looking forward to that and then I am not.  I don’t think my interaction with the car dealer will be the best but everything else that happens on Friday should hopefully be good.

Saw another movie last night called Waffle Street, don’t remember if it was on Amazon or Netflix.  Anyway it was about a guy who screwed over banks got fired and got a job at a Waffle restaurant.  The message I got from this movie is don’t loose sight of the important things in life.  Plus if you want something bad enough, you can’t give up no matter how bad it gets. 

Took in yet another movie this morning/afternoon called Operator.  It’s about a guy who develops an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) these are those annoying machines that answer the phone when you call corporate anywhere and hear the long list of menu options and today instead of pressing buttons you just talk to them in a complete sentence.  Well he used his wife’s voice and eventually fell in love with the machine, he lost sight of his wife and his marriage came crashing down.  It ends on a happy note as they both figured out what they did wrong and get back together.  Interesting movie. 

Saw that Marv had some diarrhea this morning, it was bad.  He’s still eating but I think he could use some fluids.  I tried to give him some once I got home from grocery shopping but between him and the IV bag I think he got a little bit but not much.  I am changing the needle and giving it another go.  I did get some medicine into him and he’ll get more of that tonight.  He is a little dehydrated and if I can build him back up with some fluid and avoid a vet bill, might as well.  It’s at least worth my effort to try, if I fail then he can always go see the doctor.  I want to keep him away from that place if at all possible.  If it’s obvious that my efforts are failing and he is still in trouble then we shall go see them. 

I need to break out the vacuum cleaner and get the trash out.  Put away laundry and fix supper.  The typical Sunday stuff.  I slept in a bit too much with my afternoon nap.  I think tonight is going to be a rough night.  Another unseasonably warm day here and my allergies are very active.  Really wish things would settle down. 

A weekly task that I have is I clean out my email at home.  I saw a note from the credit union my car loan is with and they have an insurance company that claims to save money.  I decided to give them a go.  They redirected me to Esurance which is an Allstate Company.  They will give me like coverage and it’s at least $100 cheaper.  They will reward you with a discount if you pay in full which makes it more attractive.  The downside is that everything is on-line, there is no paper until you print it out.  That’s how they save money.  But I ask myself what do I have to do in order to file a claim, how responsive are they and will they handle my claim as fairly as any other company or will this be something that drags out for a long time.  I have no claim but it’s something to think about when shopping for car insurance.  I am very tempted to switch but still on the fence.  I had Allstate for years, had a claim and they took great care of me.  They got things wrapped up pretty quickly, so I have some prior experience with them.  Still unsure on what to do but time is on my side at the moment. 

So I wonder what is in store for this week.  My team is only fully staffed on Wednesday and Thursday.  Hopefully we won’t have to deal with codes as I call them.  That’s when someone gets an email from an unknown sender, tries to open it not realizing that it contains a virus and then forwards it on to multiple people to try to open.  They do the same thing and before you know it you have a bunch of potentially infected machines.  It creates a lot of work and usually if there is even the slightest amount of doubt we kill the machine and have a fresh one built.  We all have the power to get a machine off the network and that in and of it’s self is an awesome power to have or so I think.  When we have these types of incidents it’s emotionally and physically draining because your amped up trying to work through it and when it’s done, you relax take that deep breath and then your body or at least mine wants sleep and I feel exhausted.  I imagine this is what it’s like for Doctors & Nurses that work in Emergency Rooms particularly Trauma Units.  We work pretty well together.  We have to document like it’s a crime scene so time, action, result plus you have to put in what you said to the person and what they said back to you.  If you don’t do it as you go, playing it all back in your head you will leave something out.  It’s pretty intense the adrenaline rush is what I like the rest of it, not so much. 

Anyway I’ve got a refrigerator/freezer stocked full of food, the gas tank on the car is full and I am ready to take the week on.  I still want to relax and enjoy my Sunday.  Tomorrow morning will be no picnic but once I get moving it will all be okay, always is. 

Not sure if I will have the Chicken, Broccoli, Pasta & Cheese casserole or if I want to put in a pizza.  Both sound really good.  I hate making decisions, choice for the most part seems to paralyze me, depending upon the circumstances.  Momma is squalling at me so I need to get with the program or time will get away from me and I’ll be way behind schedule.  Here we go Sunday! 

I hope you had a nice day and that the weather is pleasant in your neck of the woods.  Come back again soon and read all about what’s going on in my life.  Until then, take care!

18 February 2017

Das Weekend

My favorite day is here, Saturday.  Got to sleep in a little bit, ate breakfast out, got my hairs cut, picked up the mail, watched Bleed For This, napped, fed the children multiple times, went out for a bite to eat, shopped for cat food, had quality time with Marv played some indoor soccer and watched a lot of TV.  Those are the highlights from my day.

The mail brought me my Hanz De Fuko sampler kits, which I have been waiting for.  A sample of Shampoo, Conditioner and 3 styling waxes.  One box was $5, they allegedly gave me the second box but oddly shipping was also $5.  I’m happy with what I received thus far, I have yet to try it.  One of the waxes is called Sponge Wax and I already had a sample of that, it’s pretty good if you need or want a firm hold for your style.  I was really hoping they would send some of their pomade.  I bought it simply for a sample of their shampoo and conditioner.  I only use professional products on my hair, but my go to shampoo and conditioner sometimes make my hair feel like straw and I hate that.  So anything that can make my hair soft and add a little bit of shine is all I really want.  When my hair was longer (back in my high school days) I used lots of product, I even went for a haircut once that took an hour.  It was amazing but the cost wasn’t.  I was spoiled as a child and got introduced to professional hair care and as soon as we met, it was love at first sight.  I’ve been hooked from day 1.  Then again is there a gay guy who isn’t obsessed with professional hair care?  I’ll let you know my experience with the products as soon as I have used them. 

I was thrilled to see that Bleed for This was available for rental.  I got it from Amazon but it’s also available on Vudu.  Amazon had a lower price for the SD version.  If your a Miles Teller fan, there is a great shot of his bulge and his butt cheeks.  He’s shirtless for a fair amount of time, I mean this is a movie about a boxer and I don’t know any boxer that wears a shirt.  The only thing I didn’t like is that he had a mustache, that looked like shit on him, just saying.  The story overall echoes my motto of never give up, no matter how much the world and people tell you that it can’t happen, you alone can make it happen if your determined enough.  It was really hard to watch him get the Halo installed and it was worse to watch the bolts come out of his head.  I can’t imagine walking around wearing one of those things.  Regardless of who’s in the movie, the story is a great one and if you like movies with positive outcomes, then take time to see this, it’s worth your time. 

My car decided to do something new last night.  I got in started it and proceeded with the drive home.  It kept pairing constantly with my phone, I couldn’t get the voice prompt, it kept defaulting back to FM Radio and then the screen would connect a phone.  I tried a few things but eventually wound up turning Bluetooth off on my phone.  I rode home in sheer silence with just thoughts playing in my head.  This fucking piece of shit system that was designed, seems to work in most other models of vehicles but it isn’t worth a damn in mine.  When I got home the map was showing me that I was still at work.  I knew I needed to do a master reset to clear it and get it back to normal.  I didn’t want to I wanted to leave it broken so the dealer could see it, but that would mean driving all week long with no music.  That’s not going to happen.  So reluctantly I did the master reset and were back on the straight and narrow.  I will mention this when I take it in on Friday but I suspect they are looking at me like I am a chronic complainer now and that none of my concerns are actually real.  If you can’t get the bugs out, then let’s call this a lemon.  Give me my money back, let me get a different car and we can all reset easier.  However, some how I don’t think that is how this is going to play out.  I really want the problems and the legal side of this to be done.  However, like with most other problems in my life I have to exercise patience. 

Today was a very unseasonably warm day here.  We had a pop up shower but otherwise it was a good day that started out with sunshine but quickly became overcast.  I had thoughts of driving for pie (yep I said pie) but I talked myself out of that idea.  Maybe next weekend after the car is done seeing the doctor and they fix it, then maybe I will go.  The trip isn’t something that I look forward to like I used to.  It doesn’t do anything for me other than make me think why in the world am I driving so far for a meal.  The same goes for the buffet.  That’s why the trips haven’t been happening.  Now if I had a traveling companion that would change things up and make the trips more enjoyable. 

So how are things in your neck of the wood?  What have you been up to lately?  How’s the weather?  Leave a comment and tell me all about it.  Take care and be well. 

16 February 2017

Not paying attention

Turns out no massage today, I didn’t look that close at the sheet but the therapist won’t be back until March.  We had made such progress and now it’s all going to be for nothing.  I am sure my back will be a train wreck by the time she gets back.  So I got myself all ready and walked over and then I looked at the sheet and well that pretty much told me everything I needed to know. 

I get to hang on to the money for a little while longer.  That is the only upside to this.  I need to teach Bear how to kneed my back w/o his claws then I wouldn’t need a massage therapist I’d have my cat massager and he’d be working every night, rain or shine. 

One More Day

So the good news is only one day more and then it will be the weekend!  On the car front I was encouraged pretty strongly to go back to the same dealer.  Reluctantly I called this morning and scheduled an appointment for next Friday.  Even over the phone I was treated like a red headed step child.  I can imagine this is going to be an awkward interaction.  I take great pleasure in forcing their hand, it’s just another demonstration that you can’t fuck with me, if you do there will be consequences.  I really wish I would have never bought this bucket of bolts, it’s just been one damn thing after another.  So much for rewarding myself.  I scheduled next Friday off so hopefully they can wrap things up in one day and I am not stuck driving a loaner any longer than is necessary.  I am hesitant to go back because I feel like they are going to sabotage the car but that will just bring me back for yet another repair and add even more fuel to the fire. 

I had to rush to get to work this morning.  The cunt I work with needed to come in late and the boss wanted early coverage.  I didn’t volunteer but I am usually a 1/2 hour early not exactly what he was looking for but I at least made that happen.  I could leave early but I would rather collect the overtime.  There are so many little things that are being taken away from us because they are trying to reduce cost, I need all of the $$ that I can get. 

Found out with a little discovery that I can pay off my phone in one lump sum through the ATT app.  I was happy to see that.  I am thinking that if the car issue settles and I get a decent sum of money, pay it off early so that will reduce my overall bill.  Not only can I rest easier but if I wanted to upgrade I would be eligible, plus ATT will unlock the phone once I pay it off – so it will be worth more to sell or if I wanted to change carriers all I would need is a new SIM.  It just feels like the right move to make. 

Had fun last night playing cat soccer with Marv.  He would bat the ball to me, I would send it back his way and he would do his best to keep up.  Eventually he overwhelmed me.  I love playing with him.  Sort of like when I taught him fetch, now he’s older and smarter so no need to do all that running when you can just bat the ball back to daddy.  He slept with me for a little while last night.  I had to let him out in the middle of the night.  I am not partial to waking up once I am asleep unless of course it’s time.  However, I do most anything for the kids. 

Were in a picky eating mode right now and all of the food daddy has they want to turn their nose up.  I will have to freshen things up over the weekend.  Last weekend not only was I rushed but the cat food isle had people in it, which is odd.  I am used to having the isle to myself.  Perhaps this weekends experience will be different and can buy something that will pacify their pallets. 

That’s about all I have.  Getting ready to go in for my massage and hoping that I feel better when I come out.  Hope your Thursday is rocking and that life is treating you well. 

15 February 2017

19th Nervous Breakdown

I really feel like I am headed to having a nervous breakdown or that I am going to crack.  Perhaps I am just feeling sorry for myself but it’s like the problem treadmill keeps on coming and there is no way off. 

So I got a call from my attorney about my car, I was told that I should be able to return to the dealer.  I would need to call first to make sure that is the case but they have heard that this issue has been smoothed out.  There is something called the Moss Magnum Warranty Act or words to that effect.  Basically it means you can’t refuse to make warranty repairs.  I found it last night on line and if you have a dealer that is refusing to repair your car then you have a case for Auto Fraud.  Of course there are attorneys that specialize in that field as well.  Right now I want to get as far away from attorneys that are working for me, regardless of the reason so that I can preserve what little sanity I have left.  I am hesitant to return to the same dealer, considering the circumstances.  It just makes me wonder what are they going to do.  I may have brakes when I leave but the next day when I am doing 70mph on the highway no brakes and then it’s goodbye to me.  I also am hesitant to start fresh with a new dealer, but I think at some point that is inevitable.  This whole experience has tainted the good relationship I had with the dealer and I have also lost trust and respect for them.  Just think about it for a second this whole thing was avoidable, they just needed to move quickly to make it right and if they did that before I engaged an attorney we wouldn’t be where we are today.  I warned them I was going to seek legal counsel but I suppose they hear that often and thought it was a bluff.  One thing about me is my word is my bond and if I tell you I am going to do something then it’s going to happen.  I’ll bet they don’t doubt me again!

I talked things over with a few people at work.  The best advise I got was come up with a number, communicate that to your attorney and they will likely be willing to make further adjustments to their fees to bring this to a quick end.  That could easily be true, I am mulling over numbers but I still want to get the repairs done that are needed and see what kind of offer I get back.  I think it’s pretty apparent that I will get to keep this car.  The value has significantly depreciated from what I paid, which is normal.  I just didn’t realize how much value on cars sinks like a rock.

Work was okay today, I kept myself busy and took a few breaks.  I am so loyal that I watch my phone during lunch.  Considering I am eating at my desk, might as well.  I picked up a Phishing Email today and that cut my lunch short.  Thankfully I had already consumed my sandwich and a few pretzels.  It took about 45 minutes to settle down and then I gulped down my yogurt and lunch was done.  I have a lot of OT that will be on my next check, that will be really nice!  When I pick stuff up during lunch I charge for that and it’s what my boss wants.  I mean I should be able to enjoy my lunch but if I so chose to monitor my mail and jump on something hot that comes in then it’s only right that I get paid for it.  I am empowered to a degree.  I hesitated in taking it but the guy who is on call doesn’t jump for anything, he’s older and set in his ways.  I figured he was likely at lunch so I’d do him a favor.  He is salaried so truly it all pays the same, whereas I get overtime so most things pay the same but not all of them. 

I can’t tell you how incredibly stupid people are.  The email went to 3 people, thankfully no one took the bait but they all did things that we have said not to do.  Like corresponding with the sender, you think it’s your buddy but it’s really a malicious actor.  That’s because your buddy uses the same password for everything, so taking over his or her accounts is very easy.  The other thing is 2 of the 3 clicked on the link to see what happened.  That could have been a costly move, it may look like it’s going to a file sharing service, but you get tricked and the next thing you know there is Cryptoware on your machine – not a good situation.  If you have any doubts calls for help, don’t try to go it on your own, unless of course you actually know what your doing.  We say it time and time again but no one listens.  I think it’s going to take something horrific to happen before the law is laid down or further restrictions are put in place.  Cybersecurity is no joke, each day malicious actors are getting more clever.  I mean it keeps me employed but it also puts a lot of pressure on me and my co-workers that are working to keep our environment safe. 

Lots of good TV on tonight and my all time fav show Suits is on.  I really wish that Harvey Specter existed in real life, I know he could solve all of my legal issues.  Okay momma is squalling because I have gone over my time.  Need to get upstairs and get my quality time started with the furry family.  Getting my back rubbed tomorrow and it really hurts today.  Hopefully, I feel better.  Who knows maybe I will be able to buy a new bed with whatever settlement I get from this car fiasco. 

I hope you had a great day and that tomorrow is even better for all of us.  2 more days until the weekend and I always look forward to time off and a break from work.  Take care and thanks for your visit. 

14 February 2017

Oh Crappy Day

I am so tired but my body will not allow me to fall asleep.  I was actually on my way to dreamland when I got a call back from the car dealer, I was informed that they are no longer doing business with me.  That just amped up my blood pressure, it got me out of bed and I started making calls to my attorney.  Turns out dealerships do this all the time.  So now the attorney has reached out to the manufacturer and they are trying to make my appointment happen this week.  I am not sure if that will materialize, given the short notice I would rather schedule something for next week and schedule a day off, rather than take more time from this week. 

Today is a wasted day.  I watched as much TV as I could.  Saw Central Intelligence with Kevin Hart (it’s on HBO) it was funny and entertaining, I got sleepy and tried to nod off but once again my body said nope, no dice.  I have had plenty of cuddle time with the children and they got their lunch, which makes them happy. 

I received an alert that there is mail waiting for me at the post office so I am going to go fetch it and hope that there is something good waiting for me, like my check for my iPhone.  Lord knows that today I could use something good to happen to me.  I had thoughts about going out to eat but I remembered the casserole in the freezer, it’s two meals and it only cost $8.  I would spend at least that if I went out.  I really want Mexican so I am debating my options. 

I haven’t heard anything from ATT so I reached out to them by phone and am waiting for a call back, should happen in 48 hours.  Time is of the essence here Saturday is my 14th day and that is when I am locked in and won’t be able to return the phone.  I honestly don’t want to return it, I have grown quite fond of it but I know that iPhones on other networks will function basically the same way.  I have high confidence that ATT will do their best to keep me as a customer. 

My bills are paid and instead of sending some money to savings that usually pays for the roof loan, I opted to send the money to credit cards.  There is enough in savings to make the next payment for the roof loan and I feel much better about things.  I need breathing room and doing this gives me that room. 

I’m guessing I will sleep pretty good tonight or so I hope.  As I mentioned in my previous post I plan on taking extra medicine to induce sleep, I may be a little groggy when I first get up but my body really needs some serious down time. 

Just checked one of my bank accounts and my refund from Best Buy finally posted so now I am thinking, treat yo self and go have that Mexican food you want.  I mean the frozen dish will stay frozen and life will go on.  Might as well make something good come from what has been a wasted day for me. 

I did get a text from my friend that just lost his wife, he wished me a happy valentines day.  I sent one back to him wishing him the same.  I had thought about sending him a card but I changed my mind.  It wouldn’t surprise me if he called me tonight but then again he may not.  I don’t really want to do a lot of jabbering on the phone.  The one person I’d love to talk to and hear from isn’t here.  It would also be nice to find someone on-line.  I think that I can make some good happen to help salvage the day but I don’t think I will be over the moon or ecstatic. 

Tomorrow will be a better day, I just keep telling myself that and no matter what happens tomorrow will be better than today.  Just like the song … Left, Right, Left. 

Hope your having a great V Day.  I’m off to fetch the mail and get Mexican food.  Ole!

Sleepless Night

Last night just before it was about time to call it a day, I got a call from my attorneys office that is dealing with the car issue.  They told me that I was made an offer.  It sounded well and good, then they told me how much they are charging and that sucked the life right out of the offer.  Since I am still having issues with the car I am going to try to go back to the dealer.  I’ve never had a legal issue like this before and I am unsure if the dealer will still allow me to do business with them, but I don’t see why they shouldn’t.  I mean no matter how you look at it, they are making money. 

This had me pretty upset and I dealt with this last night in a hurried manner.  I went to bed mad which probably explains why I was awake off and on last night.  I got a lousy nights sleep.  Right now I can feel the morning boost of energy slowly fading away.  I called into work so I have the day off. 

My plan was to contact the dealer and make arrangements to take a day off later in the week.  Well now that I have the day off, I am calling first thing which is in about a 1/2 hour and letting them know I am still having problems.  I’d like to get the oil changed if I can to help minimize the time I will need to take off work.  I know the car tells you when to change the oil but if I can change it early and avoid that warning all the better.

Sitting at the table eating breakfast, it hit me that today is Valentines Day.  In the back of my mind I wondered if that played a roll in my sleep last night.  I still miss my guy but I really feel it’s all due to the car issue.  I just can’t deal all that well with things when I get angry.  In hindsight I used to have little flair ups while my guy was alive but since he has gone there have only been a couple times when I was angry, I mean like Ruth fire breathing, red faced, dragon angry.  It really messes with the blood pressure and alters how I feel.  I do feel bad for taking the day off, but I would rather fall asleep at home than fall asleep while driving to or from work.

I checked on Bro last night and got a message from one of the guys that I sent a fist bump to.  He wrote only to tell me that he was allergic to cats.  Well here I got all excited and it was for nothing.  Maybe I will have better luck in the coming days.  The guys all tend to blend together and you see the same people on multiple apps.  The one guy who I dated that walked out on me, yeah him he’s all over the place.  On most every app I have and I have to block him.  While I don’t think I’d ever hear from him again in case he suffers from amnesia I wouldn’t want to try to start a conversation with me.  Besides that I really don’t want him to know I am still looking.  I’d love nothing more than to close down all of my accounts but I have to find that someone or give up for that to happen.  I may take breaks but I don’t see myself giving up.

I’ve got 10 more minutes to wait and I am already longing for my bed.  Momma and Marvin slept with me.  She cuddled with me and then she jumped ship to the chair.  Once she was gone I pulled Marv in.  He was wet, as if he was bathing.  We got our cuddle on and then I remember him leaving me to go to the foot of the bed.  Momma started up about 1 or 2 am asking to be let out.  Marvin took off after her and there I was all alone.  You’d think that I could have gotten some decent rest but it was nothing more than tossing and turning.  Tonight that won’t happen because I will take some extra medicine to ensure that I sleep and don’t toss and turn.

I was very surprised to see that Last Week Tonight is back on the air.  I’ve missed John Oliver and his humor.  Lord knows we can all use a good laugh.  I watched and his show didn’t disappoint.  I also finished up my movie The Trial.  It was an interesting movie with some twists and turns.  I got to hear all about a Red Herring defense and learned something about the Red Herring Fish and how smart it is.  Who knew. 

Well I am going to get psyched up to make my phone call and then I will either be getting dressed and headed to the dealer or going back to bed.  They may push me off until tomorrow, I really don’t want to take two days off.  I am just wasting my time and that is not how I want to spend it, by flushing it down the toilet.  I am greatful that I am afforded time off as well as my employer understanding but I want to work and use my time for something more pleasant or for when I am sick and I need to take a day or my furry family needs me to take a day.  They no doubt will be upset with me that I will be disturbing their routine today but they will get lunch out of the deal, so it’s not so bad after all. 

Hope you have a great Tuesday and a great Valentines Day.  Talk with you all again soon.

13 February 2017

The Trial

Last night I gave in and started watching a movie on Amazon called The Trial.  It’s about a guy who is arrested for the murder of his girlfriend. He says he didn’t do it but the evidence thus far points in a different direction.  The accused is played by Randy Wayne.  Go look him up on Google nice blue eyed blond haired guy who is just smoking hot.  The movie came up when I was browsing Amazon for something to watch just after I finished up with the OJ thing.  I avoided it because well I wanted to step away from the legal perspective.  However, I find that my old flame of being an attorney just drew me in like a candy to a kid.  I am very glad that I started watching not only for the plot but because of Randy.  I mean a great movie is fine but if you can add in eye candy well then why not. 

Speaking of eye candy I see where Magic Mike is now available on Netflix.  It came out in 2012 and I remember buying tickets to go with my partner. He wasn’t terribly impressed but boy I sure was.  Channing Tatum wow he’s on fire.  I may watch it again eventually but it’s not on my top 10 must see now list.  Then again there isn’t anything on my top 10 must see now list. 

Daniel Tosh is coming to town on his college comedy tour.  I’d really like to see him in person he has to be funny.  However, I may have a seizure and start drooling because I have a mad crush on him.  Never could tell if he was or is gay or if he is straight.  He plays up both sides of the isle so well that it’s tough to discern. 

I got in my quality time with Momma last night and even had a minute with Ruth.  Bear of course was clamoring for attention so I had to tend to him as well.  Most importantly I had my ice cream and it was okay, not as spectacular as I was expecting. 

Much to my surprise I wound up sleeping with Momma last night.  She was a good girl and let me sleep in until around 2 am when she had to be let out.  I was reluctant to sleep with her because she is known for doing crazy ass things to wake me up, like walking on my head.  However, she was very well behaved last night and we got our snuggle on.  Really wish I could have some alone time with Ruth I imagine if she would relax we too could have a good snuggle but I am afraid she wouldn’t do that of her own power and it would take lots of medicine to make it happen.  She is warming up though so maybe she won’t be such an evil little monster.  Saturday night Bear was in his litter box and she didn’t like it because it was blocking her path so she started hissing and growling t him.  He just looked at her like so what exactly do you want me to do.  I tossed an empty medicine bottle towards her and that made her move.

Ah here we are at yet another Monday.  We had a mandatory meeting to attend this morning and it was so boring it wasted an entire hour but it was an hour that we didn’t have to work and it brought us closer to lunch time.  It’s just now that I have had lunch I’d like nothing more than a nap.  It’s been a fairly chill day which is good.  There is another meeting this afternoon that I have to go to by phone, it’s only a 1/2 hour which isn’t bad.  Were on the down hill slide of things and sooner rather than later I will be walking in the door greeting my furry family and warming up my left over pizza.  Yeah I know I got to come back tomorrow.  Right now my focus is on leaving tonight, small victories. 

I’ve been back on the dating apps, no response to the messages that I have sent out.  I know I am not the most good looking person to ever walk the earth but I am not stone ugly either.  If we only had labels that were unalterable that told the truth for dating purposes there is some guy out there who would see me as a real catch and snap me up.  I know that eventually we will meet but I’d really like a fast forward button, waiting is clearly not my strong suite. 

Now back to the salt mine for around 4 more hours and then it will be time to boogie down the road.  I hope your Monday is going well.  Take care and come back soon.  Talk with you all later.

12 February 2017

Sunday Fun day

I was able to sleep in my own bed last night until 6a this morning, at which time Gator decided to start waking me up.  I changed beds but that didn’t stop her she sang even louder but eventually gave up and then I was able to go back to sleep.  Oddly enough I am had a dream about the grocery store.  I wanted this case of soda and it was on sale for $100.  I opted to pass.  It had to be a dream but it was so real. 

I woke up and checked ye old iPhone and thankfully nothing to deal with.  Fed the pussy cats and then got dressed and ventured off to the restaurant where the one legged waitress’ work.  Yep, IHOP you got it.  I had a full order of Blueberry Stuffed French Toast with a side of 3 scrambled eggs and 2 pork sausage links.  Washed it all down with Diet Pepsi.  It was good but then I got the bill and knew I should have gone some place else.  It was something different.  The Blueberry was a little too sweet for me but I ate it any way.  I took an extra pill in the hopes of keeping my sugar in check.

With breakfast all done, I shuffled off to the gas station top off my tank and get my car washed.  It wasn’t until I arrived at ye old grocery store that I discovered the automated wash did a lousy job on the back of the car, every place else is clean but the back.  Looks like I had a blind man wash my car.  I won’t be using that wash again unless I am desperate $10 for nothing. 

Came home, serenaded Bears while I put the groceries away and then he got a belly rub which made him happy.  He craves his daddy’s attention like daddy craves sweets.  Yeah he has it bad. 

I started the dishes going and resumed laundry.  Updated my finances and did some web surfing. 

I put on my elbow brace and have been wearing it for a good portion of the day.  Feels awkward as hell but it helps a little bit.  I am worried that the doctor has it wrong and there is something else going on with my arm.  I’ve a couple months before I go back but if it’s still bothering me I will say something.  I really want the pain to stop.  I’ve tried different keyboards, keeping the arm straight as much as possible and even backed off of picking Bear up unless it was necessary.  A couple days into the course of steroids I was doing much better but now that they are gone and have been for a few weeks the pain is back.  As for keyboards I haven’t come across one that I am t-totally in love with.  A trip to Micro Center would probably change that but I am also afraid that it would get me in debt.  I have said I am going to get to that store eventually and everyone I talk to says make sure you bring your wallet, you’ll need it.  There are lots of gadgets and gizmos that I will find as must haves and that will cause me to part with my money or perhaps spend money that I have yet to earn. 

Speaking of money, I took the time to check about amending my return since I got a corrected W-2 from work.  Turns out it’s just like I was told there is no impact on my taxes whatsoever.  So no need to file an amended return.  All of this is because they screwed up and thought the office was in a city that it is not in so taxes were inadvertently paid to that city.  They got it fixed, got their money back and fixed our paychecks.  I just knew that come tax time it would be a mess and that it was. 

Presently I am backing up ye old iPhone to my PC.  I elected to encrypt the backup so that all of my passwords that are cached will be saved.  I need to get a text message off of the phone and having an extra backup never hurt anyone.  I will be adding some music to it as well.  I really went all out with 128mb of space and the damn thing is no where near 1/2 full.  Might as well treat yourself, who knows what I will find in the next few years that I want.  I can say that the performance of the iPhone 7 at home is way better than my 5S was.  The screen is larger and the speed is remarkable, it’s a true pleasure to use.  I feel more complete now that I have my Official Mophie case, used it last night and again today.  Looking forward to wearing it during the week as well. 

Opted not to shower, Friday was the last time I washed.  Normally I take a shower on Sunday but last weekend I opted out and well it is kind of nice.  I will be shaving before I go to bed.  My next shower will be tomorrow morning and I can tell you even after I wash my hair with two shampoos it will still itch.  Nothing a little Tea Tree Oil can’t fix.  Weekends for me are a time that I am truly as lazy as possible.  I only do what is necessary and spend a good amount of time watching TV, Movies, playing on the PC and of course sleeping.  It’s my down time and I really enjoy as much of it as I possibly can. 

Made a pizza and left it in a little too long.  Some of the crust is burnt on top, but the bottom is just fine.  I cut it a little differently so I have some left overs for tomorrow night.  That will be something to look forward to after a Monday at work.  I have no idea what is in store for tomorrow let alone next week but I hope that things are a little calmer than they have been.  1/2 of our team will be tied up with some audit, that means me and the other guy I work with will be primarily holding down the fort.  Plus there will be arrivals and departures to deal with.  I really enjoy departures, thought I’d never learn it because there were like a million steps to it, but now it’s like 10 to 15 minutes and I can have someone totally out of the system.  Arrivals well I am still learning them and there is a thousand parts to it, you have to depend upon other people to get you information and I hate depending upon other people, they always let me down and never move fast enough for me.  Ah well I’ll get it down pat as well, just takes time.  Eventually the long term plan is that I will be dealing with both arrivals and departures by myself, which is a full time job in and of it’s self. 

Speaking of work, considering how much praise I continually get from my boss and the wonderful reviews, I am very interested to see what kind of a raise I get this year.  I would also love to see what extra tools we are going to get to help us do our job.  Putting new tools in place and learning them could make for an easier job and I am all for that.  I like the fact that when I have to leave a voice mail for someone I can tell them I am with Network Security or Information Security – that usually gets me an instant call back, kind of like the police calling you.  It’s nice.

Moving along I signed on to Bro and a couple of the guys that I fist bumped I sent messages to.  Thus far no responses but they are some good lookers.  Lets hope at least one of them responds and that they are as beautiful on the inside as they appear on the outside. 

My ice cream flavor this week is Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup and I am looking to dive right in.  Plus spend a little bit more time with the kids before I have to wrap things up and call it a night.  I hope that you had a great Sunday and accomplished all that you wanted to.  We have some unseasonably warm weather and it’s messing with everyone.  It’s suppose to be cold outside but it’s warm.  Hell last night I had my AC on in my car I was just that hot.  I’ll be glad when or if temperatures even out. 

Thanks for stopping by and reading this.  I hope for a great week ahead for all of us.  Take care and come back again really soon. 

11 February 2017

Crazy Ass Week

As the tile implies it’s been a messed up week.  I hope that next week is much better.  It’s all been work related, I got back logged and was overwhelmed.  It’s not pretty when I get that way, it’s like I am drowning and the more I try to stay afloat the deeper I sink.  Thankfully the week is over and were into the weekend.  I am still on-call but thus far it’s quiet.  I hope tomorrow is very much like today, one interruption and it was very minor.  

The cat kids are all doing okay.  They are a little upset with me because I went out to dinner tonight and just got home a short time ago.  They were fed long before I left so it’s not like they missed a meal.  However, now that I have come home they think that I should feed them again.  It don’t work like that. 

Dinner was with my friend, he called this afternoon early enough and we tried to get to our usual spot but they were booked.  We wound up eating at a Denny’s in the ghetto.  I was a little concerned but got over that pretty quickly.  The meal was okay for a double burger and fries.  Denny’s isn’t one of those places I tend to flock to, mostly because they don’t offer much that I want.  Anyway we sat there and he jaw jacked the night away until I finally said I think it’s time to head out.  Wow, if I wouldn’t have said anything he would probably still be talking my ear off.  I don’t mind listening because I know he doesn’t have anyone else to talk to and he is lonely.  Some of it was stimulating conversation but he went on for at least an hour an a half about on-line games and that was boring as all shit.  I acted interested which I am kind of sorry that I did because that just caused him to continue to spew.  I am sure I have talked about stuff and bored him just as he was boring me, I guess that is all just a part of friendship.  He picked up the check which was nice, it doesn’t compare to the meal I sprung for at PF Chang’s but I’ll take what I can get. 

Yesterday when I had a little bit of down time I found a new dating app called Bro.  Kind of a strange name but I played along.  There are some pretty good looking guys on there.  Not sure if there personalities match their looks but I am certainly trying to find out.  When you like someone but your unsure what to say you give them a fist bump.  You can message back and forth if you want to.  I find that making the first move is awkward as hell but someone has to do it or you’ll never break the ice and that’s an easy way to stay single.  I am jealous of my friend who found a friend shortly after losing his wife.  Now that time has passed for me and it’s been a few years I am ready to make a new friend and see where things go.  Everyone keeps telling me this is going to be a better year.  Well the only way to go is up. 

I heard back from the folks at Gazelle and my money for my old iPhone is on it’s way to me.  Everything checked out and the equipment was exactly as I purported it to be.  I am looking forward to getting my money.  My Mophie case arrived and I am much happier with it.  It’s built to accommodate my phone with the Mophie battery on it and it has their clip which secures it to my belt.  It won’t come undone unless I want it to.  So much more confidence there.  I took the other case back to Best Buy and got my money back.  It’s close to being a wash on cost. 

Got the cat food shopping done.  I got a coupon that gave me $10 off but you had to spend $30.  That helped me out a lot.  I got Marv’s dry food which by it’s self is $16.  I love to save money, even though chances are I’ll spend it somewhere else.  Plus I was able to pay cash so that helped out as well. 

The new lawn guy sent me an email this afternoon letting me know that my account according to his records was past due.  Thankfully I had plenty of documentation along with a copy of the cancelled check to prove that I paid the bill.  Funny thing is he tried to collect three times from the same invoice.  We talked about this early last month and he said he would delete the invoice from his system.  Apparently that didn’t happen.  I let him know that he is skating on thin ice with me and he’s very close to losing my business.  Hopefully he will shape up, if not there are plenty of others who will gladly take his place.  I asked myself today if I went from the frying pan to the fire.  I mean Lawn Boy kept great accounting records but he gave lousy customer service.  The new guy can’t keep his books straight and has to be reminded to show up, but he offers apologies where as Lawn Boy wouldn’t.  Don’t get me wrong there both bad situations I just wonder if the devil I knew was better than the devil I didn’t know. 

I finished up the OJ Trial on Netflix.  The thing that sunk this case was Mark Furhman.  When Johnny Cochran asked him did you plant or fabricate evidence in this case.  Furhman’s response was I wish to assert my 5th amendment privilege.  The gloves were a perfect fit, but OJ made it look like they didn’t fit.  Part of me believes he had some culpability but from what I saw he was framed by the LAPD and they did a sloppy job of preserving the crime scene.  If I were on the jury as I saw it, I would have voted as not guilty.  The thing that most people will lose sight of is that this is a persons life that is hanging in the balance.  You have to pay close attention and evaluate all of the evidence and arguments from both sides, in order to come up with an opinion.  Being a juror for a murder trial I am sure is hell in and of it’s self, but when it’s a high profile case that has media scrutiny behind it that makes it much worse.  The prisons in the US are full of people who were wrongly accused and convicted of crimes they didn’t commit.  I think our Justice System gets it right about 1/2 of the time and the other 1/2 of the time it’s just dead wrong.  That is my opinion and I realize just because of what I think, doesn’t make it so. 

Now I struggle with what I will watch next.  I love a series but it has to be something that interests me.  I am going to do some surfing and then I will call it a night and we shall see what I can find on the tele. 

My hope for next week is that my check arrives quickly, that ATT reaches out to me so we can put this phone issue to bed.  Time is running out, I have 14 days in which I can return the phone and pay the $45 restocking fee.  7 of those days are gone.  Next Saturday will be the 14th day and if we don’t communicate then I plan on making good on my promise to wash my hands of ATT.  I really want to keep what I have but it’s the principal of the matter.  I am not someone you can fuck with and expect to get away with it.  When I asked for the total cost of the upgrade the sales person shouldn’t have been deceptive and should have been forthright and told me.  If I went through with it then I would have no complaint but odds are I would have said thanks but no thanks, I’ll keep what I have.  Why is it that they told me what they thought I wanted to hear instead of being forthright and answering the question? 

Sunday will be finishing cleaning up the house, doing laundry the dreaded grocery shopping and of course the battle of where do I want to do for breakfast and what do I want to eat.  Not sure.  Payday is this week also so I have that to look forward to as well.  So I will have some money for a day or two but then it will be all gone.

Finally, I don’t know what came over me I think it was hormones.  The guy at work that I have it bad for but know is straight, we used to be friends but I found out that I am just a coworker to him.  Yeah that guy.  Well he has a thing for Oliva Pope (Kerry Washington).  Apparently he likes a little rough sex from where our conversation went.  Anyway I said to him, if you had a chance to sleep with her but in order to do so you had to sleep with another man first would you do it?  He hesitated and then said nah I’d have to ask my wife first so I’d pass.  That answer to me says I was right all along he has feelings for other guys but they are repressed.  Fuck I want him so bad.  As a person he isn’t my kind of guy but based on his physical looks yeah he totally fits the bill.  So it would be a meaningless encounter.  I was talking with another friend and she said are you sure that he won’t turn on you and file a sexual harassment claim?  That never crossed my mind, I mean we have talked about some pretty explicit stuff.  Besides that I did attach a disclaimer to my question and told him he didn’t have to answer if it made him uncomfortable.  I just don’t think I have anything to be concerned with, if he makes that move then I will have no choice but to deal with it.  Since I got that wake up call I’ll think twice before speaking.  We used to be pretty close but he fucked that all up when he told me that he just though of me as a co-worker.  It was a rush to actually have the balls to articulate the question.  I know that my crush is just that a crush and nothing will ever come of it.  That doesn’t squash my feelings. 

Okay well Momma’s upset that I am down here so late, even though it’s Saturday night.  I am looking forward to seeing SNL tonight, no doubt there will be plenty of political humor.  Hope your all doing well and that life is being kind to you.  Talk with you all again soon.