09 December 2016

Party Time

It’s been a crazy busy week.  Each day I had plans to post but the day got started, time got away from me and before you knew it I was back in traffic on my way home. 

Nothing really noteworthy happened, just your average week.  The weather here has turned blustery cold, so I have been taking full advantage of my heated options in my car.  They really do come in handy!

The kids are all doing well.  Aggravating me, making there usual messes and then looking all sweet and innocent.  Gator was really getting on my nerves last night, chirping every few minutes.  I warned her that if she didn’t knock it off, I was going to hurt her feelings.  She didn’t listen to me and I hurt her feelings.  I looked at her and let out a great big meow, which alarmed her and scared her away.  Then she sat pouting looking at me as if to say, you hurt my feelings.  I told her I said Dear I warned you but you didn’t listen.  Daddy can’t take that constant chirping, it’s annoying.  Daddy still loves you.  She waited about five minutes and then came back over like nothing ever happened.  Ah, the beauty of the cat mind – it forgets so quickly. 

Really wish they would pump up the heat here at work.  Normally I am sweating and have my fan going.  Yesterday the fan was turned off.  It’s normally 75 and it was 73.  The humidity is low and my feet were cold.  Once that happens, I can pretty well right the day off.  I made it through the day, shivering the whole way.  If things repeat themselves today I will likely bring in contraband.  That is a heater.  I am not going to freeze through the winter, that is nonsence.  Doesn’t matter how much trouble I get in.  I am first going to politely ask to have the heat turned up a degree or two and when that fails, as I know it will then I will bring in ye old heater. 

Saw a customized sweater yesterday, I want it but I don’t think I’d ever wear it.  It said I’ll be homo for the holidays.  Wouldn’t that just make people talk.  I know for sure I’d never wear it to work.  Speaking of which my day is about to start so I need to run. 

We get an early day today, 2:30 and then it’s holiday party time.  Stay for a little while, eat, drink, be myself and then quietly slip out the door and go home early.  Best Friday ever!

Have a great weekend and I will talk with you all again soon. 

06 December 2016

Chili Tonight

In checking my cabinet I found a can of Steak N Shake Chili that I am going to have tonight.  It doesn’t expire until late next year and I am glad I found it.  I also have some Queso so I’ll be having that as well with chips.  I’ve been thinking about this all day long and can’t wait to dive in.  It’s cold outside and after a long day at work I like an easy meal, this will be perfect. 

I have been tormented with Psychotic dreams.  Like last night I was with a foreign family, there was some war and then we got into a transporter machine.  So one minute I am in the USA and then I walk through this maze and find myself in another country.  Everything was fine until I got separated from the family and I kept going from place to place.  I couldn’t find anyone that spoke English.  Time went by quickly.  I remember managing to get to a phone and call my brother of all people.  So much time had passed that I was presumed dead. I remember calling and talking with him, I kept trying to think of a way to authenticate who I was.  He didn’t believe that it was me, he thought it was some kind of a joke.  I described in detail a funny situation that happened when we were growing up, he believed me then but I woke up with a Charlie Horse.  I went back to sleep and had an even more bizarre dream that I don’t remember.  I wonder if I should find a Psychiatrist and schedule an appointment?  Not sure what all of this means but these are terrifying dreams, once I am awake everything is fine and I am glad it was only a dream.  Something freaky is going on upstairs in the old noodle but I have no idea what it is. 

So the witch I work with is out for 2 days and will be out for 2 days next week.  The danger for me is that something urgent will crop up and I will have to take care of it.  Depending upon what that is I may or may not have enough training to complete the task.  She wants me to text her if there is a problem.  No way in hell that is going to happen.  Funny thing is she is all buddy, buddy now and acts like nothing ever happened between us.  I am professional and I am putting on an act as well but I keep my distance and try to keep all of our communications in written form.  I don’t trust her even a little bit.  I did some digging and found out from several other people that she has flipped out on them as well.  Seems like she gets really close to you and then she wigs and freaks out.  Very strange person and I am glad I am not her.  She is super smart.  I think that she needs to be on medicine and that she is bipolar.  Its either that or the lack of getting laid that has toasted her brain.  She could use a good romp and that might put a smile on her face.  I really wish that things wouldn’t have gone awry with us but they did, twice.  I can’t and won’t forget it, unless my memory is wiped.  I would like to soak up all of the knowledge she has to offer and then cut ties, but that won’t happen.  Were stuck in working together at least for the foreseeable future so I have to play along, otherwise I won’t be a team player and that will have a negative impact.  I just hate being so fake when I’d really like to be real but that would easily get me fired.  I know that I made my point and that she has offended me.  There has been no apology at all.  She hinted today that she will be sending Christmas cookies out.  Great the trash can at my desk is waiting for them.  I’m not putting them in my mouth for all I know she mixed up the skinny and sweat and put in rat poison because the boxes look the same except for the skeleton and cross bones on the rat poison. 

On my way to work this morning I noticed the navigation system somehow had North set incorrectly so it looked like I was traveling backwards and sideways at times.  Found the fix when I got to work.  I did exactly what I said and used the system to find a new way home last night.  In my mess of pressing buttons I probably touched something that I wasn’t supposed to.  Going to use the system again tonight and go the same way.  It shaved about 30 minutes of sitting and waiting so I got home at 6:30 instead of 7p, which is much better.  Being on call the quicker I can get home the better prepared I am.  Even though nothing usually comes in, when your tied up it’s like someone somewhere senses it and that is when a catastrophe occurs.  I try to avoid those as much as possible.  Had one last night.  I put in a request for a person to get a new access card.  It was delivered to him before I had the number.  I had to jump in the system and get the number added otherwise the new card would have been useless to him.  He actually damaged his old card and I think he should be charged but were kind and as long as you have the old card there is no charge.  Loose it or get it stolen and then your out some money.  Fees vary depending upon the type of badge and that is governed by location.  In my office the replacement is $25 and it comes directly out of your check, unless you can recover the old badge before the end of the month.  Funny thing is someone had their purse stolen over the weekend and their card was in there.  I feel bad for them because I feel like it wasn’t their fault.  Theft I think should be no charge but if you think about it everyone would say they were robbed in order to avoid paying a fee.  Those few are the ones who spoil it for the rest of us. 

Had some Bear time last night, he demanded it.  He is one heavy cat.  I think I could use him in place of weights and get quite the workout, not sure if he or his stomach would be up for that.  Sunday night he fell asleep with his head resting on my leg.  His sister came over for a back scratch and wouldn’t take no for an answer so I woke him up by moving.  I hated to do that.  I remember when I was nursing him back to health he would sleep on me and would just be so relaxed, you can very clearly tell there is total and complete trust on his part.  I am humbled and honored that I can bring that kind of comfort and ease to my big boy.  His mom acts similarly and she knows that I am her savior.  She is so thankful for that.  I am sure that she wishes those children of hers would leave but I think truth be told she gave up on that idea years ago.  Animals they sure are something!

Well about time to wrap up and head out for the day.  Time to get my chili.  I’ll have to set a reminder to change my voice mail in the morning.  Hi thanks for calling, I had chili last night I’ll be in and out all day, please leave a message.  That would be certain to get a reaction but I know better even though it would be funny, business has no room for any type of emotion because it’s just business, I can’t help that I have a personality. 

Stay warm, be safe and you know it, we will talk again soon.

05 December 2016

Made it to Monday

So here we are again off at the races.  Had a good night with the kids watching Shameless and then wrapping the place up for the night.  Morning came around too quickly as per usual.  It didn’t help that my sleeping medicine didn’t kick in until 11p but all things considered I am doing okay. 

Got going this morning with not too much effort and managed to leave early.  I knew that I would have to sit in traffic and even though I have a cushion in my commute I like to arrive at work early.  It all worked out just fine.  Much like the parking garage at work, traffic was a mess.  Giving some thought tonight or one night this week, to pointing my car in a different direction tonight and then asking the navigation system for direction to home.  Not sure if it will save me in commute time but it will make for an interesting ride home.  There are several different ways I can get home but the problem is that I only know a couple of them.  It pays to know your options, especially when traveling.  I think the best method for getting to and from work would be to fly by helicopter, but not sure that I will ever experience that in my lifetime. 

Speaking of work, one of my co-workers mentioned that she thought she was going to die today.  She got in one of the elevators and it started to go up and then abruptly fell, like there was no cable and no brakes.  It stopped for a moment and then fell all the way back down to the first floor.  Those things are supposed to have brakes on them so that if the cable snaps the brakes engage and your safe.  Apparently something went awry.  Now I know what elevator not to get on.  I suspect they will have it looked at or so I hope.  While you can’t necessarily pick your fate, I would like to not die in an elevator. 

Outside of the elevator issue, it’s a calm but busy day here.  As for me personally I am bored but I know that my boredom is only short lived.  Usually something crops up and there goes the day.  I am really shocked that it’s lunch time already.

Looking forward to going home and having the rest of the Chicken & Broccoli Pasta Bake.  It’s so good.  Right now I know I have a minor mess to clean up in the hallway, noticed it just as it was time to walk out the door.  Why do I bother to clean if it’s only going to get dirty again?  Cats I love them but they sure are a lot of work.  Unless there is something else that comes up, I plan on parking on the couch and finding something to occupy my time until it’s time to call it a night. 

20 more days until Christmas.  My psycho co-worker is trying to see if she can get a jump on who’s leaving so we can prepare instead of having to scramble at the last minute.  There is a huge opportunity for me to work overtime and why not make some additional money, it can’t hurt me. 

Now it’s time to work my way back to the fun and try to stay awake once the food coma tries to kick in.  I hope your having a decent Monday and that your staying warm.  Loving my seat warmers on a cold morning, they are truly a great convenience feature.  Take care and we will talk again soon.

04 December 2016

Holiday Themed

So I took time to change the theme to a Holiday or as I like to call it a Holigay!  It was an average Sunday for me.  Got to sleep in, woke up to rain.  Fed the children, got dressed and went to breakfast at IHOP.  Had French Toast.  I messed up my order so the first one was Strawberry French Toast.  Then I had to get what I actually came for which was Strawberry Stuffed French Toast.  That had Vanilla Crème with Cinnamon in it, very good.  Had a couple eggs and 2 sausage links, a drink and wound up with a bill that looked more like lunch instead of Breakfast.

Hit up the grocery store which I hate to start with it’s even worse when it’s raining.  I was determined not to spend $100 and well I made it but only by $2.  I was really shocked at the total as I am each time that it comes to pay for groceries.  I didn’t get anything special and it feels like I got robbed.  Missing my favorite cashers who have retired, they made it fun to shop and I always had someone to look forward to seeing.

Came home, put away the groceries and forged forward with Laundry.  Entered in my expenses in my records to keep the checkbooks straighter than I am and then played around looking for my favorite thing, porn. 

Went upstairs and relaxed with the children, got in a short nap.  Used an Armor All Leather Wipe on the drivers seat of my car and on the steering wheel, wow it did a super nice job.  I got a small package as an add on purchase from Amazon.  Not bad for $3 and they are guaranteed to stay moist in the container for up to 1 year.  I liked them so much I decided to tidy up my late guys leather jacket that I am wearing.  When it gets colder I will break mine out, it’s much heavier and each time I put it on it feels like he is hugging me, he bought it so it’s extra special for me.  Had it for years and plan to keep it forever. 

Had Stouffer’s Chicken & Broccoli Pasta Bake for supper.  There is 1/2 left for tomorrow night.  I also have a pizza in the freezer if I get hungry for that.  Otherwise there is plenty of soup, chili and chicken pot pies.  You know warm weather comfort food.  I almost forgot 5 cheese Mac & Cheese as well.  Yum!

Really wanted to upgrade my iPhone this weekend and got for the 7 however Mophie hasn’t yet come out with battery cases yet, so I am waiting for that.  Shouldn’t be much longer from their website it looks like they are in the end stages.  I really don’t want the increase in my bill but it’s doable considering my bill has been reduced and I still get a stipend from work so that will more than cover it.  Patience it’s just one thing I don’t have, which is exactly why I am not a doctor – well that and money for school.

Decided to get creative and just slobbered all over myself while looking at Mont Blanc Pens on the internet.  There are a couple new ones that I want, not sure if I will ever own them.  Some of those are a car and/or a house payment for a writing instrument.  If I had money just dripping off of me like sweat then I wouldn’t bat an eye but considering I am your average poor person, I just admire them from afar.  I have a small collection and use them on occasion, mostly I just sit and stare at them while they collect dust.  What I own cost me a pretty penny and while I’d love to take them out of the house it’s better that they stay at home, safe & sound.  If I lost one I would be sick.  They are not scheduled, meaning they are not covered under my homeowners policy.  I love fancy pens.  They rank right up there with good looking guys, porn and food, which includes pie and many other food items.  I know my vices and I suppose that is important information.

Time to climb the stairs and eat an ice cream cone while I take in the latest episode of Shameless.  I was supposed to be up there 20 minutes ago but you know one thing led to another and with all of the slobbering over pens, time just got away from me. 

Hope you had a great Sunday.  Back to the grind tomorrow and so starts another week and a week of on-call for me.  I hope that it’s a productive and fast moving week.  I am always anxious to get off call and of course you know I enjoy my weekends.  Going to our office holiday party on Friday, which means that I will be going home early that day after the party.  Also saying goodbye to a co-worker this week.  Can’t believe that 12 months has flown by so very fast.  Take care, stay warm and of course we will talk again soon.

03 December 2016

Gr8 Saturday

Friday night on my way home, my wonderful car decided to be temperamental and not connect my iPhone.  I had to check to make sure it didn’t fall off my hip.  Sure enough it was there.  I tried turning Bluetooth off on my phone and then back on, that old trick used to work on my last car.  No luck.  Tried forcing the car connection to ‘connect’ but that didn’t work either.  So I listened to Satellite Radio, I asked for traffic reports because I was stuck in traffic.  I got to hear all about LA Traffic and San Francisco Traffic but that didn’t help me as I am no where near either of those locations, they are West and I am in the Mid-West.  It’s a patience thing so I flipped over to AM and listened to a local talk show and then got to catch the local news, which was nice.  Normally on Friday there is no traffic but due to construction and the fact that people don’t know how to merge and they freak out, some waiting until the last possible second they not only impeded my commute home but they negatively affected my gas mileage, probably not by much.  However all of that inch worm start and stop isn’t good for the car and it’s sure not good for my patience. 

On my way home I decided and committed to treating myself.  I hit up Wendy’s, got to sit in line.  What better to do than do a master reset of the entire Bluetooth System.  Magically that brought my phone to life.  It’s suppose to forget your phone but not in my case.  I am starting to think that there is something wrong with Sync 3 in my car.  However, that little trick seemed to do it.  Someone had connected their phone and it was in the system, perhaps that caused issues.  As long as it works for me, when I need it and I can count on it as being reliable then I will be pleased.  Right now I am just taking the wait and see approach. Back on point, I made it to the speaker to order and got me a Baconater with no mayo and a Large Chili.  Damn that was tasty!  From the first to the last bite.  When I was done I wanted to go back out and get another burger but I figured that would probably kill me, so instead I sat down and had some Banana Split Ice Cream.  Yum a great but not healthy meal.

Afterwards, I spent time with Bear, he demanded to be in my lap.  Great now I have started something that will probably never end.  It’s okay I like spending time with him, he’s a good cat and even though he kills my back I don’t mind picking him up, so long as he lets me love on him and do my raspberry on his belly – it’s our thing.  I try to do something special with each one of them.  Ruth gets her scratches.  Marvin gets to sleep with me.  Insty loves to curl up around my feet or sit with me and watch TV.  They truly are the life of this house, I just sleep & eat here as well as pay the bills.  They are the benefactors and if you ask them the owners of this structure that we all call home.  How nice they allow me to live here, I am so fortunate. 

You probably started reading this because you were interested in Saturday and well here we go.  I woke up to the melody of Gator singing her finest sad song opera, entitled Wake Up You Bastard.  Fed them breakfast and fiddled with my phone.  Didn’t miss anything overnight and no urgent issues to deal with.  So I had breakfast at home, which is a change for me on the weekend.  Then went to the Hair Cut store.  Used a gift card I had and still had to pay $13, but I got a lot.  Thought once again about getting some color put in this head but talked myself out of it.  My hair is super short and it would be hell to maintain and probably a huge waste of money.  I just want my color of Red back instead the one that nature has chosen to give me.  It’s dull and when I was younger it was bright, I want that firecracker red that says don’t fuck with me, I’ve got a bad temper.  Maybe someday.  From there I went to the post office.  Got a strange envelope in the mail opened it and saw a check for a large amount of money.  It was my pension rollover, it was supposed to be sent to the financial institution where I opened a special account, so now I have to send it on my own.  It’s a large amount of money to trust to just a simple stamp but I am doing that.  I would just have a little bit more peace of mind if I paid for Certified Mail but I really don’t want to go through the hassle.  Besides that it’s a check and it’s not made payable to me, so it would be hard or so I would think for anyone else to cash it.  It goes in the mail on Monday, wish me luck.  I’ll know soon enough if it gets there or not.  I also got a rebate check that I was waiting for, so that’s mad money that I can spend as I see fit.  It will go to food at whatever restaurant I chose. 

After the post office it was cold out so I came home.  I forgot that I needed to hit up the vet’s office to grab medicine for the children.  I did that later in the day.  When I got home and got settled on the couch, I watched a movie and then took my usual nap.  Woke up, had some chips, passed out lunch for the children and finished the movie.  Then it was downstairs to commence laundry.  Officially time to break out the long sleeves in full force.  I’ll miss you until next year my short sleeve shirts. 

Decided to go out to treat myself further.  I love Monique and her latest movie Almost Christmas was on the top of my must see list.  So I found it and saw it.  The movie drew a lot of people.  There was a lot of laughs.  Some people cried but I was not one of them.  It’s a heart strings type comedy movie that has a sobering message that you should enjoy yourself while on this earth because you will be gone too quickly.  I was happy that I was able to see it, if you need a laugh and enjoy holiday comedy movies, then put this one on your list.  Afterwards, it was time to take in some supper.  I went to a favorite place that I used to frequent with a friend.  Had a super salad and got onion rings with it.  I drifted from my usual Chicken Quesada, don’t know if I will ever make that mistake again.  The onion rings were good but not as satisfying at the Quesada would have been.  My waiter was short, slightly hot and gave me crappy service.  He was slow to bring me a refill and slow to bring me the check.  Only asked me how things were shortly after the food arrived and otherwise didn’t bother me.  Finally paid the check, used the restroom and got out of there. 

Back on the road, knew that I would need gas and for the 1st time the low fuel light came on.  That scared me a little bit but I still had 50 miles to go.  My last car warned me at 20 miles and you blew through those pretty quick.  I hit up what was the bargain gas station but their bargain was no more.  Still I filled up, I could have waited and gotten a better price tomorrow but it’s one less thing that I have to do now.  Then off to Walgreens to buy my friends a card, the ones dealing with Stomach Cancer.  I went for a card for her but I saw a card about The Oak Tree and it just spoke to me and said this is the one and send it to both of them not just her.  Then finally home to get yelled at by the children because their supper was hours late. 

Resumed laundry, scheduled my first car payment, dealt with some other business and viola here we are.  It’s about to strike midnight in 15 minutes or so.  I know the kids want me upstairs and my body has informed me that I pushed it a little too far.  So while I don’t want to I am going to heed the warning and call it a night. 

Tomorrow just have to grab breakfast and hit up the grocery store.  Thankfully I have enough food for the children.  I am sure they think I forgot them but I haven’t and they will never go hungry as long as I am here.  I hope that my body is okay come tomorrow because we have a full week ahead of us and like it or not I have to go to work.  Plus it’s my turn at on-call again, looked up at the sky on Friday night and there was no full moon which is a good thing.  That seems to follow all of my on-calls maybe it’s just coincidence. 

Nothing spectacular but it was a great day for me and I am so blessed to be able to do what I want to and that I have made it this far.  I continue to be in awe of myself and my accomplishments.  Now if Santa can just drop off a list of naughty boys for Christmas, I will be more in the holiday spirit.  Seriously if I can just speed up my search for my Prince Charming that will go a long way to help me, or so I hope.  Being alone has it’s advantages but it really sucks when the holidays roll around. 

Have a good night and we will talk again soon.  Stay Warm!

01 December 2016

Back in the saddle

So I made my return to work today.  It was not easy nor was it fun.  Traffic was a bit of a mess and there was more than one occasion where I could have wrecked.  One of my co-workers wasn’t so lucky and got plowed rear-ended.  There was and is plenty of stuff to keep me busy.  I’ve been at it since I walked in the door, so I thought I’d take a little break.

Had a great time with Bear last night.  He fell asleep with his head on my leg.  He tried to fall off the couch but I wouldn’t let him.  He’s such a ball of joy.

Speaking of good news a lady I used to work with here, she was one of the people let go with the RIF event.  Well she messaged me today and told me she found a job.  I gave her all of the advice I knew to give.  She had 2 interviews, they re-wrote the job to tailor it to her needs and she will be in charge of 6 people.  She thought she blew it because they didn’t jump right away and make an offer  I told her that people travel and companies love to drag things out, they don’t move fast unless it’s to their benefit.  Sure enough the person who made the final decision was out on a weeks vacation.  They offered her the job earlier today and she of course accepted.  Very happy for her and to hear that information I passed along actually helped someone.  I made a phone call on her behalf and that got the ball rolling.  Why something like that couldn’t have happened for me when I was out of work, well I guess it just wasn’t my time.  Unemployment is near and dear to my heart, so if your out of work and you need advice ask away. 

I woke up with an itching stomach, kind of odd.  I took another shower and put some lotion on by the time I was ready to leave I had to go back and put on some hydrocortisone cream.  It settled down for a while but started back up after lunch.  I of course thought right away that I was allergic to yet another antibiotic, but I’ve kept a watch and while I have itches in other places there are no welts or hives.  My face is a little red but outside of that I’m okay.  So I am just monitoring it.  My boss called this morning to tell me that if I needed to take more time, let him know he was okay with it.  I told him that I didn’t want to abuse the system and he said well if your sick then your not abusing the system.  Just plan on leaving early if you feel bad, give me a call first though.  That was a nice gesture.  Honestly, unless I am next to death I’d rather be here, it’s boring to be at home sick. 

I blamed this on the swing in temperatures and think that has some play here, but the real culprit I think is the carpet cleaning.  Not the physical activity but breathing in the aroma of the after effects.  I think it’s enough to make me ill if it’s wet.  Leave it dry and vacuum, all is well.  When the next time comes I will look to do some ventilation to see if that helps.  Hopefully I can make it until Spring but that all depends on the animals I live with.  I love the cleaner looking carpet, it will never ever be 100% clean but cleaner is good for me.  I’d love to be able to replace it but that would take some serious money and I am not a home improvement kind of guy, so I could easily get taken advantage of.

The witch I work with has been so concerned about my health and how I am doing.  I guess because she thought she would get dumped on with people leaving.  I don’t mind doing the departures it’s intense but fun.  The new hire process is what t-totally sucks ass, your on a scavenger hunt trying to track down information on rights, type of computer, type of phone, where they are going to sit it’s just something I would rather not deal with.  I know it’s apart of my job but that doesn’t mean I have to like it right.  It just means I have to do it.

Looking so forward to the weekend.  I know I need to get all of my hair cut and not sure what is on the agenda after that.  Sort of depends upon how I feel.  Plenty of good TV on tonight, so I should have a great time with the kids.  All of the activity of the day is starting to catch up with me and I am yawning.  I know I can make it, at least until I walk in the door and then I may just collapse. 

What’s for dinner?  Not exactly sure Might be Meatloaf, Might be BBQ.  I haven’t exactly made up my mind.  I know that I have a Wendy’s craving and have yet to go through a drive up for food in my new car.  I wouldn’t eat in the car but I would grab the food and go home.  That might be an idea for tomorrow night. 

Be well & we shall talk again. 

30 November 2016

Sick Wednesday

Much to my surprise I got a decent nights sleep.  I woke up at 5a and couldn’t go back to bed.  I had an hour and ten minutes to myself.  Marv figured out that I was awake and that is when he asked to be let out.  I obliged him and then returned to bed with a failed attempt to return to sleep.  I took time to analyze my body and then finally gave in and got up.  Breakfast was served and I was dizzy as a goose (not sure where that saying comes from but I’ve heard it before).  I opted to spend another day at home and seek medical care, if you can call what I did medical care. 

I found something to amuse me on the TV and eventually wound up back asleep.  I took a Benadryl,  just one because I didn’t want to sleep the entire day away.  Around 11:30a I decided to use a tele-medicine service that my employer has been promoting.  If my insurance was tied to my employer the visit would have cost less, still I put in my insurance information and found that there was no coverage, not a total surprise.  So it cost me $50 to see a doctor when I could have done the same thing with a different service for cheaper.  I could have gotten free care if I went to the ER but I didn’t feel like waiting for hours on end and calling my doctor is not an option, he’s always booked and you have to see the NP.  So this was a fresh start, I chose a doctor and went through a bunch of screens on my phone giving information about me and my condition as well as my medical history.  Then I found out that the doctor went off line so I had to start over.  Thankfully they kept most of the information I gave them.  I picked a new doc, he asked me questions that he already had answers to but I played along instead of being an ass.  I told him all of the antibiotics that I am allergic to, which wipes out most of the common courses of treatment and makes the doctors job that much harder.  Not my fault but I understand why it’s no fun having me as a patient.  So I told him what I typically get, I go with the stuff that powered through all of the crud from February and of course he tells me that antibiotic is not recommended for this type of infection.  Great so he gave me some baby antibiotic that I have had before but didn’t do anything for me.  Who knows maybe it will work this time.  I am stuck with it. 

I got this survey when I was done to rate the service and then rate the doctor.  I gave a crappy review because he failed to listen to me.  I know what works I’ve been trapped in this body for 45 long years and I might not have a medical degree and the drug I asked for might not be indicated for this type of infection but if he just took time to listen to me instead of dismissing me, this would have gone over much better.  Then the sob called me on the phone to ask why the low rating.  Seriously like he’s paid by what I said.  He gets paid if I leave a great review or a horrible review.  I told him he didn’t listen to me, which didn’t set well with him but if your going to ask a question you should be prepared for the answer. 

Not having taken a shower in a couple days I opted to get my lazy ass up and hop into the shower.  Warm water, soap, shampoo, conditioner it was nice.  I knew it would help making me feel better.  Then I grabbed dirty clothes because I needed to go fetch this drug along with 3 days worth of mail.  It’s like an hour later and the pharmacy still didn’t have the drug ready and waiting for me.  I had to wait a little bit in the drive thru line but got it and then came home.  I wanted to go grab a bite to eat, but I purposefully dressed crappy so reason would prevail and I returned home. 

Had a nice Chicken Pot Pie for lunch.  Passed out some food for the children.  Nothing good in the mail.  Got a package from SiriusXM talking about my free 6 month trial of the radio service they offer.  Then they told me what it would cost to join, they have an all inclusive package now so you can stream on the mobile app or on a computer.  I looked over their line up and they have it pretty well nailed down.  They took away their gay talk content which was my only reason for ever subscribing to them in the past.  I’m happy with my Pandora One, even if I run out of skips it’s way cheaper than anything they can offer me.  They also made sure that I knew the traffic service was a separate subscription and I have 5 years complimentary.  Yeah the whole deal here is to snag you as a subscriber because as soon as you subscribe those free trial offers vanish and there is no way to get them back.  I’ve been down that road.  I miss my Lance Bass, Larry Flick, and Frank DeCaro, which were all radio hosts on the gay channel. 

So another day at home, more work piling up for me.  I got the cunt to cover the departure for today.  However, another one came in for next month.  They are starting to wrack up and December will be a very busy season.  Which if I had to get sick now is the perfect time.  As we get closer to the end of the month more and more people will be leaving, it’s just how it goes. 

Also found out that work played with the holiday schedule again for next year.  So now we get Jan 2 off after I had scheduled it off.  Plus I am on call for New Years and get stuck with it for an extra day because of the new schedule.  It’s okay it’s all money.  Never had the luxury of working on a holiday but it’s some serious cash.  You have your holiday pay plus by law you should get triple overtime, most places do double overtime and a half.  I’m glad I am hourly in situations like these. 

Most of all I am thankful that I have a decent job and can support myself and my furry family.  I might not be living the dream life but I am making it and that is all that counts in my book. 

I am feeling more effects of this damn illness coming on.  Plus time has spun out of control so I need to run to have time to spend with the children and take in yet even more TV.  Unless I am next to death I will be going back tomorrow.  I know I have exhausted my time and don’t want to abuse the system.

Temperatures are much more normal now for this time of year and it’s cold out.  Got that heated seat button, the heat and the heated steering wheel on for most every drive.  I start out that way until I am comfortable and then tone it down.  There are 3 settings for the seat high, med and low.  It will stay on in the mode you choose until the car turns off and I must say it’s really nice.  I’ll try to remember that when I start making payments next month, just in time for Christmas.  How convenient.  Wish I could drive for a couple more months with no payment.  I know that next year I will likely be given an opportunity to skip a payment but interest keeps accruing so unless I am totally strapped I won’t fall for that either.  Best to stay consistent.

Now onward and upward to get my Bears and give him some loving before I have to take more pills and force my body to sleep.  I am running out of things to watch.  Time off from work for a holiday or scheduled vacation day is great but when I am sick I feel like I am a prisoner in my own home. 

Here’s hoping the rest of the week goes by fast and that I start feeling better really soon.  I hope all is well in your world.  Hard to believe tomorrow will be 01-December, 24 more days until Christmas!