22 March 2017

Dear John

My friend called last night.  I was a little apprehensive to take the call but I did.  He isn’t mad at all, everything seems perfectly fine.  I guess he was just in a bad mood when we had our disagreement.  So not a whole lot knew for him.  He recently went to a Psychic Fair and learned that a close friend is going to die.  Wow he could have told me anything but that.  So I asked him if he called to tell me that I was going to die?  He said no but a close friend could be a pet.  Yeah I think she would have said pet and not close friend if it were a 4 legged being.  Shortly after his encounter he woke up to a text message from his female friend that informed him that she couldn’t see him any longer. So they are done.  I knew that it wouldn’t last but it was something that formed quickly and while they had a lot in common she said it was too soon for her.  I get it, been there done that.  He seems okay with it but I know he didn’t need any more bad news.

Speaking of bad news looks like my car issues are headed to a law suit.  I had contact with my attorney’s office today.  They say my case is strong so I hope for a good outcome.  While I don’t see how this could go south, I know that it is possible.

No word yet from my lawn guy, I hope to have a response from him by Saturday.  We are moving into opening season for lawn cutting and if I need to find someone else then it would be nice to know that as quickly as possible.  My guess is that he will either come back with changes to the contract or just refuse to sign it.  Just because there is no contract doesn’t mean we can’t do business but this was his requirement, not mine.  I’d like to clear this issue off of my plate as well. 

Ye old back is still sore and bothering me.  Last night I got some time with an ice pack but didn’t use the massager.  I felt better this morning.  Now that I have been working all day long I can feel the tension and soreness.  Thankfully tomorrow is Thursday so my massage is hours away. 

Looking forward to spending more time with the kids tonight, catching up on TV and trying to relax.  The relaxing part is up for debate because if it isn’t the phone then it’s the kids and both require something from me.  Hopefully it’s q you get the word I was going to say.  I decided not to say it in case it jinxes me. 

Ruth is not bashful about asking for some scratching.  I tried to play with her and she hissed and me and smacked me with her paw.  Then ran away.  Ten minutes later she was back and asking for more love.  Something has gotten to her, there are scabs all over her neck and I understand it itches.  Whatever it is, is still very much alive and active.  So I get to capture her which she will hate and put on some flea medicine.  I’d do it during a scratching session but she watches like a hawk, if she detects a momentary pause that is enough to send her running out of panic.  I don’t want to half ass give her the medicine or risk it getting on a part of her that it doesn’t belong.  So that is why I am opting to trap her – she will get a brushing and then some flea medicine which should hopefully calm things down and get her on the mend.  If not then I will have to engage the vet and I am not really all about that. 

One more hour to go and then it will be time to hit the dusty trail.  I am looking forward to it.  Plus we are closer to the weekend.  It’s supposed to rain here all weekend.  I need to hit up the vet at the pet food store and see about getting new prescription cards for Bear’s food.  They only issued them for a few months.  Prescriptions in the US are generally good for 1 year, both for people and animals. The exceptions to that rule are for controlled substances.  Like my sleeping medicine, the doctor puts 3 refills but the pharmacy only allows 1 and then you need a new prescription.  They want you to get it and they won’t call the doc for it.  Kind of silly because they will call for everything else. 

Happy middle of the week.  Hope all is well in your world. 

21 March 2017


Ever since my mom phoned over the weekend, I have been thinking about excluding her.  She has no idea why I feel like I do and why I am avoiding her.  I’d love to lay it all out for her, but since I don’t know the status of the matter that is pending I would be a fool to do that now.  So I have to just avoid her.  Last night though I was dead tired I couldn’t turn my brain off.  I kept thinking about a decision that I came to mentally.  I had an odd dream.  However, I have forged ahead with my plan.  As of this morning my mom will no longer be able to call me, I have blocked her numbers so that if she does call all she will get is the standard telco recording that the number has been disconnected.  Thankfully she doesn’t have my cell phone but she may ask my brother for it, if he decides to cough it up I’ve got her blocked on my cell for 30 days, I can renew the block after that.  So if she calls all she will get is a fast busy signal.  It is a little bothersome that I have actually put this in place, but it’s for my own sanity and safety.  I can’t deal with any of her drama and don’t want to risk saying something about a subject I shouldn’t be talking about.  I may get a call from my brother but then again I kind of doubt that.  He hasn’t kept in touch and I last spoke with him around summer of last year.  That was quite sometime ago.

My next part of the plan is to get an Easter card and send it with a note.  Just to acknowledge that she called and say hello, letting her know that I am okay.  I am sure she worries about me, as any mother would worry about their own child.  I am comfortable with my decision but deep down I know it’s going against the grain.  So it feels odd but I’ve essentially been doing this for a while, just never blocked her from calling.  If I get to tell her one day what this is all about great.  If I don’t then she will never know.  That is kind of a fear of mine, I don’t like to leave things unsettled, I like closure.  However, I’ve been put in an odd spot and to a degree I think she is apart of that so I have to do what is best for me.  Regardless of how it feels.

I’d really love nothing more than to have a supportive and understanding family that is normal.  However, from the time I was conceived things haven’t been normal in my life.  I don’t think they are going to ever get there.  I am semi-comfortable being alone, I mean the only person I need in this world is myself.  I proved that time and time again.  However, I don’t want to be alone I’d like more friends and of course a man.  That may happen eventually.  I think if I can get a man that the friend part will follow.  I am still on the apps and looking.  I am very anxious to fall in love, move forward and get on with my life.  Unfortunately, in the game of life things don’t move as fast as you want them to. 

I’ve faced my worst possible fear, I don’t know that many people are able to say that.  I also don’t know those that can say it can say they have survived, but I can.  I am thankful for everything that I have and that things have turned out so well.  My next greatest fear is that my life will fall apart and that I will loose everything.  I work hard to keep that fear at bay, but honestly it’s so close that it’s palpable..  Miss a couple paychecks and my world will start to crumble.  Scary how close it is.

There is stuff going on at work that will either end my job or keep my job.  It’s stuff that I am not supposed to know but with the nature of my job I have come across information.  I can’t and haven’t shared it with anyone.  I’ve asked my boss about it in general terms and he has no idea or he too is playing dumb.  I work with a lot of smart people and lots of people are talking right now.  At the moment and for the foreseeable future I am okay.  I do think that there will be some further staffing cuts, I am told I am safe but really no one is safe, were all replaceable.  I was the last one in so it would make sense that I would be the first one out.  I really enjoy what I do and am quite happy, despite the minor issues that arise.  I’d love to keep this job if not for the rest of my working life, then for a very long time.  We don’t always get what we want but I am very fortunate to be in the position I am, this in many ways is a dream come true. 

Okay so I am jumping off the soap box.  Back to ye old salt mine.  3 more days left.  Still looking forward to my massage on Thursday.  I still hurt and know that the massage will be painful but hopefully it will do the most good.  If I had the money I’d sign up for a couple hours.  There was one lady that used to work here she was seriously overweight and she would sign up for 2 to 3 hours at a time.  You couldn’t get her to come upstairs for any other reason but the minute the massage signup sheet went out she would be on the first elevator up.  Crazy but then again she was rolling in money, took 2 cruises every year.  Wish I could afford to do that.  Heard this morning on the news that people who don’t take vacations are more likely to die of a heart attack or stroke.  I’d love a vacation it sounds good, just not practical, especially since I wouldn’t have anyone to spend it with. 

Hope your having an awesome Tuesday!  Talk with you again soon.  Thanks for stopping by.


20 March 2017

Average Monday

The alarm clock went off far too early for me, I could have used another hour or two of sleep.  Bear was with me the entire night.  He started clawing at the box spring, as if to say hey dummy it’s time to get up.  I heard the alarm but I didn’t want to acknowledge it.  Got moving and the house was a bit chilly this morning.  Nothing like a little cold in the air to put some pep in your step. 

I heard the weather forecast and we are going from Winter to Summer, but only for today.  It’s supposed to be in the 80’s.  Yeah not a typo.  The house will be hot tonight I am sure, really don’t want to fire up the AC but if it is too humid I will turn it on.  Back to more normal temps tomorrow, only into the 50’s which is fine.  I enjoy nice weather and even some warm weather but when you start in the 80’s that is getting a little too hot for me. 

Driving in my car over the weekend I used the sunroof and it reminded me to make sure to put sunscreen on my head.  My old car had a smaller roof and a smaller sunroof, so it wasn’t a worry then.  This big boat of mine now is large in every way.  I am comfortable in it.  Just wish I didn’t have so many problems with it.  This morning on the way in the Bluetooth audio flaked, I had to go to FM and then back to Bluetooth.  That solved one problem.  The display that shows what song is playing was lagging behind, if you skipped a song it may or may not update.  I made it to work with tunes so that is the main thing.  Let’s hope all systems are normal when I fire it up for the ride home.  I will likely get to test out the AC in the car, let’s hope that goes well.

Ran the massager over my back last night, felt good.  I’ve got knots again from today, so I’ll be using it again tonight.  I have scheduled a massage on Thursday for my usual hour.  I hope things calm down well before that. 

Looking forward to a nice evening at home.  Enjoying my left over casserole, more ice cream and time with the kids.  If your looking for a laugh check out NBC’s Trial & Error.  I didn’t think I would like it but it’s just one laugh after another. 

Things at work in the drama department are a little calmer but not by much.  Let’s hope that ship sails soon and she is back to normal.  The last thing we need is another flair up.  I’m telling you she would be so much happier if she had a man to ride her, I mean she is just a big ball of stress.  You have to let that all go or it will eat you alive.  Plus it will kill off your friendships, quicker than Roundup kills weeds. 

Just about a 1/2 hour more and this day will be done.  I am so looking forward to that.  Hope you had a great day and that your night is even better.  Talk with you again soon.

19 March 2017

Another awesome movie

I took a muscle relaxer last night and while I was waiting for it to kick in I rented Pass The Light.  It’s about a high school kid who runs for political office, because he doesn’t like the way the present politicians are running things.  It is from 2015 but it’s got a great message and it’s inspirational.  Worth the $3.99 I paid Amazon to watch it.  There is one tune that I like from the movie, the rest of it is Christian Rock type stuff and not for me.  I’d tell my co-worker to watch it if we were still friends, I know that she would enjoy it.  Funny thing about her she only listens to Christian Rock but she will watch secular movies.  Is that odd or is it just me? 

My back is feeling a little bit better.  I am about to go upstairs and run the massager over it.  I am finishing another movie called Henry’s Crime.  It’s about a guy who is convicted of robbing a bank, but he didn’t know he was committing a crime.  He was driving the get away car but he thought he was taking his pals to a ballgame.  They convinced him to stop at the bank so they could pick up some cash and they went in and robbed the bank.  They get away but he goes to jail because the bank security guard got him.  Now that he is out of jail, he is robbing the bank for real.  The main character is played by Keanu Reaves.  Not quite sure how this slipped passed my radar but it did, glad I found it.  It’s included with Prime so no charge for this one. 

Went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast.  I saw my crush just as I was leaving.  He got a make over.  Totally different haircut and he looks to have shaved, which is nice.  I caught him out of the corner of my eye and I don’t think he saw me at all.  I had a great breakfast.  Grocery shopping was the pits as per usual.  Dropped another $85 for a weeks worth of food. 

Listening to some music and just relaxing when the phone rings.  It’s my mom.  I knew I recognized the number but I couldn’t quite place it.  So I let it go to voice mail.  Glad I made that move.  She wants to talk, said that she misses me.  I think of her often but my life is so much better without her in it.  Drama central of which I do not need.  Yes I sound like Yoda, I know. 

It’s been a few weeks since I heard from my friend.  I re-read the email that I sent him.  I am not sure after he read that if he will actually talk with me again.  I said that I knew he would help me if the tables were turned.  Yeah the tables were turned and he helped by listening.  What I meant by my statement was that if I just lost my wife and was in his shoes and he were in mine.  Now maybe I am surmising too much.  Maybe he will call next week, seems to be that when I am on call I hear from him.  So time will tell. 

I have to get ready for Monday and spend some time with the children before I head off to slumber land.  The evening goes by so very fast.  I had the Chicken, Brocolli, Pasta with cheese dish.  There is some left over for tomorrow night.  I got some Washington Apple Pie Ice Cream again and it paired up really nice.  Got 2 Italian Subs that I chopped up to individual sandwiches to have at lunch time.  That will be different and very good. 

Let’s hope that this week is uneventful and relaxing.  There will be fewer meetings, which means fewer time on the phone and that makes me happy.  At least there is something to look forward to.  Take care and I hope you have a great week ahead!

18 March 2017

Whoa my back!


I got a quick massage on Thursday.  My back was killing me right in between my shoulder blades.  That is usually where is starts and then it radiates either out or up before the pain leaves my body.  I actually felt a knot be pushed out, it was like popping a large pimple but with lots of pain.  The therapist worked and worked and presto there it went.  When she was all done I felt fine.  However, as the hours passed the pain returned.  Today my right shoulder is killing me.  I’ve felt some popping go on and that has felt good but it still really hurts.  I lifted Bear last night not once but twice.  I knew I shouldn’t but he insisted, like I would ever tell him no and actually mean it.  It happens but it’s very rare. 

I had my Saturday all planned out I was going to enjoy the nice day and go for a drive and get some pie.  However, as the day grew older my desire to get on the open road diminished, all I could think about was the pain I was in.  What if it was too uncomfortable and I couldn’t drive anymore, I’d be away from home and that isn’t a situation I want to put myself in.  So I talked myself out of going for a drive.  I started thinking about food close to home. 

Later this afternoon I went out for Chinese food.  I had my usual Crab Rangoon, Egg Roll and order of Special Fried Rice.  Washed it all down with several glasses of Diet Pepsi.  Got an almond cookie for free as desert.  I have the traditional fortune cookie I brought home with me. 

Remembered my coupon and stopped by the cat food store.  Picked up lots of cat food, got some litter and then paid the same bill I paid last week only this week it was slightly less due to the coupon and I got more, so not terrible but I wasn’t pleased. 

Drove to gas up and then on to the car wash.  Ah the car wash where all of the cute boys seem to work.  There was an average looking guy working there, I mean if we were all alone on a deserted island I wouldn’t turn him away but he really didn’t do that much for me. 

I feel like a predator in the dating world.  I hit on a 24 year old guy and he turned me down flat.  He was so cute and his profile indicated that he had been rejected by multiple people.  I figured why not give it a try.  Yeah that is probably a bit too young for me but I can’t help myself I really want a younger guy.  I’m still in the dating pool and just thinking about all of the stories and memories that I can share with my future guy, the waiting part hurts but hopefully in the end the pay off will be worth it. 

There is an Australian Magazine called DNA that I really want.  I’d like the printed version but it’s super expensive to have it mailed from there to the USA.  They offer an on-line or digital subscription but to me it’s not quite the same.  They feature some really hot guys, to my knowledge you might see a backside here and there but for the most part the guys are shirtless but otherwise dressed.  They have some super hunks in there that just make my mouth water.  I added them on social media and get frequent updates which equal temptation for me.  I’ve got the money right now today but I don’t really want to spend it that way. 

Thought that I fixed Marv’s diarrhea by eliminating the ants, but as soon as I bragged about it, I got home and it came right back.  Poor guy I feel sorry for him.  He’s eating and drinking normal.  He plays so I would say he’s mostly normal.  There are a couple of things about him that cause me some concern but I am monitoring him.

Work is still there, we got a break from some of the drama on Friday because my co-worker took a 1/2 day.  To say that she needed it, would be an understatement.  A lot has changed in her world and she is very bitter.  My boss thinks that it will all change come next week, but he’s on vacation and I have to put up with her.  We got hit with the next round of new hires and a surprise departure.  One of the guys I used to work with in my old position.  I spoke with him and he said that he was retiring, he just turned 65.  Holy cow, I would have never guessed that he was that old.  I knew he was older but I figured 50’s.  Guess I am a poor judge of age.  Then again people tell me that I look 30 when I am in my 40’s.

Age is only how old your body is, it’s just a number and in the grand scheme of things it doesn’t mean anything.  Lots of people are in marriages and relationship s that have a slight or a very wide swing in their partners ages, those relationships have been on-going for years.

I saw a really great movie today.  It was on Amazon and cost me $4.99 but it was worth every penny.  It stars Tom Wopat, remember him from the Dukes of Hazard?  I’m talking about the TV show.  It’s also got Gregory Harrison.  He was Dr. Gonzo Gates on the TV show Trapper John M.D.  The movie is called Fair Haven and was released in 2016.  It’s about a gay kid who’s mom passed away, his father shipped him to a pray the gay away Christian camp.  The kid is ‘cured’ of his illness/sickness/disease (meaning being gay) and returns home.  His father fixes him up with a friends daughter and they go on a couple dates,  He runs into his old boyfriend and initially rejects him.  His feelings for this guy resurface and he tries his hardest to push them aside but he fails.  He gives in and winds up sleeping with the guy.  The girl he was seeing caught them and so did his dad.  I will say that it ends well but don’t want to spoil it, on the off chance someone reading this is interested in seeing it.  Below is a trailer for the movie.  In looking for that it appears the movie is available on-line for free but beware that malicious actors often use this as a rouge to lure you in and serve up malware when you get on the site.  Sure you will get to see the movie or part of it, but they will gain access to your machine and may even infect your machine with ransomware.  In the end it’s not worth it, pay to see it you will be glad you did.  

The sad thing is that I can’t talk about this movie or other movies like it at work.  I don’t want the general office population to know about my sexuality, but I am sure they all probably do anyway.  The office I work in is not immune to gossip and back biting, it’s your typical office.  What more can I say?  The only thing that would have made watching this movie more enjoyable is if I had a guy be it a boyfriend or just a friend to watch it with me.  Seeing this movie does cause some regret for me in that I didn’t really come to terms with being gay until I got older, I knew about it in my teenage years but just didn’t acknowledge it.  Today I am comfortable with who I am.  I typically don’t flaunt it and it really has no bearing on my employment.  There are people at work that know, but if I had my druthers I wish I would have kept it a secret.  There are a certain group of people that are dying to know, they pretty much think it but no one will confirm or deny it and they don’t have the balls to ask me, they hope I will slip up.  They try to extract the information from me, but I know when I am being pumped and I shutdown. 

I think by in large society is more accepting today than it was when I was growing up.  I am happy about that but also wish that the same tolerance and acceptance would have been there back in my day.  The most that you will see me flaunt my sexuality is when the summer comes and I wear a couple of rainbow tee shirts.  I saw another one that I’d really like but won’t get.  It says don’t hate me because I am gay, hate me because I stole your man.  I think that is way funny. 

I have recently learned that one of my favorite places on earth now serves brunch.  I am talking about Maggiano’s.  I never in a million years thought I would see that.  I wish my late partner was still here, we would be making the drive for breakfast.  I’ll get there eventually but it’s not a priority for me.  The menu does look tempting though. 

Sunday’s adventure will be treating myself to breakfast, thinking of going back to Cracker Barrel to see if the guy who was crushing on me is still there.  I’d like to ask him if I misinterpreted his signals or if he just changed his mind.  I mean I’d like to know why he was all interested one day and then when he got my number he shutdown quicker than a sweatshop.  I don’t want to be dramatic or start a fight, I just want to be polite and tactful but still ask, so I know.  I mean when I am applying for jobs and I think I have it but I don’t get it, I ask.  Some places will tell you and other places will not.  He may say something or he may clam up.  Anyway, after my meal (regardless of where I go), I will be headed to the grocery store.  Then home to put it all away, clean the house and to prepare for Manic Monday.  I am on-call and we all know that crazy seems to follow me, so it should be an interesting week, especially when I am without a boss.  I mean I know who to go to if I need a manager but I won’t venture down that path unless it’s absolutely necessary. 

Now I am torn about what to do next.  Should I play on the computer or should I go jump into a hot shower.  Perhaps a bit of both.  SNL is supposed to be on and that is always a hoot.  I watch it for Weekend Update, I’ve got a wicked crush on Colin Jost.  He is so cute!

The weather is back to Spring again but that is subject to change.  I saw something funny on-line.  It was a wanted poster that police were looking for Mother Nature.  They said she was a bi-polar bitch.  Kind of funny.

I hope that all is well in your world.  Thanks for stopping by.

16 March 2017

My first contract

Last night I wrote my very first contract and I am pretty proud of it.  My new lawn guy sent me a contract, more like terms and conditions.  I had an attorney review it and provide me some feedback.  I had a plan to move forward but what I wanted to do looked crappy and could have opened me up to further liability.  I decided to chuck his contract in full and start fresh.  It’s a fair contract and I am told not a bad job for an amateur.  I agree to pay when he sends me a bill, he agrees to service my lawn and that if anything goes awry either to one of his workers, property or even a bystander I can’t be held liable.  Plus he agrees to carry insurance and I can ask for a copy of the policy at anytime.  I think he won’t know what hit him and he will not sign the contract.  I suspect that he will say either we part ways or lets just go off of our word of mouth agreement.  I am not a fan of contracts and commitments in general.  Love and marriage is different.  It’s just if I am financially obligated and something goes wrong I am stuck and there is no escape clause, other than filing Bankruptcy.  I don’t think anything will happen, but then again we never know what the future holds.  That is why there is such a thing as insurance.

Strained my back pretty good last night.  All of the computer work aggravated it and then I picked up Bear, not once but twice.  He wanted to sleep with me and he was adamant about it. 

I’ve spent the last two nights hunkered down in the basement on the damn computer.  Tonight I have said things will be different, just like I said that last night.  I have to get the trash out, then I can get out of my clothes, have supper and I plan to relax in front of the TV and get in some quality time with the kids.  I hope nothing or no one detracts me from my plan.  I got a quick 20 minutes massage and my back is still bothering me.  I only imagine how I will feel tomorrow. 

Its been another dramatic day with my c0worker, I am hopeful that she will calm down soon.  At least this time she is not upset with me, but I get all of the venting which is fine.  I just don’t buy in to the negativity and that probably makes her mad but just because she is having a shitty day, it’s no reason for me to ruin mine.

Well almost time to jet.  I hope that you had a great day.  TGIF tomorrow!!

14 March 2017

Not Bad

The moment of truth arrived and I got my pen.  It was well packaged and I didn’t quite know what to expect.  However, at first glance they did a good job copying the original. The one tell tail sign that it’s fake is the pocket clip.  It’s far too wide.  The pen uses original Mont Blanc refills but they do not screw in like the authentic version.  They shipped the pen with black ink and an old style Mont Blanc refill that had a longer stem for the ink.  If you buy a refill for it today and install it, you will easily see that the point barely sticks out.  The cap fits a little too tight.  The other obvious sign is that there is no serial number displayed.  They do have the logo on the cap and the writing around the middle with the Mont Blanc Logo and Meiserstuck wording.  So if you are not a connoisseur of fine writing instruments, I can see how you would be easily fooled.  For what I paid, I am satisfied.  I wish the refills fit better and the cap was smoother going on and coming off.  It really makes me crave the original.  You know the saying, there is nothing like the real thing.  Well that is true on so many levels with so many things.  Pens are no exception. 

I woke up this morning dreading coming in this morning.  I knew there would be more drama to deal with and I was right.  It was another day where I thought I packed my vibrator instead of my phone.  It buzzed most of the way in, although it was not quite as bad as yesterday.  I think things will start to calm down again.  I had a lengthy discussion with the boss and told him how off putting the drama was.  While I am not a fan of working with my co-worker because of our issue last year, I will be a happier person when she is in a better mood. 

Feels like winter outside and I drove in falling snow this morning.  It wasn’t sticking to anything and was kind of refreshing to drive in.  No accidents that I am aware of but the drive in was a little slow and congested in spots.  Still made it with a 1/2 hour to spare.  It pays to have a cushion, as you never know what you could encounter.  I’d rather be way early than way late any day. 

Earlier today the bldg. was messing with the HVAC system.  The blower shut off and it was odd.  It only lasted for a little bit and then it came back on.  Sounded like we were getting ready to get launched to infinity and beyond.  I saw a co-worker in the hallway and said hello and asked how she was doing.  The response I got back was ready for lift off as she was walking away.  My mind being what it is, took one look at her ass and thought that better be a fucking rocket or with an ass that wide your not going anywhere.  I didn’t say it out loud but I sure thought it.  I cracked myself up.  I don’t get how she appears in decent shape until you look at her ass and it’s bigger than a bread basket.  I know I am not slender/slim but dang!

Had fun with Ruth last night and made her mad at me.  I was scratching her up and down, left and right.  She was eating it up.  Then I stopped and she sat down.  I started touching her paws which she doesn’t like.  I acted like I was going to touch her face and I got her to swipe at me.  She only used her paw and the claws of death were not out.  I got the biggest kick out of that.  She didn’t like my reaction and she moved well out of my reach and gave me a death stare.  I could tell she was not happy.  Morning rolls around and she is back to her usual self, like nothing ever happened.  She will be on my bed tonight asking for more scratching.  When I first walked in and was eating supper she got sick, too much grooming.  It was a mess but I can see how she felt much better afterwards.  If she would just let me brush her instead of all of this scratching she would be much better off.  She has a bald spot on one of her hind legs, that’s where the tangle was that she let me pull out. They should invent a vacuum that has great sucking power but that isn’t noisy.  I could hook her up to that and she would be fixed up in no time flat.  Can you imagine time to vacuum the cat, instead of time to brush the cat.  It’s a great idea but I don’t know how to make it come to life. 

Finished up my left over pizza.  Had way too much ice cream and saw the premiers of Young & Hungry (sounds like a porn movie) and Baby Daddy while I was stuffing my face.  Great shows and it was nice to relax a little bit. 

Tonight it’s bill paying time, that will be nice.  Let’s hope that I have something left over when I am done.  I have to stop and grab mail again.  Whatever I eat I am sure it will be frozen.  Let’s hope it’s good as well.  I hope to spend time with the kids tonight.  Morning came around way too fast and while I was not as tired as yesterday, I was still tired. 

Happy Pie Day and Happy Potato Chip Day.  I had neither.  I am thinking of Pie for the weekend, that will depend upon how much $$ I have left over.  Hope you had a great day!  Talk with you again soon.