21 June 2013

BREAKING NEWS–I made a move

So I went to look at the cute guys FB page.  He had a photo where his shirt was open.  Holy cow!  That just made me want him that much more.

I crafted an idea and executed it.  I sent him a friend request and a message.  I just said we work in the same building.  Now maybe he will accept and I can find out if he is Gay, Straight or Taken.  Then I can plan my next move. 

Even if I just add to my friend base that is perfectly okay by me.  The hard part is waiting and wondering if he will think I am nucking futz or if he will accept.  Will keep you posted.

Called the bank, they got the docs I sent.  Was told to call back on Tuesday or Wednesday.  Meanwhile, time to schedule the next mortgage payment. 

Talk again soon!


RAD said...

Risk taker you! Good luck :-)

Jude said...

Good luck on both counts! :-)