24 June 2013


No ruling today from the Supreme Court on DOMA.  They will be back tomorrow.  Perhaps that will be the day we have been waiting for.  I suspect they will keep us waiting until just before they end this session.

I received a call from an attorney regarding my issues with the union.  She told me that her and her colleagues have reviewed the case and there really is nothing that can be done. Pension plans are governed by ERISA which is a Federal Law and that falls into line with DOMA.  Unless the Supreme Court over rides DOMA I am pretty well screwed.  That still won’t stop me from suing them in my state.  The union hasn’t cited any laws or made any reference to DOMA.  They simply said they don’t recognize civil unions because it’s not a marriage.  However, I showed them the law from my state and it is in fact a marriage.  The magic 15 days runs out on 06-July and then I can sue them.  Time will tell.  I just hope I am not wasting my money by pursing this.

I called in the boys medicine, I figured since I will be there to pick up 2 meds might as well get them all.  It’s going to be expensive and I am prepared for that. 

Awkward moment.  I was coming out of the bathroom and cute guy was walking down the hall.  I wanted so much to say something to him but I froze.  I just kept walking like it was nothing.  I feel so bad but short of introducing myself to him and talking about my friend request I had no idea what to say.  Granted as I mentioned before I am probably not ready for a relationship.  However, if something sparks I won’t stop it. 

The new guy started today.  He looks oddly like my last boss from that old job I had 3 years ago.  However, he isn’t that person and I’m not holding anything against him.  No eye candy for me, but that’s okay.  I hope he likes what he is doing and that they don’t scare him off.

My shoulders and neck are bothering me.  This tablet project and lifting big boy over the weekend didn’t help.  Speaking of good ol’ Big Boy.  He seems heavier to me.  He is such a gentle soul.  He meows at me as if to order his food.  I rotate his plate in the morning so he can eat everything w/o having to move.  Yes he has me wrapped around his finger.  I can’t imagine having to bury him.  That has been on my mind.  If the vet was right he will be gone somewhere between now and October.  I pray that he lives far beyond that.  However, the weight thing is not good for a cat.  A friend of mine said that he most likely will eventually have a heart attack and that will be what gets him.  It’s a quick death.  Yeah well that isn’t the way I want him to go but I don’t want to make a decision either.  Plus I think of all of the money that has been poured into him.  I sure wish I had that now, it would come in handy.  However, to have the money means I wouldn’t have him so I guess I am glad the money is gone.  Would be nice to have both. 

I’ve given some thought to talking with an attorney about wrongful death.  I’m not sure how much merit my case would have.  The ultimate factor here is that he stopped taking his medicine.  My argument would be that had he been given the clot busting drug he may well still be here today.  I know it’s part of the grieving process but I want to blame someone and if I can get money out of it so be it.  However, I suspect that the whole thing is a waste of time.  Let me know what you think. 

Today is going okay.  Found out that there is yet more work coming my way and it will involve travel.  Darn HIPPA.  While it will be nice to visit some places, there are other places that I don’t want to go back to ever.  I really feel like I need a new job quickly.  However, until everything settles down it’s not a good idea to change jobs.  Right now I can have or take time off with little worry.  Changing jobs and taking time off could cost me the job.  Facing facts I have bills and I need money.  Working for a living is the best way I can support myself, at least for now.  Maybe someday my ship will come in, but I am not counting on it.  That way it will be a surprise if it happens.

Thinking about Turkey Tetrazzini for supper, Stouffers of course.  Not a lot of choices.  Stopping for Mexican sounds good but I just have a strange feeling something is going to go wrong and it is going to cost major money.  Wish that feeling would go away.

Well feelings aside it’s time to get back to computer heaven.  4 more hours and the day will be done.  Then we get to come back and do it all over again tomorrow.  Yippie.  Next week will be much more fun, shorter week and time off to look forward to.

I’ll talk with you again soon. 

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Jude said...

Yeah you're probably right about changing jobs at this time, as bad as this can be sometimes it's still a paycheque when you really need it.

I've still got my fingers crossed for the "right" decision on DOMA!