31 July 2015

Different Way Home

Last night there was something that had traffic majorly backed up.  I sat in it for a little bit and then realized this line goes on for miles and miles and miles (sounds like a Who song).  So I changed lanes and took a different way home.  It actually seemed quicker I suppose because I was moving.  There was very little stop, it was mostly go which is the name of the game.  I filled up my gas tank and washed the car after getting the mail and then it was home. 

Everyone in the cat kingdom is doing okay.  Bear still has yet to pee, it’s been an entire day already.  I am starting to wonder if he has some type of blockage or infection, or if it’s something more serious.  I try not to panic too much because that isn’t good for him or I.  He is pooping though, so I am happy about that.  My hope is that this will all clear up by tonight.  He’s had water and food today, it’s got to go someplace.  Outside of him Momma is still scratching and she has managed to get under my feet a couple of times.  So she has been stepped on and kicked.  Poor little girl makes me feel bad.  I gave her a hug this morning after she snuck up on me and I turned around and kicked her.  She wasn’t too happy but quickly got over it.  I tell you these cats are what keeps me going!

I had another dose of reality hit me last night about how I am free and can do what I want.  It was just a little bit overwhelming.  I also realized there is no more fighting, the battle is done and over.  Closing out that chapter while comforting in some respects, it causes me to wonder where I will be able to channel my energy.  I mean I have been doing it for so long it’s like second nature to me and now it’s like something is missing.  I am not at all wishing that it would come back and I am not saying I am not happy.  It just feels odd, but I am sure I will manage to adjust. 

Just got my demo chair taken away.  Could be up to a month before I get the chair that was ordered.  I sure hope they work super fast and deliver early.  I always tell people worse case scenario but try to surprise them by delivering early, it makes you look good and it causes them to be happy and really like you.  Win – Win !

So that is it for this last post of July.  I shall talk with you peeps next month.  Goodbye July and hello August!

30 July 2015

It’s all good

Yesterday I made the brave move and called my co-worker that I started with a year ago.  Turns out he wasn’t mad at all, he’s just lazy.  Those were his words.  In looking at him through the phone (we have video phones) he looks like he has added a bit of muscle and he is still as fine looking as ever.  It was nice to chat for a bit.  I hear there is some big project coming down the pike in the next couple months but it won’t involve me and he didn’t share any details.  Shame because now I really want to know what is up.  I am sure with time I will hear all about it.  If it’s going to impact our user base it will come my way, it’s just a matter of time.  Glad that the air has been cleared.  As for the co-worker that sits by me, I have determined that he isn’t mad at me, he just has a lot of bad days. 

Speaking of work and co-workers, one of the ladies I work with brought me a piece of Carrot Cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory.  It was delicious, tasted like Carrot Cake.  My body felt the sugar rush and now I am in desperate need of a nap.  I should go to my hiding place and take a nap.  I’ve never done that and don’t plan to start today – I will just be miserable and suffer through it.  Today was the wrong day to bring gummy bears to work in my lunch.  I had to inhale my lunch because there were meetings to setup for.  Now that I can relax I am blogging and feeling bloated and tired. 

Things are okay at home.  The children are behaving, despite the fact they had me hopping last night.  I had a project that I set out to complete and I did finish it but it put me much later into my evening routine than normal.  I had to scramble to make things come together so that I could go to bed.  Bear decided to join me last night and I was so happy about that.  I love it when he sleeps in the same room with me.  I think the feeling is mutual.  He was quick to run out this morning when I opened the door, he plowed right throw and hit Gator in the process.  When he is walking through you just don’t get in his way because he will run you over, like a steamroller.  Mobility is a difficult thing for him, he moves in short bursts.  Still not shy to ask for anything he wants because he knows that eventually I will come through for him.  Haven’t failed him yet and don’t plan on it now. 

I got an email from my postage provider that their software isn’t compatible with Windows 10 so they are asking everyone not to upgrade until they write a new version.  I am thankful they said something because otherwise I would have upgraded when my number came up.  I will probably do my laptop first because it will have the least impact on me.  All of the major stuff I use and deal with is on my home PC.  I have noticed several pieces of software installing new versions or advertising upgrades.  That is the only bad thing about a new version of Windows you have to upgrade other programs in order to keep them working.  Sometimes it’s free and other times it costs money. 

Last night I got my Dollar Shave Club box in the mail.  I really like the razor handle, easy to hold on to.  The shave experience was just okay, I mean it wasn’t my normal weekly shave so kind of tough to expect outstanding results.  I managed to knick myself several times.  Thus far I don’t care for the Shave Butter, it just appears to be fancy hand lotion.  The after shave is good.  I need to use all of the products for a couple weeks before I can make a final determination.

Sad day today, it’s the last day I will have this demo chair.  My chair is on order but who knows how long it will be before it comes in.  They are coming to take away the demo chair tomorrow at some point.  I suspect they will be here early like me.  Ah well, hopefully the new chair will be in very soon.  Herman Miller makes good stuff it’s just super expensive. 

Despite starting lunch late and having it interrupted a couple times, I am still due time but I am going back.  I figure I might as well just get as much done as possible before this sugar coma kicks in and I collapse from sheer exhaustion.  Actually I am hoping that it helps pass the time faster, even though we are long ways from quitting time.  Today would be a good day to go home early.  Except for the fact that I would have to pass out lunch when I got home.

1 more day for the average person.  I have what I will call 1 and a 1/2 days left.  I look at Saturday as a half day and I am eager to put it behind me.  Hang in there I will do the same and we shall talk again soon. 

29 July 2015

In the middle

Yes we have once again made it to the middle of the week.  The weekend isn’t too terribly far away and I will relish every single moment I get to spend it away from the office and not thinking about work.  Each morning I sit at the table and I sense the routine and how things repeat constantly throughout the week.  While I do work best with a routine and a schedule, it does get old after a while.  To think that I have many, many more years to put up with this makes me wonder how I am going to make it.

Last night on the way home I saw a man who had pulled off the road, his door was open and he appeared to be falling out of his vehicle.  He could have had a heart attack, been shot or who knows what.  I was thinking about turning around but then dismissed it and said it’s someone else's problem.  Then as I approached the sweet spot where the police like to sit, I decided to give it a go.  I pushed it and was flying in no time.  I had to travel in the opposite direction, drive past the exit and turn around again.  I got there as fast as I could, of course I broke several laws in doing it.  Not to mention the amount of gas I used and the stress it put on my car.  Sure enough I got there and he was gone.  I knew I should have kept going but I would have always wondered.  My plan if he was still there was to stop far back and call 9 1 1.  I had no intentions of getting out of my car, you just never know it could have been a setup to rob someone – things like that happen.  I thought I had a chance to be a hero and make a difference and all I did was waste my time & gas.  I guess it’s a good thing I didn’t get caught.  As a rule of thumb since I thought I was going to get shot the last time I stopped to help someone, I no longer stop.  I keep going and call for help.  However, there are certain situations that would probably cause me to stop, just out of human compassion.  If someone looks like they are dead that is pretty much a given.  I wanted and still want to be a police officer.  I know that I could make a huge difference, but the demands of the job along with the public perception as well as how the public treats you – no thanks.  I will stick to my present job.  At least there aren’t bullets flying at my head in the office.  Once I leave I am fair game just like everyone else, kind of makes you never want to go back outside if you think about it long enough. 

So after that snafu was done, I walk in the door at home and my phone receives a text message.  It’s my female friend that I am still kind of pissed at.  She can’t make any calls out from her cell phone and wants to see if she can get calls.  I called her and it worked.  Then I had her call my home, nothing.  I told her to use the dial pad and not her contacts.  That worked.  Then she tried to make another call from her contacts and it didn’t work.  Then we got on the subject of backing up her phone.  Holy Moses!  Long story short here I spent my entire evening helping her.  First it was the phone, then it was Apple and finally it was getting her phone connected to her WIFI Network.  It felt like I never left work.  I told her when we were done that I was happy to finally be off work.  She didn’t get it, so I had to explain.  I also told her that if I was charging her that I could have made a small mint now.  She told me how she appreciates it and how it means so much to her.  While she calls at least once per week to check in, I haven’t put forth any effort in calling her since I was lied to.  The friendship doesn’t mean that much to me today, it’s been cheapened by what happened.  I should have cut ties but figured that would cause more harm than good.  Hanging on like I am really isn’t doing me a whole lot of good either.  I am just so flabbergasted that she actually had the balls to lie to me.  I know I need to let it go but it’s just so difficult.  This was not how I planned on spending my evening.  I was surprised at how well I was able to function and get everything done, while still talking to her.  The cats got their treats, the litter boxes were emptied, I ate supper and took my medicine, brushed my teeth and got my lunch ready for today.  It wasn’t easy but I did it.  Go me!

I made a decision on the chair and decided to order the new one.  I liked the one I tried yesterday so I put forth an option.  Get the new chair and if I don’t like it I can swap out for the one I tried yesterday.  That’s no big deal.  I got them to put a cover on the back and it’s a matter of us paying for it, then the order will be placed and probably in a couple weeks I should be sitting in the new chair.  Sad part is the demo model that I have now, will be leaving on Friday.  Boo hiss. 

The mail brought me my 2 rebates that I have been waiting for.  $80 in my pocket.  I need to activate the cards before I can use them.  I couldn’t do that while I was talking on the phone, it requires you to make a phone call.  I had the extra line but trying to go between 2 conversations and potentially messing it up, yeah not worth it to me.  I will take care of it tonight. 

You would think that I would have heard from the Bankruptcy Attorney by now.  He has no clue that I already know were done.  I am anticipating a letter from him, he will of course drag his feet before he sends it.  The notice of the discharge won’t reach me for at least a week, because of the way the government processes all of that.  It comes from a central location and apparently it’s cross county, so snail mail doesn’t move that fast.  Still knowing the verdict ahead of time is far better than sitting, waiting and wondering. 

For some odd reason things are slow right now.  There are no conferences to setup today which is very odd.  That will change tomorrow.  It’s nice to have a break but it kind of makes for a bit longer of a day.  Considering the fact that I was here super early this morning.  Shame I cant leave early.  I got a walk up while I was waiting for my shift to start, so I started early and billed for that.  Overtime is my kind of time.  Speaking of which payday is on Friday.  Looking forward to that!  I don’t know why because I just wind up giving my money away to pay bills.  It keeps the goons off of my back, which is a very good thing.  Speaking of which my certified letter was delivered to the mortgage company yesterday, I am very interested in their response and if they will actually send me anything for my inconvenience.  I asked for it, because if you don’t ask you will never get it. 

Today is Windows 10 day, it is officially released.  I don’t have it yet and I am perfectly fine with waiting, actually the longer the better.  Well this is getting kind of lengthy so I will wrap it all up and call it done.  I shall talk with you peeps again soon. 

28 July 2015

Construction + Rain = Major traffic delay

Last night for the start of my commute, it was pouring rain and then once I got towards the construction it just stopped.  Kind of strange.  Traffic was backed up a little more than usual and moving much slower, I suppose because someone saw water falling from the sky.  I never understood and will never understand why rain causes such a backup.  In any case I was late and decided to forego the post office.  I got home to the children and they were all starving.  Meanwhile I am struggling to fix myself dinner as Bear decides that he wants a buffet of food.  A sample of this, a sample of that, open me a new can, don’t like that, open another can.  Then after he is done eating, he meows for more because it wasn’t enough.  He sent me in circles when finally I had enough and just told him no. 

My dinner was BBQ Pork and Mac & Cheese.  Having leftovers tonight.  2 things that I picked up at the primo grocery store.  Both were microwave and ready in minutes.  While I am fairly certain there isn’t anything in them that is good for me, they both tasted really good.  I had to pry myself away from the Mac & Cheese, so that there would be something to eat tonight. 

I spent a little time at the PC and then it was up to play on my phone and spend more time with the children.  Yes I had to pass out more food – it was time then for evening treats.  That is the last thing and the kitchen is closed.  No more food until morning. 

I watched the film on Logo ‘Matthew Shepard is a friend of mine’.  The whole thing was very sad.  It’s a shame that because he told two guys that he was gay, that it cost him his life.  The world has come a long way since Matthew’s murder but there is still so much more that we need to accomplish.  Everyone’s life has meaning and value and no one should have the right to extinguish another persons life.  It’s okay to disagree and have differences, even be offended but it’s never okay to resort to violence.  I can picture him maybe being attracted to them and thinking maybe one or both of them were going to show him a good time, so if I was in the same position I probably would have come out to them as well.  Words can’t describe how horrible the actual final outcome for Matthew was.  It’s not just because I am gay that this story touched me, it’s because that could have easily been me when I was his age, but for the fact that I didn't hang out at bars.   Thinking about Matthew’s killers, I can’t imagine how they feel each and every day living with the poor choice they made and knowing that they killed someone.  How does one deal with that?  It would drive me to insanity very quickly. 

Stepping off the soap box.  I went to bed after that, I was really tired.  Monday was a busy one and I needed to rest up for Tuesday.  Tuesday is here and my back was bothering me.  I didn’t really want to come to work but it’s better than lying in bed drugged up on muscle relaxers, thinking boy I should have gone to work today because I didn’t accomplish a thing here at home.  Turns out there isn’t a whole lot going on right now and I could have easily called in.  Better for me to be here because I get paid and don’t have to use time.  Traffic this morning was messy.  An accident snarled traffic for miles and miles.  I eventually made it to the office and still had plenty of time to spare. 

Tomorrow is the day Microsoft starts rolling out Windows 10.  I am ready but really don’t want to be one of the first to get it because I am not eager to upgrade.  Windows 8.1 works fine for me but since they are giving it away why look a gift horse in the mouth.  I hope that I am equally as satisfied with Windows 10, only time will tell.  One of my friends who did Beta testing got his copy already and he is happy with it.  I saw a news article that said there were some flaws that were discovered.  You’d think that would stop the rollout but nope, they are pressing onward .  There will probably be a windows update to fix whatever those flaws were, I didn’t take time to read the article. 

I got the chair I want at work on a trial basis.  Turns out it’s not everything that I thought it was.  I think it’s a matter of choosing to keep this or going back to the other chair that was here on a trial.  Decisions … we all know I hate to make them.  Let’s hope whatever I chose I can live with it.  Lunch time is about over and it’s been another busy day here.  We have a new schedule, nothing changed for me but it did for a lot of people.  No one really followed the old schedule to a T and this new schedule isn’t any different.  If we all did what we were supposed to, there would be no need to constantly ask for help.  When I find myself left all alone I just make the best of it and don’t cry about it.  Everyone else throws a fit and sends out an e-mail and tattles.  You can’t make friends like that. 

Speaking of friends the guy I started with a year ago, we kept in touch.  He works in a different office.  I have noticed a change in his behavior since you can obviously tell from my FB profile that I am queer.  I sent him a note yesterday talking about it being our 1 year anniversary here at work.  No response.  Normally he would be on top of that.  Yeah I have a major crush on him but he is in a different part of the country, he’s married and has a daughter – he is clearly off limits and besides that were like miles and miles apart.  Still doesn’t mean I can’t admire him from a far.  It’s pretty clear that I need to get laid and need a boyfriend but everything in time.  I am too sensitive for my own good at times.  I am hurt by his lack of a response. 

Last night I did find a couple of guys that I went to school with.  One that I have been searching for a long time lives pretty close to me.  He’s straight, :( .  The other guy I just stumbled upon turns out he is a detective and deals with financial cases.  Kind of interesting to see how peoples future panned out.  I wanted to be a lawyer but look I’m in technology.  I work in the legal field and that is about as close as I will ever get to being a lawyer.  I’m perfectly fine with that.  My dream is to win the lottery!

Back to it lunch break is done.  Talk with you peeps later.

27 July 2015

Yeah, Yeah it’s Monday

I wasn’t terribly happy about getting out of bed this morning, but knew it had to be done.  Ugh time to face another Monday.  I noticed that Momma isn’t eating.  I hope that this is very temporary, because she was eating last night.  She always lets the children eat first, I even opened a special can of food for her and she turned her nose up at it.  Perhaps there is a fur ball brewing.  So long as she eats supper I will be a happy camper.  Cats and not eating doesn’t mix well at all.

Traffic was a little better this morning.  Progress on the construction so hopefully they stay on schedule and we can go back to normal quickly.  I am interested to see how the ride home is tonight. 

My mom called me over the weekend and left what sounded like a frantic message.  I called her back multiple times and got voice mail, so I left a message.  No call back.  I got an email this morning that she had lab results waiting, so I logged on and picked them up so that I could mail them to her.  Nothing to be concerned about.  I still don’t know what the crisis was and with her memory being the way it is, perhaps she forgot. 

Today has been busy like any other Monday.  I will be so happy when this little transition project is over with.  Hard to believe it but today is my 1 year anniversary here at work.  Last year at this time I was on the road headed out for training.  I ate some really good food and had a blast.  Glad I am not going backwards but this was one event that changed my life in a very positive way.  It’s like my boss told me we each did the other a huge favor.  That is so true. 

I am so hungry, I gulped down my breakfast and didn’t really take time to enjoy my food.  I am on some new vitamins.  They are the GNC Diabetic formula.  They are supposed to help regulate blood sugar.  They have a B complex among other things in them and they are time released.  They smell horrible.  This is my 2nd day on them and so far no complaints.  They will probably take time to build up in my system, which is fine.  I just hope they help me out.  I realize that I can’t down a pint of ice cream or a cake and expect a vitamin to help me out.  My expectations are real and I am not looking for or expecting any miracle, just slightly better sugar results. 

That’s really it from here, nothing special.  I am still living a little bit on Cloud 9 from the victory over Bankruptcy, but that is starting to wear off.  It is a small reminder that he is gone.  I know that he would be proud of me and how I am carrying on and with the progress that I have made.  The next two big hurdles to cross are getting rid of the stuff that I will never use and finding a boyfriend.  Anything is possible I just can’t tell you how much time it will take to accomplish both of those goals.  Parting with the stuff will be bitter sweet but also easy.  The boyfriend thing well I still have questions if that will work out, will I be able to let myself love again.  There is no time frame I am up against but my age is working against me and I know I really don’t want to be alone for the rest of my life.  In a way if that is what is going to happen, I’d kind of like to know now so that I can prepare myself.  However, that isn’t the way the world works. 

Okay so time to move on and get ready for lunch and for a fast moving afternoon.  Password hell coming this afternoon – hopefully there won’t be too many calls but I wouldn’t bed on it.  Take care and I will talk with you all again soon.

26 July 2015


Typical Sunday for me.  I wanted to buy Cat Food at the grocery store but forgot.  It’s a good thing that my arms are attached or I would forget them too.  Went to the Cat Food store and forgot to use the awesome coupon I have.  Said something after I paid and the cashier offered to re-ring the order but I said, nah I will just use it next week.  Now if I forget next week I will really be upset because that is when it expires.  Thinking that since I have to work on Saturday that I may stop off on Friday night. 

I went hog wild at my normal grocery store, I thought I was pacing myself but nope $101 – that’s a lot.  Washing Machine Cleaner and Trash Bags are what helped raise my bill.  Of course so did everything else that I got that I really didn’t need like cookies, ice cream and gummy bears.  I also got a lot of frozen food.  Those Fit & Lean dinners are da bomb and I am really very pleased with them. 

Gator has been my police cat getting me to do the stuff I need to do by begging me with her incessant meowing.  I did get a nap in today it was like 45 minutes and I wanted to go longer but she wouldn’t let me. 

I did something today that I hope that I don’t regret.  I put premium gas in my car.  It’s never, ever seen a drop of the stuff.  I follow the recommendation of the mfg. and only use 87 octane but today I used 93 octane.  It was a little pokey last week so I thought it could use some pep in it’s step.  This is a one time thing, I will go back to 87 octane next week. 

Joined the Dollar Shave Club.  I was already a member at Harry’s.  I like Harry’s prices and blades - - they are super sharp.  I need a razor that has a trimmer on the top, too used to that and it helps out a lot.  Harry’s makes the best aftershave, it smells great and it actually works, at least on my face.  I don’t plan on keeping up the monthly shipment that Dollar Shave Club offers, I just want to try it to say that I have.  If it’s all that and a bag of chips, then I may change my mind.  My face itches so bad right now and I am looking very forward to shaving tonight!  I hate to shave and only do it once per week, unless I feel otherwise motivated, which is not the norm.  I could easily be a beard guy within a couple weeks.  Problem is that it shows white hair and that it’s something that I want to sport.  Yeah I know there is dye but why.  I’ve always been a clean shaven guy and can’t see any reason to change from that.  Besides I never, ever make it past the itchy stage, that is my downfall. 

Not sure if you heard about the Jeep technology flaw but a tech journalist had some hackers (on purpose) gain control of a jeep he was in and shut it down while he was driving on the freeway.  They also were able to do lots of other things as well, like activate the wipers and then squirt washing fluid on the window.  Chrysler has addressed this flaw.  The big thing at play here is the vehicle had a built in 3G connection, so it was connected to the internet.  While it sounds convenient I would rather opt out, call me old fashion but I don’t mind a computerized car I just don’t want anyone to have access to it over the internet.  I mean it could come down to it that we have windows updates for our cars - - forget to patch your car and it’s stolen, it does crazy shit like honking the horn, stopping and starting.  I mean there is the potential for this to be really bad.  If I need the internet that is what I’ve got a smart phone for.  Yeah so I can’t remote start my car, big deal.  Never had that convenience with any of my other cars, why start now. 

Just kicking it at home this evening with the kids.  Found some new Charlie Puth Music that I really like.  I really wish Scotty Dynamo would put out some more new tracks, the same with The Life of Dillon.  Music makes me feel alive, it is entertaining but also like a friend and it can make you relax and give you energy.  I like to spend as much time as I can with all different types of music.  I give everything a chance and if I don’t like it, well so be it.  Finding something that really sounds good and makes me move is something that I really enjoy.  That said, Charlie is all about the ladies and he doesn’t really acknowledge his guy fans – at least not me anyway.  I wish what wasn’t the case, I wouldn’t mind some attention from him.  It’s not like I am asking him on a date or to marry me.  Just say hi.  I really wish I would have stuck around after the concert and met him in person, that would have been awesome.  I’m sure like every musician he will tour again and be back in the neighborhood.  I am looking forward to it. 

Speaking of music, I leave you with something great from Scotty Dynamo, enjoy and I will talk with you again soon.

25 July 2015



The debtor is granted a discharge under section 1328(b of title 11, United States Code, (the Bankruptcy Code). 

Life has been really busy for me.  As such I haven’t had but 1 opportunity per day to check on my late partners bankruptcy case.  Friday morning I checked and didn’t see anything.  I moved on with the day.  When I was at home and printing out my letter to send off to the mortgage company, I decided to check on the case.  Sure enough the Court made a ruling and my late partner was granted a Hardship Discharge, which means no one can ever come back and try to recover any monies that he owed.  If they do then that violates the order of the court and as such I would be able to sue and recover damages.  When I saw the Discharge Order I am very thankful that I was at home, I started screaming and it scared all of the furry people – they ran for the hills.  I was just so happy.  It changed my plans for the evening.  I got on the phone and delivered the good news to my friends.  So thankful that this 2 year and 3 month legal battle is done!

The good news just keeps on coming.  I met with the jeweler today and he fixed my watch.  It took less than 5 minutes.  I am happy but I will probably not go back to his store in my lifetime.  Once bitten twice shy. 

As if things couldn’t be any better, I went to the post office and I won yet another victory.  The credit union I financed my car through took a $5 membership fee to make me a member, so I could have the loan.  The loan is paid off.  I have asked for my $5 back and they kept refusing.  I filed a complaint with the State Regulatory Agency that governs them.  Today I got a check in the mail for $5, imagine that!

Tomorrow I will be buying a lottery ticket – just in case my luck decides to follow me. 

I treated myself to breakfast this morning at Cracker Barrel.  Had some really good food and a lot of it.  I got the Double Meat Breakfast with a side of Hash brown Casserole.  Very filling and very good!!

I came home and was all set to watch TV and nap.  Then the phone rang.  It was a friend that I really didn’t want to talk with.  I answered the phone anyway.  After we were done, I was able to take a nap.  I had one hand on Bear and was just lightly sleeping.  I desired a deeper sleep so I retreated to my bed.  I had some very psychotic dreams and Gator finally got me up.  I fed them their late lunch.  I had a Snapple Raspberry Tea and then I watched a movie on Netflix.  It was about a young man who figured out that he was gay and attracted to older people so he took a job in a Nursing Home.  He fell in love with one of the residents.  He helped him elope (escape) and they went on a road trip together.  The old guy died while they were on the road.  End of movie.  It was different and slightly of interest to me.  I could never picture myself doing anything like that.  I want a younger guy or at least someone around my age – it will just work better. 

Yesterday I gave the AC to my co-worker and she had it installed within a couple hours of getting home and was telling me how it was doing an amazing job.  See far better for her to put it to use than for it to sit in my garage.  She hugged me after I put it in her car.  I started itching from head to toe.  I couldn’t wait to get home and take a shower.  I think it was psychosomatic – I thought I had fleas because she had a flea problem.  I was around her a lot yesterday and was itching long before she hugged me that is what the final move was and I came straight home and jumped in the shower, well that is after taking my clothes off. 

I had some Chicken, Potatoes and Broccoli dish last night.  Tonight I had Stouffer’s Meat Lovers Lasagna.  It was good but not nearly as good as the classic Lasagna they make.  I had plans to visit Red Lobster but I decided to be a homebody.  Life requires you to run around and I am just exhausted.  So a couple days of taking it easy will probably be of great benefit to me.

So thus far a productive and good news filled weekend.  I could use more of these.  This was a very long time coming and words can’t express what a huge relief this is.

Makes me think of a song that Charlie Puth sings called Titanium.  Video is below, give it a listen, you might like it.  Thanks for your visit - - have an awesome weekend!

24 July 2015


Happy Friday everyone!  Wow what a week.  Things have been very busy here.  I had to do a lot of phone calling but I finally got my mortgage company to pay the homeowner’s policy before it cancelled.  Between that and work I am so worn out. 

I got a new chair at work on a trial basis.  I like it but the back isn’t tall enough – I asked for a full back and they keep giving me chairs with mid back support.  Office chairs can be super expensive.  I found out that the next model up from the one I am sitting in that would offer full back support is $2,500.  Funny thing is if they would just get me the chair I asked for in the first place it would only cost $800, my intention certainly isn’t for them to spend $2,500 and I don’t even think that is an option they are considering.  So we will touch base again on Monday and see what options I have.  At least I am making progress here.

Bankruptcy has had no movement at all.  Hopefully, a decision will be handed down next week.  At least I can take comfort in the fact that it is ending.  I just want to know how it’s going to end.  Waiting is not one of my strong qualities. 

Things are going okay in Cat Land.  Bear is always a worry for me.  As of the time I left this morning I have been unable to find that he urinated since Wednesday night.  I am hoping that he is using the litter box, but I am concerned.  So it’s just something that I will watch for over the weekend. 

Weekend plans… need to go to the post office to see the clerk to pick up pee pads.  Nothing else planned but the usual and I will be napping on Saturday.  So looking forward to that.  Who knows what other kind of trouble I will get into.  I am just so happy to have a full weekend.  Next week I have to work Saturday.  The on-call schedule just came out and I will be up again in 4 weeks, plus I am on for the week of Thanksgiving.  I will get Thanksgiving day off but the day after I will be on call so it will be 3 days of fun, hopefully everyone will be out shopping and I won’t be bothered.  Then I am good until February and we shall see what the future holds.  Not terrible.  We lost a person and also have a new position open so that’s why on-call is more than 4 times as I had calculated.  I am not happy about it but it’s not terribly upsetting either.  I just wish I didn’t have the week of turkey day.  Ah well, so be it. 

I heard about one of my co-worker friends that I am concerned about.  Apparently things are worse off with her than I thought.  Not only is she an animal hoarder but she also hords everything.  Her health is failing and she spends the majority of her money on her animals.  While I will say that is her right and a freedom that she has, it’s not a good thing.  She will get a shake from McDonald’s and call that supper or eat a bowl of cereal on the couch.  You can’t get into her bedroom because it’s packed full of crap.  Her shower doesn’t work so she has to visit a relative every 2 weeks to shower (yuk).  The electric only works in part of her trailer, her stove is broken, she only has a college dorm size refrigerator.  I mean this is very bad.  I think that her health will take a turn for the worse and then there won’t be anyone for the animals and they too will suffer.  She had a friend that will come check on her and help out once and a while but that person is moving.  So now she will be all alone.  I wish that there was something that I could do.  She remarked yesterday that her window ac went out and she was going to go pick one up at Wal-Mart.  I told her don’t bother I’ve got one sitting in my garage and I will give it to you.  She offered to pay me but I am not taking her money, considering I know more about her circumstances than she would want me to know.  I feel sorry for her.  However, she has to want to make a change or it will never happen.  It’s like dealing with any addiction.  My late partner had to have window units because the house was never cold enough for him.  The one that was in his office works very well and I am giving her that one.  The one he used in the bedroom, I think is shot but you can’t just set it out for the garbage man to pick up so it sits in the garage for now.  I look at it like I am doing something good and it makes me feel good – after all I am all about helping people.  I like to solve problems.  I can’t solve them all but I still seem to strive to. 

I had my massage yesterday and I was once again all knotted up.  It hurt like hell.  I also came out to the massage therapist and told her my life story about losing my partner.  She was talking about a friend of hers who lost her husband.  I just felt like it was the right thing to do.  I really thought a lot about it.  Telling my story isn’t something that I will share with everyone.  I have to feel comfortable about it, otherwise it will never happen.

So thankful it’s Friday I am very tired and it’s taken a lot to keep on pushing myself.  All I wanted to do this morning was sleep but I had 3 cats in my room and one of them (gator) couldn’t keep quiet.  Imagine that!  Little girl wants her food and attention and she wants it now so come on already.  Yeah, okay up in a minute.  No, NOW!  So up I go like a good staff member.  :)

I do hope that all is going well for you, that the sun is shining and you aren’t dealing with any troubles at all.  Have a good weekend and I will talk with you peeps again soon. 

21 July 2015


Supper last night was delicious.  Chicken Monterey – chicken, potatoes topped with bbq sauce and cheese.  A side of green beans.  Not bad for a TV dinner.  Stouffers is doing some good things with food. 

I am so frustrated I have spent a good portion of my morning on the phone with the mortgage company.  I am trying to obtain the tracking number for the package they allegedly sent to my insurance company.  Funny thing is that no one can provide me with a tracking number.  That causes me to doubt if they actually sent payment.  The mortgage company is operating with the understanding that there is a grace period beyond the cancellation date.  In talking with my insurance company I found out that is not the case.  They will cancel the policy if they don’t get payment.  They are already operating within the grace period.  Now I’m told that I won’t be penalized because it’s not my fault, however I shouldn’t have to babysit this matter.  This should be an automatic process that doesn’t involve me to interact with it.  What a joke these mortgage companies are.  I am finding they are all the same so if the name changes, doesn’t mean that the service will.  They love to keep you spinning and guessing as to where or when you will stop.  The problem might be fixed today and it might never be fixed, you just have to keep on them. 

This most definitely constitutes Breach of Contract and is actionable.  I told them that in a voice mail I left a few minutes ago.  I told them I had spoken with an attorney, which is true.  My intention is not to turn this into a legal battle but to simple get the bill paid.  It’s a simple task that has taken up way too much of my time.  I am glad that I didn’t mail the letter to the President of the mortgage company because I am going to revise it.  I did try to call him today but got diverted to an associate in his office that agreed to help me.  Yeah, he won’t fucking talk to the little people and I knew that going in.  However, if you make noise at the Executive Level you have decent odds at getting your problem fixed.  I just hate to argue and keep forging forward, it’s hassles like this that can get me down and also at the same time infuriate me.  I hope this is solved today but my gut tells me it won’t be. 

I also had a difficult caller yesterday and haven’t been able to get rid of his ticket.  I tried but it keeps coming back to me.  I don’t know why people have to call and be assholes.  I mean he hadn’t rebooted in 26 days, of course your going to have problems.  I am now waiting on him to respond to me.  I need to try a repair on a program and hopefully that resolves the issue.  He isn’t one that wants to let me work on his machine, he would rather bitch about it not performing.  Whatever!!

All is still well in the cat household.  Picking up some Amazon orders tonight for them.  Had to beg Marvin to sleep with me again, he just sat at the door and looked like duh I don’t know what to do.  Climb in bed so we can get to sleeping.  Slept pretty good last night but morning came and screwed that all up. 

Traffic was heavy last night and it took maybe 5 minutes longer.  I pushed the car to go faster when things opened up so I got home at an average acceptable time.  Tonight might be a different story, we shall see.  Coming to work is no problem at all – leave early and arrive early.  Going home well I can’t leave early and if I did I it would need to be at 3 or 4 at the latest and that would require permission and me using my time.  Not going there, it’s not how I want to spend my time. 

Not sure if I mentioned it but I got a benefits book all about my free insurance.  I learned they don’t cover specialist and going to a podiatrist would be going to a specialist so it would all be at my expense.  That could be a few dollars or a whole lot of dollars.  Either way it’s not something that I want to rush into.  Speaking of my feet last night on the way home it felt like I had a bug in my shoe or sock.  Something was tickling the crap out of my foot and it was really bothersome.  When your doing 70 to 80 mph isn’t the time to address it.  You just drive and hope for the best.  I got home and it was nothing.  My foot was being odd.  I encountered the same thing on the way to work this morning.  Once I got here all was okay.  Last night it lasted for hours, even after my shoes and socks were off. 

So today isn’t the greatest day for me, but I am still here and I keep putting one foot in front of the other.  Moving into lunch time, got me some more cherries and I look forward to eating them.  They are however expensive, I didn’t realize it but I got 2 lbs in a pre packed bag it was almost $9 which is a lot for some fruit.  Eating right can be costly!  I am starting to get sleepy as well, which isn’t a good thing.  I know I am having chicken something tonight not sure if I want Italian or Mexican, it’s a tough choice.  I finished off the bad Ben & Jerry's and hope that I never have to repeat that experience again, bad ice cream is horrible.  

Toodles for now. 

20 July 2015

Monday Traffic

As I anticipated when I was late going to bed last night, 6am came around rather quickly.  Marv didn’t do me any favors last night and I had to eventually chase him into my room.  Both of the boys (Marv & Bear) were really drinking the water last night.  Thirsty fellows.  My fear was that Marvin would either wake me or not wake me and I would find a mess.  Nah, once he slows down and is ready to sleep that is what takes over.  He is a sleeping machine and outside of eating I’d say that is his 2nd favorite activity.  All is well in the cat community at my place. 

I got moving even if it was slower than I anticipated.  I mean it’s Monday how chipper and fast is one supposed to be at 6a?  I was able to leave the house early, not as early as I wanted to but I still was early.  Of course there weren’t any issues going to work.  Looking in the other direction, it looked like a nightmare to try to go home.  Not sure for my plans to return home tonight.  I will go the usual way and if it’s mega backed up then I will ditch and switch to an alternate route.  Hopefully, it’s not horrible.  I need to get home to the babies because they will be starving and then I will get yelled at when I open the door.  Sitting in traffic is not how I want to spend my night. 

Got a surprise this morning.  My Go To My PC Account renewed.  I had a promo price and have been paying the same amount for years.  Well, they had a rate increase and my promo rate went bye bye.  I wish they would have told me in advance.  I called in and got them to lower the amount but it’s no where close to the promo price I had.  Not happy about that but I like their product and the extra security they have built in.  I got the product when I was traveling so I could connect back home, but honestly it works well for me just to get into my machine from work.  It’s a handy thing to have access to another machine, especially in my field of work.  Troubleshooting connectivity to websites, etc. 

Last night I sent out my first ever Snapchat.  Bet you can’t guess who I sent it to.  You were going to say Charlie Puth right?  Well you’d be wrong.  I sent it to SHEP689 – aka Will Sheperd.  Then I sent a second one out to Charlie.  I really anticipated a response from both of them but got nothing.  Kind of disappointed.  Still having fun with Twitter, there are some folks on there that show their appreciation, just wish that it was the people I am a big fan of. 

The watch saga … I decided to set it last night to make sure it was 100% accurate and it hasn’t lost a beat since.  I wore it to work just to see if I could see it lose time and nope, still going like a champ.  I held off on sending my letter but will mail it tomorrow.  I’d love to have this spec thing fixed, it’s annoying despite the fact that it’s not causing any problems. 

Bankruptcy… No news.

Homeowner’s Insurance … Still no payment posted.  The overnight payment should be leaving tonight.  I will be calling tomorrow.  I held off mailing my letter on this just to see how it plays out, if were okay then I will send the letter in a day or so.  If not then I will be able to revise it and then send it.  No matter the situation it’s always helpful to have options.

The Chair … I have officially rejected the staff chair that they said to try first.  Now I have a meeting this afternoon to discuss how we move forward.  They need to get another chair in is how we move forward.  I can’t believe how difficult this process is – they are going to draw it out in the hopes that I will give up or just settle for something else.  NEVER!  I want and need what I want and need, give it to me and give it to me now.  Sounds reasonable right?

This is staff meeting and massage week.  Looking forward to the massage, not so much on the staff meeting.  Today is heavy with calls and problems.  Understandable after the weekend work.  It will be like this for a few more weeks, then we can all relax.  I am sure there will be some kind of a celebration and the most I expect is a box lunch, but you never know.  I might just get a thank you.  No worries, it all pays the same. 

Yesterday I dropped $101 at the grocery store.  I went to the upscale store and I got a lot of good food.  Turkey & Chicken frozen dinners, new from Stouffers.  Looking forward to supper every night this week.  Still have 1/2 of a Lemon cake to polish off as well.  Yesterday was National or World Ice Cream day.  I broke out the Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia.  It had been in the fridge way too long.  It was bad, I still ate some of it and put the rest away.  I don’t plan on throwing it out.  I just got it last week and it should last for more than a week.  Ah well. 

Heard some great car commercials last night.  Dealers want to get rid of the 15’s so they can make room for the 16’s – it’s a decent time to buy.  Lots of the offers come with 0% and I heard 2 offers that said no payments until fall.  Yeah so you drive it for a couple months, then realize you have to pay for it and that’s when your finances go to hell.  I am tempted to move forward but am still holding out.  Not exactly sure when I will move forward.  Need to build up ye old nest egg.  More expenses coming down the pipeline.  Auto Insurance, PO BOX and of course the bill for my tires.  There is always someone or something to take your money – realize that and you will be A okay.  I expect that I will be fine but still would be nice to pocket some money for longer than 1 or 2 months before I have to spend it.  I mean I like free money and that would be interest I am speaking of.  The more I get of that the happier I am. 

I see there is a 2nd season of Don’t Quit Your Gay Job on Here TV!  I saw an episode last night where the guys tried out being Vancouver Police Officers.  Wow very physically challenging job.  Rob Easton is still looking fine, but I hate the fact that he has a mustache.  I also saw the entire series of Cover Guy Montreal Edition.  Very nice men to look at.  It was a contest to be an underwear model – nice very nice!

Well back to the bump and grind for a few more hours and then it will be traffic time again  - eat some supper, relax and rest and repeat again tomorrow.  4 more days until Friday and then I have a full weekend to myself.  Looking forward to it.  It’s nice to be able to kick back and do nothing – not worry about anything just be a big lazy lump of a person taking up space and napping with my cats.  Ah well like I said back to reality.  Take care peeps!

19 July 2015


A bit of good news.  I decided to visit my old blog and turns out the name is available.  So if you go to http://elhomoblogo.blogspot.com you will see a post there that has a link to re-direct people here.  I don’t have high hopes of seeing visitors from way back to come back.  I mean the name was taken from me years ago and to think that anyone is still trying the url day in and day out, is crazy talk.  However, it never hurts to try.

Saturday working was not fun but it was different compared to a regular work day.  The office was very quiet.  I was able to get water and have a left over cup cake!  I had 4 machines to work on and got them all done by 2p.  They let me leave, which I am thankful for.  I still had some what of a weekend left.  I told myself that I would go to Maggiano’s after I was done but I talked myself out of that quickly.  I didn’t feel the best from skipping lunch and wanted to get to the jewelers. 

Got my watch picked up and then had a bite to eat at the place next door.  Bacon Wrapped BBQ Meatloaf.  It was so good and so gone in minutes.  No dessert for me.  I happened to glance at my watch and noticed there was something on the face.  I went back to the jewelers.  There is a spec of something on the inside of the face of the watch.  I was told they only opened the back to replace the batteries and to open the front would require stem removal as well as other things being released.  They did offer to fix it for me, but it would need to go to a watch maker and it would be at my expense.  I could see that I wasn’t getting anywhere with the sales lady, so I just took the watch and left.  The watch was photographed when I dropped it off.  So I wrote a letter to the owner of the store asking him to produce the photograph and compare it to the one I enclosed.  If it was there when I dropped it off, then I am in error but if it is as I suspect they jarred something loose then they should fix it at their expense.  I mean it was in their care & custody and therefore they are responsible for damage, loss or theft.  Last night I noticed the damn thing wasn’t even keeping time on the digital display.  I would set the time and the date would be off, then set the date and the time would be off.  It was maddening.  I finally got everything set.  Now I am waiting to see if it happens again.  If so then I will revise my letter to indicate that there was obvious other damage done.  I mean it needed a battery it was dead when I brought it in.  I wear it once maybe twice a year.  It’s a Pulsar and I paid around $1,200 for it years ago.  It’s got yellow gold in it which is why it was so expensive.   I have looked and while I can’t find a similar band design I can find a comparable watch face without gold so the cost is much less.  I don’t really want to buy a new watch but wanted to see what was out there.  I am NOT happy at all about this.  It’s like one more battle in my life that I really don’t need. 

I got a bill from my doctor yesterday and see they charged for taking my blood.  Problem is they didn’t take my blood, the doctor wrote an order and I went to a local hospital that isn’t affiliated with the doctors office.  So I turned that part of the claim in to my Health Insurance company as fraud because it billing me for a service that was NOT rendered.  It’s only $18 which they discounted down to $10.  Still it’s $10 and the doctors office already gets $161 for an office visit, you think they need the extra $10 – I think not. 

Charlie Puth posted on Twitter to check out his snap chat to watch him doing things without a shirt on.  Well I will admit that when I heard his voice for the first time I was enamored by his voice and that was it.  He was cute but there was no attraction there.  The longer time goes on and the more material he writes, the more I want to fuck him.  Factoid Fuck is one of Charlie’s favorite words.  He’s also very straight, which is bad for me.  So guess what I did?  Yeah I got a Snap Chat account.  I saw the video it wasn’t anything special but it was a nice diversion from daily life.  I haven’t quite figured out how to use Snap Chat but I am working on that.  I have to think about what I want to say and who I want to say it to.  Those things can live forever.

I took sometime to research my mortgage company and find out who the president of the company is.  I wrote him a nice long letter about the escrow and homeowners insurance snafu that they created.  I explained to him in very simple terms that it constitutes a breach of contract and that is actionable.  However, I am not going to make a mountain out of a mole hill today.  Do it again and we will be seeing each other in court.  I mean come on, your entrusted to pay a bill.  You have my money, disburse it on time to the right party and there will be no problem.  That is the way Escrow works.  Given everything that I have been through I have a serious issue with trusting others be it a person or a company because they always seem to fail me.  That said I haven’t revoked any ones trust card from my book, until they prove they are untrustworthy.  So my friend that lied to me about her sons graduation – yeah that trust card is revoked.  The bank that didn’t pay the bill on time – that trust card is revoked as well.  If you fuck me over, I remember it and hold on to it like it was yesterday, so I never forget.  That causes problems in other areas of my life but it’s part of who I am. 

Last night I watched a TED talk by Shane Bitney Crone who is known from the movie Bridegroom.  He talked about losing his partner and moving on with his life.  It was very interesting.  TED has many good talks.  Some bare knowledge and others are just enough to lull you to sleep.  Don’t believe me try watching one late at night and I think you too will drift off to the land of slumber. 

Nothing major going on right now.  The usual.  Waiting for the judgment in Bankruptcy which I am not expecting until the last week of the month, but they may surprise me and release a ruling this week.  All I know is it’s going away one way or another.  That in and of it’s self is good news.  The fact that no one creditor has raised an objection to a discharge I think works in my favor because if it’s dismissed the likelihood that anyone creditor would comeback and try to collect I think is very minimal.  Still it’s a pins and needles situation of waiting.

I made it to the store in the rain this morning.  Now I have to go back out for cat food and gas.  Then I will be home for the rest of the day.  I had my nap already, when I got home from the grocery store.  Gator had me up at 7 – got to stick to that schedule.  If the pussies aren’t happy then no one is happy.  Even Bear is getting in on the act now and crying for attention every time I see him.  I think he is more thankful than anything and wants to show his appreciation for me.  Plus a little stroking does him good as well as it does me. 

It is far too quiet here. I like it but I also hate it at the same time.  I keep thinking about how I am free to live my own life and do what I want.  I never realized that I was shackled and my life revolved so much around one person.  We did things together and I had fun – I’d also do it all over again if I had the chance.  However, now for the first time in my life I am truly on my own.  That is fun and also very scary.  My ability to exist depends upon my ability to work and earn a living.  No money means big problems.  I don’t have any fear right now of being jobless, I am too well liked and things are really going good.  I don’t plan to alter that.  It’s nice to be appreciated. 

Okay I’m at the rambling stage.  Better get moving before I type for another hour.  Happy what’s left of the weekend.  Talk with you all again soon.  Be well, Stay cool and have the time of your life. 

17 July 2015


I am really having some fun with Twitter, getting some attention that I have wanted from some people.  I just wish one of them was Charlie Puth.  I have some strange followers, it’s like the minute you register your account people start following you.  There won’t be any of my secrets there so it’s not a big deal.  The thing is you have to realize that whatever you say will live forever.  Somewhere someone has a screen shot or record of it.  So as long as you know that going in, you can take the right amount of caution and life should be well.

My employer does kind of scare me.  They don’t want you to tarnish the image of the Firm, which I totally understand.  However, I don’t follow my employer and really don’t want to interact with them via Social Media.  My account is mine and separate from work, what I say so long as I don’t disparage them shouldn’t impact my continued employment.  I feel the same way about my phone.  They think they have exclusive ownership rights because Firm email is on my device.  However, I still pay the bill and the phone is in my name.  If you don’t like the fact that I have shirtless & naked guys on my phone and you have an objection on the way I am using my phone, well then you can just buy me a device.  Just because I accept funding to pay the bill doesn’t mean that they own the device.  Lots of my co-workers are upset by the mobile device policy and really think that big brother is spying on them.  Yeah, he is and always will be.  Don’t be up to no good and you have nothing to worry about.  I totally understand their objection but there is no way to fight it.  Our employer doesn’t want to be in the mobile phone business and have money tied up in equipment.  More and more business are going to this BYOD or Bring Your Own Device platform.  If you can’t comply and your employer won’t budge then you might need to look for a new employer.  The bigger risk is that you have personal information on the device and one day someone decides to just randomly send a wipe to your device.  Well if you haven’t backed up your data then your fucked, it’s gone and not coming back.  That is the bigger risk.  I use iCloud and have Backup turned on so that when I dock my phone at night it is automatically backed up.  I also go a step further and occasionally backup my device to my pc at home.  Just because I am paranoid of data loss.  Now outside of a few photos and cat videos  - everything else is replaceable.  So I feel that by doing both methods I minimize my risk.

Ah okay so back to regular programming.  My day is moving along, I really wish that I didn’t have to spend my day here tomorrow.  I checked with the insurance company and still no payment from the mortgage company.  I called the mortgage company and they are going to ink a special check today.  It will go out via Overnight on Monday for delivery on Tuesday.  That should put an end to this.  If the original check is cashed then I will have to get a refund from the insurance company and in turn reimburse my escrow account.  Fuck so complicated.  I wish that they would have sent the payment electronically but that apparently makes too much sense and is far too efficient.  All I know is that this better be a one time thing.  If I have to go through this next year then there will be problems.  Still I don’t trust the mortgage company so I am keeping very close tabs on this, I need to know it’s paid so I can relax a bit.  It’s a big deal to have homeowner’s insurance. 

I last checked yesterday on Bankruptcy and no movement yet.  I am happy with that, we are coming closer to judgment time.  I really think I will get the hardship discharge but it’s not over until the judge swings the gavel. 

Bear is back to his normal self, but he longs for attention.  I got his claws trimmed last night and brushed him.  He ate up every second of it and still asked for more.  I wound up carrying him to bed because he wanted to sleep with me.  The things I do for him.  Love it causes you to loose your mind at times.  I mean I wouldn’t otherwise carry a large cat around my house, but since it’s my cat that is a different story.  It’s not just Bear but all of them, they are attention whores and I am right there with them I want attention as well, just a different kind than what they are wanting.

The standard chair they have me in at work isn’t cutting the mustard.  Monday we will be reaching out to a vendor for a different chair.  Meanwhile I am sitting in my old chair and now find it oddly comfortable.  So there you have it ala update.  Weekend plans are just to survive.  The usual stuff for Sunday and Saturday will be work and then I will fit in whatever after that.  Back to the grind. 

16 July 2015

Twerk It

Really digging the beats from Scotty Dynamo.  Last night was very difficult to sleep, but something tells me that I won’t have any problems tonight!  Mr. Bear seems like he is back to normal.  His skin isn’t but I am tending to it.  Can’t wait until our next bath.  Hopefully I will be able to get him clean without much of a fight.  Time will tell.

Back to work today.  Rough!  Lots of things wrong here but I am working with them 1 problem at a time.  I have to play a game to get a decent chair.  So my doctor wrote a note and I turned it in.  They don’t want to cave so I have to try the standard staff chair first for a couple days.  If that doesn’t work they will work with a vendor to get me a different chair.  It would be far easier for everyone if they just ordered me the chair I want, that I know will resole my problems.  I will play the game but I don’t like it at all. 

Feels odd for this to be a Thursday everyone is planning for tomorrow a big day because it’s Friday.  Not for me, it’s more like tomorrow is Thursday.  Saturday will be my Friday & Saturday in one.  Looking forward to putting that behind me. 


I saw a movie via on-demand, it wasn’t a bargain but it was interesting.  They were exploring the sound of the gay male voice and do I sound gay?  There are vocal coaches that people pay to take the gay out of their voice.  I am not big on the feminine sounding guys, but you are who you are.  Why pay someone to change you – especially your voice.  I mean I get a little plastic surgery but voice that is kind of drastic.  I think at times you can tell by my voice that I am gay, but there are also other ways that it’s telegraphed.  No matter how much of a disguise you think your putting on, there is someone who will always be able to see through it.  You can fool some of the people some of the time, not all of the time.  If you think no one will ever know, yeah good luck with that.  I thought the same thing for many years but people have told me that it was obvious to them.  Right now I just do me – I am who I am and I act & sound like I want.  It’s a take it or leave it situation.  Still the movie poster I thought was very good.  I’d like to see the full face of the guy with the rainbow tongue.

Checked on the homeowners policy, no money is in yet.  Unless some miracle happens between now and tomorrow, I think this is going to come out of my pocket.  Then I will have to worry about the repayment.  I plan on reaching out to the mortgage company again and asking them if they will just send me the check.  I know how to cash it and I can pay the bill – this way everyone is happy.  Not sure that will happen.

Argh!  Back to the grindstone.  Hope your doing well.

15 July 2015

The Concert

It was a very good time – not worth what I shelled out for the ticket, but a good time. 

Good thing that I planned to get there when the doors opened, because the rest of the city had the same idea.  The line was horrific and it was a nice hot sunny day.  I was baking to death.  Then I heard good news, 21 and over you can enter in the front, no line.  I jumped on that and they were doing pat down searches before they allowed you in.  Of course I decided to bring a small flash light.  The lady (shame I couldn’t get a guy) that was patting me down said I’d like to look at this item.  I told her before I pulled it out that it was a flashlight.  She said okay, don’t shine it during the show.  Presto inside like that. 

Seating was NOT assigned and was all General Admission.  That means it’s a free for all and you get what you get.  The place was packed.  I was able to use the restroom and then decided it would be a good idea to get something to drink to cool down a bit, while I waited for the show to start.  I went up to the bar and they had soda small cup $3.  I was desperate so I said sure.  A couple gulps and that baby was gone.  I nursed it as long as I could. 

I forgot that they put in a 3rd artist at the last minute.  Some group I never heard of called Life of Dillon.  Now I couldn’t exactly understand all of the lyrics of their songs.  The acoustics were a bit off for my perfect hearing, despite the fact that Charlie Puth said they were the best that he has heard, the crew did a good job.  Yeah, okay.  Anyway I wasn’t really into Life of Dillon but the more they played the more I was like, yeah this is some good stuff.  They did a few songs, took a selfie or two and they were done.

Charlie was up next.  The crew was on it changing the stage and getting him out there.  It was a short 10 or 15 minute break that went by like nothing.  Then before you knew it, the guy I came to see was on stage.  I was up in nose bleed heaven but I still could see him like he was next to me.  I wanted to scream but felt that people around me might not get it.  Plus I wanted to tell him to pull up his damn pants.  I am all about seeing certain guys naked but he wasn’t there for that.  He played very well.  He amped up the crowd for the main event, which I could care less about.  He did a new song, which sounded great and it’s something that I have to look forward to hearing again, when it’s released.  One lucky girl handed Charlie her phone and he took a selfie with her.  Damn wish I was that girl, but she was front row and it was people on top of people.  Not exactly my idea of a good time.  I had an idea of jumping on the stage but for fear of hurting myself I didn’t.  Not to mention I would have been kicked out.

When they were tearing down the stage to get ready for Megan the piano that Charlie was playing at was a shell.  It was hollowed out and inside was an electronic keyboard.  They removed the keyboard and then packed up the shell.  I thought that was a hell of an idea who ever thought of that is genius.  If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes I would have sworn it was a real piano.

Charlie is done and Meghan Trainor came on stage.  I really don’t care much for her.  She did a couple songs that I liked but that was it.  The big finale was All About That Bass and there was a confetti cannon at the end.  I swear that thing just went off like a fountain.  I really wanted to meet Charlie but there was no mention of him meeting fans.  I am sure he probably popped outside and met a couple of lucky people but I didn’t stick around.  I headed back home.  It was around 1:30am when I finally walked in the door.  The children were not happy they had been left alone.  Back to life as normal now – ugh.

I was very thankful that I had yet another day to play and more importantly sleep in.  That was very smart planning on my part.  I asked last night about taking photos, which was fine.  No video but I saw people filming away like crazy.  No one stopped anyone.  People were generally rude -  talking while the performance was going on.  I kept getting bumped into when the drunk lady next to me tried to return to her seat for yet another drink.  People stood up so you couldn’t see the stage.  I could have stood up but then that would have blocked those behind me who were already SRO and I didn’t think that was fair. Plus I got to see most of what I wanted to which was Charlie.  Megan clearly is what drew the crowd.  I saw one girl in front of me a friend kept sending her sexts of her boobs.  This was a teenager and man she could really work the keyboard, I am surprised that her phone didn’t melt in her hands.  Mobile devices were everywhere.  Small cameras but mostly popular was the mobile phone.  I got a couple photos as well, which was nice.  I kept my phone in my pocket for the majority of the show.

Realize it or not this was a very HUGE step for me to take and to do it by myself was quite the accomplishment.  I am very proud. 

Then today I heard Scotty Dynamo’s new song Show Me Yours – damn that’s good too.  Then he confirmed what many people have thought, he’s gay.  That was just awesome.  I like most of his original songs – he knows what he is doing!

Seeing all of these people having fun makes me think about switching jobs.  I am not just saying that to bump my gums.  I’ve thought about it many times, just not sure what I would like to do.  I would like more fun in my life as well as more people.  Positivity is mainly what I am after.  I could use a fat dose of it over a long period of time. 

I took another big step today and joined Twitter.  Yeah it’s kind of new to me.  I had followed some porn stars aka male entertainers and marked my tweets private but then I realized it was like I was hiding, which I was.  So I unfollowed the porn stars and put everything back to being public again.  Scotty Dynamo liked one of my tweets and I heard back from another Male Celeb that I followed.  Kind of nice to get that kind of attention.  Don’t know that I will be tweeting all that much but I figured it was time to get on board, like it or not. 


Gator got me up bright and early but she did let me sleep in for a little bit.  I went out to IHOP for breakfast, ordered way too much food.  Came home and took care of business.

Called the Mortgage company they told me that the insurance company returned their original check so that is why payment was reissued.  I verified they sent it to the right address.  Nothing is showing as of yet and the policy is still pending cancellation.  I reached out to my insurance agent but there wasn’t much he could do.  I think before it’s said and done I will have to shell out the money myself and then try to get someone to reimburse me, which could take time and that could result in interest charges, which I really don’t want to pay.  I have my fingers crossed that the payment will surface and be credited before the end of the week.

I had to drop my watch off at the jewelers last week, they were out of batteries.  I called today and it’s still not ready.  That was Saturday, were on Wednesday.  They told me to call back Friday.  Yeah well I have to work and I won’t be able to pick it up until next Saturday because of the hours they keep.  So I am just waiting for them to call me to say it’s ready.  There shouldn’t be any charge I have paid for 3 years of batteries – it’s like $12 which is damn cheap.  It’s a watch that I wear once and a while – usually at Thanksgiving and that is it.  I’ve thought about wearing it to work but what’s the point if it’s not running.

Checked emails and had 115 for being gone 2 days.  Thankfully most of it was junk and could be deleted.  I have 3 busy days ahead of me, which should pass very fast.  Not sure if they will.  All I know is I look forward to whenever quitting time is on Saturday.  I am not happy at all about working a Saturday. 

Mr. Bear is doing much better, pretty well back to his normal self.  I am still watching him like a hawk, just because I am still concerned.  He is eating like no tomorrow, which works in his favor.  He is using the bathroom but not as much as I would like to see, still there has been plenty of clean up and sponge baths for him.  I make sure that he gets his meds!

Well it’s almost time for Suits and Ice Cream.  Momma is yelling at me for treats and I of course don’t want to give in.  Need to get a few things squared away and then it will be time to prep for Thursday.  It’s a shame I don’t have any more time off planned and something to look forward to.  I mean I need to make that Foot Doctor appointment but I am not looking forward to that.  I want to go on vacation or go to another concert – something entertaining.  Hell who knows I might just venture to the gay bars by myself, dangerous as that sounds. 

How are things in your neck of the woods?  Hope you are all doing well.  I am off to prep for tomorrow and enjoy what little bit of an evening that I have left.  Take care and I will talk with you all again soon. 

13 July 2015


My allergies kicked in full swing and that along with life has kept me away from ye old blog.  It all started on Friday when I moved a scanner at work.  I had dust on my hands.  I am highly allergic and kept getting interrupted.  I felt my nose start and from there it was a mess for the next few days.  Things got so bad that I had to start steroids.  I can’t live on Benadryl, it knocks me out and life requires more often than not that your active if you wish to participate.  Right now I am fine, we shall see how things go as the week progresses and I taper down my dose.

Mr. Bear is hanging in there.  I gave him a bath on Saturday.  I didn’t get to get him as clean as I would have liked because of the position he had in the sink.  I think he has developed a slight skin infection.  It’s red and hot to the touch.  He is on medicated spray and antibiotics, which hopefully will clear things up.  He still isn’t back to his normal self in the way of disposition  He has taken up residence in my room and isn’t keen on leaving.  He moves forward for meals and I have left him a water dish.  He is eating.  He went to the bathroom last night (urine) but I haven’t seen anything else since Friday.  Hopefully things will return to normal today.  I hate to take him to the vet but I will certainly have the time on Tuesday or Wednesday.  He is always on my mind.  It’s times like this that I think of him more often and worry.  I know it doesn’t do any good, but it’s just part of the ownership experience for me.  I have a hint that we are edging closer to the end, but I don’t think we are quite there yet.  I told him last night that if he wants to give up, to let me know.  He just looked at me and I wasn’t sure how to read his response. 

Work today is like 100mph.  I have 1 person who’s hard drive failed and I am working on getting him a new machine.  However, I have imaged it once and it failed.  So I have to start over again and that takes another hour.  The sooner I can start configuring the sooner he can have it.  He’s not happy because he lost 4 hours worth of work.  My answer sorry but you should have saved your work to the system.  Now he is trying to cover for lost time.  Monday is always a busy day and today is no exception to that.  I am glad that I will be out for the next 2 days.  Nervous about going to the concert but once I get there and have my seat, it will be all good. 

I got a notice that my homeowners policy is pending cancellation because of non payment.  The mortgage company says they have paid it but the insurance company doesn’t have the money.  I got an e-mail back in June telling me that the policy was paid.  Then I got an e-mail the other day that said the same thing.  I wondered if they paid twice.  Yeah they did but the first payment was re-deposited back in to my account last week and the same day they reissued payment.  It makes me wonder if they know what they are doing and if they also really paid the property tax.  Escrow is a great thing to have but if you can’t rely on the administrator of the account to disperse funds when bills are due then you might as well take care of it on your own.  For now I get to keep an eye on the situation.  If payment isn’t made in time then I will have to cough up my own funds to pay it.  Then if/when the insurance company gets payment from the mortgage company they will refund that payment to me.  I really don’t want to have to go that route but it’s all about survival and NOT getting cancelled.  I know how to pay my bills very well and I wish that the mortgage company did too.

There are issues with the truck, I think it might need some work despite the dealer telling me everything was okay.  It’s not something that I am eager to have looked at.  I am only driving it on the weekends and well if I would crash I have coverage for that and it would be one way of getting rid of it.  Not that I want to crash it, I would rather trade it – I would get a much better deal. 

Life just seems to always have something in store for me.  Well back to the grind.  Talk with you peeps later.

10 July 2015

Dry and Quiet

Mr. Bear was dry when I got home.  No messes to clean up and he didn’t leave my room until early this morning.  He is eating and drinking.  I think he knows that this one was close to him getting medical treatment.  I am so very pleased that the medication I gave him worked.  We are back on our normal routine as of today and hopefully that will not cause him any distress.  I left a water bowl out for him just in case he wanted some.  I saw him drinking this morning and he used the litter box.  Shame he wasn’t all the way in but at least he tried.  I am so proud of him for being a brave boy. 

Meanwhile back at work I am busy doing my job and the doctors office calls and leaves a voice mail.  They are mailing me an order to get my blood work done.  I called back and said I don’t need an order the work was done 2 weeks ago.  I wanted to know if you got the results and if not I can make them available.  I logged in and copied and pasted from one health portal to another so that my doc had access to them.  Then I asked about my note for a chair.  Funny how he’s more concerned with blood work.  The results aren’t horrible and they could be better but I think I will live.  As the doc though I do not have gout, my uric acid level is perfectly fine.  So there has to be something else going on with my feet.  This week they are just sore, it’s been a marathon around this place go here and run there.  I have been on my feet more this week than I have in a while.  My pedometers battery couldn’t keep up with me.  Now that I have it charged it is calling me a slacker and telling me what a lousy job I did this week.  How’s that for motivation.  Yeah whatever.  It’s like my doctor put down that he encouraged me to eat a better diet.  Funny thing is we never talked about diet and he is just as overweight as I am. 

Last night I broke down and decided to make the first move with the guy on Tinder.  He hasn’t written back but the ice has been broken, now it’s up to him to make the next move.  I have low hopes of hearing from him anytime soon.  Most people aren’t addicted to it like I am.  For me it’s just the same as checking my e-mail or social media.  Plus it’s the only way you find out who else could be a possible match. 

Plans for the weekend?  Therapy tomorrow.  Then I am seriously thinking of being lazy.  Money is low, I can afford to do what I want to this weekend but sleeping and being lazy really sounds attractive.  I suppose a lot of this depends upon how I feel tomorrow.  I do think I will be in bed early I am already beat.  I’ve been running the stairs today.  Thinking frozen Lasagna for supper.  It sounds wonderful and I can fire up the TV and just relax with the kids.  I think it’s a win for both of us.  Really have the desire to get away from technology for a while.

I hope that you and yours have a wonderful weekend and that it is enjoyable, relaxing and everything that you need and want it to be.  Maybe that is high hopes for 2 days but why not shoot for the stars?  Take care.

09 July 2015


Turns out I wasn’t going crazy and loosing my mind.  The massage therapist was here today and I got taken care of.  I didn’t get her money because of the bad information that I received.  Tonight I will need to stop by the bank so that I can pay her tomorrow.  My back was really fucked up – muscles are all tense and an hour didn’t get all of the kinks out.  I can only afford so much.  Which brings me to my next topic of my chair.  I need a doctors note and then they will get me a better chair, the one I want is no longer sold by the vendor we deal with, so I will have to take a substitution and lord knows I am not happy about that.  I’ve got an e-mail into the doctor and am waiting to hear back.

On the Bear front he had accidents all day yesterday while I was gone.  He went in my room and I had a small mess to clean up.  Bear spent the night in my room and wouldn’t come out for breakfast.  He went again in my room overnight and not on the pad, so guess what I am doing tonight?  I upped the dose on the diarrhea pill in hopes that it would help him.  Perhaps the water works have shut off for the day, I will know more when I get home.  I kept telling him not to die on me, seems like I say that and then be it person or animal they die anyway.  I asked him if I should take the day off and take him to the vet.  He looked at me like oh you can take the day off and spent it with me, but please don’t take me to the vet.  I tested him this morning and he doesn’t appear to be dehydrated but I know that can sneak up on your quickly.  I left a water dish out for him in the hopes that he would drink.  He was eating and drinking as of this morning, not much but something is better than nothing.  My plan of attack is to see how things went today and if they are the same or worse we will be going to the vet tomorrow and that means I will be taking a day off or at the very least a partial day.  Fridays are always relatively calm so if your going to take a day off, it’s probably the best one of them all.

I am very worried about him.  A week or close to it is a long time to have diarrhea and we are to the point where I can’t touch him without him yelping that it hurts.  I understand his skin is a bit raw but you can’t go around with crap on you – it’s just not healthy.  He does need a bath but I am catering to him right now.  I sprayed his skin with some fancy spray we got from the vet a long time ago, in the hopes that it will aid in healing.  It was back when he was sick and had the same problem but it was from not eating.  Poor guy he’s been to hell and back and seems to like to make repeat trips, which I am NOT a fan of.  I am repeating myself but I know that we are going to part ways, I am not ready now and I don’t think that I will be ready when the time comes.  I would rather that God make the decision but I don’t want it to be like what happened to LB.  I have a semi choice in how and when it happens but I really don’t want to exercise those powers unless it’s absolutely necessary.  I also don’t want to rack up an emergency bill, which is why if we need to go we would go tomorrow versus going tonight.  Plus his doc works days, getting someone your familiar with and trust makes both the patient and the owner feel at ease.

So the sun is out and I hope that means it will be a smooth commute home and that I won’t walk in and find shit all over the place, that would be a great way to end the day.  Everything else is status quo.  I shall talk with you peeps later.  Hope your world is full of rainbows and kittens!

08 July 2015

Massage not :(

Turns out with my time off and the holiday I lost track of the Massage Therapists schedule.  She won’t be in this week but will be here next week.  It gets worse in that I will be out on Wednesday when we sign up for Thursday massages.  Thankfully she returns on Friday if there is enough participation.  So I will have to take my chances and hope that I am able to get a spot.

I am also requesting a new chair, I want something fancy and it costs a pretty penny.  Not exactly certain if I will get my way but it’s worth a shot.  My upper back seems to be where the majority of my issues are and I think that if I get a different chair it will help out.  I told my boss about it and she said she would support whatever I need.  She really, really likes me and while I wouldn’t leave over a chair, she wants to make sure that I am well taken care of, so that I am not even tempted to look.  While I appreciate that I still keep my eyes open, you never know what will pop up.  Granted a potential new job would have to be something that was out of this world amazing.  It’s nice knowing that your appreciated. 

Last night I watched a video from Davey Wavey that said a guy loses his sh*t while being autoblown.  The autoblown part is what lured me in.  Turns out it’s a sex toy that gives blow jobs.  Now I doubt that it’s as good as the real thing.  I looked at the price and with the discount code one can be procured just under a hundred dollars.  I am interested, would like to try it and if it’s as good as they say then it would be money well spent.  Otherwise take it back and sell it to some other sucker – no pun intended.  Problem is sex toys aren’t returnable and for good reason.  It just amazed me that someone thought of this idea.  Now kids you no longer have to use the vacuum cleaner we have autoblow or as I think it should be called autosuck. 

It’s been a boring afternoon.  I was told to hold off on the setup of the new person, looks like we are going to be doing some shuffling and then I can set the new person up.  It’s all political but when the big dog says jump, you jump.  So it will be extra work for me but sounds like that is the way it will be.  Oh my back, I feel the burn already. 

Well just a little bit more time before I head out on the Rainforest Expressway and ride it until I get to the Cat House.  Looking forward to seeing my guys and gals.  Here’s hoping that the medicine worked on Bear and that he is clean when I get home.  Talk with you peeps later.

Wacky Wednesday

So if your flying United you probably already know by now that they grounded all of their flights this morning due to a computer problem.  Sounds serious but who knows.  I am sure there will be more in the news about this as the day goes on. 

I am still living in the Rainforest at least that is what it seems like.  Rain yesterday and more rain today.  Driving in the rain, sleeping in the rain (not literally) and living you guessed it in the rain.  Please bring back my sunshine. 

Speaking of which Marvin appears to be feeling better.  Meanwhile Bear has diarrhea.  I came home to it.  He had another attack after I was ready for bed and I found another one this morning.  I gave him a pill to help control it.  I think this is brought on by the fact I had Friday off and his medication schedule suffered.  I try to stay regular but when my routine changes so does everyone else's.  Poor kitty I feel sorry for him.  I think he will have to have a bath tonight, even though he is pretty well clean.  The smell is what is left behind and I don’t like it, I can only imagine that he doesn’t like it either.  It doesn’t exactly attract anything to be around you other than flies and I don’t have any of those. 

Dinner last night was really good.  Stouffers put in sweet potatoes with the turkey and green beans followed by a light gravy.  It was very tasty and was missing some bread.  Otherwise it was like Thanksgiving in a box.  I followed up with a large slice of cake and called it a night.  I was late getting home due to the weather and traffic, plus I also left the office a little late.  Rest assured that no one went hungry!  I had to feed the beggars their evening treat early.  Then when it was time for their treat they expect it again.  Sorry, not the way the game is played.  I passed out again last night watching TV.  I suppose my busy days here at work help out a lot with that. 

I forgot that I had an emergency rebuild yesterday so that took priority over setting up a new person.  I now have both to finish up on, so today will be busy but I prefer that to idle time.  It just seems to make the day go faster and anything to bring me closer to quitting time is fine by me.  I am not sure what is on the menu for tonight but it will be something frozen.  White Castle sounds good so I might go with that.  I’ve got frozen cheeseburgers – not the same as fresh but they are good.

Hard to believe but the concert is next week.  Looking forward to seeing Charlie Puth live and in person.  I could care less about Meghan Trainor.  This will be the last of my days off that are scheduled.  Not that I can’t schedule more but nothing in the works just yet.  The car will eventually need service, I need to make my podiatrist appointment and who knows I could just want a day to be lazy outside of the weekend. 

I am still using Tindr for dating.  It’s kind of fun but today is the first time in months that I got a match.  The guy is younger than me, which is a plus.  I don’t want to seem desperate so I didn’t make a move, I want to see what he will do.  In the past some guys make the move and other guys just ‘unlike’ me.  I have made plenty of first moves and hit off a few conversations but they quickly dead end.  While I am excited that I finally got a match I am no longer giddy like a school girl as I was when I first started this adventure. 

Just got off the phone with one of our screamers.  He is traveling and having all sorts of problems.  Apparently he didn’t like my answer so he has called back and now it’s turned into a cluster fuck.  That’s okay at least I am not talking to him now.  Unless he calls from another office I screen out his calls, which is why I fell for this one.  I wasn’t pleased when he identified himself on the phone.  I was like oh fuck me and not in a good way.  Like all of my problems I will blame it on the rain. 

We have a staff meeting today, which means no lunch time but I get paid for it.  There is apparently lots to talk about.  It’s a mess in that it’s a remote teleconference and most people are late, we never start on time.  It’s like organized chaos.  I guess that is how it goes when you have remote workers and try to bring them all together for a single meeting.  We use Go To Meeting for the visual stuff so that is kind of cool, but we don’t have web cams so you can’t see anyone.  Once and a while we will do a video conference and that usually means free lunch.  Larger offices will get pizza but the places that have a single tech, like myself we get box lunches.  Not too shabby, I mean free is free.  I take most everything that is offered. 

I think this is massage week, I am still waiting to hear but I could seriously use a good massage  My neck and upper back are a mess.  Picking up Bear doesn’t help things.  I think a new office chair would go a long way in helping my back.  Might as well be comfortable or as comfortable as one can be at work.  There is a guy here who has a nice large leather recliner in his office.  It’s one of those chairs that you sit in and sink in.  Then pull the lever on the side for the foot rest to pop out and presto your all set for nap time.  I wish that thing was in my cube, I would use it each and everyday that I was here.  Maybe not for a nap but it would be as comfortable to sit in as it would be to float on a cloud.  As soon as I found it, I said if I am ever trapped here over night I will be sleeping in that chair and sleep I shall. 

Tonight is the big TV night of the week for me.  Suits is on which is one of my favorite shows.  There are some other shows that I like as well set to record but I look forward to Suits.  That’s how I know it’s Wednesday!  Well my morning phone shift is coming to an end and that means that my day will finally have some pep to it.  So in preparation for that I bid you all a good day.  Talk with you peeps later.