30 January 2013

No Water Wednesday

It rained and rained then it rained some more.  I woke up this morning to find out that we didn’t have any water pressure.  I got enough water to make my hot cereal.  I couldn’t take a shower.  Checked the house were fine.  Called the police and found out that they were looking for the source we had a Water Main break.  Now we are under a boil order.  I hope they get things back to normal by the time I get home.  I’d really like a shower!

I sware when there is a full moon the weirdest things happen.  Traffic was a mess.  My boss wrote me late at night and of course I didn’t answer because I was sleeping, but he doesn’t know that.  He figured out his problem and told me to disregard.  Wow, glad that worked out otherwise it would have been ugly this morning. 

Speaking of my work phone, the damn thing has a mind of it’s own.  My contacts are randomly disappearing.  This morning it was a co-worker and at lunch my guy was gone.  I think everything is back to normal but I wouldn’t sware on it.  Maybe this is BB’s way of trying to get me to get a different phone.  Would love to upgrade my work phone to an iPhone.  So much easier to manage – it just works.  Nothing special required. 

I think tomorrow I will be on an all day conference call helping with the rollout of one of our on-line systems.  Not sure what my part will be but the requirements say that you have to have 2 computers.  One to watch on and the other to do the work.  Thankfully, I have dual screens so one computer should work for me.  I really hope that they tell me I don’t have to be on this, I’ve got plenty of other things to keep me occupied. 

Speaking of which I should really get back to it.  I’m not a drinking man but after this week I might be.  Got news last night that one of my partners longtime friends passed away on Monday from Pancreatic Cancer.  That guy went fast.  We got word over the weekend that he was on the down hill slide and by Monday it was all over.  He died in his sleep, which is the exact way I want to go.  No pain, no suffering, not aware of what is happening, just poof lights out. 

Okay enough depression.  Back to work for me.  Talk with you peeps later. 

29 January 2013

Gleek Out

Any GLEE fans out there?  How about any Chord Overstreet fans?

This morning in my FB feed I saw that this weeks show is titled Naked.  Then there were two photos, not naked but looks like we will be seeing some skin. 


glee - chordchord overstreet shirtless

Tide on Tuesday

So today is a little better.  Boss man has only bothered me once today.  It was about setting up a hot spot on his phone so he could use his computer.  Apparently the pc he has here @ home “blew up”.  Geez that doesn’t sound good at all.  He is supposed to get a new one but not sure when.  I have a feeling I will be configuring that machine.  The phone and computer both were being difficult but I got them working.  I only pray that when he turns on his laptop tonight it works with his phone w/o any problems.  Please God, please.  I beg of thee!

I’ve been busy today playing catch up from yesterday.  Got one machine out.  Working on the second one.  I am missing some software to be able to complete the process, so hopefully that gets to me tomorrow.

Conference call that was scheduled for today was cancelled, which was good because I can use every minute I can get to catch up on work. There is mounds of the stuff and it seems to only get bigger.

Called home at Lunch time and Hubby wasn’t feeling too well.  Sounds like something he ate didn’t agree with him.  Last night we went out for Mexican Food and he had plain old bbq chicken wings.  He loves them and has has them many times before.  Not sure what it is.  Just hope he is better soon!

A local bar that we go to is having Taco Tuesday, I’d love to try it but cost and the fact that Hubby isn’t well makes me think we will be eating Corndogs for supper at home.  We haven’t had those in a while.  Dip them in mustard and they are so good.  Not good for you, but good.

Jumper woke me up in the middle of the night, he wanted out of my room.  I knew why as soon as I woke up.  He went to the bathroom and wanted to get out before the smell hit.  Of course where does he leave his present right by my bed, just about where I put my feet.  Thankfully I managed to avoid it since I was moving in the dark.  Turned on the lights this morning and damn if I didn’t step in it.  Should have kept the lights off.  Anyway, not sure what that was about but hopefully it’s not a reoccurring thing. 

All of the children were demanding attention last night.  Big Boy, Jumper, Momma and one of her girls.  Shy girl wasn’t around.  Sometimes she joins us for TV time.  They all love to congregate in my room.  I am okay with that.

It’s been a while since I have said Thank You.  I looked at my stats report the other day and am totally amazed of all of the hits I get from around the world.  So thanks for stopping by regardless if it’s your first time or you’re a repeat visitor.  I love positive attention, so if you’d like to make my day, leave a comment.  I’m a friendly person.  :)

Well just a little bit more and the day will be done.  So I will talk with you peeps later.  Be well.

28 January 2013

Monday the day from HELL

Today I had one of those feelings that I should just call in.  I got little to no sleep last night.  Had very bizarre dreams and was kind of dizzy.  I attribute it all to the steroids.  Goofy things happen when you take those.  When I get off of them I can always count on a Charlie horse or two. 

For starters it’s like a Sauna outside.  That made my office like a Sauna inside.  It’s going to be another scorcher tomorrow but I will be prepared.  Yup, short sleeves for me. 

Boss man was up my ass today, pretty much all day long.  It started with a simple request to create a share folder and map a drive through the login script.  Sounds easy because it is.  However, since it was Monday, he was in a hurry and there is a Full Moon nothing went right.  What should have taken 10 minutes took me 1hour and 30 minutes, plus I had to call for help and when you have two IT people scratching their heads that’s not a good thing. 

I got it figured out but then it told him he had no access.  That’s when he lost his mind and told me to fix his fucking computer.  I wanted to say well if we didn’t surf for porn at work then we wouldn’t have problems.  I mean the machine is about a month old and he has already managed to trash it. 

To fix it I applied Windows Updates, Java Update, removed it from the domain and rejoined it to the domain.  Presto it works.  I also scanned for Spyware but only found one item which was innocuous.  I tested and retested the thing it works.  So I left.

Then he had a question about a popular file sharing program.  He was told he could upload files to a site and his banker would have them.  Yeah, someone needed to give him access.  The program doesn’t work like he thought it did.  He got frustrated with me and said he would figure it out.

S O B I got nothing done all day.  Feels like a waste of a day.  Then factor in other peoples issues, phone calls, voice mails and e-mails.  Yeah I’m ready for a drink.

The cherry on the cake of my day is when I found out I can no longer get my allergy medicine from Canada.  It’s called Entex LA and while it’s sold in Canada over the counter, it’s apparently banned in the USA now.  Rather than take my chances and spend a whole bunch of money, I talked with Walgreens and they told me to try Mucinex D.  It’s sold OTC here but you have to show your Government ID so the DEA can track you.  They said if it works, have your doctor write a prescription and we can get you as much as you need without having to show your ID.  Of course I will have to pay cash because it’s not covered by insurance.  Okay, well I have to give it a try and then we shall see.  It’s got Sudafed in it and that usually wipes me out, so I will have to get used to it.  Should take a total of 10 days.  The nice thing is I only have to take it 1 time a day.  That is one less pill per day which helps.  I still have a small reserve supply of Entex but I need to start the new stuff so I know if it’s going to work or not.

So you think were done.  Nope.  I am on the way home and buzz goes the phone.  Like a trained monkey I reach for the phone while driving to glance and see who it is.  Guess.  Yup.  Someone had computer problems with the bank.  I got an angry message to call now.  I called and a sweet voice said never mind I figured it out.  Okay, works for me.

I so wanted to ram my car into a phone pole.  I was beyond frustrated.  Apparently it’s my turn to be picked on.  He takes these spells or so it seems.  I just hope that it’s over with now.  I mean I have real work to do and shit is backing up big time. 

I’ve got two machines that I have to get out this week.  That should take me about 4 hours tops, but with interruptions it makes it next to impossible.

The good news is I saved the company a ton of money on MS Office.  We don’t need Professional because hardly anyone uses Access and Publisher.  So Home & Business will work just fine and it’s like 1/2 the price.  I checked with both vendors and the place I always do business with won out.  They have a top notch partnership with Microsoft.  Wonder if anyone will remember this when it comes time to give me a raise.  There is going to be a very interesting conversation.

Well time for water, rest and relaxation.  Tomorrow will be here before you know it.

27 January 2013

Cut the nipple

Yes, I am still among the living.  Despite how I feel.  My appointment went well with the allergist.  He is the gayest acting straight man I have ever seen in my life.  He uses words like Fabulous and Outstanding way too often.  I got a new steroid nose spray and some antibiotics.  I still feel like crap.  My head feels like a basketball.  Knowing full well that if I feel like this when I wake up tomorrow there is no way I will go to work, I decided against better judgment to go back to steroids.  I’m stealing the cats medicine and I actually feel bad about it but I paid for it.  Hopefully I don’t start meowing and I don’t have any side effects from it.  The normal steroid is Prednisone but cats get Prednisolone which is absorbed in the liver.  It’s the same drug just metabolized differently.

I talked with my friend that I used to work with.  It took a couple days to get through but I finally did.  We each learned some interesting stuff.  This little episode just reinforced how I should trust no one there.  They are all a bunch of backstabbers and two faced people. 

Friday night I stayed way lay and got engrossed in a conversation with our HR person.  I learned a bit from that conversation as well.  However, we talked about work for like 30 minutes.  The rest of the conversation was about our lives.  The next thing you know an hour and a half went by.  Holy crap!

Then I went back on Saturday to accomplish the rest of what I wanted to do Friday but didn’t get a chance to.  Which was cleaning my desk and rearranging things.  I took my time but didn’t want to stay too long. 

I’ve noticed a pattern every time I say or think about leaving early, it never happens.  So from now on I’m not going to talk about it, just going to do it.  Maybe I will have better results.

On the personal front I am turning in to quite the stalker.  Remember me talking about the hot waiters.  Well when you pay your bill you get a receipt that tells you for example your waiters name was John T .  Putting my detective skills to use I have found 2 waiters last names and Facebook Pages.  It’s actually Facebook that does the helping.  I guess I am just a nosy sob who happens to be gay and horny!  That is as far as I will take it just to find out their names.  Kind of interesting.

I’ve talked about shaving my chest before.  Well I decided to let the hair grow back and it is coming back slowly, which I think looks pretty sexy.  I also used to shave the hair around my nipples but let it grow back.  Tonight I decided to shave the nips and holy crap I cut my nipple.  That is not a pleasurable experience!  Say OUCH along with several other words. 

My partner is doing okay, still has his health issues.  He is sick as well.  So its like one of us starts to feel better but we are just passing it back and forth.  Plus the cold weather doesn’t help.  Come on spring so I can be well again.  His mobility is what scares me, he looses his balance too easily.  Plus he doesn’t take that good of care of himself in my opinion.  Too many worries on my part, not a good thing.

He told me that he heard from one of his friends spouse that it will be days and his friend will be dead.  He’s got cancer.  My partner always hates when his friends die, probably because it reminds him of his own mortality.  I don’t break out in a dance when my friends die either.  I think I mentioned a class mate died of a heart attack in his sleep he was 40.  He was married, had a couple kids and 17 dogs.  Yeah and I thought my hands were full. 

Speaking of the children.  Everyone is doing okay.  I’ve got to get Shy Girl, it’s claw trimming time again but I honestly don’t want to do it.  I think I will put it off.  I’ve told her about it so she is on the defense already.  If I see her sticking to things that’s when I will move in sooner rather than later.  I want her to be comfortable, but I don’t like dealing with the ordeal of capturing her.  Usually because it ends up that I get peed on.  She gets mad at me and then it takes time for her to like me again.  I got my bed clothes washed and the cat pee smell out of my room.  Now it’s in my bathroom, the little bastard went in the tub again.  I so hate that.  Momma is chewing on herself.  I know she has some form of an allergic reaction but it seems it’s getting worse and not better.  Short doses of steroids help calm things down a bit but then she hates me for giving her medicine.  Argh!

Monday will be a busy day for me.  I’ve been working all weekend on a machine that had virus defs outdated from 2008.  The thing is so infected there is only one way I know to fix it.  That’s right format and start over.  So I will be building a replacement machine and shipping it out, might get done Monday might be Tuesday.  Plus there are other things on my plate as well.  I’ve got to find a recycler for our printers, computers and monitors that no longer work.  The thing is most of those places charge fees for taking the stuff but knowing my boss like I do, he won’t want to pay anything.  So it’s extra tough.  We are simply running out of room.  Most of what we have is bad printers because they are so hard on them. 

My partner has a dentist appointment late in the afternoon so he warned me already there will be no supper.  So I will be stopping off to grab a bite to eat before I come home.  My heart is set on Mexican but my wallet likes Denny’s because I have a coupon. 

Showtime’s Shameless series is on the air right now.  I’ve got the DVR taking care of that.  I like to watch after it’s over with.  While I enjoy all of the characters and the story line.  I’m interested in Ian because he is a hot young gay boy.  What a way to end the night seeing that show and then falling asleep.  Talk about sweet dreams!

Well I need to scoot, got a few loose ends to wrap up and finishing up on laundry.  Then it will be time to call it a night.  I think waking up early tomorrow is going to suck balls!  Talk with you peeps later.

25 January 2013

Friday :)

Well we made it again to the best part of the week.  No RX from my regular doctor.  I called the allergist this morning and he will be seeing me tomorrow morning.  I should be well taken care of, just want to get this infection under control.  Mornings are the worst but I can feel myself starting to get a little better.  One thing that I know I am in desperate need of is rest and hopefully I can get that tonight and again tomorrow.

There is plenty of laundry to do this week end, seems like a never ending battle.  However, I will do my best to fit it all in and see how well I can make out. 

Work is kind of a mess right now.  I’ve got little things going here and there.  Sort of in a land of confusion.  Right now I am working on a personal machine for someone that is severely infected with malware.  They have NO AV protection at all.  I’ve got a feeling this will be a nightmare in the works.

I really feel bad for the lady that got screwed over yesterday.  I miss working with her and seeing her face.  However, in the end I know she is better off.  I sent her an e-mail last night and I really wish she would respond.  However, people tend to go their own way once they are no longer working with you.  The job that she was in has been held by 8 different people in the last 2 years and all of them were fired.  I guess maybe they want too much.  I know that if others can get away with it, they blame you for their mistakes and it makes you look bad.  Suddenly no one likes you and the next thing you know you no longer have a job. 

So in a few minutes I will be leaving the office to meet up with an old co-worker from my last job.  I am sure it will be a good time.  I just hope we are able to get some good food for lunch.  I will enjoy getting away and won’t want to come back but I know that crap here won’t get done on it’s own.  I think I might be able to get away with leaving early today, will have to wait and see. 

It’s been a long morning.  I’ve got one lady driving me nuts over how things print out for her and she keeps reminding me that I am the IT Person.  I want to bitch slap her.  She gets me so angry.  I cringe when she calls.  Very dumb lady who is like a dog with a bone.  She lets nothing go. 

Fudge is about all I can say.  Time to break out the coat and go grab my lunch.  Hope that you have a nice weekend.  Talk with you peeps later.

24 January 2013

Friday 13th

What is with today?  It’s been the day from hell.  Everything that could break pretty much did.  It was odd stuff and I have been pulled in every direction.  I even forgot a couple people.  That is what happens when you’re a one man band.

One of the ladies I work with called in sick today.  She texted me this afternoon, that they fired her.  I knew that it was going to happen sooner or later.  She was the one person that I worked with that I really, really liked.  The problem is she made one mistake months ago and that was her undoing.  The writing was on the wall back in November but she chose to ignore it and press on.  At least she got a couple extra months.  Yes, where I work it’s truly dog eat dog.  People will smile to your face but talk behind your back.  I can’t wait until I get back into “corporate America” where the pay and benefits are better.  Right now I’m comfy but this is just another subtle reminder to me that your not safe anywhere. 

I just got home after enjoying a nice supper.  We had a hot waiter and my partner wanted him.  I said to him yeah, well your married.  He said so are you.  Touché! 

I am honestly sick of the computer after the day I had.  I’m headed to relaxation land.  Tomorrow night I get to do laundry and wash my bed clothes.  Oh what fun.  Plus we have a winter storm that is supposed to roll in tonight.  Could be icy tomorrow morning, which will make the commute tricky.

Oh yeah, I tried to refill my medication thru the pharmacy and the doctors office called this afternoon saying that I needed to come in.  I didn’t understand why because in the end they are going to send me packing with a prescription for an antibiotic.  So I lied and told them I was getting on an airplane in the morning and really would appreciate it if they could help me out.  The nurse was sympathetic and said she would try to work something out.  I called the pharmacy on the way home, they denied the refill and said they would be calling back with another script but never did.  Awesome!  So tomorrow I will have to try to get an appointment at my allergist for Saturday if they are still doing those.  Otherwise it will be doc in the box.  The office visit is the most expensive part for me about getting sick.  Office visits aren’t covered by my insurance and my doctor is $175 but the Allergist is $78.  Doc in the box will cost a couple hundred dollars.  FML.

Talk with you peeps later.

23 January 2013

Our America - Kink

Last night I watched a show on OWN called Our America with Lisa Ling and she discussed Kink.  Otherwise known as BDSM.  It was an interesting hour and I actually learned a little bit.  This was sex in the straight community, she never mentioned Gay BDSM.  Kind of a surprise.

One guy figured out that he was engaging in this type of sex because he was abused as a child and was reliving his childhood through sex.  In most cases there are no exchange of bodily fluids.  The submissive gets their pleasure from being dominated.  I’m not sure how that works.

Giving up control is a big thing.  However, if you think about it you do it when you fly.  Your putting your life in the pilots hands and if something goes wrong there isn’t much you can do.  I realized that when I was flying and perhaps that is part of the reason why it was so scary for me. 

I’m the type of person who likes to be in control of my life as much as possible.  Trusting others is HUGE for me because people have screwed me over so much.  Not to say that I don’t trust but you have to prove yourself to me and I have to get to know you.  Then and only then can I trust.

I was abused as a child.  It was physical and some mental abuse.  I know my fathers name but never met the man.  I think part of that helped form my sexuality.  While I am not full into BDSM it’s interesting to watch.  I know what I like and what I would like to try.  Everyone, including me has their boundaries. 

So if your interested check your local listings as they say for when the show will repeat.  No doubt it will be shown again. 

Gotta get back to the final stretch of work and then it’s home for Chili and Relaxation or so I hope!  Talk with you peeps later.

Surprise….Cat Pee

Last night I did take it easy.  Nice to relax and I am hoping to do it again tonight.  I smelled a faint smell of cat pee in my room but couldn’t figure out where it was coming from.  Turns out the little bastard peed in my bed and all over my $95 feather pillow.  I want to kill him, I want to set him out on the street corner.  However, neither of those will happen.  It was too close to bed time and the odor was there but everything was dry, so I slept in it.  Not so bad once you fall asleep.  I will be doing lots of laundry again.  The feathers are coming out of the pillow so I have a feeling it won’t be long before it’s time to get a new pillow.

Heard from my partner, he said the doctor made a medication change to see if he can clear up his problem.  We should know something in 2 weeks.  Yesterday the poor fella lost two fillings, they just fell out of his mouth.  He saves them and takes them to the dentist, like they can put them back in.  Not, they will use fresh material and refill them.  First he has to call though.

I learned last night that our 2 year deal with the cable company has ended so our bills will be going up.  I will be talking with them to see what I can work out, they charge way too much for their service and why because they are the only cable company in town so they act like it.  I mean the alternative is DSL for internet and we are too far from the Central Office.  TV we could switch to Satellite but that won’t happen.  So let us hope they have some good deal going otherwise I will be parting with more of my cash.

I feel really strange today.  My balance is off, I am hot and generally just want to go back to bed.  I’m attributing it to coming off of the steroids.  I hope that tomorrow is a better day.  I’m ready to go back to feeling “normal” again.

I got my neck breaking calendar project done.  Right now I am working on getting a new laptop out the door but Windows Updates are paralyzing me.  I’ve got a few more things on my list, who knows maybe I will be able to get it all done this week, I’ve got to call Dell and really don’t look forward to that. 

So back to it.  Talk with you peeps later.

22 January 2013

PC Tip–Quick PC Setup

Did you get a new PC for the holidays?  Do you setup computers for a living?  Well I heard about this great new site, you can select multiple pieces of software, then download a single file.  The file will install all of the software you chose (it’s all free stuff) without any toolbars or other options you don’t want.  I used it today to setup a machine and it’s a true time saver.

Totally free unless you want to upgrade to the pro version.  Check it out at http://ninite.com/  I think you will really enjoy it.

Now it’s off to Relaxation Land.  Talk with you peeps later!


My poor body needs rest.  I can tell I am sick but the steroids help mask most of it.  I gave in today and started on my reserve supply of antibiotics.  That will help me hopefully avoid the doctor.  I really would like to stay home, call in and go see him but I am much better off going to work despite not wanting to. 

Today it snowed, I thought all of the women would start crowing and have to leave early but much to my surprise we had a couple comments but that’s it.  Shoot, I was hoping that was my out. 

We got free lunch today.  Pizza not bad.  From reading my post yesterday you know what’s for supper tonight.  Yup, chili.  We have perfect weather for it.  Cold + snow = chili and snuggling up with your bad self in sweat pants.  I’ve got plans to take it easy tonight, but we will see if they materialize. 

One of the ladies here that drives me crazy has started again.  She needles me to death about every little computer problem.  I mean I’ve got a job to do and all but Jesus give me a freakin’ break.  I spend more time with her than anyone else in the office.  I know eventually someone is going to start asking questions.

Spent my morning with Blackberry for 2 hours.  They decided to shut down the management website that they made available.  It took me 15 minutes to setup a new device, now were back to 2 hours.  I can only hope that they come up with a replacement or that we all get iPhones soon.  I don’t think either one will happen, which is kind of frustrating.

I’m still working on that neck breaking calendar project.  However, I am almost done.  Can’t wait to get rid of it. 

Today is pay day and we got our tax forms as well.  I got my statement from unemployment and my 401k so I am as good as ready to file.  I will tackle that next month.  I’ve got to pay bills, I prefer to do it tonight but it can wait a few days.  I mean I’m good for the rest of the month.

My partners doctors appointment is tomorrow morning.  I hope they can patch him up w/o putting him in the hospital.  I think a catheter and some more water pills should do the trick.  Time will tell.

Oh I edited the name of the movie I spoke about yesterday it’s Bear City.  I saw the title last night on Netflix and it bugged me all night long.  I started watching Season 1 of The Real World.  Wow life was different back then. 

Well I guess I should get back to it, this job won’t do it’s self and I only have 1 hour left before it’s time for home.  I just hope that I get home without a lot of traffic and trouble.  Talk with you peeps later.

21 January 2013


It’s been bonkers here at the office.  So much so that lunch time came and I was still working.  Plenty of boxes in my office with computer equipment in them.  I just got it all cleaned out before I left.  Now it’s messy again. 
A printer blew up while I was gone so they replaced it.  Two people moved desks and managed to move their own computer equipment, kind of nice.  I had to swap their phones but that was a 15 minute job.  Hooked up some Dual Screen monitors today and worked on configuring a Desktop.  Plus playing catch up and fielding calls & e-mails.
I’ve been working on this boring project for hours my neck hurts and I decided to take a break, well actually to end my day early, just no one knows that, so don’t go telling on me.  ::)
Something strange is going on here with 2 people moving, everyone seems to be acting a little different and I’ve got a feeling there is something brewing.  I just don’t know what.  I keep to myself and stay in my office, that way I stay out of trouble.
Oh the big mess with that ladies files, yeah it’s still being worked on.  Apparently the server that has the data on it, keeps crashing when you try to do a large file restore.  So they are having to do it in chunks.  It’s been on going since Friday.  Maybe by this Friday they will be done.  In any case I didn’t get in trouble, at least not yet.  I’m not expecting to now. 
Boss man seems very busy, I was told he is dealing with a lot of stuff right now.  I’m okay with that.  Let me be and I am fine.
On more of a personal note.  I saw a great movie this weekend on NetFlix called Bear City.  It’s about a young guy who likes Bears and I don’t mean the animal.  Kind of interesting.  This was  a Netflix recommendation.  If your in to watching Gay Movies, give this one a look.
I am also very happy that Shameless is back on on Showtime.  I saw the 2nd episode of the season last night.  It’s really good.  My main reason for watching is Ian – he is young, cute and gay.  The actor that plays the part is really getting buff.  I’d take me some Ian any day!
While I was out shopping this weekend, I picked up Vaseline Lotion for Men for Extra Dry Skin.  This stuff was cheap and does a great job.  My hands don’t feel greasy after I use it and it’s marketed to use on your body and face.  If you have dry skin guys, check this out.
It was hard to come back today but I made it almost through the entire day.  Now if my partner could just remember that we are having Pork Roast tonight and not Chili life would be good.  He’s talked about Chili for supper tonight since yesterday when I suggested a Pork Roast.  I keep reminding him about the Roast and he says yeah I forgot.  Turns out he tried to make chili but we don’t have the ingredients.  He called me in a panic and I told him make the roast.  I’m starting to worry more about him.
I think that I’ve told you before when I was younger and in therapy, my therapist a gay man himself told me not to fall in love with an older man.  He didn’t say why.  Funny how things turned out.  Like that was my warning sign.  I’ve been through hell and back.  Now I’m watching him fall apart slowly – physically and mentally.  He doesn’t take as good of care of himself as he should. 
Right now he’s got breathing problems.  He is going back to the doctor on Wednesday.  I think they might hospitalize him again.  If so, that will be a bitch.  I hope they just up his meds.  He walks a little bit and is out of breath like he just ran a marathon.  Kind of sad.  I think it’s his CHF (Congestive Heart Failure) giving him trouble.  Last time over the summer he forgot to take his medicine for a couple days.  He tells me now that he is taking his medicine. 
Tonight I’ve got to take care of the trash, pack my lunch, play a little bit on the computer and the rest of the time will be in front of the TV waiting for time to go to bed.  At least I won’t be working myself to death like I was last week.  My body is still trying to recover.  I only hope it does so quickly.  I shouldn’t have any problems sleeping tonight!
Hope all is well in your world.  I will talk with you peeps later.

19 January 2013

Made it back

So I made it back safe I don’t know about the sound part!  Some of this story is disjointed, sorry if it confuses you.

My travel woes for this trip.  1st the plane I was supposed to board had a flat tire, so that screwed up my connecting flight.  I had to make other arrangements.  I got in and they ran out of Impalas so I had to take a Jeep but they charged me for an upgrade.  I thought the drive to the hotel would be 30 minutes.  It was more like 1 hour and 30 minutes.  I drove in the dark and rain.  I had Taco Bell for supper and didn’t get to the hotel until 10pm.  My room at the 1st place was average.  I lucked out and got a Jacuzzi.  I used it but wish now that I hadn’t.  I had to drain the tub because of the stuff in the water.  When I was sitting in it I kept thinking how unclean it is and cut my time short.  I had problems regulating the climate so I slept with the heat off, which was a bad move.  I got sick because it was cold in the room.  I was able to shake it off for a couple days but by Friday I was really felling it.  It rained everyday but Friday.  I took a shower on Monday, I had problems with the water and getting it to turn off, instead of off I turned it all the way to hot, I managed to knock the shower head off in trying to get away from the scalding water. Finally got it turned off.  I worked through lunch and didn’t have anything to eat until Supper which was very late.  Monday night I was woke up to what sounded like a fire alarm, turns out it was the person upstairs taking a shower and the pipes rattled just like a bell, which I thought might have been there fire alarm.  The first place had more work for me than I had time.  I had to cut my losses and get out of Dodge.  I worked late every night, drove in day light & rain.  Left in darkness and rain.  Went to Shoney’s but the food was horrible – nothing like I remembered.  Had plenty of Taco Bell the first part of the week.  My iPhone charger went out on me so the only way I could charge my phone was in the Jeep.  The 1st hotel served the same damn thing for breakfast every morning.  Biscuits and Gravy along with Scrambled Eggs, which were pellets, not real eggs. 

By mid week I figured out the automatic start button for the Jeep, loved that.  The thing had Satellite Radio so I didn’t have to listen over and over to the mixed CD I burned.  Its cargo space also came in handy when I went to the 2nd facility.  On the way to the 2nd place I got a call from home that Big Boy seemed to be taking a bad turn.  That shook me up, I had to get off the road get something to eat, call back home and talk it out.  Turns out he was fine, it was just a misunderstanding.  Still it was one of my greatest fears when I travel.  Got back on the road and arrived at the 2nd place.  Left when it was dark and raining.  Had problems finding the hotel, but got there.  Checked in and went straight to Cracker Barrel.

I found it rather odd that Cracker Barrel was in close proximity to a strip club and an adult toy shop.  Still I know good food and they had it going on.  So much that I ate there for the remainder of the week. 

Back to my check in at the 2nd place.  They lady told me they would put me in room 330 but they put me in room 320.  The next morning the cleaning person tried to get in but couldn’t because I had her locked out.  Thank God because I just got out of bed and didn’t have any clothes on.  That would have been slightly awkward.  So, I hightailed it to the shower and tried to get out as fast as I could because I knew she would get back.  While I was getting dressed (after my shower) my cell phone rang and it was the hotel.  They went to my room and apparently no one was there so they wanted to know if I was staying there.  I told them yes, I was in my room.  I went about my business and while I am eating breakfast I got another call they wanted to know what room I was staying in.  Jeez, someone is unorganized.  They wrote down 330 but gave me keys to room 330.  The room was nice and very spacious.  You could tell it was a fresh remodel.  When I got back on Thursday night I had an envelope laying on the table, they wanted me to tip the housekeeper.  Really?  Yeah.  For the price the room cost I didn’t think that was appropriate, they were getting a really good amount of money for each night.  I was kind of offended that they would even ask for a tip.  I got myself packed up and ready to go for Friday morning, time to get home.

Made it to the airport in plenty of time.  It was a very small airport and this time I had to walk out to the plane and climb up the steps just like you see in the movies.  Except this was a propeller driven plane and it held like 9 people.  The safety talk was different on this plane, they talked about a fire extinguisher.  I really had my doubts that we were going to make it.  But we did.  No free beverage on this plane.  When we landed I was feeling pretty nauseated.  I stopped at a Pub and had a burger and a Panna Cotta along with a Diet Coke.  That took some of the edge off but I still felt bad.  Got on the 2nd plane and I put my jacket in the seat next to me, I was asked to seat belt it in when we were in the process of taking off.  I said I would just hold it and was told nah, you can put it back.  I thought that was odd.  Got my free beverage on this plane, water.  That was good.  Landed to hear a voice mail someone had spyware on their computer.  I told them I was at the airport and would have to fix it on Monday. 

I left out that I got a panic call on Thursday from the bosses assistant that her files were gone from My Documents.  She was having some problems so she rebooted and once she did, they were gone.  Really?  I think she deleted them on accident, never heard of My Docs being wiped out from a reboot.  Anyway I went to the server and found that they appeared to be backed up.  So I started a restore.  She wanted to get our IT Vendor involved, so I did that.  Really nothing for them do to until the restore completed. I logged on Thursday night and it was still going, very slow.  It was a lot of data.  I didn’t think of it until a couple hours ago.  I went to follow up and got no response, which is odd.  I also didn’t get the usual good job email from my boss, which is really odd.  So I checked the server and the restore was frozen at 7%.  However, it looked like all of her data was back.  So I killed the restore job, applied a Windows Update and rebooted the server.  I reached out to our IT Vendor because they didn’t keep me in the loop, asking for an update and letting them know what I had done.  So we shall see come Monday.

The no response from the lady and not getting the good job e-mail from my boss have me thinking that they are some how going to turn this around to be all my fault and either yell at me or kick me out the door.  Ok, so I was on the road and did as much as I possibly could.  I should have followed up on Friday but it honestly never crossed my mind since I engaged the vendor they had the ball.  I’m a little stressed over it.

I also got a call that there was a little shake up in the office and they have screwed a couple people over.  Of course I got bothered all week long and have plenty more than I can handle scheduled for Monday.  I will work it out somehow. 

Came home to a disaster.  The house smelled like a Tuna Can, litter boxes hadn’t been cleaned and cat crap all over the floor.  So I had to work overtime to get this place back into shape when all I really wanted to do was collapse.  The best part was when I went to get in bed I found out the cats threw up all over it.  Nice!  Plus my partners computer had issues so I had to fix it.  He really needs a new machine but there is this problem called money.

I got my tooth drilled today at the dentist, my teeth are very sensitive now. That always happens after dental work but it’s been so long since I had anything done I forgot about it.  We had a nice supper and a cute waiter.  We also took a short nap together.  I still have plenty of stuff to get done around here but really just want to relax.  It’s coming up on 10pm and I am still adjusting from Eastern to Central time.  I think it’s time to veg a little.

Way too stressful of a week but I accomplished both installations and got super lucky with both of them.  They were done in hours instead of days.  I’m getting smarter as time goes on so I really have this down to a science.  Plus this time I shipped back all of the unused equipment so it will be less to order for the next install.  The number of places that have WIFI is getting less, which means there is less of a reason to have me travel. I kind of like the sound of that.  Traveling is nice in that it gets me out of the office.  However, each time when I return I really just want to go back on the road and kind of live my life at a distance.  Don’t get me wrong I miss home but it’s nice to get a break.

Okay, off to try to veg but not w/o taking care of some laundry.  Sorry for the long update and delay but as you can see I was super busy and very tired.  I will keep you posted on how things go Monday, it may be that I am worked up over nothing.

14 January 2013

Alive & Ready to go home

This trip started off bad.  The plane I was supposed to board, had of all things a flat tire.  That screwed up my connection flight, so I had to make other arrangements.  Finally got to my destination only to find they ran out of Impala’s so I am stuck in a Jeep.  It took me 5 minutes to figure out how to get the key out of the ignition.  Push in then turn and remove the key.  The trip from the airport to my hotel was much longer than I anticipated.  I didn’t get in until 10pm and Taco Bell was my supper.

I ate and went to bed.  Woke up in the middle of the night with heart burn but went back to sleep. 

Woke up this morning only to find that my iPhone didn’t charge overnight, the cable is bad.  Then I knocked off the shower head, thankfully after my shower was done. 

Drove to the facility this morning.  Got lucky and the wifi in this place is done.  Now I am disinfecting computers – everything seems to have viruses.  I didn’t get lunch and was supposed to leave at 4.  Stayed until 5:30.  Drove for an hour to get back to hotel in the pouring rain.  Ate at Shoney’s, which was horrible.  Now in hotel.  Called home all is well. 

I am on Central Time but it’s Eastern Time here.  So while it feels like 7:30 it’s really 8:30.  TV sucks.  Going to get wet and then get in bed for the night. 

Taking my time in the morning since my main reason for being here is done.  Will no doubt have a long day tomorrow.  Hopefully I can find some good food. 

Talk with you peeps later!  I sure hope the rain stops.

12 January 2013

Winter Storm

So Mother Nature isn’t going to let me travel with ease to the airport tomorrow morning.  We have a Winter Storm moving in.  Right now it’s just rain and it’s been going for hours.  Tonight the temperatures' drop to a low of 19 degrees. So all of that rain will be ice.  Then we are supposed to get some sleet and snow on top of it.  About 2 inches of total accumulation is expected.  Sure wish I wasn’t leaving until Monday now.  :(

Friday I worked a 1/2 day in the office.  Got all of my loose ends tied up and cleaned up the old e-mail IN BOX so that I wouldn’t come back to a nightmare.  I will try to manage e-mail as best as I can when I’m on the road.  It’s not a high priority for me and some things just have to wait until you get back. 

When I left work on Friday I headed to get my car washed.  I had a code that was going to expire, so I went to use it and the machine told me it had already been used.  Well how do I refute that?  I mean I had the receipt but I can’t prove I didn’t use it.  So there was $9 down the drain.  So I paid another $9 to get my car washed.  Everything started out fine and then in the middle of the wash, the robot decided to stop working, the door went up and it told me to leave while it was just pouring water.  It quit just before it applied the wax and Rain X.  I was tired and didn’t feel like arguing, so I just went home.  I wanted to sleep.  That happened for about 10 minutes and then it was time to go out for supper.

I started to head for the pie place, but then I thought about all of the work I had to do and changed course.  We went to a local place, it was just okay.  I liked my desert better than my meal.  Back home.

I at least started on laundry.  I had some computer problems of my own.  I noticed for a while that videos don’t play back right regardless if they are from YouTube or something stored on my machine.  So I thought video card driver.  I updated it and the videos play great now.  But my machine freezes up when I am away from it.  I fixed that by removing the drivers, rebooting and then installing the update.  That worked for a solid week.  Friday when I went to remote in from work, I couldn’t connect.  When I came home I found my machine frozen again.  It’s been fine ever since the reboot but I don’t want to take a chance since I am going on the road, so I have a scheduled task that will reboot the machine every day at 4 am.  That should hopefully keep things cleared up or so I hope.

After I was done with that, I went out for a haircut, the line was HUGE.  About an hour later, I got home and had to remote in to look at a machine.  It’s a case of PC Envy.  I got one person a new machine, so their neighbor now wants a new machine and every time her machine hiccups she calls me.  I got a voice mail on Friday afternoon that said since I can’t reach you, I am going home that is if I can turn off my computer.  Really?  If you remove the power source the machine won’t keep running.  If it does then I would get the hell out of Dodge and fast!  Needless to say I didn’t find a damn thing wrong with it.  It’s only 3 years old, running XP but it’s still good.  The BIOS hadn’t been updated and I found a Chipset Driver as well, so I updated them.  Scanned for Viruses and Spyware nothing found.  The hard drive was a little fragmented, so I defragged it.  The machine performed fine for me.  Hopefully, I don’t hear anything further from this person, at least hopefully not next week.  I don’t have time for crazy, silly or bullshit.  I’m on a tight deadline to complete a project. 

After all that I was just tired and wanted to go to bed.  I did a little self pleasuring and yup it was time for bed.  Slept in until 8 this morning.  Fed the kids and we got a move on.  We hit the baker shop, Waffle House and then had to swing by the office.  I realized I forgot 2 things.  Then back home and we made it here by 11am.  Then it was time for a nap that lasted until 1.  Then on to the grocery store, where my partner conveniently forgot his wallet.  So I was stuck paying for grocery's that I hadn’t planned on paying for.  Back home in the rain.  Put the grocery’s away.  Then back to laundry and that damn machine.  We just went to supper and here I am again, laundry time.  Then I have to clean the house, put out my medicine and get the trash out and pack.  After that I am going to rest.

I have my boarding passes all printed.  I decided to turn on 2 sided printing, because normally you get your boarding pass, the weather, airport tips and Sudoku puzzles.  Yeah, bad move.  It printed both boarding passes (it’s a connecting flight) on the same sheet of paper, then after that is when I got all of the crap.  Other airlines let you print your pass multiple times, not this one.  It was a one shot deal. I wouldn’t worry except that normally when you check in at the gate, they rip the pass in half.  So to cover myself, I made a photo copy so I should be safe. 

I’ve got to burn a couple music CD’s for the road, you know my 3 hour drive on Wednesday.  Yeah that aught to be a good time.  Plus this time I am taking my own USB drive with porn on it.  That way if my computer at home decides to freeze up, at least I won’t be out of luck! 

The weather at my destination will be rain all week long until I leave on Friday then the sun comes out.  At least it will be in the 50’s, which shouldn’t be too bad.  Beats the weather they are going to have to deal with here.  I just hope there aren’t any weather issues getting me there or getting me back home.  Not looking forward to next Saturday that much, I have to visit the dentist to get drilled and not in a good way.  I do know once I get back I will be able to breath easier.  Right now I am nervous wreck.  1 2 3 4 Pressure!

If I am not too worn out, tomorrow night I will put up a post at least letting you know I made it.  After tomorrow night I am not sure what my evenings will be like, it depends a lot on how well things go.  Considering I’ve done this multiple times and have different tricks, I am hoping we get done in one day.  We did at the last place, but I had a team of 2 guys doing the hard part.  Not sure what kind of guys I will be working with but hopefully they will be good.  They don’t have to look good, just know how to do their part of the job and I should be fine. 

The best part of the day was at the grocery store where I saw Taylor Lautner Shirtless.  Here’s a photo…


Well time for me to get a move on or nothing will get done at all.  Talk with you peeps later. 

09 January 2013

Middle of the week

Little shy girl is back to normal.  She was next to me last night at supper time.  I was eating left over pizza so she got nothing.  However, she begged like no tomorrow.

I was so dead tired last night.  I wanted to go straight to bed but knew that I wouldn’t sleep through the night so I stayed awake until 10ish and then called it a night.  The 2 boys and I headed for dreamland.  I didn’t sleep the entire night but what sleep I got feels good.  Wish I could get more right about now. 

Work has been a crazy day so far.  Phone calls and e-mails flying.  Thankfully it’s calmed down now.  I hope I can meet my goal of getting 2 machines out today, as I promised.  I have another 2 to deliver to a local facility but I’m saving that for either Thursday or Friday.  Shooting for Thursday afternoon right now, but no one knows that.  I figure my travel arrangements won’t come through until Friday.

Supper tonight will be semi-homemade soup.  We bought a mix from the store, my guy cut up left overs from a roast and threw it in.  So it’s supposed to be like a Vegetable Beef.  Looked good last night but I was all set for pizza.  Right now what I really want is Lasagna.  That sounds so good to me. 

Travel arrangements are made.  I will be flying all over the East Coast on Sunday.  I originally was scheduled for Monday but had them change it because the first place I am going has several computers with problems.  Might as well gain as much time as I can.  The strange part is the travel agent changed the flight but forgot to change the car reservation to Sunday.  Thankfully Hertz allows you to make changes on line, regardless of who booked the reservation.  I upgraded to an Impala it was $8 more and added in GPS.  Might as well be comfy, considering on Wednesday I will have a 3 hour drive on my hands. 

The best part is that I only have to work a 1/2 day on Friday since I am leaving on Sunday.  I also get back pretty early in the afternoon the following Friday.  So it will be like plenty of extra weekend time.  That is nice.  Now if the trip were just over I would be so much happier. 

I’ve got to burn some Music CD’s so I will have something to listen to when I’m driving.  There is no shortage of driving.  I don’t know why I get so worked up before I travel but I just do.  I know that everything will fall in place, as it always does.  God be with me!

I’m sitting here at home patching servers at work with Windows Updates.  My iPhone seems to have more updates than Windows.  Everyday it’s one application or another. 

Soon it will be time for my nightly wind down routine.  I’m still hungry but really don’t need to eat anymore.  I am also very tired.  I did live up to my goal for today and got both of those machines out.  My office is starting to look more normal.

Tomorrow I will be headed to a local place to install two machines.  I called to let one of the people know I was coming.  I found out that she was terminated.  Really?  Yup.  I got her access shutdown but damn no one communicates.  I bet the first time someone does something malicious that costs them money they will start communication.  Come to think of it, that’s already happened.  I guess they will never learn!

So that’s my two cents for today.  Talk with you peeps later.

08 January 2013

The Dust Buster

Here we are Tuesday.  I woke up in the middle of the night and one of the girls wanted to sleep with me.  I shouldn’t have let her in but I did.  I spent the next 3 hours with 2 cat in a twin bed.  How much sleep do you think I got?  Right, I’m tired this morning.

I noticed that our shy girl was missing this morning.  I kept calling her but she never answered.  I found her in the basement.  She looks like she is sick, so I told her she could stay home from school today.  I hope that she decides to start eating.  Having so many of the little furry creatures, it always appears to be something with one of them.

Big Boy made a mess on the carpet last night.  So I was late in getting to bed.  I don’t see a reason to clean the carpet anymore.  I get it all clean and the other residents mess it up.  I’m the neat one.  Although last night I did make my guy Carmel Corn and made a mess in the microwave.  The difference is I got it cleaned up right away.

Checked in @ home @ lunch time and our shy little girl hasn’t surfaced.  I suspect she is still in the basement.  Perhaps when I get home tonight I will have some better news on her. 

I’ll bet your just dying to know what is for supper.  Tonight left overs.  Pizza for me.  Ribs for my guy.  Should be quick and hopefully delicious.  We have to work on clearing the fridge out, way too much stuff gets thrown away.

I decided about my travel arrangements to just let the cards fall where they may.  I asked for the arrangements to be made and said I would be going next week.  Now I will have to wait and see what they come up with before I can book hotels.  Hopefully they don’t wait until Friday to spring everything on me.  I hate last minute notification.

I am sitting here at my desk, all horned up.  Funny thing is when I get home I will be so tired that all I will want to do is collapse.  You never think your priorities will change but age has a way of changing everything!

I’m working on the dust buster machine from yesterday.  It sounded horrible, got that fixed with some air and thermal grease.  The fan was working overtime.  The machine is old but still viable to use.  So I am working on cleaning it up.  It was infected with Mal and Spyware as well as a virus.  I’ve got my final scan going on now and I’m also running Windows Update.  It’s running Windows XP, which really takes me back.  Lots of business environments still have XP and Vista.  However, the primary OS is Windows 7. 

Speaking of computers, I heard over the weekend that the DOD (Department of Defense) has placed an order with Microsoft to upgrade to Windows 8.  Yeah, really.  I wonder what they are thinking.  I used it for about 15 minutes and was ready to scream.  You can get it back to feel like Windows 7 by purchasing an add on, but why even bother.  It’s just not an OS to be used for business.  Hmm, so maybe I should suggest to the boss that we upgrade everything to Windows 8 and then I would always be in demand.  Not going to happen. 

Thus far a very calm day, boss man not here so everyone is relaxed.  I got a call this morning about going to a local facility but thankfully I was able to save the trip and talk them through it over the phone.  They had a computer with internet problems.  Turns out someone unplugged the network switch.  As soon as they plugged it back in, all is working again.  The lady I was talking to said thanks but then again you didn’t really do anything.  I just shrugged that one off.  However, I was thinking bitch you couldn’t figure it out so yes I did do something.  It’s working now that you talked to me!  I mean she wasn’t smart enough to figure it out.  People should think more before they speak.

Well back to the dust buster.  Sitting here watching it churn is painful and I’ve got another machine that needs to go out today.  I’m thinking that they both will ship out tomorrow.  I guess that is better than not shipping at all.  One more day won’t kill them. 

Hope all is well in your world.  Talk with you peeps later.

07 January 2013

Meatballs & Cabbage

So Monday is out of the way!  I so didn’t want to go in this morning and was depressed about it.  However, I got a pretty good reception when I got in.  People actually missed me.  That’s kind of nice. 

I started with the lady who had issues on Friday.  There is something wrong with her machine and it’s covered under warranty.  However, since she takes care of paying people I had to get her back up quick.  So I built her a new machine.  She is the genius who figured out how to circumvent our Content Filter.  So I fixed her clock, her new machine won’t be able to go to Facebook no matter what she does.  I don’t think she will complain because your not suppose to be on Facebook, your supposed to be working.  I gave her boss a heads up just in case.  Now I guess she will be surfing on her phone to Facebook.  Oh well that’s life!

I unboxed one of the problem child machines.  Its so old and outdated I said screw this.  I gave that person a new machine as well.  However, I wasn’t able to push AV to it because the Management Center was acting funny.  After rebooting the Domain Controller tonight all is back to normal, so that machine will go out tomorrow.

I had a few phone calls a couple e-mails but all in all a very calm day, which is exactly what I wanted and needed.  I’m having second thoughts about leaving on Sunday.  I haven’t asked for travel plans to be made yet, but will be doing so soon.  I will have to kick it around a bit more.

I finished up my day with the other sick machine.  It had fan issues.  I got those fixed but the machine was full of dust and that crap is all over my office.  It got on my clothes and in my nose, it was a general mess.  I should have taken the damn thing outside but you need paperwork for that.  Anyway, the fan is fixed.  Now I have to figure out the network connection issue and then I think it’s all good.  It’s old too but not nearly like the Dinosaur that I replaced earlier.

The vet called about a message I left them.  I’m so worried about the cost of Big Boy’s medicine.  I can’t seem to find it in stock anywhere on-line so I asked about alternatives.  Turns out there are none.  He has to take Prednisolone.  They called in a prescription to the local pharmacy and I’m back to paying $85 for something that used to cost $20.  Crap, I hate it when I don’t have options.  However, he has 5 refills and they are 3 month supplies so there is enough there to cover the entire year.  Animals and people are both so expensive!

Supper consisted of Meatballs & Cabbage.  Not the best meal when you have a gas problem.  However, it was damn good.  My suggestion on a dish we regularly have but haven’t had in a while.  Finished off with some Peanut Butter & Chocolate Chip cookies and then time to take the trash out. 

I’m all ready to relax.  Going to watch some inside story that was done on McDonald’s I set it to record last night before I turned off the TV.  Hopefully it’s interesting.  I told Mr. Big Boy that I would be a half hour and I’m past my time.  He’s going to be mad at me but he will still get his treats, which is all he wants. 

4 more days in the office.  Talk with you peeps later.

06 January 2013


The dreaded Sunday, day before you have to go back to work.  It’s difficult if you have been on vacation or in my case out sick for 2 days.  I enjoy time away from work, but I just don’t seem to get enough of it to satisfy me.  I think tomorrow will suck, but I won’t know for sure until it gets here.  I’m preparing for the worst and hoping for the best. 

Laundry here is all backed up.  My partners bladder has been working overtime and just when I think I’m done, nope I have something else to wash.  He is very frustrated because we can’t even go out for a simple meal with him having an accident.  I’m sick of it and I know he is too.  However, he says what can I do the doctor doesn’t want to do anything about it.  I told him be more forceful or if push comes to shove let me talk to them.  He is afraid that he will be told to get a new doctor.  I have a tendency to speak my mind and I throw the f bomb for some extra good measure.  Yeah, that will get your doctor to tell you to move on real quick.  However, if they aren’t working for you maybe they need a kick in the ass – I’m the person who will give it to them. 

Today we slept in until 11 then got going.  Cracker Barrel for breakfast.  Home by 1 and then to the grocery store and out for pizza at 4 and back by 7.  That’s the entire day. 

I did find something really cool.  I downloaded the Roku App from the Apple App Store and now I can control my Roku box through my iPhone.  The trick is both your Apple I device and your Roku box need to be connected to the same wireless network.  Then it just works.  How cool is that!  The better part is it’s free.  I don’t believe in paying for apps, at least not with my money.  Besides that there are all sorts of free apps that do lots of things.  You might have to put up with an ad, but big deal.

Last night hearing nothing from Otter Box, I decided to email my photos again.  I resized one of them because they demand 3 photos.  That did the trick.  I got an e-mail from them this morning that a replacement will be on the way to me within 7 business days.  Okay.  So the first time this happened I gave them my work address, which is a physical address, they sent the item by the Post Office.  This time I gave them a Post Office Box and they are sending the item by FedEx.  I don’t get it.  Unless they are using FedEx Smart Post – that would work.  It’s a service where the package starts out with FedEx, they deliver it to your local Post Office and then the Post Office takes it from there.  I won’t have a tracking number until it ships.  That is when I will be able to tell if there will be a problem or not. 

Talking with my partner about my trip.  He is suggesting that I fly out on Sunday.  I really don’t want to but it would give me an extra day, since the 1st day is always wasted on travel.  I would be able to spring into action come Monday morning  He also suggests not returning home until Saturday.  Yeah, that one I’m not going to do.  I will ask about the Sunday travel part but it’s totally up to the company.  The more I think of it I may actually be able to pull this job off if they give me that extra day.

Well it’s time to cycle laundry.  Brush my teeth and get ready for bed.  Wind down time.  I sure hope I sleep extra good tonight because I think I will need everything my body has to offer tomorrow.  Good night and I will talk with you peeps later. 

05 January 2013

On the mend

Well the Roids are doing their job.  I feel much better.  I only hope that my symptoms don’t come back!  I’ve got 2 days left of Roids and then I will be on my own.  Antibiotics will last for a couple more days.

My partner got a note from his doctor today telling him his Vitamin D was very low, plus that he had a bladder infection.  There was an antibiotic waiting at the pharmacy.  We got that yesterday night.  I told him to start taking it before we knew what it was for. 

We went out for BBQ today.  Then Ice Cream and finally stopped off for Cat Litter.  Then back to our germ filled house.  I have spent way too much time here over the past few days but it has felt really good.

Tomorrow is my last day of rest and relaxation.  I’ve got to prepare to get back in the swing of things.  This week will probably be busy.  The following week I will be traveling.  So not looking forward to that.  However, hopefully everything works out.  All I can do is try my best and pray that everything falls in to place and that I don’t get snowed in!

Since there isn’t much on TV, I’ve been watching The Real World via Hulu Plus.  I saw all of London, California and now I am working on DC.  It’s so hard to believe this so has been on the air for such a very long time.  I saw bits and pieces of season 1, might try to watch that next since it would pretty much all be new to me.  I’ve seen most every season and still watch the new episodes when they come out today.  I see a common theme, drama.  It’s all usually some disagreement either between roommates over trivial stuff, over how they are living their lives or because of something they did.  Most of it is childish but it does make for good TV.

Grocery Store is on the list for tomorrow, plus laundry and wrangling the trash.  You know all of the usual Sunday stuff.

Today I had such big plans but I woke up at 8:30 am by a siren passing by.  Have no idea what was going on.  Fed the cats, came back to my chair started watching TV then got sleepy and passed out.  Woke up a couple hours later, watched more TV.  Saw my partner talked a bit.  Watched more TV then I passed out.  It was like 1:30 pm before we got going. 

I’ve tamed some of the trash and started on some of the laundry.  Right now my body is getting tired, plus I’m sitting in front of this box, called a computer.  The thought of going back to work is just depressing, however sooner or later I have to do it.  So might as well get it over with.  I guess if I didn’t have pending travel then I wouldn’t mind so much.  Plus I checked my bank and found out that with the new taxes in effect I will be taking home $41 less.  That wasn’t very nice to learn but better now than when I am at crunch time paying bills.  Which I have already done!  Just one left that’s the phone bill but it won’t be ready until sometime this week, so I will keep an eye out for it. 

Would you believe I went almost an entire week without cat pee in my bathroom.  Well that ended this morning.  In protest to my sleeping in the little guy went in the tub and turned on the living room TV.  Normally the volume is set to high so it wakes me up, but we fixed that when we are done with the TV the volume goes to 0 and that way the jokes on him.  I marvel at how intelligent the little balls of fur really are.  Well off to enjoy what’s left of Saturday night.  Talk with you peeps later!

04 January 2013

You Belong With Me (Gay Version)

Bite Your Tongue

I was late in getting to sleep last night but was really thinking of going into work, despite how I felt.  I had a nice plan all worked out to only work part of the day but that all changed when I woke up.

My partner being an older gentleman has all sorts of things wrong with him.  He hates his dry mouth, which comes from Diabetes and it not being totally controlled.  So he has been chewing gum to solve the problem.  Last night he was doing some work and chomping away.  Turns out he bit his Tongue.  He is on blood thinners so a simple cut can bleed for hours.  Sure enough he did this around 9:30pm last night and was still bleeding this morning at 6:20 am when I got up.  Well that pretty well synched it for me.  I knew I was staying home then.  He wanted me to go to work but secretly he wanted me to stay home to take care of him.


I kept telling him he needs to go to the hospital but he fought me for at least an hour.  I called his dentist for some tips they said direct pressure for 10 minutes should do the trick.  Well that didn’t work.  It’s not like he took out a large portion it was just a simple nick.  He said if I get dressed will you take me to the hospital, sure why not.  The photo above isn’t his tongue, it actually looked worse than this photo but it was from all of the bleeding.  Plus he was as pale as a ghost. 

So from 9 until 12 noon we sat there.  They kept giving him gauze to apply but it wasn’t working.  Then they came up with some treated Styrofoam gel pad that should help.  It too didn’t work.  So they gave him a shot of Lidocaine and that of course burns he screamed but managed to get through it.  There were multiple injections.  After a bit that seemed to do the trick.  However, to make sure they cauterized it.  Then his lip started bleeding because it was so dry.  There was nothing to be done for that it was minor blood so they let him go. 

In the process of helping him I bent over to pick up a towel he dropped and my Otter Box holster once again fell apart.  I just got this replacement and it lasted all of a week.  Love their products but they are so NOT durable.  I’ve filed another warranty claim and hope they will replace this one as well.  1 year warranty.  On my initial claim they were very responsive.  This being my second claim they are dragging their feet.

I also got one of the problem children from work to bother me this morning.  Their machine “wouldn’t turn on”.  Then it was on but they screen, keyboard and mouse were not working and the fan was making a strange noise.  WTF am I am supposed to do with that when I am at home sick?  No way to fix it and the story about what was going on kept changing every couple minutes.  Finally I decided you will have to use a spare machine.  They wanted me to send them home.  Yeah, right that is not within my power.  I wrote their boss and told them they wanted to go home because their computer didn’t work.  Next thing I heard was they told me to use a spare machine.  Duh!  That’s what I said.  You can limp by.  Now I have a bunch of crap waiting for me when I get back.  Thought about going in tomorrow but decided against it because I should recuperate and enjoy my weekend.  This is my last week home, then the following week on the 14th I will be traveling on Mission Impossible.

The laundry is backed up, I’m tired and my guy is sick plus tired.  What a fun weekend this is going to be.  Perhaps it will go better than I think it will just as long as it doesn’t go by too fast. 

That’s a wrap on Friday.  Just a little bit of surfing to do and then I will be on my way to the bedroom to watch TV.  Talk with you peeps later. 

03 January 2013


I had a personal body issue yesterday at work.  That should have been my clue to go home, but I stayed and toughed it out.  It was one of those things that if your around other people they would figure it out quickly, but thankfully I get to sit in my office all day.  I got a call from one of the people I work with and quickly remoted into their computer to help them vs. coming over.  Thank God for technology.

Then I stood waiting at Walgreens for a 1/2 hour having to go to the bathroom, while they worked out some issue with my insurance.  I knew about it in advance so I was prepared but never thought I would have to go to the bathroom.  They don’t have public restrooms at Walgreens.  However, I have a suspicion that if you asked the right person they might let you use the restroom the employees use.  Again I toughed it out.

I got home and was ready to collapse.  I had supper which was Super Spicy (on accident) Tacos.  They were damn good though.  I took my first dose of medicine and noticed the antibiotics looked different.  I didn’t think anything of it.

As usual I was up all night long using the restroom, the steroids do that to you.  This morning I looked at the bottle of antibiotics and to my dismay they were something different.  I was instantly worried about being allergic but I have had two doses and nothing has shown up, so I figure I am safe or so I hope. 

I stayed home today.  It was Purchase Order Problem day.  Every problem but one had to do with the PO system I am in charge of.  I fixed everything pretty quick.  However, I was wishing that I had my laptop here.  I had to run up and down the steps several times. 

Much to my surprise my boss seem to understand.  I mean this was the first time I have ever stayed home sick an entire day in 8 months.  Not a bad track record if you ask me. 

There isn’t much going on tomorrow, I haven’t decided if I am going to tough it out or stay home.  My partner wants me to go back to work because he says calling in always leads to bad things.  Meaning that I will loose my job.  Heck, it’s a right to work state they don’t need cause or a reason, they can simply fire you.  Not fair but it’s common place in a non-union job. 

I know I have a couple machines to install.  I’m thinking go in for the morning.  Take off after lunch, install the machines and then go home early.  Sounds nice.  I know my problem child machine is probably waiting for me.  I’m sure it’s going to kick my ass but I look forward to the challenge. 

Right now I feel pretty good, but it’s the roids.  My neck is still killing me and that is usually the first place I feel it then boom like a hammer it hits me.  This time it was my nose running like an ocean.  Plus I’m hot and cold, again the roids.  Hungry, yep the roids.  I’ve slept most of the day away.  Kind of worried that I won’t be sleepy tonight.

If I don’t get sleep then I won’t be working tomorrow.  Simple as that.  Besides it’s Friday and even though I might not be there physically I’ve got my phone so I really never get a day off.  Yup, remember my crazy vacation.  I wish I would have turned the damn thing off or left it at the office.  Vacation means that you get time away from the office and don’t have to work.

Well, the clock is turning close to 9.  I need to at least make an attempt to go to bed, even though it is the last place I want to be, considering that I have spent pretty much my entire day there.  However, Jumper is happy!  Big Boy not so much, he snuck in and hid under the foot rest when I got up I hit him with it on accident because I never knew he was there. It was bad enough to do it once but I did it twice before it sunk in there isn’t a problem with the chair there is a cat in the way.  I apologized but he really didn’t want to hear it.  Going to reward him now with treats, the favorite part of the day for them!  Talk with you peeps later. 

02 January 2013


So I called the doctor and they were surprised that I needed 2 medications for my sinus problem.  It’s no doubt the start of an infection so why not head it off with antibiotics.  I know I will need them eventually.  Someone is supposed to call me from the docs office.  That probably won’t happen until we get closer to the end of the day.  I’m in misery.  Chop off my nose and I will be fine.  My left nostril burns from all of the blowing.  I wish the work part of the day was over with.

I could just say I don’t feel well, which is true and go home.  However, here I am a trooper still at the office with not much to do.  It’s okay I like it when I get caught up.  I’m waiting for the sick machine to roll in, something tells me it won’t be here until tomorrow.  I just hope that I make it in tomorrow – kind of depends upon how I feel.

That 2nd box of Kleenex is feeling a bit light.  You can look at my trash can and tell what I have been doing all day long.  Me thinks I might have some Benadryl with me.  I’m going to check, anything is better than this.  Even feeling sleepy and not being able to take a nap. 

We had some internet issues again at work, they were momentary.  Unfortunately, we don’t have any good monitoring tools in place.  The outside IT Firm we use is happy to come on site and set something up, plus our router needs a firmware upgrade really bad.  However, that all costs money and knowing the cheap skate like I do, he feels I should be able to take care of it.  Yeah, but I’m not a network guru.  You make a wrong move in the router and no one will be surfing the internet and I will be standing in the middle of the street.  No thanks, I would just as soon let someone who knows what they are doing take care of it.  I just have to call to schedule it and right now I’m just not motivated. 

People have discovered a loop hole in the content filtering system and with the upgrade it would patch the loop hole and I think solve 99% of the problems we are having.  Too many people are on Facebook and streaming video.  Nothing kills bandwidth like multiple streams. We could also use an upgrade to our circuit but again that would cost money.

Ok off to look to see what meds I have with me to see if I can find something that will provide the relief I need.  Talk with you peeps later! 


Late to bed last night, woke up early feel okay.  Mentally I didn’t want to go but I made it in to work.  I’m sitting here minding my own business when my nose just opened up and started pouring like a river.  I see some dust in my office so I attributed it to allergies.  Took my emergency Claritin and waited for it to kick in.  I have rubbed one side of my nose raw and gone through an entire box of Kleenex.  Now I am starting to think it might not be allergies.  I really don’t want to call the doctor and have to leave work but if this continues I know I will be in a world of hurt the longer I let it go on.  So I am waiting and if there is no change within the next hour, I will make the call maybe I will get lucky and he can just call something in, I mean going there will only result in a prescription or two.  Better to cut through the red tape and just get the medicine. 

I know my partner is sick and maybe all of the time I spent around him transferred his germs.  Maybe it’s the cold weather.  Maybe it’s just something I’m stuck with.  Better now than when I am on the road.

I got a machine pretty well built, which was my major goal for the day.  I’ve got a couple people that need some remote help and another machine that is on the way in.  So it’s not like I am bored, just clearing stuff off my plate as quick as possible.  I’ve got two machines to install locally and have plans to do that on Friday.  That kind of depends upon how I feel now, hopefully I can pull it off. 

Outside of that nothing really major going on.  No one wants to be at work today but were all here.  Traffic was a little heavier this morning but still light enough that I made it in early.  I was disappointed there was no Shep 689 video this morning.  I guess they are having a good time in NYC.  I so look forward to their video each day, it’s become a habit for me.

Well off to help those remote people.  I hope your having a great 2nd day of the new year.  Talk with you peeps later!

01 January 2013

New for 2013

Like the new look?  I know it’s a little bright but I thought what better way to start off the New Year.  Change can be good!

I also added 2 new link list elements on the sidebar.  They are Watch on You Tube and Gay Porn News (NSFW).  There are some sites under each that I think you will enjoy. 

I highly recommend watching Shep 689.  It’s a daily vlog journal started by Will and he includes his partner RJ.  They also have a really HOT roommate Kasey (who is straight).  I’ve been watching them for a long time.  Will had a promise to start daily vlogs if a particular post got a certain amount of likes.  Well, that was done in no time and it’s just been a non stop ride of fun ever since.  I’m sure it’s a lot of work for them to put together a daily video but they do a great job. 

If your into Gay Porn News then my suggestion there is The Sword.  They have the scoop on most everything in gay porn.  There are photos too, which is why it’s NSFW.

Speaking of NSFW, my other blog that has hot guys on it, well if you have been watching it you know I haven’t updated it in quite a while.  I just didn’t get the feedback that I was looking for.  I will be doing occasional updates, when the mood strikes me but it’s not something that I will maintain daily.  Keeping this site going is my main focus and I honestly think I’m pretty good at it.  Plus it’s what I enjoy. 

So there you have it New for 2013.  Enjoy!

1st post of 2013

Happy New Year everyone!  I hope that things are going great for you.  I didn’t think I would be up until Midnight but I was.  For the first time ever I was in the shower when the clock rang in the new year.  I guess you’d call it a clean start. 

I accomplished getting the bathroom cleaned up.  I also was so motivated I cleaned up my partners bedroom, which was a disaster.  I had plans to sit in front of the computer but they were quickly changed when I thought about my facial and trying to relax.  Besides that I spend way too much time on this box anyway. 

Today we made it to the grocery store, which was not crowded at all.  Probably because people thought they were closed, plus it’s really cold outside.  Saw a cute couple of guys walk in.  One of them was giving me the eye as if to say bitch, what are you looking at.  He was hot stuff and I guess he knew it. 

We had breakfast/lunch at Steak N Shake.  Then supper at a local bar, which has some okay food.  Plus it’s really cheap.  Now we are home the trash is out.  More laundry is going and I still have to get ready for work tomorrow, plus tend to the litter boxes. 

Jumper didn’t want to sleep with me last night, he was off hiding somewhere.  He had a puke fest by one of the litter boxes.  The first mess of the year for me to clean up.  Poor boy.  However, we made up for lost time this morning.  I was up at 8 to feed the 4 legged creatures.  Jumper nibbled a bit and then followed me back to bed.  Where we snuggled and watched The Real World London.  We got through about 4 episodes and then I just had to go back to sleep.  It was close to 10 when I went back to sleep.  I got woke up at 11 and that’s when my day started.  Plus I took a short nap today.  Tomorrow is going to suck because I won’t want to go to bed tonight and that means I will be so sleepy tomorrow morning. 

Boss man will be back in the office tomorrow, I just hope he doesn’t bother me at all.  I have plenty to do and I am sure emails and calls will be pouring in as well.  He should be leaving Thursday afternoon, which will be nice.  But he will be back on Monday, which is kind of depressing.  Ah, well 1 week in the office with him and then I will be on the road for a week.  Not looking forward to that either, but at least I will be away from the ogre.  Does it show that I don’t care for him?  If he wasn’t such a grouch I would probably like him more.  However, I like him a lot as long as he leaves me alone! 

Well, off to enjoy the evening.  You all take care and be well.  Talk with you peeps later!


Happy New Year!