08 June 2013

DOMA might screw me


I heard back from LAMBDA Legal.  They told me that to litigate the Union matter, I would most likely loose, because DOMA would come into play and a Civil Union or Same Sex Couples are not recognized.  Marriage is defined as one man and one woman.  Now I don’t know that the union is smart enough to know this, but I think that it might not be worth taking a chance. 

My position is the same.  I am going to wait to see what their reaction is to my attorneys letter.  Then I will ask for guidance on how best to proceed.  I may engage a second attorney just to have two opinions, so that I truly make an informed decision.

My windshield has been replaced.  I watched the whole process, it took about an hour.  I got OEM glass, however it’s lacking the sound proofing the original glass had.  I am not happy about that but I do like looking through new glass not having any damage.  Now I am ready to trade for a new car, but won’t.

I’ve got some laundry done.  The dishes are done.  I have the equipment dropped off at the flea market.  I have plans of getting up early and getting down there to see what happens.  Then I will have to go grocery shopping and take care of house cleaning.  My neck is on fire, the misquitoes love me and I itch.  I am ready for a nice shower and a good nights rest. 

I will be up for a while to watch TV and hopefully relax.  Got my first water bill in my name, whoopee!

Oh I called about the mortgage this morning.  I was told that my partner would have to submit a letter so they could talk to me.  I said okay I will set a pen and a piece of paper outside of his ern and if he writes you it will be a god damn miracle.  I told you once he is dead.  I was pissed, because I was forced to jump through hoops again.  I am tired of doing tricks to get a reward.  I am not a circus animal.  However, it’s affecting my bottom line so I will play on and hopefully it will work out in my favor.  I have to call back on Monday because the bankruptcy department doesn’t work weekends.  I have a feeling I will have to jump through more hoops.

Talk with you peeps later.

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