14 June 2013


So my ‘friend” cancelled last night at 9:30 but I was in bed already so I didn’t know about it until this morning.  She was supposed to be on vacation this week and now she is telling me it’s next week.  This was our 2nd attempt to get together and I reached out to her.  She wanted me to reschedule but I am not going to.  I figure that she doesn’t want to have lunch with me and no matter how many times I try the end result will be the same, so why bother.  I didn’t even respond to her cancellation notice, I am just letting it go.

I found out that 20 people from my old job in IT were let go yesterday.  They also got rid of one of the bitches in HR, which I think is totally awesome.  Sure glad I am not there and having to sweat about my job. 

Last night I got a message from a friend checking on me and he ended it with so who are you doing now?  I called him on it but in a humorous way.  See I would have blamed it on Auto Correct but he totally owned it and said it was a Freudian slip.  I wish I was doing someone but nope, I am all alone in that department.  Were getting together at a new restaurant tomorrow.  That is the 1/2 way point to Sam’s so I will have an excuse to stop in and pick up more stuff.

I am working on my appeal letter.  I ran it by an attorney friend this morning.  I got all sorts of case law to submit with it that further states my claim.  So I have to make revisions and get it ready to go.  I don’t have to mail it this weekend but I really would like to.  Just to say it’s over with and done, check it off the list.  Then next month after I visit the doctor I can grab a bite to eat and head to the courthouse to file suit.  At least that is my plan of attack, maybe I will get lucky and they will just cough up a check.  However, I fully anticipate a response saying sorry but we have already paid his son.  Yeah, then you paid the wrong person and guess what, were going to court.  These fuckers have me t-totally pissed off.

I had thought about it and told the children that I would be home late tonight because I was going for fried chicken.  However, I think I will just go home as normal.  I’ve got mac and cheese in the fridge along with left over bbq pork from last night.  Eat that and save my money for tomorrow.  I can always change my mind but going home, napping and then working until the wee hours of the morning sounds awesome to me.  Not sure why.

Today is the last day for one of my co-workers who is moving on to another job.  I will really miss her but at the same time I am happy that she is moving on.  It was obvious to me that a change was long overdue and she was in over her head but just didn’t know how to speak up.  Plus the way she was treated was horrible.  I know she will be much better off in her new job. 

My boss lost a relative yesterday.  Death has plagued this office for a while.  First it was me with my partner.  Then it was someone else with their mother and now my boss.  Since things come in 3’s I figure we should be good now.  I am so glad that I didn’t wait to submit my vacation requests, that could have been a nightmare. 

Well I am stuck in hardware heaven right now.  I am still working on configuring.  I am waiting for some anti-theft stickers to show up next week, I have to tag the machines and then I can start shipping them out.  That will be helpful and maybe, just maybe in a few weeks I will be done.  This is no small project.  It’s kind of fun at first but looses its luster after a while.  However, that is the way with most deployments.  Thankfully we buy all of our equipment so if it breaks we just replace it.  Other places lease equipment for 3 years and then it all goes back and you get new equipment.  Which is hell for an IT department because your under a time crunch to get the old stuff back and the new stuff deployed.  When it’s all done everyone is typically happy.

Outside of lunch tomorrow and Sam’s club, no other real plans for the weekend.  If it doesn’t rain I will try a fix on my guys vehicle to see if I can fix the cd player.  Just have to find and pull a fuse, then put it back in.  That should do it from what I have read on-line.  Google is such a good friend. 

Have an awesome weekend.  If any of your guys are Father’s, Happy Father’s Day to you.  I will talk with you peeps later.  Take care.

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Jude said...

Geez, 20 people let go?!! Wow they are really cleaning house.

Yeah if it never "works out" for her, leave the ball in your friend's court about getting together. God knows you've tried.

Ah so you DID have mac and cheese, hahaha! That was my choice. ;-)

I hope you get some much needed rest this weekend my friend! xox