09 June 2013


I made a little bit of money today.  As a total surprise I got talked into taking the exam for Ham Radio.  I knew I wouldn’t pass and that it was a waste of $15 but I figured what do I have to loose.  You could miss 9 out of 35 questions.  I missed 14.  So as expected I failed.  However, I got tips on how to pass the next time.  I was surprised that I did as good as I did, some of those questions were way out of left field.  I am hanging on to some of his equipment just in case I actually do pass the test, then it will be free equipment for me. 

I didn’t sell anything big and I got people that wanted to nickel and dime me to death, I negotiated as best I could.  Some people got steals but in the end it was all about the $ to me.  I wasted my morning and part of my afternoon there.

Went to the grocery store, came home took care of the trash and cleaning up.  Put the grocery's away.  Got a crazy ass idea to eat out a bit more this week, since I made some money and it was all cash.  Not sure if I will give in to that but maybe one or two nights.  Maybe I will save it up for the weekend.  Who knows. 

Took a shower and been running around the house in my boxers for the remainder of the day.  Who is going to see me?  Exactly.  I cleaned off my dresser and brought in my guys iPod dock that I got for him.  It came with a remote and there is a jack to hook up speakers to.  I did that and now I have music in my room via my iPod.  The speakers are turned up so you can hear music most everywhere. 

Something bit my hand.  It hurts.  The skins started peeling off and if I touch it, it burns like fire.  I put something on it and that didn’t help.  I’ve been washing my hands all afternoon and that doesn’t exactly help.  I got bites and itch all over, the bugs they love me because I can’t feel a thing.  By the time I know I’ve been bitten the bugs are long gone.  As long as I don’t get a mickey mouse hand or anything close to that I will be fine.  I think tomorrow will be the tell all sign.

Currently catching up on laundry.  Have to wash out the kids fountain and refill it with a new filter & water.  After laundry is done, it will be time for bed.  I have to feed the children one more time.  Looking forward to kicking back and watching Nurse Jackie and whatever else I can find that interests me.

Next weekend is all mine, nothing planned as of today.  I am so excited to be able to have free time.  I thought about going to get pie, but it’s a long ass drive for me to go by myself.  If I do go, I will be sure to take my car because it really helps out the gas mileage.

The power just went out and came back on.  I think my computer is plugged into the wrong side of the UPS.  I will have to check on that.

I have to call the new mortgage company tomorrow.  Not sure if I want to ruin my day by calling early or save it until after work and ruin my evening.  I figure they will have me jumping through hoops as well.  I just want this behind me as fast as possible with positive results.

I should get going time is ticking and before I know it, the evening will be done.  Then it will be back to machine heaven tomorrow.  Speaking of which I need to get my 2 days of vacation submitted, both are for next month.  I am taking the 5th because there is no sense in going back to work for 1 day when I can take the day off and have a 4 day weekend.  Then another Friday a couple weeks later when I go back to the doctor and they bleed me.  Not looking forward to that. 

Hope you had a great weekend and I will talk with you peeps later.

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Jude said...

Aww too bad the sale didn't go as well as planned! I'm glad you made a little money though.

I wonder what the heck bit your hand?

Good luck with the Mortgage company, I hope you get positive results!