20 June 2013

Amazon Day # 1

Ever go shopping and forget something?  Happens to me all the time.  Primarily because I don’t make a list.  So I was thinking about an item I forgot, then I thought of items I wanted.  What to do?  Go back and Amazon shop from work!  I placed another order this morning.  Most of which will arrive on Saturday.  Something to look forward to.  But the joy will quickly end once I crack open the package. 

Jumper seems better.  I am still monitoring him.  His water intake was huge this morning.  He was eating but looking at his food like he was confused.  He’s done that ever since he had the Respiratory problems a few years back.  He acts normal so I am thinking we are good but I still want to watch him before I make a final determination.  I will call the vet to schedule an appointment for either him or his mother.  Oddly enough tomorrow is his birthday along with his brother and two sisters.  Everyone in that house is getting old!

I saw Franklin & Bash last night.  I got through hour 1 okay but by hour 2 I was drowsy.  Love MPG (Mark Paul Gosselaar).  He was shirtless in Hour 1…hubba hubba!  He got up and I thought sure we would get a backside view but nope.  Ah, well I will take what I can get.  All the more reason to stay tuned.  Glad the series is back on.

I see it’s about lunch time, I will be headed out shortly.  It’s been a productive day.  Even if traffic was horrible and some person cut me off.  They decided they wanted in my lane and we were stopped.  It made for bad timing.  Lucky for them I love my car more than they love theirs that is the ONLY reason why we didn’t wreck.

Last night I decided that on Saturday I will be taking my Birkenstock Orthotics back.  They hurt my feet.  The shoes I bought are comfy for a while but I think they are better for my feet by themselves.  Plus it will get me $59.95 back.  Feet were doing pretty good until I decided to try those new Orthotics, man it’s like I am starting all over again. 

Acne even at 41 I still deal with this.  Usually it’s all stress related. My forehead of all places is starting to breakout.  Normally it’s just one or two on my face but never my forehead.  Stress in my life?  Yeah!  House, Union, Worries and Work.  Just a little more than I need right now.

It will be tough coming back to work since it’s a nice day outside.  However, I am looking forward to getting out of this place and catching up. 

I also look forward to going home because my first amazon order will be there.  Provided the rest of the day goes well I will probably do the AIDS home test tonight.  I believe results are generated in 20 minutes.  That will be a long 20 minutes but I am fairly confident that I am negative. 

Well guys and gals, I have to scoot.  I will talk with you peeps later.  Take care!

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Jude said...

If I didn't make a shopping list I'd come home with a bunch of "guesses" and probably nothing that I needed, LOL!!

Good to hear Jumper seems to be feeing better. Let's hope it stays that way! xox