27 June 2013

Worked myself sick

I had a large project to change out most of the hardware, organize cables and install some new hardware in an office today.  I was sweating to death, the sun was beaming in at me.  The thermostat was locked down so no adjusting it.  I just kept going in the hopes I would finish.  I worked myself to the point of blood sugar sickness.  I needed to eat and very bad.  I walked past someone and they asked me if I was okay, I said yes but I need food. 

I came back to my office and ate every damn thing I brought for lunch.  Which was serious food.  It was good but I ran out of soda so I had to switch to water.  It took a while but I feel better now.  I am ready for a nap!

Got a call from the hospital today, they needed a death certificate.  I almost included one but though they wouldn’t need it.  Should have listened to my inner voice.

Jumper got a reprieve on medicine last night , he was acting sick this morning.  The old schedule was pill every other day.  On the off day I did the liquid.  They are actually the pill is prescribed every other day but the liquid is prescribed for every day.  I hope I can get to a schedule that he can tolerate and stay well.

When I walked in last night I had diarrhea to clean up.  Not my favorite thing to see, but I just dealt with it.  Like a mother deals with cleaning up puke.  I know it’s steam cleaner time again.  The choice is rent or buy.  The rental is a commercial unit that does a better job.  The problem is as soon as it’s clean I need to do it again because someone will mess it up.  Joy’s of pet ownership.

Called the bank today.  They are trying to get me in on a government trial modification.  It will take 30 to 45 days.  They told me what a good job I am doing at keeping up with payments.  I told them that is thanks to life insurance money.  It’s not going to last forever so that is why I applied for the modification.  They told me that they have all the documents that they will need for now.  I have to call back every week to check the status until it’s settled.  So for the next month and a half, wow. 

Confirmed my appointment today with the new Bankruptcy attorney.  Not exactly how I wanted to spend my Saturday but it will put me in the neighborhood of Sam’s club so I will probably stop in for more cat litter. 

I have no desire to work, it’s about 45 minutes until quitting time anyway.  Why bother.  It’s been a long day and tomorrow is Friday.  Can’t wait Red Lobster here I come!

Tonight I thought about eating out but will go home instead.  Choice between Mac & Cheese or Chicken Pot Pie.  Both sound good.  This morning I was set for Pot Pie but now I am leaning for Mac & Cheese. 

Time to wrap this up and get it posted.  Nothing else is new or exciting at the moment.  Talk with you peeps later. 

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Jude said...

That was a positive call from the bank! Good! Let's get it rolling in Jeremy's favour people!

Oh man if I don't eat every 5 or 6 hours I get sick too..... I'm glad you felt better after you ate.

It's a Canada Day long weekend for us here, I'm looking forward to not having to go back until Tuesday. I know yours is on Thursday, paid days off are so nice. :-)