31 August 2012

Holiday Road

Remember the song and this movie.  Wow, just saying that makes me feel old!

So I am all geared up for the holiday weekend.  An extra day off and to boot were closing the office early today.  Love that!  This is the only place that I have worked at that closes early on a Friday before a holiday weekend, no matter what the holiday.

Instead of taking Mass Transit this morning, I decided to drive in.  I could get used to that really quickly.  However, it would cost so much in gas that it’s really not worth it.  Once and a while yeah but every day nope.   Traffic was light due to the holiday, lots of people schedule today off.  Parking in the garage was easy as coming over on the weekend, pull in and park on the 1st level.

In case you can’t tell I really don’t have much going here.  Yeah, there is stuff for me to do but I am not too motivated today.  I have done some work.  Boss man got his home pc that I configured for him and he really likes it.  I knew he would.  Hopefully when we return on Tuesday he will really like the desktop speakers I hooked up for him yesterday.  They sound wonderful and they are just cheap speakers.

I had my guy call over to Lowes to see about renting a carpet cleaner.  Pretty cheap 24 hours – 24 dollars, plus chemicals.  I figure rent it for two days and labor cleaning the carpets.  Then as soon as I go to return the damn thing the cats will get sick and puke on the clean carpet.  That is always the way it goes.  I want to buy one but since money is extra tight now, I figure renting is the next best thing to get the job done.  Plus it will make the mister happy. 

My shoulder/nick is better but I still am in some pain.  Two days of rest and muscle relaxers not to mention about a 1/2 bottle of Ibuprofen and life isn’t too bad.  I think I need new pillows and a bigger bed.  Every time I wake up to move my bed partner (jumper) decided to start talking.  Shut up it’s time to sleep, we can talk in the morning!  He just wants to snuggle.

Leaving early today and going home ot take a nap sounds really nice.  We are going out to eat at Longhorn Steakhouse.  The mister has wanted to go there for a while.  I hate steak so I will get chicken or fish.  It’s not cheap in fact I think they might just be more expensive than Outback.  I’d just as soon go there and get my Alice Springs Chicken.  That is good stuff!

I’ve been using my Unlimited Data Plan with AT&T and listening to Pandora One.  Love the Techno Radio.  I paid for a month.  You get 6 skips per hour after that, it’s time to change stations.  Since I’m driving I just pause the music and hit the CD Button.  Otherwise it would look like I was texting and driving.  An Annual Subscription goes for $36 and I’m giving it some serious thought.  They have everything and I can listen to it in the car, at my desk at work, on my home PC, on my laptop and in my room via my Roku.

Feeling a bit tired and also a bit horny.  Looking outside it’s rain and overcast gloomy sky.  It will be like that most of the weekend.  Sure glad I didn’t wash my car yet.  That will happen this weekend, if it stops raining. 

I need to visit another facility, it’s local but about 2 hours away.  I have been trying to get there for two weeks and something always gets in my way.  I’m thinking that next week I can make that happen.  It would be an excuse to stop off at the smorgasbord for a nice lunch and some bread pudding but at the company’s expense.  I hope that can happen!  I really want to get this trip out of the way.

Speaking of trips, I need to go back and configure WIFI in one place and then travel to another place and do a fresh install.  That is something I am not looking forward to.  If it’s going to happen, I pray we do it before the weather turns cold.  Flying in the winter doesn’t sound like fun at all.

Well before someone catches me I guess I should get back to work.  The thrill of getting caught.  I guess I’m living on the edge now!  Take care and I hope you have a great holiday weekend.  Stop and leave me a comment about your plans for the weekend.  I will talk with you peeps later!

30 August 2012

Injured but still ticking

So Tuesday I rushed to make mass transit.  I made it and then we took off.  I was semi-prepared for this but I didn’t realize that my arm was about to clash with a steel pole.  It gave me quite a jerk and I’ve got a small knot on my arm.  However, my biggest problem is my neck and shoulder.  They both hurt like crazy.  I’ve been living on Ibuprofen which really doesn’t touch the pain.  I’m sure it helps with inflammation but that’s about it.

So each night I’ve come home, had supper, taken 1/2 of a muscle relaxer and waited for it to kick in.  I sit in front of the TV with an ice pack on my back.  No fun at at.  Move the wrong way and pain. 

My partner told me to go in and then come home to rest.  Sounds like a novel idea but then who would do all of my work?  I just tough it out as best as I can.  Besides that we have one more day after today and then it’s a 3 day weekend.  Nice!

I’ve been so busy at the office, barley had 5 minutes for myself.  Yesterday I got to take lunch uninterrupted.  I worked all day yesterday with this whiny female who was having problems.  She is obviously doing something to each computer she touches but not telling anyone.  I worked with her 1st on Tuesday – it was an older machine so we chalked up the errors to that.  Wednesday she moves to a brand new machine.  I had to reconfigure it via remote control – kind of fun.  Then we get it fixed and 5 minutes later she is calling it’s broken.  We went back and forth all day long.  I got tech support from the vendor and we got it working, 5 minutes later she is calling again it’s not working.  Then it was pulled away from me and given to our outside IT Firm.  They got it working last night.  Guess what, 5 minutes later it stopped.  They are at their wits end trying to fix this.  I’m telling you each machine she touches turns to shit.  No way I’d let her within 15 feet of my computer.

Boss man seems a little calmer and very well rested.  Not sure if that is the case but his appearance reflects that.  Turns out he likes to listen to music while he works.  He’s only got this tinny pc speaker.  I told him let me order you some external speakers, I can get them really cheap.  It took him a day to rethink his decision but I got to order them.  I know he will be so happy with them – they should hopefully be here before the end of the week.  Perhaps this will earn me brownie points.  My job is still on the internet, despite it being over 30 days old.  So I don’t know what to think.  Part of me says he likes me and trusts me.  The other part says it’s all an act and as soon as he finds the right person I’m gone.  Just plain confused.  My partner told me to stop looking for a job, but I simply can’t do that.  I need to stay on the trail until I either get more of a comfort feel or until something better lands in my lap.

Funny thing the place that my so called friend screwed me out of a job at, remember earlier this year?  Well, they are hiring.  Guess the person they selected instead of me didn’t work out after all.  I thought about applying but figure let it be.  They might hire me – I’d get the better benefits that I want and need but would they pay well and if they went through this other person in 6 months, what’s to say that I wouldn’t be in the same situation.  So letting them be is probably in my best interest.  Besides that if they really want me, they have my name and number – pick up the phone and call me.

So that is about as interesting as life gets here.  Looking forward to being able to rest up this weekend and the extra day off will be nice.  Yes, for those of you who are keeping track I will be turning another year older.  Time passes by so very fast.

Stay cool and dry, be well and I will talk with you peeps later!

26 August 2012

New Phone Bakery

The weekend is about over, I still have a few hours to wind down and relax.  I really am NOT anxious to start another week since the boss man will be back, but as my grandfather would say time stops for no one.

Saturday we got up early, went to the baker shop and I spent a small fortune on all kinds of pastry that neither one of us need, but we crave it and it’s so good!  Then we stopped and got some breakfast.  My partner had an invitation from the car dealer we use and they were having a contest.  He might have won a new car or some money.  I told him those things are fixed and he didn’t win but we could stop in.  Turns out we were a half hour early. 

I asked him if he wanted a new phone, he’s been talking about it for a couple weeks.  He said yeah.  I knew he didn’t have more than $20 to his name but we went.  I wound up shelling out $87 for his new toy.  We checked into combining rate plans and adding texting but it’s just too steep for him.  It would actually save me $4 a month.  Since he couldn’t afford it we just kept things as they were.  I’ve been really wanting to get texting back but not for $20 per month, that is insanity!

In case your into phones and technology my partner wound up with a Pantech Pursuit II.  Colors were Green or Purple.  He got Purple for me but it looks more lavender.  I would have gotten Green myself but I do love me some purple!  It’s a slider phone and has a touch screen.  He is using it to call me from the other room for silly things.  Funny how you don’t use your phone that much, but when you get a new one all you want to do is talk, talk, talk. 

We went back to the dealer, he didn’t win the car.  We got $20 in Wal-Mart Gift Cards for stopping by.  They stuck us with a sales person to hopefully make a sale but he simply said I can’t afford a new vehicle, I came down for the prize and hoped that I had won.  That ended the conversation or so I thought.  We sat there for about 45 minutes just chatting about cars and the auto industry.  Holy crap, the sales person wreaked of Cigarettes and I couldn’t wait to get away from him.  Put on some cologne or just plain quit!

It was back home to unload the bakery and take a nap.  Which was easily done!  Then I got a hair brain idea about getting my partner some new shoes.  Why do I want to spend all of my money on him?  Anyway, I used Google and it said there was a Crocs shoe store at the local mall.  So we went there, they moved out!  However, we found a restaurant that I always wanted to eat at.  So we stopped in and it wasn’t too bad.  We plan on going back.

From there we drove to one of our favorite restaurants that closed it’s doors last month, just to see if there was any progress.  Nope, the place is empty.  Sure wish someone would buy it because I’m hungry for their pizza!

We grabbed the mail and then headed home.  I went back out by myself which can be a dangerous thing.  I stopped and got cat food, I’m there twice a week now!  No wonder I have no money.  Anyway, then I talked myself out of stopping at Lowe’s but then I said well if your going under, you might as well go in style.  So I stopped in and got myself the new shower head I have been wanting for the last month.  It’s a Delta IN2ITION.  The prices on this get really crazy depending upon what type of finish/material you want.  I just got the cheap basic model and that was $50.


Yup, that is what is hanging in my shower.  It’s neat because you can have both the shower head and wand – or choose one or the other.  Plus there are a couple adjustments on the wand and it feels great.  I was in the shower apparently a very long time.  I guess I will have to watch my time tomorrow or I will be late for work!  If we had just a little bit more pressure that would be awesome, but I will take what I have.

From there I stopped off at Target to get cat litter and a new bath mat.  I wound up getting those two items plus a small dry erase board for the fridge.  The one we had was shot.  I also picked up a new air filtering machine for my allergies.  I put the old one in my office in the basement.

Then I stopped off at the gas station.  I purchased a car wash and got $0.20 off each gallon, which was nice.  It was raining so I opted to save my wash until later in the week when rain isn’t in the forecast.  Poof money all gone!

I went home to unload my car, setup the shower and allergy machine.  Then I got started on cleaning and laundry.  Fun stuff!

Saturday’s are just like the best day because you know you have one more day.

That brings us to today.  Got up early, had breakfast.  Washed my partners hair and back.  Relaxed in front of the TV and I was out like a light.  Then I test drove my new shower.  I went out for Mexican.  We went to the grocery store and headed home.  The best part of the grocery store has got to be the cart boys.  Mighty Fine!

That’s it I’ve been doing laundry.  I wanted to wash my bed clothes but the cat held the bed hostage so I opted to let them be comfortable.  I still have to pack my lunch, empty the litter boxes and change their water filter.  Then there is getting ready for bed.  So that means I should go but I would so rather stay and keep typing.

Oh, I almost forgot I found the answer to my texting dilemma.  It’s a service called Text Me.  It’s a free app on the iPhone.  It also works on Android and Windows Mobile.  You sign up, they give you a phone number and you can use it to text for free with everyone or anyone.  It has no e-mail address, as typical phone company texting does.  The texting part is totally free.  If you want to use the phone/voice mail part you have to watch crummy videos to earn minutes or you can buy minutes which are really cheap.  I texted my brother a lot yesterday before he figured out who I was.  I’ve told a couple friends about it.  I primarily got it because of things like 2 factor authentication with Google, Yahoo, Amazon, etc.  they send you a code to your phone before you can reset your password but they only send it via text/sms.  It’s starting to become a requirement to have texting.  I don’t mind paying $5 per month but $20 is just plain nuts!  My work cell has unlimited everything but my partner is the only one outside of co-workers that have the number.  I try very much to separate home from work.  Although I do use my work cell to call home most every day of the week.  The damn thing has to be on my hip pretty much 24x7 so might as well get some good use out of it.

That’s it.  Back to reality and working.  However, now it’s off to take care of the kitty needs.  I hope that your well and getting ready for Fall.  Cooler weather is around the corner, just a little more patience and it will be here.  Be well, stay safe and I will talk with you peeps later!

23 August 2012


It’s been a hell of a week. Monday I got a call from a local facility that said one computer couldn’t get to the internet.  How hard can that be to fix?  Right, your thinking it’s simple.  So did I.  I altered my schedule after asking permission and left the office early.  I was at this place until 7:30 pm and when I left things were a lot worse than when we started. 

Tuesday I spent my day back at this place trying to fix everything.  I got an early start and within 1/2 hour they were back up and running.  The one computer well, it took the rest of the day to fix it.  The thing was infested with viruses, spyware and malware.  One of them took out the network driver.  I put it back but the machine was slower than molasses.  After I got it clean it was pretty much like new.  I really wanted to rebuild it but the lady needed her machine.  She was thankful.

The company doesn’t know it yet, but they bought my lunch on Tuesday.  My plans were to spend an hour there.  Head back home, pick up my lunch and then head into the office.  It didn’t work like that.  I actually got off work at 3:15pm.  My first break and damn it felt so good.  Since then it was like life just fell back into place.

Me and my partner visited our local AAA office.  Each of us were paying $81 per year for our memberships.  I’ve thought about combining out memberships for years but haven’t.  Well, since they pissed me off with a hike in my insurance rates, now was the perfect time.  So I gave them $10 and got added to my partners membership which expires in Jan.  Then when that renews we can split the cost and we will both save money!  Plus I paid for my auto insurance, so we are all set.  I mailed a letter yesterday to cancel my renters policy.  I know that will be a surprise to them, but in the grand scheme of things I know I really don’t matter.  Anyway, the guy that we worked with had the coolest monitor stand – 2 yellow pages.  C’mon they take all that money from me and they can’t afford to buy a guy a $20 monitor stand.  Damn, they are cheap!  If I was an ass I’d write the president about that, and I did actually think about doing it but what would it get me?  A waste of time, postage and the guy would probably still have the same 2 yellow pages!

Monday’s supper was late and I ate too fast, I felt sick even into Tuesday morning.  I had a nightmare and was up for a couple hours.  Tuesday I started out dragging but some how that turned around in the afternoon. 

I felt so good on Tuesday night we went out again.  This time I took my time and enjoyed my food.  Had a very relaxing evening and there was more time than I needed.  Nice!

I had something stuck in a tooth and tried to fix it with my finger.  That made it worse and presto I now have an infected tooth.  Awesome!  So I nursed it for a couple days with Ibuprofen and some extra mouth wash.  The pain was too much so I called the dentist yesterday.  They asked me if I was working and I said yes.  So thankfully there was no fight, they just called in an antibiotic and said if it’s not better in 48 hours I have to come in.  Okay, I can live with that.  It feels better, I started the medicine last night.  I just hope that I don’t have to deal with this on an on going basis again.  I remember when I had my wisdom teeth and it was like every other month, time for pills.  So if this is a one time thing I will be so thankful.

Right now I am just hoping that my body doesn’t have an allergic reaction to the antibiotic.  I’ve got some signs that aren’t good but right now I’m playing it cool in the hopes that I don’t have a problem.  If I do then it will be a trip to the local ER for some Benadryl by IV.  Cross your fingers.


What I am so thankful for, well when I was at the facility earlier in the week I saw a young man who is in his 30’s stuck in a wheel chair.  He was in a car accident at age 17 and has been paralyzed  from the waist down.  Seeing that was so sad.  I just wanted to cry.  It hit me then – what do I have to complain about, my life is a cake walk compared to his.  He seemed okay with it, I mean I guess with time you can adjust to anything.  They were working on transferring him closer to home.  I’ve prayed for him every day since.  I wanted to talk to him, but just couldn’t bring myself to conger up the words. I mean what exactly do you say to him?  I’ve got so much to be grateful for that I take for granted, I mean we all do.  You just get wrapped up in life and forget about the little things like mobility, health, etc.  it’s typically not until something happens that you think how lucky you were. 

It’s almost time to call it a day here at the office.  One more day with no boss and then come Monday it will be back to reality, that is unless he decides to stay.  All I can tell you is that I really have been enjoying myself for two weeks.  Wish every week could be this peaceful!

Take care and be well.  I will talk with you peeps later!

19 August 2012

Wiped out Weekend

The weekend is pretty much a done deal.  I was so exhausted yesterday and again today.  I really haven’t been this tired in a long time.  It’s like there is something wrong with me but I can’t put my finger on it.  I just feel super tired.  Of course now that things are winding down I got my 2nd wind.  My worry is about how I will feel tomorrow and the rest of the week.

Me & my guy got to spend a lot of time together.  Both in and out of bed.  I got all of my hairs cut.  Picked up some cat litter and other things that we needed.  The one thing we are in desperate need of is money and I can’t seem to find that anywhere. 

Friday we were supposed to meet up at Olive Garden but my guy said that his vehicle was making funny noises and he would rather I come and pick him up.  So we just went some place else.  We did OG on Saturday.  I had the Never End Pasta Bowl.  We had a waiter that was as cute as he was helpful.  If I wasn’t so tired I would have had some fun with him, just making conversation that’s all.  However, we just ate and left.  We have to go back I need more pasta.  Plus their famous Pumpkin Cheesecake is back on the menu.  It’s $7 a slice but it’s so good.  I’m not excited about the price but the taste, oh my.  We got a piece to go and I haven’t had any.  Think I will change that in a few minutes.

I fixed my guys vehicle, it needed power steering fluid.  I filled it a little full but that’s better than not having enough.  We put cat litter down on the driveway to soak up the oil the thing is leaking.  Parked in a different spot and we have a new spot forming.  The best part was when I test drove his vehicle.  He just had on some pajama pants and shoes.  No wallet, no shirt and no seatbelt.  I got on the freeway and revved it up to 80 + no problems.  No squeaks.  Then to surprise the crap out of him, not knowing he wasn’t wearing a seat belt I pulled into one of those trooper turn arounds.  You know the place where the cops sit and wait for you to come whizzing by to pull out and give you a ticket.  Yeah, I hit the breaks a little hard and he damn near went through the windshield the whole time telling me, you can’t turn around here.  Please don’t tell me what I can’t do, it only makes me want to show you what I can do.  Plus I checked and there wasn’t a cop in sight, yes I know it was illegal and I shouldn’t have done it but I did do it.  He wasn’t hurt just a little shook up and I told him he broke the law for not wearing his seatbelt.

He needs some vehicle repairs to fix the oil leak for starters.  I’m not sure if there is or isn’t anything else wrong with it.  It’s old and has 105, miles on it.  It’s been a good vehicle but the pain is peeling and you can tell the poor thing is just crying to head to the crusher.  However, he can’t afford a new one or even a used one.  So we will have to figure something out.

Today we went to the grocery store and when we came back I noticed some papers on the porch.  We don’t have a mailbox and that just frustrates the hell out of people.  All the more reason to keep it that way.  We have a PO BOX for our mail.  Anyway, he figured a friend stopped by.  I said no one stops by here.  I thought it was from the dreaded homeowners association.  I was right.  They want to put a lien against the house because we haven’t paid our dues.  Funny thing is they formed they had this association in place at the time we bought the house but it was dormant.  Our relator didn’t tell us about it and we have never ever given these bastards one dime.  They have threatened for years to file a lien but never have.  I think it’s a bluff – we still have no plans for giving them a dime.  They can file all of the liens they want but they won’t get a penny.  Besides that the lien doesn’t have to be paid off until you go to sell the property.  They also think that the house is owned by a person.  Nope it’s owned by a Trust.  I feel like putting a fuck you sign in the front yard.  If we lived some place fancy it would be different but this is just a way someone figured out to take money and not do a damn thing.  They erected a big fancy sign at the entrance to the subdivision, big deal.  We have 2 commons areas that they need money to pay insurance on.  Outside of that they don’t do a damn thing.  They are useless and that is why we don’t plan on paying them.  Besides that if we would have known about them we would have never ever moved here in the first place! 

Big Boy is having some coughing fits.  He scares me.  I increased his medicine and it will take a few days before there is any benefit to it.  I listened to him tonight and he sounds horrible.  It didn’t help that I got out the vacuum cleaner today.  That excites him in a bad way and he runs for the basement.  He is supposed to be kept in a cool, stress free environment.  Any stress will worsen his condition and cause him to go into Respiratory Distress or Failure.  We know he is on the fast track to the grave, I mean we would be kidding ourselves if we didn’t admit that.  However, he still has a lot of life left in him.  I keep praying for a miracle and hoping that we can get more time out of him.  I spend as much time as I can with him.  We sleep together most every night.  We are all pretty close here.  I just can’t imagine my life w/o any of these creatures.

My partner likes Pandora, I showed it to him on my Roku box.  Plus he turned me on to Jeff Dunham.  A ventriloquist.  Damn he is funny.  He has a character called Walter that reminds me of my partner in some ways.  Below is a clip for your viewing pleasure.


I’ve also discovered Maroon 5 – I really love their music.  Their lead singer is pretty cute, a little too much ink for me but damn he has got a nice body.  Take a listen to a couple of my favorite songs.


So did all of the usual cleaning and laundry.  Time to relax a bit before it’s time for bed and Monday.  Crap a whole new week!

Tomorrow should be fun, I ordered a memory upgrade for my system, plus I’m supposed to be getting dual monitors.  Of course this is all work for me to do since I’m the IT Guy but at least I will benefit from it.  The monitors are legal & approved.  The memory upgrade well I got that on my own.  I love spending their money.  Especially when I think about how they want(ted) to get rid of me.  I just can’t seem to recover from that.  There are so many things I want to do but they require either a long term commitment or a contract – since I don’t know from day to day if tomorrow I will have a job I just have to do with out. 

It kind of sucks – I mean I really like my job, some of the perks are things I’ve wanted my whole life.  However, I work for an ass hat a total fucktard.  Who would sell his own mother if he could make so much as a dime.  That has made my life so unhappy.  I just want to be free – happy and able to enjoy life.  I mean the last 2 years have been absolute hell and it’s time to sit back and enjoy life again.  Part of me is mad at me for letting him affect me this way.  The other part of me is wishing, hoping and praying that this will either work our or a new job will come along.  Either way, I DO NOT want to be without a job for so much as an hour.  Unemployment T Totally Sucks!

Well that’s pretty much all I have for now.  I need to tend to laundry and prep for Monday.  Thanks so much for stopping by and reading my babble.  Take care and I will talk with you peeps later!

17 August 2012

Happy Friday

We made it to yet another Friday!  I’m looking forward to 2 wonderful days away from work.  I hope to relax and renew myself so that I am ready for whatever next week brings!

I’ve been meaning to tell you about two wonderful services that I have come across.  The best part is they are both F R E E.  #1 is a site called CreditKarma.com, this site will allow you to see your credit score every single day.  It also shows you your insurance credit score and over all report card on your credit.  You can’t get your credit report here.  I heard about it on the radio when I was traveling and it sounded like it was too good to be true, but I checked it out and I’m very happy with it.  Check it out and I think you will be happy too.  #2 is Pandora, it’s a radio service that streams through the web.  Any kind of music, put in the title, author or theme (i.e. Techno, Pop, etc.) and they will play what will be music to your ears.  There are commercials, but that is all a part of it being free.  Don’t like commercials, then you can sign up for Pandora One, it’s $3.99 per month and there are no commercials.  Kind of cool.  Plus there are iPhone apps for both of these services.

Speaking of iPhone’s I really want to upgrade mine but the iPhone 5 should be coming out next month.  The downside is that the dock connector will change and that means buying new car adapter and extra charging cables.  Plus we still have the fact that my job isn’t exactly secure.  I mean I think I am okay but I honestly don’t know for sure.  So I’m holding off for now.  My iPhone is acting up but I’d rather put up with the minor inconveniences than enter into a contract that I am not sure if I can fulfill. 

Last night on the way home, I was kind of happy that I still had my 3GS.  No flash and no sound on silent – means you can take photos of people and they have no clue.  Kind of stalkerish, I know.  There was this cute guy wearing an awesome purple shirt and he had some muscles, I just couldn’t help myself.  I see him all the time and last night I just felt like living on the edge a little.  :)

Things at home are okay, Big Boy still making it.  He has coughing fits but he craves attention like a fat man craves cake.  He has this habit of laying in his food.  That sure messes up his coat and I play hell trying to keep him clean.  He is a full time job for me but he’s my boy and totally worth all of my efforts.  I mean I can feel the love back and know that he appreciates what I am doing for him.  Even though he might not like it, he knows it’s all done out of love.

I’ve got to get the Shy Girl this weekend.  Her claws are far too long and starting to curl.  She is getting caught in everything.  I don’t like going after her because she gets mad at me and looses her bowels in the process.  Literally it scares the shit out of her.  She knows I am doing it out of love but that doesn’t stop her from trying to kill me in the process.  When she gets mad you can feel the venom and wow she has some powerful breath.  Sweet little thing when she isn’t upset.  Grab the welding gloves, paper towels, furminator and claw trimmer.  Okay were ready for battle! :)

So I guess it’s time to go to work  First I have to check and see if there are any new jobs, then I guess I will get to it.  I’m meeting an old co-worker today for lunch.  Looking forward to that.  Oh, I found out that my lunch is technically only a 1/2 hour but since no one has bothered to tell me that, I am working under the assumption that 1 hour is fine.  Besides I think it all evens out, given the OT that I put in.  Just can’t wait to get some place where I am truly appreciated and feel like I belong.  This place is great if you don’t mind being kept in the dark and working with guidelines that you know nothing about.  The slightest mistake and it could cost you your job.  No one needs to work like that.  It’s not good for mental or physical health. 

Have a great Friday and an awesome weekend!  I will talk with you peeps later.

16 August 2012

Thursday Already

Wow another week almost done.  It’s been a little rough thus far.  My boss is gone and you’d think that things would calm down but no such luck thus far.  I had a machine come in from one of our remote locations, they beat the crap out of it and I had to put it back together.  Plus it had viruses, spyware and malware on it so bad that my only option was to format and start over.  Actually, that is pretty much the only way you can say with any degree of certainty that a machine is clean.  There will always be something that your software doesn’t pickup or there could be traces left behind.

My neck has really been killing me but only when I am at work.  Its obviously stress related.  I’ve got this fear of being fired and I think it’s catching up to me.  My stomach has been crazy since the weekend and I’ve had a couple of accidents – stuff happens so quick there is no time to react.  The last one happened last night while I was at work waiting for FedEx to show up.  Not fun! 

Last night I declared a Technology Free night and just stayed upstairs in my room.  Hung out with the kids and watched TV.  It was fun but not long enough.  A friend of mine called and that sucked up a lot of my time.  We hadn’t talked in a while so playing catch up via phone.

I uncovered a plot to fire me.  As I suspected it was all over WIFI.  If this guy is that easy to upset my gut tells me that I won’t be here for a long period of time.  Despite the fact that I think he actually likes me now and wants to keep me.  I honestly don’t want to work here – the morals of these people are horrible.  Most everyone is two faced and that really makes me mad.  I mean if your going to say something about me behind my back, then you should have the balls to say it to my face.  My new motto is trust no one, which is what I should have done from the start.  Office environments are horrible for gossip and no offense but I am surrounded by females and they cackle all day long.  It’s like Gossip Central here.  I don’t genuinely care about anyone here because everyone is phony and plastic.  Okay I think I made my point!

For some good news, I found out that my auto insurance rate is staying the same.  My insurance company thinks I still am not working so that helps out as well.  There are a lot of unplanned expenses that have cropped up lately for both of us and I’m trying to cover everything – it’s like that duck in the Aflac commercial when all those holes spring up in the boat.  I’m running out of ways to cover, well not so much ways but money.  I try to hold on to a little cash but it always manages to slip through my fingers.  Another reason why I need a new job – more money!

I’ve still got a couple machines to get ready to ship out the door, plus what ever crops up that I have to cover.  Yesterday was amazing quiet.  Each day I think I will get to leave early but something always comes up to cancel those plans.  Maybe today or tomorrow it will actually happen!  I’m ready for a drink, massage, orgasm and then lots of sleep.  Yeah, sounds like the perfect weekend plans I know! :)

If I was a good employee I would come back here over the weekend and install the Windows Updates for the servers and make sure they are all rebooted.  However, I have given and given.  They just take and take with no reward.  Why bother!  Yeah, it will come back to bite me in the end but I really need rest and downtime away from technology in general. 

That’s my blather for today.  Oh, I am looking for a new job and have actually got a call for an interview.  However, they couldn’t accommodate my request for after hours.  I can’t exactly take time off here, I mean I could but if I don’t get the new job then it looks bad and I’m stuck.  So why bother, if a place can’t accommodate my request then I probably don’t want to work there in the first place.  I realize no one wants to come in early or stay late but hey if you want good people, you will be accommodating, at least that is my take.

I need a good dose of happy right now.  Well I guess I should actually start my day.  Perhaps if time permits I will be back.  Until we talk again, I hope all is well in your world.  Stay cool, be safe and I will talk with you peeps later!

13 August 2012

Tired–Re-tired and still tired

It has been one hell of a week.  I have been busy configuring machines, enabling and disabling access as well as placing orders for hardware and software.  Thankfully my boss left on Thursday afternoon, out of town for 2 whole weeks.  That doesn’t mean out of touch just out of sight. 

I was asked to replace a high profile persons computer.  Pretty much if you do it wrong or make a mistake, it will probably be the end of your working.  I was so nervous but I did it.  I worked late into the night on Thursday and Friday morning I came in and put the new machine in place.  There were a couple of minor issues but it was done in a jiffy and there was none of this my data is missing crap.  Now she had some icons on her desktop that no longer function but then again they didn’t function on her last machine.  My plan is to keep the old machine around for a bit before we talk about wiping it and repurposing it.

I see some travel in my future, like within the next 2 weeks.  I’m going to try to get permission to visit one of our sites that is about an hour and a half away from home.  It’s actually on the other side of the river from where we go to the smorgasbord to eat.  So maybe, I can work a trip in there – who knows.  They have a couple machines that need to be hooked up and the head honcho of that place is a real bitch, she has been nagging me for weeks to come down.  I told her that she is not the only person I have to take care of, there are other more pressing matters – like taking care of my boss and his computers.  I mean I know which side my bread is buttered on.

The other day one of the girls asked me to put an app on her phone.  It something we use for chatting inter-office.  It’s free and it’s public.  The next thing you know I’m getting yelled at for trying to help her.  The bitch I configured a computer for stuck her nose in where it didn’t belong and turned me in for wasting time.  Yeah, it’s not like I was there for more than 30 minutes – WTF!  Besides that I was doing my job but since it was a personal phone and she was a minion like me.  That’s why it was an issue.  So now I know don’t help anyone with a personal issue unless I clear it with the boss first.  Ohy!  The rules at this place – I mean if someone would tell me up front I’d be much happier.  I hate stepping on a land mine and finding out after the fact that I did something that was disapproved of.

Just wait until my credit card bill comes.  They won’t like that either.  I bought a memory upgrade for one person, some software for another and even more software for myself.  Plus a couple of drums for printers.  Yeah, I’m spending money like it’s not mine and you know what the minion’s appreciate it. 

The big purchase was hard drives for our old server.  I was told to get a new drive but turns out they don’t make them any longer.  So, I got 2 used drives for 1/2 of the price.  This way I have a spare when another one fails.  Then I can re-order and have 2 more spares.  The used drives were 1/4th the price so why not get 2?

Today I spent a good part of the afternoon with my partner in the office.  I had to swap out the hard drive, install the memory and look at a printer.  There was way too much dust involved.  I’m a little sick from it.  I am so highly allergic to dust it isn’t anything to sneeze at.  :)  The disks in the server are in a RAID array meaning they mirror each other.  So I had to give the replacement drive about 4 hours to copy.  Now I am defragging the server, installing windows updates and going to bed.  Tomorrow I will have to defrag the other drive and then finally do something that hasn’t been done in a very long time – reboot the server.  It’s old and well I’m worried that it might not come back up.  I hate doing something like that remote but if I can’t get reconnected quickly, I will panic and jump in the car.  I mean a dead server is something a guy could get fired for.

There is a lot of weight riding on my shoulders with this job.  Lots of responsibility and I have to keep a large number of things to myself.  This place has more secrets than Ft. Knox has locks.  Most of which I don’t even want to know.

I tried to round up some pals for lunch on Friday but that didn’t happen.  So perhaps we will get together next week.  Right now I’m saving this as a draft and headed to bed.  Time to unwind and relax – no computers allowed!

I did have lunch with my old classmate from High School.  He looks nothing like I remembered.  He was telling me that people don’t seem to have much time for him.  Yeah, it’s been years and now all of a sudden you want to catch up, it sounds a little creepy since we weren’t really that close to start with.  He practically has no teeth left and works at a gas station.  He has had a lot of jobs mostly fast food but nothing where you could make a decent living.  Kind of sad, I mean we both had the same opportunities ahead of us, we got the same education and looking at us, you can tell that I made an effort to better myself, he didn’t.  That kind of sucks, but it’s not my fault.  We had some awkward silences and I never bothered to tell him that I am gay, have cats and a partner – just left it all alone.  I figured it never came up so why bother.  He was surprised when I told him where I live.  It’s known to be a rich area, but I made it clear to him that I am just as poor as him.  It might sound like my life is better, I’ve got a decent job and making more money but we all have problems.  I don’t think I am better than him but I am disappointed that he didn’t make it in the world.  All in all, it was a good meeting.  He told me to call him if I wanted to get together in the future.  Yeah, that won’t happen.  I’m going to let a sleeping dog alone.

Sunday was a productive but very busy day.  We got up early and headed to breakfast, which was awesome!  Stuffed French Toast @ IHOP with Blueberry topping.  So awesome, I had to get two orders.  I did some shopping and then we went to the store.  That about wiped both of us out and we were ready for a nap.  My guy got his, but I never got mine!  I went to check on the server at work from my computer.  I issued a reboot command and couldn’t get back into the damn thing.  So I had to come over and do a hard reboot.  Then I applied windows updates and got the defrag process going.  It took about 2 1/2 hours and from there I was behind the 8 ball the whole rest of the day.  I came home and took my guy out to dinner.  Then we had to dash for home as I was a flurry in trying to get chores done and still managing to get ready for Monday. 


Monday is here and I am at work, with really no desire to work.  It’s like I am at burn out or something.  Just tired from going non-stop for 2 weeks.  Now there is no boss for 2 weeks and I can relax a little bit.  He is still in touch but it’s not like he is peering over my shoulder.  I’ve still got to work on getting his home PC done but today I am not in the mood.  I need to tame my e-mail box and clean some off the crap off of my desk.  I’d really like to fit in a nap as well, but I know that won’t happen.

I also have to make a dreaded support call to HP, which I am going to hate.  They are so hard to understand and put you through the paces, even though you tried it, they think that if they give you verbal instructions it will some how magically work.  Yeah, I wish it was that easy.  They will probably wind up sending another new printer, but I will have to wait and see. 

I’d like to relax tonight but that probably won’t happen either.  Just seems like my work is never done.  TAZ and his buddy got into a fight and TAZ got tore up by his ears.  So he is scratching.  It’s nothing major just a couple of nicks but the more he scratches the worse it will get.  So I am taking care of him, giving the other two boys their medicine and just in general going crazy.

A week with no technology, no work and being able to do what I want sounds really nice.  Of course I would be bored stiff after the first two days.  So maybe a nice extra long weekend.  That will be coming up here in a few weeks.  Labor Day – woo who!

Well back to the thing called W O R K.  You all take care, stay safe and be well.  I will talk with you peeps later!

07 August 2012

Giddy like a school girl

I found out today as I had suspected my boss will be going overseas for a little bit.  Not exactly sure when he is leaving but it sounds like it might be as early as this week.  He picked up a sweet laptop called an HP Envy.  It’s an Ultra book, which is super thin and boasts great battery life.  You are supposed to be able to get about 7 hours depending upon how your using the machine.  The only draw back is there is no optical drive.  I purchased LoJack for Laptops for him w/o his knowledge.  This way I figure I am covering my ass if he should loose the thing or if it gets stolen.  Plus you can log in and the software will tell you where the machine was last used at, and give you the IP.  Pretty neat what technology can do, when it works!

Work has gotten a little easier.  I am still under pressure but I have been making progress with the equipment that is taking up way too much room in my office.  I got rid of 1 PC today and a printer.  Of course more equipment will be arriving tomorrow to take it’s place.  I am so far behind that I honestly lost track of who I am supposed to build a computer for.  It’s kind of boring going through the same process over and over but it’s what I am paid to do.  I wish we had Ghost or CloneZilla anything that would replicate a drive.  That would make this whole process go 10x faster.

I have kind of formed the impression that my boss really likes me and that I am going to be there a while.  I am still not letting my guard down and keeping an eye out for what’s out on the market.  However, it doesn’t sound like I will be kicked to the curb, at least not today anyway.  I really wish I could relax and get comfortable here. 

I told you in a past post about my Renters Insurance going up.  Well thanks to USAA & Liberty Mutual I will be able to leave my present company and get a better policy for a little less money.  It’s a savings of $9 but it’s more coverage.  So it’s one of those deals that I just can’t pass up.

USAA is for the Military and their family members.  I called up and explained that my father was in the Army and that my Grandfather was too.  I don’t know my father but I had all of the information on my Grandfather.  The person I spoke with felt sorry for me and transferred me to get an insurance quote.  While I don’t qualify for a traditional membership I can use them for things like Checking, Savings and Credit Cards.  I’m not interested in that, I just want good insurance at a cheap price.  If your in the US and have a family member in the military I would suggest checking into membership, you just might be able to save yourself some money.

I have been shopping for Auto Insurance and the quotes that I have gotten start at $600 and go up into $1,200 for six months.  Granted, I have more insurance than I will ever need from an Auto stand point but I was in that business and I saw people loose everything because they took out a Mercedes, Audi and hurt a couple people in the process.  The way cars are priced today is ridiculous!  However, I am hoping that my present insurer keeps my rates low or at least there is not a significant increase in my premium.  I keep checking everyday for a renewal offer but they like to make me wait.  Plus it probably doesn’t help that I complained to the company about raising my rates on my Renters Policy.  Until I know something for sure I just keep crossing my fingers.  The policy renews in early September so they should be presenting me with an offer soon.

So I am giddy like a school girl because I friended a porn star on a social media site.  He not only added me but wrote me a message.  It was short and sweet.  However, it was enough to make my day and I have been thinking about him all day long.  It’s just amazing how an act of kindness can make your day.

Well, I promised myself and the kids that we would have extra TV time tonight, so I need to get going.  Oh, my old school mate confirmed lunch on Saturday.  I am not thrilled about meeting him but I will just because.  I am starting to think he will try to get me into Amway or sell me something.  Totally not interested in any of that.  I’ve got bills to pay!

Take care and I will talk with you peeps later!

05 August 2012

There’s no place like HOME

I arrived home safe in the wee hours of Saturday morning.  My connecting departing flight back to home, was delayed not once but twice.  Then it took forever to get off the ground!  I got in a little after 10pm.  Then an hour ride on mass transit to get to my partner, 11am.  Then we stopped so he could get something to eat 12:30am.  Then we finally arrived home at 1am.  I was never so glad to see home in all my life. 

I walked through O’Hare and my home airport like I was running a race.  I was ready to push anyone and everyone out of my way.  I just wanted to get home.  My feet were tired, I was frustrated and just wanted to relax. 

The long and short of it, Monday wasn’t a waste after all.  The maintenance guy I worked with knew his stuff and he took care of the cabling.  I helped a little but he did all of the work.  Tuesday, I spent terminating and testing cables as well as driving all over to get network ends.  The ones I bought were junk.  Then I got to programming and had half of the place all set.  Things were working perfectly.  I kept hearing this alarm but figured it was normal.  Turns out the damn wireless interferes with their patient alarm system, in case anyone should wonder away.  I didn’t know that until I got back on Thursday.

I spent Wednesday driving and got the other place all set.  Then Thursday was mostly driving back.  I got to the original site and they never expected me back, despite the fact I told them multiple times I will be here on Thursday and Friday.

So when I got back, I started programming and getting access points hung up.  I put in the remaining 6.  That’s when we discovered the alarm thing and also the whole thing stopped working.  I was there until 10:30 pm trying to figure it out and make changes.  Finally I said enough.  So I left and had a late supper at Taco Bell – drive thru.  I ate in the car, which was okay.  I was really attacking my food though, it was like watching a cave man eat.

So Friday I went back and stayed much later than I wanted to.  We (me and the maintenance guy) tinkered with the damn wireless all day long and actually got the whole system working for about 15 minutes and then it just stopped.  Stone cold dead.  The system works, it’s the internet that didn’t work.  They need the internet in order to be able to get to the on-line service we use for patient care.  So that left me very frustrated.  I spent most of the day on my feet, which explains why they are killing me – I simply over did it. 

Initially I was worried that I wouldn’t have a job if the system didn’t work.  However, then I remembered I was told I can always go back.  Programming shouldn’t take too long once we figure everything out.  The hard part is figuring it out.  That could easily be two days.  I will try to do what I can ahead of time before I go back but this is the reason why you have a site survey done – so you know what the fuck is in the air and how well your signal will propagate.  Not to mention if it will interfere with anything, like the door alarm.  Cheap ass sum bitch I work for if he would spend money on the right stuff it would sure make my life easier. 

Luckily the maintenance guy married a really smart woman, who has a team of people that work for her, she is in IT.  So they are going to unofficially get involved as well as his son who is also in IT.  It’s nice to know you have resources.  Plus I have tech support from the manufacture when I can get it as well as the help of our local IT Firm.  Between all of us I think we should be able to figure this one out.  What Lessons I learn from this install can be taken and transferred to the next fresh install.  I think I will need much more time than I had originally planned. 

I was all happy on Tuesday thinking it will be great to tell my boss were done.  However, I am so glad I didn’t gloat too early in the game, otherwise I would have had to eat my words and that would make me look bad. 

I had some good food.  I stopped at Applebee’s and had a couple Mud Slides which were awesome.  I wanted to go swimming on this trip but never had time.  I had a whirlpool in my room on Wednesday night but when I went to use it, I found out quickly it didn’t work.  So the most water action I saw was in the shower.  Love hotel showers, tons of water pressure so you know the soap came off.  Plus it feels good on your skin and wakes you up quickly!

Had some really great breakfasts as well.  Love the vat of Oatmeal and all of the toppings they had on the side to spice it up.  The only thing I didn’t get enough of was down time and relaxation.  Everything worked out and here I am ready to go back to the salt mines tomorrow.  My office was already filled with equipment to configure.  I know we got more and there is even more on the way.  Damn!  How do you spell busy?

So on my trip I was caught off guard by an old classmate.  We went to Jr. High and High School together.  He wasn’t anything special to look at, but we did mess around a little.  He is totally straight, or so I believe.  I remember when he found his dad’s magazine collection.  He started renting them out and pretty soon was selling them.  Once his dad found out what he was up to, the poor kid got a beating with a baseball bat.  Nothing broken, but he learned his lesson.  Anyway, he wants to get together.  This is out of the blue.  My gut says avoid him, like he is going to harm or kill me.  He managed to talk me in to having lunch.  We are waiting to setup a day but this will be done in a public place that has lots of people around.  Probably next weekend is what it looks like, but time will tell.  He told me that he has been married 3 times and is divorced.  His last wife just died.  I told him that I was in IT, and he was really surprised.  He works at a gas station.  My partner wanted to see what he looked like and his response was he is not exactly a winner.

I’ve been so busy cleaning this place up and doing laundry.  As usual when I came home the place smelled like a fish market.  All because someone didn’t take out the trash.  I fixed that really quickly.  I have made great strides but the real work won’t be done until I get my new carpet cleaner.  That is a little bit away but I can wait to get to scrubbing.  7 furry animals do make carpet look quite messy.

Oh joy my glasses broke on this trip.  I got a repair kit but never had time to repair them.  I got them fixed yesterday by taking them back to the place I got them from.  Turns out I lost the screw.  Thankfully there was no charge.  I also picked up some handy lens cleaning wipes that are safe for all types of glasses.  Of course they work really well but the only way I can get more is to go back and travel again.  I’m sure with a little searching I can find them on-line, the question is what will it cost me and is it worth it?  Since I struggle with cleaning my glasses, yes it is worth it.  Those damn micro fiber cloths get dirty fast and the spray cleaner always streaks or fogs up one lens.  My glasses never seem to turn out as clean as I want them to.  I am totally about perfection so take that and difficult to clean glasses.  I am always cussing at the damn things!

Well, got to go.  Hope you are all well and cool.  I will talk with you peeps later.  Be well.