19 June 2013

Amazon Shopping

Mild Wednesday here, I will take it for all it’s worth.  I’m sure the calm won’t last forever.  :(

Jumper I believe is sick.  He hid under the couch this morning.  Normally he is chomping on dry food.  I put some wet food down for him and took it to him under the couch.  He nibbled and then headed for the dry food looked at it, turned around and came back to the couch.  I was happy with the nibble.  I suspect it’s tummy problems, but don’t know for sure. 

I was going to make a vet appointment for Momma but since I may have to take Jumper in, I’m holding off.  I really only want to take 1 of them and Momma is going bald slowly so she needs help.  She is ripping her fur out.  Poor thing.  She is 10 years old today.  Happy Birthday Momma. 

The children will be 9 years old on Friday.  It feels so strange marking their birthday w/o my guy around to celebrate or make his witty comments. 

I tried to leave early last night and said goodbye to one of the gals who was still left in the office.  She is a chatty little thing.  I had 15 minutes to spare and she kept me that plus 30 more.  I kept trying to get away but it was futile until I just put my foot down and said gotta go and walked off.  I like her but damn, when someone says goodnight the only thing you need to say is goodnight and move on. 

Tonight when it’s time to leave I won’t be saying goodnight, I will just gather my things and walk out like normal.  I had to explain myself to the children and it took a chunk out of my evening.

Franklin & Bash season premier is on tonight.  So is Hot in Cleveland.  I look forward to both but F&B is my favorite.

I went Amazon shopping last night.  I got me a new knife, a seal a meal, socks, some itch cream and for giggles a home aids test.  I am pretty certain of my status (negative) but why not check it out to be sure.  I’ve been faithful to one man but it’s still a good idea to get tested, since the virus can lay dormant in your system for I think 6 months. 

I went hunting about Bankruptcy last night.  I found all sorts of information that conflicts with what my guys attorney is telling me.  I solicited the opinion of another major firm in town but they aren’t going to respond.  So I am going to call a firm by my house and see if they would be willing to talk with me and double check the advise I have been given.  I just want out from under the rock, if I can get there w/o creditors coming after me.  The last thing I need right now is more trouble.

My dance card is kind of full all of a sudden.  I am going out with a friend tomorrow for lunch.  Friday I am meeting friends at the new place we tried to go to last weekend.  After that I am wide open.  Thinking about Saturday and sleeping the day away sounds like fun right now.  I am pretty sure I won’t allow myself to do that. 

Still working on machines.  I had one loose it’s network driver and I had to go back to system restore, which put me behind.  I’ve been trying to finish up this one facility for 3 days now and it should have been done.  So I am determined that no matter what I will finish with them today.  The girls up front will not be happy when I start carrying packages up to ship out.  They have to tag them all and schedule the pickup.

So 2 more days of freedom and then back to normal next week.  The week after will be a short one for me.  Three whole days and then I get 4 off. 

I hope Mr. Jumper is back to his normal self tonight.  All of those little creatures worry me.  I don’t want to bury anyone else right now as I am still in recovery mode.

Well back to work.  Hope your Wednesday is going well.  Talk with you peeps later.

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Jude said...

Keeping Jumper and Momma in my prayers, I hope they will both be okay!

I love long weekends and short weeks, we've got our Canada Day July 1st. Monday off coming up and I'm looking forward to that!