17 June 2013

Mundane Monday

Nothing really new since my last post.  Other than I am at work.  I’ve got on my new shoes.  They are comfy but I am ready to take them off.  Kind of tight on my feet, but I know that will change with time.

I’ve got the supper debate going, think it will be Chicken Nuggets.  I got a ton of them for like $4 and they were not frozen.  All the more reason to start eating them. 

I’ve got a little work to do but it’s mostly working on machines to get them ready to go.  I will also be starting on an e-mail migration project soon, that will not be fun. 

Sure wish I could take a nap today.  Didn’t sleep well last night but I did sleep.  The nap from earlier in the day is what messed me up. 

Hopefully you are having a good Monday.  I am going to run.  Talk with you peeps later.

1 comment:

Jude said...

I know what you mean about napping. I love to have a nap on a day off work, but if I have to work the following day I don't dare. Only when I've got a couple of more days off yet to go, and THEN only if I nap early enough in the afternoon. Otherwise I won't be able to get to sleep that night.