27 February 2013


I’m chalking yesterday up to being a “bad day”.  I was all kinds of busy and going in 7 different directions at once.  It felt like I accomplished nothing.  Things calmed down a lot towards 3 and then close to most peoples quitting time 4:30 I got an e-mail from a supervisor asking me to disable access for one of the guys.  I was in shock, hurt and beside myself.  This came totally out of left field.  I re-read the e-mail just to make sure I understood.  Then like a Tiger waiting for it’s prey I pounced.  The whole time I wanted to cry but kept my game face on.  I got done with everything and then I just wanted to find someone to talk to.  I called my friend upstairs, no not God but a friend that just got a job in the same building I work in.  No answer.  Probably a good thing because if she would have answered the phone I would have lost it.  That would not have been pretty.

This is the guy that I had a crush on, which is why I took it so hard.  I was thinking just the other day that I should get a picture of him and his fine asset, but it was a fleeting thought.  The nosy in me kicked in and I wanted to know what happened.  I sent him an e-mail straight away but he didn’t answer.  It wasn’t until several hours later that I realized back when I was looking for work I blocked all mail from yahoo so even if he did respond I would have never gotten it.  I took the block off, sent another message and told him that I would be calling him. 

Just as we started talking, I got a text message from work.  They wanted to break in to a persons IM account to look at history but they don’t want them to know about it.  I told them they were pretty well SOL.  So I was talking and texting, I missed part of what he was saying but you could tell that he had been crying.  Turns out that he was asked to do a job that he wasn’t hired for.  It’s something he did on occasion to fill in when there was coverage issues, like someone on vacation or out sick.  Apparently he had enough of it so he issued an ultimatum either give me a pay raise or fire me.  Dumb ass, never ever issue an ultimatum unless you are prepared for the worst because that is always what the person will choose.  So they fired him.  Guess what I would have too.  You just can’t do something like that and not expect to be terminated. 

I got a hold of my upstairs friend at home and was telling her about it.  She was pretty surprised.  Then I told her they were gunning for the other guy in the office.  I heard he made the BIG mistake of telling them they were running part of the business all wrong.  Yeah, he might be fresh out of college but if you tell these people that I work for that they are screwing up, they will find a reason to fire you.  They don’t want to admit their way might be wrong or that there might be a better way of doing things.  So, events have unfolded for him and he is slowly on his way out the door.  Kind of sad because he is a good guy.  I personally don’t care for him but to work with him is no problem at all.  We get along.  I only had one time where he was putting the blame on me in jest and I blew up because of some stupid prank he pulled and it caused me to have to work overtime.  I wasn’t happy. 

In case you have deduced the people I work for are crazy.  The part that really set me off was my boss was in his office after they fired mister hot pants yesterday and he was laughing about it.  He loves to cause others pain and misery – that is what gets him off. 

I had a hard time sleeping last night thinking about everything that happened but I managed to get out of bed and go in today.  I am so low on the sleep department, tonight should be a no brainer.

So I put my noggin to work and researched the IM thing.  I found a program that was free that could help me, plus with my networking skills I was able to get what they were looking for.  No one is the wiser.  I contacted the person who told me they needed to break in and the response I got back was we are no longer interested, we don’t want to invade someone's privacy.  Huh?  WTF?  Okay so I put my time and energy into it for nothing.  Like I had nothing better to do.  I’ve only got a back log that will keep me busy for the foreseeable future and I’m crunching deadlines.  Just a little ticked but I am glad they decided not to pursue it.  At work you should not have the expectation of privacy because you are there to do a job on behalf of your employer.  The only private place should be an office or the bathroom – outside of that everything is fair game.  What you do on your computer, where you surf to, the phone calls you make and receive as well as voice mail messages.  Big Brother is alive and just assume he is always watching and you won’t go wrong. 

I made it through the day and am actually blogging from home, how about that!  I have an entire evening to myself.  Tomorrow night not so much.  I’ve got to go to the new doctor after work.  I sure hope he doesn’t want to do a physical because I am not in the mood for that plus that will cost me serious money.  My goal is just to get established as a patient, get some prescriptions and be on my way.  I have to come out to him and I don’t foresee a problem but if there is one, I’d rather know about it up front so I can pick a new doc.  Coming out is a continual and life long process because you have to do it over and over.  Sort of like blowing your nose or going to the bathroom.  Your doctor is the one person that should know even if no one else does.  Because they can be conscious and screen for different diseases on a proactive basis rather than having to be reactive.  Especially if you are sexually active.

Okay so what to do with my evening.  Going to go pack my lunch, pass out snacks to the kids, get ready for bed and plop in front of the TV where I will probably fall asleep.  I need to get running before time gets away from me. 

A friend of mine shared a video clip with me that I think you will enjoy.  I like the Bear, that is just so funny. 

Enjoy and I will talk with you peeps later!

25 February 2013

Insert Title Here

Since I have no title for this post, I thought I would be creative.  Not all that much is different from yesterday except for the fact that I am at work. 

Shameless last night didn’t disappoint Ian & Mickey were going at it when Mickey’s dad walked in on them.  Holy crap I thought Ian was a dead man.  Should be interesting to see next week.  The thing I hate about these series shows is that just when your all in, they pull the rug out from under you and say, we will be back next season.  Who the hell wants to wait.  Not me!

Our local ice cream shop will be opening on Friday.  Hard to believe that it will be March already.  Where does the time go? 

I have no shortage of things to do around here, but right now I am baby sitting a tech support guy who is trying to fix machines that are in one of our facilities.  It is a cloud based solution and we have a few computers to touch.  This guy is a pain in the ass to work with.  This has been going on for about two weeks now and he just wants to monopolize my time.  I am hopeful that after today we are done.  Looks like I won’t get a damn thing done today, but at least he will be off my back or so I hope.

The partner was resting in bed when I left this morning.  We have to discuss what is for supper, not exactly sure.  We don’t have a wide variety of items to choose from.  Usually that means we will be going out.  However, I think we have a couple TV Dinners so that might just save the day. 

Strange thing happened to me this morning.  My machine had been running for 9 days straight.  I decided it was time to reboot.  I did so and when it came back up I got this update from Microsoft and now when I am in Outlook it looks like we have OCS or Office Communicator installed.  Because you can see POP or Point of Presence.  There is a green dot next t your name if your on-line and available.  We don’t have OCS but I suspect it’s the Outlook Social Plugin, just haven’t had time to play with it.  I know it’s only a matter of time before people start gettingt his on their machines and I’m sure someone will say turn it off, I don’t like it.  Honestly I’m not too wild about it myself. We have enough spying tools and technology.  I see the advantages but we all work in the same office, you know if someone is in or not.

That’s about all I got folks.  Stay safe and I will talk with you peeps later. 

24 February 2013


Here’s the video I was talking about.



Here’s a hot guy that I’ve been wanting to show you all. 

‘Tis it!  Enjoy :-)

New Surfboard

Why is it that every time after I wash my hands I have to go to the bathroom?  That’s been something that has happened to me all of my life, kind of strange.

Friday I noticed that we had a package at the front door.  Neither of us was expecting anything so I was curious to know what it was.  Turns out it was from the cable company.  We got a new modem.  It’s a Motorola Surfboard.

I didn’t really want to hook it up but after looking I saw that it had more up to date specs than our old modem.  So I gave in and hooked it up.  Installation was simple, I mean they have it down to a science.  I visited a website, put in our account number and the MAC address (serial number) from the old modem.  Viola your done.  Last time it took me 2 hours to try this plus I had to call tech support.  Plus everything that I would need was included in the box from an Ethernet cable, to extra coax and even a splitter.  I was really impressed.

Now we are using our new Surfboard to catch all of the waves on the internet.  We get speeds of 50 to 75 mpbs, which we are only supposed to get 30 mpbs.  Turns out the cable company gives us a boost.  If they sense that your maxing out your connection they give you a bump so you have extra bandwidth.  No problems, everything just works like it’s supposed to. 

I can’t believe that today is Sunday.  Back to the old grind tomorrow.  How depressing.  No update on the next storm that is coming our way but hopefully it will get me some time off work, as I could use it.

Today was ho hum.  I stayed in bed a little too late.  My partner fell in the middle of the night, yes again!  Then I got Big Boy in bed with the rest of his family.  We all fell asleep and enjoyed a nice nap.  Big Boy was in 7th heaven, he hasn’t been on my bed in at least a year.  Since he started to get so big, he stopped climbing on furniture.  I’ve wanted to treat him for a very long time and felt really good about being able to do this. 

I put him back on the floor, we ventured out to get lunch and hit up the grocery store.  Turns out I had to do a quick run in and run out.  My partner was super sleepy.  So we didn’t get much, but I am at least set for breakfast and lunch. 

When we got home I went to cleaning and laundry.  Big Boy decided to make a mess on the floor.  I cleaned it up and cleaned him up, then a couple minutes later he made another one.  He is straining because I am seeing blood.  I am not overly concerned because there isn’t a lot of blood.  However, I’m sure the vet would like to see him.  I have my eye on him and I’m thinking he will be visiting the vet sooner rather than later.  I think we are very near a time to tap the fluid.  I could be wrong.  A lot depends upon how he acts.  Plus I have to break out the stethoscope and listen to how he sounds.

I was watching a movie this morning on Netflix about happiness.  I also saw a movie last night on YouTube that told me how porn could become addictive.  Anything can be come addictive. 

I’m sure I am leaving something out, but I am up against a time deadline and still have plenty more to accomplish before it’s time to call it a night.  I am so looking forward to Shameless, hopefully there will be some hot scenes with Ian in them.  Hard to believe the guy that plays that character is only 19.  He has a rocking’ body and as they say, I’d tap that!  No I am not watching the Oscars – that is boring to me.  I know I’m gay and should be interested, but I am not. 

Be well, stay safe and I will talk with you peeps later.

23 February 2013

Storm II on the way

A good friend of mine suggested the movie Dutch.  I was told it would be funny and that I would really enjoy it.  I laughed my ass off.  It was hilarious.  So if you have Netflix and are in need of a good laugh or just want to watch a good movie, check it out – totally worth your time!

So yesterday I got free lunch and got to leave early.  Not bad for a Friday.  The best part is that another storm is set to hit us on Monday and Tuesday.  So two more days of potential fun.  Only this time boss man will be in town so it will be anyone's guess. 

Call me nosy, call me concerned but I am bugged to death about my neighbors.  Everyone that has ever lived in the house next door has had frequently large amounts of company.  The last guy threw parties on the weekends, but it was quiet during the week.  Last I knew we have a father/son that live there.  The dad is in a band.  The kid was going to high school.  I haven’t seen the kid in about a year if not longer.  For about the past 3 months they have had a large amount of cars parked on the street in front of our house.  At night time if you stand in our kitchen you can hear the band or should I say the bass.  I think there is something hinky going on over there but I am at a crossroads as to what to do.  People don’t talk too much in our neighborhood.  Usually when you figure our who your neighbors are they have a for sale sign in the yard and are ready to move. 

What pushed me over the line was this morning when I left I almost backed into one of the cars because they parked right in the area where I would normally backup.  Having snow on the street didn’t help any.  I was ready to go to the police to complain, not about parking but about all of the activity.  I didn’t though.  Now we have people pulling up directly in front of our house waiting outside to pick people up.  It looks creepy, sounds creepy.  I’m pretty big on being anti-drugs.  Both my partner and I suspect that something just isn’t quite right over there.  On one hand I don’t want to stick my nose in where it doesn’t belong.  On the other hand I am concerned that something illegal is happening.  I’ve let it go this long and unless we have further problems I probably will continue to monitor the situation and not react. 

I ordered a couple cases off Amazon for my Blackberry, since I have been going through a record number of Otter Boxes.  Both of the items showed up and they look cheap – like they wouldn’t even last a day on my phone.  I went back and forth but tonight I decided to try to return both of them.  It’s my bosses money but still I figure if I am not going to use them, might as well send them back.  I went over to crackberry.com and found a couple of items that would suite me better.  I’m not ordering them yet.  I figure when my next Otterbox problem happens that is probably what will send me over the edge.  I am pick on what I put my equipment into, if you know what I mean (wink).

Last week I was talking with a vendor and realized that he sounded like a hollywood star that I have a crush on.  He knew instantly who I was talking about, which I don’t think is a common thing for straight guys.  He was telling me that he looks nothing like this person and that if he did it would greatly improve his social life.  He kept talking about his roommate and I so wanted to ask him if he was gay.  Why?  I am just nosy.  Plus if he would say yes, I would come out to him.  I think it would just make our business relationship a bit more interesting.  However, being a gay guy, I think it’s kind of rude to ask that question.  We have developed a great relationship already and I don’t want to compromise what we already have.

Speaking of work, I learned that two more people have resigned.  So it happens in 3’s.  I hope we are done now.  I mean none of the people I want to quit are leaving.  It’s the people that I like and work well with that are leaving.  People that help me in my job.  I just know that there probably is more stress brewing for me in the long run. 

I was talking with a co-worker who I mentioned that we are going to have investors coming by.  She told me that usually means that they are going to sell the company.  It’s been that way for the last 3 companies she worked for and usually happened right after she left.  Yup, she is one of the people who turned in her notice.  I don’t think they would sell but then again everyone has a price.  If they do sell it could mean things get better or it could mean that I would be out of a job again.  I am keeping a serious eye on looking for another job.  I don’t just jump at anything like I had to do when I was desperate.  I am more reserved and picky now.  Especially if you find that rare ad that sound so good but they advertise pay and it’s far less than what your making.  You know that isn’t worth your time.

Big Boy woke me up in the middle of the night.  He was gagging and coughing.  I gave him a belly rub and he managed to calm down and soon things stopped.  He worries me so much.  I came across a video I made of #1 son and it just made me realize that I’m going to miss all of these furry bastards when they die.  I am closer to some of them than others but I love them all.  I so wish #1 son was back with me, he was a lot of fun.

Yup, I realize I am starting to ramble so I will close this post out.  Momma is telling me it’s time for bed, never mind that I have slept a good portion of the day away.  It’s coming up on 10pm and I should probably break away from this box and rest my eyes, since I am not wearing my glasses.  I feel the difference and it actually gives me a little bit of a headache.  So I will talk with you peeps later. 

22 February 2013

Ghost Town

So I watched the news, they said if you don’t have to go out then stay home.  Sounds like good advice but the world doesn’t stop just because snow and ice came to town.  I left the house a little earlier than normal, made it here in record time again.  7:45.  I watched Shep689’s video and then came in. 

The roads aren’t bad but it’s smart to go slow.  Not turtle slow but speed limit slow.  Today isn’t a day for doing 70.  I was the first person here.  Shortly after me came one other person.  I have a feeling that it will just be the two of us for the day.

Normally I leave at 5 but since I got here at 8 I think I will try to go home early.  The biggest part of the crew here lives out in the boonies and that is why we are so short on people. 

I don’t feel the greatest but I am here.  Mostly because I want to prove myself and also because if I stay at home I will get pestered with buzzing sounds of my phone.  Now that I am here at the office everything is so very quiet. 

I made myself a cup of hot chocolate, grabbed a water and to my office I went.  I could use this time to get caught up on things but I like goofing off way too much!

So we are supposed to go out for supper tonight. Last nights supper was a bust.  Raw chicken.  It cooked according to the directions but our oven is off so you have to raise the temperature.  My other half forgets about this all the time.  Thankfully he made brownies so supper was Brownies & Ice Cream.  Diabetics Delight as I called it. 

Jumper hasn’t slept with me for two nights in a row.  I pulled him out from his hiding place last night and begged him but he wouldn’t hear of it.  Tonight I’m not taking no for an answer, I will carry him to bed.  I have to have my snuggle buddy.  His sister was all to happy to fill in for him.  The only problem is she wakes up in the middle of the night and she wants you to be awake too so she serenades me with meows until I wake up.  One good yell of shutup works and if that doesn’t there is the old standby to hit her with a pillow.  Both act as sort of a snooze button, so she is quiet but only for a while, then she sounds off again like an alarm clock.  I didn’t get a whole lot of sleep last night – way too much worry.

So we made it to Friday again.  Be safe and I’m actually going to try to work.  Shocker I know.  That’s why they are paying me, plus it will help take my mind off things.  Talk with you peeps later.

21 February 2013

Shooting Snow

Yesterday I was sitting in my office, doing my job.  I heard 3 gun shots.  Not long after that I hear sirens of a police car.  Then an ambulance and finally a fire truck.  Turns out there was a chase on going, instead of pulling over and giving up.  The guy stopped his car in the middle of traffic, shot at the police and ran like a rabbit.  Not sure if they found him but they spent several hours looking for him.  This was close to quitting time.  Thankfully it happened away from my route home, otherwise I would have been at work a lot longer than I planned for. 

Today we got dumped on with a Winter Storm.  I made it to work in record time.  It was like a major holiday.  There were few people out.  As soon as I got in the office people started leaving.  There wasn’t anything happening at the office, but in their neck of the woods it was getting bad.  Finally it started around 10:30 and that’s when I was told I could go home.  Thank God, the news I was waiting for all day long.  I kind of goofed off a little.  I did some work but I wasn’t driven to dive in because I knew it would only be a matter of time before I left.

My car started off clean from the garage.  By the time I got home my wipers had iced up and apparently so had my brakes.  I went to stop and felt a pulsing sensation.  I braked that much harder and thankfully came to a stop.  It was a close call because I thought I was going to hit the guy in front of me.  That’s when I knew it was far better to be at home than to be out anywhere.

The big question is what about tomorrow.  We have more freezing drizzle on the way over night.  By 6AM it’s still supposed to be a mess.  I leave the house by 7:20 and usually am at work by 8 am.  I don’t go in right away but at least I am there.  I think tomorrow will be one of those judgment call days.  Where if you find out it’s horrible out, turn around and go home.  Otherwise if you can make it great.  I am fairly certain that I will make it and also certain that they will keep me for the full day.  Which kind of sucks since it will be Friday.

I didn’t get bothered much today while I was at the office.  As soon as I hit the car the phone started vibrating away.  Buzz, Buzz all the way home.  Then once I got home it got worse.  Just a couple of e-mail exchanges, phone calls all in all I would say about an hours worth of work total.  I got the rest of the day off.  I spent it napping and watching TV.  The kids were really happy.

Now it’s once again time to call it a night and I really don’t want to. However, work is work.  People are dropping like flies and my senses tell me that my job will become more demanding.  Therefore, my eyes are looking to see what other opportunities are around.  I am not eager to leave but if I get an offer with more money and better benefits, I have to take it. 

On a totally different note, I must confess that it has become very obvious to me that I am not happy.  I feel like the spark fell out of my life.  Not exactly sure why I feel this way.  This might be the Winter Blues but I have a feeling it’s more than that.  What started it all is my partner telling me that he said ever since I took a job (years ago) the serious side of me came out and the fun and daring side went into hiding.  We used to have all sorts of fun but now it seems we argue more than anything.  I know we love each other.  I just wish that I had that spark back in my life and felt happier.  I see myself going back into debt and that doesn’t help either.  I’m not head over heels in debt.  It’s a small amount.  I hate living paycheck to paycheck.  I just put my foot down and decided tonight that no matter what I have to save a minimum of $50 from each paycheck.  If I don’t look out for myself no one else will.  I am also responsible for my happiness but I don’t know what to do to make me happy.  I think a lot of my unhappiness stems from my long bout with unemployment and the grump unpredictable bastard that I am working for now.  A change in jobs I think would do wonders for me.  However, since they took a chance on me and helped me out in my time of need (despite the shitty treatment at first) I feel like I would be betraying them if I left.  Plus I finally have an office, I can work autonomously for the most part and the money isn’t bad but it could always be better.  The benefits however t-totally suck.  If you have any worth while advise on how to make me happy, feel free to pass it along.  So long as your not Dr. Drew (yes that was a pun). 

Okay time to call it a night.  Talk with you peeps later.

19 February 2013


I am dragging a little bit this morning.  Last night I stayed up way too late but wasn’t tired at all.  11:30 is when I called it quits.  Wow I wish I was able to fall asleep right now.  I’ve got a mild ear ache as well. 

The commute this morning was just like a Monday morning.  Traffic was horrible.  Plus I also almost hit a woman who was crossing in front of me.  She had a cup of coffee in her hand and dropped the f bomb on me and she rattled on about something else.  Just get out of the way.  I didn’t react at all to her.  I’m pretty sure you are supposed to look both ways before crossing and clearly she didn’t.  There were tons of cars.  An after thought I should have put it in neutral and floored it when she was in front of me.  However, she probably would have thrown her coffee all over my car, but it sure would have been funny to see her reaction. 

Last night I went to check on the new channels that were added to our package.  I found out they weren’t added.  So I called it took about 5 minutes but they got it fixed.  I tested the internet again and it’s all good.  This is one of the many reasons why I hate making changes.  You have to call multiple times to get the same thing accomplished and if you don’t dumb it down enough it will cause you further problems.  Make me wonder if I said disconnect what would they do?  You laugh but when we first moved in we got free cable, they never turned it off from the last people that lived there.  No movie channels just basic but we took it for a couple months and then called to subscribe.  Movie channels require a converter box, which I hate.  The box is addressable and if the MAC address of the box isn’t in the system and provisioned correctly you won’t get movie channels or anything else for that matter. That’s what prevents people from stealing cable in my part of the woods.

I will say faster internet is really nice, especially for my addition to downloading porn.  Things used to take a bit to download and now they are done quick.  I had an update for my printer to apply last night and it downloaded pretty fast.  Too bad I was slow.  I kept seeing a screen telling me everything was up to date.  When what I had to do is select a printer and then click update.  I don’t know why but that trips me up every time. 

My Amazon Prime membership is working wonders for me.  I got some allergy medication for me and some candy.  The prices were cheap and no shipping to pay.  I also got Big Boy’s medicine but it wasn’t covered by Prime so I had to pay shipping.  Two bottles were $17 with shipping.  The local place charges $12 each plus tax.  I have been tempted to pick up a rechargeable can of air.  It’s a can that has a compressor built in.  You just plug it in to AC and it charges.  It’s the last can of compressed air that you will ever buy.  It goes for $85 but with Prime I can get it for less.  Nice to know.  I’m trying to hold back on my spending so maybe this is something I will get in the future.  I even searched and found car accessories on Prime blank keys, extra remotes and other things.  Interesting.

Not exactly sure why but I really wan to put my iPhone into a pink case.  I am super obsessed about it but I am fighting the desire.  I told my partner about it and said why do you think I have this desire.  He said because your gay.  Yeah, I will buy that. 

With having a day off, the whole week is kind of messed up.  I think today is Monday when it’s actually Tuesday.  I bet I won’t have any problems remembering Friday!  I am actually caught up at home.  Trash is out, dishes are done.  That is until tonight.  I’m sure there will be something to wash.

At the store yesterday I saw a Whole Frozen Chicken stuffed with Rice.  It cooks in a bag, looks yummy.  We got it and I think that is what is for supper tonight.  My guy just sent me a note that he is going to the dentist today and to the foot doctor tomorrow.  My he will be busy.  I just hope he is careful.  He still is a little unsteady and has issues with dizziness. I hope his medicine to help with dizziness is waiting in the mail.

Wow 10 minutes and lunch time will be here.  I hope that the afternoon is equally as quiet as the morning.  I got a lot done and just want to coast the rest of the day week.  Pay day is this week as well so I will get to give my money away to my creditors.  So sad.  I wish I could bank a couple paychecks that would make me feel better. 

I hope your day is going well.  We are under a Winter Storm Watch for the remainder of the week and I think Thursday we are going to get dumped on with snow.  Maybe a day or two home from work.  Not so bad.  I could go for that.  Now if I could just loose my phone in a snow blower accident all would be good!  Talk with you peeps later.

18 February 2013

To Do List = To Done It List

Made my self a To Do List and got it all done today.  That is a good feeling.  I visited my new doctors office to get the new patient forms.  Wow, what a joke.  They want me to sign a piece of paper saying that this is the only doctor that can prescribe something for me and if they find out another doctor prescribes something, they will call the police and prosecute.  Um excuse me but I think you have been gargling with Bong water again. 

I signed the paper but explained that I do see other doctors – i.e. a Dentist, Allergist and Eye Doctor.  All of which prescribe medications for me. 

They also have this rule about if you loose your prescription your just shit out of luck.  If your medicine is stolen they will reissue a prescription provided you have filed a police report.  They won’t call in a prescription before it’s due to be refilled.  In order to get some medication you will have to come in to the office each month. 

Yeah, I feel like I am going from the frying pan into the fire.  I will say I am a little concerned but with all of the meth labs and crazy people I can understand some of these rules.  As long as they take care of me and get me my long term meds I should be fine.  I am NOT terminating my relationship with my other Primary Doctor just yet.  I mean I could actually need him.  Fathom that!

My next ordeal was at the cable company.  The lady said unless you have your home phone service with us, we won’t give you any kind of break.  Then she said so what would you like to get rid of in order to lower your bill.  I wanted to tell her to turn it all off.  However, I just said oh, okay.  Thanks.  I went home and called up Customer Service.  I said Dish & Direct TV both can give me a better deal.  I don’t want to leave but if you can’t cut my rates then I will be gone.  Instantly I got more channels, faster internet and it all costs $10 less than what I am paying now.  It’s not major savings but it will help.  We are supposed to be a on a permanent rate so this shouldn’t change on us again.  I’m not certain how long we will keep it but we shall see.  Now we have HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, The Movie Channel, Starz plus free HD (not that we will use it) as well as every sports channel they offer.  Like I would actually watch sports.  I just wanted to keep Showtime.  Nurse Jackie and Shameless are my two favorite shows. 

The funny thing is the guy on the phone did what the lady in person couldn’t do.  Plus he told me that he was going to send me a new modem.  I told him I would get one at the local office.  He tried to tell me that we needed to change modems because they just upgraded their network in the last 2 to 3 months.  Uh yeah our modem is only about 1 year old.  I knew for a fact we didn’t have to change.  I went and unplugged it…waited for 30 seconds.  Then plugged it back in.  Came back to my computer, did a speed test and viola 30mpbs.  Just like we are supposed to get.  We aren’t changing modems.  It’s like fixing something that isn’t broke. 

Speaking of which, I tried to drain the water heater.  Ever since our big water main break it’s just been strange.  Some places in the house you get instant HOT water.  Other places you have to wait.  During a shower the water starts off warm and then goes cold. I figured draining the thing would be the answer.  However, I didn’t read the book and didn’t know that you had to shut off the water.  Doh!  I flushed it out alright.  Then it took me about an hour before I could get the damn thing to light again.  It’s got an automatic pilot light and if you don’t follow the sequence to light it, you too could easily spend an hour.  After I RTFM I got it to work.  Imagine that!  What can I say I’m a typical man, who needs to read I can make it work.  :)

My next Segway Work.  It’s back tomorrow.  I did get a few e-mails today and had to answer a couple but most of the things people want I decided could and would wait until tomorrow.  We had a holiday, that means no work!  4 more days and it will be the weekend again!

Well, time to make my lunch and get ready for bed.  Oh fun times.  Plus my sleep schedule is all messed up, so going to bed early will be a real challenge but at least today I climbed out of bed at 10:30 which beats noon or 1 pm. 

Talk with you peeps later!

16 February 2013

Take a hint

I can’t believe Wednesday was the last time I published anything.  Thursday & Friday were really busy and stressful days at work.  However, they are over with now and we are in the weekend!  1st day of 3 days.  Extra Nice!

I slept in a little bit, still was up early.  I fetched the mail and once again there was no prescription from the doctor.  I was surprised to see some medicine show up.  It was only stuff I take for Cholesterol but at least he responded to the request from the pharmacy.  More on that in a moment.

Thursday I found out that one of my friends got a job in the building.  We went out for lunch.  It was so good to meet up and also to get out of the building.  However, my friend is so much more happier in their job than I am in mine.  I am so jealous.  I remember when I landed a good job and just fell in love with the place.  I’d like to move up a couple floors and work the same place as my pal but they aren’t hiring right now.  I am thinking of planting a seed by sending a cold resume.  Not sure if it’s the jealousy or just the way I see people treated but I am getting anxious to move on. 

Speaking of moving on, I found out that one of the guys who helped save my job is leaving the company.  I don’t blame him but it is such a shock.  He works at one of the remote facilities but I always looked forward to visiting.  From the time I met him last year I just knew he was a solid guy.  No I am not attracted to him, if that is what your thinking.  He helped me out BIG TIME and I will never forget that. 

Thursday night I got an idea to check out a local doctor and see if they are open on Monday.  Sure enough they are.  However, no room for a new patient.  Darn.  I explained how I wanted to get established as a patient but that I didn’t want to take time off work to do it.  Then I found out they have hours until 7pm on Thursdays.  Really?  That is so unheard of, I jumped at the chance.  So in two weeks I will have a new doctor.  Yup, he is that full.  I’ve seen him before at the doc in the box and he’s asked me to come to him but I really didn’t want to switch.  I will be headed there Monday to pick up some paperwork to fill out.

I can only presume that I have become a burden to my present doctor and hence we have the difficulty going back and forth.  I’m not getting what I want and he is wasting my time and money.  So it’s time to cut the cord and move on.  I should have done this while I was on unemployment.  I thought about it but just didn’t want to deal with it then.  I mean my priority was finding a job.

Unless I am wrong this new Dr. has only him.  There are no partners, nurse practioners, etc.  So when you call for an appointment you are going to see a Dr.  That is nice!  Now if he is responsive to requests from the pharmacy and gives me prescriptions for the long term stuff I need, I will be extra happy. 

I’ve thought about writing a letter to my present doctor telling him that I am firing him but the more I thought about it why waste time.  I am not so certain that I want my new Dr. to get my old records either.  I am thinking of just cutting ties and making this a clean – fresh start. 

I have polished up my Health History making sure that all of my medication is current.  I take this form with me when I go to the dentist or if I ever have to see a new doctor.  Sometimes I ‘ve even taken it to the doc in the box.  Everyone just loves how organized I am.  Some places can’t keep it, they have to enter the information in the computer and then return the form.  I think that is silly but whatever, as long as they have the information that is all that matters to me.

Here at home, all is quiet except for my partner.  He has been screaming at his computer off and on.  He is easily frustrated.  So far we are getting along pretty well.  Sure beats last weekend!

So I picked up Turbo Tax for us last week.  I also go on-line to their website and plug in my figures just to get an idea of what I am in for.  Well it’s going to get worse but thus far I owe a whole bunch of money, just like last year.  What killed me was the dipping into my 401k.  It’s how I paid for my Bankruptcy as well as paid bills up until I filed.  Plus since we are in a Civil Union in for our state taxes, we have to file as married.  That will only make things worse, but hopefully there is a happy ending to all of this.  Seems like there is always something or someone that is there to take your money.  It’s always an unplanned expense.  I remember my grandpa telling me that as a kid and telling me how important it was to save my money.  Yeah, I used to be a saver and now I am a spender.  It’s just difficult to hold on to anything with Medical Bills, Vet Bills, Insurance, PO Box Rent and now Taxes.  I’m sure there will be more to add to the list.

Oh yeah, my car insurance is due next month as well.  Just got that bill in the mail.  They made a mistake and I’ve gotten it corrected so I am waiting for a revised bill.  They took off one of my discounts that I am entitled to.  My rates didn’t skyrocket because I filed bankruptcy like they did with my renters insurance.  I hope in 6 months I don’t get a surprise in the mail.  I did shopping for car insurance when I looked for a new Renters Insurance Policy and everyone was quoting me rates like I was a teenager.  $800 to $900 for 6 months.  Just because I filed Bankruptcy doesn’t mean I am a bad driver.  In fact with less stress on my shoulders about how to pay my bills, it should make me a better driver. 

It’s also getting close to the end of our current promotion for Cable & Internet.  They didn’t have anything new they could put us on.  I have to go back before the end of the month.  I’m thinking of doing that on Monday, provided they aren’t closed.  I think I will tell them how Direct TV & Dish quoted me better prices for TV to see if they are willing to at least bend the rates for that.  TV is the most expensive between the two.  I don’t get how they can charge so much for their services.  Perhaps because they are the only cable company in town and they act like it! 

It’s only 10pm and I am ready to call it a day.  I didn’t accomplish much.  I have no desire to do anything.  I just want to relax and totally unwind.  Not that ever happens but it is sure nice to try.  Tomorrow will be a mega cleaning day.  Who knows what else we will venture into.  Right now the kids want in my room and I’ve been closing the door since we can’t seem to keep that one cat that sprays out of my room.  He just loves to pee on everything.  It’s bad enough it happens in the house, but the bedroom is just a little too close for comfort.  That is a smell that takes lots of time, cleaning and candles to get rid of.  Once it’s gone you don’t want it back.  Sort of like getting sprayed by a skunk, not that I have ever experienced that. 

I hope that all is well in your world and I will talk with you peeps later.  Enjoy the weekend!

13 February 2013

Super Stretchy Man

Halo folks.  Today I turned into Super Stretchy Man.  I was pulled in more directions than I could keep track of.  First, I was asked to get send some files via e-mail.  I got creative and put them on the network.  The person who needed them could have easily gotten to them but they were lazy.  So I was asked to print them out and scan them from the copier to this persons email.  Really?  They were all PDF’s and that’s what the copier is going to make out of them.  Okay, so 5 reams of paper and 1 toner cartridge later I’m done.  I was scanning and printing for a couple hours.  Second, Boss man needed me.  I couldn’t answer his question but I did try and I offered a solution but he didn’t want it.  Third, I had someone calling me about a printer that didn’t work.  Something here had to have changed but of course everyone is telling me nothing changed.  Well a printer doesn’t just stop working for one person.  I deduced it down to a connectivity issue but since the person who was on the other end couldn’t give me an accurate picture I passed it on to a local vendor.  If you don’t have eyes your blind and since my eyes (the person) couldn’t tell me what I needed to know I had to move to plan B.

Now on to my doctor.  I got a phone call late yesterday afternoon to call the office.  I sent an URGENT letter to them to hopefully light a fire.  Apparently it worked.  I called back and they were closed.  So I had to wait until this morning.  I called and found out that they are mailing me one prescription and they said the insurance company denied the other one.  Well the other one is one of my sleeping medications.  I called the insurance company and they have no record of talking with my doctor, they also told me that there wouldn’t be an issue filling the medication.  I know the bottom line here is that the doctor doesn’t want to write the prescription because the insurance company sends us both letters saying that I am on duplicate therapy drugs.  I’ve been taking the drug for 5 plus years and see no reason to change.  I wrote the doctor another letter and sent it via fax to tell him that I didn’t appreciate being lifted to and that the insurance company has no record of talking to him or his office.  I told him to mail me the prescription and I would take care of getting it filled. Now I didn’t put this in the letter but if they were going to deny filling a medication, they would tell me in a letter after I sent in a prescription.  I am starting to think that sooner rather than later it might be time to go doctor shopping again.  I’ve already got a replacement picked out but don’t really want to make the switch, unless I have to. 

I am fairly low maintenance as a patient.  I get sick and need antibiotics from time to time.  Otherwise, it’s just a matter of refilling my long term prescriptions and everything is peachy.  I don’t bother the doctor or his office unless I need something.  I know that I am not my doctors only patient but I should receive much better Customer Service, I mean I have to pay cash for Office Visits and I believe in getting my monies worth.  :)

I didn’t take a bathroom break or eat lunch until 1:15 this afternoon.  I had to go to the bathroom so bad.  However, I was so busy that I chose not to stop.  I wanted to get done with printing and scanning.  My office is just starting to cool down from the printer running all morning. 

I’ve got a project to complete by the end of the week and I think I will be pushing it but I am going to try.  So glad Monday will be a holiday and I can hopefully relax.

Last night my partner stayed in bed like he was unable to get out of bed.  I had to bring him supper, water, pills and every damn thing else he wanted.  He drove me nuts.  Not to mention that when I was talking to him yesterday afternoon at lunch time, he managed to fall while we were on the phone.  He took a nap on the floor and it took him a couple hours to finally get up.  He had me worried sick.  I HATE it when things like that happen.  We both flip out when we can’t reach the other one via phone, regardless of the reason we both start thinking the worst has happened.  I guess that is true love.  It was a long night.  I was relaxed until I went to apply Windows Updates on my machine and waiting for them to install and get me my desktop back took forever.  I wasn’t able to launch my RC software to manage my Desktop at work, so I had to wait.  I wanted to get updates applied on it and get it restarted, which eventually happened. 

My hope is that tonight, yes tonight I will be able to relax and unwind.  Time will tell but I am going to try to make it happen, if I don’t forget.

So I told you that I renewed my subscription to Sirrius.  I’ve been listening to OutQ and starting to enjoy it.  Lance Bass has a show called Dirty Pop that is on when I drive home.  I miss my Derek & Romaine but he’s a good close 2nd.  Anyway last night I heard the most preposterous thing on his show.  Not sure who said it but, they were talking about Texting & Driving.  Someone said I think people should practice more often until they get it right.  Huh?  Some people can barley walk and breath.  Texting and Driving is just plain dumb.  It will get you or some innocent person injured or killed.  Practice driving and keeping your eyes on the road, that is what we need more of.  Lance’s show is pretty good but I wanted to scream when I heard that.  Why?  Because some idiiot will go try it again and again. 

The best thing to make my day yesterday is The Sword had some photos of Mason Wyler back in the day when he did some work for Hot House.  Man he was lookin’ fine! 

That’s all I got for now.  I guess I should get back to my project before the Big Bad Wolf comes knocking on my door.  Talk with you peeps later.

12 February 2013

Sound Sleep

Happy FAT Tuesday!  I got a good nights sleep, something I’ve been trying for a while.  I think coming upstairs early and trying to make it to bed at a normal time helped.  I didn’t make my goal of 9pm but 9:30.  By 10 I was out and by 10:30 I was up and helping clumsy (my partner) pick himself up. 

Speaking of clumsy, he put his medication out but didn’t take it.  Last night I gave him his pills to be sure they went down the hatch.  He is responsible for the morning.  Hopefully he takes them.

I was happy when I left because he was in bed and not on the floor.  One of these times he is going to fall, hit his head and do some damage.  I suggested wearing shoes in the house but he said that would hinder his ability to move.  I was thinking it would give him some traction and that would prevent falls. 

My hope is that things get better, I still need him and he needs me.  However, I don’t want him to become a burden on me.  I know that will happen eventually but I am not ready for it now.

Last night I paid his bills, which is something that I did while he was in the hospital with his stroke back in 2000.  It’s a lot easier today, you just login to the bank tell them who you want to pay, how much and when you want the check mailed out.  They take care of the rest.  Back in 2000 it was writing out the check and mailing it yourself.  This way postage is free, plus his bank sends a cashiers check for no additional cost.  That is kind of cool.  That way the person or company your paying knows the check won’t bounce.

Today is recycle equipment day.  I came in early and thus far no recycler.  They have until 3:30 this afternoon.  If we get close to that time frame I will be calling them.  My guess is that they will come just when I get ready for lunch.

Despite having a good nights sleep I am still tired and have a very STRONG desire to go back to bed.  Jumper was mad at me last night.  I trimmed his claws and I cut one way too short, so he bled a little bit.  Poor thing I felt so bad.  However, this morning he was all over me.  So I guess were buds again.  Just wait until tonight, when I have to give him his medicine. 

Before leaving the house this morning I started the last load of laundry.  Hoping that it would help me claim some of my night back and allow me the ability to relax.  I haven’t had a night all to myself in a very long time.  I don’t think it’s asking too much but we will have to wait and see how the night goes. 

Work is kind of boring right now, but that is perfectly okay.  I’ve been way too busy and some down time will be good for me and my body.  It does make for a long day but there are other minor things that I have to do and I will enjoy them, so no worries.

Back to looking busy.  Talk with you peeps later.

11 February 2013

Roll-a-coaster Weekend

How was your weekend?  Did you get to relax?  I got some relaxation time but not nearly as much as I wanted.

Friday night my partner fell out of bed, so I had to help him up.  That was a not fun challenge.  But we got it accomplished.

Saturday I was busy washing all of his bed clothes.  We met a friend for lunch and had a few laughs.  That sure felt good.  I don’t laugh nearly as much as I used to.  There is one thing I wish would change. 

It was a late night for me Saturday.  I told my partner if you fall out of bed, grab a cover and just sleep there.  I wish I never said that.  I went into wake him up on Sunday and he fell face first out of bed in the middle of the night.  He broke his CPAP mask.  I wound up calling an Ambulance.  He wanted to go to the hospital to get checked out.  There was a HUGE waste of time.

It was about 1pm when I called, the ambulance was at the house pretty quick.  Soon after came all of the muscle help they needed.  They put him on a form of a backboard and then carefully got him to the stretcher in the living room.  The cats scattered like mice.  However, a couple of them were under the table watching.


I had things to accomplish for the day and going to the hospital wasn’t one of them.  So I followed the ambulance and sat at the hospital for about 2 hours.  I finally couldn’t take the waiting any more I had to get the hell out of there. 

I went to grab a bite to eat.  Visited the grocery store and then came home, to put away the grocery's and feed the kids.  I got my laundry going.  I got the house clean, the trash out and was just about to sit down to call and check on him, when he called.  He said that they were about ready to release him.

He went in naked, so I had to bring him clothes to come home in.  I grabbed some clothes and dashed off to the hospital for another hour and a half.  Then finally they decided to let him go. 

No surprise to me but he has a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection).  He gets them frequently.  So I had to stop and get his RX filled.  He wanted it right away. 

Yeah, I almost skipped the good part.  I found out at the hosptial that he hasn’t had medication for 4 days.  He was just too lazy.  WTF!  His blood sugar was 459.  They said his blood was like Caro Syrup.  Yeah, I guess so.  No wonder he is dizzy and thirsty.  I told him you better get back on your medicine.  Then he told me how he is tired of dropping it and having to pick it up.  I said we can sit down together and you tell me what goes where, I will put them out and you won’t have that trouble anymore.  He liked that idea but have we done it yet, nope. 

He is really starting to become quite the burden.  He tells me that he hopes I don’t leave him.  The thought has crossed my mind more than once, but our love is too strong so I will be staying put.  Right now I’m the glue that holds all of the place together and w/o me everything will fall apart.  I hate being in this position. 

Laundry is way behind.  I will be finishing up mine and starting his tonight.  The dishes are done though, so there is a bright side.  Plus when I went to the store I picked up all of the fixings that we need for chili.  Now Chef Boyardee will be able to whip us up a good meal.  The only problem is we are out of room in the fridge, so it will need a little cleaning before we can put the leftovers in it. 

I just hope with all my heart and soul that he doesn’t up and die on me.  He started telling me yesterday that it was time for him to go.  I said nope, you still have things to accomplish, you can’t die yet.  I understand the desire to be free of this world but you’ve got to stick around and keep me company.

He’s jealous of my job because it seems to get lots more of my time than he does.  I think it’s equal but when one of them screams I always come running.  I’m not jealous at all I am fucking exhausted.  I need a vacation, a nap and a good stiff drink.  A nice hot guy would just be the icing on the cake that I so desperately need.

Well, I guess I should go back to work since it’s Monday morning.  I am chewing through my to do list and pretty happy about that.  Just hope that 5pm gets here really soon.  I want to have the opportunity to relax with the kids and maybe even get in bed early. 

Last night I watched a Yanni concert, that felt good.  I will probably finish it up tonight, after I see what Mr. TiVo has waiting for me. 

Here’s to hoping this is a better week – no stress, no nagging, no hospitals, no trauma or drama.  Just a good old fashioned come to work and go home kind of week.  No problems, please!

Talk with you peeps later.

10 February 2013

Z Weekend

Well we finally made it to another weekend! :)  I came home to find that the cat pissed in my bed, it was soaked.  Time to do laundry.  The one night when all I wanted to do was relax – watch TV and chill.  Nope got to do laundry.  So it was a late night.  Then my partner fell trying to get into bed.  Not exactly sure what happened there.  Anyway, he’s making all of this commotion to get my attention.  I went in and helped him up as best I could.  He finally got in bed.  Suddenly I found myself totally awake.  What to do?  Bring up Netflix and search for Tina Turner.  Yeah, I really like her a lot.  I watched a concert she did overseas in some stadium that was packed beyond full.  Pretty good show.  Then I fell asleep. 

This morning I figured out why I had so much trouble last night.  I forgot to take my sleeping pills.  If I forget them then I am screwed.  I am running low on them and my doctor is dragging his feet in writing me a new prescription.  I just sent in what will be the 4th letter asking for medicine.  I pretty much told him to get his act together because I can’t wait much longer.  All of my long term meds have to be filled through a mail order pharmacy, the rules of the insurance company.  Not my choice.  If I had my way I would be picking them up from a local pharmacy.  Short term stuff can go local.  Otherwise, you get 3 fills at a local pharmacy and if you refuse to mail order, the insurance won’t pay a penny for it and your stuck with the full cost.  I guess they have to give an incentive for people to comply.

Anyway, I woke up this morning as I said and went to ask my partner what time he wanted to do lunch.  He had an accident in the middle of the night and now I am doing his bed clothes.  I haven’t got to start my regular laundry and this has put me way behind.  I am so exhausted and beyond wanting to care but I do.

The partner has been in a crabby mood all day.  We did meet a friend for lunch.  Which was payment for me working on her computer some 3 years ago.  Yeah, I’ve been bugging her ever since to get together and she always has an excuse.  Finally I put my food down and told her we need to do this and today.  That and the fact that her other plans fell through are what made it happen.

While I was waiting for Mr. Fancy Pants to get dressed, I popped over to Walgreens to get some more Sudafed.  Turns out I was refused because I was already at my monthly allotment.  Huh – there is a monthly allotment?  Yup.  So I called my allergist straight away (do I sound British now?) and was very surprised he called in a script for me.  I’ve got a 30 day supply with 3 refills.  Insurance won’t cover it, which is no surprise.  It’s not that expensive anyway.  I asked for a 90 day supply so I wouldn’t have to make a monthly trip but I guess the government would spaz out or something.  I’m thankful to have what I do.

This evening after a short nap, I went to Office Max.  Picked up Turbo Tax, yes it’s that time of year again.  Jude – do you have to file Income Tax in Canada?  Just curious.  I got some copy paper and checked out a hot young sales guy.  He was doing some inventory and I was staring at his ass.  It was rather obvious and he didn’t seem to mind.  My main purpose of the trip was to get things for the office.  Then it was back home.

Time to work on my partners computer.  I got everything but his e-mail back to working order.  Silly me I didn’t export everything to a PST before we whacked his mail.  I thought my on line backup service would come to my aid but nope.  Outlook is picky – otherwise I would probably be able to salvage his mail.  We were arguing so that didn’t help.  He told me that he would fix it, so I’m happy with that.  Finally off the hook, phew what a project!

Work well it’s work.  Friday I got thrown my ultimate challenge that I knew would eventually come.  They wanted me to design a web site.  Yeah, I’m not a web programmer and I straight up told them that.  I said I can get quotes or we can use the people you used last time but this is not something I can do.  I figured that would get me fired but thus far nope.  Then I was talking with a co worker about the implementation of the new system and the training needs.  Since I have NEVER done this before, he gave me an idea of what we would need.  I feel like I was setup and here’s why.  I sent out an e-mail (forgot to copy in the boss man) and asked if I should order equipment and asked where the training was.  Holy crap, one person forwarded that e-mail on to my boss and then he pounced all over me telling me that I have to copy him in on every e-mail with this project.  I refuse to do that, if you want to micro-manage then you need a different employee.  You give me a job to do, let me do it  So the fine details of what we need, where this is happening and who is coming will all be ironed out on Monday.  Yeah, I’ve got a stack of e-mails that say we will talk Monday or we will talk tomorrow and that day never comes.  The person who I was talking to that has all the answers is going to work things out with the boss man.  I don’t think I will be involved but then again I could be wrong. 

The longer I stay the more I see people get shit on and get raw deals.  The more I want to leave.  I figure it is only a matter of time before it happens to me.  I’ve always looked since I was there.  Thus far I don’t see anything that appealing.  Plus I honestly don’t want to change jobs but the man I work for is a loose cannon and you just never know when he is going to blow up at you.  I hate those kind of working conditions.  Maybe I am in a foul mood or just have a sour taste in my mouth.  I don’t want to do anything rash just yet.  However, I am keeping my eyes open and if I spot a good opportunity I’m going for it.  I mean what do I have to loose?  They reject me or tell me no – that’s not a huge problem right now.  So long as I have a job I’m okay.  I guess I feel under appreciated, there is no positive feedback but when you make a mistake you never hear the end of it.  C’mon we all make mistakes, that’s just our nature as humans.  Get over it already.

Plans for Sunday.  Cleaning the house, laundry (big surprise) and goofing off on the computer.  As well as the dreaded grocery store.  I am looking forward to watching Shameless.  A new episode is on Sunday night.  I wish that show was on more often and I didn’t have to wait an entire week to find out what is going to happen next.  It’s been a long time since I have obsessed over a show as much as this.  Pretty interesting.  If you have Showtime, check it out me thinks you will like it.

I finally got around to publishing all of the comments.  Sorry Jude that it’s taken me so long.  Nice to see my blogger buddy RAD stop by.  I miss all of the connections I used to have.  Thanks Google!  Yes that was sarcasm. 

Well the buzzer hopefully will be sounding soon so I can wind down for the night.  I feel like today was a waste of a day but at least I had time off and for that I am truly thankful.  So glad that next week will be a 3 day weekend.  Yup, were closed for Presidents Day.  That will be extra sweet!  I think we should be closed for a week – let everyone do what they want and not bother them, but that clearly is a hallucination on my part. 

I hope that your having a great weekend and that your comfortable.  I see the folks on the East coast got quite the snow storm, talk about a holiday.  Wish we would have something like that here, then I would have the perfect excuse to work from home as would everyone else.  I don’t know that it would last for a week but I wouldn’t mind trying.  It’s been a very long time since we have seen snow like that.  The weather is very strange.

Ok so one more thing before I go.  Friday I was sitting in my office.  Working in a major city I hear sirens all day long.  You get used to it after a while.  It was close to quitting time.  I heard this array of sirens and looked out my window.  It was a police officer and he was clearly after a car in front of him.  They were at a red light.  As soon as the light changed the fool went as fast as he could  - the wrong way down a one way street.  Then zipped through traffic and the cop was hot on his tail.  It was like COPS right before my very eyes.  I was in such shock and awe from what I saw.  It took me a minute to realize what happened.  I can understand the desire to flee from the law but if your dumb enough to try it then your dumb enough to go to jail.  If they want you, pull over chances are things won’t be nearly as bad as you think plus you will avoid a felony charge of fleeing and eluding.  That’s is an automatic go to jail charge in every state in the US.

So now I’m done yacking.  Talk with you peeps later. 

07 February 2013

Repetitive Task–Repetitive oh you get it

I’ve got two tasks going and they require me to do the same thing over and over again.  The first is adding users to the new system.  I’m typing different names but everyone has the same lame one time password.  The other task is erasing hard drives.  I can’t believe I am almost done.  I told the recycling place I had 19, I think I miscounted because we have less.  That should make them happy.

Last night was the first night all week that I had to myself and I spent it in front of my computer.  I had my Momma cat with me, she loves to sit next to me while I work.  She knows when it’s about time for me to get to bed, so she starts throwing a fit.  Who says cats aren’t smart.  She is a persistent woman, you can tell her to go away and she will for about a second, then it’s back to throwing a fit. 

Anyway, last night I was back doing detective work.  I really have a big time crush on one of the pharmacy people at my local Walgreens.  I know his first name but that is it.  It’s been a mystery to find him on-line but last night I did it.  I was so happy, like a school girl.  One more person for me to track down.  That is a waiter that used to work at Applebee’s back in 2007.  He is proving to be a mystery to find.  Not everyone has a presence on-line.  I just hope I can find him.  Another person I’m trying to track down is an old classmate.  He was a year behind me and he just seems to have vanished into thin air.  I had a crush on him.  It’s kind of interesting what time and aging does to a person they either get better looking or they don’t.  This guy had blond hair, blue eyes and was the all American jock type.  Unless he picked up a habit eating Krispy Kreme I can’t imagine he would be hard on the eyes. 

I was watching a video last night on my computer and noticed that the play back was kind of crappy.  I rebooted and same results no matter what I played.  I’m thinking my video card is going south on me.  It’s been kind of flaky but I am hesitant to spend money to replace it, unless I have to.  Right now I need every penny I can get my hands on.

Speaking of which tonight is bill pay night.  I’ve got to fork over almost $200 to the Postal Service for PO BOX rent.  We have what I consider a Medium Sized box.  If we went a zip code or two away from us, it would cost far less.  However, we have had the same address for years and really don’t want to go through the pain of telling everyone a new address.  That rent is for six months and every time there is a rate increase in postage it affects the amount we have to pay.  I think it started at like $85 for a year back when we first moved in.  Just shows you how inflation has crept up on us.

Last night I had left over Ravioli and a piece of Fried Chicken along with Garlic Bread.  Tonight’s meal will be Tuna Salad on Bread.  I sure hope it’s good.  Friday instead of going out we are going to have Chili.  It’s been a very long time since we have stayed home on a Friday night and it sounds so good to me, I can’t wait. 

Last week was super stressful.  This week has been super busy.  I’m still ready to waste away in Margaretville.  Too bad I don’t drink.  :)  I just hope that I can get to bed at a decent hour and also get some extra sleep over the weekend.  Seems like I am able to recharge on the weekend and then the week hits and I’m drained again.  It’s a tough life if you don’t weaken!

No traffic delays this morning, made it to work with plenty of time to spare, got a normal parking spot.  Last night was kind of nice but it felt weird walking in this wall to my car.  The guy in front of me showed up as I was getting in my car and he scared the crap out of me.

Wow, were having a food day here at the office.  People are grazing like cows.  It’s been that way all day long.  Then they wonder why they are fat.  We also got a couple new people.  I of course didn’t have much advance notice and had to get them up and going like yesterday.  It was a little bit of pressure but I made it through.  I wonder how long they will last.  We seem to go through people like water around here.  I think they are too hard on them!

I hear we have some investors coming in the next couple weeks.  Someone is going shopping for me to decorate my office.  I was asked what I like.  I couldn’t say Men so I said Baseball – Hockey.  It didn’t occur to me to say computers or technology.  That would be super awesome.  Not sure what I will wind up with but it should be interesting.  I just hope I like it.  Right now everything is sterile white and the place looks bare.  I’ve got a couple thing on the wall but I don’t want to bring too much here because it’s a bitch to lug it all back home again.

Well I guess I’ve had my break.  It’s time to go back to the salt mine.  I hope your Thursday is going well.  Talk with you peeps later.

06 February 2013

Wacky Wednesday

My evenings have not been my own.  Between my partners computer, work and the plumbing project, I’ve had little to no time to myself.  Thankfully I was able to take time to sleep.

My partners machine is all done from my perspective.  He needs some help installing some special software and hopefully beyond that I can call this done.  The machine moves now, like it’s supposed to.  He is still stuck in Windows Update Hell and that can take a while to get your machine caught up.

The plumbing project is finished last night.  We have made like 4 trips to the hardware store.  Who ever put the plumbing in did a really crappy job.  Not to mention now his vanity is starting to fall apart.  He’s got an idea on how to save it but since I hate his projects, I just pretended to listen and was off in outer space.  I pray we don’t have to do anything like that again.

Work well it’s busy around here.  I saved them a small fortune on equipment recycling.  I found a place that is actually going to pick everything up for free.  So I’m busy destroying drives and getting everything stacked up so when they show up next week, it’s just a matter of loading up and then they can go. 

Plus we are converting one of our on-line cloud based systems to a new system.  I take care of security and I have been creating user accounts.  It’s fun at first but quickly becomes tiresome.  You have to make sure everything is perfect and be able to concentrate. 

Then I have the every day problems that just wander in from everywhere.  So your wondering, with all of this work, how do you have time to blog?  Simple I’m making time.  Work stresses me out and we are entitled to 2 15 minute breaks each day that I never take, so blogging is covered under that. 

Had a hard time finding a parking place this morning.  There was traffic problems and I got in the garage later than normal.  Most of the normal spots were taken.  I had to park in between a wall.  It’s a legal parking space but not something I am too crazy about.  Every other open spot said reserved on it, so why take a chance.  Hopefully I don’t experience that again.

Shy Girl is back to being semi-friendly with me.  If I have food in my hand or I am about to feed her she is all ears but otherwise she runs hot and cold.  I think now that it’s over with she understands or so I hope.  I am not there to hurt her but I have to take care of her.  Big Boy is having some coughing spells but other than that, everyone is doing okay.  Which is good news. 

I’m in a contest to win a tablet, I am supposed to know today if I won or not.  I usually don’t have good luck at these things but I am keeping my fingers crossed, even if it does have Windows 8 on it. 

Back to work for me.  I hope all is well in your neighborhood.  Stay warm and I will talk with you peeps later.

04 February 2013


Life has been busy for me lately.  Friday I got out early, we went to Red Lobster to eat and had a really good time.  Saturday we got a late start but we went to Maggiano’s and again had a good time, not to mention good food.  Sunday was work day.  My partner went to fix his bathroom sink and wound up having to redo all of the plumbing to it.  Quite a mess.  We also wiped his computer and started to rebuild it from scratch.  I spent most of my time on this.  In fact it’s still on going and probably will be for a little while.

The replacement medication I found turns out wasn’t as strong as what I was getting from Canada.  So to replace one pill now I have to take two.  Pseudoephedrine is the reason why I am having problems.  It’s what Meth Heads use to make Meth, so the sale of it is limited here in the US and you have to show Government ID when you purchase it, so they can keep track of how much you have.  There is a legal limit each person is allowed to posses.  I need it for my allergies but because of druggies I get punished.  The way around this is to have a doctor write a prescription.  My insurance won’t cover it but I can get larger quantities and not have to show ID.  I’m testing the medication this week and if it works like it should, then I will be talking with my allergist for a prescription.  

My regular doctor is very slow at prescription writing.  I finally got a couple medications from him.  The one thing that I really need for sleep he left out, so I have to pester him again.  I really don’t want to switch doctors, but this guy is starting to push my buttons. 

Shy girl got her claws trimmed yesterday.  She has diarrhea and I guess wasn’t feeling the greatest.  Then I come in like some Monster to trim her claws.  It was not a pretty picture.  Her claws however are nice and trim now. I brushed her and cleaned her up as best as she would let me.  She bit me a couple times.  The welding gloves helped shield me from the worst of it but I have some minor swelling in my hand, which I presume will dissipate with time.  I just wish I could make her understand that I won’t her her, I just want to trim her claws, brush her and then I will leave her alone.  No fuss, no muss.  However, she makes it in to a bigger deal.  Last night I though she was going to have a heart attack she was so worked up.  All of the taking and petting I did, really didn’t help. 

Oh, the best news yet.  We have water.  Actually we have had water since Thursday but were under a boil order.  That was lifted yesterday so life is back to normal.

We did our grocery shopping late in the afternoon but there were still tons of people at the store.  Lots of cute/hot guys.  I saw one that was wearing a sweat shirt that said something drilling team.  I wanted to tell him he could drill me anytime.  It would have been a cheap line but I was tempted. 

The Super Bowl starts way too late in the day.  I was trying to get stuff done with the partners PC and trying to keep laundry going.  As it is I am behind but it’s on his laundry, not mine! 

Don’t ask me why but I did what I consider to be a stupid thing.  I subscribed again to Sirius Radio.  They had a special going so I have it for 6 months.  Unless something really moves me I will be turning it off.  I honestly don’t need it.  I missed OutQ.  However, after listening this morning I really found out that I wasn’t missing much.  Perhaps the drive home with Derrick & Romaine will be more enjoyable. 

So it’s supposed to be a crazy busy day but here I sit in the office and I am ready to go home.  I have work to do but really don’t desire to start on any of it at all.  Plus I have people that are supposed to call me so I can help them.  I’ve got a conference call this afternoon and another one on Wednesday. From a stress standpoint I hope that this week is nothing even close to what last week was like.  I do hope that the week moves fast because I am ready for another weekend. 

I should get going despite not wanting to, otherwise this day will be as entertaining as watching water boil.  I will talk with you peeps later.