26 February 2014

Middle O Week

Not too much going on, just working.  Average day filled with a dash of chaos.  What I really dislike is when I get on the phone with someone and they decide to carry on 4 or 5 conversations at once.  Never mind the phone, they like to multi-task.  Problem is you can’t talk to all of those people and talk on the phone at the same time.  So the call takes twice as long. 

It took me all day but I diagnosed a problem and now have to get some replacement hardware shipped.  Working with the company we use for this service is a little difficult.  I found the problem just by chance and now that it’s blow up to high focus, once the story got to my boss about how it was uncovered it makes me look pretty damn good.  About time something went like it was supposed to and for the positive.  Lord knows I have had my fair share of negative. 

I am watching a new show on NBC called Chicago PD, it’s not bad.  There aren’t too many episodes so no binge watching.  I heard that if you binge watch a show the next day you will eat more because you will feel like your entitled to it.  Not sure if that is true or not. 

I also just read a short time ago that Looking the HBO gay show, has been picked up for a 2nd season.  That’s good news but I don’t know if I will have HBO this time next year. 

I have also discovered Rolled Gold Cheese Pretzels.  Those things are so addictive, now I wish I would have picked up an extra bag. 

Had a Boston Market frozen TV dinner last night – horrible.  I will stick with what I know, even if it does get old.  Tonight I think it’s back to the old standby.  Chicken Pot Pie.  It is cold out here and they are good.  Plus it will give me time to go through the mail, presuming I get something of interest. 

Well 30 more minutes and then I will be headed to the post office.  Then to see all of my furry friends and we will be getting our feed on. 

That is as exciting as my life gets right now.  Hope all is going well for you.  Talk with you peeps later.

25 February 2014

Black is a color

I made it back to the old bump and grind today.  Work just continued to back up for me.  I finally have a control on things at the moment.  Not exactly sure how long that will last.

This morning the HR lady had a virus on her machine, it’s all jacked up.  She needs a new computer bad.  I was thinking of my so called friend, not sure why.  Then all of a sudden the HR lady jumps in a panic.  She was going through the mail and an appeal for my so called friends unemployment was today.  They just got the notice yesterday.  Holy cow.  That was a lot of scrambling.  Turns out they used up all of the time and they have to reschedule so it sounds like this little episode is going on a for a while.  At the moment my so called friend is winning.  It will be interesting to hear how it turns out. 

The boss man told me he needed a color cartridge in his printer.  I went and looked, all I saw that was low was black.  He called me back this afternoon and said I see you replaced the black cartridge, I said I need color.  Uh dumb ass Black is a color!  I went and looked, sure enough he needed Cyan, Magenta and Yellow.  I asked him what color he needed and he didn’t know what to say to that, other than next time I say color I mean color.  Okay, so I made a mistake why don’t you just put a bullet in my head and spare me from listening to you ramble on about it.  No one not even you Mr. Boss man is perfect!

That is the large and small of today.  Looking forward to going home soon and relaxing.  I did have strange dreams last night but no DUI’s.  I didn’t really want to come back today but I did.  I mean the work isn’t going to take care of it’s self. 

Stay warm.  Talk with you peeps later.

24 February 2014

Mental Health Day

I took a stronger dose of sleeping medication as I do every Sunday night because Sunday’s usually have a nap in them.  Yesterday was no exception.  I went to bed late around 11pm, which is normal.

When I woke up I had 2 dreams.  The first one I was arrested for a DUI and no one got hurt.  The second dream was that after the first DUI I was arrested again for the same thing, but this time I collided with a bus and managed to kill 4 people.  It was surreal. 

I was pretty shaken up when I got up and I felt hung over from the effects of the extra sleeping pill.  Totally normal.  However, given the dreams I was a little apprehensive to get behind the wheel of a car.  Even though I am sure everything would have been just fine.  So I decided to take a mental health day.  I plan on going back tomorrow.

As with any day I take off be it sick or vacation, I never get rest.  I was bothered off and on all day long.  So it was like I was working from home.  Now I have good reason to go back tomorrow since work is stacking up.  Plus my regular work with the intranet redesign that I hate so much, because it’s meticulous and takes forever to complete. 

The children were thrilled that I was home.  Big Boy and I spent some time together.  He got his ears and his belly rubbed, so he was a pretty happy camper.  Not to mention they got an extra breakfast and lunch.  That might explain why TAZ has diarrhea. 

I ventured out around 3:30 to get the mail and came back home put the trash out.  Last week I got a letter from the trash company about syringe disposal and it just made no sense.  When I took the trash out today I found one of the kids syringes on the ground.  Something had gotten into our trash and ripped one of them out.  That apparently caused the trash man to freak.  Okay, I understand they don’t know what was in the syringe and they are deathly afraid.  However, these medications are for pets and there is no medication left in the syringe, so there is no harm.  Plus they are always capped so there is no risk of anything going wrong.  There are no needles involved.  I’ve been putting them in the trash for a long time w/o any problems.  Looks like now I have to be careful.  I think will start disposing of them with their litter box scooping's, nothing ever gets into that.  So there shouldn’t be a problem.  

I got an e-mail today of a job offer but it’s part time work at two places and they told me that the hours would be low.  Sorry but I need a full time income I am not leaving a sure thing for a part time gig. 

Speaking of work, when I told my boss I wouldn’t be in today I normally get a response back.  Today it was radio silence.  He just continues to hammer home that he is mad or upset about something.  I just think he is an ass because he continues to prove it to me.  As long as he continues to leave me a lone I think we will get along wonderfully.  I know he isn’t happy about the Migration from XP to Windows 7 and I am sure that is stuck in his craw.  I didn’t make the rules.  The whole thing about not being in compliance was announced in late December and I didn’t hear about it until January.  I did what I was paid to do and told him about it.  That was the right thing.  Even though I knew it would upset him because it means he has to part with cash.  Hey it takes money to stay in business and I don’t make up the rules about compliance. 

I am really concerned about what I tell him with regards to prices for Guest WIFI he is going to really be upset there.  I am sure there will be a we told you to setup WIFI with guest service in mind.  That is totally false.  I was told to setup WIFI because of the new system we were going to and the staff needed access in order to make it work.  I mean if you want to nail me to the cross so be it, but don’t think I will go quietly because I won’t. 

I have kind of mixed feelings about my employment.  On one hand I see where I make a difference and am needed.  Everyone seems to be in love with me because I am always there to help when they call upon me.  However, I see that he wants to get rid of me because I am costing him money – that is his perception.  Regardless of who is in IT when your in business IT costs money and there is no getting around that.  You may be able to get deals but you will still have to spend money.  I have mixed feelings as to if he will actually fire me, I mean I am pretty certain he wants to but I haven’t done anything wrong.  Plus if he would fire me, I know all sorts of secrets that could get him in a world of trouble.  Don’t think I would make waves.  I mean you mess with someone’s money / livelihood and they will turn on you like a rabid dog. 

I can’t say that I am not worried because I am.  Which is why I really want away from that place.  It’s just a toxic environment and I don’t have time for their petty BS.  However, it’s not like I can afford to quit.  If he screws with my income and I don’t bounce back quickly I will be in serious trouble.  That alone scares me.  I need an emergency fund but building one takes money and money is something that I am short on right now. 

Is it any wonder why I needed a day to myself?

Supper was pretty good tonight.  I had left over pulled pork and I found single serve mash potatoes made with real milk and butter.  Damn that was really good.  I will be buying more of those single serve mash potatoes.  That is one thing that I love.  I don’t need gravy just potatoes.

Tomorrow night is up in the air, I have no idea what I am going to eat.  There is plenty of food here from soup to frozen, I just have to make a decision.  Picking out the cat food is even difficult because I don’t know what their pallets will be in the mood for.  As an example I can’t give them canned Salmon Pate because they won’t eat it.  If it was the real fresh fish they would devourer it.  I guess I am a lot like the cats.  Picky.  It’s all about variety and trying to spice it up. 

Well off to empty litter boxes, wash my hands and make my lunch for tomorrow.  Then back to TV land.  Boring!  Being trapped at home is nice for about a day and then I have to escape.  So going back tomorrow will be good for me in more ways than one.  I only hope that I sleep well tonight and don’t have anymore strange dreams involving DUI or anything else that will rattle me. 

Talk with you peeps later.

23 February 2014

Sunny Sunday

Hello Blogger Friends!

No doubt you notice some changes here.  Just wanted to mention what’s changed outside of the mast (picture is Jonathan Groff, my new obsession), the background and color scheme.  Also I removed the link to my sex blog because it hasn’t been updated in a long time.  If your interested in me putting the link back, let me know but I suspect I won’t get any takers on that.  I also updated links, removing some and adding a few under Watch on You Tube.  These are people that I watch on a regular basis.  I have crushes on most of them but enjoy their content.  Most everyone is always upbeat so if your having a down day and need some cheering up, go visit one of them.

Okay so now that is over back to regular programming.


Friday…came home crashed a little bit, watched some TV.  Then got up the wherewithal (that should be bottled) to get in front of the computer.  I banged out my supplement letter to add to the complaint against the Bankruptcy attorney.  I sent it to a friend to look over and give me his thoughts.  File this under TMI but I rubbed one out (if you have no idea what this means, then I can’t possibly be offending you) and called it a night.  Upstairs to bed.

Saturday…slept in. Fed the cats, had a cherry fritter and a glass of milk for breakfast.  Went to Sam’s to pick up some crack also known as Dark Chocolate Covered Blueberries.  Grabbed two bags of them.  Headed towards a friends house.  They didn’t answer to instead I drove to the buffet that me and my late partner used to visit.  It’s been a long time since I was down there.  I ate way too much food, so much that I didn’t have room for desert.  The whole point of going is to get some Bread Pudding, but I had to pass.  Saw a couple of hot guys while I was there.  Drove back home, as I got closer I called my friends house and they were home.  Swung by and dropped of a bag of crack, visited for a short while.  Sampled some chili and then headed for the Post Office.  Got the mail, came home and fed the children.  Relaxed a little bit.  Put the hatch back in place on the deck, so that the Raccoons can’t mate down there anymore.  I have kept a close eye and don’t think I have trapped anyone.  If I discover that I have, I will be quick to let them out.  Then went shopping for cat food.  Got gas for the car and came home.  Worked on the final modifications to the letter and got it ready to go.  Double checked the Tax Forms and filed both of our taxes.  I went to file my Federal Electronically since it’s free and Turbo Tax told me that someone had already filed my taxes.  Well wasn’t that sweet of them.  Only one problem it wasn’t me.  So I completed the paper version of the forms and mailed them in.  I figure if there is a problem, like the IRS got 2 returns they will come squawking.  Right now I’m not too terribly worried about it but then again I’ve been a victim in a couple of the Mass Data Breaches that we have seen recently.  So anything is possible.  Watched Jonathan Groff in C.O.G.  and called it a night around 1:30 am.  

Sunday…slept in again.  Fed the cats.  Shaved and showered (you didn’t see that one coming, did you), got dressed and took my medicine.  Went to Steak N Shake and ordered way too much food.  Actually I ordered a dish that had onions in it and they got to me pretty quick.  Forged on to the grocery store.  Spent a little money there, didn’t need much.  On the way out the cart boy was pushing a line of shopping carts back in.  Those guys are usually in pretty good shape but unfortunately I had to watch where I was walking so I didn’t get any peeks in.  Mailed the letter and the taxes.  Came home put away the groceries.  Paid some bills.  Worked on laundry.  Hung around the computer looking for pron.  Got a little tired.  Went upstairs and fed the children lunch.  Had some chips and cheese, while watching a live tech webcast.  Read about a big security flaw with the iPhone and updated my device.  Got sleepy and turned off the TV and took about a 45 minute nap.  Woke up tended to the trash.  Checked my oil and filled up on wiper fluid.  Got the trash ready to go.  Put away my laundry.  Made changes to the blog.  Wrote this post and well there you have it. 

Plans for the rest of the day.  Heating up some canned chili for supper.  Feeding the children.  Preparing for Munday and watching Shamless and Looking.  Probably rubbing another one out and well that will be it. 


In updating my site I went looking to populate the Regular Reads section, all through truth be told I haven’t really read anything on a regular basis, except The Sword.  I have to keep up on what’s going on in gay porn.  Most people have gotten away from blogging.  There are many abandoned blogs out there.  Sort of like my porn photo blog.  I was all geared up to post and did so for a while and then quickly it fell out of the things I wanted to do list.  My life also changed and really I figure if you want to see photos of guys or watch the real thing then there are plenty of sites for that on the internet.  Granted it had a lot of visits in the short time it was active.  In fact I got a comment the other day which is what reminded me that it was still out there. 

The new fad now is Vlogging.  I love watching gay guys share their lives with the world.  They can be single, be a couple it matters not.  I usually arrive early to work and sit in my car and watch them on my iPhone while listening to the audio through my car stereo.  I find it to be a good start to the day for me.  If I am in a cheerful mood they usually help amplify my mood.  If I am sad well it’s just nice to escape to see someone else's life.  The one channel I watch the most is Shep689.  Will and RJ are a young gay couple who are engaged to be married.  They moved from Florida to California and they have lots of friends.  It’s obvious to anyone who has been in any form of a relationship that there are ups and downs.  However, you don’t get to see a lot of that on camera.  They focus on positive things – like eating at Chipotle. 

I will admit that I have reached out by mail to a few vloggers.  I’ve sent letters and gifts.  That seems to be the other big thing is they get a small profit from You Tube, nothing to subsist as a form of an income but in addition to that they get all sorts of gifts from all over the world.  Everything from food, calendars, books, things they casually mention to the occasional sex toy.  I’ve got a story to tell but admittedly my life is NOT as interesting as any of the folks I watch on You Tube.    I’d like to start up a You Tube channel but that really seems like a lot of work.  So instead I will just keep on watching. 

I’ve been wanting to change up the blog outside of the typical monthly changes for a while.  It was planned for Christmas break but you see how long I put it off.  Kind of feels good to check that off my list of things to do. 

I bid you all a good week.  We are back in the freezing cold, but it was nice to have Saturday in the upper 60’s.  Now back to long sleeves, coats and hats.  Take care and I will talk with you peeps later.

19 February 2014


Mother nature has brought some warmer temperatures to the area.  It’s 52 degrees here and I am sweating to death in my office.  I can’t wait to get home where I can take off all of my clothes and hopefully cool off.  I feel like a woman having a hot flash. 

I did get to watch Tosh.O last night and it was okay.  I always look forward to Daniels’ humor.  Some of it is great and some of it I could do without. 

EMS was back in the neighborhood last night.  When I hear them it brings back memories of the many times that they were at the house for my late partner.  They didn’t leave with lights on so I suppose and hope it was a minor call. 

Today is your average day.  Not terribly busy.  Trying to get another machine out the door.  It won’t leave until tomorrow because there are so many Windows Updates to apply.

I heard from the vendor I have been waiting on regarding Guest WIFI.  Their miracle answer is to replace the Access Points we have with newer more expensive ones, that will in the end allow us to accomplish what we want.  Funny it’s exactly what I purposed at the start of the project but I was shot down because it was too costly, in fact I’m fairly certain my job was on the line because of the cost.  So it will be interesting how this goes over.  There are going to be multiple options.  The only thing I am not quoting out is ripping out the entire Network Infrastructure and replacing it.  One solution will require travel the others will not.  I hope for my sake they pick a non travel option, regardless of which one it is. 

Speaking of travel I saw an ad this afternoon that was talking about a good job and I was interested until I got to the point where it said, you must be available for bi-weekly overnight trips.  They would send me to their corp. office which is about 4 hours away from here.  I’m not interested in that because of the cats and also because I would probably have to use my own vehicle.  While it’s the only opportunity I have seen in a few weeks I am passing it up because of the travel. 

Last night I had some trouble sleeping.  Jumper joined me in bed around 3 am.  He laid down and we cuddled up and then this small fountain of liquid poured out of his ear on to my arm.  Gross.  It didn’t feel like blood so I wasn’t worried.  I did try to grab a flashlight but he kicked up a fuss so I backed off.  I did smell it and wow it was horrible.  There was nothing when I woke up, so I presume that it was just ear wax. 

Big Boy needs a bath so if time permits and I have the desire I will clean him up tonight.  He laid in his food last night and it dried on his fur.  It was wet food.  He loves to make messes like that and then complain when it comes to clean up because he usually winds up losing fur, which hurts.  I don’t like to do it but the job requires it in order for him to be clean.  He is still a silly boy and  love him.  Even if he wouldn’t sleep with me last night. 

Blu was on patrol again this morning.  It wasn’t quite as intense as yesterday but I think he will be glued to the window for a while.  Wish I had a camera I could stream via the web, I will be you anything he is either sleeping by the window or looking out it. 

An hour and a half more then it will be time to go home and figure out what to eat.  I’m thinking BBQ Pulled Pork and Cottage Cheese.  Doesn’t sound that good but as long as it fills the hole in my stomach and stays down, I don’t care.

I have to put sometime and effort into the reply to the complaint on the Bankruptcy case and I’m sure no matter what I write it will just make him even madder.  If he would have done his job and not ignored me then we wouldn’t be in this position.  However, bad customer service is something that I just have a hard time swallowing. 

So a little stress with what to say and how wordy I really will be.  Plus the worries on the house and the mortgage company.  Then how I am going to manage to pay my auto insurance.  However, I know that in the end it will all work out one way or another.  Life is all about temporary situations.  They pass and new challenges and problems come your way.  Being a responsible adult is not an easy thing to do.  I’d rather go back to being a kid. 

Talk with you peeps later. 

18 February 2014


Last night I watched Bridegroom again.  It was the only thing that came to mind since I couldn’t find anything else on.  In the middle of the movie my mom called.  She asked me to sit down, I of course was standing and said okay.  I never bothered to sit down.  She said I had a stroke.  This was the result of some testing that was done a few weeks ago.  Apparently it was some time back, it’s very old.  It is in the middle of the brain and was a dry stroke, meaning it was caused by a blood clot.  She is now on baby Aspirin to thin her blood.  So her speech issues are related to the stroke.  Based on looking at her and the little experience I have with strokes I couldn’t pick anything up.  Then again I am not a doctor.  The results don’t really affect me, it kind of rings hollow.  I mean I am sorry she had a stroke but she walked away with minimal impact.  Not everyone can say that.  The chances are good that she will have another one.  That is true for anyone who has a stroke, but if you take your medicine and eat right then those chances go down.  It’s all about living a healthy lifestyle. 

I hope that I never suffer a stroke, they are debilitating and you never quite get back to normal.  I hope instead that I go quietly in my sleep.  Until then little aches and pains will be quite fine.

So I am emotional over the movie and how it struck home with me again.  The financial woes or worries that I am dealing with do not help. 

Today’s mail brought my auto insurance bill which is $481 for 2 vehicles.  Of which I only drive 1.  I really need to get rid of the truck it’s killing me, one of the many things that are taking my money.  There is sentimental value but I am willing to part with that if only it saves my money.  My way of getting rid of it is to trade both vehicles in and get a new one.  However, since the house matter is still up in the air there is no point in committing myself. 

I also received a copy of the complete response that the Bankruptcy Attorney filed with the Regulatory Agency in response to the complaint I lodged.  He sent them every e-mail I sent him and then some.  He sent case notes, which I have not ever seen.  He sent an e-mail from my partner asking about a Civil Union.  He was told that it’s not the same as a marriage, however it is in fact in our state the same as a marriage, that is how I won my case against the union.  So now I have 14 days in which to formulate a response if I wish for them to consider anything further.  I always said that I would leave it alone unless they solicited my opinion well they have so now I am going to blast him again.  That will probably get him to withdraw from the case.  However, I am not going to let him walk all over me and threaten me w/o any repercussions.  He is a lawyer and is conducting himself as if he were a bully.

Speaking of bullies, I bit the bullet today and ordered a few computers.  They are needed for a solution that we are implementing and there is no getting around it.  Besides that I’ve ordered equipment before w/o getting clearance and the boss never said a word.  This time I have a feeling things may be different.  I mean 4 or 5 machines is one thing.  If we were talking more than that I would certainly ask permission because it just seems proper.  Anything less than that is just the part of doing business. 

The Office Manager came in my office whining about her computer and telling me that she rebooted 7 times but it still stalls.  I know her well enough that most of the time when she speaks it’s all bullshit coming out of her mouth.  This time was no different.  I told her we need to shutdown and then start up fresh.  Oh, well I didn’t do that.  Well do you want me to or can you handle it?  She elected to handle it and after that not another word.  See what I mean all bullshit.  If she had rebooted it would have fixed the problem.  Most of her problems come from the fact that she surfs the net for any and everything, installs random software, looks for coupons and doesn’t reboot on a regular basis.  I wish we had Feronics (not sure if I spelled that correctly) but they make a program called Deep Freeze.  Basically it freezes an image of your PC, if you want to install something you have to unfreeze and refreeze.  Otherwise when you reboot everything goes back to the way it originally was.  It’s the easiest way to deal with spyware, viruses and malware.  However it’s not cheap.  I learned about it while I was unemployed, very neat product.

Well Big Boy made a mess in his bed last night.  I cleaned that up and came home to another mess in his bed and the hallway.  Plus he needs a bath.  I spent part of my evening dealing with that, it was NOT fun.  I don’t know what I am going to do with him.  What a silly boy!  I love him though.

BLU was glued to the window this morning.  Something got into our trash and he was keeping guard. It was funny because not even breakfast got him away from the window. I had to really get on him to make him eat.  It was a couple of quick bites, back to the window because he was afraid he would miss something.  Then he would eat a little bit and go back to the window.  He did that a couple times but I’ll bet you he was at the window for over an hour after I left.  He’s a good cat and very nosy, like cats are. 

Well my night is getting away from me.  I am all psyched up for Tosh.0 which is back on tonight.  They have put out some teaser video promoting  the shows return and Daniel keeps asking “are you moist yet.” I’ve been moist for Daniel Tosh for years.  He is hot.  I really wish he would disclose his sexuality he does a good job of playing the fence and catering to both gays and straights.  I’d just like to know.

Talk with you peeps later. 

17 February 2014

Bingeing on TV

Season 2 of House of Cards arrived on Netflix on Friday.  I am happy and sad to announce that I have managed to watch the entire season in a mere 3 days.  I am eager for Season 3 to come out, but who has any idea how long that will be?

There is so much good TV but you have to subscribe to various networks or services in order to get it all.  That is the one thing that I dislike. 

Last nights episode of Looking was HOT.  They promised it would be and they did not disappoint.  I’ve fallen for this show, after last night.  I just wish they would air episodes that would be an hour in length instead of 30 minutes.  That goes by way too fast. 

Happy President’s day!  I am enjoying a holiday from work and wishing that there were more to come, like this week.  An extra day at home is nice.  While I haven’t accomplished everything that I wanted to I did take time to cater to myself and that was enjoyable.

I met up with some friends on Saturday at Cracker Barrel.  It’s been so long since I had such a good meal and that was really fabulous.  I went out to Breakfast yesterday and thought I would run into a hot waiter, but he wasn’t working.  I treated myself to supper at Bob Evans and had an amazing Chicken Salad.  That is it for the eating out adventures.  The cost adds up pretty quickly.

Today I went to the grocery store and ran into a cashier that we used to chat up.  I must have spent 45 minutes on my feet talking to her.  My back was killing me and I had to sit down.  Never so thankful to get in the truck.  It was good talking with her and letting her know where things are at. 

Now I have the task of finishing up the laundry, cleaning the house and prepping the trash.  Plus I have to eat and care for the children.  I have spent my fair amount sleeping, napping and resting.  It’s time to get some work done.  After all it’s not going to get done without me. 

Sadly tomorrow will be back to work but only for 4 days and then we get the weekend back, which will be nice.  I have plenty of vacation time left to use between now and May.  I’m saving it for as long as I can.  I will take some time in April for sure .  Possibly a small break in March.  Time will tell.  My body tells me I am getting sick so I may be breaking sooner than March.  I am trying to fight it off as best as I can but I am unsure if I am winning or not. 

I did my on-line research with regards to the Mortgage and filed formal complaints with several regulatory agencies.  I also asked my attorney about bringing suit against the mortgage company for the violations they have committed.  Since these are Federal Law violations I believe they have to be filed in Federal Court and can’t be taken care of from a Small Claims Court basis.  As I expected it sounds like she is going to wimp out on me.  However, the letter really speaks for its’ self in bringing to light what they have done to me and I am sure it’s going to stir up a storm, so it’s a matter of waiting to see what happens.  I am sure I will have angered the Mortgage company but my goal here isn’t to make friends it’s to save my home and get a more affordable house payment.  It may prompt them to start foreclosure proceedings.  I mean I am poking the bear so to speak, I have to expect that the bear is going to fight back or even worse kill me.  However, it’s all a worth while risk in the end.  The words give up are to easy to succumb to and I feel fighting is the better avenue.  It’s more taxing and wears you out quicker but it feels good to know that even if I do lose I it is not because I rolled over and gave up. 

With that in mind, back to house work.  Talk with you peeps later.

13 February 2014

Class Action Lawsuit

In doing some research last night and again today, I have found that many lenders are being sued here in the US because they violated HAMP which is the Home Affordable Modification Program that was setup by the government.  Turns out that my lender is among one of many that is being sued.  I have reached out to several law firms to see if I can join class action suits already in progress and/or if my case would warrant action against the lender.  They wasted months of my time, took most all of my money and they think they are going to get away with it.  You picked the wrong motherfucker.  I fight, I may lose but I fight until the bitter end.  Plus if this will keep them at bay until at least August then good for me.  I only hope that I get positive responses from those that I have reached out to.  I don’t know that I will qualify simply because my name isn’t on the mortgage, but it’s worth a shot.  Plus there are agencies that regulate banks that I can reach out to.  The BBB gives my lender an F and they are not an accredited business, gee I wonder why. 

Today was a busy day at work.  Tomorrow should be a cake walk most of the office is out and there is snow coming.  So I suppose we will form a consensus and close early or so I hope.

The children are waiting for their snack and I am waiting for Windows Update to complete on a server at work before I can go feed them.  I knew tonight would be a busy night but didn’t think I would spend the entire evening in the basement.  Looks like I am wrong. 

3 day weekend for this guy.  I just hope it’s therapeutic, relaxing and I get to have some fun.  I hope you enjoy your weekend as well.  Talk with you peeps later.

12 February 2014

Humping Day

Well today is just as good as any day to hump, right?  Thinking of titles for my posts often proves to be a challenge. 

Talked with some friends last night, it was just an okay evening.  I got everything done that I needed to.  Went to bed late but that is perfectly okay.  Sleeping a little more but still having strange dreams.  Maybe that will settle down soon.

I forgot that I had soup to eat for supper.  So that will probably be what is on the menu tonight.  Variety is the spice of life.  Last nights meal was not the best but it was a meal.

Breakfast for supper, sure I’ve done that before.  Problem is I really love breakfast so I eat way more than I should.  I haven’t done this for a while, perhaps once of these days I will give it a go again. 

Found out that my area of the office will be a ghost town on Friday.  Just me and one other person.  So it should make for a very enjoyable day.  I’ve already signed up for a webinar to help pass the time.  I will try to play as much as I can but not exactly sure how much play time I will have. 

Today I looked into getting routers that run on 4G.  I think that would be the easiest solution to offer guest WIFI.  It sure is cheaper than any other solution I have come up with.  I am trying to make it super attractive, so they go for it and I don’t have to do a bunch of traveling again, plus this solution can be in place much quicker.  The data plan might cost them more in the end but we already have agreements with the major cell carriers so I think this would be something that could easily be added.  We would own the equipment. 

I really wracked my brain trying to come up with that solution.  The pressure is mounting to give an answer and I am waiting on a vendor to quote me on hardware.  Not a whole lot that I can do with it until then.  I mean I can tell you what is required but they don’t care about that, they want to know the $$ amount because in the end that is what matters the most to them. 

Average day.  So far 2 XP machines have bit the dust and been replaced.  I will be configuring a machine tomorrow.  That is fun stuff for me.  Most of my day has been consumed with the website and getting files and folders created.  Then I found a way to bulk upload documents but that turned into a mess so I have to upload one by one or everything gets all messed up.  When I said this would be a 4 month project I think I might not have given myself enough time.  Plus I still have the security aspect to accomplish.  Ah well I guess it’s job security as if that exists in this place.  Unless I have a written contract I don’t think I would ever feel comfortable here.  I don’t want a contract, I would like a new job at a different company.  Nothing appealing posted yesterday or today (thus far). 

Going to get the mail, then home to feed the children and on with my evening.  Seems like the days just fly by.  I am happy tomorrow is Thursday and hope that boss man leaves early.

That is all I know at the moment.  Talk with you peeps later. 

11 February 2014

Patch Tuesday

Its time once again to update Windows. 

I received word today from my attorney that the mortgage company is unwilling to work with me because my name does not appear on the loan.  My options are:

1.  Continue making monthly payments, not falling behind and come August apply for a loan in my name.

2.  Walk away and let them fight it out with the Bankruptcy court.  Find a new place to live and start over.

3.  Make payments that I can afford and try to string them along until August at which time I can apply for a loan in my name.

I am choosing option 1 at this point.  So long as I don’t loose my job I can see my way clear to August, provided that no Whammy’s come up.  It might all turn out to bite me in the ass and I might wind up walking away with nothing, but I have to try.  Not for my sake but for the sake of the cats.  Otherwise, I can put them down or give them away but no matter how you look at it they won’t be with me anymore.  That is not fair to them and as much as they cost me, I owe it to them to try.  Plus I know it’s what he would want me to do.

The news honestly is not a surprise to me, I figured that is the way they would be.  So long as they don’t move in and foreclose I should be okay.  A lender can foreclose at any time, for any reason, regardless if your current in payments or not.  Granted it takes time to get you out of the property but eventually that is what happens.  You can fight all you want but in the end it’s a loosing proposition.  My only saving grace as I see it is if that happens get a loan in my name, then pay off the existing loan and it’s now legally my home. 

Holy crap another year of BS.  So much for closure and trying to move on.  It would be simpler to say F this and walk away but that is just not in me at this point.  If it wasn’t for those darn cats then it would be a no brainer and I could hang on to my money.  I’d move to an apartment, townhome, something.  Until I could get financing and get a home of my own.  No one wants to throw their money away. 

I just have to trust God that this is going to work and he will provide for me.  I might not have the very best but I will be taken care of.

That is all of the news I have.  I have been pulled into the alphabet soup act here so I am told there is a lot required on my part.  I read policies and procedures today.  So nice they put all of these rules into place but don’t bother to educate people.  I am told oh HR is doing that.  Well if I am supposed to do something today, then they are clearly not moving fast enough.  What a mess.

Got my water bill last night.  New policy 1 month late, now equals no notice and your service will be shutoff.  You have to pay a penalty to get it turned back on.  Used to be you could go 2 months.  My partner would always misplace that bill or forget to pay it.  Good thing I am on top of things now otherwise we might not have water.  That would be so bad!

Dinner was Chicken Pot Pie.  Watched some Don’t Trust Andrew Mayne and called it a night.  Tonight I think will be chips, cheese and taco meet – mexican flavor.  Not excited about it but it beats spending money for something better.  After that it’s either frozen mexican or pot pies for the rest of the week.  I need a rescue meal.  Maybe I will try Cracker Barrel on Friday, at least it’s a thought. 

Well time to wrap it up.  Talk with you peeps later. 

10 February 2014

Hanging in

The workday is almost done, just another hour and fifteen minutes.  Holy cow, I wonder if I will make it.  This place has been super boring today.  I have work to do and been working on it but it’s not stuff that thrills me – it’s  web work and well I am not a web developer.  So it’s just a little difficult. 

Got to sleep last night a little late but it was an okay night.  Woke up 3 times.  Jumper and Big Boy were with me all night long.  Big Boy seems to like his pet bed now more because it’s all fluffy.  That was part of the reason why I got it for him because the more you wash it the more comfortable it gets.  I was worried he wouldn’t take to it but that is no longer a concern.

It is still bitter cold outside.  Dry skin is the worst and the weather doesn’t help.  I enjoy Winter but I am kind of ready for a warm up. 

Going to get the mail after work, put out the trash, have supper and feed the kids.  Not in that order but that’s it.  Then it will be time to do it all over again tomorrow.  This working for a living really sucks.  I mean it’s nice to see the money but the repetition gets old after a while. 

Next Monday I will be doing whatever I want because it’s a holiday.  Looking forward to the extra day off.  Thinking of going for a ride, gas mileage is kind of poor on the car and a long trip will improve things.  It’s a thought anyway. 

I hope that something good comes in the mail- it’s the highlight of my day.  Well back to monkey business.  Talk with you peeps later.

09 February 2014

10 Long Months

I managed to sleep in a little bit today.  TAZ woke me up the 2nd time.  It was 10AM and I wasn’t pleased but I got up.  It’s no their fault but I usually like to get to the store early, so much for that. 

I fed them and put on my clothes from Friday – been wearing them all weekend since I didn’t go out much.  Besides that no one knows, unless I would stumble into a co-worker and there is slim to no chance that is going to happen.

So my breakfast was 2 chocolate donuts and a glass of milk.  Not exactly healthy for anyone let alone a diabetic like myself.  Still I forged on to the store and got a decent parking space. 

As I entered the store I heard the cake by the slice calling my name.  I looked over and saw Lemon and Red Velvet and then I just moved on to the Bananas.  Sorry cake but I’m over you my obsession now is with Ice Cream.

I didn’t need much and only spent $54 which was comforting, since every other trip has been $100.  I paid cash which was also nice so no burden of a bill coming in the mail.  I stopped and filled up the car and then headed for home. 

Unpacked quickly and was downstairs working with the laundry in record time.  I did my business on the computer and then it was time for lunch.  I had a Italian Sub Sandwich which was really good.  I thought about adding a bowl of soup but that would have been too much.  So I downed that and had a cookie for desert.  Of course the children had to eat again.

Then it was my mission to get the trash taken care of, laundry put away and presto it’s shower time.  I’ve got something going on with the back of my neck.  It itches from time to time and is rather annoying.  That is how one of my severe allergic reactions started out so I am kind of on edge about it.  No hives yet, so I guess all is well. 

Got showered and shaved then put on some lounging clothes and plopped on the couch.  I’ve been trying to get Looking to play, they air the Sunday episode on Saturdays so I figured it would be on-demand but no such luck. 

I did find Don’t Trust Andrew Mayne on A&E – he is seriously good.  I could use him to get revenge on a few people but it’s just easier to move on.  Still the show is very entertaining.  If you like David Blaine then you will love Andrew Mayne.  Check it out!

I managed to take a nap, imagine that.  An hour and I was out cold.  Then I fed the children and prepared my supper which was, Frozen Pizza.  It wasn’t as good as normal but I did enjoy it.  I’ve got a second load of dishes going and everything is in place for tomorrow.  All I have to do is put out some cat food and sleeping pills then my day will be done. 

When I woke up I couldn’t help but realize I was all alone.  You would think that after ten months it would sync in, but I am so not used to this.  It’s difficult when reality slaps me up side the head.  I slept in his bed this morning, well more like tossed and turned.  It’s just a way that I feel closer to him.  Ever since that lady at Christmas told me that he was working through Blu to knock things over and cause mischief, I haven’t looked at Blu the same way.  We have formed a bond and looking into his eyes I see a sweet cat that got a raw deal early in life.  I can see a little bit of #1 son in him. 

I have such a mound of crap here – tools, toolboxes, trinkets, electronics and I just don’t know how I am going to get rid of it all.  I could use the cash and this stuff isn’t doing me much good.  There are things that I want to keep but the majority of it can go and bring me some money.  I am sure I will figure it out soon enough. 

Hard to believe so many months have passed and the battles I have fought since he died.  I just wish he were here and in good health.  Then I would only have to worry about finding a new job and I think life would be a lot less stressful.  However, my wishes won’t come true.  Nothing I do or say will bring him back.  That is the hardest part of death, knowing that they are gone forever.

We didn’t take too many photos together.  Going through my iPhone I discovered a shot that I took of us.  I remember afterwards he asked me why I did that.  I said because I love you and in looking at my face you can see the happiness just beaming off.  He wasn’t exactly happy but he wasn’t angry.  He just didn’t understand why I did it.  It’s one of those little things that means so much to me today.  Hind sight is always 20/20.

I hear his voice, I feel him and I miss him.  If you remember a few weeks back I was headed out and listened to a Billy Joel song, it brought tears to my eyes.  Here it is. Listen to the lyrics very close  – I know he wrote this song for his daughter to explain what happens when you die.  However, so many of the words ring true and sound like they are coming from my partner. 

He does live on in my heart and his memory will never die so long as I am alive.  The pain, the tears, the hurt, the void will some day cease to exist but that will only happen when I take my last breath.

I’ve proven that I can stand on my own two feet.  I have proven that I don’t need anyone to take care of me.  I have managed to make the best of a bad situation.  I just can’t get over the loss.  So many memories – both of joy and regret.  I want to talk to him so bad and hear his voice – to carry on a conversation.

His loss is eating me alive from the inside out.  It’s very slow, very painful but I feel it happening.

As if that isn’t bad enough, we have yet another Monday to look forward to.  I think everything will be all right and that the good times are coming.  They are just on the slow ride to arrive.  Well sunshine and good times I am waiting and I hope the hell you hurry your ass up and get here soon. 

Thanks for coming alone on another ride on the sad train.  I will try to resume normal programing soon.  Appreciate those that are in your life today because tomorrow they may be gone – you might not get to say goodbye, there might not be time to apologize or ask for forgiveness.  Tomorrow isn’t promised to any of us. 

Talk with you peeps later.

08 February 2014

The Tax Man Cometh

I sat down and worked on taxes.  It was pretty intense and took about 2 hours.  1 hour per person.  Which is about normal.  Well I owe and he gets a refund.  Unfortunately, I will have to turn over part of the money to the Bankruptcy court but we are only talking $430, it’s not much but it would do me a lot of good to be in my pocket, rather than theirs.  However, it will help bring us closer to the end so I guess it’s worth it. 

I have NOT filed either of our returns yet, for fear that some other piece of tax paperwork will show up in the mail.  Usually after February it’s safe. 

I would be getting a refund but the union that made the death benefit I sued them for taxable screwed that up for me.  I was going to get a $900 refund and then I entered that and figures quickly changed. 

When you file a deceased persons taxes, you have to complete a special form that tells the government who you are and that you are claiming their refund.  Somehow I think they will try to tax me on getting his refund, I mean it wouldn’t surprise me.  The funny thing is that at the end of filing his taxes it asked me if he wanted to open a Roth IRA, uh no he can’t open anything and there is no point to him saving any money now. 

Yesterday instead of buying cat food, I came home.  I knew I would regret it today and I did.  They always overcharge me if I go on Saturday.  Today was really obvious because the guy said okay that will be $223.96 I said there is something wrong with that total, I didn’t get that much food.  Turns out he put in the wrong quantity on the dry food.  It didn’t help that after he had everything rang up the first time the register crashed and we had to start all over.  He was kind of cute and I got to look at him a little longer, so I didn’t mind.  As it was I spent $86 on the little monsters and that is only for food.  I’m telling you they eat better and more often than I do. 

Paid bills on Thursday night that wasn’t really a whole lot of fun.  I had a credit card bill that I had to pay from my savings, which is dwindling rapidly.  Unless something goes seriously wrong there appears to be enough money to tide me until August, at which point I can apply for a loan in my name.  All I have to do is keep my job and that should pay all of the bills from there on out.  With the exception of his Bankruptcy.

I took myself out for a treat tonight and got Spaghetti which I have been craving for a while.  I went to a local place, could have gone to Olive Garden but it was further away and it’s so cold out so I opted to stay local.  I didn’t even order desert, which is very unusual for me.  However, I was quite proud of myself.  The meal was just okay.

I laundered the pet bed for Big Boy.  It did get some of the fur off of it in the washer, but I cleaned that out.  Then I gave it an extra rinse cycle afterward and got even more fur of the washer.  The bed had to go through two cycles of drying on low but finally completed.  It’s all fresh and has been brought back to life.  Big Boy should sleep very well.  It is still covered in his fur, so that should make him happy. 

Jumper I think is in depression.  He ate breakfast but spent the majority of the day on my bed.  I’m not sure what is troubling him if it is the fact he misses his other dad, if it’s the fact his brother is sick or if it’s just the weather or who knows could be all 3.  I’m not taking him to see Dr. Von Zimmer (that’s a pet psychiatrist from the movie Down & Out in Beverly Hills) to figure it out.  However, if things worsen he will be going to the vet.  Poor kid. 

Netflix has Queer As Folk on it from Showtime.  If you have never seen the US version of the show, you owe it to yourself to give it a go.  It is very interesting and the sex is pretty intense for being simulated.  You would think they were really doing it.  I miss those characters – life was simpler then.  Me and my guy used to look forward to Sunday we would race to the basement and watch.  I would get hard, he would see that and make a comment.  We would continue watching then he would talk/comment as the show played.  I would have to tell him to be quiet.  We would exchange a hug and call it a night and then I would shuffle upstairs and go to bed, only to start a Monday.

I’m looking for something seriously funny to watch be it standup or a movie.  If you have any suggestions leave them in the comments. 

I did get my sleep on today – I went to bed at like 8:30 last night.  I laid down and don’t remember turning the TV off.  Woke up around 12 or 1 am.  Eventually went back to sleep.  I was covered in cats.  Then I woke up around 5 and then again at 6.  Decided not to fight it and got up.  Fed them and I watched TV until I got tired again and went back to bed.  Got up around noon and the day started from there. 

Got the dishes going, started on my laundry and getting ready to go back upstairs shortly to see what else I can watch.  Enjoy some ice cream and then probably call it a night and go back to bed. 

I forgot to mention that I was summoned by work at 7am for a person who managed to lock themselves out of the system.  So I had to reset a password, not that big of a deal but jeez you’d think they could wait until a normal hour.  Good thing it didn’t come in while I was sleeping.  Being bothered over the weekend is very rare and I hope it stays that way. 

Found an awesome job with the Credit Union that holds the loan on my car.  I would really love to work for them.  It would be closer to home and I think much more enjoyable.  I might have to visit various branches but they are all located close to home, so it’s not like I would be flying here or there to travel.  I’ve seen and applied for a lot of good jobs but thus far no calls.  Hopefully, that will change soon.  We all know I need a new and better job – away from the petty politics and petty people that I work with. 

So that is my world at the moment.  Hope things are going well for you and that your staying warm.  I’m off to take care of the laundry and go get that ice cream.  Talk with you peeps later.

07 February 2014

Traffic on a Friday

This morning I got an alert there was a traffic problem that would affect my commute.  I got out of the house way early in the hopes it wouldn’t have that bad of an impact on me.  However, I didn’t quite make it in time.  What normally takes me 45 minutes to an hour took an hour and a half.  Lots of break time.  I am sure my car was mad at me but not much I could do about it.  Everyone was late so I didn’t feel bad at all.  I also didn’t feel the need to say a word to my boss, since he isn’t here what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him or me for that matter. 

I made myself busy today because I was out of work.  Then the one person I was waiting on responded to me and now I have more than plenty to keep up with.  I made a spreadsheet listing all of our various copies of Microsoft Office, boring but it was like a trip down memory lane. 

No real plans for the weekend.  Stopping for cat food tonight and then going home.  Not even sure what I am going to have for supper.  I have an idea but I’m thinking of finishing off the cottage cheese, eating some chips and then a bit later having some ice cream.  Calling it a day when my body is ready to give out. 

I do have to wash Big Boy’s bed.  Jumper slept with me last night but I had to beg, a lot.  So we had a good time.  He has this knack about him where he curls up with me and once he figures out I am asleep he retreats to the end of the bed and goes to sleep himself.  Pretty smart cat. 

Today was pay day and for the first time they gave me my check plus another persons.  I didn’t even look, I saw the name and just folded it back up and turned it in straight away.  I really hated that happened, it makes me uncomfortable.

I will be disclosing to my boss that I got out of Jury Duty in a little bit.  Otherwise Monday I wouldn’t be here.  Sounds nice but considering I wouldn’t be paid I would rather be at work. 

That is all of the interesting stuff.  More snow in the forecast so I guess I am taking my laptop with me tonight when I leave.  Just in case things get so bad I have to work from home on Monday. 

Boring….one more hour to go before I can leave.  Well I mean I can leave now but I am sure someone would tell on me.  Rather stay and leave close to normal quitting time.  It’s Friday so leaving early is on everyone’s mind.  No management here today so I am pretty sure this place will be a ghost town sooner rather than later. 

I paid bills last night.  I actually had a bunch of money left over from my last check, which doesn’t normally happen.  Now my problem is the one credit card bill I have on how to pay it.  I think I will be dipping into savings but I at least have next months mortgage payment figured out.  I am sure it will all come together.  Thinking about finances is scary because I see my money getting less and less.  I wish I would get one nice pay raise and then I wouldn’t have a care in the world.  Well that or hit the jackpot on the lottery. 

Time to wrap this up and call this post done.  Talk with you peeps later.

06 February 2014


I gave my boss the bad news about Windows XP.  He didn’t react as I expected.  He did ask me when MS made the announcement.  Now that is a very good question.  I don’t have an answer for.  He did some digging and found it was last April.  I did some further digging and found that it was actually April 2012.  However, I am not going to try to start an argument.

MS has announced that they are continuing mal-ware updates but they are no longer going to patch the OS.  I am NOT mentioning that because it will muddy the waters.  He will think he gets a pass and doesn’t have to comply with the law and he will expose the company to a liability. 

I don’t have to replace every single machine in our organization, I only have to replace 80 machines that are running windows XP.  It will be a project that will keep me quite busy.  I think I will look into disk imaging to help speed things up.  However, first I have to get the green light on the order. 

Saw an amazing job last night and applied for it. Jobs are starting to thin out.  It’s like there was a hiring blitz in January and now that February is here it’s done.  I know 1st quarter is the best time to get a new start. 

If someone would just call, express and interest and be flexible on interview time that would be awesome.  I realize I am asking for a lot. 

Jumper has been MIA when it comes to bed time.  One night he is there but the rest of the week he is absent.  I don’t understand why he is doing this.  I walk up to him and he is his normal self.  I even get my usual kisses sometimes.  I think he sees me giving his brother more attention and that might be what has him upset.  It’s easier to sleep at night because the bed is empty but I sure miss him and his warm body.  I like to snuggle up with him before I fade off. 

Last night I got my wish and was able to do a lot of relaxing in front of the TV.  I would love to say I am going to do the same tonight, but we shall have to wait and see. 

I’ve got a boring task of organizing documents here kind of a mind numbing task.  I can’t wait until I am done and can see the finished product.  It’s just not my favorite task.  Besides that after I am done with that I have to work on Security and that will really be boring.  However, once I am done with both of these my plate is wide open so it would be a good time to move to the migration project. 

I haven’t said anything about jury duty but will let that out later today or tomorrow.  I’d like to have next Friday off because it will be Valentines Day.  I can do without all of that comes with that day.  Normally I would go home and find roses or some trinket.  The later years he always thought of me.  I am not sure if I will ask for the day off or not.  I mean if I do then all hell will probably break loose and I will wind up working from home.  Probably better to come into the office and call it a day. 

One more day and this week is done.  I am very happy about that.  Thus far nothing on my plate, just the usual.  I hopefully will be getting my sleep on.  Plus have the time to do prelim. work on taxes to figure out where things stand.  I need to get together with a friend for a bite to eat but it’s not major important just being with people and not talking to them on the phone.

Well lunch time is around the corner and I am kind of looking forward to another meal.  Then this afternoon I will slave away at the task I hate.  At least boss man left town, the good thing about this part of the week. 

I only had 1 number in the lottery this week.  I think I am destine to work until I die or can afford to retire.

May the odds be ever in your favor.  Talk with you peeps later.

05 February 2014

Snowy Wednesday

I made it in to work with out any problems.  The roads were not the best but they had at least been plowed.  There was next to no traffic so I got to work way early.  I hope the commute home is just as easy.

Those of us that braved the elements and made it in got a free lunch.  That is nice but I would rather have a perk of one of my previous employers.  Which was if you showed up on a snow day, you got an extra vacation day.

I was so drained this morning, just overly tired.  I grabbed a vitamin B complex and took it hoping it would help.  Once I got going things did improve but I still kind of feel like a sleeping marathon would greatly benefit me. 

Work, I just love how people complain to other people about their computer problems, instead of calling me.  I get management on my back telling me to fix it now.  Yeah, let me get right on that.  Plus if people would just do work and not personal stuff from their PC’s it would make them work a lot better.  There would be no more viruses, spyware and malware.  Either that or let me lock the damn things down.

I got the pricing back for the XP migration and it’s pretty obvious who we are going with based on price, but it is totally my bosses call.  I will honestly be surprised if he gets them all and then me configuring them will be another fun task.  I am kind of pidgin holing myself because my anniversary is in May and this deadline is in April.  I still have a lot of vacation time that I have to take or I will loose it.

The end of the day is around the corner.  Supper tonight will be either soup or a pot pie.  Decisions are one of the things I suck at.  It’s like I am totally paralyzed.  I will work it out or I will go hungry and we all know I won’t be hungry!

Big Boy has been going to the bathroom in his bed.  I don’t know why you would want to do that where you lay your head.  I have it cleaned up.  I will be washing it over the weekend.  I hate to see how much fur comes off of that thing.  Just as long as it doesn’t clog up the washer I am totally okay.

That is all I know at the moment.  Looking forward to relaxing at home.  I hope there is something good in the mail. 

May the odds be ever in your favor!  I will talk with you peeps later.

04 February 2014

As the snow flies

The snow was falling a little bit when I left the house this morning.  I saw some from my office window but then it just stopped.  A little after lunch it started again.  It went from light to heavy, to light back to heavy.  Finally it was bad enough that we got the word around 3 that if we had concerns about getting home that we could leave.  Hell I didn’t have concerns other than I knew everyone would be trying to commute home at 5pm and why wait, when I got a free pass to go now. 

It was a little bit of a challenge and I was going slower than normal but I made it home safe, I’m not sure about the sound part.  Anyway, I noticed that as I got closer to home the worse things got.  My subdivision hadn’t been plowed and was very slick.  Of course the plow comes through after I had pulled in the garage.  I almost ran into the truck in the process of getting into the driveway. 

The forecast is saying that it will snow all night long up until about 5am.  We are looking at around 8 inches last I heard.  I will see if I can’t get an update before bed.  I think I will be working from home tomorrow, but I won’t swear to it.  A lot depends upon how much actually falls and what shape the roads are in and if I get any directives from work.  They always wait until the last minute to say anything.  I know that the place will be a skeleton crew if I do wind up going in.

Not exactly sure what is wrong with me but I am overly tired.  Happened last night and I went to bed early.  Got a decent sleep but woke up in the middle of the night a couple times.  Strange dreams again.  I’ve been tasked with reading a deposition transcript and I find it interesting.  There is more arguing going on between the attorneys than there was testimony.  In any event, I think that task might have something to do with the fact that I am a little sleepy. 

I did the looking on the taxes.  Turns out I can keep the first $750 if my partner gets a refund.  Anything over that I have to turn over.  I have a priority claim against the Estate as the Surviving Spouse for $10,000.00.  I thought about it and while I could fight about turning over the extra money, it would be better in the long run to give it to the Bankruptcy court because it will get credited to his account and bring us even closer to the magic number.  Meaning that if there is enough money to talk about, I could be done with Bankruptcy sooner rather than later.  That is good but it won’t pay my bills.  I’m the one that needs the money to stay afloat.  Depending upon what kind of time I have I might be able to get preliminary figures this weekend.  Taxes take a lot of concentration and that takes a lot out of me.  Plus this year I am totally on my own, no one to double check things or remind me that you have to send this with that, etc. 

Said it before and I will say it again and again and again.  I sure do miss him.  He was my everything and by that I mean he was integrated into every part of my life.  I started the day out by waking him up.  I called him when I was done with lunch.  I sometimes called on the way home, I did call if I was going to be late.  Then we would sit down at the table and enjoy our meal.  I would be stuck with clean up and would bitch about it.  Then we would go our separate ways for a little bit.  I would come up and start on litter box duty and prepare to wind down.  We would talk before I went to bed, say our goodnights and that would be the end to a typical week day evening. 

I haven’t done anything else with the book.  Perhaps it’s time to go back to it.  That helped put me in a different place.  I kind of feel like I need a good cry.  He always hated to see me cry and it would make him cry because I was sad.  This part of life is far from easy but I will hopefully get through it. 

Well my hour that I allowed myself has passed.  I should get back up with the children and get out of these clothes that are so uncomfortable.  Go watch some TV and prepare to wind down.  Today went pretty fast and was an easy day.  I can only hope for easy and fast moving days.  In fact that is actually what I pray for each morning.  Some days I get my wish and others I don’t.

Stay warm, be safe and may the odds be ever in your favor.  I stole that last tag line from Joey Graceffa (a vlogger on You Tube).  He’s hot, go check him out. 

03 February 2014

Over with–Monday

A mostly calm day.  Which was to my surprise.  Nothing really too special to talk about.  Other than I got into it with my boss.  He accused me of being on the phone when he sent me an IM and I was in HR fixing a problem.  He is a clueless wonder when it comes to computers.  Anyway I set him straight I could careless if he believes me or not.  He is Jewish and I didn’t realize it until after the fact but I said I swear to God.  EEK!

We have another Winter Storm coming in.  Tomorrow morning just after rush hour and it’s suppose to snow until around rush hour the following day.  They have already issued advisory's for people to stay home unless it’s an emergency.  For those that are going to brave it and go to work, they are asking that you leave early to hopefully avoid problems in the PM rush. 

As if that isn’t bad enough we have another storm coming on Thursday.  Eh, it’s just snow nothing to worry about.  They are not forecasting a foot and unless we get buried I don’t see where it will compel me to stay locked up in the house.  Now my employer might ask me to in which case I will be happy to do that.

Shy girl is eating but she threw up pretty big over night.  She had supper and is getting ready for a snack.  I am getting ready to go up for the night and relax. 

I slept pretty good last night.  I grew up going to school with 2 brothers in the neighborhood.  I had a crush on the younger one but as time went on I thought they were both hot.  Well last night I had a dream that the younger one was found dead.  Not sure what that is all about.  They are both straight and have women and children in their lives.  Strange what the mind does to you. 

Oh I got the tax document for the house.  It’s made out to the Estate of but it still has his SSN # so I think were all good.  I also realized that as a surviving spouse I hold a priority claim for $10,000.00 plus I think one years living expenses or something like that.  I have to look it up.  That is on the state level.  However, Federal usually trumps state so chances are if his refund is big I will wind up giving most of it away.  I hope not but only time will tell.  I figure by the middle of the month I can start working on taxes and maybe get them filed by the 1st of next month, if not sooner.  I just want to allow ample time for all of the paperwork to roll in. 

Talk with you peeps later.  Stay warm!

02 February 2014


If your old enough you remember the ads that used to have this in them.  I remember hearing them but can’t recall what they were for – I think it was for things like Truck & Tractor Pulls and Wrestling. 

Anyway, I made it to the grocery store in plenty of time – I was a very early bird shopper as usual.  They were well stocked and you could tell they anticipated a large crowd.  There were cupcakes, cookies, candy all sorts of quick things for a Super Bowl Party at the front of the store.  I ran into a couple who was shopping for snacks and frozen finger foods for their party. 

My goal was to get in and out without breaking the bank.  I didn’t succeed.  Some how I can’t seem to get away from the store without spending close to $100 each week.  I don’t buy meat as in hamburger, steak, chicken, etc.  I do get some frozen foods like pot pies which are like $3 I just don’t get how all of that stuff adds up to $100.  Ah, well I need it to survive and there is no changing it. 

I got my gasoline, picked up a couple lottery tickets and I am home for the rest of the day.  I am very happy about that because it is extremely cold outside.  This week I think will be a brutal winter week.  We only have a dusting of snow from last night.  Monday & Tuesday we are supposed to get more snow but I am kind of afraid to go looking into how much. 

Shy Girl is sick.  She is puking and throwing up some blood.  It’s enough to make you want to panic.  However, we go through this every so often.  Typically with in a couple days of a nail trim.  However, nails haven’t been trimmed for a few weeks now.  I think it’s because the water got dirty and I just changed it this morning.  That will usually bring a couple of them to their knees.

I felt very bad so I picked her up special food since she decided to stop eating.  I wowed her with fresh Salmon, that did the trick.  She is back to eating again.  Not sure if it will stay down but it’s worth a try.  She is drinking water, which is a good thing.  Unless she gets worse there is no way in the world I will be going to the vet.  My thought process is perhaps she has an ulcer, it’s not a lot of blood but a little here and there that is cause for concern. 

I’ve been thinking about the Bankruptcy and the letters going back and forth.  This really has been blown out of proportion.  I formulated a response in my head and yes I lost sleep over it.  I was all set to write back and then took a step back and said letting it go is the right thing to do.  I re-read the letter from the agency that I filed the complaint with and they may be in touch with me for my comments, so if they ask I will tell them but otherwise I’m moving forward by sitting on my hands and keeping my mouth shut.  Just know that is not an easy task.

Remember how I told you about the hunky guy that came out to fix the furnace?  The calendar that his company put together?  Well I had to request a copy like 4 different times.  They apparently don’t or won’t send this to guys.  However, if you use initials instead of a full first name that does the trick.  I got my wish and his picture appears below.  He is shirtless which makes him even hotter to me.  I love his smile.  He has just the right amount of muscle and I am ready to do unspeakable things to him.  In reality from what I saw when he was here, he is warm and friendly.  A true good catch from all outward appearances.


Am I right or what?  I told you he was good looking.  I’d say I have great taste in men – always have from the outward side.  Until you get to know them better outside of knowing you want to go to bed with them, you don’t know if they are a true great catch!

I am on cleaning duty along with laundry.  It’s about time for lunch and I will be having left overs from last night.  Spicy Italian, need to take some heartburn medicine.  Then maybe a nap if I am lucky.

I watched a movie last night called Moving with Richard Pryor at the suggestion of my friends.  Found it on Amazon for $2.99 it was okay and I laughed once.  It’s tough to make me laugh but once you get me going look out I will do it until my uterus hurts.  Yes, that was a joke, I don’t have a uterus. 

A friend of mine told me that some colleges will give you a work experience degree.  Meaning a degree for the work you have preformed in lieu of actually going to college.  It is a very easy way to get a degree.  Not exactly sure what it costs.  There are a lot of diploma mills out there and you have to be careful that you don’t wind up with a fake degree.  I’m writing a college to inquire about their program.  Not sure if I will move forward with it but if it’s reasonable and I don’t have to go back to school, why not.  It would sure look good on my resume and open doors for me. 

Looking forward to Shameless and Looking tonight.  Hoping for a good week.  Tomorrow should prove to be a busy day.  Get to tell boss man I got out of jury duty this week, not sure when I will break the news.

On to my duties here.  Hope you have a great Sunday and if your watching the game, I hope your team wins.  As for me I just like a good tight end!  :)

Talk with you peeps later.

01 February 2014

More Drama

Today’s mail brought a letter from the Bankruptcy Attorney.  I figured that it would be a motion to withdraw but I was wrong.  It was a copy of a response to my complaint against him.  It is filled with more lies.  I thought long and hard about writing a rebuttal to him and to the agency that I filed the complaint with.  However, the deck is stacked against me.  Lawyers will believe other lawyers before they will believe me.  It’s one of those battles that I don’t want to but need to let go.  Otherwise, in the end I will wind up loosing and having to pay more money to hire a different attorney to represent my late partner in his Bankruptcy case.  I am really pretty steamed about this and it’s not easy to walk away.

Remember how I said I wanted a big tax refund.  Well my memory kicked in today.  Turns out if my partner gets a huge refund, it all goes to Bankruptcy.  It may however put us closer to the mark where we need to be to apply for a hardship discharge.  That would be nice and save me some money in the process, however it will be my luck the income tax refund would not go towards the amount that has been paid in. 

Tonight I had dinner with some friends.  They were telling me how they see all of this term oil with the house and Bankruptcy eating away at me.  They see how miserable I am.  They told me that I would be better off selling the house and walking away.  Find new homes for the cats and call it a day.  They understand that the cats are my life and how difficult that would be.  However, if things worked out as we planned I would have around $37,000.00 to walk away with that would be a hell of a down payment on a new home and I wouldn’t need a big place.  It’s tempting but right now I am going to see how things work out.  If I can get a loan in August in my name and then transfer the house into my name I will be a happy camper – provided that I earn enough money to make the house payment because then I will be legally liable for the loan.  Continue paying on the Bankruptcy and just hope things work out for the best.  It’s going to be a rocky year, not quite as bad as last year but it won’t be smooth sailing for a while. 

All I want is closure to be done with the BS so that I can concentrate on my life and moving on.  Everything is up in the air and I really can’t make any solid plans until the dust settles.  Walking away would be the quickest and easiest thing to do.  However, there is a lot at stake here and I want this place because it was given to me.

If this year could bring me a better paying job where I worked for a structured company and there was a chance for advancement that would be awesome and would go a long way in improving my self esteem as well as my world in general.  It would be one less worry that I had.  That plus a loan in my name with a reasonable payment for the house would be great.  Now I am sure there will be more things that I want but right now those are the top two.

Everything in life is temporary and this too shall pass.  Right now going through it feels like hell on earth.  Why people in my family are faced with great struggles is beyond my understanding.  I am just ready for a resolution.  This all boils down to a simple matter of money and nothing more. 

In other news Winter is still here.  Were getting hit with ice and rain changing to snow.  Plus snow is in the forecast for Monday and Tuesday.  Should be interesting.  Tomorrow is the Super Bowl and I have to get to the store early before everyone buys up all of the groceries.  In years past we would always wait until the game was on because you could cruise through the store because it was empty but not just of people but of items to buy as well.  Example if you are thinking of getting chips, think again they will sell out.  Maybe not in your neck of the woods but here they are like gold and gone in a flash. 

Hopefully you all are having a great weekend, being safe and staying warm.  Thanks for sticking with me and reading about my troubles.  I know they are depressing but this is my outlet to air my emotions and I think I am taking full advantage of that. 

Moving on to laundry and other weekend chores.  Talk with you peeps later.