30 April 2012

Busy Monday

The day started off calm.  I woke up close to noon and pushed the alarm up to 12:30.  I stuck my hand out and Jumper grabbed a hold of it and and then while still holding on put his head on my arm.  There is a good sign it’s time to sleep in!  It was really great, my boy sure has been quite the cuddle bug lately.

The job interview was short, sweet and very much to the point.  I was supposed to meet with a Father & Son Team but only the Father was there.  He complimented me on my excellent resume.  Then he asked me to walk him through my experience.  He was very surprised not only by my resume but by the fact that I spoke to every point on my resume.  He said so many people submit a good document but can’t back it up with words.  So there were 300 people that applied for this job.  He really likes me and wants to hire me.  However, before he makes a final decision I have to meet with the Son.  The son is here tomorrow but we are having problems getting our schedules lined up.  I was told he is making a special trip in to see me.  Okay, if he were there today then we wouldn’t be in this predicament.  I found out that I would be the IT Department at this company.  There is good and bad to that.  Plus the ad I answered said nothing about travel and the guy told me there would be some travel.  Okay, right now I am not too terribly picky considering my income has dried up.

This place contracts there IT work out.  That’s great but what kind of a mess will I be getting myself in?  Simple troubleshooting and rolling out new computers won’t be a problem.  When you get into Server Management and beyond, I would have to have some help.  Perhaps I could get help from a Business Partner (vendor) or maybe they wouldn’t be adverse to hiring another person.  These are all questions I have to find out when my second interview takes place.  I’m told that will happen tomorrow, but we shall see.

I stopped by the unemployment office to report in.  I still think my benefits are done but I will wait & see what happens.

I got a call from a Confidential Ad I answered.  I’ve got another interview set for Thursday. 

I plan on reaching out to the place that I was at a couple weeks ago.  They did a background check on me and yet I still see the job advertised through consultants.  I have avoided applying for fear that a duplicate submission would kick me out of the game.  I hope they can give me some good news.  They require travel too, but there is a team of people I would be working with.  None of this fresh out of the box stuff.

Remember the interview with the GEICO Gecko?  Well they rejected me this morning.  I was surprised because I was submitted at such a low ball rate.

So there are multiple possibilities of where I could end up.  I just hope it’s some place where I will be happy, raking in lots of dough and more importantly it’s a place where I am supposed to be at.  I have a feeling that regardless of where I end up, there will be a challenge waiting for me in some capacity.  I’m just ready to go!

I know this should have gone in earlier but I wanted to save it for last.  I saw one of my old co-workers that I have a crush on.  He was just walking down the street.  I got out to feed a parking meter and when I got back in, that’s when I noticed him.  He never saw me.  Damn, he still looks fine.  I of course eyed him up and down and oh that butt, it’s still so fine! (blushes)  I found out over the weekend he and his wife are having a baby.  That’s good news for them.  I am happy for them.  Still seeing him brought back a flood of memories of what once was. 

I also saw a couple of guys that I used to work with many moons ago.  There is no doubt that if I get this job I will constantly be running into familiar faces.  Plus I would be back on mass transit and that too would have me seeing familiar faces.  Some people I won’t mind running into and others well I wish I wouldn’t run into them.

I still feel like something is about to pop for me, I just can’t stand nor can I afford to wait.  I hope that this is the last week of unemployment.  Stay tuned and I will take you with me on the ride.  I am washing my interview clothes from today so they are fresh for tomorrow.  I hate to show up in the same thing but I’ve got one Interview & Funeral Shirt and that’s about all I can say.  Once I get more money I can work on expanding my wardrobe.

MMM–It’s Monday Again!

Harry Tucker-027[2]hes thinks he is specialhot hothot twinkie

28 April 2012


The last two days I have been so sleepy.  It’s like I was drugged.  Friday we slept the day away.  I got up and had breakfast around 1pm and then back to bed.  Both days I got moving in the afternoon.  However, if I found myself idle and watching TV I would start to get sleepy and well that could lead to yet another nap.

I had to force myself to search for a job last night.  That woke me up for a few hours.  I called it quits around 2am hoping that Saturday would be a better day.  I slept in until almost 1pm, had breakfast and then watched some TV.  My partner was getting a shower and once he was finished, I got one too. 

We went out for a bite to eat and then returned home.  It’s been a stormy rainy day here.  At one point we had a Tornado headed for us.  Yeah it’s that time of year again!  The lights flickered once and it’s just light rain now.  Supposed to rain for the next few days.  Ick!

Much to my dismay there have been no phone calls for a job offer.  I anticipated something might come through on Friday.  Perhaps next week. 

I did fax off my application for Welfare & Food Stamps.  Within the next 15 days they will be calling to arrange a meeting.  I hated the idea of faxing because I have no assurance that the application landed in the hands of a person and was processed correctly.  So if I don’t hear something within a reasonable amount of time, I will be calling and/or going there. 

Monday is my next Job Interview and I’m working in a trip to the Unemployment Office to report in.  I’m hoping they some how find a way to extend my claim, but I won’t be holding my breath.

My right foot feels like I am walking on a rock right on the balls of my feet directly in the middle.  I did some internet research and wow it could be a number of things.  The best thing I can do is see a doctor, but this isn’t that urgent and I don’t have the money.  I found out the Doc now gets $140 for a simple office visit.  That’s nothing more than walking in the room, talking with me and doing an exam.  I could do that all day long for $140 per person.  No wonder they have a hot lunch catered in every day for the entire office.  My partner has a foot doctor appointment on Tuesday, so maybe I will ask his Dr. for some quick advice.

I was thinking the other day that I haven’t really put that much Gay stuff on here.  Then again being Gay is just one part of my life and while it defines my sexuality, it does not define my life.  I am always open for questions or for advice.  So if your reading this and have questions about the Gay Life or Sexuality, fire away.

Four weeks sure goes by in a hurry!  I can’t wait until I start back to work, I hope that time moves just as fast.  I guess that will depend a lot on how busy I am and how much I enjoy my work/environment. 

The very first place that called me for an interview when my job search started, is advertising again.  At that point I was honest and told them I got fired, today you won’t hear me say that.  Why?  Because no one will hire someone that they know has been fired.  It’s like wearing the Scarlet Letter.  Anyway, I applied thinking wow if you would have just taken a chance on me, well we would both be happy and you wouldn’t have to run this ad.  It’s a small shop and there is no room for advancement, outside of that it’s laid back and a place that I think I could enjoy.  Would be nice if they called me back, I also wonder if the guy would even remember me after almost but not quite 2 years. 

Right now I’ve got the laundry going.  I don’t think there is much on TV tonight.  I hope that I can find something I am interested in to watch or maybe I will just get really sleepy at an early hour and dose off for the night.

I hope that you are enjoying your weekend and that the weather where you are is all Sunshine!  Take care, be well and I will talk with you peeps later!

26 April 2012

Thursday TV Station Interview

The phone interview was scheduled to last for 15 minutes, but took a whopping 9.  It was very quick and basic.  I was told that they are doing phone interviews for the remainder of the week.  They will have a 2nd round and if I am chosen for that I should hear from them in the next two weeks.  Kay I won’t hold my breath!

I do have an interview set up for Monday afternoon, it’s in the same building where I used to work 2 jobs ago.  I am sure to bump into someone that I know.  At least I know the commute would be easy.  I could also call up a couple of friends and do lunch, but that wouldn’t be for a while.

Last night I discovered to my horror that our mail order pharmacy kept my debit card on file and charged me for medicine that was recently sent to my partner.  They also included a bill with the medication so my partner paid them as well.  I know we will have a credit on our account, but I really need every penny that I have right now.  I called them last night and got them to delete the card so that won’t happen again.  Back to writing them a check and sending it by snail mail.  Jeez, I never gave them permission to keep my number on file and keep charging.  Glad I caught this before it caused me a serious problem!  My partner takes a jillion different medicines and they vary widely in cost.  It’s nothing to drop $300 for 90 days worth of medicine for just him.

I discovered tonight that my bank statement said that I have $20 too much from what I said that was in my account on the day I filed Bankruptcy.  That could cause a problem.  I went by the on-line figure the bank displayed on the morning I filed.  While I am not happy about it, there isn’t much I can do about it.  It just makes me look like I am dishonest and trying to hide something, which I am not.  I am sure that my attorney will say something if there is a problem.

So next Wednesday I get my last unemployment payment and that is for this week.  I finally was able to talk with my partner, and we worked out the details on the application for Welfare and Food Stamps.  I’ve got it all filled out and I am going to fax it to them.  There will be an in person interview, which should take place in the next 15 days.  I have no idea how things go from there.  This is unfamiliar territory.

My luck is crazy at times.  I swear as soon as I file this application, the phone will ring tomorrow with a job offer.  Hey, if that is what it takes I am all for it.  I can always withdraw my application and/or explain to them I received an offer of employment.  Then again, nothing could happen so I have to be prepared either way.  The bills won’t stop just because I am not getting any income!

We went to the local hospital today so my partner could get a repeat urine culture ran.  His doctor wants to know if his infection is gone.  So those results should be in tomorrow, who knows when the doc will call.   Now if your Italian, I apologize but that hospital is a Dago hospital.  You go in, sit and wait and when you come out you swear that a day went by.  The waiting area smelled like somebody just dropped off a used baby diaper.  A cute straight couple walked in and by cute I mean the guy.  I kept looking at him and he back at me.  His wife got impatient and drug him out, she didn’t want to wait anymore.  Ah, well it was nice eye candy for me.

Afterwards, we went to my favorite place on earth.  That’s right the Super Market.  Ugh!  We did get in and out for $39, which is unheard of.  There was something in the basket for everyone including the cats.  As we were leaving a cart boy was fetching carts.  He was a little young, but damn I wouldn’t kick him out of bed.  He took my cart from me.  I was telling my partner about him and he liked him too.  Ah, the little things!

That’s it for today.  I’m worried about the future but right now there isn’t a whole lot I can do about it.  Just keep on applying, interviewing and taking phone calls.  Hopefully, something will break soon.

I was remarking to my partner the past two years have not been kind to me.

  • Lost a cat
  • Had a very sick cat and spent a large amount of money to make him well.  Long and painful road to recovery!  Yup – this is Big Boy
  • Cat sickness in the house with a couple of them stopping to eat.
  • Lost my job
  • Found out I had a rat for a friend giving me references, so I lost out on several good opportunities
  • My mom going nuts and having to comfort my brother and visit her in the hospital
  • My partner breaking his back in two places and having to visit him in the hospital
  • Found out that people you think are your friends and will be there for you in your time of need, were just providing lip service.  People will promise you the world but not deliver.
  • Had to file Bankruptcy
  • Exhausting my unemployment
  • Exhausting my retirement and having to pay a large tax liability, when I can least afford it.
  • Having to apply for Welfare & Food Stamps
  • Loosing my blogs.

Those events are not in any particular order but DAMN that is more than one person should have to endure.  I have learned a lot but I have also suffered a lot.  I know things can always be worse so I am thankful for everything and everyone I have now.  I just hope there is some roses sprouting in my world soon. 

Again, sorry to be so down but looking at my world and my reality, it t-totally sucks and is very scary!  No wonder I don’t laugh much anymore.  Well before I depress myself and/or you any further, I am going to go.  Talk with you peeps later!

25 April 2012



I’m Funny, Broken and Beautiful.  How about you?


The interview today was like I was talking with the GIECO Gecko.  It took me a bit to tune my ears but once I did, we had a great conversation.  We were scheduled for an entire hour but only used 34 minutes.  There wasn’t a whole lot of talking on my part, the guy I interviewed with did most of the talking.  His voice was very relaxing.  I think if we had went the whole hour it would have been the first time I fell asleep in an interview.  I’ve got a couple weeks to wait before I hear anything from them.  I’m a low ball candidate, who has tons of experience.  This is a job where your tied to the phone and a desk all day long.  I won’t like it that much but it should pay the bills, if I get it.

Just before I was going in, I got a call from another place who wants to interview me next week.  They said they would call back to set something up.  When I got out of my interview there was a voice mail waiting for me and I need to call them back tomorrow.

Sitting here at home a little after 6pm watching the news and then flipping channels the phone rings.  Who in the world is calling me at this hour.  Turns out it was a local news station that I applied at.  They saw me as an over qualified candidate but decided to reach out to me.  The guy was pretty quick to cut to the chase and figure out if my salary range would even fit and since I low balled them too, we are talking more tomorrow in a phone interview.  I’ve applied at this place twice and it looks like the 2nd time was the charm.  I would so love this job.  Plus he told me that there would be potential to advance and go into management, hey sounds groovy!

While the leads are out there and things are popping, I really wish someone would bite and make me an offer.  I am so ready to stop this madness of a job search.  I figure that I will go file for welfare and food stamps, then just after I apply someone will call.

Today’s mail brought me a letter from American Express informing me that my account was cancelled because I filed Bankruptcy.  Now mind you that I’ve always paid them off in full on-time every month.  There letter said they were going to report my account with a collection status.  Nice, I guess all of that hard work to pay them off really doesn’t mean a thing once you file bankruptcy.  I know I’m not supposed to feel sorrow for creditors but AMEX and one other, I do feel sorry for.  We had a great relationship, they treated me very well and I gave them both plenty of business.  Now that much luck has changed I guess I am nothing more than pond scum to them.  Ah, well it’s not like I had a choice I was forced into this by circumstances.

On the cat front, TAZ puked and this afternoon my partner stepped in it.  I laughed at him but I hate when it happens to me.  It was the sound he made once he realized what he did, that is what was funny.  He wasn’t to keen on my laughter.  So I have a mess to clean up.  Outside of that I think everything is okay (knocks wood).

Lawn Boy woke me up at 8:30 this morning.  Then my partners phone rang.  Then my partner got up.  It was like there was no sleeping.  However, I did manage to get back to sleep and my Jumper (cat) was right there to cuddle up with me.  I did wake up earlier than what I set the alarm for.  I had an erotic dream about me and one of my former bosses.  It took a while to get that out of my head but eventually it went away.  I always did have a crush on him from the time I interviewed with him.  He’s straight, married and has two kids.  I know he wouldn’t be interested in me.  Strange how your mind works at times.  Too bad I woke up early, who knows where the dream would have gone!

So that is my Wednesday.  I hope yours was good.  I’m looking forward to tomorrow and hope that before the week ends I have a job.  I realize I may not get my wish but I would think with just the simple law of averages and all of the recent activity some company would want to scoop me up.  Thanks for stopping by and for your thoughts, prayers and words of encouragement.  They mean the world to me!  I will talk with you peeps later!

24 April 2012

1 Pending

I received a rejection e-mail from the insurance company I met with last week.  While I am surprised a little I am also kind of thankful because hours of 10am-7pm wouldn’t have been any fun at all. 

I checked with my 2nd reference and he was contacted yesterday as well but couldn’t talk with them until today.  This is of course for the 1st place I went last week.  I saw an ad online tonight for the job through a recruiting firm and they said the company was interviewing now and will be making an offer this week.  Yeah, well if that is true and not hype then I certainly hope they offer me the job. 

Moving forward, I have an interview tomorrow that I finally was able to confirm late this afternoon.  There was some confusion if it would be face to face or via phone.  It is in fact Face to Face.  That is good and I know this place is interested in me because I was submitted at an absurd low rate.  So perhaps if all else fails then maybe this will be the place I will work at.  It should only be an hour so then I can go check in at the unemployment office, that is provided they don’t decide to close early.

I was also a little shocked that there was nothing for me to apply to tonight.  I looked extra hard and browsed to a couple extra company’s websites, still nothing. 

Right now everything is so up in the air.  It sucks to see your future swirling all around you.  While the possibilities are great, it would be nice to have things nailed down and know that I will be able to eat, pay my bills and take care of my family.  Things have been up in the air long enough that it’s time they come down.  After all they say what goes up must come down.

On the cat front, things appear near normal today.  I know Big Boy is eating which is good.  Last night he came into my room for bed and could hardly walk.  It was like he was on stilts.  I checked and sure enough he stepped in wet litter and it was all caked in his rear paws.  I got him clean but that sure was a chore.  He used the small litter box and there is barley room for him.  He needs to use the large box I bought for him a few years ago.  It is the only box that he can truly fit into.  I like having a Big strong cat but I hate the fact that he is so fat that going to the bathroom and cleaning are becoming a chore and that I have to help him.  Don’t get me wrong I don’t mind helping him but I wish I didn’t have to.  How do you put one cat on a diet when you have 6 others in the same house to feed?  That is next to impossible.  Unless of course you confine him and that isn’t something we want to do. 

I thought sure that Lawn Boy would show up today but he didn’t.  Tomorrow is predicted to be the hottest day of the week.  Hot enough for you to take off your shirt, if that happens I certainly hope that I am home to watch.  Seems so silly that I look forward to seeing him but it’s something that helps keep me going.  Besides that nothing wrong with looking at a hot guy!  I know I am not alone, lots of people do it. 

So last night I was looking for credit cards for people who file bankruptcy.  There are many options, most of which are prepaid.  However, the traditional credit cards that don’t require prepayment will only give you a $300 limit.  While that isn’t a whole lot, it does prevent you from getting in too deep.  I didn’t bother to look at interest rates, but I am sure they are not low.  I was thinking if I got the job and it required travel this would be an alternative.  While I would like a credit card, I think living on cash is much better.  I have a greater sense of satisfaction knowing that what I buy is mine, free and clear.  However, that was true with most of my credit purchases when I was working.  The only way to use a credit card is to take a 30 day loan.  You buy something today on credit and pay it off in 30 days when the bill comes.  If you do it any other way it’s a recipe for disaster.

I need to visit my regular reads, trim the old bird claws (fingernails), and then start my nightly chores.  Then it will be time to relax with the kids and watch TV until I fall asleep.  Thankfully my interview is in the afternoon so I don’t have to rush to wake up early but I can’t stay in bed all day either. 

I was thinking tonight as I was eating some cold, horrible left over frozen pizza from last night.  That I am really unhappy with the direction my life is going.  I am ready to build a new future, work for a respectable employer at a job I love and be able to save tons of cash so that I can get the things that I want.  Who knows maybe even be able to take a vacation.  That is one thing about the travel with the job I think I will get.  It will allow me to get away from home and sort of going on a working vacation, so the trip won’t cost me a penny.  It’s not the way I want to get away, but it’s a start.

Speaking of vacation, me and my partner used to travel like crazy before we got all tied down with cats.  Our trip to Nashville is the one that was the most enjoyable.  While we haven’t been out of the country it’s just nice to get away.  However, there is nothing and I mean nothing like sleeping in your own bed.  I used to sleep very well at hotels and really relax but then came age and responsibilities and things changed.  Ah, to be younger again.  Youth has it’s advantages, if you still have it enjoy it while it lasts.

I’m rambling so it’s probably a good idea to stick a fork in this post and call it done.  I will talk with you peeps later!

Bad, Good and Normal

Today didn’t start off on a very good note.  Big Boy decided last night that he didn’t want to sleep with me.  I opened my door this morning and found puke.  Now mind you there are several other cats and it could have been anyone. So I wasn’t alarmed.  I put out food and said good morning to everyone.  Big Boy just sat there, which is so not normal.  I ran to the bathroom and when I was done, he was going.  Okay, so I figured he would eat after that.  Nope.  I opened a special can of food just for him and put it in front of him.  He sniffed it and then looked at me like what, did you want me to eat this?  Aw crap he’s on a hunger strike again.  This is so not good!

I was going to sit with him and I ran to the kitchen and when I came back he had moved and there was more puke.  There was the proof it was him that was sick.  Argh!

So I sat with him and he turned on that motor of his, to try to cover up the fact he felt horrible.  He wanted me to think everything was fine.  That is the problem with cats, they are the masters of disguise.  In the wild they have to mask their feelings so they don’t become a target for predators. 

I gave him some medicine for Nausea, it’s a liquid syrup and it smells like cough medicine.  Anyway, he took it like a champ, didn’t spill a drop and then we sat quietly for a while.  I needed to make sure that the medicine stayed down.  Most of the time it makes things better but not always. 

He jumped up on the couch and promptly fell asleep.  He was sleepy all afternoon.  Then he started looking like he might be hungry.  Everyone else was stirring so I broke out some food.  I got him a saucer of Fancy Feast and viola he started eating again.  Not much, but it was a step in the right direction.  Soon he was done, so I put the saucer down on the floor.  Everyone else came over to see what special treat Big Boy had and pretty soon he was down there lapping up more food.  That was lunch and it made me so happy.

We went out for the mail and to grab a quick bite to eat.  We stopped in at the local bar, quick service and cheap food.  There was a male bartender working.  He wasn’t bad looking.  My partner sure put the eyes on him.  Normally it’s the other way around.  Food was okay, not as good as usual.  Maybe my taster is off.

Anyway, supper time came and everyone was in line for chow, including Mr. Big Boy.  So he is better, eating and thus far it’s all staying down. 

My concern was that we would have to take him to the vet and that we might be a t the end of the line.  Thankfully it looks like my prayer was answered.  I sure hope he stays healthy or as healthy as he can.

Pretty much everyone here with a couple exceptions has had some type of digestive problem, me included.  I can take care of myself it’s the cats that will cost me and that is money I don’t have now, so it’s bad timing.

Some more good news.  Today’s mail brought me a letter from an agency that informed me I recently gave consent to a prospective employer to check my background.  They were notifying me by law that they did a criminal background check and my record came back clean.  Nice, but then again we all knew I am no criminal.

I was remarking to my partner how I haven’t heard from several people in a while.  Tonight the phone rang and woke me up from my nap.  It was a friend of mine telling me that she was contacted for a job reference.  It was by the same agency that sent me the letter.  So things may be looking up after all.  I know this was for the first job I interviewed for last week.  Perhaps they will be calling me soon to make me an offer.  I’m not too terribly excited because I’ve been to this stage before and things fell apart.  Not until someone makes me an offer will I get too worked up.

I also got an e-mail from a client that a recruiter submitted me to.  They want a face to face interview this week.  I wrote them back to firm something up, just waiting for a response which I am sure will come tomorrow. 

In case your wondering I chose yellow for this news because I am cautiously optimistic.  There is good and bad with most every job.  I just hope where ever I land it’s quick and they pay really well.

Outside of that it was just a normal hum drum day.  The weather outside looked like summer but felt more like winter to me.  It’s actually more spring like temperatures.  Thankfully the weather will be warmer tomorrow.  Of course the day my interview is will be the hottest day of the week.  Isn’t that the way it always goes?  I will be all dressed up wearing two shirts and sweating to death. 

I hope your Monday went well and that my posts helped make your day brighter.  I mean there was music and men, so something for most everyone.  Plus you got the It Doesn’t Get Better Video which I thought was a hoot.  Take care and I will talk with you peeps later!

22 April 2012

It Doesn’t Get Better!

Love this

love this

Ticking Clock

I hope that you had an enjoyable and relaxing weekend.  Nothing special happened around here, just a typical couple of days.

So I am up against the clock I’ve got one more week of unemployment after this week and then I am done.  I filed my claim tonight and they actually want me to report in by the end of next week.  I will go on the off chance something changes and my claim can be continued, but honestly this time I could probably skip it and be totally fine.

I checked into filing for Welfare and Food Stamps.  Wow, what an application process.  A friend of mine told me not to tell them about my partner and I would be a shoe in.  However, when you look at the application, they want to know who is providing your health insurance, how much utilities cost, how much you pay for rent.  There is no way that I can not put him down, besides that it would be something that would eventually catch up to me.  I find it better to be honest.  The only problem with that is it might cause me to not qualify for benefits, in which case I would really be screwed.  Me and my partner are working on getting the forms completed and if I have to, my plan is to file next week.

The company I interviewed with last week that had travel in the job, well I have seen their job posted on-line by a couple different recruiters on a couple different search engines.  So it looks like they are exploring their options and maybe I read too much in to the process.  It could also be that they are going through the motions.  All I know is you can always find someone better qualified to do the job, if you take time to look.  I need them to hire me and be confident that I am the best person for the job.

I really hope that something changes this week, it would sure take a lot of pressure off of me.  To say that I am worried, is an understatement.  Were getting down to the 11th hour and the walls are closing in.  I believe that I can make the bulk of my bills for the month of May.  After that there is the little bit I have in retirement, that I honestly don’t want to touch and then I am fresh out of options.  If there is one thing I would like to hold on to it is my car and that is my chief worry that I will loose it.

Sorry to be so negative but these are the issues that are staring me in the face.  The sooner I get some answers the better off I will feel.  Nothing on the horizon for this week as of tonight.  I am hoping that the phone will ring tomorrow with good news on the job front.  All I can do at this point is hope, pray and wait.  Patience is certainly not my strong suite but I am learning.

Well off to surf the net and see what kind of trouble I can get into.  I hope this is a great week for all of us.  I will talk with you peeps later!

21 April 2012

PC Tip - FBI: Hundreds of thousands may lose Internet in July


Associated Press

Posted on April 20, 2012 at 11:17 PM | Updated today at 4:18 PM

WASHINGTON (AP) -- For computer users, a few mouse clicks could mean the difference between staying online and losing Internet connections this summer.

Unknown to most of them, their problem began when international hackers ran an online advertising scam to take control of infected computers around the world. In a highly unusual response, the FBI set up a safety net months ago using government computers to prevent Internet disruptions for those infected users. But that system is to be shut down.

The FBI is encouraging users to visit a website run by its security partner, http://www.dcwg.org , that will inform them whether they're infected and explain how to fix the problem. After July 9, infected users won't be able to connect to the Internet.

Most victims don't even know their computers have been infected, although the malicious software probably has slowed their web surfing and disabled their antivirus software, making their machines more vulnerable to other problems.

Last November, the FBI and other authorities were preparing to take down a hacker ring that had been running an Internet ad scam on a massive network of infected computers.

"We started to realize that we might have a little bit of a problem on our hands because ... if we just pulled the plug on their criminal infrastructure and threw everybody in jail, the victims of this were going to be without Internet service," said Tom Grasso, an FBI supervisory special agent. "The average user would open up Internet Explorer and get `page not found' and think the Internet is broken."

On the night of the arrests, the agency brought in Paul Vixie, chairman and founder of Internet Systems Consortium, to install two Internet servers to take the place of the truckload of impounded rogue servers that infected computers were using. Federal officials planned to keep their servers online until March, giving everyone opportunity to clean their computers. But it wasn't enough time. A federal judge in New York extended the deadline until July.

Now, said Grasso, "the full court press is on to get people to address this problem." And it's up to computer users to check their PCs.

This is what happened:

Hackers infected a network of probably more than 570,000 computers worldwide. They took advantage of vulnerabilities in the Microsoft Windows operating system to install malicious software on the victim computers. This turned off antivirus updates and changed the way the computers reconcile website addresses behind the scenes on the Internet's domain name system.

The DNS system is a network of servers that translates a web address -- such as www.ap.org -- into the numerical addresses that computers use. Victim computers were reprogrammed to use rogue DNS servers owned by the attackers. This allowed the attackers to redirect computers to fraudulent versions of any website.

The hackers earned profits from advertisements that appeared on websites that victims were tricked into visiting. The scam netted the hackers at least $14 million, according to the FBI. It also made thousands of computers reliant on the rogue servers for their Internet browsing.

When the FBI and others arrested six Estonians last November, the agency replaced the rogue servers with Vixie's clean ones. Installing and running the two substitute servers for eight months is costing the federal government about $87,000.

The number of victims is hard to pinpoint, but the FBI believes that on the day of the arrests, at least 568,000 unique Internet addresses were using the rogue servers. Five months later, FBI estimates that the number is down to at least 360,000. The U.S. has the most, about 85,000, federal authorities said. Other countries with more than 20,000 each include Italy, India, England and Germany. Smaller numbers are online in Spain, France, Canada, China and Mexico.

Vixie said most of the victims are probably individual home users, rather than corporations that have technology staffs who routinely check the computers.

FBI officials said they organized an unusual system to avoid any appearance of government intrusion into the Internet or private computers. And while this is the first time the FBI used it, it won't be the last.

"This is the future of what we will be doing," said Eric Strom, a unit chief in the FBI's Cyber Division. "Until there is a change in legal system, both inside and outside the United States, to get up to speed with the cyber problem, we will have to go down these paths, trail-blazing if you will, on these types of investigations."

Now, he said, every time the agency gets near the end of a cyber case, "we get to the point where we say, how are we going to do this, how are we going to clean the system" without creating a bigger mess than before.



To check and clean computers: http://www.dcwg.org

19 April 2012

As expected

Today’s meeting with the recruiter was as I expected, a complete waste of time.  It was a case of wanting to put a face with a name.  We spoke about my experience and then I was told she would e-mail me a list of positions and the benefits they offered through the agency.  She kept her word and I got one position, which I am not interested in.  Their benefits are expensive, thankfully I would have no need for them! 

Speaking of benefits, that is one of the things a lot of employers look at when they make you an offer they anticipate you will need benefits.  Most people in fact do need and/or use them.  However, I am the exception to the rule in that I don’t need Health and/or Dental Insurance.  Other things that they offer I could use like Life Insurance, Short Term & Long Term Disability.  Outside of that I’m good.  Would be great if I could get Life Insurance for my partner, the last place I worked at let me but there was a coverage limit.  It was insanely cheap, like $2.39 a pay check which was every two weeks.  Right now we don’t have any Life Insurance and that’s not a good thing!

Wow, what a week filed for bankruptcy, 2 interviews, 1 meeting.  This has been some busy ass week.  Thankfully I don’t have anything scheduled for tomorrow.  I’m waiting for the phone to ring with an offer now.  Of course that won’t come as soon as I want it, but I still can hold out hope.  If I can get others to call about interviews that would be good too.  As it stands right now, next week is wide open. 

Tonight we went to the grocery store, not too crowded and easy to move about.  My partner picked up a Roast, which I know I will hate but I will eat it anyway.  Speaking of food…. A while back we ordered a Taco Pizza from Pizza Hut and they included a small thing of Tostitos Medium Salsa. I stuck it in the fridge. Last night I broke it out and had it with some Tostitos and it was damn good. I am really not into salsa, but if it’s done right I will eat buckets of it. Thankfully I was able to find it at the grocery store. If you’re a salsa fan, I recommend this stuff!

So that’s it for now.  I will talk with you peeps later!

18 April 2012

Interview 2 for the week

I managed to finally fall asleep last night shortly after midnight.  While I was tired all day long and hoped that I would drop like a rock when it was time for bed, that wasn’t the case.  I suddenly became wide awake.

As usual Big Boy woke me up around 5 and then just about the time the alarm was going to go off, one of the girls started chirping. 

I made it to the interview with a little less than 15 minutes to spare.  Someone needed to stop for breakfast and gasoline.  Yes, I was with my partner.  I thought for sure I was going to be late.

The HR person I was supposed to meet with took her sweet time to come and get me.  She looked nothing like I had her pictured in my mind.  She was all talky and friendly then we went into a conference room and it was like a monster came out.  She peppered me with questions.  I could barley finish one question and she was firing another one at me.  She was all over the place from tell me about your best boss to where do you see yourself in seven years.  I was starting to think that this was a waste of time, she couldn’t answer specific technical questions I had about the job.  Then finally she went to get the hiring manager, who talked tech with me.

The tech part of the interview went rather well.  The entire process was about two hours.  The hiring manager told me that she thought I would be perfect for this position and she still had two people to interview but that I would be hearing from HR soon.  Sounds like she wants to hire me, but then again I have heard that before. 

There are some pitfalls to this job, just as there are with any job.  First, I would be stuck on a shift from 10 am to 7 pm M-F.  There is some over time that comes with the job, but thankfully there is no on-call.  I like that, so when you leave for the day you don’t have to take the job with you.  This position would involve lots of documentation both for peers and end users, Help Desk and Desktop work.  They have multiple domains, multiple pieces of hardware and they are 1/2 Apple and 1/2 PC based.  I couldn’t believe this but they actually let employees bring their own phones and get corporate e-mail on it.  What a huge security risk, plus then they have to support that device when the person (user) calls doesn’t know how to get mail or has a problem.  That is kind of a nightmare in it’s self.  So there would be variety in this job which is good but it sounds like I would be a ball juggler again. 

So your probably wondering between yesterday and today, which job do I really want.  I like todays job for the fact there would be no travel and no on call.  Yesterdays job seems like it would expose me to much more tech and put me a little outside my comfort zone, not to mention the travel.  To answer the question I would like to have the job I interviewed for yesterday.  However, it will be first come first serve.  There are no guarantees that either place will call, but they both left me with the impression they wanted me, stay tuned and I will tell you how it turns out, just as soon as I know.

Back to the rest of the day.  After the interview we stopped off at Olive Garden for Soup, Salad & Breadsticks and washed it all down with Peach Raspberry Tea.  Cheap and darn good!  Then it was to the post office, and finally home.  Where we both collapsed.  Nothing like a nice afternoon nap to quell the shock of waking up at such an early morning hour. 

After I awoke I went to clean up a mess my partner had made.  He stopped for breakfast.  Decided that he would get a Frozen Coke Icee but filled the cup with ice cubes first.  Under the weight the cup broke and there was unfrozen coke all over the inside of the truck.  I tried to be conservative with the clean up but that quickly proved to not do the job.  So I got out the steamer and a roll of paper towels.  I spent over an hour cleaning out the inside of the car.  Steaming everything.  Then I polished things off with some UV Protectant and broke out the vacuum.  I got up all of the crumbs, rocks and other things that collect on the floor.  Put in an air freshener and called my partner to come take a look.  He bitched but he came and looked.  Wow was his reaction, he hasn’t seen the vehicle that clean since the day he bought it.  I give it two weeks and it will be back to the way it was.  Hopefully, I am wrong.

So I was working in the sun, temperatures were not too bad but all of the manual labor I was doing made me hot and sweaty.  I came inside and dumped cold water on my head.  That felt so good that I decided to take a nice cold shower.  Ah, that did the trick.  I changed into some shorts and a t-shirt, much better.  Had a soda and sat on the couch with the kids and watched some old cop TV show until the 5 o’clock news came on.  I was surprised to hear about Dick Clark.  He did so much in his lifetime, what an amazing ride he had.  Not to mention a stroke didn’t keep him down.  He will be missed.

That pretty well wraps up the highlights and lowlights of the day.  I’m computing now.  Tomorrows appointment is in the afternoon and that’s it.  Nothing else planned for the rest of the week.  I’ve got 2 full weeks of unemployment left until I am out of funds, which will take me into the first full week of May.

I just hope between these two places someone calls quickly.  I’m still applying like crazy in the hopes more places will call.  I need phone calls and interviews to continue until someone hires me.  Sadly no word from the charity, I do believe their silence speaks volumes and I got the message.  It sucks that people don’t always honor their word when they say they will call.  Sort of like dating I suppose.

I do hope all is going well in your world.  Two more days until the weekend is here.  This week is certainly flying by but only because I have been busy with interviews, phone calls and meetings.  I like it when I feel productive and it feels like I am moving out of the rut I am in.  I will talk with you peeps later! 

17 April 2012

Interview 1 for the week

I actually got some sleep last night, which was a very good thing!  I still didn’t want to get out of bed this morning.  I moved the alarm up 15 minutes but after 5 minutes I got up and got moving.

I had some time to kill, so I caught up on e-mail and spent a little time with the kids before I had to start getting ready.

I made it to the interview with 30 minutes to spare.  I sat in my car for 15 minutes and then went inside.  The interview didn’t go as long as planned, I was out and home in an hour and a half. 

So it sounds like I am the only person that they are interviewing for this.  HR gave me a very different impression but the hiring manager intimated that the job was mine.  At the end of the interview he said he needed to check out my skill test, look at my job application and check on a couple more things.  Then they would be in touch soon but he didn’t have a time frame in mind.

Going in I was super excited and looking forward to this.  After hearing about the job I am a little taken back.  They want a jack of all trades.  A Programmer (which I am not), A Network Technician (I know basics), A Desktop Support Person (totally my forte) and a Help Desk Person (done that before).  Plus a Contract Negotiator, Phone Person and IT Procurement person.  So to say there is variety in this job is a understatement.  It sounds like I would be going nuts trying to stay a float and always juggling several things at once.  It’s a salaried position, which is great except they work you 45 hours per week instead of the normal 40.  Being salaried you don’t get overtime.  They don’t impress me as being a cheap company so if an offer does come through I think it will be something substantial or so I hope!

I made it perfectly clear that I am not a programmer.  We also talked about the travel and they rent cars to drive to all but one location.  That other location they fly to.  It depends upon the work load but typically they send one person.  If I get this job, come travel time I’d like to buddy up with someone to visit each site at least one time.  That way you get to know the lay of the land.  The company picks up all expenses which is nice but they expect you to put everything on your credit card and then reimburse you after the fact.  That would be fine except I have no credit card.  Most companies that do any type of travel on a regular basis have corporate credit cards for their people.  Perhaps I can talk them in to one, time will tell and right now that is the least of my worries.

I got home and talked things over with my partner.  He really hopes I get this.  I was hoping to pass but after thinking about it, the opportunity to learn so many new things would be interesting.  So long as they aren’t expecting perfection out of the box, it sounds like something I could work with.  Besides that it would break up my unemployment and if they wound up letting me go, I would be able to start a new claim all over again.  Not that I want to.  I do thing that if I get this, it will probably be a stepping stone either into a different position within the company and/or a position with another company.  That would depend a lot upon how the job goes. 

I’ve sent my thank you email and now we play the waiting game.  I have prepared for tomorrow which will be the early wake up call.  No naps for me today and I am tired so sleeping tonight shouldn’t be any problem.

That recruiter I was waiting to do a phone interview with called while I was out today.  I called back and she wants to meet in person later this week.  I am so not a fan of doing this.  However, we are down to crunch time so against my better judgment I will meet with her.  You just never know when/where my next opportunity will come from so might as well tackle all opportunities that come my way.

Wow, this week is turning out to be way busier than last week.  In fact 3 face to face interviews in one week, that is the most I have ever done since I started this process.  I just hope something comes through soon so I can avoid further financial problems.

I’m off to surf a bit and then start my night time chores and hit the sack early.  That hopefully will help me adjust to the early morning wake up call.  Not to mention the fact that when I do go back to work, I will getting up early every morning.  Ugh!

16 April 2012

A Waxy Mess

I made it to my attorneys office this morning and signed away my life on my Bankruptcy Petition.  The document was filed with the court this afternoon.  The next step is the meeting of creditors, which normally none ever show.  That won’t take place until June so I’ve got a while.  Still have to wait about a week before the bill collectors stop calling but hopefully that grinds to a halt soon.  It will probably take about a month before it shows on my credit report, which is kind of good since I’m applying for jobs.

We did our test run to my interview tomorrow, simple enough to find.  Nice place not exactly in a great neighborhood.  We did our running, grabbed a bite to eat and then home.

When we got home my phone was booming!  First was a call from a recruiter about a new position that came across his desk.  I’ve got a phone interview with another recruiter from his office.  That was suppose to happen today but didn’t.  Then I got a call from a Health Insurance Company that called me weeks ago.  I called them right back and now have an interview on Wednesday.  Two days of back to back interviews!  I am so excited.

I am not sure what you are doing for me with regards to my job search, but keep it up.  The calls and emails keep coming and I’ve got a very strong feeling that I will be going back to work soon.  Let’s hope my feeling isn’t wrong!

I squeezed in a short nap, cleaned up the house and got the trash out.  The kids don’t like the vacuum and that makes them scatter.  Poor Big Boy he climbed over the couch, almost didn’t make it then made a b line for the basement.  That is the fastest he has moved in a while.  After I was done I made sure he was okay, I was concerned about his breathing but he was okay.  So I got him to stand up and then picked him up and he started his motor.  I took him to the laundry room where we have a scale and he is a whopping 41 pounds.  Yes, that is not a typo I said forty one pounds.  We are both worried about him.  He needs to loose weight really bad.  I know part of his problem is the fluid in his lungs, then you have the medication that helps that problem out, which causes weight gain.  So it’s almost like we need to fix the fluid problem and then he could come off the medicine and should loose weight.  There are only two problems with that.  First, the money.  Second, it’s major surgery and no guarantee that he would survive.  It would also mean a long trip away from home to have it done, probably would take about a week, maybe two depending upon how his recovery went.  So then you have to factor in a motel and food.  We have a substantial amount invested in him already and while we don’t want to see him suffer, we also don’t want to end his life.  It’s a tough spot to be in.  I wish Jesus would heal him that along with getting me a job would really spread the cheer around here!  We are so overdue.

I did a very dumb thing.  I had a candle burning in my office.  I always get them to blow out with a small squirt of compressed air (non flammable) and that works.  Tonight it was a different candle and I hit it a little too hard.  Now I’ve got green wax all over.  I’ve got to get the steamer and hope that gets it clean.  What a mess.  Thankfully no damage to anything.  Last time wax splattered like that, I was a young boy and blew a little too hard, I got a face full of wax.  Not fun at all.

Speaking of burns, my neck feels much better today.  I will put some more Aloe Vera on it tonight for good measure.  Next time I think when someone tells me they got my shirt wet, I will say that’s okay I’m going home from here and will take it off.  No more hair dryers.  In fact that is my only contact with a hair dryer, my hair is so short that I just towel dry it and by the time I am dressed and ready to walk out the door, my hair is dry.  Wash and wear I like it.  The simpler the better.  Life is far too complicated.

So I’m finishing up laundry and then it’s off to bed.  I’ve got everything else ready to go for tomorrow.  I sure hope this is a productive trip.  I mean they are talking to me for a couple hours.  As far as I know neither of the two references I put down have been contacted.  If they go that far, that will really get me worked up. 

All in all not a bad day.  Now I just hope I get some restful sleep tonight. 

It’s MMM Time! Music, Men on Monday.

Hope you enjoyed the music.  Got a favorite artist or type of music, let me know and you just might find them here. 

Here’s the Men….

new-bone-wear-swimwear-1nice bodynice nipsnice pecsPose-0221

15 April 2012

Sleep no more Sunday

Woke up at 7 am this morning after going to bed around 2 am.  One of the girls was with me and as soon as she see eye movement she starts making noise, walking all over me so there is no way I can possibly go back to sleep.  Until that is I hit her with my pillow, which I didn’t do this morning.  I got up and shooed her and her brother Big Boy out of my room.  Then I tried to go back to sleep but alas my bladder took care of that.  So I got up fed everyone breakfast.  I heard my partner in the shower and I sat down to watch TV in the hopes that would make me drowsy.  Nope wide awake.  He offered to take us to the buffet for breakfast, which we have never made and I of course declined. 

Eventually everyone in the cat family passed out so I went back to my partners room and found him laying down.  I joined him and eventually I fell asleep.  He woke up after an hour and said he was going to the grocery store.  I asked for more time to sleep and he said you’ve got 20 minutes.  Argh, so I got up.  I was able to get permission to take a shower. 

Then I talked him in to going to Bob Evans for breakfast.  We walked in and there was like 3 good looking mother fellas.  I’m telling you I could have had them for breakfast and been full all day long.  But they all had female companions so I guess that might not have worked out well for me.  The food took a bit longer to get to us because they were slammed but it sure was good.  He had eggs, bacon, hash browns and biscuits & gravy.  I had blueberry crepes and biscuits and gravy.  We left and my partner was having some stomach issues so we never made it to the grocery store.

We returned home and I sat down to watch a couple episodes of Undercover Boss.  Wow, I came closer to crying than I have in a long time.  It was the NASCAR episode that got me.  The executive found an employee who’s son had Leukemia.  He gave them an autographed helmet for the guys kid and then said any expenses not covered by insurance no matter what they were NASCAR would pick up the tab.  Wow, now that is one hell of a kind gesture.  I sure hope that when I get to go back to work that I land at a company that cares about it’s employees. 

So after a couple episodes I decided to go out for my hair cut.  Wow, I think I should have waited a day until the manager girl was working.  Her and I get along great and she does an awesome job.  I got someone else today she was nice and did a great job on the haircut, I mean you have to work pretty hard to screw up a buzz cut.  I got an extra shampoo, not sure why.  It was an all around great experience.  That is until I got up and she discovered my shirt got wet.  So she fixed it by blowing it dry, great idea but in the process she burnt my neck.  After that I stopped at the pet food store and then came home to take off my shirt and put on some Aloe Vera on my neck.  Then I fed the hungry cats, put away the cat food and set up my laptop to watch a tech pod cast, while I cleaned the kids fountain with soap and water.  Damn that fountain gets mighty dirty quick.

Time for some relaxation, fell asleep but really didn’t want to.  Got up and fixed a pizza which was supper.  Then it was time to come downstairs and compute.  Got my unemployment claim filed, searched for jobs.  No surprise there wasn’t anything posted for me today.  We are under a Tornado Watch and severe weather has moved into the area.  We both think that we will loose power tonight but thus far it hasn’t happened. 

Tomorrow is adventure day.  We have my bankruptcy signing in the morning, then were going to scope out the place I am interviewing at, working in some side trips that my partner wants to do, which will probably keep us away from home for several hours.  I just hope we are home in time to watch the 5oclock news.  I have developed a habit of watching.

I have picked out my interview shirt, have to get it washed and surf the net.  Then it will be time to continue watching Undercover Boss, Nurse Jackie and then hopefully I will be able to pass out at a decent hour.  I have to get up early tomorrow to get my bank balances, they have to know down to the penny how much money you have in the bank on the day you file.  So that will take me a little bit, feed the cats, feed myself and get ready to go.  I sure hope that tomorrow is a very productive day for both of us.

Hopefully you enjoyed your weekend, got to relax and accomplish everything that you wanted to.  Five more days and we will do it again.  I just hope that I get some good news this week.  Time sure is ticking away, to say I am worried is an understatement. 

I’ve got the MMM post all ready and the music and men will be available at 12:01 am, as usual.  Hope that you enjoy!  Take care and I will talk with you peeps later.

14 April 2012

Polishing it up

So last night I carefully removed the unit from it’s case.  Wow it looked great and has been a very long time since I had seen it naked in it’s full beauty and was able to touch it.  I got it all wet and then used a microfiber cloth to make it sparkle.  Then I returned to the case and got it wet and then worked it dry with my cloth.

Finally it was time to return my toy to it’s box.  So as I slid it back into it’s case, made sure the back was sparkly clean and then put my thumb print on the back.  Finally it was returned to it’s case and was no longer naked.  I really enjoy playing with it and it was an extra special treat to see it naked.

If you have a dirty mind, your thinking something else.  This was my iPhone I was talking about!  I just took it out of it’s case and polished it up, something I do every once and a while.  I had a protective cover put on the screen a while back but ever since I discovered the Otter Box that cover was useless.  So last night while I had it out I removed the cover.  Now the display really looks awesome.  It’s only a 3GS but I still very much enjoy it. 

Kind of a different post, huh?  Yeah, a little variety is nice once and a while.  Hope your having an ab fab weekend!  Talk with you peeps later!

Awesome PC Tip

If you are anything like my partner, you are particular about your Desktop.  Icons have to be arranged a specific way and in a specific order.  Then something happens and all of a sudden your icons rearrange.  My partners blood pressure shoots up, he screams, yells and cusses.  To say he is upset is an understatement.

Well fear no more.  There is a new free program called Desktop Restore.  You download and install it, then right click and choose Save Desktop.  It will then do exactly that.  So when the next icon crisis comes up you just right click and choose Restore Desktop and presto all of your icons come back and then you can take a deep breath and relax.

This is for Windows Users only.  You can get the program again free of charge from www.midiox.com and it’s called Desktop Restore.

I put it on my partners machine this afternoon and then called him in.  I told him his PC could do magic and he said what kind of magic.  I said the icons can arrange themselves by name.  I then clicked sort by name and he panicked.   Then I sensed the blood pressure rising and he screamed why did you do that, it will take me hours to put it back to normal.  Then I said well the trick isn’t complete.  I right clicked and choose Restore Desktop and you could hear the sigh of relief and then he asked how I did that.  I told him and he was so thankful.  I love to get his heart racing it’s kind of fun, just as long as it doesn’t stop in the process.  I can’t tell you how many times he has had to rearrange his desktop, so he was very thankful that I did this.

Now for my usual disclaimer, proceed at your own risk.  If this program should happen to mess something up or something goes wrong in the process it is not my fault.  Good luck and enjoy!

13 April 2012

72 28 13

Looks like the start to some winning lottery numbers.  Go ahead try them, maybe you might win something.

The 72 stands for the number of the week of unemployment I am on.  The 28 is the number of contacts I have made just this week.  I know I’m impressed with myself.  Of course all of the phone interviews help.  The 13 well that’s just because today is Friday the you guessed it 13th!

So much for bad luck.  I had a recruiter contact me and tell me that one of the places I was submitted to wants to talk with me.  They will be calling to set up a phone interview and if things go well then they will request a face 2 face.  I called the charity got voice mail, so I sent an e-mail to the guy I interviewed with and his boss.  Thus far no response but I’m done, unless they give me a reason to check back I am going to assume they are passing me over.

The place I talked with yesterday notified me today via e-mail that they were moving forward with a background check on me.  Perfect timing, I figure the things like credit reports should come back with in a day or two and then my bankruptcy won’t show since I am not filing until Monday and just because I filed doesn’t mean the court will mark my credit report right away.  I will ask my lawyer for more information on that come Monday.

It was a cold and rainy day here.  Of course I slept in and got up late.  Had breakfast, checked my e-mail and was ready to start the day.  We had plans but since it was so late, we elected to defer them until Monday.  Instead we retreated to my partners bed to cuddle and rub on each other.  I had plans of a nice massage for me and a nap, but that didn’t happen. 

Whenever it is that I go back to work one of the first things I will do is book an appointment at a local spa for a massage, I have really missed them and I think what I have been through is reason enough to reward myself.  The other thing I will do is go to my local Target.  I haven’t been there since I lost my job because they have far too many things that I want and I didn’t want to go hog wild.  However, once I know I have cash it will be a different story.  Two other things I would like to upgrade my cell phone to the iPhone 4S so that I can have Siri and I would like an iPad 2 or 3 (even though they call it iPad, I still call it 3) with wireless only.  I realize it will be a while but hopefully I can make my dreams come true.

Last night I was super sleepy.  My partner started talking to me, that woke me up.  I got back in my lull and decided I should call it a night.  I hit the bed and wham I am wide awake.  So I talked and Jumper cuddled with me.  I rolled over and he followed me.  Then he started talking.  I think he was saying shut up we are trying to sleep.  Him and I talk back and forth.  He says something in meoweeze and I say something back in meoweeze and we go on for minutes at a time, kind of funny.  I know he loves me.  Furry beast!

If you saw the premier of American Restoration on the History Channel then you will know what a Rocket Slide is.  There was a local park when I was growing up that had one of these.  I was scared to death of it but eventually got over my fear and began using it.  Me and my partner were in the neighborhood of the park so we stopped by, they replaced it with modern playground equipment.  Ah, well it was great to see it on TV.  I had no idea that there was more than one of these. 

Speaking of TV I saw on my TiVo there is a marathon of Undercover Boss this weekend on TLC.  Just putting it out there in case you enjoy the show as much as I do. 

I mentioned earlier that it has been raining here.  The temperature has dropped as well, feels more like Spring during the day and Winter at night.  Thankfully I haven’t changed my wardrobe.  The weather can be so fickle.

So that is my Friday the 13th.  Nothing bad happened, but I’m not really superstitious and neither is my partner.  Hopefully, nothing bad happened to you or in your world.  Enjoy your weekend.  I sure hope with the good numbers that I am nearing the end of my search for a job.  Please oh please, let it be so!   Talk with you peeps later! 

12 April 2012

Who’s on first?

Between my bladder and the cats, I woke up at 6am.  I tended to both and then tried to go back to sleep, but it was no use I was up.  I got breakfast and then sat in front of the TV hoping that I would get drowsy.  Well it worked but unfortunately not in time.  I had to get moving so I could make my appointment.  

So I am all prepared to sign and get my petition filed today.  Well that didn’t happen.  This was just a meeting to review the petition, but that wasn’t made clear to me in advance.  So were reviewing stuff and the paralegal started asking me for information that I have sent her twice.  I had to point out to her the information was right in front of her face.  Who’s on first?  Once we got past that point, I asked about my car.  I was told that my lender may refinance the loan and/or work with me but I would have to contact them.  I am really not in favor of doing that but we may look into it.   The lender will probably send a reaffirmation agreement, which I am told I don’t have to sign.  However, if I ever fall behind in payments then they would take the car.  I would think that would happen regardless if I sign or not.  I mean the car is the collateral, duh!

The other big burning question I had was when can we file.  Turns out Monday is the day.  So I have to go back to the lawyers office, sign my name probably a bazillion times and then we can get on with this.  It will take roughly one to two weeks before the collection calls stop.  I am told that typically if you provide the creditor with the case number, they will stop calling because they know your protected by the bankruptcy laws.  

After that disorganized meeting, I returned home to calm down and take a nap.

Next on the agenda was my Phone Interview.  Sounds like a decent company.  There is travel in this job and honestly I’m not to thrilled about that.  However, it would be like 1 to 2 weeks per quarter.  Plus there is an On-Call rotation but I can deal with that much better.  They are very interested in me.  I got an application to fill out and return, A personality or developmental test to take and they setup an in person interview for early next week.  I will be there for pretty much the entire afternoon.  Not sure what is involved in their interview process but it sounds rather intense.  Just provide me water and I think I will be okay.  Plus this is the only interview I was told that I could dress down for.  It’s business casual and I am taking them up on that.  I hate putting on a tie and getting all dressed up.  Maybe this will be the one, who knows?

I called a place back that called me earlier this week.  I have left two messages but apparently they aren’t all that interested in talking with me.  Whatever.  I will be reaching out to the Charity tomorrow, I have pretty well resigned myself to the fact they passed me over.  It would be nice to know for sure and get it over with instead of putting it off.  My partner told me that I should call them two times a week until they respond.  Nah, I won’t waste my money or time.  If the next call doesn’t work then I will reach out via e-mail.  If that doesn’t work then I will give up.  I’ve got too many other leads to chase and trying to keep track of everyone is getting a bit difficult.

Talked with my brother, found out that mom was discharged from the hospital today.  Now she has to take Acidophilus, hopefully that will remedy her problems.  My brother goes to 2nd shift next week.  He is still entertaining the idea of going back to his old job that he lost in December.  I am trying to encourage him to move forward but he really wants to get back to a daytime job.  Grandmas rule was never ever go back, once your gone your gone.  Besides that he can earn more money with his new job.

That wraps up Thursday.  Time for some internet surfing and then to my chores and finally to my TiVo.  Thankfully nothing planned for tomorrow.  I need to get my hairs cut before Tuesday so I look presentable.  I hope all is well in your world.  Tomorrow is Friday, so enjoy your weekend.  I will talk with you peeps later!

11 April 2012

Interested in your opinion

As you can tell by the title of this post, I am interested in your opinion.  This is something that has been bothering me for a couple days.

I’ve blogged before about my sex life or lack there of.  I periodically blog about cute guys that I see or stars (like NPH or Neil Patrick Harris) that I have crushes on. 

So last week I was sitting in a restaurant and in typical Jeremy style, I scan the room looking for hot guys.  It’s just a normal thing for me.  A table of like 5 people.  One of them was a hot young guy.  He looked very much like Lawn Boy.  However, his ass much was much smaller and well I am a sucker for nice bums.  So I was staring at him.  He would periodically scratch his crotch and the move around in the chair.  He even sat on one leg and I got a good view of his rear.  Then about 20 minutes after things were going well a cute young blond guy comes in and sits down across from him.  Might have been his brother or just a friend.  Either way they were both hot.  I am also a sucker for blonds.  I happened to watch and see they started talking about High School.  Holy crap that is when it hit me, these guys were actually boys probably somewhere in the range of 16-18.

That experience got me to thinking does that make me a pedophile?  I mean yeah I wanted to have sex with them but I would never ever do that unless that sex was consensual  and they were of legal age.

Typically I like guys in the 22 – 30 year range.  However, it’s more about physical appearance than it is about a specific age, just as long as I know the person is of legal age.  I myself am 40.

Now I never ever have plans to approach anyone.  It is just the desire to.  I am far too afraid of embarrassment, physical or verbal assault.  However, I suppose if the situation was right there could be the remote possibility that I would make a move. 

Just interested in your opinion.  My partner has given me permission that I am free to make a move if I so desire.  When you take the hormones out of the situation, I honestly just don’t feel right making a move.  Put the hormones in it and you have a different story. 

National Phone Interview Week

I am happy to report that I have yet another phone interview setup for tomorrow.  All of a sudden companies are coming out of the wood work and dying to talk to me.  That is all well and good but I’m ready for the in person interview and then the offer.  Hopefully, something good comes out of all of this.

We did some running today.  Got the mail, stopped at the bank, went back to the grocery store, stopped at the health food store (yeah it was to pick up a supplement that Big Boy is on), our favorite BBQ place opened and we picked up some of that.  Then back home to eat, put away the groceries which consisted of Frozen Lemonade and Frozen Lasagna.  Fed the children, watched TV and sacked out.

The phone just rang off the hook today but it was mostly collection calls.  I took two legit phone calls from a friend of my family, who I reached out to for help with a job. 

That pretty well sums up the day.  Boring I know but then again most of my days are like this.  No wonder I have trouble remembering things because one day just blends into the next.

I did call my mail order pharmacy to make a payment.  I wanted to pay the amount from the invoice that was sent to me.  The computer didn’t give me an option and charged my debit card the entire amount due on our account.  Ouch!  Ah, well at least we will have a credit balance.  Were both getting medicine by mail.  The other day my partner got one and the total was a whopping $000.00.  I don’t understand why, but then again why look a gift horse in the mouth.  It’s not every day you get free medicine.

No word from my brother on how mom is doing.  My guess is that she is still in the hospital.

Tomorrow is my big day, time to wake up early and drive to the lawyers office to sign my petition.  Unless there is a snag or something I don’t know about, it should be filed by the afternoon or so I hope.  I’m ready to get on with this and stop the collection calls, letters and e-mails.  That gets old very fast.  For people who decide not to pay their bills I don’t understand how they survive all of the attempts the creditors make to collect the debt. 

Thus far nothing planned for Friday but who knows that could change on a moments notice.  Oh, I forgot to tell you about my phone interview today.  It went pretty well the guy said that he would be in touch to arrange bringing me in for an in person interview.  All I know is who ever hires me will be very lucky.  Just convincing them to take a chance on me is the hardest part, once they do that is when they find out what they actually got.  Sort of like playing the lottery.

I don’t normally talk about current events or especially events that are controversial.  However, like most of you I heard the news that George Zimmerman  was charged today with 2nd degree Murder.  The facts of this case must yield some overwhelming evidence to bring charges.  From what has been released to the public things are very sketchy.  I think we can all agree that what happened to Trayvon Martin was a tragedy.  I am interested in how this case will be tried.  I mean it has received national attention and most everyone in the US is well aware of it.  With that how will Mr. Zimmerman get the fair trial he is entitled to?  I mean when you pick a jury of your peers, typically both sides (Plaintiff & Defendant) want people who have no knowledge about the case, because that can predispose one to form an opinion before they hear all of the evidence.  No matter what is done, no one will be able to bring Trayvon back.  It’s just very sad.

Ah well, I hope all is well in your world.  Take care and I will talk with you peeps later!

10 April 2012

Press both buttons

Greetings once again!  Today was wake up early Tuesday.  It wasn’t the trash people this time it was the cats.  I found out that someone got sick over night and threw up in bed but unfortunately I found that out the hard way when my foot touched it as I was waking up.  ICK!  Time to do laundry again!

Fed the children, had some breakfast myself and I was really, really bored.  It was just turning 7 by now and I grabbed the iPhone but not too much e-mail.  Nothing on TV and I had viewed everything on my TiVo so back to being bored.  Plus my cable provider has decided that this week it’s time to change the channel line up so you have no idea where anything is anymore.  That should all straighten out in a day or so.  I wound up going back to bed, took a while but I fell asleep.

Got woken up again around 11ish by my partner.  He was trying to use the meat slicer to cut up a ham we got but he couldn’t get the thing to turn on.  He said the motor won’t even run.  I asked him if he had it plugged in.  He said yeah.  This thing has only been used like 3 times since we had it and I knew it wasn’t broken.  So I got up and looked at it.  Turns out he was pushing the safety button instead of the ON button.  You have to press both at the same time, designed that way so you don’t chop off a finger.  Once we solved that he got to cutting the ham.  More dishes for me to do!

I had a voice mail message waiting and got it.  Another company wanting to talk to me about a job.  Great!  So I called them back, got voice mail and left a message.  Now I am back to waiting to hear from them.  By now it’s time to get ready for my phone interview.  I had some time and decided that I had nothing to loose by calling the Charity.  So I did, even though my instincts told me not to.  I got voice mail as I expected and left a message.  I pretty well think they have someone else in mind for the job.  So if I hear back from them it will totally surprise me.

My phone interview today went really well.  The guy liked me and I of course liked the prospect of having a decent job.  However, they start with the phone interview, then progress to an in person interview in about 2 weeks.  Then if they really like you, a 2nd in person interview with a committee of people and then the final offer.  They want to move quickly but at the same time they move slow for a reason.  It is about finding a quality person and a good fit for the job.  That the person likes the job as well.  Great, that won’t exactly pay my bills but okay.  So I should be getting a call back, or so I was told.

Got another phone interview tomorrow this one is early in the morning so I will have to rise a bit earlier than normal.  That one will be my 2nd phone interview and if they like me they will call me in for an in person interview.

Heard from my attorney’s office today.  Were all set for Thursday morning, I will be signing my petition and it should be filed hopefully by the afternoon.  Glad this is finally moving forward.  My only worry is the future and what it holds for me.

Lawn Boy showed up in the middle of the day and cut the grass.  I was surprised because he wasn’t due here until Thursday.  So while I was near my computer I got a check sent out to him.  Love bill pay through my bank, totally free and they pay for the cost of the check and the postage to get it there. 

We made it to the grocery store and bought some things that we shouldn’t have but my partner encouraged me to stock up.  Of course after we left he forgot something and so did I.  So we get to make another trip back, fun!  Made it to the pet food store and the children are happy now that more food is in the house.  I’m being nagged right now to feed them.  Ugh!

Talked with my brother.  Mom still in the hospital.  They took out the NG tube and gave her solid food.  She is keeping everything down.  They hope that tomorrow she will have a BM and if so they will discharge her.  My brother isn’t going to 2nd shift tomorrow after all.

Pretty well a wrap on Tuesday.  I’ve got my evening chores and then it will be time for bed.  On Sunday I was optimistic that I may very well have a job this week but now I think it will be a bit.  Of course if something comes my way I will jump at it.  Take care and I will talk with you peeps later!