01 June 2013

Bank refuses money

Never in my life have I experienced a bank refuse to take money.  That is exactly what happened when I went to pay the mortgage today.  I was told sorry but you will have to call xxx number we can’t take your payment.  Huh? 

I am sending this months payment to the new loan company, by the time it reaches them they will have already taken over the loan.  I am so tired of jumping through hoops and playing silly little games of the big giant bank.  Hopefully this new provider will be a blessing in disguise. 

On the death benefit front, I received a letter from my attorney with regards to the appeal.  It was the weakest letter I have ever read in my life.  This guy was supposed to be good, maybe he is for someone else.  I got another letter from him today that said basically let’s wait and see what reaction we get to my letter.  It’s going to be costly to litigate this, but I just may do that out of spite.  I would think that attorneys fees and court costs are recoverable, provided you get a judgment in your favor. 

I wrote him back via e-mail and said I am comfortable waiting to see what happens.  However, I have a strong feeling that they are already in contact with his son and benefits will be paid to him.  After that they will come back with, sorry we already paid the money and you have no case now.  That is when I will be ready to litigate.  If I have to file a small claims case myself and take a day off work to do it, I will.  It’s complete bullshit that they don’t see us as married.  Because they are union and full of heteros who don’t want to set a precedent and think that I am nothing but a 2nd class citizen and not even a human being.  They are choosing to disregard that I exist. 

I don’t think I mentioned about the car discount.  I called this week and was told that they are denying me.  It doesn’t make sense because on one hand they provide health insurance to me as a surviving spouse but they won’t give me a discount on a car.  Hello, does this make any sense to you?  I sent a certified letter today to an executive at the company.  It will arrive on Tuesday and hopefully they will be able to right this wrong.  This is an important benefit and will allow me to buy cars at wholesale, there is no dickering with price.  It’s cut and dried.  That is the only way I know I got a good deal.  Keeping my fingers crossed that this works out in my favor.

I took a nap, didn’t sleep very well last night.  We had tornadoes in the area.  It was a very active weather night.  I broke out the scanner and listened, the police and fire departments were busy.  In fact one local police department was knocked completely off line – no phones, no 911, no radios.  It took a bit but they got up and running.  You reach a point when you listen to the scanner when enough is enough, so I finally just turned it off. 

I’ve seen a couple good movies via Netflix.  I am about to feed the children and get ready to go to this Memorial Dinner thing.  I am so nervous and apprehensive about the whole event.  I know that I will have my friends there that will help.  I so hope that this goes well and that I manage to make it through without completely breaking down.  God give me strength!

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Jude said...

I'm anxious to know how the memorial went, I bet it was beautiful.

Won't it be so nice for you once all this legal rigamarole is done and over with? Such a stress!

I hope your Sunday is relaxing my friend.