30 November 2016

Sick Wednesday

Much to my surprise I got a decent nights sleep.  I woke up at 5a and couldn’t go back to bed.  I had an hour and ten minutes to myself.  Marv figured out that I was awake and that is when he asked to be let out.  I obliged him and then returned to bed with a failed attempt to return to sleep.  I took time to analyze my body and then finally gave in and got up.  Breakfast was served and I was dizzy as a goose (not sure where that saying comes from but I’ve heard it before).  I opted to spend another day at home and seek medical care, if you can call what I did medical care. 

I found something to amuse me on the TV and eventually wound up back asleep.  I took a Benadryl,  just one because I didn’t want to sleep the entire day away.  Around 11:30a I decided to use a tele-medicine service that my employer has been promoting.  If my insurance was tied to my employer the visit would have cost less, still I put in my insurance information and found that there was no coverage, not a total surprise.  So it cost me $50 to see a doctor when I could have done the same thing with a different service for cheaper.  I could have gotten free care if I went to the ER but I didn’t feel like waiting for hours on end and calling my doctor is not an option, he’s always booked and you have to see the NP.  So this was a fresh start, I chose a doctor and went through a bunch of screens on my phone giving information about me and my condition as well as my medical history.  Then I found out that the doctor went off line so I had to start over.  Thankfully they kept most of the information I gave them.  I picked a new doc, he asked me questions that he already had answers to but I played along instead of being an ass.  I told him all of the antibiotics that I am allergic to, which wipes out most of the common courses of treatment and makes the doctors job that much harder.  Not my fault but I understand why it’s no fun having me as a patient.  So I told him what I typically get, I go with the stuff that powered through all of the crud from February and of course he tells me that antibiotic is not recommended for this type of infection.  Great so he gave me some baby antibiotic that I have had before but didn’t do anything for me.  Who knows maybe it will work this time.  I am stuck with it. 

I got this survey when I was done to rate the service and then rate the doctor.  I gave a crappy review because he failed to listen to me.  I know what works I’ve been trapped in this body for 45 long years and I might not have a medical degree and the drug I asked for might not be indicated for this type of infection but if he just took time to listen to me instead of dismissing me, this would have gone over much better.  Then the sob called me on the phone to ask why the low rating.  Seriously like he’s paid by what I said.  He gets paid if I leave a great review or a horrible review.  I told him he didn’t listen to me, which didn’t set well with him but if your going to ask a question you should be prepared for the answer. 

Not having taken a shower in a couple days I opted to get my lazy ass up and hop into the shower.  Warm water, soap, shampoo, conditioner it was nice.  I knew it would help making me feel better.  Then I grabbed dirty clothes because I needed to go fetch this drug along with 3 days worth of mail.  It’s like an hour later and the pharmacy still didn’t have the drug ready and waiting for me.  I had to wait a little bit in the drive thru line but got it and then came home.  I wanted to go grab a bite to eat, but I purposefully dressed crappy so reason would prevail and I returned home. 

Had a nice Chicken Pot Pie for lunch.  Passed out some food for the children.  Nothing good in the mail.  Got a package from SiriusXM talking about my free 6 month trial of the radio service they offer.  Then they told me what it would cost to join, they have an all inclusive package now so you can stream on the mobile app or on a computer.  I looked over their line up and they have it pretty well nailed down.  They took away their gay talk content which was my only reason for ever subscribing to them in the past.  I’m happy with my Pandora One, even if I run out of skips it’s way cheaper than anything they can offer me.  They also made sure that I knew the traffic service was a separate subscription and I have 5 years complimentary.  Yeah the whole deal here is to snag you as a subscriber because as soon as you subscribe those free trial offers vanish and there is no way to get them back.  I’ve been down that road.  I miss my Lance Bass, Larry Flick, and Frank DeCaro, which were all radio hosts on the gay channel. 

So another day at home, more work piling up for me.  I got the cunt to cover the departure for today.  However, another one came in for next month.  They are starting to wrack up and December will be a very busy season.  Which if I had to get sick now is the perfect time.  As we get closer to the end of the month more and more people will be leaving, it’s just how it goes. 

Also found out that work played with the holiday schedule again for next year.  So now we get Jan 2 off after I had scheduled it off.  Plus I am on call for New Years and get stuck with it for an extra day because of the new schedule.  It’s okay it’s all money.  Never had the luxury of working on a holiday but it’s some serious cash.  You have your holiday pay plus by law you should get triple overtime, most places do double overtime and a half.  I’m glad I am hourly in situations like these. 

Most of all I am thankful that I have a decent job and can support myself and my furry family.  I might not be living the dream life but I am making it and that is all that counts in my book. 

I am feeling more effects of this damn illness coming on.  Plus time has spun out of control so I need to run to have time to spend with the children and take in yet even more TV.  Unless I am next to death I will be going back tomorrow.  I know I have exhausted my time and don’t want to abuse the system.

Temperatures are much more normal now for this time of year and it’s cold out.  Got that heated seat button, the heat and the heated steering wheel on for most every drive.  I start out that way until I am comfortable and then tone it down.  There are 3 settings for the seat high, med and low.  It will stay on in the mode you choose until the car turns off and I must say it’s really nice.  I’ll try to remember that when I start making payments next month, just in time for Christmas.  How convenient.  Wish I could drive for a couple more months with no payment.  I know that next year I will likely be given an opportunity to skip a payment but interest keeps accruing so unless I am totally strapped I won’t fall for that either.  Best to stay consistent.

Now onward and upward to get my Bears and give him some loving before I have to take more pills and force my body to sleep.  I am running out of things to watch.  Time off from work for a holiday or scheduled vacation day is great but when I am sick I feel like I am a prisoner in my own home. 

Here’s hoping the rest of the week goes by fast and that I start feeling better really soon.  I hope all is well in your world.  Hard to believe tomorrow will be 01-December, 24 more days until Christmas!

29 November 2016

Da Bad News Bears

Nothing wrong my my Bear.  Thank goodness!

Yesterday I was just over whelmed with bad news.  The day it’s self was okay, hard to get out of bed and go back to work but I did it.  It was leaving and coming home that is when things went to hell in a handbasket.  It started with my car.  The display in the car was black and didn’t come to life.  As a result of this I had to ride home in silence because no matter what command I issued the system was stuck.  Hey it’s a computer, it’s going to have issues.  It shouldn’t but it will.  So I made it home.  Turned the car off, opened the door and then started it back up, presto the screen came to life.  That is exactly what I figured would happen.  One time not a problem.  Two times, need to get it looked at.  Three times well that’s when I say there is something seriously wrong.  The brains of this thing are located in the dash and I don’t care who does it once they rip out the dash, the car is never the same.  Sort of like wrecking the thing, bending the frame and then getting it back to drive.  It will never drive the same.  Let’s hope this was a one time thing.  I know I have coverage for it but that would involve me taking time off from work and I really don’t want to do that.  Bear left me a nice mess to clean up and he needed a bath, not what I wanted to do but hey that’s life.

I brought in my packages that the UPS person delivered from my Amazon order.  Everything was intact and correct, so something to be thankful for.  I tried to clean up Bear which is when I discovered it was too much and time for a bath.  Passed out supper for the kids, opened the packages – threw away the trash and finally made my self supper which was frozen mac n cheese.  Not the best thing in the world but I made up for it with dessert after Bears bath it was Banana Split Ice Cream from Blue Bunny.  That stuff is awesome, not good for me but my taste buds sure do love it.

It was 7:30p when I sat down and was going to turn on TV but didn’t.  I needed to check my phone because I had been away from it for a while.  That’s when I got a message from an old boss of mine, who I also consider to be a friend.  I have a crush on him but he doesn’t know that, he might suspect but I have never addressed it.  He told me that he was getting a divorce and I thought I was going to pass out.  His wife had mental issues and cheated on him, she went for treatment but decided not to come home.  Prior to leaving she got physically abusive with him and he’s put up with this for 3 years.  It’s time to cut the cord and get his life back.  From photos you’d think he had a perfect home life but apparently that is not the case.  I feel badly for him and for his 2 boys.  He finds himself a full time single working dad and he is very busy.  I had sent him something in the mail and was very surprised he got it so quickly.  Anyway, I composed a reply to him and sent it.  By now it’s 8p. 

I knew that my friend who’s wife is sick was going to get some news yesterday.  So I called to check in and see how he was.  He was and is a wreck.  This is the first conversation where he cried and he is not one to show that type of emotion.  He will show anger and happiness but I haven’t seen him cry ever.  So she has stomach cancer.  It is not curable, not her strain but anyone who gets it there is no cure for it.  That is a lot to swallow.  However, she is on chemo and they hope that her body responds so the tumors shrink.  It’s possible that she could go into remission but she will never be cured.  If her body doesn’t respond to the chemo then there is one other alternative treatment available.  He didn’t get into that.  If that fails then you just make her comfortable until she passes.  My gut told me when all of this started that this was not going to have a good outcome, but I held out some hope that I was wrong.  Things just don’t look good right now, but you take them one day at a time, which is all you can do.

Now as if that isn’t bad enough.  His sister has Breast Cancer and opted to have a double mastectomy earlier in the year.  She has undergone a combo of chemo and radiation.  Things don’t exactly sound peachy there and he seems to think she is going to pass away.  His sister is a Doctor.  She had to closer her practice because of her diagnosis.  She is also in the process of getting a divorce and the woman is loaded.  Her husband is a Doctor as well and he simply couldn’t deal with all of this so he decided to move and see other people.  It’s a complicated mess.

Then add on that he has a sick cat.  She has a Thyroid problem and is allergic to the medicine.  He of course thinks that she is going to pass away as well.  So he will lose his wife, his sister and his cat.  To be left all alone with a dog that they just got.  I of all people know that in the blink of an eye your world as you know it can be changed forever.  There isn’t anything anyone can do to make things go back to normal.  Right now I think that he is still in a state of shock and depression.  I believe that he will likely loose his wife but as for the cat and his sister I have no idea.  I just told him if you need something call, if you want to talk, call and don’t hesitate, don’t question yourself just do it.  I’m here and happy to do anything that I can to support you in this difficult time.  I’d love nothing more than to go out to eat with them again but sadly I think that is off the table for a long time.  He and I may get together as we have in the past couple months but she won’t be there and she helps keep things interesting.

It’s now around 8:30p and when I hung up with him I checked my phone and my old boss had replied to my email.  I could have kept a dialog going with him but opted not to reply.  I expressed my feelings and told him that I’m here for him.  I doubt that he will reach out to me but I offered. 

Wow I was t-totally shocked by all of that bad news that I had just taken in.  It affected me in ways that I didn’t even know.  I woke up early this morning and was having problems hearing out of one ear.  Nothing major, just sinus issues.  I went back to bed and when it was time to get up I could hear just fine.  I felt horrible but my hearing was intact.  I was hot and just felt like a day in bed couldn’t hurt things.  So I opted to take a day off.  I had breakfast, my usual meds and 2 Benadryl.  I was out until about 3p.  I was awake for an hour to eat lunch but quickly passed out again.  I slept the bulk of the day away.  I figured that I would leave the house to get the mail but have since cancelled that idea.  I am staying put.  I paid bills and feel a little bit better but my body is still telling me that were getting sick.  Not what I wanted but it has been expected since we have had yin-yang weather.  Warm one day, cold the next – back and forth.  Change of seasons always gets me.  If I stay home tomorrow I will reach out for medical care.  If I go to work and feel ill there is always the doc in the box at work.  If I make it in and feel that bad I know that I can always come home.  Not how I want to spend my time but I know that I am covered for close to 2 days. 

I’d like to make it back tomorrow.  There is someone leaving and I really want to take care of that.  However, I listen to my body and do what it tells me.  If I don’t then I won’t be any good to anyone.  I feel the sinus stuff flowing but it’s no where even close to what February was like.  My goal is to prevent anything that I am hit with from ever getting that bad, it was no fun. 

Now I am going upstairs and having the obligatory Chicken Noodle Soup and feed the children.  I want to come back down here and play for a while but not sure if that will happen.  I feel really bad for my friends but hope that everything works out for the best.  I am kind of at a loss for words, which if you know me is something that is rare.  I mean just look at this post I am chatty as all get out.  Part of that I think comes from being alone and the other part well it’s just part of who I am as a person.  I like to gab amongst other things. 

Take care and I hope that tomorrow is a better day.  The best news is that all of my bills are paid for the moment.  More are on the way, call it the cycle of life. 

27 November 2016

After Thanksgiving Post

Good Day Everyone!  I have really enjoyed my time off and am sad that today is the last day and then it’s back to a five (5) day work week reality.  Ah, you have to have some way to pay bills and since I didn’t win the lottery back to the daily grind. 

I took a couple days to relax and enjoy myself.  I had Thanksgiving with my friends, they picked up the tab and that means they divided up the food.  I got a decent amount but I didn’t get any Pumpkin Cheesecake and wasn’t terribly happy about that.  However, it was a free meal.  They were the very first passengers in my new car.  I had to do some arm twisting to get them to ride with me.  They are larger and older folks so their legs don’t work as well as mine.  However, they loved the new car.  There won’t be too many passengers, most of my rides are alone which is totally fine.  It’s was nice to switch it up and show off a little bit.  I drove carefully so as to not scare the crap out of them as I have in times past.  The female half of this couple has a birthday this week, so I looked for a card and came up with this …

11-27-2016 3-44-59 PM

The inside of the card says … You deserve a BIRTHDAY filled with one good thing on top of another!  I think that should get a laugh. 

So I mentioned at dinner about the whole cream vegetable thing and how as a kid you are told try it, you might like it.  You don’t know if you don’t like it until you try it.  I said so why can’t daddy try dick, he might like it and he won’t know until he tries it.  That got a laugh.  Then I came out with my tattoo joke.  I said I got a tattoo on my penis.  It says ok but if I get excited it says Oklahoma city!  That got a good laugh as well.  I saw some hot guys that I would have loved to take home and give thanks for, but just eyed them and moved on. 

Watched a couple movies Dirty Grandpa, the unrated version.  What Happens Next.  I am sure there was another one in there but I can’t for the life of me remember it.  Caught up on some stuff on DVR, which was nice.  Had plenty of naps and sleeping in, as much as Insty would allow.  She is my alarm clock and when she says it’s time to get up, you better get up or she will sing you a song that you really don’t want to hear.  I of course spent a lot of time with the kids. 

Yesterday I went to a burger place that I have been wanting to go for a long time.  Had a Cheddar & BBQ Burger with fries which was awesome.  I wanted Onion Rings as well but opted to not be greedy.  There was a table of people who were talking very loudly about gay people and how this guy is gay and that guy is gay.  I wanted to go over and introduce myself and say in case you’ve never seen a real live gay person, here I am 100% queer, now get over it.  However, I resisted and then was forced to listen how this lady got knocked up and was going to have a baby and how pressing on her stomach almost made her miscarry.  Yeah, totally not appropriate conversation but the place was pretty quiet and didn’t have many customers.  I ate and left. 

On the way home I got a call from my friend who’s wife has cancer.  He was calling me to let me know that she was back in the hospital again.  She got dehydrated and they needed to fill her with fluids to keep her going.  Her potassium was really out of whack.  Too high or too low and it can kill you.  Sounded like she would be getting out today but I haven’t heard anything.  They have more doctor visits scheduled and she will be going back for another Chemo treatment.  She has really lost the weight.  Down to 98 pounds.  She was around 150 and that is a total guess on my part, but I saw a  photo and damn she is all skin and bones.  I don’t have a good feeling about this.  I listen and keep my opinion to myself.  The last thing you want to do is tell someone that you think their loved one is going to die.  The writing is pretty well on the wall but I know that modern medicine can fix a lot these days.  I hope for the best and prepare for the worst. 

Yesterday when I got home I started cleaning the house.  By that I mean the carpets.  Holy cow my back is really killing me today.  I’m in need of some serious lumbar support.  All of that back and forth motion, plus all of the trips up and down stairs to and from the faucet.  I was worn out but didn’t realize that I really over did it, that is not until after I woke up today. 

Had breakfast at Steak N Shake, got 2 Chicago Hot Dogs and a bowl of Chili.  That is different for breakfast but it was damn good.  Going up soon to polish off what is left of my turkey day left overs.  I killed the stuffing yesterday so now I have the long wait until next year before I get more of that.  No Cracker Barrel Boy today, kind of wondering what he is thinking and then on the other hand I don’t care.  I told my story about how that all plaid out to more than one person and everyone agrees with me when he asked for my name he was hitting on me.  Not sure if I moved too fast for him or if he just wanted to be in control.  Whatever. 

No contact from the family over this holiday.  It kind of hurts to be alone but at the same time I remind myself that time away from my family is probably better off.  I had time to think about being alone and how much I miss my late partner.  However, I also thought how much life will change when I find the next one.  I put Grindr on my phone only to look.  I have no profile and yet I am getting hit on like crazy.  I just want to see who’s out there.  Some fresh faces but a lot of the people that were there last year are there now.  That is kind of sad.  I have also seen a couple guys who want to play and are married.  Uh, hello your married go play with your spouse.  I don’t get open relationships and/or cheating.  As soon as you find someone who’s tighter, does it better or makes you feel special – you’ll leave your spouse and be on to them.  Just not right in my book but different strokes for different folks.

I had plenty of time alone with Amazon and that is both good and bad.  I placed orders for things that I need as well as things that I want.  Before I knew it I was $200 in.  Doesn’t take long to rack up a bill.  Looking forward to getting packages on the porch.  Everything is scheduled to be here this week, which is good.  The UPS man will love me because he will be here on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.  Delivering everything from Pet Food to Ink for my printer.  I got a locking gas cap for the car, not sure if I will use it but I will at least try it out. 

Oh speaking of gas, got the car filled up yesterday for $1.85 per Gallon.  I went back to the same station I was at last week that wouldn’t take my cards.  I used a different card this time and didn’t have any problems.  They are by far the lowest on gas in the area.  I’ll probably be frequenting that place more, it’s all about getting the most bang for my buck.

I hope that it’s a quiet week.  Hard to believe that Thursday we will be kicking off December already.  The weather here has turned and it’s super cold.  However, now that we are going back to work Monday & Tuesday are supposed to be much warmer than normal.  Yeah, okay.  I know eventually the bottom is going to fall out so I’ve got my long sleeves, coat, hat and of course all of the cold weather features of my car like heated seats and heated steering wheel to help keep me toasty warm and comfortable. 

Hope that all of you are doing well and that you had a great weekend.  Be safe and take care.  We shall talk again soon. 

23 November 2016

What a day

The day started with an unpleasant surprise. I was in the shower and just about done with my shower and without warning I lost pressure, felt hot water then cold and then none.  About the time I started cussing the water came back on.  It’s been strange over the past couple weeks in the morning seems to me that the pressure isn’t all there.  I was beginning to think that it was my imagination but this mornings event made me think otherwise. 

So I am in the process of getting dressed when I noticed a huge lump in my bed.  I knew right away it had to be Gator and I was right.  She worked her way under the covers from the top down.  She was silent until she knew I was in the room and then she carried on.  I had to free her by lifting up the bottom covers so she could poke her head out.  As soon as she saw me she went back under the covers.  Okay so I guess she will be able to get out on her own.  I got dressed and left.  Nothing is tucked so it should be easy for her to worm her way out.  She was just enjoying the electric blanket which was on all night long.  It’s a great invention and you can stay toasty warm while your house freezes, then before you wake up adjust the thermostat to kick on the heat and your body is never the wiser. 

Then I am at work and get an alert that my credit card was charged.  I looked at the merchant and didn’t recognize them.  I called but wasn’t able to get through.  So I called my credit card company and the card has been shutdown and now I have to wait to get a replacement card in the mail.  Meanwhile I get to look to see who is charging to the card so I can give them a different number, not exactly a fun task.  I can’t believe this happened to me again!  What a nightmare. 

Work is slow today as you would expect on a day before a holiday.  Other people are trying to duck out early, but I have to stay all day long because I have people that are leaving and I need to revoke their access. With a person planned on leaving I always ask about what time they are going to leave and most people respond back, but the two people today don’t feel the need to respond.  Which means instead of turning them off at 4p I now have to wait until 5p, unless I want to call their manager to inquire further.  It’s easier to just wait until 5p and get the job done. 

So I have some busy work to tide me over but it won’t last until 5p.  I will just have to be creative in how I occupy my time.  I broke down and changed my desk calendar out for next years day by day model and then worked on cleaning my fan that I keep at my desk.  I thought we had some 3 in 1 oil here but all I could find was WD40.  I am not a fan of it but I used it.  It creates more of a drying effect and is not a sufficient lubricant.  I thought about taking the fan home but then I have to bring it back and since I had time on my hands it was just easier to care for it at work.  It’s running strong!

Looking forward to enjoying what I hope is a peaceful evening with the children, relaxing and not caring about anything.  Sleeping in tomorrow and enjoying the day.  Friday if I have the energy is when I plan on cleaning the carpets, it won’t be fun but it needs to be done.  Then Saturday & Sunday I can rest up and prepare for yet another long week ahead of me.  Right now Monday is a million miles away but we all know that it will be here before we know it. 

I am working on a holiday letter that I am sending instead of sending a Christmas Card, a letter says a whole lot more and I don’t have to go buy anything – I have the ink, paper, envelopes and postage all at home.  Easy breezy and in the mail if all goes well on Turkey Day if not then over the weekend for sure.  Kind of depends upon how much energy I have and what my mood is like when I get home. 

The mail brought me more bills but I did get a check from yet another class action law suit.  It was only $15 but it’s still money and I can use every little penny I can get my hands on.  I hope there will be more coming soon.  There is a LinkedIn settlement but to my knowledge no one has been paid yet, not sure what the hold up is.  Class Action Suits are nice because it’s free money and you don’t have to hire an attorney or fight – someone else has already done that for you.  Of course the attorneys are the big winners they get the largest cut which is no surprise, after all they are doing the work might as well pay them for it. 

Well I guess I will slither back to my desk and see how full the old inbox is and start to work on some busy work.  Talk with you all again soon.  If you don’t hear from me for a couple days it’s probably because I am in a food coma.  Would like to get to the movies this weekend as well but we will have to see how things go.  I just don’t want to fall in with the Black Friday crowd, that’s murder.  Black Friday is followed by Poor Saturday and Depressing Sunday in which you have to gear up for Cyber Monday and for most of us that just means back to work. 

On a more serious note, I do have a lot to be thankful for despite all of the bad there is still good in my life.  I have a job which allows me to have a house, my cats, my new car and be able to pay all of my other expenses and bills.  Plus there is my health, we all take good health for granted until it’s not so good anymore.  Truth be told there is plenty each of us has to be thankful for that we often do not take time to reflect on.  Plus we have all almost made it through yet another year.  Hard to believe December is a few short days away.  Like the line from Ferris Bueller … you have to stop and smell the roses once and a while or you just might miss something. 

22 November 2016

Fog Lights and Naked Guys

Last night my fog lights saved the day.  I was driving along on the freeway/interstate and saw particle board in my lane of traffic and then out of nowhere a dresser appears.  Holy cow that would have done some serious damage to my black beauty and I would have been ticked.  I am sure that eventually someone probably did hit it but I am thankful that it wasn’t me.  I did an experiment when I got in my subdivision and turned off the fog lights.  It cuts my vision in 1/2, but when I turned them back on I could see clear as day.  Glad I stuck to my guns and got a car with them this time.  I had them on a prior car and really missed them.  I don’t want to blind anyone but I need to be able to see and any advantage I can get helps me so in turn I am a better driver and can stay safe. 

Bear really worked overtime while I was at work yesterday.  He made quite the mess and it was so bad that he needed a bath.  I elected to administer this wearing only underwear, which was dangerous at best.  I was able to control the furry beast and got him as clean.  Then dried him off and of course he wanted to be rewarded.  So I moved his can of food from where it was to where he was now and that satisfied him for a little bit.  Then he moved on to dry food.  Then it was play time and finally he rolled over and passed out.  All of this while I watched TV.  When it was time for bed he woke up and rolled over, again wanting more of a treat.  Gave him his pill and some dry food.  He was fine!

My calendar came yesterday and I made sure I got what I ordered.  Looks very nice!  I bit the bullet yesterday afternoon and deleted my profiles and all of the dating apps on my phone.  I know that I will go back, but sometimes you need a fresh start.  A little break won’t hurt me and might just be what I need.  I really hate the quest of trying to find a man but I also know that if I don’t do my part and look, chances of him falling out of thin air and appearing in my life are slim to none. 

An uneventful evening, relaxing with the kids and watching TV.  Kicked the girls out of my room a little after 10 and Marv came in.  He stayed until 3a and then had to run.  I was by myself after that.  Strange dreams.  Woke up and here I am ready to take on yet another day of this short work week.

I noticed that the commute was a little quicker, a little less volume but not by much.  Hope for a dresser free commute home and that it will be smooth sailing.  The airlines have another name for crap in the road, they call it FOD.  It stands for Foreign Object or Debris. 

Tomorrow will be a fun, boring and interesting day all rolled into one.  The witch I work with will be off and my boss will be off as well.  So that leaves me and one other guy to hold down the fort.  It’s sort of not really worth getting out of bed and coming in but I plan on being here.  Gone are the days of closing early, which was pretty well a given on a day before a holiday.  Usually closing by 3p.  Ah, yes the gold old days.  I still have Thursday & Friday off no matter how you slice it.  While it would be nice to leave early I realize that not everyone in the world is afforded that opportunity and it was good while it lasted. 

It’s supposed to rain tomorrow and that will be my first exposure to rain in my new car.  It needs a bath so hopefully the rain will make things better.  I don’t look forward to driving in rain, only because everyone drives at the pace of a snail. 

Well on to my next conference call and then to lunch, 1/2 way through the day already.  Yahoo!

21 November 2016

Hurt–Emotionally & Physically

Yesterday I learned that tin foil aka Reynolds Wrap can slice up your fingers just like paper.  It hurts worse than a paper cut.  Just a small slice in my pinky and the blood was flowing everywhere.  Took a few minutes to stop it but now it just hurts.  I’ll live though. 

So the emotional hurt came at Cracker Barrel.  CB Boy sat me for breakfast and just asked how I was doing.  I said fine and how about you.  It’s my normal response and he said busy.  That was it, nothing further.  I didn’t really find him attractive at first but like bacteria he grew on me.  Yesterday I finally connected the puzzle pieces and he reminds me of the first guy I had sex with.  I gather by his response he is not interested.  I mean come on were all busy but if you want to see someone you can make time, be it 5 minutes or just take a minute and give them a call.  After all he was given my phone number.  It really hurts to be rejected like this, much easier if you know from the outset that the other person isn’t interested.  My plan is to stay away from the place for a while.  Absence makes the heart grow fonder but time also helps heal wounds.  So this may work in different ways for him and I.  It would be nice if he called.  I did my best work yesterday trying to find out his last name but he is like a ghost and doesn’t exist on-line from what I can tell.  Probably better that I don’t know more about him, however that just makes me want to dig deeper, but I will let it go. 

I checked out a few new dating apps and they are all pretty well a bust.  I have one that I kept but will be deleting it soon called Elite Singles.  They matched me with one person, but they blur out the photo unless you pay them money, you don’t get to see the persons face clearly.  That is underhanded.  They also matched me with someone I can’t see.  Maybe he would be visible if I paid, but were not going to find out.  This whole on-line dating thing has been nothing but a fiasco and I am thinking of just calling it a day for now and dropping off of all of the apps.  You have the holidays coming up so the college kids will be home, people will travel, etc.  I don’t want to fall in love with someone who is only here for a week or two and then has to leave.

I have done a lot of thinking and really feel an emptiness without a guy in my life.  It truly hurts and especially now that the holidays are about to start.  I’ve been widowed/single for 3 years, you’d think I would have gotten used to it by now but that is not the case.  I am used to eating frozen food but it doesn’t mean I like it.  I really want 2017 to be the year of positive change, the year where I find a man and things just click.  Mostly I want to ward off bad or negative things and only have positive things happen for an entire year.  I hope I can make that a reality but I already know that with the good comes the bad.  Roll the fact of life theme song. 

The kids are doing okay.  I have concern for Ruth and am watching her.  I think she is allergic to something or a bug got to her.  She had some sinus issues last night.  She climbed up in bed next to me while I was watching TV in my chair.  She allowed me to pet her but eventually hissed at me.  Thankfully she didn’t snap and bite me.  Marv has his stomach issues.  Momma is crabby.  Bear and Insty both want attention.  See it’s never ending, everyone wants or needs something.  I hate going to work but it’s an escape for a few hours.  I worked downstairs over the weekend for several hours with no company, that is highly unusual but I enjoyed it while it lasted. 

I grabbed a bite to eat on Saturday at home and then was going to venture out to the cat food store and then come back home and start on cleaning.  Well that didn’t happen, my friend called and asked about getting together for supper.  I had just finished what I intended to be my supper, but I didn’t turn him away.  I figured he needed to talk so we met up.  Had a lousy and very expensive meal at PF Chang’s.  He stuck me with the check, that won’t happen again were going for separate checks in the future.  He ordered high on the hog and the bulk of the bill was his.  Turns out they still don’t know what kind of cancer his wife has but they have started two types of chemo.  They have to know but must be afraid to tell them because it’s probably not good news.  Then again people are told they are dying everyday so what is so special about this.  Better to know if your not going to make it, so that you can make sure you enjoy your last days on the planet than to not know and suffer hoping you will get better only to die anyway.  She is still in the hospital and no one knows when she is coming home.  Hopefully, she can be home for Turkey Day even though she can’t eat normally.  I saw the photos of the tumors and there is no wonder why she is having problems.  I hope that something positive comes out of this.  It’s literally killing both of them – she is suffering. He is thinking about his wife passing away and can’t focus on work.  It’s a mess.  Easy to say this too shall pass but those aren’t the words you want to hear when your going through this.  I only know because I have been there. 

So it was another fast moving weekend.  I got most of the stuff done that I wanted to.  I am so looking forward to Thursday.  Traffic wasn’t horrible for a Monday but still looks like most people went to work today.  I hope that is on the decline as we progress towards Thursday.  Enjoyed my heated seat over the weekend and again today on the way in to the office, what a nice feature to have in a car.  Friday my plan is to clean the carpet at home, let’s hope that comes to pass.  Very excited to get to Thursday, it’s been an entire year and I am so ready for it again.  Thursday night and Friday will be fun to listen to the police scanner for the Black Friday Shoppers and all of the calamity that comes with that. 

No concerns from the dentist, my cleaning went well.  My gums are a little sore but that should pass.  The hygienist scraped a little too hard in one spot and it’s bothered me ever since.  Thought I was losing a filling but that is not the case, everything is intact which is good. 

Now I look forward to having time off and being able to relax and not worry about the damn phone.  It was busy on Sunday morning but thankfully calmed down.  I had to go to the grocery store twice.  The first time I sat on the parking lot and read mail – had to go home.  Then came back after I solved a problem and was not happy about it.  Got all of the shopping done and was able to stay in for the remainder of the day.  Pulled out some long sleeve shirts and got them washed, probably will make the complete conversion this weekend since I will have more time on my hands or so I hope. 

That’s all I know, except that it’s time to scarf lunch.  Hope all is well in your neck of the woods.  Take care and we shall talk again soon.

18 November 2016

Time to pay the piper

Last night I got the letter from the place that financed my car.  It was just letting me know how much I need to pay and when it’s due.  They don’t send any other reminders, your expected to be an adult and make sure your payment gets there.  Oh boy, just what I hoped they would forget to send me the bill.  I have to enter the details in my system and also register for on-line access. 

Yesterday was a bit of a challenge and I got some overtime, plus got stuck in more traffic but thankfully this mess was moving.  Took my first ever call in my new car, it was my boss.  It seems silly but you have to ask for directions to where your going in order to see live traffic updates.  I had navigation going, so the car was beeping, my radar detector was going off and I had to strain to try to hear my boss.  Thankfully it was a short conversation and he didn’t call back. 

Got home late, took care of everything and collapsed to watch TV and sit with the children.  I am convinced that Ruth has a bug on her.  I was petting her this morning and found a scab, I think it’s time for flea medicine but that means I have to trap her again or just be clever when she comes over for a pet – pet.  I don’t want this to get worse because that will require a trip to the vet and neither one of us will like that.  Funny thing is as soon as I get her out of the house and to the vet, she warms up to me like I am her best friend.  The moment we come home, her mood changes and she hates me.  I still love them all and their unique personalities. 

The back is  little sore from the massage but doesn’t hurt quite as bad as I expected.  I will get to feel the seat warmer on the way home because the temps here are dropping and it’s supposed to get cold.  I turned on the heat before I left home.  It was really warm so I didn’t take a coat or a jacket, I figured the car should have me covered, let’s hope I am right. 

Saturday will be another visit to the dentist, not looking forward to it because I would rather sleep in but I am not afraid of going like most adults.  I love the floss that is the best part for me, you could do a double if you wanted to and I wouldn’t complain.  It feels so good.  Combine that with a good shampoo and a massage and I think I would just have an orgasm because it would be sheer bliss for me.

Sunday I have to get up early because I have to do testing for work, part of my on-call duties but it pays overtime so why not do it?  I do love the money, hate working for it but then again nothing in this life comes easy. 

Not looking forward to actually working 3 days but there should be less people, more room to park, easier commutes and of course we get Thursday & Friday off.  I know that I won’t be the only one in the office but I think the work load will be less and that will make for very long days. 

Were having a pizza party this afternoon and I am eating some, figure that it will be an early supper.  Plus one less thing I have to do when I get home.  I would really like to leave early tonight.  Friday’s usually mean no traffic.  That wasn’t the case this morning two accidents on my normal route and I heard about it from home, so I planned to go a different way.  I hate the change in my routine but it’s nice to see other parts of the city that I normally don’t get to see.  Plus brings back memories when I used to work at several places downtown.  My commute was sure shorter then.

I am sure you have heard that when you drive a new car off the lot it depreciates.  I thought I would do an experiment and I ran my car through KBB dot com.  Yeah depreciate indeed.  It is worth significantly less than when I bought it but then again I didn’t pay retail.  It’s worth a couple hundred dollars less of what I actually paid, which isn’t terrible.  Hard to believe that I am going to be hitting the 1,000 mile mark tonight.  Those miles and all that time they fly by like no ones business.  Now that I have bought all of the true deals seem to be coming out of the wood work.  I’m happy with my decision and hope that whenever I am next in the market for a new vehicle that I can continue to buy up.  I’ve worked too long to settle for basic transportation, it’s good and all but the bells and whistles really are what make my car sing.  Oh and I finally got my permanent insurance card in the mail last night.  It sure took them long enough. 

There you have it, now it’s time for me to head back to the salt mine and see what kind of trouble I can find and hope that we can fast forward to the pizza party and then to me leaving for the day.  Oh I am ready to see those furry boys and girls.  My replacement man calendar should be waiting for me when I get home, I won’t hold my breath just yet.  The 2nd one came last night and it’s not bad. 

Have a nice weekend, relax and do something that you enjoy.  I know I will be doing something I enjoy that’s napping.  It’s awesome!  Look forward to talking with you again soon. 

17 November 2016

1 week away–Turkey Day

Just got a call and confirmed my reservations for next week.  So looking forward to this, but I say that every year.  I have a lot to be thankful for and maybe next year at this time I’ll have a boyfriend.  Hurry up love ferry bring me my man, I am ready. 

Speaking of men it’s that time of year when you start to place calendar orders, or at least I do.  There are a few calendars that are worth paying for.  I don’t seem to come across free calendars these days and lots of people just use their smart phone.  I like to have a place to write stuff down, so I can see it staring me in the face.  Such as the countdown to trim Ruth’s claws, which I really don’t look forward to.  Anyway I placed an order for 2 guy calendars to be clear they are naked men.  Amazon said that 1 of the calendars was delivered yesterday.  Okay so after a long day and a horrible commute home I thought I would open the package and look at some nice eye candy.  Instead I got a calendar of flowers that was ordered by Barbara someone in Ohio.  The packing slip and calendar both came to me in a package addressed to me.  Never had Amazon screw up like this.  The flowers were nice but I would have rather seen hot hunks.  I was thinking gee if she got what I ordered isn’t she going to be quite surprised and possibly offended.  What if she is an old lady and this gives her a heart attack?  I called Amazon and got everything squared away I told them if she got what I ordered she will really be surprised.  The customer service person agreed with me.  I am returning the flower calendar and they are going to send me the man calendar I ordered.  This should have pissed me off but instead I just died laughing because it was so funny. That will make for interesting conversation at the Thanksgiving table. 

The guy calendar that I ordered is supposed to be delivered today, along with a new phone holster.  I love my Mophie but there plastic holsters are junk.  I’ve gone through at least 5 of them and the last one broke earlier this week.  I have a replacement but I know that I will be headed down the same path.  So I bought something made from fabric that should be much more durable or so I hope.  If I upgrade phones then this will be useless but for the time being I hope it serves me well.  I would like to upgrade phones but it’s not that high on my list of things to do. 

I got a fraud ticket yesterday and it was involved and took up about 3 hours of my time, there was little time to eat lunch.  It was like stuff it in your mouth, chew and keep on working.  Engaged my boss for help and we pretty well covered all of the bases.  This was fraud between a vendor and an employee and didn’t involve the company but because of who the employee was we had to get involved, despite there being little we could do.  Then comes time to leave and I found myself stuck in a horrible traffic jam, wound up taking a different route to get home, meanwhile the phone is buzzing the whole way home.  I had some work to do once I got home but thankfully it was very little. 

The Cunt I work with sent me a message and saw that a couple days I was really pelted with tickets, she said that I did a good job of handling things on my own.  Aw how sweet.  Of course she has to mention how busy she was and that she was overwhelmed.  Now who’s being dramatic?  I wish she would fly to the moon and never come back.  She just grates on my last nerve.  I was thinking she claims to be a Christian but her behavior was far from Christian.

Heard from my friend, his wife is still in the hospital.  They are doing some further testing, no one seems to be able to come to a clear conclusion on what type of cancer she has and how they are going to treat it.  Meanwhile it’s running rampant in her body and is very aggressive.  It makes no sense to me as to why the doctors are dragging their feet.  The one oncologist said when you come in to my office next Friday I will have a plan of attack for you.  That was not what I expected him to tell me.  Someone needs an ass chewing and needs to get with the program, this is a persons life we are talking about and every second you delay treatment the cancer doesn’t stop, it actually gets worse.  I really think he has a malpractice case on his hands regardless if she lives or dies.  I hope there is a plan in place soon so she can at least try to beat this.  I don’t know that she is going to be successful, even though no one has said it yet from a medical point of view, I have serious doubts that she will make it through this.  At the rate things are going if they don’t do something quickly, we (my friend and I) believe that she will be dead by Christmas.  I really don’t want to console someone over the loss of their spouse, despite having been through it myself.  He is finding true to form what I found out, lots of people say they will be there for you but when your time of need comes around, they are no where to be found.  Why make an offer or commitment that you know your not going to keep, it makes no sense.  However, people do it all the time.  Say what you mean and mean what you say, a simple rule to live by.  I suppose he will catch up with me over the weekend, I don’t like to bother him but want him to know that I do truly care and am happy to help where & when I can.  I have sent several cards & notes.  I haven’t visited her since she had her initial surgery.  Right now seeing her as he describes her would be traumatic for my psychological well being.  I really hope this situation turns around for the better and that I am wrong about her not making it. 

Got a massage today and much to my surprise there were not deep knots, there still were knots but it didn’t hurt nearly as bad as it has in the past.  I hope that I will be in good shape come tomorrow morning.  Right now I feel pretty good but that is no judge of how I will feel tomorrow or even in a couple hours. 

Stopping to pick up mail tonight, then home to grab my packages and feed the children.  Have to get the trash out and prep for Friday.  Then I will finally get to eat and try to relax and sort through the mail.  I know there is medicine waiting for me, who knows what else will be there.  I just know that it wont be anything political and for that I am thankful.  I got way too much junk mail over the course of the election. 

Marv slept with me last night he stayed in the whole night and didn’t wake me up once.  I woke up but it was due to a dream and then back to sleep it was. Ruth has started to come into my room at night to be with her sister and mother.  I can get up and do whatever she is just frozen and pays me no attention unless I become a threat.  Really quite a surprise for me to see her behave this way.  She has ripped out a patch of fur on her tale and back leg.  Not sure what that is about but the rest of her fur is intact.  She is fine otherwise so no reason to panic or overreact.  I just monitor her along with everyone else.  They all know how to work me and they do a fine job of that. 

So our building at work uses a system called workspeed, it’s a common system to help manage a building.  Certain people have access and can put in work orders.  I have 2 lights above my desk that burned out.  I said something 2 days ago and they have yet to be replaced.  I think they need to rename the system to slowspeed instead of workspeed.  It’s actually dark around the corner of my cube and there have been a couple of near misses.  Hopefully they can get this taken care of soon.

Now it’s time to wrap this all up in a little bow and get back to work.  Crazy weather we are having now.  Cold yesterday.  Today is back to summertime and over the weekend the bottom is supposed to fall out and we go into the freezer but a warm up is on the way on Monday.  I hate see saw weather, just pick a temperature and stay there until it’s time to change.  Not sure if I am changing to long sleeves over the weekend or putting it off.  Never celebrated turkey day in short sleeves, that will be odd. 

Hope all is well in your world, take care and we shall talk again soon.

15 November 2016

Average Tuesday

It was quiet for a couple hours and then some work trickled in.  I took care of that and it was time to go to lunch.  After lunch it was just one thing after another and before I knew it hours had gone by.  I am glad it’s over but I still have time left to burn.  Someone brought be 1/2 of an apple pie and I wound up leaving it here overnight.  I am going to see if it’s still available to retrieve and if so, it’s coming home with me tonight. 

Got most of the bills paid last night.  I have a couple more that I am going to pay tonight, then I should be done until the end of the month hits and we get to do this again.  Such fun!

Bear was clamoring for attention last night so I picked him up and put him on the couch.  I didn’t do my traditional raspberry on his belly.  When I went to put him back on the floor I opted to do the raspberry and he just took his paw and shoved it in my face, as if to say thanks but put me down.  It made me laugh.  Marv was coughing and choking on something but he worked it out and everything went back to normal.  Watched a full episode of the Steve Harvey show, he’s doing a comedy week and yesterday was a reunion of the Kings of Comedy.  It was truly a great show. 

I get to go see what the mail person brought me.  Then to home to feed the furry needy creatures.  Then I will get to eat something frozen.  Ah sounds exciting.  I had lunch out at a Mexican place today it was okay even if I didn’t get what I ordered.  It was close and there wasn’t a lot of walking to do.  Nice outside at lunch time.  The weather people are hinting there might be snow flurries over the weekend.  I’d love it if it would snow on Thanksgiving, it’s a comfort thing for me.  One year it was really coming down and me and my guy had a hard time making it in the restaurant, but it was fun and life was some what enjoyable then.

Da bitch at work is still on her rag, she goes at it with everyone.  Not sure why she is being allowed to get away with it, even if she is using some slight tact.  It makes me uncomfortable and I really don’t want to approach her for anything.  I am hopeful that she will get back to a state of happy and normal soon.  Would love to send her a bottle of Midol but I know that wouldn’t fix the mental issues she has, still it would be fun to stir the pot. 

I’m calling that a wrap for Tuesday.  Just a few hours left and it will be time to jump in bed, sleep and get up and do it all over again on Wednesday.  Were getting closer to the weekend.  Looking forward to seeing the Dentist and hoping once again for a good report.  Off to fetch my apple pie.  

14 November 2016

Not Like I Expected

Monday is in full swing and nothing like I expected.  I figured there would be lots going on, but it’s relatively calm for the moment.  Let’s hope that I didn’t just jinx things.  It was anticipated to be bedlam in the parking garage, I even got a message that the sky was falling before I came to work.  The garage is just fine and I got a good spot.  I know everyone will be very pleased once the maintenance work is done and that can’t be soon enough for me. 

Found myself extra hungry at breakfast this morning, not sure if that is a result of the medication adjustment or not.  I brought some granola bars to work.  Got this box of fudge covered ones and I could eat the whole damn thing, they are just super delicious.  When I am bored I do one of two things … eat or sleep.  Right now the sleep part sounds good but I woke up feeling refreshed, despite having to get up early to let Marvin out. 

Last night was great sitting in the living room surrounded by the flock.  Then when I moved into my room, everyone but Bear followed.  Ruth even sat on my bed next to me.  I went to get up and everyone scattered but Ruth, she stayed put.  That is very unusual.  I looked at her and said oh did you want to sleep with daddy?  I could just hear her response, why yes daddy so when you close your eyes I can finish you off.  That question made her scurry out of the room.  It would be nice to cuddle with her but I don’t know if that will ever happen. 

I’m thinking about my friends and wondering what has been uncovered thus far, if there has been any progress at all.  I know I will be kept up to date.  I remember those horribly long days at the hospital and they go by so painfully slow.  I am hoping for some positive news. 

Next Thursday will be the day I have waited all year for.  I am so looking forward to it and can’t wait for sausage stuffing, it’s the best thing.  I know I say it every year but it’s just oh so good.  I am interested to see if my friends will let me drive them over in my new wheels or what exactly the plan will be.  I probably won’t know until next Wednesday night or early on Thursday morning. 

I did get quite a surprise this morning when I logged into check on what my check would be for tomorrow.  I saw this $200 figure and gasped, how can that be?  I know I make more than this, what happened.  Then the how am I going to make my bills part happened.  Well turns out there are actually 2 deposits.  The $200 amount minus taxes is a holiday gift.  Then I got my regular check on top of that.  Way to give someone a coronary.  Now I am pretty pleased.  Paying bills should be a breeze and I might get to chip away more credit card debt, which will be a very good thing.  I am not deep in debt but with taking on a car payment I am kind of a little freaked out.  I know it’s all going to come together in the end. 

A co-worker baked an apple pie over the weekend and brought 1/2 of it for me to eat.  I still have the Chocolate Pecan in the fridge.  I think I will be in pie heaven for a while.  I picked up peppermint flavored drumsticks yesterday, you know the ice cream treat.  Yeah, it sounded so good but I am not a peppermint fan.  Had a couple of them last night and they are okay but I am eager to get rid of them.  Wish they would come out with an egg nog flavored drumstick.  Now that would be awesome. 

Looking forward to getting home to see the kids, get out of my clothes and put in a frozen dinner.  That is more than several hours away but I know it’s coming so there is something to look forward to.  Then I will get to pay bills tonight, I don’t enjoy that but I am thankful that I have the money to be able to subsist on my own.  It makes me proud that I am taking care of myself and my furry family. 

Well I should act like I am working or something.  Got an hour to go before lunch and not sure if I will make it, might go early.  I got lunch meat and made my own sandwich but forgot to pickup cheese.  The bread is from last week and the meat is Roast Beef and Pastrami it’s on Honey Wheat with Miracle Whip.  Not piled high but it should be tasty.  Don’t ever get baked Cheetos they don’t taste very good, healthy maybe but I am in it for the taste.  Can’t wait to break into my Cool Ranch Doritos. 

Hope your week is off to a good start and that I didn’t make you too hungry.  Take care and we will talk again soon.

13 November 2016

To The Buffet

I took mister car out for a spin to the buffet.  It was a nice drive but by the time I got there I was super tired.  They didn’t have much in the way to eat that I liked.  First time in a while that happened.  I fixed one plate of food, then got my bread pudding and it was back on the road.  While it was fun to drive, kind of feels like wasted time to me.  Before I left on this journey I got the mail and my vin etching kit came.  Perfect day to leave your car out and etch the glass.  I am already getting the insurance discount for it and it’s something that I have done with all of my vehicles.  The back window keeps looking like it needs to be defrosted.  Well I solved that problem, the window was dirty on the inside.  I am no pro at cleaning windows and usually leave them full of streaks, this time was no different but at least it’s better than what it was.  Also put some protectant on the dash and shined it up, like the dealer should have done before I got it.  I am pleased with my purchase but not the delivery of the vehicle, they should have done a better job – especially when I took it back a 2nd time to give them a chance to get it right.  Right on time I got a survey about my buying experience.  I dinged them on the delivery but gave high remarks on everything else. 

It is seldom that things go off without some type of a hitch in my life, I’ve just gotten used to it, but it doesn’t mean that I enjoy it. 

Went out to breakfast at Cracker Barrel today.  I was going to stay away because of Cracker Barrel Boy, but figured don’t let that stop you.  Go, eat some good food and enjoy yourself.  I walked in and he was working the host station.  There was a couple in front of me and he tried to get a co-worker to seat them so he could seat me, but that didn’t quite work out for him.  He made eye contact with me but never said anything directly to me and I didn’t address him either.  If he is so interested in talking to me, why not pick up the phone and call me?  It doesn’t make sense to me, but I take great solace in the fact that this will all work out.  Maybe not the way I want it to but it will work out. 

I made it through another claw trimming with Ruth.  She was not a happy camper and there was no calming her down, she wanted away from me and fast.  Her claws really were not that bad, there were some sharper than others but overall I could have easily skipped another week and not been in any trouble.  Now she is next due on Christmas Eve.  Really?  You think I am going to wrestle with her on Christmas Eve?  It’s not in my top 10 list of things to do but if I am in the mood I will.

It’s odd to have Christmas on a weekend but work is giving us Friday and Monday off, which I think is fair.  However, there is no New Years holiday.  They made up for that by giving us an extra floating holiday.  I’ve already put in for Monday, might as well use that extra holiday while I have it.  I used to like to take time off in the Winter around the holidays, stay home with the family.  Now that were short by a few members, I might as well work.  I don’t really ever just take a week at anytime, I split up my days here and there.  Oil Changes and Doctor Appointments seem to occupy the majority of my time off.  It would be great to have someone to travel with, if only for 2 or 3 days – Lord knows I am long over due for a vacation.

My friend called about his wife.  They got results back and it’s not looking good.  No medical doctor has said this for certain, but he read me the radiology report over the phone and it sounds like she is full of cancer.  It’s everywhere except her kidneys and pancreases.  Her spleen had a stroke and is essentially dead, you can live with out a spleen.  That was Friday.  This is really depressing and words of encouragement suddenly escape me, I feel just as helpless as they both feel.  I got a call this afternoon, she is back in the hospital.  Sounds like she has a bowel obstruction.  They went to a different hospital this time because the majority of the docs they are working with operate there.  It also happens to be the #1 hospital in the area.  It’s where my guy went when he had anything major happen and he in fact died in that very hospital.  It sounds like they are going to open her back up and do some cleaning and removing.  She is wasting away and only 109 pounds, she can barley eat and what she does eat has to be liquid or soft.  So Jell-O, applesauce, pudding, etc.  It sounds horrible.  She is in her 60’s which is far too young to have this happen.  I believe they have gotten past the impasse in the road and now that she is in the #1 hospital, there has been a lot of complaining going on and my friends sister is an Alumni at this place, I am more than confident that the ball will be rolling full speed ahead come Monday.  I also told him that he probably at some point will want to speak with an Attorney because they likely have a medical malpractice claim on their hands.  This really ruins Thanksgiving not only for them but for me because I know they are hurting and worried.  I don’t think any of my friends should have to suffer.  If it works out to where she is in the hospital, I will ask him to join us the reservation can always be modified to add an extra person. 

I am about to enter another week of on-call.  Just so happens there is a full moon, which explains why lots of strange stuff has happened.  Things always come out of the wood work on a full moon, don’t know why but I really don’t want to be on-call when they occur.  I have no choice in the matter and just have to hope & pray for the best.  We had some maintenance done this weekend and one of our firewalls is out of commission, so I can pretty well guess that the next day or two will be devoted around meetings to configure a replacement and get the old one returned.  The cunt is the lead on this since it’s in her office, I think she forgot to plug the power cable back into the outlet and that the unit is still functional.  She feeds on drama so why not create some, no one will be the wiser.  She is now arguing with another co-worker by email, why she is allowed to get away with this type of behavior is beyond my understanding.  I think she has done a great job at pulling the wool over our bosses eyes and buttering him up, she takes advantage of him and has a heavy influence on the outcome of situations that she should have nothing to do with.  I’ll just be glad when she finally hangs herself.  I don’t mean that in a physical sense but rather a literal sense.  If you give a person enough rope they will eventually hang themselves. 

There you have it.  I need to take care of some other business, do some more research on my car and how to take advantage of all of the features – then it will be time to sit down and watch this weeks episode of Shameless.  Looking forward to that.  I increased my diabetes meds, purposefully ate a high sugar breakfast to challenge the meds and this afternoon, no nap and a blood sugar reading of 96.  That’s damn good, especially for me.  I am happy with 100 – 110 but the doc likes it closer to 100 but not below 90. 

I hope this is an awesome week for everyone and that something good happens to all of us.  Like winning the lottery, getting a free lunch, receiving a compliment … anything positive.  Stay warm, be well and we will talk again soon!  Cheers.

10 November 2016

Last night

I was able to decompress and got a decent nights sleep.  We are experiencing fluctuation in temperatures and when that happens my bodies reaction is to get sick.  I really thought that I would feel horrible when I woke up.  I feel fine.  I had even turned the heat up a little bit.  My problem is that when I am exposed to too much cold that is what triggers everything.  Plus they just cleaned the office and that too triggers things.  I didn’t let them clean my area last year and I was fine.  This year I made the mistake of thinking they had been by on the weekend and they hadn’t.  What fun it was to come to work and have to put my desk back together.

So there really wasn’t a whole lot recorded that interested me but I found a couple episodes of untold stories of the ER.  It was odd a lady had a procedure to treat hemorrhoids, a doctor injected a drug that causes the blood vessels to constrict, well apparently he had air in the syringe.  Nitrogen bubbles built up in this ladies brain stem and in the Basler artery, she had a stroke as a result of this.  This is the same artery that blocked my late partners brain.  I learned a little more about the brain stem and the function of this artery.  I am sure the doctors probably told me back them but I filtered all of that out and was hyper focused on him.  Anyway, they used a decompression chamber to dissolve the bubbles and presto changeo the lady went back to normal.  There was very little residual left from the stroke, you had to look hard in order to find it.  Of course now I wonder what if they would have put him in a hyperbaric chamber.  I know that this was simply his time and not a case of malpractice or human error.  They really did all they could for him, the proof is in his medical records.  Still I miss him and to this very day think of him often.  Naturally I had a dream about him, makes me wish I could dream all the time so he would still be alive. 

Now that I am done depressing you, let me try to cheer you up.  Since I was upstairs last night and didn’t work on the computer, I had to go down eventually to start litter box duty.  I was down there making noise and didn’t see anyone.  However, Ruth was down there she was back in my office.  She comes around the corner and just looked at me as if to say could you make anymore noise?  I was sleeping, what the hell are you doing down here.  It was funny and I got a good laugh.  Of course she made her way upstairs around me and then I had to give her attention. 

I think I’ve solved the Marvin mystery of why he has diarrhea.  His body is reacting to Bear’s dry food that he gobbles on.  As a result he has diarrhea.  Bear’s system has become used to it for the most part but there are times when even he has the same problem.  Marv is still eating wet food and drinking so hopefully he will be okay.  This just came to me last night, kind of odd that I didn’t think of it before now.  Marv also slept with me until about 1am when he started crying, woke me up and I had to let him out.  Then back to bed and then it seems like I just fell asleep and it was time to wake up. 

Driving my new rolling computer some jackass went to change lanes this morning and almost side swiped me.  I became a horny driver.  I don’t think he understood but you have to look before you move your vehicle, I could have easily let him hit me cause an accident, potentially be injured and then rake in the money.  However, it was far easier to tap the breaks, hit the horn and avoid the whole damn thing – but it was super close.  I really don’t want to wreck in my new car.  It’s a fear that I have and while it’s small when I am behind the wheel it seems like I am driving a boat.  Still like what I bought but need to continue to learn more about it.  Figured out that with remote start, once you get in you have to put your foot on the brake and then press the start/stop button and the car will allow you to drive away.  Otherwise the gearshift is locked and the car will shutoff after 15 minutes.  The gas gauge is moving towards empty, just like my old car would this time of the week.  I’ve just done back and forth to work as well as 1 stop at the post office.  I know I have enough fuel to last the rest of the week and probably into part of the weekend.  Absolutely love heated seats, they are a great invention.  I tried out the heated steering wheel, it will come in handy when the cold weather finally sticks around for more than a morning or evening. 

Grass man cut the lawn and we worked out a plan.  Since we had a slight frost last night I will be sending him his last check and then saying lets call it done for this year.  Start up next year and hope that he has his act together by then, if not then it will be time to move on.  Speaking of which it’s just about time for me to get back to work.  Hard to believe that as of tomorrow I will have owned a new car for a week.  Seams so surreal. 

Take care and I hope all is well in your world. 

09 November 2016

Stunned with the rest of the world

I tried to stay up to watch the results and get to learn who would be our next President.  I am glad that I made the decision to call it a night and go to bed.  I was in disbelief when I heard the announcement this morning that Mr. Trump is going to be our next President.  I’ve said it all along but now it’s true … If Trump becomes President were all fucked.  Fucked we are.  Sure I will give him the benefit of the doubt but based on past behavior I think this is the wrong person to be in charge of this country, let alone our bombs.  I hope that he proves me wrong, I actually pray that he proves me wrong and turns out to be a great President.  However, today I wish I were Canadian.  I hear they have a very neat immigration system, so long as you can survive the snow it’s a great place to live is what I am told. 

So I was browsing social media and wow there are only like 1 or 2 people that are happy with the results.  I learned that something like 47% of Americans didn’t vote.  Wow this was very important, were talking about all of our futures and you chose to stay home or do something else and not exercise your constitutional right.  I get it that some people were incapacitated or maybe incarcerated and for those people they have valid excuses.  For the rest of the 47% there is no acceptable excuse, you failed us.

I was reading a friends post about how he and his partner, now fiancĂ© are going to close on a house this week.  How they are planning a wedding and even planning on adopting kids.  It all sounds great but his fiancĂ© has a union job so the fact they are gay and he has a union job, they are genuinely concerned about their future and wondering if they should make a 30 year commitment on a mortgage.  That got me to thinking hey maybe this could affect me with health insurance and the nice discount I get on a new vehicle.  If the laws are repealed and gay marriage is invalidated that would have a ripple effect that would seriously negatively impact lots of people.  All because they are attracted to the same sex instead of the opposite sex.  It’s been said before and is a proven fact that no one choses their sexual orientation.  That is only one component of a persons life just like if your black, white, Asian, American, Mexican, male, female, trans, etc. you have no control over those factors either.

The stock market has also been impacted by the election.  Let’s hope were not headed for the next wave of the Great Depression and that the economy stays level at best.  God please help us, because we really need it now.  While I am not happy with the results, they are what they are and we have to accept it.  A lot of people were upset when Obama was elected and you can’t please all of the people all of the time.  May we feel God’s hand in the United States of America.

Now that is over with, my evening was crappy because I chose to take a call from a co-worker and all she did was piss and moan about how things aren’t fair at work and that she wants out of this place, blah, blah, blah.  I like her but all of this negativity has to go away.  Plus sometimes you have to just let things happen instead of trying to prevent them from happening.  Some people live their entire lives in reactive mode and are never proactive.  There isn’t anything that can be done to change that.  She yammered on for 2 hours and there went the evening.  Holy cow it’s time to get ready for bed. 

Tonight I am going for a relaxing experience, just lounging on the couch and paying attention to the children while watching TV and trying to decompress from today.  Then I will go to bed and wake (hopefully) to face a brand new day. 

Speaking of new, still adjusting to the car.  Trying to turn on the rear defroster while driving can be dangerous.  Everything in this car is foreign to me and I am not accustom to the layout, getting there but not there yet.  I found out last night that automatic headlights, will turn on the high beam (aka brights) when it thinks lighting is too low.  That was a surprise to me and I don’t know yet if I am a fan of automatic headlights, the only thing I know is it’s one less thing I have to remember to do before I get out of the car.

So now it’s time to wrap this up and go back to the salt mine.  Meetings this afternoon and I am sleepy.  Must have nap, very important. Nope back to it.  

08 November 2016

Election Day

Ah the day has finally come – no more junk mail, no more political ads we can just get on with our lives.  I am interested as anyone to find out who wins.  I don’t think I will know for certain until tomorrow morning, that is unless something happens before I go to bed.  Each day now means we are one day closer to Thanksgiving and I do look forward to that. 

Last night was the first time of driving home from work in the dark.  It’s wasn’t horrible but you could tell not everyone was adjusted.  It didn’t help there was a line getting out the garage at work because of construction.  I really want that to be done they have shuffled everyone around and areas that are normally not crowded are now.  I am so thankful for a backup camera, that little invention comes in quite handy.  I am still getting used to it but it has saved me twice already.  My dick head neighbor has started parking their abandoned car in an area that is very close to my driveway, as if they are daring me to hit it.  Little do they know I am rearranging the garage this weekend and I will be backing in, so there won’t be any concerns.  I wish they would get rid of that POS, they certainly don’t need it.

The new lawn guy sent me an invoice for 2 cuttings but they only cut once.  I have already reached out and as per usual no return phone call or email, so looks like I will have to track this guy down.  I’ll give him a couple days.  When I pay him I will be sure to let him know that this type of behavior can’t continue when we resume next year.  If it does then he will be fired.  I am patient but only to a point and see no need to continue to reward bad behavior.

The charges from the Kiosks posted today and with one phone call I disputed all of them.  I am fairly certain that the post office will require me to return to each post office in order to obtain a refund.  I purposefully mailed my letter with a new tracking number so there wouldn’t be any doubt that their machines failed me. 

Last night I was working along on my home pc when I got a text message.  It was from the cunt at work who said that she would never text me again.  She wanted me to know that she has a new cell phone.  Then she turned around and sent an email to the entire team to notify them.  I didn’t respond to either notification.  Primarily I wanted to be an ass but neither really required or requested a response.  I think she thinks we are back to normal and she can just do whatever she wants.  Not gonna happen, I am threw with her.  The only reason we are still speaking is because my job requires me to, otherwise I wouldn’t give her the time of day. 

I found a small present in my room, not sure if Marv is back to normal.  He was behaving like his normal goofy self last night.  I am continuing to monitor him and everyone is getting probiotics on their food.  Ruth was puking last night.  That is never a good thing but she has her spells and then things are back to normal just about the time you think you need to take her in.  I am watching all of them and I worry about how much time I get to spend with each of them.  We have all been mad at each other but were a family and the love flows both ways. 

I came back from lunch a little early so I am making up for that now.  It’s been an intense day of tail chasing, trying to prove or disprove something.  Plus we had our second fire drill so my legs are going to be killing me later tonight and for the next few days.  I will be getting the massager out tonight in hopes that I can thwart the pain.  Looking forward to canned Chili, some Cheese Queso and Tortilla chips for supper.  Sounds like a meal fit for a king.  Here king come here boy. :-)  Seriously I am having this and a piece of Chocolate Pecan Pie from Cracker Barrel.  I brought home a whole pie on Sunday.  I didn’t do it last year but have in years past and it was by accident that I discovered the Chocolate Pecan and now I don’t want to go back to plain Pecan pie.  Oh if your wondering no word from Cracker Barrel Boy, given how much time has passed I don’t expect him to reach out – but I have been wrong before and I know I will be wrong again. 

There you have it my update for today.  Hope all is well in your world.  Take care. Oh and yes I did say pie!

06 November 2016

BIG news

Friday I took a 1/2 day off.  I traded in the truck and my car for a new Focus.  This will be my 3rd Focus since they came out.  I have had great luck (minus the a/c blowing up) with them.  I got the Titanium model with a 2.0 L Turbo Charged Engine.  Gets 38mpg Highway.  Plus it takes Flex Fuel so I can put in E85 or Unleaded (87 octane), it’s not recommended that you constantly change.  Pick one type of fuel and stick with it.  Here’s the best part, run synthetic oil and your oil won’t need to be changed for 7,500 to 10,000 miles.  The car is super smart and it will tell you when you need maintenance.  I really wanted blue but they had a crappy shade of blue and that car didn’t have all of the features that I wanted.  So I opted to buy my first ever black car.  I hear they really hold the heat in the summer and they are a bitch to keep clean.  Well I guess I get to see that for myself first hand.  The most difficult thing is getting used to the fact there is no key.  You carry a fob with you and as long as the car sees the fob, you put your foot on the brake and press the start button.  This is truly a high end vehicle and is really decked out.  I am very proud and pleased with my purchase.  I got an extended warranty and got credit for my old warranty, so that helped.  Factor in rebates and my discount, I feel like I stole the car from them.  Financed for 77 months and payments are around $280.  First payment is due the middle of next month.  Begrudgingly I went with the last place I financed with only because there was a special rate and they also offered me a discount.  I could have gone with Capital One and gotten 2.49% but that would have only been for 72 months and that means higher payments.  I also could have gone with FMCC for 0 percent but again the term would have been 60 months and the payment would have been even higher.  So I think I made the right move, I can always pay extra and pay it off early.  As if that is going to happen. 

It was 6:30p before I got home on Friday night.  I was really zapped from having to clean out two cars, spend time waiting, signing all of the documents and then getting educated on how to use my new rolling computer. 

Saturday I had to go back to the dealer, I forgot to give them a remote.  They had a license plate for me so it worked out well.  On the way there the tire pressure monitoring system threw a warning. So I had them air up the tires and that fixed the problem.  They were like 1 pound off – colder weather makes the TPMS sensitive.  Summer you won’t have any issues at all. 

The other news is the guy at Cracker Barrel.  I went there yesterday but he wasn’t working so I came back today knowing that I would see him for sure.  He popped up out of no where and chatted me up.  I was nervous but the time was finally right and I asked him out.  He said yes but then said that he works all the time.  There was no effort on his part to exchange numbers.  My table was ready so I had my food.  On the way out I gave him a piece of paper with my phone number on it.  I said hey call me sometime if you want to get together.  I got an alright out of him.  Somehow I don’t think this one is going to come to fruition but then again it might.  I won’t be eating there next weekend but will do so the following week.  Need to give him some space and don’t want to freak him out.  So I am in wait and see mode, which I hate.  He’s really cute and I hope that he calls, but I won’t hold my breath.

Welcome to time change weekend.  I had no nap today, Gator had me up at 7 and I have been going since then.  Went to 3 post offices to use a kiosk to mail another certified letter.  All 3 of them took my money but failed to issue postage.  I was livid to say the least.  I have to wait for the charges to appear on my credit card and then will file disputes against all 3.  I sent letters to the respective postmasters and to consumer affairs in the hopes they will willingly fork over my money and not require me to visit each post office in person.  They have wasted enough of my time, gasoline and not to mention my patience.  I really like the kiosk but when they don’t issue postage and take your money that makes me want to smash the shit out of the machine.  I saved 1 other person from giving the machine money, shame I wish they were in line ahead of me then they could have saved me.  Now I have to take the letter to work and have them mail it and then the postage will be deducted from my check.  I hate that but it’s either that or take another 1/2 day to mail a letter.  That would not be a wise use of my time.

Cat update.  I’ve got a sick Marvin.  He’s got diarrhea and has had it for a few days.  I gave him pills to help stop that.  I also managed to get him to sit still and gave him some fluids.  I am a regular Dr. Doolittle.  I have to keep my eye on him.  I’d like to fix this myself and not engage the vet but at the same time I won’t play with this either.  He has lost weight and I am worried about him.  I’m pretty sure he is a diabetic with the amount of water he drinks.  If I am right I can’t afford insulin unless it’s super cheap and really don’t want to chase him down to give him a shot everyday.  I do well giving him pills and that is a struggle.  You think he took it and then in an hour you will find it on the floor.  He is truly the master of disguise. 

I am late to Shameless.  Going to have a slice of Chocolate Pecan Pie from Cracker Barrel and watch the show.  Then it will be time for bed and tomorrow will be here in a hurry.  I don’t really want to go back to work, I just want to go drive forever.  Really in love with my purchase and I would have never gotten the deal I did w/o help from my late partner.  His vehicle in trade along with the discount I got really helped.  I feel like he is still with me.  I walked in to Outback Steakhouse yesterday and there wasn’t anyone behind me.  The lady said oh party of 2.  I looked around and said, no party of 1.  That was eerie and odd.

Have a great week ahead.  I hope everyone votes on Tuesday and will be so thankful that the election is done, the commercials will stop, the junk mail will stop and hopefully the right person wins.  Tuesday’s decision will forever change and shape the future of the US.  Let’s hope for the best and pray we don’t have to even think about the worst.  Cheers!

02 November 2016


It’s been crazy but I am still going.  Cunty McCunterson as I refer to her now, decided to respond to my email and flip things around, she told me to stop with the dramatic emails, texts and phone calls.  Funny thing is I’ve never been dramatic with her, looking through our text history was a sobering reminder that once again I was right and she was wrong.  However, I decided to not respond to her email and instead engaged the boss.  He talked to her.  We are both doing our jobs and only interact with the other when we have to.  I honestly think that she is bi-polar and needs to be on medicine.  I talked to a couple random co-workers of hers and they too agree.  She swings from one end of the spectrum to the other.  It’s clear that I am on her naughty list and while that is fine by me, I can’t wait until Christmas.  She always sends cookies, this year I am sending them back to her with a note, I only accept gifts from friends please don’t send me anything ever again.  I think that will make her feel like she had made me feel, plus it will ring home the point that she fucked with the wrong person. 

Work has not been the same since last week, it’s been super busy in trying to catch up.  Cunty found a bunch of errors and like the bitch she is, she just had to report them to the boss to show that I am not perfect.  Hey this is my first big gaggle of people to get out of the system and while I was far from perfect, I have been told that I did an excellent job.  I myself wouldn’t call it excellent, I would call it average.  It was a lot of pressure and required extreme focus, the day started and I would blink and the day would be done. 

So here we are at the middle of the week.  I am so numb.  Didn’t help that we had a fire drill this week.  My legs are killing me from doing the stairs.  Hopefully that will subside soon because it really hurts, even to sit still which is something that I almost never do.  Wiggle here and wiggle there I am that body in motion that stays in motion, even in my sleep. 

My friend called on Monday and said that his wife was back in the hospital and she had a hernia and likely another abscess.  She was looking at surgery which would set things back.  I got a call yesterday and the doctor came in and took another look and pressed on her stomach – no hernia but there was an abscess.  It hurt but when he was done she felt so much better.  Sounds like she will be coming home today.  Then I found out that they didn’t get a large enough tissue sample from her stomach so they need more.  They say that there is something bad going on but they can’t be 100% that it’s cancer w/o taking another sample.  What a bunch of crap.  It’s like the light switch it’s on or off, there is no in-between.   They have to know what she has but I think they want to double confirm it before they disclose the final results.  It sounds really bad to me, I am hoping for the best but prepared to hear the worse. 

The car dealer just called, there are new rebates out and they can save me a ton of money like $40 per month.  It makes it more attractive and I want to give in so bad.  We will just have to see how strong my will power is, I may just give in.  I deserve it but at the same time I am afraid of financial commitment of any kind, shape, size or length. 

The kids are all doing well (knock wood).  They want attention from me and no matter how much I give they always want more.  It’s the same thing with food.  There are limits and I believe they know that there is tension in my life right now.  I appreciate each one of them and realize that today could be our last day together – because tomorrow isn’t promised to anyone.  Appreciate what you have today because it could easily all be gone tomorrow. 

Now it’s back to work got some actual work to do, need to watch a webinar and do some reading.  Then a meeting this afternoon and a couple hours after that it will be once again time to travel the road to get home to see the furry creatures. 

Hope all is going well in your world.  Take care.