03 June 2013


We had storms over the weekend and it damaged a computer, not to mention causing chaos as well.  I had a very full plate this morning.  It all started with an early morning message and it’s been down hill from there. 

I have built a replacement machine in like an hour, a new record for me.  I am taking it out to be setup and leaving here in a bit.  It will probably be every bit of 3pm when I get to where I am going and by the time I leave I suspect it will be 4ish but maybe I will get lucky and get to leave early.  In any case I have serious plans to arrive home early.  That will make me happy.

Now just as long as there is no fresh hell waiting for me in the mail that will be a good thing. 

I’ve got to do some more work on the phones.  As I mentioned we had 2 lines and I turned my guys line off.  Well now it’s lit up like he is on the phone.  I find that very annoying so I have to figure out where the cross up is to eliminate the static and maybe just maybe I will feel like doing that tonight.  It’s either work on it or just go buy new phones and I honestly don’t want to spend the money.  I have been telephone poor for years.

Priced out the equipment I am taking, if I sell everything, I should be able to clear $2,500.  That is most of the equipment he had.  There are a couple other things that I am holding back and not quite ready to part with yet.  Eventually, I will and that will net me more money.  I also plan on checking out eBay to see about selling some stuff.  Everyone says use craigslist but I am just not a fan of the big cl.  Might use it for his power chair, not sure yet. 

All is otherwise calm at the moment.  I still am surrounded by boxes full of equipment.  I can’t wait until I start getting them setup and shipped out.  Everyone will be happier but most of all me.  Because I will get my space back.  I should form them in  a maze so it’s impossible to get to me and impossible to tell if I am in here or not.  However, I’d probably be the one who broke something so better off not doing that.

I really miss my guy, more so from this past weekend than anything.  I walk in his bedroom and talk to him like he is still laying there and can here me.  I don’t think he can but it helps me to talk to him.  I am so ready for the void in my life to be filled.  The pain will ease over time but the void is the worst.  I don’t want to go looking for another man because I am not ready for that yet.  I am just getting used to living by myself.  I wouldn’t mind someone to hook up with but that is about it.  Honestly a man would cause too much trouble in my life right now and I am in no position to deal with any more stress or the potential of a loss or breakup.  So better off to wait until the time is right and then try it. 

This equipment sale is probably going to kill me.  I have to get up early at 0 dark thirty on Sunday and be there by 6:30am.  Are you kidding me?  The whole thing will be done by 12 noon but still, I will be ready for a serious nap.  Plus I will try to wrap as much into Friday night and Saturday as possible so there isn’t that much if anything left to do on Sunday because I expect to be spent. 

Well time to get moving here, the sooner I leave the sooner I will get there and get home to call Monday history.  I’m so lonely and depressed.  The thing I miss the most is being able to say I love you and hugging, not to mention his cooking.  Talk with you peeps later.

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Jude said...

My heart goes out to you, I know how much you miss him. (((hugs)))