30 November 2013

Horny Holiday Time

When I think of my blog and Christmas the Santa Spanking photo comes to mind….

tommy anders spank

For you guys the naked guy is Tommy Anders who was a porn star for Helix Studios.  This photo or something from this series has been a staple of my blog at Christmas time for quite sometime.  This year however, I am doing things differently.

You see an Abercrombie model at the top of the page.  It’s years old and something that I wanted to use for a while.  I always forgot about it.  Tonight when I went looking for Tommy’s photo I found it.  I figured why not be different.

I had a couple holiday backgrounds that I wanted to use but couldn’t find on my machine.  My mind these days is like scrambled eggs.  I’m sure they are here but I don’t remember what they are called.  So I relied on my friend Google.  He didn’t disappoint I got the background you see from Deviant Art.  A gay Christmas Tree!

I did manage to locate a different background at first but it just wouldn’t work for my site.  However, I want to show you so you can at least appreciate it.


Very colorful like a peacock, just a shame it wouldn’t work for me.  There are so many images both X and G rated that I had to pick from but I think my choices are pretty good, I am content with them at least for now.  I hope you like them too.

The ‘Holidays’ aren’t exactly going to be the same for me but I am sure I will manage to make it through them..  That doesn’t mean I will be happy all the time and it doesn’t mean I won’t cry but it does mean that my life will continue in a forward direction. It won’t be easy but we will get there!

Today …. I got up early, fed the children, made plain oatmeal put way too much cinnamon on it, threw it out and started over with plain oatmeal and used cinnamon – sugar and that went down quite well.  I called a friend to wish her a Happy Birthday and then watched TV.  I fell back asleep and took a nice nap with momma in my bed.  If I wasn’t asleep I would have sworn I had a stroke.  I was 1/2 awake and when I fell asleep my arm was around momma.  I woke up to turn over and my arm wouldn’t do anything that I wanted it to.  It kept hitting me in the face and my fingers felt funny.  I eventually got situated and fell back asleep.  When I woke up it was 1pm and my arm was doing fine. 

I jumped in the shower and threw on some clothes (well I dried off first).  Then off to the pharmacy to pick up Momma’s medicine.  The cute guys were off today – note to self never go pick up medicine on a Saturday no cute guys working.  Then it was off to the Post Office where medicine and bills awaited me.  From there it was off to Cat Food and then finally home sweet home.  I put away the cat food, fed the beggars lunch.

Then I left in the truck and went to the pizza place.  Got a nice Chicago Pie with Sausage, Pepperoni and I threw in onion for the hell of it.  Shouldn’t have added the onion the taste is all off.  Anyway I didn’t stuff my self I came home with 5 pieces so there is another meal or two, depending upon how hungry I am. 

I did some basement cleaning, but nothing like I wanted to.  My heart wasn’t in to it.  However, the trash guy won’t be too happy with me.  Just wait some day I will be cleaning out the deep freeze and man that day will truly suck for him.  I’m waiting for colder weather.  I can keep the stuff in the garage w/o it spoiling because it will already be cold.  Then lug it out to the street and when he shows up that is when he will be mad.

I watched some TV with Big Boy and trimmed his claws as well as petted him.  He loves the attention.  He has turned into quite the picky eater.  I also realized that with my time off I haven’t been consistent with his medicine and that means he is going to have some stomach issues.  Poor guy.  Ah well I will remember it’s all my fault when I am cleaning up the mess.  If it wasn’t for remembering that I would have cleaned the carpets.

I got an e-mail offer to come back to Men.com a porn site.  They made it really attractive offer and well I dropped a few dollars.  I am back for 3 months and then I am gone.  I’ve been thinking about Tyler Sweet and Johnny Rapid so this will help ease my cravings for them.

Speaking of cravings I sure could go for some White Castle.  I’d say perhaps tomorrow but nah, I will be eating here.  Like it or not.  Saving the pennies is what it is all about.

I will get paid again this week and my check is already spoken for if I schedule my car payment from this check.  Thankfully we have another pay day later in the month, so I will schedule it but it will come out of the next check.  I get to pay off my credit card like I plan on every month.  No need to go into debt if I don’t have to.

I logged into the Gay Dating site I joined and made sure to cancel my membership.  It was cheap but I am not getting any hits, no date is coming from an on-line site for me – at least that is my opinion.  Now I am sure if I just wanted to hook up for sex well maybe I could find someone.  Not exactly sure where to begin looking for Mr. Right.  I don’t want to go to a bar or a club.  Everyone wants someone who is good looking but it’s what is on the inside that counts and I don’t mean in his pants.  I just want that good guy and if he looks good well that would be an added plus for me.  Maybe I am meant to be single for a while.  Lord knows the children keep me pretty busy. 

I am loving lounging around in my sweats, they are so comfy I forgot all about them.  I am changing up my bed clothes to something different.  Heavier comforter for Winter.  I would like the bring the electric blanket up but I know it would make it far too hot for me.  I can’t sleep if it is hot – no matter if it’s winter or summer.

Tomorrow is Sad Sunday when reality sets in that I have to go back to work on Monday.  The kids won’t know what to do and I wonder if I can make it through an entire day without a nap.  I did it before but the bigger question is can I do it again? 

I have to go back to the grocery store tomorrow, which won’t be any fun for me or my wallet.  However, I hope to wind up with something good.  I thought about trying my hand at making chili but I am not quite sure about it just yet.  Thinking that maybe it’s better to hit up Bob Evans and get a quart or two for $5.  I can make my own cheeseburger to go with that w/o any problems!

Not sure if I mentioned it but my brother got a job.  He started this past Monday.  He said it’s a job.  Doesn’t exactly sound like he is thrilled but perhaps his tune will change when he gets his first check.  Money has a way of creating motivation or at least it does for me. 

Can’t believe that in 15 minutes it will be December 1 already.  Feels so strange to be all alone this time of year.  I am thankful for what I have but wish I could have so much more. 

Oh since you managed to read this far, the big news is I found out tonight that I wont the lottery.  Yes it’s a very small amount a whopping three dollars.  However it’s better than nothing.  I can turn around and buy another ticket, maybe lady luck will stick with me and I can win the jackpot.  That sure would be nice.  I wouldn’t mind splitting or having to share it with another winner  - I would like enough to retire but I will gladly settle for enough to keep me comfortable for many years to come.  I guess we shall see what the God’s have in store for me. 

The kids want to go to bed and I really want to stay up but my eye sight is starting to diminish which is a nice way of my body telling me you need to go to bed. 

Before I go just want to list a couple more accomplishments that I made today.  I found a serial cable for my TiVo and my cable box supports it so I hooked it up and it works great, until you put in a high channel number like 181.  Then it just starts jumping channels and won’t stop.  Glad I found that out in advance.  I switched back to the blasted IR Blaster, which more often than not doesn’t tell the box to change to the right channel and I don’t get all of the programs I want to watch. 

I reclaimed my dresser by putting away all of the junk that was piled upon top of it.  I also moved a snow globe that was given to my partner to a bookshelf.  Since Blu has taken to knocking things off I wouldn’t want him to break the globe, it’s not something that can be replaced.  It is one of a kind. 

Okay so I am wrapping it up.  Happy Holidays! Off to get some beauty sleep, I hear I really need it.  Then we can enter Sad Sunday together.  Perhaps I will accomplish more tomorrow or perhaps it will just be one last chance to lounge and nap.  Time will tell.  Talk with you peeps later!

29 November 2013

The Day After

No Black Friday shopping for me.  I stayed home and enjoyed the fuzzies and had left overs for lunch and supper. 

Thanksgiving it’s self was okay.  It felt rather odd not having my partner there with us.  I didn’t get as much stuffing as I wanted.  I deprived myself of breakfast in order to have plenty of room.  However, we were surrounded by food.  We accidentally got  an extra dish of pasta which helped out a lot.  My friends thanked me for putting this together and they paid the bill.  I totally didn’t expect that but it sure was a nice gift. 

I did go cyber shopping.  I had purchased them a Roku box the evening before.  I got an e-mail and they are 20% off but it was for a couple days and then it’s done.  I bought 2 with the intent of putting one in the living room and giving the other as a gift.  It’s not what they want for Christmas but I think they will enjoy it.  Especially if they add Netflix or Hulu Plus then your pretty well set.  Even w/o a subscription based service there is Crackle and they have some good stuff but you have to put up with advertisement. 

Work did let us go early and I came home and took a nap.  I got my Bluetooth speaker and well it’s not portable unless you have AC to power it.  No wonder it was so cheap.  It sounds great but I just can’t use it in the truck.  I will have to look into something that is portable with a battery in it.

Speaking of which I have tons of batteries here.  I found even more when I went cleaning my guys office.  I managed to get most of the stuff off of the floor.  There were just piles of crap.  Now I have to clean off his desk and the small pile in front of the closet and then we are done.  Right now I am pretty wore out. 

I love to clean on my days off especially this time of the year.  It is normal for me to go crazy and want to boil, sterilize and beautify the house today was focused on his office.  I wanted to get to the basement but the office was a full days worth of work just to get where I am at and I am still NOT done.  There was plenty of trash and I found all of his missing tools.  They were in boxes or buried under the piles. 

I found a box of photos today and had to go through them.  Wow I was so much younger and it was a trip down memory lane.  Then I caught myself and said boy we sure did have fun.  Yeah we really did.  There were several trips in there mostly of Branson, MO and a few photos of Oklahoma.  We stopped at the world’s Largest McDonald’s.  I had forgotten all about that.  When I was younger and didn’t have a care in the world he would take time off and we would go driving cross country.  It was fun.  There was the boring drive but after that got out of the way we had shows to visit, places to see during the day, food to eat.  We had our share of bedtime fun as well but mostly we were worn out and just wanted to rest for the next day.  I remember he wanted to go to sleep early so he could get up early and I didn’t want to rise before noon.  That didn’t work real well and he had to yell a lot to get me going but we worked it out.  Ah to have those days back again that would be fun. 

He sure had a lot of crap.  The one thing I am certain of is once it’s cleaned up no one will be here to mess it up, except me.  I honestly don’t know what I want to do with the room.  His computer, printer and other office items.  Right now I want to keep them as is but perhaps eventually I will want to sell them.  No need to rush into a decision I’ve got all the time in the world.  Unless I don’t get to keep the place.  In which case I will have to find storage for all of this crap and that could be a challenge.  Deciding what to keep and what to leave behind. 

I sure do miss him, life would be a lot easier if he were here.  Who knows we could perhaps add my name to the mortgage and that would make things easier.  I could be saving some serious money!  Ah well, no sense in living in what if land.  I have to move forward.  Doesn’t mean I can’t think about him though.  Next month with Christmas and our Anniversary as well as January and starting a New Year w/o him that will all feel odd.  I really was looking forward to marking our 1 year anniversary together as a “legal” couple in the eyes of State law.  We were a couple for over 20 years, which is a long damn time.  That’s the part that most people miss.  They think we were together for a short time – not so.  I like having a constant in my life – developing a routine.  Now I am starting all over and it’s simply not fun.

Tomorrow I have to venture out and get cat food, mail and maybe cat litter.  I want to go for pie because I can get a free slice but that is a far drive for a meal and a slice of pie. Something about getting away and being free is what appeals to me.  It’s just me and my music that’s it.  No one to bother me, phones are on but remain silent w/ nothing earth shattering other than a spam e-mail now and then.  I want to drive around the city and check into a motel – spend the night and then drive back the next day.  The kids would be fine but my wallet wouldn’t be.  So that is why I drive up and back.  It’s fun going up and sad coming back.  Sort of like fun starting a long holiday weekend but sad come Sunday afternoon when you realize Monday is around the corner. 

Right now I’ve got 2 days ahead of me so I plan on enjoying them and trying to get the most out of them.  Even if that means taking a couple naps along the way.  There is plenty for me to do right here at home and that way I can take my focus off of money and just work to make things better for me.  Tackling the basement will be quite the challenge and I honestly want to start but just don’t know where to begin.  So much crap!

Well for now it’s time to take the kids their blanket from the dryer and cover the couch.  Then I plan on getting ready for bed.  Watching TV until I fall asleep and when I get up I will start my Saturday.  Momma is pacing waiting for me to get away from the box and pay attention to her. 

Off I go.  Talk with you peeps later.

27 November 2013

Here We Go Again

The attorney that I asked to work with the mortgage company got back to me and said that I do qualify for a payment modification.  I just have to complete paperwork that I have completed twice already.  I suppose 3rd time is the charm.  They are willing to work with me, blah, blah.  I’ve heard it all before but I don’t believe a damn word of it until I see different results. 

The attorney wants me to complete the paperwork and send it to the lender.  I told her that I would be completing it and sending it to her to forward on to the lender.  As the lender tends to misplace and lose things I feel it’s better to work through a 3rd party. 

I do NOT have my hopes up that this time will be different.  I have pretty well resigned myself to the fact that I will stay in the house and continue to make the payments for the foreseeable future.  Not what I wanted to do but it looks like it’s the only option at this point.  Perhaps the bank will finally work with me.

I really felt horrible by the time I got home.  My head was spinning my neck hurt and it was obvious to me that something was going on with my body.  I took it easy and went to bed early.  Didn’t make getting out of bed any easier this morning, I debated about staying home. However, I pushed myself and made it out the door and to the office. 

We get to leave early this afternoon so that will help.  The speaker that I ordered went FedEx Smart Post so it’s waiting for me at the post office and I have to see a window clerk because it was too big to fit into my box and apparently their lockers are all full.  Personally I think this is their way of screwing with me because of the fight I had to go through in order to get my notifications setup.  Ah well, as long as they don’t close early I should be fine.  If not then I will get it on Friday. 

Thus far no real plans for Friday or Saturday.  I am not a black Friday shopper that is simply insanity – Cyber Monday is more my speed but honestly who do I have to buy for?  Plus I really can’t afford anything.  I’ve got one set of friends that I want to buy a Roku box for and that is it.  I don’t feel compelled to purchase anything else.  I’m doing good to keep my head above water and if I went crazy I would be out of money in the blink of an eye.

Which reminds me I need to check my lottery tickets.  So I told you I made it to the office, right now it’s a count down until the final hour when we get to leave.  There is plenty of work to be done but who actually wants to work on the day before a major holiday?  Not much gets done from this time of year until the New Year starts.  I think there should be a law where we get from Thanksgiving until the start of the first full week of the New Year off.  Now that is a vacation and something that I think I have earned. Ah well who doesn’t have dreams?  It’s about the one thing I can do and not worry about it costing money.

My stomach is still a mess, if I could just go to the bathroom I am pretty confident that I would feel much better.  If that doesn’t happen naturally soon, I will force it to happen – not exactly something that I really want to do but something that needs to happen.  Not exactly sure how I got into this mess.  Was it germs on a door knob, potato chips or just stress related? 

I expect to sleep much better tonight that I have in the past.  Having time off should help with relaxation.  I don’t want to be sick and miss Turkey day because I have waited all year for it.  In fact I got a call a bit ago from the resturant confirming the reservations for tomorrow.  There will be 5 of us.  I think I will hold up okay but it will sure be odd.  I requested that we be close to the bathroom, just like last year.  That was done out of convenience for my partner.  This year it’s just a small way I am remembering him.  Sounds odd I know.

I received the pay off quote for the house in last nights mail.  I was nervous to open the envelope because you never know what they are sending.  I don’t get a bill, a coupon book or anything to make my parments.  It’s just an understanding that the payment is due and you make it or else.  I would like to receive a statement like the former lender sent.  So you knew exactly where you stood.  If my partner were still alive and paying this he would have missed a payment by now because he always counted on the paper reminder. 

Big Boy got jumpy again this morning but it wasn’t until I put on my coat that it started.  I think it’s from the other day when I accidentally kicked him.  Him and his brother both freak out when you have a plastic bag in your hands.  It’s like oh no it’s the plastic bag… run for the hills.  Hide, help us someone help us it’s going to get us.  I don’t get that reaction but I do understand that reaction when associated with the vacuum cleaner. 

Golly 2 and 1/2 hours to go then I will be out the door and on the road to the post office.  Driving in the day light coming home from work will be foreign to me but it will be nice. 

Sweet dreams for now I am headed back to the salt mine. 

26 November 2013

Day 2–Tuesday

So I am taking a break from work.  I’ve been slaving all day long.  Things have finally quieted down for the week I hope.  One more day and then we are done.  I sure hope we get to leave early tomorrow, that would be a nice perk.

They are having Mexican in the office tomorrow.  Nachos and Tacos.  Right now that is the last thing I want.  My stomach is killing me, feels like there is a Mexican in there jumping up and down.  Not sure why but it all started this morning.  I have suffered through the day mostly by keeping busy.  That helps pass time too.

Last night I was supposed to have salad, my usual routine.  I forgot about it and had a new frozen dish – perhaps that is what set it off but you would think it would have started last night.  Anyway, not sure if it will be salad tonight or if I will eat soup.

Just please let this be over with so I can enjoy a good meal on Thursday!

Not having a friend at work really sucks.  She was in today and left early but never stopped in to say have a good holiday or anything.  She kept to herself and I kept to myself.  Wow I hope this doesn’t last forever but think it might.  I am in so much emotional pain and this certainly didn’t help.

I saw a commercial for a Boze portable Bluetooth Speaker.  I figured they wanted an arm and a leg for it and I was right.  I just looked on Amazon for portable Bluetooth Speaker and was overwhelmed with choices.  I found one for $27 and ordered it.  I thought about getting my friends their Christmas present but decided to wait because money is realy tight now. 

The speaker should be waiting for me at the post office along with lord knows what else.  I wasn’t going to stop tonight but since it should be there, I have an incentive to stop.  I love music and it helps me in so many ways.  The CD player in what used to be my guys truck is broken and there is no bluetooth due to it’s age.  So I figured this would be the perfect companion and I can drive and listen to decent music instead of switching between radio stations.  Texting and driving is dangerous but so is flipping through radio stations.  Why is it there always seems to be a commercial on?

This morning Big Boy was making his way around the house more so than normal.  Ever time I got close to him he tensed up and was ready to run.  He let me pet him and he was purring so I’m not exactly sure what the problem is.  I had an accident yesterday morning and thought my foot was higher off the ground than it actually was so he got kicked.  I apologized profusely for it.  He took off like a bat.  I followed him and petted him made sure he was okay and then I left.  Last night he was fine.  His brother on the other hand is boycotting sleeping with me.  He is mad at me because I cleaned him up and gave him medicine.  We will have to see how tonight goes.  I sure miss him come bed time.  I’m used to snuggling and he is an excellent snugler. 

Not exactly sure what else there is to write about, so I guess I am going back to work.  Like I really want to do that, but I am.  Talk with you all again soon. 

25 November 2013


Friday is usually a good day but it wasn’t a great day for me.  I sensed that something had changed with my friendship with a co-worker.  She has been giving me bizarre advice and I felt like I was being treated differently.  Well I asked and she told me that I am taking up too much of her time talking to her.  She wants to concentrate on work.  Now she chats with other people in the office but apparently it’s just me that she doesn’t want to talk to.  She didn’t quite know how to tell me but since I asked she thought it was the perfect time.  Jesus given all I have been through this year you’d think that someone would be a little more sensitive, especially since I have been pouring my heart out to them.  I get it she finds me annoying and well I just won’t fucking waste my time talking to her unless it’s business.  I don’t think she knows how much she hurt me but eventually that will make it’s way out.  What kills me is to hear her cutting up with others but she has no time for me.  Honestly I think she knows something and I feel that my job is probably on the line even though she says she doesn’t know anything.  I think differently.  If they are going to fire me, well just do it already.  I am doing the best job possible and if that isn’t good enough well too bad.

I got my hair cut instead of going home, I called ahead and they said there was no waiting.  Yeah I walked in and they were slammed.  There was a cute guy ahead of me and I took my time staring at him and I think I made him uncomfortable.  He was just easy on the eyes.  I learned that he was going to a local college near by.  Interesting what people disclose to the person that does their hair.  It’s like there are no inhibitions. 

I came home and caught hell because I was late but we all ate and pretty well called it a night.  I was uber depressed and was thinking about suicide.  My only problem with that option is the kids.  I have no idea if they would be split up, put down or what exactly would happen to them.  So for their sakes I am still alive for the moment.

Saturday I was still feeling depressed.  The mortgage denial is official and it’s because the sales guy didn’t know that you had to be a previous property owner.  So I am probably out $250 but I have started a small war to try to recover the money.  The sales guy tells me he is still trying to help me but since he has already fucked me over I will think twice before I do business with him.  If they give me back the $250 then that will probably be enough to change my mind. 

I went out to Red Lobster in the evening and that helped to lift my spirits.  From that point on things just started to go back to normal.  I was okay by Sunday.

In starting my small war, my ink jet printer died.  It’s still covered under a warranty but I honestly didn’t feel like calling and talking with a nerd and being put through my paces only in the end to have them see it my way and ship me a replacement printer.  I am tired of the printer and all of the woes I have experienced with it.  It was good while it lasted but we parted ways. 

Sunday I went out and got me a new HP.  I wanted an Epson but Sam’s didn’t have ink for an Epson.  I know there is ink with the printer and I could have bought ink on-line I just wanted to get everything and go.  So that is why I spent a little more money and went with HP.  There are some extra perks of spending the extra money.  I can e-mail anything from anywhere to a special e-mail address and it will print directly to the printer.  Kind of cool.  Plus no special software needed for my iPhone if I am home I can print straight to it  Kind of nice.  It does an okay job.  It’s not a top of the line model but it will suffice for my needs.  I just hope they don’t rob me on ink like the last printer did.

Sensing that Monday was coming I started to get a little depressed.  Got a phone call from a friend who was checking on me.  I pretty well shut everyone out of my life this weekend.  If you wanted or needed me, you had to call me.  I still kind of feel like that.

Oh I did go to the dentist on Saturday – no problems as usual.  Come back in 6 months.  Love that!

Well it’s getting late here and I am tired.  It’s been a long day and tomorrow will be even longer so off I go. 

I am anxious for the food on Thursday but not exactly sure how I will be doing emotionally since this will be the first Thanksgiving w/o my guy.  I miss him more and more as time goes by.  Absence does make the heart grow fonder.  I wish that weren’t  true but it is.

Talk with you all again soon.  Thanks for stopping by.

21 November 2013

Plan C ?

It’s been overly busy here at work and there has been little time for me.  Work late, get home late, eat late and go to bed on time.  Just part of the job. 

Yesterday was a good day up until 4pm.  I had an appraisal on the house scheduled for today but the company called and cancelled it saying that the bank said it was no longer needed.  That of course caused me to reach out to my lender and turns out my application was denied.  Not for a very good reason either.  It’s because when filed Bankruptcy I wasn’t a property owner and I didn’t loose property because of filing Bankruptcy like to a short sale.  They knew this going into the process but the underwriter that I got was horse shit and she called it the way she thinks it should be. 

I am furious!  I’ve brought out all of the big guns to try to get this appealed.  I’ve got my congressman’s guy working on it as well I have sought assistance from another congressman via a friend who has a brother that works for him.  Plus the lender is appealing the decision but we won’t know anything for at least 2 weeks because the appeals process takes place via a conference call.  I really need this in order to survive it’s not a matter of convenience. 

A friend of mine told me maybe this is the universes way of telling you that you aren’t getting the house and it’s time to move on.  Yeah, then I have to pick and choose which cats I keep and which cats I get rid of.  That is not an option for me, I can’t make that choice it would be like death all over again.  I know that it’s not practical to have as many cats as I do but I am working with what I have.  It’s not like I am taking in any more.

I’ve spent a lot of time cleaning up the place and right now it appears for nothing.  They are refunding my appraisal fee of $450 but I am stll out the $250 for the class they made me take.  I am trying to get them to refund that provided they don’t give me a loan but it might just be something I have to take a loss on. 

So as you can probably tell not only is there anger there is more depression.  I have actually thought about checking out because I am tired of all of the bullshit this world is flinging my way.  I am very tired, more than anyone can possibly imagine.  Death was bad enough to deal with but all of the after effects are enough to make me wish that I went with him.  No one should have to endure this kind of pain and burden.  I’ve fought for everything that I have in my life and I am tired of fighting.  I need a damn break, a vacation, a couple of drinks and maybe a cute guy.  Not asking for much, right! 

For now I am pressing on and seeing what the outcome of the situation is.  I am all alone and given the situation that I am put in I am scared.  It’s tough when you have no one to turn to.

On the dating front I thought sure the cute guy that hit me up would have responded back by now but nothing yet.  I have hit up a couple other guys but no responses back.  I think I got suckered into subscribing to a service that isn’t going to do anything for me but take my money.  It really doesn’t do a lot for my self esteem.  It would be nice to look forward to a date, to be nervous and then to just hit it off.  Even if the one didn’t go well I could at least say that I had been on a date.

Well it’s getting late, time to pack up my desk and call it a day.  Back tomorrow for one more day.  Then three days next week and off for 4 – plus dinner with friends.  Something to look forward to but certainly not a whole lot. 

Talk with you peeps later.  Sorry for being down but it’s just how I feel right now with the cards I have been dealt.

16 November 2013


It’s been a busy week with the migration project I am working on.  The days pretty well flew by this week.  Unfortunately, yesterday the bottom fell out of the nice ride I had with quiet from my boss.  A matter came to light and he blames me, this is a legal matter so I can’t say a whole lot here.  I don’t mean to be secretive on purpose it’s just since it’s a legal matter I am limited on what I can disclose.  Anyway, what we uncovered was evidence that we thought didn’t exist.  It’s not only going to make us look bad but if there is anything useful there it could work to our detriment.  Monday is when we are supposed to talk.  I’m not exactly sure what will happen or if in fact we will talk.  He said something that scared the hell out of me.  What?  Have a nice weekend.  I’ve never ever heard those words from him.  I am going on the assumption that my job is on the rocks again, just because this is a crazy bastard that I work for. 

On the home front I had to shell out money for a home appraisal and that is taking a lot of money out of my pocket.  If this loan doesn’t go through I am just out the money, no recourse to recover it.  The cost of doing business as they say.

I have a couple issues here at home that I am trying to work with.  One of which is surface mold and I have managed to make myself ill over trying to combat it.  I’ve got a friend coming over to take a look and see if we can’t form some plans to combat that as well as my late partners bathroom.  He had a new tub put in and they ripped out part of the wall, it’s open and exposed.  Not exactly sure that and the mold won’t kill the inspection.

This whole death thing and cleaning up the aftermath has me emotionally and physically exhausted.  I am close to throwing up my hands and saying fuck it all.

Found out that BLU still sprays this morning.  He went in the kitchen.  First time all week.  I hope to hell that it stops after the hormones get flushed out of his system.  That was part of the reason why he had the operation.

I’ve got dinner plans with some other friends so today should have some fun to it. 

My closest friend called me earlier this week, she even used face time to try to reach me.  That told me something was up.  I was in the middle of my work day and couldn’t just top.  Things were too crazy.  So I called her when I got out.  I’ve been late in leaving every night.  Anyway, she made idle chit chat. I kept saying what's wrong or what did you need.  I could sense there was something there.  I picked at it and she kept changing the subject.  Finally she told me, she was in the hospital she had a stroke.  I said that’s nothing to joke about but she assured me she wasn’t joking.  She has lost her vision to the degree that everything is blurry – she can’t work and she can’t drive.  Outside of that there are no major side effects of the stroke.  It apparently happened over the course of a month and she kept getting massive headaches as well as experiencing vision problems.  She never told me.  Then when I asked her which hospital she was in she tells me, I wanted to just weep.   We have 2 major stroke centers in our area and she was at the worst hospital with no stroke center.  She got sub-standard care in my opinion.  She called yesterday to tell me she was discharged, which really shocked me.  She should be in the hospital where she can be monitored but again sub standard care. 

Need to run.  Talk again soon!

12 November 2013

Happy 11..12..13

Yes that is actually the date today.  How about that!  I didn’t realize it until I heard a co-worker talking. 

So the home loan people called work to verify my employment.  They tried to order a pay off from the present lender but they said the account didn’t exist.  Yeah, wish that were true and I had the Deed to this place.  I have given them some additional information so they should be able to find it. 

I got an e-mail telling me to pay for an appraisal on the house.  It’s $450 and that is non-refundable.  I told them I didn’t want to commit to giving away my money until they were certain the loan was approved.  Plus there is the matter of the down payment which is a whopping $4334.00.  All of these expenses will help further deplete my savings, which is not something that I look forward to. 

Right now it’s just a waiting game and apparently I am pretty good at that, but honestly I am tired – very very tired.  I am looking forward to being able to put this behind me.

Now that is out of my system, I watched a video on Amazon titled something to the effect of Gay Man’s guide to dating.  It talked about a couple websites and that gave me the idea to get out in the world of dating again, give it another try now that some time has passed.  So I joined a site, unfortunately they took some of my money but I’ve got 3 months and it wasn’t that expensive. 

The best part about that is that a totally hot guy showed interest in me and sent me an e-mail.  He wants to meet up.  I told him I was game for that.  I’ve heard nothing further from him but hopefully in the next couple days he will respond.  I’ve also expressed interest in a few other guys.  Just waiting to see what happens.  Hopefully I at least get one if not two dates out of it.  Never done the dating thing so hopefully a little practice.  I’m not looking for a hook up session and I certainly don’t need a psycho or more trouble/drama.

That is about all I know for the moment.  Been a super busy day at work and time for cake and cat time.  Take care and I will talk with you all again soon. 

10 November 2013

Here we go again

I’ve put myself back on the market.  Yeah I signed up for a dating service.  I’m not sure if it will yield anything but I figure it’s worth a shot.  Who knows maybe next year I will have a man, a house, a new job and money in the bank.  At least I can dream. 

Today has been a busy day.  I cleaned.  Finally brought myself to wash the sheets on my late partners bed.  Giving serious thought to moving into his room.  It would give me a larger bed, plus a bathroom and walk in closet.  Not exactly sure that I will be doing this anytime soon but it’s something to think about. 

Went to 2 grocery stores and Sam’s Club today.  I found Dark Chocolate covered Blueberries.  Those things are like crack.  I should be in the bathroom most of tomorrow because I ate so many of them. 

I’ve watched a couple movies, dozed off a little here and there.  Getting ready to call it a night and feed the children their last meal of the day.  Staying home is nice for me but they take advantage of me.  They will sure be missing me tomorrow.  I will miss them as well. 

Yesterday I bathed momma.  She screamed but I held on to her and she is squeaky clean.  Smells like fresh coconut.  Unfortunately it did nothing for her itching and chewing.  Poor girl.

Shy Girl is sick.  I hate it when she gets this way.  Usually it passes but when she starts throwing up bits of blood is scares me.

Blu is pretty well back to normal, with the exception of eating.  He nibbles which I am fine with.  No spraying and lots of sleeping.  Him and his buddy have curled up a couple times so I think all is well.

I had Mexican Lasagna for supper with Con Caso and it was really good.  Finished off with a piece of German Chocolate Cake.  One piece left and then the cake is gone.  Awesome, didn’t think it would ever leave.  Now there is room for pie.  Have to watch my pennies so maybe I will be able to break for that soon.

Gave up on the VOIP phone solution.  Magic Jack and Net Talk both have decided to stop working.  I tried everything I knew and still no luck.  Magic Jack makes an app for the iPhone so I got that and it seems to work okay.  I will use that if/when I call Canada.  Otherwise my cell has free domestic LD and I don’t make many LD calls. 

Back to the regular grind tomorrow.  Not exactly looking forward to it but it is what it is.  There will be plenty to keep me busy and if not well that is okay, I will just look busy!  As long as the boss man leaves me alone I will be fine.  I do have to ask him for time off and really don’t look forward to that.  It’s either that or work on the days that I really would rather be off.  2 weeks until Turkey Day and not going to work on the day after is something I look forward to.  4 days off is really nice and if you use the time right you can be productive. 

That’s it the children are restless so I guess I should give up and call it a day.  Hope it’s a great week for everyone.  Talk with you all again soon.  Thanks as always for stopping by!

09 November 2013

Where we are!

It appears that the universe is in alignment and things look good at the moment. 

Mortgage…. I spent most of the day yesterday locating and scanning documents.  I completed a mortgage application and have sent everything in.  It’s a refinance at 4.5% and from the present house payment it will save me $500 per month.  If I stop paying bankruptcy it will save me $700 per month.  What will I do with all of the extra cash?  Save it!  It’s a 30 year loan and I am astounded by how much I will be giving them. 

I was told there is a potential they will reject this because of the way the house is titled.  If that happens then we resubmit as a purchase.  As long as this first deal isn’t rejected we should close before Christmas.  I can’t wait.  Then I will be legally obligated to this place.

My plan is to stick with this loan until I qualify for a conventional loan.  Then look into a refinance to see if I can get even lower payments and a better interest rate.  Time will tell.

Post Office…. Talked with the Postmaster and it went well.  I got an e-mail this morning and it said

you got mail

So I believe I am all set!  I got some forms in my box today that I had previously filled out.  I just printed out the copies  I had and am mailing them back.  That should square us away and I should be getting notifications from now on, or so I hope. 

Blu….We made it down to the clinic safe.  Mr. Blu was hyperventilating and obviously nervous.  I think he thought I was dumping him.  I handed him over, filled out a form and went to breakfast.   Came to pick him up shortly after 3:30pm and he was out.  Whatever they use for sedation was powerful stuff.  We made it home and he slept most of the way.  Towards the end he woke up for a few minutes.  I got him in the house and he stumbled out of the cage.  He walked around the house like he was drunk.  It was funny but sad at the same time.  He managed to chase after me downstairs without falling down the stairs.  So I take that as a good thing.  He didn’t eat or drink much but is slowly returning to normal.  So long as he is eating, drinking and leaving the incision alone there isn’t any after care needed.  They used skin glue to stich him up.  How about that!  Right now he is still taking it easy.  He slept in my room last night in Big Boy’s bed.  He just looked so peaceful and after what I put him through I wasn’t going to disturb him.  So for the first time in a very long time I slept with the door open.

This morning I woke up and was like a Cosby kid – I had Chocolate Cake for Breakfast.  Watched some TV and then proceeded to sleep the day away.  I didn’t get out of bed and moving until 2pm.  Everyone was caught off guard by that.  It was a bit of a coma from the sugar wearing off and it was also a bit of recovery/depression for me. 

Once I got moving I hit up the Post Office.  Then went to Lowes.  Cute cashier took care of checking me out.  I think he noticed me checking him out.  He asked me for my number and I resisted from saying now that you have mine, can I have yours.  I’ve always wanted to say that.  He was kind of angry towards the end so I just took my stuff and moved on. 

I came home, unloaded and played with my phone.  I was passing some time before I left to go eat Chinese Food.  Been hungry for that since last week when I watched a Jackie Chan movie.  It was good, I put too much soy sauce on my rice so that kind of ruined it but I still ate it.  A little thirsty for a while but outside of that all is good.

On the way home I got a call from the jeweler.  Finally my chain was ready.  They said my wife’s chain was ready.  Yeah me with a wife, not a chance.  Anyway, I went to get it and dropped $60.  They gave me the old clasp back and I said what is it work.  Knowing that if I took it home I would loose it.  They said $2 and I said give me $2.  They took it off the bill and all is well. 

Got home started cleaning and doing laundry.  Had to buy a Swiffer Wet Jet because the steam mop shot craps.  I will be getting another steam mop just not sure when.  I wanted a cleaner bathroom so this will do for a pinch.  Plus TAZ has my kitchen floor a mess again.  Used the spray bottle full of Vinegar for the mold.  Don’t really see that much of an improvement.  I saw some Krud Kutter for Mold and almost picked it up.  Maybe I will go back for it.  Going to use the Vinegar again tomorrow.  My late partner would use bleach with water and it worked much better.  I just don’t want to go that extreme unless I have to. 

Now I am wired so I will be up for a while watching TV.  The kids will love that. 

I finally parted with some money and ordered my calendars.  Here is what I got….

2014 turn on boys This one is nice but there is no nudity.  I thought there would be.  Still amazing looking guys!

2014 buckshot boys This one has the nudity and man there are some hot guys in there.  It came with a coupon code for I think Colt Studios if I wanted to go shopping for adult movies and/or toys.  Not going to do that, but if you would like something and want to use the code, leave a comment and I will happily share the code with you.  There was also a poster of an older guy who I guess is supposed to be hot.  I think I might use his photo to cover up the mold in my bathroom.  He isn’t that good looking to me. 

So there you have it 2014 the year of the HOT GUY.  Time for bed now.  Thanks for stopping by.  Talk with you peeps later.

07 November 2013

Where are we?

I completed housing counseling today.  It was all common sense stuff about purchasing a home, budget, credit, etc.  Things that I learned back when I was in High School.  A total waste of $250 and 2 hours of my time.  However, I did it because I had to.  I raced home and sent the proof that I completed the class.  I followed up with a phone call and the potential new lender is supposed to call me tomorrow.  However, I got a disturbing e-mail from them tonight saying that the home is titled in a Living Revocable Trust and that I was not listed on the title.  I responded and explained that I am the Successor Trustee and Beneficiary.  My gut already tells me that since they posed this problem there is going to be an issue and they may refuse to help me until the house is officially titled in my name.   I can’t do that unless I have a loan in my name because the present lender will call the loan and I have no money to pay them. 

The kicker is that they acted all surprised like they were caught off guard.  However, I disclosed the entire situation when we first spoke.  I detailed it in my ‘hardship’ letter and I have an e-mail where the loan officer questioned underwriting and mentioned that the property was in the name of a Trust.  So they knew about it all along.  I’ve got the proof all printed out and am ready to do battle, if I have to.  I’m hoping that it won’t be an issue.  There isn’t a whole lot of fight left in me and I am so ready to give up, but I won’t do that until I am certain there is absolutely no hope. 

Tomorrow is the big day for BLU and I am nervous as hell.  He is chipped and I am guessing they will scan him and that will raise a red flag because my name and my late partners name were totally different, as you would expect.  However, I am fortunate in that I am listed as an alternate contact with the chip manufacturer and have proof of that.  I’ve made a copy and also made a copy of my late partners death certificate.  That should be enough to get me out of any jam that could arise.  I hope it’s all smooth as silk because I do not need any more drama in my life. 

Now speaking of drama I told you my ‘so called friend’ was denied unemployment.  Well we spoke today and she told me that there will be subpoenas coming, she wouldn’t tell me if there would be one for me, but she did mention others that were supposed to be served.  She is using privileged information that I disclosed to her in confidence to help her cause.  When she disclosed that to me my heart sank.  She told me that I had nothing to worry about and that no one would be able to trace the information back to me.  However, if anyone figures things out, I will be the next one on the unemployment line.  All the more reason to move on.  I want out but I don’t want to be thrown out.  I expressed this several times.  She assured me there is nothing to worry about, but I don’t believe her.  Her creditability with me is shot.  So all I can do is wait and see.  She may have just been filling me with information in the hopes that I would take it back, but she told me not to say anything.  I am trustworthy and can keep a secret but if it’s something that has the potential to adversely affect  me I am not so sure that keeping my mouth shut is the right course of action.  I am thinking over what my next move here should be. 

Tomorrow will be confrontation day at the post office.  I’m going in to talk with the Postmaster about the service they can’t seem to sign me up for.  I really want them and don’t feel that I should have to wait a year before I get them.  I will be going in armed with copies of the paperwork I submitted via mail that he never responded to.  I don’t understand why I am being ignored.  I am sure that the result of my conversation will have a direct impact on the service I receive in the future.  Not sure if that will be good or bad service.  All I know is that if you screw with the post office they can make your life a living hell.  I am not there to anger or offend anyone but I would like some answers.  I will be civil and polite unless he gives me a reason to treat him otherwise. 

So as you can see I have a lot going right now.  Many balls up in the air.  Life is a never ending game of Chess.  Meaning there is always a next move to make.  Problem is that I have no clue on how to play Chess. 

Today was day #1 off and I was bothered off and on the entire day.  I went to take a nap this morning after I got back from having my oil changed and couldn’t get any sleep because the damn phone kept going off.  Problems here, problems there.  I need this, she needs that.  Needy people!  Fridays are typically quiet and I am hoping beyond all hope that tomorrow is in fact a quiet day.  I don’t mind a spam e-mail message but outside of that I really prefer not to be bothered.  See if I would have went on the trip then I would have had to still work, so I ask you what is the point of going?  It’s not a ‘vacation’ for me.  I am connected 24 x 7 and never get me time – except typically weekends.  Thankfully Saturday is right around the corner. 

There is plenty more I want to spew out but I am going to end with one last thing I did today.  I went through the phone book and randomly picked out an attorney for a final review of my wrongful death issue.  The last firm that I was referred to never even bothered to look at the medical records, they went purely off of my facts and declined to take the case.  Okay, so I want someone who will do a review of the medical records and then give me their opinion.  If there is no case, then I will have to deal with that.  If there is a case then I need a champion to take it on and lead me to victory.  I am doing this to put my mind at ease and if it simply was his time then so be it. 

Well, wish me luck, say prayers and send good vibes my way.  I need all of the help I can get right now.  A winning lottery ticket would help too, but only if it’s the BIG jackpot!  :)  Have a good evening and I will talk with you again soon.

05 November 2013

Super Busy Tuesday

I was the first victim person to have their mail migrated at work.  Glad that I pushed for this.  Found several problems only 1 of which is fixed.  I was supposed to have been done last night but I pushed off until working hours.  That was a good thing.  I will be working on this project for probably the better part of the month.  Little for me to do for the first few weeks other than send some e-mails and talk to people.  After that is when it will get busier. 

Tomorrow is my Friday.  Then 2 days of errand running and money spending.  I hope to keep the money spending part to a minimum.  Not looking forward to either Thursday or Friday but after 3:30pm on Friday I think I will feel a lot better. 

I am more nervous for Blu I guess it’s a guy thing and thinking of what they are going to do to him.  I always have concerns when anyone under goes anesthesia.  People sometimes do not wake up.  That’s why after my partners big surgery back in 2001 I said no more surgery – he is done.  They did a great job and that was the longest day of my life up until April 2nd of this year.  Where I went 24 hours straight with no sleep, very little food and tons of worry. 

A few moments ago I learned that porn star Bobby Williams died over the weekend in a car crash.  He was one of my many favorites but he hasn’t been active since 2007.  I was wondering about him the other day.  He was only 31.  Just think any age, any time we could go.  I made it to 42 and I am quite surprised by that.  I will probably say the same thing when the big 60 comes around. 

I got in 3 episodes of Flashpoint last night.  I think I will be able to squeeze in 2 tonight, if I am lucky.  Got watch the Tosh – he is funny & cute.  I just wish he would tell the world once and for all if he is gay or straight.  Right it doesn’t matter because I will still like him just the same but it would be nice to know.  He plays gay pretty well I must say.

Today is my brothers birthday.  He got my card and the gift card I got him.  He is uber depressed because of no job.  I called him twice today and he didn’t answer his phone.  I told him how do you expect to get a job if you don’t answer the phone.  He said it never rang.  Well if I was looking for a job I would be giving out a phone number that would ring if dialed.  That is super important because you never know when opportunity is going to knock.  He hasn’t been out of work for a full week yet and he acts like it’s been a year already.  I told him I did 2 years straight I know oh to well about it.  Hopefully after the first of the year he lands something. 

I am finishing up laundry from last night – my bed clothes. I hope this is the very last time that damn cat pees on anything.  I am so over this.  Surgery is not a guarantee that the behavior will stop but it should curb him from trying to hump Big Boy.  That alone is worth $75.

Be quiet and don’t tell Lexmark but I bought off brand ink for my printer.  I’ve put it through a little bit of work tonight, it seems to be doing quite well.  Lexmark has a return program but the cartridges seem to evaporate quickly.  At the price they charge I can’t afford it.  At the price the off brand charges it’s a little more comfortable.  Ink every printer manufacturers way of screwing you.  Give the printer away and even make it disposable but if you want ink for it, that is where they get you. 

Well time to set one foot in front of the other and prep for relaxation and ice cream.  I’m eating so much of that I am sure I am doing something bad to one if not more than one part of my body.  It’s good though!

Talk with you peeps later.  Be well.

04 November 2013


Yeah it’s that time of the week again.  Felt a little strange getting up this morning and seeing daylight, that hasn’t happened for a while.  I’m sure with a little time darkness will set in again and we will probably be driving home in the dark, that should be fun.  Everyone forgets how to do that for the first couple weeks. 

We had two people quit out of the blue today.  One I hate to see go and the other couldn’t have gone fast enough.  It’s based on my interactions with them.  So that kept me busy.  Not too many calls today with strange problems. 

I am working on getting all of the content off of our intranet site and then I am going to blow it up and start over.  It’s a mess and reorganizing it will prove to be quite the challenge.  The first step is to get everything off and in folders just as it appears today, then from there I can rearrange.  After that is done I have to setup accounts for everyone in the company to be able to have access.  The whole process will take a few months and isn’t something that will be done anytime soon.  It’s the project that I have wanted to keep on hold forever because it’s not something that I want to do. 

Got my oil change scheduled for Thursday morning, I figure since I will be up might as well be productive.  I will have to go to the Post Office to get a money order anyway.  I think I will be happier once I pickup BLU on Friday afternoon.  From that point on I am free, nothing planned but the usual weekend stuff. 

Counting down the days, this little break will be nice and allow me to hopefully accomplish a lot.  It’s only 2:30 and I am ready to call it a day.  Shame I can’t do that.  A few more hours and then I will be free.

Last night I got in a couple episodes of Flashpoint.  The one that really hurt was about this abusive husband who his wife & daugther left.  They moved and changed their names and phone numbers but he managed ot track them down.  Push came to shove and the husband had the wife at gun point on the roof of a hotel.  The daughter went up and the police let her in as a negotiator.  The kid saw her dad about to murder her mom and she surprised everyone and pulled out a gun.  She advanced toward her father and was about to shoot him when the order was given and the police sniper shot her.  She was only 18 and in an instant her life was gone.  That was upsetting.  I don’t know if I could be a sniper.  Your average daily police officer, yeah but I don’t want to get shot.  Despite some of the content I still love Flashpoint and wish that it would air in the US.  Great cast and some good actors!

Well time to get back to boring.  Turkey salad for supper.  I have to put the trash out and have more stuff from the fridge to throw away.  Saw this jar of grape jelly it looks awful.  Plus I am sure there will be a couple other things joining that jar.  The key is remembering to do it.  I am in such a rush to get everything done so I can just relax and take it easy. 

Be well and I will talk with you peeps again soon.  Thanks for stopping by!

03 November 2013


Normal work day on Friday.  Got a call from the boss he needed me to help him with something and he called the office manager to be a witness because he was afraid that I was going to go through his office.  Wow, wonder what is so precious in there?  I could spend part of my days off this week going through his office to find out.  I mean everyone will be on the “company vacation” but me.  So while it is possible the last place I will want to be is in his office looking for something that he deems valuable or confidential.  I have been there for over a year, why would he not trust me – I mean it’s not like I’ve given him a reason. 

I came home and did nothing.  Relaxed watched TV even had Cottage Cheese and Ice Cream for supper.  Not together that would be gross.  I had the Cottage Cheese first and about 10 minutes later had the ice cream.  Washed it all down with a bottle of H20.  Went to bed early.

Saturday Got the mail, learned that I will be called for Jury Duty.  Never been through that before so it should be interesting but it won’t be for a few months.  I will wait until I get a summons to appear before I spring the good news at work.  The best part of that is no electronics are allowed in the courthouse so you won’t be able to reach me by cell phone.  Ha Ha !!  Steam Cleaned the carpets.  They didn’t turn out as good as I was hoping but you can tell they are clean.  Some spots are set in.  The carpet here is in bad shape I’m just trying to keep it livable by cleaning it on a regular basis.  It needs to be replaced.  No point in doing that until the animals are gone.  That will be years with any luck! 

I gassed up the truck and called up some friends.  We went out for supper.  Horrible service, average tasting over priced food but I enjoyed the company.  I need that now more than ever.  Social Interactions are limited to co-workers and it just sucks to stay home night after night. 

Got home late took care of the litter boxes, fed the children.  Prepared for bed.  Medicated everyone.  Rolled my alarm clock back one hour.  Watched TV and then went to bed around 1 am before we got to the 2 am roll back period. 

Sunday  Watched a movie, got up way too early.  Got dressed went to breakfast, ran into an old boss from the 90’s he looks way thinner and I look way fatter.  I thought it was him but he made the move by coming over to me.  He chatted for all of a minute and then went back to his table.  Then I got my food and left for the grocery store.  Didn’t have to spend a lot, which is how I justified eating breakfast. 

Gassed up the car and came home.  Put away the groceries, fed the children and started with Sunday cleaning.  My steam mop busted on me.  There was this explosion of steam and a loud pop that was all she wrote. Goodbye Mr. Steam Mop  I will be replacing you.  Managed to mop the kitchen floor with it anyway wasn’t easy but I accomplished it. 

Tried to take a nap this afternoon but Mr. Blu kept serenading me every time I dosed off.  Holy cow.  I wanted to kill him.  I got up and went out for Frozen Custard.  Came back home and been here ever since. 

Learned that Flashpoint Season 5 is on NetFlix so I will be watching that, should keep me busy.  I managed I believe to pick up an eye infection.  My eye itches and burns.  I’ve used my allergy drops but they don’t cut the mustard.  I am playing along but if this doesn’t calm down soon I will be talking to the eye doctor.

Plans for this week are Thursday Housing Counseling and Friday getting Blu neutered.  I also have to work in an oil change, think I am going to try for Thursday morning. 

Think I am going to wait until next week to submit my request for time off. 

It’s 6:21 here and it feels so late.  This is the day that will never seem to end.  It will be over with sooner than I want but it’s also going by slowly.  That extra hour.  I’ve got all of the clocks adjusted.  Nothing like getting in the car looking at the time and having your heart skip a beat because you think your late.  Did that one year, not happening again. 

Have an outstanding week.  I am going to try to do the same.  No plans for next weekend.  3 days of work this week.  Then in two more weeks I should have a 3 day week as well.  Looking forward to Thanksgiving but I am a little apprehensive about it.  With the winter months coming and just having passed his Birthday month I find that I am missing him more and more. 

I’d like to think that by the end of the year all of the affairs will be settled.  However, that won’t be true because I will still have Tax Season to look forward to.  That should be very interesting.  I hope for a refund for him and me.  Any amount will go a long way towards helping me.

There are still chores to be wrapped up here.  I was cleaning the kitchen sink and managed to get cleanser on my clothes so they are in the laundry.  It’s like a never ending battle. 

Looking forward to relaxing the remainder of the evening after the chores are done and spending quality time with my children.  Love those boys and girls.  Especially Big Boy.  I’m extra worried about him but I think he is a tough guy. 

Good night!