29 November 2012


Plans for Thursday are to get my car serviced. Just routine maintenance, nothing special. To eat at an Italian place that I have always wanted to stop at. Hopefully, to file for our Civil Union license. Not too much for one day, right?

- Car Service…Check

- Italian Place…Still need to complete

- File for Civil Union…Check

Not only did we file, we set a date.  The 27th of December and a judge will do the honors.  Now all I have to do is get time off from work.  I figure better to try to take the week of Christmas because there are plans for the new system to go live on Jan 1, which is why I am flying all over the US installing WIFI Networks.  I figure I will be pestered more and needed for tech support, plus I am the Security Administrator of the new system so there will be password issues, no doubt!  I hope my boss gives it to me.  I will be putting in the request tomorrow.  Your thinking, wait a minute, you are supposed to be off tomorrow.  Right but I now have 2 machines to configure.  One is important and the other well she is desperate her machine sounds like a jet about to ready for take off.  So it will be a busy day for me tomorrow, I may cut out early and go back on Saturday.

When my guy picked me up from the dealer, he said we need to get some power steering fluid.  I put some in the back for that very reason.  So I added it and that took care of the noise.  I asked at the dealer what it would cost and they said $500 for a new pump.  Crap, okay I said lets get it in.  They were full up today and tomorrow.  However, since we are regulars and we have become friends with one of the guys, he worked it in.  They called late this afternoon and said that not only will he need a new Power Steering Pump but the rear axle needs to be replaced.  It’s critical to keep the thing running.  Damn.  Okay so were doing the whole thing and it’s going to cost me just under $1,000.  He needs an oil change but I will let him take care of that on his own.  Merry Christmas, now I am back in Credit Card Debt.  The good news is the card it’s going on has a 0% offer until mid next year.  So I have the option to slowly pay it off.  I get cash back rewards for every purchase so this should help me rack up a reward which I will ask for a statement credit.  Ugh, I will never get to save any money if crap like this keeps happening.  I am also too nice and want to take care of him, but financially it is killing me!  I also found out that my tires are wearing and I and I will need to replace them in the future.  Yeah, like lets hope that is next year.  Right now I’ve got more than I can handle.

Yesterday on the way home I stopped off at a local pharmacy to look for color glaze for my hair.  I’ve got a bottle in the shower and since I saw a little white, I have been diligent in using this stuff to help polish my look and hopefully hide the white.  They didn’t have it.  So I looked on line.  I don’t remember paying $50 for it last time, but that is what I paid for it this time.  Damn, being vain is expensive! 

I got a mailer from Beauty Brands and they have nail polish on sale.  The nicest color of purple and a good red.  Both are O P I Nail Lacquer.  I’d love to get them but it’s not something I would be comfortable wearing in public.  Secretly I have always wanted to dress up as a woman, just to see how good I could look.  It’s a dream or desire that probably won’t happen.  If I polish my nails now, it’s with top coat and that is like once or twice a year. 

In going through the packet we got from the courthouse today, there was a paper on adoption, one about STD’s – getting tested and having safe sex.  Kind of interesting.  I also found out that you can’t take any electronics into the courthouse, obviously no weapons either.  Like I am going to come in with a knife or grenade in my pocket.  Maybe a long banana that could be used as a weapon, lol!  Yes, banana was a euphemism for large penis. 

Well, it’s getting late and while I don’t have to I am going in at normal time tomorrow so I can hopefully work miracles and get these two machines done.  People nagged me today, even though they knew I wasn’t in the office.  Just imagine what next week will be like trying to work on an install, plus manage the daily problems that people have.  I’m not bored now!!

Thus far I haven’t heard a peep out of the former HR lady I sent the e-mail to last night.  I suspect that she will ignore me.  Further I suspect that she didn’t even bother to read the e-mail.  I will say I rubbed her nose in what she did to me and that caused what friendship we had to pretty much dissolve.  I mean what kind of friend recommends to your boss that he fire you because of something that was beyond your control?  So in a way I can’t blame her if she deleted it.  That old saying what comes around…goes around, yeah it applies here.  Since she is older, I hope that something comes her way soon.  All I can do at this point is pray for her.  I am not going to initiate any further contact, leaving well enough alone is for the best.  Now if she responds or writes me, that’s another story.  However, since nothing came today, I am not holding my breath on a response.  It’s over with, done, finished, cap put and time for me to finally let go.

Speaking of going, good night to one and all.  I will talk with you peeps later!

28 November 2012

1 day off NOT 2

Last night I found out a computer I worked on earlier in the day still had problems.  It worked fine for me but apparently not for the user.  Since the company is going away on a trip I decided to be a nice guy and said that I would have it fixed when they get back.  That means I have to give up one of my days off to make it happen.  It will be strange to be in the office by myself but I am sure I will get a whole lot more done since no one will be bugging me and the phone won’t ring!  I am going in on all days Friday.  Yeah, I know but Thursday is all MINE!

Plans for Thursday are to get my car serviced.  Just routine maintenance, nothing special.  To eat at an Italian place that I have always wanted to stop at.  Hopefully, to file for our Civil Union license.  Not too much for one day, right?

Today I drove a total of 4 hours (2 hours each way) just to hook up a computer.  Yeah, I know.  This was a machine that was supposed to get shipped by FedEx but the person who does the shipping decided to send it to the wrong place.  Translation, it’s been a nightmare trying to get it back and to speed up the process of delivery, I took it there myself.  Sometimes that is the only way things get done, is that if you do them yourself. 

I stopped in for Pizza at the best pizza place in town.  It was heaven but I had to stop myself or else I wouldn’t want supper.  I also went home right after lunch.  I arrived about 3:30pm but then someone was having some problems so I had to do some work from home to help them.  I got that cleared up in a half hour and so I got an hour all to myself.  I crawled in bed with my partner and took a nap.  Then we went out for a bite to eat.

Yesterday I got a call from a lady that I used to work with.  I learned that my so called friend from HR was let go.  It was just corporate downsizing.  As much as I wished that would happen to her because of what she did to me, I felt really bad.  She had been on my mind for a couple days.  Turns out this all took place a month ago but word travels slow since the company has grown so big.  Anyway, I wanted to reach out to her and try to help.  I told my partner and I got the strangest look from him.  So I decided to set my feelings aside and sleep on it.

I couldn’t stop thinking about it and it nagged at me all day long.  So I spent the last couple hours composing something.  I fine tuned it and then I sent it via e-mail.  We exchanged personal email addresses prior to my departure.  I know I am the last person she expected to hear from but it’s like I told her, my passion is helping people and if she can benefit from some of the mistakes I made then so be it.  It’s the Christ like thing to do and it just feels right.

I have no idea what she will do with the e-mail, but I did what I felt I had to and the rest is up to her.  Who knows maybe she will laugh at me.  She has college, experience but age is not on her side.  She is close to 60 and that combined with the high ranking position she had will work against her.  Meaning that she will struggle like I did to find someone to hire her.  Age is a BIG factor when people make hiring decisions and it is illegal to refuse to hire someone on the sole basis of age but it’s done everyday and companies get by with it.  Discrimination in any form in employment is illegal but again companies get by with it every day.

So at least my mind is at ease.  Perhaps I will sleep really good tonight.  I still have some work to do for us to be able to get our license tomorrow.  So I am going to get cracking on that so I can hit the sack and veg out.  I have to get up early and I know I won’t want to so the quicker I get to bed the better off I will be.

I leave on Monday morning and it already feels like Friday to me.  I am looking forward to getting some good food.  I did my research last night and places like Olive Garden, Red Lobster and Outback Steakhouse are in my future!  That is 3 meals now I just have to plan 6 more, provided I get breakfast at the hotel each morning.

Take care, stay warm and do something kind to pay it forward.  You will be surprised when it comes back to you!  Talk with you peeps later!

27 November 2012

50 Ways to say Goodbye

…Just in case you ever need them.  Look at the lyrics they are good and funny!


The sky is falling…maybe

I was all set for a relaxing evening last night.  I got the trash out, dishes done, lunch made and got undressed.  I headed to the basement to check on a couple things and then it was supposed to be back to my room to watch TV.  I was hoping for a good movie.

Instead I got a message from my boss at 8:30 saying that he heard that I didn’t do my job when I was in WI last week.  WTF!  I just knew something like this would happen, that is what happens when you put a moose twit in charge.  I explained to him what was done and told him that we had all of the key areas with coverage so there shouldn’t be a problem.  He didn’t respond, so I figured that was good news.  However, my muscles tensed up, I took forever to compose a reply because I was so pissed off and nervous.  This killed my evening.

I found out this morning that all is okay and he was pleased with my response.  Phew.  Henny Penny screaming the sky is falling and he almost believed it.  Good Lord!

I also got a call last night from one of my co-workers telling me about a dispute they were involved with and they wanted to be nosy as to why I did something.  I should have told them to bug off but I explained my actions because I am just a nice guy. 

Guess what, it’s a full moon again.  Can you tell?  That is why all of this crazy stuff is happening. 

This morning people were coming at me left and right, it was like I didn’t have a moments peace to catch my breath.  Thankfully things have calmed down a bit, hopefully they stay like that for a while.  Trust me I need calm.

So last night before all of this happened I booked my hotel room.  $175 a night for a King Suite with a Whirlpool.  Plus a bed that has adjustable firmness, how nice.  Then I felt guilty about spending that much money.  This afternoon I cancelled my reservation and downgraded my room.  I figured I probably will be so time poor and tired that I won’t have time to sit in a Whirlpool anyway.  Plus if I do have extra time, I can always take an extra shower.  I saved $162 which I think is good.  I could stay much cheaper elsewhere but I’ve got my heart set on one place and it’s NOT a Holiday Inn. 

I will be traveling tomorrow going to the place that is 81 miles away.  Not too happy about that but it will get me out of the office.  So it’s like today is Friday for me.  I won’t be back in the office until December 10th, which seems like forever.  Everyone is buzzing about the trip.  I wish I was going but I think it would only lead to trouble.  I’m crushing hard on one of the guys here.  I want him in the worst way but I don’t think he is on my team.

Last night I had plenty of hot sex dreams, which made no sense at all but I guess I am just super horny.  It would be great if I could turn my sex drive on and off like a light switch but it doesn’t work that way.  Just talking about it and I’m starting to get worked up, thinking about those dreams. 

So I’ve got a few things to work on before I leave for the day.  Lots of people here are sick and I really don’t want to catch anything.  I’m washing my hands so much I think that my skin will be falling off.  Between that and Purell I think my hands are pretty clean.

Well back to business I suppose.  I do have my reservations for Airline and a car taken care of.  There is a 2 hour layover in Chicago both ways.  I will be looking for some good food and at O’Hare there is plenty of it.  I am just worried if my poor feet will hold up.

Take care, stay warm and I will talk with you peeps later.  Cross your fingers nothing else out of the ordinary happens.  This should be my last trip for this year.  Hopefully for a few months.

26 November 2012

Blather for Monday

I am back in my office, Monday seems like such a horrible day, after having 4 days off.  It was tough to get going and it’s even tougher to stay going.  My office is cold, like a meat locker.  I should have brought in a heater.  After my traveling is done I think that is just what I will do because it’s going to get cold in here when Winter settles in.

A co worker lost a loved one last week, she was only 36.  That is way too young!  Everyone is aw struck and once again the reminder that no one lives for ever comes ringing home.  Still life goes on but it’s kind of somber here. 

Da boss man won’t be in until Wednesday and that is good news for me.  The place runs so much better when he is away.  Maybe we can have nap time today - - but I doubt it. 

I do have some work to catch upon but getting to it will be another thing.  It’s mostly asset tracking, which is super boring.  However, it’s important to get it off of paper and into the computer.

TAZ and BLU got into a fight over night.  Thankfully it’s just scratches and some tattered fur.  I still have a crime scene to clean up.  I trimmed BLU’s claws this morning and he was not happy.  I got the job done but he put up a huge fight.  So now I have scratches on me.  That sucks!

Jumper got mad at me last night because I gave him his medicine, so he didn’t sleep with me.  That’s okay BIG BOY and I slept just fine. 

I had problems getting to sleep last night because of an afternoon nap.  I was also watching Abducted with Taylor Lautner.  Very good movie and he is a sexy guy.  He did a good job in the movie and it was an intense action movie.  Started out kind of slow but then it kicked into high gear and of course that’s when I didn’t want to turn it off. 

Not sure about what is for supper tonight.  I still have left over Ziti and Stuffing but I think we might be having steak.  Might as well eat it before we have to throw it away.  At some point we will need to go to the store.

I went shopping last night on line.  Found a great deal on Vitamins I take as well as a supplement that Big Boy takes.  I got mine for 1/2 off and his for a dollar something less.  I also found a great and safe solution for the kids Prednisolone.  1-800-pet meds.  They have a pharmacy and you fill out a form on-line, they will contact your vet and get you the medicine.  It’s $29.60 and while that is an increased price from the $20 I am used to, there is no way in hell I will pay $92 again, that is just robbery.  Our vet isn’t a fan of them but I see nothing wrong with them.  I did search the internet and found good deals but they only take Visa and they want to give me Viagra along with my order for free.  No thanks, just makes me want to run the other way.

Two days off this week and so much packed into them, not sure if we will get anything done but I have found myself saying oh, we will get to that on Thursday or Friday.  I need to get the car in for routine service, we need to get our license to be in a Civil Union.  There is some house work and who knows what else.  At least we have good intentions. I will be happy if we just get the license and the car taken care of. 

So now I guess it’s time to get to work.  I am already  ready to call it a day and go home.  I’m sure 99% of the people here would follow me.  Just think in less than a month from today it will be Christmas!

25 November 2012

4 Day weekend

It feels almost like I have had an entire week off work.  Now I am headed back for 3 days and then get another 4 days off.  Then I am supposed to travel for a week and then come back.  I should find out more about my travel tomorrow or Tuesday.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get everything done but since I have more time off, I will try to fit in those other items that didn’t get done. 

Much to my surprise and probably yours too, I bought a TV.  Got it last night.  It’s made by LG and is a 32 inch LED TV.  I won’t say that I got a great deal but I can say that I have cash to pay for it in full.  I went to Target and came home.  Then did some web research and wound up at Best Buy.  I got no one to help me and I took my sweet time.  I just made the pick on my own.  I’ve always had help when buying a TV but not this time.  I do like it.  Nothing fancy about it just a basic TV.  No internet – no Wi-Fi – no apps. 

My problem came with what to do with the old TV.  It’s in the basement sitting on top of the entertainment center.  It was a heavy damn thing and I almost lost it twice.  I have no idea on what I am going to do with it but right now it’s a dust collector.  Works great, excellent sound but it’s a CRT and no one really wants those.

Friday was a total waste.  I slept most of the day and when I wasn’t sleeping I was watching Netflix.  I saw lots of movies, which was kind of fun.  I didn’t need that much sleep but it was nice not to have a care in the world and just have a day to do what I wanted, with no agenda.

I had some great Chicago Style Pizza from a local place.  It’s the closest thing I will be able to get here that is close to Uno’s, which is my favorite pizza.  They really piled on the cheese and it was just a huge pile of delicious!

I’ve been to the cat food store twice.  They had a Black Friday sale on food but I missed it because I was napping.  Plus I just like to stay home on Black Friday. 

Tomorrow we have Cyber Monday.  I wish that meant we all worked from home.  I would turn my pc on, turn up the volume and go back to bed.  No one would miss me. 

Just like with any time away from work, I wish I had one more day.  It did get to the point where I lost track of which day it was.  Saturday felt like Sunday. 

Turkey Day it’s self was great.  I got plenty of pasta and dressing, which is what I wanted.  Great dessert and enjoyed the time with friends.  We will all get together again next month at Christmas.  No doubt we will be invited for New Years but we typically skip that.  At least we have something to look forward to. 

I’ve got to reboot the machine and get back to laundry.  Plus it’s probably a good idea that I pack my lunch, otherwise I might be going hungry tomorrow.  I did venture to the grocery store by myself this afternoon.  Didn’t get much but dropped $72 – no meat.  It sure doesn’t take much to run up a bill at the grocery store. 

I hope that all is going well for you.  I will talk with you peeps later!

22 November 2012

Give Thanks


Today in the USA we celebrate Thanksgiving.  While we should be thankful each and every day, often we forget about those little things that we are thankful for but take for granted.  Like Good Health, Ability to Breath and the fact that your above ground.  Even if your life is in complete turmoil, you still have something to be thankful for. 

Years back I worked for a company that started a tradition.  We all had to put down on a bulletin board what we were thankful for.  This was serious business and no one dared to mess with it.  Everyone complied and just in reading previous entries it gave you an idea of how lucky you truly were.

Like most people, I have my fair share of problems.  Some are simple and others complex.  However, I find that no matter what eventually they pass.  As an example a HUGE problem for me was unemployment but after 2 years, a job finally came through.  Today I am employed and I am comfortable.  I have gotten to fly around the US and see parts of the world that I probably would have otherwise not seen.  I have come across some unique situations and been able to learn from them.  I have also been put in charge of several new systems that I have no experience in but am managing them well.  Another problem was that because I filed bankruptcy I thought no one would give me credit anytime soon.  Not true, today I have 2 credit cards and I am able to pay them off in full each month.  So those are just an example of some of the problems that have turned around for me.

I have so many things to be thankful for that it would take so much time to list them individually here.  Suffice to say the simple things like Life, Possessions, My Partner, My Family and of course my children (cats).  As well as my job and the fact that I am reasonably happy at this point in my life.  I am still amazed at how things have turned around for me, it’s like I am dreaming.  I am so blessed to be able to earn a living and pay my bills as well as provide for my family.

Today I will be with my partner and friends giving thanks and enjoying a most excellent feast!  I can’t wait to dig in, but in the hour or two that we spend together, time will pass by so quickly.  I am learning more and more to live like it’s your last day on earth, because you never know when your time will be up. 

There are several relatives and pets that I miss.  I am happy that I was blessed for them to come into my life and for me to know them.  The same can be said for my first love and several classmates.

The one thing that I am most thankful for is modern technology because without it, well you probably wouldn’t know I exist.  So I am grateful for your readership and for you getting to know me, even if you haven’t ever left a comment.  The best part about modern technology is I will be fast asleep when this is posted and no one will know the difference!

So to one and all, Happy Thanksgiving!  If you dare venture out on Black Friday, please be careful.  If your traveling be safe.  I will talk with you peeps later!

21 November 2012

Eve of Thanksgiving

Finally made it to the Friday of this week.  Long 3 damn days, plus busy as all heck @ work.  I’m waiting for a program to finish installing on a server, so I figured why not goof off – it might be the only chance I get all day long.

I am also hoping that they close the office early and let us go home, I don’t think that will happen but I can still wish.  The commute in this morning was a breeze – because most everyone took today off.  Smart people.

In light of our upcoming nuputals I had the partner call to do some creative scheduling and I thought we could get everything taken care of next week, but they are all booked up.  We will have 60 days after we get the license to use it, so maybe something will work out w/o me having to take time from work, but if need be I can.  I’ve got oodles of vacation but don’t want to use any of it right now. 

Last night’s supper was left over Turkey and Pizza.  It was pretty good.  Tonight we are going out for Mexican food.  I need something different because we will have Turkey again on Thursday.  I will be going heavy on the Pasta because I am already sick of Turkey.  Out of the 3 Fridges we have, two of them are packed full with Turkey & Pie.  Can’t wait until we get some room.

A funny for your day.  Last night I was cleaning up Big Boy and I got around to his butt.  His sister is so nosy she stuck her nose in at the wrong time because as soon as I touched him he cut the cheese.  She got scared and took off.  I just laughed until it hurt.  I got him cleaned up and then it was time for bed. 

Today I have just the right amount of scruff on my face and really don’t want to shave, but you can sure see the white coming through.  This getting older thing is kind of scary – your body changes so much and like an old car you seem to slowly & painfully fall apart until one day your fit for the scrapper.

I want a new TV for my room.  I don’t need it but it’s been on my list for a while.  I am not looking for a Black Friday deal, just want to walk in buy it and get out.  Problem is what do I do with my old TV?  So I continually talk myself out of it.

Last night I paid the bills and actually have money left over.  I am going to save it as best as I can until the next payday when I will once again pay off my credit card.  Just love doing that, hate that it takes up so much cash.  I have yet to use the new card I got.  Thinking about breaking it in at the restaurant tomorrow.

One of the guys asked me if I would help him setup his new laptop, providing that he gets a good deal on Black Friday.  I told him normally I don’t do work on the side, but yeah I would.  It’s only because we are within walking distance of each other.  Plus it’s a way to take some of his money and put it towards something I want… be it a TV or a Full Belly!  I just don’t want calls for tech support – that drives me crazy.  I mean I can do it for a living but when I go home I want to distance myself from work and those that I work with.  It’s bad enough that once per night I am giving advice to my partner.  I hate his computer and wish he would replace it.  He’s got it loaded full of crapware.  There is no doubt something is lurking on his machine slowing him down.

I am looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow or at least staying up late tonight, if I make it.  Love my sleep!  Kind of depends on my body and what the kids will tolerate. 

1/2 hour until lunch time!  It’s just good the hours are going by.  These damn servers take up so much of my time trying to make things work and doing it on a remote basis is neat but also kind of sucks.  The software is done installing, but now it’s time for updates.  Then if I get this working here, I have to duplicate this on a much older and slower server that is starting to run out of disk space.  Ah the tech woes!

Happy Turkey Day everyone!  We all have so much to be thankful for.  Probably even things that we don’t realize or take for granted.  I am most thankful for my job and that I am working.  Life seems so much better right now than it did last year at this time!  Funny never thought I would be able to say that. 

…talk with you peeps later!

20 November 2012


Monday is done, which is a VERY good thing!  Super busy yesterday trying to please everyone and make every issue a priority.  However, that didn’t work out too well, because you can’t please everyone no matter how hard you try. 

Before I left I had a desktop that I scrambled to configure and get out the door.  The lady that does our shipping sent it to the wrong facility.  I didn’t find that out until yesterday.  Jeez, I hate depending upon other people they always seem to let you down.

I had another desktop that I raced to configure and it’s shipping out today.  I hope she sends it to the right place.  All I can do is my part and try to fix what seems to fall apart along the way.

I was told to order a printer before I left.  I did that and got direction from Management yesterday where they wanted it hooked up.  One of the ladies thought the printer was for her, so she cornered me and asked me why I was putting it on someone else's desk.  She made it very clear that it was her printer.  I told her all I can do is what I am told, if you have an issue take it up with your manager.  She said oh I will.  She is a HUGE pain in my ass.

The lady that brought her computer to work for me to fix, decided to take it home and fix it herself.  She did a great job because it works now.  The only problem is she doesn’t know the password to get in.  If she would have left it at the office, I have software that I can use to break in, but no she had to go around me so I told her what website to go to and how much it cost.  She is on her own.  Then she tells me she wants to wipe it out and start over.  Great either break in and then delete what you don’t want OR use the recovery partition and wipe it all.  See I was trying to do her a favor but she screwed that up so, she is on her own. 

So you get the idea yesterday was a stress ball at work.  Home wasn’t much better.  Big Boy needed a refill on his medicine.  He is on Prednisilone which is very similar but slightly different than Prednisone.  Turns out there is a shortage on his medicine and most everyone has it on back order OR I could have gotten it in a liquid form.  We lucked out and found it at a local pharmacy where we get Jumpers medicine.  Normally at the vet it’s $20 for 3 months supply.  Last night they said $92.50 and I thought it was a joke, nope because there is shortage they jacked up the price.  Well I won’t ever pay that again!  I can get it on-line cheaper from Canada but the one site I saw only took Visa and I have MasterCard, so I will have to shop for a different site.  In any case, I will figure something out. 

I thought I would be able to get ahead and stash some money away but every time I try something always bamboozles me and I wind up back pennyless.

We had Turkey last night for supper.  Not my idea but my guy loves to cook up a feast.  Once again we have enough food for the 37th Tank Batallion.  The kitchen was a huge mess and then he carried a soda to his computer area and spilled it all over.  To top it off one of the cats made a #2 mess – so last night was cleaning night.  I finally had enough and left to get my hair cut.  I was going to put it off but I needed some alone time and why not get pampered in the process.

Which brings me to my next semi-problem.  I have been getting my hair cut every two weeks.  Turns out I see little hits of white poking through.  I love my hair just the way it is, with no white or grey.  The lady last night told me that it was probably the lighting I was using, because she didn’t see any white.  Yeah, patronizing me.  I just don’t want to loose my natural color.  I also don’t want to and can’t afford to have it colored every two weeks.  I guess only time will tell what I will do, kind of depends if it gets worse or not.

Phew, that was a lot.  Now I have a ton more of work to do.  I just had to make time for myself and to blog.  Today plus one more day and then off for 4 days.  So much planned, not sure if I will have the energy to do it all but eating will be at the top of the list.  I’ve got a nice feast for lunch today that includes pie.  Oh, yeah it’s time to get my pig on.  Why not I’ve got more chins that a Chinese Phonebook!

Have a great day and I will talk with you peeps later.

18 November 2012

1 Down -- 1 To Go

So as you can gather by the title my first trip is history.  I had some bumps along the way, as no trip is 100% smooth but managed them okay.  The hard part is being sent to do a project and then having to tend to your regular job as well.  When people come knocking on my door it’s not just to have a chat, it’s because there is a problem and it’s never good news.

Monday was pretty much a wash with all of the travel, having to tend to other people and trying to fit time in to get something to eat, then finally making it to the facility around 4.  So we did a walk through.  I explained in specific detail what needed to happen.  When I left we were all on the same page.

Tuesday I came back and the guy I talked with forgot everything we talked about on Monday.  Plus he brought in a helper who was older, slow and couldn’t hear shit.  That guy kept adding to the already existing confusion.  We got the first wire ran and that took 3 hours, no kidding.  Because they did it the complicated way.  We were making plans to start on the next wire, when I got pulled away for a crisis back at the office.  These two guys (Dumb & Dumber) decided they would screw things up by accidentally on purpose running out of cable.  When I told them I had another box 3 1/2 hours away and that I would be back, there eye balls about popped out.  I made arrangements to get the cable to my end of the state w/o me having to drive for it.  Which was really nice!  It was late so we called it a day.  I looked at what they had done and they did it wrong.  They put the cable high in the celling when it needed to be on the ground. 

Wednesday we got the cable ran to the ground, which took about an hour.  Something so simple but yet made so complicated.  Then we got wire ran for the 1st access point.  The other 2 cables we ran were for wired connections.  After the 1st access point, we were done.  I made it as simple as possible and it worked.  I could have bailed around 3 in the afternoon.  Instead I stayed to relax a bit and then to work on the server.  They had no antivirus protection so I got them some.  Their old antivirus had expired and I can’t remove it w/o a password.  So I will have to look into that.  Then I thought I would fiddle with the backups and get them going.  Ran into trouble there too.  Then I found out their UPS was shot, as in not working at all.

Wednesday night I ordered a replacement UPS and a couple other things they needed for overnight delivery.  The freight on this order cost more than the UPS but I had to have it on Friday or else it would sit until God knows when I would come back.

Thursday I ventured on to the other facility which is 3 1/2 hours away.  I had two helpers there and I arrived around 9:30.  We were done by lunch with running the cable.  I still had to put ends on the cable and we had to mount the access points but the biggest part of the job was done.  Turns out we could have gotten by with 2 access points.  Every time we hooked up the 3rd one, you couldn’t go anywhere it was saturating the network.  Unplug it and everything was fine.  So I left it mounted and unplugged. 

I sent a note to my boss that we were done and both facilities had WIFI.  I got a good job & thank you response.  Not bad for a man of few words. 

I had some good breakfasts at the Holiday Inn that I stayed at.  This time I had problems getting into my room but it was a one time thing.  Everything there had cinnamon in it, except the soap.  The shampoo, conditioner and lotion.  Plus they also served amazing cinnamon rolls each morning - - I actually miss those now. 

I tried Cheese Curds.  Sounds awful but damn they were so good.  They should serve them with a Lipitor.  It’s deep fried cheese.  Yeah, good stuff.  I had the pleasure of finally eating with one of the administrators.  We went for Mexican food but they didn’t take AMEX.  No sweat I covered it and will get a check on Monday (so I hope). 

Monday was the most time I had to myself.  From them on it was rush, rush.  Bed time and morning seemed to come awful fast.  By Tuesday I was over the trip and ready to fly back home, especially when the two dummies kept telling me there is no way we are going to finish by the time you leave.  They didn’t care if it mean my job or my head, they just didn’t want to do the work.  So I had to be careful but get them motivated to do what I wanted.  I engaged their boss who kindly told them to get their ass in gear. 

I did make many accomplishments.  However, I didn’t get everything that I wanted done.  I wanted their server backups done but that didn’t happen.  I bought some incorrect software, so I have to fight next week to get my money back it’s only $50 but still it’s the principal. 

Coming home was great!  I had problems getting the car returned because of the funky setup at MSP but figured that out.  Then I couldn’t figure out where the security check point started so I had to ask for help with that.  Then I got in line and saw so many guys that I wanted to mount.  I am ready to go through the screening process and damn forgot my handkerchief in my pocket.  I kept my mouth shut and passed with flying colors.  Then it was a rush to make it to my gate.  I was an hour and 30 minutes early but the line was so long I burned up most of that waiting.  I used several walkways, which were kind of neat and my first time on them.  I was at the other side of the airport.  I grabbed a slice of pizza and a soda, carted it and my luggage to a table with a couple of close calls and woofed it down.  It was okay and I managed to burn the top of my mouth.  However, I made my plane my luggage fit in the overhead compartment with a little man handling and then I got to fly home. 

I didn’t mention that I had to go to the bathroom from the time I boarded the plane until the time I got home.  That is over 3 hours of holding it but I managed w/o any problems.  Everyone was happy to see daddy is back, but no overwhelming welcome.  They just looked at me as if to say, oh he’s back now.  Yeah, so the house gets whipped back into shape.  Thankfully it didn’t smell like the inside of a tuna can this time.

I have had plenty of relaxation time here at home.  I am so not ready to go back to work but at least it’s only 3 days and I will get a 4 day weekend, which will be really nice.  I’ve got plenty of crap waiting for me when I get back, plus tons of assets to log.

So while most people can relax about this time of year things seem to be picking up for me.  Not sure that I will have any time to blog from work but I will post when I can.

Before I go back to tackle the Laundry Monster.  I was talking in a prior post about a movie I watched on Netflix.  It was called Longhorns.  There are also a few other movies I liked, you may consider watching.  In no particular order they are Is It Just Me?, Eating Out (1, 2, 3, etc.), Mulligans, Love In Action (saw this one last night, very good), Kate Clinton (lesbian comedian), Camp, Get Your Stuff, Issues 101, Save Me, and Chris & Don.  These movies spark a flood of emotion from happy to sad and don’t forget horny in the middle. They are all listed under Gay & Lesbian on Netflix.

Now it’s off to tackle the laundry monster and finish up my Sunday which feels like a Saturday.  Shame I have to leave again in 2 weeks but at least it’s only 1 facility.  Maybe I will finish up early and can come home sooner.  Time will tell.

12 November 2012

Quick Post

Just wanted to let you all know that I made it safe and sound.  It’s like a deep freeze here.  Outside of that and a little construction traffic, all is well.  Tonight is probably the only night I will have for myself, so I am going to enjoy some TV and get to bed.  Work starts early tomorrow morning.  Fun!

11 November 2012


So I go to print my boarding pass tonight and guess what my last name is still spelled wrong.  Rather than endure problems from the TSA, I chose to call the airline and get it fixed.  They were all too happy to fix it but charged me $50 to do so.  I don’t care, not my money I put on the company credit card.  When or if they question me about the charge, I will tell them to recover it from the travel agent.  See I’m telling you another reason why I need a profile setup.

I heard back from the head hunter this morning and they want to chat tomorrow.  I am going to tell them that I am traveling and that I want to pass on the opportunity.  It just doesn’t feel right.  I just hope this is the right call, I mean it feels right.

I am finishing up laundry, making my cd and then off to packing.  Before I call it a night I am having some sweets and a nice tall glass of milk.

We went to Red Lobster today, I pretty well had to hold a gun to my guy to get him to go but we made it.  I had a Malibu Hurricane, the rum was great but the rest of the crap in the drink made it taste horrible.  Bad decision on my part that cost me $7.  Okay so I will stick to mudslides at Red Lobster and Applebee's when I want a drink.  I will be looking for one or both of these places while I am on the road but not sure I will have much luck.

I got the house cleaning done this morning.  Just as soon as I was done, Big Boy headed for the king size litter box (I got it just for him many years ago) and went to use it.  He was only peeing but still getting to the box and going took so much out of him.  He was mouth breathing and straining.  I know it’s hard on him.  Then he jumped out and walked a bit, turned on his side and pretty well collapsed to catch his breath.  I saw he made a bit of a mess, got some litter and pee on him.  So I gave him a bath with a paper towel.  I went to move his back leg and I heard snap.  He knee popped.  Yes, cats have knees.  The socket that the knee sits in isn’t large enough so it pops.  The vet can fix it but it requires two things one surgery and two money.  Poor guy, he is coming to the end of the road and he knows it, as do we.  I am not ready to make any life altering decisions yet, because well he still looks at me and purrs.  I just can’t do that to him right now.  If things get worse well then maybe it’s an option.  Right now I am ready to take him back to the vet for a checkup and to see about having some more of the fluid drained off.  Perhaps we can accomplish that before the month is over with. 

Sadly I can’t focus on home or I will get nothing done.  I have to have my mind focused on my job and the travel.  I was so out of it this morning I took my Monday morning pills instead of Sunday morning pills.  There is only one problem and that is my Diabetes medicine was in the Monday slot, so I am expecting some revenge from Montezuma.  That’s what happens if I take the drug every day and my last dose was yesterday.  Thankfully so far no problems.  If it’s going to happen, please dear God let it happen tonight and not when I am in the airplane.

I made a special trip to Wal-Mart for my guy.  I got him his iron on patches.  Shame that I managed to step in a mud puddle in the process and wound up with mud in my car and the house.  Just perfect, more work for me to deal with.

Well I could ramble all night long but that won’t get anything that I need acomplished so I am going to get moving.  You all take care, stay warm and dry.  I will talk with you peeps later!

10 November 2012

Busy = Me

So it’s been a very busy couple of days.  Yes, so busy I had no time to goof off while at work.  Felt kind of strange working a whole day with no play time. 

I actually wound up staying at work late Thursday and Friday night.  Thursday was because someone figured out a way around our content filter.  I found a solution to fix it and had to stay late to test it.  I put a lot of time and effort into this, only to find out it caused one other person problems so I had to undo my changes.  I spent Friday morning on the phone trying to sort out another way to fix this.  I found a couple solutions.  One costs money and the other would block sites for everyone.  I was told it’s much easier to fire someone than to have me invest my time.  Okay, whatever.

Friday afternoon I was told that one of the guys in the office needs dual screens desperately.  I’ve got dual screens and it helps out a ton!  I also won’t be in the office for a full week, so I waited until after hours and gave him my monitors and graphics card.  I also set myself up with new monitors.  Right now I only have one working because I need a graphics card.  So when I return to the office a new graphics card will be waiting for me.  Put that bad boy in and I should be all set.  It cost me some time but in the end it will help save me time. 

The work is actually starting to pile up.  I’ve got data entry work for assets that I am tracking.  I will have a new machine to build and a printer to hook up.  Plus whatever else comes up between now and then.  So I guess you would say I am in demand.

Funny thing is I got a call from a head hunter who told me about a management position available with a Law Firm, it is something new and I would have to hire and train people.  The only thing it didn’t say is what happened after they were hired and trained.  I asked about that and about money.  I won’t have answers until Monday.  I talked it over with my partner and we both think that I have a good thing going right now and I shouldn’t leave.  If after I have been with this place for a year and they don’t offer me a decent raise well then I could consider leaving.  However, if this new job comes back with a sizeable salary increase I may entertain being submitted just to see how it washes out.  I asked God to let me know when the timing was right and everything happens for a reason.

Speaking of which I have this overwhelming sense that something is going to go horribly wrong on this trip.  I get these feelings most every time I am setup to travel.  Once I get to where I am going everything seems to just fall into place and those feelings leave me.  However, there has been some prophesying going on and I just can’t help but think I am headed to the end of the road.  Yes, I am a worry wart and this is probably nothing.  As long as things are okay here at home and I am okay that is all I can ask for.  I’d like to ask to not go because well traveling is fine once your doing it but the hassle of getting ready, packing and shuffling off to the airport just plain sucks.  I think I might cry this time when we have to part ways, only time will tell.

I got my new credit card in the mail, looks awesome.  It’s got a tiger on the front of it charging at you in the snow.  Speaking of snow the weather in MN – WI will be much colder than it is here.  This will be my first winter travel and I have no idea what to do with my coat when going through the security screening.  It’s a leather jacket.  It’s was a gift from my partner and when I am wearing it, feels like he is hugging me.  So it’s very special.  I am afraid wearing it on board the plane I will sweat too much.  I am also concerned if it snows while I am at the hotel, how the hell do I get my rental car clean?  I’m told the weather in that area is highly unpredictable in the winter.  It can be forecast for a clear sunny day and when you get there they could be in the middle of a blizzard.  That’s just my luck!  However, it won’t scare me I will still get out in it because well I am used to driving in ice, snow and rain – just another day here at home in the winter.

This was the first time that the Travel Agent we use spelled my last name wrong.  First they made the plane reservations but I had no rental car.  I got the car and then noticed my name was misspelled.  Correct me if I am wrong but if your ID doesn’t match your boarding pass, you are pretty well screwed.  I got them to fix it.  I called the rental car company to reserve a GPS and learned they didn’t fix my last name there.  So I will find out tomorrow when I go to print my boarding pass if my name was fixed or not.  If not then I guess I will call the airline myself to see if they can help me w/o having to go back through the corporate channels and involved the silly travel agent.  They don’t have a profile on me, it would be so much easier if they would just set that up now so I would be in the system.  I mean I will be doing this again next month.  Plus they always ask me for how my name shows on my license, but never include my middle initial.  They also need my date of birth and social security number.  Save time for everyone and setup a freaking profile, morons!

So that brings us to Saturday.  Today we got up and got my partners glasses.  Grabbed some fresh basked goods from the bakery shop and headed to Olive Garden where we both stuffed our gullets.  Came home, took a couple hour nap.  Messed around a bit and then it was time to get the mail and head to get a bite to eat for supper.  I really didn’t want that much and I am still stuffed.  We came home and I have started laundry.  My partner is all worried that I will leave him with out any clean clothes to wear.  Then he tells me in the next breath that he won’t be going anywhere.  Okay, so why do you need clean clothes? 

Strange thing today the high here was 80 degrees.  I am wearing short sleeves and we had to turn on the ac when we got home because the house was 81.  Monday I will be headed to a place where it’s 36 degrees.  Talk about a shock to the system.  Plus weather change like that screws with my body and I usually wind up ill.  No worries, I am packing my steroids so in case there is any problem I will be prepared.  That’s the thing with me packing I try to take the kitchen sink and cram it into this little bag that is designed to hold my laptop and a couple days worth of clothes.  I wear jeans when I travel (not sure if that is pc with the company but I figure I don’t want to mess up my good clothes) and I get two days wear out of them, unless something goes wrong.  I usually pack a pair of dress pants just in case but I have never had to use them.

I got time to find the distance between the airport and the hotel.  Then the hotel and the two places I am going.  I’ve got about a good 2 hours drive from the airport to the hotel.  Then about 20 minutes from there until I get to the first place I am going.  It will probably be around 2pm before I get there, at least that is by my guess and taking time to stop and get lunch.  The best part about traveling is the company pays for the food so I try to eat really good.  I also pour my heart and soul into the job and this installation crap is hard work, especially in old buildings.

I still have to work on getting the house clean and the trash ready.  Then tomorrow I will do the actual packing and that is probably when I will get that feeling, what am I forgetting?  CRS (can’t remember shit) happens to me when I am stressed, if things get really bad I have a hard time holding on to thoughts as well.  I’m ready to get this over with.

The place where I am staying has an indoor pool.  After my last experience at a Holiday Inn with the pool, I think I might be better off avoiding it.  I am going to look up the weather now and that will help me decide what to pack.  Probably going to take a mix of long and short sleeve shirts.   One thing I am doing different is I am burning a CD or two with some of my favorite tunes, so in case my iPhone won’t interface with my rental car, hopefully it will have a CD player.  Watch my luck and it will be AM/FM radio only.  That would suck, jinx!  I am set for a Toyota Corolla or like car.  I will ask for a Ford or Chevy – if they want to give me a Caddy or a Beemer I won’t turn those down either.  Please just no VW.

Oh yeah, I’ve got to shave my chest before I go.  Last Friday is when I did it last and I am happy to report that I have been able to go all week long with no problems.  It’s starting to itch like crazy, to the point where it’s either shave or scratch like crazy.  Scratching will make it worse so shaving it is.

I have no idea when I will blog next, let alone be able to blog.  But make no mistake about it, as soon as the opportunity presents it’s self, providing I make it (and I probably will), I will tell you all about my wild travel adventures.  I just hope there are no bad stories to post.  

As of now, the kids and my guy are doing okay.  A little puking going on but that is normal with cats.  They seem to get sick from all of that darn obsessive grooming.  You all take care and I will talk with you peeps later!

07 November 2012


Please give me 10 minutes of your time and watch this, it explains so much. 

Thanks Jude for sharing this with me.  It’s awesome!  Growing up gay is difficult and today we at least have some acceptance in society.

Why Me?

I am busier than a one legged man in a butt kicking contest.  This week just keeps getting worse instead of better.  Pressure, things to do and an e-mail box that scrolls.  I learned from one of my old bosses your IN BOX should never scroll.  Right now I am at the fuck it stage, so it will sit for a bit. 

I learned today that my boss wanted me to go to WI and IA next week.  While I’d like to make that happen, I explained that I will be doing good to take care of everything in WI – got 2 sites both fresh installs.  1st one is large and I think this is where I will have problems.  2nd one is small and should be a piece of cake.  Watch the Gods punish me and make the 1st one go well and the 2nd one flop.  I got the boss to agree to let me go to IA the 1st week of December.  At least the travel part is working out like I want it.  So I will leave next week and then be home for 2 weeks.  Then back on the road for a week and hopefully I will be done for the year. 

I got the equipment ordered for the installs and am hoping and praying the stuff gets to WI before I do.  I’ve got to pack up my tools and ship them out, but that is a job for tomorrow.  The day is damn near over with and again I am at the fuck it stage.  Pretty much everything can wait until morning.  I will be fresh and can concentrate. 

I’ve been all over the place today from working on machines, to multiple interactions with the boss and his assistant to talking with sales people. 

I finally took 5 minutes for myself and looked for a hotel.  I got a Queen Suite.  So it will be a Queen for the Queen!  It was the same price as a regular room, so why not.  Against my better judgment I will be staying at a Holiday Inn.  I sure hope that this experience is better than what I had in IA.

My main focus while I am on the road will be business and then talking with my partner.  If I have any spare time I will try to get in a blog update. 

Today is National Health Food Day.  We celebrated at the office with 4 dozen Krispy Kreme’s and 1 Box of fresh cookies.  :)

So the elections are done with.  Thank you Jesus!  Obama won, which I think is a good thing.  Now bring on the food for Turkey Day, I am so ready!

Mr. Big Boy has not adjusted to the time change.  He wakes me up at 5am and then I play hell trying to get back to sleep.  Last night I had a hard time falling asleep because I forgot to take my sleeping pills.  I got to watch political TV which was kind of interesting.  Too much energy and I was amped up.  I had to force myself to turn the TV off and try to sleep.  I was dragging this morning.

I am thinking of all of the things I need to pack and stuff I need to do before I leave.  My mind is just racing and I need to focus and relax.  I’m also thinking about how much I will miss the children.  I worry about the tuna can falling out of the sky (yes that was a reference to the airplane) and I worry about Big Boy & My Guy getting sick or worse.  All I know is there isn’t much I can do about it.  I mean if something is going to happen it will happen if I am here or miles away.

I hope tomorrow is a better day.  I’ve got a machine to get to the place that is 81 miles away.  I am debating if I should just FedEx it or drive it down myself.  I will enjoy the drive but will I get to leave early and get home at a decent hour?  Who knows, plus all of the travel for next week.  I’m leaning towards FedEx but first I have to configure the damn thing. 

Right now it’s time to organize and pack up for the night.  Getting ready to head home and call it day.  Hamburgers & Gravy for supper.  Hope all is going well for you.  Talk with you peeps later!

06 November 2012

Go Vote

So it’s finally election day.  I am so glad all of the Robo Calls, Junk Mail and TV Ads will stop now.  I am interested to know who will be our next president.  However, I don’t need a play by play. 

My guy made it to the polls for his Judge duty.  He was so noisy when he was leaving.  Glad this is only one day.  Felt odd with out him in the house this morning.  The kids made me get up early, since they knew I was awake.  Damn!

One of the girls puked in my bed yesterday after I left.  I came home to that surprise last night.  I think I should stop washing the comforter, when it’s dirty she is fine.  Get it clean and she gets sick.  However, her brother has to sleep on it so I do it for him and for me.

The kids are going to be starving because no one is home to feed them lunch.  I will be home a little late since I am stopping for supper before I go home.  They should be eating like little pigs by 6:30 if not before.  I just hope they don’t fight or cause any problems while we are away.

Last night I watched a movie via NetFlix it was a gay movie (oh shocker, imagine that) about a kid who was questioning his sexuality.  He fell for an openly gay kid and tried to push away his feelings by hanging out with his buddies at a cabin.  They were expecting girls up.  Turns out there was a flood so the girls couldn’t get there.  There were 3 guys.  So two of them broke out a porn tape and started watching that, the questioning kid said to his buddy hey do you want some lube.  His buddy ignored him because he was well engaged.  All of a sudden he just lubed up a hand and pushed his buddies out of the way and finished him off.  The kid was really enjoying it.  They talked afterwards saying that all straight guys do that, then in another scene their buddy walked in on them the questioning kid was blowing his buddy.  Yeah, straight guys do that too.  Nope!  I think everyone has their experimentation experience and it’s pretty quick when you know deep inside what you like and who you are.  Kind of scary but also a lot of fun.

Tonight I will try to find another movie to watch, something interesting but different with of course a gay theme to it.  That is depending upon what is waiting on TiVo for me. 

I got a bomb dropped on me yesterday.  Turns out I will be headed to IA again, they want WIFI installed.  I am in the process of getting prices.  Right now it’s looking like a December trip unless something comes together it could happen next week.  I am not looking forward to it but I can tell you for sure I won’t stay in the same hotel.  Remember all of the security issues and the pool, yeah no thanks!  I sure hope my rental car isn’t a VW either. 

Work is well busy, which is why this update is being posted in the afternoon.  Damn, I barley had five minutes to myself the whole day.  It’s coming upon 2 and I still have a ton more of stuff to do before I leave, so I got to jet.  I hope you voted or are voting.  I will talk with you peeps later!

05 November 2012


The past few weeks the building has had the heat on.  Today the one day that we need heat, it’s not on.  I am freezing and doesn’t help that I am sitting next to a window.  Looks like I might need to bring my own heater in.  Tomorrow I will be sure to wear long sleeves.

I dressed in short sleeves today, got my haircut and went the extra mile to hopefully make a good first impression on the management team that is supposed to be here.  I even got in early.  They are of course no where to be found.  So much for my efforts!

Saturday night I wasn’t feeling the best then realized I forgot to take my medicine.  Prior to realizing that I hit the Benadryl.  Well I slept!  Extra hour not needed I pretty much took up the whole day.  Didn’t roll out of bed until 12 noon.  I felt so hung over and really didn’t want to do anything.

I got a shaved and got a shower, then we headed out to a restaurant that we like, they are famous for burgers.  We had a coupon!  Problem is it takes about an hour to get there.  I was running low on gas but we made it and then I filled up the tank afterwards.  We got back around 4ish and then had to go to the grocery store. 

I talked my guy to waiting in the car, he told me what he needed and I got that plus stuff for my lunch.  I also picked up some Pepperidge Farm Cookies.  Damn they are so good.  One of the things I was sent to find was a Brown Sugar.  I went down the isle with it and grabbed it.  Then was headed to the next isle when I spotted this kid wearing shorts and a t-shirt.  He was semi-bent over and those shorts showed off his buns perfectly.  The isle was blocked so I had plenty of time to stare.  I didn’t know it but he managed to make it out of the store before I did.  My partner was commenting on him when I got in the car.  Yeah, he was yummy!  Maybe 19 or 20, no older than that.  Young but not illegal!

The rest of the night consisted of laundry, cleaning and getting ready for Monday.  I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to sleep but it wasn’t a problem.  My boss emailed me around 9:30 and I had to get that message after that it was lights out.  I didn’t care if the world burnt down, I was going to bed. 

I did give Big Boy a bath, he really enjoyed it.  If I remember I will give him another one tonight and maybe throw in a brushing.  He loves attention and doesn’t seem to get enough.  If I give his brother attention, he starts crying as if to say, what about me.  They are all so jealous and starved for attention. 

I found out this morning TAZ has diarrhea.  It’s really bad, so I’ve got some medicine for him tonight.  This morning was raining and no time for playing around, had to get out of the house because traffic backs up.

Tonight’s meal will be served at Denny’s.  I’ve got a 20% off coupon.  I am so hungry for Mexican food, been thinking about Nachos.  Then again tomorrow night I am on my own, so I will probably stop off at my favorite Mexican place.  My guy will be busy working the polls as an Election Judge.  I got the wheel chair out for him so he should be comfy.  No clue on what we are eating on Wednesday.  Thursday & Friday will probably be eat out days as well.  We really don’t have much in the way of food at home.  Just stuff for breakfast, my lunch and that’s about it.  Now that I think of it there are 2 frozen pizzas but he won’t go for that!

I’ve been busy all morning sorting out access rights and trying to get people access they need.  Once I got away from that, I finally cleaned out my in box and decided to goof off for a bit.  Got a new laptop showing up this afternoon so I should be busy with getting that ready.  Plus you never know who will call or what will walk in this afternoon.

Ready for quitting time, so I can get some heat and figure out what I am having for supper.  I know a bowl of soup is in my future!  I hope you are all toasty warm, doing well and that life is treating you well.  I will talk with you peeps later!

03 November 2012

Coming out to Siri… one word…funny!

No hair

Friday nights meal was just a disappointment.  I had a good time but the food wasn’t that great.  We used a coupon that my guy got on-line but this time they added 18% gratuity.  Some coupon!

We got home at a decent hour and I was miserable from the meal and just being up all day long.  I got online to purchase Ron White’s latest standup bit for $5.00.  I brushed my teeth and called it a night.  I did make it to the Jeweler in time, left early last night and got my battery for free!   My trimmer came in, works pretty good.  I got anxious and decided to shave my chest so I broke out the shaving crème and razor.  It took forever.  I wasn’t that hairy but damn you wouldn’t have known that if you were the razor.  I think I look sexy now.  My guy didn’t even notice and when I pointed it out to him he told me he hates it.  It feels better to me, just have to keep it shaved so it doesn’t itch.  Then I sat down to watch Ron White and I wound up falling asleep in the middle of his routine.  I love him as a comic but I was just so damn tired I couldn’t hold my eyes open.

I woke up way too early this morning and made it to the Dentist.  I learned that it’s time to have my one upper tooth they had been watching filled.  There is a cavity on the outside of it and I have gotten by for a while.  I knew this was coming and glad that we were able to hold off until the job situation secured it’s self.  I also managed to get a Saturday appointment to have it done early next year and also another Saturday appointment for my regular cleaning.  I hate the fact that I have to have work done, however minor it may be.  Needles and drills in my mouth aren’t my idea of a good time!

We stopped for a bite to eat after the dentist and then made a rush to the eye doctor.  I got my glasses adjusted and my partner got his eye exam.  There has been a little change in his prescription so he could get new glasses if he wanted.  He opted to keep what he has because of money.  He did get a pair of computer glasses that will also double as reading glasses, they are a bifocal lens.

In talking with the eye doc I learned that once you turn 40 is when your eyes start to go and they level out around age 50.  So basically I just started on the glasses band wagon and it’s only going to get worse for me.  I also found out that Carrots are really good for your eyes and they help a great deal with night vision.  So since I eat a lot of carrots maybe things won’t get too bad for me.  Who knows just as long as if they do, I qualify for Lasix – I am already ready to give up glasses. 

We came home and then I went out to get my hair cut.  I debated about this but since we have a management meeting next week, I’d like to make a good first impression on the people that I will be meeting.  I got shampooed & conditioned with Paul Mitchell’s new White Ginger line.  I asked for that rather than my usual Tea Tree.  It smelled awesome and I liked it so much I picked up a bottle of Shampoo & Conditioner.  Damn it was super expensive.  However, I now officially have enough Shampoo & Conditioner to last me probably until next summer if not beyond.  Will I buy more before then, probably.  I am kind of a junkie when it comes to hair care stuff.

After the hair cut I was supposed to go shopping but thankfully I was too tired so I came home for some rest.  Too bad I didn’t get any.  Someone was making too much noise.  Still I laid quiet in my chair hoping that he would stop so that I could dose off.  Then just when I fell asleep he comes bouncing in asking me if I am okay.  Damn!

I called a friend of mine to catch up and she said let me call you back.  When she did call back she asked her usual annoying question… what are you doing.  I fucking hate that.  So I told her I am laying in bed with my guy.  She said seriously?  I said seriously did you want to talk with him?  She said that is just too much information for me.  I told her we weren’t having sex but if she would have called a few minutes later things could have been so much different.  That just knocked her for a loop.  Then we moved right into politics.  She won’t vote for Obama because he is black, she wants Romney to win.  Then she started telling me all of the things my president did wrong that affect her.  I told her if Mitt Mitt don’t give a shit gets in then we are all fucked. She wants White Power.  Yeah, okay whatever.  You think your crying now, if Romney does get in she will be so sorry.  I can’t tell you either candidate is upstanding and honest but given our choices, I think Obama is best or should I say the lesser of two evils.  I also told her that we are officially getting married (no joke), it’s not a marriage but a civil union.  I refer to it as dog tags because I don’t feel like we are equal with straight people.  However, we will get most of the benefits that our state gives to traditional married people.  She got awful quiet when I told her this.  What I think kind of sucks is we have to apply for the license and then have to wait 1 day, then we can get unioned.  Problem is the court house only does gay weddings on Fridays. So while we can apply this year, we will probably have to wait until next year before we make it official.  The company my guy retired from actually makes this a requirement for me to continue getting benefits.  While they haven’t enforced it, we figure it will only be a matter of time, plus we love each other, so why not do it!

One I got missy to stop yacking and we hung up, I woke up my guy and we went out for pizza.  Too bad I wasted that as well.  I ordered Eggs & Sausage it wasn’t bad at first – had kind of a sweet taste to it.  Then we had to go get ice cream, which I didn’t want but also didn’t turn down.  My stomach is okay, which is a surprise.  Just doesn’t sound like a good combination. 

Then it was on to Target & Cat Food.  Then home.  I realized the 2 items I forgot so I made a list and will get them later next week when I have some money, or should I say available credit.  Pay day is next week and I can’t wait to pay off my credit card in full.  That will help me breathe easier.  The problem is it leaves me with $1.  Wow.  So to survive I will charge but I am going to be extra careful so I hopefully don’t have to fork over a whole pay check again. 

Fed the cats twice, greedy is a big word around here.  Doing washing of my bed clothes.  Then it will be time to switch wardrobes.  It’s officially getting cold here.  Tomorrow will be a day to gas up the car, go grocery shopping and hopefully I will make better choices when it comes to eating out and what I order.  Then it will be time to prepare for Monday!  Oh Joy!  However, each day brings us closer to Thanksgiving and I am so looking forward to that!  So there will be two full weeks of work and then two weeks of 3 day work weeks.  Awesome!

I discovered a few days back by accident that Lawn Boy is on FB.  However, he has his privacy settings so tight that I can’t friend him.  I don’t think there will be anything epic on his page, but I would still like to add him.  I am sending him his last payment for work that he just did last week and letting him know that he can friend me if he wants.  Maybe he will bite!  It certainly can’t hurt anything.

I hope that your having a great weekend and that all is well in your world.  Time to go tend to the laundry.  I’ve got about an hour before I can call it a night and then I still have to medicate big boy and brush my teeth.  Boo!  Talk with you peeps later.

02 November 2012

Friday Again

We made it once again to Friday!  It’s been a busy day for me already.  Work and lots of it.  I’m still behind but the important stuff is done, no management around so it’s time to relax and enjoy myself. Then maybe I will go back to work, nah who am I kidding!  I have already plotted leaving early today – seems like it might actually happen.

I wore my Crocs into work, normally don’t wear them much at all.  However, they are comfy and help my feet from hurting.  Too bad I can’t wear them every day.  I creek when I walk so everyone knows I am headed in their direction. 

Last nights supper was ick.  Bratwurst and soda for me.  Then when my guy let I got a piece of cake.  That made it better.

Speaking of food I got a bright idea this morning and called an old co-worker who I had been planning on having lunch with for a while.  We got together this afternoon and I took an hour plus for lunch, thankfully nothing fell apart while I was gone.  I also ran into lots of other people I used to work with.  No one stopped to talk just a wave or a smile that’s it.  People are so fickle!  They will go to lunch with you if you call them but will they ever call you for lunch?  Nope.  That just hurts and makes me mad!

So riddle me this.  I’ve asked my credit card company for a limit increase twice and both times been told no.  Yesterday I applied for a brand new card with them and got approved, effectively giving me the limit increase I have been asking for.  Makes no sense to me!

Ever want to change things up in what you wear?  I go through this all the time.  I don’t mean I wear the same clothes but speaking of accessories.  Today I grabbed my watch and put it on.  Normally I only wear it to Turkey Day or a special event.  Wouldn’t you know it…the darn thing needs a new battery.  I’ve got a dual display.  The traditional watch face with a window at the bottom that displays digital time, date, alarm, stopwatch.  The bottom part works but the traditional watch yeah, the hand moves forward and then actually moves backwards two times, then forwards.  That’s the sign it’s time to see the jeweler.  If I get to leave early enough I can knock this out today, otherwise it will have to wait until tomorrow.  I’d change it myself but it requires a special tool and it has to be sealed just right or it won't be waterproof.  All of the money I sunk into the original purchase I wouldn’t want to loose it because of a careless mistake.  Besides that they charge $10 for a battery but it covers you for 3 full years.  The write the date inside the watch and that’s how they keep track of your purchase.

So busy weekend…Dentist for me.  Eye Dr. for my guy, plus I have to get them to look at my glasses.  Then if not tonight to the Jeweler tomorrow. I also have to visit Target for Cat Litter.  I’d like to go for pie tomorrow but I think that might just be pushing it, depends upon how we both feel and how much money my guy has.  I’m broke!

My next adventure will be with the Micro Max Hair Trimmer.  I bought one and it’s waiting for me at the post office, see why I’m broke now!  Anyway, I have this spot on my chest that itches and burns all the time.  I’ve got this rx cream to put on it but it’s greasy and hurts to apply.  I’ve shaved my chest before but didn’t like the results when it grew back – itchy to the extreme!  So I’m going to use the trimmer to trim things up a bit.  Plus it’s suppose to do an awesome job on the back of your neck, might test that out too.  I should be getting a haircut this weekend, and still might. 

As for the rash I had earlier this week it’s pretty well gone.  Prednisone is tapering off and so my sinus woes are slowly coming back, kind of sucks.  I switched back to the new shampoo I bought and thus far no problems.  I honestly think it was a reaction to the burger I had – way too much grease!

We are both excited to head out tonight for a bite to eat.  I am going to enjoy it even more because it won’t be my bill.  That’s the best kind of food…free food. 

So there you have it a late afternoon update.  I hope that you enjoy your weekend and have plenty of time to relax.  I am going to try to get to bed early tonight so it will soften the blow of having to wake up so early tomorrow.  The only ones that will enjoy me getting up early will be the kids, my how they love breakfast. 

Talk with you peeps later!

01 November 2012

Too much Polo

Happy Brovember!  Where does the time go?  I have come such a long way since last year at this time.  I hope that I continue to progress forward.  I was thinking this morning how in the blink of an eye your life can change forever.  You never know what is around the corner, be it good or bad.

The rash has pretty well subsided, but there is still a little bit of red, so I am still applying crème, we don’t want it to come back.  My nose is working overtime this morning because I put on too much Polo.  I was always allergic to the stuff, even 1 spray and that would make my nose work overtime.  I find now that I can get by with a couple sprays.  I love the smell of the stuff but just don’t want to spend the day in misery.  A little time in front of the fan might help me.

Have plenty to do this morning but once again I am in no rush to do any of it.  Still I have to get to it soon, one of the main things is building a machine and I promised that it would ship out today.  Luckily it will take me about 2 hours and then it will be done.  I try my very best to deliver when I promise something. 

Boss man should be flying out this afternoon, hopefully he will be able to get back to his family.  Next week we are having a management pow wow here at the office and people will be coming in from the field.  I’ve already been asked to work on one machine, I am sure there will be others to follow.  Most of these people and I have had interactions via e-mail or on the phone but never met in person, so I am looking forward to putting faces with names. 

I don’t know why but I am becoming more and more attracted to this one guy in the office.  I am trying to set my feelings aside but it’s like they are on terminal overload.  No matter what I do I just can’t seem to shake them.  I know that once you start something or even ask, it’s not like you can take it back.  So keeping that in the front of my mind helps me from doing something stupid.  I kind of feel a gay vibe from him but my gardar has been known to give off false positives.

Supper last night was blah.  I got a call on the way home that the deep fryer was empty so I had to stop and pick up chips.  Then it was on to the cat food store and finally to home.  I added some ice cream for desert and that kind of made up for the blah meal.

Tonight’s menu consists of Bratwurst, which will be okay.  Waiting for tomorrow because we should be going out to eat.  That means good food for sure. 

My call volume just picked up I’m working on one machine and talking to someone about a couple more.  So for concentration purposes, I need to scoot.  Talk with you peeps later!