01 July 2013

Ready to file

I brought my complaint to work and my friend notarized it.  The next step is to appear in person at the courthouse to file the document and pay the filing fee.  I called and found out yes, they are open on Friday.  They also take credit cards, cash and check.  They told me just to bring the complaint, no need for evidence.  As most people when they find out they are being sued tend to settle.  That is fine and dandy but I don’t think these bastards are going to settle.  I think they will be surprised that I actually followed through.  I will be filing it on Friday despite the fact I am one day early.  I figure that will get this done just that much sooner. 

I got all of the documents that Bankruptcy attorney needs.  Only problem is he is only in on Monday & Thursdays.  Must be nice.  He works Saturdays as well but is booked until the 27th.  So I took that day.  I am thinking of just mailing him copies of what he needs and explaining to him that I will be in on that Saturday.  That will give him time to review everything and he won’t have to make a snap decision. 

I went online and found the form to transfer my partners vehicle into my name. I can take care of it on my own.  No need for a Notary or even a witness.  You sware your telling the truth and if your not they come after you.  I think I will leave well enough alone because first it would mean new license plates, which are $100 + as well as the title and transfer costs.  I have no idea about taxes since it’s an inheritance but I could probably figure all of that out on my own.  Many years back I used to get tittles and license plates for vehicles as part of my job.  I even wrote out temporary permits until plates came in. 

Last night I gave Jumper both of his medicines and he is fine this morning.  Acting normal, so I think I found the recipe for success even though he won’t like it.  Both meds at the same time. 

I forgot about giving Big Boy the extra pill for his diarrhea.  I bought up a bunch of Fancy Feast and he isn’t used to that.  I suspect that is the cause of the problem.  So no more Fancy Feast for him. 

Lunch is done.  I finished up the facility I was working on and have moved to do an emergency desktop build.  Then I will go back to my little project.  Nice to get a break.  64 more to go. 

Despite the fact it’s Monday and I really don’t want to be here.  Things are pretty good.  Traffic was breezy this morning.  I suspect it will only get easier as we get closer to the BIG DAY here.  Last year we closed early on the 3rd because traffic is so horrible.  I hope the same holds true for this year.  I am counting on it.

I answered two trivia questions last night on FB and it should have won me $20 at the vet.  I haven’t been notified of any winnings just yet, but that will help when I have to take momma back to get her blood work re-done.  That will probably be an on-going thing until everything is settled with her level.

So ready to go home, like every other day I am here I would rather be at home.  Next Monday is going to suck because it will be back to 5 days again.  I really hope the time goes by very slowly so that I can get everything done I want to.

That is about as exciting as things get here for a Monday.  I hope all is well in your world.  I will talk with you peeps later.

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