26 April 2016

Glued Shut?

Happy Tuesday!  I am worried about my Bear.  I believe his cystitis is back because he is trying to pee but nothing is coming out.  I felt a couple of drops over the weekend but I haven’t seen a solid stream since Friday.  That is a long time for a bladder to hold it.  I am wondering if his outlet (aka penis) is glued shut. You can tell he doesn’t feel the greatest but he is putting up a brave front and using that nervous purr to try to throw me off.  We even held hands and he put his claws out to grab on.  What a truly rocky road this guy has had and I am not sure why.  He’s the best cat and really doesn’t cause problems and is very laid back.  He will of course fight with family but outside of that he is just so sweet.  He is eating a little bit and drinking a lot.  I have my doubts if we are going to be able to hold out until Saturday to see the vet.  I am trying but if things don’t change then I think I will need to make the call to go over early.  Each time he gets sick I wonder if this will be the last time.  I really still want to hang on to him.  I know he wants to hang on to me.  I guess time will tell.

Ruth is back to her old self, she doesn’t like me to watch her eat but she sure begs for the food.  I give it to her and sit back to see what she is going to do.  She knows I am watching so she plays like she doesn’t like it.  Turn my head and look back in a minute she is packing it away like it’s going to be her last meal.  Everyone knows I am worried about Bear and I think they all know he doesn’t feel the greatest but so long as I continue to put food out they all seem content to eat. 

Work is very awkward this week.  I am so ready to move on.  Talked with my new boss yesterday he is a chatter box.  He told me that no one ever asked him about moving me and so unless I had an objection that I would stay put.  I am going with that for now.  If I have problems then I will address it and try to get moved but not sure that I would ever be as fortunate to get moved to an office, like I really want.  My hours are going to be the same and I can always re-address that and get to a different shift if I so choose.  That is kind of nice but for right now there is going to be enough change going on with learning I don’t want to put too much on my body.  Plus you have the whole Bear situation.  If something is going to go south with that there will never be a good time but I don’t want to have to take time off in my first week.  I know everyone will understand and it’s a new role not like I am a fresh face and starting day 1 with no seniority.  Still I don’t want to make a bad impression.  Very anxious to be off the whine line.  I know that a good portion of my days will be spent on the phone in conference calls, meetings and training.  However, that is totally different than taking a call from a user who’s computer ‘doesn’t work’. 

Last night I came home to my new trash cans.  One is for trash and the other is for recycling.  They are huge and I only barley have room to fit one of them in the garage.  So I will be doing some garage cleaning over the weekend.  Still only keeping the trash bin in the garage.  The recycle bin is on the deck and will stay there, I am not a recycler.  Sorry but it’s just not my thing.  We were all told that we should not use the bins until next week still people filled them up and put them out.  The trash truck came this morning and they passed everyone by that had used the new container.  There is going to be a lot of upset folks.  They are the same people that will be clueless about the pick up day changing.  Were supposed to get a post card this week to notify us of the new day of the week..  Not looking forward to that because your asking me to change something that I have been doing for 15 plus years.  However, with time I will adapt even if it takes a calendar reminder.  I still like the old way but I do see advantages of the new way.  I have to get used to it for a bit and then see how I feel.

In the way of food I picked up some Magnum raspberry ice creams bars from the store.  3 bars were $5 which is a bit much.  They are coated heavily in chocolate with a nice layer of raspberry inside.  I have only had one and could easily eat the whole box.  They are so good. 

There is a lot of work that I still need to do before the change next week but I have 0 motivation.  I am trying to just limp along.  I mean there is ample time to get it all done, it’s not like if it’s not done by Monday they are out of time.  It just means that someone will have to work at it … if I wasn’t changing roles I would still be taking my sweet time.  I’d get it all done by the mid May deadline but I just work at a different pace.  If you try to rush through it you will miss something and that will make someone mad and have to call for help.  Do I plan to dump most of this work off on someone, yes is the answer.  They would do the same thing to me if the tables were turned.  Besides that what if I was leaving to start a new job at a new company it’s kind of no different.  I have been pushed by a couple people to speed it up but we ran into problems last week that I didn’t help.  There are a total of 5 machines to change out.  I have 1 pretty well done.  Moving on to #2 today and then we shall see where we go from there.  Coming to work this week feels like I am on vacation but still required to work.  I am giddy about the change and ready to get on with it. 

Enough ramble back to the fun.  Watching my bear on the cat cam.  He is sleeping.  I look forward to being able to pet him, hold his hand and try to reassure him that everything is going to be okay.  Plus it would be nice to come home to clean up a mess, nothing huge but something so that I know we are on our way to recovery.  Never wanted to clean up urine so bad. 

Hope all is well in your world.  Happy Birthday to my only commenter – Jude!

24 April 2016

Punishment for my reward

I feel as if I am being punished for my promotion.  Ruth started to act funny about eating and actually lost her appetite.  I have her back to nibbling and I think she will be eating soon.  My heart was skipping beats over this.  This morning I found Bear in his bed, he was awake and alert.  He didn’t want to eat.  I drug him out of bed and put the food in front of him, still nothing.  I changed food because he often doesn’t like the first dish.  Again nothing.  Now I have 2 cats that are headed for trouble.  I get home from the grocery store and Bear started to eat but he is straining to go to the bathroom and he is dribbling again.  That tells me the Cystitis is back.  Poor guy he’s been to hell and back a couple times, you’d think the universe would give him a break.  What I want to know is why can’t something good happen in my life without anything else negative happening?  I deserve happiness and actually need it more than the average person.  I too have been to hell and back a couple times.  I just can’t lose a cat or even two right now, the timing is poor.  I found out last night Momma has diarrhea.  So really only Marv and Insty are healthy.

I felt bad but I think I figured out Ruth’s problem.  The water filter wasn’t changed on schedule.  Seems that some type of bacteria will build and one or more of them will get sick if I don’t change it every 4 weeks.  With my back being out of whack I totally forgot it.  This just served as a reminder to order more filters, so I took a break and did that. 

Now that I know my income is going to increase I seem to have no trouble spending money that I don’t even have yet.  Amazon loves me but I can tell you I won’t be terribly pleased when the bills roll in.  However, there are needs and wants – some of my spending is a little bit of both. 

Last night I was treated to dinner by a couple friends and we went to Maggiano’s.  I saw a cute guy I used to work with.  I said hi to him, we shook hands and had a quick couple words.  Then my friends looked at me and said do you know him?  Uh I greeted him by name and he’s not wearing a name tag.  Of course I know him.  Wow!  It was a good dinner.  I got Baked Ziti and took home Fettuccini Alfredo.  Desert was a double chocolate brownie with ice cream and fresh strawberries.  It was the best part of the whole meal.  It’s been a very long time since I have been to Maggiano’s and I always look forward to going back. 

My friends that I went out with are both actually former co-workers in a job many moons ago.  So I took my new job description with me and asked them to look it over.  I asked if they thought I was in over my head?  They both said no.  It will require me to learn some stuff that I don’t know but I shouldn’t struggle.  I was pleased to hear that and I don’t think they were just telling me what I wanted to hear.  I sort of feel like I will be in over my head, probably at first because there will be so much information coming at me.  However, long term I really feel I will do fine.  The big question is can I get over the withdrawal from the daily people interaction.  Sitting all day staring at a screen isn’t exactly going to be fun, but then again maybe it will be. 

Tomorrow will mark my last week in my present position.  Then the following Monday I will start my new adventure.  I am slated to talk with my new boss tomorrow afternoon and looking forward to that.  Apparently there are a lot of meetings to attend and there will also be a lot of phone time – so I shouldn’t be bored or have any free time like I do in my present position.  Not 100% but I think they are going to wait 2 months maybe longer before putting me in the on-call rotation which will be nice. 

Well time to get cracking on cleaning up this house.  Not something I want to do, I am in a pretty relaxed mood.  I did get rid of a few broken electronic items.  Of course after I am done I think of other things but they will have to wait until next year.  The bigger problem now is that I didn’t get my new trash can and it was supposed to be here by Friday.  In fact they skipped our whole subdivision.  I’m not sure anyone is worried about it but I am so I will be calling tomorrow.  Because starting next week we have to use them or they won’t pick up the trash.

Hope your having a great weekend and have a great week ahead.  I will do my best to make sure that things go great for me, but there is only so much I have control of.  Take care and we will talk again soon!

19 April 2016

The News I have been waiting for

Well it’s official, I have the new job.  I got a decent offer it’s not what I asked for but it is more than I am making now and it will be the most money I have made in my entire life.  Finally after all of the bad something good has finally happened.  I am numb.  There is fear of the unknown but that comes with any new job.  I really don’t know my new manager that well.  The manager I have today is awesome and we are very close.  I will miss her.

It’s tough to keep it quiet but I have to.  I was able to tell a few people but the rest of my team won’t know until tomorrow.  I don’t know when everyone else will be told but I know it will sadden a lot of people because I won’t be their support person.  They are going to hire a replacement for my position so that is a good thing.  I hope that it is someone that is as responsible and responsive as I am, otherwise they won’t be a good fit.

Privacy and confidentiality are roles that come with my new job.  I am eager to get started but also a little nervous.  There is a lot of training and it’s going to take a while to get up to speed.  I found out that from the looks of things I won’t be moving and will still maintain my same cube but that is kind of a curse because everyone is used to coming to my desk and I will have to point them in another direction.  I also really wanted an office but hey it’s not the end of the world. 

I am sure everything will work out fine and my nerves will settle down, it’s just going to take time.  The real discipline will come to the extra money in my paycheck.  I have to force myself to save it and not spend it.  Even though I have spent some of it with my retail therapy.  Thankfully I didn’t go hog wild and buy a new car.  But that is my goal, get comfortable and once everything is going well I plan on getting that new car, it will be bitter sweet, just like the change in positions.

I really wish that I could tell my late partner the good news but some how I think he already knows.  It just sucks that I can see the facial reaction and get a hug from him.  Well it’s going to be a long night I have to call a couple of friends and let them know the good news.  Hopefully my one friend won’t keep yacking forever. 

Hope that all is well in your world and we shall talk again soon.   

Still Waiting

It’s probably not a surprise to you that I am still playing the waiting game.  Close of business on Monday, my ass.  I am starting to wonder if they are ever going to tell me anything or if I will just be left in a perpetual state of wondering.  Honestly it’s starting to really annoy me.  We have a team meeting tomorrow and typically they make announcements in the meeting, but usually the people who are getting the promotion and those who didn’t get it have already been informed.  At this point nothing really would surprise me, unless I actually got a phone call that said we want to make you an offer.  In an effort to get even I would be tempted to say let me think about it and get back with you tomorrow by close of business and then not call until mid afternoon on the following day. 

The one good thing that did happen yesterday is my Pearson Specter LItt polo shirt showed up.  It’s the name of the Law Firm on the USA TV Show Suits.  I paid a pretty penny for it and it looks great.  I have to send it through the laundry and then I will be wearing it proudly.  I am interested to see what reactions I get, if any.  Sort of like when I bought my first gay pride shirt – though Suits is not a gay themed TV show.

Over the weekend I had to do some retail therapy and I feel horrible about it.  I bought a new pen, well it’s actually a rollerball.  It was something new on sale and I saw an email and had my eye on it.  I actually wanted one red and one blue but I just bought the red one.  It was only $35 but still I really don’t need another pen.  It would be like buying a new porn movie, I don’t need that either.  I have my vices just like anyone else but they aren’t common.  Still I am looking forward to it’s arrival later this week.  I also bought some other things but none of them are used to write with or to have sex with.  So I guess I did okay there. 

I spend money after holding back and feel guilty knowing that I will have a vet bill to pay soon and that won’t be cheap either.  I am in a horrible state right now.  Feeling alone and wishing I had a man to come home to and feeling frustrated over the job situation.  I know it will all work out soon enough but I am an instant gratification junkie as well.  Shame I can’t make things happen in my time.

Ah well off to work and who knows maybe today will be the day.  I can’t tell you how many times I have said that and at the end of the day I am still left waiting and wondering.  My thoughts go from good in that well maybe it’s the approval process to bad in that I didn’t get it and they are working with the other guy and once he accepts then they will tell me.  At this point it’s anyone’s guess.  If I ever hear I will be sure to post about it. 

Happy Tuesday!

16 April 2016

HTTPS available now

So if for some reason you want to view my blog using HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure, and instead of acting as its own application layer protocol, it uses separate protocols called SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and TLS (Transport Layer Security).  It is now available.  Not just for my blog but for all Blogger blogs, provided the blog owner has enabled this.  I just learned about it and turned it on. 

Happy browsing!

Wait 1 more day, really!

Friday… I waited a few hours and then the stress just got to me.  I picked up the phone and reached out to the recruiter.  She told me that she had to talk with the hiring manager to get his decision and then would be in touch either later in the day or by close of business on Monday.  Monday, seriously!  I did some investigating through the power of technology and found out that she fed me a line of crap.  She had already talked with the hiring manager 1/2 hour before I called.  So either I didn’t get it and she didn’t want to tell me OR they are trying to get this approved.  Either way her assurance that I will know by close of business on Monday is good to know.  However, I don’t believe it until she actually calls.  I mean we have gone from a couple days to tomorrow now to Monday.  I mean really why put someone through this kind of agony?  I just want the damn decision if I got it tell me, even if you don’t know how much it’s going to pay we can work that out.  If I didn’t get it let me know so that I can wallow in self pity and move on. 

Considering that I am still waiting, I left work depressed and just wanted to get home.  My neck and shoulder were bothering me as well.  I came home fed the cats and drank a soda and ate a few scones.  Then I found a movie to get lost in and laid down on the couch.  I fell asleep and then jerked my head when I woke up, that didn’t feel good at all.  Finished the movie.  Then came downstairs to finish giving away my money.  Then I spent like 2 hours designing new stationary for myself.  It started with a prank that I wanted to pull and decided to call off.  Then I got lost in fonts and that is how it came about.  Now I want to write a letter but don’t need to, I am sure with time it will happen.  I also made a bold move and put up a profile on Grindr.  Then I took some medicine, watched some more TV and called it a night.

Saturday… I was supposed to get up early and gather all of my electronics that no longer work and take them to the local eWaste drive but that didn’t happen.  Thankfully they will have another one next Saturday so I get one more chance.  I did get up and get moving before the post office closed so that I could pickup Bear’s pee pads.  Then I treated myself to breakfast at IHOP.  Holy crap Strawberry N Creme Crepes I should have never ordered them.  I had a half order at first and then a full order.  I should have stuck with my omelet it would have been much cheaper.  Then I went on a short drive for gas, got a car wash and then came back home.  Took a nap after surfing on my phone.  Woke up and played on the computer.  Decided to apply for a couple credit cards.  Got shot down on one and the other one said they need more time to process my application, so I will receive their decision in the mail it could take up to a month.  My Bankruptcy Attorney told me that anyone I filed against would never give me a card again.  Thus far that is a true statement.  Even good old AMEX who I paid faithfully in full each month.  Now it would be to their benefit to give me a card because I can’t file again for a number of years, meaning that if I was reckless and irresponsible that they could easily back me in to a corner and I would have no recourse.  However I am not reckless and irresponsible and they aren’t willing to take the chance. 

I eventually went back out had to stock up on cat liter as I was out.  Target had a bedding sale so I picked up a new pillow, mattress pad and sheet set.  I hope that this will help ease my neck and shoulder issues.  The pain is no where near what it was put it does flair up and when I wake up my arms are still numb and tingle.  That part actually concerns me.  Sounds more like a pinched nerve.  But then again I am no doctor.  In any event I do have plans to take a nice long hot and steamy shower before I climb into my new freshly made bed that should lull me right to sleep and hopefully Marv is by my side to help with the lulling part.  Amazing how my fat ass can share a twin bed with a big male cat.  Neither one of us falls off and we both have plenty of room. 

Finished up at Target and then went to get cat food and finally stopped in at Denny’s for a nice Bacon Cheeseburger with onion rings and a diet coke.  Wow that was damn good, they sure know how to make burgers there.  Onion rings had a little salt on them and that just hit the spot.  Came home and now I am in wardrobe change mode putting away all of my long sleeve shirts and gathering the short sleeved ones to go through the laundry.

Still need to go to the grocery store and clean up the house.  Thinking of having something other than pizza for supper tomorrow just to change it up a bit.  I went out to lunch on Friday and had a calzone which is essentially a folded pizza in a pocket.  It was good but I kind of want something else and it can’t be chicken, I am so sick of chicken.  So I shall take my chances at the grocery store, might even hit up the upscale store better selection and the chance of seeing more hot guys.  It costs more but somethings are worth the extra money. 

My mood is kind of all over the place.  Doesn’t help that I didn’t take my morning meds.  Kind of surprised that I am not sneezing my head off since there is pollen in the air.  I did have my evening dose.  I really just want to go on vacation but not alone.  Today was a nice day should have went for pie or to the buffet but neither of them really struck my fancy when I started thinking about the cost of gasoline. 

So here I sit in my cat house.  Need to trim Ruth’s claws tomorrow.  I made a bold move last night and tried to pick her up, no gloves just out of the blue.  She expressed her displeasure with my unsuccessful attempt and she almost bit me.  They say you have to watch out for that snapping pussy and they aren’t kidding.  She will do anything she can to get away and everything is fair game from biting, hissing to clawing you to death.  People think that a dog is more vicious and can do more damage but I say cats and dogs are equal.  Dogs have their mouth and a dog bite is pretty bad but if you get bitten and clawed by a cat it can be equally as damaging.  With both the bacteria that lives in their mouths is the killer … once they bite you the bacteria is in the wound and there is no way to get it out, no matter how much you wash.  You will need antibiotics and both can carry diseases like rabies.  So if it’s up to me I would pass on getting into a confrontation with any animals.  Some days it’s hard enough o just deal with people.  While I am on the subject of animals, I did get a vet appointment for Bear & Momma in 2 weeks on a Saturday.  They are staggered an hour apart, that will cost me but hopefully will also give me peace of mind as well as more medicine for each of them. 

Let’s pray that Monday is in fact my day good or bad.  I kind of think that I have it in the bag but don’t want to jinx anything.  I am hoping for really good news meaning a yes decision, a nice increase in pay and that I start in the new role soon.  Then perhaps I can build a nest egg and really work like crazy to get myself out of debt.  Stay tuned as I continue to wait.

I hope your all doing well, the sun is shining in your part of the world and that it’s reasonably comfortable outside.  Also that your problems and worries are no where close to mine.  I know that we all have problems some more severe than others.  Hey I’m sharing most of mine, you can feel free to share yours with me if you so choose.  Here’s to the weekend!

14 April 2016

Late Breaking News

I got a phone call this afternoon and have it on very good authority that I should have an answer about the job situation tomorrow.  As I suspected it is between me and a counter part of mine.  One of us will be really happy and one of us will be really sad.  For my sake I hope I am the happy one.

Just because your made an offer doesn’t mean you have to accept it.  So if for example they chose the other guy he could say he has to think about it or try to negotiate something else, then if it falls through they have the option but not sure if they would offer it to the other person. 

I really think I have the edge here and hoping that I am right for once in my life.  Not to sound pathetic but I’ve been through some awful bad stuff and it’s time for the wind to change and bring me some good news and good luck. 

Of course I will keep you posted.  Right now I am going to grab the ice my back and shoulder are acting up a little bit.  Plus it’s about treat time for the kids.  Ta for now.

Couple more days

I got tired of waiting and made a proactive phone call to someone I trust in our HR Department.  She told me that it would be perfectly acceptable to reach out for an update if I so chose.  I did and found out that because the recruiter that I was working with is out on vacation, that is the reason why no one has communicated anything back.  See I was told that she was out and there was someone covering for her, well that is the person I spoke with to get my update.  Thankfully the recruiter that is on vacation will be back tomorrow.  So I was told to expect an update either tomorrow or on Monday.  I am really hoping for tomorrow and if I don’t hear anything by afternoon tomorrow I may just reach out and play dumb to see how things are going.  This is getting rather annoying.  I can honestly say that I think this one is in the bag and the job will be mine but that is my gut feeling.  I also thought that I would have news by Wednesday so it’s anyone’s guess at this point.  I did find out that the hiring manager will be out starting on Tuesday so hopefully that will speed things up.  I can only speculate that I have the job based on how well things went but I have no idea how the other interviews that were done turned out.  I just know I don’t want to endure another week of waiting, I mean a couple days for a decision is one thing but this is lingering far too long in my opinion. 

My shoulder and back pain is still present but getting duller.  I did the ice thing last night and that seemed to help.  I also changed pillows and didn’t have quite as difficult time of getting out of bed this morning.  No word yet if our massage lady is coming or not, but if she does show up I am tempted to engage her services. 

Outside of that everything else is moving along.  Tomorrow is not only Friday but it’s pay day so I get to give away more money.  Not my favorite thing in the world to do but it does keep me out of trouble with a roof over my head.  Really amazed that I am continuing to go on and how far I have come.  I still think this is a nightmare that is going to end eventually but then reality sets in and that hurts.  Looking at all of the crap he left behind and wanting to get rid of it but being paralyzed not to is hard to over come.  I know the longer I wait the worse it will get but eventually I will get to a point where I can deal with it and that is when the stuff will go flying out the door or away to an auction.  I have some motivation with the automated trash pickup deadline looming that I need to get rid of everything that I want to that won’t fit into the new container.  Because if it’s not in the container they don’t pick it up, which I think sucks but then again who am I, just a tax paying citizen. 

One of the many things that I ordered on Amazon has been a shampoo brush.  They are plastic and I use them as combs.  I already know how to give a good head job shampoo.  They were sold in a bundle of 4.  I took one of them and decided to use it on Ruth (shy girl).  She likes it but doesn’t want to stand still long enough for me to use it effectively on her.  Last night I broke it out and used it on Bear (big boy) man he loves it.  That motor was running and he kept asking for more.  I would scratch his head with it and that just sent him over the moon.  It was pleasure like he hadn’t experienced before.  I was able to get Marv but only for a short time.  He liked it too but was skeptical that I was going to somehow hurt him.  They are all quite a handful and sometimes more than I can take care of but somehow I manage.  I just feel rather sorry for Bear and try as much as I can to give him attention that the others are able to get by walking in front of me or following me.  Ruth actually came into my room last night on her own accord, she kept her distance but walked up long enough to get a quick smell of my foot, to make sure that I was daddy and not an imposter.  I am truly amazed at how I am starting to bond with her, she is more trusting and knows that I won’t hurt her but it’s still necessary once and a while to trap her to trim those claws.  She doesn’t like it and never will.  I think that is just part of her personality that will never change and I will always have to trap her to trim them.  To think that the plan before she was named was to give her away.  No one would have put up with her timid behavior and the way she throws a fit if she doesn’t want you to touch her.  I think she would have easily been tossed into the street.  I think this all worked out this way for a reason and that is because they needed shelter, food and medical care.  I enrich their life as much as they enrich mine.  With that I am reminded it’s time to make vet appointments.  So not looking forward to that from the inconvenience of lugging them (bear and momma) over to what it is going to cost.  I need more pills for both of them and the only way to get them is to take them in.  I might be able to scrounge by for a bit but eventually it will take a visit, so why fight it – better to go with the flow and just suffer through it.

One more day and then we have another weekend.  Hope all is well in your world. 

13 April 2016

Pain & Anticipation

As you can probably guess by the title, I am still waiting to hear about the internal job I applied for.  They said HR would be in touch within a couple days.  We spoke last Thursday.  It’s been 4 days as of today.  A couple days to me means 2 or 3 days.  4 I think is stretching it.  What am I going to do complain, cry or throw a fit?  Nope I have to sit and just wait with baited breath or anticipation.  I may reach out tomorrow but really want to hold off until Friday.  One being that I could get a response tomorrow and two people are so much more helpful on Friday’s.  They are typically in a good mood looking forward to having two days off.  So waiting plays to my advantage or so I think.  I am trying to stay positive that I’ve got this but I keep on thinking what if I don’t get this.  I really thought today would be my day, but thus far that is not true.  It’s almost 4:30 and I don’t have much hope left that I will get any word today. 

Pain yes my shoulder and neck are killing me.  Things are still the same where it hurts like hell when I first get going.  I have even lost feeling in my right arm.  I was starting to wonder if I had a stroke.  Neurologically from what I can tell I am in tact and I know there are many more symptoms of a stroke that it would or should be obvious.  I don’t have any facial drooping and I can smile just fine.  So tonight I am changing pillow around, trying cold therapy instead of heat.  I mean the worst thing that can happen is that it doesn’t work and I am still in pain.  I can always call over to the doc in the box here at work to have them look at me for no cost.  Toughing this one out is starting to really suck  I have never had muscle problems that lasted this long.  I guess this is another case of welcome to growing up and getting older, things hurt more and it takes longer to bounce back, even still you might not get to bounce back to 100%, which is far worse. 

On a different note I saw a co worker having a TV dinner and it was Chicken & Dumplings.  So I picked up a couple of them at the store.  I had one last night.  Wow very salty, not happy about that but it was pretty good for being a frozen dinner.  Makes me crave a stop at Cracker Barrel for a simulated home cooked meal.  I realize once and a while how much I miss that.  There were other special dishes that my late partner and chef used to make that I know I will never taste again.  I wish I could afford a chef.  If I let the cat’s make me supper I would probably starve. 

Traffic has been really good so far this week.  I have seen a couple close calls where I thought someone was going to wreck but outside of that it’s been smooth sailing.  I look forward to that experience again tonight.  Hopefully this won’t jinx me. 

My municipality is having a eWaste drive to recycle used electronic items.  I always thing I have everything when I go to these events but some how manage to miss something.  Thankfully they are doing it two weekends in a row.  So I will be busy gathering items on Friday night provided I fee like it.  I should have a small load to drop off and that will help free up some space.  Old cordless phones, lead acid batteries and who knows what else I will find.  Speaking of waste we are getting closer to our automated trash pickups.  They start the 1st of next month and while I don’t have my containers yet I really don’t look forward to this.  I think it’s going to suck, but if they stay on time I should be able to grab the container and wheel it in before I go to work.  If they are late well then I could be chasing a container if we have wind. 

I am so exhausted I could just curl up and go to sleep.  It seems the more I have to deal with and think about the quicker I become exhausted.  I have a fair amount of stress and I know that is not good for me mentally or physically.  However, if life were just picture perfect and there was no stress I think I would fall apart because I wouldn’t know how to react.  Still I can dream of a stress free life. 

That is all I have on this hump day.  I hope your having a great day.

12 April 2016


Still no news.  It’s only the afternoon so it’s possible that I could hear something today.  I don’t know why my gut is saying Wednesday.  You will know shortly after I know.  Still anyone’s game at this point. 

My shoulder and back were killing me yesterday.  By the time I got home I was back to normal, didn’t feel any discomfort at all.  I did some heat last night just because.  I took my medicine and then woke up this morning feeling pain once again.  Not sure what is going on but I really want the pain to go away and stay away.  You just can’t be yourself when your in pain.

The children are all doing okay.  They managed to con some extra food out of me last night.  I was really tired and that was way before I took my medicine.  Holy cow I didn’t think I was going to make it to bed time.  I made it until 9:30 and that is when it was lights out I can’t take anymore.  Got Marv to sleep with me.  He wanted out this morning at 2.  I took care of that and then I came back to bed and he was ready to go back to sleep.  Okay, so we slept until it was time to get up and then he started crying louder than my alarm. 

I woke up to find that AT&T had an outage in my area so no phone or TV this morning.  I like to know what is going on in the world and especially with local traffic.  I had to fly blind this morning.  I got to work logged into my AT&T account and that is when I heard about the outage.  Would have been nice if they could have sent me a text or an email.  Anyway I signed up to get notified when the outage was over.  They texted me letting me know were all good.  Turns out the outage was still going on.  I signed up again to get a notification and now finally it’s done.  So I should be able to watch TV when I get home tonight.  Thankfully I don’t have my internet bundled with AT&T and that is why it’s not a good idea to put all of your eggs in one basket.  Sure bundled service saves you money but if one stops working they all stop working. 

Got my jewelry last night from Amazon.  The rings are perfect and fit great.  The bracelet is the perfect length and it looks equally as good as it did on the website.  I have the bracelet and a matching ring on, no one has said anything to me.  I also started wearing my watch and again no one has said a word.  Maybe people just aren’t as observant as I am or it’s going to take a while.  I will say it’s strange with a ring on my finger, I wore my wedding band for a long time but since I haven’t put it on in a long time it just feels strange. 

So that is as exciting as things get here.  Kind of like quiet but would like to be able to celebrate something.  I’ve got all kinds of ideas running through my head but of course they are contingent upon getting a decent raise.  I have enough smarts to know not to make any rash moves off the bat, collect the extra money and save it.  Then once you feel comfortable and some time has passed it’s okay to make a major purchase or spend major money.  It won’t take a lot of money but I would like to wipe out the small amount of credit card debt that I have accumulated.  Especially since I asked for a lower interest rate and was told no.  Living without credit card debt is an awesome feeling and I want that back.  It would be nice to live without debt in general but I know that unless I win the lottery or get some serious pay raise that probably isn’t going to happen. 

Okay well it’s about time to wrap this up.  Work will be calling again soon and I really don’t want to go back.  It’s been super busy since we are enforcing this 2 Factor Authentication Deal, lots of people have questions and problems.  They are all easy to answer and problems are simple to solve.  Most people just don’t take the time to read the instructions and try to bumble their way through it which is where they make their first mistake and that leads to calls or emails asking for help.  Hey if anything it will make quitting time come faster.  I also got news this morning that it’s time to do another lease change so that means rolling out new equipment.  If I get the new job then chances are that will be lifted off of me but I am still forging forward with business as usual until I am told differently.  Better to be prepared than to have to scramble. 

Happy Tuesday, hope all is well in your world. 

11 April 2016

Da Pain

So my shoulder still hurts.  Out of all of the medicine I was given the Ibuprofen seems to work the best.  The narcotic didn’t even put me to sleep.  They said I could take 2 and I think that if I did it would have a more powerful impact and it would probably knock me out.  The whole narcotic pain pill thing is something I am kind of afraid of.  I don’t want to become dependent on them and some pain you just have to suffer through.  Things aren’t as bad as they were last week when this started.  However, I am still considering visiting the doc in the box here at work or maybe signing up for a massage, that would be Thursday.  The doc in the box is free so chances are I would start with them.  I think I just need a little stronger muscle relaxer and probably some patients before this goes away.  The big thing to recovery from this is rest.  I can do a limited amount of rest but I can’t be expected to stay home all week and do nothing.  I would go crazy plus it would use up another week of my already short time.  I keep doing the stretching and will be applying heat when I get home.

On the job front, the internal posting is down.  The external posting is still up.  I am guessing they have made a decision.  Now it’s just a matter of waiting for it to propagate through the organizational chain.  You would think it would be a simple thing as the hiring manager saying I want this guy and they make an offer.  It doesn’t work that way.  They have to write a paragraph about why they want to hire you.  Then it goes to the hiring managers, manager and then to HR and once they sign off on it they have to get it blessed by the COO.  Then HR reaches out to the hiring manager to let them know they are going to make an offer and that the request was approved.  They reach out to the candidates supervisor and let them know.  Then they finally call you to make the offer.  Sounds maddening and it is for everyone involved.  While I am eager to bring the process to a close the not knowing still leaves me with some hope.  If I find out that I didn’t get it there goes hope.  Right now it’s very much a waiting and patience game, two things that I am not very good at.  However, there are situations like this one where you are helpless and you have no choice.  I will keep you posted if/when I hear something. Kind of hoping that it will be today but my gut is saying by Wednesday for sure.

Moving on I did watch a few movies on Dekkoo.  There is one that talks about the making of Buckleroos which is a porn movie.  You get to see some nudity but it’s actually more interesting to watch how the actors and the staff get along.  The porn movie is awesome, saw it a long time ago.  The documentary gives you insight that you wouldn’t have otherwise had.  I have also seen a couple of short films and one long film that documented several kids coming out experience in high school.  You easily see that they are humans just like the rest of the population here and the only thing that is really different about them is the fact they are interested/attracted to the same sex.  Outside of that they have hopes, dreams, desires and disappointments just like the rest of the planet.  I am sure that I will be watching many more films before my month trial is over with.  If they update content on a regular basis I can easily see becoming a subscriber because I enjoy gay cinema. 

Tonight will be time to take out the trash when I get home.  Then have some frozen pizza and enjoy Quantico and Saturday Night Live.  I am behind on my viewing but it’s okay, that is the whole purpose of a DVR so that you can watch TV when you want to and not when the network says you have to. 

Well back to the grind.  Hope your Monday is going well and if not just keep in mind that we are one day closer to the weekend.  How’s that for optimism? 

09 April 2016

Emergency Room


Having been in pain for almost a week, I decided that enough is enough.  I went to the local dog and cat hospital emergency room.  I really didn’t want to be there but I also really didn’t want to be in pain.  since I drove myself they couldn’t give me anything strong.  They did the standard X-ray series of my neck, everything came back normal which is what I expected.  I have a muscle spasm in my trapezius muscle on the right side.  That is what is causing all of the trouble here.  I was given a stretching exercise to do along with three prescriptions.  The first one was low dose valium as a muscle relaxer.  The second was ibuprofen as an anti inflammatory and the third was Vicodin which is a narcotic pain killer.  I dropped them all off at the pharmacy and given new laws in effect I was asked for Government issued ID.  They track everything now when it comes to narcotics and you have to have a written prescription, gone are the days of the doctor phoning it in.  Then you have to show ID when you go back to pick them up.  Wow if I didn’t know different I would have thought that I was picking up something very valuable like a large amount of cash.  Nope just pills. 

They said to apply heat and not use ice.  The ice will cause the muscle to lock up tighter than it already is.  I have tried both hot & cold and neither really touches the pain.  I took a valium when I got home and took a nap, woke up feeling a little better but as soon as I got up I was reminded of my pain.  I also get frequent headaches with this and I don’t normally get headaches.  I just want this all to go away.

I haven’t lost my sense of humor but I think it fell on deaf ears.  The doctor walks in the room and says what brings you here?  I said without hesitation my car.  He then said I understand your having some neck & shoulder pain.  Uh yeah, if you knew why I was there why did you ask me in the first place.  I hate it when people ask you questions they already know the answer to.  If you know the answer then don’t ask the question.  It’s not like I am going to lye and tell you I am there because I just love a hot guy in scrubs and want to get boned. 

So three hours of my life were spent at the ER this morning.  I dropped off the prescriptions, got the mail, ate lunch and then went back to get my medicine.  Then home.  Went back out later for cat food and to drop off a package for shipment. 

I found a good looking ring on Overstock.com but I ordered the wrong size – totally my fault.  Then I found the same thing under a different name on Amazon priced much cheaper.  Bye bye ring from Overstock and hello ring from Amazon.  I increased the size from a 9 to a 10 because it was a snug fit.  Hopefully I won’t have to return this one.  Got a bracelet to match.  Retail Therapy is NOT a good thing but it is momentary gratification to help soothe the pain of life.  I try not to get in over my head but at the same time I kind of think that I am there.

As for the position I applied for.  It’s still anyone’s game.  I really expect to hear something on Monday but if that doesn’t happen my next best estimate would be Wednesday.  If I don’t know anything by then I am all out of guesses as to when they will say something.  I hope they give me a chance - - I have entered circumstances where I didn’t think I would make it and I have.  This would be another feather in my cap if I can pull it off.  So long as they don’t place any contingencies on the job like mandatory education and they make me what I consider to be a reasonable and fair offer I will happily accept.  Regardless of the decision I hope that waiting game ends soon.  No doubt that I will be depressed if I don’t get it, but it’s like I tell everyone else at least I won’t be unemployed.  I have looked at jobs outside of the company and they all don’t pay as well.  I like where I am at in terms of the company but would like to get away from some of the everyday frustrations.  Not to mention make more money.  But the learning opportunity is huge and knowledge is power.  I have wanted this job since the day I walked in and well no time like the present.  I will of course keep you posted.

Kids are doing well and keeping me on my toes.  It’s actually past treat time and I need to go up and feed the little beggars.  I didn’t let anyone sleep with me last night in the hopes that would help but no luck.  Still woke up in pain.  Tonight will be a free for all before I go back to restricting who can sleep with me. 

I signed up for a new service that I am taking for a 1 month spin.  It’s called Dekkoo, it’s a streaming service that has only gay themed cinema.  It’s not porn but rather gay cinema.  There is a little bit of this on Amazon and Netflix even Hulu Plus but the selection is limited.  I found out they have a Roku channel and that is what hooked me to try it.  After the trial it’s $12.99 per month, if I like it I will keep it and if not then I will dump it before the trial ends.  You can watch anywhere there is an internet connection so on a tablet, phone or laptop as well as a desktop or on Roku.  Glad they have a wide variety of methods for viewing.  I will get started on this a bit later tonight to see if I can find something that I like.  That is the high point of my weekend!

Breakfast and grocery shopping tomorrow.  This is supposed to be claw weekend but I think someone is going to get a reprieve due to the muscle issues I am having.  I know she will be happy.  It’s just a week so I will be trimming soon enough and we will both hate it but it needs to be done.  Just like making vet appointments for momma and big boy.  I haven’t gotten around to that just yet. 

Take care and we shall talk later.  Off to feed the monsters their treats!

08 April 2016

Painful week

What ever it is that I did to my shoulders and neck has been with me all week.  It’s all in my shoulder on the right side now.  I have some neck discomfort but it’s minimal, I feel like there is a huge knot in my shoulder.  Sure will be glad when it goes away.  I missed Tuesday & Wednesday from work.  There was no way I was going to miss my 2nd interview on Thursday.

So the 2nd interview went okay.  I was told that I should hear something within the next couple days.  Not sure what that means in reality.  The person in HR that was dealing with all of this is out on vacation, but thankfully there are folks covering for her.  HR is the one that has to officially make an offer or tell you that you didn’t get it.  I am hopeful for an offer but not sure what I am up against in terms of competition.  I think that it’s between myself and a counter part.  I know that the hiring manager likes and trusts me so my hope is that will go a long way and lean towards making me an offer.  The good news is no matter how this turns out I still have a job. 

The guy that I had been talking to stopped messaging me and I think it’s a done deal now.  I am not upset over it and didn’t want to hurt him but I think that my silence speaks volumes.  He may reach back out but I don’t expect it.

Right now I am wishing I had a decision and could go home to nurse my shoulder.  The good news is that tomorrow is Saturday so I can do what I want.  Looking forward to that!

Have a great weekend.

05 April 2016

Aches & Pains

The pain in my neck and right shoulder is still present.  When I woke up this morning it was quite the challenge to get out of bed.  The longer I was up the more I realized I needed to go back to bed.  Not exactly what I wanted to do but I had to obey my body.  I called in took a pain pill and went back to bed.  Woke up around 10a then sat at watched TV.  I have developed quite the obsession for A&W Diet Root Beer.  It’s got to be ice cold.  Anyway, I got drowsy and decided that I would go back to my room and rest in my chair since getting up from a lying position was so difficult. 

I sat down and quickly entered a coma state.  I had some wicked dreams.  Eventually around 2p I woke up.  Realizing that I still had some time I called the car dealer and asked if I could bring my car down for an oil change.  Sure thing.  I figured 2 birds one stone.  Besides that I was planning on taking off next month to have it done.  I always seem to get my oil changed early, which helps with the longevity of the car. 

Stopped off to pick up the mail.  Then came home and had BBQ and a soda.  Fed the children and watched some TV.  Came downstairs to fill out some paperwork and get it faxed off.  Making my blog entry and then it will be time to climb the stairs and try to stay awake.  I just hope that I get a good nights rest.  I have every intention of returning to work tomorrow.  I am not happy that I took today but sometimes you just have to rest. 

Still chatting with a guy on one of the dating apps.  I don’t really have an interest in him but it is nice to talk.  That’s not to say something won’t develop.  He sends me good morning messages every day and well that is getting kind of old.  I don’t want to hurt his feelings but I know at some point I probably will.

Thinking about my 2nd interview later this week.  Kind of nervous and I am sure my nerves will play an even bigger part when we get down to the actual event.  I know it will be over with as fast as it starts.  I just have to remember to breathe and everything will be fine. 

Okay back upstairs for this guy, having another soda after I clean up after the kids and then finding some ice for my back and neck.  I’ve done heat with very little results, hopefully ice will do the trick.  Learned a hard lesson last night, don’t stick your finger in your nose if you have even the slightest amount of Ben Gay on it.  Wow that will open your nostril in a hurry.  Might tuck that one away for the next time I am congested. 

Hope all is well in your world.

04 April 2016

News Flash

2nd Interview scheduled for Thursday afternoon.  This one will be by Video Conference and will be with the Hiring Manager as well as his boss.  Only a half hour.  I think this will be the last step and then they will have to make a decision afterwards.  I am anxious to get to the end regardless if it’s good or bad.  So I am still in the running and I think my counterpart in another office is as well.  I don’t see why we need a second interview unless they really just want to see my face and how I present myself.  Ah well what’s a little more pressure right?  It will keep things interesting. 

In Pain

I don’t know if it’s the activities from the weekend of working on the fridge and lifting Bear but my shoulders and neck are killing me.  The pain started this morning on my left side and now it’s moved to the right.  It is normal for the pain to shift around but it usually takes days for that to happen.  I just want it gone so that I can be my old normal self.  There is not a single person here that wants to rub my back but everyone is pushing pills like crazy.  Nothing other than Tylenol or Ibuprofen.  I’ve already taken that and no luck so far.  I feel the tension of the muscle in my right shoulder.  It’s cramping and that hurts even worse.  Can’t wait to get home so that I can take a muscle relaxer and get out some ice.  Until I get to that point I think I am going to suffer. 

No news on the job just yet.  I was really hoping that they would call today.  I know the day isn’t over yet.  It would help to make this a better day.  So instead of reflecting on a somber situation that happened 3 years ago today I could reflect on something positive. 

Speaking of positive, the guy that I have been chatting with is starting to come on strong.  He is ready to take me to church amongst other things.  He keeps talking when we … Wow that a little fast there.  Then he goes on to say that he needs something to warm him up so he thinks of me.  That is so sweet but a bit much for me.  I don’t want to hurt his feelings but based on his photo there is 0 attraction on my part.  We oddly have a lot in common so I don’t know that dismissing him is quite the right thing to do.  I think sort of like with the job if it’s meant to be it will.

In other news left over pizza for me tonight.  I also have to take the trash out which won’t be fun considering the way I feel but it’s a job that has to get done. 

I upgraded the Firmware on my IP Camera and changed the credentials used to login.  The camera would make clicking noises as if someone was logged in.  If it would have moved then I would have known for sure that someone was logged in.  Kind of wish there was an indicator that I could see to tell me if someone is logged in.  In any case much stronger password now so if someone was playing with me, there fun is done, at least for the time being. 

Drove the death trap aka my late partners truck to work today.  I got the oil changed yesterday.  I felt it was appropriate to drive it today.  Kind of nice sitting up high but when the sun is out and since my back is killing me I can’t see to change lanes for anything.  I just look and start to ease over … no honking or thumps so I presume it’s all clear and continue to keep on moving over.  Unless I suddenly feel much better I will be in my car tomorrow.  I like to keep the miles off my car and drive the truck but if that wheel bearing goes then I am done here on earth.  If not I will be seriously injured and wishing that I was gone, no matter how many drugs they pump me full of.  So, hopefully the commute home is non eventful.  I will get the bearing fixed eventually.  I’d like to get the new job, feel secure enough in it that I can purchase a new vehicle and trade both of these in.  That would be ideal.  I could trade them in now but without an increase in income it would be tight. 

Speaking of income I ventured over to overstock dot com last night and picked up a nice black and blue ring, something that caught my eye.  Then I went to the NBC Store and got a polo of the Suits Firm momagrammed on.  I think it will cause people to look and I am sure I will hear never heard of them, well that is because it’s a TV Show and not an actual Law Firm.  Would be nice if I could get one that said Dewey Cheatham and Howe, but that would probably spark too much controversy.  I spent more than I wanted to in total but I have wanted these items for a while so I just threw caution to the wind.  Then of course it hit me I need to get Bear to the vet, Momma could use a check up and my car needs service.  Ah well, all things in time. 

I will actually have enough time off to take a day but not until after the 15th of the month.  That is when I will schedule in the car.  The vet can be done on Saturday.  My time off bank took a huge hit when I was out for a week, otherwise I would have plenty of time and it wouldn’t be an issue.  With the way I feel I would have stayed home instead of schlepping into to work. 

Everyone else is doing well.  I hope that I get back to that point soon.  Happy Monday everyone.  Talk with you all again soon. 

03 April 2016


That’s Friday & Saturday mashed together.  So I have had a lot of time to think and talk with people about the job thing.  While it is unchartered territory for me, provided there is no contingency of college placed on the job, if they offer it to me I am likely to accept it provided the money is right.  I am thinking that I should hear something next week.  My other concern is that I won’t be as active as I am now.  I get a lot of walking done during the day and that helps my fat body.  If that stops then I wonder if I will pick up pounds?  Hopefully not. 

The talking part I believe will put me over my limit on my home phone minutes.  I used to have unlimited but for cost reasons down graded.  I honestly don’t use a personal telephone all that much.  I don’t get many calls and I don’t place many calls.  Shame home phone minutes don’t roll over like cell phone minutes.  I am also wondering what my gab session is going to cost me, whatever it is I am sure it won’t be cheap since it’s usage billed by the minute and I at least 1 hour over.  Thankfully incoming calls don’t count against my minutes at home. 

I stayed up very late last night and looks like I am doing that again tonight.  I was very drained today, the work week and all of the emotions that I experienced totally drain me.  Now someone wants me to stack on college, yeah there is no way in hell.

I have successfully taken apart the freezer and I put it back together.  There are no left over parts, which is a very good thing.  That often is not the case with me.  I had to remove the contents of the freezer, take out the shelves and then a bunch of screws and the mounting brackets for the basket at the bottom of the freezer.  It took a little bit of work to get the cover off but when I did I saw a small plastic fan and the freezer coils.  Try as I might I couldn’t get the damn thing to act up while the cover was off.  I figured it was the fan making all of the racket.  So I got out some 3 in 1 oil and lubed it up pretty good.  Power cycled the fan a couple times and presto were ready to clean up the mess and put things back in.  It was quiet for the first few hours.  That wore off and it’s making the damn noise again.  I guess the fan or the bearings on the fan are going out, that is the only thing I can think of.  I am going to put up with the noise until it breaks and who knows how long that will be.  Rest assured it will happen at the worst possible time, things like that always do.  I could call a repair man now but you know as soon as he showed up the damn thing would run like a champ and there would be no noise whatsoever.  Just like taking your car to the shop or calling for computer help, everything seems to know when the repair person is looking and it tends to behave.  Why is that?  So annoying. 

I ventured out for breakfast and got the mail.  Bears pee pads were waiting for me.  Along with a doctor bill.  Then home, to watch TV and eventually fall back asleep.  Then that is when I started on the freezer work.  Then I rested and watched more TV.  Had to take another nap.  Then I got up, fed the children supper and went out for Mexican food.  Then cat food and a quick trip to the office supply store.  There is a new Pilot Gel Pen out called the G7 I saw it on Amazon.  Can’t find it in stores yet.  If you didn’t know I have a serious pen fetish and could easily waste a bunch of money on a writing instrument.  I have more pens than one person should be allowed to have.  It’s just one of the strange quirks I have. 

Cleaned up the house a little bit.  Did the dishes and the bigger clean job I saved for tomorrow.  Started laundry.  Played on the computer a little bit.  Had to generate some correspondence.  I have become so anal lately.  I edit on screen but the errors don’t jump out at me so I have to print it out thinking it’s the final version and then it’s back to editing and re-printing.  I think I am keeping the printer, paper and electric company in business.  Didn’t help matters that I had to fax the letter off, so more damage to the home phone.  

Were back to winter like temps.  It’s chilly outside or it was today.  Not sure what tomorrow is going to bring. 

A guy hit me up on one of the dating apps.  We have been chatting.  He lost his partner 5 years ago.  I don’t have an attraction to him but there is nothing wrong with chatting with someone.  Never know things might work out.  I am not all giddy over it like I would be if it were someone younger and well closer to my area.  He is a few states away, but travels.  Since I told him that I lost my partner I haven’t heard from him.  Perhaps I scared him away, that tends to happen.  I learned the hard way to save the fact that I am a widow for much later in the conversation, unless of course he brings it up.

Got a call earlier in the week from the lawn boy.  He finally has raised his prices.  I am a little peeved over it as he is already making a killing for his 15 minutes of work.  The price jump is only 5 dollars per service, which in the grand scheme of things isn’t that bad.  He does an average job but now I am more on guard and watching for a mistake so I can call him on it.  I have already found a couple but haven’t made a call yet.  Part of me says if you annoy him he will cancel but the other part of me says he’s taking you for a ride that you don’t want to be on.  He is all about the money and not necessarily about quality.  That has changed as he has aged, the money was important to him when he was starting out and so was the quality.  He wanted referrals and well he got them.  Now he has so much business that he struggles to keep up.  He should hire some help but I guess he is too proud.  In any case I am tempted to get quotes from his competition and if I do and I find someone priced lover it will be adios.  I don’t get to see him so there is no eye candy benefit for me and well he’s straight and married so I wouldn’t even try.  This is all about business and the value I am getting for my money.  You should have heard him tout his service when I protested the increase … well I do this and I do that for you, my costs have increased over the years but I haven’t passed them on to you.  Yeah what ever you money grubbing sob, I will pay the $5.  If it wasn’t for my allergies I would do the damn job myself and pocket the cash.  Although in the dead of summer it’s nice to not have to worry about sweating to death in the sun and getting sun burned.  So I guess there is good and bad here.

Well time to climb the steps the children are all upset that I am still up.  I see no reason to hurry and run to bed.  Although in a few hours I will wish I had done just that.  I think I can still accomplish all of my goals for the weekend and be ready to go back on Monday.  Not that I want to go back but it beats the alternative.  Hope your having a great weekend.  Take care and be well.