24 June 2013

Wrongful Death

I spoke with an attorney today regarding the possibility of bringing a malpractice case against the Emergency Room Physician who refused to administer TPA.  The first step is to get the medical records, which I have to do and pay for.  Then the attorney wants to review them and will run them by several people to ensure that we have a case. 

If so then the next step will be to get medical records from the hospital he was transferred to as well as records from his personal physician.

I’ve got a year to bring a case but all of the prep work is what takes the longest.  Once you file things move very quickly. 

While I feel bad for entertaining this idea, I have always felt that things would have been better had he been given the drug.  He may have still died but maybe he would have come to life enough that we could have had a final conversation or who knows maybe he would be in therapy.  If I don’t have a case the attorney won’t take it and I won’t have to wonder what if I pursued this. 

So in a way this is about closure as much as it is about trying to get more money.  Nothing anyone can do or say will bring him back.  Having money can help ease the financial burdens and who knows maybe I can pay off the house, the Bankruptcy or both.  That would be awesome.

I watched Suzie Orman and she said you can’t move on with the future until you let go of the past.  Trust me when I say I am holding on to the past right now.  I know it’s not healthy but I just can’t let go.  After watching her show it really caused me to think about things. 

I need lots of help but am unsure of where or who to turn to, in order to obtain it.  Most of the help I need is mental in dealing with what is my worst nightmare come true.

Missing him is the hardest part of all of this.  I need for the legal & financial crap to be done with then and only then will I truly be able to move forward. 

All I can say is God help me, please!  Talk again soon.

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