30 June 2016

Need a Laugh?

Sure who couldn’t use a good chuckle – it will help you forget your troubles and you might just have some fun.  So pick your favorite TV show and type it’s name along with the word bloopers into You Tube, then pick away.  It’s a wonder that I actually consume any food I have been doing this for a couple days and I am sure everyone wonders what the hell is so funny.  Some of them really get me going.  I have looked at Suits, Baby Daddy, Young & Hungry as well as The Big Bang Theory.  Good stuff.

So I checked the local treasurers website and still no property tax payment has been recorded.  Today I reached out to the bank.  I talked to the same person I talked to a year ago about my homeowners issue, only she didn’t remember me but I remembered her.  She passed the buck and said that she would have someone from customer service call me.  Yeah like that will do any good.  Sure as 2 and 2 is 4 I will be filing formal complaints with the appropriate regulatory agencies if they even come close to missing the payment.  I should have sat back and relaxed, waited for it to be late and then started screaming.  Instead I am on top of things because I can’t trust them (the bank) to be on top of things.  Very tempting to refinance just to get away from them but there are some issues with the house that I think might set off bells, primarily what I believe is mold in my bathroom and water staining in the master bedroom, as well as the unfinished shower.  Otherwise, I would be on the phone and making it happen.  I may still yet have to do this in order to get away from this particular bank.  I am not a fan of any mortgage company after the ordeal I went through in getting the property into my name, but that is a whole other story.

Driving into work this morning, I was in some odd state.  I wasn’t feeling pain or sadness, but I wasn’t overly happy either.  Sort of in a trance like state.  I kept drifting into thought while driving.  Then I would snap out of it, wonder how I got to this part in my commute and then fall back into another thought.  The biggest thing on my mind is talking to my boss about my sexuality.  While I don’t think this would happen I work in one of the few states left in the USA where you can be fired for being gay.  Yeah you come out on Monday and Tuesday you have no job.  This place isn’t known for that, we have openly gay people working throughout the place, so that won’t be an issue.  However, once you have felt a negative impact in any way, shape or form you tend to not want to repeat the process for fear that you will have a bad experience again.  Also in telling him I will be letting him know that there is content on my phone that I would rather be kept to myself.  Were not having this discussion until tomorrow but the ball is in motion and I can’t back out now.  It is a HUGE step for me to take but I think it will also help foster a better working relationship with my boss or so I hope.  He trusts me and took a chance in giving me the position so why not be 100% honest with him?  I don’t expect any negative consequences.

Well time for another meeting, oddly on Mobile Device Management.  It’s a time waster for an hour.  We are however inching closer and closer to the weekend, so that is a very good thing.  Happy Thursday and let’s bring on Friday!!

29 June 2016

Burning for you

A great song by Blue Oyster Cult, but in this case I am physically burning when I travel home each day.  My left ear gets the sun and then it’s on fire by the time I get home.  This just started not sure why other than my ear is in sunlight.  It’s common if I am traveling to get my face and ears a little red and sunburnt.  However, just one ear hasn’t happened before.  Funny thing is my ear isn’t sun burnt, which I also find rather odd.  I tried to use the visor to shield my ear from the sun but the visor is too short and does me no good.  This morning I raised my seat and my head is much closer to the ceiling of my car than I care for.  However if this does the trick then I will be a happy guy.  The next idea I have is to buy sunblock and bring it to work, then apply some just before I leave.  Having fair sensitive skin sucks but it’s the only skin I will ever have, might as well enjoy it. 

Tomorrow I get my American Flag shirt with the rainbow color strip on it.  Just in time to celebrate Americas Birthday.  I ordered it for that reason to be able to wear it on the 4th but also to have another pride shirt.  It’s only my 2nd but I think I will be starting a collection. 

So were doing this MDM (Mobile Device Management) initiative at work and the product that was chosen can really allow an administrator to dig into your personal life, if they so wanted or needed.  I’ve talked about this before.  Now we are at the point where my boss is asking me to join my phone to the app.  Funny thing is we are the beta testers and everyone that is testing says the same thing, this is a POS and has one complaint after another  I like the present arrangement so the access they have is limited.  However, since we are being pushed I am giving some thought to coming out to my boss and explaining that my phone and my personal life are separate from my job.  I allow the company to give me access to my corporate email and they in turn compensate me.  However, if I am forced into this new MDM solution I will have to get a second phone.  I mean it’s one thing for me to tell my boss that I am gay , have pictures of naked men on my phone and dating apps – but it’s another ball game to take the risk of letting someone else find that on their own and do who knows what with my information.  Not to mention that the naked guys on my phone are prohibited by company policy to be on the device.  However, it’s my damn phone and if you have a problem with what I have on it, then you need to provide me a phone so we don’t have a problem.  I am not going to change who I am or what content is on my phone.  Then there is location tracking so they can spy on me and know where I am at 24x7.  Now I don’t go anywhere that I am ashamed of, the usual places people go like grocery shopping, pet food shopping, gas station, post office and once and a while to a friend house and of course to load up on food I stop at restaurants some local and some far away.   But why would my employer need to know my whereabouts?  Only if my phone was lost or stolen but prior to informing them of the loss/theft I would have already taken measures to locate the phone and wipe it – because I know as soon as I report it to my employer that it’s not in my possession they will automatically issue a wipe.

Technology is what employs me so I am a huge fan of it.  However, I think that we have given a little too much power to technology and reining it in will be more difficult than putting a cat back in the bag.  In other words it’s not going to happen.  I am who I am and I will go where I want to, tracked or not tracked by my employer.  Just think of this situation.  I call in sick because I have a job interview.  Some at work is curious to know if I am really sick or playing hooky.  So they decide to see what my phone shows and bingo he’s not at home he is at another company.  Hmm, I bet he’s looking for a job better tell management.  Now maybe it just looked like I was looking for a job and someone made an assumption when in fact I was taking care of a personal matter.  I mean speculation will come into play.  I am not quite sure how this is all going to play out and what if anything I am going to disclose to my boss.  Coming out at work, even just telling your boss is a huge risk.  I did it before and lost a job because of it.  I felt 100% comfortable with my decision and the next thing you know through some changes I got a new boss and found myself standing in the street.  That can not happen to me now, everything in my life is dependent upon me bringing in an income.  Lose the income and life will get rough quickly. 

Speaking of rough might as well talk about Big Boy.  I don’t want to jinx anything but he appears to be back to normal.  He seems to wait for me and as soon as I am in his sight he climbs into his bed which is a litterbox in his mind and away he goes.  It’s a screwed up situation but hey we have both adjusted.  I give him praise and a quick bath when he’s done.  Then clean up the mess and put down two more fresh pee pads.  He went last night when I got home.  I cleaned him up and then within 5 minutes he climbed back in to do more.  We had a similar occurrence this morning.  I haven’t given him anything but his normal meds.  I am at a loss for what went awry and honestly don’t care so long as he is going and is happy and relatively healthy.

Last night was cat night.  I spent the entire evening with them, giving out attention, food and treats.  Everyone had a good time and I think they look forward to those times as much as I do.  I really have been behind the computer and got to feeling guilty so I just called it last night, I played on my phone but that was as close as I came to a computer.  Sadly tonight will be a different story because tomorrow is pay day and I have to get bills taken care of.  But I will try to move as fast as I can.  I will always have a computer but animals their lives are so short, might as well appreciate them while you have the chance.

Happy Wednesday.  Were 1/2 way to the weekend and that is a very good thing.  I found out that my bosses plan is to work me into the on call rotation in about 2 more months.  Once I start it will be every three weeks, not fun so much but we really don’t get called often.  When we do something is in need of some serious attention.  I am a little nervous but hopefully I will know more in 2 months than I do today and that will better prepare me for what to expect.  Hard to believe it’s been 2 months since I started in this position, time really has flown by.  I am happy where I work, proud of my accomplishments and realize that the road ahead has more happiness in store for me. I am ready to cruise on down the happiness highway, something I have needed for a very long time! 

27 June 2016

Babysitting Again

I thought I dodged a bullet when I saw that my homeowner’s insurance was paid in full.  Turns out that the check the mortgage company sent for the property taxes hasn’t posted.  That payment is due on the 7th of July.  The odd thing is they sent it like 3 or 4 days before they paid the homeowner’s insurance.  I accidentally stumbled across this information online.  Now I am watching another website like a hawk, checking it a couple times a day.  Thinking, praying and hoping that soon they will post my payment.  I really don’t want to have to deal with this but I will tell you that it beats a surprise showing up in the mail.  Hopefully this is a minor fluke and it won’t be a recurring items but I can’t seem to relax when it comes to my mortgage company since they dropped the ball once I am paranoid that it’s going to happen again.  Almost worth refinancing to get away from them.  I’m not doing anything drastic just yet. 

On the Bear watch, he took all day yesterday but he finally went to the bathroom.  I made sure he had plenty of wet food throughout the day.  He spent sometime underneath the couch, once everyone thought I was going to vacuum but I tricked them and skipped it this week.  It was just too hot and the house is in decent shape. I had given him a pill for his bladder and I also broke out the pain meds and gave him a dose of that.  Man it wasn’t but 15 minutes and he was out of it like a light.  Sawing logs right in half.  He kept looking at me funny as he faded away into his slumber, as if to say I love you but something strange his happening.  This morning I made sure he had his food and fresh water.  I gave him his usual morning pill.  Nothing more, waiting to see what happens tonight.  I watched his output and it’s a strong stream, nothing like when he was younger but it’s decent.  I did some research on kidney failure, signs your cat is going to croak and what the normal amount of times a day a cat urinates.  All of this really bring any clarity to the issue.  I know that something within his body has changed but I don’t know what exactly.  This might be his new normal to only go once a day.  All I know is I am driving myself crazy with worry.  I don’t mind medicating him if he needs it but I don’t want to do it unnecessarily.  Stay tuned for more as the days go on. 

I got a decent nights sleep but Marv was sure to interrupt me a couple times. I just fell back to sleep, woke up to turn over thinking I had more time.  Started to go back to sleep and the alarm clock sounded off.  Wow, wasn’t expecting that but I didn’t delay I got out of bed and started with the day.

With next Monday being Independence Day here in the USA a lot of people are taking this week off.  Traffic is lighter and I can only imagine as we go forward it will keep getting lighter and lighter.  Of course light traffic means you can speed and the police count on that so they hide and run radar so you have to be careful or that fast drive home can wind up costing you more than the price of of the fuel your burning.  I love light traffic be it to or from work either way or both are great by me.  I can’t believe that were getting ready to go into July.  Time it passes so quickly.

Speaking of which it’s about time to get back to work.  Hope all is well in your world!

25 June 2016

It’s H O T

I have a high intolerance to heat and right now it’s just uncomfortable outside.  The best part of commuting to work is the chilly ride I get.  My car’s AC does a damn good job of keeping me cool.  On the weekends I use the truck and it’s older and doesn’t do as good of a job.  You have to be on a serious trip before you get any kind of cool from it in extreme weather.  I suspect that it needs to be charged.  I’ve got a kit here and can do that myself, but when I did it to my car a few years back, I actually broke the AC, so I am hesitant. 

I got a disturbing message this afternoon.  The eccentric old lady that was a friend of the couple I have Thanksgiving with passed away.  She said what she thought and there wasn’t a filter.  So she left us with one funny story.  She had COPD & Congestive Heart Failure.  She was in pain and just decided to forego any further treatment.  She went into Hospice on Monday.  For some dumb reason they were trying to intubate her.  That is not what she wanted and thankfully her daughter came in just in time to put a stop to it.  So now that is settled, they gave her a dose of Morphine.  Apparently on your first dose it just knocks you out.  She went to sleep for a while.  She woke up and said to her daughter, “You mean to tell me, I am still alive!?!”.  Her daughter said it’s not euthanasia it was Morphine.  See what I mean, she was kind of feisty!  I learned that she passed away on Tuesday.  Her friends took her cat and once she knew that was in place, it was like the last piece of the puzzle and she just left.  I only saw her once to twice a year but I miss her already. 

The eerie part was that I made Thanksgiving Reservations this week and thought that I would do something different this year.  I printed out invitations and was going to mail one to her but time just didn’t allow me to mail them quite yet.  I am glad because then I would have felt bad.  I changed the reservation today once I got the news and printed a new invitation.  It’s not going to be the same without her on Turkey Day but I know that we will still have a good time.  There is no funeral, she hated them.  There is supposed to be a memorial service for her around August.  I don’t understand why the delay but okay.  There is also no obit for her, which I thought was strange.  When my partner passed away there was an obit but it said there would be no services. 

On a better note, today I ventured out to get my new glasses.  They are okay and I compromised but I am not happy.  I just had to bite the bullet and order.  I am not done with trying to find the frame that I want and I hope that the model from the porn site, answers back so I can end my quest.  I went down to the pharmacy and got medicine for Big Boy.  I stopped and picked up the mail.  Bank statements, a bill and my Birchbox for Men was all waiting for me.  I came home and sat on the couch with some water.  Big Boy was at one end of the couch and kept looking at me like, I want attention.  So I picked him up and put him in my lap on the couch with me.  That would explain why my back is bothering me as I type this.  Anyway, we sat together for a long time and he was purring up a storm.  I could be wrong but I think he is trying to prepare me for his passing.  Anyway, he wanted down and I put him on the floor.  The vet has called twice today in follow up to an email that I sent yesterday.  Turns out he can be on the medicine that helps him go long term but they want me to try him on pain medicine, so we can figure out if he needs a muscle relaxer or pain medicine.  The pain medicine makes him delirious and I really don’t want to see him that way and don’t want to keep him in that state for a prolonged period of time.  He doesn’t act like he is in pain but then again cats are the masters of disguise.  He has spent some time in hiding today under the couch and that tells me he doesn’t feel well.  However he is still eating and drinking – begs for food and treats as well as attention.  So maybe he just feels slightly crummy.  He is acting like he is getting ready to block and if a little pill can prevent that then I am all for it.  He ran from me when it was bath time but he I fished him out of his hiding spot and once I got started he just loved it.  He kept grooming himself and never whimpered once, which is something new.  I took my time and gave him two shampoos to make sure his hind end was clean.  Let’s hope it stays that way.

My only meal out today was at Olive Garden.  I had the Spaghetti Pie with Meatballs.  It was one hell of a large portion and I was stuffed way beyond what I needed to be.  I’ve skipped supper but feel kind of ill so I want something but not sure what to eat.  I’ve been drinking Cold Water and had a little ice cream.  I think I am headed back for more ice cream.  Got a lot of TV to watch on the DVR.  Lance Bass is going to be on Family Feud this coming week.  I added the show to the DVR and it’s been recording every day.  This would be the show on ABC with Steve Harvey.  Wanted to make that clear so you don’t think it’s on another network, if your interested.  He’s kind of cute but taken.  Still it should be good to watch. 

Went car shopping online yesterday, had to take a late lunch.  I just don’t get how people pay for cars these days.  Leasing is attractive because they payment is low but once you go over the annual miles, they get you.  A friend of mine just leased a Nissan and he can do 36 thousand miles per year after that it’s 10 cents per mile.  I just did the math and I could easily work with that kind of allowance.  It would allow me to get to and from work as well as take some side trips.  However, at the end of the lease you don’t own the car but you will have an option to buy.  I have always heard that leasing is like stepping on a treadmill once you get on it’s hard to get off and there are fees all along the way.  I like the ownership option and that is all I have ever done with every car.  At the end it’s mine and were done.  I am 22 thousand miles out from being out of warranty and I really want something NEW before the warranty expires.  Date wise that would be September of 2017.  I am looking now but don’t think I will actually pull the trigger until fall.  I may even ride this out longer.  My car is fine knock wood.  The truck needs to have the wheel bearing fixed and I really don’t want to dump more money into it.  I would just as soon trade both vehicles in and get me 1 nice vehicle.  My budget tells me I can afford a car no problem.  My desire is to get an SUV because I like sitting up higher and driving the truck has actually helped me avoid accidents.  This will be the ultimate treat and also kind of scary because I will be making a financial commitment and that always makes me nervous.  I feel pretty safe in my job but today you never really know for sure.  Safe today and unemployed tomorrow.  All I hear is good news from my boss and that is what I like, I want it to stay that way.

Well time to go watch that TV and get in a snack before it’s time to go lights out.  Y’all take care and stay cool.  As Ellen says, be kind to each other.  Talk with you again soon.

22 June 2016

Still tired

There just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day to accomplish everything I want to do.  I have time to accomplish the basic tasks that are required to exist but beyond that most anything for pleasure has to wait until the weekend.  I’m not so sure why I am all of a sudden time poor.  The days and nights seem to pass very quickly.  Weekends are the exception to that they linger a little bit but not by much.  It is nice to get out of bed and not have a schedule.

I woke up this morning and it was as if I never went to bed in the first place.  I was up at least once to let Marvin out but that’s it.  I think it might be the heat zapping all of my energy and drive.  I do have an allergic reaction to heat in that I can easily get sick or if the temperature gets way up there I will pass out.  Right now in my part of the world it is summer time and my area is known for high temperatures but they usually don’t come on very strong until July.  That is not the case right now.  A/C is running every night and most of the weekend.  I have found a temperature that is comfortable for me and the children don’t complain.  Insty loves to curl up under my blankets but only when I am not in bed.  She crawls in and buries herself as if she is in a deep freeze.  Sometimes I will turn the A/C off for her but it’s not often.

Speaking of the little fur balls, everyone has had their birthday.  Momma is now 13 as of this past Sunday.  The kids turned 12 yesterday.  I love each one of them and am proud of them.  Bear has had the toughest fight by far.  I remember when there was a respiratory thing going through the house and all of the boys got it, that is way back when #1 son was alive.  I think it’s something Taz (aka LB) brought in.  We almost lost both Marv and Bear it was wicked.  I can also remember racing home to greet them as they were each born into the world..  Time flies by way too fast and memories are great but the more you remember the older you tend to be.

In light of the tragedy in Orlando I have made a couple of posts on my FB account and I readily admit that I am gay. I’ve never really put it out there for the world to see.  It felt good and empowering.  I am a private person for the most part but felt that it was time to open up and just let it all hang out, so to speak.  I was curious to see if my friend count changed or if anyone would say anything to me about it, but nope.  My friend count may have decreased by 1 or 2, but I don’t keep that close of tabs on who is my FB friend and who isn’t.  So if in fact someone left they don’t stand out to me.

It’s been a while since I have seen a comment posted and I was wondering if in fact anyone is still actually reading my blathering's?  While this is something that I enjoy doing and it’s therapeutic for me, if no one is reading it then I am just babbling for nothing.  So if your reading this, take a moment and let me know.  If there is a topic you want me to write about or a question you have, don’t be afraid to post that as well.  I am as friendly as I sound and I don’t bite.  Happy middle of the week everyone.  Two more days and then maybe I will be able to sleep in.  I really hope so, I could use a lazy day.  In fact I am surprised with the way I felt this morning that I actually made it in to work.  Best part about coming in and going home is the AC on full blast in the car.  Its like I am in freezer and it feels so good.  Take care.

20 June 2016


Sorry for the delay, life’s been busy and I am exhausted.  Let’s start with good news, the credit card I applied for a 2nd time came back with an approval.  Now it’s time to watch the mail and wait for the card.  I don’t have any idea what my credit limit is but I am happy that they approved me, which I kind of figured was going to happen.

Last week is pretty much a blur.  One of my co-workers families lost one of their family pets.  It was a small dog.  He got out and climbed the fence only to be eaten alive by the neighbors pit bull.  Horrible story and I felt so bad after I heard it.  I bought a card and then had a lady I work with who has a plasma cutter make me a couple crosses with the name of the dog.  Then I packaged it all up and sent it to her through interoffice mail.  She was thankful but at the same time she was crying her eyes out.  I warned her ahead of time that I was sending her a package that would evoke emotion.  I offered her the option to let it be a surprise or I could tell her.  She opted for the surprise. 

The eye doctor called and I stopped by to look at frames.  I have driven myself bat shit crazy over trying to find a match or even something remotely close to the glasses that Kennedy from Corbin Fisher wears.  I finally gave up, but it was a good conquest.  I opted to go with a pair of Nike’s which has been my brand of choice since I started wearing glasses.  I at least was able to get them in Blue.  Not as vibrant of a shade as I wanted.  They are on order and will most probably be in this Saturday but they told me to allow 10 working days.  They of course are paid for because they won’t place the order unless you pay for them up front.

Orange Is The New Black came out with a new season on Friday.  I watched the whole thing over the weekend.  Finished up the last episode this morning between 2 and 3 am when I woke up from a sound sleep and couldn’t go back to bed.  Insomnia is a bitch!  I even took extra medication because I haven’t been sleeping well and thought that it would knock me out and keep me out but sadly I was wrong. 

Big Boy gave me quite the scare yesterday.  He started peeing on himself and he was straining.  I gave him some medication to help with that.  Then he promptly retreated to hide under the couch and he was a little ways from it.  That told me he didn’t feel good.  Straining is one of the primary signs that he is blocking or worse blocked.  However, I saw a dribble so I knew he wasn’t 100% blocked.  I thought about it and opted to error on the side of caution.  I made an appointment and we went to the vet yesterday.  Neither of the regular docs were working.  I had to choose from the hack that cut into him or another doctor who is soft spoken.  I went with the soft speaker.  If that butcher would have come into the room I would have had a canary.  Anyway I loaded him in the truck and off we went.  As soon as I parked and went to get him out he was soaked and so was the passenger seat of the truck.  Next time I am just going to load him in the truck and we are going to go for a drive, then I’ll check him and if he isn’t soaking wet then I will make the vet appointment.  Turns out the doctor found some crystals forming on the outside that he had passed.  They are so fine that it’s hard to notice.  So I have to make sure to keep his penis clean, which is a difficult task because it’s buried in fur.  He got an ultrasound and it came back clean.  I got the bill which was only for the exam, paid cash and out the door we went. 

Momma rung in her 13th Birthday yesterday on Father’s Day.  The children including Big Boy will celebrate their 12th year on earth tomorrow.  Wow where in the world did the time go?  I remember when they were so small and now they are large and quite the handful.  I am so thankful for each and everyone of them, no matter how much a pain they are.  They are still a blessing and my children. 

Lastly I spent the bulk of the weekend rebuilding my laptop that I use here at work.  I visited a known infected site for an end user as a favor, I figured all of the protection on my machine I would be safe.  I got a huge pop up from Google that told me the site wasn’t safe.  Malwarebytes barked at me that it blocked me from surfing to the site and I thought that was the end of it.  I didn’t figure I was infected.  Turns out I was.  My machine was trying to phone home to what is known as command and control, if it was for our ISP Grade firewalls the connection would have been made and then I would have known for certain I was infected, it would have also spread to others on the network.  We started getting alerts and I put forth every defense and argument, even put in a firewall rule to block traffic to the address in question.  Still the alerts kept coming.  What sold me on rebuilding it was Microsoft.  They have a Malicious Software Removal Tool.  I downloaded and ran it.  The scan detected 3 items infected and then after two hours jumped to a whopping 115 and then an hour later the scan was done and it came back with no infection.  I ran the tool on my other machines because they have the same software and they didn’t behave in that manor.  I of course didn’t let the infected version on my network unless everything else was powered off or disconnected.  There was a need to get out to deactivate some software before I could reinstall it.  I spent the bulk of my time fighting with Bit Locker it didn’t want to take the decryption key even though I had it.  Then once the drive was decrypted it couldn’t find the damn recovery partition.  Thankfully Microsoft has a media creation tool for Windows 10, I used that and was able to turn a USB drive into media and got the drive wiped and a fresh copy of Windows installed.  Then it took a day and half to encrypt the entire drive.  Slow as a turtle, but thankfully it’s behind me. 

I hope this is going to be a good week.  I am really feeling the lack of sleep.  I just hope I make it through the afternoon with out nodding off.  Back to the fun!  Stay cool and safe.  Talk with you all again soon.

14 June 2016

Good News

I learned that Charlie Puth is going on tour again in the US and he is coming to my city.  Tickets go on sale later this week and you can bet your bottom dollar that I will be doing my very best to get a ticket to go see him.  I want to know that I have the ticket before I book time off.  He will be here on a Monday so that means I will be taking a Monday and Tuesday off.  I am giddy like a school girl over this and very much looking forward to seeing him preform live again.  Not only is he good looking he has an amazing voice.  No doubt that he has a very bright future ahead of him!



We made it to Tuesday.  Lots of news about the tragedy has come out of Orlando.  I saw today that the killers wife tried to talk him out of this.  Uh yeah I said wife.  I had no idea he was married.  I don’t understand why a married man would frequent a gay night club. What I don’t understand is that if his wife knew of his intentions why she didn’t call the police.  Now for all I know maybe she did but that wasn’t in the short blurb I read.  I was really surprised that he was married.  I also heard about a pastor who had a service that the world was rid of a bunch of pedophiles.  Really, but when the media reached out for comment the coward is no where to be found.  If your going to make statements like that then you should be man enough to face the press and answer the questions that the media has.  The article I read said that he referenced older scriptures.  Funny thing is that the Bible is an interpretation, do you know how many things get lost in translation?  Besides that if your going to quote the Bible for homosexuality then you shouldn’t be upset when someone quotes it back to you and tells you how you are not living up to the word either.  I mean were all sinners, none of us are perfect.  I just don’t understand why we can tolerate and get along better.  It would make the world so much more enjoyable to live in. 

Got my blood work results and my A1C is lower, as I predicted.  I am pretty proud of it and hope that in 3 more months the number is even lower.  Getting my diabetes in order is a huge priority for me but I still can’t seem to turn off that sweet tooth.  I wish my body were in better shape than round and that I had the abs of a Greek God but that is not who I am.  I sent the results off to the doc last night via fax and am mailing him a copy today.  The hospital where I went to have the work done doesn’t always communicate with him because he is not on staff.  There have been plenty of times where I have had to try to get the results so I could send them to him.  Now thanks to the electronic requirements of health care and patient portals it’s pretty easy to get results.  The hard part was getting them redacted so I didn’t clutter up the picture and show him much older data.

The children are doing okay.  Mr. Bear started to hang out at the top of the stairs, in my room and that kind of worried me.  He was away from his bed/litter box and didn’t use it for a couple days.  Instead he peed on the carpet, despite me putting down pee pads for him.  I wanted to ring his neck but I just sluffed it off.  Better to have him going than not.  I got him back to the bed/litter box last night and I told him today before I left to leave me a mess to come home to in his bed.  He knows what I mean and hopefully he will obey.  I need to know that he is going, ever since he blocked I am more scared than ever and watch his output like a hawk. 

Ruth’s stomach gave her a fit on Sunday but appears that she is back to normal now.  I got to give her a good back scratch last night.  She loves it.  I told her everyone likes having their back scratched.  I wish that I could train her to do mine but with those sharp claws it would be murder.  She has really warmed up to me and I am so happy about that.  I want us to get closer but it’s totally up to her.  They all know how to work me, I think that is a secret they happily share amongst themselves. 

My replacement for my old job started yesterday.  He is ramping up but he still has lots to learn.  I’ve given him a lot to digest but someone else is working with him on the day to day stuff.  I have told him I am happy to help and to reach out if he has questions.  Can’t do much more than that.  It’s like a cat you can put water in front of them but you can’t make them drink it. 

Lunch is almost over and it looks like I will be going to a cluster of a meeting.  This is the dreaded Tuesday project meeting about mobile device management.  It looked like it was coming together but has slowly fallen apart again.  The jury is still out on if I will need to purchase another phone.  I am monitoring the situation pretty closely.  If I do have to get another phone I will probably do something that is pre-paid to help keep costs under control.  For now it’s just 1 phone.  New iPhone should be coming out this fall and if I were to upgrade my present phone that would be the time I acted. 

I hope all is well.  Time to get back to it.  Take care.

12 June 2016

Total Shock



When I went to bed all was right with the world.  When I woke up I couldn’t say the same thing.  I can’t believe what happened in Orlando Florida.  I am even more devastated by the initial number of casualties, which is listed at 50.  I know that in the days to come that number will climb, which is even sadder. 

I think this was timed due to this being Pride month and the gunman probably figured that he stood a greater chance of taking out more people now than say a month ago or even a month from now.  That may or may not be true.  This tragedy will forever change the lives of many people.

I’ve never been to a gay nightclub or a Pride event.  I can tell you that if I would have decided to go and then this would have unfolded I probably wouldn’t want to go back, not to say I wouldn’t.  I live no where near Florida but due to the tropical climate it is one place that gay people love to flock to. 

Given the course of events with shootings not only in the work place, the movie theater and now a nightclub I think we are headed towards security checkpoints to be common place.  We will all find ourselves standing in line just to get through security.  Be it to enjoy a meal out, to go grocery shopping or even visiting the doctor.  Can you imagine this and then tack on one of those times when you have to pee.  Well there won’t be any cuts in line and chances are you will probably wind up peeing your pants. 

Lots of people say we need gun reform.  Guns don’t kill people.  People kill people.  Jack up the price of ammo, like Chris Rock said … $6k per bullet and that will solve this problem. 

America is a great country to live in.  We have liberties and freedoms that others don’t enjoy.  Many men and women have made the ultimate sacrifice so that you and I can live free.  I don’t understand why we want to turn against each other.

I do understand that there are several people, predominantly those of various religious backgrounds that despise gay people.  They think we should all be rounded up and put into a prison camp and shot. What they fail to realize is that straight people produced the gay people.  Being gay is not a choice, no matter what you hear.  I’ve said it before… who would chose to live a life where they are under constant persecution, made fun of and tortured all because of their sexual identity.  I can’t think of a single person who would chose that life for themselves.  I know that I wouldn’t.  It’s no fun and it does have lasting repercussions that stick with you through out your entire life. 

There is plenty of hate in this world and not enough love and peace.  Negativity is easy to come up with but it takes real resolve to be positive and stay that way.  Life it’s self is such a precious gift and it’s taken from us quickly.  Were all walking the earth but we all have an expiration date.  That date could be tomorrow or it could be several years from now.  Live your life as if today is your last day, do un to others as you would want them to do un to you.  These are all lessons we are taught as children but quickly forget about.  It’s sad that it takes an event like this to remind us of those lessons. 

The world will eventually come to an end, that I believe.  I also believe that as we get closer to that violence will become more common and events like this will be as common as picking up a hamburger at the local McDonald’s.  Regardless if your stupid, smart, educated or not its clear and ever present that we as humans are the problems.  The vast majority of us are law abiding and God Fearing citizens. 

My heart truly aches for the victims and their families of this senseless event.  I pray that they will be able to find comfort and that someone will be there for them to wipe away their tears and sadness. 

Peace be with you and may God Bless the United States of America.

11 June 2016

The rest of the week

Hey there!  Been a few days since I made an entry.  Time just got away from me.  The remainder of the week was busy.  Plenty to do.  I did tell my boss how shitty the training was that I went to.  He reached out to the company and found out that I wasn’t the only one who complained.  They made him an offer but he said I want my employee trained, I’m not interested in your offer I want my employee trained.  So I’m waiting to see what happens.  I did stress that I would rather not repeat the course.  I talked with a friend of mine who is super smart and even he agrees with me that this system is complicated.  He uses it but struggles and has to reach out to support frequently.  You’d think they would make their system easier to use but apparently they don’t think that is what their customers are asking for.  I just wonder how anyone uses it at all. 

Had my weekly review and the boss is pleased with my performance.  Totally happy that I am a go getter and grabbing things and digging in, regardless if I have been trained or not.  I figure it’s better to take something and learn than to leave it and not learn.  Learning is how I will grow and excel in this job.  It’s going to take time but it’s only been a month and a half.  While I don’t feel 100% secure I am told that I should, nothing is going to happen unless my work ethic changes.  While I don’t foresee that happening, I still want to give it sometime in the hopes that I will feel more comfortable and can then commit to making that large purchase of a new vehicle.  I so look forward to that. 

Speaking of vehicles today was a busy day.  I had to get my car emissions tested, my license plates are due for renewal, I got my blood drawn, had breakfast out, picked up more pee pads for Bear at the post office.  Talked to another eye place about the glasses I want.  Got a nap in, drove to the buffet, picked up cat food and started laundry.  It’s been a very busy but productive day.  Just what I had in mind.  I am trying to talk myself into driving the truck more on a daily basis but I saw by my trip today that it would be more expensive.  However, it would keep the miles off of my car.  The truck has many more miles and a higher chance of breaking down.  Then there is the matter of the wheel bearing that needs to be fixed.  I honestly just want to get my moneys worth out of it and really not interested in sinking more money into it.  It’s fun to drive in that I get to sit up higher and can see better.  However, it also reminds me of my late partner and the many trips we took in it – good times and bad.  Another reason why I want something brand new – it’s like a fresh start and I will be doing it all on my own.  When the time comes it will be another first experience and something that I will be proud of and equally as scared at the same time. 

My furry children are doing good, not to jinx anything.  Bear is really going through the pee pads.  I told him I would much rather pay for pee pads than to pay a vet bill and be overcome with worry.  He does still worry me as they all do.  On the way to the buffet I did stop and look at a house.  I am not interested in moving right now but there is another place that my late partner always wanted to live, it’s a really nice neighborhood but it’s filled with modular houses.  That is what he really wanted but our county was against them, we bought our house and presto a year later modular houses were popping up.  They are actually better constructed than a stick built home and are way more energy efficient.  The draw back is they have no basement.  They all look like regular houses and you can’t tell they are built in a factory and put together onsite.  They are just super nice. 

Speaking of houses, my co-worker that I gave the AC to last year, well earlier this year she went to open her window and the AC fell out.  Of course that broke it.  She didn’t go to test it but went to turn it on the other day and it was done for.  I found out yesterday and while I wasn’t pleased because it was a gift, at the same time it was a gift so it was hers to do with as she saw fit.  You can help people but you can’t save them from themselves. 

Still watching the mail and waiting to hear about that credit card.  You would think they would have reached out to me by now but nope.  I still call the 800 # and their system still has no record of me.  Given what they said I should hopefully be hearing from them next week or so I hope.  I could just as easily pickup the phone call their customer service department and have them search to see if they can find an account for me or know anything about my application but that would ruin the surprise factor.  I am ready to do it though. 

Nothing terribly exciting going on the usual, wash, rinse and repeat or as I say it WES (Work Eat Sleep).  Too bad I’m not actually talking about a guy named Wes.  Still looking through the apps at guys hoping to make a connection.  I did some checking for our LGBT Center and it’s closed for good.  Last year they were moving, guess that didn’t work out so well.  Then I checked into the Secret Society my former therapist told me about.  It’s a group called Prime Timers.  They upped their dues and I remembered why I want to avoid them like the plague.  Just not my cup of tea.

Now that things seem to be falling into place for me, you’d think that the icing on the cake would fall into place as well.  By that I mean that I would meet someone.  Would be nice if that happens soon, but all I can do is keep on trying.  Eventually just like looking for a job, looking for a partner the law of averages has to tilt in your favor eventually.  The only regret I have is that I don’t have more true friends.  I really think that would help me not only in finding a new partner but in life in general.  I mean who has way too many friends?  It’s just not a complaint that people voice. 

Well off to medicate the children and myself.  Then to watch TV until I pass out.  Wake up go grab breakfast and hit up the grocery store.  Then home to put all of the groceries away, and clean the house.  Try to relax a bit before Monday rolls back around.  New guy starts Monday, that is my replacement for my old job.  Look forward to meeting him and hope that he is easy to work with.  I’ll give him the secret to the sauce, I just hope like hell he doesn’t screw it up.  I know that some people are still going to gravitate towards me and while I don’t mind helping them now that there is a replacement I don’t want to overstep and do someone else's job.  It’s nice to be needed and wanted though. 

Happy weekend everyone.  Talk with you again soon. As usual I hope all is well in your world. 

08 June 2016

Tacos on Tuesday

They let us out a half hour early from training yesterday.  I bolted like a stray dog.  Got to the bar and it was packed.  Luckily I found a table in the corner.  Sat down and had my food in 10 minutes.  Fresh from the deep fryer and it was on fire hot.  Not spicy hot but temperature hot.  I ate normal speed and by the time I downed the 2nd taco I was wondering what on earth I had gotten myself into.  I finished all 4 of them and drank two soda, all while having to use the bathroom.  I paid the bill and bolted home where I was able to use the restroom.  Fed the children and then out the door again to get my hairs cut.  There was this cute guy in the chair getting his hair cut as well, I wanted to see more of him and potentially express my interest but his stylist finished with him while I was getting my shampoo.  Damn!  I drove to the post office and there was no mail but I thought I would check anyway.  Was talking with my stylist about my eye lash issue she told me there are eyelash combs and eyelash brushes, so I ordered one along with a curler, hopefully I won’t hurt myself and can fix this problem w/o plastic surgery.

I checked the other day on the status of my application for the credit card and now I am not in the system.  So I figure they probably lost their mind and approved me.  I am really hoping so, not that I need the credit but this one is more to prove a point.  Back when I filed for Bankruptcy my attorney told me that any one I file against would never extend credit to me again.  That so far has proven to be a true statement.  Places like AMEX and CitiBank hold grudges at least where I am concerned thus far.  Both have encouraged me to apply again in the future but I suspect that is so they can tell me no again. 

Spent a fair amount of time on the computer last night.  Still had some left over time for the kids.  Bear was really hungry for attention.  He made two separate messes so that he could get two mini baths.  Anything to make me have to interact with him.  I get it he’s lonely.  I wish that he could climb up on the furniture it would be so much easier to shower him with affection.  He’s got a new trick where he is starting to wash his hind legs.  It really sucks the wind out of his lungs but he gives it a go and doesn’t stop until he’s happy.  Glad to see that he still has an interest in maintaining his appearance.  Such a good boy!

Back to normal today.  Feels like I have been on vacation for two days.  I woke up super early but then realized that I could go back to bed.  Marvin kept telling me to get up and I kept telling him to shut up.  I won until the next time I woke up, what an alarm clock he is.  So plenty to do here and it’s 5 minutes before I start getting into some afternoon meetings.  Hope all is well in your world.

06 June 2016

Seriously, Bored

Day 1 of training was horrible.  First, they told me the class started at 7a and it didn’t start until 7:30a.  Then the instructions they distributed were new so there were/are kinks to work out.  It just didn’t make a whole lot of sense to me.  Started out okay but things got progressively worse.  I was climbing the walls because I wanted to do nothing but leave.  A regular work day isn’t this bad.  I stopped trying to do the exercises and just sat back and watched them when we did a review.  There were also some technical issues and the whole damn thing just made for a super long day.  I made sure the AC was pumped up in the office so it was like a freezer.  I did that on purpose.  We ended at 4p and I literally ran out of the office.  I was never so happy in my life to see my car.  Almost got into an accident leaving the garage but outside of that my commute home was fine.  Nice to be able to have an evening, I am thinking of possibly asking my boss for different hours.  What a concept time to kill. 

Got the mail and came home.  Looked forward to seeing the family.  I was reviewing baby (kitten) photos last night.  Gosh they were so small, never thought they would ever get so big.  Especially Bear.  I found him in the smaller bed, all curled up.  He sprung to life once he heard a can crack.  He spun around and was ready for food.  I fed him, went to take care of myself and came back he had eaten a little bit and turned his nose up at the rest.  So I had to crack a smaller can for him, something more expensive but much more to his liking.  What can I say he has expensive taste as they all do, but daddy has only so much money to go around.  He ate some of that. 

I had Chicken & Mushroom Ravioli from Bertolli, for a frozen dinner it was damn good.  They could give you more but it’s really delicious.  Then retired for a while to the couch.  Watched Momma’s Family the TV show not the children.  Then Bear started crying because he wanted attention.  I found it really easy to get down on the floor but it was hell to try to get back up again. 

Came downstairs to surf the net to hopefully find something of interest, be it something to read or some porn.  Nothing doing, the internet is like TV there is just nothing on. 

I am lonely and thinking way too much about my ‘co-worker’ who I am not friends with anymore.  I’ve got it bad for him but know that not only will we never ‘hookup’ but we won’t ever have what we had before.  That is kind of sad and depressing to me.  I think I need a guy or at least something new that is of interest to me.  I don’t mean a new problem or something new to be concerned about.  We all know far to well that life has dealt me quite the hand.  I am looking to change that and make my life better.  It’s a slow task but I am confident that I will get there in the end.

Going to go on litter box duty and then back upstairs to pass out treats, prepare for another day and probably surf my phone.  Checking into Social Media and Dating apps.  Hopefully then it will be time to call it a night.  I was super groggy this morning but I did stay up to watch John Oliver last night, it was a really good show!

Looking forward to Wednesday, not only will I be back to a normal schedule but Young & Hungry and Baby Daddy will be back on, I enjoy both of those shows.  Well there you have it my Monday.  Let’s hope that Tuesday goes a little bit better and maybe that class will let out a little early so that I can get my taco on! 

05 June 2016

Diamonds not forever

Last night I went to empty the dryer and found one of my rings sitting on the inside next to the lint filter.  I picked it up and it was the ring my grandfather left to me.  We shared the same initials and this ring has our initials in it all in diamonds.  Looks like 2 of them fell out.  I was upset but I can only blame myself.  Many nights when I come home from work I have to pee and probably was in a hurry to either get out of my clothes or I put the ring in my pocket and had planned on taking it out after I was done using the bathroom.  I have looked for the diamonds but can’t find them.  I suspect they probably fell out in the wash and are long gone.  This is the one reason why I would rather leave the valuable / mementos in a safe deposit box.  You can’t damage them if they are not being worn.  I will be more careful in the future.  I thought about taking the ring in for repair but chances are it will cost way more than I want to spend to replace two small diamonds.  For now I am leaving it alone.

Went out to breakfast this morning, ordered 2 biscuits for biscuits and gravy, they gave me 1.  I placed an order for 2 more and got 4.  Wow no one knows what they are doing.  The food was really good but I wound up paying way more than I wanted to.  I won’t be going back there because of this.  There were warnings all over FB how they screw up your order but the food whatever you get does taste good.  That’s nice but I want what I ordered if I didn’t I would let a stranger place my order and eat as if it were a grab bag. 

Headed to the grocery store.  Had problems at the checkout with my chip card.  I put it in the reader and it asked me Debit or Debit MasterCard.  I chose Debit MasterCard and then it went dark.  So the checker had to get a supervisor to clear it up.  Then I was able to run my card back through, all was well.  I left not realizing that I left behind my milk and yogurt, until I got home.  Then I had to make a second trip back.  I was not pleased about that but happy that they had the bag waiting to see if I would come back.  It didn’t help things that there was a local group of kids out front asking for donations to some baseball team or something like that.  I call it pan handling and think that it should be prohibited in front of the grocery store and also at a certain intersection in town.  Seems no matter where you look these days everyone wants or needs money.  I’m no different but I work hard for everything and I do mean everything that I have.  This particular group of kids was asking for donations but didn’t have anything to give away, why do I want to just give my money away for nothing in return?  Yeah I get it might give me a warm fuzzy but thanks anyways.

Trimmed the cat claws.  I got the gloves but never had to put them on.  Ruth was just laying under the couch and I moved it.  She was still and everything was fine until I knelt down next to her and then she started in with her wailing, crying and general protesting.  She hissed at me but I kept talking to her and got to trim those sharp little needles of hers.  I got her sister as well but she managed to get me in the neck, thankfully I think my scruff deflected her claw enough that there isn’t any damage but it hurt like hell.  Everyone but Marv got there claws trimmed.  I will take a look at his tonight. 

Got connected to my work pc and found out that the company that is doing the training tomorrow told me it started at 7:30a but it actually starts at 7a.  I was not happy about that but glad I caught it now versus tomorrow morning.  I have already figured out that I need to be up by 5a and out the door by 6a which should allow me to arrive at work just before 7a, give me time to grab some water, a note pad & pen and then off to the office I reserved.  I think I will enjoy being in an office but not 100%, kind of depends on the ventilation.  The good news is that I will be able to leave at 4p.  Just figured out that on Tuesday it will afford me the privilege of hitting up the local bar for Taco Tuesday.  Kind of looking forward to that, last time I did that it was either earlier this year or late last year.  Either way it’s been far too long. 

The knot in my back has gotten smaller but is still lingering.  I am still working it to make it go away but don’t know that I will be successful in making it go away on my time schedule.  So long as it goes away and doesn’t cause me any problems.

Saw 2 good movies on HBO On Demand.  #1 was The Intern and #2 was Trainwreck.  I wasn’t so sure about either of them but once I started watching I knew I was in for a treat.  Looking to find something like that for this evenings entertainment before I head back to the grind tomorrow for five long days. 

I need to grab laundry and put it away, then feed the children.  Insty is down here pandering.  Funny about an hour ago she was mad as hell because I was trimming her claws.  My how her emotions change!  She is quite the ham and knows it, she has no shame in her game. 

I will also take time to shave, shower and then fix the left over pizza for myself. Need to make my lunch as well.  Time does have a way of passing by rather quickly.  I will be a much happier person I think once Monday & Tuesday are behind me.  I like my normal and no interruptions outside of that.  Getting up early is going to suck but I am sure I will be just fine. 

Hope you all have a great week and that the sun is shining in your neck of the woods.  Decent weather and sunshine affects our moods and nice weather means nice mood, at least for me.  We have sun for the bulk of the week as of now but there is some rain that will be moving in later this week.  Of course it’s the weather so it’s subject to change. 

Be well and we will talk again soon.  Maybe not on Monday or Tuesday but again soon. 

04 June 2016

Pride 2016

Wow were already in June!  It’s time for Pride Month!  I’ve never been to a pride event and right now I don’t expect that to change this year.  I am sure that eventually I will make it to one but it’s just not top on my list.  Lots of people like to go and I hear it’s a good time.  Going alone to an event like that doesn’t sound like fun to me.  It sounds like temptation and torture.  I don’t need either.

I keep seeing my late partner in my dreams.  It’s like were both alive and things are back to the way they used to be.  It’s enjoyable and fun until I wake up and get a fresh dose of reality.  It doesn’t hurt as bad as it used to but I can’t say that it’s pain free.  I was feeling kind of lonely today.

I have a couple knots in my back left over from my massage on Thursday.  I’ve been using ice and a massager that I have to try to get them out.  They are shrinking but not fast enough for me.  I would just as soon they go away.  I did some quick reading on my iPhone and it appears that knots in the upper back are common.  There are a variety of ways to treat them everything from exercise, stretching, massage and hot & cold therapy.  It could always be worse.  Hopefully I will get them worked out before Monday is here. 

Today I got to sleep in, woke up to fetch the mail.  I stopped last night hoping that my order for blood work would be there, but it wasn’t.  It arrived today but I had already eaten breakfast.  Looks like I have a task for next Saturday.  I have a date that will involve a small prick.  Bad I know but hey I had to say it.  Anyways back on track.  I came home and laid down with my ice pack and watched a movie on Netflix called The Do Over.  It’s got Adam Sandler in it.  Not bad, not drop dead funny but not bad.  Then I took a nap.  Woke up by 3p fed the children.  Got dressed and ventured out for some pizza.  I tried to recreate one of my favorite pizzas from a place that is now out of business.  I ordered the same toppings but it just didn’t taste the same.  The sauce was off, they didn’t have any cheddar cheese and it was a tad on the salty side.  I consumed a good majority of it but managed to save some to take home. 

Came back home and started to play with the computer, get finances in order and deposit a check I got in the mail.  Then reprogrammed my scanner, still not getting what I want but I am working on it.  At least I still am able to receive the local channels that interest me.  Just missing one municipality.  Started laundry.  Plaid with the children.  I got the fishing pole out with the ball on the end of it.  Bear had a great time.  I managed to entertain Marv and Insty as well.  Then I got tired so I tempted them with the word treats.  Man they were eager to shift gears and so was I.  They did work up an appetite.  I still have yet to muster up the courage to trim Ruth’s claws.  Then I ventured out for cat food, nice sale this weekend 15% off, plus they lowered the price of the food by a few pennies and I had another coupon that gave me $1 off.  I’ve got enough food for 2 weeks but that is normal, I still go every week.  If there is a financial or physical problem that prevents me from going 1 week I at least have enough to get through the next week.  Plus they are all so picky I have to keep a wide variety of food in stock.

Been sitting down here at the old computer and my head itches like crazy.  I normally skip a shower on Saturday and get one on Sunday.  I think this weekend I am making an exception and going to break out the Tea Tree Shampoo and jump in the shower.  Oh, I used the mask on Thursday night and I saw a minor difference on Friday morning.  I thought by mask they meant facial but no it’s a cream you put on before bed, it absorbs in your face to moisturize and rejuvenate your face.  I’ll try most anything once, I will keep using the small jar until it’s empty.  Undecided if I will order more.

There is NOTHING and I mean NOTHING on television.  Nextflix, Amazon and Dekkoo are all a bust for me.  I am so bored and really want to watch something good.  Thankfully John Oliver will be back on tomorrow night.  I will need to turn in early but will probably watch his show as it is always entertaining.  Monday will be a rise and shine early day.  Same for Tuesday.  Looking forward to putting this training class behind me.  It’s a complicated product/service and my co-workers don’t like it nor do I think they fully understand it.  I know I don’t but then again that is why I am going to training. 

Within the last week or so I posted about how a particular bank reached out to me to verify my identify to reconsider a credit application.  Well I got another call from them and they wanted to do the same damn thing all over again.  This time they asked for my cell phone number and sent me a text message.  They asked me to read the code back to them over the phone.  Now how does that prove my identity?  It proves that I gave you a valid cell phone number and that’s it.  It could belong to King Kong but you won’t know that.  I found the whole thing as odd.  I did my research before I returned the call and based on my research before reaching out.  The reference number I was asked to provide from the voice mail matched up to the letter I got, so I believe it’s all legit.  I got the same response that my identity was verified and that I would either receive the card or a letter within 1 to 2 weeks.  Yeah well I’ll believe it when I see it.  I just know that I’m not verifying my identity a third time without asking questions.  It can’t be that hard to make a decision either your going to send me a card or your not, lets get it over with.  We all know how I feel about waiting. 

Tomorrow will be grocery store day.  Going back to the new place that I was at last week.  Going to order Biscuits and Gravy with 3 scrambled eggs on top and a diet soda.  That will be my power breakfast to hopefully get me through the grocery store.  Not sure about lunch/supper but hopefully I find something appealing at the grocery store.  Really don’t want to go out but I will if I don’t have any options.  I’m hungry right now so that left over pizza might just be wiped out. 

Lastly an eye glass update.  I got a call this week from the eye doc that the frames I inquired about didn’t come in a more blue color.  They asked me to stop by and take a look or let them know if there was something else that I wanted them to order.  I had sent an email last weekend with 2 pairs of Nike frames that I wanted them to order in.  They are blue but outside of that no where near the match of Kennedy from CF.  I really want a pair like his but we can’t always have what we want.  I’d like an Audi or a BMW as well and I know that those are both out of my reach and the realm of possibilities.  This is a simple pair of eye glasses which should be within reach but because I can’t get the information on the specific make and model of the frame I am out of luck. What a shame.  I called the doc back and left a voice mail letting them know to check their email and let me know when they get them in.  I would be happy to stop by.  I realized there is a larger eye glass provider in the area, if my eye doc fails and I don’t hear from them within the next couple weeks I will go to the larger provider with the same photo and see if they can match up the frame.  They can get my Rx from my present doc to get the glasses ordered.  This isn’t rocket science it’s eye glasses.

I did something that I deeply regret.  I trimmed my eye lashes on my right eye.  They are facing the wrong way and were starting to get junk clogged in them.  My vision was blurry and I got tired of it.  Well the trim part went well.  I regret it because when I put in eye drops they sting like a SOB.  I am thinking of investing in an eye lash curler but that looks dangerous, almost like you need someone to help you.  My other alternative is to have plastic surgery but that doesn’t sound like something I want to do.  It would be a simple in and out procedure but I would have to go see another doctor, have the procedure done at a hospital and go under general anesthesia.  It would involve a few days off work and I really don’t want to do that right now, not to mention what it would cost.  Who knows if insurance would even cover it?  I mean it’s elective surgery but it’s to fix a problem that I was born with. 

Well my towel is dry so I am headed up stairs to get that shower and probably wipe out the left over pizza.  Let’s hope that I can find something of entertainment on TV and that I can also get to sleep before 2am. 

Life overall is going well.  It’s lonely and painful but I am still doing well.  Need to find a boyfriend so that I can start a new chapter of my life.  I am pleased with my accomplishments thus far and hope that with time I will continue to make great strides.  Hope all is well in your world and that the sun is shining bright.  You’ve read this far, might as well leave a comment.  Feel free to ask questions, comments are moderated, meaning that I have to approve them so they are not instantly published.  In other words, you’ve got some privacy here I won’t publish anything that I am asked to keep private. Okay to the showers!

02 June 2016

Quick Evening Post

Today was another wild and crazy day.  I got my massage and true to form, I went in feeling fine and came out feeling sore.  Lots of knots in my back, perhaps there is dough under my skin that is trapped.  I just wish they would ease up because it hurts to have them worked out.

Had a spam issue come up at work this afternoon.  Got my boss involved and we brought in our vendor on the call.  The rep we got at the vendor didn’t know my bosses position within the company and he treated him like complete shit, he was rude and talked down to him.  My boss got frustrated pretty quick and wound up hanging up on the guy.  That ended the call.  I got an apology email from my boss but I told him no worries you were treated bad and that would have gotten under my skin as well.  We all have a breaking point regardless if we want to admit it. 

Eager to get home because I got a notification that UPS had delivered a package.  I knew it was my Amazon order.  The Spice Bomb was a bomb with me.  I never smelled it before and thought it would be a different fragrance than it was.  I talked with Amazon they deem cologne a hazardous material and thus they don’t accept returns.  They agreed to give me my money back and told me to do as I wish with the item.  I was extra careful in opening the box because I didn’t know if I would like it.  I love the design of the bottle and they even put in a plastic pin to pull before you can spray.  Very clever but the stuff doesn’t smell that good to me.  Not sure what I am going to do with it. 

The Kiehl’s mask I ordered came in I was a little miffed by how small the jar is, it looked larger on line but it’s super small in person.  I looked at their website and this is an evening mask, so you put it on before you go to bed.  I am contemplating if I want to do that, there is a risk that I could wake up uglier than I am or worse yet I could be allergic to the stuff.  Might be better to try tomorrow night since I will have the weekend off. 

My imitation Gucci cologne came today and it actually smells pretty good.  Cologne is something that is best purchased in person but it is so expensive.  There is a service called Scentbird they sell Cologne and Perfume.  You sign up for a monthly subscription $14.95 USD and they will send you a spray vial good for 1 month of whatever brand name fragrance you want.  I have several that I would like to try so I am giving it a shot, hopefully it works well.  If you find something that you like you can purchase a bottle at a discounted price, which is very nice. 

One more purchase for me, I renewed Dekkoo they dropped their monthly price from $12.95 to $9.99 and they promise that new content is coming along with a redesigned Roku app.  So I am giving them another chance.  If the content I want isn’t there I won’t hang on forever.  Gay films appeal to me but I like American based movies.  The list of gay films that I like is growing, it used to be very limited but thanks to the modernization of the world and more acceptance these films are on the rise.

So that’s it for Thursday.  I am getting ready to start the evening routine and wind up in bed.  Going in early to finish up training on Spam, should hopefully have an account to administer the system shortly there after.  Looking forward to that.  Things are clicking for me but slowly and I’ve said it before there is so much to absorb.  I am still a little apprehensive about the future, but I feel more confident considering that somethings have fallen into place. 

Cheers to the weekend.  More to come from me again soon.  Hope all is well in your world.  Take care and come back, I know I will.  :)

01 June 2016

Retail Therapy is expensive

This morning I didn’t want to get out of bed.  That is mostly because I stayed up a little too late.  Marvin was all snuggled up next to me and I had flipped over facing away from him.  He was the big spoon and I was the little spoon.  It felt amazing and was the best surprise a cat daddy could wake up to.  I really had to fight and push myself to get going.  I made it but still it would have been nice to stay home. 

Bear is still amazing me, he now seems to hold all of his bathroom tasks until I am by him or in close proximity.  He wants the bath, he just loves the cleanup.  When I came home last night and saw a dry bed I was panicked.  I always think the worst but part of that is my upbringing and who I am as a person.  The other part of it is just being human.  I started passing out food and he leaped in his bed and started.  Got him cleaned up and a fresh bed made for him.  He ate and I went downstairs, I came back up and passed out treats.  He started going again.  This morning woke up to a dry bed.  Passed out breakfast and he took maybe 1 bite.  As soon as my back was turned he leaped in the bed.  I don’t care if he goes when I am not home just as long as he keeps going and he is putting out a normal amount.  What a baby he’s got me wrapped around his finger and I swear he is always trying to make that wrap tighter. 

Got the mail last night and presto no bills.  The cable came, I plugged it in and it worked.  Then I had to sign up to a website to be able to download all of the frequencies I wanted.  It’s $30 for 360 days which isn’t terrible. Frequencies don’t change that often so once you have everything set you really don’t need to keep up your subscription unless your truly serious about programming your scanner for every place you might travel to or through.  I just threw something together and still really don’t have what I want.  I am going to make a more organized attempt at it this weekend.

I had this nagging eating at me.  When I want something and my mind is made up, I am going to get it regardless if I can afford it or not.  I have heard of a cologne called Spicebomb.  It’s expensive but I think that mostly what your paying for is the package.  It comes in a custom designed hand grenade.  Kind of neat but it’s the fragrance I am after.  I haven’t even smelled it yet and broke down and bought some last night.  I hope to hell I love it and that it doesn’t make me sneeze.  Otherwise I may have gotten someone a gift that they don’t know about yet.  I have also heard of Kiehl’s products so I picked up some of their face mask.  One of the vloggers I watch uses it and well I guess I figured if it makes him look amazing maybe it will do the same thing for me.  I don’t expect a real transformation but hey it would be nice provided I looked really hot.  Those items will be arriving on Thursday and Friday.  Looking forward to it.

After spending the money I felt so guilty but then I said you have to treat yourself.  I am worthy of a reward for everything I have done and everything that I do.  However, it would be far wiser to save my money and pay off my bills.  Plus I will probably be getting new glasses and they won’t be cheap.  Part of this is the human factor and well I have a sense of entitlement in that it’s my money and I would like to spend it my way, doesn’t mean it’s the right way.  The upside here is that I should smell really good and my pores should be cleaner, or so I hope. 

We had more rain today, you would think I live in Texas but I don’t honest.  I have a classmate that lives there.  While I complain about rain what we have is nothing compared to what they have.  It was just enough to mess with the commute to work.  I was supposed to be early for training.  I made it but not by much.  Got another class on Friday.  Then 2 more classes, different subject Monday & Tuesday.  Those will require me to wake up super early and they are all day events so it’s like I will be on the phone all day long listening and they have tests so you almost have to pay attention.  I am kind of intimidated and scared of the subject matter but I passed the pre-test so I think everything will turn out fine. 

Long story short is that I am happy I have a job and wished that I made even more money than I already make now.  It would be even better if I could work from home a few days a week, but I am not pressing my luck.  All things considered I would say that life thus far has turned out pretty well and I’ve got the world by the tail with the exception of 2 things.  1 my legal matter and 2 the fact I have no partner/boyfriend.  However item 1 will eventually go away and item 2 well I am trying to make it happen.

Lunch is winding down so back to the monitors.  Got a short meeting this afternoon, I get to leave early since I started early and right now going home is top on my list.  My foot is killing me, you’d think I would have less problems since I am not on it as much but it appears to be just the opposite.  Looking forward to a date with ICE.  The massage lady will be here tomorrow so I have to go see what time slots are open.  It would be nice to get in, my tomorrow is pretty well open and it just sounds like another treat I don’t want to pass up. 

Happy Hump Day, made it to the middle.  2 more days to go, we can do this!!