31 October 2012


Happy Halloween!  I’m pretty certain that I am having some sort of allergic reaction but not sure to what.  Could it be the double grease burger on Monday or my new Shampoo?  The burger I would say is probably gone from my system by now.  The Shampoo is dermatologist tested, so I dunno.

The rash on my chest is clearing up, I’ve got some prescription crème for my guys feet that I am using.  It’s working so no reason to change.  I was really itching by the time I got home last night.  My face was as red as this font and before things got worse, I figured it was time….So I doped up on Steroids, broke out 2 Benadryl and in a couple hours that was all she wrote for me.  Good night folks.

I switched back to my old faithful Tea Tree Shampoo this morning.  A little cooler water and put on some more crème.  I of course took a dose of roids and right now I feel HOT and like I could use a good nap.  I am so thirsty.  I know these are all side effects from the roids but it’s a low dose and I will be done on Sunday.  The effects should taper off as the week winds down.

Nice having my own medicine and not having to sit in an ER or Doc in the box waiting and paying more money I don’t have.  The downside is the side effects, one of which is thirst and the other is peeing all the time.  Hard to sleep when your stuck in the bathroom 5 times.

This week is starting to become a big blur.  I’m more than ready for the weekend.  Speaking of which I’m not sure my boss will be able to go home this week.  The hurricane has done some damage and last I heard maybe Thursday flights would resume.  That’s usually the day he leaves but he might just be stuck here.  I hope he can go home, in a time of crisis I would want to be with my family and if I was in his shoes I would have never left.  Ah well, our priorities are different but then again so is our age.

We got a phone call list night from our friends about Turkey Day, they want to add yet another person to the reservation.  Holy Cow!  We are now a party of 6.  I still only have to pay for a party of 2.  They were embarrassed to call but no worries, I phoned the restaurant and they happily added another person, you think they would tell me no?  I didn’t more money for them!  I am so ready for turkey day – time off, good food and plenty of rest! About 2 and a 1/2 weeks away.

I saw a sign yesterday on-line of a homeless person who was holding a sign that said give me money or I will vote for Romney.  I’m not one to get into politics but thought that was funny.  I made the mistake of getting into a conversation about politics on Friday and damn I thought it would never end.  I am ready to find out who our next president will be and to hopefully stop the political phone calls and mail.  They are worse than a collection agency! 

Not sure why I didn’t mention it sooner but Monday night I watched Oprah’s Lifeclass with Joel Osteen.  Wow what a powerful hour of TV.  He will be back again on Sunday to talk some more, can’t wait to see that.  I also saw Iyanla Fix My Life.  It was about a Transgender girl who wanted to be a guy.  Their parent was a Baptist Minister and he was raised old school.  That was kind of difficult to sit through.

Last night the Fish & Mac & Cheese were okay.  We also had Omaha Steak Au Gratin Potatoes which were horrible.   He made a frozen Pumpkin Pie that was sitting in the freezer for ever.  It tasted okay.

We are starting to go through the stuff in the freezer and get it cleaned out.  Too bad we have a deep freeze in the basement that we need to work on next.  Hopefully, there is something worth saving down there.

Tonight’s menu at the Cat Daddy Café will be Sloppy Joe’s.  Not sure what he will fix with them but hopefully it will be better than those Potatoes from last night.  I’ve got to stop off and pick up food for the children then I can go home.

Well I have been here for almost an hour and haven’t really accomplished anything.  I guess I will hop to it after I surf the web.  Looking forward to Friday we are going back to the place with the Mile High Rewards.  I need to start watching what I eat more closely or I will being to resemble the Michelin Man.

I hope this finds you warm, safe, dry and happy!  Take care and I will talk with you peeps later.  Happy Halloween :)



30 October 2012


Just after I posted yesterday, I had to leave and go to two local offices.  The one had no internet.  I thought sure this would be a cable company problem, but nope turns out their switch died.  I had to go to 3 different places before I was able to find an exact replacement, then I got hit with a huge bill.  Well it’s the company’s bill but still it was more than I thought it would go for.

I basically spent the entire day traveling the interstate.  I did stop at Olive Garden for a bite to eat, on the company dime of course.  I took it easy but still dropped $20 and that didn’t include desert.  Drats!  I ate as fast as I could so I could get folks back up and running again.  They were down from the start of business until 2 in the afternoon.  Long time to be away from the internet, especially when everything is web based and you can’t do your job w/o an internet connection.

Today I am playing catch up from things people tried to reach me about yesterday plus normal today stuff.  Normally all is quiet but this damn full moon seems to have awoken the tech Gods and I have been so busy.  I can’t believe it’s already 3 in the afternoon. 

The one guy in the office that I am semi attracted to is dressed up all nice today and looking at him makes me horny.  I wish he was dressed like a slob, it’s tough to work much less concentrate on what I am doing when he walks by.  No worries, I made it this far, I can last a couple more hours.

The good news is I got home yesterday at 4 and we went out to eat at the local tavern.  We both had double burgers and they were good but quite messy.  Tonight it’s fish and mac & cheese for me. 

My nose is bothering me and I woke up with a rash in the middle of my chest.  Not sure exactly what is going on, but I am ready for it to be over with so I can go back to being my normal self.

On the home front, everyone is doing okay.  Big Boy still has his moments.  He finally slept with me last night, came in on his own accord despite the fact it almost killed him to walk so much.  He was so winded but not winded enough to yelp at me to pet him.

I’ve got to run because someone will be calling me back soon and I have to prepare for that call.  Programming a router – only a million miles away from me.  Sure hope this goes well.  Take care and I will talk with you peeps later!

29 October 2012

Storm Brewing

All eyes are focused on the Hurricane and what impact it is going to have.  For us here it’s just a little bit of colder weather, nothing too bad.  I hope that you can say the same.  Right now it’s 34 degrees but I am still wearing short sleeves.  Kind of hot in my office.  I did wear a jacket in.  The house was also a balmy 69 degrees when I woke up, that’s cold!  So I kicked on the heat and then got moving.  Strange night of dreams and Jumper was the only cat with me.  His brother I think has given up on sleeping with me, I think I got two days last week and one of them was because I physically brought him to my room.  Poor fella I don’t think he feels the best.

Sunday was just a typical day of eating out, grocery shopping and going for a drive.  Then back home to finish up on cleaning and laundry.  I also cleaned the car, it’s amazing that even though I don’t smoke the inside of my windows get dirty.  What’s up with that?  Makes no sense.  Anyway, clean clear glass is sure nice to look at!

Once again I went through the grocery store so fast I forgot my Pineapple Juice.  Damn!  I guess I should get away from it due to the sugar content but it sure is tasty.

So now it’s back to boring old Monday.  Tomorrow I have a class to attend from my desk.  It’s training on the new system I am going to administer, so there might be time for an afternoon update. 

I’ve been hit with two calls already this morning.  One I can’t do anything about, it requires another person in the office to help.  The other one they don’t have internet and it seems to happen every Monday morning.  Sounds like an ISP problem rather than a me problem, but I gave them some things to try and if it doesn’t work then I will have to go out today.  Otherwise, I will have to go out today.  It’s not a fun place and the people there are kind of rude, so I am not anxious to drop everything and go running, even though I probably should.

I have though up some work to help keep me busy but I really don’t want to do it. 

My guy has to go to a training class today.  He is going to be an Election Judge and today they will help spell out what he is going to do.  I hope he can stay awake! 

That’s about all I know right now.  Going to see what kind of trouble I can get into.  I hope that you had a great weekend and that all is going well for you.  I will talk with you peeps later!

27 October 2012

Weekend Post

Today is my guys birthday.  He picked out a restaurant that he wanted to go to, we went.  They had a line out the door.  Not much of a menu but everything sounded really good.  I got chili mac and he had a Ruben.  Then we finished off the meal with two sundaes, each a little different but very good. So he was stuffed and said that he didn’t want anything for supper.

I on the other hand several hours later went out for Taco Bell.  That was good too!

I fixed my windshield and what was a huge blemish has been reduced in size, so it doesn’t stand out as much.  I know it’s there.  Damned if I didn’t find a rock peck in the middle of the windshield.  I tried to repair that but there isn’t much you can do with it.  I was quite surprised at the results I got from this do it yourself kit.  I just hope the repair lasts!  My car spent all day in the sunshine, except for when I was doing the actual repair.

When we came home from our restaurant adventure, I took it to the car wash.  I went to a place that is really close by the house.  They do a better job than the gas station.  There is an actual human being who not only takes your money but scrubs down your car before you are sent through the line that is the automatic car wash.  The extra pre work helps make it sparkle just a little brighter!

Normally there is a non attractive person working there.  Today I pulled up and saw no one.  I pulled in and waited, then out popped this hunk of a guy.  He said what can I get you.  I just paused and totally forgot why I was there.  As I dug out my debit card my memory engaged and I told him.  He said be right back.  Then he turned around and holy crap, it was the best set of buns I have seen in a while.  I so wanted his number, but didn’t bother asking!

We came home after the car wash and I knew there was other things I wanted to do today but forgot what they were.  Then it hit me, I needed to hit the health food store for medicine for Big Boy and Fish Oil for TAZ.  So I looked at my contacts and I had 15 minutes to make it before they closed.  I drove my little machine there and made it with 5 minutes to spare.  I had to push some people but the important thing is I made it.  They didn’t have the exact dose of the Fish Oil I needed but we improvised.  I got a whole lot and was charged a whole lot, hopefully it works and lasts for a whole long time.  The one thing I needed for myself they didn’t have.  I am calling tomorrow with some information so they can special order what I need.  It too costs a whole lot.  Stress Vitamin, high in B complex.  Like a damn horse pill but boy I got pep!

I took in a couple movies.  One about men and grooming called Mansome.  It was totally stupid but I watched it all the way to the end in the hopes that something would catch my eye.  I did see a fancy place I think in CA that charged $214 for a hair cut.  I wonder if that comes with a  blow job.  I mean for that price I would want more than just a hair cut and shampoo, my luck the shampoo costs extra. 

The other movie was a gay love story. Called Is It Just Me.  If you haven’t seen it, I highly suggest it.  Cute guys and an interesting story line.

Last nigh my guy comes in to my room all troubled about a letter he got from a preacher.  He read it to me and it was pretty dead on accurate.  Then it went on to say that our relationship is going to fail and he would be left all alone.  That just shook him to his core.  He thinks we are falling out of love because we aren’t in the bed room that frequently.  I told him that wasn’t true.  Honestly sex with him just isn’t on the top of the radar for me.  I still love and care for him very much.  I know that sex is only one part of a relationship but usually if your not doing it on a regular basis it says something is wrong.  Yeah, something is wrong he’s getting older things don’t function like they used to.  That doesn’t mean I am going to up and leave him.  He and the kids are my family I wouldn’t want to split or break us up for anything.  We all need each other, some of us more than others.  It was scary that some of the things that were written were dead on accurate though.

Speaking of my guy, I bit the bullet and paid for the Life Insurance Policy.  I will have 30 days to review it and if I decide for what ever reason I don’t want it, then they have to give me my money back.  That’s the law.  The catch here is he can’t die until the policy is 3 years old, otherwise I will only get back all of the money I have paid plus 10% interest.  This is one policy I really don’t want to collect on.  Truth be told when he goes this plus what other life insurance he has, will help me out.  However, I would probably have to sell the house and move.  That would in turn break up our family in more ways than I want.  I know that some day this will come to pass, I just hope it’s a bazillion years down the road.  It’s my worst nightmare.

On a different note my trip on Friday, yeah no leaving early for me.  I had 3 machines to look at for Viruses, Spy & Mal ware.  Plus the cable that needed to be run from my visit two weeks ago, yeah it’s still not done.  The maintenance guy had a bright idea that we could get wireless and then he wouldn’t have to run the cable.  Sorry but it doesn’t work that way.  Better off to run the cable and be done with it.  Thankfully when I was at a stopping point and wanted to switch into wiring mode, he had left for the day.  Which was good news for me.  Running that wire is difficult and I totally understand his reluctants to do it, but it’s your job get to it! 

While I was there they had a no call – no show.  What drama that caused and I saw and heard way too much.  It really bothered me that someone could not show up and leave the place in a lurch.  Then I found out that they allow each employee 2 incidents of no call – no show.  Are you freaking kidding me!?  If I did that just once my boss would fire me in a heartbeat, no matter what excuse I had valid or invalid.  I can’t believe 2 incidents per person.  Holy crap!

Over this I got roped into a discussion about how young people today don’t want to work.  Yeah, no kidding.  I don’t know one single solitary person that does want to work, regardless of age.  However, you have to pay the bills and put food on the table.  So most of us just do it because we have to.  It’s great if you love your job or what you do, but if people could set there own hours their pay checks would look mighty slim. 

I was told things a couple times in different situations and by different people while I was there and it all eluded to the fact they think I am a corporate spy.  I told them what I see and hear while I am here stays here.  I am not a spy and I don’t want to get in the middle of anything.  Of course if something really bad happened I would report it, but all of the piddly stuff about attendance, yeah not my problem!  If I am questioned I won’t lie but I am not going to seek out anyone to tell them what I saw or heard.  It was just another trip.  As you can well imagine I see and hear a lot, if I was to get caught up in it all I wouldn’t have time to do my job!

In case you haven’t figured it out, I am once again really bored.  I have plenty to do here but don’t want to do it.  Imagine that!  Weekends are made for being lazy and I am taking full advantage of that now.  Tomorrow I will have to kick it into high gear but Saturday is a rest and lazy day for me.  I guess I am going to call it a night.  It’s getting late and the later I stay up the less I will want to get out of bed tomorrow. 

I hope that you are having a great weekend!  Talk with you peeps later!

Tell me…what do you see?



Now look again…what do you see?  It’s a dog, really.  Someone sent this into the Ellen Show and I just had to share it.  Odd haircut for a dog!

25 October 2012

Love this song

Hope you like it too! Smile

Earning my living sweating

Happy Thursday!  It’s been a busy day for me.  When I arrived a co-worker had brought their machine to work for me to look at on the QT.  She said that it won’t boot.  Sounded like maybe something was loose, nope I opened it up and everything looks okay.  So I looked at the back of the machine and the power supply light was blinking.  Ding, Ding, Ding we have a winner no more calls please!  Then it started to smell funny like someone was cooking something awful.  That cinched it.  I told her need a new power supply and you should be in business.  Depending upon the age of the machine and who made it, power supplies can vary in price.  Lucky for her I found one for $36.  I told her you can shop on-line to see if you can find a better price or maybe a vendor that you trust more.  What I found was a one day special from a place I have never heard of, but they sound reputable.  She is going to get the part and I told her I would put it in for her.  We have to keep it on the QT or else I will get in all kinds of trouble and/or loose my job.  So not worth it.  Which is why I will do it on my own time either coming in early or staying late.  The other option is doing the work when the boss man isn’t around, which is every Friday.  Just as long as he doesn’t know I will be fine!

I hooked up a printer today and was running around like a chicken with my head cut off.  Sweat was dripping from every pore of my body.  One of the ladies asked me if I wanted to borrow her fan.  I said no thanks, I’ve got one.  She said you look like you are on fire.  I said I am it’s really hot in here.  Manual Labor does that to me.  I also had to adjust a shelf to find a place to stuff the old printer.  We are running out of room for old equipment.  They need to have a recycling event to get rid of the crap.

Yesterday afternoon I got a call that an office needed a new machine, it was dog slow.  I talked to the user of the machine and I was connected to it.  I got an IM and went to reply to it, the next thing I know is my whole machine suddenly rebooted.  I saw a screen about the MBR (Master Boot Record).  I thought Lord what have I done.  My machine came back up, but not fully.  I got reconnected to the machine and but had to call to make that happen.  As we were talking  she kept saying do you hear that it’s my machine.  I said hear what everything is quiet on my end.  She said it sounds like an airplane is ready for take off.  Easy, time for a new machine!  I told her your machine is not getting proper cooling and it’s trying to keep up.  This puts extra strain on the fan and the overall machine.  If you do nothing, it’s a question of when not if your machine will fail.  It could be a simple repair, but the damn thing is loaded with spyware, browser tool bars and the like.  Easiest thing is to replace it by the time you figure in my cost, the cost for shipping both ways that alone would pay for a new machine.  She will have to wait a couple weeks, I have one on order. 

This person has a hot looking son. I mean he looks like he is in porn already.  Anyway, because I was nosy and also trying to be helpful I backed up all of their data from their machine to mine.  Pulling it across the network took all night but at least it’s safe.  I’m not sure why but they chose to store about 2 gigs worth of photos on their machine.  So I took time to look through them to see if I could see anything worth looking at, if you know what I mean.  Nothing there worth me looking at.  Sad but I guess that is what I get for being a nosy s.o.b.

Not sure what it is but we go through machines like candy.  Fine by me, it gives me something to do.  I really wish we had a cloning program because setting up a machine from scratch gets old.  There isn’t a whole lot to do and if I am not busy within 3 to 4 hours I can knock out a machine.  Most of the delay is with Windows Updates and installing MS Office.  Cloning would speed things up and I could probably get a machine configured in 2 hours tops.  Which would give me more time to blog!

Last night I made my stops at the auto parts store, I picked up a glass repair kit by 3M.  What I saw on-line didn’t need UV light to cure but sadly this kit requires it.  So I have to wait until the weekend to do the repair because sunshine is required.  So there goes part of my Saturday.  I got food for the children.  Then I talked myself into stopping at the hair care place.  I got some leave in conditioner and new shampoo & conditioner made to help the scalp.  Spent $52 which is nothing for me and haircare.  My average is $75.  Anyway, I looked for small sizes but of course they didn’t have those.  $16 for shampoo and $17 for conditioner.  I wanted to use them right away last night but waited until this morning.  They smell okay and so far it’s working no itching.  I have refrained from using product all week long, but may give in tomorrow just depends upon how I feel. 

I didn’t sleep very well last night.  I got tired early but woke up a couple times and then had a Charlie Horse around 4.  That’s why I am yawning and feel like it’s nap time.  It’s a wonder that I have made it this far, awake!  Hopefully, I can last the rest of the day.

Tonight’s adventure is early voting.  I’m meeting my guy at City Hall and we will cast our ballots.  Then it will be off to feed our faces at Denny’s where I have another 20% off coupon.  That’s all that I have planned.  Hopefully there won’t be any curve balls thrown my way so I can relax and get a good nights sleep.

Tomorrow I will be doing the long drive, about 2 hours to get to that office in the middle of nowhere USA.  I decided already I am going back to the Pizza Buffet place, no smorgasbord for me.  I really hope that hooking up the machine is the only thing I have to do, so that I can get on the road and drive back home.  Getting an early start to the weekend is what I have in mind.  Of course it’s going to rain tomorrow, just like it did 2 weeks ago when I was down there.  I hope that is not an omen.

I managed to solve our Facebook woes and got all of the pages removed.  This sounded like it was going to be a long drawn out up hill battle.  Surprisingly it was not.  I am glad this is behind me now. 

This morning as I was coming in, I started to reflect on how far I have come and all of the good things in my life.  The job is nice, glad that things have worked out.  The office is wonderful, something that I have always wanted.  The fact that I have some autonomy and can pick when and where I travel is nice.  Overall, I think I have done pretty well considering 6 months ago I had nothing.  Not to sound unappreciative but the pay could be more.  Everyone, no matter who they are or what they do always wants more money.  It’s just one of those things in life that you can’t seem to ever get enough of.  The other is time!

I have an offer for a Life Insurance policy on my guy.  It’s $92 a month and $10k worth of coverage.  Now if I saved that $92 each month, in 10 years I would have $10k.  The question is should I risk it and try to save the money or buy the policy and part with my money.  My guy told me not to do it, but in the end it’s my money and my decision.  I can’t say for certain that he will live another 10 years, but then again I can’t say that I will either.  Death is something that just can’t be predicted, unless of course you have some terminal disease or traumatic injury.  Paralyzed once again by choice.  What would you do and why?

Looking out my office window a while ago and saw an ambulance followed by a fire truck.  Working in the city, you hear sirens all day long.  You can become immune to it but I choose not to.  I followed them with my eyes to a car on fire at a stop light.  Not sure exactly what happened to cause the fire, never saw anyone get pulled from the car, so I presume and hope that the only loss was the car.  Vehicles can be replaced, people cannot.  I couldn’t imagine my car or any car that I owned going up in flames.  That has to be about as tragic as discovering someone broke in.

Well, I need to pack for my trip tomorrow.  It’s early afternoon now.  Who knows what else will come my way before I leave.  You peeps take care and I will talk with you again soon, probably over the weekend or Monday at the latest.  Have an awesome weekend!

24 October 2012

TAZ goes to the vet

The title reminds me of a book I was given as a child, called something like George goes to the hospital.  I had to have my tonsils removed.  It was all fun and games until the day of the surgery, then pain!

I digress, so I was commended for doing an excellent job of debriding the wound.  It not only saved me money but the vet was really impressed.  I’m just happy the patient complied.  We sat for 15 minutes in the waiting area and then probably another 5 in the exam room.  Finally the vet popped in, she gave him a quick look over, all of two minutes.  There goes $60.  He needed a long acting antibiotic.  The choice was mine either an injection or pills.  I chose the injection because I know it will do the trick and no worries of him spitting the pill back up.  If he isn’t showing signs of improvement within 7 days then we need to go back for another shot.  Otherwise, he should be all good. 

Like all of our other cats his coat flakes.  Turns out he has extremely dry skin.  We have to start putting fish oil on his food to help his coat.  I guess we will be doing that for everyone.  Hopefully it helps. 

I got out of that place for just pennies under $100.  The good news is AT&T screwed up and sent my partner a rebate of $50 that he wasn’t entitled to.  It’s my money because I paid for his phones.  So I used that and then paid the rest on my own.  So reality wise it was like $42 which isn’t too bad.

As we were leaving a couple came out with a cat all wrapped in a blanket.  The cat was upside down, the lady was holding it and crying.  The cat had major damage to his face.  I can only imagine what the rest of his body looked like.  The guy had to take the cat from the lady and he started to tear up.  Then he said sorry I didn’t get to know you very well.  Oh Jesus, it’s time to get the hell out of dodge.  I felt so bad for them.  I wanted to help them and my inner voice told me to get involved.  It took every fiber of my being to pull myself away.  I kept telling myself Dude you don’t have the money and you can’t save the world.  You have 9 mouths to feed …don’t do it.  So we left.  I still felt bad.  It’s an emotional thing to see and I really don’t want to go through it myself or see anyone else go through it.

On the way home from work, minding my own business (this sounds bad doesn’t it) and the car in front of me decided to change lanes.  They did and then I heard this pop.  I looked at my windshield and it look like there was a bug on it.  It took me a little bit to realize that was no bug, that was a crack in my windshield.  It’s just a star but it was enough to make me mad.  I am so protective of my possessions, especially my car.  Then for something like this to happen.  I told myself well if you wouldn’t have driven to work then you wouldn’t have been here and this would have never happened.  That of course won’t fix the damage.  So tonight I will be headed to the auto parts store to pick up a kit to fix it.  That will be my little weekend project.  I did my research on-line last night.  The key is fix it and as quickly as possible.  You will need direct sunlight to help the compound/resin cure.  If you don’t have sunlight then you can use an Ultra Violet light, but I’d just as soon spend as little on this as I can. Crap first a tire problem, now a windshield problem.  I don’t need anything else.  Especially since I will be traveling on Friday.

My evening wasn’t totally taken from me but a good portion was.  I still had time to open my mail and I saw a check for a whopping $3.93 from a class action law suit.  It’s money I didn’t have before but with so low of a settlement why bother to even ink a check?  I thought okay I will try using my scanner and doing an electronic deposit.  I can also take a photo of the check from my iPhone and send that to the bank.  Just like every time before I tried and they can’t read the check.  Really?  It looks plain as day to me.  I made sure everything on the front was showing and of course that is the side they had problems with.  Fine, fine I will just go to the bank and deposit the check.  I don’t know why they advertise something that is supposed to make your life easier but it doesn’t work!  Sounds like Lewis Black’s bit on Cell Phone Carriers from his latest stand up routine “In God We Rust”. 

I took some me time and had a small dish of Carrot Cake Ice Cream.  The whole time I was eating it I kept thinking you are so fat.  I then had to decide to shave or wait a day.  Since I don’t like the white that has begun showing up, I decided to shave.  I ripped my poor face to shreds but at least there are no whiskers!  It will heal in a couple days, just as long as it doesn’t itch or burn we are good.

Speaking of itching, the other day when I was getting my hair cut I told the lady that my head itches like mad at times.  I attribute that to being short.  One of the many reasons why I use Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Shampoo.  I just love that stuff.  She said much to my surprise, you need a break.  Switch up your Shampoo.  Then she recommended a Matrix product, which they don’t even carry.  I’ve been playing around all week with Shampoo and today so far is the first day it doesn’t itch.  I didn’t get the Matrix product but I am seriously thinking about picking some up tonight, just to try it.  Me and hair care products that is one sure fire way to my wallet.  I’ve got very little self control as it is and then you put something like that in front of me.  Wow. 

See my grand mother and I shared the same hair color and she always took extra special care of her hair.  You didn’t dare screw with her hair.  Well I picked that up from her.  Now she only had her hair done once a week.  There was no shampooing daily.  It was just hair spray and more hair spray.  By the end of the week her head was itching so bad.  Since I switched to a shorter headed of hair many years ago, I gave up hair spray.  I just use things like Pomade and/or Gel.  It’s one or the other, not both together.  I guess that’s my girly side coming out.

On a work note, I got Facebook to give me one site yesterday.  Now I only have 7 more to go.  The site I was given I pulled off line right away and set the page to be deleted.  Since I sent everything to them yesterday morning I was kind of surprised that I didn’t get a flood of e-mail like the day before.  I don’t care just as long as they give me what I need so I can do my job.  I understand they are paranoid and have to make sure you are legit.  I gave them our website, which lists all of the places we own as well as their addresses.  I also provided a copy of my business card.  The problem is there are so many names in play, nothing connects you to the parent company which I am a part of.  Sort of like a shell game.  So I understand it looks like I am trying to defraud them or pull some wool over their eyes, but I am not.  It’s all totally legit.  I just hope they figure that part out soon.

Yesterday afternoon I was asked to go computer shopping.  I was given the specs on a machine and told to get a quote for it.  What they wanted was the equivalent of a BMW.  When I came back with the price they were sticker shocked.  They asked me how we could lower the price.  So I got them more of a compact Chevy model.  They liked the price but I still have the feeling it was a bit over priced.  I am waiting to hear if they want me to place an order.

It is no secret that we go through machines like candy here.  With every machine comes a copy of MS Office.  Yesterday I noticed we were running low, so I asked about ordering more and was given a green light.  I spent just under $10 thousand dollars on Office.  Kind of silly when you could get a license agreement and pay way less, but they don’t want to go that route.  There would be some sticker shock but in the end it would be better off for the company.  I guess all things in time.

Here we are another boring Wednesday morning.  I’m sure some work will come my way.  I haven’t broken the news about traveling on Friday, I a saving that for tomorrow.  Plus it sounds like I may be back on the road for a week.  We had a place switch internet providers because it was cheaper and they need help with getting hooked up.  They just asked me when I would be down. So I am working with them to see what we can work out.  I have plenty to do there so it wouldn’t be a boring week.  The question is would a week be enough?  I honestly don’t think so, perhaps a week and a few days then were talking. 

Well off to see what kind of trouble I can get into.  I will talk with you peeps later!

23 October 2012

Vet Time

This morning TAZ was following me around like a lost puppy.  He wanted attention, which is not his norm.  If you haven’t fed him he will do that but he just had breakfast.  So I knew something was wrong.  He kept scratching his ears.  It took me a while but I found it.  Apparently his good buddy BLU took a chunk out of his ear.  It was covered up with fur.  It was infected and as soon as I touched it puss started pouring out.  So I figured what the heck, I peeled back the scab and debrided it the best I could.  I put on some antibiotic ointment and a band aid.  Yeah, that band aid came off as soon as he was on the floor.  He started scratching again.

At this point I was running late for getting out the door, so I had to stop and tell him we would take care of it tonight.  I woke my guy and told him the news, he was surprised. 

Those two get along like brothers but they fight like husband and wife!  When TAZ gets ticked off he starts the fight and then the fur flies. 

I got to work with plenty of time to spare.  I called and got one of our favorite vets to look at him tonight.  It won’t be until 7 so there goes my evening.  Not to mention my money.  They move so damn slow and charge so damn much, I wonder if I would have been better off to drop him off before I went to work.  It would have cost more but I could have picked him up and paid the bill without having to give up my evening.  Hind sight, always 20/20.  Let’s just hope they don’t charge me too much.

I am hoping they pump him full of antibiotics and give him something for his itching.  I don’t want to try to give him pills, because it’s not fun.  Plus I have two others I have to keep track of with medication.

Facebook flooded my in box with canned responses last night and now they need a bill from each place that I am trying to claim.  So I put a request in today to get bills.  Thus far I have two of them and have sent them on for review.  Just waiting on 3 others.  I so want to be done with FB.  Just let me get the pages, close them down and then all should be well or so I hope.

Last night leaving the office there was a lot of unexplained traffic.  It took me 30 minutes to get home, when normally it takes 15.  Then I had to visit the grocery store and it was raining.  Long story short it was a full hour before I was home. I hope the commute tonight is easier. 

So when I went to the store last week for our food day at work, I discovered Chocolate Cream of Wheat.  This is something I made as a kid.  Plain cream of wheat and Bosco.  Well they use Dutch cocoa and it is just as good.  I have had it the past few mornings.  Ready to go buy more.  I also found my favorite Oatmeal – Cinnamon & Spice.  It is awesome and only one store in our area stocks it.

Meatloaf was for supper last night with some loaded Instant Mashed Potatoes.  Damn was good but I was stuffed from lunch.  So we are having left overs tonight, there is plenty.  I should have an appetite tonight.

I’ve got a little bit of work to tend to and then it is pretty much goof off time.  Perhaps I will get more work.  I don’t mind goofing off and taking it easy but it kind of makes for a long day.  I don’t want to be overly swamped or crazy busy but helping a person here and there would be okay.  Yesterday night at almost closing time I walked a lady through how to setup her e-mail on her phone.  She knows nothing about phones and I know nothing about Android except that it’s an Operating System.  Things went surprisingly easy and within 10 minutes she was up and running. 

Sorry for being all over the place with this post.  I am kind of frazzled with the thought of having to take one of the children to the vet.  I am worried about him but a little more concerned for my money.  My next paycheck is spoken for, so what little I have now I have to make last.  When that happens, there always seems to be something cropping up to take money away from you.

We have plans to vote this week.  Our state has early voting and my partner is going to be an election judge this year.  It will earn him some extra money and that’s why he is doing it.  So I will be all alone on election day.  That will be an excuse to eat out.  It’s supposed to be an easy day of work but he will be gone from 6am until who knows when at night.  He has been trying for this for a couple years and finally his number came up.  Last night I got a sample ballot by mail.  It’s fairly short and if you read the whole thing from top to bottom it will take a max of 10 minutes.  Already know who I am voting for so I should be a quick 5 minutes.  Interested to see who wins the Presidential Race this year.  Not sure about you but my phone has been ringing off the hook with political advertisements, surveys and nonsense. 

My name is Jeremy Ryan and I approved this message.  Yeah, let the election be over with already and bring on the Thanksgiving Day food! Talk with you peeps later.


22 October 2012


Friday… We went to the restaurant I talked about.  I joined the Mile High Club and never left the ground.  They have a reward club for eating there called the Mile High Club.  Once you build up enough points you get a gift certificate for free food.  Not too shabby!  This place may become our new Friday nigh hangout.  At least I know it will be one of the places we frequent on a regular basis.  I got $54 worth of food for $26.

After supper it was back home, to relax.  I got a response from Facebook, it was a canned reply that basically said you did it wrong and here’s how to fix it.  They are sending me back to square one.  Seriously!

Saturday… Slept in way too much.  My partner left because he had to run to a store to get some parts.  I had agreed to go with him but forgot all about it.  I woke up shortly after he left. I decided to get a hair cut.  Wow, it was my lucky day.  I walked in and they were talking about having to call the help desk to hook up their fax machine.  I offered my services and much to my surprise they said if you hook it up, we will give you a free haircut.  So I unplugged the old one, plugged in the new one and presto all set.  I sent myself a fax from there and it showed up on my iPhone so I knew we were all good.  When I told them I was done some 2 minutes later they were surprised.  Gee it’s only a fax machine.  I got my free haircut and shampoo.  Saved myself $20.  I also gave them a card and said let me know if you need anything else.  Heck I could easily get free haircuts all of the time.  I went back home and my partner finally came home.  We went to eat at a place that sent him a $15 gift certificate for his birthday.  Food was okay, nothing too special.

I went out for some Taco Bell, a fish sandwich and to mail some letters.  It was dark and raining.  I was having a hard time seeing and of course I wasn’t wearing my glasses, not that they would have helped.  Some dummy decided to make a left turn, so they were moving over into the left turn lane and then at the last second they changed their mind.  By then I was right beside them.  The intersection we were at also allowed for someone one my right to make a turn.  So it was do or die – quick reaction on my part saved me from an auto accident.  I went right and then quickly went left.  Then I hit the gas to get the hell away from those crazy ass people.  See you just never know when something bad can happen out of the blue.

Sunday… Slept in again but woke up early.  Went to Huddle House for their Philly Cheese Steak, it’s something new they added.  It was really good.  I could have downed two of them.  One of the cute waiters was working.  I finally got up the courage to take his picture and I wanted to post it here just to show you what a fine sweet butt this boy had.  However, he was wearing black pants and the picture didn’t turn out so good.  Ah, well better luck next time. 

On our way home I talked my partner in to stopping at the grocery store.  We did and I got to spend even more of my money.  Then home to unload them and put them away. 

My car was making some funny noises so I decided to check the tires.  Sure enough they were low but not seriously low.  So I pumped them up.  All but one of them, no matter how much I tried it wasn’t taking any air.  Time for a trip to the tire store.  They patched a small leak but found no object.  Goodbye $25.  I’m back on the road.  Glad I found it when I did.  I don’t want to be stranded!

While I was waiting for my car, I used my phone and browsed Facebook.  You remember the friend that won’t talk with me.  Well I am friends with one of his sisters and she posted a recent photo of him on her wall.  I am such a mess after seeing that.  He has some facial hair and looks like he blew up a little.  I have no attraction to him but psychologically it has messed me up.  I just don’t get why our friendship had to end.  I want to reach out to him again but I’m sure it won’t do any good.  I respect the fact that he has his life.  I’ve certainly got one myself.  There is no good or valid reason why we can’t be friends, other than the fact he doesn’t want to.  A guy he introduced me to as one of his friends, who I think is also gay hasn’t heard from him in a few years either.  Makes no sense, other than the fact he was raised to hate gay people. We aren’t bad people, we just like dick.  It doesn’t mean we are going to try to recruit you or try to have sex with you.  The world is filled with lots of different people which is what makes it an interesting place.  Can you tell I went to bed thinking about him and I have had him on my mind most of the morning.  I guess it’s just time to let go but I have such difficulty with that.  Too many memories and things we went through.  What is worse he was right outside my office when the photo was taken. So close but yet so far away.

So my next BIG subject to write about is Big Boy.  He gets so winded very easily.  I thought about taking him to the vet on Sunday but then the tire thing happened and I got behind on laundry and well it sort of fell to the side.  Last night he didn’t sleep with me.  Not sure what that is all about, other than he probably doesn’t feel good.  I fed him this morning and he initially didn’t like what I gave him.  I thought we were headed down a bad road, but switched him to his favorite and he started chowing down.  He eats like a horse, which is part of the problem.  The vet will freak out again when we take him back.  Telling us he has to loose weight it’s critical for his health.  Yeah, okay.  If you were on death row would you want to loose weight and eat diet food?  I think not.  Give me all of the calories, fat and other bad things I’m headed for death might as well go out with a good tummy full of food.  So anyway he has been taking his medicine.  We are stepping down back to normal doses tonight.  I would really like to get 6 months before we had to take him back.  However, we may not have that chance.  I will keep an eye on him and if things continue to decline then he will have to go back.  If I wait too long he could easily drowned to death and well that isn’t the way I want to see him go out.  Poor big fella he is on my mind as well.  I just wish there was some way to save him, especially after all of the money we have tied up in him.  We got an extra 2 years and well no matter how much extra time we get it won’t be enough.

That brings us current.  Now on to Monday morning.  Ugh.  I got one of the last spots in the garage, but when I back out tonight it’s going to be rough.  Been dealing with Facebook.  The only way to really get their attention is to have an account.  If you’re an outsider they won’t do a whole lot for you.  So I created a dummy account.  I managed to put in a claim for each page to get me made the admin of the page.  If that happens, then I can close them down.  One of the pages I couldn’t do a thing with so I had to ask for the credentials.  I took ownership of that page and in the next 14 days it will be removed.  However, I was able to pull it off line right away.  That’s a good thing.  So 1 down and about 7 more to go.  Jeez!

Friday I will have to go back to the office that is close but has the million mile drive to it.  They have another computer that needs to be replaced.  I should be getting a couple new machines in today or tomorrow.  So I figure why not try to get an early weekend and go down to swap it out.  Shouldn’t take more than an hour tops.  If they have nothing else for me to do, then I will be able to leave.  Usually they pool stuff so when I walk in I think I am there for 1 thing but then get hit with 6 more.  I used to work with a couple sales guys like that.  They would call for help with 1 thing, then as you were wrapping up the call they hit you with 2 or 3 other things.  Suddenly you found yourself on the phone way longer than you wanted to be.  I am not big on surprises like that, just lay it all out and let me know what needs to be done.  I will take care of it. 

Wow, we are like 50 minutes away from lunch.  I bought this super sub the other day at the store.  I can’t wait to sink my teeth into it.  Oh get this Friday we had a food day here at work.  No one opened what I brought but someone took it home.  I’m not too happy about that but there isn’t a whole lot I can do.  It was a store bought item.

Tonight I am not sure what is on the menu but I know I have to hit the grocery store up again.  We need Lemons for fish.  I forgot Pineapple Juice, it’s my new thing and I love it.  Plus I have to get some eye drops because my eyes always manage to itch after I leave the house.  Plus it’s trash night.  Ugh!  I just want my ice pack for my foot and everything else will fall into place, or so I think. 

Well off to scour the net and pass more time.  I hope that you had a great weekend.  Take care and I will talk with you peeps later!

21 October 2012

19 October 2012

Impossible to contact

De crap it da fan man.  A management person found out that we have several unauthorized pages on Facebook.  I have been asked to take them down.  Yeah, you ever try to contact Facebook?  It’s like try to reach a human at Google, next to impossible!

I send an e-mail and it bounced back telling me that I wasn’t authorized to communicate with that address.  WTF!  Seriously?  So I dug up a couple more addresses and emailed them.  I am supposed to have an answer in 72 hours, we shall see.  I thought this would be easy but I guess I picked the wrong day to stop sniffing glue.

I took it upon myself to look for other things about the company on the internet and I found a couple but I am only doing what I am told.  Every time I try to do the right thing here, it comes back to bite me in the ass.  So I am pretending like I never saw anything else on the internet and only concentrate on FB.

FB setup their company to be web based and if you call them at 650-543-4800 you get prompts, press 1 and your politely told to go fuck yourself.  Press 7 and they tell you can leave a message but you never hear a beep, they hang up on your instead.  Wow, it’s easier to communicate with the president than it is to try to reach a human at FB.  It wouldn’t be so bad if they listed e-mail addresses on their page but they don’t.  It’s a mess!  God help anyone needing help from FB.

I forgot to mention this yesterday.  On my morning ride up in the elevator I saw this guy who had the cutest ears.  I am not a nibbler but boy they looked might good.  Good thing the door opened quickly!  I have no idea what is happening to me.

This morning I noticed my facial hair is starting to turn white.  Come on now I am not that old am I?  I hate shaving but I also hate seeing white.  My routine is shave on Sunday.  Then again on Tuesday night.  That’s it for the week.  My skin breaks out with razor rash and it itches and burns.  I find that the longer I go w/o shaving the better things seem to get when I actually do break down and shave. 

So tired today.  We had a food day and I ate okay.  Tonight we are going back to the same place as last Friday.  Were going to use the coupon, even if I have to order dessert.  I am looking forward to Cannelloni and sure hope it’s good.  I want to get out of that place while it’s still light and we can find a decent way home without having to go through neighborhoods where you might not come out alive. 

Big Boy has really been on my mind.  I’ve got a polar bear theme on my desktop at work and every time I see one of them I think of him.  He is breathing a little harder and having a lot of coughing attacks.  It might be time for another “oil change” where they drain the fluid.  It’s only been 3 months and were used to going 6 months.  I am hoping we/he can hold out a bit longer.  I know it’s just a matter of time where we take him over and they tell us there is nothing more they can do.  Damn scar tissue. The vet wants us to give up but we are fighters and so is our boy.  I mean he made it this far and it’s 2 years later.  He is young and youth should be on his side.  I try my very best to keep him comfortable.  I take his food to him and he is happy to eat it up and then fall back asleep. He doesn’t walk that well but he can still get around when he needs to.  I don’t want him to suffer but I also don’t want to live without him.  For two reasons, one I love him and I’m a stingy bastard.  Two I am afraid that it will cause a Domino effect with his brother and sisters.  They still know they are a family.  I know his brother will be lost w/o him they are best pals and spend a lot of time together.  The 3 of us sleep in the same room at night (most of the time).  I’ve increased his medicine in this hopes that it will help out. 

On to a lighter subject.  Yesterday I discovered that it’s better off if I wear my glasses all of the time.  I put them on at work and when the day is done, so are they.  I don’t like eating with them and driving with them is kind of a pain as well.  However, I am slowly changing my ways.  This getting older stuff isn’t what I had in mind when I said as a child I want to be a grown up.  Please take me back to my 20’s but allow me to keep all of the knowledge that I have today.  Then life would be grand!

I have some loose ends to tidy up so back to work.  I am looking forward to a technology break tonight, where I just come home and plop in my chair.  Turn on the TV and that’s it for the night.  No computer until tomorrow.  Friday’s don’t always work out like that but when they do it’s nice. 

Have a most excellent weekend and I will talk with you peeps later!

18 October 2012

Dinner with Judas

Well I survived dinner last night.  I felt like such a 3rd wheel and really didn’t want to be there.  However, I didn’t want to give off the vibe that I am not a team player. 

I found out there is a war between one of the girls in the office and the new guy.  I found out about some new clicks that I wasn’t aware of.  Very interesting what you can learn when the office gets together outside of the office.  So VERY glad that I am not going on the company trip. 

One of the owners put me on the spot last night and asked me in front of everyone if they intimidated me.  I said no way.  However, there is one person that does.  Bet you can’t guess who that is. 

I was also told publicly in front of everyone that I am doing an awesome job and that’s why they are giving me more responsibility.  I am fully trusted now, which I guess means before I wasn’t trusted.  I don’t know.  This place is just plain strange!  I call it the most messed up place I have ever worked.  I am comfortable though and very happy that things are working out like I wanted them to.  I still don’t trust anyone and that is the biggest reason why I keep my mouth shut.  It’s a hard thing to do when by nature your used to talking, but it’s better off for me that I am tucked away in my cove and keep to myself.

Today I figured out how to almost have an orgasm at my desk and it felt so good.  Brace yourself.  I took my shoes off, yep that felt so wonderful.  My right foot in the ball of the foot is killing me again.  Feels like my socks are bunched up all the time, but they aren’t.  Take my socks off and it feels like I am walking on a rock.  I have started taking Ibuprofen and am thinking about replacing the shoe inserts I got with new ones, maybe they wore down after 6 months of almost daily use.  If that doesn’t work then I am ready to get a foot replacement or maybe just go see a foot doctor.  Really don’t want to do that though.

When our little dinner ended, it was pouring rain and so very cold.  I drove home and couldn’t see the lanes on the road, but kept it together until I got in the city and then I was all over the place.  Damn I guess I need to eat more carrots to help out the eyes.

Speaking of which, the eye doctor called and my partners appointment has been rescheduled to next month.  I think it’s on the same day I have to visit the dentist now that I think about it.  I will have to try to remember to double check tonight. 

Finally heard that our friends accepted our invite for Turkey Day.  However, they want to switch things up a bit.  They will meet us at the restaurant, so we don’t have to pick them up.  They will pay for their half of the bill, plus they are bringing along a friend.  This happens to be a person I can’t fucking stand.  She asks so many questions and is so nosy.  Thank God when the meal is over we will be free of her.  It should still be a good time or so I hope.  I’ve got to e-mail him the menu so he isn’t caught off guard with the prices and the changes that have taken place.  It went from a 5 course meal down to a 3 course meal.  The price went up, but that is to be expected.

One of the girls here needs some software on her computer, it’s for billing.  I got the software but it requires a password before it can be installed.  I called some help desk and left a voice mail, hopefully they will call me back and we can put this to bed.  This lady is an idgit.  I like her but she gets on my damn nerves, so needy all the time!

I am hoping they let us go early.  I’ve got to hit up the grocery store, the cat food store and make my regular stop at the post office.  A whole lot of running to do.  Not to mention the money I will have to part with.

Right now I am scanning a machine for viruses and malware.  It’s been close to 2 hours and damn, it’s still going.  I’ve got an appointment this afternoon to help a lady who is getting a new machine.  I am ready to jump into that, because scanning is so very boring!

Well back to working or something like that :)  Talk with you peeps later!

17 October 2012


I guess all of this talk about being bored has angered the Gods.  I have been so busy this week.  Yesterday it was 4 things at once.  Juggling is the name of the game.  Once you learn how to do it, you don’t forget.  It’s all about priority and in your mind figuring out who should go first.  Rate this by the positions person in the company and/or their ability to cause trouble for you, then by what their problems is.  Sound simple?  It’s not but after you do it for a while you get the hang of it.

Today I’ve been to see the boss two times and I found out late yesterday afternoon that I am getting more responsibility.  This is a good thing. It will free him up so he can do other things.  The bad part is this new work will keep me connected to work all the time.  So even though I may be sick or on vacation, if there is a problem with this system or someone needs help, I’m the person they will call.  It’s mostly access rights and simple administration.  Still the way people come and go here, access rights should be a full time position.

I am already connected 24 x 7 with my Smart Phone, so hopefully not too much of a change.  Most things here can wait until morning and don’t have to be addressed in the middle of the night.  Thank God!

My partner visited the urologist, it was a complete waste of time.  They just had a nurse measure how much urine was in his bladder after he went to the bathroom.  Then they sent him on his way.  WTF!  I am so upset.  I asked him if he wanted me to get involved and he said no, just wait it out.  I’m still going to prepare a letter to help get it out of my system.  I mean either they are going to address his concerns or we can get a different urologist, they are a dime a dozen.  UGH!

Last night we went to Denny’s, I used my 20% off coupon and the damage wasn’t too bad.  My guy was exhausted, he could barley walk.  However, he sure ate good!

I decided to drive to work rather than take mass transit.  I mean how bad can traffic really be?  When I am stuck and moving .5 tenths of a mile in an hour, then I will wish I didn’t drive.  I will tough it out.  Plus there is lots of rain in the forecast, that should help deter some people, right?

My latest hot guy spotting was last night when I was leaving work.  There was this super cute guy standing waiting for an elevator.  I prayed please let him walk in front of me, so I can eye him better.  Holy crap, it worked.  He was nice to look at and made my evening!

So this afternoon is our company dinner.  I am looking forward to it, but will be glad when it’s done and I am home.  Getting off work an hour early and having supper paid for, not too bad.  I just hope all goes well.

We found out officially that we are going to be closed the Day after Thanksgiving.  That should be a calm week, plus it’s only 3 days.  I just look forward to sleeping in and not shopping!  I wish our friends would respond to our invite for Turkey Day.  I’ve already made the reservations, but they can be changed at any time.  You know me I don’t like to wait.

Speaking of which, it’s lunch time.  Chicken Salad here I come!  You all take care and I will talk with you peeps later.

16 October 2012

Seeing Red but I’m not angry

Here we are again, another morning in the big city.  Red seems to be my color today.  Wearing a red shirt and red boxers.  Plus I saw a lot of red on the way in.  Yeah, brake lights.  Commute wasn’t too terribly bad.

I’ve been debating about the next 3 days.  I think I am going back to mass transit, just to avoid the traffic head aches.  I will have to get up earlier but it’s a small price to pay.  I will also loose time out of my evening but at least I know when I will be home.  I don’t have any clue on what time I would get home if I was stuck in traffic.

Last night I bought the ring I saw plus one more.  I figured for the shipping and handling might as well add one more item.  Then I logged on to Amazon and got 2 jewelry clasps.  The gold chain I wear has a horrible clasp that comes undone.  I switched to magnetic clasps that I saw on TV some years back.  Well turns out they aren’t real gold and have discolored.  Plus they are a little bulky, so I decided to swap them out for something new and hopefully lighter weight.

Yesterday I was blogging and managed to over look an e-mail.  I didn’t get to it until supper time.  I felt very bad because it was someone needing help.  I’ve got them on my schedule this morning.  In fact I already tried reaching them but was told that they don’t come in until later. 

So today I’ve got 2 people so far to help.  That should be enough to keep me busy for a bit.

My partner is going to the urologist today.  I hope they can provide some relief for him.  As long as the solution is simple and something he is okay with then I am fine with it.  Maybe they can install an on/off switch.  :)  Wouldn’t that be nice!

Supper last night was Beef Stew.  It was missing something but neither one of us could put our fingers on it. We had the best damn garlic bread to go with it.  Finished off the meal with Carrot Cake Ice Cream.  Not too shabby!

Tonight is up in the air.  I’m thinking Pizza Hut for the buffet or Denny’s because I have a 20% off coupon.  I would be okay with Beef Stew again but he’s going to need something to eat tomorrow when I am out with the gang from work. 

NO clue for Thursday.  Friday is usually an eat out day.  Pay day isn’t until next Monday and then I get to see more of my money vaporize. 

Speaking of money, we stopped at the car dealer on Saturday night.  They were closed and that was by design.  I stopped to look at a new Focus.  Damn they had one in a blueish purple with everything I wanted.  List price is $23 thousand.  It was really too dark to be able to see on the inside of it but it was love at first sight, just like with the car I am driving now.  It was just a moment to dream.  I might be able to swing a loan but really don’t want to take any chances just yet.  I will keep on paying for the cream puff I am driving.  It is close to having 20 thousand miles on it and it’s only 3 years old.

Now that this post is nearly over and I have made it to work.  I am ready to go back home and snuggle up with my bad self in bed.  I am tired.  I got kind of depressed on the way in.  Not sure why.  I know BIG BOY is on my mind, but that is pretty much normal.  Still kind of down but just can’t put my finger on it.  I suppose getting my mind into work will help.

Kind of depends upon how the day goes but I may have a second post today.  I hope that all is well in your neck of the woods. Take care and I will talk with you peeps later!  One last thing, the lady that wasn’t here yesterday is back today.  Seems all is okay, phew!

15 October 2012

Second post

The morning has been a little busy.  Got a couple calls.  One of them said that the internet was down at a local facility.  I was all packed up and ready to head to the car when they called back and said never mind it’s back up.  Thank You Jesus!  I so didn’t want to have to travel to that place for something so simple.  I got the lady to power cycle everything but that didn’t help.  Turns out we just didn’t wait long enough, after 5 minutes everything came back.  Not sure why it took so long, but just happy it’s back up.

I’ve been all through my regular reads.  I’m all worked up again.  Nice photos but nothing I can do but dream.  That doesn’t cost a thing!

While I was waiting on my computer last night, I browsed through the latest Under Gear catalog.  Plenty of clothes that are over priced.  Nice underwear as usual, a little expensive.  Then accessories.  I was surprised when I saw not one but two cock rings.  I know the catalog is primarily for gay men to oogle over the underwear models, but wow that was just shocking.  I did find a ring (for my finger) that I really want, considering it.  Will probably give in and buy it tonight, maybe

I am so tired right now.  Ready for a nap and then lunch, in that order.  I will get lunch and no nap. :(

One of the girls isn’t here today and I am concerned. Here you never know if the person took a day off, quit or got fired.  Which is why I make a point of telling a lot of people when I am out of the office and why.  No has said anything, so I am just hoping that she took the day off.  Hopefully, nothing serious.

Friday before I left the office, I decided to patch all of the servers with the latest Windows Updates.  That means that each machine had to be rebooted.  I got some heart failure over that.  One server didn’t want to come back up and another one didn’t ever shutdown.  I had to physically power both of them off and back on.  That resolved everything.  It took me some extra time so it was about 5:15 when I left.  Easiest drive home in a while. 

I’ve pretty well switched over to driving, seems quicker and I’m more in control.  I can leave when I’m ready and not have to wait for someone else schedule.  There will be some events later this week that will cause traffic to be a nightmare, so I’m thinking about using mass transit then, just to avoid the head ache.  Otherwise, driving is super awesome!

In scouring the net I found a cool photo.  I don’t imagine anything like this will ever happen in real life, but it looks cute.


See didn’t I tell you it was cute!?!  Now in real life most raccoons would look at that and say dinner is served.  Animals do make friends and some times it’s just so cute.  Sort of like TAZ & BLU.  They fight at times but most of the time they are snuggled up together.  Never seen two cats that aren’t related and both males at that, bond so well.  One would be lost without the other.  Neither have a desire to go outside, now if BLU would just stop spraying and trying to mount BIG BOY life would be grand!

Wow, it’s crazy close to lunch.  I hear that Chicken Salad saying what I want a cute guy to say to me.  What’s that?  Simple, eat me!  :)  Nom, I am sure it will be good.  Going to wash my paws and prepare to feast.

What a day – one more hour and it’s all over!  I typed the above just before lunch.  I had time to eat my meal and then all hell broke loose.  Someone effed up a computer and I had to work like hell to get it back to a state of normal.  It’s still not 100% but it’s useable.  Then I got slammed with voice mails so I have been catching up on phone calls.  Then the big, big boss needed help with iTunes.  He’s a lucky guy who just got an iPhone 5.  I *think* (crosses fingers) I gave him correct advice.  It just seems like it’s been one crisis after another since lunch.  OMG, stress it’s a killer.

One of the ladies showed up today she is clearly sick.  Said she hasn’t slept in 3 days.  She has a cough like you wouldn’t believe.  I got to work right by her for most of the afternoon.  Funny now I feel sick.  I don’t want or need it.  I have spent 3 weeks with it and am just getting back on my feet and feeling normal again.  She is a classic example of someone who should have stayed home!  Then one of the guys tells me he is sick.  Germs!  Sick people stay away from me, please.

That’s it, just counting down the time before I get to leave for the day.  Ready to spend time with the kids, especially Big Boy.  I’ve got a Polar Bear on my screen at work for wallpaper and it reminds me of him.

Enough babble for one day.  I will talk with you peeps later!

Mundane Monday

Hello sports fans!  Here we are at yet another Monday.  As usual all I want to do is fast forward to Friday and start the weekend all over again. Sure would be nice!

The weekend recap.  Friday we went to the new place to eat.  It was well off the beaten path.  Good food!  Normally my guy orders up and that’s why the bill is usually so high.  The one time when we needed this to happen, he went cheap on me.  So we couldn’t use the coupon.  The drive home was interesting because we were in several very bad neighborhoods.  However, we found our way out with no problems.  Went home and I crashed.  I had just finished a 17” pizza all by myself.  Oink, Oink!  It was good but now it was time for sleep. 

Saturday, woke up early to take my guy to the eye doctor.  We got there and they told him he had his dates mixed up, his appointment was next weekend.  I didn’t think anything of it.  However, when we got home he made it a point to show me the card they gave him and he had the date right.  I told him to take it back next Saturday and show them, rub it in a little.  We went to breakfast and I had a coupon for this.  It was BOGO so there was no minimum.  Nice meal.  Got the mail and I wanted to stop at the fire station because they were having open house.  However, my stomach had other plans.  Each year they have this and each year something happens where I miss it. 

We had nap time.  I over slept and didn’t make it to the pharmacy in time to get Jumper’s medicine.  I went to Target and the cat food store.  I also stopped in at Radio Shack.  I got us a new weather radio.  They tried to sell me the most expensive model but I resisted.  I got middle of the road and that wasn’t cheap.  I moved the old one to the basement, it still works but you can’t hear it real well. 

Cleaned the house and we went to Joe’s Crab Shack.  Our waiter was nice looking.  I can’t stand that place but my guy likes it so I treated him.  I didn’t have a bad meal but as usual mine cost way less than his. 

Sunday was a sleep in and loaf kind of day.  We got going late.  Went out to eat, more hot waiters to look at!  Nice meal.  Then we had to rush home.  I wound up going to the grocery store alone.  I’m starting to think that is going to be the norm.  I hate grocery shopping.  He told me to get two things, which I did.    I remembered but wasn’t told to get flour.  However, I forgot sour cream.  I picked up a 1/4 of a sheet cake, not good for the diabetes in either one of us, but it’s good.  Also got some Blue Bunny Carrot Cake Ice Cream.  That stuff is damn good!  Finished up laundry and prepared for Monday.  Gave Big Boy the bath I promised him.  Nothing more than a good wipe down with wet paper towels, he so enjoys it.    Ick!


Tonight’s menu consists of Beef Stew or Beef Stroganoff, not sure which he is making.  I just hope it’s good!  I’ve got to get Jumper’s medicine so I will be a little delayed.  I put a reminder on my calendar so my phone will beep at me when I’m driving to remind me.  I sware my memory is getting horrible.  I forgot to mail a letter this morning.  I’ll get it tonight that is if I remember. 


Having a rather odd problem with the dishwasher.  I ran some dishwasher cleaner through and it turned out okay.  Put a load of dishes in and the soap packet didn’t dissolve.  Ran it through with a new packet and same thing again.  Put in dishwashing gel and yet again same thing.  I got to thinking it has to be the water.  Nope, ran it through again this morning.  We got water and we got heat.  Not sure what’s up.  They are clean now but it was like 4 times.  Once or twice I can see but 4 times.  I just hope this isn’t setting up a pattern. 

This is the big week of going out to eat as a company.  Wednesday night is the night.  I will be so glad when it’s over with. 

So now it’s another boring Monday.  I’ve got nothing on the agenda for today.  Just waiting to see if anyone calls with problems.  Sort of like the Maytag guy.  It’s good but it makes for a very long and tiring day.

Looking forward to lunch today.  Chicken Salad, yum!  Off to search the internet and see what kind of trouble I can get into.  Maybe you will see a 2nd post from me, kind of depends upon how the day goes.

Take care and I will talk with you peeps later!

12 October 2012

Friday’s 2nd Addition

Boss man had me doing some work for him.  It was a little more than stressful.  Not something that is in my job description, but I can’t exactly say no.  It took a while but finally back to peace & quiet!  That is until the next crisis rolls my way. 

For a Friday today has been exceptionally busy.  E-mail chatter, phone calls and boss man – all in one day.  Ah well I guess that is why it’s 2:30 and I still think it feels like 10 am.  Sure will be nice come 5pm!

Talked with my guy at lunch time.  He said that we can still go to the new place.  The coupon he has says the offer is good every day of the week.  Okay, so looks like we are going.  I just hope it’s good food.  Nope, they don’t have Blueberry Pancakes, guess I will have to get those another day.

Did you ever realize that we are surrounded by noise pretty much all day long?  Yeah, it hit me the other day.  I was on my way out the door and when I got to the garage it was so peaceful.  You could hear a pin drop.  Total silence.  Then I got in my car, turned on Pandora and headed home.  Yep, right back to the noise.  Peace & Quiet is something I think we all need to experience at several times during the day.  Couple that with government mandated afternoon naps for 1 hour and I think the world would be a better place.  Hopefully then everyone would mellow out.

Oh my poor stomach is mad at me.  I had way too much chili last night.  I was miserable when I went to bed and for most of the morning.  Just like I thought the chili got better and better each day it was reheated.  Some how it kept getting spicier too.  I am glad I polished it off.  That should cure me of chili craving for a bit.  Now hopefully me and my stomach can kiss and make up.

I am ready to call it a day and go home early.  Sure would be nice.  One of the guys took the day off, he certainly had the right idea.  Next week we will be having our corporate supper.  I am hitching a ride with one of the girls and she agreed to bring me back to the office.  She lives like a million miles away, so she won’t stay long.  Which is perfect for me.  That way I get home at a reasonable hour (hopefully) and I can have a little time to relax before I have to come back the next day.  This is mostly to talk about the trip that they are planning next month, which I won’t be going on.

Checking my e-mail I got a reminder from the florist that Bosses Day is next week on the 16th.  Holy crap!  Now since my boss has been such a jerk the question is do I get him anything or do nothing?  No matter what you think will earn points with him, it some how backfires and you wind up in trouble.  So I am totally open to your suggestions!  I mean he did do at least once nice thing and that was hire me and keep me.  Let me know what you think.

Have a nice weekend and I will talk with you peeps later!


We made it to another Friday!  The count down to the weekend has begun and hopefully it will start soon.  Does it show that I am anxious?

When you talk with a Geek the first thing we will tell you is to backup your data.  Different Geeks have different suggestions and rules for backup.  For years I have been with Carbonite.  I found them on my own before they started advertising and they offered what I thought was a good service.  Recently I discovered a new service called Crash Plan.  They have been around for a bit and widely advertise as does Carbonite.  However, in comparing the two I think Crash Plan is better.  They have a family plan that will backup 2 to 10 computers for $119.00 per year.  Whereas Carbonite charges $59 per computer.  If you want to be able to backup external hard drives with Carbonite that costs extra, Whereas with Crash Plan you get unlimited storage and it includes the option for external/removable drives.  Then I found an offer to switch would only cost me $50 for the first year.  There is a no brainer.  So I switched last night.  The only problem is my data has to make it’s way to the cloud again and that will take about a month for everything.  So my Carbonite account is still active for a couple weeks, just in case. 

Backing up your data and these services is like an Insurance Policy.  If the need arises where you need to restore something, you will be glad you have them.  If you need them but don’t have them, you will be crying.  I’ve been in both situations.  What’s worse is back in the day I backed everything up to tape.  Then when you needed something you had a 50/50 shot that the file would be recoverable.  The cloud has taken that risk away, thank goodness.

Why does it take so long to backup?  Well it depends upon how much data you have.  Personally I have about 1.2 Terabytes of data, most of that is porn.  If you’re the average home user wanting to do a full backup of your PC and you have a decent internet connection, your looking at a couple weeks.  Have tons of music, photos or home videos?  Then you can expect it to take longer. 

The nice thing about both services is they run in the background, so you can use your PC and your machine will respond as it normally does.  The one thing I miss is Carbonite offered the option to put dots next to your files.  If you had a yellow dot it meant the file was pending if you had a green dot it meant the file was backed up. 

Carbonite and Crash Plan are the two major players in the Cloud Backup arena.  Both are good so if you don’t have one of them, pick one and try it out.  Both offer free trials for a limited time.


Now that rambling is over I can resume a normal post and ramble some more! :)

Nothing really new to report.  We were going to a new place to eat tonight, until I told my partner the coupon he has is only valid Sunday thru Thursday.  He wasn’t too happy about that.  So we are going to IHOP tonight.  Now I have to think about what I want to order.  Blueberry Pancakes sound really good.  Cracker Barrel is the best place to get them.  As usual I am paralyzed by choice.

My poor clean carpet is no longer clean.  Someone is sick both upstairs and downstairs.  See why we needed to buy a carpet cleaner rather than rent one?  With pets there is always a mess to clean up.

I’ve got mega washing to do this weekend.  My partner is going through clothes at a fast rate.  Plus I was going to convert to long sleeves.  I sure hope I have some energy to be able to start on this HUGE project tonight.  Not exactly what I wanted to do on the weekend but I guess I can sleep when I am dead. 

On the way in this morning I saw this kid broke down on the side of the road.  He was changing a tire and while he was off the interstate he was working very close to traffic.  I kept thing I should turn around and at least provide some cover for him to change his tire.  I really wanted to, but instead I just kept on going.  If you stop to help someone you never know what your getting into.  It could be a setup they could be mentally disturbed and the next thing you know your picture is on the evening news.  So that is why I kept on going.

Speaking of driving, I find that the interstate backs up in my area because of road construction and the fact that most people don’t know how to merge.  Some people will give you a break and allow you in and other people think because you have a yield sign that means your are SOL.  Me, I just pull in as soon as there is even an ounce of room.  I won’t challenge any vehicle bigger than mine but if were the same size then I’m coming over for sure! 

Why is it that a person can be so nice but get them behind the wheel and in traffic and they turn into maniacs?  Makes no sense.

Got my Flashpoint fix last night.  Ah, that was so needed.  I still have many more episodes to watch as well as regular stuff that I record.  So perhaps I can get caught up on that this weekend.  If I had the money I could sit here at my desk and watch my shows on my pc.  That would be so cool but it would suck every time I got interrupted. 

I think I have babbled enough, so I am going to call this post done.  Besides that work is calling.  Have a great weekend and I will talk with you peeps later! 

11 October 2012

National Coming Out Day

co day


Houston, we have a problem

I am happy to report that my job is no longer posted on the internet.  However, I will be checking periodically as trust is still a big issue here for me.

I got lucky this morning and dodged a serious bullet.  It was an accidental mistake on my part but I figured out how to quickly fix it and didn’t have to involve anyone.  So no one is the wiser.  What an advantage to being an army of one!  Phew!

Today is 10 11 12 how about that?  It’s also National Coming Out Day.  Coming out is such a difficult and personal decision.  Only you know if the circumstances are right.  Trust your gut to be your guide and if you have any apprehension, then don’t do it.  Nothing is written in stone to say that you have to come out today.  You can do it on your own schedule and if it’s something your not comfortable with, then you don’t have to do it at all.  Once you utter those words…I am gay, it’s something you will never be able to take back.  Coming out is also a continual process.  After you tell your family and friends, then when your out and the waiter or waitress says oh are you brothers?  Or the one I like is he your father?  Nope, he’s my boyfriend.  Yes, were gay.  There will be lots of situations like that where you will tell people.  Since we are all different, people react to the news differently.  So Happy 10 11 12 and Happy National Coming Day!

I might have to travel tomorrow to of all things do wiring work.  Same place as last week, just helping a guy out.  From the way he sounded over the phone, he can take care of this by himself.  I offered my help, just to be nice.  Damn me and my big mouth.  He was planning on taking care of it tomorrow.  Then he wanted to call me first thing in the morning.  I told him it’s a long trip I would just as soon know tonight, so I can get prepared and notify people.  As much as I like the ride, going back a week later is such a turn off for me.  Just because last Friday didn’t go exactly as I wanted it to.  I would just as soon stay in the office. 

Thus far all is quiet on the home front.  I crashed very early last night.  9pm and I was getting in bed.  I was just dead tired, too much concentration at work.  I really have no desire to get in front of a PC when I get home, seeing as how I sit in front of one all day.  Sort of like being a truck driver and having to drive on your time off.  Ugh!

I have a couple things to do, so I am going to scoot.  Thanks for stopping by.  You take care and I will talk with you peeps later!