31 December 2012

Last Work Day

It was so hard to get out of bed this morning!  I had no desire to come to work, but if I didn’t I would loose plenty.  So here I am.  When is nap time again? 

It’s snowing to beat the band.  We got permission to flee at three.  However, perhaps by noon it will be bad enough they will let us go even earlier, so I hope.  I’m not worried about the drive, I just want to get the hell out of here!

No the red paint didn’t come out of the carpet.  It did wash out of the sink though.  Turns out the container said to use cold water.  We were using scalding hot.  I guess someone will read the label better next time.  I was just following orders.  There are little bits here and there in the hall, but thankfully the rest of the house is safe.  What landed on my bathroom floor and the kitchen floor, came up with my steam mop.  I had to scrub hard but got it up. 

Something is wrong with Mr. Jumper.  He spends too much time alone in the basement and hiding under the couch.  I had to physically carry him to bed last night.  I’m worried that he might be slipping back into depression.  Perhaps it’s just the weather. 

As predicted within hours of returning the carpet cleaner… Jumper puked, caught that.  Big Boy did #2 on the carpet, cleaned that up right away.  Partner spilled red paint.  Damn I just need to own one of these machines already!  I will go over this carpet again when I rent the next one, but that will be at least a month if not longer. 

Got a holiday bonus at work.  It’s not much but thankful that I got something.  Were going out tonight for supper and possibly to the store.  If not then we will be going tomorrow.

I don’t think I will last until midnight.  I want a facial and a warm shower.  Then to relax in front of the TV and fall asleep.  I will get up on Tuesday and be ready to take on the world.  Wednesday will totally suck.  Time will tell if I get my wish. 

My desk was covered once again in packages.  A laptop, replacement cell phone case and a stick of memory.  The cell phone case is mine.  Thanks Otter Box!  They are good about replacing their products, but I seem to go through them like water. 

Yesterday we were at Huddle House and I saw a kids iPhone drop from his pocket to the floor.  Crack went the screen.  He was using it as most people do, bare.  You got to cover your iPhone.  It’s such an expensive device that you would think people automatically would buy a protective cover like an Otter Box or Lifeproof case but not all do.  I love my Lifeproof, just wish they included a belt clip.  Life proofs are around $89 but they hold up and are waterproof.  The kids mom said when we get home we will gather your paperwork and call Apple, they will fix it.  Yeah, good luck with that. 

If you want to listen to something interesting, break out your police scanner or look for one on line for your area.  The later the evening gets the stranger the calls. 

Well I should get back to my job, even though I don’t want to.  Happy New Year.  Talk with you peeps later.

30 December 2012

New Years Eve Eve

So I broke open the Corbin Fisher Calendar.  What a disappointment.  Not in the photos, the models are HOT.  The calendar is like a temperature bar on the side.  Sundays are blue and you can’t really tell which week of the month you are in.  So while I will keep the photos around the calendar is being replaced with a Falcon Boys calendar, which won’t be here until Saturday.

I broke open my NY Firefighters Calendar and once again they didn’t hole punch the calendar.  Makes it difficult to hang up with out a hole for each page.  So I broke out the hole punch and punched away!

Why don’t all calendars adhere to a set of defaults.  Like the calendar will be hole punched (if it’s mean to go on the wall) and the calendar will be in a standard format. 

I saw an interesting movie the other night called Trembling Before God.  It’s all about the Jewish Faith’s take on Homosexuality.  In a nut shell they don’t approve.  If you are a homo then the only way you can live is via a celibate life.  Yeah, celibacy just doesn’t work.  Look at the Catholic Church.  If they would allow their Priests to marry then that might have saved some boys from sexual abuse.  We are all humans and created as sexual beings.  If not for sex then we wouldn’t be here.  One person in the movie said that it is quite a task that God has given the homosexual.  Yeah, I agree it is quite a task at times.  Always being the outcast, having people hate you just because of your sexual preference and striving to be treated like a “normal” person instead of a 2nd class citizen. 

The movie was interesting to watch.  I didn’t think I would make it through the whole thing.  However, I did.  I learned a little about the Jewish Faith and it is kind of interesting.  I don’t know if one or any faith is right.  Each one says the other is doing it wrong.  I just think we are all going to be surprised beyond our wildest dreams when judgment day comes.  I honestly had much more to say on the subject.  I wanted to break out a computer and just start blogging while I was watching the movie, so I wouldn’t loose any of my good thoughts.  Too bad, they are all gone!

My partner and I stayed in bed too long again.  We did have a great day together.  He aggravated me and made me laugh.  While I paid for our breakfast at Huddle House.  We got a lot of food for not a lot of money.  That and a Frozen Pizza are all we had all day long.  Perhaps that is why my stomach is mad at me.  We made it to the cat food store but not the grocery store. The plan is to go tomorrow night or on New Years Day. 

There is a little bit of snow in the forecast for tomorrow, so that along with the fact that it’s New Years Eve should hopefully motivate them to close the office early.  I just don’t want to work tomorrow at all.  I mean I know I have to go back but I think everyone should have a two day holiday.  There shouldn’t be a whole lot going on but I’ve got 2 machines to build, so while others may get to play I actually have real work to do.  Not that I want to do it. 

I’ve been doing laundry.  I got the bathroom floor mopped but that is it for cleaning the bathroom.  I plan on trying to get the rest done tomorrow or on New Years Day.  I mean there won’t be anything going on here, just a couple of guys sleeping. 

Going to bed early is the hardest part of going back to work.  Plus the fact knowing that the ogre that I work for will be in on Wednesday doesn’t help any.  Ah well, I just hope that 2013 is a better year.

If I can make time tomorrow I will try to blog at some point.  If not know that I wish you and your family the very best for 2013.  I hope that it’s the best year ever and that it will be Legen wait for it …dary!  Talk with you peeps later.

29 December 2012

Whiskey Cake

2 more days left for 2012!  I can’t believe the entire week flew by so fast.  It hardly felt like I was on vacation since I was pestered every day.  Thursday and Friday were the worst two days.  I feel like saying I will be taking next week off since I wasn’t allowed to have a vacation last week and p.s. I am turning off my phone.  You will just have to get along without me for a week.  While it’s tempting I am NOT going to do that because it probably would end in a permanent vacation for me, which is something I don’t want.

My partner spilled cream soda on the carpet, woke me up in the middle of the night and asked me what are we going to do about it.  I said I’m going back to bed, we will deal with it in the morning.  He didn’t care much for that answer.  I dealt with it the next day by renting a carpet machine. 

Working with the machine around the house sure did make my back sore.  I did most of the work last night.  I had a little bit left today and decided to hit my recliner again, wow it’s really clean now. 

I mentioned to my partner that I increased Big Boy’s medicine and he would probably have diarrhea and of course it wouldn’t be until after I returned the machine.  Well, Big Boy is fine but my partner just had an accident.  You won’t believe me.  Red Paint all over the carpet in his computer room.  !@#$% and FUCK.  Yes bright RED paint.  It’s suppose to be water soluble but there is a good portion of it that didn’t come up.  I used our Spot Bot in hose mode.  Tried Oxy Cleaner, Hydrogen Peroxide and Lighter Fluid along with plenty of water.  Got lots of it up but you can tell clearly that something occurred.  It’s like a bad fruit punch stain.  Then I find out he tracked some of it through the rest of the house.  I’m ready to kill him!

Between work and home I am ready for a vacation now.  Calgon or someone please take me away.

The children are stirring now they want food.  We don’t have too much of that.  Speaking of food, we went out to TGI Friday’s tonight.  We had Whiskey Cake for dessert.  It was damn good but so not work $6.  I just wish we had a whole cake for home.  I’d also take one to work just to be a show off.  I will give in a bit but I am working on of all things, yup you guessed it laundry.  Still don’t have my bathroom clean but there is a tomorrow and I think I can make that happen then.  Kind of depends upon how sore I am and how much sleeping I actually do. 

Good news is I can officially put away all of my short sleeve shirts.  It’s winter now!  We got some snow and ice but it’s not much to cause any problems.  The grassy areas and cars outside got the worst of it.  Streets are clean and clear.  We are supposed to have another winter storm rolling in but I don’t believe it until I see it.  Too many false alarms.  Plus what can I do about it?  Not a damn thing!

Oh I got some Tri Comfort Orthotics from Dr. Scholl's off of Amazon.  I had to buy them in a 3 pack for $27 but so far they are working.  My feet feel pretty good.  Hopefully they provide continued relief.  My only concern is the TSA when I travel in a couple weeks.  I don’t see where it will be a problem but who knows.  They are some picky folks at times.  On my last trip I left all of my liquids packed away, no one said a word to me.  It’s just such a hassle, you practically have to disrobe for them. 

Speaking of Amazon, my sheets look really good!  I changed my comforter to a tie dye comforter that I have hardly used.  The cats were kind of taken back because it was so bright.  There is no hiding for them on this comforter. 

I’ve got a feeling it’s going to be hard to get back into my routine of W E S (work eat sleep) but within a week I should be able to snap back to it.  Grocery store time tomorrow, fun times!

Sure have spent a lot on this vacation.  Eating out a lot and the damn vet really killed me.  If it wasn’t for the vet I would actually be in pretty good shape.  Just got my other credit card bill, the one with my guys truck repairs on them.  No matter what you do there always seems to be an unplanned expense come up to take your money. 

Well off to do some surfing and then back to my Roku box which is how I view Amazon, Netflix and Hulu.  Interesting all of the variety available.  Was watching season 1 of the Janice Dickenson Modeling Agency.  Wow, did she have some hot male models!  Too bad they only have season 1 on Hulu.  I wanted to watch it from start to finish.  She was a loud mouth but that is part of what made it good for TV.  That’s where I first heard the name Paul Vandervort.  Damn I am so in love with his body!  Okay, time to hang up the Corbin Fisher calendar and take a cold shower! :)

You peeps take care, enjoy what is left of this year.  I hope that next year is better for all of us.  I don’t set resolutions because they never work out.  So I will talk with you peeps later!

27 December 2012



Today went well, despite the fact that work bothered the crap out of me.  I didn’t have a chance to take a shower, had to get dressed at the last minute.  We made it to the courthouse with plenty of time to spare.  Paid one of the very last fees for this privilege.  Then waited for a while on the judge. 

After about 20 minutes he called out our names, we walked back to an empty court room and sat at a table.  The judge asked us to hold hands.  Then he talked a little bit, then had us recite vows to each other.  Then a second set of vows after a short speech.  I was about to cry but managed to control it.  Then we were pronounced a united partnership.

Left the courthouse and headed to Olive Garden.  Had to sit at the bar because they were crowded.  Got a hot looking guy to wait on us.  I have always liked his face, got a closer look at his body and wow I’d pass on that.  Anyway, we had a decent meal.  Then headed home.

I called my mom to tell her the good news, she was pleasantly surprised but I was told how disappointing it was that she wouldn’t be a grandma.  I told her that’s just life.  I’m doing good to manage the cats, my partner and myself.  Throw a kid into the mix and I would probably loose it.  My brother won’t be having children either because he has no one to procreate with.  His time is all used up between work and taking care of mom.  So I told her she has grand kittens that was as much of a grandma as she would be.

Then she told me how my brother was taking her pain meds and he is addicted.  Now I don’t know if this is TRUE or if it’s another Psychotic delusion.  It’s possible I know he is at his wits end between his job, home life and the fact there is no time for a social life.  I of course was sworn to secrecy so I’m not supposed to discuss it with him.  Not exactly sure what I am going to do.  It bothers me but I am not dwelling on it. 

I’m back to doing laundry.  One more working day off for me and then we have the weekend, then it’s back to work.  Feel pretty much like I never left.  I am used to nap time though.  That might be a problem come Monday!

Thank you all for your well wishes.  I am glad we had the privilege to be able to be joined to each other.  Perhaps with the Supreme Court taking up the debate of same sex marriage we may be able to convert our partnership into a full fledged marriage.  Stay tuned, we will find out together!

Talk with you peeps later.

26 December 2012

Christmas Day & The Day After

I hope that you all had a Very Merry Christmas!  We spent part of the day with our friends.  The annoying chatter box lady wasn’t there.  We had Ham and not Standing Rib Roast.  So it was a good meal.  We left very early but that was okay.  I enjoyed myself but it didn’t feel like Christmas.  There wasn’t enough laughter.  We also didn’t get the reaction I was hoping for from our gift. 

I spent the rest of the evening in front of the TV watching whatever I could find between Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime.  I’ve been spending a lot of time with these 3 services this week.  Thank God I have them because there isn’t much on.  Even my TiVo doesn’t have but I think 1 or 2 shows to record all week. 

Today being the day after, we took Big Boy over to see the vet.  Holy Jumping Jesus I was so unprepared for the outrageous bill I was given.  It was over $300.  They did blood work, x-rays and he got a free ultrasound.  Our normal vet charges 1/2 price for the office visit and 1/2 price for the x-rays because they are routine follow up.  This different vet hit me with the full price of everything.  They also had his medication in stock but that would have been $170 more.  Imagine what used to cost $20.00 is now $170 because it’s in high demand.  That should be illegal. 

They found some fluid around his heart, which he has always had.  They don’t want to try to drain it because it could kill him.  His lungs have plenty of room to expand but there is some fluid, just not enough to tap at this time.  I’m not so sure that is 100% accurate but that is what we were told.  As usual we have to keep an eye on him and if things get worse, he goes back to get tapped.  The visit was enough to scare the bejesus out of him.  He was never so vocal in his life.  He cried the entire way there, once we got there and then part of the ride home.  I think he knows far too much.  It’s been 2 years and were still going.  Thank you God.  I hope we get lots more time with him.  The poor thing was holding on to the gurney too hard and ripped part of his nail bed.  It stopped bleeding and should heal on it’s own.  He is big with those claws!

I was going to inquire about getting BLU fixed but after the high bill I got, I just put that on the back burner.  Too bad because once we got home he peed all over the window and on the cat furniture.  I had to clean it up.  I think that winter has him feeling a bit extra frisky.

I got my Royal Blue sheets.  I’m finally working to get them put on the bed and decided to change the comforter as well.  Something warmer but if you know me, you know it won’t stay on me through the night.  I very seldom wake up covered, normally it’s no covers and I’m freezing or really hot.  Depending upon the time of year.  On my wish list is getting my bathroom cleaned, perhaps I will be able to get to that.  I wanted to rent the carpet cleaner again but figured it’s vacation I should be able to relax.  Besides that I clean it up and within a week or two at the most it will be filthy dirty again.  Why bother?!

Tomorrow is the BIG DAY.  The whole reason why I went on vacation.  We have both had feelings of wanting to back out but I think that is normal.  My partner keeps telling me your getting an old man who is falling apart.  I said I know that already.  I didn’t say this to him but I wish I was getting a muscle bound, young hottie.  Ah, well.  I love him and he loves me.  We have been together for far too many years and this is only a piece of paper it really changes nothing, other than giving each of us some but not all of the rights afforded to straight married couples. 

I am so bored and tired with not going to work.  I’ve been eating really bad stuff.  My body is rebelling and I can tell that is the reason why I feel like crap.  I can’t believe I’ve been working since May.  Feels like it’s been longer than that.  I am not thrilled about my upcoming travel next month, but that is two weeks away.  I just pray I don’t get snowed in and trapped, that would suck.

Not sure when I will be blogging next but I hope your all having a good week.  One more holiday to go and then life goes back to “normal”.  Talk with you peeps later.

24 December 2012

Christmas Eve

One more day until Santa arrives!

I woke up early this morning with the hopes of hitting up the UPS store to ship back my defective printer.  Too bad they were closed.  I will have to go back on Wednesday. 

I did get my sheets from the Post Office along with a couple bills that I have already paid.  Then it was on to get my hair cut.  There was quite the waiting line but I managed to sit through it.  Then to the grocery store to pick up some things that weren’t available yesterday at our regular store.  Then home, where I have been ever since.

It’s cold outside.  A Winter Storm Warning is in effect.  Traveling tomorrow might prove quite interesting.  My room still smells like cat pee.  My nose can’t take it and it’s rebelling by running. 

We had some ham for our only meal today.  I cut my partners hair.  Now we both look good for tomorrow.  I’m thinking of firing up the big TV and putting on Christmas Vacation, so my partner can watch it.  The question is will he? 

I am still doing laundry, not mine but his.  I had to put my stuff on hold.  It’s going to be a long week hopefully I will get it all done. 

I got bothered twice today, which isn’t too terribly bad.  One I was able to ignore until about an hour ago.  It’s nice to be needed and wanted, but jeez leave me alone already I’m on vacation. 

Interested to see how tomorrow turns out.  I hope that where ever you are and who ever your with, that you have a very Merry Christmas!  Enjoy the gifts, time and food.  Talk with you peeps later!

23 December 2012

Christmas Eve Eve

So here we are on the Eve of Christmas Eve.  Things are going okay for me thus far.  I got bothered on Friday night when all I wanted to do was relax.  I got a couple messages yesterday but nothing that required any action on my part.  Now for the BIG question how many times will I get bothered tomorrow?  I’m guessing zero and hoping that it will be that way all week long.  The office will be closing early, so hopefully that will help.

You know how I have babbled on about getting my ears pierced, well the other day I ordered an ear cuff.  They are designed for non pierced ears to give the look of a pierced ear.  I put it on and was home late.  I told my partner I stopped off at the piercing parlor.  Holy crap he was cussing a mile a minute.  Yeah he wasn’t too happy about it.  So I took it out and said relax it’s fake.  Phew.  To aggravate him and see what kind of reaction I would get in public, I wore one to breakfast.  Until I said something he never brought it up.  I told him that I was going to wear it to Christmas dinner.  He didn’t say a word.  Now I won’t do that because it would beg people to ask about it and the one lady who has a million questions about everything would ask, for sure.  I don’t want to have to deal with that.

I am catching up on two weeks of laundry.  Damn never knew I wore that many clothes.  BLU decided to pee on my recliner and I’ve used the carpet cleaner on it and put down a chemical that normally works with out fail.  However, I still smell cat pee.  I’ve been all over my room with a black light.  I found a couple more spots on the floor and treated them.  Still it smells.  I’ve got a candle burning now in the hopes it will help with the smell.  Damn cat, I should get him castrated for Christmas.  I’m so not happy with him.  If he would just stop the spraying and pee in the litter box life would be grand. 

Not really a whole lot to jabber about.  I’ve been chilling a lot in front of the new TV.  I saw a movie last night called House of Boys on Netflix.  It’s a foreign film but they speak English.  It is an interesting story that reminded me of Philadelphia.  If your bored, its worth your time.  There is some mild nudity of guys.  The ending was sad, so if you are a crier or need to cry then by all means tune in now. 

I love how modern technology has eliminated trips to the video store and now with a couple clicks either on your TV or Computer you can watch a movie when you want.  No need to rewind, no late fees and no traffic to deal with.  Kind of awesome.  However, I wish they would have a much wider selection.  Between 3 services (Netflix, Hulu Plus and Amazon Prime) I have so much content but I am not interested in 1/2 of it.  It was kind of funny to watch Lilly Tomlin on Saturday Night Live back in the 70’s before I was born.  Had no idea that show has been on the air forever!

I am really taking advantage of my trial of Amazon Prime.  So much so I think I will keep it.  I just got a new bathroom rug for my partner and it will be here by the end of the week.  I’ve been buying him stuff like crazy but I have to stop it.  I’m going to go broker than I already am.  I do have 1/2 of my bills paid for January, so that is a good thing. 

Tomorrow I have to make a B line to the post office.  He’s got an Express Mail Shipment, which I suspect will be medication.  My new blue sheets should also be waiting for me.  Then I have to hit the UPS store to return the old defective printer.  From what I have seen it did a whole lot better job than it’s replacement.  It’s noisy and missing a little bit of paint.  I didn’t expect them to ship me a new printer but that would have been nice!  After those two trips I am going to get my hair done.  That is pretty much my day.  Outside of cutting my partners hair.

Christmas day we will be eating at 2pm.  Not sure exactly on what I want to wear.  I will have plenty of time to decide though. 

Holiday time is so boring and I feel so cramped because most everything is closed.  Also, there isn’t much to look forward to.  We have a gift for our friends and seeing their reaction is about all I have to look forward to, outside of some conversation, a couple laughs and a meal that will be marginal at best.  Plus that damn question lady to drive me nuts.  I am happy that I have my health (although I wish my feet were in better shape) and those that I love surrounding me.  I wish I had my grandparents, especially for Thursday.  I’m sure they both wouldn’t approve but I would like them to see how far I have come. 

With my schedule I haven’t been able to keep up with my Regular Reads.  Now that I have time on my hands I have been back to a couple sites.  It’s just amazing how I would spend hours on the internet and now there is very little time for that.  At least I am able to still blog, if I couldn’t do that I would probably go insane.

So a little laundry to finish up on and then it will once again be time to retire to the bedroom to see what I can find to occupy my time with on TV.  I really like the new TV but I still wish I had a nice home for my old TV.  It’s still in very good shape!

Time to scram.  I will talk with you peeps later!

21 December 2012

Hours away to freedom

So hours from now I will finally be free and on vacation.  I so hope that next week I don’t get pestered to death.  Last night I had just fallen asleep and my phone rang.  I woke up to answer a wrong number phone call.  It took me a little bit to fall back to sleep.  I made it though and getting up this morning isn’t something that I was crazy about.  At least tomorrow I can sleep in and take a nap all in the same day.  A day of being lazy is what it’s all about.  What I will hate is coming back and having to tame my e-mail box.  I’m getting it all cleaned up today and trying to get everything done before I leave.

We had a Winter Storm yesterday and that caused some grief for some people.  I was fine until I got to my town and then the roads were all ice and some damn food lost his camper shell, so a bunch of cars, including mine had to come to an abrupt stop.  We also ran over what was left of the damn thing.  I went to call it in and a cop was cars behind me.  I am so thankful for Traction Control or I would have rear ended the person in front of me.  That is like the 3rd time it’s kicked in and things feel strange but it does work!

It been a hell of a week with the boss calling me like every few minutes.  First it was the old machine then it was the new machine.  Yesterday he left and I had time to sit and work on his machine, I rebooted like a million times just to make sure that things stayed working.  Of course it won’t break until he comes back.  Honestly, I think everything is stable.  I thought I could solve some of his problems by throwing extra memory at his new machine but damn Windows 7 – 32 bit is hard coded to only see 4GB of ram.  I put another 4GB chip in and it still only sees 3GB.  I found a program on-line called something like Ram Driver, it’s made by Raxco and I;’m thinking of trying it at home to see if it makes a difference.  If so might be something to invest in for work. 

Now the pressure is on to plan for my next trip.  My boss wants a date really soon.  I’ve got one person I am working with that isn’t cooperating.  I don’t want to sick him on them, but if push comes to shove I will.  I don’t want him to think that I am the road block.  The sooner I can get a quote and get it approved, the sooner we have the products and that means I can go.  After this trip that will leave 5 additional places where I could be sent to install WIFI and 3 of them are here.  The other two aren’t that far away but far enough to travel by plane or train.  Doubt seriously I could talk them into booking AMTRACK but that sure would be fun.  Plus they don’t have luggage restrictions or the TSA.  Stay tuned I will let you know how it all pans out.

Everyone is a jitter here about the Christmas Bonus that we haven’t got.  I was told when I hired in not to expect one so I didn’t give it a second thought.  However, everyone here says that they did it last year.  They have added a lot of staff since last year so maybe they can’t afford bonuses.  Matters not to me, I got my regular paycheck and that is the whole reason why I am here.

Now I get to sit at the computer at home and pay bills.  What fun that will be.  They say it’s better to give than receive.  I sure wish I was my creditors getting my money would be the best gift I could give myself. 

6 more days until I’m Unionized.  I wonder if I will get a card to carry?  :)  Looking forward to it and hope that things go smoothly.  Also looking forward to Christmas dinner. 

Well I should get back to it so that I can hopefully leave with a mostly clean task list and clean desk.  I will talk with you peeps later!

20 December 2012

Another day closer

So we are another day closer to me starting my vacation.  Woot!  I just hope and pray that it truly is a vacation and that people don’t bug the shit out of me.  I guess only time will tell.

Speaking of annoying my boss has been on me like crazy.  First it was the old machine now it’s the new machine.  Jeez I can’t seem to catch a break.  Thankfully he will be leaving soon and then I can fix up a couple minor issues with the new machine, without someone peering at me.  Last night I stayed an extra 20 minutes because he had some problems with a website, that isn’t under my control.  I mean it’s like he was saying hold me I am a baby and I don’t know what to do.  Yeah, what would you do if it was 3 in the morning and I was on an airplane.  Think about that and then give it a shot. 

One of the ladies I work with said that there won’t be a Christmas bonus this year.  I said I never knew there was one so I am not disappointed.  However, we still have today and tomorrow before the week is over with.  Don’t count your cards just yet. 

The backup battery in our alarm system died.  So last night that was an excuse to eat at a deli because there is a Batteries Plus just down the street.  I love that place yes the deli and Batteries Plus.  However, BP is very high when it comes to their products.  I spent $36 for an item online that goes for $15. Ah well I guess that is the price I pay for convenience.  It works so I’m happy.

My partner said to me what should I get you for Christmas.  I told him something good and awesome.  However, he doesn’t have any money to get me a thing.  It’s okay just as long as we are together with the cats and everyone is healthy that is a good enough present.  Sounds sappy but it’s true.

I am a little worried about taking Big Boy to the vet next week.  His regular vet is off.  So we are seeing another vet who has worked with him before.  If they have to tap him, she can do that but she can’t get the fluid like the regular vet can.  His appointment isn’t until the 26th.  Looking at him he seems so happy and thankful that we are taking care of him.  I can tell he is suffering a little bit with breathing and coughing.  I know that is one of the signs that he is starting to fill up with fluid.  Going to the bathroom is a major event for him as well.  Just thinking about the inevitable makes me uncomfortable and sad.

Well I’ve got plenty to do here, just wanted to relax for a minute and let you all know I’m still alive.  Take care and I will talk with you peeps later. 

18 December 2012

Update on Josh Weston–RIP

I learned that Josh’s cause of death was HIV Related Complications.  He passed away on Sunday at the age of 39.

Very sad.  I wasn’t even aware he had HIV.  I can only surmise that he contracted it doing bareback work.  I don’t know that for certain. 

Bareback sex can be hot and turns me on but so does protected sex.  It’s more about the dynamic between the two people and how hot they look.  However, a moment of pleasure isn’t worth a lifetime of hell. 

I haven’t been tested for HIV in many years, mostly because I’m in a monogamous relationship.  I do remember when I was tested and waiting those 5 days, it was pure torture.  I can only imagine how Josh felt when he got a positive diagnosis.  I’m also not sure why he passed away so young, I mean medical science has made quite the advances with HIV medications.  While there still is no cure, I can only hope that it’s around the corner.

Hopefully, more porn performers as well as us “normal” people will learn from this and not engage in risky behavior, no matter how much fun it might be. 

One more HOT photo I picked up of Josh from Hot House Studios.  RIP


Burn Out

So I worked 12 hours yesterday.  One of the girls yesterday thought something was wrong with her machine because a spreadsheet that she worked on for hours didn't save.  She begged me to "find something wrong".  It sounds more like she forgot to hit save.  Why that needed to involve me, I don't know.  Any how I did find something her AV client was all messed up.  I tried for hours on end to fix it many different ways but turns out I need a tool from the Manufacturer.  So I had to call it quits.  That took up my entire evening so I got NOTHING accomplished.  I went through the motions of getting the trash out, taking care of the cats and making my lunch.  I even managed to get started on laundry.  I was a total mess flying through the house like a leaf blowing around.  I hate "rush mode" it always makes me crazy.

I longed for bed and finally got there.  Got a few hours of sleep, had a nightmare and was up for a while trying to go back to sleep.  Woke up just before the alarm went off and hauled out of bed. 

I prayed for a good day, since yesterday was so bad.  Turns out things could be worse but I didn't get my wish.  I've already had to interact with my boss about 3 times today.  He needs a new computer, which I am working on for him.  His old machine is whack!  He constantly is having problems if it isn't opening attachments, it's opening shared documents.

Last night he sprang my next travel plans on me.  More WIFI this time in the country.  That should be fun.  If he had his way I would be going next week.  However, he wants this done really soon.  So I am thinking like the middle to the end of January.  I have to get product shipped and with the holidays that will probably throw a slight delay in the mix. 

I am so stressed out.  I need that vacation really, really bad.  Building a new machine for the boss, I am worried that something will go wrong or that I will miss something.  Lord knows if I do, I will hear about it. 

My pc at home is all locked up so I have to post this from work, which I am not crazy about.  I want to be able to enjoy tonight and try to relax a little bit.  3 more days and then I'm done for a whole week.  Shame I didn't ask for 2 weeks.  :)

Computers right now don't seem to be my friend.  It's like Murphy is following me messing things up on purpose to create work for me.  I don't need that I've got plenty to do on my own.

So that is about as much fun as I am having here now. Back to it so that I can get closer to getting done.  I will talk with you peeps later.

17 December 2012

R.I.P.–Josh Weston

I learned this afternoon that Josh Weston passed away.  No details on the cause as of yet.  He was 39 years old.  You might not know his name, but if you have watched any Falcon movies you will recognize his face.  He had an awesome body.

I didn’t care too much for his work once he started getting older, because he packed on the muscle.  He also did some bareback work that shook up a few people.  I liked him when he first started out working for Falcon.

I am bothered that someone younger than me, but very close to me in age passed away.  I know it happens all the time but it makes me stop and think how much more time do I have?

I hope he is Resting In Peace.


Grey Christmas Monday

In case you can’t tell by the title it’s a Grey gloomy day here and it’s Monday.  Christmas fits in because it’s next week!

Murphy is following me.  Friday night my Otter Box Holster broke.  Sunday night my printer hinge broke. Monday Google Sync stopped working with my BlackBerry.

Damn wish I had an iPhone for work, that would solve two of the 3 problems.  I actually have solved everything except the last issue with my BB.  I’m working on a solution, going for free instead of pay.  Lots of places will take your money to sync your calendar wirelessly and from what I see it ranges from $9.95 to $25.00 per month.  My boss would have a stroke if I signed up for a service like that.  Honestly I want to ask for an iPhone but that will leave them stuck with a BlackBerry and the iPhone will have to be purchased at full retail price.  First, I don’t think they would say yes and Second, I don’t want to cause a huge expense. 

I called Lexmark about my printer and they are shipping me a replacement.  Should be in this week.  Then I will have the task of getting the old one returned.  If they give me enough time I can take care of that part next week, when I am off. 

So hard to believe that next week is Christmas but it should be a nice week to have off.  Especially since the world is supposed to come to an end.  :)

Had to do a bunch of laundry for my guy and therefore none of my stuff got done.  So I am way behind the 8 ball.  Going to start a load tonight and we shall see how it goes from there.  I will need time to relax.  Monday nights are always stressful because I have to take out the trash, clean up after the cats and prepare for another work day.  Depending upon what is for supper there may be a need to do dishes.  It’s supposed to be ravioli tonight so that should be easy clean up.

I am also waiting for the bomb to drop and having my boss blow up from what I did on Friday.  I’ve got it covered but just the anticipation alone made me not want to come to work.  Plus I have a vendor playing games try to take our money.  I am working around that but like everything, it takes time.

Seems that no one or nothing moves fast these days.  However, I am becoming addicted to Amazon Prime.  Need it, order it and in two days its here.  Got trash bags, gum (something not in stores around here) and new sheets on the way.  Easy way to part with your cash.  There should be a bunch of packages from a prior order waiting for me tonight at the post office.  I will need a Santa Bag to get them all in the car. 

I am waiting for my next laptop to arrive here at work, should be in today and then I will be busy again.  Configuration seems to be my middle name these days. 

So enough babbling, I guess I will get back to work.  Life is status quo at the moment.  Looking for it to stay that way, no drama!  Talk with you peeps later!

15 December 2012

A 2nd chance

Friday I did something at work that I thought would be helping out my boss.  However, knowing him like I do I quickly realized after I did it that I probably cooked my own goose.  This ate at me all night Friday and today.  I talked until I was blue in the face to my partner and he didn’t really have any solutions.  So I talked out my options when I realized how to fix it.  I made a call to the right person and they know what happened and that there was no malicious intent on my part, so they said to blame them.  It won’t cause them any problems and it will keep ye old bastard off my back.  I feel so much better now!

We learn from our mistakes, so next time I will think before I act.  Lord knows I have NO desire to get back in the unemployment line. 

Oddly enough with the events that occurred on Friday, even after people knew about it at work.  Two people got into a shouting match over a freaking printer.  One of the girls yelled for me but thanks to the acoustics of the office, I never heard her.  I knew there was a lot of people talking but I had no idea there was a verbal assault in progress.  Good Lord, it’s a printer.  So not worth fighting over.  However, both of these people are stubborn so Monday should be interesting.  Especially when their boss gets wind of it.  I hope that no one looses their job over it. 

Speaking from experience, it’s a nice perk to have your own printer at work.  You don’t have to get up to walk a million miles to a network printer.  There is no fear of someone else taking what you printed.  The list just goes on and on.  However, it’s not the end of the world.  Millions of people have to share printers because of cost reasons and it makes sense.  If companies had to buy each employee a printer for their desk, think of the overhead in paper, toner and repairs that would generate.  Not exactly a money making proposition.  However, we do purchase printers and pass them out like candy.  There are only 4 people in the office out of 15 that don’t have their own printers.  This is so not my call, so I am just doing what I am asked to by Management and keeping my nose out of it.  I don’t need to get caught up in the drama, I have enough drama of my own to deal with. 

Presently I am buried in configuring new equipment and I’ve got my normal day to day requests that filter in.  Like I can’t print or I forgot my password or how do I, etc.  I do good keeping all of that straight and trying to keep myself out of trouble. 

I did however discover by accident that I have my own Thermostat.  I guess I don’t have to bring a heater to work after all.  I haven’t touched it, but I think it works.  We will find out when the next really cold day comes around.  Right now it’s set on 70 and I am okay with that.

At home, Ms. Momma has been sneezing her head off.  I’ve been giving her antihistamines to help out.  The sneezing seems to have passed.  Now her eye is watering.  Honestly, keeping everyone health and happy around here is a full time job.  I should probably advertise for an in house cheerleader/veterinarian and physician.  One person, 3 roles.  Sort of how it is in a lot of places.  Take where I work for example!

It’s starting to get late and I need to get moving.  Spent too much time here on the old PC.  Plus I have to go in to the office tomorrow, but it’s only for 5 minutes and then I am outta there.  Thank Goodness.  Lord knows I need my rest!

Talk with you peeps later!

Shooting…Commentary & Reaction

Yesterday evening I looked at social media and everyone was saying how horrible what happened in CT was and that they were going to hug their kids.  I have no objection.  But why did it take something horrible to happen before suddenly everyone woke up (if only for a moment) and decided to hug their kids?  Why don’t we all live each day like it’s our last?  If you have something to say…spit it out because you may not ever get a chance to say it again.  For God sakes, tell your kids and those you care deeply about that you love them and do it often.  I think that tragic events like this could possibly be avoided if the world was a much more loving place.  All of the people stepping on other people to get ahead or figuring out how to plot revenge, it’s all absurd!

The world we live in today is NOT the same world that it was when I was growing up.  There are far too many protests, wars and violence.  I also heard something else on YouTube that made total sense to me.  People have to get physical check ups, why don’t we get mental checkups?  I mean it could help prevent things like this from happening. 

Try as they might to put the pieces to the puzzle together, unless this guy left a note that details why this happened, we will never know.  But people will certainly try to guess.

I can understand wanting to kill your mother, not that I am fine with it but I mean we all have those moments with our parents.  However, if your going to actually do it why take out innocent children and adults that you don’t know, who had nothing to do with it?  Their only crime was being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  That shouldn’t be punishable by death.

School and Workplace shootings are becoming far too common place today.  Unfortunately this wasn’t the first one and it won’t be the last one.  I think that back when “going postal” and Columbine took place it just planted ideas in peoples heads that this was a great way to get attention and put your name in the media spotlight.  Yes you will get attention and your name will be in the media spotlight but there are better ways to go about it.  Plus chances are after your name is known you will have already been dead – most of the people who commit these types of crimes wind up either killing themselves or the police wind up taking them out. 

Events like this always bring up the heated debate topic of Gun Control.  Look regardless if you put regulations or laws in place, if someone wants a gun they will figure out a way to get it.  Sort of like a person going after drugs, they will get there next fix or die trying.  I’m NOT saying that there shouldn’t be better laws and/or protection in place.  What I AM saying is that where there is a will, there is a way.  Guns do not kill people.  People kill people.  The Gun just does what it was designed for…firing a bullet.  It takes a person to pull the trigger.  If we don’t talk seriously about Gun Control now, when do you think a better time would be? 

Think back to 9/11 it didn’t take long at all to have the Federal Government involved with screening passengers at Airports.  We learned our lesson the hard way, but we learned from it.  As a result it’s now safer to fly on a plane.  Why take some measure with Gun Control now?  It just seems like the right thing to do.  Screw the NRA – they are just a bunch of gun nuts.  Lets go hunting and kill some innocent animal.  The next thing you know little Johnny or Suzie gets a hold of your gun and they kill or injure a friend because you didn’t do your job as a gun owner and keep your weapon and ammunition secure and in separate places.

Everyone always thinks this won’t happen to me or it will never happen in my community.  Wake Up ….shit happens everywhere.  Why?  Because Crazy people are amongst us. 

There is way too much hate, anger and violence in this world.  If you get rid of that then I think things like this wouldn’t exist.  I mean look at the 60’s and 70’s you didn’t hear of anything like this then.  It started in the 90’s and I am afraid it won’t ever stop it will just be something that we all get used to over time, which is very sad. 

Personally, I don’t like kids.  Probably one of many reasons why I don’t have any.  Animals on the other hand, they have a soft spot in my heart.  However, unless your life is in direct and immediate jeopardy I see no reason or excuse for taking another life be that of a child, adult or animal. 

The media is having a field day with this event and there is way too much coverage.  That only draws attention and the people of that community need to be able to heal.  I say leave them alone, get the media out of there.  The story has been covered enough, let it be and move on.

Like most people I am deeply saddened by what happened on Friday.  I extend my condolences to those who where affected by this horrible event.  I pray that the violence in the world stops, very soon.

Don’t forget what I said about living each day like it’s your last.  Because you never know.  NO matter who you are, where you come from or what your skin color is.  Death is something that will eventually happen to all of us and there is no way around it, try as you might.  I don’t mean for you to live your life in fear but to pass out those hugs and I love you’s more often.  In the end you will be helping make the world a better place.  Your children learn from you and if you can instill this in them, when they are adults they will be instilling it in to their kids and it’s just a great way to pay it forward.



14 December 2012

Week almost done!

In the words of the late Bernie Mac… Sum ma bitch!  This has been quite the week.  We had internet problems at work on Wednesday afternoon and then again Thursday morning.  It took a bit of digging but the problem was traced back to our on-line backup.  The jobs are designed to take up as much bandwidth as possible, so they complete in a timely fashion.  What happened was the silly thing kicked off a 2nd job early in the morning.  I got to work this morning (Friday) and guess what it did it again. 

The only change I know of is I had to backup a personal machine to the network because it needed to be wiped and redone.  That person had a large amount of data.  I am in the process of taking it off of the network, putting it on my machine and then I’m going to transfer it to DVD for safekeeping. Hopefully, less data will mean less problems!

I’ve been a machine ordering fool this week.  2 Laptops.  One of them is here and the other one is on the way.  I also got in a desktop that I ordered.  Then someone brought me their personal laptop because it had Windows 8 on it.  I spent a couple hours with it but within the first 5 minutes I was ready to take a hammer to it.  Very frustrating to use, unless you have a touch screen.  The metro interface for the average person, I think sucks.  There is no START button.  From a business standpoint there is no way I would put a user on this OS.  Windows 7 is perfectly fine to use.

Speaking of software, I’ve got a vendor trying to pressure me into buying a new cloud based version of Symantec AV.  They are telling me that the old traditional on-site product that we use today will be discontinued.  Funny, we have other sites that use it and no one has told me this.  They said well we are trying to get ahead of the curve.  They really poured on the pressure.  So I did my home work.  The web says the product will be discontinued in late 2014.  I called another vendor who has a good relationship with Symantec and they said there are no immediate plans to get rid of the product.  So now I am trying to get them to quote me for the product we use today and they don’t want to do it.  I am already working with another vendor and will probably wind up moving our business for this service to them.  I am not the best at smelling BS but something sure didn’t feel right here.  I haven’t told a sole about it, I am just waiting right now to see how it plays out.  We don’t have a whole lot of time because our current license expires late this month, but the nice thing is Symantec will keep pushing updates regardless if we renew or not.  I am all about paying but I don’t want to have to fork over an arm and a leg.  In simpler terms it’s like taking your car in for a flat tire and mechanic telling you, sorry we can’t fix this you have to get a new car.  Really?  I think NOT!  I’m pretty ticked about this.  Why on earth would you jeopardize a business relationship in the hopes of making a buck?  Makes no sense to me.

I haven’t had a whole lot of time to myself this week.  Last night I was stuck here at the office to work on of all things, my bosses machine.  He was so loaded up with spyware and viruses it wasn’t funny.  I was hoping to do the work covertly but I got caught by his assistant.  I hope that she doesn’t say a thing to him, I fessed up right away and said his machine was jacked up and I’m just trying to do the right thing and get it cleaned up.  She told me that she understood.  Talk about a Freidan slip, she said oh no wonder his machine is messed up, he looks at stuff.  Then she quickly said uh, oh documents and doesn’t realize if they are safe to open or not.  Yeah right.  Your not going to BS me with that.  I know differently.  People like to explore, which is what helps to keep me employed.  I am not against it but I really wish they would do things like that on their home PC.  It sure would make my job easier. 

Speaking of work, there was some files in my office and the girls would have to come in periodically to file.  They finally got around to moving all that crap out and I got a whole filing cabinet in the process.  Great just what I need, more space for my stuff.  Funny the things you accumulate or have to hold on to to play the CYA game. 

On the home front, things are status quo.  Johnny No Thumbs (my partner)  as I call him now, is doing okay.  I read something this week about Alzheimer's and I see him starting to fall into that.  I think he is aging much faster than I want him to.  One of his friends was diagnosed with cancer and has less than 1 year to live.  Really sucks to see a person that you love grow old right before you eyes.  I kind of wish I would have listened to my therapist and not fell in love with an older man.  If I had the same guy but much younger, things would be so different. 

Last night we went out for Pizza & a sandwich.  I had the Pizza.  It was good and there are left overs so that is supper tonight.  He is going to have fish, I think. 

I signed up for a trial of Amazon Prime.  It’s pretty cool, free 2 day shipping on a lot of things.  You can also watch select videos for free from Amazon’s video library.  If you have a e Reader you can check out books for free from the lending library.  The catch, easy it’s $78 a year.  The trial lasts for a month, which is a decent amount of time.  I think I will actually get more use out of this membership than I do with my Sam’s club card.  I paid for the membership and we haven’t been once yet this year.  Plus Sam’s only takes Discover for credit.  You can use a MasterCard  Debit card, who these days has cash in the bank? 

One of the girls this morning wasn’t eating.  She kept looking at the sink.  It is the one that doesn’t like to be touched.  Yeah..  I gave her special food and everything but she didn’t want to eat.  She had what looked like a piece of string in her mouth.  It could have been a piece of fish for all I know.  Anyway, I caught her licking her chops which is a sign (I think) that she ate something.  She usually only does that after a meal.  When I was out of the shower, she disappeared so I told my guy to keep an eye on her.  A Cat on a hunger strike is something that I don’t need!  I still have to make an appointment for Big Boy.  It’s been 6 months and I think it might be time to tap again. 

Well work is backing up so I need to go.  I just remembered something that I promised two days ago and haven’t done it.  Juggling is not my forte.  Take care and I will talk with you peeps later.

12 December 2012

I’m dreaming of Neil Patrick Harris

Last night all I wanted is to be able to relax and take it easy.  On the way home the BB started up.  I got a message to call someone they were having problems.  I called and thankfully it was one of those times, where everything was resolved.  Okay, so I dodged a bullet.

I got a little concerned when I got home because my guys vehicle was still in the same spot.  We talked about him going to the store.  So I instantly thought of the worst.  Then the garage door opened and I saw soda sitting on the cat litter, so I knew he made it out.  I went inside and it looked like a homicide crime scene.  Blood was every where.  So I called out and he was okay, he chopped off part of his thumb in the Mandolin because he just had to have homemade potato chips.  Kind of gives a new meaning to the word Finger Food.

So we had supper.  I put a rubber band on his thumb to stop the bleeding.  Then as soon as we were done, I took the rubber band off and it started up again.  I told him he would have to go to the hospital.  He balked at me but I told him it was only for his own good.  He didn’t want to go but after a little bit, reality set in. 

I told him we should go to the Doc in the box, it was designed for stuff like that and we would be in and out.  He wanted to go to the ER.  I figured there would be a serious wait and mind you I still wanted to relax.  So we went to the Doc in the box.  Turns out we were there most of the night.  From 6:15 until 9pm.  So much for quick.  They put on a dissolvable hemostat, which took care of the bleeding. 

Once we got home, I had to take care of the kids and get ready for bed.  It was 9:30 once I sat down.  Wow, what a day. 

I didn’t sleep good on Monday night, so I was kind of looking forward to Tuesday nights rest.  I had a nightmare that someone broke into our home and held us hostage.  I was at knifepoint.  Then as quick as it started it ended and then repeated it’s self except this time I had a gun and I shot the person.  Strange!  It took a little bit to recover from that, but I managed to get back to sleep. 

neilpatrickharris-shirtlessThat’s when I had the best dream of all.  I was talking with NPH and then out of the blue we just started kissing.  I’m not a big kisser but it was enjoyable. Then I woke up and it was time to come face another day.  I’ve been thinking about NPH ever since. 

Tonight I have to get fat, I mean cat food.  Then it’s off to home, where I hope to enjoy left over sloppy joes and have a nice relaxing evening.  Ice on my foot and hopefully sweet dreams.  I am so ready for vacation.  What is supposed to be a week of rest and fun, is getting very busy.  Time will tell if it all gets done.  Right now my immediate focus is on tonight.  I am also looking forward to the weekend, more time for rest.  I guess I am getting lazy in my old age but I just want to throw up my hands and do nothing.  Ah, well back to the salt mine.

Hope you have your holiday shopping done.  I will talk with you peeps later!

11 December 2012


Yesterday my boss got a fake anti-virus on his machine.  Like most of them, it prevented him from doing anything.  I tried system restore but no luck there.  I had to login as myself, being an Administrator and then install Malwarebytes and do a quick scan. 

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, my boss is NOT a very patient fellow.  He is a get it and go type of person, everything is quick.  Part of me thinks that is because he lives on the East Coast.  People there are great but typically don’t have patients for anything.

So the quick scan did the trick and got me out of the jam.  I looked at his AV and it hadn’t been updated since August.  Not sure why but his machine just stopped communicating with the server, so his definitions were well out of date.

I waited until late in the evening and pushed AV to his machine.  It said that it was successful but I didn’t see his machine show up in the list of clients.  So I pushed it again, and he still didn’t show up.  My next trick was to remote into the machine, but if he was still working this would cause problems.  I rolled the dice and looked, sure enough the install worked and definitions were up to date.  I didn’t get any phone calls or emails and he said nothing today, so I presume I got lucky!

Today he calls me and tells me he can’t print.  Strange.  I tried reinstalling the drivers and I got everything but what he wanted to print.  He finally kicked me off of his machine, because he had work to do.  Then 15 minutes later he called me back and told me “it blew up”.  I walked in and he said I’m working, give me a minute.  Huh?  Confused, I know I was.  Then he showed me he couldn’t access any network files, it told him to contact his Admin.  The fix for this?  You guessed it, reboot.  When I told him that he had a small calf but we got through it.  That fixed things.

The man makes me nervous, always peering over my shoulder.  Maybe he is trying to learn something or just wants to see what I am up to.  Matters not to me, but it creeps me out and my brain doesn’t seem to want to work.  I told him that I need to scan his machine because I think there is something else going on.  Lord knows that if the quick scan found stuff that there is probably God knows what lurking.  Not to mention I am not really happy with the way his machine was built.  I didn’t do it, he got it well before I started.  Personally, I wouldn’t have it – I would have thrown it back and said get me a different one. 

Now I have to wait and see when free time will come and hope as well as pray nothing else goes wrong.  My fear is that he will grow angry with me and kick me out.  Despite the fact that I am helping his business more than anyone has ever before.  I still feel like it’s a thin sheet of ice, but only when I am dealing with him. 


Speaking of computers, yesterday I noticed that IE 10 was out for Windows 7.  So I downloaded the beta copy, had to reboot and then we were in business.  This is on my work machine.  There are a couple pages that I look at on a regular basis but have to now use compatibility mode.  I t seems a little faster and there are more controls for privacy sake, as well as it will auto update to get future versions as soon as it detects they are available.  Chrome & Firefox have been doing this for years, about time MS caught up with the pack.  I’m keeping it for a little bit.  I just hope that once it’s a Golden Master, things improve even more. 


I saw photos yesterday from the company trip.  Looks like a nice place.  Most of the women got all slutted up to go out on the town.  They were pulling in men fast.  Honestly, they all looked like $2 whores.  I know they were having a good time but you don’t have to look like a whore to accomplish that.  The one guy I liked managed to avoid photos all together, probably a good idea.  So the most skin I saw was that of women, ick. 

The rooms were posh.  A mini bar with sensors on each item.  If you lifted the item for more than 4 seconds you were charged for it.  Regardless if you used it or not.  Each room had a Apple Computer in it and the hotel encouraged you to use it.  Kind of a nice perk.  The rooms were $500 per night and I was worried about spending $170 per night.  They also consumed a large amount of alcohol.  This cost the company a small fortune, but I saved them money by not going.  Next year?  Who knows.  Personally, I would like a Christmas Bonus which I don’t believe they do.

The women started up a secret Santa thing.  It’s only $10 but I declined.  It would just be something else to add to my ever growing list of things to do.  I don’t want to bother. 

Speaking of Christmas, I got our holiday gift for our friends.  They have cats, lots of them just like we do.  They actually have to leave a faucet on because one of their cats wants uber fresh water.  Well, now they will have a fountain that will run all the time and won’t run up the water bill.  I got them a reserve reservoir to hold even more water and I’m throwing in a package of filters.  I sure hope they are happy with it.  The damn thing wasn’t cheap but I did pay less than when I bought ours for #1 son.  We still have it all these years later.  I discovered if you air dry and use a quick wash setting, you can throw it in the dishwasher.  Boy that saves me a ton because that thing gets dirty fast.  Plus you have to change the filter at least every 4 weeks or stuff starts growing and the kids will get sick.  I got our kids a larger reservoir so they can drink even more.  There you have it my holiday shopping is done!

What will I get for Christmas?  Just a meal and time with friends and my family.  I’d love money.  The joy of the season for me is just spending time at home with everyone.  Having my guy around for another year as well as Mr. Big Boy.  Plus the week off so we can get married.  I could ask for more but wouldn’t get it, so I am happy with what I have.  Plus at the moment I am not looking for a job, so that is a big improvement from last year!

Time to get back to real work, the afternoon is moving but not fast enough for me.  About an hour and a half more to go before the day is done.  Wow, too bad it’s not Friday already!  Take care and I will talk with you peeps later.

10 December 2012

Missing life on the road

I don’t miss the travel but I do miss the fact that someone else was picking up the tab last week for all of my meals and I could eat anything I wanted.  I also miss the two hot guys that I saw.  Outside of that I am glad to be home!  Trying to get used to the whole W-E-S Routine again.  That’s Work – Eat – Sleep. 

Very busy day and I’m already sick of computers so I will keep this short. 

bdsm I saw this on-line.  Thought it would be really funny to print it out and put it on someone’s hotel door.  However, I didn’t and not because I wasn’t near a printer.

mn guy This is the 2nd hot guy I saw.  I think he was from MN.  We flew home together, as far as Chicago.  I heard him on his cell phone say it would be late before he got to Minneapolis.  I didn’t see a wedding ring but I would suspect like all of the hot and good looking guys – he’s straight or taken!  Too bad, I really – really liked his body.  I am sure I could have got to liking him as well but never had the courage to open my mouth.

mr hot stuff This is the 1st hot guy, who I kept bumping into each morning.  He was really fine and tall.  I would have liked to get to know him better.  No idea where he is from.  I believe we flew in together from Chicago. 

Both of these photos were covertly snapped at Breakfast.  I have spent a lot of time thinking about both of these fellas, even after I arrived home.  I showed my partner and it didn’t do anything for him. 

Tonight’s mail brought me a letter from the Government.  Seems that hot black guy I used to work with decided to apply for a Government job.  They are doing a background check.  I provided a neutral reference because I found out after he was gone that he couldn’t keep his mouth shut.  I don’t want to outright give him a horrible reference, even though he probably deserves it.  I know what it’s like to struggle for a job and feel he at least deserves something neutral.

Well it’s off to feed the kids and try to find something to watch until I pass out.  Talk with you peeps later. 

09 December 2012

It’s Sunday already!

Wow, where does the time go?  I can’t believe it’s Sunday night already.  I have gotten a bunch of stuff done but not everything that I wanted.  I also just managed to get scratched up by Jumper.  He needs his claws trimmed.

Very Happy to be back home.  Just wish that I had tomorrow off so that I could continue my relaxation marathon.  I love those afternoon naps.  Ah, well 2 weeks then I can take all of the naps I want for an entire week.

Not sure that I will be ready for Monday – but I have a million things to do at work.  Lots of people want my time.  So I am going to make a to do list and hopefully that will keep me on track and keep things from falling through the cracks.

I joined Hulu Plus – I get a week free trial and then it’s $7.99 per month.  They have tons more stuff than NetFlix.  I don’t like their interface as much as NetFlix but I must say I am thinking of killing off NetFlix.  I can afford to keep both of them at the moment, so I may do that but in the end one of them will have to go.  I have seen a couple of good movies.  One of which was eCupid and that stars Mike C. Manning one of the guys who was on The Real World and is uber hot! 

Speaking of uber hot, I got to thinking why is it that I see a guy and he is the most beautiful thing until the next one comes along?  It is horrible to be addicted to Men but it’s better than being addicted to drugs I suppose.

On that happy peppy note, I have to run.  Back to the movies and to trim someones claws before he does more damage to me.  Talk with you peeps later.

07 December 2012

Sick but not ill

I got a request to terminate access for one of the people I just saw on my trip. They were fired. I am shook up over it and thinking what crappy timing. The folks I work for sure aren't shy about letting people go. It appears as if they have no heart but then again business doesn't have any emotions at all. However we are
all human, couldn't they have waited until after the new year? What makes it worse is yesterday was that persons birthday.

I got an email this morning from them thanking me for my efforts and the next thing I know they were walked out. Just glad I had no prior knowledge and didn't have to witness it.

I am at the airport. The GPS started working again. No problem with returning the rental car. One of the hot guys from the hotel is at the airport, wonder if he will be on my flight. Hmmm.

Just happy to get home. The sooner the better! Talk with you peeps later.

06 December 2012

Glad to be headed home tomorrow

So I wanted to leave “work” early today but that didn’t happen.  My cell phone case broke, I scrambled but managed to find a replacement . 

When I picked up the rental car, there was a small crack in the window but I didn’t see it until I was away from the airport.  I phoned it in so there was a record of it.  The next day I had to use the defroster and the crack spread right before my eyes.  It’s VERY noticeable now.  I sure hope they don’t try to pin it on me, because I didn’t do it.

Tonight after supper the GPS stopped working.  So here I am stuck in the middle of a town that I am not familiar with.  Thank God for my iPhone it saved me and I was able to use SIRI to get turn by turn directions back to the hotel.  I’m packing up the GPS and will turn it in without saying a word.  I hate to do that but figure they would try to charge me for the GPS unit, when again I did nothing to it, the damn thing just quit.

Seems like things are going wrong left and right today.  Last night’s meal was at Olive Garden.  I ate way too much and stupidly ordered desert to make things worse.  In the middle of the night I had acid backup in my throat.  I didn’t get a lot of sleep because of the burning.

I took the maintenance guys out to lunch today, I used the corporate credit card to pay for the meal – they so deserved this.  It was the most I could do for them.  They did an awesome job and I know first hand people like to be rewarded for their efforts.

I just sent an e-mail to the boss telling him that the work was done and asked him about my vacation.  He said that I could take the week and thanked me for a job well done.  Awesome, so I’m getting Civil Unioned for sure!

This hotel has two hot guys in it and they keep coming to breakfast when I am there.  I’ve tried to alter my schedule to avoid them but it hasn’t worked.  One of them actually flew here on the same flight with me.  Perhaps I will see him tomorrow when I fly back.

I’m done with life on the road and ready to get back to my fuzzes in my poor house.  I hate living out of a suit case.  It will be boring to sit around in airports but I will manage.  It’s been a long week.

The project was actually done early Wednesday morning but the wiring work was all done on Tuesday.  I had extra equipment that I returned to help lower cost and hopefully I am done with WIFI at least for a while.  I am also hopeful that I don’t travel again until Spring!

Time to party…watching TV, taking a shower and talking with my guy.  That’s all for now.  Talk with you peeps later.

03 December 2012

Made it

So here is my one post, that I made it and I am safe.  We started off on a bad note … 1st delay due to fog.  Then we get ready to leave and snap, another delay to fog.  I am sitting next to a COS (Customer Of Size) which is a polite way for saying fat person.  He took up part of my seat plus all of his.  I was asked if I wanted to move, but declined because I just got comfy  I wish I would have moved because I got uncomfortable really quick.  Oh, I also checked my bag and was told it would arrive at my destination.  I was really nervous about this!

Had McDonald’s @ the airport, horrible it was dry.  No refills on soda, what's up with that?  Then made it to my next gate, by now I am sweating to death.  I feel horrible because I am so HOT.

Got on the 2nd plane, sat by myself in a window seat.  It was a good flight overall.  Best tip ever don’t sit near the back of the plane because you can smell the restroom.

Landed, I could have picked up my car but was more interested in my bag.  So I waited anxiously at baggage claim and presto it showed up.  Then I got in a long line for my rental car.  Picked it up after about 45 minutes in line.  Got a Chevy Malibu, which is really nice.  Too bad I didn’t notice the huge crack in the bottom of the windshield until the sun was on it and I was miles away from the airport.  I called to let them know about it, hopefully it won’t b counted against me.  I almost got side swiped a lady appeared in an intersection and I never saw her, she came within 3 inches of my passenger door.  Scary!

Made it to the hotel, checked in.  A little disappointed in the room.  The vent in the bathroom hasn’t been dusted in about 5 years.  The sink isn’t bolted down, so when you turn on the water the whole fixture shakes.  The towel rack is located inside the shower.  Seriously who thought of that?  They weren’t too bright.  Overall, the room is very comfortable. 

Got to the facility and discovered that I need more POE switches, called my vendor and will have them tomorrow morning.  That is spending an extra $800 – not sure the boss will like it but I know he has deep pockets, so I figured why not.  I mean I need it to complete the job and if I have spares, I will return them for credit.  Today was a travel day, meaning that no work really got done.  We are starting at 8 am tomorrow morning.

Had supper at Outback Steakhouse and dropped $34 on just me with food only, no drinks.  Yeah buddy, I am going to eat good this trip!

My foot is killing me, one of the kids stepped on it the other day and she bruised a toe, plus my golf ball like feeling is back again.  Only because I walked so much today.  My ear hurts too, so I am headed to the shower to wash away the troubles from the day and hopefully have a nice relaxing evening.  I hope this whole project goes well and there are no issues.  I want to leave knowing that my job is done and everything is working like it should.

That’s it.  I will talk with you peeps later.

02 December 2012


Got a little sleeping and relaxing done today.  I went into the office again.  I had a sneaking feeling that they would be bringing in a new person while I was gone.  Last month I was asked to setup a computer for an attorney they are hiring.  Well I got as far as I could with out knowing the name of the person.  I kind of felt while I was gone they would bring someone in and that machine wouldn’t be ready, then all hell would break loose.  So I went in and made a generic user.  Good thinking on my part, because tonight I got a phone call while we were at the grocery store, telling me that someone was coming in to use the machine.  I was asked if it was ready, I just smiled and thought good call and said yes.  So crisis averted!  Thank God!

Working on finishing up laundry and getting ready to pack.  I also still have to tame the trash but we are on schedule. 

I have printed my boarding passes for tomorrow.  Turns out I didn’t have any seats assigned on any of my 4 flights.  I was able to pick seats that I would like, close to the window.  On the flight home I had to book a pay seat, as a premium it’s close to the front of the plane in 1st class.  Nothing wrong with that, hopefully I will be able to get off the plane sooner and get on my way home.

I was able to watch a movie called [a]sexual on Netflix.  Kind of interesting.  A guy named David Jay formed a support group for others like him.  Man I wouldn’t kick him out of my bed.  I think if we had 10 minutes together I could turn him into sexual in a hurry. Ah, well….dreams.

So this is it my last post before I take off traveling tomorrow.  Tonight will be difficult knowing that I won’t be home tomorrow.  I hate parting ways, even if it is temporary.  I worry way too much and I am sure things will be fine.  I just hope the kids understand and that God will protect them, since they won’t be getting their meds.

Take care and I will talk with you peeps later.

01 December 2012

The Babble Post

Ready for some babble?  Break out the Cookies & Milk because this will be a long post!

Friday… I went in to the office like a normal day.  It was anything but a normal day!  When I got there I discovered the computer that I dropped everything to rebuild wasn’t there.  WTF!  I sent an e-mail and was told …oh she forgot to bring it in.  Dizzy woman.  So I got a machine ready for a person who is in dire straights.  She will have it on Tuesday.  I had a voice mail and responded to that and then e-mail just started pouring in like a river.  I helped out a couple people.  The last person I called said that she didn’t have time and we would have to take care of it next week.  I told her that I was out of town and that didn’t seem to phase her she said oh, honey it can wait until next week.  I explained again I won’t have time and then she wanted to argue.  Okay, so we can take care of it next week.  I just told her what she wanted to hear so I could hang up!  I am not helping her next week, I will be far too consumed with this project and any other crisis that pop up.  Thinking I had covered all of the bases and double checking myself, I had everything taken care of so it’s time to leave.  It’s around 1:30pm.

I am about five miles from home when mister black berry decided to vibrate.  It’s the place I am going to next week.  The administrator has flipped her lid and sent out a message to me, my boss and tons of other people to scream the sky is falling, our hr person has no computer and she won’t be able to make payroll on Monday.  Holy crap, that is not exactly what I needed to hear.  I got the mail and took my sweet time getting home.  Once I got here I sprang into action and called the HR person.  We worked everything out and payroll will be taken care of on Monday.  So crisis averted once again!  I sent out a message to everyone letting them know everything was okay.  It was about 3pm now.  I decided to rest.  I got a 1/2 hours nap and then something woke me up.

My partner kept yelping about being hungry.  So we packed up and went to the shop to check on his vehicle.  They were working on it and I was told it would be ready but it would be closer to 6.  Okay, so we ate at that Italian place.  Turns out they are Greek, American and Italian all on one.  The appetizers and salad were amazing.  They suck at making Spaghetti.  It was a $50 meal that really wasn’t worth it.  However, I can scratch it off my bucket list.  Then we went back to the shop and they told me that they found another hose that was leaking so they went ahead and replaced it.  The bill was $50 higher.  Yeah, okay so I dropped a little bit over 1k on his vehicle.  Not exactly in my plans but it beats investing in a constant supply of Power Steering Fluid and wondering when or if the pump would fail.  The axle wasn’t replaced, I was mistaken it was the ball bearings that needed to be replaced.  The ride is quiet compared to what it used to be.  He needs a 4 wheel alignment really bad.  Plus an oil change.  Merry Christmas!!

Friday night and Saturday… I watched Dateline because there was an update on Ryan Fergusons case and how the judge dismissed his request for a new trial, despite overwhelming evidence that shows he is innocent.  Poor Ryan still in jail for something he didn’t do.  Hopefully, one day he will be free.  I took a technology break and just decided to spend the evening with the kids.  Damn computers make me sick after pounding on them all day long and staring into a screen.  Just needed to have some down time.  I slept in on Saturday and had some left over pie for breakfast.  Once the sugar wore off, I crashed and went back to bed.  Woke up around noon.  We travelled to a place to eat and I got loaded up with chili.  If you need me tomorrow I will be in the bathroom.  Anyway, it was a nice afternoon and good to get away. 

The topic we were discussing is my vacation request.  Friday I put in my request to my boss.  He was busy on e-mail so I figured I would get a quick reply, I could turn in the paperwork and it would be done.  Instead, he provided no response.  Which makes me wonder if once I get this next place up and running, if he has other plans for me.  Like putting me back on the street.  Probably not, but I don’t trust him and doubt that I ever will.  I just hope I am not being used to get WIFI going and then I am going to be dumped.  Not much I can do about it.  One of my friends said oh, he is probably waiting until you get back and tell him everything is working.  All I know is I won’t be there on the 27th, if I have to call in sick I will.  Since we get 2 of the 5 days off for the holiday, I am only asking for 3 days and with all of the hell he has put me through this year I certainly deserve it.  I don’t anticipate a Christmas bonus, since I turned down the company trip.  I think the trip was their form of a bonus for everyone.  Since I didn’t go then it’s my tough luck.  However, as much as I was pestered on Thursday & Friday there was no way I would have had time for fun.  Even when I am “on vacation” I will still have to have this damn phone strapped to my side.  Too bad they don’t allow electronics in the courthouse…I will be out of reach for at least 1 hour. 

All I know is like the last trip, I will be glad when this is all over with.  Next week at this time I probably will be worn out but much happier!

Back to Saturday, I went out for cat food and then came home.  Here I am working on guess what…Laundry of all things and blogging.  Wow, what an exciting life I lead!

My face is driving me crazy, it itches so bad.  I haven’t shaved since Sunday and I am having serious doubts that I will be able to make it to tomorrow.  I like shaving once a week, in fact the whole idea of not shaving at all and growing a beard is appealing BUT I can never ever get past the itching stage.  Right now is mild, compared to if I let it go.  Next week I would be looking for a drug store pretty quick!  Not a problem I want to take with me.  I have plans to veg out in front of the TV after I tidy up the house a bit and do some more laundry.  Plus I need something to eat and drink, my body is asking polite now.  I’m thinking water and ice cream or maybe root beer & ice cream.  Either way ice cream is in the picture. 

I did my research and the weather next week will be pretty much like it is here at home.  Starts out cold and then warms up to 50 or 60.  It’s like being in CA or FL this time of year.  Normally we are cold and it never gets above 40.  Strange weather. 

Plans for Sunday… I have to pack, print my boarding passes and prepare myself for going back on the road again.  I hate saying goodbye to home, my partner & the kids.  However, it’s only a week and they have survived before.  Plus it’s the last trip of the year.  Hopefully I don’t go back on the road until Spring at least, but time will tell.

Now on to something that has been eating away at me.  Over the past week I have watched several gay themed movies.  One of which was about a boy who’s parents tried to convert him to being straight.  Some people apparently still think that being gay is a mental defect.  When the truth of the matter is you have no choice in the matter.  It would be sort of like picking your parents.  From the teenage years and on ward, we start making decisions.  I have never heard of someone who wanted to be gay or wished they were gay. 

Gay people are just that, people.  The only thing different about us is the fact that we are attracted to the same sex.  As long as we are happy, I think the rest of the world should support us.  Times are changing but we still have a very long way to go.

Trying to de-homosexualize a gay person is like trying to get a Zebra to change his stripes.  It’s not going to happen!  Not because we don’t want it but because it is truly impossible.  Yes, I know there are people who claim they have been “cured” but they are just repressing their sexual desires.

I worked with a guy who was gay.  He was a minister, married and had two kids.  He has a rocking body and I was so attracted to him.  I could pick up that he was gay so I asked him about it.  He just told me that the bible says it’s wrong and he really enjoyed making sweet love to his wife.  Yes, he looked at guys and was still attracted to them but he decided that wasn’t for him.  Today he is still married but I honestly don’t think he is happy.  We don’t keep in touch and drifted far apart after I left that job.  There are other people just like him who choose to live as “straight” people when they are really gay.  If that makes them happy, then so be it.

What everyone fails to realize is that we are humans just like them.  No better, no worse.  Gay people come in all shapes and sizes.  We have the same general interests as you – some of us like sports, hunting, computers, cars, books, etc.  We are employed and unemployed.  Some of us have homes, others of us are homeless.  Being gay is not a disease, a mental defect, a lifestyle or even for that matter a choice.  It’s how we were born.

For most gay people, we struggle but eventually come to terms with our sexuality and who we are.  If we can come to terms with it, then why can’t the rest of the world?  Growing up gay isn’t easy.  You have taunting, teasing, and even in some cases get into fights when people figure it out or even suspect.  If your lucky enough to hide it, then you have to listen to fag jokes, which isn’t easy either. 

I could go on and on about this, but feel I have made my point.  Eventually equality for all will be as common place as the sun, but until it is we will just have to keep fighting the good fight. 

As for gay marriage, there are only a few states in the Union that allow for true marriage.  Most and my state included provide Civil Unions.  I don’t understand why we can’t call it marriage.  It angers me and makes me feel like a 2nd class citizen.  In most cases you are afforded all of the same legal rights as a traditional married couple but you are singled out by the government calling it a Civil Union.  Once we are “united” it will be recognized as long as we are in our state.  However, both of us travel to a neighboring state for medical care and over there it’s not recognized.  So you have to have Power of Attorney for Property & Healthcare as well as forming things like a Living Revocable Trust to protect your assets.  It’s just absolute madness at the extra steps we have to take to make sure that we are 100% covered from a legal standpoint.  These are steps that a traditional married couple need not take.  In summary it’s just not fair!

The one thing that I thought was nice, when we registered we are both afforded the opportunity to change our last name to make it the same as a married couple would.  Personally, I would like to change mine but then I think of all of the complications I would have to go through.  You have to tell your bank, get a new drivers license, a new social security card, tell your employer, inform all of your creditors and the list goes on and on.  So while it’s appealing neither one of us will be changing our names because we think in the long run it would cause far more problems than it would solve.  It’s also uncommon for men to change their last names.  I have worked with people who did change their last name or they adopted their husbands name so they had a hyphenated last name.  Like John Smith – Jones.  Yeah, that’s not classy to me and it begs some people to inquire why do you have two last names?  Not to mention you still have to go through all of the legal mumbo jumbo with the name changing process.

On a different note, I did have something else to babble about but since I am getting old my mind is going.  I just have way too much going on and I know it’s a stress thing, rather than an age thing.  However, lucky for you I thought of another subject.

What I like about travel.  I enjoy the fact that I have to make decisions for myself like where I am going to stay, what I am going to eat and the part I like about that is there is no one else to get approval from.  I enjoy the peace and quiet. I enjoy being able to see new places and experience things like flying and having a hotel room all to myself.  I also enjoy the fact there is no one watching my every move from a work standpoint.  I mean I know I am being watched but it’s just that obvious, so I can relax and be a bit more comfortable in my own skin.

What I don’t like about travel is the fact that I know the boys aren’t getting their medication.  The fact that it’s harder on my partner because he has to do things like dishes and take out the trash, as well as try to keep up with the children.  He fully appreciates what I do when he has to walk a mile or two in my shoes.  I don’t like the fact that I don’t get to see the kids.  I can see my partner via Face Time or Skype.  We can talk via phone or computer.  He understands that it’s only temporary.  The kids don’t.  After about a day they all start looking for me, where is he, where did he go and when or is he coming back.  I also don’t enjoy packing, going through security, having to check my bag and flying coach. 

So it’s a love/hate thing but I will get through it.  I was really uncomfortable with the idea at first but hey I needed a job.  Now that I have done it couple times, I discover that it’s kind of enjoyable.  I just wish I could come home at night!

So how were those Milk & Cookies?  I told you that you would need them!  Now it’s off to launder and clean.  Not sure how much time I will have but I will at least make time to let you know that I made it and am okay.  If you don’t see a post like that, then you should probably worry! Take care and I will talk with you peeps later.