26 June 2012


Well I survived the training that I was dreading.  Of course I got a horrible case of Cotton Mouth and even with taking a drink of water, that didn’t help.  You could tell by my voice that I was nervous and I used a lot of uh…pause…uh.  I must have sounded like a dork.  Anyway, I got the message across and that is what is important.  There is some additional training that needs to be done, but I think I will be able to get away with sending out a Power Point or PDF, which will be nice.  Although I am ready to do another training via the web.  Looking back it was kind of fun and a rush once it was over!

I got a laptop of a person that used to work in our office.  She was pretty smart and set a BIOS password.  I was able to get past that but then there was a Hard Drive Password.  The silly woman who got the laptop from the lady, didn’t tell me until a day after I racked my brain on how to get past that, that she set the Hard Drive Password.  I figured we were home free.  Nope, then you have to get past a Windows Password.  I tried a couple of free utilities but they didn’t work at all.  So I broke out the company AMEX and purchased a piece of software for $29 that did the trick.  Plus I can use it over and over, which will be very helpful for those machines that no one knows the administrator password to. :)  I might get yelled at for the purchase but it’s a needed tool for my very lacking tool kit at this company.

The boss is in fact away for 2 weeks.  We have had a couple interactions but all is tame thus far.  Apparently I move too damn fast for him.  A request comes in and he is copied on it, but it’s mean for me to do the work.  I have the request completed before he has a chance to respond to it.  So he asked me to slow down.  I have never been asked that before.  Put a task in front of me and just watch me go.  I like to move things out of the way and move on to the next challenge.  It’s always been that way and I don’t ever see it changing. 

Monday when I woke up I noticed that my partners phone line was in use.  Kind of strange.  Then I realized he had the sprayer cat locked up in his office.  The cat peed all over the phone connections and that mucked up the works.  I had to put in a new jack last night and that was so not fun.  Lots of yelling but we got through it.  The phone works so that is a good thing.  Just not how I wanted to spend my evening.

Speaking of Just… that makes me think of Justin one of my coworkers sons.  He works in the building and damn he has a fine body and a nice ass.  He has temptation written all over him.  I really want him and he is legal but there is no way I will even touch him.  It would cause more problems than it would solve.  Ah, Justin.. makes me think of Queer As Folk.  This kid is blond too.  Ooh La La!

The guy who got in the fight I think is pretty well toast.  While I haven’t been given the official word yet, I haven’t seen him.  He is waiting to hear back from HR and/or the Owners to find out if he still has a job.  Both the Owners and HR are out of the office this week, so he probably has at least a week to wait, if not longer.  He is an hourly employee (I guess) and suspect that he is loosing pay over this.  I hear he didn’t go to college so it will be rough for him to find a job.  Bull crap, as long as he is creative about why he is looking for a job and doesn’t disclose the fact he got into a fight I think he could have a job pretty quickly.  Since he is a bit of a hot head and a little strange at that, I would rather not work with him.  However, it’s so not my decision.  I don’t wish him any ill will just hope he lands on his feet and has learned a valuable lesson.

Big Boy is doing okay.  The vet we saw over the weekend called to see how he was doing, he left a voice mail yesterday morning.  I didn’t bother to call him back.  I am giving Big Boy an extra dose of medicine in the morning to hopefully help him breath a little easier.  Sunday is the day I worry.  I hope and pray that everything goes well.  I realize the stakes are higher this time but I have confidence and faith that he will pull through.  That still doesn’t make it any less nerve wracking.  I am trying to do special things for him this week, just in case.  So he gets extra belly rubs, special food and in general the 1st class treatment he is used to.  I don’t want to look back with regret of any kind if something would happen.  The only regret I would have is putting him through the procedure and it’s a 50/50 shot.

Well, Momma cat is all over me to get upstairs, she wants to spend time with me before I turn into a Pumpkin.  I am counting the days down until Friday and so looking forward to the massage.  Saturday with Magic Mike won’t be bad either.  If we could just stop the weekend there I would be fine.  It’s Sunday that I don’t look forward to.

Before I run I spoke with My Brother on Sunday.  He went to day shift yesterday.  I hope it works out the way he wants it to.  Our Mom is doing okay.  She still has frequent anxiety attacks.  She just saw the Dr. so hopefully the adjustment in medicine will help.  He will probably check in with me on Sunday again.  He never knows if he is working an 8 or a 12 hour day.  Lots of OT at his place.  The extra money helps them both, I just hope his body holds out.

More to come.  Hope your having a great week.  Take care and I will talk with you peeps later.

24 June 2012


Above is the trailer for the movie that I want to see.  Should be interesting to see how many other guys are in the audience besides me and my partner.  I can see girls dragging their boyfriends to see this.

I am still so tired, this working for a living sure takes a lot out of a person.  I keep wondering if I will ever recover and get any amount of energy back.  I am taking a B Stress Complex and it works for the most part M-F.  Seems like on the weekends it is not enough. 

I just put the last load of laundry in the dryer.  That felt good.  I still have to wash dishes, deal with the trash and prepare myself for tomorrow.  So there is still plenty to do but I honestly don’t care if it gets done.  I will make what I want to happen and the rest well it will get done later.  :)

Feeling adventurous last night I went looking for a credit card on-line.  Why Capital One’s name popped in my head is beyond me, other than they love to advertise on TV.  I had them select a card for me with no risk, just give them some basic information.  They came up with 3 cards all of which have annual fees.  That is something I hate paying, but considering that I just filed Bankruptcy I am willing to pay a small price for a card for a little while.  I found a cash back card that costs $39 per year.  Interest rates vary but the most important part to me was that if I pay it off every month there is no interest charged.  This card has that and that is the way I plan to use it.  Much to my surprise I was approved.  I even got to customize my card with a stock photo that looks like one of my kids.  I don’t have a lavish limit on this card like I did before, which is a very good thing.  That will help me avoid getting in trouble.  I opted in for the ability to go over my limit for a $29 that applies only if I go over.  Just in case there is ever an emergency I don’t want to be stuck.  The card will be here later this week or early next, so that will be different.  I am already nervous about it and afraid that I will fall into a trap, so I will be extra careful. 

I sure hope that the boss is out of the office for 2 weeks, that will be so nice.  That’s about it.  Big Boy is doing okay today.  Praying that everything turns out good for him.  So I will talk with you peeps later!  Take care.

23 June 2012


Been a very long week full of both good & bad.  Glad that I can look back now and say it’s over.

Before I get in to work junk, I wanted to talk about my Big Boy.  We took him back to the vet for a check up and to see how the fluid was doing.  Kind of disturbing news, he is due to have fluid removed but they don’t think it will do a whole lot of good.  Reason being that there is scar/fibrous tissue that is compressing his lungs.  So removing fluid is a good thing but it honestly won’t buy him a lot of time.  Plus they still think he has cancer.  Bullshit!  If that cat has cancer it will surprise the hell out of me, but then again we aren’t looking for cancer.  Since the fluid isn’t in one place, it will be more dangerous to drain it and he could possibly die during the procedure.  So we made the decision today to do nothing at the moment.  We were unable to see our regular vet and I wanted to get him checked, so that is why I think we got this bad news, it’s just someone who isn’t that familiar with his case.  We talked about it and my partner was very emotional but we made the decision to schedule to have the fluid drained off.  At this point I only trust the vet that we have been seeing on a regular basis.  She normally works on Sundays but it’s only a couple of them a month now, so we have to wait until July 1 to have the procedure done. 

You should have seen that poor cat, the vet was spewing out bad news and it was like the poor cat understood it.  There was just sheer panic on his face.  All the more reason to pick him up and go home, doing nothing today.  I think that had we moved forward as I really wanted to, we would have lost him.  It just didn’t feel right, so I am confident now that we made the right decision.

The best thing is to keep him away from stress, let him relax and keep his environment calm and as quiet as possible.  He also should do better in a cool place.  No wonder he has taken to sleeping my the register in my room.  He loves cold air.  He also likes to look out the back door and watch the deck, the backyard and the birds. 

I wasn’t emotional over it at all, it was like it was a business decision or something.  I have resigned myself to the fact he (Big Boy) is going to die and that the time we have with him is extremely limited.  I arrived at that conclusion two years ago and by the grace of God and a lot of our money, he has made it two years.  I hope we get two more out of him, but honestly I feel pretty strongly that he will pass before the year is over. 

While I have no control over his life, I just hope that he doesn’t pass while I am away on business.  Right now there is no travel scheduled for me, I hope it stays that way for at least a few more weeks.

So not exactly a good day here.


On to work, one of the guys I work with had some issues with another guy that works in the building.  Friday they got into a physical fight.  It started in the elevator and made it’s way to the street in front of the building.  Both of them were arrested as they attracted the attention of several police officers.  To top it all off I hear they were both banned from the building.  So sounds to me like they both lost their jobs, if that is true.  I mean how do you go to work?  Plus since it happened on company property, both of their employers will probably terminate them anyway.  So Monday should be interesting.

My boss has Pneumonia.  I have no idea why he came into the office last week but he did.  Now I heard that he won’t be in the office for the next two weeks.  I sure hope that is true.  It will be like a vacation, just as long as he doesn’t keep in touch!  I have a feeling no matter what you do to him, so long as he has a pulse he will work.  It’s in his blood.  Over all I found out that about a year ago he had a heart attack.  That would back up what I heard about him having Congestive Heart Failure.  So take that and add the Pneumonia and his health really isn’t that great.  Sounds like if I stick around long enough, he will expire.  Sad to say but someone really needs to tell him it’s time to retire. 

If he should die or retire, that will send the company into a different direction and I think a lot of people will be happier.  I have had my moments this week with his bullshit that I just wanted to tell him off and walk out.  Turns out a lot of people have done that.  It doesn’t phase them and nothing changes.  So basically if I quit it’s like I am giving him what he wants.  I need the money and I know how hard it is to find a job, so looks like I am staying put at least until he gets my blood to boiling again.

We still have yet to have our talk, so I have that hanging over my head.  I will be conducting my first ever training session via the web on Tuesday.  I am a little nervous mainly because I don’t feel confident that I know the system well enough.  I did some testing on Friday and if I am left alone on Monday, I plan on doing more testing so that I am as good as I can be on Tuesday.  I will sure be glad when that is over with!


I got paid on Friday and I have been spending money like mad today.  It doesn’t take very long and that paycheck is gone.  I’ve got about $300 left.  I managed to open another checking account because the bank is having a promo now and will give me $50 after I made 3 debit card purchases.  That won’t be hard at all, talk about easy money!  I paid for my medicine, paid the cable and internet, tucked a little away into savings.  Then I got my hair cut.  It’s super short on the sides and I really like it.  I went shopping for Hair Care Products, that’s like a gay man’s meca or something.  I walked in the door of that place and there was a large sucking noise.  That was all of the cash flying out of my wallet.  I went to Target to get cat litter, cat treats, toothpaste, dishwasher cleaner and another pair of insoles from Dr. Scholl’s.  The ones I got last week are helping my feet a lot.  I then did a dumb thing.  I was looking for a Mr. Clean refill for this brush I have to clean my tub and no one carries them anymore.  Damn.  I went to Wal Mart out of desperation and even they don’t have them.  I did a semi dumb thing.  I got a Wal Mart Money Card.  It’s one of those green dot prepaid cards.  Geez they charge you $3.00 to purchase the card and then in 10 days they start billing $3.00 as a monthly fee.  I already know I want away from this thing as quick as I can.

I got the card because I wanted to renew my subscription to online porn but don’t want to give out my debit card number.  Small price to pay.  I also wanted to pick up a fake Mont Blanc pen.  I got the porn taken care of.  I went to buy the pen and the place that I purchased it from didn’t ask for credit card information.  They just said my order was complete.  Apparently DHL will be showing up in 7 to 10 days demanding payment for the package.  I really don’t want that, so I am trying to get that order cancelled before anything ships.  I have $130 left on the prepaid card that I can certainly spend in other places.

This Friday I scheduled a 1 1/2 hour massage for me.  It’s been two long years and I need my reward now!  My neck is killing me today.  Plus I figure it might even help my feet more.  So much stress in my body from work, from home and life in general. I have to save enough money to pay for it.  I’ve got a coupon for 10% off but I still am planning on around $80.  Hopefully it will be less. 

Plus next Friday, Magic Mike opens in theaters.  Google it, if your not familiar with it.  I so want to see that movie so I am trying to save enough money so that we can go see it on Saturday.  It may not be magical for me, but the men should make it worth seeing!  Friday night I will probably fold like a cheap suit.  The massage will just wear me out.   

So all of the extras means we will have to take it easy at the grocery store.  Good news is that come the 7th I will get paid again.  Bad news is my car payment comes out of that check. 

It didn’t help things that this paycheck I had to pay $106 to renew my license plates.  Car insurance will be due in a couple more months, so I have to save up money for that too.  Fun times! 

Well off to bed so that I can hopefully get chores done tomorrow.  Still have lots to do and little time.  I need to check on my regular reads so hopefully tomorrow I can find time for that as well.

I hope that life is treating you well and that you had a great week.  Here’s to what is left of the weekend and the hope that I will get that 2 weeks of being boss free.  As well as a positive outcome for Big Boy.   Stay tuned and I will keep you updated as best as I can.  Take care and I will talk with you peeps later!

20 June 2012

Mid Week Already

Time really does fly when your working!  I have learned some disturbing things from a co-worker and how he was crapped on.  I am having issues as well with Mr. Micromanager.  He is watching my every move, like I am out to defraud or steal from him.  There is nothing I want other than to be treated like a human being and given my paycheck. 

We still have yet to have our conversation about Wireless.  It was supposed to happen on Monday but I was tied up on a long phone call and he said make it Tuesday morning, early.  So I busted my ass to get in extra early and even beat him to the office.  I waited all day for him to call me for a meeting, but it never happened.  I know that he is old and forgetful but I really think the onus is on him to bring it up.  I mentioned it once and feel that I shouldn’t have to be his memory.

There is a new purchase order system going live soon and because it runs on a computer, the it guy (me) was volunteered to train everyone on how to use it.  Golly gee, I don’t mind training but I really feel this should be handled by someone other than me.  Being in IT you have to be willing to get your hands wet and bumble your way through it.  Having balls of steel and never letting anyone see you sweat.  Typically I manage to figure things out pretty quickly and fake it until I make it.  The training should be easy enough, it’s just having a large audience will make it a little difficult.  Thankfully it’s all done via the web so it’s not like I am standing in front of everyone. 

When I returned to the office on Monday, I learned that a lady just up and quit.  Last night at 10:30pm my cell phone rang, I was out of it and in bed, but it still woke me up.  I didn’t answer it.  Thankfully the number wasn’t in my contacts and no one has said a word to me, so I figure it was a wrong number.  However, I get in the office this morning and find out another lady quit and they wanted her access disabled.  I took care of it and now I wonder if we have a new trend going where people will just quit left and right until we are down to bare bones.  I mean the way people are treated here really sucks.

The bigger thing is that everyone is related to everyone else.  There are only a small group of us outsiders who don’t know anyone or aren’t related.  For being a growing company they are sure behind the times on how to treat people, benefits and no one ever has any meetings with the employees on how things are going.  You are only told bad or negative things.  God help you if you make a mistake because they are like elephants and never forget it.  If management makes a mistake and you point it out to them, well they just gloss over it like it never happened. 

Is it any wonder why people don’t give notice, they just up and quit?  I think not.  I really like my job overall it’s just the dick I have for a boss and how he treats me that sucks.  Plus he is limiting my ability to move forward and get things done because I have to check with him every step of the way.

Now I am sure you wouldn’t be surprised if I told you that my instincts are telling me that this won’t be a long term job.  Me and the boss are going to have a blow up, at least I feel that.  He may be totally cool with me but thus far he isn’t treating me well. 

I know that in the state I am working, I am allowed to quit my job because of a hostile work environment and collect unemployment.  However, that puts me back to a reduced income if I can still collect as well as makes me look for another job.  I have to then explain to people why I am in the job market, go through all of the bullshit interviews, testing, etc.  Only to be rejected in the end.  I mean it was 18 months last time.  I really don’t ever want to have to repeat that.  At least I don’t have credit card debt, but I would have the worry about paying for my car, etc.  I am trying to build up a nest egg but it’s hard recovering.  Friday will mark my 3rd paycheck and it’s only my 2nd full paycheck.  I’ve got so many things I need to get that I have been putting off so I’m sure this check will vaporize as fast as the last one did.

Well, I need to get to my TV and try to relax before morning goes calling again.  I’m moving the cell phone closer to the bed, just in case I get called.  However, every person deserves some sleep so they will be ready to go the next day.  I hope no more wrong number calls, especially when I am sleeping!

I hope all is well in your world.  Take care and I will talk with you peeps later. 

17 June 2012

One Week–a lot can happen

In catching up on my regular reads there is tons of stuff be it news, porn or just peoples life details that I needed to catch up on.  The one thing that I was very taken back and shocked to learn was that Erik Rhodes (gay porn star) died at 30 of a heart attack.  In reading about him he sounded like a very unhappy person who abused drugs, steroids and lots of other things.  Regardless of what he did or how he chose to live his life, it is just sad that he is gone at such a young age.  I have a few of his movies but honestly he doesn’t do anything for me.  I saw something to the effect of he was a gay porn star and with how he lived his life, no wonder he is dead.  Wow, what a slap in the face.  He was a human being – have some compassion.  Porn Star or Rock Star makes no difference!

So I went in on Friday and did some talking with the bosses assistant.  Turns out if he is really mad he will call you and not send you an e-mail.  Plus he would have mentioned it to her.  So she pretty much told me there is nothing to worry about.  They both think I am doing a great job.  Sure would be nice if they told me that, it would go a long way at boosting my ego!  I know that the boss and I are supposed to talk next week, so we shall see how it goes.  Bottom line is this project isn’t a one man job and I need to bring in outside help or this won’t get done right and no one will be happy.  The other thing I am told is he is older so he forgets things, perhaps that can work to my benefit.

For work I have a Blackberry and was able to use my old case that I bought for my last job’s Blackberry.  I liked it so much that I purchased a spare.  Turns out on Friday night I noticed that the case was ripping and it was only a matter of time before it gave way and my device would fall out.  I broke out the spare but then began to think, hey I shouldn’t have to pay for a case or even use my own case for that matter.  So I broke out my Company AMEX and went to visit the Verizon store.  I got an Otter Box, which I didn’t like at first but now I am totally in love with it.  I didn’t know it but it has a sleeper magnet in it so when the device is holstered it behaves just as if it was in a genuine Blackberry case.  Plus it will protect the device and I am all for that.  It was $40, which is a bargain.  Then again it didn’t cost me a penny!

My feet, oh my feet.  Yes they are still bothering me.  I went to a Target while I was away and found some Ball Of Feet orthotics from Dr. Scholl’s which didn’t help at all.  At first they felt great but then that quickly wore off and my feet actually felt worse.  Flying with them in my shoes I figured it would cause a problem, but no problem at all.  I am investing a ton in foot care products that aren’t doing anything for me.  My partner wants me to go to a foot doctor, which I would love to do but that requires time off from work and I really don’t want to ask for time off again with only being there a month.  I mean I took a day off for my Bankruptcy Meeting and that was really pressing it. 

Yesterday I decided to break down and go to Wal-Mart.  You know that sick nervous feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when your about to do something you don’t want to do?  Yeah, that is exactly how I felt by going to Wal-Mart.  However, walking in I saw this hot guy and totally wanted to tap that.  However, he was married and with his wife.  I went to buy those custom made Dr. Scholl’s Orthotics but then I saw they wanted $50 and turned around and went back to the generic insoles.  I bought what the Dr. Scholl’s website suggested.  I went to check out and there was Mr. Hottie again.  So I got behind him to further enjoy the view.  Turns out him and his wife were as poor as me and my partner.  They were digging around for change and I tossed out a dollar bill and said here, take it out of this.  Man they were shocked and pleasantly surprised.  They thanked me and then tried to give me all of the change they were able to scrounge up.  I told them keep it.  So they gave it to the children, a donation box that was at the check out.  So be it.  Then I got my surprise.  The product I was buying was $12 but rang up for $9 – that was nice!  The product feels comfortable but I am still in pain.  Going to break out the ice tonight!  My next step when I get paid is checking out the Good Feet Store but that will be super expensive!  If you have any suggestions for Ball Of Foot Pain, I am all ears.

Ah, hotties are every where.  I saw several at the various airports I was at.  A few of them actually flew on the same plane with me.  On Thursday, there was this red head who was really tall and he was standing next to my seat as boarding was starting.  I was able to look him up and down, nice.  Then I noticed he had both of his hands full, so I could have felt him up but didn’t want to risk getting punched!  Sure would be nice to be a member of The Mile High Club.  I honestly don’t see how in the world anyone has sex in an airplane.  There is no freaking room!

I talked with my brother yesterday and turns out he got offered a day shift position.  He is happy about that but now wondering how mom is going to get to all of her appointments.  It will be a couple weeks before this goes through so they will have time to plan.  We got to talking about guys from high school and Facebook.  I was telling him about the hotties I saw on my trip as well as some of the guys that really turned out well from High School.  It was nice to be open and he didn’t object he was kind of surprised at some of the things coming out of my mouth.  In case your wondering he is totally straight. 

All of this travel, work and just being away from home has me really overly tired.  I took naps both Saturday and Sunday.  Too bad I can’t continue that on Monday.  I went out and got me a Stress B Complex Vitamin to add to my daily pills.  Figuring it will help me.  I picked up some Total Raisin Bran which I know will give me some energy.  If you need me I will probably be in the bathroom! :)  So hopefully next week I am full of energy and maybe just maybe my feet will not bother me anymore.  My nose is also driving me nuts, allergies are starting to get bad.  I thought about breaking out the roids to help with the nose and maybe it would help the feet as well.  However, I know that they lower your ability to fight infection and I don’t want to risk getting sick.  Speaking of health – I am still waiting to hear from my doctor about the results from my blood work.  I called the hospital this week and asked them to fax the results to him again.  Typically if I haven’t heard from him that means he didn’t get the results.  So I figured the hospital sending the results again won’t hurt anything.  I gained a pound and a half from what the scale says.  I have to be careful or I will blow up like a blimp again.  I already feeling my appetite kicking into over drive!

I am worried about Big Boy he has been coughing a lot.  I tried to listen to his lungs but all he does is purr.  He has taken to sleeping by the back door looking out the window.  He does come to my room at night.  Seems like he is doing okay for the most part.  I still want to take him to the vet next week to get checked out, it’s been a while and frankly a checkup is totally in order.  Momma is ripping her fur out, so I need to get her back and then we have to get Taz’s friend fixed.  That should take a decent chunk of my money.  Start slow and schedule the visits over time.

My body is craving a massage.  My back and neck are bothering me.  Perhaps it’s an Omen but I saw the guy that used to give me massages at the grocery store today.  I was gong to say something to him but decided not to.  He was really good but massages are expensive and they don’t last long enough for me.  Then again getting one on a weekend would be okay because it wouldn’t gobble up what little time I have in the evening. 

Laundry is calling me, I need to get some more pills and something for my nose.  I want to relax a bit and then it will be time to get ready for bed and call it a day.  Monday will suck for more than one reason.  Hopefully it goes fast and is pain free!  I will talk with you peeps later!  Take care and have a great week.

14 June 2012

? Fired

On my 1st trip out part of my original job was to ensure that wireless was installed at all three facilities that I visited.  After doing some checking, I quickly learned that this wasn’t a one person job.  Plus it wasn’t something that I would be able to accomplish in a week.  So I quickly pushed back and explained that this would take more time.  Then I was told that I was going to take inventory, okay so I took inventory as well as did a couple other things that were needed. 

I got an e-mail from my boss on Wednesday morning saying that he has heard I told people that wireless wouldn’t be available any time soon.  Well, it wasn’t until I got on site that I was given an anticipated go live date of July 1.  I mean it’s okay to have priorities but if you keep everyone in the dark, especially the IT guy you can’t exactly expect me to make a silk purse from a sows ear.  Well this guy expects that and more.

So I wrote him back and explained that 1 facility already has wireless and they just need another access point.  They are already live with the system that is using wireless in fact they started it all.  One of the other sites has a residential product in place and I tested it with the administrator so we both knew and were comfortable it was working fine.  They can get by with this, until we put in a commercial product.  The last facility well it’s the largest and the oldest, they are going to take time and lots of money. 

You would think that providing details would help explain the situation and calm the old fart down, nope it had the opposite effect.  When you start looking at commercial wireless it’s best to have what is called a site survey done.  This means that someone comes out with a spectrometer to see what signals are in the air, what will penetrate best through the walls and then to determine how many access points you need.  As I explained this to him, he turned it around and said that I was expected to do the site survey.  Really?  I don’t own a spectrometer nor could I afford one, they have the money for one but I don’t know how to use one.  He has no clue as to what a site survey is, much less the fact that this is not a one man job.  Either it gets contracted out or it won’t be done right.

He is a huge bully and control freak.  He really flipped when he found out I was talking to vendors to get pricing.  According to him I don’t need to involve anyone else and should be doing all of this myself.  Really?  Tell me old wise fucker where exactly what store you can go to and pick up off the shelf a commercial grade wireless access point?  You fucking can’t, you have to order them it’s that way by design because they are so expensive the average person can’t afford them!

So after he was done spouting off in e-mail, he said we would talk next week.  Yeah, I’ve heard that one before.  He says things like that and then never gets around to talking.  Well, guess what unless he brings it up, I am done with wireless.  I am not making another move on the project.  I called one of the vendors today from home and explained the situation to him.  Man he was really taken back.  From the way the angry e-mail I got read it sounds like he is ready to fire me. 

All I know is that I am 40 years old, I have been pushed around, knocked down and ridden over all my life.  That shit stops now.  He nor no one else is going to push me around.  Either you trust me or you don’t.  If you have to micromanage my every move then we are not going to get along very well.  I will play by the rules, as they are set regardless if I like it or not.  However, if you micromanage everything then you are contributing to the delay of this project as well as future projects.  Most places hire people they trust, give them freedom to do what they need and the job gets done.  Not here, you get thrown a task then you have to ask how they want you to approach it and who you can work with.  WTF!

Call me crazy but I think the words FUCK YOU will be coming out of my mouth if I can’t get him to understand that he is asking for the impossible.  Right now I am not exactly happy.  I want this to be over with and not have to go through the weekend thinking about it lingering.  It kind of kills the mood for the weekend.  Plus just the though of possible unemployment turns my stomach.  I honestly don’t want to go through that again, I mean I really need a job.  Maybe not this one, but a job that will cover the bills.  Just when I get happy there always seems to be something to bring me down.

I tried talking to my bosses assistant but she wouldn’t return my call.  I hope that she is in tomorrow and we can sort of prepare to get this resolved.  My boss and I are still getting to know each other but thus far I really don’t like what I am seeing and I sensed on day one that we would be oil and water – they just don’t mix.  If she isn’t in the office tomorrow, I will think that something bad is going to happen and she can’t bare to face me.

I know one thing for sure, I won’t be going the extra mile because it’s not appreciated.  You are not rewarded for your efforts but rather given more shit to deal with and it gets more complicated as things go on.  I talked to our HR person and she told me plenty.  Plus she travels damn near every week of the year and she doesn’t even have a laptop. WTF!  I mean that is so messed up.  Just because I am the IT Guy doesn’t mean I should have a laptop but in someone's mind it does, that’s why I have one.  Otherwise I would be like the HR lady, carrying around a briefcase full of printed e-mails, instructions and tasks.  The more I talked with her the more I heard regret in her voice.  She never out right said she was unhappy but just listen a person conveys a lot when they tell a story or explain something to you.

I really like this company and most of the people I work with and have to interact with on a daily basis.  Most of them are a bunch of back stabbers, but that is only what I have heard and not experienced for myself.  I guard against that and stick to business only – that way you can’t get hurt.  Plus I am careful about what I say and how it is said. 

Bottom line is I feel in my gut that me and my boss are going to have some unpleasant words explained.  I will tell him that I can’t work if I have to constantly walk on egg shells around him, either you trust me or you don’t.  If you don’t then you need to hire someone else.  If you do then give me the freedom to do my job.  I won’t spend all of your money, I won’t fuck you or your company.  I will always do the right thing.  But if your going to want to coddle me then we should probably part ways now and save each other from future frustration.  I mean he hired me because he doesn’t know his asshole from his elbow when it comes to technology.  I don’t know everything but he liked my resume so he thinks I am smart and know every thing about IT.  Well guess what my resume doesn’t say that.  It says I am a desktop technician with some management experience, nothing more nothing less. 

Okay so now that I have babbled about work.  I will tell you that I am safe and sound back at home.  I was up at 4am to catch my flight that left at 6 and then boarded a connecting flight back home at 9 and finally arrived home by 11.  I was zapped, dead tired like I have never ever been before in my life.  I needed some sleep.  Plus the house was a disaster.  It smelled like rotten fish.  The litter boxes weren’t emptied in a couple days.  My partner fell while I was away.  He isn’t doing the best and then to tack on worrying about my job that doesn’t help either one of us.  The kids were all happy to see daddy is back home.  I just hope that I get to stay here a while and that I don’t have to leave on another plane for at least two to four weeks.  Traveling is nice but it’s good to be home.  I have to go back to the office tomorrow and that will be odd.  My feet are still bothering me and I so need rest and downtime.  I am headed to the bedroom as soon as I finish posting this. 

No major events on the flights home.  I actually had my first connecting flight with no delays, no problems what so ever.  Wow I was wondering if that would happen.  I flew American this time both ways.  Every flight crew seems stale compared to Southwest.  Those people make you feel like you matter, it’s good to be alive and you just want to fly Southwest all the time.  Shame they don’t fly everywhere.  However, I hope there are more Southwest flights in my future.  I really enjoy flying now.  The landing, turning and turbulence still get to me but not like on my first flight.  No nausea at all. 

Tomorrow is another day and it is FRIDAY so hopefully it will be a good day!  I will talk with you peeps later!  Signing off now a very tired Jeremy!

12 June 2012

The Travel Gods don’t like me!

So I am safe and sound on the next trip.  Arrived in CHI on Sunday to be stuck on the Tarmack for 35 to 45 minutes only to find out we didn’t have enough fuel.  Having forsight I called ahead to find out what time the rental car place closed and it was 9:30pm.  I was set to land at 9 so I figured all would be okay.  Nope, those connecting flights in CHI always seem to have trouble.  We landed at 11pm but thankfully the rental car place stayed open, which was a welcome surprise.

I got a VW Jetta this time and I hate it.  I am too fat to fit in this car.  When you press on the gas you either lungh forward or it barley moves, it’s different every time.  Press down hard and you will take off like a jet engine!  Since I got the car at night, I pressed the trunk button on the remote but that wouldn’t open the trunk.  There was a release inside but I didn’t find it until the next morning. 

The GPS took me in a circle from the rental car parking lot, to the rental car parking lot.  I had to use my brain and just start driving until I saw a sign to get to the interstate.  Then GPS worked like a charm.  The thing even warns you about red light cameras, really neat!

Got to my hotel, went to my room no key required the door opened right up.  I called got them to fix it right away.  Then went to supper.  Monday I left for work and when I came back same thing, door opened right up.  Nice all of my stuff was inside.  Looks like I lost that thousand dollars I left laying out.  Only joking.  I called maintenance had the day off so I got a dead bolt key and that gave me the ability to come and go.  I went to supper and then decided to go for a swim.

Got to the pool, the door wouldn’t open.  Front desk had to help me get it open.  I did a couple laps in the pool.  I noticed something that the bottom and wondered what it was, so I took a closer look and then got out of the pool.  Yep someone went to the bathroom in the pool.  Sillkwood scrub down please!  ICK!!!

On the way back to my room stopped in the fitness room, again no key required.  Despite what the sign says.  Same thing for the back door.  Anyway, came back to my room.  I needed ice for my foot but no ice machine on my floor.  At this point I was just too tired, so I went to bed. 

Despite having new shoes, they only worked for a day to provide releif.  I am in so much pain.  Ready to trade in these for new feet!  Anyway, today went a little better. 

I had to go to the mall for lunch, found a nice hair product store and a massage place both in the mall.  I could spend some money there.  I stuck with the food I was asked to get and came back to the office.  This is kind of a boring trip from a work perspective.  I don’t have time for anything I wanted to do work related the project I was sent here for is taking up my time.  No one told me that there was so much involved, until of course the 11th hour after the fact.  Communication in this company sucks!

I heard from my office and everyone thought I quit or got fired because I was gone for so long.  Looks like they miss me or maybe it’s more like they are nosy people.  I am finding out different things here and there.  Looks like you can’t trust anyone in the office, gossips and everyone is related in some form or fashion.  I am an outsider and not related to anyone, I got my job the honest way.  I am also finding out that raises and recognition aren’t very big in this place either.  They work you to death but there is no reward except for your paycheck.  So I enjoy myself when I go out to eat on their dime.  I am always ordering desert.

Right now my nose is driving me nuts.  I think I need some extra allergy meds.  I was around dust and bugs for a good part of the day.  So my nose is working overtime.  I just hope it’s only allergys.  I suppose we will find out tomorrow morning. 

I could ramble some more but really want to relax, just wanted to get the word out to let you know I am still among the living.  I am also starting to really enjoy flying.  Best investment I made was headphones for my iPhone so I can rock out while we are flying, that is so much fun.

Wednesday is my last full day here and then I will be returning home.  I have to get up super early to fly out so I am taking Thursday off.  No one gave me permission but considering I worked a good portion of Saturday night and Sunday, I think I am entitiled to it.  Back to the old bump and grind for one day on Friday.  That should be a hoot!

I hope all is well in your world.  Talk with you peeps later!

10 June 2012



09 June 2012

Working Like A Dog!

I have gotten a day of rest, but now it’s back to work.  Yeah, really!  I went to the office today to pick up an item for my next trip and found out that something was wrong with my parking card.  Thankfully the building has a pay garage so I charged it to the company.  I was in and out in 15 minutes but it still cost $1.50.  Expensive!

So on to my trip.  The first place I stayed at was great, as I posted.  I really hated to leave.  The second place was okay but I was behind schedule and didn’t get in until 8pm.  That’s when I had supper and filled up the tank on the car.  It was 10pm by the time I was ready for bed and then I had to wind down.  It was midnight before I got to sleep but I really slept!  The drive to the 2nd place was supposed to be 3 1/2 hours but it turned into 4 1/2 hours because I got into a fight with the GPS unit.  Damn thing, it was great but we had our moments.  I was in a forest at one point, passed two prisons and the started to see casinos – it wasn’t long after that I got to my motel.

The third day of my trip was sheer hell.  The day started out at 7am and ended the following day at 1am.  Yes I was awake the whole time!  I had to visit two places in one day on my 3rd day.  The folks at the 2nd place kept me in talking and my laptop battery died, so I had to do things the old fashioned way.  Pen and paper!  The next place was waiting on me they had two machines infected with viruses.  I did the best I could with what I had but I honestly think I did more harm than good.  I skipped lunch so by the time I got here it was late and I wanted supper at a decent hour.

I used the iPhone to find what was Around Me and saw a local pizza place that sounded interesting.  I went in and the first question I asked was do you take AMEX.  Yeah, we take everything, no ones card has ever been declined.  Guess what?  I was the 1st.  It wasn’t a problem with my card but they didn’t take AMEX.  I explained that I was traveling on business and that was my only credit card.  The waitresses looked rather dumb founded.  One tried to get me to go to a gas station get a bottle of water and ask for cash back.  That won’t work this is AMEX.  Then I was asked to visit an ATM, perfect but I have no PIN # so that options out.  What to do?  I let them sweat it out for a bit then I pulled out my Debit Card and paid for the meal out of my pocket.  I got great service and was thinking about leaving a nice tip but the whole AMEX thing made me leave nothing at all.  I wrote the office and told them about it, what a crock!

From now on if I am in doubt I am asking for a manager before I place an order.  If they tell me they take AMEX, then I will order.  If this situation presents it’s self again I am going to make the restaurant eat it.  I shouldn’t have to pay money out of my pocket when I asked up front and was told yeah we take it.

So it was like 10:30 pm before I got done and was ready to leave.  I used Mr. GPS to get to the next location.  Saw a sign that you never want to see BRIDGE OUT – ROAD CLOSED.  WTF!  Now what?  Turn on the only road that was close by, pray that the GPS recalculates and can reroute me.  It did, but I was on back roads for a good part of the journey. 

I got in at 12:50am, went to check in and realized I was at the wrong hotel.  GPS said the destination was on my right but now that I think about it, I actually remember turning left.  Drove around a bit and then realized where it was.  This was a Ramada Inn and the most expensive room out of my whole trip.  I was shocked to find a vending machine that dispensed condoms, but I guess they are everywhere.  I also found it odd that I was asked for a personal card to put any additional charges on.  Once I got to my room and saw LODGENET I knew it was all about movies be it New Releases or Adult.  I did check out both sections the New Releases were okay but I just wasn’t ready for a movie at such a late hour.  I checked out the Adult Section because I was nosy and of course nothing for the Gay Man, drats but also a good thing.  I found a comedy show on and watched that until I started to get drowsy.  Before I knew it 6am was here, time to get up and get moving. 

I went to the breakfast buffet, which I thought was included in the price of the room.  I mean it was $165 for just a few hours of sleep.  Yeah, no breakfast was extra like $10.65 extra.  They had eggs, bacon, hash browns and the best looking muffins.  I had some eggs and went to grab a muffin.  I lifted up the cellophane to get one and bugs were crawling around.  No thanks, no muffin for me.  They had freshly made pancakes as well, but I am allergic to maple so I passed.   When I got the bill I was a little stunned but then again it’s not my money so no complaints. 

The equipment that I saw is old, were talking Windows XP Home Edition in a Professional environment.  The keyboards and mice were horrible.  I feel like I am getting sick or picked up something that I didn’t want.  However, I am pushing on.  It will cost a pretty penny to replace all of this and most of it is trash, it needs to go.  Then you have my travels back to swap it all out.  Joy!  I look forward to going back to the 1st place but that is it.  I really didn’t care much for the other two places.

I heard the best pickup line from the radio.  There was a guy on one of my flights he looked like a parking ticket.  Yeah, he had fine written all over him.  I told that one to my brother and my partner, they got a kick out of it.  I saw a few guys I would have liked to use it on as well.  However, sex wasn’t something I had a whole lot of time to think about.

We had a laptop grow legs and walk away.  I was asked via e-mail what our options were.  So I responded and then I got yelled at by my boss because I sent an e-mail blast and he didn’t like that.  All I did was REPLY ALL.  I mean he is the one that wants to be copied on every damn thing.  The man has trust issues and likes to micromanage.  I fucking hate that.  It pisses me off to no end!  You hired me to do a job, now let me do it.  I think working the late hours I proved to them I am dedicated, we shall see what happens.

I got home just long enough to see the kids, who were glad I was home.  Especially Big Boy.  He stopped eating because he missed me.  FUCK.  My partner didn’t do a good job of seeing that he got his medicine, I mean he has mobility issues just as much as Big Boy.  So I am doing what I can.  He is eating again, which is a good thing.  No yellow so all is well.  I just hope he keeps going strong.  My fear is that I am going to lose either my partner or Big Boy due to my travels.

I am headed out tomorrow night and won’t be back until Thursday morning.  I didn’t ask but I am taking Thursday for myself, I mean I earned it from the last trip.  Plus as I sit an type this I am fixing a computer.  I will return back to the regular bump and grind on Friday.

So everyone is asking me the same thing.  Where to then?  Good question.  I think will be staying put here at home but it’s anyone's guess at this point. 

A female coworker is going with me on this next trip, but no one said if we are flying together.  I have already made my hotel reservations and upgraded my rental car to include GPS.  I mean since no one communicated with me I have no idea and if I ask questions, I have to copy in God & Country so I am just doing the best I can.

I went to print my boarding passes tonight and the airline (nameless) makes you choose your seat before they will let you print your boarding pass.  I have one picked out for the 1st flight but the connecting flight doesn’t have anything for free, they are all pay seats and were talking $24.00.  I am waiting until tomorrow and if that is all they have, then so be it, I will charge it off.  I need my boarding pass I don’t have time to play.  The return flights I picked out one seat but the other flight same story nothing but pay seats.  I could at least sit up front, wouldn’t that be nice. 

So all of this has taught me that really there are some things you have to give control to someone else, like flying.  People for the most part are good, but you still have to watch your back.  Never know when someone patting you on the back is looking for a soft spot to put the knife. 

Well folks I am whipped.  I still have to pack and am catching up on Laundry.  Tomorrow will be a rushed day so I figure I better get a good nights sleep.

I am positive that there is something I forgot but when I remember I will post it.  Right now going to bed seems like the best idea I have had all day, outside of Taco Bell for supper.  Smile    Take care and be well.  I will post more when time allows.  At least on the next trip I am going one place and might be able to go swimming at night.  That would be awesome, then this really would feel more like vacation.  If it wasn’t for Big Boy & my Partner I could do this travel thing full time, it really isn’t that bad other than your brain turns in to mush.

I will talk with you peeps later!


05 June 2012


Just a quick note to let you know that I am no longer a Flight Virgin!  I took two plane rides today.  I am not a big fan of flying but understand that it is a quick way to get from point A to point B.  The take off, landing, turbulance and turning of the airplane make me nauseated.  I didn’t barf but it sure felt like I was going to. 

It has been a very long day.  Longer than what I wanted.  Tomorrow I have a 3 hour drive and I am already behind schedule.  Not sure if I will be able to keep posting but wanted to at least get the word out that I am safe, I am not sure about the sound part. 

Turns out I will be back for the weekend and then probably leaving on yet another flight on Monday.  The details are still being worked out so I won’t know anything until last minute, which seems to be the way this company operates.  They changed all of my original arrangements last minute on me, so I had to cancel and book new hotels, plus contact a new rental car company to ensure that I had GPS.

Oh yeah, my rental car is a Chevy Impala and I love it.  So ready to trade my car in for one of them.  Ah, well if I could I would but that isn’t an option right now.  At least I don’t have a piece of junk.  I’ve got MI plates and I am no where near MI, so I stick out like a sore thumb.  Thank God for the invention of GPS or I would be so lost, it has been my best friend.

Okay folks, night I am headed to bed.  Talk with you peeps later!

03 June 2012

Trust Issues

Sorry for the long pause, but it’s been a busy week!  Next week I am flying out to visit 5 places.  Two of these places are one in the same, so in actuality I will only be visiting 3 places.  It’s Sunday afternoon and I have no idea what exactly it is that my boss wants me to do.  He said we would talk about it in the morning and two mornings came and went and no discussion.  I don’t leave until Tuesday, so there is some hope that I may be able to get some information out of him.

This trip is clearly a test.  I am going alone, which is both good and bad.  Good for privacy but bad because I’ve never flown commercial before.  I have talked with lots of people and everyone tells me it will be just fine.

Now you would think knowing that I have never ever been to these places that my rental car would have to have GPS.  No, the lady that booked the reservations thought because I am a man that I can navigate.  Yeah, in my own area but in a place far from home that I have never been, no way.  So I had to call the rental car company and modify the reservation to ensure that I had GPS in my car.  I was told oh, just ask for a GPS when you get there.  I don’t roll like that.  I have to have everything planned out and nailed down well before I ever set foot on the trip.

They also didn’t book any hotels for me.  I was told oh, when you see a place you would like to stay, just pull over and check in.  Yeah, and what if there is a convention in town and all of the hotels are booked, what then.  Oh, someone didn’t think of that.  So I spent the weekend finding places to stay.  I leave on Tuesday as I said and I won’t be back home until Friday evening.  I have 3 different hotels to stay at.  I booked a King Size bed, suite at two of the places and the 3rd place I just got a regular room with a King Size Bed.  Hotel reservations will cost them some serious money.  Then figure in the plane and car and your talking well over $1,100.00 and that doesn’t allow for gas or food, both of which they pay for. 

I can clearly see that this whole trip is a test.  To see how I will perform, perhaps with vague instructions and bare bones reservations.  I think not only my character but my ability to spend money are being put to the test.  Well, I am spending very freely, I mean no one told me that there were any limits.  I will also have to work very hard to manage what little time I have. 

Tuesday it’s 45 minutes from the airport to the office.  Wednesday it’s around 3 and a 1/2 hours to the next office and Thursday it’s 1 hour and 18 minutes to the following office.  Then Friday I have to drive 4 hours back to the airport.  I will be so glad when this is over with.  However in my last post I said I would be traveling the 2nd week of July, nope make that June.  That’s right I get back and it will be time to leave for a different office.  Of course I have no information on reservations or when I am leaving for that trip.  Right now I am taking it 1 week at a time.

So we have an office that was something that we acquired, they have their own e-mail.  However, there spam filtering expired so being proactive I spoke with a vendor about a solution.  I got an answer back and forwarded it on to my boss.  Today I got a response that it was okay to proceed but he wanted to know the costs.  I was also advised that any correspondence with a 3rd party has to have him and his secretary copied in.  So in other words I am not trusted.  He didn’t say that, what he said was so that they are kept in the loop.  Funny thing was his actions say I am not trusted.  However, we had a conversation last week and he was telling me that I am part of the family and he trusts me.  The long term plans are to have me take over everything, but it will be done in baby steps.  I am okay with that but there is one or two areas where I will need help and won’t want to be totally alone.

As for the wireless upgrade, well I am getting bids and having conference calls.  Looks like I have to tell the vendors I am working with that they have to copy these extra parties in now.  How embarrassing!  It’s like he is undermining what little authority and credibility that I have.  I know that once he finds out what is involved from the number of people that are needed, the equipment and labor costs he is going to just flip.  Just to give you an idea…. best practice is to have a site survey done so you know what is floating in the air and can see where it’s best to place your access points.  That survey is around $2 to $3 thousand dollars per site.  Then you have to hire a cable contractor to run the wire, which won’t be cheap.  Then you have to purchase the equipment and at one place you are talking a need for a minimum of 10 access points at $300 to $400 each.  Finally, you have to pay for me to travel back to these places and do the actual install and test to ensure that things are working.  It won’t be a one day job, probably more like a week per office.  So this project can easily go 50 to 100 thousand dollars.  I know they probably really don’t want to spend that kind of money.  However, it’s the cost of doing business if you want wireless.  The idea is to do this and then make all of the other offices look the exact same, so we can ensure seamless performance.  This should be interesting to see how it pans out.

I had to rush order a laptop so I would be all set for the road.  I have spent the better part of the weekend configuring the machine as best as I can from home.  There are still some final touches that I need to put on it tomorrow.  I have a training class to attend tomorrow, which I think is two or three hours.  Boring!  Then I have a conference call about the wireless project and have to squeeze in time for my laptop, dealing with my large in box and needs of others as well as any problems that crop up.  Finally take time for lunch, which may just turn into a working lunch for time sake.  Monday will be here and gone before I know it.  Plus I still have to have a meeting about my trip.  Argh, I am already pulling my hair out and the day hasn’t even started.  1 2 3 4 Pressure!

So on to my Bankruptcy.  Friday went okay.  I was there long before my attorney.  They actually called my case but took an extension because my attorney was not present.  I told him about it, I was just a little ticked in the fact that I was paying for his services and he couldn’t even be on time, but I was preached at that I had to be on time.  WTF!  Anyway, I had to watch a 2 hour video to get a set of 6 codes to prove I watched the DVD.  You could start it but couldn’t stop it.  Pause was fine but if you stopped it, the disc started over from the beginning.  Wouldn’t you know that I fell asleep and missed one of the codes.  Thankfully with the power of Google I was able to get the codes off the net, but figured since they were posted it could be a trick.  I found a way with my computer to hack the DVD and manually fast forward so that I could see the codes.  Got what I needed and filled out the paperwork.  Then I had to ink a check for $15 and my partner will take the junk back to them on Monday.  Phew, I am done for all intense and purposes.  In about 60 days I should get a discharge, provided that there are no objections from creditors or other stumbling blocks that come up.  Regardless, it may just drag the time out but I am told that nothing further is required on my part, which is good news.  I also figured out why they never asked for a statement from the 3rd savings account that I have.  The paralegal the did the paperwork listed it as a retirement account, which it is not.  I didn’t know that until after I was home.  If I am questioned about it, I plan on playing dumb as if I never bothered to review the petition in detail.  That is something that we should have reviewed before I signed.  They just told me where to sign and to verify that all of my creditors were listed.  Wow, these people just make my blood boil.  Thankfully I am at the end.  Come on discharge!

I was told that it’s best to wait until I get a discharge before I attempt to reapply for any type of credit.  I would like to try now but will hold off a little longer, I mean 60 days is nothing.

My brother called me yesterday evening and told me that one of our uncles passed away.  Funny thing is over the course of the last two months I was thinking about him a lot.  We lost touch and I wanted to reconnect, but being unemployed and then finding work, that process just got lost in the shuffle.  He died at a hospital close to my home on Thursday evening.  I didn’t know he was a Veteran, nor that he taught English to Vietnamese Folks.  The wake/viewing is on Monday evening, which I plan on dropping by after work.  The funeral is Tuesday and well I would like to go because he meant a lot to me.  However, I have to be on a jet plane and become a traveling man.  It could be the perfect excuse to postpone this trip but my employer requires a copy of the Death Certificate, and proof that I actually attended the Funeral.  Rather than go through all of that, I will just skip the funeral.  I think showing up at the wake is enough.  I feel pretty sad over this and just hope that I can keep it together.  My mom wanted to go but since I am leaving town there is no way I will have time to get her and return her, plus eat supper and pack.  So she will miss out too.  He was only 68, which is way too young.  His death is a total shock to me and I am interested to find out more.  It’s odd but he was married once before, his 1st wife died from Lung Cancer and never smoked a day in her life.  She was the sweetest thing and always took good care of me.  She wasn’t dead 24 hours and everyone was bad mouthing her.  She wasn’t listed in his obit, but he did remarry and his 2nd and present wife was listed.  He didn’t have any children, but his life was far from boring.

Well time to clean up the house, prepare for Monday and put some final touches on my laptop.  What an evening!  Oh I almost forgot that Friday I went to Urgent Care for my foot.  They couldn’t find anything wrong with it.  My problem is an inflammation of the joint.  Ibuprofen in large amounts for 7 days, plus Tylenol if I need it to help with pain.  If that doesn’t do the trick then I should see a foot doctor to have a custom orthotic made.  Yeah, who has time for that.  Ibuprofen tares my stomach up after a couple days of taking it.  So I guess I will just have to put up with the pain.  My glasses are still driving me crazy.  I am some what used to them but it still feels like I am wearing a mask.  They don’t make different arms so if this pair doesn’t bother me then I will have to get a replacement or have lens put in my 2nd pair that I got years ago when they were only for the computer.  Ah, growing old is such a pain.

I hope that all is well in your world.  Not sure how much free time I will have on my hands this week when I am on the road, but I may well be able to squeeze in some surfing to various sites from my hotel room.  Because activity can be tracked, I will remote in to my machine at home from my laptop, so that is as far as anyone will be able to trace me.  Then I will be free to do what I want and go where I want to go without any worries. 

Take care and provided I make it through the trip, you should see another update here next week or weekend at the latest.  Talk with you peeps later!