30 May 2014


I was just thinking how last Friday I was looking forward to getting off of work early and starting a 3 day weekend.  Things were so different then. 

I have made some progress.  I filed for Unemployment, continuing to look for a job and have made 8 contacts in two days.  I think that is pretty good.  I have an interview scheduled for next week, I will be 1 of 3 people they are looking at.  I’m sure the phone will be buzzing soon since I am continuing to search. 

I made a call to get an update on where the other possible job is, since I haven’t heard from them.  I was told that I should expect an update by the end of next week and again I am 1 of 3 people they are looking at. 

So my odds are pretty good 1 out of 3.  I mean I hope my number comes up at one of these two places. 

I have decided that I am filing a complaint regarding my former employers non compliance with the alphabet soup act they are governed by.  It’s something that my old boss said no one will ever bother us on this, so why bother to comply.  Well, now he will wished he had complied. 

Since things are going to get ugly I have asked for a reference letter.  Hopefully he will have it written and to me before he is served with paperwork on the complaint.  I haven’t filed yet but will be doing so over the weekend.  That will take the wind out of his sails and mess up his life just like he has messed up mine.  After all one good turn deserves another.  Right?

I have a call into an attorney to see if there are any other legal issues I can get him on or if I should just give up and sign the agreement he gave me to get the money.  I haven’t heard back and will probably start looking at another attorney early next week if I don’t hear back from him. 

My hope is that this bought with unemployment will be very short.  While I wanted to take time off, this isn’t the way I had planned for it to happen.  It’s kind of difficult to get motivated to do anything.  All I really want to do is go off in a corner and hide from the world.  That won’t allow me to make any progress but it’s just how I feel. 

Since all of this has happened I still surf for porn but have no desire to watch or even get off.  I am going to try to force myself in the hopes that it will cheer me up and well even if it doesn’t hopefully it will feel extra good because it’s been a few days. 

Tomorrow (Saturday) I will be headed to the dentist to get my teeth cleaned.  I look so forward to seeing my dentist.  The two best things are the dental floss and when she puts her boobs against my head while she is looking in my mouth.  It does nothing for me sexually but it just feels good.  After I get out of there I will probably look for a place to eat at, even though I should just come home.

Being stuck at home is driving me nuts.  It’s only in the mild form right now but it’s going to get worse as time goes on. 

We have more wild life here.  There is of course the ground hog, how he has managed to stay alive is beyond me.  He loves the grass so I say eat up.  There is a fat cat.  Just yesterday I saw a very young kitten.  So summer is in full swing around here. 

Nothing on TV.  There are a couple of movies out that I would like to go see.  I feel the urge to spoil/treat myself but I don’t want to give in too much as I can easily run up a bill and run out of money. 

That’s all I got for now.  Happy weekend!  Being unemployed I don’t like the weekends because there are no jobs to apply for.  Well, off to try to relax and get ready for bed. 

28 May 2014

More Bad News Bears

As of 4pm today I am unemployed.  I was told that there was no need for an IT Person since they are shutting down.  There is more to shoving me out the door than meets the eye.

This is NOT what I wanted to happen, but it’s done.  So now I have to pick up the pieces and move on. 

I have filed for unemployment and now I am back to having to check in every week and make a minimum of 3 contacts.  Then there will be the reporting in person every 4 weeks.  What a mess.  I just hope the money is way more than what I got before, but I am sure that will not be the case.

I am consulting with an attorney, but first I have to find one and imagine that will cost me some money.  Basically they are going to give me a very small severance package but in return I have to sign away all of my rights.  I am not going to do that out of duress.  Once you sign and mail, there is no taking it back. 

I managed to forget my train calendar but told a former co-worker to take it and do something nice with it.  It cost me several dollars.  It wasn’t worth quibbling about to get back.  I also forgot to turn in my company credit card, I am sure it’s no longer active but just the same I am cutting it in two and mailing it back. 

This all seems so surreal right now.  I’ve only told a handful of people.  I am NOT telling my brother or mother unless I absolutely have to.  That will put me at their beck and call and I will wind up running my mother all over the countryside when I should be looking for work.  Plus they will be calling nagging me to see if I got a job.  I just don’t want that.

The worst part of this whole thing is there is no one here to talk with, no one to lean on so to speak.  Not to mention no one to help pay for the mortgage or for food or anything.  I am going this all alone and that is very, very scary.  I mean it’s bad enough to be put in this position but it’s even worse to be all alone. 

I’m not sure that I will have the daily blog updates, it kind of depends upon how things go and if I feel like posting.  Personally with all of the rain falling in my life I am ready to end it.  However, I think if I do I would miss out on a better opportunity so I am curious to see where I land and how it goes. 

The part that sucks is no one else is being let go.  They actually still need an IT Department.  I got a phone call today about a messed up computer.  I was actually working on a problem and he lets me go.  So it’s not my worry anymore, I’ve done all I could do and put my best foot forward. 

I take great pride and satisfaction in the fact that I have helped so many people.  The sites that were sold still called me and told me how much they miss me.  I got frequent calls for help.

I hope that another door opens and very soon or I will be toast.  I am going ahead and making the June mortgage payment.  I am also giving the Bankruptcy people their part of my late partners Income Tax money.  Outside of that I don’t know that I will be parting with any large sums of money, short of paying my credit cards off.  My hope is that for whatever time I am home I can keep my expenses down and manage to actually save some money.  Time will tell. 

Okay so it’s getting late and I need to go to bed.  I am tired both mentally and physically.  I hope I get a good nights sleep but suspect that I won’t given the circumstances.  Talk with you peeps later. 

Wild Wednesday

Sounds like a good name for today.  I learned this morning that the person who is leaving us has decided not to come back.  I was kind of surprised but then again my dream is to say today is my last day and walk out.  If you don’t give proper notice you don’t get any remaining vacation, outside of that there is really no incentive to give notice.  Now on the flip side if they were going to fire you they wouldn’t give you notice.  I don’t owe them anything, so I really can’t blame her from wanting to get out of here.

Outside of that and the whole id theft thing I don’t know too much.  I have to go back to the police department on Friday to get a copy of the report, which will cost me $5.  You’d think they would give it away free given the circumstances but I suppose rules are rules.  Anyway, pay for that and then make copies and mail them off to the 3 credit bureaus.  I will then have fraud alerts on my credit reports for seven (7) years. 

I did some research yesterday and found several forms to fill out for the IRS.  There will be a multitude of police agencies working on this from Federal to Local.  So I could be contacted at some point in the future.  Meanwhile this just slows down my refund and I think I will be lucky to have it by Christmas. 

The way this whole thing works is someone gets your SSN and information and they file early tax returns, long before you have a chance to.  The government processes the returns because they think they are legit and then issues a refund.  Meanwhile your sitting back waiting for paperwork to come in and probably procrastinating filing your taxes.  When you do file, it’s too late the damage is done.  You are screwed.  Welcome to my world. 

The Police Officer told me that ID theft is very common this year and they have seen record number of cases.  Personally, since they have done anything yet, I don’t think they will be trying to establish credit I think they are done with me and ready to move on to the next victim. 

I was surprised that I was able to get home about normal time, considering that I left work a little early.  I had my salad and fed the children.  Then went about my normal evening, which was rather boring because there isn’t anything on TV.  Next month season premiers for the summer shows will be coming on and that should make things more interesting. 

My hope is that TiVo picks up the channel changes soon that my cable company made or I won’t be watching much TV live.  I will have to do everything via on demand.  Which kind of defeats the purpose of having a DVR.  Normally TiVo is on top of things but it’s been 2 weeks and they still don’t know the channels changed. 

Boss man is here today, I didn’t think he would show up.  The one person he wants to talk to is the lady that is leaving and well she isn’t here.  That doesn’t make him a happy man, considering now he will have to do our payroll and I’m a little nervous about that.  Last time we got free benefits as long as he doesn’t take away any money I am happy.  We think that he will promote someone to take over the payroll but I don’t think that will happen.  As long as I get my check on time and the funds are in my account, you could have a baby goat do payroll it matters not to me. 

So Friday I will be leaving around 3pm.  That will give me 1/2 hour to get to the police department before the office part closes.  Then from there I am going to get my hair cut.  It’s like a mop.  Saturday is dentist day, just a cleaning.  Then I’m free after that.  Who knows what kind of trouble I will get into. <grin>

I attended a webinar this morning on ethical hacking and how hackers work.  Wow, were all pretty much screwed from what I saw.  Antivirus software is a good thing to have but they can easily bypass that.  I learned that a best practice is to frequently reformat your computer and start over.  The person who did the talking said he reformats and starts over at a minimum of every 2 weeks.  Wow.  It takes me about an hour to rebuilt my machine.  I don’t want to go through that if I don’t have to.  Most hackers know this and that is one of the weak points in the chain.  I learned that most hacking in companies like Target, Adobe, etc. isn’t on the server level but on the desktop level.  That is where the real payload of information is.  Kind of scary when you think about it.  However, I am out as a gay man, I am as poor as a church mouse and really outside of that there is nothing to hide.  The one person/thing that I valued is gone so really I don’t care.  There is very little anyone can do to truly hurt me.  Cause me discomfort and make my life difficult sure that is probably an easy target but to actually hurt me, nah I don’t think so.

Time to jump off the soap box and get back to “work”.  Talk with you peeps later.

27 May 2014

Bad News Bears

No word on the job yet.  However, I just found out from the IRS that someone has stolen my identity.  Why you’d want to pretend to be me is something I will never understand.  Apparently there were two returns filed using my SSN.  I think but don’t know that the IRS might have sent the other person the money.  In which case they will be trying to hunt it down.

The only way that someone could have gotten my information was from the loans that I applied for.  I suspect that it was one of those people thinking they could pull a fast one.  However, I can’t prove anything so I am not pointing the finger at any one. 

Nothing is on my credit reports, I check them regularly as well as my FICO score.  I have fraud alerts placed on my credit reports so before someone grants credit to someone that might be pretending to be me, they have to call me first. 

Tonight I get to file a police report and then once I get a copy of the report I can extend those fraud alerts for 7 years.  You know to get a copy of a police report will cost me money.  My hope is that they just give it to me tonight after I file, but I highly doubt that will happen. 

I have a lot going on tonight but I will manage to get it all done.  Not sure if I will have any ME time but as long as I can see Tosh.O then I will be some what happy.

Other than that not a whole lot going on.  The ID theft thing has kept me busy filling out forms and waiting on hold.  Shame I can file the police report by phone but I kind of think they would want you to be there in person since your talking about ID theft. 

Well back to the races.  Talk with you peeps again later. 

Happy Monday on a Tuesday

Today seems strange being Tuesday but still feeling like Monday.  Regardless of the day of the week I do not want to be here.  Of course if I stayed home I would complain that I was bored, so it’s kind of a no win situation.  At least I am getting paid to sit around here. 

So talked with our short timer here in the office and she is going to be leaving us this week.  She sounds like she is ready to go home now.  I totally understand here feelings, I mean it’s not like critical that we are here.  Plus she has a future outside of this office, as of now I don’t. 

I’ve been going back and forth in my mind about yes I got it or not I didn’t.  I truly won’t know until I hear from them but I guess I like to beat myself up.  My hope is that the call comes today so that I can make this my last week as well, at least that would be nice. 

Yesterday was kind of a disaster.  I got to my mom’s early but my brother burnt the food.  There was no BBQ sauce in the house and no diet soda.  It was a very average meal.  I had to go home and have supper and then a couple snacks before I was full.  Wow!

The carpet is still waiting for me to clean it, good thing because someone got sick yesterday afternoon.  Waiting I think was smart but no sooner than I start within a day or two someone will mess it up.  That is the part that is frustrating. 

I see by the mirror that I should have gotten my hair cut this weekend.  However, it will give me something to do this weekend.  I have a date with the dentist on Saturday morning.  So I am not sure when I will go if it will be a Friday afternoon thing or a Sunday morning thing.  I know I could go on Saturday but I don’t really like to wait, it seems so counter productive. 

Getting back to this normal schedule has the children happy, at least they were this morning.  Until I was ready to leave.  I warned them that things were going back to normal.

If all is right and I am truly going to be out of a job, I have 6 more weeks of work until I am done.  The interesting part will be if I am here if they will ask us to leave.  I mean it’s pretty obvious that they are going to continue to stay in business, there is a search for more stuff to buy going on as we speak. 

That is all of the excitement in my world.  Now to try to occupy the reminder of my day and remain awake.  Oh boy, what a task that will be.  Here’s hoping the phone will ring with good news today.

Talk with you peeps later.  Of course I will keep you informed as soon as I know something. 

26 May 2014

Weekend Update

Saturday…slept most of it away.  Grabbed a bite to eat but not where I wanted to go, because they were closed.  Came home did cleaning and the usual stuff.

Sunday…More laundry, sleeping and went out with friends had a nice meal.  Did my grocery shopping and finally had Pizza.  Watched The Normal Heart with Jim Parsons, Jonathan Groff and so many other talented people.  It was a great movie and brought to life how the whole AIDS/HIV epidemic started.  The not knowing how it was transmitted and the fact that it started with the gay community led everyone to call it a Gay Cancer.  Of course today we know that it doesn’t discriminate to just Gay people.  Modern Medicine has made quite the advances but still we have no cure.  The latest trend is to take a pill called Truvada, if your sexually active and want to engage in risky behavior.  There is a lot of controversy around it.  Bottom line in my book is if you want play might as well take all the precautions from this pill to a condom - - it certainly can’t hurt.

Monday…Slept in, catching up on laundry.  Need to get a shower and shave.  Headed to my mothers for some kind of lunch.  I just hope my brother does the cooking or I might be sick on Tuesday. 

Thought about cleaning the carpet this weekend but just don’t have it in me.  I did get some carpet stain remover and well I will get around to it eventually.  The stains will wait for me.  The part I hate is all of the manual labor and then within a day or two at most it’s messed up again.  Easier to leave it dirty.

Trying to fight off taking a nap but I think I will just give in.  It’s easier and a whole lot more fun.  There is nothing on this holiday weekend.  I’ve well exhausted everything I want to watch.  The Normal Heart was by far the best thing I saw.  There are movies out that I want to see but that costs money so easier to stay at home. 

Well off to enjoy the day that is Monday because it will all be over with way too soon.  Hope you had or are having a fun weekend!  Talk with you peeps later.

23 May 2014

No job news but some good news

No movement on the job front.  However, I got back from lunch and since Monday is a holiday we get to leave early today.  I can’t wait because I am so tired.  That is what happens when I get bored.  I can’t wait to go home and curl up for a nice nap.  The children will be oh to happy to see me because it means food for them.

You never know how much you use your thumb until you injure it.  I managed to cut it just below the nail bed on the corner.  Every space is painful.  I can’t wait until this is healed up because it’s a pain in general. 

Wow people are starting to leave already and we still have a considerable amount of time to work.  No boss, no management here I could just scram myself.  No one would be the wiser.  I guess I will stay at least for a little while. 

That’s all the news I have.  Looking forward to 3 days off and hopefully being able to let my hair down, so to speak.  Have a great weekend and I will tlak with you peeps later.

How did it go?

Told the boss man I had an appointment and he didn’t have any problem with it.  Made it to the interview with 15 minutes to spare.  They started 5 minutes late. 

It was the more like an interrogation than an interview.  We started off by where do you work, what do they do, where are they located, how much did you start when you hired in and what do you make now.  Then ii was what do you do, who is your boss, how do you evaluate your boss, how to you evaluate yourself, if we called your boss what would they say about you.  We did the little dance for 3 jobs.  Then we got more into give us a time when you put your foot in your mouth, give us an example of how you overcame a challenge, give us a time when you had a problematic customer what did you do to resolve their concern and how did you interface with them afterwards. 

It was by far the most throughout interview that I have ever had.  It took about an hour and a half.  I am not one to talk in run on sentences when you ask me a question and especially not in an interview. 

The biggest mistake is that people make is they talk and turn a work related question in to a personal question then they expose information that really doesn’t help them.  I keep the focus on work and don’t stray into my personal life, although it’s tempting and quite easy to do. 

I got my chance to ask questions and that took the 1/2 hour.  I left with this question, given our conversation today is there any reason why I wouldn’t be the candidate that you hire?  Everyone said there is no reason why we wouldn’t hire you.  Now I have asked that question before been told there are no reservations and then still didn’t get the job.  So I am not taking that as a sign that I got the job.

My guess is that I am 75% sure that the job is mine.  They told me how competitive their pay is but where they really shine is in the benefit area.  Translation …. we don’t pay shit but you get good health insurance.  Well I don’t need health insurance, I need great pay.  I mean money is the only reason why I am working.  My benefits as far as health insurance is taken care of.  Long & Short Term Disability as well as Retirement would be nice added perks providing they didn’t come funded 100% by me.

They came on strong at first about wanting to call my boss and asking for his number.  I offered it up right away but they decided not to take it, saying that HR would have to ask my permission and then I could share it.  Uh it’s on the job application that I filled out.  All you have to do is look at the form and you have what you need.  I didn’t hold back.

This is the last opportunity that I have on the line.  If this doesn’t come through then I will have to start interviewing and continuing to pound the pavement.  My hope, my prayer is that this job is done and I can get on with my life. 

If I get this, provided I could afford the air fair and hotel I would love to fly to NYC and see NPH in Hedwig.  Even though the show is sold out I think (don’t know for sure) that I could manage to get tickets.  However, that is a pipe dream because I probably can’t afford the plane ride and hotel.  I am more likely to travel to get pie and stay a night in a hotel with a Jacuzzi.  While there wouldn’t be any NPH there would be rest and relaxation.

The biggest question that I have right now is how long will it be before I know either way as to how things went.  Will it be today or will they make me wait until next week.  I mean the decision is already made, it just a matter of informing the applicant.  They did a scoring session and talked right after I left.  If I could have stayed and eavesdropped I would have.  Still I will know eventually if I made it.  Right now I am just on pins and needles with anticipation. 

Looking forward to a 3 day weekend, getting together to have a bite with friends.  Cleaning the carpet, even though I know the kids will mess it up as soon as I am done.  Trying to relax and sleep in, if the little monsters will let me.  Then of course there is the every weekend things to do like cleaning, dishes, laundry and going food shopping for both myself and the cats.  Ugh.

I rewarded myself from all of the stress with a meal at Cracker Barrel and later in the evening I watched the season finale of The Middle and ate a pint of Chocolate Therapy by Ben & Jerry.  That was way fun, even though it wasn’t good for my body, it was good for the soul. 

Happy Friday.  I will keep you posted as soon as I know something. Fingers Crossed, Praying and hoping this is the one!

22 May 2014

4 hours until SHOWTIME

Last night I went straight home even though I knew there was mail waiting for me.  I wanted to get my package from Amazon and get dinner, then get ready for today.  I was pleasantly surprised that my mirror arrived along with my Amazon shipment. 

Instead of eating supper I elected to put the mirror on.  It was a little more difficult than I expected but now I know the inner workings and why the glue didn’t hold.  First the mirror is held on by 3 bolts.  2 of which are easy to get to and 1 that they want you to tear the door apart to get to.  I had problems disconnecting the wires from the mirror.  I saw where it interfaced into the mirror and unplugged it but thought that the wires inside the mirror needed to be unplugged as well.  Not the case at all.  That led me to get a screwdriver and just pry like hell from the mirror housing that was on the car and presto it all came apart 1 2 3.  I saw a bear door and then it just clicked. 

I managed to get everything in place and I was a sweaty mess.  I needed a spot mirror because that is just how I roll.  So I headed to the auto parts store and picked one up and then hit up Taco Bell.  Tried the cool ranch taco and it’s horrible.  Too much salt. 

I am happy that the mirror saga is over with.  The only problem that I have is that it shipped ground and I paid for overnight, so I am requesting a refund.  Hopefully that will not be too much of a battle.

Yesterday our HR person gave her notice, she landed another job and will be starting within a week.  I am so happy for her and she is just on cloud 9.  It’s like you see this yolk that has been taken off her back.  I can’t wait until I feel like that and hopefully it will be really soon.

Today is my Showtime the big 3rd interview.  I am nervous as a long tail cat in a room full of rocking chairs.  I am told that it doesn’t show and people think I am calm.  Yeah I know how to fake that part but inside I am a complete mess.  When it’s over with is when I will fall apart.  I feel this will be more like an interrogation than an interview.  I have prepared a short list of questions and I’m ending with the clincher that says to the effect…is there any reason why you wouldn’t hire me?  So the response to that question should hopefully give me an idea of where I stand and if they are in fact going to extend an offer.  My hope is that I walk away with good news. 

I’m dressed pretty well no shirt and tie but I am wearing a shirt.  It looks like another day at the office for me, so no alarms will go off here.  However, I will be telling my boss in a few moments that I have an appointment and need to leave, that of course will set off bells.  I chose my words after what our HR person used.  I’m hoping I get the same results that she got.  He got called yesterday and gave her a glowing review and I hope for the same.  Even though we have had our differences.  I’ve always done what was asked of me and been very professional.

Lord please get me out of here and into a much better place and if you can the sooner the better. 

I am looking forward to going home early and who knows I just might eat out again, depends upon how hungry I am.  No lunch I just hope I don’t pass out in the interview, that would be a bad thing.

Used the spray on Momma last night she seems a little better.  She didn’t like it when I got to her belly because it’s raw.  We are going to try it again tonight, I may have found the answer and I certainly hope I did. 

I wasn’t paying attention when I ordered the stain remover, I thought it was for carpet but it’s for mold and mildew.  That’s not going to help me much.  Although I wonder what it would do to the carpet?  Hmmm.

Well off to break the news and prepare.

21 May 2014

Expensive Mirror

I found out that it will be an additional $21.99 to overnight the mirror so that I have it on Friday.  I agreed to it just so that I can put it on and get this behind me.  We have rain in the forecast for the remainder of the week and I am not sure that the tape will hold through all of that, if the rain comes to pass. 

I am getting more nervous as we get to Thursday and I prepare to be grilled in this 3rd interview.  I did some reading yesterday and someone who was in the running said that they were called in for a 3rd interview by this company and they were grilled with the same 4 questions for each and every job they listed on their resume.  If that is true I can see where this would take a considerable amount of time.  I’ve been told that this will be a 2 to 3 hour meeting.  I’m anxious to get on with it.  I hope that I have an offer from them soon after we are finished. 

One of my co-workers told me that they landed a new job and will be leaving soon.  I’m happy for them but still thinking what about me.  They said that we don’t deserve the shovels of shit we have been served and that we will all find something.  My question is will that be before or after I am asked to leave?

The pizza and salad were very good last night.  Tonight will be left over fried chicken from the store that I got last week.  I figure I should eat it before it goes bad on me.  The children will be begging for some but the answer will be the same as usual, no. 

BLU saw the groundhog or gopher or whatever it is last night sitting the yard.  He was wanting to go get it but that would have been a battle that would have wound up in serous injury or sudden death.  Either way I am happier that BLU was inside and that thing was outside. 

UPS should be by today with my Amazon order, at least the bulk of it.  I am excited to try out the spray to help Momma and her cost.  I wonder if it will calm things down at all?  It’s $10 so it’s not like I am out a small fortune. 

It was rough sleeping last night, my muscles in my back are all sore and I spent the last hour just about pushed out of the bed, sleeping on the edge because someone had to be comfortable.  I took some ibuprofen but thus far it hasn’t done anything for me. 

I managed to dig up a shirt to wear for tomorrow, it’s in the dryer and I will have to get it tonight.  I hope it does the trick.  I’m telling my boss that I have an appointment and need to leave at x time.  I won’t spring it until tomorrow.  He should be gone by the time I have to leave, which is good.  However, if anyone needs me or someone comes looking for me I would be toast if I didn’t say anything.  I mean the worst he can say is no I don’t want you to go but I’m leaving anyway, it’s not like I can reschedule this, nor would I even attempt it. 

Another boring ass day is waiting for me.  I’m eager to go home, prep for tomorrow and call it a day.  I hope that I sleep like a baby and that only good things happen tomorrow.  The bright side is that I won’t be sitting here trying to pass time and I will be able to go home early, my guess is that I will be home by 4pm which will be nice.  Then we have Friday and lead into a 3 day weekend. 

Back to surfing for news and information.  That is how I tend to spend my day.  I did hear one of the girls yesterday call to terminate a contract with a major vendor effective on the 1st of July.  I thought that was rather strange because the last deal that was struck isn’t final yet but who knows things change everyday.  I just know that I don’t want to wake up one day to learn that I have no job and no income and am relying on unemployment for survival.  Because I will fail for sure.

Happy Wednesday to you!  Talk with you peeps later.

20 May 2014


The glue on the mirror started to give way.  I have taped the mirror in place and hope that it holds.  I ordered a replacement last night and they only offer ground shipping.  The item is in stock but won’t ship until Thursday.  I can only hope that it arrives on Friday but since my luck isn’t that good chances are it won’t.  I’m going to try to reach out to the company and see if I can get shipping upgraded.  I’d like to get this project done with so I can have one less thing to worry about.

I am thinking a lot about Thursday and what to wear and more importantly what I am going to tell my boss to be able to leave.  Last time I said doctors appointment.  The other thing that is weighing on me is that if this doesn’t work out then I have nothing else going at the moment.  That’s not to say someone won’t call me today or tomorrow.  My eagerness to move on is really to an overwhelming level.  Plus you have the depression that is in that is in the environment today.  Mix that with boredom and you have very long days.  I equate it to a form of torture. 

Last night Big Boy had litter in his foot.  I went to help him with it and he pitched a fit.  I though rather than pulling it out cutting it would be a better idea.  That is until I wound up cutting him.  It’s a nick where his feet web together, I cut the first part of the web on accident.  I felt really bad he was okay just as long as I left him alone.  He did come to sleep with me.  He got his revenge at 2am when he went to the bathroom and then demanded to be let out.  It wasn’t a pleasant situation but still rather than deal with it I just went back to sleep. 

I went to watch Nurse Jackie last night and the signal was pretty bad, it kept jumping and words would stutter it was horrible.  I backed down from HD to the regular version and that helped a little bit.  Plus they put up next weeks episode so I am all caught up and don’t have to pause to watch it on Sunday night. 

I had my Lasagna and it was pretty good  Looking forward to pizza and salad tonight.  Sleeping and eating are the two things that I really want to do the most of. That isn’t great news for my body or my waistline but there are worst things that I could want to do.

I did some Amazon shopping last night.  I got some spray for Ms. Momma that is supposed to help calm her skin down, hopefully it works.  I got some deep stain remover for the carpet, medicine for the Big Boy and some hair stuff for me.  That plus the mirror and I dropped about $200.  Most of the order will be in on Thursday.  So perhaps Momma will get some much needed relief. 

It occurred to me last night about Momma and her playing noises.  All of her toys have disappeared.  Which means they are probably under a couch and more than likely in the basement.  Last night I gave her a new ball and she sprung to life with her noises and carrying on.  She was carting it al over the house in her mouth.  As if to say look what I have.  Big Boy looked at me funny when I gave it to her so I gave him one too.  He didn’t want it but wanted to know what it was.  So now she has two to play with and potentially loose. 

I did some brushing and claw trimming last night.  It wasn’t a favorite but it went over pretty well.  Those claws get long and sharp very fast.  It’s almost like you trim them today and you need to do it again tomorrow.  TAZ has some really big claws on his back feet.  So much that if he walks on a bare floor you can hear him tapping as he walks.  It’s kind of funny.  I trimmed those claws last night, not sure if he will like it or not but he should have his stealth advantage back now. 

There were other things I was going to put in here but don’t remember them.  So I guess I will call it quits for the moment.  If I think of something of major importance I will be back.  Otherwise I will just talk with you peeps later.

19 May 2014

Quick Update

I heard back from the place that I have been wanting and waiting to hear from.  They have chosen another person.  I kind of figured that already because it was taking so long and he wanted to move before the end of the month.  Not happy about that but I still have irons in the fire.

It sounds like the case that I was supposed to be deposed for has settled, which means no deposition.  That I am happy about.

Hopefully, some good news will come soon!  Talk later.


So far we are off to a good start for this not so favorite day of the week.  I got an in person interview setup for Thursday.  This is the ‘grill session’ and will be the 3rd round for a major organization.  Fingers crossed.

I have also reached out to the computer place by my house.  I expressed interest in the position, presuming it was in fact available again. 

The company with the Google work ethic reached out to me trying to setup a phone interview for tomorrow.  I wrote them back and told them I am no longer interested.  They actually had the guts to call me and ask why, which I think is a pretty bold move.  They said oh well if things change keep us in mind.  The fact that I don’t want to work there isn’t going to change.  I don’t want to go to a pressure cooker.  I’ve have already established to myself that I don’t do well with high pressure situations.  Probably why I am not a hostage negotiator by trade.  :)

The mirror is still on the car.  I spoke with my brother last night and he told me that he encountered a similar situation with our moms car.  He glued it in place and it lasted a couple months.  I asked him if he clamped after gluing and he said no.  So I am inclined to believe that my glue job will last for a while.  I will be ordering a replacement mirror and will probably have it installed but not until the job situation clears up.  I may be brave and try it myself too, it just depends upon how I feel and how life has been treating me. 

My brother of course had all day to call but he chose to call when Nurse Jackie was on.  I was not happy about that.  However, I can watch it tonight On Demand, so no worries. 

It’s about an hour and 15 minutes from lunch and I am already to leave for the day.  Unfortunately that won’t happen.

Battle over dinner salad and left over pizza or reheat Maggiano’s lasagna?  Both sound good but I can only have one of them, I mean that is all my stomach will hold.  Trash goes out tonight, another chore I don’t like.  However, the biggest part of it is done.  I just have to make one last pass through the house and then were all set. 

Lunch is a Roast Beef & Cheese sandwich.  Looking forward to that and the fruit and yogurt that I brought.  I had Crunchy Rasin Bran for breakfast it was pretty good. 

So far that is all I know.  Still hoping that I get an offer from the place that I really want to work but I am confident that God will place me where he wants me to be.  So long as I am happy and secure that is all that matters to me.  I’ve got a lot riding with the mortgage, bankruptcy, cats and myself all hanging in the balance.  Gambling is not my strong suite.

Well back to the grind for now.  Hope your Monday is going well.  I will talk with you peeps later. 

18 May 2014

Sad Sunday

Today is a better day!  I got up early enough to feed the children, kick on the furnace, get dressed and take my medicine.  Then it was out the door to breakfast at Steak N Shake.  It was cheap but today someone was crazy in the kitchen with the salt.  Hate that.  I’m not a fan of salt in my food.

Afterwards I ventured over to the grocery store, where I bought next to nothing and spent $59.  It sure doesn’t take much to run up a bill. 

Then it was off to the gas station.  Then home to carry in and unpack the grocery's.  Of course then it was time to move to laundry.  I am working on finishing that up and moving to the shower. 

A job that I interviewed for last month at a computer company close to home, is being advertised on-line again.  I applied but the guy said that if it didn’t work out with the candidate they chose he would call me.  Apparently he doesn’t keep his word.  The job has been on-line for 2 days and the wording is exactly the same.  I wasn’t going to apply at first but then I said what do I have to loose?  I mean this is the place that doesn’t do direct deposit and they didn’t want to pay me what I wanted.  However, they were willing to provide me a vehicle to drive back and forth every day.  That would be a nice advantage. 

My friend reached out to me last night at 9 by text and said that he would call after church.  I told him lets skip it this week and do it next weekend.  I wasn’t sure that I would have time and be able to accomplish everything that I wanted.  Plus next week I will get an extra day because next Monday is Memorial Day. 

I pray this is the week that something pops with the job search and I get an offer.  I said before that I will take the first offer that comes along but it has to be worth my while.  I can’t afford to take a pay cut.

The cable company notified me today that my statement was on-line and I went to look.  It is $10 higher but looks like the last person I spoke with did what he said he would and my bill is right where it should be.  $80 for tv and $50 for internet.  I know it’s a lot.  Then there are fees and taxes which really put it over the top. 

Last night I read the article in Rolling Stone on Neil Patrick Harris.  He is quite the person.  Witty and has a bit of a dirty mouth.  I think we’d get along fine.  He has dropped a bunch of weight to get into the Hedwig role.  I have seen some more recent photos of him on-line and he is looking anorexic.  He needs to eat something!  Bravo on the weight loss, wish I could loose a few pounds.  However, starvation isn’t an option for myself, which is actually how he lost most of his weight.  You learn a little bit more about him and while the magazine cost me $5 it was worth it just to get the article.

Now I am going to go get wet n soapy.  The washer just kicked off and it’s time to go swap loads and then make my bed.  Then to the showers.  Ah fun day.  I’ll be watching Nurse Jackie in no time at all.  That is a good thing but it just brings me closer to bed time and I am not looking forward to that.  I really hate going back to work and Mondays both of which happen tomorrow. 

Hope your weekend is going well.  Talk with you peeps later.

17 May 2014

Late Start

Last night I came home not feeling the best and I left work a little early.  I was anxious to get my glue on and be done with this mirror event.  I got it glued and managed to get some glue on the paint.  Not good.  However, I got the bulk of it off with a little patience, lighter fluid and a rag.  The rest I had to use a screw driver on and yes there is a slight scratch but it’s very close to where the mirror is and unless your looking for it you won’t see it.  I actually had to do two applications. 

It’s very secure now.  I have no way to seal up the bottom and that is the only part that is loose.  I am hoping that the glue continues to hold it in place until everything calms down in my life.  Then I will look at replacing it properly. 

I went to bed at a decent hour and actually slept all night in my late partner’s bed.  It was a little strange but nice.  I liked the bathroom just a couple steps away instead of having to walk from one room to another.  That is convenience!

I was up around 10 to feed the children and they didn’t want me to leave, so I stayed.  I watched TV with them and then we all got our sleep on.  I didn’t have much to do today anyway so it’s like why not.  I didn’t get out of bed again until 3pm. 

I fed them lunch and made my way to Maggiano’s, knowing full well that I really couldn’t afford it but wanted to go anyway.  I had a salad, Lasagna, a soda and finished with 3 scoops of Spumoni.  It was worth every penny to me.  Plus I got a to go order of Lasagna free.  They take really good care of you when your ordering the classic pasta dishes, so worth it!

I had to stop by the post office, time for more Certified Mail.  I’ve got a potential legal battle brewing.  A company is trying to screw me because they got a charge back.  It’s not a pretty situation and once again I find myself all alone.  I did the only thing I knew to do which was tell them I will sue them if they don’t make things right.  I don’t exactly know if that will make a difference but I certainly hope so.  I’ve also engaged other agencies in the hopes that the pressure will cause them to cave.  I know I am right and I won’t back down.

Then I made my way to Target.  Picked up cat treats, litter and finally Rolling Stone with NPH on the cover.  That magazine cost me $5 and there is no nudity not even an ass shot.  What a good tease but I’m kind of sorry I parted with $5 for it.  As I was leaving the cashier said you enjoy now.  As if I was going to go home and beat off to the cover.  Nah, that’s what porn is for. 

Hit up the cat food store and then came home.  I started cleaning and laundry is seriously backed up.  However, I should be able to get things done considering I have the rest of the day plus tomorrow. 

I asked some friends if they wanted to get together for a bite to eat.  They love the idea and want to do it on Sunday.  They said if you don’t hear from us by Saturday night give us a call.  You know what I am always calling them so I figure if they are truly interested and want to get together they will make the effort.  Otherwise, fuck it.  I don’t feel like our friendship is a 2 way street.  They don’t call to check on me or just say hi.  I’m the one calling them.  I guess I am just in a foul mood right now and it seems like the world is closing in on me. 

At this point nothing more on the job front.  I answered another ad on Friday.  Plus have managed to figure out that my company really isn’t going out of business.  They just want to get rid of the good people and keep the trash.  The owner is in the process of making another purchase and there soon will be plenty to do.  Now the thing is no one has given us an end date.  So either they will ask us to leave or they will just wind up keeping us.  Either way I still want out.  This place has all but killed me and I’m not giving them my soul, though they want it. 

I know that things just have to get better but that doesn’t mean they won’t get worst first.  I am ready to get happy and stay that way.  Then I can start my other big search and that is for a man. 

In driving today I found a nice new subdivision, not sure if it’s just apartments or if it’s houses.  I didn’t bother to stop in.  I’ve thought about walking away from this place and the bankruptcy and just making a fresh start on my own.  However, with my job in limbo at the moment I really can’t entertain the idea of taking on new debt or making any major life changes at the moment.  My hope is that will change soon and I can get on with it and get to happy, like I said a moment ago.

Ms. Momma is after me she wants food or attention or probably both.  She has been really wound up and is licking herself crazy.  I’m worried about her but really don’t know what to do.  The vet has no idea what is wrong with her and I can’t afford to keep guessing.  Poor girl.  I just figured out that she isn’t playing as much now, which is a little cause for concern because she loves to carry on a good chatter and carry a ball or a qtip around the house.  She does play with the ball in the circle but that is limited. 

Everything is changing and not necessarily for the better.  I don’t like it, not one bit.  There isn’t anything I can do about it but go with the flow and try to keep calm, which isn’t easy.

Hope all is well in your world and that you are having a great weekend.  I am going back to tend to the laundry and Ms. Momma.  Talk with you peeps later.

16 May 2014

Car Accident

Just when you think things can’t get any worse, they can and will.  Last night on the way home traffic was pretty intense.  There was a truck in front of me with some children (by that I mean teenagers) who kept switching passengers and eventually one of them got out and popped the hood.  It wasn’t long after that the emergency flashers went on and I said screw this I’ve got to get around these people.  Well in my infinate wisdom I didn’t have enough clearance for my entire car.  Everything made it but the passenger side mirror.  I was going slow enough there wasn’t any damage to the truck but I was seriously upset.  I pulled over to give them time to approach me but they didn’t even realize what happened, so I took off. 

I made it all the way home and the mirror is held on by 3 screws.  All of which broke, probably because they were plastic to start with.  Anyway, I got some Gorilla Glue and a clamp, it’s good enough to drive to work.  However, it’s not solid.  I have some more gluing to do tonight and I have to leave the door open otherwise the clamp won’t fit.  Hopefully, this will make it as good as new.  I still know there is a defect there and you can see some of the glue but for the most part you can’t tell what happened.  No damage to the glass or the body of the mirror.  So I was semi-lucky. 

Hopefully the police won’t be hunting me down for hit and run and I won’t get any phone calls about it.  I didn’t bother to turn it in to my insurance company.  I looked on-line and the cost of a new mirror is around $100 and the labor would probably push it to just slightly over my deductable, so I would have to bear the majority of the cost, why bother.  I know there is a legal obligation that I have to inform my insurance company but unless the other people make a big deal out of it I don’t plan on saying a word.  That is all there is to it. 

I just had a 2nd phone interview with a company I talked to yesterday.  I am so thankful it took place, because they sound very interested in me but I am totally not interested in them.  It’s a high pressure job, no one has an office everyone works off of a table and I would be surrounded by higher educated people, not that is a problem but those people are often very demanding and you have to be on your toes.  The guy I was talking to said that, like I didn’t already know it.  I’ve worked around 24 years and I have had to work with all types of people.  I am looking for a career not a a job and I don’t want to go into a pressure cooker. In fact I am getting out of a job that is some what of a pressure cooker.  I want to be able to go to work, do my job, enjoy myself, be free to be who I am and not worry about any snobs.  So if they offer me an in person interview I will decline.  I know that I am not really in a position to pass it up, but I think it would be better to pass, than to take it and be unhappy and possibly be unable to preform and wind up getting fired and then having to start the process all over again.  So passing seems like the very best option to me. 

I think I mentioned this but I sent a follow up to the place that I really want to work at and still nothing.  I would have the best weekend ever if they would call and make me an offer.  The day is still young and it’s still possible.  No news at least means I am still in the running, or so I think.  I would guess that they will be making someone an offer soon because the darn month is almost over with already. 

No special plans for the weekend.  I’d like to get the carpet clean and pick up a copy of Rolling Stone with NPH on the cover.  Maybe get some Maggiano’s but if I do I will be going it alone because I can’t find anyone that wants to join me. 

Going out today for lunch getting a taco salad, which will be different.  Pizza for supper unless I change my mind.  Looking forward to relaxing and letting my hair down so to speak. 

Momma slept with me last night and I was up every 2 hours.  I love her but sleeping with her is worse than sleeping with a new born.  I finally got rid of everyone but Big Boy around 4 am and then I was really able to sleep.  Unfortunately, my alarm went off way too soon.  Then I had to jump because the clamps were still on the car and I wanted to be able to still be on time. 

That’s all I know at the moment, have a good weekend and if anything breaks I will be sure to post.  Talk with you peeps later.

15 May 2014

Reeling from yesterday

While it’s certainly not healthy, I am still reeling from the events of yesterday.  I am depressed more now than angry.  I guess it’s like grieving you go through different emotions. 

I got my phone interview this morning and the lady was late in calling, plus she had more questions than she had information.  She made promises of a 2nd phone interview and an in person interview both to take place next week.  Yeah, that probably won’t happen. 

I did my research yesterday on following up with companies and the place I really want to work, still haven’t heard anything from them.  It’s only been 2 weeks but they need to make a decision by the end of the month.  So I reached out to the hiring manager by e-mail to see if I can get a response.  My hope is that I didn’t kill my chances, but them keeping me on pins and needles isn’t fair either. 

One of my co-workers got a job with one of the companies that is buying part of what we are selling.  She is going to inquire if they could use me.  My guess is yes but it’s really a place that I don’t want to work for because the envrionment is totally horrible.  However, whereever I can get a legit paycheck from I am going to go.  It’s first come, first serve. 

Not to sound like a used car salesman but I will only be on the market for a limited time.  So the time to act is now.  Plus it would really make my day and put my mind at ease. 

I’m going out for lunch today with a co-worker and not exactly sure where we are going but it will be nice to get away.  I have that to look forward to and well tomorrow is Friday.  Outside of that nothing else on the agenda. 

I am ready to go back to work, I mean for real.  Day to day problems, dealing with people, planning on how I will organize my day, thinking about the future, etc.  This sitting around is boring.  I mean it’s enjoyable for the first few days but after that you are ready to eat a gun.  It’s just so boring. 

I’m going to go looking for NPH on Rolling Stone I do know what.  Hopefully it’s on newsstands by now. I think it will not be all what I want it to but just having a copy in my hands and something that I can save will be nice. 

We made it to the middle of another month, so I am just that much closer to what will be the end here.  I’m sure this place is going to go on but probably with a whole lot of new faces and it will be a slow go for a while.  I will be all too happy ot get away from the liars, cheats and plastic people. 

Okay I guess that is enough in the depression department.  I did get a piece of paper yesterday in the mail that said if me and my partner appear in person with a marriage license they will convert our civil unions to a marriage using the original date of the civil union.  I’d love nothing more than to do it, I know it would mean the world to him, but it requires him being physically present and signing documents.  As much as I want it to happen I can’t make it happen.  It was nice to know but I could have easily gone the rest of my life without knowing.  I mean we wanted to know at the time we got our civil union but no one could answer that question.  You also have the right to a ceremony but you have to pay for that.  I would rather just get the marriage license.  Lord knows it would have made it easier to get things accomplished as his legal spouse without companies having to determine if they recognize a civil union. 

I mean there would have been no small claims court, things may have even gone easier with the mortgage but I am sure the bankruptcy court would have been a little more hairy to deal with.  These are events that I hopefully won’t have to address again any time soon.

Just get me a job, a good man and let me live in my house happily ever after with all of my children.  Then we can call it a day and a good life.  I really honestly wish it was that easy.  Everything in life seems to be a struggle for me and I have to work hard to accomplish anything.  I’m just looking for a break and to make it big,

Well happy Thursday.  Talk with you peeps later. 

14 May 2014


So I am all excited, ready to go this afternoon.  I sent an e-mail telling my boss that I had an appointment this afternoon and needed to leave early.  Then about 15 minutes later, I get an e-mail from the company I am supposed to be going to and they said they are no longer interested in me based on the test results and that the interview was cancelled.

I am really hot under the collar about this, I am putting my job on the line and this is the way they treat me.  I’ve applied there twice and will not make the mistake of doing it a third time.  I am done with them.

Now I am just going home early.  I figure it would probably look bad if I said that I didn’t need to leave early after all.  The time it’s self is nothing I am worried about since I am salaried it won’t come out of my pay.  Otherwise, I would be sure to stay.  It just means that I get a break from boredom a little early this afternoon. 

Yesterday’s phone interview went well.  They are talking about an in person interview and it’s pretty intense they said to plan on 2 hours if I am invited.  It sounds like I will be but who knows, with the way companies operate.  That position is hourly and averages 8 hours a day.  No on-call work.  However there would be travel with events and those are like 3 times a year.  You start early in the morning like 7 or 8 and don’t finish until 1 or 2 am.  However, you are paid for every hour you are there.  So the chances of getting extra money a few times a year is there but it sounds like they really put you through the mill for it. 

Last night I got a message from our office manager and I was able to discern from it that the owners are looking at buying something else, however it’s top secret and they aren’t interested in keeping me, so she had to lie to me.  Whatever. 

I am ready to move on with my life.  The sooner I am way from these people the better off I will be.  However, right now money is the only reason why I come to work.  It’s not like I have anything to do.

Jumper thought he would be cute and he spit his pill out after I was sure it was in him.  Nope, then this morning he threw up all over the bed.  I found the pill as I was headed to breakfast.  So I nabbed him and got him to take it again.  I can only hope he took it.  He’s like a psych patient you look all around and can’t see it next thing you know when your back is turned he is spitting it out.  That’s why I liked the cream in the ear, I knew he had it on board. Just another challenge in my life, like I need that. 

I can imagine that everyone will be confused by me coming home early and they will of course want food.  I will give in but I am honestly looking forward to sitting back watching TV and maybe even falling asleep, if it is in the cards and won’t cause me trouble tonight. 

Tomorrow is another phone interview.  Then I am done for the week.  Sigh!  I am still hoping to hear from the place that I really want to go to, it’s the best opportunity and the potential for expanding my knowledge is unlimited.  I really hope they make me an offer and soon!

Well I have to disperse my anger somehow and I am not exactly sure how I am going to do that.  I really want to write that company and thank them for wasting my time and tell them to go fuck themselves, but the only thing that will accomplish is make me feel good.  I had a feeling we wouldn’t be compatible.  That is just how it goes. 

Talk with you peeps later.   

13 May 2014

Cancel Service

Over the weekend I called Sirius to Cancel my service.  I told them I lost my job, figuring that would get me the results I wanted.  Instead I had to go through all of the up selling and constantly saying no I lost my job.  They even offered me the same deal I had 5 months for like $25.  I said no.  So finally the service is going to be cancelled and it turns off mid next month.  Wow, you would think I was asking for the moon & the stars all I wanted was to cancel.  They think I will be calling them back once my situation changes.  I kind of doubt it.  This was an expense that can be avoided.  I’ve already proven to myself that I can do without it.  I listen to a little bit of Lance Bass on the way home, but after a while he starts to grate on my nerves.  I used to listen in the morning but grew out of it.  I don’t want to chance my habits now and get hooked, then I would have to call back.

I haven’t made any other drastic changes just yet but there is plenty more than can be cut – cable, phone service, alarm and that is just to name a few things.  You would be amazed at what you can do without when you have to.  I just don’t want to get to that point.  I really value the alarm it’s peace of mind that the children are safe while I am away and it provides peace of mind at night time when I am sleeping. 

It’s another boring day here.  It’s cooled down, raining and feels like winter outside.  I’d sware I saw a couple of snow flakes but I think it may have just been my eyes playing tricks on me. 

I am dealing with some spyware on a machine that is highly infected.  Outside of that I am bored and anxious for 4pm the phone interview. 

Tomorrow will be the big day for the in person one and then I come back on Thursday and have a phone interview in the morning.  I know I keep saying this but I really hope that something pops soon.  The stress from not knowing is killing me.  I don’t get much sleep and really need to take a muscle relaxer.  However, I can’t until I pass a pre-employment drug test depending upon where I am going.  The MR’s are prescription and the RX expired a long time ago.  I do not want to take any chances and screw myself out of a job because I took a pill.  I know the muscle tension I have is all stress related because it’s in my upper back, shoulders and neck.  A massage might help but that costs money and I’d rather not spend it unless I have to. 

I had a nice salad last night with Taco Bell Spicy Ranch Dressing.  It was more like HOT.  However it made my salad and my mouth come alive.  Tonight I am thinking of fried chicken reheated and mashed potatoes.  It sounds good and the children will line up to get their fair share of it and I don’t give in, it’s people food. 

Speaking of which poor BLU no one would let him eat this morning.  He shares with either TAZ or Big Boy and they both were being hogs.  He sat by himself pouting.  I opened a special can of food just for him and everyone tried to take it away from him.  I told them he needs his food too.  Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  I don’t want to make this a habit each day but it’s funny how quickly you can create a habit.  Shy Girl with her special food, she hears the can crack and just melts before my eyes.  I love them but they are expensive.

We have a new neighborhood cat and a ground hog.  The Hog is a big thing, he is not digging in the yard yet but he did eat some grass.  I am perfectly fine with that.  The yard is over grown as it is and with the wet weather I wonder if lawn boy will be able to preform service tomorrow.  I guess I will find out as soon as I get home tomorrow. 

Well were down to one hour and 15 minutes and then it will be dial in time for the phone interview.  I hope it goes well and the remainder of the day passes quickly.  I am anxious to get home.  Glee and Tosh.0 are both on tonight.  It is a good night to be lazy and relax. 

Well back to spyware and looking on the internet for a job.  Yes, it’s been another boring day here at the salt mine.  Only 3 of us are talking about getting the heck out of here.  We are the only ones who have started to take things home.  Everyone else I guess is waiting until the last minute or hoping that the owner will buy something else and keep them.  It is a far safer bet to look for a job than to sit and hold your breath.  Better to try and fail than to have no tried at all and have to start from scratch not knowing how long it will be.  At least us 3 have the jump on things, which I think is far smarter.  I’m sure there is probably another deal cooking in the background that I am not aware of but I am hell bent on getting out of here and into some place where the culture and appreciation not to mention the money are all better. 

Talk with you peeps again soon.  Have a good evening!

12 May 2014

Work Time Again

So very sleepy this morning, I was falling into naps at my desk.  That is how bored I was.  I got a call and some actual work to do so that helped pass the time.  Now we are into the early start of the afternoon.  Just wondering how the rest of the day is going to go.

Thus far it’s not a bad day.  I got an e-mail from the company I am scheduled to interview with on Wednesday.  It was the test results from the test I took on Friday night.  Normally they don’t share those with the candidate.  However, this test told them not to hire me because I wouldn’t be a good fit for the job.  It told them what questions to ask and what areas to press me on.  It contained a lot of inaccurate data.  However, it’s all science.  If they would tell you why they are asking the questions, then that would help.

One of my coworkers had a good interview this morning.  They expect to be called back for a 2nd interview at some point next week.  They would be taking a pay cut but are excited about the job.  I understand the excitement part because most anything is better than working here.  However, pay cut well not so much.  I mean our backs aren’t up against the wall just yet, but we all have a different approach when it comes to looking for a job.

I am eager to get this week over with because of so many interviews.  They are sources of stress for me because I am in salesman mode.  Meanwhile, the place a couple blocks from here still hasn’t told me anything yet.  I thought there was a way I could logon and check the status of my application but I can’t find it so perhaps it was a dream.  It’s amazing we are in such a hurry to fill this position so you think that your going t hear quickly about where you stand and then nothing.  All I know is he said he had to make a decision before the end of the month.  I hope he doesn’t wait until the the last possible second.  It’s only been a week and Thursday it will be 2 weeks.  So there is still time.  I am just anxious to announce my last day, it’s like I am salivating over getting to break the news.  However, not until I know the offer is firm and secure will I do that.  Even though I am ready to do it now with nothing on the horizon, it would be stupid because there would be no more income.

Rain is in the forecast for most of the week.  Right now it’s sunny and hot.  By mid week it’s suppose to cool back down into the 50’s.  We have been in the 70’s and 80’s so far.  It is almost like there is no spring and it’s straight up summer.  Speaking of which lawn boy shows up on Wednesday and the lawn sure needs a haircut. 

Ah, I guess I should call it quits.  Nothing else of major note to write about at the moment.  If something noteworthy happens I will be back with an update.  Otherwise, I will talk with you peeps tomorrow.  Take care!

11 May 2014

Nice Weekend

Hello…here’s the weekend update.

FRIDAY… I came home and went to watch something on NetFlix to relax.  I couldn’t it said no internet.  I checked my phone and it wasn’t on WIFI.  So I headed to the basement and reset everything.  Then I went on to complete employment applications and tests that were sent to me.  I also confirmed my interview for Wednesday. 

SATURDAY….I had a very specific order to follow in order to get things done in time to be able to visit my friends house.  I also went looking for the latest issue of Rolling Stone Magazine.  Wonder why?  Just take a look who is on the cover…


Need I say anymore?  Well it’s supposed to be on newsstands now but it isn’t anywhere to be found.  My hope is that it will soon surface.  I could always get an electronic version but called me old fashion, I’d like the printed issue.  My hope is that there are more photos inside.  I know I’m not going to be able to see his junk because this is not that kind of magazine but anything he is willing to show, I am willing to look at.

I got everything done and made it to my friends house, which seems like it’s on the other side of the planet.  I drove for an hour and never thought I would get there.  I also tried to outsmart my GPS which worked against me.  However, I made it in the end.

Her grandson came over and we worked on his laptop installing a new hard drive and loading back on Windows 8 and the necessary drivers.  I got anti-virus software loaded and this kid is only 16 but it was like I just saved his life.  He was so appreciative.  We became fast friends.  I also let him do some of the work.  The hardest part was getting the machine apart.  The rest was very easy.  When I unplugged his keyboard I thought I broke a connector I was very nervous but held it and my fears inside.  Turns out all was okay. 

Now the part that makes me feel guilty.  I looked this kid up and down and he is such a handsome young man.  I really wanted him but the bigger head prevailed and I didn’t do anything stupid.  First, it would cost me a good friendship.  Second, it would get me into some serious legal trouble.  Looking was nice.  I have felt so guilty about my feelings for him, I mean I know it’s natural because I am attracted to guys but this was just wrong.

We had a nice Italian Meal and the time my lord it just sailed on by.  I got there around noon and didn’t leave until 8pm.  My friend and her husband had plenty of time to chat and talk about various things.  Her life is a little complicated right now but I know she is headed on the right road and all is going to turn out well.  I got a job tip from her husband, he said that the cable company is hiring.  I already knew that and have applied but they always reject me the very next day.  It’s not a human being doing it, it’s a computer.  My resume doesn’t have the right keywords.

Anyway, I left there drove home and the children were too eager to see me.  I got them fed.  Changed the litter boxes out and after they were done eating mopped the kitchen floor.  We had ants.  They were horrible, but light.  It’s just because TAZ is a very sloppy eater and I am a lazy bastard.

I finished watching a movie I started on Friday night called The Dirties, which is on Netflix.  It’s about kids who are bullied and in the end it results in a school shooting but it’s only one kid that does the shooting the other wants nothing to do with it.  He goes after those kids that gave him a hard time.  Watching it in HD really makes it seem real life to me.  Some cute kids in there.  If you have every wondered why school shootings take place, watch this movie.  It’s just your average bullying but kids truly melt down and once they are taken to their breaking point they grab a gun to solve there problems.  I can remember wanting to do that when I was in school, but I had to take it and take it and when I couldn’t take it anymore, I still had to take it.  It wasn’t pleasant and wasn’t my idea of fun.  However, I’ve been abused my whole life and it really messes with your head and can bring about a huge temper.  I see it in my brother, make him mad and he just makes this face like everything that ever happened to him is all your fault and then he just goes at you with all of his might.  Adrenalin gives you so much power and makes you stronger than you think you are. 

Okay, so then I did the dishes, got ready for bed, medicated the children and rented Daniel Tosh standup special from Amazon.  He was pretty good and it lulled me to sleep.  I crashed and woke up around 9 am this morning.

SUNDAY….Went to the grocery store, it was packed.  Spent another $100 which I didn’t even think I had that much in groceries.  It’s getting quite expensive.  Came home put groceries away, started laundry then went to update my finances.  Found out I have less money than I thought I did.  That’s always a downer.  Pushed myself away from the computer and went upstairs for lunch with the children.  I wanted to put something on TV to watch while I ate.  No internet again.

I fed the children and came back downstairs.  Fiddled with things and determined I needed a new router.  Went to Best Buy dropped another $100 got a nice router.  Came home, installed it and then figured out my TIVO required legacy WEP Security.  I wound up taking away the wireless adapter and telling TIVO to call in via phone.  Back to the dial up days.  Besides that I get unlimited local calls, why not use them.  I didn’t want to compromise on security because WEP can be cracked easily.  The router offers a separate GUEST network, which is really nice.  I have it turned off, well because no one comes over here.  It’s nice to know that I have it.  I certainly hope this router lasts a very long time.  I usually get 3 years out of one and then it’s trash.  Why?  Good question.  Usually it’s weather related.  Come to think of it we had a hell of a storm last night, maybe that got it.  It’s on a UPS to provide conditioned power so it can’t be damaged.  I give up on figuring out why.

Finally had my lunch.  Chicken salad on saltine crackers.  The way I like it.  Washed all that down and then called my mom to wish her a happy mothers day.  She is doing okay given her circumstances.  She is back to driving.  She said the doctor said it was okay.  I personally don’t think it’s a good idea but if my brother is comfortable with it then so be it.  I just hope she doesn’t freak out while on the road or things could get messy, quickly.

Got in a nap, got shaved and showered.  Fed the children supper.  I had supper and here I am blogging.  Going to eat some ice cream soon and watch Nurse Jackie.  Then it will be time to wrap up and get ready for bed.  Justin Timberlake is on Oprah tonight, looking forward to seeing that interview. 

Not looking forward to tomorrow.  However, that and Friday are my only two days with no job interviews.  I have a 2nd phone interview on Tuesday.  Wednesday is an in person interview.  Thursday is a 1st round phone interview.  So all in all I am doing pretty good.  My hope is that something pops quickly and I can make a move.  I can afford to take 1 week off now and try to get some stuff done or at least get estimates.  Also some relaxing before switching jobs will do me good.  I want to take the time off, while I can afford it.  Money is starting to get very tight and I see it all going down the tubes, leaving me with nothing. 

The IRS is taking it’s sweet time in getting me my refund, even though it’s less than $200 I sure could use every penny of it right about now. 


So I had some fun this weekend.  Seeing my friend and her family provided lots of laughs which felt really good.  I haven’t laughed and smiled so much in a very long time.  It made me remember why we were friends in the first place.  She is truly an amazing woman.

I hope that you all had a great weekend and enjoyed yourselves.  Now it’s back to the old bump and grind for another 5 long days and then we can do it all over again.  I am looking forward to it.  Nothing planned for the coming weekend but who knows maybe something will materialize.  I am trying desperately to get to Maggiano’s.  Regardless if it’s by myself or with friends.  I would have made it today but it was Mother’s Day and every restaurant around here is busy.  Maybe next Saturday!

Take care and I will talk with you peeps again soon.  Be well!

09 May 2014

Mind Reader

Apparently my job duties have been changed and now I am supposed to be a mind reader.  Yesterday the boss called up and said he was locked out of a computer, he forgot the password.  What to do?  I told him wait 30 minutes and try again.  He said what if I don’t know the password.  Well then I have a piece of software that might help.  Okay walk me through that.  I said I have to sent it to you there isn’t anything to walk through.  He said okay sent it to me overnight.  I made a fresh copy of the disk, tested it to make sure it worked and packaged it up with step by step instructions.  I sent it out via Fedex but chose Standard Delivery.  This morning he asked me for the tracking number and flipped out when he saw that it wasn’t going to be delivered until 8pm.  So he jumped all over me and said why wasn’t it sent Priority.  I told him I did what you said I sent it overnight.  Oh that really ticked him off, he said that at my level I should have known better and that we are going to talk on Monday.  Oh, wow I am so scared.  What is he going to do fire me?  I mean I’m going to be out of a job soon, all he would be doing is speeding up the process. 

He is a dumb motherfucker who is lucky to be able to find his ass with both hands.  I am not a mind reader and did exactly what I was told to do.  I don’t feel guilty and am not worried about Monday. Chances are he is so sold that he will forget about talking to me.  Even if he does talk with me I’m going to tell him the same thing I told him today, I did what you said to do, if you wanted Priority then you should have specified it.  I am not here to play guessing games. 

Now you see why I am so ready to get out of here.  This is petty bullshit stuff and he makes a major ordeal out of something that is so small.  It’s not my fault that he got locked out, I mean it’s not even his computer he is trying to get into.  Why not ask the owner for the password?  Wait until he gets the software and figures out that it won’t help him.  He will hit the roof them.  The machine was joined to a network domain, unless you know the password you won’t be able to get into it, until it physically connects with the domain and in order for that to happen, he will need to ship it back here.  I gave him the password to use it’s not my fault he is too stupid to put it in the computer. 

I got a phone call this morning from another organization.  They want to setup an interview but it’s done by phone.  We did an initial phone screen and I passed that.  Now it’s a matter of talking with a couple of other people and completing an application that will authorize a background check, etc.  So we talk on Tuesday afternoon. 

My praying has gotten stronger, I really would appreciate a job offer so I can tell this place goodbye and the way my boss acted today is the biggest reason why I want out. 

Outside of that no other big news to speak of.  It’s all status quo for now.  Looking forward to the weekend – sleeping in and hopefully peace and quiet. 

I hope you have an awesome peaceful relaxing weekend!  Talk with you peeps later.

08 May 2014

1 more day until Friday

Were at the almost end of the week.  I think we should be able to fast forward to Friday.  I am kind of sleepy now part of that is from the circumstances here and part of it is just my body telling me a nap is a good thing. 

Last night I had a horrible dream I was taking care of my grandmother who suffered some kind of massive injury to her arm, it looked like a cross between a skin graft and a severe burn.  I found some aloe and was putting that on, much to my surprise it helped.  Then the alarm went off and I realized oh crap it was a dream, time to get going.

The children all boycotted me last night so I slept alone.  You would think that you mean I got a good nights rest but no I woke up in the middle.  I am taking more and more sleeping medicine in the hopes that I can achieve a good nights rest.  I think the only way that I am going to sleep easy is once this latest part of the nightmare that I am living comes to an end.  I can’t wait rest, relaxation and peace of mind.  I have so many ideas on how to celebrate but first I have to get the new job. 

Speaking of the job hunt, it’s kind of dry out there.  I get a lead here and there.  I have done some cold surfing just looking at different companies websites that I had from my past bought with unemployment.  No one is hiring. 

I got a follow up letter from my friends boss who told me they do not have an opening right now.  Okay, so I tried and if things don’t work out with your current employee you know who to call.  I can take a no and/or rejection but after so many you wonder what in the world am I doing wrong and why is it that no one wants me. 

Well it’s still very much an employers job market.  They can afford to be picky.  The mere fact they have an open position means they have a problem and who they chose to fill the position with has to be able to fix the problem and also find someway to make them money or save them from costly expenses.  It is a game of cat and mouse – if you play long enough eventually you will win.  Now if I just remember that the next time I get depressed about the situation. 

More and more people here are letting the circumstances take over their life.  Some people are willing to take pay cuts just to have a job.  I’m not one of those people.  I know that I am barley making it on what I have now so at a minimum I need what I am making now, if I can get a little more well all the more better for me.  I do need a job but I’m not willing to go down in pay just because my employer decided to go out of business.  That clearly isn’t my fault.

So outside of work, things are pretty well normal.  I paid bills last night and the water heater coming out of savings is really going ot hurt me.  I thought about paying 1/2 of the bill now and the other 1/2 later.  However, considering the interest it’s better to just part with my money and pay it off.  I have also scheduled a payment to the Bankruptcy Court for their portion of my late partners income tax refund.  I figure might as well get that out of the way before things get too far out of control. 

It’s hard to believe I started with a nice sum and now it’s dwindling down like I said I didn’t want it to.  Getting another job will help but only if they give me a raise.  I’m not looking to make out like a Madoff just a decent honest living for a decent honest days work.  While my dreams, desires, demands are not unreasonable the challenge is to find someone that will go along with them. 

In surfing around I learned that Enlisted got cancelled.  I am not happy about that but it’s the way things go.  There is plenty of other shows on TV to watch.  Speaking of TV if you love ice cream and chocolate pick up some Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Therapy.  It can get a little messy but it is really good.  Chocolate ice cream, chocolate pudding and chocolate cookies all in one pint.  Yes, it’s rich and you probably can’t eat it it all in one sitting, but it is so good.  I had Peanut Butter Cup last night and it was good too.  I think I will be polishing it off tonight.

The bigger challenge for me is to figure out what I am going to eat tonight.  I know it will be frozen I just hope it’s enough.  I am leaning towards Lasagna but not sure just yet.  That takes around 15 minutes to cook and I don’t know that I am that patient. 

I know I live such an exciting life.  It’s boring beyond belief.  I spoke with my friend last night and looks like from the sound of things I will be getting together with her and her grandson to work on his computer.  He’s only 16 and working with someone that young might not work out so well for me.  Just let me sit back and do my thing.  He has such confidence in me that he thinks if I can’t fix it no one can.  That is quite honorable but it’s very far from the truth.  There are smarter people in computers and in the world than me.  I am not discounting my abilities but I know my limits and try not to exceed them.  They are about an hour away from me and the best part is once we are done, my reward is food.  I hope it happens but I don’t want to get started too early because well I need to be able to sleep in a bit. 

Back to work and looking forward to much closer to the end of the day and being able to go home and let my hair down, so to speak.  The political tension here is high and people are treating this like it’s throat punch Thursday.  When it’s just another Throw Back Thursday.  I say throw Thursday out and lets move on to Friday. 

Talk with you peeps later. 

07 May 2014


I got a call from a co-worker who is bored out of her mind.  I never said that I was just that things were slow.  She made the mistake of telling me that she doesn’t have much to do.  I won’t be repeating it but jeez that is just something you don’t want to share.  If word spreads then your gone quicker than you anticipated. 

While I too am ready to jump out the window or go for a walk it’s far better to be bored and collecting a paycheck than stuck at home on unemployment. 

I got a call from a regulatory agency that I complained to about the mortgage.  They explained to me that the mortgage company should have been up front with me and there is no possibility of me getting any kind of payment assistants because my name is not on the loan. 

I have three choices in there eyes – assume the loan, refinance the loan or walk away.  They leaned towards just walking away because it’s probably the best way out for me.  However, there would be some potential legal implications so they encouraged me to contact an attorney before I acted. 

While I am appreciative of the advice I am staying the course until I know how things shake out with the job.  It could wind up where I stop paying and live there rent free for a while. 

A new job and finding one are the keys to my future.  It will dictate what I will be able to do and what I won’t be able to do.  That is why it’s key that I find something quickly, because if push comes to shove I will be on the street before you can say the word money. 

I decided to send a follow up note to a managing partner of a firm that a friend referred me to.  She hand walked my resume to him.  He seemed interested so she said.  I sent another copy of my resume and encouraged him to reach out to me.  Time will tell if I am successful.  From what I hear he runs a very nice firm and treats people with the utmost of respect, you know like people should be treated.  Why can’t everyone in the world be like that?

Okay so afternoon is in full swing now.  4 more hours and then it will be time to sail home and get that frozen fish TV dinner.  Can’t you tell I am so excited?  I know it will be a decent meal but it will also be closer to going to bed and coming back here for what will prove to be another boring day.  At least there are only 2 more left.  Makes me truly treasure and savor the weekend.  Shame we can’t have more Saturday’s!

So I guess back to the job search and trying to find some trouble to get into.  Talk with you peeps later.