29 September 2016

How Goes It?

It has been an insane couple of days.  One of my co-workers that I work very close with has gotten sick.  She was out one day and I thought I wouldn’t make it through the day without here.  She came back yesterday but then is out sick today.  I think she over did it.  There are situations that come up and I have to deal with on my own.  Being on call I had the impression that it was my responsibility to deal with all of the tickets that were sent to the department.  Everyone said so but now they are back pedaling.  I am being told that I am taking on too much and I need to either give others a chance or out right delegate something to them.  I am not in any trouble but I think there may be fear of burn out.  Just some concern.  Plus we appear to have a lazy ass that is too good to work tickets.  I have been spoiling everyone because as soon as something comes in, I snatch it up.  It’s helped me learn and grow, plus it makes me and the team look good – just good customer service which is what I am all about.  It’s hard to sit back.  I was even told that I can get a message today but since were down by 1 person I am not partaking.  Plus it’s a chance to save money. 

This whole on call things really is nothing to be alarmed over.  Thus far no phone calls, so no emergencies.  What has happened occurs during working hours and I have managed to take care of.  Sure there were times when I wanted to pull my hair out but I made it.  I pray that all of the nights are silent.  If you want to make the days noisy I am fine with that, just as long as those days are M-F and don’t include the weekend.  I am starting to think that the rate plan switch on my cell phone was a mistake but hey there is no going back. 

Really hard to comprehend that today is Thursday.  Most everyday so far I have woken up early and just gotten started with the day.  It gives me more time if anything unforeseen comes up be it at home or in traffic. 

The kids are doing well.  I did a dumb thing last night.  Ruth came over for me to pet her but she has a habit of not getting to close until you are able to hit the right spot, then she looses her inhibitions and walks right up to you, the minute you stop she runs away.  Last night she was just out of reach but was clamoring for attention.  I reached out and grabbed her by the scruff of the neck and tried to pull her closer.  That scared the crap out of her and now she won’t take any risks around me.  Feels like I set things back.  Hopefully she will warm up to me again.  I love her and really would like her to be a lap cat but she is far too independent for that.  I would and could love on her so much more if she would just relax and open up.  Ah, well we all have our own personalities and that is what makes us unique.  This morning I noticed Marvin appear to have a tremor in one of his paws.  He has been acting strange lately.  He is having more moments that he forgets that I am home and starts crying like he is lost in his house.  I start calling him but that doesn’t appear to help.  Don’t want to lose my sleeping buddy.  I am keeping an extra close eye on him.  Bear begged for attention last night, I had to pick him up and place him on the couch with me.  He lapped that up but when he wanted down, it was now and not in 5 minutes.  I got him back on the floor safe and as quickly as I could.  He’s still a lot to lift even if he is only 27 pounds. 

It’s cooling off outside.  I have been driving around with the sunroof open on my car.  Something I only rarely do.  I just decided I’ve got the benefit, might as well enjoy it.  I do it as long as I can but eventually all of the pollen floating gets to be too much and I have to go back to a/c.  Turned the a/c off at the house last night.  Might need to turn it on when I get home but really don’t think it is needed during the day.  Of course winter power rates are a ways away from taking effect.  Love when that happens because there is typically a serious decrease in the bill.

Each night I go home I think oh maybe the new lawn guy came today.  He said he would be out this week but didn’t pin himself down to a specific date.  Needless to say he hasn’t been by as of last night.  I am hoping that I will be surprised tonight or tomorrow.  If he hasn’t been out by Saturday morning then it’s time for a phone call to see what’s going on.  I kind of feel like I may have been played but am trying not to be paranoid, I mean if that is the case there are plenty of other people who really want the job.  It will all work out.  The letter that I sent to fire the original lawn boy to my knowledge hasn’t been delivered yet.  I checked on tracking and it’s like it’s stuck in the system.  I see it leaving a sorting facility but don’t see it arriving into the local post office.  It was supposed to be delivered by Wednesday.  I hope that they can deliver it soon, because the sooner he knows the better.  I sent it certified mail for a reason. 

Tonight will be a ball of fun.  I get to go home feed the children get the trash put out and then gobble down supper and go pay bills.  Then it will be time for bed and I get to come back here tomorrow.  I love a plan or a schedule but when too much is crammed into a time slot it causes anxiety.  I applied an update on my home machine this morning and it’s not back on line.  I am a little nervous that it’s stuck and I can’t exactly ask one of the kids to check on it for me.  That would be great if I could just say Bear go reboot the computer for daddy and he would do it.  Hell it would be a miracle for him to get downstairs much less to reboot the computer. 

Well lunchtime is about over with.  Time to head back for the long afternoon.  1 meeting scheduled with the boss to touch base.  Outside of that my afternoon is wide open.  I am sure some issue will come along and help fill the void of free time I have.  One more day hang in there we can make it.  The weekend is almost upon us and I look forward to hopefully being able to sleep and take a nap.  Cheers!

26 September 2016

Primed & Ready

Woke up 15 minutes early, normally I would go back to sleep or just lay in bed and enjoy the time.  Not today, I got up and got moving.  Not sure as to why I did it but once I started in motion it was just natural to want to keep on going.  The children were surprised at my early rising as much as I was.

I configured my phone last night to be ready for on-call this week.  In the Do Not Disturb feature on an iPhone you can stop alerts for emails and allow phone calls.  I don’t know of a way to stop phone calls and allow emails.  Anyway all I have to be concerned with once I am in bed is phone calls.  I am supposed to check my email one time every hour up until bed time.  My phone has push notifications so if an email comes in I will know about it.  This is the way it always has worked, but I may test it a couple times just to be sure.  I never trust WIFI connectivity when I am at home, considering that I just changed plans I don’t know that I will rely on cellular data, despite the fact that my usage hasn’t really spiked. 

This on call is different in that before I was on the front line and first level support for any issue that anyone deemed an emergency or urgent.  Now I am third level support and things are much more relaxed.  If anyone needs you for anything they have to call you.  Sure your supposed to check email but we don’t rely on it, the phone call is what we live and die by.  We have a monitoring service that calls if there is a serious problem.  Otherwise, you just go about your business.  We don’t get a lot of activity but there are rare occasions where you have something that is hyper critical.  So I am relaxed but also nervous at the same time. 

I kept true to my word and had a slice of pie yesterday.  It was so good and I am looking forward to having another slice tonight.  I also heated up a caramel pecan cinnamon roll, had that as a snack just before bed along with a glass of frosty cold milk that I turned into chocolate milk.  The cats got Fancy Feast since I was eating high on the hog as well.  We were all licking our chops! 

Opened a rollover IRA account last evening so that I could take a lump sum settlement from my former employer that offered a pension.  All of the work on my part is done but the money won’t be sent until December which of course will be here before you know it.  I believe I made a smart move and hopefully I will be able to grow it into a much more sizable amount.  When I was going through setting up the account I had to pick a beneficiary, I went with a default decision but now I am thinking of changing my mind, which I can do at anytime with respect to who the beneficiary is.  I like to think that I will be able to enjoy the money on my own, I mean were talking age 59 1/2 before I can start drawing and that is only 14 1/2 years away.  I can’t predict what will happen in that amount of time but hopefully nothing catastrophic.  Who knows maybe I will meet the man of my dreams and be able to leave it all to him. 

So I told you at the start of this that I got up early.  I am still wondering when I will actually wake up.  So sleepy.  I have one afternoon meeting and then the rest of the day so far is mine.  Things have a way of cropping up and when they do I usually focus on what is going on rather than how I feel. 

Got a call yesterday afternoon from a co-worker/friend who was giddy.  She was calling to tell me that she has a job interview.  She was excited but has the normal nerves and mixed feelings.  I told her go for it and see what happens.  You never know when you will find your dream job and certainly shoving this aside would be a mistake.  Especially since she hasn’t had an interview in two (2) years.  She has done more than her fair share of complaining and I have heard all of the stories on how she wants out of this place and it’s the worst place she has ever worked.  Yeah okay so I hope that she gets this new job then I don’t have to listen to all of that negativity and try to put a positive spin on it.  I really want to tell her to take the elevator to the ground floor, walk out, get in your car and don’t ever come back.  Nice enough person but all of the hostility and negativity, she really needs a new job.  So regardless of how it turns out I told her look at it this way, you will have the experience of being through an interview, if this isn’t the one then you’ll be better prepared for next time.  She is one of those people that once she starts talking you can see your life passing in front of you because she has a way of keeping a conversation going for quite sometime.  I sat for a little bit but went to grab my headset and I started on my chores, she yammered on for close to an hour so that would have been an hour of lost productivity and I made the time work to my benefit. 

This weekend was a lot of fun and that trip for pie (yup I said it again) was really more enjoyable than I thought it would be, It was a productive weekend and I am really sad that it is over with but hey only 4 more days to go before we get another weekend again.  On the other hand we have a lot of time before the next holiday and then we get 2 days off.  That would be Thanksgiving and the Friday afterward.  I look forward to the time off but more importantly I look forward to Sausage Stuffing it is the most favorite thing that is served on that day. 

Lots of great fall TV on.  Saw The Bull and This Is Us, excited for interesting TV.  Shameless will be back on Sunday.  Pumpkin is back in the food category and it’s just a swell time of year.  Hopefully with any luck my prince charming will be appearing soon.  Ah well until then it’s business as usual.  Happy Monday if there is such a thing.  Talk with you all again soon!

25 September 2016

Life is like a video game

Life is like a video game

My friend who’s wife had surgery a few weeks ago to remove cancerous tumors and have a full hysterectomy called last night.  His wife is back in the hospital.  She had an abscess in her abdomen.  They put her in the hospital and did surgery yesterday.  She has an open wound now with a wound vac.  I just watched a YouTube video on this.  Looks a like an Ostomy but it doesn’t involve bodily waste.  The video said make sure your patient is medicated before you being.  Just as they said that you hear the patient say pain medicine please.  The lady just kept going.  It look super uncomfortable.

So they are still trying to sort things out and figure what type of cancer she has and they were all set to visit an Oncologist and this happened, so that is a set back for them.  She had issues with eating and swallowing as well as a low grade fever.  I believe fully that this abscess is the reason why and that once she begins to heal, her appetite will come back and there won’t be anymore issues with eating.  At least I hope so. 

I wouldn’t say that she is near death but she is a little closer than when she started.  Right now I still have hope that things will have a pleasant outcome.  My opinion will change as this situation progresses and I am updated. 

Right now my friend is just beside himself and doesn’t quite know how to deal with all of this.  You have to do it one day at a time.  This is a life changing event and will alter your normal routines and schedules for quite sometime.  He doesn’t do well under pressure and this doesn’t help things.  He has some pressure from work in meeting a compliance deadline. 

I totally understand what he is dealing with as I have been down a slightly similar road before.  You can’t help but think the worst because it just seems like it’s just one thing after another.  I have been telling them both to let me know if I can be of any help.  I send cards and words of encouragement to her.

Today I thought about it and though he needs some words of encouragement as well.  So the photo at the top of this post is a copy of a card that I bought for him.  There is a lot of truth to it.  The latter half about win takes time to get to and in some cases it just doesn’t happen at all.  He is a computer geek like myself and he loves video games so this should be spot on and hopefully cause him to smile. 

That is kind deed number one for the day.  Kind deed number two was helping a cashier at the grocery store.  She was in a tizzy about facebook and said that she got some confirmation number when she signed in.  Sounds like she has adware, she is using her phone to access the site.  I wrote down instructions for clearing her cache and also told her to download a free security app for IOS called Lookout which is available in the app store.  It will let her know if she has any problems with the phone.  As I left the store I kept thinking about this and realize that first I could make money off of her by offering tech support but I really don’t want to go down that rabbit hole.  But I didn’t ask her if she was using the app, she told me that the only way she could get to it was to go in via Safari.  I don’t know why but I never thought of telling her that she should delete the app and download it fresh as it could be corrupt.  Viruses typically don’t target IOS but malicious actors are getting more crafty as the days go by.  I told her most anything you want to do, there is a video for it on You Tube.  She told me that her son wouldn’t help her at all.  I said you don’t need him, you need You Tube.  Watch a video, learn and then fix your own problem.  She told me that she fixed an AC unit by putting in a new thermostat from a YT video.  Pretty cool.

As I drove away from the grocery store I just felt so good that I was able to help someone.  I didn’t ask for money and there wasn’t anything in it for me.  I just hate to see people struggle with technology and I love to help people.  Sure I have to make money in order to support myself but this is just proof that you can take your skills and use them for good.  Try it with something that you have mastered, it will make you feel warm all over.  Who cares if you get something out of it in terms of money, good karma, a step closer to heaven.  Just do it and the reward you get is that good feeling that lasts, plus you will be able to reflect on that memory in the future. 

Ah so now I get to play ketchup.  Laundry is going.  Dishes were done last night.  Have to go back out to get a problem fixed with a rubber stamp that I had made, then get some fuel for the car.  After that I am truly home for the rest of the day.  Bear needs his bath and there is still a house to clean.  Plenty to do and plenty of time to do it.  I just hope that I am successful in my quest.  Of course if I keep pecking away here I will never get done.  So upward and onward.  Would you believe me if I told you I have yet to have one caramel roll or slice of pie?  It’s totally 100% true, but I am going to work on changing that by sundown today. 

Have an awesome Sunday and rest up because Monday will be calling all of us soon enough.  Yuk!  I guess the sooner we get the week started the sooner it will be over with and then we can have a weekend again.  Hard to believe next week end will mark the first week in October.  This year has really taken off and I am sure the remaining months will fly by equally as fast. Talk with you all again soon.


I am pleased to report that Lawn Boy has officially been fired.  I found someone that will match his price and terms.  Plus the new guy pointed things out to me that he considered to be unacceptable and said that he would never do that.  So I have been taken for a ride long enough.  Thank God it is over with.  I put his final check in the mail with a letter, sent certified mail and then set out to mail it tonight, which was a fiasco in it’s self. 

So mailing the letter, I turn to a local post office that has a kiosk which allows you to preform a lot of functions that you can normally do at the counter, but the kiosk is 24 x 7 unlike the counter.  Strike one was the post office I went to no longer had a kiosk.  Strike two was that I went to a post office that I know has a kiosk, it took my money but never delivered a stamp.  Strike three was getting lost in making my way to a third post office, that I finally found.  When I got there the place looked to be closed.  I took a chance and walked up to the door, sure enough it opened.  Kiosk working and delivered postage.  Success finally.  It cost me a lot of time, gas and patience.  I also have to work to get a refund from the kiosk that didn’t give me a stamp.  That in it’s self will be a chore, how do you prove that you don’t have something that a machine says it gave you?  Anyway the whole damn thing is over with now and I only wish I could be a fly on the wall when he reads my letter, it should set him off but then again that is by design.  I was professional and to the point.  It was tempting to put in a big ol’ FUCK YOU but I didn’t do that.

Once I finally got home most of the evening was gone.  The cats aren’t really happy with me because I have been gone the bulk of the day.  I went for pie this afternoon and it was a nice trip.  Kind of felt like my late partner was watching over me.  I sure do miss him.  It doesn’t help that this next week if he were alive he would have another birthday. 

Considering that Lawn Boy might try to reach out to me by phone even though my letter says that is prohibited, I took the time to ensure that all of his phone numbers were blocked.  If he does call he will hear a message that I am not accepting his call.  If he violates my letter then that will open a whole new can of worms for him but I honestly think that he has trying to get rid of me ever since my late partner passed away, even though I have always been the one to pay him for lawn service. 

So there you have my day.  I had a patty melt, fries and a diet coke.  Then a slice of peach pie which I thought would be cold but was piping hot.  It was still good.  Picked up some pecan caramel cinnamon rolls along with a peanut butter cup pie.  Had a nice bill of around $41.  The whole way home I kept thinking why did I buy this poison, I know it tastes good but I really don’t need it.  It was also a struggle to commit to actually going for pie but it’s done and I feel better.

My morning was tied up visiting banks to place an extra layer of protection on my accounts.  My main bank took great care of me.  Another bank I do business with wanted to charge me a fee for the service.  I declined.  I came home and wrote the CEO a letter to see if he will make an exception in my case since I am being proactive.  I fully expect them to bend but if they don’t then it might be time to make some different arrangements.  I just was beside myself, that particular bank doesn’t do any damn thing for free.  I get it they want to make money but this is one service that they shouldn’t charge for.  I am looking out for both them and I, but they just don’t see that. 

Friday I had been thinking a lot about my recent change in cell phone plans.  I went on line and found out that the plan I was quoted for was correct.  What the lady didn’t tell me was there is a $20 charge per phone on the account to be able to access the plan.  It’s like they love to fuck you anyway they can.  So for $8.00 more with this fee I can have 6 GB instead of 3 GB.  It was a no brainer and I switched.  If I see that I don’t use it then I will gladly go back to the 3 GB plan.  I don’t think the setup I have will save me much money but at least I have a hotspot.  Funny thing is ever since I changed data plans my phone has been a little bit more difficult to use.  I think they must have sent it a pill to slowly die.  I know they want to sell phones but come on, not everyone wants to or can afford to upgrade.  Even if I went in for an iPhone 7 at $0 cost you have to commit to a two year contract and then I would have to buy a new Mophie, screen protection and new cradle.  I want a new phone but just can’t afford it.  I am more obsessed with getting a new car than I am a new phone.  Both will happen eventually. 

Went out for breakfast this morning and a kid from the afternoon was working the breakfast shift.  He took care of me.  Man he sure has a nice ass.  Good thing my normal waitress was there to tell me that he just graduated high school.  Wow that is a kid and he has jail bait written all over him.  If I hadn’t heard about him just graduating I probably would have asked him out.  He was nervous because he was out of place on a different shift, that would have probably sent him over the edge.  I am all about younger guys but there is such an age that is too young.  Sure lots of guys are attractive but a younger guy is less likely to want to settle down and commit to a relationship.  They have oats to sew and a field to play in still.  Things I never took full advantage of, but I wouldn’t change how things turned out for anything.

Tomorrow morning is going to suck.  Have to get to the grocery store and then clean the house.  Plus read over this boring pension plan junk and make a final decision.  Actually I already know that I want to roll it over but getting all of the forms filled out and going through my brokerage to set things up, it’s just time consuming.  An easy process but when your time poor it doesn’t help things.  I don’t like to let things linger, I want to get it done and move on with my life.  There are plenty of other things that need my attention.  Speaking of which I should get to bed soon.

Before I go I am pleased to report that changing the batteries in my keyboard resolve the problem.  Not sure how long this thing had been sitting on the shelf but they would go for about an hour before problems started.  The new ones have been in since earlier in the week the keyboard has been on but in sleep mode.  It’s going strong and it still says the batteries are at full capacity.  WOW. 

Up to see the children, listen to them complain, medicate them and prepare to wind down.  I need to squeeze in a bath for Bear, he’s a mess and paper towels or baby wipes won’t do him justice to get him clean.  He is a pain but I love him and am so thankful that I have been able to keep him this long. 

Perhaps another post tomorrow if anything noteworthy happens and I have time.  This is my last weekend of freedom before entering the on-call rotation.  Now I will have 2 weeks off and be on call every 3rd week but it’s a vicious cycle and that 3rd week will get here quickly.  Plus things come up and we switch and cover for each other so who knows.  It will net me more money and I am all for that.  I just don’t want to fail and that is a day to day fear.  I am in slightly above my comfort level but then again that is how you grow, it’s called self improvement.  Feels good and bad at the same time. 

Well it’s 12:30 am on Sunday here, time to wrap this up.  Take care and we will talk again soon!  BTW I said PIE a few times.  :-)

22 September 2016

Giving In

This morning I called AT&T to inquire about how much it would cost to add tethering to my cell phone.  Since I have the unlimited grandfathered in data plan, they don’t offer tethering on any unlimited plan.  I was told about a new plan that just came out.  Unlimited Talk & Text, even if I text internationally as well as 3GB of data for $52 a month, that is with my discount.  That is a huge savings and the best part is there is no overages if I exceed 3GB, they just throttle the data to a lower speed.  If you find yourself using more data you can always upgrade plans without a penalty.  It sounded awesome to me and I don’t know why I did it because I said I would never, ever leave or give up unlimited data.  However, they made me an offer that was very attractive and I could have taken my sweet time but decided to change plans.  I hope that was the right choice because there is no going back to the plan I had before.  I do qualify for the unlimited plan they offer now because I have UVERSE but it would actually make my bill go up by $5 from where I was at.  Saving money is always a good thing.  This deal will help me out or so I hope, the savings was the motivating factor.

I did test the tethering and it works.  It actually shouldn’t work because we have a security policy in place at work that prevents this.  You can get it enabled but it requires approval.  They won’t say no because it’s you own the device.  However I am glad that I didn’t have to go through all of that red tape.  This will come in handy when I am on call and if I am away from home.  I don’t suspect I will blow through 3gb of data but then again you never know.  On-call starts next week and I am not excited about it but am excited about the earning potential it has, plus I may learn a thing or two – not too shabby.  I would just as soon take the on call stipend and not have to bill for any calls, which would mean that it was quite for a solid week.  That I believe will happen, not sure if this will happen next week but I hope so. 

Got a call back from a lawn guy who wants to come out over the weekend, told him come on out I don’t have to be home, you can look around and give me your best price.  I had similar conversation with another guy via email.  I am getting eager to make the change and be done with it.  Thinking before you act is always the best approach.  It’s kind of sad that I have to fire Lawn Boy but at the same time he isn’t treating me well and didn’t understand why I was so upset and disappointed.  Had he not spoken to me in a disrespectful manner none of these extra steps would take place.  I also suspect that he may have mixed feelings and decide to not continue to do business with me before I get a chance to play my card.  I just want this to work out to my advantage and don’t want to jump from the frying pan into the fire. 

Woofed down lunch, got a massage coming up.  I sure do need it my upper back is really bothering me.  I had a muscle relaxer last night and I didn’t want to get out of bed this morning for any reason.  Moved the alarm up 5 minutes but that didn’t help things, just delayed the inevitable. 

Got extra security added to my accounts so that no one can make any changes unless they have an extra password.  It’s a pain to have to add this but it’s for my own protection.  I mean if I want to flush my finances down the drain it’s my business and I don’t need help.  Waiting for the letter to arrive from the bank and depending upon it’s content I may engage Law Enforcement to see if they can’t catch the bastards.  I suspect that since they were declined twice they figured out they got someone with questionable credit and they won’t bother to try to do this again, but then again you never know. They may go dormant for a while and then strike again.  Better to have protection in place than to fly blind and wide open.

The world has certainly changed a lot.  I would have never thought of identity theft would be such an epidemic but with the invention of the cyber age it makes sense.  I don’t understand why people who have such remarkable talent can’t use their skills for good instead of evil.  Think about that for a moment, if they did the world would be such a better place.  Chances are that I would likely not have the job I do.  While it is job security for me, there are times when all of us in IT/Security get awful tired of this crap, even if it is job security. 

Well time to prep for my rub a dub-dub.  I hope that she works out all of the kinks.  Not sure if I will be able to see her next week since I will be on call.  I have to ask about that.  Plus I have someone high in the food chain that wants to take me to lunch next month and it will of course be a week that I am on call.  Ah well it will all work out soon enough. 

As per usual, I hope all is well in your world and that life is treating you well.  Talk with you all again soon.

21 September 2016

Another day, another problem

This morning I learned the reason for the extra inquiries on my credit report.  They are both fraud.  My identity was stolen a couple years ago when someone filed a fraudulent tax return in my name.  I spoke with the bank in question this morning and learned that the malicious actor has both my correct date of birth and social security number.  Credit was not granted.  They listed me as the primary cardholder or person responsible for payment and then listed authorized users who are more than likely the people who would be running up the bill if the applications would have been approved.  Credit inquires stay on your credit report but the bank agreed to change them to view only, meaning that I would be the only one to see them, so as to not detract from my credit score and to help future lenders make a fair decision and not presume that I was declined credit.  The funny part of this is I actually applied for a card with this bank earlier this year.  The malicious actors applied twice last month. 

I already have fraud alerts on my credit bureau reports so no new credit can be opened without my approval.  Now I am wondering if somehow the result of my credit card compromise last week was the result of the malicious actors.  So more work for me, I have to contact each creditor and get them to put some additional fraud protection in place so that no one can make changes to any of my accounts.  While it seems like wasted effort, I will be happier in the long run for being proactive now instead of having to be reactive later.  You just don’t know what length an identity thief will go to. 

Last night I picked up an old phone book that had been sitting on the coffee table in the living room for the longest time.  In there I found a treasure trove of lawn care services.  I have called and emailed most of them.  Now it’s just a matter of sitting back and waiting for a reply.  Ideally I would like to have a replacement in place by Friday but that might not happen, so if I can get a replacement in place by next Friday then I will be happy.  I really don’t want Lawn Boy coming back ever again, but I am not terminating his service until I have a replacement in place.  It’s just like quitting your job, you don’t quit until you have a new job lined up. 

Outside of that not really much else to report on.  Got my pension paperwork and have to make a decision on how I want to roll it over.  It’s going into an IRA but I am thinking about a Roth IRA.  That’s all I got, hope all is well for you.  On to a boring meeting. 

20 September 2016

The Fate of Lawn Boy

Last night was a horrible night.  It of course started with a telephone conversation with Lawn Boy.  He was inflexible and didn’t understand why he should have to give me anything.  We went back and forth, he pressed my buttons and I pressed his.  He kept saying over and over how he just wanted me to give him some understanding.  Then he totally crossed the line and insulted me.  Right there was my breaking point.  Then he went on to mock me and didn’t understand what I meant by providing good customer service.  Then tried to make this my fault and not his own.  This is a long standing relationship and one that he claims to value.  Given his actions and the choice words he spoke that is clearly a lie, he just wants my money.  I see that he just wants to bleed me dry. 

This conversation did not do wonders for me, my blood pressure or my back.  I concluded the call with the understanding that he would come out today and cut the grass.  Then come back in 3 weeks since he is so inflexible.  I am searching for a new vendor and already have his termination letter written up.  I floated it past one of the secretaries in the office and they made some minor revisions.  I also talked with an attorney who totally agreed with me, fire his ass.   

I really didn’t want it to turn out like this but had a feeling from the get go that it would.  In searching for a new provider I have found so far that he has been giving me a bargain rate.  Getting someone to commit to a bi-weekly schedule appears to be a difficult thing.  I do have a well established firm that has several people working for them that will give me the same price that lawn boy is charging me now but I have to commit to every week.  My lawn only needs service every other week, my wallet appreciates that.  Thankfully we are nearing end of season.  My plan is to have someone in place to cover the rest of this year and hopefully next year.  I want away from Lawn Boy as fast as possible.  Someone told me put the pressure on yourself, fire him today and then you have to get someone.  Now that I think is a little excessive. I am being aggressive with my search and if I have to commit to every week then I will, but would rather get away from doing that.  I am confident that I will have someone in place soon, come hell or high water.  I’ve got 3 weeks from today.  My goal is to not have to pay him anymore than necessary. 

I woke up in the middle of the night, my back was all knotted up and cramping.  I had to get my back knobber out to work on the knot.  That of course upset Marvin and then the choir began to sing.  Finally he wanted out of my room so I let him go.  Then I thought about what to do in order to get back to sleep the fastest.  Answer, self pleasure.  It usually works but I was so upset that didn’t work.  My mind kept racing.  I finally got back to sleep for 2 hours and then had to get up and come in.  I drove in thinking about it and parts of my commute are a total blur to me.  I talked to a couple people, re-wrote his termination letter and have been able to calm down.  I pray that tonight is a different and much better night. 

A little concerned about Bear he was hanging out by the backdoor last night when I got home and was there when I got out of bed this morning.  Looking on the cat cam it appears he has relived himself, but I won’t know that for certain until I walk in the door.  He has this horrible habit of sitting in it and then needs a bath.  I just gave him a bath and he is dirty already.  I think I need a portable vegetable sprayer to wash him down after he is done.  Too bad they don’t make a robot to do that dirty job.  Now there would be quite the invention. 

I think the batteries in my new keyboard are bad, Logitech said they aren’t user replaceable.  I proved them wrong last night.  Just 2 AAA nickel metal hydrate rechargeable.  Simple as pie to replace.  I let it charge over night.  When I next spend time in front of the computer I will know if I am on the right track.  If there is no improvement then it’s time to turn off the backlight, that should improve things.  Logitech says that the battery should last 8 to 10 days depending upon usage.  I was lucky to get 2 or 3 hours.  It’s still well within the return period, but I hate taking stuff back regardless if it’s mail order or in person.  Returns are just horrible in my mind.  However, if this issue doesn’t resolve then I will be returning the damn thing. 

There you have it.  Now it’s time to jump in the car and speed home, only to stop and grab the mail then to fur ball city I go.  Hope all is well for you.

19 September 2016

Pissed @ Lawn Boy

So for many years the same kid has cut my grass.  Last week he was due to come by but he didn’t.  I became concerned and reached out, only to hear a voice mail greeting that he is unavailable.  I left a message and sent a letter.  Got a response today.  Uh, sorry I took my family on vacation.  WTF when did you plan on telling me.  Oh it was an oversight on my part your one of two customers that slipped through the cracks because you pay me w/o having to get a statement in the mail.  Now the fucker wants to come back this week but come again next week to get me back on his schedule, if not then it will be three more weeks before he stops by again.  Then we can go back to our two week arrangement.  He only offered an apology and that is supposed to excuse this behavior.  He just told me without saying it that I am not important to him and I don’t matter. 

I started shopping for a new person and have someone who is supposed to be calling me back with a quote.  If he is cheaper then I will jump ship.  Lawn boy needs an answer today or he won’t come tomorrow.  If I stay with him then I am going to make him start sending me a bill in the mail or he won’t get paid.  The extra effort and expense on his part will take away from the profit that he is raking in with me.  I am truly disappointed in him and frankly have lost respect for him.  I have vented in a letter but that hasn’t gotten rid of my anger.  I want to cuss his ass out, I realize if I do that were done so right now I don’t want to burn any bridges. 

How the fuck can you run a business like this?  So everyone but me and 1 other person knew he was going on vacation.  He hasn’t even addressed my question about what plan do you have in place to assure me that this won’t happen again?  I mean if his wife had surgery or there was something catastrophic then I could easily excuse this and have more understanding but seriously on vacation for a week, you have got to be shitting me.  If I do call him back I am going to try to get him to do this week for free, that is the least he can do for his fuck up.  God Fucking Damnit I am so infuriated right now.  This is unacceptable and inexcusable behavior but he just wants me to look the other way.  Yeah well my lawn looks like a fucking forest and there are laws in place that you have to cut your grass.  All it takes is one complaint and I get a ticket & a fine.  I don’t want to go through the embarrassment and if I get a fine he’s fucking paying it because but for him going on vacation this wouldn’t be an issue.  His greedy ass is just in it for the money, fuck doing a good job, fuck customer service, fuck everyone just take the money and run.  What a bastard. 

Okay I think I can calm down now.  Wow the finale of Vice Principals was pretty intense.  I figured Dr. Brown would get back at those two and it was funny until someone got hurt.  I hope HBO keeps the series going, I am ready for the next installment. 

Speaking of TV, Shameless premiers on October 1, so looking forward to that.  It’s an awesome show in my opinion. 

Realized last night that I forgot to notify a merchant of my credit card number change.  Thankfully I remembered and took care of it this morning.  I was surprised over the weekend when I went to update a porn subscription how the agent wanted to re-negotiate a deal with me.  5 years for $500 when that didn’t work it was just deal after deal after deal.  I finally said look all I want to do is update my credit card number, Monte Hall is dead and this isn’t Let’s Make A Deal.  So uh or sir the best that I can do for you then is give you the same month to month rate you were paying.  Fantastic let’s get on with it.  Then he had to get a supervisor on the line, to secure the line so he could take my credit card number.  Holy fucking shit, it’s like I was buying a car and they had to go talk to the invisible man behind the curtain.  Just pay attention, stop trying to sell me something I don’t want and do what I ask.  That will avoid wasting time and prevent my blood pressure from soaring through the roof.  There is one scene that is coming up that I just have to have.  What they don’t realize is what I gave them is not a physical credit card but a virtual number that I can revoke anytime I want.  Once it’s revoked you can’t get it back and all future charges stop.  Something done for safety reasons.  That way if a merchant I do business with on a month to month basis is the victim of a data breach or the card becomes compromised, just shut it down and spin up a new one with a couple of mouse clicks.  The trick part is they are only good for 12 months, so I have to go back and tell the bank that I need the card to be good for another 12 months, when that happens eventually the expiration date will change and that for most places is just a matter of updating it on their website or in the case of Netflix the bank tells them and they update it automatically.  I don’t ever want to go through this again but suspect that I will.  It’s easy when it’s just one or two sites but when you have more than that and multiple cards it complicates things. 

So claws are trimmed for Ruth, she hated me again but is over that now and she is once again my little angel.  Bear has been washed and despite dropping him when I was trying to put him on the ground he is no worse for the wear.  Funny thing is when he saw me putting on the jacket, he ran underneath the couch.  Just wait jacket weather is around the corner, he’s going to freak out for a while. 

Okay well I suppose I am done now.  On with Monday.  Hope things are well in your neck of the woods.

17 September 2016

Almost got laid

Happy weekend everyone.  It’s been crazy having to update my credit card numbers, so many business to interact with, different system and then my own internal housekeeping.  Wow, I think I finally am done.  Hopefully, nothing falls through the cracks.  New cards arrived as promised on Friday.  They even had the correct photos on them, I expected to get a generic card and have to go back through and request new photo cards.  Glad it all came together.  Wrote a letter to the president of the bank today to complain about the lack of notification.  They should have reached out to me and notified me, I should not have found this out by happenstance.  Also told him that he should consider two factor authentication for login to the website, it would help everyone rest easier. 

Ever since I updated to IOS 10 Surge (gay dating app) has been going nuts with men.  I have had so many to choose from.  Guys that I previously rejected came up, it was as if the whole app was reset.  So I have a couple matches.  There is a guy who reached out to me after we matched.  He is younger and from what I could surmise quite horny.  We started with chit chat for a couple messages, but then he quickly got down to business asking me what I was into.  I explained that I wanted a boyfriend, I wanted to date.  He was looking for Friends with Benefits or Friends.  I told him that I wouldn’t mind being a friend.  So he broke the news to me that he was in a long distance open relationship.  Wow, I didn’t want to get in the middle of that.  We both agreed on what we like to do sexually and he was eager to meet up.  Found out that he was in college but is no longer, he has a part time job and doesn’t have a lot of money.  I talked about an upscale place and he kind of freaked out.  He just point blank asked me if we meet up would we have sex.  Wow I like a guy who is straight forward and to the point, no sense in beating around the bush.  I told him that while I was tempted as I am horny, that I have to be true to myself.  I want what I want.  Then all of a sudden he changes his story told me that he is looking for a local long term relationship.  Right so your going to be a chameleon and try to mimic what I am looking for, in the hopes we will meet up and you can get your rocks off.  We may or may not see each other again.  I dropped the conversation after he started with the chameleon communication. This was super tempting, he looks damn sexy in his profile pic and I am lonely and looking for action but first and foremost I want companionship.  Taking advice I was given a long time ago by my late partner, never ever settle for second best.  You deserve only the best or you will never be happy.  That advice applies to so many different life situations.  I can’t tell you how close I was to meeting this guy before he got to talking about getting off, I was going to pay for a meal just to see him and get to know him.  I am glad I followed my gut and was cautious so I could find out what he really wanted.  Chances are really high that he will find what he wants long before I find what I want.  I have my doubts about his open long distance relationship, I think he is a cheater.  Phew, dodged a major bullet there.

What I fail to understand is guys that don’t read profiles.  They just make a decision if they are interested in you or not solely based on your profile.  Why then did I bother to take time to even create a profile?  If any of them would take time to read what I wrote, they would see that I am interested in dating and hopefully finding something long term.  I am looking for a boyfriend and not a hookup. Yes I am horny, yes I am lonely but I am not quite that desperate yet.  I have morals and standards.  Horny can be solved with some online porn, it’s quick, private and easy.  I think this is another situation that requires patience, which I am lacking in.  I want to meet a nice guy and they are out there but the problem is they are hiding and I have to find them.  Sort of like Pokemon Go but this is Gay Guy Go, they are not easy to spot and the online dating apps are truly crap, but I will still keep on using them with the hope that I will find my romeo.

Went back to the office supply store today and got $5 back because Amazon sells the mouse I bought cheaper.  I wanted the new keyboard but found out that it was corded and not wireless.  Went to Best Buy, found it.  Then they found a cheaper price on Amazon so I got it for $7 cheaper.  Using it now, it’s taking some getting used to.  My previous keyboards have all been by Microsoft and they have a curve to them, plus they sit a slight bit higher.  I like this but right now I am not going to say I am keeping it.  I did pay cash for it, so it’s not debt lingering, which was important to me and helped me to justify the purchase.  Of course if I can’t get used to this or decide I no longer want it, I have time to return it and get my money back.  I could also use it instead of my laptop keyboard, but for now I am using it with my desktop. 

Behind schedule on my chores, but it will all come together.  Went out for supper, ate breakfast and lunch at home.  That is new for me 3 meals on a weekend.  Normally it’s two meals per day, I know that is not good but it’s what I am used to.  Going without supper one day this past week is something tempting that I may start doing during the week.  I’m fat and want/need to lose weight.  I realize there is a right way and a wrong way to accomplish my goal.  My biggest issue is that I hate working.  I love to eat and not healthy, I like everything that is bad for you.  I have a heavy sweet tooth and I doubt that will change.  Yeah I hear you saying everything in moderation, but I like large portions, it’s something that American’s have gotten used to.  We don’t need them but we crave them because that is what we have been brainwashed with.  If we all ate less and what we were supposed to people would all weigh less.  I don’t need to be super skinny but losing my gut would be helpful not only from a self esteem point of view but also physically it would be to my benefit. 

Ah well, I am tired and it’s getting late.  Go to bed early, wake up early and then work.  Got to wash the Bear and trim Ruth’s claws.  Awesome way to spend a weekend, if one of them doesn’t claw me the other one probably will.  Neither of them will be super happy but when were done they will both rejoice and so will I. 

Have a great rest of the evening and an awesome Sunday. 

15 September 2016

No Supper for you

Last nights commute had a snag in that I had to take a detour to get home.  Traffic was backed up for miles, upon miles.  The detour only made me slightly later than normal on my arrival.  Of course I had to explain to the children who were up in arms about my late arrival.  Then I had to grab and open the boxes that Amazon sent me.  Got my Cat Urine Ph test strips, they work and it’s so simple.  Totally not worth $30 each time at the vet.  They probably use the same damn thing but mark up the price.  Got the Amazon brand pee pads, they are larger hope they work because that can save me money. 

Next my focus shifted to paying bills.  Plus I had other personal business to tend to.  I had a plan that I could accomplish everything and still make it upstairs in time to watch the season finale of Suits, while eating supper.  Great plan, unfortunately that didn’t come to pass. 

Momma was bugging me to death and under my feet.  I was gun shy about paying bills because of my mishap last time.  So I was hyper-focused which uses up so much more energy and causes neck cramps.  Got everything paid.  Then decided I need to check the balance on a couple credit cards.  I was shocked to find out both account were frozen, as in a block of ice.  I looked and didn’t see obvious signs of fraud or unusual activity.  So I called the bank and found out that the credit card issuer (i.e. Visa, MasterCard) reached out to the bank to let them know there were unauthorized duplicate cards made.  Both of these were chip cards.  While I am glad that I was protected and nothing fraudulent occurred, I really wish the bank would have made an attempt to reach out to me, I have no idea how long they were frozen and it would have been upset and embarrassed had I been at a store trying to buy something only to see the card declined.  You can bet that I am writing a letter complaining about the lack of notification, that is something that needs to be fixed as fast as possible.

So the hacking event is what derailed my great plan.  I found myself making a list of companies that I have to contact to give new card numbers to.  That will be oh so much fun and probably a weekend project.  Replacement cards should arrive soon, let’s hope by soon they mean a couple days.  AMEX can issue a replacement card and have it to you the next business day, I don’t see why that can’t be the standard for every bank. 

Putting my security hat on and analyzing this as I did.  I suspect there was a data breach and this was the best way to mitigate the issue.  I couldn’t get much detail out of the bank.  However, I started thinking about where the cards have been used and I believe I know the offending merchant.  Since I don’t have concrete proof and there isn’t anything floating in the media as of this morning, I don’t feel it’s appropriate to be accusatory without more proof. 

So as the title of the post says, I went to bed without supper.  Of course the children were not hungry and even got a snack, mostly because Big Boy was crying for it.  Just can’t say no to him, those eyes and that face.  He’s such a sweet boy who has been through so much.  I was so glad to call an end to what was a very stressful and nerve wracking evening. 

Fast forward to this morning and I had to deal with stupid at work.  Were ramping up for me going on call.  So I got the schedule and said I have a couple conflicts.  One of which is a dentist appointment.  I was told that as long as I was able to answer the phone I wouldn’t need coverage for my dentist appointment.  Okay.  Then my boss chimes in and says he can cover for me if I am going to be in the chair.  WTF, when do you go to the dentist and not sit in the chair?  They are going to have their hands in my mouth I can’t surf the net and answer a call, while all of this is going on.  Fuck I wish people would pull their heads out of their asses and think before they speak.  I was also told that I will need a mobile solution meaning that I carry a laptop and have a hot spot or use my phone to connect to data.  Uh if someone else is paying for it fine, if its up to me then I am fine with being confined to my home.  I mean it’s not like I am going to pull over on the interstate to read a message, figure out a problem, whip out my laptop, fix the problem and then continue on my way.  There is a high probability that I would have some police interaction and be told to move it.  If that didn’t happen some jackass who wasn’t paying attention would rear end me and not in the good way.  This is not life and death.  I take my job seriously but come on, people need time to travel both to and from work.  If this were life and death then I can understand that type of reaction.  I’m not a social butterfly but I do like to get out once and a while.  I made it on my last job with staying at home, I can certainly do it for this.  Plus we don’t get that many after hours calls.  I guess that will change when I am on call, everything will probably break all at once.  Jinx!  I am having a conversation about this with my boss in a bit and I am highly confident that this will all be sorted out.

Needless to say, I am looking forward to going home and relaxing in front of the TV while watching the latest episode of Prince Charming.  I saw Suits last night but had to watch it from the DVR, thank God for that invention it’s so handy. 

Well back to it.  1 more day and we have the weekend to look forward to.  Got my massage today and the knot is breaking up, I was surprised to hear that since its been so hellish.  Keep on trucking!

13 September 2016

Lonely is the night

Hi everyone, Monday night went by fast.  Had a Chicken Pot Pie for supper, cooked a little bit longer than I liked and the crust was hardened.  I love breaking the crust and hearing the sizzle, it’s one of my favorite sounds.  Fed the little furry creatures.  No visitors that I saw, which is a good thing.  Got Bears food, so he’s well stocking for a while.  I kept going back and forth in my mind and decided to reach out to my mom, just to see what she had to say.  I made one attempt to reach her and the phone just rang and rang.  I finally gave up.  I interpreted that to be the universes way of affirming my decision to cut ties.  Now it may just be that she was away from the phone and my call was ill timed.  That’s why they call it a telephone and not a see you phone.  I made my move, likely she has caller id and knows she missed a call.  If not well too bad.  I may make another attempt to reach her but right now I have no plans to do so.  I think the further I away I am, the better off I am, despite the fact that it feels awkward/odd. 

I started off the evening in bed with Marvin.  He was giving me my bath and ready to get into sleep mode.  I love that cat, he’s like a real life teddy bear in bed.  It’s obvious he loves me and he knows I love him.  It’s just a great bond we have.  Anyway, just as I was starting to dose off his ass decides he wants out.  Fine, up I went and out he went.  Then back to bed.  I hate that because it messes up my sleep cycle.  Once I am ready to go, let me go and be done with it.  Wake me only if you must and chances are really high that when I do wake up after being disturbed that I will be a crab ass.  My late partner learned that the hard way.  I apologized many times but he eventually knew not to wake me regardless of when it was, unless it was a dire emergency.  Kind of miss that. 

I had a sex dream just before waking up this morning.  It was pretty good.  I was going at it with a guy from work that I have a mad crush on.  I really want him bad, despite the fact he is married and the fact that we had a falling out.  I really wanted to call him up and say how about you meet me for no strings attached sex.  Ah the thought of that just turns me on.  I know it’s not what I want but right now I am lonely and to be frank missing and craving some dick.  It’s not like I can go to a drive through and order a large dick if I could life would be so much better.  I miss the physical side of things.  Porn and self pleasure only get you so far.  I’ve made it for years now, you’d think I would get used to it but doesn’t happen that way.  I miss the emotional side of things as well like coming home to a hot meal, hearing about the latest chatter and being able to hug, touch, smell and see another person.  It all boils down to loneliness.  Plus it’s nice to have someone who has a vested interest in you to tell your troubles too.  I am highly interested in how my late partner would react to some of the issues in my life now.  Of course if he were around some of these would be non issues.  I can’t tell you how hard it was to write this little blurb. 

Last night I got a notification from Tindr that I had a match.  It was a very cute, much younger (but legal) guy.  Sure I wanted to have my way with him, meaning he is sexually attractive to me.  However, given the gap in our ages it’s probably not going to work, I am out of touch with the younger generation and he likely views me as an old man.  I am telling you once you hit 30 in the gay community, your considered to be a geezer even though you are still very much young.  As I am sailing towards 50 I do kind of view myself as old.  Anyway back on point, while we matched neither of us has made a move to reach out to the other.  Unless he makes a move I am sitting still.  I heard the other day that you rarely find love when you go looking for it.  Sit back, relax and let love find you.  Yeah that sounds like bad advice.  If your looking for something your not going to find it unless you look for it.  Be it a job, your lost keys, love or food.  Nothing just falls in your lap or so has been my experience.  So I am hard pressed to just sit back and wait for love to come into my life.  I mean I want it to happen and soon, regardless of how I find it.  I am ready for a boyfriend and to see where things to from there.  I don’t want to go 100mph right out of the gate, steady at 10mph and then with time build from there if it’s appropriate.  I also want to avoid heartbreak but that seems to happen when your looking for love, like it’s a side effect of the process.  That really sucks. 

So for all of my whining and being depressed, I feel that I am pretty blessed.  I just lack the appreciation for all that I have and take it for granted.  This is one of those times where I would love to set sail with an unknown destination and just go & not look back.  However, that is not practical for so many reasons.  What a shame.  I would love a nice adventure and seeing some eye candy in person wouldn’t hurt either. 

Hope that your having a great day.  Back to the grind. 

12 September 2016

New Oatmeal

Just figured out that you can get Cat Urine Ph test strips from Amazon.  Way cheaper than a visit or the test at the vet.  I got two packs for $19 and 2 day shipping free.  SCORE !  While the best form of the test is taken directly from the bladder, you can accomplish the same thing if you catch the urine as it’s falling.  Not a problem with Bears.  His food arrived today, just in time because I am running out of the stuff.  Everyone loves it.  Got 2 bags this time.  Placed an order for Amazon Pee Pads, they are a little bit cheaper so I am going to try them while I have the good ones on hand and see how they preform.  So long as Bear uses them and they work I am happy to switch to save money. 

Enjoyed spending time with all of the children.  I was brushing my teeth last night when all hell broke loose.  Ruth lost her damn mind.  She was really upset.  I knew only one thing could make her that angry and sure enough we had a visitor.  A large grey & white cat. He said hi to me and me back to him.  Then I could tell he was all pissed off so I told him to go away.  He did but took his sweet time.  Then everything settled down.  Wow hope he doesn’t come around while I am at work today.  I presume it was a he, rather large.  Could be a pregnant female – all I know is the inn is full so I am not taking on anymore responsibility. 

In search of my Cinnamon & Spice Oatmeal I found Quaker has a new Fiber rich Banana Nut.  I took a chance and bought a package, its good stuff.  Full of protein as well.  Normally I have 2 packets but this was a little bit larger so I opted for 1.  I wasn’t full but I wasn’t hungry either.  It’s noon and I have made it thus far.  I doubt that I will have a sugar drop so might be a way for me to loose a couple of pounds, if I decide to stick with it.  Tomorrow I will be trying Blueberry's and Cream, hope I like it as well.  My Cinnamon & Spice as well as Cream of Wheat Cinnabon are on the way to me thanks to Amazon.  I don’t understand why today you can get something local and the next time you go back in a month for it, you have to mail order it.  Makes no sense at all.  I can’t be the only person in the area that likes both of these cinnamon products.  I really love the smell of Maple & Brown Sugar but I can’t have it because the Maple will make my nose run.  C’mon grocery stores get your act together!

Fairly calm for a Monday.  I had a couple of issues to deal with but it’s been fairly calm and I am happy about that.  Looking forward to my Roast Beef & Cheese sandwich with Cheetos for lunch.  Then of course delving in and reading more of Ryan Ferguson’s book.  Thus far it’s pretty good.  I am not a reader but a co-worker got me a $25 card to Borders.  I might just have to re-gift that, not for sure yet.

Playing with my iPhone last night and I turned off a setting that wiped out a bunch of photos on my phone.  I had to restore from a backup. Then I got trapped in that 6 digit pin unlock code.  My employer requires a PIN code to unlock the device and once you set a PIN unless you wipe the phone it takes forever before you can reuse it again.  I hate that.  Anyway, got all of my photos back.  Now tomorrow IOS 10 comes out, looking forward to that so long as it preforms on my device and doesn’t cause issues.  I like upgrades but only if they work.  The price you pay for early adoption is that there could be a flaw, despite all of the testing that has been done.  Really would like to upgrade the phone but that would mean spending extra money and getting new mophie’s and possibly a new dock – all expensive as hell so it’s just easier to hang on to what I have a little longer. 

Okay that’s it for Monday.  Hope all is well in your world.  Talk with you all again soon.

10 September 2016

Weekend Rambles

Friday started out slow, ramped up a little bit and then drug on forever.  I finally made it to quitting time!  Don’t know why but issues seem to hit towards quitting time, thought I might get some OT but that didn’t happen and I am okay with it.  Boss made it back from vacation, he had a great time and now is settling back into work life.  He really didn’t want to come back and I totally understand.  It’s a great place to work but they call it work for a reason.  I came home and had Meatloaf & Mashed Potatoes the Stouffers version.  It was okay but just not filling for me.  Caught up on TV learned some things about 9/11.  Like for instants there was a Marriott Hotel wedged between the two towers, I never knew that before.  Not terribly sore from my massage but there is some noticeable swelling in my back.  It’s uncomfortable but not immobilizing. Talked with my friend who’s wife had surgery.  They still don’t know what type of cancer she has, they are waiting for more information from the pathology report.  I think they have everything it’s just a matter of the doctors making up their minds.  It’s been 2 weeks.  His wife’s legs were swelling so they spent a day at the ER getting tests done and getting the swelling down.  Sent her home with Lasix.  She had 2 gallons of extra fluid in her body.  She has lost 1 gallon.  Now she is to the point where she doesn’t want to eat.  What a mess.  As if that is not bad enough my friend discovered one of their cats couldn’t move her hind legs.  She tried to walk, fell down the stairs.  Couldn’t stand up in the litter box.  It was a mess.  The cat is 16 years old.  It sounds like she had a stroke, there was something neurological going on, just don’t know what.  He gave her a day in the hopes she would bounce back but that didn’t happen so he put her down.  They got 2 kittens both sisters.  I knew they were approaching end of life, 16 is a good average but for an indoor cat 19 or 20 is much better.  I am worried now that her sister will pass out of depression.  They say she is doing fine.  They also just got a dog about 2 months ago.  The dog is devastated, which you wouldn’t think would happen but animals are strange.  Hearing that story made me want to come home and hug all of my children.  I spent time with Bear on the couch, he lapped that up like a sponge.  I called it a night early.

Saturday, I wanted it to be a lazy day.  The vet reached out to me on Friday to find out where I got the supplement I was giving Bear, she had a client that was trying to order some but was told it was on back order.  I gave her the information and did one better, I donated my unused bottle.  I took that over to the vet early this morning.  There was 1,000 pills when I bought it and easily there was upwards of 900 plus pills still left.  It was only $30 and I am glad it’s not rotting away in my cabinet.  Bear won’t need it since the Rx food is working.  If he does I know where to get it.  Not a big deal and I felt like the donation was just the right thing to do, I mean I got my cat back (cost me a fucking fortune) so I was rather pleased with myself.  I hit up Steak N Shake for breakfast, chatted it up with my favorite waitress then went on to get my hairs cut and grab the mail.  Got a rebate in the mail, was very pleased to see that.  Came home, got undressed and plopped on the couch.  Back to sleep I went, took a little bit of time but I got a couple hours of zzz time for me.  The Choir Cat woke me up both times, I love her but really wish she came with a mute button.  First it was feed us breakfast then it was feed us lunch.  I started on laundry, dishes and then retreated to the computer.  I was trying to be productive but got caught up in a bunch of business websites and got a free incoming fax number.  No one ever sends me faxes but if the need arises I have a personal number that I can give instead of using my work number.  I am limited to 10 pages per month.  Free is good but I really wanted more, that costs money which I really don’t want to spend.  Once again it was Choir cat to the rescue.  I was playing with my iPhone trying to fix a problem with my contacts, she just kept it up and eventually I gave in and went upstairs.  However, no food for them.  I got dressed and hit the road.  Drove to Red Lobster had a giant Pina Colada, a Diet Coke, Flounder, Mashed Potatoes, Biscuits and a Cesar Salad.  The drink was long overdue and very nice.  I could have one of those every day for a week before I would be sick of them.  They make them with chopped ice and ice cream, no one does it like Red Lobster and they are the best in my opinion.  You don’t need the rum but it’s a nice touch!  Went to grab cat litter, picked up a new Harry’s Razor at Target and then stopped in the cat food store.  Walked down to the office supply store.  Looked at keyboards and mice, I am obsessed with them.  I needed a new mouse because when I cleaned my old one the scroll wheel got messed up.  I could have still used it but it was an annoyance.  I like to stay brand loyal to Microsoft but had to go with Logitech. They had a nice blueish purple mouse (M510) and it was on sale.  So after talking myself into it and browsing the pen section, I grabbed it.  Then I saw a backlit keyboard by Logitech and it felt really nice, only draw back was it was corded.  So I passed because I knew if I stayed I would talk myself into buying way more than I needed.  Then I came home and fed the children supper.  It was way later than I planned on getting home but I made it and they were fed.  Changed out my shower curtain and bathmat, neither were what I wanted but they will suffice for the time being.  I did finally solve my iPhone contact problem, it was driving me nuts but I had to resort to Google for help.  Laundry is done, need to grab it and go upstairs.  Really want to shave & shower tonight but don’t think I have the energy in me.  I may still try.  Got a call from my mom.  Part of me really wants to call her, I can hear my late partners voice saying it’s your mother call her.  The other part of me says every time you open the door you get shit on, why do you want to open the door?  So I can’t quite bring myself to return her call.  There is a bit more to the story than I am willing to put in print for public consumption.  However, this is something I will have to come to terms with and figure out what the best thing is for me to do. 

Sunday the only thing I have left to do is hit up the grocery store, gas up the car, vacuum the house which torments the children.  Then I am done and can call it a day.  Found out that the pie place (yes I said pie) has a pet food store that sells the Rx food Bear is on, so I need to venture up there to see if I can save myself some money.  Not sure that I will go on a Sunday but I wouldn’t totally rule it out, if I get a wild hair I will be in the car on the way to sugar heaven or as I should refer to it as diabetics delight.  We mark yet another year of remembrance of the tragedy that is 9/11.  Such a sad day but it’s a day that everyone who was a live remembers like it was yesterday.  I had a 2 way pager back then, now only doctors have them.  Everyone else upgraded to cell phones and text messaging.  The world has certainly come a long way since this event but it’s a day that will always be remembered long after you and I no longer walk the earth.  RIP victims, heroes, first responders.  Hard to believe it’s been 15 years, still feels like yesterday to me and I am sure to many. 

That’s all I have for now.  Headed upstairs and probably to bed, really tired.  Looking forward to one more day of rest before heading back for 5 days of work. 


08 September 2016


So today is the day Prince Charming is on Logo.  Interested to see the first show and that will determine if I stick with it.  I have a lot of shows to view on the DVR, but that’s what it’s there for.  Saw a riveting episode of Suits last night, thought that Mike was a dead man for sure, but totally not the case.

Got my massage today, was more like a beating.  I still have this large very painful knot on the left side of my back.  I am going to be sore tomorrow, no question about it.  I will be much happier when this knot is gone but I have a feeling that it doesn’t plan on leaving anytime soon. 

Last night Amazon brought me my latest order of which included Ryan Ferguson’s book.  Started reading it today at lunch.  Interesting to read about how he kept going when the odds and the system was stacked against him.  It’s also nice to read how someone can put into words a great big fuck you without actually saying those words.  I always appreciate that.  My plan is instead of blogging at lunch to read, not sure how long I will stick with that but I won’t be abandoning my blog, updates might not happen as quick as you have been used to. 

My ear is still hurting but that’s probably because I am not following the directions for the ear drops.  They are such a hassle.  I would have rather gotten a pill prescription, it’s simpler and you don’t have to feel liquid in your ears, which is never fun. 

Everyone at home is doing well.  Placed an order for more food last night.  Time to place an order for more pee pads.  Bear was a little concerned.  I am just happy that we got through a box and there are no issues to deal with.  Usually when I got to the end of a box is when he would start with the crystals.  Tried to give liquid medicine to Marvin last night and he fought me and thought that I would give up, no that just makes me more determined.  Things started off bad because I trimmed all of his claws and he hated that.  The back ones especially because I rarely touch them.  No one likes it when I mess with their back legs.  However, he was starting to stick and that solved the problem.  He got his medicine despite putting up a brave fight.  Glad that is over with.  I hope his stomach settles down. 

Oh I didn’t tell you but I saw my neighbor, shirtless with his dog in the yard on Labor Day.  Man he is fine.  He’s married and has a kid but he still looks fine to me.  We haven’t actually spoken and not sure if that will ever happen. I really enjoy real life eye candy, even if you can’t touch it looking is still fun.

Headed home soon, not exactly sure what is for dinner.  No real plans for the evening other than trying to relax and getting ready to come back for one more day.  Looking forward to the weekend, sleep is on my craving list among other things.  It’s rainy here so traffic on the way home will suck, but so long as I get there in one piece that is all I care about. 

Talk with you all again soon.

07 September 2016

Interesting Mail

I really like getting mail, unless it’s a bill.  I mean there is something special about a package showing up or an unexpected check.  Yesterday I got a surprise check in the mail from the title company that was used to close the loan on my home 2 years ago.  They refunded $19 while I was hoping for a larger amount, it’s $19 that I didn’t have.  Free money no matter in what sum is the best.  Yes I am that guy who will stop and pick up a penny.  Every cent I can get helps and it all adds up maybe not right away but eventually. 

I saw a colorful mailer from a former employer that I have a pension with.  I figured it was some annual statement and nothing important.  It looked like junk mail.  I opened it up and turns out they are giving people a one time opportunity to cash out either by taking a lump sum, a portion and the rest rolled over into another investment or you have or if you want you can start taking payments now as if you had retired and they will last your lifetime.  Wow it’s amazing news and tempting but there are tax implications.  What they didn’t tell me is how much money we were talking about.  They have never ever been forthcoming with that information and say that they will send another mailer with the exact amount I am entitled to.  I could use some extra money right about now and think that this is something that was sent from God.  However, I talked it over with a trusted advisor and think the best option is to do a rollover into an investment that I have control of.  There is another option available and that is do nothing and then you can’t touch the money until you retire, my former employer will continue to manage it.  I am really shocked that they are affording this opportunity, they are a large strong organization that I don’t ever foresee going out of business.  However, better to strike while the opportunity is present because it likely won’t present it’s self again. 

My home phone has been driving me nutty.  I used to never get calls through that said unknown for both name and number, that was considered to be a blocked call and based on the features on my account and how they are configured that type of call shouldn’t ring through.  I have also seen an uptick in telemarketing, sales and political calls.  The phone rings but it is never anyone important.  Last night I had it and sent all of my calls to voicemail.  I am going to leave it like that for a bit to see if it helps combat the stupid calls.  Ever since the place I go to for my haircut fell victim to a social engineering hack and gave my name & number out to a malicious actor this started.  Been a few months now and I am ready for it to stop.  I do have the option of changing my number but really don’t want to part with it and the hassle of notifying everyone, it would just suck.  Not to mention the fee the phone company would charge me.  Then you run the risk of having the new number have the same issues that the present number or you’ll get calls for the old owner of that number.  Easier to just use voice mail.  Besides that anyone that really needs to be able to reach me has my cell phone so it’s all good. 

Small crisis at work caused me to take my lunch late.  My day is all thrown off but it’s okay were just closer to quitting time now.  Can’t wait to get home and grab my package off the front porch from Amazon.  Got a book, some shaving cream, face wash, allergy pills and probably something else I am forgetting.  Still it goes back to the first paragraph of this post.  Love opening packages. 

Back to the fun here at work.  Hope all is well, doesn’t feel anything like a normal Wednesday but that is okay.  2 more days and we get to rest again or so I hope.  Take care.

06 September 2016

Random Thoughts

My ear started to bother me again.  I decided to hit up the doc in the box here at work.  He said that it’s the Bluetooth Headphones I am using.  He asked me to stop for a couple days.  He said to clean the ear bud part everyday with alcohol.  I’ve got an irritation of the upper lining of my ear.  He gave me some antibiotic drops and sent me on my way.  That stuff was expensive, only cost me $12 but insurance really picked up the tab, thank God for it. 

I did accomplish most of what I wanted over the extended weekend.  I never got to clean the carpet in the basement, but I did break out the Clorox wipes and started from the basement all the way upstairs.  The cats were looking at me funny, they only see me do this on occasion.  I am a neat freak but I am not into dusting, I have also found that that with age I am less neat than I was when I was younger.  It’s kind of difficult with a house full of cats, they love to make messes. 

Stayed up late last night and took extra sleeping medicine with the hopes that I would fall asleep quicker, but since I had an afternoon nap my body said no it’s time to stay awake.  Difficult to get going this morning, but that was expected.  Had to cater to the Bear this morning.  He got two cans of food out of me, it’s getting difficult to know what to feed him.  He loves Red Meat Feast from Blue Wilderness but I only got 2 cans and he has had them both over the weekend.  I will get more for him next weekend. 

Slightly sad to see summer go, the boys won’t be running without shirts.  I won’t almost have traffic accidents while watching them.  That happened a couple mornings on the way to work.  One of the apps I am on, sent me an email telling me what guys would be a good match.  Normally they are way off and I don’t have any interest, but still I hold out hope and it kind of paid off. I saw an Asian guy who was just cute.  Read his profile found out that he is a doctor.  I reached out and am waiting to hear from him.  My guess is that I won’t hear from him but at least I made a move.  Nothing ventured nothing gained. 

Enjoyed BBQ out yesterday afternoon, came home and spent time getting ready for today.  Then when things finally settled down I listened to some music and was able to relax.  Picked up some fresh peaches that are in plastic bowls.  I stuck them in the fridge and had 2 of those small bowls last night, they were good.  The cats had to have a snack since I had one.  I carry those bowls to work and make them apart of my lunch.  Delicious!  No added sugar but I was thinking last night they sure would go good with some vanilla ice cream. 

Thursday starts the Lance Bass Bachelor show on Logo.  I’ve got my DVR set to record the series.  Based on the guys I have seen in the promo I don’t think it will be that interesting but I am going to keep an open mind.  We shall see what happens.  Nice that Fall TV is starting up because once the weather turns cold, everyone will be hunkered down in their homes with the furnace on and the TV blaring.  It’s just a part of winter hibernation. 

I know I had more to contribute to this post but I am running out of time, I’ve got a meeting to run to so back to work I go.  Look forward to seeing what came in the mail today and what kind of fun I can have tonight.  It’s only Tuesday but I am already, ready for the weekend.  Here’s hoping all is well in your world. 

04 September 2016

Long Weekend

Friday night, I had thoughts of leaving early.  Thank God I didn’t.  We had a semi-crisis at work and my bosses boss called me even though he was on vacation because he couldn’t find my teammates.  He asked me there whereabouts but they are both in different locations so it’s not like I had any clue as to where they were.  I got to handle a situation and that felt good even though I was nervous.  Then I left on time and  got my Wendy’s and got in the middle of High School Football Game Traffic.  It took just a little extra to get home and it wasn’t fun but the food was really good.  I was in no mood to do anything, so I just vegged out.  Went to bed early.

Saturday morning my choir cat Insty woke me up with plenty of time for me to feed her and her relatives, feed myself and make it out the door to the vet with Bear in my arms. 

The vet keeps on thinking that Bear is a diabetic because I told them his thirst increased which is a direct result of the prescription food they put him on.  It has a higher salt content which done on purpose to get the cat to drink water so the bladder stays flushed out.  Speaking of which he went all over the floor in the kitchen so there was no worry about him going in the truck.  They ran a blood sugar on him and he’s not diabetic, big surprise.  They looked at his belly and his bladder with the ultrasound and everything looks good.  His bladder was empty so the needle wouldn’t puncture his bladder.  They gave me a tube to catch some urine in.  I did that much later in the day and his ph. is 6.0 which is in the range of normal.  I was told keep doing what your doing.  This was a $75 visit which wasn’t horrible but not great either.  Kind of wish they would have just given me the tube and saved me from lugging him to and fro.  He has lost weight and is at 27lbs. 

Pay attention now because this is like a riddle from Batman.  They are concerned that he is losing weight.  The food he is on is known to put weight on a cat so they want to take him off of it in 8 weeks because they don’t want him to start to put weight on.  So no matter what they are not happy.  Guess what, they might be his vet but I am his owner.  I will fight tooth and nail to keep him on a urinary diet.  What they want to switch him to is weight management food which they say will help his bladder issues, but somehow I doubt that.  So long as he is happy I don’t care if he is obese or model runway thin, I accept him for who he is.  With a name like Bear you anticipate a big cat anyway.  He lives up to his name and always has!

I went back to the restaurant and asked for pretty boy only to learn that he got the last laugh, he quit.  Fuck I wasn’t happy at all when I heard that.  I should have acted quicker and asked for his last name but just decided to let it go.  I guess I was right and he is not going to call.  That really makes me mad that someone says yes they are interested when they have no true interest at all.  His response did bring some immediate joy but that quickly dissipated.  Had a crappy meal because I ordered a salad instead of something delicious and deep fried.  I had a crappy waitress who let me go thirsty and who was in no hurry to tend to my needs.  I fixed that by not leaving any tip at all.  I should have said tip, move it fat ass – better service will get you a tip, but that would have been rude so I just kept my thought to myself, that is until now.

Hit up the cat food store, Sam’s club and then it was finally time to come home.  I unloaded all of the stuff I picked up and took time to rest.  Fed the children and camped out in front of the computer, while starting laundry.  Then cleaned up the bathroom only to find that I need a new shower mat because mine that is old finally ripped.  I thought Rubbermaid lasted forever.  Guess not.  Got a new one and a new shower curtain on the way from Amazon, along with a lot of other stuff that I shouldn’t have bought but did.

I worked in nap time and had fun spending time with the children, just lounging and watching TV.  Stayed up way too late and paid for it today.

Sunday woke up way too early thanks to Choir cat.  She has to have her way.  For a little cat she has a great set of lungs.  I am surprised that all of the animals in the neighborhood aren’t at my back door.  Fed the children.  Got dressed and headed off to Cracker Barrel.  I learned they have something called the Momma’s Sampler.  You get an extra sausage patty (or I suppose a extra strip of bacon), two eggs, two pancakes and hash brown casserole.  It costs less than the Momma’s Pancake Breakfast but that is because your getting 1 less pancake.  Ate that all up and headed off to the grocery store.  Where I picked up not one but two boxes of magnums.  Your probably thinking condoms, but your wrong it’s Ice Cream Bars.  They come 3 in a box and they sell for $5, which is super expensive by my standards but they are so good.  I got the Double Raspberry.  Oh I will enjoy them even if they are no good for me.  Check them out when you go to the store next, try a box I’ll bet you’ll enjoy them as well.

Back on track here.  Came home put everything away and then decided to lay down.  Took a nap with the kids which was fun.  My shoulder was killing me when I went to sleep and it’s no different now that I am awake.  My ear ache is back as well.  Can’t wait for Tuesday so I can hit up the doc in the box at work.  Work pays the bill and I don’t have to take time off, it’s a total win for me.  I was going to hit up the pie shop (yes I said pie) but opted to stay at home instead.  A local BBQ place gave me $5 on my rewards card so I will venture out tomorrow for a nice meal at a discount.  I am invited to my friends annual block party but I don’t want to sit and chat with neighbors that I don’t know and spend time in the hot outdoors with flies and insects hovering over me like I am a walking buffet.  So I am not going but do appreciate the invite. 

Got a call from my mom, it was a strange number and she left a message saying this was her new number.  I wonder if she got out of the nursing home and into an apartment like she was claiming would happen.  She called back again today of course just as I started to dose off.  I didn’t bother to answer the phone because I don’t want to be swept away with drama.  This is supposed to be a relaxing weekend.  I did get a card in the mail which my brother addressed and mailed.  There was no return address and the card was just addressed to our last name at my address.  It was odd, but I opened it read it and then do what I do with most cards, threw it in the trash.  Quick way to see $5 go down the drain.  Would have been better off to mail me the money, but I suppose it’s the thought that counts. 

There you have it my weekend up until now.  I’ve accomplished some things but am moving super slow and taking my time.  Very pleased to hear that my Bear is doing great.  He still wants regular food and I do cater to him a bit.  I am quite confident that we have resolved the damn crystal problem.  Crystal is expensive and that was truly the case here even though were talking about a different type of crystal.  Now off to make some changes to the blog, surf for porn, listen to some music and waste the night away until it’s time to go to bed.  Since this is a shorter work week everyone will be off on what day of the week it is.  My boss is coming back later this week and then who knows what will happen. 

Hope your weekend is going well.  Fall is just a couple weeks away.  I couldn’t believe it but Sam’s already has Christmas decorations out and it’s only September.  Got to make that almighty dollar.  Money is important I get it but there are other things that are much more important that you can’t buy like quality time with your family and friends as well as making memories that last a lifetime.  Have a great evening and an even better week ahead!