31 March 2016

How did it go?

Things started off really well.  I felt very good.  Then the time came for my big question, which was is there any reason why you wouldn’t hire me?  Yeah wished I would have NEVER asked that one in this interview.  I was told the only reservation was lack of education and I was questioned about why I haven’t gone to College or even attempted something at a local Community College.  The truthful answer …. I fucking hate school.  I did my time in High School and I am DONE with it.  There is no hope for College in my future.  I can’t imagine doing that and holding a full time job, even taking 1 or 2 classes.  The answer I gave … Never really made time for it.  So then he goes well this is problem that can be remediated, correct?  I said uh sure.  Then he asked me if I was still interested in the job.  I said of course.  So he ended with you will be hearing from HR very soon. 

The best thing that came out of this is that I was recognized for my impeccable Customer Service.  I was also told that he would have never entertained speaking with me unless he trusted me.  It was emphasized that there is some serious confidential work that comes with this job and it’s not something that you can talk about.  I knew that going in, that doesn’t bother me at all.

When we were done, my whole face was red.  I felt my ears on fire and I could sense my pulse beating in my face.  I was disappointed about the whole college thing.  He wants me to go to college.  Well that’s so that I don’t get stagnate.  This all stems from a leading question of where do you see yourself in 5 years.  Yeah well you have to give a bullshit answer.  If I told the truth he would have hung up.  The truth is I’d like to be a millionaire and retire.  I can understand continuing education through seminars or other types of learning but I shouldn’t have to sign up for a college course.  Yes we have a tuition reimbursement program but you have to front all of the money and then show that you passed with a minimum of a grade of B.  Now they added on to that and said that if you leave within 1 or 2 years of taking a course you would have to pay back all of the money that you got as reimbursement.  I am not made of money, that is why I work.  I see this whole reimbursement thing as a trap to get me in debt or create an obligation and I simply won’t fall for that.  I’ve made it this far in life with no college and I can make it the rest of my life with no college.  I am very confident in that statement. 

I got back to my desk and sent a thank you note along with examples of documentation.  Then I get an email back asking how my Excel skills are.  I was honest and said that I know the basics.  I am not an excel guru and that is mostly because it involves math and I am allergic to math, sort of like college.  I figure that he is going to make me an offer.  I know that he really likes me and that we work well together. 

I am trying to sort out in my mind if I am made an offer if I should accept it or reject it.  There were a few things that he said that scared me a little bit.  I mean I don’t want to leap and then wonder if I am going to have a job or get in too deep.  At the same time I think wow this is a huge opportunity.  I really want to get away from taking phone calls all day and hearing about people bitch because word doesn’t work or the computer system sucks, etc.  A person can only take so much of that and then you want to start to scream.  I suppose there is a shelf life to telephone support unless you really enjoy it.  I don’t mind once and a while doing it but every single day, no thanks.  That was something I was aware of when I accepted the job but I needed a job.  I put up with it for almost two years and I think it’s time for a change. 

The other thing that I was asked if I would stay for the long term or if I would hop along to something else.  He said that my resume shows that I don’t stay very long at one place.  Yeah company’s go out of business and reorganize.  I haven’t left every job by choice.  I left the one job that I have 5 years of service at on my resume to show that I am loyal.  I like to stay in one place unless I have to move on, I won’t.  As an employer you have to keep me happy with pay, benefits and a great work atmosphere/culture.  I like a modern upscale building but hey I can work out of a wood shed if I have to just have ac in the summer and heat in the winter. 

I have this innate ability to lack confidence in myself and to talk myself out of situations and opportunities.  I know deep down inside that there is always a risk of failure and that is why I don’t pursue things.  In this case if I get in too deep there is no safety net.  Meaning that if I fail in the job they will kick me to the curb, good customer service skills or not.  Right now since there isn’t another income to fall back on and I am in debt beyond my height I have to be able to hold a job and make a specific amount of money if I am to survive.  Take away my income and I am screwed.  1 paycheck away from being bankrupt.  I also don’t want to live my life in fear like I did when I worked at my last job.  Everyday I was looking over my shoulder.  I am so happy to have gotten away from that environment.  2 months of unemployment was a small price to pay in order to get to where I am now.  I am very thankful of the opportunity that I have and well that is a sure thing and my job is secure.  Take the other thing and it’s a total gamble. 

I need to think about it and to do some research which means talk to people.  I will be able to make a decision hopefully soon.  Then again he may not want to offer me the job because he too thinks it’s too much of a risk.  Either way I look forward to hearing the decision. 

Best thing I read today … I was at McDonald’s and there was this very hot dad there with his son.  The kid threw all of his fries on the floor, the dad spanked his son.  I immediately threw all of my fries on the floor hoping for the same reaction.  Priceless!

Hard to believe tomorrow is the 1st of April.  Had an idea for a joke to pull but don’t think that I am going to follow through.  Now it’s time to pay attention to Bear and get in bed because tomorrow will be knocking before I know it.  Take care and we shall talk again soon.

30 March 2016

What day of the week is it?

Woke up this morning knowing that it was Wednesday.  Got to the bathroom and went to take my morning pills and Wednesday was empty.  Oh gosh is today Thursday and I am just a day behind.  Nope, there is still 3 bananas left.  Last night I took my morning pills for Wednesday.  It’s things like this that make me wonder if I am going crazy.  I know perfectly well why this happened.  I was having a conversation with someone at work about the guy from work that set a boundary, you know.  Well that situation still bothers me.  I am hurt and I am angry, plus I still have feelings for him.  It’s just messed up.  I saw him twice today already and we still have yet to speak to each other.  I don’t know if it’s going to happen and I really have other more pressing things to be concerned with but my mind reverts back to the small stuff. 

So cleaning the fridge last night, that was a hoot.  There is ice build up in the small freezer portion.  It’s a mammoth block of ice that keeps growing.  I tried to chip away at it with a screwdriver but that was a futile attempt.  Then I got out the propane torch and we melted some ice.  Problem is I had a huge mess on my hands and the block of ice was still mostly in tact.  Time was also a factor.  I was well past treat time and the children were upset.  So I had to wrap things up.  Turned the fridge back on and lined it with pee pads to catch any lingering water and put in a couple of plastic bowls.  It’s all good now.  I got everything cleaned but I didn’t do anything with the shelves other than remove them.  So tonight I get to clean the shelves and put them back in.  At some point I need to deal with the ice issue which is what helped to contribute to the soda explosion.  For now I am just going back to business as usual because doing otherwise is exhausting!

Were super short staffed today.  One guy quit last week, another one is out on Paternity Leave, Another one called in sick and two more are on vacation.  Yeah it’s a crazy ass day and that means I am stuck on the phone except for lunch.  Not happy about that but it will help pass the time and we can move on to the part where I go home and figure out what is for supper. 

Excited to go home and get my tire caps from Amazon, yeah that will be the thrill of the day for me.  Plus paying bills what a hoot.  Looking forward to watching TV and relaxing.  Thunderstorms for the ride home so I will for sure be later than normal because everyone drives like they have never seen water fall from the sky.  It’s water not dollar bills.  Imagine that dollar bills falling from the sky.  I wouldn’t be on the road I would be on the sidewalk collecting them as fast as I could.  If only that would happen. 

Back to reality now. 

29 March 2016

Mess 2 Clean up

I love Diet Mt. Dew Code Red.  I have a can on the way to work every day.  The colder the better.  I like it to be slushy but not frozen.  I have a separate beverage refrigerator for this purpose.  It’s something that I got many years ago.  Someone had to have 5 flavors of soda in the house and it would take up a lot of room in the regular fridge so I got this special unit to accommodate his need.  It’s been used to keep food but only for a day or two, nothing long term.  It’s the size of a dorm fridge so there isn’t a whole lot of room.  In any case I went to grab a can this morning only to find that one of them exploded.  I cleaned up as much of it as I could but I had to get out the door.  Tonight I will have to finish the job, oh fun!

Bear is back to using his bed and the pads, sure hope it stays that way.  I love that he is back to his old ways.  If all goes well I might be able to clean the carpet before the hot weather rolls in so the house doesn’t smell.  Just like the soda mess, not a job that I want to do but one that I need to do. 

Had a piece of cold pizza and heated up some Mac & Cheese for supper last night.  Saved 1/2 of the Mac & Cheese for tonight and will probably incorporate some BBQ Pork along with it.  That is the plan but who knows how it will actually turn out? 

So we made it past Monday and it’s only Tuesday.  I am having a difficult time keeping my emotions in check as I struggle to make it to Thursday afternoon.  I will survive because that is just what I do. 

Looking forward to watching ABC’s The Real O’Neals tonight along with Tosh.O on Comedy Central.  I am sad that Shameless (on Sundays) will air it’s season finale this week.  So far as I know it, the show won’t be back with a new season until January 2017.  That is a long time to wait but I do it every year.  It’s the only reason why I subscribe to Showtime.  They have some other stuff that interests me but the series is the main reason. 

So unless something newsworthy happens I suppose this is Tuesday’s post.  Back to reality for me.  Hope you have an awesome day!

28 March 2016

The Interview

Got my notice today and my interview is scheduled for late in the day on Thursday.  I’ll be waiting with anticipation.  It would really be nice if they made a decision and extended an offer on Friday, then I would surely have a great weekend!  I don’t think it will turn out that way but if it does I won’t object. 

It’s going to be a phone interview and as of now there won’t be any video involved, I am fine with that.  I booked my lucky conference room so hopefully that will be to my advantage.  It’s going to be a long week waiting for Thursday afternoon. 

Strike Out

I went back for breakfast yesterday and the guy I am interested in is straight.  I kind of thought so, but you never know until you either ask or have someone ask on your behalf.  There are bad things that can happen after you ask but thankfully I haven’t experienced them and hopefully won’t. 

It was really nice being able to eat and then know that I didn’t have to go to the grocery store.  I may try this again this Saturday but that depends on a lot of things mostly how I feel when I wake up next Saturday. 

I ventured out to get some gas for the truck, $20.00 exactly to fill the tank.  Even numbers like that make me happy.  Shame that everything can’t cost an even amount of money instead of $19.95 why not just say $20, I think it would be easier.  Then again most people these days don’t pay in actual cash, it’s plastic be it credit or debit.  I have $2 in my wallet and it’s been that way for weeks.  Paying in cash is great but something that I seldom do because I don’t bother to carry cash. 

On the way in this morning I created a micro tear in the webbing between my thumb and first finger on my left hand.  I was driving with that hand and went to move it and all of a sudden it was ouch, like a splinter got me.  It’s very sore but there isn’t and wasn’t any blood.  Yesterday while shaving I carved out a small piece of my lip.  I wonder if this is a sign?

Last night Gator insisted on sleeping with me. I hate sleeping with her.  She is small but when she gets in bed she is a lump that stretches out and is not forgiving so you have your part of the bed and she own the rest of it.  Try as you might unless you pick her up you won’t get her to move. Solid as a rock.  My back hurts this morning.  I know she loves her daddy but I really wish she would have slept in the chair.  Hopefully tonight it’s back to Me & Marv.  He’s a good sleeping buddy.  Once he knows I am out he will venture to the bottom of the bed or even the floor.  He likes to stretch out too but he has some manors about him.  What a shame Gator didn’t pick them up when she was younger.  Way too late now. 

I was able to get in a nap yesterday which was nice.  Of course Gator had to lay on top of me.  She is so thirsty for attention it’s like she has been deprived of it her entire life.  Which is totally not the case. 

Time to get to work.  I hope that by the end of the week I have some more knowledge about the internal position and who knows maybe even a decision.  I don’t want to rush things for fear that it will cause bad results but I am ready to get it over with.  Well speaking of work, time for me to switch gears.  Hope you all had a fun weekend.  Talk with you again soon.

26 March 2016

Easter Weekend

No news on my quest at work.  I am hoping that HR reaches out next week and schedules an interview.  The longer we go the more I want this opportunity, I think it will be good for me.  Provided all goes well I know that I will miss helping people with their PC problems but I still will have the opportunity to help, it’s just that I will be calling them and it will be because they have a virus or security risk on their machine.  So I won’t exactly be the person that you will want a phone call from but someone has to play that part. 

I realized yesterday that I had to go to the grocery store either Friday night or on Saturday.  I elected to go today.  Good thing because I got $10 off my bill, it was a special coupon that expired today.  Turns out they pass these out all the time but you have to shop Thursday thru Saturday.  Come in on a Sunday and you are out of luck. $10 must be a popular coupon because the pet food store sent me an email and it had a $10 coupon to print out, so I saved a cool $20 this weekend.  Not bad at all!

I had to work on ye old car today.  On my way to work earlier this week some rocks hit the windshield.  I got a crack and a couple of chips out of it.  I wasn’t thrilled about it but this is minor damage, it’s not like I need a new windshield.  Although with the amount of chips in my windshield I will say that I am on my way.  I just hope that I can hold out until it’s time to trade.  I have 2 kits to fix just this sort of thing.  One the resin was all dried up.  The other there wasn’t a lot of resin left.  I opted not to follow the instructions and just dabbed the resin on the windshield.  I had the car in the sunlight and just let it dry.  I came back a couple hours later, scraped off the excess and wiped down the window.  It’s not pretty but I think it got the job done. I figured might as well check the air pressure in the tires while I am out here.  Did that and found out that I lost 2 tire caps.  Evened out the air pressure and borrowed caps from the truck.  Found replacement caps on Amazon.  The same day that the rock damage occurred, I managed to drop my keys as I got out of the car.  I didn’t think anything of it, then I noticed I did some slight damage to one of my key fobs.  It’s for the alarm system and there is a crack in the housing.  I figured Amazon would have a replacement.  I wasted away an hour and a half trying to hunt down a replacement.  I finally found one but the housing is all white and I really would prefer to keep all black.  The remote still works and there is no major hurry to replace it, as it’s still stable.  Just one of those things that I wanted to inquire about so when the day comes to replace it I know where to go. 

Speaking of Amazon, they did manage to get some of my money out of me today.  I had to order more pee pads and since I was doing that I needed a little of this, some of that and you know that one item.  Pretty soon I was kissing $50 good bye.  Funny how that works.  I am also running out of Cologne It’s Gucci by Gucci for Men.  Damn that is some expensive stuff.  I don’t wear it often, I mean it’s taken me at least 2 to 3 years to go through a 3oz spray bottle.  Still I couldn’t justify the cost right now.  I want a replacement bottle but it will have to wait.  I have other cologne to wear.  If you ever get the urge to buy anything with pheromones to attract either the opposite or the same sex, don’t waste your money that shit doesn’t work. 

I think I am winning the war against my blood sugar.  Last night when I came home I was tired.  Checked my sugar and it was 83.  I had some food and that perked me up for a little bit.  Even ate something sweet and checked after an hour and it was still well within the acceptable limit.  The doctors office never has called back to say only take 1 drug or take them both.  Good thing this is working out so well and someone is not coming to scrape me up off of the floor. 

Easter is tomorrow.  All of my errands outside of the house are done.  I can stay home all day if I want to.  Not sure that I will.  There is a cook at Steak N Shake that I have had my eye on.  My regular waitress is supposed to ask him if he likes guys, if I get there early enough I can ask him myself but that means peeling myself out of bed at 6:30a, not exactly sure that I want to do that on a non work day.  He is kind of worth it but since I am batting a thousand my guess is that he will say he’s only in to girls.  Anyway I will probably have breakfast out tomorrow, may take the truck out to get gas and that would be the extent of my running.  Easter has bad juju for me.  It’s close to the time when I lost the love of my life.  In fact the actual date will be approaching next Monday.  This is a very difficult time of year and I find myself on the sea saw rollercoaster when it comes to emotions and depression.  That is why I am hoping so much for the new job at work, if they wrap this up quickly I hopefully will be able to associate something positive with this time of year instead of reflecting on my loss.  I also usually get an invite to my friends house to celebrate Easter but no such invite this year.  Perfectly okay, I mean to me it’s just another day, really. 

So the guy at work that told me I was only his coworker, well were not speaking to each other.  Anyway, I got a chocolate rabbit for Easter from a friend at work.  I ate the damn thing in like 3 bites.  Serving size said 1 rabbit, I thought that was kind of funny.  Anyway, I took special care of open the box.  I sealed it back up with the insert in it, just no bunny.  Then I placed it on his desk upside down, so when he comes in on Monday he will think he got candy and he won’t have shit.  It is the kind of thing that I would do if we were speaking.  However, this is like revenge.  Now he will probably think that I did it but I am fairly certain he won’t say a thing.  If I am asked I will deny it.  I told the person that gave me the bunny what I wanted to do and I was advised against it.  I was told that door is closed and as much as you hope and want him to open it again, he isn’t going to.  He’s not worth your time, walk away.  Did I listen?  Of course not.  Tell me not to do something and it can turn into motivation to do it. 

Everyone here is doing okay.  Bear needs a bath and the house needs to be cleaned but that is what tomorrow is for.  I am still doing battle with the ants.  I found a couple in the children’s water today.  I cleaned it out and got rid of them.  I don’t see any new ones so hopefully we are done.  I really don’t like them especially when they are on the inside of any part of my house.  Ick.

There you have it all of the low and highlights of the past few days.  Not looking forward to Monday because the guy that is supposed to be on call left.  So they will be asking for a volunteer or maybe they won’t.  Not sure if anyone will notice or say anything.  I am keeping my mouth shut.  The extra money would be nice but I really don’t want the aggravation that comes with it.  I think most of my coworkers feel the same way.  We have to have someone on call and that’s fine just as long as it’s not me.  I’d like to fast forward through the week if possible, get to the good parts and skip any and all of the bad.  Then have the weekend again.  Wouldn’t it be nice if it could work that way?  Probably better it doesn’t work that way because I could see me fast forwarding through my life much like a TV show skipping the commercials.  My life would be over before I knew it. 

So 2 quick jokes and then I am going to go.  How do you catch a unique rabbit?  You neak up on it.  How do you catch a tame rabbit?  Tame way.  Those are my Easter jokes.  Take care and be well.  We shall talk again soon.

23 March 2016

How did it go?

Actually very well.  It was short and to the point.  A quick review of my resume, asked me a couple behavioral questions (which I hate) and then we talked about money.  Next step will be an interview with the hiring manager.  Should happen next week.  Apparently they are swamped and really want someone.  However, the posting doesn’t close until the end of next month. 

I am totally ready to talk with the hiring manager, it might be a panel of people not sure just yet.  I don’t think there will be any strangers.  This would also be an autonomous position as the manager is way out west.  I’ve chatted with our office manager and he said that he would envision that I would get an office.  If so it’s just an extra perk that comes with the job.  If not it won’t be the end of the world.  I can imagine that I will move just because people will be stopping by looking for me to help them with their computer trouble. 

I know that if this doesn’t pan out I will be disappointed and probably go into a depression over it.  However, the bright side is that I get to keep my present job.  I hope that only good things happen, this would be an awesome victory if I am successful.  Stay tuned to find out. 

Almost time to go fight traffic and then figure out what I am going to have for supper.  Looking forward to time away from technology for the evening. 

First Step

Late yesterday afternoon HR reached out and I have a phone screen setup this afternoon.  They reserved 30 minutes but who knows if we will use all that time.  If I can convince the HR person that I have the basic skill sets that apply to this position then I will get moved on, otherwise they have the power to kill my chances.  Now that I have had plenty of time to think, I’d really like to give this position a shot so hopefully all goes well.

On the home front some kid rang my door bell last night.  I mean the sign I put up a couple weeks ago pretty well says it all, short of don’t bother me and go away.  I didn’t answer the door and eventually he went away, backpack and clipboard in hand.  I’m thinking he had to be selling something.  If I would have had clothes on I would have answered the door out of sheer curiosity. I personally would hate to be the first person that I answer the door on, because as soon as they tell me they are peddling something I am going to ask if they completed high school and can read the English language.  Then I am going to point to the sign and tell them to go away.  I well remember the door to door sales I made as a kid.  I thought just because I was young people would feel sorry and would buy something, not so.  I got more doors slammed in my face that I thought I would.  It’s a tough lesson to learn but rejection is part of life.  I know it hurts because like I said I have had my fair share but if I saw a sign that said were not interested I would not waste my time and would move on.

I wasted a bunch of time last night trying to get two factor authentication setup for my Facebook account.  It was much harder than it needed to be but after yelling and trying to follow the instructions I had some ideas of my own and tried them, sure enough got it working.  Now I’d like to use Duo instead of a text message code, Facebook authenticates with Duo and it adds the account to my list of accounts but when I put in the key it keeps telling me there was an error.  That has me perplexed and I am not sure that I can move past that point.  However, at least I got the whole 2 factor thing working, which makes me feel a little safer. 

Got to watch The Real O’Neals last night and it was good.  I hope that show stays on for a very long time.  I started to make it through Tosh.O but I got drowsy and decided to call it a night.  Then I had the strangest dream but it was interesting.  Woke up realized that I had about an hour, turned on the heat and used the bathroom.  Summoned Marvin to my room and we eventually fell back asleep only in time for a wake up call.  Morning comes around way too fast!

Looking forward to tonight, spending time with the kids and watching Comedy Wednesday.  Looks like all of my favs will be on.  So hopefully I will be laughing a lot.  Outside of that it’s just normal life stuff and emotions that I am dealing with.  We are rapidly approaching the 3 year anniversary and I find that my emotions and mood reflect that.  I can’t believe my worst nightmare came true and it will be 3 years, still very much feels like yesterday.  I don’t know if it will ever truly age in my mind and if I will loose the feeling that it feels like yesterday, I suppose only time will tell. 

Okay time to start this day of fun.  Happy middle of the week.

22 March 2016


I have been thinking about the position I applied for.  I am thankful that I had the foresight to reach out and make sure that I wouldn’t have to move.  This morning a little bird filled me with wisdom and I feel like I have the advantage now.  I know all the right things to say, the attributes that I bring to the table that will make me shine.  I found out that the on call will be every 3 weeks and that it’s nothing like on call in my present position.  I kind of feel like I set myself up in that if I get passed over I will be pissed off and want to leave.  I know that my present boss thinks the world of me and I am fairly certain that she doesn’t want to lose me.  She holds a lot of power in tipping this in anyone person’s direction.  I think that she will remain neutral and just let this play out.  At least that is my hope.  Getting used to a new boss and their expectations can be difficult.  I would go from working for a Woman to working for a Man.  It would be a whole new world for me and that is both good and bad.  Right now all I can do is wait and see what happens.  I am glad that I have what I feels like is the advantage, I just hope that it plays into my favor.

I did battle with the ants last night.  Damn there were so many of them.  I felt like they were crawling on me.  I keep finding one here and one there.  I sprayed again and hopefully this does the trick, but I am not convinced of this.  I don’t want any of the children eating any of the ants because they could be laced with poison.  I just want them to be able to enjoy clean and fresh drinking water without ants. 

The squeak in the shower came back to life this morning.  I fixed it, turns out it was in the wand and not the shower head it’s self as I had thought.  Hopefully it stays quiet, I like it that way. 

Finally saw the guy that I had issues with last week.  He just gave me this ice stare and kept on moving without saying a word.  I was talking with someone else so I can see why he wouldn’t speak.  I think that he has built anger or resentment against me, just as I have him.  Time has a way of letting that form after the fact.  I just don’t understand why he wouldn’t consider me a friend that would be the best solution to this. 

I got to watch Quantico last night.  Love me some Graham Rodgers, he is so hot.  The overall premise of the show is what keeps me tuning in but it helps to be able to see a good looking guy. 

I am ready for a nap, really don’t want to be here today but I have to pay my bills.  It sure would be nice to be able to retire.  I’d probably be bored out of my mind but I am willing to give it a go, just need an income to be able to exist.  Maybe I should be looking for a sugar daddy instead of a boyfriend.  Honestly would rather have the BF, money brings problems. 

Well time to head back to the salt mine and keep on working.  Talk with you all again soon. 

21 March 2016


Well I got the go ahead from the hiring manager that if I apply and am chosen for the position, he wouldn’t require that I move.  Very thankful for that.  So I proceeded to get the paperwork filled out.  There is an on-line part where you tell them who you are and how much money you want as well as send a copy of your resume.  Then there is a separate piece that requires you to fill out an Internal Job Application, which has to be signed by your manager.  I am not crazy about getting her signature but I don’t feel it will be a problem.  I mean nothing is changing because of this, it is just me throwing my hat into the ring.  I am sure that the dollar amount I entered is probably super low.  I did a quick Google search, saw what the mid point was and slightly inflated my number. 

Once I hear back from my manager and get the form signed, I need to send it to HR.  That will officially put me in the running.  I know that there are several internal applicants and I am not sure who or how much experience they have. 

I don’t want to get in over my head, so I will be asking questions when interview time rolls around.  It would suck to find out that I got a job that I can’t preform.  There is minimal travel involved and I am certain that for training they would probably have me travel.  We shall see what the future holds.  If it’s meant to be then it will.  If not well good news I still have my job. 

Sprung Spring

So Spring has Sprung.  You couldn’t tell that by the weather here.  Snow & Rain yesterday, very cold this morning feels like Winter.  However, we are going to warm up into the 50’s today so maybe by this afternoon Spring will be in the air.  It’s nice to see the seasons change.  However, with it comes a host of headaches for me.  I’ve got allergies so they will no doubt rear their ugly head.  Then there is Lawn Boy who no doubt will be knocking on the door or stopping by and just cutting the grass.  Once that starts it’s like a merry go round that doesn’t end until much later in the year. 

The weekend was just okay for me.  I managed to get in some sleep, gave Big Boy his bath which oddly enough he loved this time.  I hit the spot where it itched most and that just made him want more and more.  I got him all clean, lasted about an hour or two and he’s back to being dirty again.  I said I was going to break out the diaper but just don’t have the heart to do that to him.  I think it would create more of a problem.  Although at some point we are going to try them.

Fixed my squeaky shower head, soaked the whole thing in CLR for a couple hours.  Back to spraying normal and no more squeak.  I thought I had the refrigerator/freezer fixed but that turned out to be false hope.  I pulled it out of the wall, removed the cardboard cover and vacuumed up as much fur and dirt as I could see.  That stuff really collects in there, probably a good idea every few months to pull this thing out and repeat that process.  I pushed it back into place and it kicked on, sounded perfectly normal.  Then in about 30 minutes the growling started.  When I first heard it I thought something was seriously wrong with Ruth.  Nope just another appliance warning me that sooner or later it is going to vacuum out my wallet. 

All of the usual weekend chores got done.  I am behind on TV.  Didn’t get to see Quantico last night but hopefully I will tonight.  I went to fill the water fountain for the kids before I left and noticed that the ants are back.  I set out a fresh bowl of water away from the fountain and unplugged  it.  I will be dealing with that creepy crawly mess tonight.  I hate dealing with ants because it feels like they are crawling on my skin.  I am going to put the whole thing in the dish washer to make sure they are totally dead and the fountain is clean again.  Then I’ll break out the ant spray and hopefully this will be the last time I have to deal with them for a while. 

Ruth is becoming more trusting of me, I think she realizes that I won’t hurt her.  She seeks me out for attention and of course her sister gets jealous.  Last night Ruth even stole my spot on the couch.  I sat on the love seat and we watched TV together for a while.  Then she left.  I enjoyed spending time with her and her not freaking out just because I was nearby.  She won’t put herself in a position to be picked up, I mean she is trusting but only to a point.  Try anything and she will rip you to shreds.  I don’t do anything other than petting or scratching and she is okay with that.  We talk a little bit sometimes.  Would be nice if I could make a lap cat out of her but I don’t think that will ever happen.  Then again I never thought I would really start to bond with her. 

Now it’s time to start work.  I really don’t want to be here.  Everything started out fine and then I got here and now I am ready to leave.  I hope to have an answer today to find out if I can apply for the opening.  Kind of apprehensive about it, but applying doesn’t mean it’s mine just that my name is in the hat.  If it’s offered to me I have to agree to it. 

As always looking forward to Friday.  I think part of the reason why I don’t want to be here is because of the events of last week and losing what I thought what was a friend.  I really miss him, but I made it before without him and I know that I can do it again.  Okay here goes nothing.  Hope you have a great Monday!

18 March 2016

Emotional Week

Remember the guy at work that I talked about?  He was the one that I was so mad a couple weeks ago.  Well this week something came over me and I told him that I had feelings for him.  Why did I do that?  I think it was emotions plus taking a chance.  He’s perfectly fine with it because he is secure in his sexuality.  Well long story short were done.  He’s what happened… a situation came up and it came out that I was just a coworker.  That really hurt me, more than he knows.  Partially because I have feelings for him and also because I thought of him as a friend.  He said that a friend has a different meaning to him.  He said that his work life and his personal life do not overlap and he will not allow them to.  So what is this business about him fixing me up with a friend and me being at his house all the time?  I mean clearly he wouldn’t invite a coworker to his house.  He started backpedaling once he knew that he hurt me and said your my friend.  Yeah, you can’t just make it so.  First you said I wasn’t now that I am on the verge of tears your changing your mind.  Either the lights are on or they are off, there is no middle ground, no maybe so.  It’s an absolute.  So he was just saying that as lip service. 

Taking a step back I probably overreacted a little bit but I made a sufficient investment in him as a friend.  I shared parts of my life that I only share with a select few and I think I am a pretty good judge of people, but now and then my skills seem to be off.  I didn’t realize I was talking to a first class whack job, because he never made it clear.  Had I known all of this up front he wouldn’t know a damn thing about me other than I work here and I have cats.  Like most people that are my coworkers.  My thought process is that he probably has some repressed homosexual feelings deep, deep down and he doesn’t want to act on them.  Not that he has a crush on me but considering my position I would be easy to take advantage of.  Truth be told there is a lot of truth in that statement, he could easily have his way with me, despite my morals.  When emotions figure in your saying never with a married man, never with a coworker, well they all can easily be tossed aside. 

So now what?  Well he told me that he would keep my secrets a secret.  I trust him enough to do that.  However, he changed our relationship from a friendship to coworkers so I am going to respect that boundary.  He said he still wants me to stop by and chat with him and to feel free to confide or talk with him.  Yeah I told him that won’t happen.  I don’t get that close to coworkers and stopping by to chat well that is inappropriate.  It’s something that I probably shouldn’t have started.  He is very disappointed that I will be treating him differently now, but he made that happen I didn’t just up and chose this.  I do talk with coworkers but they are friends as well, people that I talk with outside of work.  I don’t have anything to do with coworkers outside of work, unless they are friends.

He knows that I don’t have many friends and he really felt bad about the whole situation knowing that.  I told him that he was being an ass but that this was his decision, so I will respect it.  Professionally nothing will change, I will still provide him the same service as before. 

Our alleged friendship started over a remark I made one day about jumping off a bridge.  He had a relative commit suicide and he was the last person to speak with that person.  He had no idea that things were that bad.  Now he is hypersensitive and very much guilt ridden.  He opened up and said that I could talk with him.  Bottom line is he didn’t want me to jump off a bridge.  Just think if I did it now, that would t-totally fuck up his world. Tempting as it is I’ve actually got something to live for and he’s so not worth it. 

There is very much a hole in my heart and it’s difficult for me when I think of him or pass by where he sits.  I never let myself cry but I should have, then maybe all of the feelings I have would be gone.  Instead I am letting time form a callous around my heart and eventually I will be numb to the whole situation.  I already feel the anger and resentment brewing.  I can still admire his rocking body and be angry with him.

Work in an of it’s self has been quite the challenge the last few weeks.  This week is not without that exception.  Things are picking up and that makes me busy and creates stress.  I would rather the days fly by than sit here and twiddle my thumbs but at the same time I would like to be able to keep what little sanity I have left and be able to breathe.  If I change positions this will no doubt get worse.  However, so long as I don’t have to move and can stay put I would be a fool for passing up the opportunity to move up.  Chances like this don’t come up terribly often.  I feel reasonably well about it and will of course know more next week.  I haven’t said anything to my boss because my name is not officially in the candidate pool yet.  I know she won’t have a problem with it and will probably push to make it happen for me.  However, I know that at the same time she will hate to lose me as I am a great asset to her team as well as my local office.  Provided I get the new position it will sadden a lot of people, but I have to take care of myself no one is going to do it for me.

Ah, time to start the day.  I got here super early and thought I would take time to update you.  I am very thankful that today is Friday, it’s been a long week.  I am ready to decompress and actually look forward to it.  Talk with you all again soon.  Hope that all is well in your world.

15 March 2016

Locked up

I got the replacement lock last night and got it installed.  It took a little bit of effort because I was conservative with my estimates in shaving off a part of the spindle but after 4 tries I got it just perfect and it works like it’s supposed to.  Thank God that is over with!

Horrible accident last night took me an hour and a half to get home.  So I was behind the 8 ball but I still got a lot accomplished.  Wanted to pay bills but had to put something off and it is okay because today is actually pay day.  So taking care of them tonight.  That is provided my commute is better.  There is supposed to be some construction work that starts tonight and goes for several months, so lets just cross our fingers that I get home at a much more reasonable hour. Otherwise someone is going to have to provide me with a jetpack for travel to and from work.

The guy that I have the crush on here at work got his hair cut.  It’s called a bare skin fade looks more like a high and tight.  Anyway he looks even more delicious today.  I am always innocently flirting with him.  Today was the best I asked a co-worker if they wanted to have a good laugh.  I told them to bring the can on their desk and come with me.  Walked up to the cute guy and said hey there is something I have always wanted to ask you.  Would you like to eat my nuts?  I had the can in my hand and the laughter just erupted everywhere.  It was awesome.  Earlier in the day I took a lancet (the needle that is used to get blood from my finger for my diabetes) and I pulled him aside.  I told him that I brought this to him since I hear his wife likes small pricks.  He laughed.  Then he said you’ve got a weapon.  I said yeah good thing my pants are on so you can’t see it.  This is totally abnormal behavior for me, work is a place to have fun but not to flirt.  I just can’t help myself around him.  I guess I am just hella horny. 

Another one bites the dust here at work.  One of my teammates is leaving and the fucker timed it just right before his on call shift was set.  So now someone will have to pick that up.  It’s extra money but it’s also aggravation.  So long as there is no direct impact to me I am fine.  Kind of happy he is leaving because he does sloppy work in my opinion.  He applied for an afternoon shift job and they gave it to him.  Now that he has it and has had it for a while he wants to move to days.  So they struck a deal with him.  Let us hire someone to replace you and then you can move to days.  Well they didn’t move fast enough so he’s moving out.  Buh Bye is all I have to say. 

Today is the least amount of stress that I have had in two weeks.  I have had a great time today and hope that this theme continues.  Even though I suspect this is going to be short lived. 

On tap for tonight’s TV is The Real O’Neals which is a super funny comedy, you have to see it to understand.  Then a bit later Tosh.O.  Then hopefully to bed and I fall asleep quickly.  Mornings really suck.  Getting the proper amount of rest will be most helpful, but it’s any ones guess if that will happen.

Everything else is status quo.  Kids are normal and I am thankful for that.  I hope that stays the case for a damn long time.  Take care and I will talk with you again soon.

13 March 2016

Busy, tired and stressed


The days have been long and the night short.  It seems like I no more than get home and have supper and it’s time to go back to work.  This week we had guests from out of town coming so I had to scramble to do a last minute setup for them.  We had Video Conferencing issues with one of our rooms.  A guy dropped his laptop 3 weeks ago.  The asset manager found that the serial number was wrong on the replacement laptop I gave him.  It was something in BIOS so Dell had to come out to fix it.  I got a message yesterday that his replacement machine crashed.  I got his original laptop back from Dell, it was damaged so much I needed to send it in.  They went over it with a fine tooth comb and now aside from some blemishes it looks like a new machine.  I will be configuring that for him tomorrow.  The guy that sits next to me made a huge mistake and deleted the wrong thing for a user, thankfully it was something that was fixable.  However, he said it was because of the crappy monitors he had.  We have the same thing.  I am not a huge fan of them either.  So because of him he got new monitors and so did I.  It looks like I have 2 televisions sitting on my desk.  Very nice!

The lady that left without me the one night, turns out she had to take care of something personal.  I talked with her about it and were good again.

The guy that is playing games with trying to set me up with his pal.  Well I confronted him as well.  Turns out he was allegedly going to talk with his pal over the weekend so I may have an update tomorrow.  I did something that I never thought I would do.  I told him that I had a crush on him.  He was a little surprised but told me that he was secure in his sexuality and that nothing would happen between us.  I want it to but at the same time I don’t.  I can’t believe I actually told him that I like him, that was clearly someone else in my body acting as me.  It won’t change anything between us.  Were back on speaking terms and I do stop by to see him but it’s been nuts this week so my time has been very limited. 

Friday was a day I looked forward to.  I thought it would be the easy day of the week.  Turns out it was a Fuck You Friday and it was anything but relaxing.  I had an issue on Thursday where as the result of testing I managed to brick someone's brand new mobile phone.  They weren’t happy and got management involved.  I didn’t do anything wrong but the user was really trying hard to throw me under the bus.  He got a new phone but won’t let us touch it and he some how thinks that company email will magically appear on it.  That isn’t going to happen and management told him so.  I am interested to see what he does from here.

Since I spend most of my day at work on the phone my boss got approval to give us all Bluetooth Headsets.  Wow they went first class on this.  It’s a Plantronics and it talks to you and you talk to it.  You push a button and say pair mode and presto it pairs right up.  Then when you get a call it says incoming call answer or ignore.  I think if it was paired with my cell phone it would announce the caller.  Works pretty well.  I’ve been so busy that I barley had time to set it up and have had zero time to read the manual.  Who knows what I am missing out on.  They even sent along a charger you just drop it.  Talk time is a max of 7 hours.  That is a long damn time to talk, I would need a couple gallons of water to ramble for that long. 

Decided to phone a friend (co-worker).  I asked about a position that was advertised, turns out my friend just got a promotion.  The position I was calling about and what was advertised were two different positions.  She got promoted so they just posted her old job.  She thought I was calling about that and well now that I know that I was.  Anyway it is advertised as only available from 2 offices.  She said that her manager would not make me move if I was selected.  I want to hear that from him, no sense in wasting my time and his if that isn’t the case.  I will be phoning him tomorrow to find out.  If that is so then I will apply.  I have to get my boss to sign off on the application, otherwise it goes nowhere.  I kind of hate to tell her that I am interested.  She has been really good to me.  At the same time it’s about growth and new opportunity.  I am staying loyal by not applying for a position that is outside the company.  If I get it I would be on-call more but in this role you aren’t bothered too much with after hours stuff.  So it’s not a big deal.  I spent most of last night fighting with my resume to get it updated.  There are things in that document that I don’t remember how I did them.  Back in the day when I was unemployed for 2 years I had all the time in the world to play with word and make it do tricks.  Now I’ve slept since then and can’t remember so that put me in a pickle.  I made it happen with persistence, just as I battle every problem I encounter.


I got the replacement lock that I ordered for the front door.  That was job one on Saturday.  Wow I could have used some help.  It was so simple but I still managed to screw it up.  There is a spindle that is a small piece of metal that is what does all the work to lock and unlock the door.  You cut it to length and then your in business.  Turns out I cut it too short despite my best estimate.  I spent a couple hours playing with this.  Finally once the damage was done I needed a new spindle but you can only get one if you get a new lock.  Not something that is sold by it’s self.  Well no store around here has a new lock.  So back to Amazon and the new lock will show up tomorrow.  Since I was ordering again I took the time to find one that was brass so it matches the door handle.  I could have replaced the handle and got some fancy lock but that looked like way more work than I wanted to sign up for.  This should be simple to install or so I think.  All I wanted to do was cry.  Not from frustration but my late partner was the tool guy.  I needed something to cut this metal with, he has a Dremel Tool it was one of many things that he put in it’s own toolbox and labeled it.  He was just starting the process of getting organized about a month before he passed.  Seeing all of the work he put in made me sad, it was as if he was nesting knowing that he was leaving.  I just miss him and not sure those feelings will ever end.

Quick cat update…the flood gates have opened and Bear is back to normal.  I got washable diapers for him but have yet to put one on him.  I think that is going to be more of a mess than it’s worth.  I will give it a go eventually.  I am very happy he is back to normal and will not give him any dry food except a limited amount of treats.  Phew, he is still going!


I haven’t heard back from my doctor about the diabetes drug he prescribed, so I started taking it in addition to my regular medicine.  At first there was little effect.  Now it’s kicking my ass.  My blood sugar is very much in control I would argue to a degree that is excessive.  I woke up and my sugar was 89 which is good.  Had breakfast went to the store came home did laundry and finished up the resume.  Skipped lunch (bad idea) took a 1/2 hour nap, woke up and started cleaning the house.  Sat down in front of the computer when I was done and I felt ill – it’s an indescribable feeling but I was shaking and knew that my sugar was way too low.  Sure enough I took it and it was 73, normal is around 100.  I started eating sweets and thankfully things normalized.  Then I was able to come back to the computer.  I think I am going to take less of the old medicine to see if I can’t reach a happy medium.  I checked on line and there is no interaction between the two medicines.  I want my sugar under control to minimize other complications from happening but I have to be able to function.

Now my CRS kicks in (that’s can’t remember shit).  I had a meter to check my sugar at my desk, I have searched high and low but can’t find it  My main meter is upstairs.  I really want to find the second meter so that I can take it to work.  I am not a fan of little pricks but knowing what my sugar level is at is kind of important right now.  My fingers hurt a little from being stabbed but once things normalize I won’t be constantly checking it.  I know I should but again it hurts.  I have heard the ear lobe is the best place to test but that really hurts. 

I think I am on overload because I am wound up with work and other things that are going on in my life.  I haven’t had the ability to practice normal sexual habits and when I tried the other night and failed, I was simply too tired.

Now we had time change this weekend and I feel robbed of more than an hour of time.  Evening comes way too soon when that happens.  Not to mention all of the clocks I had to update.  It’s such a pain in the ass.  Good news is that I will be driving home in daylight bad news is I could be traveling to work for a while in the dark.  It will eventually even out and then I can give my headlights a much needed break. 

Speaking of my car I figured out that I have 30 thousand miles more to go or until 20 Sept 2017 before I have no more warranty.  I purchased an extended bumper to bumper warranty.  Only used it once for a $100 repair.  I hope that the next 30 thousand miles are as uneventful as the 70 thousand I have traveled thus far.  I finally have justification for buying a new car.  Yay me.  Get this other job and make a bunch more money then I will indulge this year for sure.  Otherwise I will be riding it out until the bitter end.


What better way to end a post than with some humor.  Yesterday I had a bunch of stops to make.  The last one was at Sam’s Club.  I needed paper products (towels and Kleenex) as well as Water Softener Salt.  I had to look for the salt but found it.  $5 a bag which is very well priced.  I took two bags.  I started heading back towards the paper products and this lady who was working passing out samples said to me, wow that is a lot of salt.  I said yeah it’s about a years worth. She had this funny look on her face.  I said it’s only $5 a bag so it’s to my benefit to buy in bulk.  Then she inquired you eat that much salt in a year?  I laughed and said oh no, I don’t like salt at all this is for my water softener.  Wow she felt stupid.  I think she saw the Morton logo and just assumed it was salt to be consumed. 

A couple years ago in the middle of winter my brother headed to the store to get salt for the driveway.  Turns out they were all sold out.  The person working there conned him in to buying a bag of water softener salt telling him that it would do the same thing as the regular salt he was looking for but that the pellets were larger.  He fell for it.  It didn’t melt a damn thing, in fact the snow and ice cleared and he had a driveway full of water softener pellets to clean up. 

Okay so those are my 2 salt stories.  Now it’s time to get ready for Sunday Television.  Shameless is up first.  Then Quantico followed by Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.  Then it’s time for bed and I get to return to work tomorrow.  Hopefully less stress and more free time, but I kind of doubt it. 

Here’s hope that this week will bring you me and everyone lots of laughs and good news and good things.  Take care and I will talk with you again soon.  I am so excited that spring is almost here I wet my plants!

08 March 2016


Made it through a nice night of not being woken up by a phone call.  Wish I would have slept straight through the night but my bladder woke me up.  The house was a little chilly, I went back to bed and turned on the electric blanket and was all toasty warm within minutes.  I have an intolerance to heat but there are times when it just feels good.

Mr. Bear seems to be doing a little bit better at least from a social perspective.  I know the problem is still there.  The antibiotic has caused diarrhea and of course it didn’t hit until I was ready to go to bed.  So I had to deal with that first.  Wow cleaning up after him sure is a taxing task that has gotten way old way fast.  I love him but at the same time he runs me ragged.  This morning I had to open a second can of food because he didn’t like the first can.  He knows how to work me.  Then I had to move his food like 3 or 4 times because he had to get comfortable.  He whirs at me and will eventually lead to meowing if I don’t comply.  I know most people would give up at this point, he’s been through hell and back.  We have made it through far worse stuff so I am confident that he will make it through this.  I remember the vet said that it’s common that this can reoccur and I think but for the fact that I gave him dry food last week this wouldn’t be an issue.  He is eating and drinking so it will just be a timing factor on carefully flushing this stuff out of his bladder.  It is almost worth putting him in the hospital and letting them flush it out with a catheter and saline, but it would be very costly.  Given my financial situation the less money I have to spend the better off I am.  I don’t want to put him or any of the other animals in jeopardy because I am being thrifty and if push comes to shove I am not afraid of going to the vet, but my wallet is.

I got my signs last night and put one up as soon as I got home.  It looks great and I think it screams go away and don’t bother me.  I got the deadbolt lock for the screen door as well.  I remembered it is white on the inside so I thought the same for the outside but nope it’s gold or brass outside.  So I will have a white lock it’s not the end of the world.  So long as it fits and works I will be a happy guy.  There are two keys so I am set there, just need to swap out the present lock for the new one and as long as it fits then I should be fine.  That is a weekend job, I could probably knock it out in an evening given a couple of hours but I’d rather relax and save it for the weekend. 

Work is busy and stressful.  Thankfully I got my full lunch hour today.  I started early so I still feel like they owe me time.  Anyway, I usually walk out at night with a coworker.  I went to her cube last night as I normally do and she wasn’t there.  She left without even saying a word.  Rude.  Call it holding a grudge but I am just going to start walking out alone at night, if you can’t bother to tell me your leaving early or even saying something the next day then why should I waste my time with being concerned with walking out together.  I keep getting put in situations like this one where it seems the message is you can’t depend upon others, you have to do it yourself if you want it done right.  Maybe I am over reacting but this situation made me mad. 

It’s like this guy at work that keeps telling me he is going to fix me up with a friend of his that just came out.  Well he used that story of his friends coming out to bait me in to telling him that I was gay because he is a nosy sob.  I fell for it even though my gut told me don’t do it.  We have spoken about this many times and he keeps telling me to remind him.  Yeah I think I have done more than my part.  I have even confronted him and told him that I thought he tool advantage of me and that he has no intention of following through.  He has tried to reassure me that is not the case but his actions say otherwise.  I used to stop in and talk with him a couple times during the day.  I also have a wicked crush on him and I think he knows that as well.  He’s straight and married.  Anyway, I decided last week that it was time to put some distance between us.  I have legit been busy but there were times I could have stopped in.  He actually came to my desk this morning and reminded me that I should visit him.  I didn’t turn it into a confrontation but I easily could have.  My goal is not to make an enemy but to just not go out of my way to stop by.  I am pissed at him and at myself because I fell for this.  He does seem interested in me as a person in that he doesn’t want me to off myself and that if I know any inside dirt that he wants to know.  Will he reciprocate?  nope.  It doesn’t have to be like that but his actions are dictating my reaction.  I am just tired of it.

Just heard that I have to setup a bunch of guest offices and they all have to be done by tonight, so guess it’s time to get back to it.  Fun stuff.  Talk with you peeps again soon. 

07 March 2016

Back to urine issue

So Bear has had a couple incidents where he was straining but nothing happened.  I didn’t think much of it but then he started going all over himself again and I knew the crystal problem is back.  I pushed on him last night and he yelped.  I eased up and then did it again and nothing.  Turns out I pushed out some urine.  Off to the medicine cabinet I went.

I got out those $42 pills I bought that help with the straining and started him on them, also found left over antibiotics so he’s back on those.  I am not giving him pain medicine because it makes him loopy and I honestly don’t think he is in pain.  He is eating and drinking.  He only wants certain food.  I guess the Beef & Gravy had nothing to do with his puking and it was probably related to the crystal issue. 

I gave him a bath to clean him up last night.  Should have trimmed his claws because he got my arm pretty good.  He really started thrashing around and dug in deep.  I wouldn’t let go and just kept yelling at him to relax.  He hates baths and I get that but I can’t have him smelling like pee.  The bath was over with and I dried him off as best as I could.  He asked to sleep with me so I carried him in my room.  He used the many pee pads I put out overnight but there was a spot where he missed the pad.  He made all kinds of noise to let me know that he needed to be cleaned up but I just wanted my rest.  I took care of him this morning. 

I told him in order to beat this he needs to eat a bunch of wet food and drink as much as he can.  That will flush out the bladder and then we will be past this.  Looks like it’s going to be a rocky week.

I left dry food out for him last week and apparently that along with the treats he eats did him in.  So no more dry food for him.  I will limit treats until he is over this but after that it’s back to treats only.  Shame he is so sensitive.  I just don’t want him to form a blockage because that will probably be the end.

With any luck and my quick action perhaps we can avoid a trip to the vet.  If things don’t clear up by the weekend then he will be going and it won’t matter if he or my wallet likes it, it will be necessary.  I am keeping a close eye on him and of course I am very concerned.  I feel bad because I caused this.  I gave him dry food formulated for urinary tract health, guess that didn’t work out so well. 

Everyone else is doing fine but they are all trying to steal his wet food, they get jealous and he is so nice he will let them eat his food.  I at least make sure he gets something and try to fight everyone off but that only lasts for so long. 

Poor Bears.  I hope he is back to normal very soon.  I’ve shopped and found some diapers for him, they are washable but I think that would just chain me to the washer.  They come 3 in a pack and I am sure he would go through them like crazy.  Plus the mess would probably mean he would get more baths.  I am weighing my options.  The carpet is shot, it needs to be cleaned but there is no replacing it until they are all gone and with any luck that will be years away from now. 

Monday is moving along had some crazy moments but right now it’s calm.  Looking forward to 11:30 when I get away from the phones.  Oh got a 4am wake up call but they didn’t say it was urgent so I got to roll over and go back to sleep.  4 more days.  Happy on call is done!

06 March 2016

Finally a post

This has been a very busy week.  Started out kind of slow but ramped up and stayed that way for most of the week.  By the time the work day was done with I was in no mood to deal with technology.  Unless of course I got a call and had to.  I have had two 4am wake up calls one on Thursday and the other on Friday.  Thursday was a false alarm and the guy fixed his problem by the time I got connected.  Both days I could barley see, I woke up poor Ruth who was sound asleep in the basement.  She wasn’t too happy about it. 

Spent the day at home yesterday and got to Binge watch House of Cards.  Season 4 is interesting and I wish they were ready with Season 5 already. 

One day this week I opened a can of Beef & Gravy for Bear, which exploded.  It was spoiled and looked like someone crapped in a can.  It smelled horrible.  It was all over me, the floor and the cabinets and countertop.  Of course it happened in the morning when time is precious and I have little to spare.  I threw it away and cleaned up the mess.  I got out something different and passed that out.  Yesterday I mustered up the courage to try another can of the same thing.  I opened it and everything looked fine.  He ate it and I thought all was well.  Until about a half hour later he started puking.  He very rarely vomits.  Poor thing was still doing it last night.  He is back to hiding under the couch.  I have to pull him out in order to get him to eat and then he won’t eat what I give him, he wants special food.  Just another scare with Bear.  My heart is on edge and will probably stay that way until he passes which I hope is years from now. 

I think I mentioned that I ordered Oatmeal from Amazon.  Well it came in.  I tried the Pumpkin & Spice and it’s horrible.  I am going to give the rest of the box to a co-worker who loves the stuff.  As for me I will stick with Apples & Cinnamon or Cinnamon & Spice.  I’ve got enough to last for a while, which is a good thing.

Yesterday while watching House of Cards some lady knocked on my door with a clipboard.  Looked like she was wanting signatures for a petition or maybe she was campaigning.  I was in my underwear and comfy on the couch.  I know she heard the TV but I never got up and she went away.  People seem to think that the No Soliciting Sign doesn’t seem to apply to them.  Some people have even said they didn’t see it.  Well I am taking the guess work out of it.  I bought a 4 pack of stickers and will place one on the front door, if this doesn’t do the trick then they have to be illiterate.

3-6-2016 1-51-24 PM

I mean this spells it out very clearly short of saying the words go away, fuck off, I don’t want any I think this is the best way to let people know not to bother me.  I will put it eye level with the door bell.  The screen door has a deadbolt on it but the key from the outside stopped working.  So you can latch it inside but you can’t get in from the outside.  I have had to leave it unlocked for years because if the power goes out that is my only way in.  I bought a replacement lock with these signs and I hope it works.  Then I can lock the screen door and have a key on my ring as well as one in the lock box that is outside. 

On a different note my doctor never did call me to say what to do about the new medicine he prescribed, if I am supposed to stop taking it and take the new stuff or take them both.  I called his office on Friday but no response yet.  I decided to start taking the new stuff and not stop the old stuff.  I figured if I fell ill with low blood sugar I could easily fix the situation and would know 1 drug and not both.  Turns out they are a good combination.  I have kept an eye on my sugar and it’s doing pretty good.  I am pretty sure I will hear something tomorrow but in any case I plan on taking both and then hopefully when he checks my sugar again in a few months he will be impressed and I can tell him I am taking both drugs.  Hopefully this is the magic pill I have been looking for.  I know that diet plays a major part in this and well I am just not ready to give up sweets.  I try to eat in moderation but that doesn’t always fair well for me. 

The ants showed up early this year.  I noticed this week when I was eating breakfast that I would see an ant here or there.  Friday night I wiped down the table and figured that would take care of them.  I never found a cluster of them which is typical.  Then I saw one in the water fountain.  I went to clean it out and boom there was the cluster.  I drowned as many of those bastards as I could.  Still a few got away and I have had to kill them one by one.  I put the fountain in this dish washer and got it all clean for the kids.  I put down bug spray carefully and that should take care of them, at least for now.  Once the weather stays warm I might be in trouble again.  I don’t want my kids drinking ant water.  I have found them on my skin and one I kill one of them it feels like there are a hundred of them on me.  I try not to freak out about it but that isn’t easy. 

I feel like I am in machine gun mode and just jumping all over the place.  I get so much on my mind to want to put in to words and if I don’t type it quickly I will forget it.  I have been much more forgetful lately and I am attributing it to stress.  If it continues then I will bring it to my doctors attention.  It’s bothersome but then again if I forget about it there is no trouble at all.

Oh I am feeling better.  Still have the cough but generally feel okay.  I use the inhaler occasionally and it does nothing but make me cough.  So that is why I use it on occasion.  Just stopped taking the cough medicine today, all is quiet.  I hope that I am not that sick in a very long time.  It sucked and robbed me of a week of time. 

Hope that all is well in your world and that life is treating you and yours well.  Looking forward to 7a tomorrow morning because that is when my on call shift ends.  Then I can go back to normal and not have to worry about being interrupted.  My evenings will once again be my own and I can sleep peacefully through the night with no fear of being suddenly woken up.  Although my body is hyper sensitive right now it takes a few days for that to flush out but once it does life is normal again.  I am good until mid May before this hits again.  I think I will get lucky and probably make it until June but time and the schedule will tell. 

Talk with you peeps again soon.  Be well!