10 June 2013

Red Tape

I phoned the new mortgage company, only to find out that the number I was given for their Bankruptcy department was incorrect.  It was a company that no longer provided service for them.  I got referred to another number.  I called them when I got to work, I waited like 5 seconds on hold.  A lady came on got my name and SSN, then put me on hold.  15 minutes later I hung up and called back.  I got put on hold then a man asked me for my SSN and Name.  I gave him my partners information and explained who I was.  He told me that paperwork was still in transition and that hopefully on Friday it would be done.  I should call back on Friday.  Yeah, so they can tell me to call back the 2nd Tuesday of the following week.  This is an endless sea of red tape.  You think your making progress and then you fall into the trap.

One would think that they would be happy that someone wanted to take over the loan and give them money, so they wouldn’t own a piece of property.  However, I guess that just is not the case.

Speaking of which that check from last week still hasn’t cleared the bank.  I am nervous but I sure hope it clears soon.  I’ve got exactly enough money in the account to make another payment, which is a bonus.  I try to keep that account for the mortgage only.

The bigger problem here is that the house insurance will be cancelled if they don’t get in gear and that will only be more trouble for me.  Unless they can write a policy in the name of the trust, I will be out of luck.  We haven’t gotten to that point yet.  I want to give the insurance man an update but no sense in telling him I am stuck in red tape, he probably figured that already when I called.

Last night I went into my partners room to get his toothbrush, I felt like an extra clean mouth so I used it.  I took it back and just couldn’t help myself I sat on the bed and started crying and talking to him.  It’s only been 2 months and I am still adjusting to the fact that he is gone and there is no coming back or no reaching him.  That is the part of death that I have the hardest time with.  I pulled myself out of his room after I said what I had to say.  Went about the rest of the evening.

When I went to call it a night, I closed my eyes but I was wide awake.  I started seeing an outline of a mouth and then it rapidly grew into his face.  That was interesting.  I just hugged old jumper and tried to go to sleep.  After an hour of laying in bed, I decided to call it quits.  I turned the TV back on and watched Oprah & Tyler Perry.  That was good but I haven’t finished it yet.  I got drowsy and turned it off.  Back to bed and this time I slept.

I had a dream this morning that we decided to get a quickie on and stopped off at a hotel.  I had to use the bathroom, which was nothing new.  I was pushing but nothing was happening.  He kept telling me to hurry up because we were in the lobby of the hotel.  Some lady stopped and started chatting him up.  Meanwhile I am trying to have a baby in the bathroom or at least that is what it felt like.  I woke up and was pushing.  I stopped that got up to let Big Boy out and use the restroom.  I had 30 more minutes to sleep and I was going to enjoy them.  I got that taken care of and the alarm clock woke me up.

That was a different dream.  I left for work and made it about 10 minutes away.  When it hit me, that I forgot something.  I didn’t know what and then it clicked.  My cup and my candy.  I made a U turn and dashed back home.  Traffic for some reason was really light this morning.  Maybe it’s vacation season.  In any case I was happy.  I got to work with plenty of time but all of the good spots were taken.  I had my choice the stall again or I could take a handicapped spot.  I chose the handicapped spot.  Only because my back is bothering me and I didn’t want to have to hassle with the stall. 

Got up to the office to find out that boss man wasn’t here.  He came in later in the morning.  I am still working on machines, moving on to my 4th one in a little bit.  I am getting pretty good at this.  I hope the case/stand I ordered is delivered tomorrow because my neck is driving me nutz. 

You know when I went back home I debated and almost decided to take it as a sign to stay home.  The kids would have loved it but I would have felt guilty because I am asking for vacation time in  a couple days.  It’s only 2 days but still I don’t want to fall into a habit.  One day off leads to 3 days off because I am depressed or just tired of it all.  I would have gone to get my hand looked at if I stayed home to justify it but it’s money I can save.

No mickey mouse hand, it just hurts.  The skin around the knuckle has a yellow/brownish color to it.  The knuckle it’s self is red, so I know there is some type of infection going on.  I have been applying ointment to it and will keep that up.  During the day it’s all about hand washing.

4 more days until I have 2 days to myself.  Thinking about cleaning up the basement, that would be like an adventure.  Sleeping in sounds nice too. 

Well lunch time is winding down here.  4 more hours of work until this boy goes home.  Looking forward to that.  Thought of going out for supper but I have more lasagna & I still have the garlic bread.  Thinking very strongly of making that, unless something goes wrong.  Also kind of depends upon what I find in the mailbox.  Hopefully, nothing to worry about.  I am only looking for one more bill and that is the electric & gas.  It’s a couple hundred dollars and hopefully it will be waiting for me.  Then I will be done until a bit later in the month when the cycle starts all over again. 

Hopefully, Monday isn’t too bad for you.  We were supposed to have rain and cloudy sky's but I see al little sunshine so that is an extra bonus.  I will talk with you peeps later.

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Jude said...

That's so interesting how you saw his face like that.... same happened to me! I believe he was letting you know he's not really "gone", and always with you. :)

I hope the problem with your hand clears up soon!